A Thought Through Eternity [一念永恒] by ErGen [耳根]

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A Thought Through Eternity  [一念永恒]  is a Chinese Web Novel written by Er Gen [耳根], the very same author that brought to you I Shall Seal The Heaven, Renegade Immortal and Pleading the Demon.

With the recent completion of ISSTH, Er Gen took a break of 2 months and has now came back with his new novel - A Moment of Eternity.

The novel is brand new and the first chapter came out today (28 April 2016), so sit tight and enjoy the ride.


With a thought, the seas become dry;
With a thought, the lands become barren.
With a thought, a thousand demons are slayed;
With a thought, a million immortals are punished.

With my thought ...... eternity.

I have joined the translators at Xianxia Tales from Chapter 3 onwards. All chapters henceforth are credited to them and their respective translators and team.


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    Chapter 1 – His Name is Bai Xiao Chun

    Mao-er Mountain, situated within the Eastern Forest Mountain Range. At the bottom of the mountain lies a village separated from the rest of the world; its villagers farm for a living and live very simple and ordinary lives.

    Dawn. At the entrance of the village, every single villager, old or young, have gathered to send off a teenager that looks about fifteen or sixteen years old. The teenager’s body may be thin and weak, but his looks are clean and pure, and give off a look of obedience. Even though the shirt he is wearing is just an ordinary one, but it was washed to a pristine white. And when worn atop the teenager, the shirt coupled with his pure gaze, seem to exude a sense of spirit and intelligence.

    His name is Bai Xiao Chun.

    “Elders and friends, I may be going to be cultivating to become an immortal, but I can’t bear to part with you guys.” The youth said with face full of longing and dismay, serving to make his original look of obedience more down-to-earth.

    The surrounding villagers all turned to look at each other and immediately put on expressions of longing.

    “Xiao Chun, your parents left you at a very young age, and you…..you are a good child!! Don’t you want longevity? Once you cultivate to become an immortal, you can live for a very very long time. Be on your way child, even eagles have a day where they grow old and leave their nests.” A white-haired elder walked out among the crowd and hesitated a moment when he mentioned ‘good child’.

    “No matter what challenges you face outside, remember to always persevere. Once you walk out of this village, then don’t come back anymore, because only when you keep going forward could you achieve a bright future!” The old man patted the teenager on the shoulders and said with a kind look upon his face.

    “Longevity….”Bai Xiao Chun’s body trembled at that thought as his gaze slowly became more and more determined. Under the encouraging gazes of the surrounding villages, he nodded his head strongly, took one last deep look at the villages, turned his body resolutely and slowly made his way out of the village.

    Watching the receding silhouette of the boy, the villages can’t help but feel excitement boiling within. The gazes of longing were immediately replaced by that of happiness. The old man who previously had a kind look upon his face can only shudder in joy as tears fall from his eyes.

    “Heaven is fair! This troublemaker, he is finally……finally gone! Whoever told him that they saw an immortal nearby, you have really done a service to this village!”

    “This troublemaker is finally willing to leave! My poor chickens, just because this brat is scared of the chicken’s croak, god knows what method he used to instigate a group of children to eat chicken meat until this village does not have a single chicken left……”

    “This calls for a celebration!” Cheers of joy erupted throughout the small village. Some villagers even took out drums and happily started to beat on them.

    Outside the village, Bai Xiao Chun had not left for long when he heard the sounds of joy and drumbeats resounding from within the village.

    He immediately stopped in his tracks with a weird expression on his face. He coughed dryly and continued his journey up Mao-er Mountain accompanied by the raucous drumbeats and cheers.

    Although Mao-er Mountain isn’t tall, it is filled with an abundance of shrubs and hence, even though it was dawn, the surroundings still look like a mass of black patches and was extremely quiet.

    “According to what Er-gou said, he was being chased by a wild boar a few days ago when he saw an immortal fly past him in the sky……”Bai Xiao Chun’s heart palpitated nervously as he continued walking up the mountain path.

    All of a sudden, a rustling noise arose from the shrubs by the side, as if a wild boar was there. The sudden commotion made the already nervous Bai Xiao Chun to break out into cold sweat.

    “Who, who’s there!” Bai Xiao Chun rapidly took out 2 pairs of axes and 3 pairs of machetes from his travel pack. Still feeling uneasy, he continued to take out a small black-coloured incense from his pouch and held on to it for his dear life.

    “I’m warning you, you’d better not come out. I have axes, machetes, and this incense right here can call upon the thunders from the sky, summon the deities to descend. If you dare show yourself, I will strike you to death!” Bai Xiao Chun shouted with a shaky voice as he hugged his weapons and half-stumbled and half-crawled his way up the mountain path, not caring the clinks and clonks made by axes and machetes he dropped along the way.

    Perhaps Bai Xiao Chun’s warning really did work; the rustling sound immediately disappeared and no wild boar was chasing after him. Bai Xiao Chun wiped the sweat of his pale face, with thoughts of giving up running through his mind. But once he thought about the incense which his parents left for him before they passed away, he remembered how it was left behind by a distressed immortal who was saved by his ancestors. Apparently, the immortal gave this incense stick as compensation before he left and even said that he will come and take in one descendent of the Bai family as his disciple should the incense be lit.

    But up till now, Bai Xiao Chun has lit the incense over ten times and still has not caught a glimpse of the said immortal; this made him suspicious as to whether the immortal would really come. The reason why Bai Xiao Chun made up his mind this time round was firstly, the incense stick does not have much left, and secondly, he heard from the villagers that they saw a immortal fly past the skies days before.

    And so Bai Xiao Chun came here today, in hopes to be nearer to the immortal; perhaps the immortal had already detected him.

    After a moment of hesitation, Bai Xiao Chun gritted his teeth and pressed on in his journey up the mountain. Luckily the mountain was not a tall one and not long after, Bai Xiao Chun reached the peak whilst panting heavily. Standing upon the peak of the mountain, he gazed down upon the village with a look of lament. He then look down and stared at the black incense in his hands; its size no bigger than a fingernail, as if it had been lighted several times with not much left.

    “It’s been three years already, father mother please bless me, I must succeed this time round!” Bai Xiao Chun took in a deep breath as he carefully lighted the incense stick.

    Immediately, the surrounding wind turned violent, and the skies filled endlessly with grey ominous clouds. A flash of lightning ran across the sky as the roaring sounds of thunder exploded by the ears of Bai Xiao Chun.

    The deafening noise and oppressive atmosphere made shivers run down the spine of Bai Xiao Chun; giving him a feeling that he could be struck by lightning at any moment as he struggled to fight the urge of putting out the lighted incense with just a simple spit.

    “Three years, I have lighted this incense for twelve times, and this time is the thirteenth. This time I must hang on, don’t be afraid Xiao Chun, it’s not that easy to get struck by the lightning……”Bai Xiao Chun reminisced the twelve times he lighted this incense over the past three years; each time brought forth a similar situation of thunder and lightning storms but the immortal was nowhere to be seen. Each time the frightened him can only spit out his saliva to put out the flame on the incense. And though the incense looks extraordinary, but in reality its flame gets extinguished easily by water like all other incense sticks.

    And as Bai Xiao Chun waited with his heart pounding ferociously under the barrage of the thunderstorm; at a place not too far from here, a prismatic beam streaked across the sky rapidly towards him.

    Within the prismatic beam was a middle-aged man, dressed elegantly and exuding a sagely aura. However, he looks as if he has been travelling for a long time, and even on closer inspection, one could see the exhaustion in his eyes.

    “I want to see, just what kind of guy, can take three years just to light one bloody incense stick!”

    Looking back on his experience these three years, the middle aged man can only feel exasperation. Three years ago, he felt the incense that he gave while he was still in the Qi-Condensation realm being lighted and immediately remembered the favor that he once promised in the mortal world.

    He did not take long to fly out to search for the incense scent, expecting to be back in a jiffy. Who knew, just as he left, the incense scent immediately disappeared and he lost connection with it. If it was just this once then the middle aged man would not have bothered so much about it, but for these 3 years, the scent continuously appeared over ten times.

    This resulted in him making trips to and fro for an entire three years; searching high and low for the scent before it gets interrupted again.

    And now, from a distance away, he saw the Mao-er Mountain and Bai Xiao Chun standing on the peak of it. Gathering his energy, he burst forward and landed on top of the mountain peak. With a wave of his hand, that incense which had almost burned into nothingness was instantly extinguished.

    The moment when the deafening thunder claps disappeared, Bai Xiao Chun was stunned for a moment. He lifted his head and looked around him, only to find a middle aged man standing next to him.

    “Immortal?”Bai Xiao Chun carefully opened his mouth and asked, feeling a little unsure as the secretly picked up an ax behind his back.

    “My name is Li Qing Hou, are you a descendent of the Bai family?” the middle-aged cultivator gave an electrifying gaze as he checked out Bai Xiao Chun from head to toe, completely ignoring the ax behind the boy’s back. Bright eyes, sharp features, somewhat similar to the old friend in his memory, and an above-average talent; the middle-aged cultivator felt his exasperation ease a little.

    “This young one here is indeed a descendant of the Bai family, Bai Xiao Chun.” Bai Xiao Chun blinked his eyes and quietly said. Although he still felt a little fear inside, he still tried his best to straighten his back.

    “I ask you, simply lighting one incense stick, why did you light it for three whole years?!” the middle-aged cultivator lightly opened his mouth and asked the burning question that had plagued him for these three years.

    The gears in Bai Xiao Chun’s head started spinning rapidly the moment he heard the question. Gazing at the village a distant away at the bottom of the mountain, Bai Xiao Chun put on an expression of melancholy.

    “This junior has always been a sentimental and loyal person, and once I think about leaving those friends and elders of mine, my heart breaks a little and I can’t bear to part with them. Every time I light the incense, they too would be unwilling to watch me leave. Even back in the village now, they are still feeling sad over my departure this morning.”

    The middle-aged cultivator was stunned for a moment, this was a reason that he never thought of before. The exasperation in his eyes eased even further, based on what Bai Xiao Chun words, he could see that the boy had a commendable character.

    However, when his eyes fell upon the village at the bottom of the mountain, he swept his divine sense across and heard the cheers of happiness, the joyful drum playing and shouts of ‘the troublemaker is finally gone’. His face immediately darkened and felt a headache come over him. To think that behind the down-to-earth, innocent and naïve face of Bai Xiao Chun hid a heart of playfulness and craftiness.

    “Speak the truth!” the middle-aged cultivator stared fiercely with a voice like the rumble of a thunder, sending shivers down Bai Xiao Chun’s spine.

    “You can’t blame me, what kind of broken incense brings forth a thunder storm each time it is lit. I almost got struck by lightning a few times. Honestly, for me to be still alive after thirteen times is not an easy feat already.” Bai Xiao Chun said miserably.

    The middle-aged cultivator looked at Bai Xiao Chun and was speechless for a moment.

    “Since you are so scared then why do you still force yourself to light it over ten times?” the middle-aged cultivator asked.

    “That’s because I’m scared of death, don’t you get longevity if you cultivate of become an immortal? I want to live forever.” Bai Xiao Chun replied despondently.

    The middle-aged cultivator was speechless once again. However, he felt that this boy had a commendable spirit, and as long as this boy gets thrown into a sect for some training, his character might be molded into something better.

    Without a word, the middle-aged cultivator waved his long sleeve, wrapped Bai Xiao Chun in a prismatic beam and streaked towards the horizon.

    “Come with me.”

    “To where? And isn’t this a little too high……”Bai Xiao Chun face turned pale as he looked at the thousands of feet of nothingness with him and the ground. He immediately threw away the ax in his hands and tightly hugged on to the leg of the immortal for his dear life.

    The middle-aged looked at his leg and helplessly opened his mouth.

    “Sprit Valley Sect.”

     This concludes the first chapter and do let me know if there is anything I can improve in my translations.

  • Oh fantastic you're doing this novel! I was wondering who would pick it up. Hmm, maybe a couple things I'd note:
    - Bai Xiaochun 
    - Switches from deity to immortal halfway through?
    - Spirit River Sect? :D
  • thanks for the release
  • Hi thanks for your support and comments.

    I have made some changes, namely

    deity > immortal

    Spirit River Sect > Spirit Valley Sect.

    would you guys prefer Xiao Chun or Xiaochun for the main character's name?

    And lastly, chapter 2 is on the way, currently in translation!!
  • @killerwhale ;

    Thanks for the translation. I personally prefer Xiaochun for the MC's name. Up to your discretion. I think there are currently at least 3 people translating this novel, have you talked with them about who will be doing so into the future? I know there's a lot of hype behind it because it's Er Gen-sensei's new work but I don't think we should ruin it by turning into a clusterf*ck. 

    Personally I prefer your version.

    Once again thanks and G'day.
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    Chapter 2 – Fire House Kitchen *

    *i.e. kitchen but Er Gen being himself, had to make a fanciful name.

    Spirit Valley Sect, situated within the Eastern Forest Continent, is located at the downstream of the Babel* River. Established on both the northern and southern shores of the Babel River, the Spirit Valley Sect is already a renowned name with a history of over 10 000 years.

    *Literal meaning was Heaven-accessing river, google translate gave me Babel and other dictionaries gave Celestial. Do let me know which you prefer!

    8 towering mountains with clouds circling around its fearsome peaks line the horizon of the Babel River; of which 4 sits on the northern shore and 3 sits on the southern shore. As for the last, the most majestic one of all, it sits directly upon the centre atop the Babel River.

    This mountain, from the mid-point onwards, was already covered by white misty clouds, leaving one to wonder just how high up the peak was. One could only the bottom half of the mountain, which had been dug through to let the shimmering waters of the river to flow through, as if it was simply a mountain bridge if one did not look close enough.

    Right at this moment, outside the southern shore of the Spirit Valley Sect, a prismatic beam shot across the sky, within it was the middle-aged cultivator Li Qing Hou and Bai Xiao Chun. As they entered the main area of the 3rd Peak, one could vaguely hear the terrified screams of Bai Xiao Chun coming from within the prismatic beam.

    Bai Xiao Chun felt terrified to death; throughout the journey, he saw countless of mountains and even felt the grip on the middle-aged cultivator’s leg come loose a few times.

    When the blurry images before him had become clear, Bai Xiao Chun already found himself on the ground, legs trembling, surrounded by a world vastly different from his village.

    Before him stood a building with the words “Miscellaneous Affairs Area” inscribed on a huge stone tablet beside the structure.

    At the side of the stone tablet sat a pock-marked face girl who immediately stood up to greet Li Qing Hou upon seeing him arriving.

    “Send this boy to the Fire House Kitchen.” Li Qing Hou simply left a sentence, turned into a prismatic beam and left, completely ignoring Bai Xiao Chun.

    The pock-marked face girl seemed stunned for a moment when she heard the 3 words ‘Fire House Kitchen’. She swept a gaze over Bai Xiao Chun, gave him a cloth bag with the Sect’s miscellaneous stuff, went over a few instructions in an expressionless manner and led Bai Xiao Chun out of the Miscellaneous Affairs building.

    Along the way, pavilions after pavilions littered across the road like trees in a forest, with countless of buildings and penthouses and even pathways made from marble stones. With the fragrance from the flora and fauna as if it was the Garden of Eden, the trepidation and anxiety that Bai Xiao Chun was feeling lessened.

    “What a great place! This is so much better than the village!” Anticipation filled Bai Xiao Chun’s eyes as the further in he walked, the more beautiful the scenery becomes. When a few cute girls walked past him, Bai Xiao Chun immediately felt a great affection for this place.

    Not long after, Bai Xiao Chun’s already good mood instantly brightened up even further when he saw a 7-storey building with its entire body craved to a glistening perfection, with even a few cranes soaring above it in the sky.

    “Senior sister, are we here?” Bai Xiao Chun immediately asked with excitement.

    “En*, just there.” the expressionless pock-marked face girl blandly replied, and pointed towards a small path towards the side.

    *En is the sound someone makes when agreeing to something. Like the um and ah that we make sometimes in our speeches. Close to what ‘yup’/’yea’ would be in English.

    Bai Xiao Chun followed the direction of the finger with anticipated looks and instantly froze on the spot. He rubbed his eyes and took another closer look, only to see the small path littered with cracks, its surroundings even more dilapidated, with a few grass huts standing precariously and a strange smell wafting from within.

    Bai Xiao Chun held back his tears, praying to whatever gods he believed, turned and asked the pock-marked face girl.

    “Senior sister, you must have made mistake……”

    “Nope.” The pock-marked face girl bluntly replied and walked ahead onto the small path. After Bai Xiao Chun heard that, he felt as if all the perfect heaven before him had shattered into pieces. Nonetheless, he grudgingly followed the girl with a bitter look on his face.

    Not too far in, Bai Xiao Chun saw a few big black woks swaying from side to side at the end of the dilapidated path. On a closer look, he saw that under each and every big black wok was a big fatty. And it was not just any average fatty, especially the biggest one of them all looked as if it was a few meat mountains put together, with oil gushing out if one were to squeeze him  hard enough.

    Surrounding those few fatties was a few hundred big woks, and these fatties were busy filling the water and putting in the rice.

    Sensing the arrival of someone, and especially after seeing the pock-marked face girl, the enormous meat mountain immediately showed a face of surprise. He carried the ladle he was holding and wasted no time in running towards her, shaking the ground with his heavy steps; not forgetting the waves that rippled through his layers of fat as he ran. Bai Xiao Chun watched speechless with his jaws wide open and subconsciously moved his hand to grab for his axe at his waist.

    “Just this morning I have heard the birds chirping joyously, they must have sensed that sister was coming. Don’t tell me sister you changed your mind and want to be my Dao partner after realising my charms?” the meat mountain eyes glinted with lust as he said passionately whilst running.

    “I’m here to send this boy to the Fire House Kitchen, nothing more. Since he is here, I shall take my leave!” the pock-marked face girl immediately darkened her expression with hints of frustration upon seeing the meat mountain and quickly retreated.

    Bai Xiao Chun sucked in a deep breath, he did notice the pock-marked face girl, but her looks are simply the work of a demented devil. God knows what kind of taste in women this big fatty has to even show this lustful look on his face.

    Still lost in his thoughts, the meat mountain was already panting in front of Bai Xiao Chun, completely blocking out all the sunlight and covering him in the shadow.

    Bai Xiao Chun raised his head to look at this immensely huge figure before him whose flesh and meat was still shuddering. Bai Xiao Chun involuntarily gulped down a ball of saliva; this was his first time in his entire life seeing someone so fat.

    The meat mountain took back his bitter look at the receding figure of the girl and turned to check Bai Xiao Chun out.

    “Ho ho, to think that there is a newcomer, to be able to kick out Xu Bao Cai who was supposed to come instead, this one is not simple ah.”

    “Senior brother, this young one…….young one is Bai Xiao Chun……” Bai Xiao Chun unconsciously retreated a few steps in the presence of the pressure exuded by the monstrous figure before him.

    “Bai Xiao Chun*? En…….white skin, small, cute, looks are kinda innocent too. Not bad not bad. Your name rather fit my tastes.” The meat mountain’s eyes immediately brightened as he patted Bai Xiao Chun on the shoulders, almost knocking him over.

    *Literally, Bai (白)= white, Xiao (小) = small, Chun (纯)= pure/innocent

    “And how may I address you, Senior brother?” Bai Xiao Chun took in a deep breath, rolled his eyes and looked at the meat mountain with contempt; deep down secretly swearing to joke about this fatty’s name.

    “You can call me Big Fatty Zhang, over there is 2nd Fatty Huang, then 3rd Fatty Hei……” the meat mountain chuckled.

    Upon hearing the names and seeing each and every one of them, Bai Xiao Chun immediately abandoned the idea of joking about their names.

    “As for you, from now on you will be called 9th Fatty Bai……but oh my, Junior brother, you are too thin! If you went out like this you will bring shame to the name of the Fire House Kitchen! Actually, don’t worry, in at most a year, you will become fat too, and by then you can be called 9th Fatty Bai.” Big Fatty Zhang patted on his chest confidently, causing the immense fat meat to go into another round of wobbling.

    Upon hearing the name 9th Fatty Bai, Bai Xiao Chun immediately felt salty tears oozing out from the corner of his eyes.

    “Since you are our 9th junior brother, then you from now on you are one of us. We, the Fire House Kitchen, all along have the tradition of carrying woks on our back. You see this wok on my back? It is the king of all woks, forged from essence of steel, craved with the Earth-fire array; simply using this wok to cook spirit rice will yield a taste that far exceeds any other ordinary woks. Come, you must now choose a wok too, only when you carry a wok on your back will you look as impressive as us.” Big Fatty Zhang gave his wok a good pat as he started his words of praise.

    “Senior brother, this matter of carrying woks, can I just forget about it……” Bai Xiao Chun immediately asked upon looking at the wok on Big Fatty Zhang’s back as images of him carry a big black wok flooded his mind.

    “How can that be possible? Carrying woks is the tradition of the Firs House Kitchen, and in the future, whenever people see you walking around in this sect with a wok on your back, they will immediately know you are from the Fire House Kitchen and wouldn’t dare to bully you. We, the Fire house Kitchen; have a background that they can’t afford to mess with!” Big Fatty Zhang blinked his eyes at Bai Xiao Chun and without hesitation, led Bai Xiao Chun to the back of the grass hut, where over thousands of woks were littered and stacked across. Of which many had layers of dust on it, evident that it’s been a long time since someone last came here.

