Any Recommendations for novels paced like ATG, with strong harem elements OR with Female MC.

Is there any chinese novel, might be untranslated but mtl friendly, which is paced similar to ATG, which contains more non-fighting combat that fights (e.g. LLS focuses too much on fights one, two slice of life chapters versus 30 pure fighting chapters, but MC and harem elements are good, shame it's destroyed by too much fighting which gets boring after few times), also strong relations with harem member, meaning he probably gets married in novel and gets laid with them regularly, also the harem members must be present in novel to the end, not like many harems where female appear, get laid and disappear to make a new one place.

Also i search for second category is there a chinese novel which has a female MC but without romance, or only takes a small part of novel, as for currently i didn't see any novel that has female MC and no romance tags (Also the novels might be where prot change his gender, but since i'm yet to see any chinese novel with this theme i conclude it's just not popular).


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