The Gate Of Good Fortune (造化之门) by Goose Is Old Five (鹅是老五)



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    Chapter 0108 – The First Round Of The Tournament

    As Ning Cheng brought Ji Luo Fei to the God Wind Academy’s Stall, Liu Xian hastily came out to greet them. As an elder with the cultivation of Profound Congealing Realm, even if Ning Cheng was a core disciple of the God Wind Academy, Liu Xian’s attitude towards Ning Cheng was extremely polite.

    But what made Ning Cheng feel a bit strange, was that he unexpectedly did not seen Zhu Mu Er. Just when Ning Cheng was going to ask about Zhu Mu Er, a suddenly clear and crisp voice sounded out next to him, “Deacon Liu, I want to take part in the tournament of the 5 Star Academies on behalf of the God Wind Academy.”

    Ning Cheng immediately turned around and saw that the speaker was a woman with the cultivation of True Condensation 6th Level, and had a slightly dark skin tone. However she was really pretty, and was even prettier than Zhu Mu Er.

    When Liu Xian looked at that woman cultivator, he spoke with a wry smile, “Meng Jing Xiu, for the first round we have to let Ning Cheng participate to score points…..”

    Hearing the name Meng Jing Xiu, Ning Cheng immediately knew who the opposite party was, this Meng Jing Xiu was the same person who was ranked 7th in the preliminary round, before when he was still not a member of the God Wind Academy, she was the person who scored the highest points among the people from the God Wind Academy.

    “Deacon Liu, this tournament is not the same as the competition between the Spiritual Roots. Although my Spiritual Root is somewhat of a lesser quality, but in the first round of written exam, I would not necessarily lose out to him. At least, my 71 points came from my own memory, moreover I also had not read any basics about Talismans before.”

    As Meng Jing Xiu spoke till here, she also specifically looked at Ning Cheng, and then once again continued, “Even if I was not able to score good points in the first round, I can also get a good result in the 2nd and the 3rd rounds. Whether if it was comprehension or battle, I am confident that I will not be worse than anyone else. Deacon Liu, you are a senior of the Profound Congealing Realm, you should know that my Yuan Energy is much stronger than that of other cultivators at the True Condensation 6th Level.”

    Ning Cheng did not bother to interfere at all, moreover he also was very impressed by the way this Meng Jing Xiu managed things, this woman must have also joined the God Wind Academy with the same aim as him. The strength of the God Wind Academy was the worst among the 5 Star Academy, if he had not joined, then this Meng Jing Xiu would definitely be the representative of the God Wind Academy in the Tournament of the 5 Star Academies. But now that he had joined, Meng Jing Xiu’s position was given to him and she ended up being pushed out of her place.

    For a person like Meng Jing Xiu to join the God Wind Academy to attend the Tournament of the 5 Star Academies, there was only one absolute reason that he could think of, and that was to enter the Angry Axe Valley. This has to be the idea of that woman. And although she was less than 30, but she did not have a pure Spiritual Root, but she was still able to cultivate to the True Condensation 6th Level, it definitely showed that she was not ordinary.

    Ji Luo Fei, although felt a little dissatisfied by the way this Meng Jing Xiu talked about Ning Cheng, but she did not like to butt in such a silly thing, as such she only frowned, but did not speak up. In her mind, she still had some concerns about the Shui Clan.

    Liu Xian was also in a difficult position, he clearly knew why Meng Jing Xiu joined his God Wind Academy, it was to enter the Angry Axe Valley. If Meng Jing Xiu participated in the Tournament with her qualifications, he knew that she would not be able to get the quota for the Angry Axe Valley with just her intelligence. Even if the God Wind Academy somehow managed to obtain the first position, she would not be able to get the quota.

    At this time, a middle aged woman arrived next to Liu Xian, and pulled out a letter as she handed it to Liu Xian. After Liu Xian opened the letter and read the contents, he secretly sighed. After he put away the letter, he said to Meng Jing Xiu, “Since that is the case, you can also enter. Ning Cheng your cultivation is the lowest, you can simply participate in the first two rounds, the third round will mainly depend on the scores of the three people – Chu Yong Xin, Gu Hong and Min Rui, the second round score will be handed over to Meng Jing Xiu.”

    As long as Meng Jing Xiu could participate in the tournament, and comparing herself to the other people participating along with her, no matter what, she had absolute faith in her abilities, and definitely was not worse than others. Although she knew that the quota for the Angry Axe Valley was extremely difficult to get, moreover even if it was more difficult, she would try her utmost to get that quota.

    Ning Cheng was also not going to say anything, and so after Liu Xian selected the 5 People, Ning Cheng just pulled Liu Xian aside and said to him, “Deacon Liu, in the morning I ended up with a bit of a minor clash with the people from the Shui Clan. During the course of the tournament, I ask Deacon Liu to please look after Ji Luo Fei.”

    By now Liu Xian knew that Ning Cheng’s and Ji Luo Fei’s relationship was not shallow, if the relationship was just a general one, then two people like them would definitely not live in the same house together. Now, after listening to Ning Cheng’s words, he immediately laughed and said, “You can rest assured, Luo Fei is also a disciple of my God WInd Academy, although my God Wind Academy is at the bottom of rest of the 5 Star Academies, that does not mean that it would fear a trivial clan. Right, what exactly happened with you guys in the morning to end up fighting with each other?”

    Ning Cheng gave an awkward smile, “On the way here, I killed a disciple from the Shui Clan, he dared to bully Luo Fei, so I ended up hitting him a bit heavily.”

    “Ah……” Liu Xian suddenly felt a bit of pain in his head, just how was this a little skirmish? For a person to kill a member of the Shui Clan, it would really be strange if the Shui Clan gave up.

    “Will you tell me exactly what happened, so that at least I can be ready.” Now that he knew that Ning Cheng had killed a member of the Shui Clan, Liu Xian also carefully asked, if he Shui Clan dared to cause trouble, he would definitely not be passive.

    Ning Cheng also did not hide anything, and revealed the matter regarding Ji Luo Fei completely, after Liu Xian heard Ning Cheng’s words, he instantly relaxed, “Now that I heard your reason for doing so, I can assure you that during this Tournament period, the Shui Clan will not come. Moreover after the Tournament ends, we will also return back to the God Wind Academy, and the Shui Clan would not be able to harm you in any way. However when you and Luo Fei go out, it would be better if you guys kept a lookout for people seeking revenge on you, after all the Shui Clan will not be nice to you.”

    “I understand, Deacon Liu, you can be rest assure that I definitely am not an easy-going man.” Ning Cheng smiled, he had always faced people with much higher cultivation than his own, otherwise he would not have dared to slap that Gu Fei at the entrance of the Cang Qin Academy. Now that his cultivation was countless times stronger than before, how could his courage diminish?

    Liu Xian also silently shook his head as he thought, “I know that you really are not an easy-going man.”

    For an easy-going man it would be impossible to take the first position in the first round, moreover during the time when he had to choose a 5 Star Academy, didn’t he also borrowed a few knives to kill.

    At this moment, a loud booming voice could be heard all around the Mo Ze Grand Plaza, “The Hua Continent’s Tournament of the 5 Star Academies’ First Round is about to begin, each of the 5 Star Academies, are required to send two representatives to the central area of the plaza above the main altar, all the rest of the cultivators are invited to spectate, but can only stand outside the Tournament area, and calmly wait for the result of the Tournament. Those who try to hinder the tournament in any way, will be killed on the spot.”

    The central portion of the Plaza now had an incomparably huge main altar placed on top of it, and directly above the main altar there was a man sitting in the middle. When Ning Cheng’s eyes fell on this man, he immediately felt an inexplicable sense of majesty emanating from him, and did not dare to continue to look at this man, let alone trying to asses his cultivation level.

    Nevertheless, Ning Cheng was sure that his cultivation was not as good as the cultivation of that white haired old woman, he guessed that this man should be the person who came from the Intermediate Class Continent to chair the selection of the 6 Star Academy. On both sides of this dignified looking man, there were three people sitting. Looking at the big table in front of them, he could guess that they should be for the people who would judge the rounds of the tournament.

    Below these seven people, there were a few seats dedicated to the 5 Star Academies with their emblems being branded onto them, every 5 Star Academy had two representatives that sat on those chairs chairs. The God Wind Academy also had two representatives, other than Deacon Liu Xian, the other one was a woman with the cultivation of Essence Building Realm.

    In front of the main altar was a huge square platform, as Ning Cheng looked all around this square platform, he could see that there were many restrictions set on every side of the platform. Other than the 5 participants from the 5 Star Academies, most of the cultivators stood either at the sidelines of this huge square platform or were standing outside of the main altar.

    Other than that, everyone could see what would go on inside from the 4 huge projection Array Formation screens. In accordance with the usual practice, everybody understood that the first 3 of the 4 Projection Array Screens should show the result after the first 3 rounds were over, and the final score along with the rankings of the five 5 Star Academies would be shown on the final 4th Projection Array Screen.

    The booming voice could once more be heard again, “The 25 participants please enter the square platform, and take a seat at random, and make your preparations to begin with the First Round.”

    Until that particular moment, although all the people in the Plaza knew that the first round would be a Memory Round, but no one expected that it would be carried out in full view of others.

    As that booming voice faded out, on the square platform in front of them, appeared 25 seats, and before each seat, there was a small table.

    It was similar to the setup Ning Cheng saw in the 5th First Written Round, on the 25 tables there were 2 sheets of paper and a pen neatly placed as if they were just waiting for a person to start.

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    Chapter 0109 – Unexpected Topic

    After Ning Cheng gave his spear to Ji Luo Fei, he followed the other 4 participants from the God Wind Academy onto the large square platform in front of the main altar. From the God Wind Academy besides him and Meng Jing Xiu, there were three other people. Gu Hong, who was tall, and looked healthy and strong, and had the cultivation of True Condensation 8th Level. Chu Yong Xin was the person with the highest cultivation level among the five from the God Wind Academy, with a cultivation level of True Condensation 9th Level. But Min Rui was the skinniest and the smallest out of the five, but his cultivation level was at True Condensation 7th Level, although he did not know why he was placed amongst the five participants, but Ning Cheng estimated that it was because the God Wind Academy really did not have many outstanding talents.

    But what made Ning Cheng surprised, was that of the five participants from the Falling Star Academy, he actually knew three of them. One of them was Meng Yu Jing, who Ning Cheng had gone to look for before, she had the cultivation level of True Condensation 7th Level. But at this time there was no veil on her face revealing an extremely beautiful face. No wonder she was called the flower of the Falling Star Academy, Ning Cheng estimated that there was probably no one in the entire Mo Ze City who would be more attractive than her.

    Immediately next to Meng Yu Jing was another girl, but this young girl was staring at Ning Cheng. Ning Cheng just gave her a nod, but the girl frowned, and turned her head away. Ning Cheng did not expect that the Falling Star Academy would send Yue Ying onto the stage to participate in the tournament. At present Yue Ying’s cultivation was not low, it was at Qi Gathering 6th Level, so at most she would only be able to participate in the first and the second round.

    However when he thought that Yue Ying had already advanced to the Qi Gathering 6th Level, Ning Cheng heart skipped a beat, wasn’t this kind of speed simply too fast? When he had seen Yue Ying before, she had not yet started cultivating, so how could she advance this quickly to Qi Gathering 6th Level?

    One must know that he had a variety of lucky coincidences in his journey till now, and only arrived at his current cultivation of True Condensation 3rd Level. However when Yue Ying came to the Falling Star Academy, her cultivation speed was just simply too explosive, to the point that it was really frightening. Moreover as this young girl cultivation climbed higher and higher, it could be seen that she was definitely not inferior at all to Meng Yu Jing and would also grow up to be stunning like her.

    As for the third person from the Falling Star Academy, Ning Cheng knew who he was, it was none other than the white robed man who had jumped from the restaurant and single handedly stopped the fierce beast by himself, Shui Yu. This Shui Yu also had the cultivation of True Condensation 7th Level, however it appears that he had only just advanced to that level. Since he was a person from the Shui Clan, how could he be a representative of the Falling Star Academy in this Tournament?

    When Ning Cheng looked at Shui Yu, Shui Yu also glanced at Ning Cheng, killing intent flashed in his eyes as he glanced at him. It was evident that he knew who Ning Cheng was.

    As for the rest of the people, other than Leng Yi Tang, Ning Cheng did not recognised anyone else, however as for the rest of the people who Ning Cheng did not know, he simply did not have any interest in getting to know them. He knew that the people who were chosen by their Academies to enter the square platform, would definitely be someone extraordinary.

    Ning Cheng just casually grabbed a seat and sat down, he immediately found that his Spiritual Sense was completely confined. It was just like before in the previous first round, none of them could use their Spiritual Sense.

    That majestic looking man sitting in the middle of the main altar finally stood up, while simultaneously the rest of the examinees filled up the 25 places on the square platform.

    As he glanced at the 25 candidates sitting in their seats on the square platform, he spoke in a slow voice, “The people sitting on the stage who came to attempt the first round of written test, should be the elites of the Hua Continent. The time for this first round is only the time it takes a incense stick to burn…..”

    Ning Cheng thought that since this was the Tournament of the 5 Star Academies, then the time given to the first time would certainly have been longer, at the very least it would be of the same duration as that of the first round that he had attended before. He did not expect that it would only be for the time it took for an incense stick to burn, it was just too short.

    The time it took for an incense stick to burn was approximately 30 minutes, still just half an hour to completely read and memorize a topic, how would they even write the written test?

    Not only was Ning Cheng thinking of this, but the same was true for the rest of the participants as they all looked with a doubtful look at the majestic man who was hosting the first round of the competition, none of them could understand why the time given was so short.

    But this man did not care about the response from the 25 participants, and directly took out leather like parchment  in his hands and said, “The content of the written exam of this first round will be from this leather parchment in my hands, in a while I will personally open this parchment in front of everyone, you all will only have the time it takes for an incense stick to burn to take a look at it before attempting to answer the questions, even for answering the questions, you will only have the time it takes for an incense stick to burn to write down your answers.”

    That’s it? Ning Cheng and the others simply did not believe it, the parchment roll in his hands, even it it was fully opened up, it would only be 3 feet in length and just a foot wide. To ensure that the words written on it were visible to everyone, the writing on it would definitely not be too small. How much content could it even have on it?

    All of them suddenly came to understand, no wonder the time given to attempt the first round was just the time it takes for an incense stick to burn, it seems that the first round was just to go through the motions, only a mere formality.

    After saying that the man opened the parchment, the parchment seemed to look like it was very old, the 25 participants on the stage immediately set their sights on the parchment in the hands of that man.

    The characters written on the leather like parchment was not very big, but not very small either. Even the cultivators who were outside the square platform, would be able to see them from their distance. Ning Cheng reckoned that the number of characters on the leather like parchment would at most be a thousand words, and as such would not pose any challenge to him.

    However the next moment, Ning Cheng felt that it was not right, the characters written on the leather like parchment simply had no connection to each other, none of them formed any kind of sentence or even meant anything. Moreover even the space between any two characters were different, one of the characters was the character for horse and the very next character was the character for bull, there just simply wasn’t any connection between them.

    But Ning Cheng reacted immediately, and almost at the same time realised that the leather like parchment was not as simple as he thought out to be. He did not dare to have any other kinds of thoughts, and immediately focussed his entire mind on the contents of the leather like parchment.

    Ning Cheng’s strong memory capacity at this time was undoubtedly the highlight of this round, and in just two seconds, he completely memorized the entire content on the parchment.

    But then Ning Cheng sighed, he suddenly found that the content on the leather like parchment now was completely different from before. He subconsciously widened his eyes, and this time he saw it clearly, the content was truly different from before, moreover not even a single character was the same as before.

    This really was not as simple as he thought it out to be, Ning Cheng no longer dared to indulge in any other fancy thoughts, once again concentrated his entire mind on it, and started to memorize the contents for the second time.

    After a few seconds, the contents on the parchment similarly disappeared, and was replaced a third time by an entirely different content. This new content was also the same as before containing different characters but without any meaning or connection to each other.

    At this point Ning Cheng already knew that this parchment was not as simple as it looked, and as such regarding the changes in the contents of the parchment every few seconds he now did not find it strange, his entire mind was now focussed on the contents of the parchment. A bit later, he even forgot that he was participating in the first round of the tournament. What he was currently seeing was a drawing on the parchment made from the characters, moreover he even saw a note in the picture.

    “Good, it time to end it.” A sudden voice interrupted Ning Cheng who had various pictures now flowing around in his mind.

    Ning Cheng finally woke up from his subconscious, he knew that the time it takes for an incense stick to burn was finally over. The one who spoke was the majestic looking man, as he rolled up the parchment and put it away.

    But at this moment, Ning Cheng’s heart was filled with storms, and his mind was also filled with several hundred kinds of different pictures floating around. Plus there was still those several hundred characters, although they seemed to be different, but he could tell that they all has a secret hidden within them.

    Thinking about the age of the parchment, Ning Cheng was sure that that the contents of this parchment definitely contained either a very profound cultivation method or a similarly profound technique. Even his intuition was telling him that once he could combine these images together in his head completely, it could reveal an enormous secret.

    By this time, Ning Cheng finally understood why did that man took out the parchment and showed it to them. This was only one side of the parchment, one had to view the other side of this parchment, in order to know what the secret it held.

    It seems that the people from the intermediate class continent were really broad minded, to even bring out this kind of thing as their exam material, which would definitely profit the examinees.

    But then Ning Cheng suddenly thought that something was wrong with this kind of thinking, for the first round of this tournament he could have chosen any kind of topic, so why would he take out this kind of parchment?

    At this time Ning Cheng could now hear the participants near him start their discussions.

    “Did you also feel that the contents on the parchment change?”

    “No I didn’t, I only saw the content in front of me, although it was very difficult, but at least I was able to remember most of it, by the time it took for the incense stick to burn.”

    “The contents did changed, moreover there were three different changes, but I could not remember them all…..”

    What made Ning Cheng surprised, that the majestic looking man did not even prohibit the following discussion, and after these discussions finally died down, he said, “OK, it time for you all to now answer the questions.”

    Ning Cheng picked up the pen and paper on the table, and first wrote down his name and name of the 5 Star Academy that he represented, and then immediately discovered that 10 questions immediately appeared on the white paper.

    The first question: Whether the contents of the parchment changed or not? If there was a change, altogether how many changes did you observe?

    Ning Cheng frowned, in his mind the numerous pictures were still rolling about in his head, moreover, he knew that if he could comprehend these things completely, it would definitely bring great benefits to him. But he did not believe that this person from the Intermediate Class Continent would be so gracious, and would share this kind of precious thing with them. Before he had also heard from the people standing outside the square platform that they could see the contents of the parchment change a few times, and there were still a few who could not see even a single change in the contents.

    But Ning Cheng was different from the others, as he saw at least 600-700 different changes, moreover these changes were continuously comprehended and developed unceasingly in his head. How could he even write those kinds of things? Perhaps even the person who had taken out the parchment did not know about these kinds of changes himself….

    A flash of light instantly illuminated Ning Cheng’s mind, he suddenly understood why he had taken it out.

    He had never believed that there would be someone in this world who would give out free meat pies without expecting anything, this man who had brought out the leather like parchment definitely did not do so because he was a generous person. This man not only took out the parchment, but he even called upon the cultivators of the Hua Continent with the most powerful memories, just to see how many changes could they detect.

    This person should definitely be aware of the extraordinariness of this leather like parchment, but it seems that he is unable to crack it by himself. As long as someone can crack the various changes in the leather like parchment, maybe they would be immediately be taken away by them, and then specifically made to study that parchment. Otherwise, why would they bring out this kind of topic which was simply unrelated to the Tournament of the 5 Star Academies?

    Thinking till here, Ning Cheng did not hesitate to write that there was no change in the contents of the parchment. Even if he had to fail in the first round, there was still two more rounds ahead of him.

    Then Ning Cheng saw the second question, Whether or not if there was any change, write down the 567th character that you saw on the parchment. This question also did not pose any difficulty to Ning Cheng, and he immediately wrote down the 567th character before the contents of the parchment changed for the first time.