    “9th junior brother, just take your pick! We are gonna start cooking now, if we delay any further those outer sect disciples are going to complain again.” Big Fatty Zhang gave a shout, turned and left to join the other fatties.

    Bai Xiao Chun looked at the piles and piles of wok and gave a sigh of defeat. Just as he was choosing between the woks, a wok hidden at the corner beneath the pile caught his eye.

    This wok was a little special, it was not circular, but was oval-shaped instead; hence, it looked more like a tortoise shell instead of a wok. If one looked closely, one could even vaguely see faint lines inscribed on the wok.

    “Eh?” Bai Xiao Chun eyes brightened as he hastily walked towards the wok, bend over to get a closer look and took it out. After getting a better look at the wok, Bai Xiao Chun showed a satisfied expression on his face.

    Since young, Bai Xiao Chun had always like tortoises, as tortoises were symbols of longevity, and his whole purpose of cultivating to be an immortal was for longevity. And now that this tortoise shell-like wok had caught his eye, he immediately took a liking to it and believed it to be an auspicious sign.

    After carrying this wok out, Big Fatty Zhang immediately came running over with a ladle in his hand.

    “9th junior brother, of all the woks, why did you choose this one? This wok was left there since god knows when and no one has used it before. Because it looks like a tortoise shell hence no one ever chose to wear it on their backs…… 9th junior brother, you sure about this?” Big Fatty Zhang rubbed his tummy as he gave his kind-hearted advice.

    “Yup, I’m choosing this wok.” Bai Xiao Chun said with resolution as he looked fondly upon the wok.

    Big Fatty Zhang tried to dissuade Bai Xiao Chun further, but seeing the determined look in his eyes, Big Fatty Zhang could only look weirdly at Bai Xiao Chun and spoke no further. After arranging the accommodation for Bai Xiao Chun to stay at one of the grass huts, Big Fatty Zhang left to continue his work.

    As the sun begun to set, Bai Xiao Chun was closely inspecting his tortoise wok in the grass hut. He found that the wok had about 10 over faint lines that were had to spot if one did not pay attention to it.

    Immediately, he felt that this wok was definitely no ordinary wok. Carefully placing it on the stove, Bai Xiao Chun started to check out his new home. The room was a simple one – a single bed, a set of table and chair, a mirror hung on the war. Unbeknownst to Bai Xiao Chun, while he was looking around the room, the seeming plain and ordinary wok flashed with a streak of purple light.

    For Bai Xiao Chun, the day’s events were simply too much for him to handle, even though he had finally arrived in the world of immortals that he always dreamed of, he was still a little shocked and in disbelief over it.

    A moment later, he took in a deep breath and with eyes shining with anticipation,

    “I want to live forever!” Bai Xiao Chun took out the cloth bag that was given to him by the pock-marked face girl at the Miscellaneous Affairs area and started to look through it.

    In it was a single pill, a wooden sword, an incense stick, some clothes and identification tokens, and lastly, a bamboo book, on it wrote:

    “Purple Qi Cauldron Wielding Art* – Qi Condensation Chapter”

    *Let me know if you have a better name

    Dusk. While Big Fatty Zhang and his crew were busy in the Fire House Kitchen, Bai Xiao Chun was looking through his bamboo book with eyes of eagerness. He had come all the way here for longevity and first step towards that goal was right here – in his hands. After a few deep breaths, Bai Xiao Chun opened the bamboo book and started reading it carefully.

    Instantly, Bai Xiao Chun eyes shone with excitement. The bamboo book contained 3 pictures, and according to its introduction, cultivation is split into realms – Qi Condensation and Foundation Establishment. And this Purple Qi Cauldron Wielding Art can be split into 10 levels, each level corresponding to each level of the Qi Condensation Realm.

    At the first level, one could wield and control external objects for one’s own use. At the third level, one could wield objects almost half the weight of a cauldron; on the sixth level, one could wield object more than half the weight of a cauldron and at the ninth level, one could control the weight of a full cauldron. As for the tenth level and full mastery of the skill, one could wield objects the weight of 2 full cauldrons.

    *I assume people measure weight/strength by cauldrons in this story

    However, the bamboo book only detailed the first 3 levels of the skill, and to practise in this art, one had to follow specific actions and breathing patterns in order to master this Purple Qi Cauldron Wielding Art.

    Bai Xiao Chun immediately focused himself, steadied his breathing, closed his eyes and followed the movement on the first picture of the bamboo book. Holding the pose for only 3 breaths, Bai Xiao Chun let out a shriek as he felt pain coursing throughout his body. Not only was he unable to maintain the pose, but he also lacked enough lung capacity to sustain the breathing pattern needed.

    “This is too difficult, Right here it states that as one practise this first picture, one should be able to feel a strand of Qi faintly swimming through the body. But other than pain, I could hardly feel anything else.” Bai Xiao Chun felt distressed by his plight.

    But for the sake of longevity, Bai Xiao Chun gritted his teeth and tried over and over again. Stumbling and shrieking till it was evening, Bai Xiao Chun still haven’t felt that strand of Qi in his body.

    Unbeknownst to him, even if it was a exceedingly talented person, without external help and training alone, one would still need at least a month’s time to master this first level of the Purple Qi Cauldron Wielding Art. And Bai Xiao Chun who used merely a few hours, needless to say, will not be able to sense any Qi yet.

    Feeling the ache from head to toe, Bai Xiao Chun stretched lazily and was about to freshen himself up when suddenly a rattle of loud noises came from outside the door. Bai Xiao Chun stuck his head out through the window and immediately saw a yellow-faced skinny young man standing with an expression purple with anger outside the door of the Fire House Kitchen courtyard.

    “Who was the one who took over the spot that belongs to me, Xu Bao Cai*. You better get the hell out right now!”

    *In ancient China, people tend to address themselves in a 3rd person POV from time to time. It’s part of their manner of speech.

    This concludes the second chapter, do let me know if there's anything to improve on! I will proofread and edit this after a good night's sleep. Thanks!

  • Thanks for the translation , I'm currently reading all 3 differents translations of this story and your quality is really good , but I think in the long run it would be hard for you to translate as many as 2 chapters per day ( given Er Gen's writting speed) , so talking wither-gen-er-ation people may be a good thing.
    Again thanks for your work because this novel seems as hard as ISSTH/Xian Ni to translate ( especially alone)
  • Hey Killerwhale, I'd just like to extend an invitation to you to join our Great Alliance in translating Er Gen's new novel. We, the collaborative translators at Xianxia Tales, would love to have you join us.
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  • Chapter 3 – The Six Truths

    The moment Bai Xiaochun peeked his head outside, the dirty and skinny-looking youth instantly saw him. His eyes landed on Bai Xiaochun’s face with an overbearing deamanor.

    “You, you’re the one who stole my spot!”

    “It wasn’t me!” Bai Xiaochun didn’t have enough time to shrink away, and thus he was forced to adopt an innocent demeanor.

    “Lies. With your scrawny body and small head, it’s obvious that you’re new!” Baocai said as he clenched his fist and glared at Xiao Baichun.

    “This truly doesn’t relate to me,” Bai Xiaochun whispered, feeling wronged. He glared at Xu Baocai with a fury that seemed as if it was about to explode forth.

    “I don’t care. You and I will fight to the death in three days at the hill to the south of the sect. If you win, I shall endure this humiliation… but if you lose, that spot shall belong to me.” Xu Baocai announced in a loud voice. He then withdrew a blood red letter from his breast pocket, throwing it directly onto the windowsill in front of Bai Xiaochun. On it, the word ‘kill’ was densely written countless times in blood.

    Bai Xiaochun glanced at the countless number of bloody words on the letter and felt a murderous aura that shook him to the bone. That, coupled with the life-and-death challenge, made Bai Xiaochun suck in a breath of air.

    “Senior Brother, how big of a matter is this? Using your own blood, you wrote so many words… Just how painful was that?”

    “How big of a matter is this? In these past few years I’ve cut down on my expenses, and in doing so, I have managed to save up seven years’ worth of Spirit Stones — seven years! Let me repeat, exactly seven years! I gave them to the minister out of respect, and only then did I barely manage to receive the qualifications to enter the Hearthfire Kitchen. Yet, you just had to cut right in front of me. You and I are irreconcilable enemies! Three days from now, one of us must die!” Xu Baocai exclaimed frenziedly, gnashing his teeth.

    “I’m not going then.” Bai Xiaochun hurriedly picked up the blood letter with his fingertips and proceeded to throw it out the window.

    “You!” Just as Xu Baocai was about to explode, he felt the ground tremble, and a meat mountain suddenly appeared beside him. Oblivious to when it had happened, Senior Fatty Zhang was already standing there and inspecting Xu Baocai with cold eyes.

    “Ninth Fatty, go and scrub bowls with your Second Senior Brother. As for you, don’t make such a loud ruckus here. Go play at the side.” As Senior Fatty Zhang waved his hand, whistling winds surged.

    Xu Baocai’s expression changed, and he took a few consecutive steps back. He had wanted to say something, yet after seeing Senior Fatty Zhang, he held it in. In the end, he looked at Bai Xiaochun with venomous eyes, before he angrily left.

    Bai Xiaochun pondered for a moment. He felt that that person’s departing gaze was too malicious, and in order to play it safe, he decided that it was best to not casually leave the Hearthfire Kitchen. By staying there, Xu Baocai wouldn’t dare to come in.  

    Several days passed by in a flash. Bai Xiaochun had slowly begun to adapt to the work expected of the Hearthfire Kitchen. At night, he would practice the Violet Qi Cauldron Technique. Unfortunately, his progress was slow, and no matter what he did, he was unable to last for more than four seconds. It was a matter which frustrated Bai Xiaochun a lot.

    One night while he was cultivating, he suddenly heard the excited voices of the senior fatties coming from within the Hearthfire Kitchen.

    “The gate is closing! The gate is closing! Second Fatty Huang, hurry up and come back!”

    “Third Fatty Hei, make sure no one is spying on us!”

    Bai Xiaochun stared blankly. This time, he had learned to be smart; he didn’t look out through the window, but through the door cracks. When he looked outside, however, he saw a few, incomparably agile fatties running into the courtyard, as if they were flying – mysteriously busy. [1]

    Very quickly, the gates of the Hearthfire Kitchen were shut tight. An unknown method was used, actually creating a thin layer of mist which made the few fatties’ silhouettes become even more mysterious.

    Bai Xiaochun stared for a long time until the few fatties had disappeared, having fled inside. Rather mysteriously, they encircled a thatched hut together. Even with the mist separating them, he could still clearly distinguish the mighty Fatty Zhang’s silhouette as he seemed to be speaking in a low voice. For secrets such as this, he felt that less he knew, the better. Therefore, he took several steps back and strived to act as though he had not seen anything.

    But right at that moment, Big Fatty Zhang’s voice resounded.

    “Ninth Fatty, in the end, you’ve already seen it. Hurry up and join us.” The voice wasn’t loud as it had been intentionally suppressed.

    Bai Xiaochun blinked. He exposed a lovable expression, making him seem as harmless as livestock, as he walked over.

    The moment he approached, Big Fatty Zhang grabbed him and brought Bai Xiaochun to his side as the few fatties by his side surrounded him. Immediately, he caught onto a scent that stood out from the rest. Breathing in, the scent into countless warm currents as it spread throughout his body.

    He saw that the others all had pleasurable expressions on their faces. Bai Xiaochun’s was shocked when he saw that within Big Fatty Zhang’s hand, he held a lingzhi mushroom that was the size of an infant’s head. The large lingzhi mushroom was sparkling and pure. From just a single glance, it could be discerned that it was definitely not ordinary. [2]

    “Ninth Junior Brother. Here, have a bite.” Big Fatty Zhang said as he glanced at Bai Xiaochun and passed the lingzhi mushroom over.

    “Ah?” Bai Xiaochun looked at the lingzhi mushroom as he shifted his gaze onto the several Fatty Senior Brothers. Seeing Bai Xiaochun hesitate, Big Fatty Zhang immediately grew angry and displayed an expression as if he was saying ‘if you don’t eat it, you won’t hear the end of this’.

    Besides him, even the surrounding Second Junior Fatty Huang and Third Junior Fatty Hei were also staring at him with the same look.

    Bai Xiaochun swallowed a mouthful of saliva. Such a precious and priceless lingzhi mushroom was actually given to him like a drumstick and then he was even encouraged to take a bite. It was a good deal, and if he didn’t accept it, there would be a fall out. He had dreamed of situations like this before, but this was the first time he experienced this in reality.

    Bai Xiaochun’s heart beat wildly as he clenched his teeth and received the lingzhi mushroom and resolutely bit a mouthful of it. The lingzhi mushroom melted the moment it entered his mouth and fused into his body. The pleasurable sensation that was countless times stronger than before made Bai Xiaochun’s face turn red.

    “Good. You’re one of us now that you’ve eaten this hundred year lingzhi mushroom that Elder Sun was going to use for soup.” Big Fatty Zhang had a satisfied expression on his face as he bit, eating a small portion before he threw it over to the next fatty. Very quickly, everyone had bitten it, removing a whole fold from the lingzhi mushroom. When they looked at Bai Xiaochun, they all had a smile that had acknowledged him as one of them.

    Bai Xiaochun let out a gentle laugh. It was obvious that he had followed their bad examples. He had thought that these senior brothers who all ate to this level of obesity had no problem, and had assumed that these kinds of eating habits were safe. It was no wonder that Xu Baocai wanted to challenge him to a duel and wrote all of those words involving murder……

    “Senior Brother, this lingzhi mushroom mushroom is really delicious. I’ve eaten to the point where my entire body is feeling feverish.” Bai Xiaochun licked his lips, anxiously waiting as he looked towards Big Fatty Zhang.

    When Big Fatty Zhang heard these words, his eyes lit up and he let out a hearty laugh. From his bosom he fished out one Solomon’s Seal flower in an incomparably straightforward manner, handing it over to Bai Xiaochun.

    “Junior Brother. Now you know how good this place is. Senior Brother didn’t deceive you before. Eat. In the future you will strive to eat until you’re full!”

    Bai Xiaochun’s eyes lit up, and he accepted a large mouthful of cake. He just finished eating as Big Fatty took out a piece of earthen treasure. This golden earthen treasure’s fragrance permeated the entire area.

    Big Fatty did not need to prompt him again this time as Bai Xiaochun immediately took a bite. Tasting a sweet and sour mouthful, his whole body relaxed. Big Fatty took out a red spirit fruit with a sweet and unctuous scent. Furthermore, there was a trace of qi circulating within the fruit.

    From this point forward, he accepted any lingzhi mushrooms, herbs, spirit fruits, and earthen treasures. Just like the other fatties, he ate until he was full. Bai Xiaochun ate until he was dizzy; it was like he was intoxicated. Even the top of his head was emitting smoke. He felt as if his body had grown a bit fatter.

    As he continued to eat, the Fatty Zhang’s group of people’s eyes grew even more gentle. At the end, they all patted their bellies and laughed, their laughs carrying a sense of camaraderie.

    Bai Xiaochun became intoxicated and spread out his hands and legs. On one hand he gave Fatty Zhang’s belly a slap, while his foot shot out to the side as he laughed heartily.

    “Those Miscellaneous Chores Department, they would smash their own head in order to become an outer disciple. Meanwhile, we would smash our own heads in order to not fulfill the outer disciple quota. Nobody wants to leave, who would want to go outside and become an outer disciple? This place is amazing.” The more Fatty Zhang looked at Bai Xiaochun, the more he liked his temperament, and the more proudly he spoke. He took out another ginseng. This ginseng had countless rings around its head, its whiskers dense and numerous. It looked like it had aged for many years.

    “Ninth Junior Brother, all of us have already cultivated enough to become outer disciples, but we must hide it. Look, this is a hundred year old ginseng. The disciples of other sects would fight over the right to take a single bite, but look at us.” Fatty Zhang snapped off a root and popped it in his mouth. After munching loudly and swallowing it, he handed the ginseng to Bai Xiaochun.

    “Senior Brother, I’m full… I really can’t eat anymore…” Bai Xiaochun’s eyes blurred; he was really bloated with food. Just as he opened his mouth, Fatty Zhang snapped off a root and stuffed it into his mouth.

    “Ninth Junior Brother, you’re too thin. If you go out like that, no girls in the sect will like you. Girls in our sect only like those similar to us, powerful and full. Here, eat… There is a couplet in our Hearthfire Kitchen. It’s like this: ‘Preferring to starve to death in Hearthfire Kitchen, instead of going outside the gate to fight.’” Fatty Zhang burped. He took out an empty bowl as he pointed to the straw hut behind them, where a couplet was hung.

    “Yes, yes, we would rather starve to death here. Mn… starve to death.”  Seeing this couplet, Bai Xiaochun slapped his stomach and burped.

    Hearing this, Fatty Zhang and the others burst into laughter, thinking that Bai Xiaochun was increasingly adorable.

    “Today is a happy day. Let me teach you something, Ninth Junior Brother. Here in the Hearthfire Kitchen, we are very particular about eating, and there is a saying that you must remember. Eat the sides and corners of the lingzhi mushroom; never touch the stem; chop meat with a fierce blade; scape two third of the bone off; add more water to the spiritual porridge; a small half-filled cup of wine.”

    “These six truths are the conclusions of generations of our seniors. As long as you eat according to it, it can be guaranteed that nothing will go wrong. Now, let us disperse. The supper is now over for the night; the disciples of other sects are still waiting for the soup,” Fatty Zhang said as he poured rice soup into one bowl after another.

    Bai Xiaochun was confused, his entire head filled with the six truths. Seeing Fatty Zhang and the others pouring rice soup into bowls, after sneezing, he squatted down and took an empty bowl in hand. After a detailed observation, he let out a smile.

    “Senior Brother, this bowl isn’t that good.”

    Fatty Zhang heard this and glanced towards Bai Xiaochun, revealing a surprised expression.

    “Look at this bowl! The bowl doesn’t seem big, but it can actually hold a lot. Why don’t we make it look big and actually hold very little? So perhaps, make the bottom of this bowl… a bit thicker?” Bai Xiaochun said with a innocent look, smiling.

    Fatty Zhang was surprised. He felt as if he was struck by lightning, the fat on his body beginning to vibrate with excitement. His eyes lit up while the breaths of the other fatties also quickened, the fat on their entire bodies also trembling.

    With a loud slap, Fatty Zhang slapped his thigh and laughed out loud.

    “Good, good, good, this is an amazing idea that will leave your name in history, benefiting countless juniors of our Hearthfire Kitchen. Ah! I didn’t expect Ninth Junior Brother to appear and act so lovable, but unexpectedly have a belly full of goods. Haha, you were born to be in the Hearthfire Kitchen!” [3]



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    [1] 健步如飞 – running as fast as flying, which basically means: to run so fast, it seemed as if they were flying.

    [2] lingzhi mushroom – type of mushroom

    [3] Belly full of goods – smart/clever/cunning. Essentially, Bai Xiaochun is, despite his appearance (and name), devious and wily.

    Translators: Scrya, TheLorax, Selutu, Komorebi, Thyaeria, Kiseki, AmeryEdge

    Translation Checkers: Ruze, Kiseki

    Head Editor: Ruze, Kiseki

    Editors: Zeph, Jaspaaar

  • Chapter 4 – Spirit Refinement

    Everyone had found him likable the moment they saw him. He was not only did they find him loveable, but he also had quite a few tricks in his belly. Fatty Zhang rewarded Bai Xiaochun upon making his observation by stuffing his hands with Spiritual Rice.

    Bai Xiaochun smiled with joy as he returned to his room in a daze. Before he even climbed into his bed, the countless spiritual essence that had accumulated from the earthen treasures  erupted within his body. He became dizzy, causing him to directly collapse onto the ground before sleeping with loud huhu sounds.

    This slumber was extraordinarily pleasant. Early in the morning of the next day, Bai Xiaochun opened his eyes, his spirits high. When he lowered his head, he noticed that he had become a whole circle fatter. His entire body was sticky, and a layer of black filth was stuck to his skin. Thus, he quickly went outside to wash up. Fatty Zhang and the others were currently busy preparing breakfast for the sect disciples. When they saw Bai Xiaochun’s appearance, they all began to laugh.

    “Ninth younger disciple, that filth is the impurity within your body. After getting rid of it, you’ll notice that your cultivation will become a lot smoother. For a while, your help is not necessary, so wait a few days before you begin working again.”

    “That Spiritual Rice is good stuff, so remember to eat it quickly. It would be no good if you keep it for too long.”

    Bai Xiaochun’s mind was clear and crisp. After nodding his head in reply, he returned to his room. His gaze fell upon the turtle-shaped wok. Raising it up with both hands, he brought it out and washed it a bit before bringing it back into the room and placing it on the stove. He looked at the Spiritual Rice in his hands. The rice was roughly the size of his pinkie; it was sparkling and glossy as it emitted waves of fragrance.

    “The things that immortals eat are truly not ordinary, ah…” Bai Xiaochun sighed. He lit up the wooden logs within the stove, and as soon as they ignited, a wave of roasting heat attacked outwards. It scorched everything in front of Bai Xiaochun’s eyes, making him draw back in a hurry. As he watched the flames burn within the stove, he clicked his tongue in wonder.

