Titan's Throne

30 year old Bastian Smith died and reincarnated in a different body in a word different from earth. The body he was in was that of a 12 year old noble boy. Bastian was at a loss. This new body however had a dragon looking tattoo on his chest. When he touched it something strange occurred. 

A powerful voice resounded in his mind. " To the owner of the titans mark be warned. You shall bear great power but  u also bear a curse. Anyone who bears this mark is a child of I the great Ambevilius , emperor of all that is under the heavens. The first to slay or subdue 1000 mark bearers shall become my successor. This is not a destiny you can escape so fight in the name of my glory!"

At this moment the memories belonging to this body merged with his. This was the sovereign continent, a place were only the strong are just! Bastian began his long and adventurous journey... To earn the right to sit on the Titans Throne!

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  • Hi there. The story starts out a bit slow but I guarantee that it gets more interesting after a few more chapters. So stay tuned for epic fights, abilities and some epic strategy.

    The sovereign continent. A place with only one language throughout the entire land. A place where only one currency dominated the entire economy. A place where things like looks, fame, intelligence or any other factor that could possibly make someone the focus of other peoples admiration all paled to one thing. That one thing just happens to be both a language and a currency. That one thing is power. 

    In the face of power all other things bow in reverence. If you have power you are just. If you have power you are beautiful. If you have power you will have both fame and fortune. As long as you have power everything will fall into your grasp. 

    The source of power in this world stems from one thing. Cultivation. This is the art of taking in energy from the environment and making it your own resulting in wonders such as magic spells, illusions, battle techniques etc... In general there are two types of cultivators. A mage and a warrior.

    Both are vast in terms of scope and very difficult to master. Mages take in world energy and convert it to mana that they use to power up their spells were as warriors convert world energy into qi which they use to directly enhance their bodies or weapons. 

    Whilst there are many sub categories in both vocations and some that border on both most the majority of the people in the sovereign continent aim to be in one of these 2 major vocations. 

    Without the ability to cultivate life for a person on the sovereign continent would be very difficult. Just like the life of someone on earth who could not read or write. On earth knowledge is power. However on the sovereign continent cultivation is everything. 

    Due to the overwhelming influence cultivation has on the continent concepts like democracy and human rights practically didn't exist. After all why would you listen to millions of voices when you can kill them all with a wave of your hand. It is the law of the jungle. The strong prey on the weak. 

    This led to a situation of constant warfare throughout the continent. Those with power wanted more and those without stood helpless to stop them.

    If your born with weak cultivation talent or you have no one in your family who has talent to back you then you are doomed to mediocrity. This applied to the majority of citizens on the continent.

    On this continent in a vast wilderness in the middle of nowhere stood a man. This man was tall. He stood at 2 meters tall. His face roughly edged...like the face of a warrior who had seen a thousand wars and won all of them. His eyes were closed as if he was asleep. He had a long white beard and white hair. Although his hair was white his face only looked like that of a middle aged man. 

    Not one like the gentle uncle who visits you on holidays but more like the face of a god of war if you could ever imagine one. Every inch of his intimidating body exuded an aura of battle. 

    He was riddled with small scars on all the parts of his body that were exposed like his hands and face. The other parts were covered in golden armour. The armour was riddled with patterns of dragons everywhere. It was not thick heavy armour but it looked very light. Only of course because a man of his stature was wearing it. 

    Not only was the man tall but he was burly and very muscular. Ignoring the scars his physique was at the pinnacle of perfection.

    The armour he was wearing was clinging to his body as if it was tailor made for him. It gave one the impression of battle deity. Even without the armour the man would still give out the feeling of majesty and power. Behind the man were a few hundred people. 

    The majority of them were soldiers fully adorned in armour and standing in a formation. All of their faces hardened from countless battles.

    One look at their eyes and one would clearly see that they held extreme respect for the large golden armoured man. Besides the soldiers were a group of people wearing golden robes. It would only take one look for one to notice that these robes were not made from ordinary materials. These scholars also gave out a highly profound aura. One that was almost on par with the golden armoured man. 

    The scholar at the front, a friendly looking middle aged man looked at the golden armoured man and said "Your majesty, if you do not mind please explain why we are out here in the middle of nowhere?" 

    The man reffered to as your majesty snorted and said "I didn't invite you. You followed me of your own volition. Now shush. I'm trying to concentrate." The friendly looking scholar was greatly troubled by this response. 

    Although he was used to the childish mentality his emperor had, there was a limit to his patience. 'Since when can an emperor walk around randomly by himself?' 

    Suddenly the air changed. Its as if the atmosphere suddenly became heavier. The gentle looking scholar knew his emperor was the cause of this. It seems he really was concentrating on something. Since his master was concentrating the scholar could only smile wryly and observe in silence.

    The golden armoured man suddenly opened his eyes. He looked back towards one of the soldiers,  pointed and said "You hand me your spear." 

    The soldier instantly moved. He walked until he was in front of the man, kneeled and handed him his spear as if he was giving him an extremely valuable treasure. The emperor grunted in an approval, took the spear nonchalantly and walked past the soldier. 

    The emperor suddenly looked up to the sky and said "Gotcha, finally I'm no longer stuck with NPCs. Hahahahaha" His golden eyes glinted with superb  fervor whilst he was laughing. 

    He readied his stance so he could throw the spear properly. To him this felt casual but to his soldiers everything he did was perfect. From his form to his countenance. Countless gazes of awe and admiration were concentrating on the emperor. 

    Everyone except the kind looking scholar were completely enamoured. The scholar furrowed his brow as soon as he heard the phrase NPC. At the moment he was deep in thought. None noticed this because they were all concentrating on the emperor. 

    At this instant the emperor took a step forward. As he took this step the earth trembled and the forest shook.  A golden  radiance was covering him at this moment. This radiance was even covering the spear like a thin film. "HA!" With a shout the emperor released the spear. As soon as the spear left his hands the thin radiance surrounding it became a long coiling dragon. This golden dragon coiled around the spear. This caused the spear to rotate ceaselessly during its lift off. 

    A sonic boom was released along with the spear as well. The shockwave afterwards spread from the emperor outwards. Even the trees and plants in a 10kilometer radius were completely uprooted by the force. The people however stood there unaffected.

    At another place countless kilometers away a large mountain stood. At the base of the mountain a large slaughter was occurring. One group was decimating the other. Constant screams of pain littered the battle field. One soldier was about to kill his opponent when he suddenly looked and screamed "D-dragon!" The others all looked up at this moment. What they saw left them speechless.

    A massive golden oriental coiling dragon was flying straight towards them. The dragons head was the size of a palace. Its body was extremely long. Its golden scales released a brilliant sheen as its body stretched as far as the eye could see. Its speed was also nothing to scoff at.

    In the blink of an eye it was already above the mountain. With an earth shattering roar It crashed into the mountain causing earth and debris to fly everywhere. 

    Withe the mountain as the epicenter a showave filed with golden radiance travelled outwards for hundreds of miles Everything within a hundred kilometres was killed instantly. Humans and animals all dead...with one exception.

    After the chaos subsided the entire area was quiet. Only dust and the occasional wind existed in the rubble. Suddenly a tiny hand burst out of the earth. This hand was followed by a body.

    The owner of this body was what looked like a twelve year old boy. He was coughing repeatedly and was trying to catch his breath. He had purple coloured hair and azure eyes. He looked dazed and confused. He suddenly said "This...were is this?". After saying these words the boy immediately collapsed on to the barren ground. 


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  • The sovereign continent is divided into five major parts or regions. These are: The Eastern Islands, The Northern Glaciers, The Southern Grasslands, the Western Deserts and the Central Jungles. 

    Whilst these areas are named after the most common types of land in that region it does not necessarily mean that they are the only type in that particular region. For example they are quite a few forests in the Western Desserts. Even though they are forests they are still part of the Western Deserts. 

    Each major region is further divided into many sub regions. Each of these sub regions can consist of many kingdoms, very few or only one. When one kingdom has complete control of land that is as large as a sub region it becomes an empire.

    There are even a few empires that span over multiple sub regions. These are called True empires and are ruled by True emperors. The biggest known True empire in history was the Coiling Dragon empire.

    It was the only True empire in recorded history that had land that was equal to one major region. That however was many centuries ago...Our not so young hero currently is in the Great Desserts of Shandelar. This region is in the middle Western Deserts. 

    The western region is well known for how fragmented and chaotic it is. On the sovereign continent it is widely accepted as the most unlawful and barbaric major region. Due to the lack of food and water in the region which is a result of the region being covered in deserts, there is constant warfare over what little fertile land there is. 

    This constant state of warfare has led to much bloodshed and a massive fragmentation. This means there are very few empires let alone True empires. This has lead to the kings of these war torn countries to be called warlords. The ruler of a kingdom is a warlord whilst the ruler of an empire is called a tyrant. 

    Even though these names were born from a negative viewpoint the people of the sovereign continent have long ago accepted this type of nomenclature. Including locals of the western region themselves. 

    Whilst the region is war torn it is also the most pleasurable region in the entire continent. So long as you have wealth nothing is impossible. 

    Be it slavery or fetishes or anything that is normally looked down upon by the majority of the world. The slave trade is believed to be the biggest market in the western region. In the sovereign continent it is believed that at least eighty percent of slaves all around the continent are from or have passed through the Western Desert. 

