Best IET novel

I believe Desolete Era is his most polished work till date. It introduces several interesting characters (interesting by IET standard). The world is interesting and epic and has some unique concepts such as karmic luck/ sin etc 

we also see MC accepting and teaching different disciples (more relevant in later half of story) which was always missing in previous works 

anyways DE wins for me by a fair margin. what would be ur pick? 


  • DE is one of my fav novels ,i'm also really liking lord xue ying

  • I read somewhere that IET was suffering from poor health condition. Does anyone know anything about that ?
  • DE by far. The only things that was lacking for me is the lack of character development for the mc. He just accepts that there are slaves in the world etc. Otherwise, the romance is pretty good, the world is very imaginative, the characters are great etc. The mc is very smart in battle as always : there is no political schemes, no con like issth but the mc prefer using his brain for a fight or for war. The world he created is amazing. It is definitly in my top 3 novel that I am reading currently.
  • CD is the only work of IET that i've liked but i may try DE again in the future.
  • I don't see how being accepting that there are slaves in a ancient chinese background makes MC lacking in character development.
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