Idiot Disciples

Well simple enough.

Every novel has disciples like the ones around chapter 132 of SOTR.
They are spoiled like shit by their sect. Think think they are king. And EVERY SINGLE TIME they get the short end of the stick they exaggerate like bs to their senior disciples who are not 1 brick wiser and just swallow whatever bullshit they tell. I mean if someone would be like they always describe they would have been dead like 18 times.

Is this some special thing in china?
Or is it just a way to get more conflict in the novel for shit reason?


  • Some authors explains it like this "a sect is like a small country. Yet, each disciple needs extensive resources to cultivate. The sect can't handle that all so to excel they strong team forming and go fend for themselves. Being basically bullies, only the stronger ones will survive."
    IE, it reflects how people in china has to cope being a mere number in some company, or even worse factory.
  • Well this is not the point I am in odds with ^^.

    The thing I think is bs is that they can't stomach having the short end of the stick even once. If you truly have to fend for yourself you have to know to either throw your face away or to demand getting face. And the idiot disciples I am talking about are toxic about every little shit. i do not think it is so smart to try a highway robbery on someone who you neither know name backer or anything just cause he has nice stuff.

  • NoobElite said:

    Or is it just a way to get more conflict in the novel for shit reason?
    I think that was just the laziest writing ever in action. the worst part is that this retarded plot will probably last till the next arc. /rant
    Stupid and short-sighted antagonists exists in most novels, but those Northern whatever disciples are an insult to the readers' intelligence.
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