    Even though the lands don't bare much fruit and there is little rain the people have somehow found a way to benefit from the most widespread activity in the region. War. The winners take the spoils and the losers are at the winners' mercy. 

    This led to a need. The majority of weaklings needed saviors. People to help them when they are in danger. People who had high morale values and talent. Those who were powerful but were willing to protect the masses. This created a need for heroes. 

    These so called 'heroes' were as common as sand in a dessert during warring times. One form of such heroes were mercenaries. As long as you had coin these 'heroes' who lend you a helping hand. After all desperate times call for desperate measures. 

    One such group of mercenaries had made a camp. This camp was situated a few miles south of the city of Brom. This group of mercenaries were called the starlight mercenary group. On their flag was a star shining on a black background. This was one of the many regiments throughout the prosperous kingdom of Shuria. 

    In one of the tents a little boy was sleeping soundly. He was twelve years old but looked younger due to his height. He had purple hair. A chubby face that still radiated with the innocence of youth and spotlessly clear white skin. Just one look at how well maintained this boy was and you could tell he came from a wealthy family.

    With a sleepy grunt the boy opened his eyes, his azure eyes trying to take in his surroundings. He sat up from the floor of the tent, trying to steady himself but he realised that this was in vain. His body felt incomparably weak. After gathering his strength for a few minutes the boy tried to stand. After failing a couple of times he finally succeeded. The moment he stood up, a look of confusion showed up on his face. 

    "Yup, it seems I'm in a different body."

    After mumbling these words the boy started observing every inch of his body. This body was the body of a little, or boy rather it used to be. One more look at his tiny arms and the boy sighed. He tried exiting the tent but the moment he left he met a situation that put in a rather uncomfortable position.

    The soul currently in this body was the soul of Bastian Smith. A thirty year old scientist from earth. Bastian had been diagnosed with lung cancer a few years back and was told he only had a few years to live. Over those two he gradually got to terms with his illness. He was an only child and his parents had already passed on. Both his parents were orphans so he had no extended family. He was divorced and had no children of his own. 

    Alone and without any family left alive he passed on. He didn't expect that immediately after he died his eyes would open. Or rather he tried to open them but something that felt like soil was covering his whole body. After realising his odd predicament instinct kicked in and he tried to claw his way out of the earth. 

    After successfully getting out of the ground Bastian was met with a scene that utterly gobsmacked him. He was in a barren earthy environment with dust flying everywhere. Even worse his limbs and height seemed to have shortened. Examining his own body, one look at his currently smooth white skin told him this body wasn't his. 

    After noticing his predicament he felt a massive headache and fainted. 

    Lucky enough for him a merchant caravan was passing by. They picked him up after noticing his clothing. They too realized that he was most likely a noble. They decided to carry him with them hoping to get a reward soon after.

    They were headed for Brom city. Unfortunately for them they met a little mishap along the way. The mercenaries who were guarding the caravan decided to take ownership of the boy as soon as they arrived at the city. Since its the law of the jungle the merchants could do nothing but comply. After they arrived near the city the mercenaries headed to their camp. 

    They reported their findings to the camp leader and got rewarded for it. The boy was then handed to one of the leaders right hand men and placed in a tent to rest with a mercenary guarding it. Leading to our current situation.

    "Young master! Thank goodness your awake!"

    The guard was absolutely joyful at seeing that Bastian was conscious again. Bastian realized that the one being referred to as young master was him, or rather the owner of this body

    Do they know who the owner of this body is?

    This thought couldn't help but creep into the not so young man's mind. 

    The guard immediately ran over to Bastian and held his hand, his eyes clearly showing the excitement within them.

    "The Captain told me to bring the young master to his tent the moment you woke up. I'm sure young master must be confused right now but do not worry. The captain will explain everything."

    Just as the guard was about to lead Bastian away he cocked his head up and rolled his eyes. Almost as if he remembered something important.

    "Young master my apologies. Please excuse this humble servant's rudeness. I forgot to ask if you are in need of anything at this instant...perhaps you would like some water or a visit to the toilet?" 

    Bastian stood there confused. He was trying to process the whole young master thing. The guard took it as if he was contemplating on what he wants. Bastian did realize that he was somewhat thirsty. So he said to the guard:

    "Please get me something to drink. Water would be best. Thank you" 

    The guard was large and clad in armour and weapons. He looked rather intimidating so Bastian tried to be as polite as possible. 

    At this request the guard furrowed his brows in confusion. A strange expression showed up on his face. He started walking away in order to bring Bastian his water but the awkward air left behind by his strange look still made Bastian rather fearful.

    Bastian decided to stop thinking so much. He entered back into the tent so he could carefully examine his new body.

    His skin was as white as snow. His hair was purple and long almost reaching down to his waist. Even though he had been buried in soil and was covered in dust his hair was in perfect condition. Silky smooth and glistening like a diamond. 

    Bastian felt that there was something special about his hair. As time went by he still couldn't figure it out so he decided to move on.

    At the moment his body was wearing plain grey robes. He opened up his robes and was once again shocked by what he saw.

    There was a huge tattoo on this chest. It was a massive tattoo of a coiling dragon. In a daze Bastian touched it. At that instant he felt as if some dam had been broken in his mind. Information he could not understand was flooding into his brain. Then a powerful voice resounded in his mind.

    " To the owner of the titans mark be warned. You shall bear great power but u also bear a curse. Anyone who bears this mark is a child of I the great Ambevilius , emperor of all that is under their heavens. The first to slay or subdue 1000 mark bearers shall become my successor. This is not a destiny you can escape so fight in the name of my glory!"


    A loud noise like a massive bell ringing shook his mind. Oddly enough the moment this happened the information that had entered his mind started making sense. It turns out it was the memories of the previous owner of this body. After spending a few seconds processing this data Bastian started mubling to himself

    "Sovereign continent? Sebastian Tirius? What the heck is this?"

    Things started to make sense to Bastian. Where he was. Who he was and how he ended up here. This was the body of Sebastian Tirius. Originally a noble from a very far away kingdom. He had been kicked out of his own family with his own set of servants and left to fend for himself. After travelling for a few years he settled in the dessert. Since he was too young to do anything his most trusted servants took care of everything. 

    One thing led to another and he had his own little kingdom. One day he was tricked by one of his vassals into leaving his own kingdom and was attacked by assassins along the way. 

    Although Bastian could now understand these memories, his mind was still over taxed and he fainted again. The moment he fell down the guard had returned with the water.

    "Yo-young master!"


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  • In a tent in the middle of the camp, stood several men. One of which was looking upon a makeshift bed, on which Bastion was sleeping. The man had a rough face and a set of eyes permeating with greed. He looked upon Bastian's body as if he was looking at an object. One which could make him a lot of money. The tent was quiet, so quiet that some men did not even dare breathe too deeply, afraid of gaining the ire of the man standing next to the bed.

    At this moment a doctor carrying a small box filled with medical equipment walked in. The doctor walked toward the bed and started examining Bastian's body. The rough faced man looked at the proceedings nervously, hoping that things were not too serious, he looked at the doctor doing his work. After the doctor finished his work, he said that Bastian was fine and everyone sighed in relieve. He told the rough faced man that the boy had just fainted and that he should be awake in a few hours after some rest. 

    After thanking the doctor and leading him out, the rough faced man sighed and slumped into a rather big chair in the middle of the tent.

    He looked toward one of the men and said "Ben, judging from his appearance can you tell where he is from?"

    The man referred to as Ben shook his head. " I'm sorry captain. Normally people with traits like these, especially purple hair, come from the Southern Grasslands. Purple hair is a sign of nobility there. Being the frivolous people that they are, it's not surprising that they have planted many seeds in many sub regions."

    After hearing Ben's statement, the majority of the men in the room smacked their lips in jealousy. Having enough wealth to sleep with many women, was one of the many desires these men have. To some it was actually their primary objective.

    The rough faced man a.k.a. the captain, furrowed his brow in thought. Ben was right. Although Ben was not a particularly high ranking man in this camp, he was one of the most intelligent and had travelled far more than any other person. The sovereign continent is extremely large. So large in fact that it could take you a hundred years of continuous riding on a horse, to span over one major region. This is why the use of airships and teleportation circles, were an utter necessity here.

    Both these things however were under the control of major powers, thus making them very expensive. These circumstances meant that it was very rare to see someone who had travelled across two regions, let alone the whole continent, and Ben just happened to be one of them. He used to be a slave who lived in the Southern Grasslands, because of this he was a well traveled man. His intelligence coupled with his sharp memory and eyesight, made him a valuable asset in the company.

    Although his rank was not particularly high, his words were respected and held a lot of weight. Being the wise man that he is, the captain took his words very seriously.

    "There is something else worth noting." The moment Ben said this, the captain along with everyone else in the tent turned their attention to Ben. After noticing he had everyone's attention Ben continued "We all know that on this continent power is everything, and cultivation is power."

    Everyone noded at this statement.

    "Nobility especially value this, thus they cultivate their children from a very young age. They also provide the best possible cultivation resources and conditions. Making sure that their offspring retain power in the future. This boy however has never cultivated. I'm sure everyone has noticed this."

    Everyone in the room were cultivators, thus they are able to tell if one is also a cultivator. When one cultivates regardless of what kind of type you are, every cultivator uses World Energy. World Energy is the energy that naturally exists in nature. It's also what cultivators absorb and use to fuel their abilities. As long as one is not conscious, it is easy for other cultivators to see whether or not your body has World Energy. Since these are the higher ups of the mercenary camp, they are all cultivators and likewise sensed that this boy is just a normal human.