    But then from the 3rd question to the 10th question, all of them left Ning Cheng dumbfounded, the 3rd question was, if there was a change, please write down the number of characters in the second change, the 4th question was how many more characters were there in the 3rd change compared to the 1st change. It simply went like this, all the way to the 10th question.

    Ning Cheng sighed darkly in his heart, he simply put down his pen, he decided to not answer these questions. Even if he knew about the changes that he saw himself, the person who gave out these questions would definitely not know about it. However he did not dare to even attempt any other question other than the 2nd one. Since this kind of heaven like object had been completely memorized by him, what he really wanted to do now was to find a secluded place to retreat and then quietly ponder over it.

    As Ning Cheng thought about it, he gradually felt that the reason why he was able to perceive so many changes, was probably because of the Mysterious Yellow Origin. If he did not have the Mysterious Yellow Origin, he would at most only be an ordinary person with a strong memory.

    Just what was the Mysterious Yellow Origin? Ning Cheng could vaguely feel that he had started to comprehend something, but why would the Mysterious Yellow Origin help him see all the various changes?

    “The time it takes for an incense stick stick to burn is finally up…..” The man hosting the First Round of the Tournament interrupted Ning Cheng’s thoughts, and simultaneously waved his hands, the responses of all the 25 participants immediately flew into his hands.

    All the people there knew, that this majestic looking man would personally grade the papers.

    Ning Cheng wanted to see the expression of the man as he graded the papers of the 25 participants, but he knew that if he stared at him at this time, it would absolutely not be wise.

    Sure enough, in just the time it takes for half an incense stick to burn, this man finally put away the 25 responses, as he simultaneously adjusted the several Array Flags.

    After a few moment, the rankings of the first round of the tournament was displayed on the first projection Array Formation screen.

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    Translated By – DemonKiller
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    Proofread By – SmartyMouth

    Chapter 0110 – Ning Cheng’s Total Of Two Rounds

    Ning Cheng clearly knew that it was because he was acknowledged by the Mysterious Yellow Origin as its master, which is why he was able to sense those several hundreds of changes in the leather like parchment. Therefore when it came to other people, many of them could not even perceive even a single change, while only a handful of people could experience at most 2 or 3 changes, as such Ning Cheng did not feel much surprised about it.

    But when he saw the 1st Projection Array Screen, he was completely shocked in his heart.

    The person who took the first position had astonishingly scored 95 points, Ning Cheng could guess that it was perhaps whoever scored that score was not able to finish writing the answer of at least one of the questions. In other words aside from that one question they had completely answered all the questions correctly, unexpectedly if they were given just a bit of time, then that person could have scored full points in this round.

    Moreover Ning Cheng did not expect that that one who had secured the first position was someone he knew, Falling Star Academy’s Yue Ying. On this square platform, this young girl had the lowest cultivation, but unexpectedly she managed to obtain 95 points, and was undisputedly the first for this round.

    The second one was Leng Yi Yang from the Luo Hou Academy with 65 points, it was simply a far cry from the first position. However since he had obtained the 2nd position, it was not considered disgraceful at all.

    The third place was taken by Ling Naixin from the Thunder Academy, with a total of 55 points, it can be seen that she indeed displayed her abilities in the previous first round. Unexpectedly the 4th position was taken by the Clear Sky Academy’s Sity Yu, with 45 points. Properly speaking the one who should have taken that spot from the Clear Sky Academy should have been Gong Jun, but he only managed to score just 15 points.

    But what really surprised the people was the score of Ning Cheng from the God Wind Academy, Ning Cheng had taken the first place in the previous written round with an undisputed 100 points. But in the first round in the Tournament of the 5 Star Academies, he only obtained 10 points. Instead the other representative from the God Wind Academy, Meng Jing Xiu, was the one with the highest score among them, with 25 points.

    When the final rankings were fully declared, it immediately caused the the participants from the 5 Star Academies and the other people to go into an uproar. Unexpectedly Ning Cheng only scored 10 points, this score really made the God Wind Academy to lose face. Fortunately, at least Ning Cheng’s score was not the lowest. As there was even a person who had scored only 5 points.

    “That Ning Xiao Cheng is really unworthy of his name, he only obtained a meagre 10 points. The God Wind Academy sure lost out in a big way.”

    “He must have seen the topics of the previous first round before, otherwise he would definitely not have obtained those 100 points back then. You can only be lucky once, how can one expect to have good luck all the time?”

    “Moreover, they are not the only one who suffered a loss of face, didn’t you see the score of that Gong Jun who is also the representative of the Clear Sky Academy? Before in the previous first round he was able to obtain 76 points, but in this first round of the Tournament he was also the same as that Ning Xiao Cheng, and only obtained 15 points.”

    “Also in reality, even that Yuan Liang from the Falling Star Academy also did not score too good. In the first round of this Tournament, only that Leng Yi Yang and Ling Naixin who had scored good in the previous first round seem to have true talent, while the rest of them were just a big flop.”

    “Who are Leng Yi Yang and Ling Naixin? They not only people who have pure spiritual roots, but are also the core disciples of their respective 5 Star Academies. Their pure spiritual roots also played a huge role when compared to others. As a result who is genuine and who is fake eventually came out…….”


    After the results of the first round came out, the people standing by the side immediately started talking. It seemed that the Clear Sky Academy fared a bit better than the God Wind Academy, and moreover that Situ Yu also stood out. But the God Wind Academy really took a huge plunge, the highest score from among them was thst of Meng Jing Xiu who had scored 25 points.

    On the main altar, Liu Xian had a face full of disappointment, he could not help but think hard about the untold hardships that he had taken to bring Ning Cheng back to his Academy only to not even get a decent result.

    Cheng Cheng Xuan from the Luo Hou Academy suddenly said to Liu Xian with a face full of smiles, “Brother Liu, it looks like only a true fire can help one refine gold, it seems to be the case with your God Wind Academy. Alas…”

    Saying those words with a smile on his face, he could easily see what the end result would be, which made everyone know that Cheng Cheng Xuan was ridiculing Liu Xian for grabbing Ning Cheng. Not to mention that they had to cough up a lot of resources to acquire him, and now they also had to bear with the consequences. Fortunately, he did not know about the falling out between Ning Cheng and the Shui Clan. Bringing along an enemy to enter the God WInd Academy.

    “Hey Hey, maybe Brother Liu had a great foresight for the future, and thus let that Ning Xiao Cheng to go up. Maybe in the 3rd round, they will decide to unleash their hidden strength. After all, the battle between the disciples has the bulk of the score……” One of the Falling Star Academy’s Profound Congealing Elder spoke in an extremely self-satisfied and sarcastic tone.

    Moreover he had the right to be proud of himself, after all after the first round of tournament, the Falling Star Academy, with a total of 170 points, had secured the first position. The Luo Hou Academy, with 120 points, took the 2nd place, and the Thunder Academy, with 108 points took the third place. The Clear Sky Academy, with 105 points, was ranked 4th. But the most promising candidate for the first round, the God Wind Academy, not only failed to reduce the gap between it and the other academies, but ended up just doing the opposite i.e. increasing the gap between the scores. With only a total of 66 points, it took the last place in the rankings.

    Liu Xian was already not feeling well, and now that he was being ridiculed, his face was getting uglier by the moment, even his Qi was was getting chaotic. Even if that was the case, he did not have any means to refute the outcome.

    Ji Luo Fei who was standing in the God Wind Academy’s stall was biting on her lip nervously, she didn’t care about the sarcastic comments being thrown at the God Wind Academy and the rest of its disciples, but was worried about Ning Cheng. She believed that Ning Cheng, who had easily obtained the first place in the previous first round, would definitely have a good reason to do such a thing, but unfortunately at the moment she just couldn’t go and ask Ning Cheng about it.

    “Lou Fei……” A slightly hoarse voice sounded behind Ji Luo Fei.

    “Paternal aunt.” Ji Luo Fei turned her head and saw Ji Yao He and called out subconsciously. Then she immediately saw the two women standing behind Ji Yao He, looking at their clothing, they should be the freshmen of the Falling Star Academy.

    “Luo Fei, hurry up and come with me to apologize to the Shui Clan together, and then agree to the marriage with the Shui Clan……”

    Ji Yao He did not even finish her words, when she was immediately interrupted by Ji Luo Fei, “Paternal Aunt, if you still speak of such things, then we will not have any relations with each other.”

    “Luo Fei, what are you talking about? Who told you to speak with your paternal aunt like that? Ning Cheng had already killed Shui Feng Gan of the Shui Clan, basically he is already a dead man walking, once the three rounds of the tournament are over, he will ultimately end up dead, but you are still stubborn about him, do you want to die that badly?” Ji Yao He said as her complexion changed.

    Ji Luo Fei plainly spoke, “If you really were my paternal aunt, you would never have even brought up the topic of getting remarried when I already had a fiance, if you continue to speak like this, then we no longer will be a family.”

    Ji Yao He’s face turned pale with anger, she knew that her paternal niece had a strong temperament, but she really did not expect her to be this unreasonable.

    Fortunately, she knew that this was the Stall of the God WInd Academy, even if she was feeling an immense anger, she still forced herself to calm down, “Luo Fei, do you even know what kind of person that Ning Cheng is? Just look at the score he obtained in the first round, a meagre 10 points, that is his true level. Before in the previous first round, the reason he got the first place was most probably because he knew the answers before hand. Of course, these are not important. What is more important, is that Ning Cheng is just an extremely profligate person. When he was in the Clear Heart Academy, he was found blatantly sleeping together with the Clear Heart Academy’s slut, Su Zhu.”

    “As for who is that Su Zhu, the two people behind me, Lu Xue and Yong Gu Yun, knows her more clear than me. If you still do not believe me, then you can ask both of them, that even though he is engaged, he still sleeps around …….”

    Ji Luo Fei who was suppressing herself till now, finally could not bear it any longer, as she immediately said loudly, “Ji Yao He, why are you going all out to pick on MY Ning Cheng? I will always be together with him, you come to me and keep on insulting him, just what the hell do you even know about him? Just get lost, you bitch of an aunt, I do not want to see your ugly face again in my entire life. The matter between me and Ning Cheng is our own affair, it has nothing to do with other people……”

    Thinking back to all the pain that she had to endure for many years, finally finding her paternal aunt and her mother, only to be deceived by both her own mother and her paternal aunt one by one, trying to get her to leave Ning Cheng, filled Ji Luo Fei’s heart with endless grief.

    When her paternal aunt Ji Yao He arrived a moment ago and started to speak those words, it made the anger and grief in Ji Luo Fei’s heart to reach the critical point, she just could not suppress it any longer and finally erupted.

    When she heard Ji Luo Fei directly call her out as Ji Yao He, moreover even as a bitch of an aunt, Ji Yao He pointed at Ji Luo Fei with trembling hands, as she thought, just what kind of evil had filled Ji Luo Fei’s heart? Just why does she not even listen to reason?

    Although the result of Ning Cheng in the first round of the tournament was not good, but Ning Cheng and Ji Luo Fei were still the students of the God Wind Academy, as such one of the Essence Building Cultivators of the God Wind Academy immediately came towards Ji Yao He and spoke, “The few friends please do not cause trouble in my God WInd Academy’s stall.”

    Even though Ji Yao He was brimming with anger, she directly led away Lu Xue and Yong Gu Yun as she suppressed her anger with great difficulty, she decided to ignore Ji Luo Fei. The final outcome was something she asked for it herself, there was no one else to blame.


    The majestic looking man who had hosted the first round once again stood up on the stage and glanced at the results of the first round, and once again said, “Now let us proceed to the second round of the tournament, the 25 participants on the platform, please write down your understanding of the parchment that you saw in the first round, or you can just write down the contents that you saw of the changes you observed, the time is still the same, i.e., the time it takes for an incense stick to burn.”

    Ning Cheng increasing became clear in his heart, so it really was just like he had predicted. The examinations conducted in the first two rounds, was clearly to look for a person who could really understand and comprehend the contents of the leather like parchment. Once they found such a person, perhaps they would be soon taken away by that person. Regardless whether the result was good or bad they would be taken away, Ning Cheng wanted to be a free bird, he had many things he had to accomplish in his life, so how could he be allowed to be taken away?

    All the people immediately began to write their own understanding and whatever they remembered from the contents of the parchment, Ning Cheng also began to write, but he only wrote things that were irrelevant to the contents of the parchment, and did not write anything else.

    Once he quickly wrote some bullshit, he once again started to try and comprehend the pictures that he had observed in the parchment, the images were getting clearer and clearer in his head, but Ning Cheng did not wait for others to interrupt him. So before the stick of incense finished burning, he took the initiative to stop himself from immersing himself in comprehending the contents of the parchment.

    The second round of the tournament was even quicker than the first round, so after the time it takes for an incense stick to burn ended, Ning Cheng and the other participants got down from the square platform, while simultaneously the result of the 2nd round also came out.

    In the 2nd round of the tournament which measured the comprehension ability of a person, Ning Cheng got an even lower score, just a single point, which made his total of 11 points. The highest scorer in the second round was still Yue Ying, who scored 51 points.

    This time Ning Cheng especially paid attention to that girl called Yue Ying, he knew, that if they really discussed about their respective comprehensions in the second round, then Yue Ying may not even get a fifth of her actual score, so he estimated that that man who was hosting the round had deliberately raised her score. But even if that was the case, Yue Ying was certainly unusual. But it really was regrettable, Yue Ying really did not have much experience about this world, perhaps she might just be taken away and be used for hard labor.

    “The third round is a sparring match, the round starts now.” As the result of the second round was displayed on the 2nd Projection Array Formation screen, the man who was hosting the tournament simultaneously also announced the start of the 3rd round of the tournament.

    Saying that, as if it now was not a concern for him, he once again stepped back and sat on his seat, then tightly shut his eyes, and no longer spoke.

    ………..(To be continued…)

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    Chapter 0111 – The Most Direct Confrontation

    After the results of the 2nd round came out, the Falling Star Academy was ranked 1st with a total of 221 points, with 155 points, the Luo Huo Academy secured the 2nd place. The Thunder Academy with 138 points finished 3rd, the Clear Sky Academy with 130 points was 4th, but the God WInd Academy was the last with the most distant score of only 76 points.

    The man who hosted the 1st and the 2nd rounds of the tournament, after announcing the start of the 3rd round, he no longer spoke. At this point an old man sitting below him on the main altar, walked to the front of the main altar, and spoke loudly, “The 3rd round is a Battle Round in which the strengths of the 5 Star Academies would be compared, which is also the best measure of strengths of each of the Academies. Therefore, the points that can be scored in the 3rd round is also the maximum, with a total of 250 points, as to how much an Academy can score, it will depend on their individual’s skill……”

    When Ning Cheng heard this, he immediately thought, this time this particular round was really the deciding factor when compared to the previous 2 rounds. Maybe they could not decide on which of the people who could comprehend the leather like parchment to choose from, after all both the rounds were only for a short period of time, so the score was still lower than what they expected. As such to decide which one of the Academies would be promoted to a 6 Star Academies, most of the 5 Star Academies would definitely go all out in this round.

    “Ning Cheng……” Ji Luo Fei still had some worry in her heart as she met up with him, even though she only met with her paternal aunt just for a moment, but it ended up making her sad. At this moment her heart and mind was wholeheartedly focussed only on Ning Cheng.

    Liu Xian also walked towards them from the main altar, he just patted on Ning Cheng’s shoulder and said, “You do not need to be worried about this round, even if you got a 100 points, our score in the 3rd round is not very optimistic. You can rest in the 3rd round, and have a look at the performances of your fellow apprentices, but also take the time to learn from their practical experience.”

    On hearing Liu Xian’s words Ning Cheng really had a very favorable impression of him, he was still treating him with the respect of a core disciple of the God Wind Academy, despite the price he had to pay for him. Moreover there was still the fact that in the first two rounds of the tournament, he had only scored a combined score of a measly 11 points. But because his score was too low, it was simply not counted in the total.

    After the simple comforting words spoken to Ning Cheng, Liu Xian at once went towards the three late stage True Condensation fellow apprentices and spoke some encouraging words to them for the 3rd round.

    “Although your performance was just as I expected, as you only scored a total of 11 points in the two rounds. But I am still a bit disappointed. I thought that you were similar to me and would end up taking my quota, the God Wind Academy would definitely take one’s score into consideration. Actually, it seems that I really did not read you wrong.” Meng Jing Xiu said as she walked over towards them, she even looked at Ning Cheng with disdain in her eyes.

    Ning Cheng knew the reason why she was acting that way, it was because he had almost taken away her spot, if not for Liu Xian still being friendly towards him, that Meng Jing Xiu’s hatred towards him might even be a lot bigger than now.

    But Ning Cheng did not take Meng Jing Xiu seriously at all, and just spoke lazily, “You also did not score much higher than me.”

    “I may have not scored much higher that you, but out of us 2 people from the God Wind Academy, my score of 35 points is still enough to tower over you completely. Moreover, with my score I easily am much ahead of you in the first two rounds, it just seems that you really do not understand what you said before.” Meng Jing Xiu looked at Ning Cheng and said while shaking her head, with an expression of pride on her face.

    Saying that. She simply turned away, and absolutely did not wait for Ning Cheng to reply back.

    Ning Cheng who was behind her, just chuckled and said, “Just how do you think that you and I are similar? How could you be so sure that I would not be able to score points in the 3rd round?”

    When Meng Jing Xiu heard Ning Cheng’s words, in her eyes flashed a trace of ridicule, but she did not bother to reply back.

    At this time the old man hosting the third round once again spoke up, “Now I am going to explain the rules of the 3rd round, the 3rd round of the tournament is not limited to your opponents in the other Academies, simply put anyone can fight anyone, even participants from the same Academy can fight each other……”

    This explanation was somewhat unclear to Ning Cheng, since this was a competition between the 5 Star Academies. Of course participants from one Academy fighting with participants from other Academy was the norm, but how could they allow the participants from the same Academy to fight each other?

    Even the audience below was confused and were discussing loudly with each other, it was clear that they also did not understand why that old man was setting such a rule.

    When the old man saw that everyone was speaking noisily, he immediately raised his hand which caused everyone of them to feel a heavy pressure bearing down on them. At the same time he once more spoke with a loud voice, “Pipe down, listen to the rules that I am speaking.”

    The old man was also a guest from the Intermediate Class Continent. So his words had a lot of weight behind them, so after he spoke out, the audience immediately quieted down.

    The old man hosting the round once again spoke in a loud voice, “Before the 3rd round of the tournament starts. The 25 participants will each carry 10 points, with the total adding up to 250 points, meaning each Academy has a total of 50 points. When two people come onto the stage to compete, the score of the losing side will be scrapped and added to the score of the person who won.”

    “For example, if Zhang San and Li Si came up to battle, both of them will initially have 10 points, after Zhang San wins the fight, then his score will then become 20 points, but Li Si will have lost his score. People without a score, will not be allowed on to the stage to fight again. If another Wang Wu Dai comes onto the stage with 10 points, and then challenge Zhang San, and if Zhang San loses, then his score will be added to Wang Wu Dai’s score. Wang Wu Dai will now have a score of 30 points, while Zhang San will now have no score.”

    [TL Note – the names “Zhang San”, “Li Si” and “Wang Wu Dai” are general names which the Chinese use to point out to an unspecified person, just like we use John/Jane Doe for an unspecified person in English. (Source taken from Wikipedia and MDBG Dictionary)]

    As the old man spoke till this point, it became very clear and all the people could easily understand. This really was the most direct way to grab points, moreover it was also the most intuitive method too. But if they went along with this, then wouldn’t the person with the highest cultivation level among the participants, whisk away the 250 points completely? However, as they thought that since there would only be a single 6 Star Academy, they could not find any contradictions to it.

    The old man once again spoke, “If one of the participants from the Academy, at any point before the start of the battle, has a weaker cultivation level or if they feel that they would not be able to win the round, or those who don’t want to participate in this Battle Round, they can hand over their score to one of the other participants from the same Academy, preferably to the person with the highest cultivation, if you want. Once you hand over your score, you will not be able to continue to challenge others on the stage, moreover the others also cannot challenge those who do not have a score. Moreover, each person will have the chance to challenge only three times, but each person can only be challenged upto three times. Remember, if the participants from the same Academy battle out each other, then no matter how many times they are challenged, it would only be counted as one. The rules of this round have already been stated, so if any of you any questions, you can raise them now.”

