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  • Randomfan said:
    Dilios said:
    ATG-10 badass MC, ruthless, for someone even crazy since he burned down an entire clan just because they kidnapped his family(but if u consider that in his previous life he killed milions of ppl in order to survive and get revenge it's not so surprising). Well I don't mind the repetitive stories if it involves his harem.
    MGA-10 ruthless MC, kinda impulsive at the beginning (never thinking of the consequences of his actions) but later changes in better
    BTTH-6 reading it just because can't find anything better to read atm...
    ISSTH-5 one word boring. ..till chapter 650...only the mastiff story was enjoyable. ...the rest just get strong and so on for no reason, just to become immortal while leaving your humanity behind...not my type of MC
    I see you berating ISSTH to promote ATG crap, I don't even have word to describe you, you're just a crap addict, can't appreciate fine writings.
    Randomfan said:

    Coiling Dragon 10/10
    I give 10 point, because this is my 1st complete novel. I get started addicted to read another novel.
    Worst plot when the MC fall in love with Woman and got break up.
    And Bebe way of talk is so fun.

    Tales of Demons and Gods - 3/10
    I give 3 point    what??? I read this because some reference after reading the manga. Because after reading this novel, I can't start hype anymore with reading any manga.
    The whole plot is masterpiece and the way of Author tell the hype is so cool.
    Worst plot Draconic realm, too much politically thing
    And why somehow I don't get the hype with their level thing. (Heavenly axis, or Dragon ream, or Ancestor thing don't give me ghostbump)
    They work better with gold rank, black gold rank, and legend rank somehow.

    Battle Through The Heaven 5/10
    Good novel, but too much self praise MC until i got boring with that.

    Wu Dong Qian Kun 5/10
    The fated duel LD and LLT is so epic!!
    again with too much self praise MC until i got boring with that.

    Desolate Era 8/10
    WTH this novel, the way their talk is so noble. Awesome
    Worst part is no Comedy, don't read it.

    Again The Gods 10/10
    All of you always talk about conquering the world. But other novel can't do a thing about conquering woman in the world.
    Only this novel!! hahaha..
    That's not conquering since it's fking unreal, I don't mind harem but that was a masturbation story, where MC is the center of the universe, everything go his way, all women fall for him, all rival turning his step stone.
    Looks like ATG rly pains you in the ass. Why the heck you even coment on other ppl scores. They like it enuff said... 
  • (■ Rated according to the raws   |   □ translated chapters )
    ■Against the gods 6/10 (don't have much hope for it )
    □Martial god Ashura 4/10
    □Battle through the heaven 5/10
    ■Long live summener 5/10
    □I shall seal the heavens 8/10
    ■Chaotic-sword-god 6.5/10(3/10 for the first arcs) 
    ■Desolate era 8/10
    ■Martial world 7.5/10
    □True martial world 7/10
    ■Otherworldly evil monarch 7/10
    ■Transcending the Nine Heavens 9/10
    □Peerless martial god 4.5/10
    ■Emperor's Domination 7/10 (wished to give it more if not for the plot holes)
    □Douluo Dalu 6/10
    ■Heavenly Star 7.5/10-->5/10-->2/10 (I liked it first then it got worse and worse had to                          force myself to finish it that why I don't have much hope for ATG)
    ■Hail the King 6/10 (sigh author naming sense )
    □Coiling Dragon 9/10 (the first novel I read so I puffed it up a bit)
    □Stellar transformation 6.5/10
    ■Imperial God Emperor 5/10
    ■God and Devil World 6.5/10
    ■Lord Xue Ying 8.5/10 (the best of IET novels )
    □Zhan Long 5/10
    □Close Combat Mage 2/10 ( I don't know why I wasted my time on it )
    ■Galactic Dark Net 6.5/10 (unique story)
    □Tales of Demons and Gods 7/10 (dropped it because of the auther)
    □Heavenly Jewel Change 7/10
    □Sovereign of the Three Realms 6/10

  • MikeR said:
    Here's my list with Tales of Demons and Gods as 10

    Tales of Demons and Gods 10/10
    Against the Gods 9.5/10
    I Shall Seal the Heavens 9.5/10
    Douluo Dalu 9.5/10
    Battle Through the Heavens 9/10
    Wu Dong Qian Kun 8.5/10
    Coiling Dragon 8.5/10
    The Desolate Era 8.5/10
    The Great Ruler 8.5/10
    Martial God Asura 8/10
    Mad God 8/10
    Stellar Transformation 7.5/10
    Peerless Martial God 7.5/10
    Chaotic Sword God 7/10
    Long Live Summons! 5/10

