Refreshing Tales From The F5 Sect: Chapter 11 (The Eldorado Arc Chapter 7)

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Chapter 0

The F5 Sect is an extremely mysterious sect. The information about the F5 Sect is meager, and information about its disciples even more so. The F5 Sect rose to prominence recently, and was initially mocked at, until it shed its fragile outer covering and displayed its might, capturing the top comments on almost every single WuxiaWorld release. The location of the sect is known only to its disciples, and countless young boys and girls vie for the limited positions that are made available when old cultivators retire, or when a disciple is expelled.

An old F5 sect cultivator, who, after sending 89 keyboards, 52 computer mice, 27 monitors, and 11 CPUs to the electronics graveyard of the F5 sect, decided to leave the mythical land that is the F5 sect, was walking in a crowded city, looking here and there, noting the changes that had taken place since he had last visited his hometown, which had been around 30 years ago. His hairless head and pale face gave off a fragile aura, but his eyes were eyes that had seen a lot, and experienced a lot, and gave the person who looked into them an inferior feeling.

His decision to quit the sect had not come suddenly; he had spent weeks thinking about it, weighing the pros and cons, but in the end, he decided to quit. Decreasing number of comments in the top ten and splitting headaches when he stared at the screen for long periods of time had played a not insignificant role in him abandoning the Dao of the Refreshing Webpage.

He departed, and teary eyes and heartwarming speeches were filled his farewell banquet. But all of that was when he was within the sect. When he walked out of the gate that led to the group of buildings which had served as his home for the past few decades, he could not help but tear up. But he steeled himself and walked out into the world which he had forsaken, forsaken for the sake of his dreams.

He travelled the world as a vagabond; his savings from the F5 Sect were enough to pay for 1000 gamers' net connections; for at least a century. He had money, which almost everyone in the world wanted. He had fulfilled his dream, which very few had. He had travelled the world. He had done all that he had wanted to when he was young, he had visited all the places that he had wanted to visit when he was young, but he felt empty inside. He tried befriending people, but was disgusted at their narrow-mindedness and their mercenary instincts. He briefly moved about in the society, meeting people, but then he remembered the reason why he had deserted it long ago.

Finally, he had run out of options, when a sudden longing for home seemed to fill his hollow heart. His mind, the tactless logician, told him that his actions were pointless, but his heart, the impulsive gambler, vetoed him and the man found himself back in his hometown.

It was completely different from how it was when he had left it, and very few people who he knew still lived there. His family had disowned him after he had secluded himself, so trying to meet his family members who barely remembered him was a foolish idea.

After roaming the town for around 2 hours, he had to admit, that the gambler had backed the wrong horse. He walked along a crowded street, when a shop on his right drew his attention. Nostalgia coursed through his very soul, and he walked towards the cyber café on his right, the same cyber café where he had taken the first few steps towards becoming a cultivator of the Dao of the Refreshing Webpage.

He pushed the door open, and walked in. The cyber café was half full, and all the young males and females were staring at the exact same webpage, while their hands recklessly tortured the computer mice and keyboards. The man smiled, as he remembered doing the exact same thing when he was their age. But his smile also had hints of sadness; he no longer had the same energy, and the café was not doing nearly as well as it had been doing when he had been a regular there.

He continued moving forward, and reached the desk, where a pretty young lady sat performing the same ritual as her customers. The man did not disturb her, and waited patiently. After a few minutes, she stopped clicking, before she started slamming the keyboard. She then smashed the left click button, and then let out a howl of disappointment. Similar howls emanated from the mouths of all the customers. The girl then looked up, “How can I help you grandpa?”

The man tried not to flinch at the word grandpa. He had been referred to as grandpa in the past 2 hours too many times, and he realized that he was a grandpa, at least in the eyes of the newer generations.

“Where can I find Mr. Archer? I am an old friend of his.”

“He has gone on a trip, and will return 2 months later. He said that he was nearing the end of his life, and wanted to visit certain places before his death. I am sorry for not being able to help you. I am his daughter, Kate Archer so if you have any message, you could leave it with me.”

“Oh no, it’s alright, I don’t have any message in particular.”

He turned to leave when his gaze was drawn once again to the many young customers. A few of them were stretching, while some were chattering away on their phones. The man shook his head sadly. He had made the exact same mistakes years ago. He then froze. Kate, who had been watching him saw him stop moving, and grew concerned.

 She came out from behind the desk and moved towards the man, when he finally thawed, and turned towards Kate and said,

“I haven’t repaid your father for all the help he has given me throughout my life. You seem to be managing this cyber café all alone. I will be happy to give you a helping hand with managing the café; for free of course.”