    “This flame is not ordinary either… Not only does it ignite faster, the temperature is also much higher than that of the one in the village.” Bai Xiaochun glanced over towards the wood within the stove again, and felt that it was definitely the wood that was special.

    Right at that moment, in the wake of the flame’s ignition, Bai Xiaochun was shocked to see that that the first stripe on the turtle shell wok became bright, beginning to shine from top to bottom. Soon after, the entire striped pattern lit up.

    Bai Xiaochun stared blankly for a moment. Suddenly, he slapped his thigh.

    “Like I said, this is a treasure! It’s definitely better than Great Senior’s wok.” Bai Xiaochun wasstarting to increasingly believe that this wok was not ordinary. He hurriedly threw the rice into the wok.

    While waiting, he sat on the side. He picked up the Violet Qi Cauldron Technique’s bamboo scroll and began to breathe, following the first diagram’s movements and beginning to cultivate.

    Even though he had just begun cultivating, Bai Xiaochun opened his eyes widely. He noticed that the positions he had difficulty with yesterday surprisingly became smooth and unhindered now. He did not feel the slightest amount of discomfort, and the slightest stifling feeling did not appear when he used the breathing methods. On the contrary, there was an extremely comfortable feeling.

    Most of all, the amount of time he could persevere for increased; he clearly recalled that he could only breathe three or four times at most before. Now, however, he had already passed seven or eight breaths, unexpectedly without even the slightest of aches.

    Holding back his excitement, Bai Xiaochun calmed himself down. After persisting for up to thirty breaths, he began to feel a weak aching sensation within his body. Suddenly, a stream of qi appeared from inside his body. This qi was ice-cold, and it quickly wandered about within his body. Even though it did not travel a full cycle before dissipating, it still made Bai Xiaochun so excited that he jumped up.

    “There’s qi! Haha, there’s qi!” Bai Xiaochun was in pure ecstasy as he excitedly bounced back and forth within the room. He thought that it must be because of the Genius Earth Treasures that he ate last night, and as a result, he began to feel like he had eaten too little.

    “No wonder Senior Zhang said that he would rather starve to death in Hearthfire Kitchen than go out and fight as part of the outer sect. This really is good stuff that Outer Sect disciples won’t be able to get.” Bai Xiaochun quickly sat down, once again continuing his cultivation.

    As he followed the movements of the first diagram belonging to the Violet Qi Cauldron Technique’s first layer breathing method, he managed to persevere for sixty breaths. The moment he reached sixty breaths, the qi meridian within his body that had doubled in size immediately flourished. The qi flowed like a trickling brook as it quickly migrated within his body.

    Bai Xiaochun was now more experienced. He immediately began to silently ponder the routes within his body while following the first diagram’s indications.

    Soon after, the brook of qi in his meridians began to travel along the route that Bai Xiaochun was imagining. While Bai Xiaochun was still struggling to adopt the movements of the first diagram, he even began to feel strands of cold qi making making its way from every part of his body. They were like drops of liquid as they merged into the qi brook, making it increase in size.

    In the end, it became a small steam, lasting until it completed an entire cycle. Bai Xiaochun’s entire body shook, and as if clouds and mists were being pushed aside within his mind, a loudhong sound rang out.

    An agile feeling that he had never felt before immediately appeared within his body. Lumps of filth were continuously secreted out of his pores.

    Meanwhile, that streamlet within his body did not dissipate like before and existed from beginning to end. It slowly, but autonomously wandered around his entire body. Bai Xiaochun opened his eyes which became even clearer, making them appear significantly more intelligent than before.

    Now, even his body clearly felt quicker and lighter.

    “Qi meridians will always exists, so reaching the first layer in this Violet Qi Cauldron Technique cultivation also means that I have reached the first layer of Qi Condensation!” Bai Xiaochun was unable to contain his joy. He ran out and washed himself again.

    After Fatty Zhang and the others saw this, they revealed a smile that all of them understood. Even though they were shocked at Bai Xiaochun’s incredible speed in reaching the first layer, they still understood why it happened.

    After returning to the hut once more, Bai Xiaochun took in a few deep breaths. He then picked up the bamboo scroll on the side and began to carefully look it over.

    “After cultivating the first layer of this Violet Qi Cauldron Technique, you can begin to control a few objects. These are the techniques of immortalsallowing you to control objects from a distance, ah!” Bai Xiaochun’s eyes shined brightly. His hands executed a simple seal according to the methods recorded before pointing towards the desk on the side. He quickly sensed the streamlet within his body; it was like a wild field horse, going straight to the forefinger of his right hand and eventually broke away from his fingertip.

    It was as if a strip of invisible thread was formed, connecting him to the desk. Unfortunately, as soon as they were connected, the thread immediately became unstable and shattered with a pa sound.

    Bai Xiaochun’s expression was pale, and only after a long time did he recover. After carefully thinking it over, he gave up on the desk. Instead, he took out the wooden sword from within his pocket. He didn’t know what type of wood this sword was made of, and even though its weight was less than that of the desk, it was still a bit heavy. He lifted his right hand and pointed at the wooden sword.

    The wooden sword immediately shook, and surprisingly it began to float up little by little. However, it only rose about an inch before falling down again.

    Bai Xiaochun wasn’t discouraged as he attempted the same action several times with excitement. The wooden sword rose from the originally one inch and kept rising to ten, twenty, thirty inches… When dusk arrived, the wooden sword in his room stopped falling sharply and  hovered in the air instead. Although the speed wasn’t fast, and the direction was hard to change, it wouldn’t fall down as easily as it did in the morning.

    “From now on, I, Bai Xiaochun, am an immortal!” Bai Xiaochun stood there with a proud expression. His left hand was placed behind his back while his right hand was brandished in front of him. The wooden sword began to sway back and forth as it flew about.

    Only when the aura within his body became unstable did Bai Xiaochun retrieve his wooden sword. He was just about to continue cultivating when he was suddenly hit by a fragrant wave wafting from the wok on the side. He raised his head and inhaled deeply, and his appetite immediately aroused. He was so busy cultivating today that even if he had collapsed, he would have forgotten that he was cooking Spiritual Rice in his wok. He walked up and removed the lid.

    The instant he removed the lid, a rich fragrance began to proliferate out of the Spiritual Rice within the wok. The only strange thing was that for some reason, a pattern of gaudy silver appeared on top of the Spiritual Rice!

    These silver patterns were very distinct. Examining them carefully, they gave off a terrifying feeling. However, as time passed, they gradually became a dim silver color. Bai Xiaochun narrowed his eyes, and after thinking for a bit, he decided to take out the Spiritual Rice, holding it in his hands as he inspected it.

    “These patterns seem somewhat familiar……” Bai Xiaochun’s pondering was reflected in his eyes. He lowered his head to look at the fire stove and noticed that the fire inside had stopped burning long ago, to the point where even the wood had become ashes. Meanwhile, the streak of shining patterns on the wok had once again dimmed from its earlier brightness.

    He immediately recognized that the silver patterns on top of the Spiritual Rice and the patterns on the back of the wok were actually identical.

    Suppressing doubts in his heart, Bai Xiaochun decided not to eat the rice for safety reasons and placed it inside of his pouch instead. After thinking deeply for a short period of time, he walked out of the building and began to work together with Fatty Zhang and the others.

    Time elapsed, and in an instant, half a month had passed. During this period of time, Bai Xiaochun’s cultivation once again came to a halt, progressing slowly. However, when he asked around about what happened when the others cooked Spiritual Rice and noticed that none of theirs had revealed any silver patterns.

    He was excessively curious and became increasingly convinced that there was something fishy about his grain of rice. He felt that his own wok in particular was exceptionally peculiar. Finally, after several days, whilst on a trip with Third Fatty Hei to purchase necessities for Hearthfire Kitchen, they went to the Four Seas Room. There, he discovered that Miscellaneous Chores disciples could enter the common cultivation areas after after making discreet inquiries.

    After returning from the Four Seas Room, Bai Xiaochun’s heart violently throbbed. He resisted this pleasant surprise with great difficulty until he returned to his room. He immediately took out those grains of Spiritual Rice, carefully examining the silver patterns on them. His eyes slowly revealed an unfathomable look.

    “Immortal cultivators have three indispensable types of refinement, separated into Medicine Refinement, Weapon Refinement, and……Spirit Refinement!” Bai Xiaochun thought about how he examined the illustration of the described Spirit Refinement in the Four Seas Room, and as he compared it to the silver patterns on the Spiritual Rice, the more he looked the more the silver patterns resembled the Spirit Refinement illustration.

    “Spirit Refinement!” After a long time, he exhaled a long, long breath.

    Spirit Refinement was a special method to fill an object with worldly power. It was like a skill to nurture items with the law of creation; by plundering the worldly power to strengthen itself. Regardless of whether it was a pill, an aromatic herb, or a magic weapon, all of them could be refined. But everything in the world relied on luck, so a fixed probability did exist. If successful, the object would increase in power, but if failed, the worldly power would turn the object into trash.

    Moreover the most astonishing part of Spirit Refinement was the ability to layer refinements. If you successfully refined it ten times, heaven and earth would turn upside down as the object undergoes a heavenly transformation.

    And the more precious the object, the more terrifying it would become after it underwent layered refinement.

    It was just that… the more an object was refined, the lower the success rate. Even a refining master wouldn’t dare to rashly attempt. After all, the price was too much to bear if it ended in failure.

    “It is indubitably recorded within the ancient records that the Spirit Creek Sect’s most valuable treasure is the Heavenly Horn Sword which was given the greatest opportunity of being spiritually refined ten times!” Bai Xiaochun felt that his mouth become somewhat dry. After swallowing a mouthful of saliva, a look of overwhelming shock and even bewilderment appeared within his eyes. He involuntarily looked at the ten or so faint stripe patterns on that turtle-patterned wok, and the speed his heart was throbbing at made it seem as if it would pop out from his chest at any moment.

    At this moment, he already determined the reason why Spirit Refinement patterns had appeared on this Spiritual Rice. The cause of everything was this exact wok!

    Somewhat hesitating, Bai Xiaochun clenched his teeth, unable to comprehend this elusive discovery. He could not fall asleep, but he also knew that this wok really was extraordinary. Therefore, he absolutely couldn’t let this secret be known to others.

    As a result, it was very late at night when he very carefully arrived at the side of the wok. After taking a breath, worrying about his personal gains and losses, he controlled his wooden sword, drawing it. Similar to when he threw down Spiritual Rice that very day, he finally threw it into the wok.



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    Translators: FatChinee, TheLorax, Komorebi, Silva

    Translation Checkers: Ruze, Selutu, Kiseki

    Editors: Zeph, Jacob, Kiseki

  • Chapter 5 – What am I to do if I lose this life of mine?

    Nothing particularly special or unusual occurred the moment the wooden sword entered the wok. “Eh?” Bai Xiaochun uttered a faint sound of surprise. Not daring to believe it, he opened his eyes wide and gazed attentively at the wooden sword.

    But even after waiting for a long while, he still didn’t notice anything unusual happening. Bai Xiaochun thought for moment, taking a glance at the design on the tortoiseshell-patterned wok, and then looked at the wood ashes inside the fire stove. Pondering, he turned around and left the room. Returning a moment later, he now had a few pieces of wood in his hands that were identical to the ones within the fire stove.

    This wood was quite rare in the Hearthfire Kitchens, so he was only able to obtain some after asking Senior Fatty Zhang.

    When he set the wood alight, Bai Xiaochun instantly saw the first stripe of the design on the tortoiseshell-patterned wok light up once more. At the same time, the fire that was rapidly burning away the wood gradually started to diminish. As Bai Xiaochun’s thoughts stirred, the wooden sword inside the wok suddenly shone with a blinding silver light.

    Bai Xiaochun took a few steps back. When the light dissipated shortly after, he immediately felt a fierce aura emanating from within the wok.

    Taking a deep breath, he carefully approached it and saw that one stroke of the glaring silver pattern had appeared on the wooden sword in the wok, similar to the one that had appeared on the Spiritual Rice. The pattern was gradually darkening, eventually turning a dark silver color!

    The sword’s entire blade had changed slightly, and even though it was still a wooden sword, it gave off a sense of sharpness equal to that of a metal one. Bai Xiaochun’s eyes brightened as he went forth, prudently taking the wooden sword out of the wok. It felt somewhat heavier, and when brought close, it gave off a threatening feeling of cold sharpness.

    “I did it! I’ve successfully refined the spirit of this wooden sword once!” Bai Xiaochun was in ecstasy as he held onto the wooden sword, incapable of keeping his hands off it. Then, he looked at the wok and pondered about what he should do with it. In the end, he decided to just leave it there. The more it was showcased like this, the more inconspicuous it would be.

    As for the Spiritual Rice, it could just be eaten; the wooden sword couldn’t be discovered by others so easily. Bai Xiaochun pondered upon whether using some dyes to cover it up would reduce the glowing of the spiritual pattern.

    As he thought of this, he tidied up his things and walked out of the room while assuming a normal countenance. Several nights later, he brushed the various colored liquids he had gathered from the Hearthfire Kitchens these last few days onto the wooden sword. This caused the sword to look multi-colored, tattered and worn-out. He kept at it for a while, and soon discovered that the spiritual pattern was indeed covered to an acceptable extent, becoming less noticeable than before. Only after reaching this conclusion did he nod with satisfaction.

    In the following days, Bai Xiaochun was like a fish in water, easily getting along with the few Senior Brothers in the Hearthfire Kitchens. He had become familiar with the work in the Hearthfire Kitchens, the most important thing he learnt being that different spirit foods required different fires. These fires were even separated into single-colored fires and dual-colored fires. He had also discovered that the wood underneath the tortoiseshell-patterned wok was precisely the spirit wood needed to create single colored fire.

    Senior Fatty Zhang was especially fond of Bai Xiaochun, giving him extra care. After a few months, just like Fatty Zhang had foreseen in the beginning, Bai Xiaochun had indeed become quite fat.

    The present him was in no way similar to the skinny boy who had initially entered the sect, and had already become many times fatter. Along with this, he had become even more fair skinned, harmless looking, and fit his name, Ninth Fatty Bai.

    As for the matter of obtaining seconds, he had participated in that more than once. However, what confused him was the fact that although his weight had been rapidly increasing, his cultivation was still proceeded at a snail’s pace. In the end, he decided to stop thinking about it and went back to eating and drinking with his Seniors all day. Regarding the various matters of the sect, Bai Xiaochun had gained a better understanding by listening to Fatty Zhang these few months.

    He knew that within the sect, there was a separation between Inner and Outer Court disciples. In the Miscellaneous Chores Department, one could undergo one of the peak’s trials by fire after breaking through to the 3rd layer of Qi Condensation. If they succeeded, they would become an official outer disciple of that peak. Only once you became an outer disciple could you be considered a member of the Spirit Creek Sect.

    However, this could be compared to a fish trying to transform into a dragon. Every month, each peak would only accept the top 3 disciples. Therefore, the amount of people who became outer sect disciples in the span of a year stayed consistent.

    One day, Seventh Fatty, who was originally supposed to go down the mountain to buy materials, was late. As such, Fatty Zhang waved his hand and ordered Bai Xiaochun to go in his place. Bai Xiaochun hesitated for a moment, remembering that he hadn’t seen Xu Baocai for a few months. Although he reasoned that he would be fine, his heart wouldn’t calm down. After returning to his room, he took out a couple of kitchen knives and dressed himself in several layers of leather, which made him seem more like a ball.

    Still not feeling reassured, he found a sturdy wok and strapped it to his back. Only then did he finally decide to depart. Swaying, he walked out of the Hearthfire Kitchens and descended down the mountain.

    While he was walking along the sect’s limestone path, Bao Xiaochun looked around at his elegant surroundings, a deep sense of superiority coming forth from within his mind.

    “How fast time flies! I, Bai Xiaochun, have already cultivated for several months.Thinking back to when I was still a mortal, living in the village was so pitiful.” He sighed as he muttered to himself. With his hands behind his back, a couple of kitchen knives around his waist, a wok on his back, and the several layers of leather he was wearing, he truly looked like a worn-out rubber ball. On his trip, he encountered many people working in the Miscellaneous Chores Department who all raised their eyebrows upon seeing him.

    In particular, there were quite a few female disciples who would cover their mouths and laugh when they saw Bai Xiaochun passing by. Their laughter was as pleasant as the ringing of bells.

    Bai Xiaochun’s round face was tinged with red as he felt even more formidable. With a cough, he walked onwards with his head held high and his chest out.

    Not long after, before he had even left the third peak’s Miscellaneous Chores area, he suddenly spotted a group of Miscellaneous Chores disciples in the distance. They all wore excited expressions and were hurriedly running in the same direction. The place that they were heading towards was the mountain path of the Third Peak, where Outer Sect disciples could usually be seen wandering around.

    More and more Miscellaneous Chores disciples were excitedly running over there. Bai Xiaochun was taken aback at this scene and quickly grabbed the weakest and most timid looking disciple who passed by.

    “Fellow disciple, did something happen? Why is everyone running over there?” Bai Xiaochun asked in curiosity.

    This youngster was clearly displeased about being grabbed, but when he saw the wok hanging on Bai Xiaochun’s back, the displeasure in his eyes turned into admiration and his expression relaxed.

    The youngster explained, “So it was actually a Senior disciple from the Hearthfire Kitchens. You go and take a look. I heard that the genius Outer Sect disciples Zhouhong and Zhang Yide are currently at the mountain, partaking in the trial by fire. It is rumored that despite both being at the Sixth Stage of Qi Condensation, they share mutual animosity. We shouldn’t miss the opportunity to watch this kind of event. Perhaps by watching them we could comprehend some concepts and reap a few benefits.” As he was afraid that he wouldn’t get a good spot if he arrived late, he hurriedly ran towards the scene.

    In his curiousity, Bai Xiaochun also began running over, following the stream of people. He left the Miscellaneous Chores region and arrived at the base of the third peak. At the base of the third peak, he discovered that there was an enormous and vast stage.

    This enormous stage was 3300 meters in length and was currently surrounded by countless Miscellaneous Chores disciples who even crowded the upper reaches of the mountain. There were quite a few Outer disciples dressed in luxurious clothes who were also spectating.

    On top of the towering stage were two youths clothed in similarly luxurious robes. One had a scarred face, while the other had a face as white as jade. Their figures intersected and a burst of explosions boomed.

    Both of their bodies radiated with the light of shining treasures. The scar-faced youth had a small flag that was moving about freely, as if there was an incorporeal hand wielding it. It transformed into a mist tiger which released an earsplitting roar.

    The figure of the youth with skin as white as jade scuttled back and forth with a small blue sword before slashing out with a spirit wave that whistled forth nimbly.

    Bai Xiaochun stared wide eyed at this scene as he drew in a deep breath. He could also control his wooden sword, but when compared to the youth with skin as white as jade, Bai Xiaochun
    wasn’t even close to his level.

    These two opponents were completely unrestrained and full of bloodthirst. Their numerous clashes were all dangerous, and new injuries appeared with each one. Although neither of them had received a fatal wound, it was still a ghastly sight.

    This was the first time Bai Xiaochun had seen a battle between cultivators. His original impression of immortals had been completely different; this kind of vicious behavior instilled fear and trepidation in him.

    “Cultivation……is it not only for the sake of obtaining longevity? What is the point in trying to kill? What am I to do if I lose this life of mine……” Bai Xiaochun swallowed his saliva, and once he saw the scar-faced youth’s small flag produce a misty tiger that wore a savage expression as it swallowed the other person facing them, Bai Xiaochun wiped the sweat off the top of his head, feeling that it was too dangerous outside and that he had better return to the Hearthfire Kitchens for some security.

    Thinking this, he hurriedly drew back, but a great roar resounded from nearby the very moment he started retreating.

    “Bai Xiaochun!!”

    Bai Xiaochun turned his head and immediately saw Xu Baocai, who had originally written the letter in his own blood. His face bearing an evil grin aimed at him, Xu Baocai had rushed over with a wooden sword held in front of his body that emitted an extraordinary radiance. Coalescing a layer of qi was in no way comparable to this. At this moment it had cut out an arc, emitting spiritual pressure which headed straight for Bai Xiaochun.

    The moment Bai Xiaochun saw the wooden sword approaching, his pupils contracted, and he immediately felt like he was in a kind of intense life or death crisis.

    “This is an attempt to murder me!” His thought process came to this conclusion, and he produced a mournful scream as broke into a run.

    “Murderer, murderer……” These cries were so loud that they caused many Miscellaneous Chores disciples all around to hear. Each one looked on in astonishment. Even Zhouhong and Zhang Yide, who were currently fighting on the tall stage halted for a moment, showing how loud the sound waves were.

    Even Xu Baocai had jumped in fright, he had clearly only shouted for the other person’s name while chasing after him. The sword still hadn’t touched the other person, yet Bai Xiaochun’s scream made it seem like there were already several holes in his body.

    “Bai Xiaochun, if you have the ability, don’t run away!” Xu Baocai had an ashen complexion as his hatred of Bai Xiaochun began to stir. He went straight after Bai Xiaochun.