    "What does  this mean? Are you saying he is not a noble?" said one of the men in the tent.

    "I have a theory as to who this boy is but...captain your not going to like it." Ben had a very grim expression as he spoke.

    The captain waived his hand for Ben to continue, all the while hoping that Ben's news won't be as bad as the look on his face

    "Most noble families have very powerful bloodlines. The main reason for this is in the Southern Grasslands is because only the most talented of their young are chosen as successors. Age and sex have nothing to do with it. If a child is deemed to be to weak to cultivate, they are either kicked out of the family and taken somewhere far away, or disposed of quietly. I suspect he is of the former. Usually this occurs only when someone in the family, usually the mother of the child, cannot bear to see their child die thus in order to keep the bloodline strong the family exiles the child. This usually occurs when the child is around six years old. The age when ones cultivation talent can be tested.

    This boy is around 12 years old and has no World Energy, so he was most likely exiled and left to die. This would explain the state in which we found him and is the only explanation I can think of"

    After hearing Ben's theory the captain sighed in resignation. At first he thought this boy was from some nearby noble family, thus he thought he could be rewarded handsomely if he returned the boy, which is why the captain told the guard who guarded the boy's tent to be very courteous, but now that plan is in the dust. Although Ben's theory had a few holes in it, it was the best explanation they had. 

    Since the boy had no value the captain had no idea what to do with the boy

    "Ben do you have any idea what we can do with the boy?"

    The captain looked at Ben with a pleading look. Normally under such circumstances, he would have the boy become a servant or force him to become a soldier in his camp if he had potential. After hearing Ben's monologue those became impossible because he was still a pampered noble. Neither task was something he could do. Worse off he clearly lacked talent in cultivation. 

    Listening to the captain's plea Ben but both hands behind his back and walked toward the captain with a devilish grin "My dear captain, have you perhaps forgotten what the most prosperous method of making money in these lands is?"

    After hearing what Ben said, the captain looked as if he had been given a second chance at life . He stood up and patted Ben's shoulder. It's at moments like these that Ben truly showcases his value. The captain made a mental note to reward him heavily. He looked toward another one of his lieutenants and said " Go to the city and summon Marcel. Tell him we have some new 'goods'. Make sure you catch him before he leaves the city."

    As if he understood his superior's intentions the man smiled and raced out of the tent with a youthful fervour unbefitting a man his age. Most of the other men in the room showed looks of understanding after hearing their captains orders.

    "OK gentlemen meeting adjourned. Marcel will soon come with new treats. Those who want to follow me come. It is time to prepare ourselves so we can celebrate our good fortune. Ben I know you care little about such things, so I will leave the boy in your capable hands." When the captain said these words his men whistled in delight and followed him. Only Ben and another man stayed within the tent.

    "Ben who the heck is Marcel?" Ben looked toward his companion with a childish grin on his face and said " Marcel is a rather unique slave trader.

    "What's so unique about him?" 

    "Marcel rarely ever buys slaves with money unless they are women. Young attractive women. If he is buying slaves other than the young attractive women I just mentioned he will buy them off you using the whores. Get it?"

    "Ahh." The man suddenly understood what had happened earlier. After a few seconds he suddenly realized what had occurred and chased after the others leaving Ben alone with Bastian. Ben chuckled and shook his head.

    What the heck!?

    The men had assumed that Bastian had still been asleep throughout the entire time. Little did they know that he had been awake the entire time...


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  • Now let's rewind a bit, to about a few hours ago to when Bastian had just fainted. To others it would seem as if Bastian had lost consciousness, but to Bastian something else occurred. From his point of view his vision suddenly blurred. Then Bastian found himself in a strange place. His entire surroundings were white. It was as if he was in a giant white room with no end in sight.

    After observing his surroundings Bastian noticed something in front of him. It was a large brown table. The table itself had nothing extraordinary...except for the picture of a large coiling dragon on its surface. The dragon was gold and looked oriental. Even though it was a two dimensional picture Bastian felt something from the image. A sense of deja vu to be more exact. He could not remember where exactly he had seen this dragon.

    That's when it hit him. This dragon looked eerily similar to the one that destroyed the mountain where the original owner of this body had been attacked!  Since Bastian now had the memories that belonged to the original owner of this body he remembered that moment, or rather that moment stood out from all the rest. Leaving a big impression on both Bastian and the boy. The mountain dragon was something Bastian would never forget, but  common sense came knocking in. That dragon was alive and this dragon was a picture. These were two very different things, yet both exuded exactly the same presence! It was a feeling that was very difficult to explain. 

    All Bastian could feel was that this picture and the mountain dragon were related in someway. That's when it happened. A flood of information entered Bastian's mind once again. This time it was information on what was occurring. At this moment Bastian remembered the voice that had echoed in his mind just before he his vision had blurred. By bringing together what the voice said and the information in his mind Bastian roughly understood what was going on. Its just that the shear amount of information that was now in his head made him speechless. He barely had time to process it. After sorting out the new info Bastian surmised this:

    This man called Ambevilius wanted to choose a successor, and the method he chose to do it was this. From the millions of descendants he had all over the sovereign continent, he chose a select million. These candidates, or mark bearers, must be in the same generation and must have some sort of talent. After the million have been selected the competition will begin. The winner will be the first person to slay or subdue a thousand mark bearers. Every time you slay or subdue a mark bearer, you will gain the chance to get a gift. This gift can either be techniques, spells, rare items or even an increase in your talent. Be it overall or in a particular area.

    The more difficult the task is, the higher grade the reward will be. The reward will also be what you particularly desire at that time. 

    If a mark bearer chooses to become the servant of another mark bearer then it is called a successful subduction. One cannot force a subduction. This has to come from the mark bearers heart, so if one tries do subdue a fellow mark bearer through means like black mail or torture, it is unlikely they will succeed because if even a hint of unwillingness remains in the victim, the subduction will not succeed.

    The success of a subduction, is graded on the willingness of the servant to become yours. The higher the willingness the greater your reward. 

    Titan marks also have grades depending on the host's talent, with one claw being the lowest and 5 claws being the highest. Most mark bearers are one to three clawed mark bearers with four being rare and five being one in a thousand. The success of your subduction also depends on the amount of claws your opponent has. The more claws they have the higher your success. 

    Killing a mark bearer also depends on two factors. One being the talent or claws your opponent has. The other being how many mark bearers your opponent has subdued. Also once you kill a mark bearer part of their talent becomes a part of you. The higher their claw rating the more talent you receive.

    The more people your opponent has under him or her, the higher your success and the greater your rewards. Also a once you sudue a mark bearer all their custodians become yours.  Once a mark bearer becomes a servant to another mark bearer they are no longer a mark bearer. They become a custodian. All of the custodians under your custodian belong to you. If you kill a mark bearer all of their custodians become a mark bearer once again.

    Once you become a custodian you will lose the right to become a successor. You will also have the urge to follow your owner's very command subconsciously. Resistance to this depends on how many claws you have.

    All of the custodians under a mark bearer must become part of a house, with the head of the house being the most trusted custodian under the mark bearer in that particular house. This position is not something the the mark bearer can change. The mark will delve into the mark bearers heart and will decide who the mark bearer trusts the most.

    The head of the house is a custodian called the minister prime. Under the minister prime are other ministers. Under ministers are reverents. Under reverents are clerks and under clerks are ordinary custodians. A group of custodians and their clerk is a scale. A group of clerks and their reverent are a claw. A group of reverents and their minister are a fang. Any reverents,clerks and custodians directly under a minister prime are part of the prime fang and enjoy special privileges. 

    Each rank comes with its own advantages which will be explained when the one getting this information becomes such a person. The higher the rank the more advantages one has. Ministers can be chosen by either the mark bearer and minister prime but until the mark bearer gives consent a minister can only be a temporary minister. All the ranks below minister are completely chosen by their corresponding ministers. A minister has complete control over the structure of their fang. 

    The minister prime will need permission from the mark bearer every time they want to change the rank of anyone In another persons fang and the mark bearer cannot change any ranks in the minister prime's house directly. They require their minister prime for this. The fang prime is under the minister prime's direct control. The mark bearer can do nothing do a member of a fang prime except remove him or her permanently from his house. This decision is irreversible. 

    Were as the minister prime can add anyone to their house with or without the mark bearers permission. These members are are temporary until the mark bearer gives consent with the exception of those in the primary fang

    If your a mark bearer your can control your house as thus: You can add or remove any people to any fang in your house except for those in the primary fang. Allocation will need the consent of yourself and one minister otherwise they will merely be an ordinary custodian that fang. 

    You can also kill anyone in your house. If a custodian breaks a house rule and you have indisputable evidence you have grounds to kill them without reprisal. Since the mark can read your heart you cannot fool it. If you kill a house member who has not broken any house rule, you will lose some talent or you can choose who this punishment will affect in your house. 

    House rules are things agreed upon by you and your minister prime. There five rules which all members must follow and know and 3 invisible ones only you and your minister prime know. There is only one house rule left which will be known only to you. These rules differ from house to house except the rule only the mark bearer knows. This is called the prime rule and apllies to all houses. It is the only rule that can never change. It can be made anytime were as the other rules must be made when you gain your first house custodian.