Kate frowned, creases appearing on her face. A strange man suddenly offering to help her, for free, just because he owed her father? Suspicious, to say the least. The man realized that he was on shaky ground, and immediately came up with an idea.

“How many computers do you have here?”

Hearing his sudden question, which seemed like a diversion, only served to increase her suspicion. However, she answered, “30.”

“And what is the cost of this shop?”

“Seriously old man, get out! I am not some foolish idiot.”

“Quiet, child! Just answer the question.” The man was miffed. Here he was, trying to help her, and all he was being treated like a common thief. He was a former member of the F5 Sect!

His commanding voice forced her to answer. After hearing her answer, the man pushed a hand deep into his cloak, and moved it about, searching for something.

Kate moved back, on her guard. She kept a hand on a hammer which was kept under the desk. The man removed a thick wad of notes, and counted a few off, and handed it to the dumbfounded Kate.

“There. That amount should cover the cost of the computers and the shop. Keep it as a deposit, and return it to me when I leave.”

“B-but how do you know that I will not run away with the money?” Kate asked, after inspecting the notes. All of them were genuine, and in mint condition, which was surprising considering he had to search for them for quite some time.

“In order to build a relationship, my child, at least one person has to trust the other. I trust you.”

Kate felt ashamed, and apologized. The man found cheap lodgings nearby, and started working in the cyber café from the next day. He opened the cyber café, and sat on the desk, waiting.

His wait proved to be a long one, and only after an hour did the first customer enter. The rest of the customers slowly trickled in, and after around three hours, around half of the café was filled. The man smiled to himself. It was time to put his plan into action.

He tapped the bell that he had purchased earlier in the morning, and drew the attention of the customers. Kate had informed them that he would be managing the café sometimes, so they had not paid any attention to him when they entered, and went up to him and registered as usual. But suddenly, the old man decided to ring a bell loudly, so they turned, annoyed.

He then said, “I am a former F5 Sect cultivator. I found old age greatly limits ones prospects as far as cultivating in the Dao of the Refreshing Webpage is concerned, which is why I left the sect. However, I wish to water you saplings.”

Silence. And then a skeptical voice rang out, “You’re a F5 Sect cultivator? Nice to meet you. I’m the Patriarch of the F5 Sect, and am in secluded training here.”

The man smiled wryly. He had expected resistance, and had come prepared. He produced a medallion from inside his coat. It was golden, with an amethyst square inside. The medallion was bare except for the square and the letter ‘F’ and the number ‘5’ which, shining with a purple light, were embedded in the center of the square. Everyone thought of the possibility of the medallion being fake, but looking at its luster and beauty, they immediately dispelled the thoughts.

Lightning did not strike, nor did storm clouds gather. But the few customers who had dismissed the man’s talk as the ramblings of a drunken old man and were using their systems as usual, found that the speed of the internet rose; drastically. They turned, and saw the medallion, before losing the ability to speak. In fact, almost all the people in café seemed to have lost control of their bodies. A few faint hearted people fainted, but they too were better off as compared to the person who had claimed to be the Patriarch of the F5 Sect; not only did he faint, but he also lost control of his bladder, and a yellowish liquid spread out from near his feet, surrounding his eagle spread body. The others jostled to move away from him, while the man looked on, amused.

There a few people who knew just what the F5 Sect medallion was capable of, so after noticing the rise in the speed of the computers, which occurred due to the packet converging power of the F5 Sect medallion, which not only affected Wi-Fi but also affected broadband, the knowledgeable people immediately brought out their smart phones and checked the available Wi-Fi networks. The first Wi-Fi network, with ∞ strength, named “F5 Sect former cultivator #45” proved it.

All of the customers started to kowtow; a few who became too enthusiastic ended up banging their head so hard on the ground that their foreheads started to bleed.

“I will not ‘teach’ you. The Dao of the Refreshing Webpage….you must gain enlightenment on your own, so that you can follow your own unique path. But when you need advice, or need to be consoled, you can come to me. I will ‘refresh’ you with my stories of the F5 Sect.” After saying this, the man looked around him, before snapping his fingers. “See what I did there??!”

The people in his immediate vicinity were all suddenly snorting and coughing, while those who were further away ran into either the washroom or outside. The man could not figure out just what was wrong with them; not only did they not get his ‘joke’, but they also started behaving abnormally.