    XD so nice
  • CD 9/10 the ending was a little dissatisfying
    ISSTH 10/10 cause MH's a bawss despite being abused by fuck loads of cunts
    ATG 10/10 dem sick mind games
    DE 10/10 3talent5me
    TDG 9/10 wheres the fucking book gone
    WDQK 9/10 dat rat looks retarded in the manhua
    DQ(BTTH) he's got the sick talent but no one wants to help him and get themselves a favor ahead of time don't get why (also they care so much about face unless they're being a cunt to someone weaker)
    WMW 8/10 the MC is just a tad too much of a cunt
    MGA 9/10 CF just makes way too many enemies
    SR 10/10 its good so far but its a little early to know for sure
    DD 10/10 given he finds another way to revive rabbit other than all his strength
    DD 2 10/10 (based on manhua cause the translation is abominably slow) the MC is a bawss
  • Thought through eternity - 9.5/10 based on what I have read so far. although it can certainly change. Interesting world building and really like the way author injects humor

    ISSTH/ Xian Ni - 9/10 - Xian ni got lot better after 250 chapters.

    Er Gen is light years ahead of his peers.

    DE - 8.5 - best IET work till date

    ATG - 8  = My opinion has improved by a fair margin since last time. Very interesting world building. Author just needs to cut down on harem/ sex scenes and work on battle scenes in order to avoid repetition 

  • ISSTH 9.5/10 - good story, side characters are not retarded, comedy moments and also emotional ones. only reason I don't give 10 is because there are some minor plot holes.
    BTTH 7.5/10 - not epic, but it's consistently good.
    TDG 8/10 until chapter ~300, 4/10 after that. author just got lazy and abandoned the novel. 
    MGA 4/10 - it was interesting at first, then got stupid. all MC's friends and girls exist for the sole purpose of worshiping him. MC is always the most powerful, badass, godlike because... because! no one from his generation is a match for him. "oh, but most xianxia are like that". yeah, but ISSTH, for instance, MC wins over the others because he is smarter and acquired good fortune. in MGA the MC is innately a supreme existence whereas everyone else is retarded. anyway, if you like poor writing, retarded characters and MC exploding trillions of people just to show he is badass, then this is the right one. 
    Desolate Era 7/10 - read only 20 chapters. seems ok so far... decent story, reasonable MC... unfortunately, the writing is a bit lacking.
    Douluo Dalu 6/10 - I can't help but think it's a bit childish... I know it's actually not, but sorry! also, I don't like the romance there. a guy meets a little girl when he is 6 years, swears to protect her forever and that's it, eternal love. maybe I'm getting old, this sort of naive romance can't convince me. and Xiao Wu is just annoying.
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  • I must be a really tough grader

    World of Cultivation - (8) So far the best I've read. Good development and characters are refreshing. The MC is not some self-obsessed, skirt chasing, annoyance. Good humor and a stellar story. Remains the only novel I'm still reading.

    ISSTH - (7) (Dropped) I keep coming back but I have no idea why. The story gets ridiculous with each heaven defying act. Also, a far more entertaining first half despite the MC constantly running away but definitely more refreshing than the ridiculous, shocking, heaven defying, earth shaking being he is right now. When you think it can't get anymore ridiculous, it does. It's one that just makes you eye roll.

    ATG (Dropped)(5) - A sluggish start that builds to a skirt chasing plot. Maybe for the harem lovers but if you aren't, well, not much to really bite into. It gets ridiculous and the female characters are very tiring. I also find the MC to be borderline creepy. I don't know if it's because I'm female that I simply do not appreciate it.

    Coiling Dragon - (Dropped) (5) Simply boring, tediously paced and a lot of unnecessary characters. There were pages dedicated to his ex for no specifically good reason. At times, a little too immature for my tastes and this is one story I felt a cultural divide. It's western-ish yet honestly, there's really not much of a western aspect to it other than the names. It's a tough wall to break through. It would be like me writing a xianxia novel when I know very little about Chinese culture.

    Ze Tian Ji - (7) At the moment, this is a seven for being rather tediously paced and I genuinely enjoy development but find myself skipping long and tedious descriptions of things no one understands unless you are interested in taking notes. This especially occurs with historical characters. So far though, the MC is one of the refreshing ones. Calm, smart yet not ridiculous.