    “If the disciple from an Academy loses, but after leaving the stage, can the other disciples give him their score and then continue to challenge on the battle stage?” God Wind Academy’s Liu Xian asked.

    The other people knew the hidden meaning behind his words, The God Wind Academy only had a very few experts for the Battle Round, he was afraid that if his most powerful disciple lost, then there was no chance for them to bounce back.

    “It is not possible.” The old man answered very simply.

    “Excuse me, what if during the battle, one slipped and ended up killing their opponent?” This question was asked by Shui Yu from the Shui Clan.

    As Ning Cheng listened to Shui Yu’s words, he knew that this was the guy who had looked at him with killing intent in his eyes, he could say with confidence that he said those words because he had planned to kill him.

    The old man indifferently looked at the eyes of Shui Yu, and said with an expressionless tone, “If you fear death, then just give your points to some other person from your Academy who does not.”

    As the old man finished, he waited for a moment, and then once again said in a loud voice, “The 3rd round of the tournament will now begin, the first person to go up on stage will be the person with the highest score till now.”

    The old man who was hosting the 3rd round then drew back, and set up a few strong restrictions on the the square platform, but for the moment no one went up to the stage.

    It seems that no one was willing to be the first person to take the lead, but the people who came to view the battle round were not getting impatient. Everybody knew that it was just the calm before the storm, once the storm hits, there would not be a single calm moment. The people on the main altar, were also not worried about it, they were just watching as if waiting to eat steamed crabs for the first time.

    At this time there were 25 names being displayed on the 3rd Projection Array Formation Screen, and all of them had 10 points in front of them. Although there were 25 people that appeared on the Projection Array Formation Screen, but everyone knew, that under these rules, only a dozen people at most can enter the square stage, not everyone could come up.

    “Ning Cheng, give me your score. Your cultivation is too low, with your score in my hands, at least no one will challenge you.” Meng Jing Xiu had thought that she would never again have to speak with Ning Cheng, but when she heard the rules of the Battle Round, she immediately arrived at Ning Cheng’s side and spoke up.

    “Just who do you think you are? And why should I give it to you?” If at first when Meng Jing Xiu spoke about her thoughts of him robbing her quota, then at least Ning Cheng could still understand such behavior. But now she thinks that she is amazing, and comes over to demand his score as if it was natural, Ning Cheng really did not feel well in his heart.

    “Then I will challenge you.” Meng Jing Xiu saw that Ning Cheng’s cultivation was just at trivial Early Stage of True Condensation Realm, but he even unexpectedly dared to hold onto his 10 points, she immediately became angry. In her view, if Ning Cheng did not hand over his score to other disciples from the same Academy, then he would only end up giving it to other people.

    “Fuck Off.” Ning Cheng was finally driven to the limits of his patience. He really was despising this woman in his heart, if you want to challenge, then go challenge the people from the different Academies, of the other 20 people from the other institutes, you are free to challenge any one. Unfortunately, she just had to look at the 10 points in his possession, just how could he not feel humiliated?

    At once Meng Jing Xiu’s eyebrows trembled, before she erupted in anger, Liu Xian immediately walked over and spoke, “The round is going to start soon, what are you people still quarrelling about?”

    Ning Cheng immediately said to Liu Xian, “Deacon Liu, Meng Jing Xiu wants to challenge me, is something wrong with her head?”

    Meng Jing Xiu wanted to explain that letting Ning Cheng hold onto his score was just a waste, but then she saw Liu Xian frown and immediately speak.

    “Meng Jing Xiu, our God Wind Academy is a 5 Star Academy. Do not speak something that will make us lose face, if you want to fight, then fight the other Academies in the tournament.”

    “Yes.” Meng Jing Xiu did not dare to be impolite towards Deacon Liu, once she answered respectfully, she immediately turned and walked away, she did not even bother to take a look at Ning Cheng.

    “Deacon Liu, do you want me to hand my score over?” Ning Cheng spoke calmly, if Liu Xian also came to ask for his score, he would immediately give it to Liu Xian, then bring Ji Luo Fei and walk far away from here. In this tournament, the benefits he had received were more than enough. Just the several hundred variations from the leather like parchment, had already benefited him greatly.

    When he asked Liu Xian about his score, it was not that he did not respect him anymore. It was just that even if he did not ask about it, he would have given it to him by himself.

    Liu Xian just smiled bitterly and shook his head while saying, “No, but you should look after your own safety. I already saw that Shui Yu looking at you with an intent to kill in his eyes, you really have to be careful about him. My God Wind Academy is already doomed to be at the bottom, why would I even bother about your 10 points? If you really are not sure about yourself, then you can give your score to Chu Yong Xin yourself, he is my God Wind Academy’s strongest person in the True Condensation Realm.”

    “Thank you, Deacon Liu, I think that I still want to give it a try.” Ning Cheng felt that Liu Xian was also a mild mannered person like him, even in his temperament towards him.

    “God Wind Academy’s Meng Jing Xiu comes to the stage with 10 points, regardless of who, I will accept the challenge.” After Meng Jing Xie stepped on to the square platform, she then saw Ning Cheng in a conversation with Liu Xian.

    When Liu Xian saw Meng Jing Xiu was the first person to step onto the platform to accept the challenge, he just shook his head, sighed and then turned around to leave.

    Nobody thought that the first person to come up on the platform to accept challenges, would unexpectedly turn out to be Meng Jing Xiu of the God Wind Academy. Looking at the cultivation of Meng Jing Xiu, it was only at True Condensation 6th Level. Out of the five 5 Star Academies participating in the third round, the cultivation of worst of them that would participate in this round would at the very least be in the late stages of True Condensation Realm, but unexpected a cultivator at the True Condensation 6th Level came out to take the challenges?

    The audience surrounding the square platform immediately began to talk, everyone wanted to know which Academy would come out to rob the points from Meng Jing Xiu from the God Wind Academy.

    ……(To be continued….)

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    Chapter 0112 – Ning Xiao Cheng Courts Death

    As soon as Meng Jing Xiu made her declaration of the challenge, two people immediately rushed towards the platform.

    However the person from the Luo Huo Academy was obviously nearer, and as such was the first person to rush onto the stage. The other person who saw that the person from the Luo Huo Academy had already reached the platform, had to walk back resentfully.

    “I am Zu Jun Jie from the Luo Huo Academy, carrying 10 points. Miss Meng, you are not my opponent, since you are one of the few women here, as long as you admit defeat…..”

    Zhu Jun Jie had not yet finished what he was saying, when Meng Jing Xiu immediately brandished her magical artifact.

    A flaming red halberd shadow immediately sealed of Zu Jun Jie’s retreat, after which she immediately stabbed out with her fiery red halberd, even the restrictions placed on the square platform were shaking because of the powerful surging waves from the halberd.

    Her Yuan Energy really was quite powerful, Ning Cheng thought as he looked at Meng Jing Xiu, it was evident that this Meng Jing Xiu was more formidable than Zu Jun Jie. Zu Jun Jie already had the cultivation of True Condensation 8th Level, however the strength of a cultivator, cannot only be explained in terms of their cultivation levels. Ning Cheng had already fully understood this point, as before and after the remoulding of his Meridians by the Mysterious Yellow Origin, his cultivation of True Condensation 1st Level at both timed when compared to each other was miles apart.

    Seeing Meng Jing Xiu utilising her halberd to this extent, the dissatisfaction that Ning Cheng felt before towards this woman had already faded a lot. For women using a halberd type artifact was not much, but the way Meng Jing Xiu utilised her halberd, bringing out shadows that were at least thrice the length of the usual, it was as if a titan was fighting a human. This showed that this woman was completely straightforward in her ways, although she did not speak much, but she was easily offended by people.

    Ning Cheng also used a spear while fighting, but because he did not have a large enough storage bag, he could only keep the broken spear on his back. So when he saw Meng Jing Xiu display her halberd, it kind of gave him a sense of familiarity with each other.

    Zu Jun Jie did not think that Meng Jing Xiu would begin without even speaking a single word, as he hurriedly brought out a round shield type artifact.

    “Ka Cha” a sound emerged. The shield had not yet filled with energy, when Meng Jing Xiu completely blew it open with her halberd.

    Zu Jun Jie was also affected by the strong undulations of the formidable Yuan Energy from her, and was sent back flying several meters away. Even his mouth was overflowing with blood. If not for the square platform being huge, perhaps he would have already been thrown back towards the edge of the restriction.

    “You made a sneak attack.” Zu Jun Jie spoke furiously.

    Meng Jing Xiu sneered, “Since you can’t deal with my attack, so you call it a sneak attack? Angry…..River…..Tide…..Rises……”

    As soon as Meng Jing Xiu spoke those words, the halberd in her hands transformed into innumerable shadows forming towering water like waves, that blotted out the sky as it rushed towards Zu Jun Jie. It was also filled with a matchless and immense killing intent, feeling the surging ripples of Yuan Energy coming from the waves, some of the nearby spectators, felt their entire bodies go cold with fear. This halberd technique really was too terrible.

    All the people who were watching the battle understood, that if Meng Jing Xiu had used some sort of trick to perform a sneak attack before, then this was the real attack, even if that Zu Jun Jie resorted to use the shield once again, he would not have any chance.

    When Zu Jun Jie saw this move, he immediately turned pale. At this time he did not dare to think of anything else, raising his hands, he at once brought out a pair of Golden Tiger Hooks. Zu Jun Jie already felt that Meng Jing Xiu’s Yuan Energy was really much more formidable that his own, wielding the Golden Tiger Hooks in his hands, he immediately began to crazily circulated his Yuan Energy. If possible, he was even willing to completely burn up his Yuan Energy. It was the first time for him to run into a woman with such a fierce cultivation at True Condensation 6th Level.

    Zu Jun Jie’s own cultivation was at True Condensation 8th Level, and was one of the elected representatives from the Luo Hou Academy to take part in the 3rd round of the tournament, it was obvious that he did not just have a hollow reputation.

    After he completely charged the Golden Tiger Hooks in his hands with all the strength that he could muster, they immediately began to form shadow after shadows of Golden Colored Hooks.

    However the people with a higher cultivation level than him could see. That although Zu Jun Jie was making one golden hook after another appear, when compared to the stormy sea like halberd shadows from Meng Jing Xiu, the result was as obvious as heaven and earth.

    “Boom Boom Boom…..” Just like the rough sea waves whips about the reefs, formidable booming sounds could be heard all over. Even the spectators near the platform had to forcefully circulate their Yuan Energy to keep themselves planted.

    “Ka Cha” The golden hook shadows that were brought out by Zu Jun Jie finally were completely broken, there was now nothing to block the halberd shadows which bombed onto Zu Jun Jie’s body. Zu Jun Jie once again went flying back, while simultaneously spurting out several mouthfulls of blood.

    “Plop” A sound emerged. Zu Jun Jie finally fell off from the edge of the tournament platform, as Meng Jing Xiu stepped forward to start once again. He immediately took the initiative and cried out, “I admit defeat.”

    At this time Zu Jun Jie was already covered with innumerable bloody stains. His body was already riddled with injuries, if he was hit once more, there was absolutely no guarantee that he would still retain his life.

    Zu Jun Jie tremblingly stood up and walked back down, this time what was more frightening for him, was not his body that was full of injuries, but the fact that he was forced to personally throw in the towel and admit defeat. That to in front of so many eyes, he just could not dare to lift his face up, as he not only lost to someone with a lower cultivation level than his own, but to a woman at that, how could he raise his head up after this?

    On the third huge projection array formation screen, of the 25 names previously, Zu Jun Jie’s name was removed. While the score in front of Meng Jing Xiu rose from 10 points to 20 points.

    The Grand Plaza was silent for a long while, before it erupted in huge cheers, This kind of unexpected result was the most popular among them.

    Liu Xian was pleasantly surprised as he muttered, “I never thought about it, but Meng Jing Xiu actually won, does it meant that my God Wind Academy still has a chance?”

    Meng Jing Xiu remained quiet as she got down from the platform, Ning Cheng knew that she had already exhausted a large portion of her Yuan Energy a moment ago. This time when people saw her, nobody wanted to challenge her or wanted to be challenged by her.

    Ji Luo Fei said in a low voice in Ning Cheng’s ear, “This woman is amazing, if she is going to challenge you, then you really will have to be careful of her.”

    Ning Cheng nodded in agreement with Ji Luo Fei;s views, Meng Jing Xiu’s attack was indeed powerful. But to say that she could successfully challenge him, Ning Cheng thought that Ji Luo Fei was overestimating her a bit too much. Even if Meng Jing Xiu wanted to challenge him, it could only be after the 3rd round of the tournament came to an end, moreover she would have to at least wait till we go back to the God Wind Academy to have a match with him. As for the technique that Meng Jing Xiu shown, Ning Cheng confirmed that she did not have a good grasp on it and would not be able to use it continuously.

    If the 5 Star Academies dispatched their most formidable masters in the True Condensation Realm, then it was absolutely impossible for her to have Zu Jun Jie as her opponent.

    Originally the God Wind Academy was regarded as a thrash because the first person to come up to challenge was Meng Jing Xiu, but with her performance a moment ago, it atleast saved a bit of their face, at least no one from the other 5 Star Academies tried to ridicule Liu Xian again.

    “Good, Good, Very Good.” Liu Xian was unceasingly praising Meng Jing Xiu, for him, Meng Jing Xiu not only won the one fight. Before on the main altar, he was being ridiculed by others continuously, but now that Meng Jing Xiu had won, he was simply disinclined to go up again.

    While many people was discussing about Meng Jing Xiu from God Wind Academy in low voices, once more a person’s shadow fell on top of the square platform.

    This person was a man wearing a white robe, and looked extremely clean and handsome. He had dark red hair flowing down to his shoulders, making him look a bit unrestrained. If there was any shortcomings to say about his looks, then it was his nose which was a bit hook shaped. But in other people’s eyes, it seemed that they would once again see another grand fight.

    Some of the pretty women standing below also started screaming out their love, showing that the white robed man really was quite popular with the ladies.

    This white robed man clasped his fist in front of him, and spoke in a clear booming voice, “Falling Star Academy’s Shui Yu, carries 10 points to challenge Ning Xiao Cheng of the God Wind Academy.”

    Shui Yu’s words immediately brought back the crowd’s focus on Ning Xiao Cheng who they had forgotten, Ning Xiao Cheng had gotten the first place in the preliminary written test, but in the two previous rounds of the tournament, he only scored 11 points, he was simply a huge joke to them. At this time Ning Xiao Cheng’s cultivation was also exposed, but his cultivation was at least not regarded as bad, everyone could see that he had the cultivation of True Condensation 3rd Level.

    But even if he had the cultivation of True Condensation 3rd Level, when compared to someone with a cultivation level of True Condensation 7th Level, they simply did not have to guess the results.

    “This Ning Xiao Cheng is just courting death, I don’t know how he ended up offending Shui Yu of the Shui Clan. But him being at True Condensation 3rd Level and his opponent being at True Condensation 7th Level, I don’t even need to think about the result.”

    “Well, is that Shui Yu of the Shui Clan an ordinary True Condensation 7th Level Cultivator? He is the Shui Clan’s genius of his generation, moreover he is going to battle on the behalf of the Falling Star Academy, even ordinary True Condensation 9th Level cultivators, may not necessarily be his opponent.”

    “This Ning Xiao Cheng really knows how to cause trouble. I heard that he recently killed Shui Yu’s brother.”

    “What? No wonder Shui Yu challenged him, he really wants to kill him.”

    “Well, I am sure Ning Xiao Cheng will not come to battle, he will certainly give his score to one of the masters of the God Wind Academy.”

    “Moreover, he is the kind of person who seeks his own death, no one will help him.”


    Meng Jing Xiu coldly glanced at Ning Cheng, this really was bringing a disaster to self, if she had known about this she would have forcibly taken his points, just why did she not know about this before hand?

    She was waiting for Ning Cheng to come and beg in front of her, even if Ning Cheng brought his score, she really wanted to ridicule him when the time came.

    Ning Cheng would obviously not seek out Meng Jing Xiu, but he gently tapped at the nervous Ji Luo Fei and lightly said, “Do not worry, you are not going to get rid of me that easily.”

    After speaking those few words to Ji Luo Fei, Ning Cheng did not speak anymore, he knew that his strength when comparing back to the time in the Thunder Fall Desert, even he did not know how many more times powerful he was. This was not just because he had advance to the True Condensation 3rd Level, but mainly because his Meridians were completely remoulded by the Mysterious Yellow Origin.

    “Junior Apprentice Brother Xiao Cheng, if you don’t mind, I can help you out to go out and battle in your place.” A young man with thick eyebrows walked towards Ning Cheng, and said while clasping his hands in front of him.

    After being introduced by Liu Xian, Ning Cheng knew who this young man was, he was the God Wind Academy’s strongest cultivator in the True Condensation Realm, Chu Yong Xin. What Chu Yong Xin meant with those words spoken towards Ning Cheng, was to let him give his score to Chu Yong Xin, in this case, it was because Ning Cheng was really not in a position to accept the challenge from Shui Yu.

    Ning Cheng also clasped his fist and said his thanks, “Thank you Senior Apprentice Brother Chu, but I still will go out, that fellow looks like he really likes to eat people, I want to let him know that there are even people that can easily beat him.”

    Ning Cheng then just smiled at Ji Luo Fei, and slowly moved towards the platform while carrying his spear in his hands.

    Meng Jing Xiu looked puzzlingly at Ning Cheng’s back, she really did not think that Ning Cheng would dare to take the challenge, was he really stupid or really fearless? Seeing that Ning Cheng was approaching the platform, she was a bit speechless as she thought to herself, “I actually ended up fighting seriously with an unreasonable fellow.”

    “Hey, that Ning Xiao Cheng is really going out to battle him, I know him, the one I stepped onto the platform with was Ning Xiao Cheng. So he really was a guy who looks for death with his own initiative…..” Seeing Ning Cheng step onto the platform, a surprised voice sounded out.

    “I estimate that he is still thinking that it would be the same as the preliminary exam, coming to amaze the world with a single brilliant feat.”

    “Well, isn’t that just a dream…..”

    “It is not necessarily a dream, maybe when that Ning Xiao Cheng goes up to battle, that Shui Yu from the Falling Star Academy might just suddenly fall asleep. Then Ning Xiao Cheng, would have easily won.”

    “You are courting death, daring to taunt Shui Yu, if this was heard by one of the people from the Shui Clan, you’d just be a dead man.”


    As for the various opinions of the crowd, it looked like none of them had any opinions that Ning Cheng might just end up defeating Shui Yu.

    ……(To be continued…..)

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    Edited By – MissLucifer
    Proofread By – SmartyMouth

    Chapter 0113 – The Axe Fist Surprises The Audience

    “Unexpectedly, you really have the courage to walk up to your death, but I still look down on you.” Shui Yu stared at Ning Cheng and spoke in alight voice.

    “Carrying such a broken spear, it really must be difficult for you.” Shui Yu just gave a casual glance, and swept his eyes from Ning Cheng to the broken spear in his hands, as the corners of his mouth revealed a touch of sarcasm. How couldn’t his eyes not see that the artifact in Ning Cheng’s hands was just a low grade Artifact?

    Although he had come on to the platform to challenge Ning Cheng, but it fact, he did not think that Ning Cheng would really come up. His intention was, that Ning Cheng would not dare to take up his challenge. As long as Ning Cheng did not step onto the stage, he would have reached his intended goal.

    A guy who would fear battle, even if his cultivation was low, they would immediately be shamed by others, and no one would would think of Ning Cheng highly ever again. The reason why the God Wind Academy hadn’t said anything till now, according to him, was because it was taking into account of them being a 5 Star Academy. Otherwise, with Ning Cheng’s total score of 11 points in the two rounds, the God Wind Academy would definitely not get any kind of good exposure from being associated to Ning Cheng.