    “If I had the ability I would have killed you already; it wouldn’t make sense for me to run. Murderer! Murderer!” Bai Xiaochun’s speed was extremely fast as he screamed, resembling a fat rabbit, and in the blink of an eye his image could barely be seen anymore.

    Meanwhile, in a pavilion erected on the peak of this mountain were two practitioners, one middle-aged and one elderly, sitting across from each other as they played chess. The middle-aged one was precisely Li Qinghou. The elderly man who was sitting across from him had a head full of white hair, a rosy complexion, and streaming light that flowed all over the place inside his eyes. With only a single look, it was clear that he was unusual. At this moment his eyes swept over the bottom of the mountain and he laughed.

    “Qinghou. That child you brought back is quite interesting.”

    “Others will ridicule the sect leader for this; the disposition of this child truly requires even more polishing.” Li Qinghou had a slight headache and he shook his head as he placed down a chess piece.

    “The children in the Hearthfire Kitchens are all proud and arrogant. To unify them is not simple.” The elderly man stroked his beard, his eyes containing a mocking expression.

    Brothers and sisters, this new novel beseeches favourites!!!

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    Translation Checkers: Ruze, Kiseki

    Head Editor: Ruze, Kiseki

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  • Where can I read that demon novel of Er Gen? (if its translated)
  • ** Minister (mentioned in chapter 3) has been changed to Overseer.

    Chapter 6 – Spirit-headed

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    At the third peak, Bai Xiaochun’s screaming vocal cadence reverberated unceasingly, which drew the attention of countless flabbergasted Miscellaneous Chores disciples. They could distinctly see  Bai Xiaochun in his seven or eight leather garments, along with the large black wok on his back. That slightly round body headed down the mountain path as he exerted all of his energy to run.

    From afar, Bai Xiaochun’s body was not very distinguishable, but his large beetle-like black wok could be seen clearly as he dashed down the side of the mountain.

    More notable were the seven or eight kitchen knives that hung from Bai Xiaochun’s belt. They clashed with each other as he ran, emanating waves of clanging noises.

    “Murderer! Help! Ah! I can’t die here…” Bai Xiaochun shouted as he ran faster and faster. Behind him, Xu Baocai’s face darkened, his eyes revealing an intense and fierce light. His heart became even more anxious and wrathful.

    He chased after Bai Xiaochun all the way down, attracting the attention of the numerous  Miscellaneous Chores disciples nearby. Xu Baocai’s anxiety rose as he took note of the overseer, his heart becoming somewhat unsettled.

    “Stop shouting, damn it! Quiet down, what are you yelling for, shut up!” Xu Baocai snarled, fuming with rage as he gritted his teeth. After using both his hands to cast a spell,  the wooden sword beside his body flashed with light and became a fraction faster as it flew straight towards the sprinting Bai Xiaochun.

    Peng, the wooden sword struck the black wok on Bai Xiaochun’s back, resounding with a buzz as it hit. Bai Xiaochun, however, remained unharmed as he continued to run away.

    Xu Baocai ferociously clenched his teeth. ,Before his eyes, half of Bai Xiaochun’s back was obstructed by a big wok. Unable to remove the obstruction, he unwillingly continued to chase him.

    Two men, one chasing and the other being chased, ran in circles around the Miscellaneous Chores area.

    “This guy has a wok on his back, yet he’s still able to run so fast!” Xu Baocai praised, as he gasped for breath. Soon, the sprinting Bai Xiaochun had almost disappeared. The more he chased him, the more sullen he became. Despite using all of his strength, he was still unable to catch up with his opponent, even though he had already cultivated to the Ssecond layer of Qi Condensation. Bai Xiaochun was like a rabbit whose tail had been stepped on.

    He became all the more resentful because of this. Without any other means of dealing with his opponent, Xu Baocai had become tired beyond belief from all the running. Bai Xiaochun’s screaming from beginning to end had never waned—it was rather similar to the sound of a pig being butchered.

    In the blink of an eye, Bai Xiaochun saw the path to the Hearthfire Kitchen appear up ahead. The feeling of seeing home made him so excited that his eyes were nearly brimming with tears.

    “Senior, help! Murderer!”  Bai Xiaochun shouted as he raced back to the Hearthfire Kitchen. Upon hearing a miserable screech, Big Fatty Zhang and the others stared out blankly, and then promptly walked outside.

    “Senior, save me! Xu Baocai wants to kill me. He nearly snuffed out my measly life.” Bai Xiaochun hurriedly hid behind Big Fatty Zhang’s body.

    “Xu Baocai?” After hearing these words, Big Fatty Zhang’s eyes flashed viciously. He looked around, yet was unable to see even the trace of a shadow. Just as he finished speaking, he managed to see Xu Baocai in the distance, running while gasping for breath.

    At the same time, Bai Xiaochun also caught sight of Xu Baocai’s silhouette, causing him to reveal a face full of surprise.

    “Eh… why is he running so slowly?”

    Big Fatty Zhang tilted his head to glance at Bai Xiaochun, then turned to take another look at the panting Xu Baocai—who had just arrived. His fatty face jiggled with every movement.

    Xu Baocai, who had chased his target all the way here with great difficulty, was met with the astonished words of Bai Xiaochun, who was standing beside the door to the Hearthfire Kitchen. Upon hearing those words, a gush of anger and stuffiness welled up in Xu Baocai’s chest, making him feel as though he would explode from within. With a howl of rage, he swung his right hand, sending the wooden sword at his side whistling through the air. The sword pierced through a huge tree nearby.

    ‘Bang!’ The tree shook as the wooden sword bored a hole through the trunk.

    “Bai Xiaochun, the two of us will never be able to coexist!” With completely bloodshot eyes, Xu Baocai stared daggers at Bai Xiaochun. After giving one last glance towards Big Fatty Zhang’s huge body, he turned around and left while filled with hatred.

    Bai Xiaochun’s heart was palpitating furiously. After looking at at the tree that had been mercilessly pierced through and at the hysteric Xu Baocai, Bai Xiaochun unconsciously gulped down his saliva as feelings of unease began to rise from the bottom of his heart.

    As Big Fatty Zhang gazed at the receding figure of Xu Baocai, a glint of coldness flashed in his eyes. He then turned his head and patted Bai Xiaochun on the shoulders.

    “Don’t be afraid, Ninth Junior Brother! Although this Xu Baocai might have a little background, if he dares to come again, we Senior Brothers will break his legs!” After saying this much, Big Fatty Zhang changed the topic of the conversation.

    “But I must say, Ninth Junior Brother, I think you’d be better off not leaving your house these next few days, if possible. Just look at how skinny you’ve gotten. But rest assured, we Senior Brothers will fatten you up. It just so happens that Elder Zhou is celebrating his birthday during the next few days, so that will make things much easier.”

    Bai Xiaochun absent-mindedly nodded his head, his gaze still fixated on the hole that Xu Baocai had drilled through the tree.

    Following his Senior Brothers back to the Hearthfire Kitchen, Bai Xiaochun sat in his room with a heart full of unease and anxiety; if Xu Baocai’s wooden sword could penetrate a hole through a tree, then if it was him instead of that tree, would he even be left with an intact corpse?

    “That won’t do…. Granted, even if I do stay in the Hearthfire Kitchen my whole life, the moment I step out, what can I do when he confronts me…?” The intense gaze filled with bitter resentment that Xu Baocai carried in his eyes before he left—from beginning to end—refused to scatter or disperse from Bai Xiaochun’s mind.

    “I came here to live longer. I can’t just die, ah…” With this unease and sense of insecurity overwhelming him, the veins in Bai Xiaochun’s eyes slowly turned bloodshot. Shortly after, he gritted his teeth.

    “Screw this shit, I’m going all out! Even I get scared of myself when I put my life on the line and go all out!” Bai Xiaochun declared with those bloodshot eyes of his. Rather than saying that Bai Xiaochun’s personality was one that was scared of death, perhaps it would be more accurate to say that he had a severe lack of a sense of security; Bai Xiaochun was affected so much by today’s incident, that the experience stimulated the determination and dedication buried deep within.

    “I want to cultivate! I want to become stronger!!” With heavy breaths, Bai Xiaochun made up his mind. He immediately took out the Violet Qi Cauldron Technique bamboo book, gazed at the second diagram with his bloodshot eyes, and began to cultivate.

    Despite being scared of death, he was formidable; otherwise, he wouldn’t have been able to persevere for three years, lighting an incense stick thirteen times even though he was afraid of being struck by lightning.

    Now that he had his heart set on it, Bai Xiaochun followed the directions of the second diagram, refusing to give up. He now managed to hold the second diagram for fifteen breaths when previously, he had only been able to hold it for ten.

    Even though beads of sweat were continuously dripping onto the floor, and despite his body screaming in pain, the ruthless determination in Bai Xiaochun’s gaze did not falter one bit. 20 breaths, 30 breaths, the little stream in Bai Xiaochun’s Qi meridians vigorously increased by 10%; at the same time, Bai Xiaochun’s vision suddenly went black, so he relaxed and took a few deep breaths before continuing to cultivate again.

    A night passed, then the second day, the third, the fourth……for a total of fifteen consecutive days, other than eating, drinking and shitting, Bai Xiaochun did not take a step out of his room. For a person who had just started to cultivate, such a mundane and dull lifestyle was exceptionally hard to maintain, yet Bai Xiaochun never once gave up during this time.

    Big Fatty Zhang and the rest were also stunned by Bai Xiaochun’s way of cultivation. One must know that cultivating the Violet Qi Cauldron Technique was no simple feat; although theoretically it was easy to learn, when it came to maintaining the actions for long periods of time in actual practice, one would feel indescribable pain and suffering. Without immense will and determination, one would not be able to hold up for long. Even the Miscellaneous Chores disciples, on average, would only cultivate once every few days.

    Despite all that, Bai Xiaochun had managed to continuously cultivated for half a month. When Big Fatty Zhang and the rest caught a glimpse of him, what they saw was a Bai Xiaochun who, in their memories, was vastly different from the Bai Xiaochun of the past few months.

    His shirt was unkempt, his hair was in a mess, and his eyes were riddled with bloody veins. Bai Xiaochun looked pathetic from head to toe, but despite all that, he still continued to work extremely hard. No matter how much pain or suffering he felt, he never stopped once.

    It was apparent that even his body had shrunk an entire size. The spiritual aura that his body exuded from within had also increased by half and was exceedingly close to the peak of the First layer of Qi Condensation.

    It was as though he had taken the essence of all the precious delicacies that were stored in his fats and refined them through an extreme method as a part of his cultivation. In doing so, he had strengthened his body in order to become stronger and tougher than the average man.

    “Ninth Junior Brother, why don’t you take a break? You have cultivated with no regard to day and night for half a month already!” Big Fatty Zhang and the others took turns to persuade Bai Xiaochun, but his reply was simply a determined gaze.  His resolution and unwavering will deeply shook the hearts of Big Fatty Zhang and the rest.

    Time flashed by and in a blink of an eye, Bai Xiaochun had already cultivated for an entire month. During this time, Big Fatty Zhang and the rest could only be horrified and shocked by his insanity and recklessness. In the words of Big Fatty Zhang, Bai Xiaochun was not cultivating, but rather playing with his life.

    Under Bai Xiaochun’s intense cultivation lifestyle, the length of time he could hold the second diagram finally broke through the 100 breaths barrier and reached 150 breaths. The spiritual Qi in his body had long since expanded and grown from the small stream that it once had been.

    Another month passed. Big Fatty Zhang and the rest could only feel their hearts tremble in fear; the fear that one day Bai Xiaochun would cultivate himself to death. They were even plotting to stop Xu Baocai by secretly crippling and disabling him, when suddenly a loud ‘hong’resounded from Bai Xiaochun’s room.

    Following the echo of the sound, a gush of spiritual pressure from the Second layer of Qi Condensation burst forth from where Bai Xiaochun was sitting. The spiritual pressure expanded to an area of over 33 meters, causing Big Fatty Zhang and company, who were busy cooking rice, to immediately lift and turn their heads towards his location with excited expressions.

    “Little Junior Brother has made a breakthrough!”

    “The Second layer of Qi Condensation! Even though we, the Hearthfire Kitchen, might have additional meals from time to time, reaching the Second layer of Qi Condensation in less than half a year is still quite rare.”

    “To think that back then it took me an entire year to reach the Second layer of Qi Condensation ……” Just as Big Fatty Zhang and the rest were overwhelmed with emotions, the door to Bai Xiaochun’s room creaked open. Though his face looked tired, and he had an unkempt appearance, Bai Xiaochun strode forth with eyes full of spirit.

    Before Big Fatty Zhang and the rest could head over to greet Bai Xiaochun, the latter’s body suddenly flashed past, and with agility, landed on the wall that fenced in the courtyard of the Hearthfire Kitchen. Bai Xiaochun stood there with both hands behind his back, chin raised towards the horizon, and a deep expression on his face – giving off the impression of a lonely warrior.

    “What’s he standing there for? He looks kinda funny……”

    “Little Junior Brother, has he……lost himself to cultivation?” Big Fatty Zhang and the rest turned to look at each other.

    While the audience was still shocked by Bai Xiaochun’s appearance as he stood on the fence wall, their ears picked up his voice, which had been deliberately changed to sound like an old sage.

    “Xu Baocai is an arrogant genius among the Miscellaneous Chores disciples of the Spirit Creek Sect. His name spreads far and wide, and he is known to all. Shockingly, his cultivation has even reached the Second layer of Qi Condensation. And I, who is also at the Second layer of Qi Condensation, can fight him on equal grounds. This battle, though it may be equal and may make me famous throughout the sect, will definitely be bloody and tough. Flesh will be torn, blood will be spilled, and bones will be broken……no, this battle is of utmost importance, I must continue cultivating!”

    Once finished, Bai Xiaochun looked far off into the horizon, and with a wave of his sleeve, he returned back to his room and closed the door with a slam. Big Fatty Zhang and the others couldn’t help but swallow their saliva. They were all rendered speechless as they turned and looked at each other. It wasn’t until half a breath later, when Third Fatty Hei opened his mouth and asked with uncertainty, that the silence was broken.

    “Could it be that we fed our Junior Brother something wrong?”

    “It’s over, it’s over! Junior Brother has gotten spirit-headed [1], he cultivated until he went insane……let’s not provoke him anymore!” Second Fatty Huang felt his whole body shiver as he said those words with certainty.  

    Translators: Kiseki, Killerwhale

    Translation Checkers: LittleShanks, wyhcwe

    Head Editors: Kiseki

    Editors: Hiraruda, May, Bigredcomrade, Zeph

  • Leylin said:
    Where can I read that demon novel of Er Gen? (if its translated)

    If i'm not wrong, the actual title is Beseech the Devil. You could try googling that. High chance someone out there might be translating it since Er Gen's novels have been receiving lots of attention after ISSTH.
  • Chapter 7 – Tortoise Mark Recognizing Its Master

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    Big Fatty Zhang and the others looked at Bai Xiaochun’s thatched hut. At any rate, there was at least one of them who was mindful of Bai Xiaochun’s cultivation as he had finally made a breakthrough to the second layer of Qi Condensation. After going outside and talking to himself, Bai Xiaochun had returned to his house to continue cultivating.

    Inside of his house, Bai Xiaochun wiped the perspiration off his forehead. As he strove to assume the position dictated in the third diagram, his naked body experienced an acute pain to which he gritted his teeth and endured.

    Within his body, the qi within his meridians was no longer simply a streamlet, but rather a small river wandering throughout his body.  With every revolution, his body echoed kakasounds. His originally round body, at this moment, had already become completely thin. He had become even thinner than when he first arrived at Hearthfire Kitchen.

    However, the bursts of spiritual power appeared to be stored inside of his body. In the wake of his persistent cultivation, the skin of his skinny and shriveled body seemed to faintly pulse. If one listened closely, one could hear his heartbeat – the peng peng sound echoed throughout the house.

    The increasing spiritual pressure inside of his body continuously condensed. While undergoing the constant and strong pressure, Bai Xiaochun’s power had increased considerably. This process lasted for a few days, until Bai Xiaochun’s body unexpectedly felt as if it was being stabbed with pain. When compared to the previous acute pain, this stabbing pain was significantly greater and gave him no choice but to give up.

    Bai Xiaochun was panting heavily with bloodshot eyes. He was strongly aware that his body appeared to be unable to hold on. Although his cultivation unceasingly absorbed worldly power from his surroundings, it was obvious that his body could not keep up. In addition, obtaining extra meals from the Hearthfire Kitchen required luck; therefore, he could not have one every day.

    Although others also cultivated this Violet Qi Cauldron Technique, cultivating once every few days was already considered diligent to them, and at most, they would cultivate once a day. Bai Xiaochun cultivated every day and night incessantly; not to mention Big Fatty Zhang’s and the other’s overwhelming shock, even the Inner Sect disciples would be gobsmacked if they knew.

    However, Bai Xiaochun did not feel safe, even after cultivating to this extent. His character was always keen to secure his own safety. Thus, he withdrew the once spirit refined Spiritual Rice he had stashed away previously. He held it in his hand and examined it. He used an ordinary wok to cook it, and as the spiritual aura spread out, he didn’t hesitate and swallowed the Spiritual Rice immediately.

    The Spiritual Rice promptly transformed upon entering his body, forming a strong spiritual aura that was several times greater than common Spiritual Rice. In his body, there was a loud explosion and an incomplete level of majestic power began to surge forward. Bai Xiaochun hurriedly assumed the position dictated in the third diagram while adjusting his breathing, soon entering a state of cultivation.

    One night half a month later, Bai Xiaochun’s body suddenly shook. As he opened his eyes, he was shocked to find that his cultivation had unknowingly broken through from the Second layer Qi Condensation to the Third layer Qi Condensation.

    This change immediately made Bai Xiaochun ecstatic. His eyes displayed his high spirits as he heartily laughed. He inspected himself; within his body, the qi meridian had already thoroughly transformed from a streamlet to a small river.

    This small river quickly circulated throughout his body, with the speed rapidly exceeding the antecedent significantly. With just a thought, his spiritual qi would instantly spread out to any location within his body.

    “Qi Condensation third layer! This once spirit refined Spiritual Rice is indeed extraordinary!” Bai Xiaochun stood up and licked his lips thinking about the number of Spiritual Rice grains he could refine. However, he felt as if his meridians had swelled up a bit. By recalling what the bamboo scroll recorded, he knew that his body needed to adapt and that he should not continue cultivating in the near future.

    Pressured by this idea, he walked up and down his house with smug appearance. His rapid pacing stopped, his eyes looked out the window and then the door. Despite it being very late at night, he could vaguely see the large tree on that path outside Hearthfire Kitchen with the assistance of the moonlight.

    “This won’t do. Xu Baocai’s wooden sword is not normal. Even if I am finally at the Qi Condensation third layer, it is still not sufficiently safe!” Bai Xiaochun furrowed his brows, contemplating for a moment and then looking at the multi-colored wooden sword by his side. He once again looked at the wok inside his house.

    “If I can spirit refine it twice, maybe it’ll be better,” he thought. Having immediately made a decision, he walked away from the house to Hearthfire Kitchen to fetch some Spiritual wood.

    His preparations finished, later that day and very late at night, Bai Xiaochun stopped to the side of the mysterious wok, setting the wood on fire. Upon seeing the bright lines, he threw the wooden sword into the wok.

    Waiting for a long time without seeing any reactions from beginning to end, Bao Xiaochun furrowed his brows and looked at patterns on the tortoise-patterned wok. He saw that the wood had already stopped burning, having become ashes. Muttering to himself, he left to look for more spirit wood. Several tries later, despite the flame burning, the wooden sword was not even slightly changed at all.

    “This is all the same one color firewood, could it be that the temperature is too low? I need to make it even hotter…….two colored flame?” Bai Xiaochun pondered, walking out of the door and once more returning an hour later, in his hands a purple log of wood. The Hearthfire Kitchen did not have a lot of this wood left, so Bai Xiaochun was only able to find one.

    He placed it under the wok and immediately lit a fire. This fire was composed of two differently colored flames, and the dual-colored flame was hotter by several degrees!

    When the dual-colored flame appeared, the second line on the tortoise shell instantly began to shine while the dual-colored flame rapidly dimmed in response. It seemed like all of a sudden, the fire was completely withdrawn. Shortly after, the second colored flame completely burned to ashes, and the second line on the tortoise-patterned wok brightly shined and rose.

    “Success!” Bai Xiaochun eyes shined brightly as he promptly place the wooden sword into the wok and a silver light suddenly radiated outwards. Unexpectedly, compared to the first spirit refinement, it had taken several breaths longer to refine.

    The light gradually dimmed. Suddenly, a shining white light exploded forth and made a beeline for Bai Xiaochun. Bai Xiaochun was unable to react to this sudden change. An indescribable icy chill bloomed before his eyes, flash-freezing and entering his body. He was overwhelmingly shocked to find himself unable to stop its movement and could only look on helplessly as the icy chill ruthlessly pillaged his body from within.

    His complexion paled, and his vision grew fuzzy. There seemed to be something inside his body that was sucked out it and assimilated into the patterned tortoise shell.

    The bright light didn’t begin to dissipate until this instance. The wooden sword appeared in the wok significantly sharper than before; simply looking at the wooden sword made the eyes feel sharply pained.