    I'm constantly vexed over how the Xianxia genre just simply lacks powerful and brutal female leads that can rival the MC and also mature romance. The harems are just painful. It's not even that I mind stories with concubines. I love historical novels where the concubines are bad ass and plot against each other. Harems though are f**king terrible. The author can't even be bothered to develop these "earth shaking/heaven defying" beauties. It might be why I have a soft spot for ISSTH. There's genuine heart break here and they also have simple moments of spending time together and the romantic interest is set aside in a nice and emotional way.

    In all honesty, I would prefer stories with minimal to no female characters. Might be why I love WOC. The lack of obligatory romance means the author can develop his story without slipping into clichés. Also, the MC fails to appeal to me, chances are I'll drop. A lot of these MCs seem to be rehashes of each other.

  • Grasping Evil - 10/10 (1000ch)
     Great written story, awesome MC, great potential.
    Emperor's Domination - 9/10 (2000ch)
     Great written story, detailed world, Interesting protagonist.
    God of Slaughter - 9/10
     Fine written story (it's full of action!), сosmology is pretty normal, MC is badass.
    ISSTH - 8/10
     Great written story but any interesting interactions only for companions because MC is just greedy cultivation robot.  Romance below average.  Reincarnations, reincarnations everywhere. Many dumb garbage-throwing battles in early story.
    Chaotic Lightning Cultivation - 7/10
     Ruthless MC with unusual appearance/cultivation and fine story. 
    Against The Gods - 7/10
     Fine novel for this author but it still has primitive half-element cultivation and this "suddenly-harem" 
    Great Demon King - 6/10
     Just good western fantasy with dragons, personal orc army and harem 
    Zhanxian - 6/10
     Fine adventure but inexplicable bullshit time leap as start.
    Martial God Asura - 6/10
     There all beyond average but i don't understand how less 1000ch novel part can be enlarged to 2700ch+
    Shura's Wrath - 5/10 
     Just suddenly-harem pseudo-VRMMO story with reincarnations. Author make real battles in the late part of story less interesting than "game-boss" battles  in early story. Also give pets abilities that haven't been relieved and still forgotten in the end.
    Heavenly Jewel Change - 5/10
     Typical sweet novel from TJSS. Fine story but low powerlevel and element cultivation.
    Galactic Dark Net - 5/10
     Fine futuristic novel with shitty open ending.
    Martial Emperor Reborn - 4/10 
     Fine MC but story becomes below average so fast. Half-element cultivation. Ending is.. meh.  
    Battle Through the Heavens 2/10
     Just boring novel with sooo "interesting" alchemy tournaments and pussy MC like japanese schoolboy from anime.
  • Renegade Immortal - 9/10
    Desolate Era - 9/10
    Martial World - 8/10
    True Martial World - 8/10
    Coiling Dragon - 8/10
    Transcending The Nine Heavens - 8/10
    Stellar Transformations - 8/10
    Chaotic Sword God - 8/10
    I Shall Seal The Heavens - 7/10
    Tales of Demons and Gods - 6/10