    Once Ning Cheng feared taking up his challenge, then God Wind Academy would definitely no longer give any protection to Ning Cheng. Even if Ning Cheng was killed later, the God Wind Academy would not say anything. A disciple who feared a challenge given to the Academy, if the Academy did not take its own initiative to punish him, it would only be a great kindness towards him, so why would they even bother with who killed Ning Cheng?

    Shui Yu thought that Ning Cheng would fear being challenged by him, so afterwards he could then leisurely kill Ning Cheng once this tournament was over, without any repercussions.

    “Since you really have the courage to challenge your grandfather, I hope that you really are upto it.” Ning Cheng said as if he really did not care about him.

    The corners of Shui Yu’s lips revealed a hint of sarcasm as he spoke, “Ning Cheng, you arrived from the Ping Continent to the Hua Continent, apparently you do have a bit of ability, but it’s a pity that you really do not have eyes. If you had persuaded Luo Fei to go to my Shui Clan and apologize, you could have at least kept your worthless dog’s life. But now, I not only want to kill you, moreover I also do not have any more interest in that Ji Luo Fei. Do you know what I will do to Ji Luo Fei once I take her back? You couldn’t even imagine, she would have many, many…..”

    “Pa…..” Shui Yu simply was not looking at Ning Cheng with his eyes. Before he could even finish speaking, he unexpectedly found Ning Cheng’s hand coming within the reach of his head.

    It had never occurred to him, that Ning Cheng would actually slap him, moreover slap him on his face.

    “Bang” a loud sound could be heard, as Ning Cheng did not hold back his strength at all, and if it was not for Shui Yu having a bit of vigilance towards him, and not gathering a bit of his Yuan Energy before hand, then that Shui Yu’s face would have been slapped into nothingness from Ning Cheng’s slap.

    Even if that was the case, Ning Cheng’s slap almost ripped off half of Shui Yu’s face, as dozens of teeth along with a bit of his skin splashed out.

    “I’m going to swallow you……” Shui Yu’s eyes immediately became ferocious, as he waved his hands, immediately a pair of pitch black giant scissors appeared in front of him.

    When the giant scissors came out, an overwhelmingly dark cloud completely enveloped the entire platform blotting out the sky above it. Even the bystanders outside, could feel an intense chill, for them it was as if the giant scissors was cutting right through them.

    A violent Yuan Energy and Killing Intent swept across the entire platform, it was obvious that Shui Yu was becoming more and more keen on killing Ning Cheng.

    Not long ago, Meng Jing Xiu’s halberd also gave out a similar kind of feeling, but the cutting speed of this giant scissors was very fast, which made people think that everything on the platform would be cut into pieces by it in just a moment.

    All the people believed that even if Ning Cheng had a very fast speed, he would still not be able to charge up the spear that he carried on his back under the furious onslaught of this giant scissors.

    Facing this terrible giant scissors’ silhouette moving towards him. Ning Cheng truly did not resort to his spear, it was not that Ning Cheng could not charge it with power within the time frame, but it was because Ning Cheng really did not intend to use his spear from the beginning. He just used his fist to split it apart, even if it was Shui Yu in front of him, he was still not worthy for him to wield his spear.

    That’s right. It truly was split apart.

    This was the Axe Fist, this was what Ning Cheng had comprehended in the Daan Forest from the murderous aura that he had felt from the giant axe, but it was a pity that he was not using an actual axe. He could only use his fists as an axe. Although this was not the first time that Ning Cheng had displayed his Axe Fist, moreover he had already displayed his Axe Fist several times before. But each time he could feel that the might and power of his Axe Fist was rising unceasingly.

    A horrifying Killing Intent erupted from Ning Cheng, instantly filling the gap between him and Shui Yu.

    Shui Yu did not feel Ning Cheng’s fist. But rather what he felt was the tremendous power of an axe falling on his head, it directly cut apart his giant scissors shadow.

    What a terrifying Killing Intent, no that’s not right, it was actually Axe Intent. But he obviously did not see Ning Cheng using an axe, how could he comprehend and use such a thing like the Axe Intent? But he could definitely felt a strong sense of Killing Intent as if he was facing a giant axe.

    After his Axe Fist met the giant scissors shadow, it only paused slightly, before Ning Cheng’s Axe Fist filled with his Killing Intent slammed together with the real giant scissors.

    “Ka ka…..” It was as if the giant scissors was just an ordinary iron being struck by a strong steel, as bursts after bursts of grating sound filled the air.

    “Bang….” the raging Yuan Energy fluctuations that Shui Yu ws releasing were instantly cut apart by the shadow of his Axe Fist before blasting Shui Yu along with his giant pair of scissors dozens of meters away, barely being able to stand.

    Ning Cheng also felt a bit of surge from his opponent’s Yuan Energy, but under the circulation of his own Yuan Energy, that surge of Yuan Energy from his opponent immediately faded away.

    The people standing outside the platform were immediately shocked, even some of the masters and the judges sitting on the main altar, immediately crooned their necks in surprise. None of them could even think of such a result, before when Ning Cheng had slapped Shui Yu’s face, they had already thought that he would definitely end up dying, but none of them even dared to believe that in such a head on battle he would manage to completely overwhelm Shui Yu to the point that he could not even stand properly.

    “Unexpectedly the odds are now even between them?” Some of the people began discussing.

    “Ahem, even odds? In your dreams, that Shui Yu was even hit by a slap from that Ning Xiao Cheng, and was already falling. Shui Yu had used his move in anger a moment ago, which forced that Ning Cheng to hastily fire of his punch, moreover he did not even use the spear on his back, how can you even say that he would not prevail?”

    “That Ning Xiao Cheng is really a cut above the others, I did not expect that Ning Xiao Cheng with a cultivation of True Condensation 3rd Level would actually be this strong. He wouldn’t have deliberately lost the first two rounds, so that he he would make the people sit straight and notice him, right?”

    “Stop talking, if this chance was given to you, would you deliberately try to lose?”


    There were all kinds of talk all over the place, but now none of them said the Ning Xiao Cheng was courting death. But what no one knew, that what some people talked about Ning Cheng deliberately losing in the 1st and 2nd round was definitely true.

    Liu Xian immediately became excited once again as he stood up, he did not think that Ning Cheng would be this powerful. That fist that he punched out a moment ago unexpectedly contained a hint of the murderous aura from a giant axe, it was really a pity that Ning Cheng did not have an axe, if he had struck out with an axe, even if that Shui Yu did not die he would end up being severely injured in the very least.

    Even the dignified and majestic looking man sitting at the center of the main altar who had presided over the 1sr and 2nd round had also opened his eyes. With his cultivation to such an extent, when Ning Cheng had thrown out his axe fist, he could perceive it and see without even opening his eyes, that that one punch contained within it a hint of the true murderous aura of an axe. If one did not have a sufficient comprehension ability, they would definitely not be able to pull off such a punch.

    The dignified looking man stared at Ning Cheng for some time, he thought that since Ning Xiao Cheng could comprehend a hint of the true meaning of the murderous aura of the axe, so with his ability to comprehend, he should not have scored only a single point in the 2nd round.

    “What is that Ning Xiao Cheng’s Spiritual Root?” The dignified looking man suddenly asked out aloud.

    At this time Liu Xian was not on the main altar, but there was still a person from the God Wind Academy there, it the Essence Building woman, when she heard the dignified man ask, she quickly recovered her surprise and went forward and bowed respectfully before speaking, “That Ning Xiao Cheng has an extremely powerful memory, but his Spiritual Root is only a hybrid multi line support Spiritual Root. Before joining he had a lucky encounter with a Spiritual Essence Spring Pool back in the Daan Forest, and with the help of it advanced to the initial stages of the True Condensation Realm.”

    This dignified man nodded, listening to the words from this woman cultivator he understood why Ning Cheng only scored just a single point in the comprehension exam. In the 2nd round of the tournament, the only way one could see the different pictures on the parchment was with the help of one’s Spiritual Root. An ordinary multi line Spiritual Root would only be able to see just a single picture, even if he could see another change, if their ability to understand was not strong enough, they would not be able to comprehend the contents of the picture behind it even if it was shown to them.

    When he heard that Ning Cheng was able to find a Spiritual Essence Spring Pool in the Daan Forest, he did not pay anymore attention to him. Finding a Spiritual Essence Spring Pool, and then cultivating there for a few years, it would be surprising if he did not step into the True Condensation Realm. But if he knew that Ning Cheng only spent a few months in the Daan Forest before coming here, he would have definitely would not think what he was currently thinking.

    “Well, it seems that I made a mistake once again.” Ling Naixin from the Thunder Academy was staring at Ning Cheng in disbelief, suddenly she felt the errors in her two judgements previously were completely wrong, she now could not see through that Ning Cheng. For such a powerful person, how could he only score a single point in the 2nd round?

    “Shui Yu is not a match for that person, hurry up and call out to Shui Yu to throw in the towel.” In the Shui Clan stall, an old man after seeing Shui Yu suffering defeat after defeat, immediately stood up and spoke out as his face constantly changed.

    He had just spoken, when Shui Yu once more plunged towards Ning Cheng. At this time Shui Yu’s heart was completely filled with anger, he was the dignified genius of his generation in the Shui Clan, but he unexpectedly lost to a foreign cultivator that too at the initial stages of the True Condensation Realm. If this was to spread out, how could Shui Yu have the face to appear in front of people ever again.

    This time he completely charged his giant scissors, a huge silhouette emerged from it, immediately separating into two silhouettes on either side of Ning Cheng with the intention of not only sealing up his escape but also to cut him apart. The two silhouettes on the either side of Ning Cheng had not yet approached him, before they once again divided into four silhouettes.

    In the end, the entire platform was almost filled with the silhouettes from the giant pair of scissors.

    Running out of steam, Ning Cheng thought as he sneered, the morale of Shui Yu was already low, and even his movements were messy and full of openings. These innumerable silhouettes although looked powerful, but unfortunately for Shui Yu, his movements were completely messed up, even his Yuan Energy was extremely weak, so even though he had brought out innumerable silhouettes, it was merrily just for show.

    If only Shui Yu could adjust his mentality, he would have still be able to continue to fight with him for a while, but now, Ning Cheng did not even put him in his eyes.

    Ning Cheng had still not used his spear, not to mention of using his 7 Pleiades Ice Needle.

    He just fired off a few of his Axe Fists in succession, which completely split apart the innumerable silhouettes from Shui Yu that were surrounding him.

    Just a single Axe Fist Shadow sent out by Ning Cheng, with the agitation of his Yuan Energy, was more than enough to split apart several of the silhouettes.

    “Pa Pa Pa Pa…..” As the Axe Fists punched out by him clashed out with the silhouettes, the Yuan Energy blasted out with loud noises. The might of these explosions were amazing, but the other people understood that the showdown before was radically inferior to the one between the giant scissor silhouettes of Shui Yu and the Axe Fist of Ning Cheng

    “Katcha…..” The innumerable silhouettes disappeared one after another in just an instant, it was then that Shui Yu finally awoke, he finally realised that he really was not an opponent for Ning Cheng, if he was to fight again, he would die without a doubt.

    “I admit….”

    Shui Yu just could not speak out the words, when Ning Cheng immediately jumped towards him, and sent out another punch, how could he let Shui Yu to concede defeat?

    ….. (To be continued…..)

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    Chapter 0114 – This Must Be Real Strength

    Not to say that Shui Yu completely lost his fighting spirit at this time, even if Shui Yu was still full of fighting spirit, he could still not completely block that Ning Cheng’s incoming punch. However even if he still wanted to fight, Ning Cheng’s fist was still more than enough to kill him.

    “Bang…..” Ning Cheng’s punch immediately landed on Shui Yu, as his Dantian completely shattered, killing him on the spot.

    “Little beast, you unexpectedly dare to kill Shui Yu, this old man will split your…..” When he saw Ning Cheng punch land on Shui Yu with an intent to kill, an angry voice sounded out, while simultaneously a grey shadow rushed onto the tournament platform like a flash of lightning.

    The Shui Clan was already rampant in the Mo Ze City, apart from the Falling Star Academy they did not fear many people, and as such they could basically do whatever they liked. Moreover Shui Yu was the future clan head of the Shui Clan, so for such a person to be directly killed by Ning Cheng on the tournament platform, was completely unacceptable for the Shui Clan.

    Unfortunately, the old man from the Shui Clan who rushed onto the platform had forgotten about what the round was about or even about the people who were presiding over it. He had not even reached the edge of the platform, when and overwhelming pressure descended over him.

    This elder of the Shui Clan immediately woke up, this was not ordinary tournament, but the Tournament hosted by the Seniors from the Intermediate Class Continents to select a 6 Star Academy. For him to dare to rush onto to the platform of this Tournament, was equivalent to courting death.

    Cold sweat immediately began to flow out in copious amounts from his back, he did not even have the time to look back and apologize, before a giant palm descended on him.

    “Poof…..” Only a bloody mist remained, the Elder from the Shui Clan could not even resist for a single fleeting moment before he was directly turned into a bloody mist before the giant palm even struck him.

    “YOU DARE, a mere ant, trying to rush onto the platform of the Battle Round.” It was not until they heard this sneering voice did they come to know that it was of the old man hosting the 3rd Round of the Tournament. After saying that, he once again fell back onto the main altar.

    The audience outside the square platform suddenly drew a cold breath, that Elder from the Shui Clan was a cultivator in the Essence Building Ream. Thus his cultivation was a lot superior than them. But in front of that old man from the Intermediate Class Continent, he could not even resist the pressure of that giant palm.

    Some of the people did not think much of the people from the Intermediate Class Continents. But at this time they could not help but shiver, nobody else dared to make a move anymore, because they all felt that they were simply prisoners in their hands. Now even if someone from the Shui Clan even dared to offend them, they would just end up being executed immediately on the spot.

    This kind of decisive attitude, was very shocking to them. Even the shock of Ning Cheng killing Shui Yu, when compared to this, looked very weak.

    Ning Cheng on the surface looked very calm, but in his heart he was also very shocked like the other people. Of all the masters that he had seen. That old woman was definitely much more superior to all of them, but it was simply because the old woman did not think much of him, so he was not much concerned about that old woman. But at this time he understood, just how far away was he when compared to these masters.

    The palm strike that the old man, who was presiding over the 3rd round, that he had sent out a moment ago, he could clearly see it, it was actually congealed from a massive amount of Killing Intent, directly arousing the Killing Intent in the surrounding. That Killing Intent was obviously not directed towards him, but it still aroused a kind of helpless feeling in his heart. If that slap was directed towards him, he would definitely end up dead even before the palm reached him, just like that Elder from the Shui Clan.

    Sure enough. Strength was everything in this world. This old man’s palm attack definitely had the strength of a cultivator of the Profound Core Realm behind it, and Ning Cheng knew that the Shui Clan also had a cultivator in the Profound Core Realm. If the Profound Core cultivator of the Shui Clan tried to kill him, even he would not get the opportunity to fight against him, not to say even trying to escape.

    Real Strength. This must be real strength. Ning Cheng clenched his fists, as he once again firmed his resolve, even if he had to pay a heavy cost for it. He had enhance his own cultivation as soon as possible. He absolutely just cannot wait for death to arrive, he knew that the God Wind Academy would not protect him forever. Not to mention. He also knew that if the master of the Shui Clan personally came for him, even the God Wind Academy would not be able to protect him.

    Ning Cheng slowly heaved a sigh of relief. Putting away the things from Shui Yu, he simply lifted his hands and used it to cast a Fireball turning Shui Yu’s body to ash. Now that he had already offended them thoroughly, he would not hold back for even half a moment.

    Seeing Ning Cheng slowly walk down from the square platform, the entire plaza was completely silent, but then immediately erupted in a cacophony of different noises. Ning Cheng not only killed Shui Yu, but even directly turned Shui Yu to ash. This type of courage and strength, previously, just who could have thought of it?

    At this time the score on the big projection Array Formation screen changed once more, in front of Ning Xiao Cheng’s name the score changed to 20 points, while Shui Yu’s name completely vanished.

    At the same time, seven or eight more names also disappeared. However although their names did disappear, it was because they had voluntarily given their scores to the other members of their Academies.

    For the people looking at the fights on the platform, this was basically unimportant, what was much more shocking to them was that a cultivator at the True Condensation 3rd Level could unexpected kill Shui Yu who was at True Condensation 7th Level. Everyone thought that it was because that Shui Yu had just advanced to the True Condensation 7th Level, so his cultivation was not yet consolidated, but what was more important was that this person at the True Condensation 3rd Level was just too vicious.

    Liu Xian was completely surprised as he looked at Ning Cheng stepping down from the square platform, he had never thought that Ning Cheng would be this powerful, even that Shui Yu who was at True Condensation 7th Level was easily killed by him. Moreover this was after Meng Jing Xiu’s victory, that he had obtained which made him pleasantly surprised. Did his God Wind Academy really had the opportunity to finally come to the forefront?

    Meng Jing Xiu just curved her lips in a sneer, and said with disapproval in her voice, “That Shui Yu is really unworthy of his name, he should have let the other powerful members of the Falling Star Academy to challenge him, humph…….”

    When Liu Xian heard Meng Jing Xiu’s words, he simply did not chose to answer. Of course he knew about this much clearer than Meng Jing Xiu herself, although Shui Yu was representing the Falling Star Academy, he was ultimately a person from the Shui Clan. To say that Shui Yu would succeed for the Falling Star Academy, he was not convinced.

    As for Meng Jing Xu saying that Shui Yu was not worthy of his name, he also thought so, that Shui Yu had just advanced to the True Condensation 7th Level, so he had not yet consolidated his cultivation. The reason he had requested a place, was entirely in order to kill Ning Cheng. But he had never thought that not only would he fail to kill Ning Cheng, but in the end he would end up digging his own grave.

    “Well, that Shui Yu was really a bit too unworthy of his name, he just simply had a big name and nothing else to back it up.” A deacon from the Falling Star Academy saw Shui Yu getting killed, and spoke after remaining silent for a while while shaking his head.

    “He is the elite of the Shui Clan, and usually lets others work for him. Over time he just became accustomed to be a master, and never even thought of his own strength. In fact, he was just a person who reached his level by the help of pills, how high could his ability even be?” Someone from the side said with a sneer.

    Meng Yu Jing who was also one of the representatives representing the Falling Star Academy, after Ning Cheng killed Shui Yu, she also was looking at Ning Cheng intently. She always felt that Ning Cheng was somewhat familiar, but this kind of sense of familiarity with him she just couldn’t recall.

    “Although this Shui Yu was unbearable, but this fellow Ning Xiao Cheng perfectly played the role of pig eating the tiger. Maybe he really had a good reason why he scored bad grades in the first two rounds of the tournament. Che Zi Wen, Meng Yu Jing, although you are ranked in the top ranks of our Falling Star Academy, but in the final round of the tournament, each of the Academies will definitely bring out their masters. And since you two are the ones from our Academy who carry the most points, most of those people will try to challenge you, so you both have to be carefull. Especially that Ning Xiao Cheng, you must pay special attention to him…….”

    The Elder of the Profound Congealing Realm from the Falling Star Academy stood up, and spoke in a dignified way to the two people, a young man and a young woman, beside him.

    “Yes, we will Master.” The young man beside him nodded and said, he was the strongest cultivator of the True Condensation Realm from the Falling Star Academy, called Chi Zi Wen, the Falling Star Academy was depended mainly on him for this 3rd round.

    Meng Yu Jing finally woke up, she finally remembered who this guy Ning Xiao Cheng who killed Shui Yu was. A few days ago when she left the Mo Ze City together with Qi Ping, there was a man who passed them by, afterwards that person seemed to have sensed something and slowed down, letting them pass by him.

    At that time she did not think of it much, as there were lots of people coming and going on the road she was travelling on, so she did not care about that person, and only glanced at him at random. Now she finally remembered, that person really was Ning Xiao Cheng.

    After Meng Yu Jing came to know that that person was Ning Xiao Cheng, she then thought that Ning Xiao Cheng had deliberately slowed down to be behind her, she really did not know if that Ning Xiao Cheng had done that to track her or if it was just a misunderstanding?

