Douluo Dalu 3 - Read without fully reading previous ones?

Hey guys,
lately I cought up with the first novel of Douluo Dalu universe (up to 230 chapter) and I thought that in the mean time I might as well pick other novels concerning this univers. However I read that there are major spoilers in the 2nd novel so I am hesitating... But what I wanted to ask you guys is whether there are any spoilers in the last novel? Or is it fine for me to start reading it and than go back to finish the first one and the second one?

Sorry if I posted this thread in the wrong place or if the answear to my question is already somewhere on this forum, tried my best finding it but couldnt


  • no idea but the most recent chapters are not related to the other series.In fact the third is almost like another novel with its own creation.
  • Thanks, than I will start reading it :D
  • I think there are some spoilers in 2 and some hidden ones in 3 but no major ones in 3. So I think 3 should be fine and 2 isn't really too big spoilers just some stuff about the tang sect and the final parts of the novel but I don't know where the spoilers are for 2. In 3 the only spoilers so far are very minor and are in the first 10 chapters.
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