I have to say: there are so many classic novels, but I just see all crazy Rubbish on the frontpage.

Why people like these Crazy and Selfish charactor?


  • prob becouse ppl are bored with pussies MC in jap novels/mangas. 
  • Aliuss said:
    prob becouse ppl are bored with pussies MC in jap novels/mangas. 
    100% with you.

  • Wish fulfilment is a large part of the stories, most people want to be able to break the rules and do something illegal so it is natural that they might like a novel which showcases a character who breaks the laws and is "bad-ass".
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    Just b/c a main character is crazy and selfish doesn't mean the story is bad.

    A character being 'selfish' is a lot closer to the realistic depiction of humans than one being selfless.
  • Right now is kind of like honeymoon phase for wuxia novels. Years of sh!tty pussy japanese manga/anime/novels MCs and then suddenly, ppl find the complete opposite and more relatable(relatively speaking) chinese novels MCs. Since it hasn't even been that long since the wuxia novels started to be translated, ppl aren't saturated enough with the really basic no-plot stories. In a few years, there will be many more translators popping up and translate different kinds of stories. There are so many chinese novels untranslated that it should not be that hard to find gems to translate. Ofc, there will still be stories with just harem and ridiculous power-ups with no plot but there will be many more options to read from. Anyway, this is just my opinion
    Understand basic grammar:
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