    Meng Yu Jing’s expression immediately turned cold, she had never thought that she would unexpectedly be followed. Every time that she went out, she would be extremely careful about it, moreover even when she went to the village cottage, she was extremely careful about it. She was even confident that even an Essence Building Cultivator would not be able to track her to her small cottage in the village nearby.

    But on that day she actually had a feeling of being spied upon, was it the same Ning Xiao Cheng who had followed her to the cottage and peeped on them from the outside? Regardless of whether it was true or not, this person definitely cannot be left alive.

    Of course, she didn’t know that the reason why she did not find Ning Xiao Cheng outsider her cottage, was mainly because of the help from the old woman.


    There were only two matches held in the 3rd Round till now, and in both of them the God Wind Academy was the one who actively went to battle, and moreover won both of the fights. As far as the score of the 3rd round was considered, the God Wind Academy already had 70 points in total, and was in the front of the rest of the 4 Academies.

    The talks about Ning Cheng’s performance in the plaza finally stopped after a cultivator stepped onto the stage for the 3rd fight. This cultivator looked extremely strong and was even tall to boot, this cultivator also had a ripped upper body which threatened to tear the clothes that he was wearing.

    This was one of the fellows with the cultivation of True Condensation 9th Level, Ning Cheng had already seen through his cultivation level from the distance.

    “Clear Sky Academy’s Yuan Kian, asks for consultation from fellow brothers and sisters with my 10 points.” This strong cultivator cupped his hands in front of him and had a slight smile on his face, it at least did not make the people who looked at him to not hate him.

    That Yuan Jian had just finished speaking, when someone immediately came flying onto the platform, this person was also an exceptionally tall person, as soon as he came onto platform, he immediately took out his artifact and said, “I am Ge Ye from the Thunder Academy, also carrying 10 points……”

    As he was speaking, this Ge Ye had already started waving his flying sword artifact, and brought out a dense sword curtain.

    Yuan Jian did not seem to expect that Ge Ye would start immediately, but he did not show any nervousness on his face, and immediately brought out his own artifact, a copper mallet.

    This copper mallet in his hands was flashing with golden light, when it collided with Ge Ye’s sword curtain, a platform almost burst open, forming many crackling light flashes, which truly looked amazing.

    Ge Ye also had the cultivation of True Condensation 9th Level, and was similar to Yuan Jian’s cultivation. Ning Cheng could sense from those two, that their grip over their Yuan Energy was really deep. Moreover both of them were evenly matched, and thus the winner would not be decided in a short amount of time.

    Although this fight was evenly matched, but the overflow of Yuan Energy from their fighting was really wonderful to look at. But after Ning Cheng looked at them for a moment, he felt that there was simply no meaning or anything to be gained from their fight, those two men may look powerful with their formidable cultivation level, but they would not even be able to defeat Meng Jing Xiu.

    Yuan Jian seemed to the most powerful person representing the Clear Sky Academy in this round, so if Yuan Jian lost, the Clear Sky Academy would really be in a very dangerous position against the other 5 Star Academies.

    This evenly matched pair fought for a full half an hour, just when the others were thinking that both of them would still continue for another half an hour, Ge Ye suddenly brought up his sword and casted out another sword curtain. But this sword curtain quickly condensed into a giant sword, and just like cutting an egg, this giant sword tore through the mallet shadows brought out by Yuan Jian.

    “Poof…..” blood sprayed out of his mouth, before dying Yuan Jian had not thought for a single moment that this Ge Ye who was evenly matched with him till now would bring out such a formidable technique.

    “Thunder Academy’s Ge Ye carrying 20 points challenges God Wind Academy’s Chu Yong Xin…….” Most of the people did not think that Ge Ye would not even wait for a single breath after killing Yuan Jian, before immediately challenging the God Wind Academy.

    …….(To be continued….)

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    Proofread By – SmartyMouth

    Chapter 0115 – The Bloody Tournament Platform

    The words spoken by Ge Ye immediately caused a commotion, the two participants from the previous rounds had got down to rest after they won their respective fights. But this Ge Ye from the Thunder Academy wanted to continue without even taking a single break, he did not even wait for a single breath of time before issuing another challenge. Just this point alone made the others feel that he was really domineering and awesome.

    The corpse of Yuan Jian from the Clear Sky Academy was still lying on the platform bleeding, but he still continued on to issue another challenge, this type of scene immediately roused the people to unconsciously support him.

    Just as Ge Ye challenged the God Wind Academy, the people standing outside the platform immediately began to cheer loudly. They did not show any kind of sympathy, or pity for the fallen. Yuan Jian was killed, it showed that he was weak, no one would show sadness for the death of a weak person. They had come here to watch the tournament, they came here to experience excitement, what they wanted to see the most was blood.

    Ning Cheng frowned, Chu Yong Xin was regarded as the number one person from the God Wind Academy in the True Condensation Realm, and was also the person who was considered as the main strength of the Academy in the 3rd round. Ning Cheng was not sure about Chu Yong Xin’s strength, but he knew that Ge Ye who had condensed his numerous sword lights first into his sword curtain then into a giant sword, was extremely powerful. If one wanted to hurry up, then they would only have a small chance of evading it. Of course, now that he had taken a look at this guy’s strength, he did not fear him.

    Ning Cheng had a bit of favorable impressions towards Chu Yong Xin, before Chu Yong Xin had asked him immediately out of concern towards him, and offered to help him deal with Shui Yu.

    Ning Cheng had only thought till here, before he saw Chu Yong Xing move towards him, “Junior Apprentice Brother Ning, I never thought that you would be so powerful. This Ge Ye and I have a lot of grudges between us, moreover this person is cruel and merciless. Before when he killed that Yuan Jian, he had used a new sword technique, so he would definitely use it another time against me. After seeing that I am not sure that I could win against him……”

    “Senior Apprentice Brother Chu, if you don’t mind, I’d like to help you take care of him.” Ning Cheng thought that Chu Yong Xin wanted to ask his help. And immediately spoke up voluntarily.

    Before Chu Yong Xin had offered to help him in his fight. Now he was helping Chu Yong Xin in his fight. As such he did not show half a shred of hesitation before he spoke.

    Chu Yong Xin gave a faint smile, “Junior Apprentice Brother Ning, you and I are similar to each other, I am not someone who fears a fight. I came to find you, not because I wanted to ask your help, but because I do not have the confidence to win. Once I lost, I know that I will definitely be killed by that person. I still have a younger brother in the God Wind Academy, called Chu Yong Ren. In case something goes wrong. I hope that you can help me look after him for 1 or 2….”

    “Senior Apprentice Brother Chu you can rest assured…..” Ning Cheng said without any hesitation, he knew that Chu Yong Xin thought highly of him. Because of this, he did not hesitate to say these kinds of words.

    Chu Yong Xin just nodded, as he moved towards the tournament platform.

    However before Chu Yong Xin arrived before the platform, a shadow of a person landed in front of him on the platform. Then this man on the platform immediately spoke to Ge Ye in a cold voice, “Ge Ye, I am afraid that you will die in the hands of the others, so I want to challenge you first. If you cannot accept, I will withdraw immediately.”

    “Ha Ha Ha, I, Ge Ye, will never be afraid of a trivial True Condensation 8th Level junior. I will first kill you, then kill that Chu Yong Xin by the time it takes to prepare a pot of tea….” Listening to the person in front of him who had snatched his challenge, Ge Ye simply roared with laughter. He did not care about it for even half a moment.

    Ge Ye’s words caused a lot of people to be unsatisfied. Crazy, he was simply too crazy. He himself was only at True Condensation 9th Level, but called the other True Condensation 8th Level cultivator as his junior. It was simply ridiculous.

    This challenger who was called a junior by Ge Ye, did not pay any mind to it, but turned to Chu Yong Xin and clasped his hands in front of him, and said, “Brother Chu, I must avenge my Senior Apprentice Brother Yuan, could I please ask Brother Chu for his permission.”

    Chu Yong Xin just laughed and said, “For Brother Situ to ask for taking revenge, although I was called out first, this Chu Yuan Xin is still willing to cheer for Brother Situ…..”

    Seeing Chu Yong Xin return, Ning Cheng slightly relaxed. He had a hunch that Chu Yong Xi may not be a match for Ge Ye. As for the person who came to challenge Ge Ye, Ning Cheng also knew a bit about him, he was Situ Yu of the Clear Sky Academy. He had the cultivation of True Condensation 8th Level, and even scored a total of 45 points in the previous written exams, which can even be considered as a good score. He even scored a good score for the Clear Sky Academy in the second round too.

    The tournament at this point of time was full of the smell of gunpowder between the disciples of the different academies. Ge Ye had even directly said that he would first kill Situ Yu and then kill Chu Yong Xin, but that Situ Yu in response said that he wanted to take revenge on him, this basically was not even a challenge.

    This kind of bloody conflict that could potentially end with killings, had aroused the passion of the people who were watching the fights.

    But as for the old man who was managing the round, he did not seem to mind it at all, to him, who died and who lived simply did not matter. What was most important to him was, who got more points in the end.

    After Situ Yu came on to the stage, he first cupped his fist towards the audience and said, “Clear Sky Academy’s Situ Yu, challenges Ge Ye with 40 points.”

    As Situ Yu finished, he did not wait for Ge Ye to speak, and immediately brought both his hands up, sending out a handprint that seemed to have blotted out the sky towards Ge Ye.

    This was the first time that someone with a score of more than 10 points came onto the stage, moreover he was even the challenger. As soon as the audience heard his words, they immediately understood what was the matter.

    The Clear Sky Academy was mainly dependent of Situ Yu and Yuan Jian for the 3rd round, thus the scores of the other people were given to Situ Yu. Now that Yuan Jian was killed, so if Situ Yu lost, then it would be equivalent to Clear Sky Academy being eliminated ahead of time.

    When Situ Yu began, Ning Cheng immediately understood that this person was definitely not a simple fellow. This person’s cultivation was definitely much more powerful than that of Yuan Juan, no wonder the Clear Sky Academy had put all its points on Situ Yu rather than Yuan Jian.

    Although Situ Yu seemed to have brought out a handprint that seemed to have blotted out the sky, but in fact the people with a powerful Spiritual Consciousness could see clearly, that Situ Yu had actually brought out a large net type artifact. Moreover this large net type artifact was actually very pale in color, as such under the handprint that seemed to have covered the sky, it could not be seen clearly.

    Ge Ye and Situ Yu were standing opposite to each other, so when Situ Yu brought out his large net, he could immediately feel its might at once. He immediately brought up his sword artifact in his hands and casted out a densely packed sword curtain.

    However this time when his sword curtain met Situ Yu’s large net, it was not as relaxed as when he was using it to fight with Yuan Jian. The numerous rays of his sword curtain were completely blocked by the large net, before they shimmered and completely disappeared, they basically could not even explode.

    Ge Ye, whose body was in the center of it, certainly knew his own situation, he could see and feel that his sword curtain had been fully absorbed by the opposite party’s huge net type artifact. For him, if he could not get rid of the opposite party’s huge net in the shortest possible time, then even if he could create his giant sword, he would still lose.

    Ge Ye wanted to get rid of the other person’s huge net type magic weapon, he knew that he would not have another opportunity to do so again, the sword curtains around him were made intermittent howling sounds in his surroundings, and in just a twinkling of an eye gathered together. Just like when he was fighting against Yuan Jian, these innumerable sword curtains had gathered together to immediately form a giant white sword.

    But this giant sword simply could not even reach the body of Situ Yu, before it was completely restrained by Situ Yu’s giant net. Even though that giant sword was struggling violently in the net, but it still could not get itself out from the large net.

    Ge Ye’s heart immediately sank, he did not think that Situ Yu’s net would be so strong. Not waiting for him to continue to bring out another such giant sword, this time a stream of light exploded out from Situ Yu’s hand.

    The moment the stream of light exploded out, it instantly covered the entire platform with a scorchingly hot heat. Even though Ning Cheng was standing far away from the platform, he could still feel the intense heat.

    “Bang” Ge Ye hastily brought out a round shield as he escaped from the light explosion by rolling away like a ball.

    Because the round shield was not yet fully charged, so when it was hit by the explosion from the stream of light, it immediately cracked open. Ge Ye was retreating rapidly, but at this time, at a speed even faster than himself, a rainbow like stream of light appeared under Ge Ye’s feet.

    A light sound could be heard, as Situ Yu’s feet were directly taken straight towards this rainbow, while at this time the stream of light had already bypassed the round shield, and continued to bombard on Ge Ye’s body.

    Not long ago this Ge Ye had been too arrogant as he killed Yuan Jian from the Clear Sky Academy, but at this time even the terrified look had still not completely formed on his face, before he was completely blown to dust by Situ Yu’s stream of light. The smoothness and the speed of fight, was not something the eyes of the people in the audience could take it all in. When the others finally saw the scene clearly, Ge Ye had already been killed.

    The plaza immediately became silent for a moment, but then once again erupted in a loud discussion.

    Ning Cheng frowned and stared at Situ Yu, this Situ Yu was simply too strong. This person was not only strong, but even his thoughts were prudent and meticulous. That Thunder Academy’s Ge Ye’s every step was already calculated by him beforehand, moreover he had also prepared that rainbow light before to make a sneak attack. Moreover, even he did not see how he had set up that rainbow light beforehand to successfully execute the sneak attack.

    At this time on the Projection Array Formation Screen broadcasting the score of the 3rd round, the score in front of Situ Yu’s name changed to 60 points, while Ge Ye’s name disappeared without a trace.

    Situ Yu calmly put away his spoils of war, as he stepped down from the platform with the body of Yuan Jian, and immediately returned to the Stall of the Clear Heart Academy. Since Ge Ye’s body had already turned into a pile of ash, so no one went to recover it.

    “Brother Ning, it seems that with my cultivation it would be difficult for me to beat those people, I think that it would be better to give you my score.” After Min Rui from the God Wind Academy saw the three bloody fights, his heart was already beating like a drum. He was very clear on his own cultivation, if he wanted to win in the next round, then he would have to face countless hardships and sufferings.

    Liu Xian also walked up to them, as he nodded and said, “What Min Rui said is correct, since we have Ning Cheng and Meng Jing Xiu, you really made the right choice.”

    Meng Jing Xiu who was still standing by the side pursed her mouth, it was apparent that Min Rui not giving her his score caused her to feel a bit dissatisfied. Although Ning Cheng won a fight, but the fact was that she also won a fight. Moreover her opponent had the cultivation of Peak Stage True Condensation 8th Level, while Ning Cheng’s opponent was just a guy who had just advanced to the True Condensation 7th Level.

    After Min Rui finished speaking, Liu Xian looked at the remaining True Condensation 8th Level cultivator from their side, Gu Hong, and asked, “Gu Hong, what about you?”

    Gu Hong said very simply, “Deacon Liu, I decided to try my hand out, but I still am a bit unwilling in my heart.”

    After Gu Hong finished, he clasped his hands in front of Liu Xian, and quickly walked out of the God Wind Academy’s Station, and jumped onto the platform, as he called out in a loud voice, “God Wind Academy’s Gu Hong, meets the heroes here with his 10 points.”

    Ge Ye had slain Yuan Jian, and then in just a blink of an eye was killed by Situ Yu, so the restlessness and excitement in the people spectating had not yet subsided, so when Gu Hong came on to the platform to accept challenges, it immediately attracted everybody’s attention.

    Gu Hong was neither famous, nor was his cultivation that high. Gu Hong only had the cultivation of Peak Stage True Condensation 8th Level. The reason why the people outside the platform focused on Gu Hong, was because Gu Hong was from the God Wind Academy, and so far, he was the person with the highest cultivation from the God Wind Academy to step on to the stage.

    The earlier two people from the God Wind Academy, whether it was Ning Xiao Cheng with the cultivation of True Condensation 3rd Level or Meng Jing Xiu with the cultivation of True Condensation 6th Level, both of them had an easy win. So when Gu Hong from the God Wind Academy with the cultivation of True Condensation 8th Level came on to the platform, it immediately attracted the attention of numerous people in the audience.

    ……(To be continued……)

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    Chapter 0116 – The Real Master

    Ning Cheng was not much optimistic about Gu Hong, as whispered in a low voice to Ji Luo Fei who was standing beside him, “Luo Fei, before I also thought that with my cultivation we would be able to escape if we used everything we had to escape, moreover we would be even be able to protect each other. But then after I saw that old man in the Profound Core Real easily slap that Essence Building Elder from the Shui Clan into nihility, I knew that my thinking was really wrong. With my cultivation not only would I fail to protect both of us, but we aren’t even considered as ants in their eyes.”

    Ji Luo Fei immediately grabbed Ning Cheng’s hands, she had always been worried about the Shui Clan in her heart. Although Ning Cheng was powerful, but he only had the cultivation of True Condensation 3rd Level, as for her own cultivation, she was only at Qi Gathering 6th Level, which was far far away from him.

    “Luo Fei, before I did not care much about entering the Angry Axe Valley, but this time I must obtain the quota to enter the Angry Axe Valley. Only when we become powerful, will our words carry some weight behind it.”

    At this point, Ning Cheng also took hold of Ji Luo Fei’s hand, as he looked into her eyes and said, “Luo Fei, after this Tournament concludes, I estimate that the person from the Intermediate Class Continent will take the top 20 participants from the Hua Continent and immediately leave to the Angry Axe Valley. Although I have a way to help you also get a spot, but your cultivation is simply too low, and as to the circumstances inside the Angry Axe Valley, it is something that even I do not know about. So I hope that you can hide in the God Wind Academy as you go into closed door cultivation to increase your strength, Deacon Liu has promised me a single isolated cultivation cave in the God Wind Academy, you can use that cave to live in for the time being, and wait for me to come back.”

    Ji Luo Fei replied in a small voice, “I understand that you have to go to the Angry Axe Valley, don’t worry, I’ll wait for you in the God Wind Academy.”

    Ji Luo Fei had also secretly made up her mind and heart, she firmly decided to diligently increase her cultivation as soon as possible and shorten the distance between her and Ning Cheng. She was well aware of Ning Cheng’s point of view, the God Wind Academy was not a place for them to hole up, in this place if one wanted to live in dignity, then they had to do everything that they could to increase their own strength.


    “The God Wind Academy. Ha Ha. It sounds like it has a lot of power and prestige, I, Lian Hao, will take you on.” A lazy voice drifted out, and everyone’s eyes immediately landed on a man with black hair which trailed down to his shoulders and had triangular shaped eyes, as he jumped on to the platform.

    After the man landed on top of the platform, he gave a sideways glance at Gu Hong and said, “Originally I wanted to fight against Brother Ge Ye, but he ended up being killed by Situ Yu before even fighting Chu Yong Xin, since you have come up here to court death for the time being, so I will help you. Although 10 points are very less. But at least they still are points. Remember that although I am carrying 20 points to come challenge you, it is still cheap for the likes of you.”

    When Gu Hong heard Lian Hao talk as if he did not even put him in his eyes, his face immediately flushed, he did not speak anymore, as he immediately took a cruel looking tiger spade in his hands as he threw it out.

    When Lian Hao saw Gu Hong begin, he also simultaneously raised his hands, as an enormous seal appeared on it. The giant seal immediately expanded to a radius of nearly 10 feet, as it exploded on to Gu Hong.

    All the people who were cultivators knew, that a magic weapon which did not seem to be powerful on the surface, more often than not, their attacks would actually be very powerful. However the Spiritual Sense or the Spiritual Consciousness required to control it would also have to be formidable. If the person’s cultivation of Spiritual Sense was bad, they would primarily choose knives, swords, spears and other artifacts that could easily bring out their murderous aura.

    Of course this was not an absolute. Like any magic weapon, one cannot judge their strength just from their appearance. However for the cultivators of the True Condensation Realm, judging whether that cultivator’s Spiritual Sense was strong or weak was determined by how they used their magic weapons, it was the most informative way to judge.


    The gigantic seal collided with the Violent Tiger Spade of Gu Hong, but the Yuan Energy surrounding the Violent Tiger Spade could hardly withstand the attack before exploding with a huge boom. In just a brief exchange, Gu Hong was thrown out dozens of meters away, as he spouted out several mouthfuls of blood. If not for the Violent Tiger Spade, he would have almost lost half his life.