    You can increase the talent of a house member by reducing your own or you can take theirs and add it to your own. This applies to every custodian under you except the minister prime. The higher the quality or quantity of custodians in a house of yours the more talent/claws you have. 

    The area in which this talent is in depends on the members in that house. A mark bearer can have a maximum of five houses. The amount of houses you can have depends on your talent is your number of claws. Each claw represents a house you can have. 

    All of the custodians under you have a soul link to you. If they even think of rebelling against you they will experience unimaginable pain. Once this happens you as the mark bearer will be notified. You will have the option of killing them on the spot if this occurs but once this happens their talent is lost to you forever.

    The claws are shown on the drawing on the table. Any rewards will show up on the table. 

    Once you have killed or subdued a thousand mark bearers, you become a successor. A successor has many more privileges than other ordinary mark bearers. The information on successors only becomes available to a mark bearer once they become one.

    To create a house touch a claw on the table and operate it by will. Before a house is made you must create a name for this house and its purpose. The house name you have chosen will give every member of this house a gift in regard to this name and the house's purpose. 

    The quality of the gift depends on the talent of the first house member and some other factors that are not given. Every mark bearer is required to create at least one house. They cannot leave this mark zone until they have made at least one house.

    Your first custodian will automatically go to this house. The rest in the future can be allocated by the mark bearer, if he or she has more than one house.

    After ingesting this information Bastian stood up and realized the severity of the events that had unfolded. After shrugging helplessly Bastian moved toward the table. He pressed his hand and followed the instructions I'm his mind. As soon as he touched the image of the dragon, two claws appeared on the table. 

    Bastian could not care less about this result. He just wanted to leave this creepy place, so he randomly picked a house name and a purpose. He chose a name he had heard during his time on earth whilst travelling around the world. It was a name that had left a deep impression in his past life. This name just happened to carry with it a story. After shrinking and modifying this story quite a bit, he used it as the purpose.

    " I name my first house Umtunzi Welanga. Its purpose shall be to achieve the impossible with a spirit as indomitable as the sun."

    Once he said this Bastian experienced an odd sensation. He suddenly gained the ability to perceive both what was in this room and what his real body was experiencing. It was an indescribable experience. Not only that, he also knew that he could leave the mark zone if he willed it. It was at this time he suddenly heard voices talking. He decided to remain I the mark zone and listen to what was happening outside. It was at this moment that the captain asked Ben for his opinion

    This lead the current predicament. Bastian had already left the mark zone but his eyes were still closed. In this odd posture, after hearing the discussions the mercenaries had Bastian put two and two realized a very important fact. He was going to be sold to a slave merchant!


    In the spacious white room which Ben had just left, the dragon picture materialized and came to life. As soon as it did it bowed it's head to a silhouette of a man which appeared from nowhere. The dragon spoke first.

    "Greetings master. I have urgent news to report."

    "Speak." beckoned the silhouette

    "This mark bearer has created a house named in the language of the earthen sages!" said the dragon with a somewhat high pitch. Clearly showing its excitement.

    "Oh, how interesting. It seems I chose a rather interesting lad. What is the name the boy chose for his house?" 

    "Umtunzi welanga Master. Its purpose is to achieve the impossible with a spirit as indomitable as the sun" 

    "Hahahahaha." The silhouette laughed as soon as he heard the dragon's response. "What an interesting name. It truly fits its purpose. I dare say this is the most impressive house name yet."

    "Master I know not what these words mean. All I could tell was that it was the language of the earthen sages." 

    The silhouette knew what the dragon meant by these words. It was curious as to what these words mean. 

    "Little dragon words have power, especially names and especially in the language of the earthen sages. Its meaning should not me mentioned lightly. I can definitely tell you that this boy knew what these words meant. If your curious you can ask him yourself. I'm more curious about how a mere mortal knows such an ancient tongue. When he gains his first custodian this house will gain a lot of power.

    Hhmm. Excellent work. As your reward I permit to come before the boy once before he becomes a successor. Is there anything else?"

    "No master that is all this servant has to say." Immediately after the silhouette disappeared the dragon raised it's head and snorted in disdain. It did not see how allowing itself to show before its mark bearer is a reward when he only has a rating of 2 claws. Now matter how incredible a house name is, it is pointless if the owner has little talent. The dragon however  was rather curious. 

    Just how did a mere human know a tongue so ancient that even it did not know...


    Authors note: Sorry for the massive data dump. I just could not help myself xD. All of this will be mentioned in later chapters so you don't need to memorize jack. I suck at world building so I decided to do this here so I can get it out of the way. 

    For those curious as to what language umtunzi welanga is from I will give you a clue. Its not English ;). I personally guarantee that you will most likely get the answer wrong no matter what Google tells you lol

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  • Bastian's mind was in chaos. Too many things had happened in too short of a time. He hadn't had enough time to adjust. First he had reincarnated into another persons body, then he learned that he was in another world, and then he realized he was part of some weird inheritance game. Now to top it all off, he is now being sold as a slave

    Bastian could not help but mentally sigh at these events. In his past life he was a terminally sick person. He had had time to mentally prepare for death. Fate however played a trick on him, placing him in a situation where he, a man who was even prepared for death, felt miserable.

    Well when life throws you lemons..

    Bastian quickly accepted his fate and decided to run with his new identity. Since he already had the memories belonging to the body's original owner, Sebastian Tirius, he would not have a hard time adjusting. 

    Sebastian Tirius was a noble whose family originated from the Southern Grasslands. Just as Ben surmised, the boy had been discovered to have no talent in cultivation, so he was exiled, with some of the family's servants leaving with him. 

    Since he was merely a child his servants controlled every aspect of his life, deciding to move to one of the sub regions bordering the Western Deserts and the Southern Grasslands.

    Sebastian's family was very rich and powerful, even by the entire continent's standards; therefore their servants were also very skilled in many areas. Cultivation being one of them. Creating a minor kingdom in such a poor and chaotic subregion, was as simple as child's play for Sebastian's servants. 

    They placed their master as king but took care of all official duties. Allowing Sebastian to lead a carefree and simple life. Unfortunately for him, Sebastian not only lacked talent in cultivation, but he was also very gullible. Due to his rather spoilt and carefree upbringing, Sebastian wasn't intelligent and completely gave power to his servants, who had now also become his vassals. 

    One of his most trusted vassals tricked him going out of the safety of his country. Sebastian being the carefree boy he was, only brought a few week guards with him. Immediately after he had left the subregion, entering the Great Deserts of Shandelar, Sebastian was attacked by assassins. 

    After reviewing the boy's memorie,s Bastian concluded that it was the vassal who tricked him into leaving the country who sent the assassins. Luckily for the boy, the huge dragon bombarded the battle field.

    Although Bastian had taken over the body, he could still feel the soul of the boy within him. Or rather it was now a part of him. Due to some circumstances unbeknownst to Bastian, he had been able to absorb the boy's soul. Making it part of his own. 

    Bastian could feel a slight change to his thought process because of this. Although Bastian had taken over, traces of Sebastian were still in Bastian's subconscious. 

    Bastian decided to live as Sebastian Tirius from this day forth. Since he had cut ties already from his previous life, he had no problems doing this. He had no intention of going back to earth, because this world also felt like home to him. Due to Sebastian's influence of course. 

    He quite liked the idea of being a king, and had every intention of making it back to his own kingdom. The question was how would he do it. Especially considering he was going to be sold as a slave. 

    Since he had already experienced death, not to mention he had the mental fortitude from two lives, Bastian was very calm after adjusting himself. As for the whole mark bearer thing, he would deal with that later.

    “You can open your eyes now. I know your awake.”

    As soon as Bastian heard these words he opened his eyes. Only to find Ben sneering at him. Like he was a trapped animal, whose sole purpose was to amuse him

    Sitting cross legged on the makeshift bed, Bastian was fully occupied with his current activity.


    After drinking a cup of water, Bastian sighed in relief. Although he still felt a little hungry, his thirst was quenched, lessening his burden.

    Ben stared at all of Bastian's actions. Eyeing him like a hawk. Bastian found this rather uncomfortable, showing his displeasure on his face without reserve.

    Ben: “Don't you want to know how I knew you were awake?”

    Bastian: “ Nope. Don't know. Don't care.”

    Ben was amused by Bastian's response. He was aware that Bastian had heard their entire conversation. He was also aware that Bastian knew his current situation. Yet after all of this the boy was calm.

    Sitting on the bed with a bored expression on his face. Like he had no worry in the world

    This isn't the look a little boy should have.

    Ben was rather disturbed by what he was seeing. He was a man who enjoyed seeing others suffer. It made him feel powerful and in control. He was looking forward to seeing a pampered little boy, cower before him. Begging for his life.

    Yet the the complete opposite occurred. The boy just layed there lazily on the bed. Like he had no care in the world. This completely baffled Ben. This is boy is supposed to be a noble boy, who had never suffered.

    There are plenty of battle hardened nobles but almost all have cultivation, not to mention they have to at least be of a certain age. Yet this boy acted as if nothing was going to happen to him.

    No. It's impossible. He's probably pretending.

    After assuring himself Ben decided to probe the boy. He walked over to his bed and said with a condescending tone “You know what's going to happen to you right?”

    “Your going to sell me to a slave trader probably.”said Bastian, like it was the most obvious thing In the world.

