In need of recommendations!

Wuxiaworld, I am in dire need of recommendations on what to read!

The summer vacation is starting yet I'm currently following only 2 novels! I need more, help me out! :(

What I'm looking for:

  • A novel with some decent romance in it. I'm completely okay with harems and darker themes. I don't care about the general story of the novel, I'd read anything as long as it has some adequate relationship action going on in it.

Actively Reading:

  • I Shall Seal the Heavens
  • Desolate Era

Liked but currently not reading:

  • Child of Light (will pick up again once more chapters stack up; kind of too light for me, although I enjoy the different theme)
  • Martial God Asura (got spoilered, will probably pick it up once again eventually)

Completely Dropped:

  • Gate of Revelation (can't see light in the end of the tunnel; lack of interest towards characters)
  • Coiling Dragon (predetermined romance; lack of interest; got spoilered)
  • Against the Gods (non-stop action and repetitiveness, if it wasn't for these two things though I'd keep reading)
  • Tales of Demons and Gods (first series I picked up, loved it and still do, but dropped it at one point because it got boring)
  • Skyfire Avenue (lack of interest)
  • Wu Dong Qian Kun (too much action, lack of normal day-to-day activities, also lack of romance. During the first 200 chapters, the only thing the MC does is train, fight and eat biscuits lmao)
  • Battle through the Heavens (loved it, but I eventually drop it because the MC was too obsessed with alchemy, and since the author liked to go into detail when pills were being concoted, things really got boring -- dozens of chapters centered around nothing but mixing herbs, nop)
  • Heavenly Jewel Change (loved everything about it but it got really boring eventually for me and I also got spoilered)

Help please! :blush: 


  • edited June 2016  Wang Yu novels are good and they are quite constant with action and events. Doesn't tend to have much romance though. They are also really good but I think only TTNH has romance as larger part of the plot with OEM having some romantic feelings but not really that much romance.

    Galactic Dark Net, Martial World and True Martial World probably fits pretty well in your wishes, GDN has dating and flirting quite often with MW and TMW have a love interest but quite little interaction with them in the end.

    There is also Murdering Heaven Edge and The Great Ruler who should be okay. I almost forgot Douluo Dalu the ultimate romantic Xuanhuan and then there is also Shen Ying Wang Zuo for a more teenage platonic love.
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    The author of MW and TMW, both of which I recommend, has a lesser known work, Godly Thief Incarnate.  Unfortunately, the translator's computer is brother.  But even so, it's a cute work that reminds me of a cross between Swallowed Star and Moonlight Sculptor.,
  • shroud the heaven
  • I second Transcending The Nine Heavens
  • Of the ones I have read, Douluo Dalu and Shen Yin Wang Zuo are must reads and my favorites.
    Both have great romance and story. Give them a try.
  • So I remember you posting that you were learning Chinese in the other forum. Given what happens to be my particular niche, I'd ask if you're interested in wuxia and if you're willing to read raws. (Do note that the level of Chinese involved isn't any worse than with other Chinese WNs; my Chinese isn't that great and I make do just fine.) If you are, then I have some recommendations to make; if not, then maybe someone else will find it useful (I hope!).

    The niche that I happen to like is wuxia, particularly fanfic based off the works of Jin Yong and others. With that said, I place emphasis first and foremost on character and plot development feeling organic and natural. As I mentioned in the ATG thread just recently, I can't stand when characters feel like NPCs carrying out scripted actions; that's one of the things that really drove me away from xianxia and xuanhuan and toward wuxia. 

