The Gaze of One's Desire

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In a pitch-black room of indefinite size stood a meter-high stone obelisk, above it floated a marble sized stone which was letting out a faint low hum and a faint glimmer of light. Next to the structure, lying down on a dark cloak was a boy who appears seventeen years old, who hummed a melancholy tune while alone in the vast darkness.

The boy wore a simple attire, such as a matching set of a plain long-sleeved shirt and pants, with a pure white that could be the envy of every angel in the heavens. On top of his head laid a messy head of hair with a shade of pitch black, the same as the darkness that surrounds him and the obelisk. After a moment, as he got up, the boy put the cloak he laid on, which matched his hair with its deep black.

In a soft line the boy said, "Sylvette, let's make this an adventure we'll never forget," as he grabbed the stone that was floating above the obelisk and pocketed it. Absolute silence followed and the boy disappeared right after a quick glance at the obelisk in the fading light; carved on the obelisk wrote: "Here lies Sylvette, forever and always".


  • Chapter One: Not so Hidden Desires

    It was a warm sunny Tuesday in southern California, trudging down a hallway with an empty expression, 16 years old Jay Gatz was heading towards his next class of the day. 

    Jay was a pretty average boy in many respects; he had a thin build, pretty average high as he stood at 175 cm, the same brown eyes and straight brown hair as most of his classmates, and the same 4.0 g.p.a as most of his friends. He dressed in mix-and-match clothes consisting of a plain white T-shirt with a black-and-white hoodie over, a pair of black slacks and black tennis shoes just like every other day. 

    With a heavy sigh, Jay took a sharp turn and ran up the stairs to the second story of the E building and entered the next door on the right. As he entered his English class, Jay thought to himself, “Another day of AP Lang” in a dreary tone as he plopped himself on his seat near the door at the end of the classroom.

    As he rested his head on his hand, Jay took a glance at the classroom clock which read 2:30, he let out a heavy sigh and continued to doodle on his notebook as he tuned out the lesson on rhetorical devices given by his teacher, Mr.Davis. I hate reviewing rhetorical devices. As he looked at his half-assed drawing, Jay began to think about his future and what his passion was in life, after all he would he applying to college in the following year. One thing’s for sure, I can’t be an artist.

    While twirling his pencil, Jay thought to himself, “what do I want? What is my passion? My goals in life? If only I knew. At the bare minimum, I would want to just live a simple life of a white-collar worker and have a simple family. I hope I can get at least if not anything else.”

    As his pencil flew out of his hand and into the floor, Jay ceased his thoughts and fished his pencil from the floor. “If only life was that easy,” Jay mused to himself. As he sat back up, Jay took a quick glance at the clock which read 2:31. After a heavy sigh, Jay continued to contemplate his desires. I wish time could fly by when I want it to.

    Deep in thought, Jay crossed his legs and switched hands to rest his head on. Adventure in life is a must and for adventure, freedom would be nice. But what I want most is romance, or rather some on I can stand by and be with. Yes, someone to love, someone to hold, a person for live for, a maiden to love and to be loved back, someone to hold onto and never let go. As Jay snapped back into reality he started taking notes. I have too much of a romantic attitude towards life. 

    While he looked at his drawing, a certain someone entered Jay’s mind as he lost the desire to continue his work. “Alice, I wonder what you are doing right now,” Jay muttered to himself as he stole a glance at the clock, it read 2:31. I feel like I’m frozen in time.

    (Setting shift)

    The twin moons high in the sky glimmered brightly in the sky. The countless stars lit up the night sky as a lone figure strolled down a wide dirt road, sandwiched by a dense forest as far as the eye could see. Not a sound could be heard.

    With a sudden rustle of leaves, the figure came into light, revealed to be a young adolescent boy with jet black hair and an equally dark cloak. Only a glimpse of bright white clothes could be seen under the cloak and a pair of blinding white moccasins could be seen under the moonlight.

    In his right hand, the boy held a scarlet stone bead about the size of a marble, revealing a pale white complexion and skin akin to porcelain. A faint blue aura radiated from the boy as his mouth opened with a choked up voice spilling out.

    “Azure huh… that’s the name you gave me Sylvette.”

    Teary-eyed and gazing at the bead, a tear rolled down Azure’s cheek as he reached his left hand towards his neck, revealing a lustrous silver necklace, decorated with a single scarlet diamond, which shined with the entirety of all the stars in the sky. Azure then enveloped the gem with hand.

    “It has been a year and I’m still like this. I wonder how you would react if you knew I’m still like this,” Azure spoke in a soft voice.

    “I need your support,” Azure whimpered as he tightened his grip on the objects in each of his hands and gazed up towards the twin moons.

    “Still mourning?” suddenly resonated a childish voice.
  • Chapter Two:

    Just as the voice reached Azure’s ear, Azure turned into a blur. In one fluid motion, he made an 180-degree turn and with a swipe of his hand, the tree nearest to him fell, with a resounding boom dust filled the air. A shining white figure shot out of from the dust; landing about 10 meters in front of Azure, the blinding white figure just stood on the road motionless.

    Azure calmly pocketed his stone bead. As his eyes grew blood-red, he dashed towards the figure. In a fraction of a second, the distance between them closed, but at that moment the skies turned white. White light filled the air, sky, including every gap and corner, leaving no place for shadows to dwell.

    After the light receded, only a bloody and beaten Azure could be seen gasping for air as he knelt down. The once white figure was now a child standing in front of Azure, now looking at Azure at eye-level. 

    Under the moonlight, the youth let out a light chuckle. 

    Looking into the child’s milky white raven mask, Azure couldn’t let out a word, instead he attacked. Azure’s pure sky blue aura turned crimson red as he punched with a fist full of fury, only to have it caught by the child. 

    The force of the punch alone was tremendous, knocking down every tree a kilometer radius from the impact alone. However, it only blew dust and dirt onto the child’s white cloak. 

    Releasing a barrage of punches and kicks at the child, Azure produced no results again as the child dodged every single blow. Caught off guard Azure was flung into the air. 

    Several meters up, Azure gestured his hand, forming several dozen 50 cm long octahedral blades. In a downward swipe of his hand, Azure launched the blades towards the child.

    Shooting at supersonic speeds the blades suddenly shattered by an invisible force. The same force then pounded Azure onto the ground.

    Motionless, Azure could only lie on the dirt road. With not even enough strength to lift a finger, Azure could utter, “Bastard” as he laid on the ground helpless. 

    “Are you still mad at me brother?” the child said as he looked down at Azure. 

    “You probably don’t have the energy to speak. After all, you’ve been so weak ever since you meet that scarlet witch. Don’t worry, I’ll make this up to you.”

    In a bright flash, the child disappeared. Leaving no trace of him ever being there, every fallen tree was back to its original condition and the area restored. Including Azure, every being was refilled with energy. But, he still lying on the dirt road, Azure could bring himself to sit up, much less stand. Sylvette, I failed you. Again, I couldn’t avenge you. 

    Azure lay motionless on the ground; as time passed and second became minutes and minutes became hours Azure still couldn’t move. He only stared at the starry sky and the twin moons, just like him, they were motionless and only allowed time to pass. What should I do now Sylvette? 

    As he calmed down, Azure wiped the tears welling up in his eyes and felt the dirt under him. Carefully removing his necklace, and lifted it over his eyes. Lying on the ground, Azure gazed at the gem. It all started here. 