    Ben was angered by Bastian's nonchalance. He grabed his hand and lifted him up, staring straight into his eyes in an attempt to scare the lad.  Bastian immediately turned his face away, his expression showing extreme discomfort.

    “Haha, your acting isnt that good. Look at you. Why don't you admit your afraid.” said Ben with a face that showed that be was very pleased with himself.

    “Please, I beg you let me go.” As Bastian said these words his body was trembling. Ben's face lit up in twisted delight. “Please let me go, I can't stand your aweful breath. If i smell it any longer I might get sick.” said Bastian with a hint of mockery in his tone. Whilst saying these words, Bastian also used his free hand to cover his nose.

    As soon as Ben heard these words his face became ugly. Bastian snorted in disdain at Ben's reaction. 

    Ben's body started trembling; rage filling up every cell of his body. Bastian knew full well that the value of a slave dropped if it had any physical defects or injuries. So he knew Ben would not harm him. Not to mention Bastian could tell that Ben was not a foolish man. He was clearly the type who put benefit above all else.

    “Haha very good. Very good young master. I see you have quite the tongue on you.” Bastian could see the look on Ben's face as he said these words. If looks could kill, then Bastian would have died a thousand times over. 

    “If you want to hurt me be my guest. As long as you do it with your mouth closed I don't mind. I would close my nose but the human body doesn't work that way, so I'm going to have to ask this of you.” said Bastian whilst snickering.

    Ben was about to smack the boy. The problem was that he didn't want to do damage. When slave traders examine slaves of high value, they do a very careful check up. A slight scratch could reduce Bastian's value by a lot.

    That's when Ben had an epiphany. 

    Ben: “Boy. I have a suprise for you. You can thank me later.”

    Before Bastian could reply his vision went black. He had lost consciousness.

    When he regained consciousness Bastian was shackled to a wooden pole outside. It was a few meters away from the camp boundary, and was well within view of the sentries who march around the camp's perimeter.

    Flip! I should stop doing that.

    Bastian started to really dislike this habit of him becoming unconscious suddenly. 

    When he lifted himself from the ground, he heard the a soft voice beside him.

    “What? Your already conscious?”

    As he looked to his side, Bastian was dumbfounded. She was one of the most beautiful girls he had ever seen. Long wavy black hair reaching down to her waist, clear black eyes that looked as if they could trap your soul within. A petite body with no imperfections. 

    Ha. If I really was 12 years old, I would have probably fallen in love.

    Bastian was momentarily perturbed by her beauty, but at the end of the day she was just a little girl. Looked to be around 12 years old. Bastian was not a paedophile, so at most he was just impressed. Nothing else. He may appear 12 years old but he had the soul of a 30 year old man.

    The girl stared at Bastian with curiosity on her face. She brazenly stared at him as if she was looking at an animal. Bastian looked at his body to see just what was so strange. He found nothing wrong, yet the girl was still looking at him, as if he was an oddity.

    “You know its considered rude to stare in some cultures, including mine.” Bastian was not happy about her behaviour. The girl raised a brow in suspicion and crossed both hands on her chest.

    “Well its not in mine.” Bastian found her reply hard to believe. When he had said ‘some cultures’ he was being sarcastic. She giggled when she saw that he was not happy.

    “Your an interesting one. Why are you awake? How are you normal?” She ignored Bastian's displeasure and interrogated him. Much to Bastian's displeasure.

    “What's that supposed to mean?” Her questioning was strange. It was as if it was strange that he was awake.

    “I mean your not supposed to be awake. When you were brought here, they force fed you incado grass.”

    As soon as Bastian heard this, his expression became ugly. Incado grass was a famous herb. Once ingested, it would cause the consumer to fall into state of perpetual nightmares. The victim would remain asleep for at least a day. Rumour had it, that this grass also affected your soul and was an ingredient In a lot of magic involving the soul. 

    Bastian's face was grim. “How long have I been out?”

    “You were only out for a few minutes.” As the girl said this, she crawled closer to Bastian so she could more closely observe him. Unlike Bastian who only had his legs shackled, the girl also had her arms shackled to her own pole as well. Her pole was only a few meters from Bastian's, so it wasn't hard for her.

    Bastian was at a loss. He was sure that he hadn't dreamt anything, plus he felt fine. Consumers of incado grass not only had perpetual nightmares, but they also had hallucinations after they woke up. Bastian was not hallucinating at all, or at least he was sure he wasn't.

    As he was deep in thought, he happened to notice that the girls face was only a few inches away from his. Creeped out by this sudden advancement, Bastian backed away frantically.

    “What are you doing? Please keep in mind i have no interest in little girls.” He did not hide the disgust on his face as he said this, for the image of a little girl on all fours crawling towards him, had left a bad taste in his mouth.

    Little girls? Isn't he only a boy himself? Does he think he is an adult?

    The girl chuckled at what Bastian had said. He was becoming more and more amusing to her.

    “I want to talk.” Said the girl, in an attempt to sound mysterious.

    Bastian: “Why did you need to get this close? I'm pretty sure we have been talking this whole time.”

    Girl: “ I  needed to get closer because I wanted to examine you. Plus the matter I wish to talk to you about is sensitive, so its best if we keep our voices down.”

    Bastian: “How sensitive?”

    The girl grinned mischievously, her big black eyes staring at Bastian like he was some a toy. Bastian had a bad premonition when he saw the look on her face. This time it seems his senses were right.  

    The girls next sentence changed the course of Bastian's entire life.

    “Are you a mark bearer or not?”


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  • Ben was in a jovial mood. As he walked to the borders of the camp he whistled, further displaying how happy he was. He greeted many people along the way, something he rarely every did. Even going as far as to help lift up a person he had bumped into. This kind behaviour was not something the proud and clever Ben usually had, but today was a special occasion.

    Ben finally had the chance to stuff it to a noble, the kind who had enslaved him and made his life miserable. All his loved ones and relatives were killed by them. 

    He had been saving the incado grass so he could sell it, but he felt that this outcome was definitely more pleasing. Money is money. Vengeance, cures the soul...or so he thought.

    He arrived to the boundary of the camp. It had been roughly a day since he had stuffed the boy with the herb. So he should be waking up around this time. Not to mention it almost time to sell the brat. As soon as he arrived however, he once again met an unexpected circumstance.

    The boy was calmly sitting cross legged. A serene look on his face. Like nothing ever happened. 

    Ben looked to the other brat, a little girl they had captured, “ When did that brat wake up? Why is he acting like this?” This is not how a person under the influence of incado grass behaves. They normally toss and turn, shiver or sometimes even scream.

    Even if they wake up, they would still be hallucinating. The boy should be spooked, cowering in fear. He should at least be showing some signs of discomfort. Yet he appeared perfectly fine! Ben was absolutely sure what he fed the boy was incado grass. Even the little girls in chains showed a fearful expression when he took it out.

    The little girl remained quiet. Her face showing indifference. As if Ben didn't exist. Ben was angered by her disobedience. He was about to do something about it as well ,when he heard a snicker coming from behind him.

    “Not what you were expecting was it, buddy” Bastian laughed. He was enjoying this

    Ben: “I'm not your buddy, you brat”

    Bastian: “Whatever you say guy.”

    Ben: “I'm not your guy!”

    Ben was fuming with rage. 

    This insolent brat! I will kill him!

    Ben decided to relax, so his mind can properly process what was in front of him. After calming himself down, Ben started to rationalize. He needed to understand what happened. He wanted to ask, but he felt he would lose a lot of face if he did so. Ben took pride in his intelligence. You could even say that he was famous for it around here. Normally it was people asking him questions. 

    “You want to know how I'm fine right?” Bastian started teasing Ben, the same way Ben teased him when he had known the boy was awake yesterday in the meeting.

    Ben immediately understood what the boy was doing. It made him even more angry, yet there was nothing he could do. He didn't understand how the boy had done it. He had searched the boy and knew he couldn't have hidden an antidote. Not to mention he had to have known that he was going to be fed incado grass. Which was impossible.

    He also knew that the boy had no storage treasure. On the sovereign continent there were many tools that could do miraculous things. Some objects had a massive space inside them that could be used to store things. These storage tools were usually in the form of rings and amulets. They were very expensive, so it was impossible for mere low ranking mercenaries to posses one, let alone a newcomer like Ben.

    The boy had no such objects on his body, so Ben was left speechless. He also knew the girl had nothing on her. She came from a barbaric tribe. Her body also had nothing on it. He had made sure of that. Even the old dress she was wearing had been given to her by Ben.

    No matter what Ben thought of, it just would not click.

    “Alright then, let me tell you how I did it.” Bastian had enjoyed seeing Ben suffer but it was time to put the plan he and the little girl had come up with to action. “I am a mark bearer.”

    “Impossible!” Ben instantly rebuked what Bastian had said. Mark bearers. A new breed of cultivators that appeared from nowhere a decade ago. They had a dragon tattoo on their bodies, and it was widely known that this mark gave them extraordinary abilities. Many of them had rampaged across the Sovereign Continent, upsetting the natural order. Due to the incredible abilities that these monsters had, they easily took over many kingdoms and empires. One isn't born a mark bearer, but one is chosen. Very few know what caused this phenomenon to occur. Rumour had it those with the mark were the chosen descendants of an ancient and powerful immortal, looking for a successor to his legacy.