When Kate entered the café 2 hours later, after sleeping peacefully for the first time in weeks, her jaw hit the floor, and managed to get stuck. After she returned her jaw to its rightful place, she rubbed her eyes, pinched herself; hit both of her cheeks with her palms, and then looked at the scene in front of her once again. It was the wrong thing to do; her recently restored jaw decided that it loved the ground far more than her face, and promptly dived down and embraced its lover.

All the customers in the café were sitting on the ground, listening to the man, who was sitting cross legged on the desk.



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    Chapter 1

    A teenage boy walked up quietly to the man who was dozing off on the desk of the cyber café, and hesitated, before shaking his shoulder gently. The man woke up with a start, looked about with a wild look in his eyes, scaring the culprit. He then calmed down, and asked him,

    “What happened?”

    “W-well esteemed senior, I wish to ask for advice. I do my best to compete for the top comments, but I have never made it even into the top 20. I guess maybe it is because I have no talent, but still! I wish to improve!”

    “Oh! So you wish to improve. Then first, dump your habit of losing concentration in the middle of your cultivation! Without proper concentration, there is no way you could ever hope to enter the top 30, let alone the top 20.”

    “Is concentration that important, great senior?”

    “Hmph- What’s your name boy?”

    “I am sor-“

    “Just answer the damn question!”


    “Ok then Dr-Drake. I will tell you a story, a refreshing story about a cultivator named Dr-Drake. After hearing it, you will learn the importance of concentration.

    A bead of sweat rolled down Dr-Drake’s face, gently tracing a path near his cheek. His eyes watered, but he did not dare blink. His right hand was placed on his mouse, and his left on his keyboard. His right hand was continuously clicking the mouse, while the left was like a tiger preparing to spring on a blissfully unaware deer.

    The WuxiaWorld webpage on his monitor refused to change, despite his persistent efforts. He continued to stare at the screen for the time it takes a 1080p 1:00 minute video to buffer, and then a resigned look appeared on his face, and he lent back on his chair, and stretched and wiggled his fingers. He then clicked the refresh button, and the stubborn webpage finally gave up and changed, and showed a new post. 

    A maniacal glint appeared in his eye, as he started smashing keys on his keyboard; it was obvious that the keyboard had insulted his family, and deserved death. After performing the last rites of the keyboard, he decided that the mouse too was guilty and proceeded to punish it. The agonizing clicks of the mouse then stopped, and he stared at the screen. ‘Dr-Drake’ – his name had come 38th in the list of people, and since the top 30 spots were taken by the F5 sect disciples, his rank among the candidates who wanted to enter the F5 Sect was 8th.

    "One second, I lean back for one second, and my rank is 8th? You are being unfair to me, damn servers, damn internet! My application to the F5 sect will never be accepted at this rate!"

    The spirits of the keyboard and the mouse hovered around him, mocking his futile attempts and pathetic protests. He remembered that he had not completed his earlier task, and proceeded with the killing of the monitor and the CPU.

    F5 Moral : Relaxing for even a single second is disastrous when you embark upon the path of an F5 cultivator.”

    The man stretched, and watched the reaction of the listener. The man was satisfied, for he felt that Dr-Drake’s heart and goal, both had become a bit clearer.

    As Dr-Drake moved away after thanking the man, he couldn’t help but mutter, “My name is Drake…….”

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    Chapter 2

    The man sat at the desk, with Kate beside him. For two managers to be there at the same time, while unusual in other cyber cafés, had already become routine in this one. But then again, the other cyber cafés didn’t have former F5 Sect cultivators working as managers. Kate was supposed to be off duty, but she enjoyed the tales than the man would narrate.

    Just then, a customer slammed the mouse down hard in frustration, but, at the last moment, held himself back. After all, he did not own the mouse; he was in a cyber café, and he didn’t want to go around racking up fines. He went to the washroom, and loud banging sounds echoed through the café.

    The man looked at Kate and said,

    “Do you allow customers to bring their own mice?”

    The sudden question took her by surprise, and she took a moment to answer.

    “No. I used to allow them, but then, in the end our mice ended gathering dust, and since it doesn’t make much of a difference, I stopped the practice.”

    Hearing her, the man shook his head gravely. He looked at her with stern eyes, and admonished her.

    “You don’t know what you are talking about. Do you truly believe that using a personal mouse won’t improve cultivation of the Refreshing Webpage? Take that customer who went into the washroom just now. He couldn’t relieve his tension by slamming the mouse; so he was forced to go to the washroom to vent his anger.”