    (Flashback, 6 years ago) 

    Under the blazing sun stood a forest packed with enormous trees, the only clearing in sight is a dirt road that cut through the forest. The dirt road was about 10 meters wide and walking down its path was a young boy about the age of 11 years old. Dressed in an oversized cloak that dragged on the dirt road as the boy strolled without the care in the world.

    Shading his eyes with his hand, the boy looked down the path, not seeing an end to the forest, the boy continued to walk. Hmm, what did father say again 

    “Here, this is your going away present, don’t open it until you leave. Lune, you are grown up now, your life starts now. If you don’t know what to do, be whatever you want and if that doesn’t work out do something else you like. After all, you have everything you need.”

    Snapping out of his daze, Lune (the boy) continued walking down the path while fiddling with the necklace around his neck. I wish father didn’t give me this oversized cloak. I wonder when I can exit this endless forest. 

    A couple kilometers behind Lune, a group of people was walking down the same path. Most of the people were injured except for the man with an arrogant air about him, who walked ahead of the rest. 

    “This hunt was a complete failure,” someone in the group said 

    “I know, a year in the forest and nothing to show for it,” spoke the leader. Anyone could easily detect the disappointment in his voice.

    “I’ll scout the perimeter,” the leader spoke up. Leader (let's just call him “Leader”) then dashed as he scouted the radius around the groups. This is unusual, for the past couple days, I haven’t encountered any monsters or any types of dangers. This must be some type of trap set up by someone.

    Deep in thought, Lune was deciding on what path to take in life. I got it. I’ll be a hero like the one’s in fairy tales. I can save princesses, slay demons, and use my powers to help people. I wonder what Xing is doing at home with Father right now; maybe they are training. Well, that doesn’t concern me anymore, I left home and my life truly starts now. 

    That reminds me, I have to find a new name to live by. The name Lune wasn’t my style anyways.

    Hmm, are there someone behind me? I’ll just leave him to see how cool I am. Just like the heroes in the stories, I’ll show him how cool I am with my intimidating aura.

    As Lune indulged in his fantasies, Leader drew closer until Lune was in sight. Already previously sensing an unusual aura, Leader went up to get a closer look. That presence seems dangerous, it could be what caused the previous days to be so quiet; I must eliminate it quickly. 

    Referencing his knowledge, Leader suspects it is either a newborn legendary being or something more dangerous due to the sheer quantity of the terrifying aura that filled the air. Although it’s dangerous, I should be able to finish it off if I use everything I have.

    With a questionable confidence, Leader rushed towards Lune. Covering the distance in what seems to be seconds, Leader reached Lune is almost no time.

    At the same time, Lune also noticed Leader. That person is probably coming here to praise me for being such a good hero… Wait wait what? 

    At that moment Lune barely dodging a chop by the skin of his teeth, Lune caught a glimpse of Leader before another attack came.

    That attacker must be a bandit. A hero always encounters bandits in the beginning of his journey and beats them up as his first obstacle.

    Covered in a golden aura, Leader performed another quick chop that only managed to hit the air. However, at that same moment Lune backstepped 20 meters and gestured his hand. Several hundred octahedral blades, each half a meter long, formed to surround Leader, leaving no room to escape. With a downward swipe of his hand, Lune launched every blade towards Leader.

    “Ha, Bandit prepare to face the divine punishment of a hero.” That sound so much like what a hero would say. 

    Completely concentrated, Leader brought out every ounce of his energy to strengthening himself to take Lune’s attack. 

    As the dust from the impact cleared, Leader stood tall but covered in cuts. The bloody Leader then shot forth like an arrow towards Lune. 

    Now paying any attention and too confident in his attack, Lune got knocked down by Leader, only able to reinforce his body in him. 

    Embarrassed, Lune got back up, but only to be knocked down again and again by the same move. As Lune reached his limit and grew furious, Lune got up and shot a huge beam of energy at Leader.

    Damn (or whatever profanity you want), I barely dodged that. If I got hit I would have died.

    “You bandit dare use such an underhanded method of fighting,” Shouted Lune, who was covered dirt after the many times slammed to the ground.

    “What????” Leader said as he was prepared to finish off Lune.

    Surprisingly, the situation was cleared up shortly after. Engrossed in his hero persona, Lune forgave Leader. I’m such a great hero, so forgiving.

    After an awkward response from Leader, Lune was introduced into the Leader’s group and they all traveled together to the nearest town. Lune reluctantly agreed because he didn’t know where to go.

    As everyone traveled back, Lune ran Ahead if the group, only looking back to check for directions occasionally. Meanwhile, the group behind him chatted as they slowly moved down the path.

    “What? That boy could keep up with Leader, one of the masters of close quarter combat in the Rosestone Kingdom?” a group member said.

    “He is too strange, especially the uncontained aura,” Leader said, “Maybe a little too dangerous.”

    An awkward 6-hour travel period finally ended one of which no one spoke after the initial hour.

    Finally the forest ended; looking back, Lun ran in a full sprint towards the entrance of a simple looking town a couple kilometers from the end of the forest road. 

    As Lune reached the entrance of the simple looking town, he scanned the dirt road for the group and saw them barely exiting the forest behind him. Lune, relaxed for a breath of fresh air and looked towards the west for the setting sun. As the sun set in the west, the sky glowed in a radiant golden-red hue. In the distance, Lune could see the fading rays of sunlight still shining brightly as they reflected off the vast green prairies in the west, giving off glow of warmth that soothed his soul. Like a scene out of a fairy tale with Lune as the hero, a gentle gust of wind blew and flowers flew in the air, gentle sailing across the field. The next he knew, he was standing in the middle of the field enjoying the spectacle. Beautiful

    Lune then took off his cloak, revealing a head shimmering black hair. As a gentle breeze brushed across his face and combed through his hair, Lune felt his journey finally began. My path in life begins here, whether it is as a hero or anything else. 

    "Hmm? what’s that?" Lune thinks as he shift his body towards the northwest and focuses on a crimson tower near the horizon. I must find out what that is.

    Compelled to stare, Lune gazed at the tower and couldn’t take his eyes off. He thought to himself, “It isn’t the magnificence of the appearance, but rather the feeling of desire it invoked. There is a significance to the tower, I can feel it.” 

    Next stop is that tower. With a gaze brimming desire, Lune got ready to head to the tower. This is my desir… 

    A sharp pain suddenly shot through Lune’s body. As he looked down, Lune saw a hand thrust through his chest. All he could hear was, “Sorry,” from behind him. As Lune fell to ground, his consciousness began to fade.

    “Have you heard of the Scarlet Princess?” 

    “You can’t fade until the fated day.” 

    “Not until the azure sky meets the scarlet light.” 

    Voices filled Lune’s head for what felt like eternity, repeating the same three phrases over and over.

    “What Princess!? What day!? What do you want !!!” 
  • Chapter Three:

    ‘Ugh, my head is killing me.’

    Imagine, a bright sun that laid high in the sky, neither blazing nor dull, the sun simply laid in the sky. The sun enjoyed its view, along with the shimmering white clouds spread across the sky; the celestial figure sprawled in the sky as it gazed over a field and upon a couple.

    A field of flowers laid upon a clearing in the forest. Brimming with beauty and colonies of buzzing bees, the field was a circular clearing with a radius of one kilometer. Joined by the edge, with a ten-meter entrance, a clearing with about a one hundred meter radius laid. Home to mostly grass, the smaller clearing had a quaint cottage resting near the center; both small and plain, the cottage was the lone structure aside from the trees.

