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Just some question,

It's already established that the MC is already OP. So what i'm asking is if it stays that way.

It would be a shame if the author decides to reset the power level of the mc just so he can squeeze in grinding/training montage which is cancer.


  • Atleast till the current translated chapters there's nothing like that. The mc is not the most powerful existence so there is some training and fighting, but its not like the mc is completely nuts about cultivating.

    TJSS won't destroy the whole story by doing something like that, cause he found a way around the problem of mc not being nuts about cultivating, by simply supplying him with a bunch of disciples.
  • It does happen kind of around chapter 100 but he doesn't lose his power, just injured for awhile and doesn't fight but does other shit instead.
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    He is not OP yet.. As of now, there are still more than 10 Paragon stronger than him, plus Lan Qing i think can defeat him.. And then in mecha battle there are a few people ranked higher than him..

    If you put it Coiling Dragon ranking he is hafl-step to Sovereign  p
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