    Although this sword appeared gaudy and tattered, the wood grain inside of it had already changed. If the paint was wiped off, it was possible to see the light given off by this grain. The sword had undergone a thorough, fundamental transformation.

    At almost the same time as the wooden sword’s appearance, a rumble of thunder resounded on the southern bank of the Spirit Creek Sect, shocking countless Spirit Creek Sect cultivators. Fortunately, this thunder left just as fast as it came.

    As the thunder resounded, a second silver line appeared on the wooden sword’s blade. It flickered a few times before disappearing under the motley of paint.

    Bai Xiaochun was unable to inspect the sword. His expression darkened, and he retreated a few steps. His body, near the point of collapse, required a significant amount of time to recover. Recalling that feeling he just experienced, traces of fear reemerged.

    “What did it extract from my body…” His nervous gaze landed on the copper mirror on the wall, subconsciously glancing at his appearance. He rubbed his eyes and carefully examined himself. He gradually became dumbstruck like a wooden chicken. 

    His mirror reflection had several strands of white hair on his head. Although his appearance was unchanged beyond this, he still felt as if he had aged a year.

    “Longevity!!” Bai Xiaochun muttered soullessly.

    “The thing that I lost just now was my longevity, I… I…” He wanted to cry but couldn’t find the tears. His purpose in cultivating was for a long life and before he could even obtain the long life, he lost one year of his longevity. This was a huge blow to him.

    “I lost it……I didn’t think that I, Bai Xiaochun, who depended on that half of a lifetime, would unexpectedly lose such an excessive length of longevity……” He sat down there with a stupid expression, forcing a bitter laugh. After a period of tranquility, he raised his head to look towards the tortoise-patterned wok. His two eyes, however, slowly exposed a strange intention. He faintly realized after apparently having his life shortened, he and that patterned tortoise wok possessed some kind of existential connection. It was as if he could control the wok.

    His heart stirred. He lifted his right hand and pointed it at the wok.

    Immediately the tortoise-patterned wok flashed with a black light, actually shrinking instantly, and headed straight towards Bai Xiaochun. In the blink of an eye, it disappeared into the middle of his fingertips. Bai Xiaochun stared blankly. Suddenly, he stood up and backed away a few steps, lowering his head to look at his own fingers before once again staring at the empty fire stove.

    “This……this……” His right hand once again pointed at the floor, and in a glint of black light accompanied by a peng sound, the wok reappeared.

    Bai Xiaochun continuously attempted this many times. Whether his expression was elated or gloomy, it was indeterminable. It was joyous, yet it was also melancholy. In the end, he exhaled a sigh all the same.

    “Even though I can store it in my body now, the price is one year of my longevity. No matter how I think about it, it’s still a loss.”

    In the afternoon of the next day, Bai Xiaochun was pondering over how he could regain the longevity that had been sucked away when he suddenly sensed something. Raising his head, he sensed seven or eight figures speeding over towards him.

    When Bai Xiaochun was in the first layer of Qi Condensation he could not sense it, but as he was now at the third layer of Qi Condensation, he was able to immediately sense those seven or eight figures. This group of people was led by Xu Baocai.

    At the same time, Xu Baocai’s voice, carrying resentment, could suddenly be heard.

    “Bai Xiaochun, you have seniors to guard you. I, Xu Baocai, also have them. Today you and I will settle the grudges between us with this fight.”


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  • Chapter 8 – We will fight!

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    Upon seeing Xu Baocai’s imminent arrival, Bai Xiaochun suddenly stood up.

    “Arriving so fast…” His eyes revealed a trace of hesitation. Despite his ample preparation over these past six months, he still felt unprepared. Originally his intentions were to cultivate to the Fourth layer of Qi Condensation, just to be safe.

    However, Bai Xiaochun knew he couldn’t hide anymore. He could only clench his teeth resolutely in the face of Xu Baocai and his gang of seven or eight.

    “Fight!” Bai Xaiochun sucked in a deep breath, put on seven to eight leather jackets, and then stored the Spiritual Rice into the wok. After placing the wok on his back, he tensely opened the door and walked out.

    As Bai Xiaochun was preparing to depart, Big Fatty Zhang and the others were aggressively wielding cleavers and ladles in front of the door to the Heartfire Kitchens, making Xu Baocai and his companions pause.

    “I say, I could’ve sworn I heard some crows cawing earlier this morning, turns out it was just you oppressive bastards from the Supervising House. Little shits like you only know how to suppress the brats of our sect. And yet you come here, to the Hearthfire Kitchen of all places, with the intent of acting wildly!?” Big Fatty Zhang gave a cold snort. He stood unfazed like a small mountain, as his voice resounded throughout the surroundings like a rumble of thunder.

    “Big Fatty Zhang, other people might fear your Hearthfire Kitchen, but we from the Supervising House couldn’t care less about you guys! We received a complaint from Junior brother Xu, because of this, we have come here today in order to exercise our power as the Supervising House. Do you dare to oppose us?” The seven or eight figures beside Xu Baocai were all wearing lofty expressions on their faces. Although both sides were wearing the same Miscellaneous Chores Disciples uniform, the disciples from the Supervising House had an obvious ‘Supervising’ character written on the cuff of their sleeves. This represented their authority and status as disciples of the Supervising House, as well as their extraordinary identity.

    Among them, there was one who was particularly brawny fellow who was exuding the spiritual pressure of a Third layer Qi Condensation cultivator. A cold glint flashed through his eyes as he stared at Big Fatty Zhang. Meanwhile, the people surrounding Big Fatty Zhang were completely ignored.

    “Bullshit! So it’s perfectly reasonable for someone to chase after and attempt to kill my Junior brother then?!” Big Fatty Zhang laughed coldly. “Hu!” After raising his right hand, the big black wok on his back floated up without assistance and began exuding an unstoppable pressure; causing each and every one of the men around the burly fellow to change their expressions. As for the burly fellow, both his pupils shrunk immediately. He quickly started making hand signs with his fingers, and a little flag immediately flew out. It gave off plumes of mist, and one could even vaguely hear the roar of a wild beast coming from within.

    At this intense moment of the showdown, Xu Baocai caught sight of Bai Xiaochun who had just walked out of the grass hut. Newfound vengeance and old hatred instantly filled the depths of his heart as he howled with rage.

    “Bai Xiaochun!” As he spoke, Xu Baocai furiously lunged forward, and the wooden sword in his hand immediately flew out with a whistle.

    Big Fatty Zhang and the others’ expressions immediately changed. Just as they were about to go and block the attack, the burly fellow from the Supervising House sneered and quickly went to stop them.

    Right at the moment when Xu Baocai had charged forward and said those words, Bai Xiaochun’s eyes turned red with fury, and he also shouted loudly,

    “Xu Baocai, you have forced me! I have no other choice but I’m going to fight you to the death!” Bai Xiaochun’s heart palpitated wildly.  Never mind fighting a fellow cultivator, he had never fought with anyone at all in his life!

    At this moment, the nervousness almost brought Bai Xiaochun to the brink of insanity. Along with the shout meant to boost his own courage, the power of the Third layer Qi Condensation cultivation immediately burst forth. Putting all of his cultivation on the line, and pouring all of the spirit Qi in his body into the wooden sword, Bai Xiaochun wielded the wooden sword in his hands and pointed it towards Xu Baocai.

    With a ‘weng’ sound coming from the wooden sword, the two silver lines hidden among the different colours of the sword faintly flashed, immediately causing the sword’s body to expand in diameter. A cold, oppressive aura exploded from the sword as it sprinted directly towards Xu Baocai.

    The rapid speed and imposing aura of the sword stunned the people from both the Hearthfire Kitchen and the Supervising House. What led them to further suck in their breaths was the fact that the particular sword was exuding a sharp will that enveloped the surroundings. The sight before them shocked them so much that they immediately stopped fighting and looked over in astonishment.

    Xu Baocai hadn’t even gotten close to Bai Xiaochun when the aura of the latter already made him jump in fright. The Bai Xiaochun before him right now was entirely different from the one in his memory from a few months back- as if he was now an entirely different person. The sight of Bai Xiaochun clenching his teeth and giving it his all sent a shiver down Xu Baocai’s spine.

    Soon after, Xu Baocai’s eyes widened with a look of incredulity. He saw the rapidly approaching wooden sword of Bai Xiaochun seemingly turning into a raging waterfall. The qi it was emitting in particular; he had only seen this type of qi before in the battles between the outer sect disciples. Xu Baocai was instantly struck dumb with disbelief as his scalp turned numb.

    Peng” Bai Xiaochun’s wooden sword directly struck Xu Baocai’s wooden sword, causing the latter’s to shudder vigorously. Without any resistance, the sword started to shatter from its tip. In the blink of an eye, the sword was blown into countless smithereens that flew back towards Xu Baocai.

    As for Bai Xiaochun’s wooden sword, it did not falter one bit and continued to charge forward, straight towards Xu Baocai. Xu Baocai, who had just had his soul scared out of him, used all of his remaining strength to barely dodge the incoming sword. The wooden sword brushed past his shoulder and struck a big tree behind him.

    With a loud ‘hong’, the tree was split in half, falling immediately and setting off a cloud of dust and mud. At the same time, Xu Baocai let out a painful shriek as fresh blood splattered from his right arm. With a pale face, he rapidly retreated from his previous position.

    All of this bloodshed was still due to Bai Xiaochun being unfamiliar with the control of external objects.If not, that sword would have been enough to kill Xu Baocai,  only leaving an incomplete carcass behind.

    “Third layer of Qi Condensation!! Impossible, this is impossible!” Looking towards Bai Xiaochun, Xu Baocai had a face filled with terror, as if he had just seen a ghost. For a wooden sword to have that much power, it was only possible with a cultivation of at least the Third layer of Qi Condensation. That Bai Xiaochun could have such a shocking change in just a few months was beyond his comprehension. The drastic difference between reality and what he had actually expected made Xu Baocai unable to come to terms with it and he felt as if he was living a nightmare.

    It was not only him who was shocked with disbelief. At this moment, even the burly fellow and the others from the Supervising House all sucked in a deep breath. They all turned to look at Bai Xiaochun with grim expressions on their faces.

    “To transform Spirit into Sharpness, and allow Sword Light to be exuded, this is the hallmark of cultivating the Violet Qi Cauldron Technique to the realm of “Lifting Heavy as if Light”, which can then form the basis of divine skills!” The burly fellow from the Supervising House sucked in a deep breath and looked at Bai Xiaochun with a gaze showing a hint of wariness.

    For the cultivators from the Supervising House to react in this way, nothing more could be said by Big Fatty Zhang and the others. They all looked at Bai Xiaochun with shocked expressions. When Bai Xiaochun reached the Third layer of Qi Condensation, they had somewhat already noticed it, but for the wooden sword to emit Sword Light and have a distinct expansion of its diameter… this meant that Bai Xiaochun had attained the realm of “Lifting Heavy as if Light”, and this was the first time they knew about this fact as Bai Xiaochun had said nothing.

    Even Bai Xiaochun himself was shocked by the power of his wooden sword. He looked dazedly at the collapsed big tree, and then turned to look at Xu Baocai again. Seeing his pale expression, Bai Xiaochun immediately cocked his head back and started laughing.

    “Xu Baocai, to think you are actually so weak, eat my sword!” Bai Xiaochun wa brimming with enthusiasm after ascertaining that he was much stronger than Xu Baocai. With a hearty laughter, he immediately sprinted towards Xu Baocai.

    When Bai Xiaochun’s gaze swept over his opponent, Xu Baocai’s body uncontrollably shivered. Witnessing Bai Xiaochun’s hearty laughter and seeing his incoming figure, fear instantly gripped Xu Baocai as he half-stumbled and half-crawled his way towards escape.

    However, he had barely taken a few steps when Bai Xiaochun was already in front of him. Looking at Xu Baocai, scenes of being chased by this person and the bitter cultivation over this period of time filled Bai Xiaochun’s mind. Reminiscing the bitterness of those hardships  had somehow turned into his strength as Bai Xiaochun viciously lifted his leg and kicked towards Xu Baocai.

    “Let’s see how you are going to chase me again!” Bai Xiaochun clenched his right fist and punched Xu Baocai in his eye. Xu Baocai shrieked as he fell onto the ground. As much as he wanted to fight back in his heart, with his Second layer of Qi Condensation cultivation, he had absolutely no form of resistance against the Bai Xiaochun in front of him.

    “This is for provoking me, and to let you know that your grandpa here is no herbivore!” Bai Xiaochun jumped and mercilessly trampled on Xu Baocai, continuously punching and kicking with his teeth clenched,  causing the latter to endlessly moan in pain.

    Peng peng’ sounds echoed throughout the surroundings, and be it the fellows from the Supervising House or Big Fatty Zhang and the others, all they could do was to stand there in a daze while their hair stood on end. They simply looked at Xu Baocai who was getting thrashed, and at Bai Xiaochun who became more and more excited with each blow.

    Xu Baocai had tears flowing down his cheeks and felt extremely wronged. He could hardly believe that Bai Xiaochun was capable of becoming so powerful in just a few months. His strength and that ‘Lifting Heavy as if Light’ technique in particular; not even several years would be enough to attain this power.

    From his perspective, Bai Xiaochun clearly had someone influential behind him. Furthermore, he was this strong from the beginning, but due to his low and wretched personality, he’d pretended to appear weak and inferior. The most irritating part was that he had been so good at acting that Xu Baocai had seriously believed him!

    Thinking of this, grief and hatred rushed to Xu Baocai’s head, and he immediately fainted.

    Looking at the unconscious Xu Baocai, Bai Xiaochun gave his shirt a pat, and got off Xu Baocai’s body. With a wave of his right hand, the wooden sword instantly flew towards him and was placed inside his sleeves. Putting on the expression of a lonely warrior, Bai Xiaochun tried hard to conceal his excited gaze.

    The burly fellow from the Supervising House threw a meaningful look towards Bai Xiaochun, and with a capricious expression, he clasped his hands together.

    “Junior brother Bai sure has concealed himself well. You have my admiration,” he said with an expressionless face. Without pausing, he turned around and signaled the others to leave, bringing the unconscious Xu Baocai along with them.

    After the group had left, Big Fatty Zhang and the others all came to Bai Xiaochun’s side and looked towards him with a hint of happiness in their eyes. After all, the guys from the Supervising House were outsiders to them, and Big Fatty Zhang and the others knew the amount of hard work that Bai Xiaochun had put in these past few months. At this moment, they only had respect for Bai Xiaochun.

    “You brat, not bad, looks like you didn’t play with your life for nothing in these six months!” Big Fatty Zhang patted Bai Xiaochun on the shoulders.

    “That is because, when I go all out and put my life on the line, even I get scared of myself.” Bai Xiaochun smiled and cocked his head like a proud little rooster, causing Big Fatty Zhang and the others to throw another fit of laughter.


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  • Chapter 9 –  Longevity Pill

    Time flew as fast as a steed flitting past a crack! [1] A month passed, and chilling winds were beginning to blow; sending autumn leaves floating through the air along the Tongtian river, just past the Spirit Creek Sect. As the seasons changed, Bai Xiaochun suddenly realized that it had been a whole year since his arrival at the Spirit Creek Sect.

    For him, this year had been quite eventful. He had changed from an ordinary person, into a sect disciple with a cultivation base at the Third layer of Qi Condensation. This change absolved any conflicts that may have arisen due to him joining the Hearthfire Kitchens.

    Xu Baocai never appeared before the Hearthfire Kitchens’ doors again. Even when Bai Xiaochun ventured down the mountain in order to procure materials for the Hearthfire Kitchens, to replenish all the materials the nine brothers consumed, he would almost always catch a glimpse of Xu Baocai hurriedly attempting to avoid him. It appeared as though Xu Baocai was absolutely terrified of him.

    Despite that, for the past month Bai Xiaochun would often be seen in a miserable mood. He would sigh from the bottom of his heart and say nothing to Big Fatty Zhang and the others. For Bai Xiaochun, this was something he had to deal with by himself.

    “One year of my life… ah…” Bai Xiaochun looked at a nearby tree, its leaves that had turned yellow were being carried away by the wind as they fell.

    I am just like this big tree. These falling leaves represent the one year of life I’ve lost…’  thought Bai Xiaochun, feeling rather sentimental.

    This past month he had tried every method of nourishing his body, yet the strands of white hair that covered his forehead still hadn’t regained their colour. He had indirectly asked Big Fatty Zhang and the others about it, and discovered that there were actually some methods to supplement one’s life. However, they either had some kind of restriction, or were as rare as phoenix feathers and unicorn horns.He gradually forgot about eating and drinking, causing even his small face became haggard. In the end he had no choice but to give up and accept the fact that his lifespan had shortened. After leaving one afternoon in order to purchase materials for the Hearthfire Kitchens, Bai Xiaochun spotted a huge stele at the bottom of the third peak. The pace of his breathing gradually sped up.

    At the foot of every mountain on the southern bank of the Spirit Creek Sect was a stele just like this one. On its side were countless rows of densely packed texts that flickered with light. From time to time some of the text would slide off the stele like running water, after which new lines of characters would appear to replace them.

    This was where the Spirit Creek Sect mission reception area was located. Every disciple needed to complete sect missions in order to receive the spirit stones necessary for cultivation, as well as contribution points.

    In particular, contribution points were needed for things such as listening to scriptures, entering the Technique Pavilion, and accessing any of the special training areas. Contribution points could be used to obtain nearly anything in the sect. To some extent, contribution points were more precious than spirit stones.

    Currently, many outer sect disciples had gathered at the base of the third peak. They were all staring at the mission stele with unwavering eyes. Occasionally someone would select a task to complete, and then respectfully relay it to the cross-legged middle-aged cultivator who was sitting in front of the stele.

    Furthermore, there were even some Miscellaneous Chores disciples among them. Amidst the sea of outer sect disciples who wore cloud-like cyan robes, they could be clearly distinguished due to their different clothing.

    The only missions that were not specifically visible here, were the ones that required an inner disciple of the Spirit Creek Sect. As for the other missions, both outer sect disciples and Miscellaneous Chores disciples could choose them.

    Some of the Miscellaneous Chores disciples who strove to advance would view this place as the first step for themselves, as a carp leaping through the dragon’s gate. [2]

    Bai Xiaochun had been standing here for as long as it would take an incense stick to burn. His expression was indiscernible as he stared attentively at one of the lines of flickering text in the center of the stele. The look on his face betraying his apparent hesitation.

    “Longevity pill…I didn’t expect inner sect disciples to have this kind of herbal medicine. Going by the name, this pill should be able to extend one’s life.” After staring for a long time, Bai Xiaochun mumbled as contemplated this matter for a short while before approaching the middle-aged cultivator who was sitting in front of the stele.

    Many outer sect disciples surrounded Bai Xiaochun on all sides. Even though they had all sensed his arrival, each and every one of them chose to ignore him. Due to his standing, and because he was a Miscellaneous Chores disciple, they didn’t even consider him worthy of their attention.

    Bai Xiaochun waited until the people the amount of people between him and the middle aged dwindled. Then he cupped his fists to pay his respects, displaying an obedient countenance.

    “Good afternoon, Senior Brother.”

    The middle-aged cultivator raised his head and swept a glance over Bai Xiaochun, then slightly nodded his head without saying a single word.

    “Senior Brother, there is a mission here that requires one to search for several strands of herbs in exchange for a longevity pill. Can this pill truly extend one’s lifespan?” Bai Xiaochun asked about this particular detail, as he was still concerned about his lifespan.

    “Longevity pill… yeah, there is such a mission. And the pill you receive as a reward will  extend your life, though only by one year. However, it comes with many restrictions. It can only be used at the Fifth layer of Qi Condensation or below, and it’s only effective the first time one uses it; consuming it a second time is completely useless. It‘s considered precious, because it can extend a person’s lifespan by one year, but it isn’t very useful in the end.” The middle-aged cultivator saw how obedient Bai Xiaochun looked, and couldn’t help but blurt out additional details.

    “Generally speaking, it’s only used by sect disciples to prolong the mortal lives of their family’s elderly, however it has a considerable price. Do you still want to accept this mission?”

    Bai Xiaochun raised his head to eye the stele, pondered for a bit, and then nodded.

    Seeing this, the middle-aged cultivator lifted his right hand and pointed at the stele. Promptly, the mission text turned grey. A smooth jade white strip appeared in his right hand shortly after, which he then threw to Bai Xiaochun.

    “Azure Spirit Leaves, Earthen Dragonfruits, and Stone Insect Shells. Once you’ve gathered enough of these three herbs, you can exchange them for a longevity pill.” The middle aged cultivator said indifferently, and stopped paying attention to Bai Xiaochun. Instead, he moved on to presenting missions to the other outer sect disciples – who were arriving at his side.

    Bai Xiaochun took the jade strip and left, as four words continued to echo in his mind, ‘can extend your life.’ His eyes slowly revealed his resolution.

    “I must obtain this medical pill, in order to regain the year of life that I’ve lost.”