    ‘Something feels strange. Am I asleep?’

    A boy, who looked about 11 years old, was dressed in a plain white t-shirt and long white pants began opening his eyes. As he opened his eyes, the boy gazed upon a young maiden looking into his eyes. In shock, the boy shot up to his feet.

    Standing barefoot, the boy felt the dirt, grass, flowers, and everything else under his foot. His vision seemed unusually clear and he gazed upon a young maiden, who he awoke seeing.

    As he gazed upon the girl, whose eyes were glittering with curiosity, several thoughts ran through his mind. It was as if he had forgotten something important.

    ‘Who is she?’

    ‘She has red hair.’

    ‘Where are we?’

    ‘She looks familiar.’

    ‘Wait, who am I? Does she know?’

    As the boy inspected the girl with a gaze, he went deep into thought.

    Standing at eye-level to the boy, the girl, who looked about twelve years of age, looked curiously upon the boy. She had long hair, which gently flowed down to her waist; as her hair ran down, a hint of her ears could be seen peeking out. Her ruby-red hair blended with the pure white dress that draped over her body. The glowing light reflected off her lustrous hair was like that of the radiant gleam that came from her lime-green eyes. She was a cute little nose on her face and snow-white skin; but to the boy, her best feature was the innocent smile she had, shaped by her rosy pink lips.

    As the boy was about to speak, the girl abruptly said, “I’m Sylvette, What’s your name?”

    Unfazed by the question, the boy softly said, “I don’t know… do you?”

    Sylvette cheerfully responded with a smile on her face. “No idea, I just woke up a couple of minutes ago.”

    “I was hoping you would know who I am.” Sylvette continued, “Seems like we’re both in the same situation, but I know my name.”

    Sylvette let out a light chuckle as she finished speaking. A short pause followed. During the short period, the boy went through his mind and searched for at least something.

    ‘I can’t remember anything from before waking up. Ugh, my head is in a daze.’

    With a smile plastered on her face, Sylvette on her face, Sylvette joyfully exclaimed, “I’ll name you Azure!” 

    ‘It’s the same name as the color of the sky,’ Sylvette thought.

    With a confused look on his face, Azure said, “Okay.”

    ‘Did I just get named a color?’

    “Let's reintroduce ourselves!” exclaimed Sylvette.

    “Hello, I’m Sylvette. Nice to meet you.”

    Reassured by her smile, Azure spoke up.

    “I’m Azure, Nice to meet you Sylvette.”

    As Sylvette and Azure introduced themselves, they knew both knew neither of them had any prior memories. They only knew basic skills and language, in addition to had the occasional thought of knowing what something was.

    After thinking about the past minute or two, the extent of his memories, Azure said, “Let's look around.”

    Listening to Azure’s remark, Sylvette bounced up with joy and held Azure by the hand as she walked.

    “I was wondering when you would say that.” ‘I wonder what’s around here.’

    Sylvette then ran through the field of flowers, to the farthest end, towards the western end of the clearing.

    “Haha, we really remember nothing. But, these flowers are really pretty, aren’t they Azure?

    “Ya, the flowers are pretty.”

    “Azure, do you think we saw anything like this in the before?”

    “Maybe,” Azure said with a smile.

    As Azure and Sylvette both ran through the large field they found nothing but flowers on the ground. But, they could clearly see an opening that lead to another part of the field.

    Currently near the edge of the field, Sylvette stopped to collect flowers while Azure sorted them. After getting two of every kind of flowers they could find, Azure weaved a crown of flowers on instinct. ‘This feels so familiar.’ When he finished, Azure held two flower crowns, both weaved as if by magic and made perfectly to fit Sylvette and his head.

    Sylvette’s eyes seemed to sparkle as she stared intensely at the crown of flowers. ‘Wow, so pretty.’ With a voice full of amazement, She exclaimed, “How did you make that?”

    As his face grew red, Azure said, “I don’t know, it just felt familiar.” As he spoke, Azure’s voice was filled with joy, knowing that he impressed her.

    Azure then stood up and gently placed the flower crown on Sylvette’s head. Doing so, Azure couldn’t help but to think how nice it looked on Sylvette. As colors from all spectrums of the rainbow rested on Sylvette’s head, she looked like a real princess wearing a crown adorned with gems imbued with the rainbow. At that moment, for a brief second, a white glow could be seen from the flowers. The intertwined flowers laid on Sylvette’s hair, seeming forming a halo on her head. When Azure gazed upon her, what come across his mind was “Angel”.

    ‘She’s like an angel, my angel.’

    After placing the crown, Azure spoke with a glimmer in his eye and a gaze filled with confidence.

    Azure said, “My Princess” as he did a low bow.

    Sylvette then made a light chuckle and picked up the other flower crown. Standing up, Sylvette placed the other crown on Azure’s head, over his jet black hair.

    Both of them then had a hearty laugh. If anyone could hear them, they would hear the joyful laughter of children without a care in the world. As the laughed, Sylvette said, “How did we know what that was?” She was answered by a quick “I don’t know” and they continued their laughter.

    After a good minute, Sylvette said, “Let’s go to the other part of the field now,” as she pointed at the ten meter opening towards the southeastern end of the flower field.

    As Azure and Sylvette ran down the field and into the other section, their clothes fluttered by the wind and their eyes gaped open. Filled with amazement, they were met with a marvelous sight.

    ‘I never thought something like this was here’ both Azure and Sylvette thought at the same time.

    They were met with a large clearing, which had a one hundred meter radius. The ground was covered in a carpet of short blades of grass. The far end of the clearing had a clear blue river running through it, which calmly flowed throughout all visible parts. Covering about a fifth of the second area, the section of the river didn’t take up much room of the circular clearing. On the green fields next to the river, rabbits could be seen hopping around. The most amazing or rather unusual thing in the area was the cottage on the southern part, near the center, of the field. Including a large garden behind it, which faced the river the cottage was truly a structure of mysteries. However, like the kids they were, Azure and Sylvette paid no attention to the mysteries surrounding the entire area.

    “That is an apple tree,” Azure said full of surprise, as he recognized the tree on the side of the cottage.

    “Sylvette, did you know about this place?”

    “No, when I woke up, I just waited for you to wake.”

    After a short pause, Sylvette exclaimed, “What are you waiting for? Let’s look in the house and garden!”

    Azure once again saw a gleam of curiosity in Sylvette’s eyes as she yanked his hand while running. Looking at Sylvette’s radiant smile, Azure ran along with her and made sure not to get any hair in his eyes.

    After a couple seconds, they reached the apple tree next to the cottage. As the duo passed under the shade of the tree, they could see ripe fruit hanging from the branches, ready to be picked.

    Ignoring the tree for the moment, Sylvette ran towards the cottage, the more interesting of the two. 

    “Do you think anyone is inside?” Sylvette inquired

    “No idea, let’s check it out.” 

    Before Azure finished talking, Sylvette already pushed open the cottage door. ‘Wow’. The inside of the cottage was a peculiar sight to be seen. The cottage was fully furnished and placed in an organized manner. In front of the door laid a large round table with two chairs on the side. The left of the room stood a wall and a door leading to the next room; by the wall was a desk and a chair in front of it. To the right, next to a wall stood a small table. The living area was plain and simple, nothing on the furniture, not even a speck of dust.