    Whatever the case, normal people feared mark bearers. This was because anyone who became the enemy of a mark bearer was doomed. These monsters were not only very talented and powerful, they also formed their own organizations. If you anger one mark bearer, you will most anger a lot more. Rumour had it that their marks had an imposing presence, and that they could curse your soul. This curse would destroy your soul upon death, removing you from the cycle of reincarnation. Some people even claimed that this curse lasted for nine generations!

    Mark bearers are usually people with immense talent and potential, it would not make sense that this boy was one, his own family had abandoned him. Not to mention he was alone without any guards or protection.

    That's when it hit him, this was the only explanation he had that could explain why the boy could resist incado grass. Mark bearers were monsters that defied reasoning. Ben started to break out in a cold sweat.

    Ben: “Its impossible for you to be one! You have no cultivation talent!”

    Bastian: “Who said I had no cultivation now? I never said I've always had the mark now have I?”

    Ben: “!!!”

    He was right! If he was kicked out of his family before he had the mark, then that would mean the mark could have fixed his talent issue. Improving talent? Such a thing was not impossible for these monsters. They had defied logic many times in the past few years.

    Before Ben could say anything else, Bastian removed his shirt, his smooth perfect skin was so beautiful it made even the girl jealous. Bastian was a very attractive boy. He was sure to become a ladies man in the future.

    That's when it happened! A tattoo of a golden coiling dragon suddenly appeared on Bastian's chest! The dragon was incredibly defined. Each scale was dazzling, its big eyes appeared as if they looked down on everything, making one feel insignificant. Even though it was merely a tattoo, it gave one the impression that it was real, that it was alive. 

    The longer Ben looked at it, the harder he found it to breathe, and the more difficult it was to remain standing. It was as if a massive weight was bearing down on him, as if he was carrying a mountain on his shoulders. 

    The tattoo was so overbearing, it made one feel as if it was a crime not to prostrate to it. Like if one did not knowtow before the tattoo, tribulation lightning would strike from the heavens!

    This feeling was rooted deep within Ben. The tattoo not only affected his body, but it also affected his soul! Ben started thinking about the rumours of a mark bearer's abilities. The fact that Bastian was a mark bearer was now clear. Ben started feeling distressed for the way he had treated the boy. He felt so bad, he wouldn't be surprised if his intestines were now green from regret. Unfortunately, there was no medicine for regret.

    Just when Ben was about to prostrate himself and beg for forgiveness, Bastian put his shirt back on and spoke up.

    “Ben, would you like being my soul sworn?”


    Ben felt as if he had been struck by lightning. He had never expected to receive such an opportunity. He tried opening his mouth to say something, but he didn't quite know what to say.

    A soul sworn was a person, who by a certain ritual, had offered up their life in servitude to another. This bond would last until either the master or the soul sworn die. It was an unshakable bond that would bond both parties and nothing could break or interfere with it except death.

    Normally one would never want to become another person's soul sworn, because you would effectively become a slave for life. Becoming a soul sworn to a powerful person, let alone a mark bearer was different, very different. Even though you are essentially becoming that person's lifelong slave, being a soul sworn also has its advantages. 

    The master of a soul sworn is called a meister. A meister has complete control of his or her slave. Once one becomes a soul sworn, their personaliy is modified. They will start seeing the Meister in complete reverence. They will find it practically impossible to resist their master’s orders. The rule is if a soul sworn disobeys their master, their soul gets destroyed, so they have even more of a reason to obey. 

    It is for this reason, that any meister will completely trust any soul sworn they have. Another reason why soul sworn are valued is because the amount of soul sworn one can have is limited by the power of their soul. An average person doesn't even have a powerful enough soul to have even one soul sworn. To have more than one is already seen as being impressive.

    Since the number of soul sworn one can have is limited, meisters do not choose lightly. 

    Also the amount of times you can do the ritual as a meister is limited as a result. So if you kill one of your own soul sworn and you have reached your limit, then you have lost one more permanently and cannot replenish your numbers.

    Thus if you become the soul sworn of a powerful person, they would most likely treat you with great value, especially if they have the capability to create only a few soul sworn. This boy was young, even if the mark had improved his talent, Ben doubted it could change the power of his soul. 

    A soul sworn is a highly trusted and valued servant. Since his/her fate is tied to their Meister, then the more powerful the meister is, the better. Not to mention a mark bearer!

    Ben knew better than to be hesitant when such a chance was before him. He immediately knowtowed to Bastian, and pledged his allegiance to him.

    The only issue was neither Bastian nor Ben knew how to do the ritual, luckily for them, the little girl did. 

    “Master, are you sure this girl is to be trusted? What if she tricks us and uses this opportunity to try something?” Ben said with a worried expression on his face.

    Bastian only smiled and said nothing. His smile was brimming with confidence, so Ben ended up remaining quiet.

    Bastian was very good at reading faces. In his previous life, Bastian was very skilled at this, because his father was a deception expert, who specialized in micro expressions. Bastian's father started as a psychiatrist but was eventually pulled into behavioural psychology. 

    From a very young age Bastian was taught how to read faces. Perhaps the father wanted his son to follow his footsteps, either way he taught Bastian most of what he knew regarding this. Although Bastian ended up taking a different path, he was still grateful for the skills his father taught him. For not only was he taught how to read faces, he was taught other things like how the human mind works, physiology and even hypnotism.

    Thus is was an extremely difficult task to fool Bastian. Only the greatest liers in mankind could fool his eyes. During his discussion with her before Ben had arrived, he had made sure that she wasnt playing any tricks. He interrogated her and eyed her like a hawk. She showed no signs of lying. If a twelve year old was able to escape his vision, then his name wasn't Bastian Smith...or Tirius.

    The girl used her fingers to draw a strange runic cicle on the sandy ground. She then asked Ben to kneel on one side and for Bastian to stand on the other. Ben unlocked Bastian's shackles and the men assumed their positions.

    The other mercenaries who were guarding the perimeter of the camp did nothing. Although Ben kneeling to the boy seemed strange, they assumed it was one of his strange plots. He was the one who had put both of the children there so he could do whatever he wanted to them. Even when he unshackled Bastian nothing appeared amiss.

    The girl told Bastian to cut his hand and drip some of his blood on Ben's head. This signified that Ben now belonged to Bastian. She gave Ben words to recite then stood from the side to watch.

    After the recitation, the runice circle shined a bit, and both men felt something leave their bodies and going into the other. The blood that Bastian had put on Ben's head, seeped into the latter's forehead.

    Bastian could now tell that he had control over the man. He could somewhat feel his thoughts, he could even tell his location. He felt sure that no matter how far Ben was he would always know were he is.

    Ben on the other hand had a look of ecstasy on his face. He felt as if power was seeping into him. Something fundamental about him had changed. He was now stronger, smarter, kinder, less greedy and more calm. It is said that the greater the difference in soul power between the meister and the soul sworn, the more the soul sworn is affected, and the more he or she becomes like their meister.

    The moment Ben looked at Bastian, his entire being shook with a fervour so vigorous he couldn't help but cry. To Ben, Bastian appeared like he was a god. Perfect. Powerful. Ben felt like it was his life's purpose to serve Bastian, that even if Bastian was to step on his face and shit on him, it would be a great honour.

    He knowtowed so hard his head created a massive dent in the ground. “Master, please forgive this foolish servant. I disgraced you my Lord, and there is no excuse for it. I will accept any and all punishments you deem necessary.”

    Bastian and the girl were astounded. They knew the ritual would make Ben subservient, but they never thought it would be this extreme.

    After spending a few minutes trying to stop Ben's suicidal thoughts, Bastian and the girl decided to sit down and rest for a bit. Ben immediately knelt beside Bastian like it was the most natural thing in the world

    Girl: “Well boy it seems you have a very powerful soul, I have seen many rituals, but I have never seen a soul sworn as deeply affected as this. This also explains how you were able to fend off incado grass. With such a powerful soul such a herb is no different from normal grass for you.”

    Bastian: “...”

    Ben: “Of course my master is incredibly talented. We are simply blessed to be In his presence.”

    Girl: “Hmph! If it wasn't for me your master wouldn't even know how to use his mark or gain a soul sworn.”

    Ben: “You insolent brat. Stop lying. How could one as incredible as my master not know such things. You are obviously just jealous of my Lord's gift! Master please allow me to teach this brat some lessons in respect.

    Bastian: “Relax Ben, she is right. Without her help I wouldn't have known about how to use the mark this way. Plus she is also a mark bearer so it isn't wise to anger her.”

    Ben was shocked. Not only was his master a mark bearer, but so was this little girl? That's when he realized something. Something that made him very angry.

    “ Why did you make me serve master instead of you! Look at what you've done!”  Bastian and the girl were rather surprised by this response. They didn't quite understand what he was implying.

    Girl: “Are you not happy? Why are you displeased? Are you not honored by being your masters servant?”

    Ben scoffed at this remark. “Servant? Im not even worthy to be an ant under my masters boot! I am angry because you could have connected my soul to yourself you little wench! Now master has forever lost the opportunity to gain one more servant worthy of his greatness!”

    Bastian and the girl were speechless. They never expected the ritual to work so well. Not only was Ben very loyal to Bastian, his reverence did not cloud his reasoning. This was definitely a good thing.

    The gitl snorted and looked at Ben in contempt.  “Why should I contract a worm like you? It is far beneath me. Bastian was just dumb enough to agree. Its as simple as that.”

    Ben was furious. She not only called him a worm, she insulted his master. That was courting death!