    With this newfound determination, Bai Xiaochun sprinted towards the Four Seas House to seek out information. Among the resources available to Miscellaneous Chores disciples, Bai Xiaochun found information related to the Azure Spirit Leaves. It  was a type of medicinal herb that only grew in the habitat of a creature called theClimatory Spiritual Bird. As these Climatory Spiritual Birds liked to gather in flocks, and a single one was akin to a cultivator at the Second layer of Qi Condensation, trying to obtain the herbs was no easy feat. As such, its price wasn’t low either.

    As for the Earthen Dragonfruit and Stone Insect Shells, the Four Oceans House did not have any records of them. Bai Xiaochun groped around in his pockets, and then left with a bitter smile. When Bai Xiaochun returned to the Hearthfire Kitchens, he tried to obtain more information from Fatty Zhang and the others. None of them had heard about the Earthen Dragonfruit before, but Third Fatty Hei knew of the Stone Insect Shell. This item was  actually the carapace of a spirit insect called the Stone Insect.

    According to him, this shell was incomparably hard. Furthermore, it was extremely heavy. They were rarely found here on the southern bank and would only be produced at the northern bank as their cultivation technique worked primarily to tame beasts. Even though both the Southern and Northern Shores were part of the Spirit Creek Sect, and one would only have the qualifications to cross the Main Peak’s mountain bridge that stood between them when they became an inner sect disciple.

    “Why are you asking about these medicinal herbs? These things can’t be eaten, and their prices at the Southern Shore Marketplace at the bottom of the mountain are also ridiculously high.” Big Fatty Zhang inquired in puzzlement as he patted his stomach.

    Bai Xiaochun’s eyes brightened the moment he heard the word ‘marketplace’. He immediately sprinted down the mountain after giving the others a simple explanation. Although he had only stepped out of the sect a limited number of times in the year he had been in the Hearthfire Kitchens, he still knew there was a marketplace outside the sect.

    Most of the shops in the Marketplace were opened by the families of the disciples in the Sect. There were even some shops that were owned by Sect disciples which exclusively provided services for the disciples of the Sect.  Over time, these businesses had slowly grown to a considerable scale.

    The everyday necessities required by the Hearthfire Kitchens were also bought from here.

    When Bai Xiaochun returned to the Hearthfire Kitchens after walking around the Marketplace and visiting the Medical Herbs sections, his brows were knitted and repeatedly sighed from the depths of his heart.

    “This is too blackhearted, especially for that Earthen Dragonfruit. Isn’t it just a fruit of a plant that grows underground? How can it be so expensive!” Bai Xiaochun helplessly discovered that he simply had no means to exchange for a single Longevity Pill with his current abilities.

    Bai Xiaochun had no idea about the importance of money; when compared to his lifespan, he couldn’t care less about how much wealth he had. While he was in this impecunious situation, he suddenly remembered that the only valuable items the Senior Fatty brothers had in their possession were already in their stomachs. Therefore, Bai Xiaochun came to the conclusion that they were in fact no richer than himself.

    As for the spirit food in the Hearthfire Kitchens, nobody could catch and punish them if they secretly ate it.However, if they tried to sell it outside, given the degree of strictness that the disciples from the Supervising House had, the punishment would not be light if they were caught.

    Thinking back and forth, Bai Xiaochun could not come up with any idea to earn money – unless he sold the items he had spirit refined.

    But such a matter didn’t sit well with him. Bai Xiaochun was cultivating in his room after several days of contemplation, when suddenly a loud bell chime echoed throughout the Sect.

    The bell chime wasn’t extremely loud, and it disappeared quickly. Bai Xiaochun opened his eyes with no expression of surprise. He had heard this bell chime every month since he had entered the Sect. And long ago, he had already known from Big Fatty Zhang that this sound signified the day that the various Peaks opened theirTrial by Fire to the Miscellaneous Chores disciples. This was their chance to be promoted to an Outer Sect Disciple.

    To be promoted from a Miscellaneous Chores disciple to an Outer Sect disciple was akin to a fish transforming into a dragon. One must firstly have attained the Third layer of Qi Condensation cultivation, and secondly, choose a Road of Trial on one of the mountain peaks. Though the Road of Trial was simply a flight of steps that stretched all the way to the altar at the top of the mountain, this road has been layered with magical force, making it extremely hard for anyone to take even a single step. If one could walk successfully to the top, one could earn the right to become an Outer Sect Disciple.

    However, the number of Outer Sect Disciple spots were limited, and each time every Peak only chose the three that had finished walking the road in the least amount of time. As there was an enormous number of Miscellaneous Chores Disciples in Spirit Creek Sect – just the southern shore alone had over 10 000 people – it made the competition extremely intense.

    As for the disciples of Hearthfire Kitchen , they naturally followed the commandment of “rather starving to death in the Hearthfire Kitchen than competing for a spot in the Outer Sect”. At this time of the month, they would only watch the show with excitement and without a single worry on their faces.

    Bai Xiaochun closed his eyes briefly, but soon opened them again with a weird look on his face, instantly turning into happiness A thought slowly formed in his head as he stood up paced back and forth in his room. After closely inspecting the details of this thought, his face immediately brimmed with joy.

    “It can be done!” He immediately pushed open his room door and gathered Big Fatty Zhang and the others who were busy discussing who the unlucky fellow that would become an Outer Sect disciple would be.

    “Fellow Senior Brothers, I have an idea to make us rich. I’m asking for the assistance of my fellow Senior Brothers, let’s get rich together!” Bai Xiaochun smacked his lips and looked towards Big Fatty Zhang and his group with a glint in his eye.

    Such a look wasn’t foreign to Big Fatty Zhang and the others; when Bai Xiaochun had suggested to thicken the base of the bowls which benefited the Hearthfire Kitchen, he had the exact same look on his face. Big Fatty Zhang and the others immediately showed their interest.

    “Ninth Fatty, just what kind of idea do you have? To tell you the truth, the rest of us are also very poor. It’s all because of that damned Supervising House; if it weren’t for them, we would have struck rich just by selling those things in the Hearthfire Kitchen!” Big Fatty Zhang slapped Bai Xiaochun on the shoulders and looked on with a gaze of anticipation.


    You guys are too ferocious…….to think we actually got second place for recommendation votes!! Brothers and sisters, be a bit more ferocious please~~

    [1] idiom: The general meaning is “How time flies!” as a horse would run very quickly past a slit.

    [2] Mythical Dragon gate where a carp can transform into a dragon

    Translators: Kiseki , Killerwhale

    Translation Checkers: MilkTea, LittleShenks, Kookie

    Head Editors: Kiseki, Kookie, Ruze

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  • Chapter 10 – Don’t go Senior Brother

    He saw that the senior fatty brothers around him were all staring at him. Their pairs of small eyes seemingly flickered with the radiance emitted at the thought of spirit stones. Big Fatty Zhang in particular was staring at him with eyes filled with fire… Bai Xiaochun coughed, slightly proud of himself.

    “Senior brother, look! Every month the Spirit Creek Sect’s trial by fire opens at the base of the three peaks and gives the Miscellaneous Chores disciples a chance to be a fish leaping through the Dragon gate, right…?” Bai Xiaochun lifted his small, fair face, and seemed incomparably innocently.

    Big Fatty Zhang and the others nodded at Bai Xiaochun’s words.

    “The sect only wants the cream of the crop. Thus, no matter how many people participate in the trial of fire every month, each mountain peak only selects the quickest three to finish the trial by fire. Right?” Bai Xiaochun licked his lips and his eyes began to emit light as he explained. Big Fatty Zhang looked at him pensively for a moment.

    Third Fatty Hei was also looking at him while in thought, but the others, however, were confused.

    “What you mean to say is…” Big Fatty Zhang looked at Bai Xiaochun; his eyes gradually began to twinkle.

    “With the strengths of Senior Brothers and my own combined, we would all be able to ascend to the peak of the mountain in the trial by fire…” Bai Xiaochun looked to the side at a few of the Senior Brothers. Each and every one one of them was at the third layer of Qi Condensation. In particular, Big Fatty Zhang and Third Fatty Hei were already at the peak of the Qi Condensation third layer. However, they deliberately suppressed breaking through to the next layer as they wished to inconspicuously remain in the Hearthfire Kitchen.

    “Therefore, we can occupy the top three spots if we all participate in the trial by fire. With that position, we could possibly… sell the spots to the people behind us!” Bai Xiaochun finished talking and looked at the reaction of Big Fatty Zhang and the others.

    Big Fatty Zhang’s body trembled.

    “Extremely dangerous…” He breathed in deeply and slapped his thigh; his eyes exposed an unprecedented radiance. This method was not complicated – it was actually extremely simple. Only, it was a cataclysmic train of thought that would only be understood when it was spoken aloud . Though, before it was spoken, it would be near impossible to think of.

    At this moment, Big Fatty Zhang  even had the guts to anoint his head with the purest cream. A brand new door to life had opened up from now on and he couldn’t help but laugh heartily..

    “This is an extremely devious scheme,haha!” Third Fatty Hei stomped. His face flushed red in uncertainty as if he couldn’t decide between being bashful or excited.

    It wasn’t until now that the other Fatty Senior brothers reacted. Each and every one of them was inspired and looked at Bai Xiaochun with expressions full of admiration while panting at the prospects of this scheme.

    “This scheme can be done!”

    “Fuck his grandmother, those bastards at the Supervising House! They’ve screwed us over for so many years, making us poor beyond belief! It’s a good thing Ninth Junior Brother arrived. Off with their heads!”

    Fatty Zhang elatedly patted his stomach after everyone was satisfied with the details and preparation for next month’s trial by fire.

    “Extra food for tonight!”

    Sounds of laughter could be heard from the Hearthfire Kitchen. Everyone from the Hearthfire Kitchen was extremely hard-working during the next month – to the point that they even trained for a few days straight, which was a rare occurrence. Following their ‘intense’ training, everyone patiently waited as the day neared

    The day had finally arrived.

    The sun shone brightly the next day and an unprecedented scene appeared below the three mountain peaks of the Spirit Creek Sect’s Southern Shore. At the entrance to the trial of fire which was at the base of each of the three peaks, three black woks could be seen.

    If one looked carefully, one would be able to see trios of unusually formidable fatties standing beside those black woks, giving off an imposing manner.

    These formidable fatties were the nine disciples from the Hearthfire Kitchen. It could be said that they were the first of the disciples participating in the trial by fire. There were three fatties per peak, as per their plans.

    At the moment, there was an enormous quantity of disciples rapidly rushing towards the mountain peaks from every direction. All of those disciples rubbed their fists and looked extremely energetic. Some had failed a couple of times already and some had come to participate for the first time. Everyone was filled with anticipation as they hoped they could achieve meteoric success and be promoted from a Chores disciple to an Outer disciple.   

    However, they immediately saw those fatties from the Hearthfire Kitchen just as they neared the peak of their choice.

    “Hearthfire Kitchen? Why are they here?”

    “I have done many odd jobs over the past nine years and have participated in the trial by fire more than thirty times, but this is still the first time that I have ever seen a person from Heartfire Kitchen here…” The disciples were shocked to have discovered that there were fatties at every single one of the three mountain peaks and immediately burst into a buzzing of chatter..

    “This is a serious matter. The disciples from the Hearthfire Kitchen have actually come to fight for the position of outer disciple. How could this be…”

    The expressions of Bai Xiaochun, Fatty Zhang and Third Junior Fatty Hei were calm and collected as they ignored the astonished discussion of their fellow disciples in the Third Peak.

    They were completely focused on the entrance to the trial by fire as they waited for the moment its gates would open. This wasn’t just the path of the trial by fire to them – it was a shining path paved with spirit stones.

    Bai Xiaochun’s expression was especially grave as he continued to stare resolutely at the entrance.

    Three figures rapidly floated down from the mountain peak. One of the figures, a sage-like middle aged man, descended onto the mountain peak that Bai Xiaochun was on. He was greeted with the sight of Big Fatty Zhang’s meat-mountain body the moment he arrived beside the trial by fire path.

    The middle aged cultivator who was in charge of supervising the trial by fire was astonished after his gaze swept past Bai Xiaochun, Big Fatty Zhang and Third Junior fatty Hei.

    “Is the sun rising from the West today? The disciples from Hearthfire Kitchen normally wouldn’t dare risk death for the chance to become an outer disciple. For what possible reason could they have come for today?

    He couldn’t help but give them a couple more glances, with his expression gradually becoming encouraging. With a flick of his sleeves, his voice spread to all four corners.

    “The trial to be promoted to an outer disciple – commences!” Just as he finished speaking, every single bird in the sect cried out as the trial’s entrance shone with brilliant rays of light, symbolizing the start of the trial.

    Big Fatty Zhang’s expression became resolute in a split second as he let out a roar and summoned a gale, hurriedly running up the flight of stairs as if he was being chased by a mob of vicious beasts.

    Third Fatty Hei acted in a similar manner. His eyes shone with viciousness as though whomever competed in the trial by fire with him was trying to steal his life and  tightly followed behind Big Fatty Zhang.

    The third was Bai Xiaochun. His speed was even faster, similar to that that of a rabbit’s. His entire head was filled with thoughts of the Longevity PIll as he leapt forward. All three of them were sprinting up the path in the blink of an eye.

    It was only after this that the other miscellaneous chores disciples finally reacted. Their expressions changed as they gritted their teeth and ran with their fastest speed towards the top of the mountain.

    The situation on the other two peaks were the same as the Third Peak’s. The ones running at the forefront were all fatties from the Hearthfire Kitchen.

    The Third Peak was called the Fragrant Cloud Peak. On the trial by fire’s path, Bai Xiaochun’s trio were much faster than the rest and were leading by a wide margin. However, they gradually slowed down as they felt a pressure that weighed them down coming from every direction.

    Bai Xiaochun hurriedly looked back and found that seven or eight people were close behind him. He was a bit worried as he felt the threat of others snatching his Longevity Pill away from him.

    “Stealing my Longevity PIll is the same as robbing my life!” He took a deep breath as his face became increasingly flushed. Spirit qi proliferated throughout his body with a ‘bang’ as it turned into pure power. Like a wild hog that got its tail stepped on, he charged ahead of Third Fatty Hei, and then ahead of Big Fatty Chang – his speed had more than doubled.

    Third Fatty Hei roared at this moment. He used an unknown technique which resulted in his speed increasing, allowing him to quickly surpass Big Fatty Chang and tail closely behind Bai Xiaochun. Big Fatty Zhang felt anxious when he saw the two of them surpass him and disappear into the distance.

    He took a deep breath and the fat flesh on his body visibly shrunk as though it was being burned. His speed instantly exploded. He loudly caught up to Third Fatty Hei and Bai Xiaochun, and together, the three of them sped away.

    The miscellaneous chores disciples behind them all gaped with wide eyes and open mouths when they saw this scene, instantly despairing. Though they still weren’t completely resigned, they couldn’t catch up to Bai Xiaochun’s trio no matter how hard they tried.. Those with fiery tempers even started cursing at them.

    “Damn it, did they take some stimulants? How can they be this fast!?”

    Bai Xiaochun kept running up the mountain until the very moment the incense burned out. On the top of the mountain stood two Outer disciples who were in charge of recruiting the best of the Miscellaneous Chores disciples.

    “Congratulations…” The two Outer disciples smilingly said when they saw Bai Xiaochun coming up the mountain, but they were cut off and stood wide eyed at what they saw.

    They saw that Bai Xiaochun suddenly started stumbling in his next few steps. In the end, he was just one step shy of the end of the trial by fire.

    He stared at the two Outer disciples and they stared back at him. He gave them a loveable smile before immediately turning around.

    “Stop!” He roared as he raised up a hand in obstruction directed towards where he had come from. Following close behind him was Big Fatty Zhang and Third Fatty Hei who had quickly halted and gasped for breath. After approaching the finish line, the three people stood there panting for breath while looking at each other, laughing heartily.

    The two Outer disciples behind them looked at each other in dismay. They were confused about what was going on and they wondered whether these three disciples had a brain aneurism. The three of them had already come this far, yet they didn’t cross the finish line?

    “You three Junior disciples are the first to arrive. Once you come over here, you’ll be promoted to Outer disciples.” One of the two Outer disciples kindly explained.

    “Outer disciple? Who would want to become an Outer disciple?” Big Fatty Zhang waved his hand in dismissal, then sat down in unison with Third Fatty Hei. The two mountains of meat sat there, blocking the gateway.

    Bai Xiaochun sat in front of them. He lifted his chin up, loftily waiting for others to arrive.

    “Ah?” If you don’t want to become outer disciples, then why have you three come here? Are you retarded!?” The two Outer disciples said in displeasure.

    Big Fatty Zhang turned a deaf ear to the words of the Outer disciple’s as his two eyes continued to look down the mountain.

    It wasn’t until the time it took for a stick of incense to burn out that they saw a horse faced Miscellaneous Chores disciple slowly climbing up while panting like an ox. When he saw Bai Xiaochun and the other two, he let out a sigh but his eyes were unresigned. This was the ninth time he had participated in the trial by fire. He had high hopes this time, but he had unfortunately encountered disciples of the Hearthfire Kitchen.

    His face was riddled with grief and indignation and just before he was about to turn around and give up, Bai Xiaochun stood up and shouted.

    “Don’t leave, Senior disciple. Come, come, come. Let me think about this for a moment. There’s no need to begrudge the Hearthfire Kitchen. All of a sudden, I don’t think I want to become an Outer disciple anymore. Therefore, there is still a spot left…”

    The horse faced disciple looked at him blankly, but his eyes suddenly began to shine as he finished processing the words spoken by Bai Xiaochun.

    Translators: Kiseki, Ruze, TheLorax , Miki,  wyhcwe

    Translation Checkers: wyhcwe

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  • Chapter 11 – Hou Xiaomei

    Hearing Bai Xiaochun’s words, the horse-faced disciple’s initially felt as if he’d just returned from death’s door.  Immediately after, however, his gaze fell on the two meat mountains behind Bai Xiaochun, who were smiling maliciously. Hesitantly, he replied,


    Bai Xiaochun smiled, looking as adorable and harmless as a pet. He walked a few steps, and patted the horse-faced disciple’s shoulder as he started talking with a wide grin.

    “Congratulations! Senior Brother will become an outer sect disciple! From now on, you will be a carp leaping through the dragon gate, and you’ll have meteoric success in your career. The future is limitless! Ah, it was hard for Junior Brother to run this far. Senior Brother, do you have anything to make up for my efforts?”

    The horse-faced disciple’s complexion turned ugly. If he still wouldn’t be able to understand the other person’s intentions by now, then he truly didn’t deserve to be alive. He glanced at Bai Xiaochun with an unreadable expression, then he looked at Big Fatty Zhang and Third Fatty Hei. His train of thought revolved at lightning speed, weighing the merits and demerits of this situation.

    Quickly enough, the horse-faced disciple clenched his teeth ferociously. It seemed to him that this opportunity was indeed bittersweet. This month, it had been just a fluke, but who could possibly know whether or not he would come across someone strong next month? And the three men in front of him… they might participate next month as well.

    Most importantly, he wished from the depth of his heart to become an outer sect disciple and was eager for the opportunity. This moment was what he had been waiting for! He fiercely stamped his foot in approval.

    “How much do you want!?” he said, grinding his teeth.

    “Not much. For the purpose of this trial of fire, I have been preparing for several months. So, if  you give me 20 spirit stones, that will suffice.” Bai Xiaochun smiled with exultation, his mouth open as wide as a lion’s. The smile made the horse-faced disciple’s heart tremble, tempting him to just give up and refuse the offer. Bai Xiaochun, however, started talking once more.

    “It’s not me, the junior brother, who wants this much. Look at the three of us! My Senior Brothers have suffered hunger and became so thin for this trial of fire! You can’t give some only to me, right?”

    Bai Xiaochun really wasn’t lying. He’d run all the way up here, and for the purpose of speed, Big Fatty Zhang and Third Fatty Hei had gotten thinner by a small circle.

    The horse-faced disciple looked at Big Fatty Zhang and Third Fatty Hei. Cursing in his heart who knows how many times, he bargained with Bai Xiaochun to a final price of 16 spirit stones, ultimately enduring his heartache as he threw a pouch with spirit stones towards Bai Xiaochun.

    “Pretty good!” Bai Xiaochun cried hoarsely.

    “No problem at all, Senior Brothers. Hold on! Two more are coming soon, we’ll open the gate together,” Bai Xiaochun said happily, taking the spirit stones and throwing them towards Big Fatty Zhang.

    Hearing that he still wanted to wait for more people to come, the horse-faced disciple did not know why, but in the bottom of his heart, he was actually looking forward to it. Of course, this was a kind of ‘If I’m not doing well, then why should you be doing well?’ complex state of mind.

    Meanwhile, beside the exit, there were two outer sect disciples who had watched the transaction with eyes wide open and looks of disbelief on their faces.

    “You…what are you doing? Openly selling outer sect disciple positions, such nerve!” they growled harshly.

    “Who’s shouting? We managed to climb up here with great efforts. Is it wrong to give this chance to junior brothers in my sect? Junior Brothers! After seeing us work so hard, it wouldn’t be out of the question for you to take the initiative in giving us  compensation!” Big Fatty Zhang was happily counting the spirit stones when he’d heard the protesting words. He turned his head and ferociously glared at the two outer sect disciples.

    Hearing his reply, the two outer sect disciples were unexpectedly silenced, having no idea what to retort with.