    ‘This place looks so nice.’ 

    As Azure was looking around the living area, Sylvette was already entering the next room, which, in fact, took about a third of the cottage.

    “Azure, look in here!” Sylvette shouted. “Look at that bed, it’s huge and looks so soft.”

    As Sylvette jumped and rolled on the bed, Azure looked around the room and noticed the bed took up about a third of the room and had a nightstand on its left. As Azure looked through the window, situated on the wall that faced the door, he saw a beautiful apple tree outside. When he turned to the right, he saw a window, revealing a garden. In front of the window stood the nightstand.

    “Done looking around? Let’s look in the back!” Sylvette said as she hopped off the bed and pulled Azure by the hand.

    “Come on Azure, you’re so slow.”

    As they left the bedroom and passed by the window between the doors, Azure sped up, trying not to get dragged behind. They left the cottage, the pair took a hard left going around the home. Looking through another window on the cottage’s side, he could see its interior.

    When they reached the garden, they could finally see its full size, which was much larger than it seemed from afar, it was at least three times larger than the cottage.

    “Let’s go in,” Sylvette said with a smile as she was still bubbly. 

    Azure easily scaled the small fence, but when Sylvette tried to do the same, she fell face first due to her dress getting caught on the fence. A soft chuckle could be heard from Azure, causing Sylvette’s face to burn bright red.

    After standing back up and regaining her posture, Sylvette placed her crown of flowers back on her head and proceeded to punch Azure. 

    “Oww,” Azure muttered

    “Don’t laugh,” Sylvette commanded as she blushed from embarrassment.

    With her face still dyed red, Sylvette said, “Look at all this food,” as she tried to divert the attention from her.

    Chewing on a freshly picked tomato, Azure said, “You gotta try this,” as Sylvette walked over.

    Seconds became minutes and minutes became hours. The sun was now setting and a dusty red hue filled the sky. Two individuals could be seen lying down under an apple tree.

    “It has been a long day, with so much happening,” Azure said, as he chewed on an apple, facing Sylvette. 

    “I’m tired,” Sylvette said exhaustively, looking like she would doze off any second.

    Azure then was about to ask Sylvette something, only to see her already asleep. 

    “Sweet dreams my dear princess.”

    Then as Azure slowly ate his apple as he watched the sky got dark when the sun set and the moon rose. Azure tossed the apple core and lay down next to Sylvette, next thing he knew he was asleep.

    A single moon lit up the sky, along with countless stars; it was a peaceful night.

    The hands of time will move again. Seconds became minutes, minutes became hours, hours became days, days became weeks, weeks became months and months turned to years. Five peaceful years passed in a blink of an eye. 

    ( Five Years Later )

    “Ahhhh, is it morning already?”

    ‘I should get out of bed.’

    Lying down on a bed, Azure stretched his arms as he rolled to the right. ‘Hmm, she already woke up.’ As he got up, Azure picked some folded clothes from under the nightstand and changed out what he wore.‘Finding out how to weave is so convenient,’ Azure thought as he folded the clothes he changed out of and dropped them under the nightstand.

    Azure then took a glance at the two crowns of flowers on the nightstand as he walked out of bed. ‘Just like always.’ The flowers from the crown were just as they were the day they were picked, not wilted or dry and still full of life, reflecting the colors of the rainbow. Walking out of the cottage door, Azure quickly tied his hair in a messy ponytail. Passing by the garden, Azure swiped a couple grapes and popped them in his mouth as he headed towards the river.

    Seeing the morning sun in the sky, Azure untied his hair. ‘Should have tied it after.’ Following that Azure removed his clothes, revealing his naked body and took a dip in the river. In the river, Azure carried out his morning routine of washing his body and hair. Then, he rinsed his mouth with the river’s water. As Azure stared at the clear blue water, he saw what he usually did. Around him flowed crystal clear water that gently flowed downstream and inside the water no impurities or living being, other than Azure could be seen. As if the water’s properties were magical, Azure came out of the water cleaner than ever. His skin was smooth and clean, his jet black hair shimmered in the sunlight, and his teeth were pearly white.

    Azure dressed himself and walked to the bountiful garden, which over the years seemed to be blessed with fast-growing crops and abundant harvests. He then picked some fruits for a quick breakfast. After five years, not much has changed about Azure’s appearance. He was about sixteen years old, had a youthful appearance with gentle grey eyes, shoulder length hair that was tied in a neat ponytail, shoulders that were narrow for a male, and stood at 180 cm. Dressed in plain white clothes, Azure walked towards the large flower field. ‘Sylvette’s probably picking flowers.’ As Azure passed the humble apple tree, he glanced at it, expressing a smile when he saw two names carved on the tree’s trunk: Sylvette and Azure.

    Upon entering the field, Azure spotted Sylvette in the center of the field. As he got close, Sylvette was there to greet him.

    “Azure, you are always so late to wake up. I almost never get to enjoy the sunrise with you.” Sylvette said to Azure with a stern face. Continuing, Sylvette grinned and cheerfully said, “Aside from that. Good morning, Azure.” She then proceeded to give Azure a peck on the lips.

    “Good morning, Sylvette,” Azure said with a loving smile as he gave Sylvette a loving embrace.

    After a while, Azure let go to gaze into Sylvette’s eyes, she met his gaze and they just stared at each other. To him, simply looking into her eyes was enough to sustain him and made him want to hold onto her forever. Her gaze was simply intoxicating.

    Sylvette was just as tall as Azure and looking at her, he saw his true love, his other half. A smidge more mature than Azure, she had the same ruby-red hair like always flowing down her shoulders and down to her waist, lime-green eyes that gleamed in the sunlight brighter than any gem, snow-white skin and modest breasts. She wore a plain silky white dress that went down to her knees.

    Tilting to the side Sylvette said, “What’s wrong?” as she looked at the still dazed Azure.

    “Nothing, I was just captivated by your beauty,” Azure gently spoke.

    “You flatter me,” Sylvette said as she blushed, making her cheeks a rosy red, and showed a humble smile.

    Upon seeing her smile, Azure’s heart lit up once again, he was simply smitten. ‘I’ll never get tired of that smile.’ In front of his eyes was Sylvette smiling, he regarded her smile as her best feature and loved it more than all the worldly beauty she possessed. Because to him, she certainly had a smile that could make the sun seem like a small candle in comparison.

    Looking at Sylvette’s basket, he noticed that it was filled with several types of purple flowers, mostly of a darker shade.

    “Purple flowers today?” Azure commented

    “You know I love purple. I just felt like today is a purple kind of day, you know.” Sylvette responded, full of spirit.

    They held hands and strolled back to their cottage. Each other’s company was enough.

    “Let’s catch a rabbit or two for supper tonight,” said Azure

    Sylvette simply said, “Sure,” trying to hide the uncomfortable look on her face.

    “Sylvette, you can’t hide anything that from me. I know you feel guilty catching them. I was just teasing you, I’ll get them myself. However, you can’t hide the fact you love rabbit stew.” Azure said with a sly look in his eyes.

    Sylvette blushing from embarrassment; she didn’t like being teased. Azure then gave her a peck on the cheek as they walked. ‘Cute’ 

    Saying whatever came up in her mind, Sylvette said,“Azure, today I just noticed how we never left the clearing to enter the forest.” 