    The girl was smiling. Looking awfully pleased with her work, she looked at Bastian like she had gotten one over him. Earlier on they had agreed that Bastian would become the meister. Due to the fact that she knew how to awaken a mark and taught it to Bastian, it was rather obvious that she was a mark bearer herself. Yesterday the girl had made Bastian make an oath to the heavens that if Ben were to arrive, then he were to make Ben into his soul sworn.

    Bastian easily agreed to this. The girl initially thought she would have to convince him, but she never thought he would agree so easily.

    An oath made to the heavens is taken very seriously, if broken, it is believed that you will be severely punished with a lot of misfortune for you and those closest to you, in this life and  for your next five lives.

    No one on the Sovereign Continent breaks an oath made to the heavens. It is a fate worse than death.

    So after Bastian fulfilled his oath the girl was rather pleased with herself. She was feeling smug because she thought that she had gotten one over Bastian, that was until Bastian said something that made her face extremely ugly.

    Bastian: “Hey I have a question for you girl.”

    The girl sat leisurely against her pole (authors note: couldn't resist lol) and looked at the two men who she thought she had fooled.

    Girl: “Sure go ahead. Although I can't guarantee I will answer.

    Ben cracked his knuckles but Bastian calmed him with a wave of his hand.

    Bastian: “In your house, is it against the rules for a custodian to have a soul sworn?”...


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  • Girl: “Y-you! How did you-”

    Bastian: “You can ask me whatever you want, but I can't guarantee that I will answer.”

    Ben saw that his master had thrown the girl's words right back at her, he was very pleased at seeing her distressed look. There was something however he didn't understand.

    “Master, what did you mean by ‘house’ and ‘custodian’?”. 

    Bastian was about to talk when he was interrupted by the girl. “Don't you dare tell this filth anything or else-”

    “Or else what?” Bastian looked straight at the girl as he challenged her.

    Bastian: “I can keep quiet if you want, but in return I want you to answer a few questions of mine. Of course I will take an oath to the heavens to never tell anyone.”

    The girl looked very unhappy, her brows creased, as if she was contemplating something. After a few breaths of time she sighed.

    Girl: “Very well. I will answer your questions, but first you have to tell me how you knew.”

    Bastian: “Sure but I'm going to have to have you take an oath as well.”

    Girl: “Fair enough. I will keep whatever secret you reveal.”

    Bastian grinned mischievously, “Nope, the nature of your oath will be slightly different from what you think.”

    The girl didn't know why, but Bastian's grin gave her a bad premonition, like the calm before a storm.

    Let's go back to the events that occurred the day before.

    “Are you a mark bearer or not?”

    Bastian was surprised by what the little girl had said. He never expected her to know about the whole mark bearer thing. Heck even the previous owner of this body didn't know, although truth be told he was a sheltered brat so he didn't know a lot of things.

    “Yes I am.” Bastian didn't really care whether or not she knew, he was however curious to know what made her ask. “What made you think I was one?” This knowledge could be useful in the near future to prevent anyone else from knowing. Although Bastian didn't understand the situation of mark bearers, he couldn't help but be careful should this information be valuable.

    “Your hair. Most mark bearers from the Southern Grasslands have purple hair.” The girl looked relieved when she had heard that Bastian was indeed a mark bearer.

    Bastian: “That's it? Just from my hair?”

    Girl: “Purple hair isn't as common as you would think. Besides I didn't know. I was just trying my luck, and it seems my hunch was right.”

    Plus the fact that incado grass didn't affect you. Only beings with a powerful soul could do such a thing...

    Bastian was not pleased. It seems he was over thinking. The girl had simply taken advantage of his lack of common knowledge, plus he felt that this girl was keeping some other information from him. He had the feeling that she was not easy to deal with, so he temporarily brushed that thought aside.

    Bastian: “So why did you want to know whether or not I am a mark bearer?

    Girl: “I have a plan. One that could get us out of this situation. It requires you to be a mark bearer.”

    Bastian couldn't help but look confused. “How would it help?”

    “It seems you only became a mark bearer recently, if you had been one for some time, you would have known the abilities the mark has over normal people.” Said the girl, her eyes looking bored. Almost as if she didn't want to explain all of this but had no choice. She continued on, “Once you become a mark bearer you gain many abilities, some of which I'm sure you know already.” 

    Bastian nodded.

    “Others you would have discovered along with time. One of these abilities is the suppression effect. If a normal person sees the mark there is a chance that they will be suppressed by the mark's aura, the weaker their cultivation the stronger the suppression. Under this state of suppression you can easily order any weak minded beings around. If it is done right of course”

    Bastian was stunned. This information was not given to him. Heck he didn't even know the tattoo could show itself again. This state of suppression sounds very useful. If he had known how to use this ability he would not be in this situation.

    If this is true then, this mark is…

    “Don't get too happy yet.” The girl Interrupted Bastian's thoughts, much to his displeasure. “ Bringing out the mark is easy. Using its suppression is difficult. I estimate it will take days for me to teach you how to bring out the mark, and even more days to be able to utilize its abilities. That is assuming we will still be together for that long…” The girl bit her lower lip, nervousness over their unknown future gnawing at her heart.

    Bastian on the other hand was quite happy. Although he didn't like the idea of being a slave, he was positive that with this ability his life should be much easier from this point on. This ability sounded similar to hypnotism. Something Bastian knew all too well.

    Right now Bastian's only worry was whether or not this girl was also a mark bearer. If she was why didn't she just use her own mark? And if she wasn't how could she know this ability well enough to teach it? As to whether or not Bastian could learn the technique now, he wasn't worried, he was confident that with time he could teach himself, as long as he could learn how to bring out the tattoo he would be fine. As to why he was so confident, Bastian wasn't sure himself.

    “OK then. Time is of the essence. Teach me as much as you can.” Although Bastian was curious as to what she was, right now they had bigger fish to fry.

    The girl explained to Bastian that to bring out the mark, all he had to do was to picture the mark onto his chest. The more defined the image the better. Bastian had a very good memory, although it wasn't eidetic, it was far above the average, so this exercise was child's play for him. His intelligence it seems also came along with his sou into this body.

    Bastian took of his shirt and immediately began. The girl had forgotten to mention that he had to have his eyes closed. She was about to mention this when the tattoo suddenly appeared on his chest. It was incredibly detailed, down to the tiniest scale. According to the girl's knowledge, the more detailed the picture in your mind, the more detailed the tattoo on your chest would be. The fact that Bastian could reproduce it almost perfectly on his first try, with his eyes open no less, was astounding. There was only one explanation. Genius! Pure genius! This was not simply a matter of cultivation, but a matter of the soul.

    The tattoo will only remain on your chest for as long as you can picture it. This meant that if the picture in your mind began to fade, then the tattoo would become more and more vague, until eventually it disappeared.

    This wasn't simply a matter of memory. The picture of the dragon was etched on one's soul and was very profound. Even if you had a good memory, bringing it out requires a lot of soul power. Not to mention maintaining it.

    The girl had planned to get Bastian to at least be able to have the ability to bring out the outline of the tattoo by the end of the day. Yet here before her, was a near perfect image on the first try! Being maintained! With eyes opened!

    His soul must be monstrously powerful. No wonder the incado grass couldn't affect him. 

    “Okay now what?” Bastian had been marvelling at the tattoo, but he needed to learn the suppression technique as soon as possible. His question was ignored completely. Irritated Bastian looked up, he saw that the girl had a look of shock on her face. As if she had seen a ghost. Only when Bastian waved his hands in front of her, did she finally wake up.

    Frightened she backed away quickly, her face looking vigilant. She looked at Bastian as if she was looking at a monster. Her vision wandered to his tattoo, then she started getting entranced by it again. Only to forcefully turn her head around and shout like a mad man. “Y-y-you! What the heck are you!”

    Bastian was gobsmacked by her question. He didn't quite understand her question. So he answered her question as best as he could. “Last time I checked I was human. Although these past few days have been a bit odd. Are you alright? You look like your afraid of something.”

    Bastiant felt a sense of déjà vu at this moment. The moment she appeared entranced made him feel like he had experienced this before.

    Her face. Its something about her face. She looked...hypnotized!

    That's when it hit him. She looked hypnotized. He had seen that face plenty of times in his previous life. Since he had obviously not hypnotized her, there was only one explanation.

    The mark! It got to her!

    This was extraordinary. Bastian had only thought the mark would not have any trait, since the girl had said learning how to operate the suppression effect would take days. Now however it seems that's no longer necessary. After realizing what had occurred Bastian removed the mark off his chest and put his shirt back on.

    “Look. I removed the mark. I put my shirt back on. You can look now!” After that, no matter what he would say the girl ignored him. She just curled up into a ball near her pole and would lay there. This continued until night fall. Eventually Bastian stopped caring and went to sleep on the hard ground.

    Sleeping with an empty stomach huh. Reminds me of the good old days.

    That day neither of them had been given any food. Since they were slaves it was not rare for no one to care about them.

    Around midnight Bastian was woken up by the girl. He wanted to know what had happened but she avoided his questions and stressed that they had no time for discussing such things.

    Bastian: “No time? Last time I checked we have quite a few hours left.

    The girl ignored him and sighed. “Listen, now that you have learnt the suppression technique we should make a change in plans.”

    Bastian: “Change? What change?”