    Also the same time, seven to eight people were trying to advance up the flight of steps, faces flushed and gasping for breath.  As they struggled to ascend as quickly as possible, it seemed as if thunder was rumbling all around. Among them, a 30-year-old burly man was the in the forefront. His upper body was naked, giving him a daunting appearance as step by step he walked up the mountain. Bai Xiaochun’s eyes brightened as he promptly stepped forward.

    “Senior Brother, you are one step too late! However, my Senior Brothers suddenly don’t want to become outer sect disciples anymore. Do you want one of their places?”

    The burly man stared blankly at Bai Xiaochun after hearing his words. Seeing so many people behind him on the peak, he immediately understood and coldly snorted.

    “You, a small child, dare to extort me? Fuck off!” he growled. He suddenly raised and waved his right hand, spiritual pressure in Late Third layer of Qi Condensation dispersing at once.

    Bai Xiaochun recoiled, and taking a step back he shouted,

    “Eldest Senior Brother!”

    The moment Bai Xiaochun’s words had ended, a meat mountain explosively appeared out of the blue.

    The burly man’s complexion changed greatly. He looked up, dumbstruck, as the meat mountain firmly smashed into his body.

    The man’s blood-curdling scream echoed throughout the mountains. Big Fatty Zhang was now sitting directly atop his body. Despite struggling for a while, the burly man was unable to crawl out from under the meat mountain. Were it not for his robust body, he was afraid that the fainted from anger!

    This scene caused the seven to eight individuals following the burly man to become stupefied. One after another, their expressions became fearful.

    The two outer sect disciples also inhaled sharply, almost collapsing at the sight of this scene. Looking at Big Fatty Zhang flattening the burly man’s body, they couldn’t help but pity the poor guy.

    “Eldest Senior Brother, people are watching,” Bai Xiaochun whispered to Big Fatty Zhang as his eyes flickered to the side.

    Having lived with Bai Xiaochun for more then a year now, Big Fatty Zhang immediately understood what he was trying to say. His bovine eyes flared open as he swung a fist the size of a hammer towards the burly man’s body underneath him, smashing him down with a rumble.

    “Daring to freeload from Grandfather Fatty, you’ve got guts!” Big Fatty Zhang said as his fist dropped.

    “We brothers have painstakingly come here to become outer sect disciples, and after giving up at the last moment, you refuse to give compensation?!”

    “Fuck your grandmother! How dare you refuse!” Big Fatty Zhang scolded. Not only did he use his fist, he also lifted his body and repeatedly pressed down on the screaming burly man, nearly suffocating him. Soon Big Fatty Zhang’s body stood up again, and the burly man struggled to extend his hand holding out a small pouch with his face full of fear. He urgently opened his mouth to speak.

    “I will provide compensation!”

    Big Fatty Zhang blanked for a moment, before hurriedly standing up, then pulled the burly man up with him. Happiness was shown on his face. Snatching the pouch, he took a glance inside of it. An instant later, with uncontrollable joy, he stepped forward and personally dusted away the dirt on the burly man’s clothes.

    “Haha. Good brother, say so earlier. Come, come, come. Queue up over there and wait for a little while. We will open up once we have our final person.”

    The burly man felt aggrieved, yet, he did not dare to voice out his anger. Holding back his frustration, he went to the horse-faced disciple’s side, feeling incredibly dejected. The horse-faced disciple, however, felt more comfortable than before, and that he had been very wise earlier on, when he’d decided not to oppose them.

    “Senior Brother is so powerful!” Flowers were about to bloom from the smile on Bai Xiaochun’s face, especially when he saw how those people behind the burly man had instantly stopped. Every single one of them looked  shaken, which made him rejoice even more.

    With a complacent expression, Big Fatty Zhang walked swayingly to the side of the entrance, and  sat down once again, fully blocking the door.

    The two outer sect disciples outside the entrance were currently looking at each other. Earlier, they had felt that the three fellows were too much, as they were actually blackmailing people! However, looking at them now, they seemed to have been rather lenient before.

    “They… They actually dare to rob!!”

    “This is robbery alright!”  The two people were searing with rage, though what mostly filled the depths of their hearts was envy. They secretly wondered why they had not thought of such an idea in the past.

    Compared to them, the people with the most mixed feelings in their hearts were those seven to eight disciples who had came at the same time with the burly man. They had watched the entire process of the burly man being sat upon by Big Fatty Zhang with wide eyes. Currently, every one of them was rooted to the ground, but strange glows started appearing in their eyes.

    Initially, it would have been very difficult for them to become outer sect disciples. However, with such a delay, they might actually stand a chance!

    “Dear Senior Brothers, there’s still one last place. Let’s do this then. The highest buyer wins!” Just how shrewd of a person was Bai Xiaochun? After seeing this scene, he immediately spoke out with a sharp and precise voice that resounded throughout the surroundings. As though his words had ignited the feelings in everyone’s hearts, sounds of intensifying heavy breathing could be heard from the disciples.

    The initial strange glows in the eyes of those seven to eight disciples expanded limitlessly in a mere instant. Thoughts that caused their hearts to skip a beat could not help but surge in their minds, one after another.

    “I’m willing to pay ten Spirit Stones!”


    “I’m taking this placing for sure! I will pay fifteen Spirit Stones!”

    In an instant, bidding voices rose one after another, as though the place had turned into an auction house. Hearing these shouts, Bai Xiaochun and his two brothers felt even more excited.

    Outside the door, the two outer sect disciples were listening in. Ignoring the extortion and the robbery, they actually dared to pour more oil onto the fire by opening up an auction house! In their hearts, they were rather perplexed. They now thought that the most abominable of the three men was not Big Fatty Zhang, but rather this seemingly clever Bai Xiaochun!

    “Too much! Too shameless!” one of the disciples said,  grinding his teeth, eyes all red. In the bottom of his heart, he did not know whether to be jealous or angry. He turned around and walked away without delay, in order to report this matter to the overseer of the sect.

    Currently, the calls were continually raising the price, but Bai Xiaochun felt it was still insufficient. Rolling his eyes, he once again began to talk.

    “Ladies and gentlemen, Senior Brothers. I want to hasten this a little, otherwise we would tarry for a long time. If we do, the rest of the sect Miscellaneous Chore disciples can catch up. Then they can sell this opportunity themselves!”

    Immediately after he had finished speaking, a woman’s excited voice could be heard from the back of the crowd.

    “I, Hou Xiaomei, offer 30 spirit stones! My family is a clan of cultivators, and we do not lack in spirit stones! Who dares to fight with me!” A girl in the prime of her youth spoke up. She was somewhat fresh and pure, with white skin and a delicate stature, gasping for breath as she climbed up.

    Big Fatty Zhang looked straight into the eyes of this young woman. He wanted to say something, but restrained himself. He couldn’t help but glance at Bai Xiaochun.

    Following Hou Xiaomei’s shouted offer, everyone promptly exploded with similar bids. The price immediately soared. In the end, the position was given to Hou Xiaomei, who claimed to belong to a clan of cultivators. This price directly made the horse-faced Dsciple and the burly man feel jumpy. Now they even felt as though the price they had paid was much more advantageous.

    Immediately, Hou Xiaomei straightened her back, chest bulging as she stepped out of the crowd with a proud face, and with feelings of contempt in her eyes for the people behind her. The horse-faced disciple and the burly man, who professed himself as the Grandpa Wolf,smiled wryly as the three of them walked up the final steps out of the land of the trial of fire.

    Behind their backs, Bai Xiaochun cupped one fist in another with profound respect.

    “Congratulations to our three friends, henceforth carps leaping through the dragon gate. May you have great success in your careers!”

    The horse-faced disciple stood atop the hill, somewhat dazed. Although he had become an outer sect disciple, he found that he could not really enjoy the moment as Bai Xiaochun’s words echoed in his ears.The burly man and him both looked at each other and sighed with sorrow, each forcing a smile.

    Only Huo Xiaomei was extremely excited about her expensive bid. Her white face, coquettish and charming, was thoroughly flushed .

    “It’s hard to imagine that I, Hou Xiaomei, have actually come across such a good situation!” Hou Xiaomei proudly thought.


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  • Chapter 12 – Up On the Wall

    Thus, the trial of fire for promoting Miscellaneous Chores disciples to Outer Sect disciples ended in such a way. Including Hou Xiaomei, the three people proceded onwards to the peak, gradually fading into the distance. Big Fatty Zhang gazed at Hou Xiaomei’s disappearing figure, stroking his fat chin with a profound look on his face.

    “Mn, pale, tiny, and pure……” he said, turning towards Bai Xiaochun beside him.

    Right at that moment, Bai Xiaochun was also looking at Hou Xiaomei’s disappearing figure with a heart filled with complex emotions after hearing Big Fatty Zhang’s words. Seeing Big Fatty Zhang sneaking glances at him, Bai Xiaochun couldn’t help but shout.

    “Don’t look at me!”

    Seeing Bai Xiaochun get angry, Big Fatty Zhang started laughing. He then took out a pouch full of Spirit Stones and changed the subject.

    “Come, come, come, let’s count the spirit stones. We’ve struck it big this time. Haha, this method isn’t too bad at all!”

    “What’s so good about counting the spirit stones? Even if you keep counting, aren’t they still the same spirit stones?” Bai Xiaochun said with a hmph.

    “This Ninth Junior Brother! You don’t understand. They may be spirit stones, but what we’re actually counting is our own life.” Big Fatty Zhang seldom said such words of appreciation for life, leaving Bai Xiaochun to stare at him blankly for a moment. Then he took example this example from his Senior Brother to heart and also started counting spirit stones. In the end, he grew bored and tossed them back to Big Fatty Zhang.

    Right at this moment, there was a dazzling flash of light on the path of the trial by fire. It blinded everyone for a moment, and by the time their vision cleared, it had already reached the base of the mountain.

    The middle-aged overseer who was in charge of opening the path to the trial by fire looked at Bai Xiaochun’s party of three and made an odd face. After quite a while, he shook his head, deciding to no longer pay attention to them. He felt that it would be better to let the sect deal with the matters concerning the Hearthfire Kitchens.

    Bai Xiaochun’s party of three were still a bit nervous in the depths of their hearts. However, they gave a few dry coughs while glancing at each other when they saw that the overseer let them off. They quickly left afterwards, darting back to the Hearthfire Kitchens via a shortcut.

    Big Fatty Zhang minded his own business as he counted spirit stones, again and again, until they arrived back at the Hearthfire Kitchens. The other fatties had also returned, and each and every one of them was elated and unusually pleased with themselves when greeting each other.

    After they had split their respective shares, Bai Xiaochun decided to stay in his thatched house. His goal was longevity. If it hadn’t been for the need to buy medical herbs in exchange for the longevity pill, he probably wouldn’t have thought up such a plan in order to earn spirit stones.

    No one in the Hearthfire Kitchens was able to fall asleep that night. After Big Fatty Zhang and the others had suddenly become rich, they were too excited to keep still. They were overcome with trepidation and restlessness when they thought back to the days of the past, when their pockets were shriveled up, and then of the prosperity to come in the distant future. As a result, they all suffered insomnia that night.

    Bai Xiaochun was equally as sleepless as he continued thinking of the longevity pill.

    The next day, the matter about the Hearthfire Kitchens brothers blocking the road to the trial by fire had spread to everyone in the Miscellaneous Chores area on the south bank of the Spirit Creek Sect. The witnesses told the story to ten people each, then those ten in turn told it to a hundred, and so on. In the end, few were left who didn’t know about what had happened at the trial by fire.

    “Did you hear? The Hearthfire Kitchens did something huge!!”

    “Have they gone insane, to unexpectedly engage in such a thing? Heavens, they’re selling the quota for Outer Sect disciples! It’s too much! How did I not think of this idea before?”

    “Hearthfire Kitchens… I heard a long time ago  that each and every one of them is actually very influential as they are all people with some connections within the sect. Otherwise, how could they afford to eat so appallingly if they didn’t have someone backing them?!” Today,, almost  every person in every room within the Miscellaneous Chores district was discussing the Hearthfire Kitchens.

    The Hearthfire Kitchens were also a lot more subdued these days, none of them went out by themselves. This continued for a few days until Bai Xiaochun heard the sounds of footsteps on the road outside of the kitchens when he was draining rice water bit by bit one evening.

    “Come out disciples of the Hearthfire Kitchens! The Supervising House has ordered me to come investigate the matter of you waiting at the exit of the trial by fire!” As the cold voice resounded, the large doors to the Hearthfire Kitchens were directly kicked open by someone.

    The doors were kicked open with abang, and over ten Miscellaneous Chores disciples wearing uniforms of the Supervising House came rushing through the entrance. The leader of the group was the beefy guy who had previously stuck up for Xu Baocai.

    “I say, I thought I heard crows crying this morning, but it’s actually just you, Chen Fei. You’ve come here once again.” Big Fatty Zhang and Bai Xiaochun looked at each other, and both assumed the air of an unconcerned person. Together with the other few fatties, they indifferently gazed at the aggressive people of the Supervising House.

    Chen Fei sneered as gave Big Fatty Zhang a glance, and then swept his gaze over Bai Xiaochun. Suddenly, his eyebrows furrowed slightly. These Hearthfire Kitchens members before him were actually much too unperturbed.

    He had been rather excited on the way here as he believed that he’d finally grasped the Hearthfire Kitchens’ achilles heel and could finally topple them in one move. He would be able to end old internal strife between the two departments, which had already lasted many years.

    “They’re feigning calmness!” Chen Fei sneered internally, his eyes holding a tint of seriousness, and eerily said,

    “Hearthfire Kitchen, let me ask you people. A couple of days ago, did the 9 of you participate in the trial by fire for promoting Miscellaneous Chores disciples to Outer Sect disciples!?”

    “Yes, we participated,” said Big Fatty Zhang with a laugh.

    “That’s good then. Take them away!” Chen Fei spoke no more. He only raised his right hand and pointed. Instantly, over tens of Supervising House’s disciples rushed out, each of them equipped with iron chains in order to restrain the people of Hearthfire Kitchen.

    Bai Xiaochun looked over the situation and laughed.

    “The Supervising House truly does have their hands in everything, they even want to restrict our right of becoming disciples of the Outer Sect… How amazing!

    Chen Fei looked at Bai Xiaochun. He couldn’t help but remember the scene when Bai Xiaochun had used his flying sword, so he signaled the people around him to stop. He stared at Bai Xiao Chun, slowly squinting his eyes.

    “Since Brother Bai is not satisfied, then let me ask you another question. During the trial by fire, you disciples of the Hearthfire Kitchen blocked the exit and announced your name in front of the masses. Since you did it, I dare you to admit it!”

    “Of course we did it!” Bai Xiaochun was calm, looking as innocent as an angel as he quickly nodded his head and pointed towards Big Fatty Zhang and the others.

    “They did it as well.”

    “Thats right, we did it too! So what?” Big Fatty Zhang laughed and admitted to it.

    That scene made Chen Fei’s appearance change. He had not expected the people of Hearthfire Kitchen to admit it so easily. In his mind, this was supposed to be a difficult battle of might and wits which would end with him making the people of Hearthfire Kitchen confess.

    He thought for a moment that this was very strange, but he buried the feeling of unease deep in his heart, and thinking there was no need for too much talking, he roared.

    “Good, good! Since you have admitted to it, this saves me from wasting my time with prodding. In this case, please follow me to the court house. If anyone dares to resist, according to the sect rules, that person will be expelled!”After Chen Fei finished talking, his body made a straight dash towards Bai Xiaochun. The group of people who was behind him were rushing forward as well.

    It was at this moment that Bai Xiaochun suddenly raised his right arm and a sword light suddenly flew out of his sleeves. That multi-colored wooden sword instantly whistled past the Heartfire Kitchen disciples and met the disciples of the Supervising House. The cold tip of the blade threatened them, causing Chen Fei to stop in his tracks with an ugly expression.

    “Bai Xiaochun, you dare to resist!”

    “Brother Chen, the Supervising House has the right to interrogate us, but does it have the right to arrest people?”

    Humph, you all admitted to going against sect regulations. Of course I have the qualifications to arrest you!”

    “I don’t know which sect rule we breached?” Bai Xiaochun asked, all smiles. Big Fatty Zhang and the others also narrowed their eyes, the corners of their mouths exposing sneers, as they looked towards Chen Fei.

    “You sold Outer Sect places, thus breaching the sect rules… huh?” Chen Fei started explaining, but then suddenly stopped. Soon after, his complexion rapidly changed, his forehead had actually gone as far as to gradually break into a cold sweat!

    He discovered to his horror, that sect rules did not actually forbid people from selling the Outer Sect spots from the trial by fire test… After all, this method was not something many people would think of, and even if it had been previously thought of, most wouldn’t have the courage to go through with it…

    “Senior Brother Chen Fei, you’re perspiring. So which rule did we break? Contrary to what you are saying, ah, could it be that we haven’t violated a sect rule? Is Senior Brother Chen Fei deceiving the law enforcement hall? Using the public office to avenge private wrongs, you come here demanding that we be illegally punished? Senior Brother Chen Fei, you have breached the sect rule chapter 9 article 11! According to sect rules, the punishment is not small!” Bai Xiaochun assumed an astonished look, gradually getting to the heart of the matter with each sentence. His voice increased in volume, while his heart was secretly relaxing.

    “You talk nonsense, I…” In this moment, Chen Fei’s complexion changed completely. Behind him, the other Supervising House disciples also realized the problem, and each and every one of their complexions also changed in a flash.

    Meanwhile, Big Fatty Zhang laughed nastily and lifted both of his hands, cracking them. Ka ka! The other Fatty Senior Brothers’ eyes also glinted with viciousness as they walked towards everyone from the Supervising House.

    “Chen Fei, you have violated a sect rule, and what’s more, you must take responsibility for the law enforcement hall for breaking down the door ourHearthfire Kitchen forged after sacrificing countless years! Now what should the compensation be? Today you must give us an explanation!” Big Fatty Zhang smiled sinisterly; right now, he was suddenly towering over Chen Fei in an imposing manner.

    They had been thoroughly began preparing since long time ago when Bai Xiaochun had first proposed the idea two months ago otherwise they wouldn’t dare block the gate at the end of the trial by fire. The sect rules were dissected by them and interpreted to suit their rotten purpose for this major event.

    Da!” Hearing Big Fatty Zhang’s words, Chen Fei’s body trembled in fear in front of this meat-mountain figure..

    All of a sudden, the courtyard gathering degraded into a brawl, sounds of pingand bang echoing in the chaos. Bai Xiaochun’s body flashed as he assumed his customary position on top of the courtyard’s wall. He put his hands into his sleeves and he looked far away into the distance as he assumed the pose of a profound thinker. He looked like a lonely expert who had retired after a successful life.

    “In the blink of an eye, I, Bai Xiaochun,  have scattered the ashes of the Supervising House and dispersed their smoke…”

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  • Chapter 13 – You’re also coming!

    The Supervising House and the Heartfire Kitchens had been struggling against each other for many years, and the relationship between them was quite strained. Looking at the situation objectively, however, it was improbable for this conflict to go any further than either side sustaining some injuries.

    It was because of the trial of fire that the situation had now  devolved into fighting, and it only lasted for the time it would take an incense stick to burn. Big Fatty Zhang and the others kicked around and threw punches at the Supervising House, until Chen Fei and the other disciples on his side all had bloody noses and swollen faces. In the end, the latter had no choice but to swallow their grievances and take out several spirit stones, leaving them at the Kitchens’ gate as compensation, so as to lower the animosity between them.

    Before leaving, Chen Fei turned around to look at the fence wall, assuming a profound appearance, just as Bai Xiaochun had done before. The hatred in his heart intensified; he felt that ever since Bai Xiaochun had joined the Hearthfire Kitchens, they’d become increasingly abominable.

    This fight scene had aroused the attention of the entire Miscellaneous Chores Department. When the Miscellaneous Chores disciples of the southern bank found out that the Supervising House had challenged/harassed Hearthfire Kitchen, they were unable to endure, the anger in each and every one of their hearts increasing to the extremes. Those who thought like Hou Xiaomei considered that Hearthfire Kitchen’s activities provided them with a good opportunity.

    This lasted until the arrival of the following month’s  trial of fire. Early in the morning, everyone from the Hearthfire Kitchens was already dashing to and fro, their heads held high and their chests puffed up as they prepared to block the entrance to the trial of fire journey.

    All the Miscellaneous Chores disciples glowered at them.

    “Ladies and Gentlemen, look at the gate. If you manage to climb faster than us, naturally you will not need to buy our places. We are doing this for all the trial by fires in order to make everyone more competitive, so only the best shall pass!” Big Fatty Zhang dryly coughed, looking at the surrounding Miscellaneous Chores disciples as he talked. This line was what Bai Xiaochun had told him to say. The moment he had finished explaining, the crowd of Miscellaneous Chores disciples immediately started grinding their teeth.

    This only lasted until the bell resounded, and then the trial of fire began in a flash. Both Hearthfire Kitchens members and the Miscellaneous Chores disciples threw caution to the wind as they dashed ahead with all the energy of a rabbit, all of them engaging in competition with the Hearthfire Kitchens.