    “We just never had a reason to, after all we love it here.”

    Not even halfway to their home, the young couple continued to walk hand to hand. Merely hold each other’s hand was enough to be content, silence wasn’t a problem. As they passed the apple tree, Azure spoke up.

    “Remember that. Even though we carved it years ago, it felt like just yesterday.”

    “I know, we carved it when we decided to stay here.” said Sylvette with a smile.

    Thinking out loud, Azure said, “Who knows when these days might end.”

    As Azure was about to open the door, he noticed Sylvette was frozen stiff. ‘Hmm?’

    “What’s wrong?”

    After a short delay, Sylvette said, “Nothing” and showed a smile. However, they both knew the smile was fake. Seeing how distressed Sylvette seemed, Azure didn’t want to dig any deeper at the moment; instead, he decided to ask her tonight.

    When they entered the cottage, Sylvette proceeded to place the purple flowers she had recently picked and placed them into stone vases that were filled with water. After putting the flowers on each of the tables in the living room, she turned to Azure.

    “Now, doesn’t that brighten up the room,” Sylvette said as she tried to brighten up the mood.

    Smiling, Azure said, “Yup.” He then walked outside, bringing the previous day’s flowers along with him.

    As Azure walked towards the river, he thought of Sylvette.

    'She was clearly shaking when she placed the flowers. Could what I said about these days ending be what is bothering her. I should talk to her when she is ready to talk.’ 

    Reaching the river, Azure then placed the flowers he held on the river. ‘May you reach a better place.’Azure let go of the flowers and watched as they flowed down the river for a second. He then got up and jogged to the cottage. If one could see the flowers at that moment, they would see the flowers glow in a white light then dissipate.

    When Azure entered the cottage, he clasped Sylvette’s hands and said, “Don’t worry.” Before she could respond, Azure said, “Let’s do your favorite activity, looking at the clouds. You love to identify objects hidden in your lost memories from the clouds’ shapes.”

    Azure pulled Sylvette’s by the hand and brought her to the empty field in between the cottage and the flower field.

    Both lying down on the grass, they looked up at the clouds and said names that entered their minds when seeing clouds. Pointing at the specific clouds, Azure and Sylvette enjoyed themselves.

    “Look, that’s like a balloon… looks, a dragon… look, a daisy… look, a bat… look, a crow… look, an arrow… look, a candle… look, a…”

    Before long, hours had passed and it was now late in the afternoon. Getting up, Azure decided to go quickly catch a rabbit for dinner, hoping a nice dinner would help Sylvette. Azure kissed Sylvette and let go from her grasp. Looking back he saw Sylvette peacefully asleep and got her a blanket to cover her. ‘Be back soon.’

    Azure then eyed a rabbit and followed it as it ran into the flower field. ‘This one is pretty fast.’ Speeding up, Azure continued to chase the rabbit, only to barely get any closer. A small knife then materializes in his hand. ‘Useful, like always.’ As Azure chased the rabbit, he ran out of the clearing and into the forest. Dark and damp the forest was hard to navigate, however, Azure was just chasing after a rabbit. 

    Throwing multiple knives, Azure couldn’t get a hit on the rabbit. ‘This is one is so much more agile than the others.’ Determined to catch the rabbit, Azure continued to chase it until catching it. It took a while, but Azure managed to land a killing blow after about half an hour. Out of breath Azure, took a couple minutes to rest before picking up the rabbit carcass. When Azure looked around, he couldn’t figure out where he was nor could he find any tracks of where he had been. After a final look around, Azure turned to opposite to where he faced when catching the rabbit and headed that way, hoping that would lead him home. With a rabbit in hand, Azure walked as he looked around for any familiar sights, but to no avail.

    After some time, Azure felt as if he was more lost than before. Unable to find his way back home, Azure look up to see a thick roof of leaves and branches high above the ground. As he was unable to determine what time of day it was, Azure didn’t even know exactly how long he was gone. ‘Time seems so warped in the forest.’ As Azure trekked the same direction, he heard a low growl. ‘Hmm, I wonder where that came from.’ Unable to determine what the growl indicated, Azure continued to look around as he walked forward, now slightly faster.

    Suddenly, a large wolf with a dull gray coat, bloodshot eyes, and rotting yellow teeth approached Azure.‘What is that… a dog? No, a wolf! I think it is dangerous.’ As the wolf closed the distance between them, Azure couldn’t move as he never encountered a situation of this kind. Following his instincts, Azure just tossed the rabbit at the wolf, along with several knives and ran. Without looking back, Azure ran the direction that seemed the most convenient in escaping. Not looking back nor slowing down Azure just ran.

    Not knowing how much time passed, Azure just ran. When suddenly, he tripped on a log. ‘Is it still after me?’ Looking backward, Azure saw nothing but plants and dead leaves in the distance. Azure sighed with relief, but he still had to deal with the matter at hand, finding his way back home. Walking forward, Azure could hear what seemed to be like a shrill shrieking in the distance; ignoring it, Azure continued forward.‘It must be dark now.’ But, when the sound started the grow louder, Azure ran towards it, sensing something was off. Running for who knows how long, Azure got closer and closer until it grew loud enough to discern what it was.

    Noticing it sounded like crying, Azure went in a full sprint and finally saw the trees thinning out. Heading towards that direction, he finally saw a clearing and went towards it. Recognizing the field of flowers, Azure was finally home. ‘I’m back.’ At the same time, Azure noticed the moon up in the sky and saw it was night time. Only then did he notice he had been gone for several hours (about five hours). Azure then frantically ran towards the crying, convinced it was Sylvette.

    Entering the cottage area, Azure could hear Sylvette wailing. As he walked closer to her, he noticed she was sitting down crying her eyes out. Her eyes were swollen, hair was messy, and tears streamed down her face as she weeped. Only when Azure got close did Sylvette notice him; she then ran towards him and held onto tightly as if she wouldn’t ever let go.

    Hearing Sylvette weeping greatly upset Azure, but he could only muster an awkward line. “I’m sorry Sylvette, I could bring a rabbit.” With a single tear running down his right eye, he couldn’t say another word.

    “You think I care about that. I thought you were gone. I thought you left me. I thought you were never coming back. I thought maybe you died.” With her crying getting louder, Sylvette’s speech grew incomprehensible.

    After a several minutes, Sylvette finally calmed down. Still sniffling, Sylvette said, “Idiot… don’t leave me again.” Falling asleep in Azure’s arms he laid her down on the grass.

    “I won’t.”

    Falling asleep with Sylvette in his arms, Azure thought back to when they first met. ‘I wish these days would never end.’

    In a blink of an eye, five more years flew by. 

    (Five Years Later)

    Azure woke up under the apple tree and noticed he was crying in his sleep. Surprised Azure paused for a moment, but then proceeded to wipe the tears with his sleeves. ‘Why did this happen?’ Azure then walked to the flower field to find Sylvette. He noticed he was awake unusually early as he saw the sunrise. The sky was a bright blue as it clashed with the scarlet glow of the sun as it started to rise. When Azure, entered the field he saw a beautiful maiden, the one he spent the last ten years with.‘Sylvette’

    Suddenly, Azure tripped over something and fell. Surprised, Azure couldn’t react and hit his head hard. Falling unconscious, Azure could only see darkness. When he opened his eyes, he was met with an unfamiliar sight, he saw two moons in the night sky. He couldn’t wrap his head around why that was so. When his thoughts caught up to him, he couldn’t saw a word. Speechless, only tears flowed down from his eyes.
  • Chapter Four:

    Tears flowed down his face, words couldn’t come out and his body laid limp, with no will to move. He Lied down on the grass as memories rushed through his head, cementing themselves to be never forgotten.


