[problem] The Video Ads on Mobile

I'm not 100% sure this problem concerns the video ads, but... Well, I'll just get into it. 

I'm using safari on an iphone

When going onto any page, if there's music in the background, it will completely stop the music 99/100 times. By completely stop, I mean I have to exit safari, go on whatever music app I'm using, and restart the music. As you can guess, repeating this process every time you
load a page is extremely, EXTREMELY, annoying. 

Besides the music thing, there is also a possibly even more, rather infuriating problem. If the video ad starts, it won't end until you delete the page or completely shut down safari. What I mean by this is that the video ad will continue to play even while your phone is off, causing your battery to die faster than those who can't see Mt Tai. Before, my battery was knocked down to 30% from 100% after just sitting in my pocket for 20 minutes. 

Also, during those twenty minutes, my phone became so hot that it felt as if it had been sitting in the summer heat for hours. 

I'm totally fine with you guys trying to earn more, WW definitely deserves any income it receives. However, having to constantly restart music, an even more ridiculous battery drain than before (and by god that is alarming), and making my phone feel like it'll overheat is a bit too much. It's grown annoying enough for me to want to pull my hair out or just leave the site until things get better. 

Fuu... Sorry, I guess this was kind of a rant, but this stuff has seriously been bugging me for a long time. 

Thank you for reading! 


  • There should be no video ads on mobile at all -,-.  Let me look into this.  I agree that this is ridiculous.
  • RWX said:
    There should be no video ads on mobile at all -,-.  Let me look into this.  I agree that this is ridiculous.
    The video ads have increased by a lot on mobile. Now, sometimes, every ad box is a video ad. Aside from what was mentioned above, the pages that load so many of the video ads lag horribly and often times are forcibly reloaded. There is also a video ad that forced me to the bottom of the page, or at least it seemed like it did (only happened once so far). 
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