    Soon enough, they watched the figures of Bai Xiaochun and the few Fatties from Hearthfire Kitchen  disappear from their sights. Each and every one of them forced a smile, meanwhile clenching their teeth in frustration. Not willing to give up, they went onward.

    Their actions now were, to some extent,  in accordance with Big Fatty Zhang’s previous words…

    Once again succeeding in being the first ones, each member of the Hearthfire Kitchens acted as imposing as a rainbow, thoroughly stirring the Miscellaneous Chores Department and making its countless disciples hear the winds of change. It turned out their cultivation was profound and their body-types of an astonishing quality, and this made people silently resent them.

    The disciples of Hearthfire Kitchen hadn’t experienced such a scene for many years. Although the Hearthfire Kitchens of the Miscellaneous Chores Department already had a renowned reputation, now it was at its highest point in all of Hearthfire Kitchens’ history.

    After another two months had passed, the Hearthfire Kitchens’ members were trembling with excitement each time they rushed forth when the trial by fire’s gates opened. Every month on this day it was spirit stone payday for them.

    Bai Xiaochun was just as spirited as the others when thinking of his wealth of spirit stones growing larger and larger. He nearly had enough money to buy all of the herbs needed for his Longevity Pill. Once again, the trial by fire’s path would open up today.

    Waking up early in the morning that day, Big Fatty Zhang, Third Fatty Hei and the other fatties met up with Bai Xiaochun. Together, the nine of them rushed towards the Fragrant Cloud Peak.

    On their way there, they unexpectedly encountered disciples of the Supervising House, and        without any sort of justification, three of them attacked Bai Xiaochun. Through the sheer number of people on their side, the disciples of the Supervising House were able to engage in a battle royale for a long time until the bell resounded. Big Fatty Zhang grew anxious at the sound of the bell, and his eyes turned red.

    At the same time, all of the Supervising House disciples randomly dispersed. Big Fatty Zhang furiously stomped his foot, but it was too late to pursue them now. He quickly regrouped with Bai Xiaochun, Third Fatty Hei and charged towards the Fragrant Cloud Mountain’s trial by fire. When they arrived, they saw that there weren’t many people around, so the trio began ascending the mountain without delay.

    “You bastards from the Supervising House, just wait until I come back down the mountain! I’ll gather all of my brothers in the Hearthfire Kitchen and smash your Supervising House!” Big Fatty Zhang’s clothes billowed as he furiously released his strength, violently igniting the fat within his body. It was visible to the naked eye that his body had grown slimmer by a whole circle while his speed had suddenly increased.

    Bai Xiaochun was also angered, as he only needed a few more spirit stones before finally reaching his goal. While resolutely gritting his teeth, his previously fast speed instantly doubled! He quickly caught up with Big Fatty Zhang and Third Fatty Hei. Together, the trio surpassed one disciple after another as they continued ascending.

    Just as they were about to reach the peak, the three suddenly made an unsightly expression. Unexpectedly, there were already three figures standing in front of the finish line.

    The person leading this group was precisely the Supervising House’s Chen Fei. The two large men behind him were both at the third layer of the Qi Condensation realm. When the three of them noticed the figures of Bai Xiaochun’s trio, they immediately began to laugh heartily.

    “Big Fatty Zhang, Bai Xiaochun, you’re too late! But it doesn’t matter. We just so happen to have three spots here. Do you guys want them?”

    “You’re shameless and despicably vile!” Big Fatty Zhang’s eyes turned red as he gnashed his teeth.

    “We haven’t violated any of the sect’s rules. If your Hearthfire Kitchen can do this, then so can the Supervising House!”

    Haha. This business belongs to our Supervising House now!”

    The words of Chen Fei’s trio landed on the ears of Bai Xiaochun’s trio, igniting Big Fatty Zhang’s anger. It was clear that the Supervising House had planned this, considering they had been delayed by their disciples earlier.

    Big Fatty Zhang roared with anger and he decided to attack Chen Fei’s trio. From his perspective, this fight was inevitable. Furthermore, it was unknown how many more times something like this would happen. This was akin to robbing him of his spirit stones, whch caused Big Fatty Zhang to become furious.

    Third Fatty Hei was equally as furious, but just as the two of them were about to attack, Bai Xiaochun suddenly had an idea and quietly said.

    “Eldest Senior Brother, run quickly, push the three of them up the mountain! It’s better to not get spirit stones this one time and stop the Supervising House from stealing our business, rather than not getting any at all in the future.”

    The moment these words were said, Big Fatty Zhang suddenly revealed a rapturous expression. He noticed that Bai Xiaochun really came up with too many crafty ideas. Laughing towards the sky, he rushed forward with his body. Third Fatty Hei’s eyes also brightened, he chuckled a bit, and then his body trembled as he lined up with Big Fatty Zhang.

    The mountain road for the trial was not very wide, and when Big Fatty Zhang and Third Fatty Hei lined up together, it was as if they’d made a wall across it. Not a moment later, they rushed out, accompanied by the rustling wind.

    They swiftly ran towards Chen Fei’s trio, and in a moment they already managed to close the distance.

    Bai Xiaochun was behind Big Fatty Zhang, screaming loudly with a piercing voice.

    Seeing this, Chen Fei’s trio did not hesitate to attack. However, even after doing so, they couldn’t compare to Big Fatty Zhang and Third Fatty Hei, who were charging forward like red-eyed wild boars.

    The impact of these two’s assault could be said to shake the earth and surprise the gods. They kept charging and immediately crashed into Chen Fei’s trio’s. The latter’s bodies were immediately pushed back, while the expressions on their faces showed fear. They had finally understood the Hearthfire Kitchens’ intention, all of their heads felt as if it was about to explode.

    If it had been in any other area, the Chen Fei trio could have dodged, and even fight back. But here, not only would their counterattack not have any effect, it would also increase the speed of they would fly backwards.

    The more they moved backwards, the more terrified their expressions.

    They didn’t want to become outer sect disciples that quickly! The moment they reached the outer sect, they would no longer be part of the Supervising House, but common disciples without any of their previous benefits.

    “Senior Brother Zhang, don’t be rash, let’s talk…” Chen fei quickly spoke, cold sweat appearing on his brows, but before he could finish, he was interrupted by Bai Xiaochun’s high-pitched voice.

    “Go, Eldest Senior Brother! Push them up the mountain!”

    Big Fatty Zhang roared at the sky, and the speed of his body doubled. Third Fatty Hei did the same, the two of them lining up, and soon a loud crash resounded. The brute from the Supervising House standing behind Chen Fei was unable to resist, and so he was the first to fall off the stairs, landing on the mountain top. Standing there, he felt truly depressed.

    Almost at the same time he had been knocked over onto the mountain top, another Supervising House disciple, the beefy man, released a blood-curdling screech as his body fell back and rolled up the steps of the trial of fire path. Deng deng deng. Standing atop the mountain, he beat his chest – unwilling to have reached  the top.

    Finally, no matter how much he resited on this narrow mountain road, Chen Fei was also pushed back with a powerful bang. His eyes turned completely red, glinting with a murderous light as he stood on the mountain top and looked down at Big Fatty Zhang and the others.

    “Bai Xiaochun!!” It was not Big Fatty Zhang that he hated the most, but  this crafty trickster Bai Xiaochun.

    As they landed on top of the mountain, the two overseeing disciples of the outer sect stared helplessly at the scene occurring in front of them. Both coughed dryly and took a few steps back, staying silent.

    Near the exit of the trial of fire journey, Big Fatty Zhang and Third Fatty Hei heartily laughed with arrogance.

    “Chen Fei, see you later! Haha. In the future I will no longer see you in the Miscellaneous Chores Department. I think I really envy you for becoming an outer sect disciple.” Big Fatty Zhang patted his belly, fat rolling in countless waves.

    Chen Fei and the others coughed blood, their killing intent rising constantly.

    “You three Senior Brothers need not express thanks. Congratulations for becoming carps leaping through the dragon gate and becoming outer sect disciples! May you achieve meteoric success in your careers! Junior Brother here is very envious!” said Bai Xiaochun, lifting his chin with a prideful face.

    The moment his proud words had finished, an ice-cold voice suddenly resounded from the Fragrant Cloud peak .

    “No need for envy, you’re also coming along.”

    The instant this voice fell on Bai Xiaochun’s ears, his body suddenly shivered. His eyes exposed dread as a tremendous suction force arrived on the mountain top, fully enveloping him. His body rolled straight up the mountain top in a flash.

    Bai Xiaochun shrieked miserably as he tried to hold onto a big tree trunk by the side of the trial of fire’s path. He held on tenaciously , all the while his shrieks becoming even more miserable.

    “Senior brother, save me!”

    Everything had happened too suddenly. Big Fatty Zhang and Third Fatty Hei hadn’t even had time to react. With a cracking sound, the tree trunk Bai Xiaochun was holding onto immediately snapped. His body, finally rolled up the mountain, just like a stringed kite. At the same time, a middle-aged man came forward from behind the mountain top, wearing a light blue robe, and a a mighty expression, not in the least affected by is anger. It was…

    Li Qinghou.


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  • Chapter 14 – Third Senior Brother? Third Senior Sister?

    Chen Fei and his companions immediately began to rejoice upon seeing Bai Xiaochun’s misfortune. Each and every one of them looked towards Bai Xiaochun, they felt that the vast laws of the Heavens were fair, and the guilty would not escape. In addition, the two overseeing outer sect disciples felt their anger dissipate. Never before had a Miscellaneous Chores disciple enraged them in such a way.

    “I’m not going…” Bai Xiaochun released a miserable squeak as he fell to the ground.His voice revealed his grievances, as waves of anguished wailing resounded out. Those who heard it couldn’t help but shed tears.

    Meanwhile, on the trial by fire’s path, Big Fatty Zhang and Third Fatty Hei were looking at Li Qinghou’s back. Their bodies suddenly started to shake uncontrollably. Hurriedly, they lowered their heads and fled while Li Qinghou’s attention was elsewhere.

    “Ninth Junior Brother, Eldest Senior Brother can’t save you. The Peak Master of  Fragrant Cloud Mountain has appeared, so you’ll just have become an outer sect disciple and bear the hardships that come with it…” Big Fatty Zhang repeatedly sighed from the bottom of his heart. He bent over to lower his head, and then slipped away. Suddenly, his ear picked up the sound of Li Qinghou’s voice.

    “You two are also coming.” Practically the moment Big Fatty Zhang heard this sentence,  he and Third Fatty Hei were immediately sucked up by some sort of vacuum force and sent rolling backwards. Unlike Bai Xiaochun, they weren’t even given the opportunity to hold onto a large tree as they were dragged directly up the mountain.

    “I am unexpectedly going up the mountain! Preferring to starve to death in Hearthfire Kitchens, instead of going outside the gate to fight…” His voice was even more miserable than Bai Xiaochun’s. Hearing the screams of his comrade, Bai XiaoChun forgot to continue screaming himself, as he rose his head in astonishment.

    Third Fatty Hei didn’t scream, but his face showed a gloomy expression as he began to pout. He looked towards the top of the mountain without speaking, revealing a strong reluctance to part.

    “Shut up!” Li Qinghou listened to Big Fatty Zhang’s miserable shriek with a steadfast complexion.

    Instantly, Bai Xiaochun sprung up with an awed expression. Dignifiedly standing to the side, his body no longer possessed an aggrieved look. It was as if his whole person has changed personalities.

    Big Fatty Zhang also stared blankly before hurriedly getting up. In the bottom of his heart he felt wronged, but like the ocean, he drowned himself. Li Qinghou did not care about Bai Xiaochun’s previous miserable shriek, but his own miserable shriek was immediately berated.

    “Zhang Dahai, you are going to Violet Cauldron Mountain. Starting today, you are a Violet Cauldron Outer Sect disciple!”

    “Chen Qingrou, you are going to Azure Peak Mountain!

    “Bai Xiaochun, you are staying at my Fragrant Cloud Mountain to become this mountain’s Outer Sect disciple! Come, follow me!” Li Qinghou glanced at Bai Xiaochun. Somewhat having a headache, he has just closed himself off from the world, that was all. When he came out and heard from the sect disciples about the matter of Hearthfire Kitchens, this matter had finally reached the sect elders. It was just that those people took at this matter as a rare pleasure of cultivation. Contrary to expectation, they also didn’t want to issue a punishment.

    But thinking like this was no good. Thus, Li Qinghou arrived here moments ago.

    Now that he has finished speaking, he flung his large sleeve, not paying attention to Chen Fei or the others. He walked towards a mountain even higher than Fragrant Cloud Mountain.

    Bai Xiaochun, with a bitter face, sighed. As he opened his mouth to bid farewell to Big Fatty Zhang and Third Fatty Hei, he suddenly recalled something. Looking oddly at Third Fatty Hei, he uncertainly asked him a question.

    “Third Fatty Hei, your name is…Chen Qingrou? Haha. It’s a good name, sounds perfect for an exceptional woman.” [1]

    Third Fatty Hei was feeling gloomy. Upon hearing what was said, he snorted, turned around, and walked towards the base of the mountain.

    “What’s going on with him?” Bai Xiaochun glanced towards Big Fatty Zhang.

    Big Fatty Zhang also looked at Bai Xiaochun with a strange glance. Patting his shoulder, he meaningfully and heartfeltly spoke.

    “Ninth Junior Brother, I have never told you, but Third Fatty Hei is not your Senior Brother. In fact…she is your Senior Sister.” Big Fatty Zhang coughed and hurriedly began to run away.

    Bai Xiaochun stood expressionless. He felt as if five thunderclaps had struck him. The whole world seemed to be warped.

    “Senior…Senior Sister?” For a good, long while, Bai Xiaochun inhaled a breath. Just as he was about to go in the direction he saw Third Fatty Hei’s figure depart, Li Qinghou’s ice-cold voice echoed in his ear.

    “Too much talking; you have still not followed me!”

    Bai Xiaochun rose with a bitter face, and without delay, he quickly ran a few steps to follow after Li Qinghou. Three steps in, he turned his head to gaze at the distant mountain base Hearthfire Kitchen and his heart sighed deeply.

    As for Li Qinghou’s identity, he already made discreet inquiries to know Spirit Creek Sect’s northern bank had four peaks while the southern bank only had three peaks. Li Qinghou was the Peak Master of the Third Peak, the Fragrant Cloud Mountain, and held a lot of power and influence within the sect.

    This Fragrant Cloud Mountain seemed small. In fact, when walking there, all around there were birdsongs and fragrant flowers. Ignoring that it looked like a fairy wonderland, it was much larger than it looked from the outside.

    The trial of fire’s exit atop the mountain was in fact merely a branch mountain of Fragrant Cloud Mountain, nothing more. Compared to the entirety of the Fragrant Cloud Mountain, it could only be considered to be the foot of the mountain.

    As he followed Li Qinghou in walking towards Fragrant Cloud Mountain, clouds and mist lingered all around, and even further, there was waves of herbal fragrance mixed within the mist. The smells and sights readily warmed the heart and delighted the eye. As if his whole body warmed up, Bai Xiaochun immediately felt extraordinary. He took larger breaths and gradually inside his body, after several months of no progress at the Third layer of the Qi Condensation, became largely active.

    Li Qinghou walked ahead. Although his head didn’t turn around, his eyes displayed a pleased emotion. It had been more than a year since Bai Xiaochun arrived, and Li Qinghou felt that his cultivation speed was not bad.

    “You became an outer sect disciple. In the future, you cannot act so willfully and make a scene. Cultivating for us is akin to rowing a boat against the current, so you must work harder and constantly encourage yourself,” Li Qinghou indifferently said.

    Bai Xiaochun didn’t dare retort. Instead, he just nodded again and again with a loveable appearance.

    “For Outer Sect disciples, the resources the sect provides is only one aspect. Diligence and encountering destined opportunities are another aspect. Thus, there are many sect missions available for disciples to complete. Go take a look at the missions in a moment and pick some out to go temper yourself.” Li Qinghou explained.

    Bai Xiaochun’s heart suddenly stirred when he heard this. He recalled that it was stated in the sect rules that every disciple had to complete at least one mission every so often. If they don’t complete a mission, then they would lose their status as an Outer Sect disciple and would return to being a Miscellaneous Chores disciple.

    He was surprised in his heart. However, Li Qinghou could already guess the thoughts he was harboring in his heart and indifferently spoke.  

    “Don’t go trying to use the sect rules to your advantage. Others will be sent back to the Miscellaneous Chores Department, but I will expel you from the sect if you’re lazy and deliver you back to the village. If I still remember you a hundred years later, then I’ll go burn a stick of incense for you.”

    Bai Xiaochun jumped in fright. It seems it would have been better to never have entered the world of immortals. However, he had experienced the path of longevity, if he were to be kicked out and forced to return to the village, ending his dream of a long life… He immediately patted his his stomach and resolved himself to go finish missions.

    After an unknown length of time, the clouds and mist enveloping the middle section of the Fragrant Cloud Mountain parted to reveal a tower. This tower wasn’t too big, but it was quite elegant. Through the windows, a youth who was peacefully reading could be seen.

    The youth raised his head when he sensed the arrival of others, exposing a handsome and bright face. He immediately got up and exited the tower when he saw Li Qinghou in order to pay his respects.

    “This disciple pays his respects to the Peak Master.”

    “This child is Bai Xiaochun. Take him to receive his identity as an Outer Sect disciple.” Li Qinghou turned around and shot a glance at Bai Xiaochun before his body turned into a streak of light as he shot off towards the mountain peak.

    Bai Xiaochun let out a sigh of relief as he watched Li Qinghou leave.He felt as if the pressure weighing down upon him had drastically decreased now, so much so that he felt that the sky was even more blue than usual.

    The youth looked Bai Xiaochun from top to bottom as he sized him up, then suddenly broke out into a smile.”

    “Are you the one who has been blocking the exit of our Fragrant Cloud Mountain’s trial by fire these last few months…? That Bai Xiaochun?”

    “Senior brother is confused. There’s no need to care about such a trivial matter.” Bai Xiaochun said with a smile.

    The youth’s smiled grew even bigger as his eyes displayed his interest in Bai Xiaochun. He stopped pursuing the topic and took lead Bai Xiaochun around the Fragrant Cloud Mountain as he introduced some buildings to him.

    “The Fragrant Cloud Mountain has an exceedingly high status in the sect’s south bank. While the Azure Peak Mountain has its sword cultivators and the Violet Cauldron Mountain its magical techniques, the Fragrant Cloud Mountain specializes in refining spirit medicine.

    “Even if we’re situated on the Tongtian River, our Fragrant Cloud Mountain still possesses an impressive reputation among the four great sects. Most of all, our Peak Master is one of the only two Medicine Masters in the whole Eastforest Continent.

    “Now that you’re an Outer Sect disciple of our Fragrant Cloud Mountain, you’ve also become a spirit initiate. You will need to learn about plants and how to refine medicine.” The youth gave Bai Xiaochun a rather detailed explanation along the way. After receiving his Outer Sect disciple robes, a bag of holding, as well as some other goods.

    Although this bag of holding had a small capacity, it still felt mystical to Bai Xiaochun. After testing it out a few times, he immediately put it away as if he had gained a most precious treasure.

    What made him most happy was the discovery that the reward for becoming an Outer Sect disciple was actually twenty spirit stones! He nearly had enough spirit stones before, but with this addition, he now had enough to buy those herbs.

    After being lead on a tour by the youth until evening, Bai Xiaochun now had a fairly comprehensive understanding of the Fragrant Cloud Mountain. The youth brought him to a place called the Ten Thousand Medicines Pavilion.

    From here, he received a jade tablet.

    “This jade tablet contains information on ten thousand different plants. You need to memorize all of them before being given the second jade tablet.”

    “Junior Brother Bai, cultivation is an endless path upon which spirit medicines are of an indispensable aid. If you’re able to become a Medicine Master, then you’ll have a meteoric rise.

    “Spirit initiate, medicine apprentice and medicine master… Whether or not you’re able to walk this path will depend on your luck Junior Brother Bai.” The youth said with a gentle smile. When night fell, he brought Bai Xiaochun to the courtyard the sect had arranged for him.

    “Junior Brother Bai, I need to descend the mountain tomorrow, so I won’t be able to accompany you to the Scripture Pavilion. You need to go there tomorrow and take the last few scrolls of the Violet Qi Cauldron Technique. You can also take out one technique scripture. Every single Outer Sect disciple has the chance to pick out one technique for free. All subsequent techniques cost contribution points.

    “You can come find me if you have any questions in the future. My name is Hou Yunfei. I must thank Junior Brother Bai for taking care of my younger sister.” Hou Yunfei revealed a humble smile as he cupped his fists in respect towards Bai Xiaochun before turning around and swiftly leaving.

    “Hou Yunfei?” After returning Hou Yunfei’s gesture, Bai Xiaochun watched Hou Yunfei’s departing figure and thought for a moment before he suddenly recalled the figure of that woman.

    “Hou Xiaomei!” He blinked a few times as he felt that this was him unintentionally planting a willow tree to take refuge in its shade later.

    He stood there deeply breathing for a long time before turning towards his own courtyard. His eyes shone with vitality as his tall and straight figure appeared like a mountain as it basked in the night’s moonlight.

    “Oh well. It seems that being an Outer Sect disciple is not too bad either!” Bai Xiaochun flicked his sleeves and entered the courtyard.

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