    ‘What is going on?’


    Calming down, Azure lay on the grass motionless for who knows how long. Time simply passed; regaining composure after a long period of stabilizing himself, Azure sat up and looked at his hand. Without a second though, he knew they were the hands of a child, his hands. But still in disbelief, Azure conjured a mirror and inspected himself, only to see a child with bloodstained clothes that had a hole in the chest area, but without any wound on his body. Seeing how he was in the body of him as a child, the mirror evaporated into a milky-white mist.

    “Ha ha ha… Ha ha ha…”

    “So it was all a dream…,” Azure exclaimed like a madman.

    “It seemed so real. I even lived a life there.”

    ‘Was Sylvette real? Was she just a figment of my imagination?’

    ‘No! I refuse to believe that! I cannot believe that.’

    Slowly looking up at the night sky and towards the stars in the sky, Azure shouted on the top of his lungs. “I am Azure, forever and always. No longer shall Lune exist, he hasn’t for years."

    ‘I shall find you Sylvette!’

    Standing up, Azure set his gaze upon the crimson tower in the distance. It glowed with a bright red light, piercing through the darkness. It looks as if the light could even cut through the heavens. Only looking at the tower and desperate for clues to Sylvette, Azure set his destination there. Picking up his black cloak, Azure put it on and ran his fingers down his necklace as he vowed to himself; he would find Sylvette if it was the last thing he would do. The necklace shined with a blood-red glow for just a moment before dying down. Azure’s eyes glowed with a determination like nothing he has ever shown before. Then, he simply ran forward.

    Azure’s steps, as he ran forward, were as quick as lightning but as light as a feather. Azure moved faster than he went before, not stopping, not even for a second. As he swept through plains and shot through valleys, what people and monsters alike saw was merely a blur. A white aura fluttered around Azure as he ran, fluctuating and pulsing at every step he took. Azure showed no signs of fatigue, even after several days passed by, Azure ran day and night. Almost as if he was flying, ran forward as time passed by without unfaltering determination. Days flew by, but the tower showed no signs of getting any closer. So far, Azure was unfazed by the lack of progress.

    ‘The tower must relate to Sylvette, it needs to, it’s my only lead. It was the last thing I saw before meeting Sylvette. If Sylvette isn’t there or the tower doesn’t provide any hints, I don’t know what I would do. No! I can’t think negatively, she must be there. She has to be.’

    Sighing, Azure looked at the tower in the distance. It didn’t seems any closer than it did the previous day or any other day before. Azure just continued on; as he looked back, the seemingly endless forest from which he left from was gone in the distance, hidden by the horizon.

    ‘Why am I so slow? I need to be faster. I’m barely accelerating.’

    After week and months of constant travel, the gap between Azure and the tower never really seemed to close. Azure was at his limit, filled with frustration due to his lack of progress and how he couldn’t fulfill any of his desires.

    ‘I need to be better, but I can’t. I need Sylvette, but she’s not here… I wish she would be here. If she were here, she would be able to comfort me. No, I wouldn’t even need comforting and life would be ideal. I don’t need anything else other than her affection and company. But… What if she never existed? No! No! No! No! No! No! No! No! I can’t think that. She is the only one I need, the only one who understands me. I must find her.’

    ‘These damn powers, what good is power if they are useless right now. Power of the Quasar my ass, what good is it if I can’t use it to find Sylvette.’

    “AAAAAAAAAAHHHH!!!” Azure yelled in frustration as he continued a seemingly endless trek.

    ‘I need to calm down, a clear mind is best for analysing situations. But, I can’t calm down. Sylvette is still gone. She can’t be gone. Like a dream, she came and left in what seemed like an instant.’

    After a while, Azure finally calmed down somewhat.

    ‘What did father say? … The power of the stars bestows anything one desires. Is that a joke?! I just want to find Sylvette. I haven’t been away from her for so long; I can’t stand this!’

    Extremely frustrated and desperate, Azure kept trying to call upon more power as he needed more, he wanted more. Suddenly, Azure’s milky-white aura started fluctuating and pulsing to greater extremes; his aura started warping and twisting. The next thing he knew, Azure was standing in front of the crimson tower. 

    Ignoring how he got there, as it wasn’t important, Azure just scanned the tower that stood as clear as day. He panned the crimson tower not in amazement or admiration, but for the sole purpose of finding Sylvette. At that moment, time seemed to be frozen. The leaves stopped falling, the wind stopped blowing, the sun stopped shining; everything seemed to be frozen in place and frozen in time. Azure simply looked at the tower, at every brick, every crevice, every nook and cranny around the seemingly abandoned tower until he felt a foreign force.

    Azure got knocked backwards. Flying backwards from the blow, Azure then got shot upwards, then backwards again. Getting hit by a repeated flurry of blows, Azure was sent flying in an instant. Like a fly getting swatted, Azure tried to regain balance until something caught his eye, something that would release the beast inside him.

    As Azure was high in the sky, constantly being shot at, he saw in the distance an opening in the tower. It was even higher than where Azure was; it laid just below the cloud. Even at such a large distance, Azure could see through the opening just fine. The opening was a plain window with only a wooden door to close it. It was simple and ordinary, but who was beyond it wasn’t. Looking closer, Azure could see a scarlet-haired beauty dressed in white as she sat in a dungeon-like room. Thus, Azure broke all restraints; the forces around his stopped and he shot towards the tower with newfound determination.

    ‘Sylvette, it must be her! It must be. Even at this distance, I can tell it is her. Everything about her is the same as when we first met. Nothing shall stop me!’

    Like a bullet, Azure shot towards the tower. Barriers shattered like glass as Azure flew past them and obstructive forces had no effect. However, like all bullets, Azure hit a wall. An enormous army of red-haired combatants, all dressed in red, flooded the sky to stop him. Without hesitation, Azure swiped his hand and every soldier in front of him simply disappeared in a white flash. Assuming that was sufficient, Azure shot through the gap he created only to be knocked down by the combined force of the army. 

    ‘Such a bothersome obstacle.’

    Hitting the ground, Azure was unscathed and filled with rage due to the interference. Annoyed by the “pests,” Azure decided to annihilate the army that obstructed his path. Suddenly, thousands upon thousands of blades, all octahedral with a deep blue hue, manifested on Azure’s will. The area around the blades twisted as the blades were launched, so quickly not one person in the area could see anything but a blur from them. The blades skewered the army as it shoot through layers and layers of the army. But, as the blades sliced through the army, a gravity-like force exponentially slowed the blades down until a halt, where they just vanished into a white mist. As the mist cleared, the army should have dwindled, but soldiers keep appearing from what seemed to be from thin air, leaving no trace of the recent slaughter. Impatient and annoyed, Azure swiped his hand. As Azure swiped, a white light ran through the army, as it did, every single soldier that came across it disappeared without a trace. When Azure was done no soldiers remained, only Azure. Out of breath, Azure, didn’t rest but shot himself up to where Sylvette was. As Azure reached the window, he was beyond happy, almost bubbly.

    ‘Finally, the time has come, my reunion with Sylvette is upon me. I wonder what I’ll say first?’

