The ISSTH BLOOD STATISTICS you've long been waiting for...

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(spoiler up to the current chapter, 810)

So, we've all known, since Chapter 1, that Meng Hao will *obviously* become Immortal some day. The *real* question on everyone's minds, of course, is... how many gallons of blood will he cough or spit up along the way?!??

Well, I'm here to bestow upon y'all some good fortune - the answer to this unfathomable question! B)

Using a script* to parse out who coughed up what and where from the full text of ISSTH (up till the end of book 5), and not counting blood that our hero loses from other parts of his body, I've calculated that Meng Hao has coughed up, spit out, or sprayed a total of 114.5 mouthfuls of blood so far! Based on an estimate for 125ml for a "mouthful" of blood, the average volume of an adult male's mouth cavity, that translates to a total of 3.8 gallons (14.3 liters) of blood in total! (again up to the end of book 5) Wow! If that fact is not enough to cause you to stagger back for three or four thousand meters, I don't know what could!

Per book, it works out like this:
Until End Of   Mouthfuls    Gallons      Liters
Book 1          25.5         0.842        3.187
Book 2          45.0         1.486        5.625
Book 3          51.5         1.701        6.435
Book 4          90.5         2.988       11.311
Book 5         114.5         3.781       14.313

Some more Fun Blood Facts:
  • An average human body only has 1.2 to 1.5 gallons of blood in total (4.5 to 5.5 liters), meaning that Meng Hao has already spit out enough blood to fill up almost three Second True Selves! Perhaps our Hao'er will travel out to the stars, but thankfully he'll be able to leave a psycho devil clone behind to keep each of Mama, Papa, and Sissy Fang company for the next 100,000 years.  <3  
  • Interestingly, even though we have about 5 liters of blood in our bodies, we'll die if we lose more than 2 liters of that (roughly 16 "mouthfuls"), as fans of Akagi know. So far, Meng Hao has lost over seven times this lethal amount!
  • Up to the end of Book 5, ISSTH has 40332 paragraphs, and 2225 of them have some mention of blood. (ignoring proper nouns like Blood Demon, The Blood Immortal, etc). That means that each paragraph has about a 5.5% chance of mentioning blood, with an average of ~2.8 blood paragraphs per chapter! With two chapters a day... Our brains are practically swimming in that goopy red stuff! "Rollin' down the street, coughing up blood, Spitting out gobs of blood, laid back - With my mind on my blood and my blood on my mind" - Fellow Daoist Snoop Dogg
Just something fun to think about, the next time you accidentally bite your tongue. ;)

* For more details about what the script pulled out, you can look at this googledoc I made:


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