    He knew after the exchange that he was absolutely not a match against him, Gu Hong’s heart turned cold, as he hurriedly tied to throw in the towel to admit defeat. But he immediately discovered that his own voice was also unexpectedly suppressed by the Yuan Energy of that giant seal of his opponent, basically his voice could not be heard by anyone no matter how much he tried.

    That Lian Hao wanted to kill him, Gu Hong immediately understood that point, but at this point of time he was feeling an endless regret, he should not have come up on stage to show off his false bravado. This was basically not a place where he could just show off his ability, this was a place where one could could lose his life, regretfully he only understood it at this moment, if one did not have enough strength, then they should definitely not come up on the platform at all.

    At this moment Lian Hao’s giant seal smashed down for the second time, Gu Hong’s heart was completely full of terror at this point, as he reluctantly resorted to his Violent Tiger Spade one again.

    Perhaps because he knew that he was in a hopeless situation as such the Yuan Energy that he brought out was several times much more powerful than before, at such a critical time the Violent Tiger Spade immediately made a noise as if it was directly tearing the air apart, as it once more exploded directly onto the giant seal.

    “Ka…..” a loud snapping sound could be heard, as the giant seal directly descended onto Gu Hong without even a moment of pause, as he once again spouted a mouthful of blood. This time Lian Hao did not give any more opportunities to Gu Hong, as he rushed forwards and directly kicked Gu Hong’s chest with his foot.

    When Gu Hong was struck by the kick from Lian Hao’s foot, he wanted to desperately lift up his head to ask why did he not want him to throw in the towel, it really was a pity, he simply no longer had any strength left. He could only lift his head halfway, before finally dropping onto the edge of the platform.

    When Gu Hong was thrown out for the first time, the entire audience could see that he was not a match for him and would definitely lose, moreover some of the audience also noticed that Lian Hao’s Yuan Energy was preventing Gu Hong from throwing in the towel. But even if that was the case, no one dared to come forward to block Lian Hao’s onslaught, everyone had learned from the mistake of the Essence Building Elder from the Shui Clan, so no one dared to interfere with the excessive action that they were seeing in front of them.

    Ning Cheng frowned, he had killed Shui Yu, but that was because Shui Yu wanted to kill him, but Gu Hong had clearly wanted to surrender, moreover he and Lian Hao also did not have a great enmity, so why did Lian Hao wanted to kill Gu Hong that badly? Plus in this round of the tournament, except the first person who went against Meng Jing Xiu, every one of the opponents ended up dead. This was no tournament, this was simply a fight to death.

    But this kind of bloody atmosphere between the 5 Star Academies in this Tournament was something that was very popular among the audience, and was making the audience to become even more frenzied and crazy. People who came to watch the matches here, hoped that the tournament would turn even more bloody, no one wanted to see a plain water like fight, without even a hint of a ripple.

    The people participating in this Tournament were the elite disciples of their respective Academies, so the main purpose for the people to come here was to see the bloody fights between these elite disciples.

    After Lian Hao killed Gu Hong, he unexpectedly turned out just like Ge Ye from before and did not step down from the platform, but continued to stand on the platform with an expressionless face as he spoke, “Thunder Academy’s Lian Hao with 30 points challenges God Wind Academy’s Chu Yong Xin.”

    Liu Xian found this completely unbearable, and he immediately spoke up to Chu Yong Xin, “Nephew Yong Xin, you are not a match for Lian Hao…..”

    Chu Yong Xin immediately clasped his fists in front of Liu Xian and said, “Deacon Liu, even if I have to lose, I will still give it my utmost, otherwise getting defeated without even fighting, it will definitely leave traces in my heart. In the last minute, if there really is no hope for winning, I will immediately admit defeat in advance, please rest assured Deacon Liu.”

    “Deacon Liu, we have no quarrel with the Thunder Academy and neither did our God Wind Academy kill Ge Ye. Why must that Lian Hao insist on making things difficult for our Academy?” Another Elder at the Essence Building Realm from the God Wind Academy asked in confusion as everyone in the tournament wanted to challenge them one after another, as he looked at Lian Hao for an answer.

    Liu Xian also stared at Lian Hao, and slowly said, “Even I don’t understand why, logically speaking, if he wanted to challenge someone, then he should challenge that Situ Yu.”

    As the few people began speaking among themselves, the fight between Chu Yong Xin and Lian Hao had already started on the platform. Lian Hao immediately brought out his giant seal, and almost the entire platform was covered up by giant seal’s shadow.

    Even the restriction placed on the enormous square platform, was shaking from the Yuan Energy undulations coming from it.

    What Chu Yong Xin was using was a wide backed purple knife, compared with the ability that Gu Hong displayed as he fought, it was not much different, but at least Chu Yong Xin was able to use a round shield to protect himself, as a result the purple knife and the giant seal ended in a stalemate.

    But everyone knew that if this continued like this, then Chu Yong Xin would also walk in the footsteps of Gu Hong.

    After half an hour, Chu Yong Xin felt that his own Yuan Energy was beginning to grow weak and was insufficient to continue, moreover using his Spiritual Sense to simultaneously control the purple knife and the round shield was already proving to be very difficult for him. He knew that he had to throw in the towel, at least that way he would only lose a bit of face.

    At this time, Chu Yong Xin suddenly felt that the giant seal expanded once more to almost double its size, not only that, a black triangular streamer was being waved about by Lian Hao. Chu Yong Xin immediately felt that his breath was being impeded, even his Spiritual Sense was beginning to go stiff, he understood immediately that he could not go on against that Lian Hao, he did not wait for the opponent to make any other move, as he hurriedly called out, “I admit defeat.”

    However his voice was immediately swept away by the black triangular streamer, while simultaneously the giant seal also doubled in size once again, as it speed of descent also increased several times than before, as it fell directly onto the round shield in Chu Yong Xin’s hands. Chu Yong Xin who was hit on the round shield immediately flew out, Chu Yong Xin immediately backed up quickly, he actually could not think that Lian Hao could already control his giant seal to such an extent.

    But the giant seal after hitting the round shield, suddenly turned towards his direction, and immediately rumbled towards Chu Yong Xin.

    “Poof…..” A continuous bloody arrow shot out one after another, as Chu Yong Xing could not even get another chance to once again thrown in the towel, before he was similarly killed by Lian Hao.

    In just a short period of time, the God Wind Academy lost two people to just Lian Hao alone. Prior to this, the God Wind Academy who had attained a continuous and dazzling winning streak, the contrast between the two were simply too much.

    Ning Cheng looked at Lian Hao from afar, but did not speak. The sinisterness of Lian Hao was far worse when compared to that Situ Yu, moreover it seems that Lian Hao has made up his mind to kill off the people from the God WInd Academy. The techniques that this guy had shown till now seemed to be endless, Ning Cheng simply could not determine if he still had a few more tricks up his sleeves.

    He seemed to know that Ning Cheng was looking at him, so Lian Hao turned towards Ning Cheng and unexpectedly gave a faint smile towards him. Ning Cheng suddenly felt a chill in his heart, this person probably saw him accidentally a moment ago, but his smile carried a strong Killing Intent behind it. This man had definitely come for him, Ning Cheng immediately understood it the first time.

    Lian Hao had killed both Gu Hong and Chu Yong Xin, it was highly likely because they were involved with him, this person wanted to kill everyone else from the God Wind Academy first, before finally challenging him. Nobody expected that Chu Yong Xin who did not die in the hands of Ge Ye, but rather ended up dying in the hands of Lian Hao.

    Ning Chought about this for a long while, but simply could not figure it out, just how did he ended up offending Lian Hao. Just why was this person giving out such a strong Killing Intent towards him? However at this point, since Ning Cheng was the kill target of this person, then he will definitely not wait for him, and certainly would not be kind or polite towards him.

    The participant rankings on the Third Array Formation Projection Screen once again changed, the first person was still the Clear Sky Academy’s Situ Yu with 60 points. Lian Hao who had killed two people, plus with his own 20 points, at this time his score also advanced to 40 points.

    But Ning Cheng had 30 points, at this point of time he was holding the third position on the scoreboard of this round.

    There were now only nine people with scores on the scoreboard of this round, Clear Sky Academy – Situ Yu – 60 points, Thunder Academy – Lian Hao with 40 points and Ling Naixin with 20 points. God Wind Academy – Ning Cheng with 30 points, Meng Jing Xiu with 20 points. Luo Hou Academy – Fang Xin with 30 points, Pu Li Xin with 10 points. Falling Star Academy – Meng Yu Jing with 20 Points, and Chi Zi Wen with 20 points.

    All of the people knew, that even though the 3rd round has just begun, but Lian Hao was the real master.

    ….(To be continued..)

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    Chapter 0117 – Beaten Back To Their Original Place

    “Hey, big brother is that really you, you also came to the Mo Ze City of the Hua Continent?” A simple and honest young man ran in front of Ning Cheng, and said with a surprise.

    This young man looked very sturdy, moreover his voice also had a husky tone to it, and he was already at Qi Gathering 7th Level.

    “Ha Ha, Yue Yuan Hua, long time no see.” When Ning Cheng saw that simple and honest young man, his heart was immediately filled with a bit of goodwill towards him. This young man was also the same as him, and treasured his younger sister very much, because of this, he had even agreed to part with the pair of pearl hair clips that he had purchased earlier.

    “Hey, how do you know that I am called Yue Yuan Hua?” The young man scratched his head as he asked.

    He had initially found Ning Cheng in the Nan Yuan City, and had asked Ning Cheng to part with the pair of pearl hair clips that he had purchased so that he could give it to his younger sister who had liked it very much, Later because he had joined the Clear Heart Academy, he could not find the opportunity to thank Ning Cheng, now that he saw Ning Cheng, he immediately became happy and pleased.

    Ning Cheng just lightly tapped on his shoulders as he spoke, “You and I have different Spiritual Roots, moreover your Pure Thunder Type Spiritual Root is very famous in the Nan Yuan City, how could I not know your name?”

    Ning Cheng was also secretly surprised in his heart by the different speeds of cultivation for different Spiritual Roots, this time, not only Yue Ying was already at Qi Gathering 6th Level, but even Yue Yang Hua also had surpassed Qi Gathering 6th Level.

    “Ning Cheng, does he really have Pure Thunder Type Spiritual Root?” Liu Xian was immediately shocked and asked, while simultaneously looking at Yue Yuan Hua with glowing eyes.

    Ning Cheng just chuckled and spoke, “Deacon Liu, not only does he have a Pure Thunder Spiritual Root, but even his younger sister has a Pure Wind Spiritual Root. However both the brother and sister are disciples of the Falling Star Academy, so for then to join our Academy is simply not possible.”

    Liu Xian sighed, as he thought in his heart that even though they had found a couple of good seedling for the God WInd Academy, but in front of someone with pure Spiritual Roots, they were basically not worth discussing.

    Yue Yang Hua did not care about the talk between Ning Cheng and Liu Xian. He immediately waved his hands at the distant Falling Star Academy’s stall. “Little Ying. Come here, I’ll introduce big brother to you.”

    Although Yue Ying had joined the Falling Star Academy, but she always paid attention to her elder brother Yue Yang Hua. Her elder brother was very straightforward, but he was not as clever as her. At this time when she heard her brother’s call, she immediately hurried over from the Falling Star Academy’s Stall.

    When the people from the Falling Star Academy saw Yue Ying and Yue Yuan Hua come towards the God Wind Academy, they hastily sent two people to follow them.

    Ji Yao He really did not want to talk again to her niece, but she also had to follow the orders from the Seniors of the Academy, and had to come look after the brother-sister siblings.

    After Ning Cheng killed Shui Yu. She could affirm that Ning Cheng’s body really had a secret to it. But it was really a pity, that even if she told this secret to the Shui Clan, she would not get any benefits. She could only think, and wait for Ning Cheng to complete with this tournament, and then find Ning Cheng alone and then forcefully pry out the answer from him.

    “Younger sister, the pair of pearl hair clips that I gave you was given to me by this big brother, this person is really very good.” Yue Yuan Hua seeing his younger sister Yue Ying come over, hurriedly pointed out to Ning Cheng and introduced him to his younger sister.

    Yue Ying showed a faint smile and said, “I know him well, he is called Ning Cheng. We met in Nan Yuan City. At that time you were not there.”

    Initially when she saw Ning Cheng at that time, she was very surprised but a bit pleased. But after listening to Lu Xue and Yong Gu Yun about the character of Su Zhu. Her view of Ning Cheng plummeted straight down. In her mind, Lu Xue and Yong Gu Yun’s words, were much more credible than Ning Cheng’s words.

    Moreover, regardless of Ning Cheng’s explanation, he was found together with Su Zhu, which was none of her business.

    However Yue Ying was not a person who liked to gossip, so she did not tell her elder brother about these things.

    Yue Yuan Hua frowned, and suddenly said, “Little Ying, grandpa had always taught us to show our gratitude, moreover this matter is also not a small one. Although he only gave us the pair of pearl hair clips, but he had never asked anything in return, but rather gave what he really cherished the most to us for free, at the very least you should thank him as a family.”

    Yue Ying’s face immediately turned red, she suddenly felt that her way of thinking was very wrong. Regardless of what Ning Cheng did, that was his character. But at least he had really given that pair of pearl hair clips to her elder brother himself, that too without any compensation or any kind of conditions. Before she was under the influence of the words spoken by Lu Xue and Yong Gu Yun, and as a result had actually disdained Ning Cheng, but she knew that it really was not right.

    Thinking about this, Yue Ying hurriedly bowed to Ning Cheng showing proper etiquette as she spoke, “Many thanks to Brother Ning for delivering that pair of pearl hair clips, this Yue Yang had been a bit rude to you before.”

    Seeing Yue Ying in this manner, Yue Yang Hua also grinned and said, “Ha Ha, Brother Ning, my younger sister is not very smart, as such sometimes she unexpectedly forgets to think.”

    Ning Cheng was somewhat feeling funny in his heart, Yue Ying wasn’t smart? Does this elder brother really does not know just how many times smarter she is when compared to him.

    “Yue Ying, Yue Yang Hua, this is currently the time for the tournament, hurry up and return back to our Academy’s stall together with me.” Ji Yao He spoke calling the two people back.

    Yue Yuan Hua hastily said, “Brother Ning had brought my Little Ying a pair of pearl hair clips that your younger sister really liked, I will later bring Little Ying to thank you properly.”

    Ji Yao He sneered and said, “I only know that in the Cang Le City, Ning Cheng was the only one who, oh, thats right, there was that missing housekeeper. When did Ning Cheng even have a younger sister? I have never heard of such a thing. At the moment the tournament is very fierce, you have to hurry up and come with me back to stall.”

    Ji Yao He obviously implied that Ning Cheng was lying, if not for the two siblings qualifications that went against the heavens, Ji Yao He would never speak in such an amiable manner as if they were her own relatives.

    She also deliberately looked at Ji Luo Fei, to convey the intention that Ning Cheng was obviously lying. But Ji Luo Fei who was standing beside Ning Cheng, did not even have a single change in her eyes, it was obvious that the words spoken by her were simply like the air in front of Ji Luo Fei’s eyes.

    Ji Yao He as such disgruntledly left with the two siblings, as the new fight on the platform was also coming to an end.

    The Falling Star Academy’s True Condensation 9th Level Disciple Chi Zi Wen had defeated Lou Huo Academy’s True Condensation 9th Level Disciple Pu Li Xin. Chi Zi Wen’s score also went up to 30 points, as Pu Li Xin was eliminated from the tournament. Since this was the second consecutive fight on the platform, but still nobody had died yet since that time,

    After several fights, the only person from the Luo Huo Academy left was Fang Xin, Fang Xin had 30 points on him, which was given to him by the other participants of the Luo Huo Academy.

    This 3rd round among the 5 Star Academies was the worst round out of the 3 rounds, once a person lost, it was most likely that he would also lose their life, and besides in this round, there were masters as common as the clouds in the sky. Whether it was Clear Heart Academy’s Situ Yu or Thunder Academy’s Lian Hao, both of them had a really powerful presence. Even the most powerful True Condensation 9th Level Disciple from the God Wind Academy, in front of Lian Hao, although he lasted a long time, but was in the end directly killed off by him.

    As for the rest participants who were weak, they simply gave their scores to the most powerful members of their respective Academies.

    Finally Fang Xin could not bear it, as he stepped onto the platform with his own initiative, as he clasped his hands in front of him and said loudly, “Luo Huo Academy’s Fang Xin, carrying 30 points challenges Meng Jing Xiu from the God Wind Academy.”

    Fang Xin had challenged Meng Jing Xiu. Almost everyone was expecting it. Of the eight people surviving till now, presumably Meng Jing Xiu’s cultivation was one of the lowest. Moreover Meng Jing Yue had 20 points on her, the Luo Huo Academy urgently needed that score to maintain their honor. Moreover Meng Jing Xiu’s first victory was against Luo Huo Academy’s Zu Jun Jie, and as a result ended in Luo Huo Academy losing 10 points, now that Fang Xin challenged Meng Jing Xiu it was simply a natural matter.

    Hearing Fang Xin dare to challenge her, Meng Jing Xiu raised her eyebrows, she simply did not speak anything, as she directly jumped from the place she was standing and landed onto the platform.

    “As you wish.” Meng Jing Xiu had just landed on the platform. When she immediately took out her halberd, while simultaneously casting out innumerable halberd shadows, creating a huge rumbling sound.

    Although Meng Jing Xiu was the first cultivator to enter to start the challenge fights in his round, but she really was a dark horse who easily defeated the True Condensation 8th Level Cultivator Zu Jun Jie, who was two levels above her.

    Now that she was fighting Fang Xin who was at True Condensation 9th Level, it was sure to catch the people’s eye.

    Fang Xing was wielding a very simple magic weapon, it was an ordinary looking double edged sword. Although Meng Jing Xiu had casted out innumerable halberd shadows, but he was simply calmly waving about his sword.

    Although he gave a simple flick to his sword, in just a twinkling of an eye, a terrible freezing cold spread above the tournament platform completely freezing it over.

    The halberd shadows casted out by Meng Jing Xiu were also affected by the cold, as they immediately slowed down.

    Suddenly a faint chirping like sound could be heard, as the surrounding ice immediately materialized as it was gathered completely, forming a vague and fuzzy sword shadow. As the sword of ice formed, it quickly moved towards her at an astonishing speed.

    “Bang…..” The halberd shadows that Meng Jing Xiu brought out and had covered the sky were completely shattered in an instant by that single simple sword of ice.

    “Ding” a sound of something snapping resounded throughout. As the halberd shadows disappeared, revealing the halberd, which clashed against Fang Xin’s sword, it immediately sent out a heart shaking sound.

    Fang Xin stood there motionless, but Meng Jing Xiu was sent flying upside down because of that clash, she flew all the way to the edge of the platform before she could barely stop herself. Even if that was the case, the powerful Yuan Energy still made her chest heave endlessly.

    Although Meng Jing Xiu was not injured, but her face was very ugly. In just a single move, in just a briefest of glimpses, she knew that there was an insurmountable gap between her and her opponent. For her to defeat Fang Xin, she knew that she could only have that kind of opportunity if she herself had also advanced to the True Condensation 9th Level.

    Fang Xin also did not follow up and chased her down, if Fang Xin really wanted to chase her down and kill her to obtain victory, then he would have done so whole heartedly right from the start, other than Meng Jing Xiu dying, she could only grasp the opportunity and throw in the towel.

    “I lost.” Meng Jing Xiu knew that Fang Xiu did not want to kill her, with a complexion somewhat decadent, she finally got down from the platform looking very desolate and lonely. Originally she had thought that with her abilities, even if she lost, she would not lose this badly. But now that she went up against a genuine master, she discovered that she had far overestimated herself.

    Fang Xin also did not continue to challenge others, and similarly walked down the platform. But at this point of time there was nobody who looked down on him, even if Fang Xin was the only one left from the Luo Huo Academy, he would be a really strong opponent to fight against.