    Upon reaching the window, Azure joyfully jumped in and called out, “Sylvette!” 

    Her ruby red hair danced in the air as she around, towards Azure. However, the only, “Yes, who are you?” could be heard in a monotone voice as she met eyes with Azure.

    In shock, Azure asked, “You don’t remember me? I’m Azure, you named me.” Speaking with his hand wildly gesturing, Azure repeated himself over and over, only to to be responded with a flat “No”. Over the period, Azure’s heart dropped and dropped, over and over until he no longer had any hints of a smile.

    Snapping back into reality, Azure had a good look at Sylvette. Her hair was ruby-red but didn’t even have half the luster of what Azure remembered. Her skin was was pale like a ghost, unlike the blushing Sylvette he remembered. Her dress was a dull-white and seemed more like a rag than a dress. Her eyes had no glow, they seemed to be empty and barely maintaining the dull lime-green color of her eyes. Worst of all, she wore an empty expression, one bordering between gloom and hopelessness. She didn’t seem anything like the Sylvette Azure knew. Although she was the same person, her aura was grim and her eyes were empty. She showed no hint of the person Azure remembered, nothing at all like her joyful self. She was completely different.

    Defeated, Azure seemed to have given up and broke down on all fours. ‘Maybe it really was all just a dream.’

    Beyond the tower and beyond the battlefield, all was silent. The only sound in the area came from a crow flapping its wings as it flew off a tree’s branch, towards the dusking sky.
  • Chapter Five:

    The yellow sun shined brightly, high above the sky; indeed, it was a sunny day. In the air, small ripples in space appear as if from nowhere, but only barely noticeable like the obscurity caused by the summer heat. In the center of the disturbance, space seemed to twist and fold into itself and from the chaos, a masked boy stepped appeared. Wearing a raven mask, a young boy clad in a shimmering white cloak stepped from the spatial disturbance like it was a doorway. Floating in thin air, the masked boy simply stood there for just a while.

    “Maybe I’ll get lucky this time.”

    Sitting in his seat, Jay wore an expression of boredom as he let time pass by, sitting in the passenger seat of life. No attention was paid in class nor any care for the lesson being taught, only towards the wonders and adventures that might never come.

    ‘Ugh, why couldn’t this life be more interesting. If only I lived in a fantasy world, one with magic and adventure; that would be much more fun than this. Maybe not fun, but better. I wish something good or at least special would happen to me to change up this dynamic of a boring life. Anything new and exciting would be better than this mundane life. I just wish in my next life, if there is one, that I don’t live in such a crappy world such as this.’

    With a sigh, Jay started fiddling with his pencil as a perfectly fine lecture went to waste. Like most times when he was bored, Jay started fantasizing about fantasy worlds with him being the protagonist in his own adventures. Some adventures had him facing great threats, other he had absolute power, some he was the hero of a fairy tales story, other times tragedies took place, and sometimes fight scenes ran through his head like a movie. The next thing he knew the bell rang and the school day was officially over. Ignoring any other stimuli for the moment, Jay just sat still and enjoyed his small sense of accomplishment for getting through another day of school. 

    Beginning to put his mechanical pencil back together, Jay wasn’t in a hurry at all as the duty of school has already been lifted off his shoulders. Students slowly walked through the rows of desks and they made their way to the doors to leave. Few students remained with Jay being one of them, he neatly placed his binder and books into his backpack and stood up. As he slung his backpack over his shoulders, Jay pulled out his phone to check the time on instinct. ‘It's just three O’ clock.’ 

    ‘Ahhh, another day with nothing happening. This is no different than a year ago or the year before, the only thing is different pressures placed on me. Maybe my level of apathy has just peaked a peak without me knowing.’

    Walking outside, Jay noticed something off. The area he was standing in wasn’t the concrete ground he was used to but rather a pitch black space, that at the same time it was dark, he could see himself. The ground seemed nonexistent and the darkness seemed endless, but no fear was met Jay’s eyes. His heart was pumping and his mind was in a state of disbelief, but that was just a natural reaction to what Jay faced. 

    ‘Oh my god, why is it so dark? Wait, what is this place. Could this be magic… Wait… did something finally something came. Yes! Finally something happened. I can’t believe it. No, I do believe it, I have to. I can just feel the mystery and adventure bubbling up inside me, endless possibilities will await me.’

    Cautiously, Jay attempted to walk forward on what seemed to be pure darkness and amazingly there was something to support his weight and push him ahead. ‘How does this work?’ Suddenly, a masked youth walks out of the shroud of darkness and into Jay’s field of vision. Clad in white cloak draping over his body and a raven mask covering his face, the boy was indeed a mysterious sight. Not very surprised, Jay stayed silent as adrenaline rushed through his body and his heart was pumping blood through his body fast and hard. 

    Jay just stood still, not daring to move as he heard a loud cackle-like laughter. The masked boy continued to walk towards Jay as he continued to laugh. When he was a couple meters away, the masked boy stopped and Jay stayed still. Dead silence lingered in the air for just a moment before the masked boy began to talk.

    “Haha, you feel so similar to big brother Lune. In fact, you are one of the closest matches I’ve found. So, to repay him, I’ll grant you one wish. Feel free to take your time, you have all the time in the world.”

    As the boy finished, a wide grin could be seen. A large bright red apple then appeared in the boy’s hand and he began to eat the apple, starting with a big crunch.

    Frozen stiff, Jay’s thoughts were in a jumble and he scurried to find a response.

    ‘Wait, what? A wish? Only one? What do I wish for? Ugh, I can’t wish for more than one thing. I should wish for more wishes since that is stupid. Maybe if it is a wish of absolute power, I’ll wish for power. What power? How do I define power? Ugh, maybe I should ask for courage and confidence so I can stop being a wimp and pursue what I want. Maybe I should wish for love; Maybe Alice’s love. What would love from a wish be? Confidence might grant me love make me content with life. Power might be better though, a power to fulfill my desires. If I choose the path of love and self-improvement, I’ll probably be happy and content with life. But, If I choose power I can have anything I want, including love. Maybe I should stick it safe and ask for love… No! I need to be decisive and strong. I’ll get as much power as I can, I’ll get reality warping powers that will grant me anything I desire.’

    Breaking the silence, Jay speaks out loud, “I want power, the power to grant me my every desire.”

    A small chuckle could be heard from the masked boy and he tossed his nearly finished apple into the abyss. ‘Interesting, but maybe I was wrong about you.’

    “Whatever you want.”

    Without any special display of splendor, the masked boy raised his arm halfway up and with a brilliant flash, a tsunami of mist swirled into Jay. When the action was done, nothing seemed different from before the wish.


    Not feeling any different or anything special at all, Jay was surprised; he thought at least he would feel energy run through him, but nothing felt different from before. But the next thing he knew, Jay was standing in front of the door, from which he walked through moments ago. Nothing felt out of place from a normal day and although no one looked at him differently nor did anything strange happen, Jay felt slightly embarrassed walked out of everyone’s way.

    ‘Was what I just experienced real? It should be… No, it must be real and I should have some powers… Crap, how do they work.’

    ‘Time Stop,’ Jay though with intensity to try to activate and test the unknown powers he may or may not have obtained. But, nothing much happened only a change in expression. ‘What? Wait… How do I do this?!’