    Anyway, let me recommend some series. It obviously helps greatly if you're familiar with the original stories in question, but it's not a requirement. 
    • 偷香高手 (Zongheng): This is a Jin Yong fanfic of sorts; the MC is transported to a world that's an amalgamation of all the Jin Yong works in one. Timeline-wise, as far as I can tell, it takes place after all the events of each relevant book have already finished, and so you won't see the protagonist "reliving" book events the way you do in other similar series. Accordingly, while the setting is entirely borrowed, the plot is nearly entirely original content. I always recommend this series, but the few that have tried it have told me it's too YY for them, a criticism I find fair. Nevertheless, if what you care about is good character development and relationships, I have never read another series that beats this one - Chinese, English, or otherwise. I don't know how else to describe it except to say that the characters in this series 100% feel like living, breathing people. For example, I've read 倚天屠龙记, but to me, the 赵敏 of this series will always be the real one.
    • 最强大师兄 (Feilu): This is another fanfic-type series (as is everything else on Feilu pretty much), but the key here is that this one is surprisingly written by a woman! This work is mixture of original content, a jumble of wuxia, and some anime. Similar to the series above, this series is really YY, but again, the character and relationship development is really well done. The 大唐双龙传 arc in particular is just fantastic. Even if you don't read any of the rest, that one alone is worth reading!
    And then two recommendations of a different sort:
    • 诸天至尊 (Zongheng): This one is not wuxia, but a xuanhuan original. Plot-wise, it's admittedly kinda meh, although the plot is at least fast-paced. None of this dillydallying that so plagues other series. Additionally, the characters in this one are also very lifelike, albeit not in a serious way. The series itself is pretty lighthearted, due mostly to the fact that the protagonist gives new meaning to the word shameless. The fact that it's fairly shallow notwithstanding, it's quite refreshing how original it is.
    • 武侠之盖世帝王 (Feilu): A very, very popular series on Feilu. This one is a mixture of just about every wuxia you can think of. Now, the relationship stuff here isn't that great, although it's still a bit better than what you'd find in most xianxia/xuanhuan series, but the real strong point of this one is the plot. The plot is amazingly intricate and wonderfully executed, and you never run into the problem of repetitive content, even when it comes to battles. With the exception of the very first main arc of 傲世九重天, I've never read another series where a character's keen mind was praised by characters of the story and I actually agreed. The protagonist here is a boss, but that's because he's an actual badass and not just because of constant deus ex machina. That is rare indeed in Chinese WNs.
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    :O Thank you for the detailed replies everyone, especially Hiyono! I'll check everything out first thing tomorrow morning! Thank you~~
  • God of Slaughter
  • Hey guys I just wanted to suggest to yo'll a few good novels i read sometime back there or many more i have but heres just a few that i strongly recommend looking into they or both base on city instead of ancient time like chaos sword of god and the others. and both or center around bad ass type of mc who were strong from the begin and don't allow any one to run over them tho they still get stronger trough out the story. 

    the first one is My Beautiful wife president 
    the link for the raw is here but some chapters or mix up and repeats of the same chapters so for some you would have to serch up the chapter online to find the original this is only if you wish to use to raw text

    If you just want the already translated version from machine and just want to correct the grammatical mistakes and some wording then i already have all the chapters in the right order  from when i read it on this link ;

    so the genres of the book has Comedy/action/drama/fantasy/city/harem/romance and so on 
    The MC name is Yang Chang and he came back home to china after being abroad for almost all of his life to enter in to society and live a normal life
    but due to many un foreseen events cause to mc to give up on living a normal life and do what he desire. theirs plenty of action and drama and like i say it's build in modern time the harem is pretty big tho .-. but un like some story's most of the woman in it have a character and not just some fuck toy the mc is a full fledged bad ass with no one as his master or who he bow down to  except for maybe his mother and wife at times >_> 
    heres a sneak preview of some info on the mc 

    Yang Chen - Actor, looks ordinary, lazy temperament. A man wearing a ring of Pluto, with unknown mysterious past. Had grown up outside, he returned to China after the country selected in the vegetable market selling mutton string. A chance accident, get to know the beauty CEO multinational companies, as some obscure reason and can not bear seeing the woman as she is, promised to marry. Since then, the family of small contradictions, the beauty around began emerging one by one with trouble come it's way. Forgotten Realms (forgottenrealms) master. Eventually became the guardian of the world
    this book is really good so i really recommend you guys checking it out. the next one is  