  • edited January 2017
    Tales of Demon and Gods - 8/10
    my first xianxia ever, too bad it released sparsely
    Martial God Asura - 7/10
    shorter chapter than most novel i read and kinda drawn out
    Against The Gods - 7/10
    too much cheat item/skill
    I Shall Seal The Heavens - 8.5/10
    the chapters after in 8 mountain and sea kinda meh imo, but i love alchemist arc and ancient demon immortal arc
    Emperor Domination - 6/10
    i know he's OP guy from the past but basically cultivation level mean nothing for him
    Battle Through the Heavens - 8/10
    too bad the novel translation is behind the manhua
    Sovereign of Three Realms - 8/10
    clever MC that can solve problem without fighting
    Coiling Dragon - 9/10
    my first completed xianxia
    Stellar Transformation - 7/10
    it's kinda rushed and a lot of unanswered question
    Lord Xue Ying - 10/10
    my favorite of all xianxia i read, the MC is not a douchebag and so far no cheat item or technique
  • edited January 2017
    Ancient Strengthening Technique  3/10 3 overall quality +1 creativity -1 repetitiveness / FILLER!
    Against the Gods 6/10 4 +1 MC +1 uniqueness
    Battle Through the Heavens 6/10 4 +1 creativity +1 combat
    Chaotic Lightning Cultivation 7/10 4 +1 comedy +1 shamelessness +1 MC
    Chaotic Sword God 5/10 4 +1 relationships
    Coiling Dragon 5/10 4 +1 setting
    Demon’s Diary 7/10 5 +1 no cheat +1 uniqueness
    Dominating Sword Immortal 3/10
    Emperor’s Domination 5/10 5 +1 epicness -1 repetitiveness
    Great Demon King 9/10 5 +1 uniqueness +1 chars/good harem +1 setting +1 MC
    God Of Slaughter 7/10 4 +1 MC +1 setting +1 uniqueness
    Hail the King 6/10 4 +1 uniqueness +1 setting +1 chars -1 game system
    Heavenly Jewel Change 9/10 6 +1 MC +1 shamelessness +1 chars
    Imperial God Emperor 5/10 4 +1 setting
    I Shall Seal the Heavens 8/10 6 +1 shamelessness +1 creativity -1 repetitiveness / robot MC
    Long Live Summons! 9/10 4 +1 comedy/parody +1 shamelessness +1 setting +1 MC +1 good harem
    Lord Xue Ying 7/10 6 +1 setting +1 uniqueness -1 robot MC
    Martial God Asura 3/10 3 +1 MC -1 repetitiveness
    Martial World 5/10 5 +1 setting -1 robot MC
    Otherworldly Evil Monarch 9/10 6 +1 comedy +1 chars +1 politics
    Perfect World 7/10 5 +1 shamelessness +1 rage of the world
    Realms In The Firmament 8/10 6 +1 comedy +1 chars +1 politics -1 emodrama (in yet untranslated chapters)
    Release that Witch 9/10 6 +1 setting +1 uniqueness +1 chars
    Shen Yin Wang Zuo 9/10 6 +1 setting +1 chars +1 uniqueness
    Sovereign of the Three Realms 5/10 4 +1 chars
    Spirit Realm 5/10
    Tales of Demons & Gods 7/10 6 +1 MC
    The Desolate Era 8/10 7 +1 setting +1 uniqueness -1 repetitiveness
    The Magus Era 10/10 6 +1 setting +1 comedy +1 chars +1 uniqueness
    The Nine Cauldrons 6/10 5 +1 uniqueness +1 interesting cheat
    Transcending the Nine Heavens 10/10 6 +1 comedy +1 secondary chars +1 politics +1 epicness
    True Martial World 7/10 5 +1 setting +1 interesting cheat
    Warlock of the Magus World 8/10 6 +1 MC +1 uniqueness -1 MC doing nothing but evil cackle for entire arc2
    Wu Dong Qian Kun 3/10 4 -1 repetitiveness
    Ze Tian Ji 9/10 7 +1 setting +1 uniqueness

    Also, special mention to Spirit Blade Mountain manhua - because CN translation died at c20:
    9/10 6 +1 MC +1 shamelessness +1 uniqueness +1 relationships -1 slow paced

  • edited February 2017
    Sovereign of the Three Realms 10/10 - i really love the MC he knows everything and is not really arrogant, the story is great, interesting and easy to follow
    Tales of Demons & Gods 9/10 - the only bad thing about this novel is that the author doesn't focus on it anymore...
    Against the Gods 9/10 - the only thing that bothers me here is that the MC isn't so ruthless as i initially thought he will be (after that Xiao clan scene in the begining)
    Heavenly Jewel Change 9/10 - the funnies novel of them all, the MC is a rascal XD, the plot is also good
    Emperor’s Domination 3/10 - I don't like the MC (too arrogant imo), the fights are too long and basically every fight is the same, the ranking system is also bad with each stage having multiple sub stages (its impossible to remembers which sub stage is which, cause its not the usual numeric stage system)

    Well as you said 10 is my favorite while other novel are being compared to it. The scores don't reflect the quality of the novels but my personal opinion.
  • Ancient Godly Monarch 10/10
    I Reincarnated into a vending machine 9/10
    ATG 8/10
    ISSTH 3/10
    Cult of the sacred runes 7/10 -> very fast to 2/10
    Spirit Realm 8/10 -> 5/10
    SOTR 6/10 -> 2/10
    Release that witch 1/10
    Zither Emperor 0/10
    Miracle Throne 6/10 -> 2/10
    Immortal Executioner 8/10 --> 5/10
    TDG 7/10 -> 4/10
  • A Thought Through Eternity/A Will Eternal10/10
    Transcending The Nine Heaven 10/10
    Spirit Realm 8/10
    The Lame Daoist Priest 9/10
    Desolate Era 9/10
    Otherworldly Evil Monarch 10/10
    Emperor Domination 10/10
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