    Switching his state of mind into one of calmness, one he entered often, Jay changed attitudes. He imagined every living thing on earth, or at least in the school, to be frozen as if everything was to be encased in ice, restraining any movement and motion other than his own. ‘Stop’

    To his surprise, everything his view was frozen and unmoved. Jay didn’t know how far his ability reached nor cared about that matter or of any consequences. Almost everything around Jay was unmoved, only light and air continued to roam, free from any restraints. ‘Oh my God, it worked.’

    “It worked! Haha, It worked!”

    Laughing, Jay jumped off the second story building and as he almost hit the ground, air flowed up to stop his fall to a near halt before landing.

    “Hahaha, it works. Time to find Alice.”

    With determination in his eyes, Jay walked as if the world has been lifted off his shoulders and full of confidence, he opened the door closest to him and walked into the classroom.
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    Chapter Six Part One:

    With a newfound strength and confidence, Jay walked into the classroom closest to him to search for Alice. ‘I wonder what class she’s in. I haven’t seen much of her since last year.’ Walking around the room, Jay saw a few familiar faces who were staying after-school chatting. Not surprisingly, there was no sign of Alice. That same predicament followed time and time again for what seemed like an hour to Jay. So, he decided to search the perimeter outside of school to see if she already left. ‘I doubt she left already, last year she always left pretty late, long after school had ended, and took the last bus. Then again, I haven’t seen much of her this year.’ Continuing his search, Jay walked down the dirty concrete sidewalk that traced the school. The rock and dirt on the sidewalk crunched and flew about as Jay carelessly strolled with his head looking at the clouds; although they were still, Jay still found them interesting. ‘Alice, I remember when I first met you, I hope you do too. Maybe I just have too much of a silly crush on you.’ 

    As Jay strolled across the grass turf by the side of the school, he simply glanced at every student he came across but to no avail in his search. Just looking around for so long, Jay grew tired and sat down on the grass. Rather than continue to play “Where’s Waldo,” he put it on pause and started to reminisce about Alice. 

    ‘Ahh... I remember it was a nice summer day and the first day of school was coming to an end. I was walking to class expecting nothing good nor anything bad from the last class of the day, as I was still bothered by the early date school started. I still remember quietly marching to the best seat in the room, at least in my opinion, which was closest to both the teacher and the door. Like always I arrived early, even in the first day of school, and silently gazed at the door to see every student that would join my french class for the school year. Students arrived alone or in groups and most had friends in the class to greet, but not me. It was all fine. The teacher then told everyone to greet the person who sat next to them and said that would be their partner for the year. To those who didn’t have a partner, they would move to find someone. But, I was alone and slightly panicking inside, as I was literally the odd one out. What I didn’t notice at that moment was you entered the class late and sat next to me. Only after a moment did I see you were there to greet me. “Hi, I’m Alice,” you said. After that, the year flew by like a dream, one I didn’t want to wake up from. During that year, every day I had school, a conversation with you was the highlight of my day and every day you were absent was a disappointment that nearly shook me awake. But maybe that is just me, and my infatuation with you is just a little too much.’
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    Chapter Six Part Two:

    As he sat on the lush green grass, Jay picked a single blade of grass from the ground. As he pulled the blade of grass carefully, a whole blade of grass rested between his fingertips. The blade of grass swayed side by side with Jay’s every thought. Just as he let go, the blade of grass, rather than falling disappeared into thin air. ‘I remember when I used to pick grass from the field in elementary school.’

    As Jay stood up, he wiped his hands on his pants while ignoring the grass stains. Jay searched high and low, but he felt his actions were more and more hopeless with every second that went by. 

    ‘Maybe she really is absent today.’ As if Alice fell through a looking glass, she was nowhere to be seen in the entire school. 

    ‘I really wanted talk to her. Maybe I should just give up on looking for her.’ 

    With a deep sigh, Jay walked to the other end of the school from where he is at to the soccer field, where he simply walked around and thought to himself.

    ‘Alice, you are just like a star. Something pretty and nice to look, but at the end of the day, something I can’t really reach. Sitting next to you in class last year was enough for me and I know I should forget you. But, I just can’t get you out of my head as clique as that sound… Seriously, I should really stop talking to myself. Ugh, even with near-daily encounters with you last year, I still could do so much as a casual conversation with you and this year, nothing. It seems my silly crush on you does nothing but waste my time. I don’t know what to do.’

    With a finished thought, Jay looked up into the sky by habit but was met with an unusual sight. A boy stood in the air, floating as if an invisible platform laid under his feet. Instantly, Jay knew it was the very same boy who from the dark room who gave him his powers. He wore a similar mask, a sleek pitch-black mask that covered all but his mouth, which revealed a devilish grin. In Jay’s eyes, the masked boy looked almost as if he was a jester or rather a trickster. The most shocking thing about the masked boy to Jay was not his demeanor nor his abilities, but the person who stood next to him.

    Next to the masked boy stood Alice, she was like the boy and floated in the air. What shocked Jay most as he saw Alice wasn’t her sudden appearance, but rather the icy cold look in her eyes. It wasn’t anything Jay had ever seen on her and nothing he would want to see. She stood in the air, a couple meters above him, with a look of pity and disgust all over her face. Her dark-red eyes seemed to look straight through Jay’s soul and her milky-white sundress laid still from the lack of wind in a nearly frozen world. Jay couldn’t speak nor move a finger, all was silent until the masked boy started to snicker.

    “Kekeke, Is she who you’ve been looking for, for the past couple hours.”

    Those words brought Jay out of shock, but he still couldn’t move simply from fear; fear of Alice’s cold gaze. As Jay was completely petrified, Alice dropped down to the ground and landed on her feet as if she was as light as a feather. In her hand, Alice was holding onto a plain metallic-silver knife; a knife that was both short and thin, as if it was a knife of an assassin in a fantasy world. 

    Jay could only utter a single line out with what was left of his willpower.

    “Wh-wh-what are you doing, Alice? How ar...” 

    “Shut up” 

    Alice’s stone-cold words shot through Jay like an arrow through the chest as he stood there in a state of mixed confusion and fear. Under that pressure, Jay could think a straight thought, much less make use of his newly acquired powers. Watching all that, the masked boy stood in the air looking as if he was amused by all that had transpired. 


    In a blink of an eye, the cold knife in Alice’s hand ran straight through the side of Jay’s neck without any time for him to react. As the blade stabbed into his neck, he couldn’t comprehend what had happened and fell to the floor lifeless.

    Jay fell to the ground and with the knife still in his neck as fresh blood flowed out of the wound, leaking onto the grassy field. Alice then bent down to pull out the knife. But, just as the knife came into Alice’s hand, the blade found another home. 


    Again, Alice shoved the blood-stained knife into Jay’s chest and straight into his heart.

    Nothing could be heard from Jay as his body laid lifelessly on the ground and Alice remained silent as she looked down upon her victim. But, soft snickering from the masked boy broke the silence.

    “Kekeke, Alice, how do you feel murdering another victim, much less an admirer, in cold blood?”

    Alice remained silent to the masked boy’s remark and still looked down upon her fallen prey. Stained on her white dress was Jay’s splattered blood, and small drops of blood dripped down from her jet-black hair. Under her frosty demeanor lies another layer of ice. But, underneath her icy mask lies a guilt riddled soul, haunted by the terrible deeds she has done.
  • Erm....Is Azure/Lune the Mc or is it Jay?
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