    Because Fang Xin defeated Meng Jing Xun, his score also rose from 30 points to 50 points, while Meng Jing Xiu was eliminated from the tournament. At this time the score of the God Wind Academy also ended up in the bottom, besides God Wind Academy taking up the last place in the scoring, the only other person left from their side was Ning Cheng. Amongst the remaining participants, Ning Cheng’s cultivation was the lowest. It was simply not only the lowest, it was lower than the others by several notches.

    At this moment, nobody had the dream of God Wind Academy to continue further, similarly no one was optimistic about the God Wind Academy. Regardless of the God Wind Academy, after Meng Jing Xiu from the God Wind Academy lost, they were beaten back to their original place.

    The God Wind Academy had two dark horses, but it was proven, that the dark horse will only be black for just once. Now that Meng Jing Xiu was defeated, how long could that Ning Xiao Cheng be black?

    ……(To be continued..)

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    Translated By – DemonKiller
    Checked By – CurlyAdi
    Edited By – MissLucifer
    Proofread By – SmartyMouth

    Chapter 0118 – The Terrifying Ning Xiao Cheng

    At this moment, in the 3rd Round of the Tournament, on the huge Projection Array Formation Screen, there were only 7 people left. The first was still Situ Yu with 60 points, the second was Fang Xin with 50 points, the third was Lian Hao with 40 points, fourth was Chi Zi Wen and Ning Xiao Cheng with 30 points, and the fifth was Ling Naixin and Meng Yu Jing with 20 points who have yet to step onto the stage.

    Lian Hao looked at Ning Cheng, as the corners of his mouth turned up in a grin, he wanted to kill all the disciples of the God Wind Academy one by one. That Meng Jing Xiu who lost to Fang Xin a moment ago, really had good luck on her side, if Meng Jing Xiu had not lost then, then she would have definitely suffered death against him.

    At that time Lian Hao wanted to challenge Ning Cheng, but Meng Yu Jing was the first to jump on to the platform, beating him to the punch.

    Meng Yu Jing’s stunning looks immediately attracted the attention of the audience, as till this point apart from Meng Jing Xiu, there have been no other female cultivators who stepped onto the platform in the third round. Before Meng Jing Xiu from the God Wind Academy also looked good, but in comparison to Meng Yu Jing, Meng Jing Xiu was still worlds apart.

    This kind of woman like Meng Yu Jing, looked extremely stimulating to the eyes. So when she came on to the platform, she immediately attracted a massive applause from the audience.

    There was a smile on Meng Yu Jing’s face, making her look even more devastatingly beautiful. She clasped her fists in front of her towards the audience, and spoke with a clear and crisp voice, “Meng Yu Jing from Falling Star Academy with 20 points, challenges God Wind Academy’s Ning Xiao Cheng.”

    Ning Cheng gave a sneer, although he did not know why this woman called Meng Yu Jing was challenging him, but he was absolutely not afraid of her at all. Just as Meng Yu Jing finished her declaration, Ning Cheng jumped up from the place he was standing and immediately landed in front of her on the platform.

    “Although this Yu Jing took the liberty to challenge, but I also ask Brother Ning to show mercy.” Meng Yu Jing really had a good self control, and was speaking in a soft and gentle voice, making anyone who heard her voice to feel a bit of pity towards her, and would never bear to use a heavy hand against her.

    But Ning Cheng did not even have half a shred of favorable impression towards Meng Yu Jing, when he heard Meng Yu Jing’s words he immediately said with a sneer, “Since you are afraid, why don’t you stay at home like an obedient child, why come here to pick a fight?”

    Meng Yu Jing’s face immediately turned red, she did not think that Ning Cheng would be this ungraceful, she even thought that Ning Cheng was speaking like this deliberately. She was now sure that it was really Ning Xiao Cheng who had followed her the last time. And as a result, seen the two people, she and Qu Ping, together the last time.

    Meng Yu Jing did not speak anymore nonsense, she immediately raised her hands, as a cyan colored flying sword’s handle appeared in her hands, at the same time that the flying sword appeared in her hands, a blue colored round mirror also appeared behind her back suspended in mid air.

    Ning Cheng had not yet acted. But when his Spiritual Sense fell on Meng Yu Jing’s blue mirror, he could feel that this blue mirror was somewhat strange.

    As Meng Yu Jing resorted to the cyan colored flying sword in her hands, a cyan colored sword wave emerged from it giving out a ‘whisper’ like sound, and in just a twinkling of an eye curled around Ning Cheng.

    Ji Luo Fei who was watching the fight from a distant place, when she saw Ning Cheng, under the influence of the cyan colored sword from Meng Yu Jing, had disappeared, suddenly looked nervous as she immediately took a few steps forward. After Meng Jing Xiu lost, her mood was at an all time low. Although she was unhappy with Ning Cheng, but when she saw Ji Luo Fei trying to go up, she quickly pulled Ji Luo Fei back and said, “Do you not want to live, as long as you crossed that yellow line, that old man will immediately start, did you not see what he had done to that Essence Building Elder from the Shui Clan?”

    Ji Luo Fei immediately woke up. And hurriedly withdrew a few steps back.

    At this point of time, the spear on Ning Cheng’s back had already fallen into his hands, the cloth in which the spear was wrapped up immediately burst apart, at the same time, the spear in his hands immediately shot out a few ice cold spear lights.

    All the spear lights immediately formed into a spear network, of the 36 ice spear lights, he could use, at present, 24 spear lights to form a spear net. However, Ning Cheng did not utilise his spear fully, and only brought out 8 spear lights.

    An incomparable freezing cold was being emitted by that ice spear network as it rushed towards Meng Yu Jing, as the ice cold spear network moved towards Meng Yu Jing, it immediately collided with those cyan colored sword waves around him. Sounds of Yuan Energy continuously exploding emerged.

    Although Ning Cheng was at True Condensation 3rd Level, but his Yuan Energy was much more profound and deep, in fact the quality Meng Yu Jing’s Yuan Energy could not even be compared to his, moreover since his meridians had also expanded, the Yuan Energy that he could use vastly surpassed that of what Meng Yu Jing could use, both in quality and quantity.

    Meng Yu Jing had never thought that Ning Cheng would end up with an upper hand in the fight with just a single strike against her sword, when Ning Cheng’s spear net and the first wave of her sword light exploded after colliding with each other, an intense cold swept over her, even her sword wave was on the verge of dissipating as the surrounding wind was agitated into a storm, seeing that she immediately casted out numerous more new sword waves again.

    Although these new sword waves were once again defeated and dispersed, but their momentum was almost double than before.

    “I see that you still have something up your sleeve……” After Meng Yu Jing stirred up the second sword wave, she did not stop there, that blue mirror that was originally suspended in air behind her, instantaneously expanded in the sky above the two people covering both of them. Simultaneously the round blue mirror also projected out several blue rays, when these rays fell onto the ice spear lights of Ning Cheng, the spear lights were instantly defeated and almost dispersed.

    Ning Cheng once again brought out another eight spear lights, and superimposed them on the previous spear lights. However Ning Cheng immediately became a bit sluggish and delayed a bit, because he unexpectedly saw Tian Mu Wan in the blue mirror. When he saw Tian Mu Wan in there, bursts of heartache hit him…..

    What’s this? He even has a lover……

    The blue mirror was Meng Yu Jing’s magic weapon, so she could also see the scenes that Ning Cheng was seeing in the blue magic mirror. But these scenes in it were very strange, she had never seen anything like that.

    But whatever that youth Ning Cheng was seeing inside her magic mirror, she was not much concerned about it and wanted to take him down immediately.

    The Mysterious Yellow Bead residing in his Zifu once again released the Mysterious Yellow Qi from the Mysterious Yellow Origin, this Qi because he had not yet formed his Sea of Consciousness, immediately disappeared in the meridians of the Ning Cheng’s body.

    It immediately jolted Ning Cheng awake, when he recovered, he actually discovered that the cyan sword wave of Meng Yu Jing had almost arrived in front of him. If this sword wave landed on his body, if he didn’t die, then he would at least end up severely wounded.

    At this moment, Ning Cheng immediately mobilised the entire Yuan Energy in his body, as he immediately casted out eight spear lights, but these eight spear lights were not the same ice spear lights from before nor were they emitting the intense chill from before, but rather they were pure golden spear lights.

    Although these eight spear lights were not the ice spear lights, but they still, almost at the same time, immediately formed into a spear network.

    This spear network and Meng Yu Jing’s sword wave struck each other for the second time, and Ka Ka like sounds continuously rang out. Ning Cheng did not continue to supplement that spear network, he believed that even if he did not cast out those 8 spear lights once again, Meng Yu Jing would definitely lose without a doubt.

    But in this battle, Ning Cheng felt that his 36 Ice Spear Technique was a bit in a disadvantageous spot, moreover he also did not have an Ice Spiritual Root as his main Spiritual Root, moreover even his reserves of Yuan Energy were also relatively limited. Since these ice spears power were not very high, so he might as well remove the ice element completely.

    Simultaneously Ning Cheng also come up with another conclusion, that this Profound Grade 36 Ice Spear Technique was not suitable for him to completely understand the Spear Intent.

    Ning Cheng once again took back his broken spear. He closed his eyes once again, as he once more shot out his broken spear towards the center of the cyan sword wave.

    The Profound Grade 36 Ice Spear Technique was a group kill spear technique, it was not suitable for one on one combat, it was also similarly not suitable to display the real Spear Intent. When Ning Cheng saw the former Ge Ye’s technique and also Meng Yu Jing’s sword technique, he immediately was able to gain an insight into a whole new spear technique. He affirmed that this new spear technique can definitely maximise and display the complete Spear Intent.

    Meng Yu Jing’s sword wave technique was definitely an amazing sword technique. It even seemed to be on a higher level than his own Profound Grade 36 Ice Spear Technique. But Meng Yu Jing was the same as him, and was unable to display the full might of the sword line waves, this let him have the room to counter attack.

    Meng Yu Jing didn’t think that Ning Cheng would suddenly wake up, she wanted to stimulate the blue mirror once more, but then immediately felt that the entire platform was filled with the intense killing intent that was emanating from his spear, the next moment endless spear shadows condensed from this killing intent, materialising in front of her.

    This was a really fearful and formidable killing intent. Not only Meng Yu Jing had no way to resist it, but she also ended up being scared out of her wits. If even one of these spears bombed onto her body, then she could clearly guess that her entire body would not be able to resist it even for a moment before it was blasted open.

    The Spear Intent was growing more and more abundant, and also more and more heavy. Meng Yu Jing continued to retreat as her face was getting paler by each passing moment, she was desperately trying to circulate her Yuan Energy to once again stimulate the blue magic mirror to block with it in front of her. She really did not know if her blue magic mirror could block Ning Cheng’s spear fully or not.

    “Crash” A burst of sound emerged, as Ning Cheng’s spear immediately blasted through the blue magic mirror. Leaving behind a spider web shaped crack emanating out from the center of the blue magic mirror.

    Meng Yu Jing was also thrown back because of the fearful strength of the explosion, and just like a meteor, hit the restriction placed on the square platform. She immediately sprayed out several mouthfulls of blood, as she fell to the ground, as she desperately tried to gasp for breath.

    Ning Cheng did not pursue Meng Yu Jing to kill her, he was still standing there with his eyes closed and did not move at all from that spot. A spear was increasingly getting clearer in his mind, which made him go wild with joy, this was the true manifestation of the killing intent of a spear, in other words ‘Spear Intent’. Compared to this spear, the Profound Grade 36 Ice Spear Technique that he was using before felt incomparably weak.

    However Ning Cheng was very clear, that now that he could completely comprehend the Spear Intent of this spear, in addition to the several people seeing the fight from the outside, his 36 Ice Spear Technique definitely had left a lasting impression in their minds.

    “Hey, at such a young age, for him to comprehend the Spear Intent to such an extent, how could his Spiritual Root be bad?” The dignified looking man sitting on the main altar asked himself once again. This Ning Cheng in his first fight, revealed his Axe Intent. But now unexpectedly, he also brought out the Spear Intent.

    “I admit defeat…..” Meng Yu Jing stood up with extreme difficulty, as she wiped the bloodstains from the corner of her mouth. The thing that she was most anxious about was the blue magic mirror which she had now immediately put into her Storage Bag. Although she did not understand the reason, but she understood that Ning Cheng had shown mercy on her, otherwise she had no doubt that she would have died in that attack.

    This magic weapon was something that she treasured the most, but unexpectedly it was broken by Ning Cheng’s spear, it was difficult for her to not feel down.

    Although Meng Yu Jing fought with Ning Cheng with everything she had. She was thoroughly defeated.

    Since they had lost two of their core disciples, the God Wind Academy which had been extremely depressed, because of Ning Cheng’s victory, once again raised their hopes. Liu Xian was earnestly looking at Ning Cheng as he returned, if the God Wind Academy could obtain a good ranking, then even if they lost two of their core disciples they at least would be able to find a bit of comfort. Ning Cheng defeated Meng Yu Jing without even stopping for a moment, this let him see a new hope.

    In the plaza, many of the cultivators looked at Meng Yu Jing being defeated by Ning Cheng, they did not have an intuitive feeling, for them a dark horse was still a dark horse. But the people from the Falling Star Academy were completely shocked, Meng Yu Jing was not even half a bit worse than Chi Zi Wen from their Falling Star Academy. For them, for Ning Xiao Cheng who could easily defeat Meng Yu Jing, it could be said that even Chi Zi Wen would not be much of a match against Ning Xiao Cheng.

    Just what was the origin of this Ning Xiao Cheng? Just how could he be so terrifying?

    Ming Hao Kuo from the Clear Sky Academy was also staring at the Ning Cheng, as he thought back to the time that Ning Cheng was supposed to be a disciple of the Clear Sky Academy, but unfortunately he really was a blind man to let him go to the God Wind Academy. At this time he was really wishing that he could once again find that Qi Gathering Cultivator who he had turned into ash, and then once again turn him into ash. He completely forgot about the fact that Ning Cheng had scored a total of 11 points in the first and second round of the tournament, at that time he had really felt fortunate, and was even ridiculing the God Wind Academy for their misfortune. But now…..

    …..(To Be Continued…)

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    Proofread By – SmartyMouth

    Chapter 0119 – Do You Want To Be The First

    After Ning Cheng and Meng Yu Jing’s fight, there were only 6 remaining people on the scoreboard.

    Situ Yu, after he killed Ge Ye from the Thunder Academy, accumulated a total of 60 points, and till now remained at the first position. However he did not continue to challenge others, and nobody also dared to challenge him.

    After Ning Cheng defeated Meng Yu Jing, his score also increased to 50 points. At this time, nobody thought that Ning Cheng was just a lucky dark horse. Although he had only fought two times, but Ning Cheng had already proved his strength.

    Just as Ning Cheng got down from the platform, Lian Hao from the Thunder Academy once again jumped onto the platform to issue a challenge. The rest of the people simply did not need to think much about it, as basically everyone by this time knew that Lian Hao was there to challenge Ning Cheng.

    But Lian Hao’s phoenix eyes swept over the few people’s name left with scores, but when he swept his eyes over Fang Xin’s name, the corners of his eyes revealed a hint of disdain.

    Fang Xin suddenly became angry, he knew that Lian Hao wanted to challenge Ning Xiao Cheng, but when he saw Lian Hao’s evil eye, he did not feel well in his heart.

    He did not wait fo Lian Hao to speak, as he immediately jumped onto the platform and said, “Luo Huo Academy’s Fang Xin comes with 50 points to meet with you, let’s see if your hand is really as sharp as your phoenix eyes.”

    Fang Xin knew that sooner or later he had to fight with Lian Hao, since the opposite party was showing such a disdain towards him, then he might as well fight now.

    The corners of Lian Hao’s mouth revealed a fiendish grin, “Since you want to die this early, then I will definitely help you. Originally I wanted to kill that garbage Ning Xiao Cheng first, but I really did not expect that you would like to die first. A person like you, who can’t even kill a woman, truly does not need to remain alive.”

    It was not until this point that Fang Xin understood why Lian Hao was sneering at him, it seemed the reason why this fellow sneered at him was because he failed to kill that woman, Meng Jing Xiu. Actually Fang Xin still did not completely understand Lian Hao’s meaning, because even if it was Lian Hao who might have defeated Meng Jing Xiu instead of Fang Xin, he would not have the chance to kill Meng Jing Xiu.

    Ning Cheng had not thought that Lian Hao would finally end up in a fight with Fang Xin when he saw Lian Hao come to issue his challenge. He knew that Lian Hao wanted to challenge him. But he really did not know why that extremely calm looking Fang Xin wanted to wade in this kind of muddy water.

    This third round of the tournament, was basically full of people trying to settle their personal grudges at the cost of their lives.

    Because of Lian Hao’s extreme hostility towards Fang Xin, just after he finished speaking, he immediately casted out his Demonic Seal. Chu Yong Xin and Gu Hong, although powerful, but they were simply not enough to make Lian Hao to show his actual power or skill. Although Lian Hao looked down on Fang Xin, but actually he knew that Fang Xin could not even be compared to Chu Yong Xin even if they were on the same level. So he immediately used his full power from the start.

    His Demonic Seal immediately expanded to a radius of 10 feet, and completely locked the surroundings around Fang Xin.

    When Fang Xin saw Lian Hao begin, he knew that he and Chu Yong Xin were different, moreover his own Yuan Energy and cultivation was not worse than Lian Hao, so the moment Lian Hao brought out his Demonic Seal with his full power, he also brought out his Ice Sword and stabbed out.

    It was still an exceptionally ordinary looking sword. However when he stabbed out with his sword, the surrounding space around Lian Hao immediately blurred. This kind of fuzziness, it seemed to have been the result of Fang Xin’s blurry sword shadow.

    “Boom, Ka Ka……” The restriction placed on the platform, because of the explosion from Fang Xin’s ordinary looking Ice Sword and Lian Hao’s Demonic Seal’s collision, immediately burst open.

    Lian Hao and Fang Xin also simultaneously flew out, the fuzzy ice sword shadows also shattered as they dissipated into thin air, and even the Demonic Seal shrunk and fell into Lian Hao’s hand.

    It was only the first strike. But the two of them unexpectedly turned out to be evenly matched.

    In Ning Cheng’s view, Fang Xin and Lian Hao’s cultivation were truly similar, but even then Ning Cheng thought that Fang Xin was still not a match against Lian Hao. This was not a problem of a person’s cultivation level, but rather because Lian Hao was much more cunning and devious than the simple and straightforward Fang Xin. Since the two people were evenly matched in their strength, the side which was cunning would always have the absolute advantage.

    If Fang Xin still had a killer technique, Ning Cheng did not know, but he did know that Lian Hao had still not taken out his black triangular streamer.

    As if both of them felt their opponents strength, the two sides no longer held back, this time when Fang Xin and Lian Hao clashed together again, they immediately fully utilised their Yuan Energy, and once more the entire platform was filled with crackling roars just like the rumblings of thunder.

    In all the fights in the third round until now, this fight was a really close one. At this time, above the platform, the entire platform was either covered with the Demonic Seal which surrounded Fang Xin for a moment, or the fuzzy sword shadow which would split apart the Demonic Seal the next moment. Regardless of which party had the upper hand, it would be just for a moment, the next moment, the other party would immediately counterattack.

    Ning Cheng estimated that for the moment the result would still remain undecided between them, so he turned towards Liu Xian. “Deacon Liu, do you only want to get a good ranking, or do you want to advance the God Wind Academy to a 6 Star Academy?”

    Liu Xian immediately wanted to say that of course he wanted his God Wind Academy to advance to a 6 Star Academy. But just as those words appeared on the tip of his tongue, and although he wanted to say it, but in the end he just swallowed it back down. For Ning Cheng to say such a thing, there must have been a good reason, so he subconsciously asked, “Ning Cheng, can you truly help the God Wind Academy to come first? And allow the God Wind Academy advance to a 6 Star Academy?”

    Ning Cheng slightly hesitated, but then said with an affirmative tone, “This time I have already seen all the participants fight, other than Ling Naixin. If Decon Liu wants to get the first position, and let the God Wind Academy advance to a 6 Star Academy, then Decon Liu, I think that I can help you accomplish this.”