    Drawing a master in the city 
    this is the link to the raw ;
    unlike the other one all the chapters or in the right order and if you use chrome you can just let it do automatic translate and copy it and edit it if you wish to just correct grammatical mistakes and wording and if not then just copy the raw
    both of these books are really awesome so i just wanted to put them out there in case no one have found them yet 

    I for one may like this one more then the one above. at some times this books mc is a true bad ass born to be wild and not any one in this world can control him even his wives can barely stop him at times genres or similar to above.

    instead of a synopses i'll just give info on the character bio

    M.C/ Summer/Xia   -A Teenage boy who came down from a secluded life in the mountains first time entering into the city after 16 years he's about more than one hundred and seventy centimeters tall and slim, looks not to handsome, actually gives the feeling of a bit delicate, dress unexciting. Upper body is a plain white T-shirt, pants or some white washed jeans, a pair of feet marching on yellowing white sports shoes, which together a full-line head, fear is not worth one hundred yen. 

    19 years old at the begin of the story claims to be the first master in the world and first doctor of the world. 

    His favorite word is idiot He likes to give nick names to each of his wives and claim all woman who are below the standard of  those he give title of his wife are ugly all who gets in his way are idiots he has the strongest self esteem and mouth with the power and skills to back it up. in the book no one can beat him in an argument.

    at a small age of about 3 was abandoned by his parents, grew up in Qingfeng hill, with three masters and fairy sister these 3 masters are the top in the world in there 

    respected field before the mc was created

    1 master is the top doctor *(nick name chef)  Guiyi Zhang Tuo,

    2 master is the top knife wielder and worlds top hitman *(Nick name kill God) Alan ,

    3 master is the top gunner and dark lord founder *( Nick name Dark emperor) Lu Ren  he hate

    personality and traits: is easygoing rouge who don't give a shit very narcissistic self confidence. Whenever he see’s a woman whom he believes qualified to be his wife will begin referring to them as his wife even if they refuse prone to tell the truth most times then lie and most people never believe him when he tells the truth usually never sweats or bath, rain never touches,snow never fall around him,wind never crosses his body every step is like gods. and people close or touch him has the same effect happen to them. he has super sensitive nose that once he smells some one he can track them with there scent once it hasn't dispel in the air yet he also has super sensitive senses for danger even in deep sleep. 

    most people think he is an idiot because of his straightforwardness and over the top ways of getting rid of trouble but it is the complete opisit he is shown to be one of the wises and smartest man in the book he just prefers to get rid of trouble the fastest way he knows by just destroying who ever gets in his way due to no matter how smart you are against absolute power it is nothing. Only when he can't use absolute power he relys more on his brain and uses some really crule ways to do it. 

    nick names giving to him: little rascal,little styre,husband,little husband,summer geineus/doctor,head,heaven brother(day and heaven or the same),day brother,small day,Little bastard leader of the heaven group the top agent group in china must not offend,leader of dark group and long group together leader of shadow group. Most use quote

     "My name is the summer of the season of the world's first day!"

    the only person in the world to have 8 pins guards and the only person known to reach 8 pin (one needle students, two needles die, three-pin  Roubai Gu, four-pin pulp washing, five-pin Dan into six-God, seven-pin cents, eight needle Guards") Addict spirits special physics

    summer rules – to save a life is ten million, save some one form death disease half of there money, never kill or hurt your wives only smash there ass if angry, only wife he fully listing to is fairy others he half listing to take consideration of your wives, if some one has idea for your wife ether kill or eunuch, violence is the quickest way to solve all things if you don't have 

    enough strength to over power with violence then use your brain,4 pin guards can only be used for his wives the exception of some times woman but only if he is related,)

    things he hates - being thank by man and uglys and he hates being call good he prefers to be call a little pervert because his first wife usually calls him that and he hates being call little man or little because his first wife says he's a man he dose all and every thing only for his wives, others he don't care about if the world end he would only check for them

    Summer gradually became a real legend, the legend among there is then a man, he is the world first master,the world first doctor, the world most richest,the world with the best beauty, 

    ...... He has a lot of in the world, But most importantly, he is a happy man in the world. he has one son know as summer cold

  • try Transcending the Nine Heavens

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