    Girl: “Now we can use your mark to take control of the situation. Tomorrow they plan on selling us to a slave trader. They will send someone to collect us. Once they do, you can use your mark to make him into a soul sworn. Most likely it will be Ben. Then we can find a way to escape from there.

    Soul sworn? Bastian did know what that was, they were a group that nobles always used. Once the idea of soul sworn entered his mind, Bastian started having his own ideas.

    As far as he was concerned, even if they escaped tomorrow with some help, they would most likely be caught very quickly again. Not to mention the girl, Bastian was a very valuable slave. Plus Bastian didn't know when but he had been branded.

    A slave brand was a mark that allowed the owner to know of the slave's position. Due to Sebastian's noble upbringing, he was well aware how these worked.

    After he told the girl that her plan wouldn't work they started arguing. Her argument was that this was their only chance to escape, and that escaping from a slave trader was even more Impossible.

    Bastian argued that with the abilities of his mark, he no longer had to worry about that. He just wanted to leave this camp as soon as possible. To him the quickest and best way was to be sold to some noble, who most likely wouldn't be as fortified as these mercenaries. Making his escape much more likely to occur.

    The girl didn't like this idea, for there was a big chance that herself and Bastian would be sold to different people.

    “Don't worry, I have a plan for that. I am also quite sure it will be Ben who picks us up tomorrow. If he became my soul sworn then that part would be simple to deal with.” Bastian explained his plan to the girl. After she had his plan the girl had to admit. It was quite impressive. It had a much better chance to succeed than what she had in mind. 

    She did however force Bastian to make an oath to the heavens that if Ben did show, he would make Ben into his own soul sworn. Bastian agreed and did it without hesitating. After ironing out the details, the two finally decided to sleep.

    Now we are back to our current time. The girl was staring defensively at Bastian and Ben. She wasn't sure what they were up to.

    Bastian: “Here is what I propose: I make an oath to get you and I out of slavery to the best of my ability, and you make an oath to protect my life until I reach my kingdom safely and take back my throne. Both of us will make oaths to never reveal each others secrets. Deal?”

    This was definitely not what she was expecting. She was not only surprised that the boy was a king, he also proposed something that benefited both parties, even though he had the advantage.

    Wait protect? How does he know I can fight?

    Bastian: “If your wondering how I know you can fight, its about your shackles. I only had my legs shackled, yet you had both you arms and legs shackled. Not to mention I can also tell that your shackles are enchanted. Im a noble so I'm very family with enchanted objects.”

    The girl was impressed. His observations were spot on. She was a very strong cultivator, especially for someone her age. Not to mention she had a particular set of skills which made her very dangerous. Even the pole she was tied to wasn't normal. It was made out of magically reinforced wood, and constantly sucked ki out of her body, keeping her weak.

    That's when Ben Interjected. “That's right master. She is a member of the Inkume tribe!”

    Girl: “!!!”

    The Inkume tribe. A tribe that is believed to have existed for thousands of years. It is rumoured that in the past they were a very powerful empire, that had met its end after many other empires united against it, fearing its might. Now it was only a very big tribe, with many hidden villages hidden throughout the Eastern Islands. Although they are only a tribe, Inkume kinsmen were and are still feared throughout the continent, for they are without a doubt the best assassins on the continent.

    Their children are trained In the arts of killing and torture from a young age, their knowledge of the human body was unmatched. Legends say that even a simple handshake from a member of the Inkume tribe can kill you, and after you die, no magic, not even a doctor of the highest caliber, would be able to determine the cause of death.

    They were feared through every land. To get their children to behave, some parents would even tell them stories like ‘if you don't behave the Inkume will come for you at night!’ This name was without a doubt very fearsome.

    Every person on the continent was always told breathe deeply once you have been seen by an Inkume. Running away from one was impossible, and only the strongest of cultivators could deal with them, so if your targeted by one, you are told to enjoy your last breath in this life…

    Inkume, very interesting. What are the odds.

    Sebastian Tirius had also heard about these infamous assassins. In fact you could say he was very knowledgeable about them. Every noble child is educated on various important matters about the continent, the Inkume being one of them. Especially since they usually only target nobles.

    It is not known why, but since this is so, nobles make sure to educate their children about them from young.

    Bastian looked at the girl in curiously. As if this was the first time he had seen her. Since Ben was a soul sworn, it was impossible for him to lie to Bastian. So there was no doubt as to what she was.

    The Inkume were extremely secretive, they were well known to move within the shadows of the night. Even capturing the corpse of one was very difficult. Yet here they had one.

    Ben: “Master, no one else knows this but me.”

    Bastian: “Hhm?”

    Ben: “I found her in a low class brothel. She was poisoned and unconscious, and was about to become a permanent slave there. Thankfully I had seen an Inkume before so I knew how to discern them. They all cultivate a special type of ki. Once you experience it you will never forget it. It is very unique, so when I found that she had that ki, I knew what she was.

    I bought her and brought her here a few days ago. I told the captain that she was just a slave who had been taught cultivation, such a young cultivation slave is quite valuable, so the captain agreed.

    I planned to cut a special deal with the slave dealer after telling him what she really was.”

    This was quite impressive. Bastian saw that not only had the captain not known, but the girl also hadn't known that Ben knew her true identity. She was wandering why he had gone to such extremes in binding her.

    “I thought the Inkume were trained to be immune to most poison. Only the deadliest of poisons can work on them. Why is it that she is still awake?” Bastian couldn't hep but ask Ben. Her people were infamous for their immunity to poisons and torture. 

    “I'm not sure myself. After I chained her up she regained consciousness. I didn't do anything.” Ben himself didn't know what had happened. Both man and boy looked at her, curiosity spilling out of their gazes.

    The girl pouted and looked away. Something told Bastian that even if he wanted to know, as long as she wasnt willing he would get nothing out of her.

    “Anyway if she wants to tell us she will. Right now I need to know if you accept my deal.” As far as Bastian was concerned, her affairs paled in value compared to their current predicament.

    “As long as you tell your thing to walk away, I will happily discuss with you.” The girl looked looked at Ben with disdain. Ben was angry, but Bastian agreed. 

    As soon as Ben was far away enough, the girl started her Inquisition. She wanted to know how Bastian had figured out that not only was she a custodian, she also wanted to know how he had figured out her house rule.

    Bastian: “Its quite simple, although I havn’t been a mark bearer that long, I do know that once you become a custodian you do lose some abilities. Since you offered to teach me how to unleash my mark, you ought to at least have been a mark bearer or have been in close proximity to one yourself. If you were a mark bearer yourself, you would not need to teach me. This pointed to you either being a custodian, a soul sworn or someone who just happened to know a lot about mark bearers.

    I saw that when you mentioned the phrase soul sworn, your face showed signs of contempt. Even after Ben became mine you still showed these signs whenever you looked at him.

    Soul sworn wouldn't despise their own kind. In fact they take pride in their status. This meant that you couldn't be one yourself. This left only two possibilities.”

    The girl took in a breathe of cold air. This thinking, these deductions, his perception. These were not things a boy should be capable of. 

    “That still leaves the other two options, not to mention there are plenty of other ways to know information about mark bearers. What made you think I was a custodian? What brought you to my house rule?” The girl was still very curious, many of her questions were still unanswered.

    “There are plenty of other ways, but how many apply to a little girl? Besides, when you saw my mark, you had a brief moment of recollection. I could clearly see that you had seen one before. Also when I brought the mark before Ben, its effect when I showed him differed from yours. Ben a full grown adult was suppressed far worse than a little girl, if you weren't a custodian then how would that be possible?”

    Incredible! The girl was very impressed. Never had she been impressed by someone her own age to such an extent. 

    Girl: “That's just conjecture!”

    Bastian: “Maybe, but I'm very good at reading faces. I could tell last night that you were desperate to escape, so desperate in fact you were willing to run away even though you would most likely been caught. Last night when I refused your plan we argued for hours. Yet not once did you propose to make Ben into your own soul sworn. There would only be three explanations for this: either you can no longer do so, you have made an oath against such a thing or it is against your house rules.

    I doubt a girl as young as you has over used her soul magic, not to mentioned I saw the disdain you have for them so I doubt you would even have one. This means only the oath and the custodian theory were left. Since it was fifty fifty I took a chance and asked you.”

    In her entire life, this girl had never heard of someone getting so much information given so little. The boy actually looked like a fool, yet his mind was very sharp. This meant there was more to him than meets the eye.

    “Enetty, my name is Enetty.” Bastian saw the look of defeat on her face, he had even been told her name. If an Inkume told you their name, it meant they thought you an equal. Bastian was pleased by this.

    “Sebastian, my name is Sebastian.” After exchanging names both felt that the atmosphere between them was now better.

    “When we are around other people you have to call me something else.” Bastian was already expecting this so he replied quickly. “V I'm going to call you V”

    V: “Oh, that name has significance with you.”

    Bastian: “You could say that. Oh by the way do you know what Inkume means?

    V: “I'm not sure. The last of those who knew what that means died centuries ago.”

    Bastian: “Well I know of a language were that word has a meaning.” 

    V was rather doubtful. How could a sheltered noble like him know something about her own tribe that her own ancestors didn't even know, but she decided to humour him anyway. “Well your Highness, please enlighten your humble body guard. What does the name of my very ancient clan mean?”

    Bastian grinned at the girls sarcastic tone. He stretcheed his arms and relaxed like he had no worry in the world.



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