    When Liu Xian heard Ning Cheng’s words, he immediately looked at Ning Cheng with astonishment in his eyes, and it was only after a good long while that he started to speak with a trembling voice, “Ning Cheng, can you really help the God Wind Academy come first?”

    Although he was looking at the results carefully, as a result he was a bit optimistic, but he had never thought that Ning Cheng would unexpectedly give such an answer. Being optimistic with the results of the tournament was one thing, but this went entirely beyond his imagination.

    If the God Wind Academy managed to obtain the first spot, wouldn’t it finally rise in rank to a 6 Star Academy?

    If it was before, then he would have definitely thought that this was simply a ridiculous matter, but when Liu Xian saw Ning Cheng easily defeat Meng Yu Jing, he immediately began to think that it might just not be such an impossible feat.

    Liu Xian immediately became excited, but then once more thinking about Ning Cheng’s words, he couldn’t help but think about why Ning Cheng asked about it? He was already the core disciple of the God Wind Academy, since he could help the God Wind Academy advance to the 6 Star Academy, then he should have certainly committed to fight for it, so then just why would he seek his advice?

    Thinking of this, Liu Xian forced himself to calm down, and condensed his voice to a string so that only Ning Cheng could hear it and said, “Ning Cheng, you are already the core disciple of the God Wind Academy, so when you said those words, what did you mean by them?”

    Ning Cheng also spoke in a low voice, “Decon Liu. I feel that this time, the advancement to a 6 Star Academy is not that simple. Of course, since I could think of this, then you also should have been able to think about this….”

    This time Liu Xian understood Ning Cheng’s meaning, as he nodded and said, “Ning Cheng, what you said is right. Actually we also thought the same. The reason why the people from the Intermediate Class Continent wants to form a 6 Star Academy in the Lower Class Continents, is to let that Academy manage all the Lower Class Continents, as well as the numerous scattered cultivators, and as such would end up with absolute power in their hands. But the right to speak would ultimately end up in their side. No matter which Academy became the 6 Star Academy, they would only end up serving the people from the Intermediate Class Continents. As such one might as well grasp that power in their own hands, and at least get some kind of advantage than the others.”

    What Ning Cheng originally meant was, that the scores in the first and the second rounds in the tournament, along with the third round in this tournament was not purely to chose the one Academy who would be developed into a 6 Star Academy. Since Liu Xian also had said so, he also did not refute, and just explained in a simple way, “Once the Angry Axe Valley truly opens, I think that these seniors who came here from the Intermediate Class Continent, would definitely not continue to stay in the Hua Continent, I think that once they choose a 6 Star Academy, the so called 6 Star Academy would end up being at their mercy for their development. Moreover they will immediately lead the 20 top disciples and leave towards the Angry Axe before accomplishing that.”

    Liu Xian already vaguely understood the meaning of Ning Cheng’s words, but still asked, “Ning Cheng, what do you mean by that?”

    Ning Cheng simply said, “Decon Liu, I think that the power of the God Wind Academy is limited, moreover we still do not have a Profound Core Cultivator to preside over it, once we obtain the status of the 6 Star Academy and also the respective quota, we will immediately become the target of the public’s criticism. If it were me, then I definitely would want to wait for the people from the Intermediate Class Continents to come help the God Wind Academy finally develop into the 6 Star Academy, but this would certainly take place only after the Angry Axe Valley’s matter is concluded. During that time, what happens in the Hua Continent, who could say clearly?”

    Liu Xian wholeheartedly wanted to help the God Wind Academy rise in prominence, moreover the people from the Intermediate Class Continent also promised to send someone to help the winner of the 5 Star Academies Tournament to rise to a 6 Star Academy. But because the Angry Axe Valley suddenly opened. The people from the Intermediate Class Continent had no choice but to immediately dispatch the chosen people. Even if they wanted to help the selected, they would only do so after the Angry Axe Valley closed up again.

    At this point of time he fully understood the words of Ning Cheng, how could he not understand what would happen during the middle? If the God Wind Academy was destroyed completely under some kind of excuse, then would the people from the Intermediate Class Continents help the God Wind Academy get revenge? Most likely, they would simply choose another Academy to ascend to the ranks of the 6 Star Academy.

    “Many thanks to you, I actually did not expect this. No wonder you can have this kind of achievements while still in the True Condensation 3rd Level…..” After Liu Xian thanked Ning Cheng in a sentence, he simply sighed, as his heart was filled with mixed feelings. Liu Xian believed that they were the ones who were simply too close to the problem.

    Ning Cheng was obviously thinking more than Liu Xian, because he had made up his mind to enter the Angry Axe Valley, he had to leave Ji Luo Fei behind in the God Wind Academy, he absolutely would not let Ji Luo Fei face such kinds of sharp winds.

    Whether God Wind Academy would end up becoming a 6 Star Academy or not, Ning Cheng was not interested in it, but for Ji Luo Fei to end up with even a hair less, he was not willing.

    When he proposed his opinion, it was not because he was having selfish thoughts. However Ning Cheng thought that his inference was absolutely not wrong, even if the God Wind Academy was promoted to a 6 Star Academy it would merely be only an empty shell, who knew what could happen in the future?

    “Rumble Rumble….” A few violent explosions immediately attracted Ning Cheng’s and Liu Xian’s attention to the fight, on the platform Fang Xin was slumped at the edge of the stage, and was bleeding from his mouth, even his Yuan Energy was almost non existent, it was obvious that he had finally lost and could no longer fight.

    Lian Hao was a bit far away from Fang Xin, he was going to use his Demonic Seal, and wanted to thoroughly kill Fang XIn.

    “I admit defeat….” Fang Xin spilled out those words with difficulty, as his face looked completely dispirited.

    The corners of Lian Hao’s eyes flashed with a hint of annoyance, as he slowed down, if he was just a bit faster, he would have definitely succesfully killed Fang Xin, but now that Fang Xin had successfully thrown in the towel, he could not kill him any longer. It was really regrettable for him, now that Fang Xin had thrown in the towel, he could not finish what he wanted to.

    “Lost so soon?” Ning Cheng asked as he was somewhat puzzled, he had just been speaking with Liu Xian for only a few moments, and had not paid attention to the situation inside the ring.

    “After Lian Hao’s Demonic Seal and Fang Xin’s Ice Sword Shadow refused to compromise, Lian Hao pretended to have suffered from the backlash of his Yuan Energy. Fang Xin suddenly agitated his Yuan Energy, and wanted to break through the Demonic Seal with his Ice Sword, but he did not take into account the Black Triangular Streamer that Lian Hao was hiding, which when he unfurled, the Ice Sword Shadow casted by Fang Xin immediately dissipated. Fang Xin in order to get rid of the Black Triangular Streamer, forcefully blew up his Ice Sword, which also severely injured Lian Hao……” Meng Jing Xiu took the initiative to explain it to him.

    Ever since the time she had seen Ning Cheng defeating Meng Yu Jing with ease, she knew that she was thinking too highly of herself, and was also looking down on Ning Cheng, it was only after that fight that she realised that Ning Cheng’s cultivation should be even higher than her own.


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    Translated By – DemonKiller
    Checked By – CurlyAdi
    Edited By – MissLucifer
    Proofread By – SmartyMouth

    Chapter 0120 – More Than Just An Arrogant Prick

    Fang Xin was defeated, all the people knew that the Luo Huo Academy, who was placed second till now was now completely finished.

    Lian Hao really was too powerful, as even the rest of the remaining 5 Star Academies began to discuss about him among themselves. The Falling Star Academy was in the toughest spot right now, the Falling Star Academy, at the moment, only had a single person left, Chi Zi Wen and they knew that Chi Zi Wen was definitely not a match for Ning Cheng. It was even visible that Chi Zi Wen was even more so not a match against Lian Hao, who was even more dangerous.

    Even the Clear Sky Academy’s Situ Yu looked at Lian Hao with a frown, he also began thinking that Lian Hao was the only person here who could rival him at the moment. But the only least stressful person at the moment was Ling Naixin from the Thunder Academy. She was the only one who had not yet taken or given out a challenge, and still had 20 points on her. Since Lian Hao was also from the Thunder Academy, she simply did not feel the pressure at all.

    The audience in the plaza who were first discussing about the 5 Star Academies, immediately turned their focus on Lian Hao, they all could see that Lian Hao’s skill was extremely astonishing.

    Liu Xian frowned, and stared at Lian Hao for a long time before saying, “Ning Cheng, at the moment it would be better to not bump into him, he looks a little weird.”

    Ning Cheng showed a faint smile, “Deacon Liu, even if I don’t try to bump into him, he himself would take the initiative to challenge me.”

    With that, Ning Cheng once again jumped and descended on to the platform as he called out, “God Wind Academy’s Ning Xiao Cheng along with his 50 points challenges Lian Hao.”

    After Lian Hao gained victory over Fang Xin he was starting to get down from the platform, moreover his pride was also at an all time high at the current moment, he had never thought that just as he would finish with his fight somebody would dare to come up and challenge him.

    When they saw who the person was who had jumped on to the platform and issued the challenge, the audience in the plaza immediately went into an uproar, as their extreme emotions were once again stirred up. At this point of time, there was no one who dared to look down on Ning Cheng, all the people knew that Ning Cheng and Lian Hao would sooner or later end up in a fight, as a result every single one of them wanted to find out who was more powerful among the two of them. They all wanted to know if it would be the incredibly powerful Lian Hao, or the dark horse Ning Cheng.

    When Ning Cheng came up on stage, the Falling Star Academy and the Clear Sky Academy immediately relaxed. Both of these people were not someone that they wanted to fight against. But now, these two people came up to fight against each other by their own initiative, it really was the best option for them.

    When Fang Xin walked down from the side of the platform, he looked at Ning Cheng who came to challenge with some frustration, but he sighed to himself, and did not speak. No one knew better than him how powerful Lian Hao was, but even if he spoke up it would simply be meaningless. Without experiencing it by themselves, no one could fully understand what he would be saying.

    “Kid, I can easily kill you in just a few moments, but I did not expect that you would take the initiative to come yourself, since you like to court death this much, then I will definitely help you out.” When Lian Hao saw Ning Cheng come to challenge him with his own initiative, he immediately sneered. As his entire body overflowed with killing intent.

    He immediately resorted to the Demonic Seal, he wanted to kill Ning Cheng in front of everyone, now that Ning Cheng was standing in front of his eyes, how could Lian Hao even tolerate it for even half a moment.

    Once the Demonic Seal came out, it originally had the radius of 2 feet but it immediately grew to the size of almost 10 feet transforming into a giant seal, because of the agitation from the murderous aura coming out of the giant seal, the air surrounding it immediately burst out with sounds of roaring thunder.

    “Such a strong power…..” The people watching secretly exclaimed out in surprise. This time the Demonic Seal used by Lian Hao was incomparably much more powerful than what he had displayed during his fight with Fang Xin.

    Ning Cheng immediately took the spear into his hands, and at the same time immediately brought out 24 spear shadows at once, immediately forming into a large spear network. With element of ice removed from Ning Cheng’s 36 Ice Spear Technique, the spear network formed from the 24 pure spear shadows looked incomparably fierce.

    The pure spear network and the huge Demonic Seal almost instantaneously collided with each other, creating terrifying shockwaves, which immediately made the audience speechless once again. They could even feel the ground beneath them vibrate intensely.

    Meng Yu Jing had a bitter taste in her mouth, it was only then she understood that in her battle with Ning Cheng, he had only used 16 of those spear shadows, in other words he did not even use his full power.

    “Boom Boom Boom……” Yuan Energy was overflowing all around, the Demonic Seal and the spear network casted out by Ning Cheng’s broken spear were just like rolling thunder clouds, which completely covered up the entire platform.

    Ning Cheng knew that if he had to compete in Yuan Energy, then he would never be able to compete against Lian Hao, moreover now that he had removed the ice element from his 36 Ice Spear Technique, it had now turned into an elementless spear technique. But also because he had removed the ice element from it, his Yuan Energy consumption was also reduced, once he used his Yuan Energy to induce the ice element into his attacks, then for him the losses would far outweigh the gains.

    Because of the low cultivation levels of the audience, they could not clearly see the fight between Ning Cheng and Lian Hao, and could only sense the formidable clash of the Yuan Energy of those two cultivators fighting. But while fighting, Ning Cheng began to have a feeling that the Profound Grade 36 Ice Spear Technique was not suitable for him to use.

    As the Spear Network and the Demonic Seal were clashing against each other, Lian Hao silently took out his black triangular streamer and began to use it, at the same time, Ning Cheng once again caught the spear in his hands, and drew the spear in his hands to form an arc of half a circle, and swept it through the spear network that was blocking the giant Demonic Seal, tearing the seal apart.

    This was the same as that time when he had fought against Meng Yu Jing, when he had finally grasped the Spear Intent, only then with this spear in his hand, could he bring out all of his Spear Intent and fire it out.

    A boundless killing intent condendensed at the tip of the spear in Ning Cheng’s hand, the spear completely collapsed the air around it, bringing about a fierce howling behind it as it flew towards Lian Hao’s chest.

    This kind of boundless and brutal killing intent, could even be felt by the audience, but it seemed that Lian Hao was simply not feeling it.

    All the people were feeling a bit odd, even Ning Cheng himself was beginning to feel some doubts. Ning Cheng did not count on the spear being able to kill Lian Hao, but after bringing out his spear in this manner, even if it was not enough to kill him, he had already prepared to use his 7 Pleiades Ice Needle.

    For people like Lian Hao, Ning Cheng would not think about it even for half a moment. As long as Lian Hao tried to block the Spear Intent from his spear, he knew that this Spear Intent would immediately be wiped out, but then the 7 Pleiadene Ice Needle and his Axe Fist would be more than enough to send his opponent to his grave.

    At this time, Lian Hao revealed a trace of ridicule on his face, it really did not matter to him if Ning Cheng could use this kind of Spear Intent with his spear, instead he had fully charged up the pitch black triangular streamer in his hands, and in just an instant, the entire sky above the platform was covered in thick black clouds.

    Ning Cheng suddenly felt a bad premonition, his Zifu was hurting, and his Spiritual Sense was completely cut off, while even the boundless killing intent that had filled the spear just a moment ago stagnated completely. It was as if those endless black clouds were sealing off his Zifu, making him feel that his Spiritual Sense was completely trapped behind a thick impregnable wall.

    It turned out that the pitch black triangular streamer was a magical weapon that could cut off the opponent’s Spiritual Sense, as long as his Spiritual Sense was cut off, even his spear attack that was filled with his boundless Spear Intent would simply not be worth mentioning. No wonder that Lian Hao did not even look slightly nervous, and even had a ridicule filled sneer on his face.

    But at the same time, Ning Cheng was once again surprised, he could feel that the Mysterious Yellow Origin was once again beginning to overflow, to drive away those black clouds around his Zifu that were hindering the Spiritual Sense. However, before the Mysterious Yellow Origin even began to overflow, the Star River which was residing near the Mysterious Yellow Bead suddenly became energetic once again. Because of this, in just a moment the black clouds that confined his Zifu were almost instantaneously absorbed by it, Ning Cheng could feel that he could now use his Spiritual Sense without any kind of hindrance once more.

    Lian Hao obviously felt Ning Cheng’s spear lose its momentum, as he gave a sarcastic stare at Ning Cheng and said, “Now you know, this is my real strength. Do you even know why I want to kill you? It is for revenge for Shui Yu, don’t worry I will help you take good care of that woman surnamed Ji, as your head will explode under my feet……”

    Lian Hao could not even finish the words that he was speaking, when he felt that something wasn’t right, that spear that had stagnated in mid air once again rumbled as it came towards him, not only was it rumbling towards him, but even the Spear Intent contained in it did not decrease even half a bit, on the contrary the killing intent was getting even more concentrated, forming an irresistible bone piercing Spear Intent.

    This really was not good, Lian Hao immediately understood that his Spiritual Sealing Streamer was not working as he intended, but at the same time Ning Cheng’s spear had already arrived in front of him.

    Lian Hao at this moment was completely frightened out of his wits, even if he wanted to bring out his round shield to protect him he simply did not even have enough time, he could only agitate the Yuan Energy in him to immediately move sideways in order to escape it.

    Unfortunately, he was just a True Condensation 9th Level cultivator, because he had already used the Demonic Seal, and even the Spiritual Sealing Streamer, so also through his spiritual strength was formidable when compared to others, he still did not have the spare capacity to to avoid the spear filled with the boundless bone piercing Spear Intent.

    Let alone that, even if he had the ability, this kind of powerful Spear Intent was not something that he could evade easily.

    “Puff” Blood and gore exploded out, as the lower half of Lian Hao’s body was completely blown up by Ning Cheng’s spear. And because he had simultaneously mobilized his entire Yuan Energy to evade Ning Cheng’s spear, several of the spear shadows that were previously being blocked by the Demonic Seal directly tore through, which immediately exploded onto both of his arms, blowing them into nothingness.

    One had to say that this Lian Hao really had a strong vitality, even though he was in this kind of situation, he could still forcefully open his mouth to speak out about admitting defeat.

    But the killing intent towards him in Ning Cheng was extremely strong, how could he allow Lian Hao to throw in the towel? Once again grabbing the spear in his hands, he immediately moved it sideways, as he directly bombed Lian Hao directly on top of his head.

    Lian Hao really had a big head, and just like a big watermelon, immediately exploded showering Ning Cheng with bits and pieces of gore.

    Ning Cheng immediately lifted Lian Hao’s storage bag and put it in his own storage bag, and immediately sent out a ball of fire, immediately turning the rest of Lian Hao’s body into ash in front of everyone.

    After killing Lian Hao, Ning Cheng slowly heaved a sigh of relief. He knew that if Lian Hao was not too dependant on his triangular streamer, this fight would definitely not have been easy.

    The entire plaza was completely silent, everybody had thought that this kind of powerful clash between the two sides would definitely be fought for a long time, and even if one emerged victorious, it would have only been by a narrow margin. None of them even thought that, this fight would not even last for even the time it takes for half an incense stick to burn, not only was the victor and loser decided in just a few moments, but it even led to the death of one of them.

    Ning Cheng had hit Lian Hao’s head causing it to explode without letting him say anything, not only that, he even took Lian Hao’s things, moreover even burned Lian Hao into ash flying in the wind, didn’t this seem that he was even more arrogant than him?

    It was only after a good while that the audience outside the platform finally erupted in lively cheering, although the fight was not long as they expected it to be, but the fight itself was very exciting. This Ning Xiao Cheng once again proved it to all the people that he was definitely strong, and absolutely did not just depend on luck.

    Lian Hao had killed two members from the God Wind Academy, moreover he did not allow them to even throw in the towel, but finally ended up being killed by Ning Xiao Cheng from the God Wind Academy. Ning Xiao Cheng from the God WInd Academy also similarly did not give that Lian Hao the opportunity to throw in the towel. Not only did he not allow him to throw in the towel, he did not even leave behind even a single one of his bones intact.

    Ling Naixin facial expression immediately turned pale, she had never thought that Lian Hao would also loose in such a miserable manner, and that too so quickly, she could almost affirm that this Ning Xiao Cheng would most definitely challenge her next. How could Ning Xiao Cheng from the God Wind Academy let her off, as Lian Hao also had killed two core members from the God Wind Academy? Not only would he not let her off, she would also certainly end up being killed by him. Only if she herself took the initiative to come up to challenge and then throw in the towel immediately, would she actually have the chance to survive, but would Ning Xiao Cheng even give her that chance to throw in the towel?

    Liu Xian was completely excited as he almost called out to Ning Cheng in a loud voice, now that Ning Cheng had beaten Lian Hao, he had now accumulated a total of 140 points, as long as Ning Cheng wanted, and challenged even one of them casually, then the God Wind Academy would definitely end up first. But then he immediately sighed, he knew that Ning Cheng would not continue to issue challenges.

    All the eyes were completely focussed on Ning Cheng’s body, every single person inside the main altar and outside the platform wanted to know who Ning Cheng would challenge next.


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