    “But customers regularly slam the mice; and the mice aren’t that fragile either you know…Esteemed senior.” Most of the customers had soon become used to calling him “senior” and “esteemed senior”, but for some obtuse reason, she found it harder than the others to get used to calling him “senior”. He hadn’t corrected her, so she assumed that he didn’t mind; but from the glares she got from her customers showed that they were completely opposed to such blasphemy.

    “That is not the kind of slamming I meant.” He dug around in his coat, and brought out an old mouse. Kate found herself wondering, just what all does he keep in that coat….. Her wandering mind returned to the cyber café, when she heard a small bang, and then a crushing sound.

    The man laid a lump of plastic with wires poking out in front of her, and waited to see her reaction.

    “Is that the mouse?”

    “Yes; and this is the kind of smashing I was talking about. Although I crushed it more than smashing it, the concept is the same. Loud noises made by slamming the mice or the keyboards are pointless. They cannot compare with the satisfaction and feeling of peace and serenity that one gets when one silently destroys the keyboard or the mouse; think of it as the satisfied feeling that a hunter experiences when he silently kills his prey. Others might not see it, but it doesn’t matter. He knows what he has done. Although the situations are different, the same concept is applicable even in this case. The feeling of silent annihilation calms a person much more than loud and violent acts. It’s just that very few actually realize it.”

    “So you’re saying that if they bring their own mice and keyboards, and break and crush them, then their cultivation might soar?” Kate asked, her eyes opened wide with astonishment; an idea like that would not occur to her even she sat and thought for days. Yet, the man before her had gained such deep insights after a moment’s thought! Or maybe he too had experienced such problems…..

    At that moment, Kate felt like she was at the foot of Mt.Tai, and the man before her at its peak.

    “I never said that, young Kate.”

    Mt.Tai turned into the Grand Canyon, and Kate felt like she was staring down at the man who was sitting at the bottom, without a care in the world.

    “Then what-“

    “If they bring their own mice and keyboards, and break and crush them, then their cultivation WILL soar. I guarantee it.”

    The scene before her eyes changed once again; now she was at the bottom of the Grand Canyon, and the man was at the top. As she pondered upon his words, the scene changed once again, and Kate realized how foolish she had been. It wasn’t the Grand Canyon or Mt.Tai, the place on top of which the man was sitting. It was Mt.Everest, Stupid.

    “F5 Moral : Use your own computer mouse and keyboard when cultivating; smashing them will help you with your anger management.”

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    Chapter 3
    The man smiled to himself, as he looked at the customers, who had successfully integrated a large part of his teaching, or more accurately, morals, into their daily cultivation. The cafe had lost its uniformity ever since it had started allowing customers to bring their own mice and keyboards, but the customer inflow had increased, and visits to the washroom to let out frustration had crash dived.
    He was sitting on the desk, with Kate beside him. Two managers sitting at the desk had become usual, and no one gave them a second glance. Kate's cultivation too had increased, not by leaps and bounds, but by a decent amount. Drastically improving cultivation could hamper their future achievement; no one knew this better than the man sitting beside her.
    Just then, a customer appeared before them, pulling along a cadever. He handled it quite roughly, and deposited it in front of the man. He then bowed, and forced the cadever to bow. He then spoke,
    "Honourable senior, this junior would like to seek your advice; or rather, its his friend here who needs the advice."
    He then kicked the cadever; however, it didn't react. A defective product obviously; the goods these days could no longer be trusted.
    "Oh, its Dr-Drake! So you wish for your friend to improve his cultivation? Then speak! 
    ............Talk!.....Blabber!.....Say something, damn you!"
    Drake kicked the cadever, but to no avail. An idea occured to the man.
    "Abrakadabra! Alakazam! Hocus Pocus! Voila! Open your mouth, Johnny! Open Sesame!"
    The word which gave life to the body remained a mystery, but it finally started respiring, then looking at its situation, perspiring. It then jumped back, showing remarkable agility for someone who is dead.
    The cadever then spoke, hesitatingly, "Senior...I-I don't know how to improve. All of my friends have improved after hearing your tales, but I haven't. Of-Of course I know that this is due to my own incompetence, and just thinking about asking you for such a thing makes me blank out and become unconcious, but could you please guide me?"
    "Blank out huh....we could see that...So, what problems are you facing exactly?"
    "I apply all of your teachings, and then follow all of my friend's suggestions to the letter; but still, I just don't improve."
    "All of your friend's suggestions, to the letter...." The man sat, contemplating. After the time it takes for 0:45 second 720p video, he finally nodded his head; the doctor had finished his diagnosis.
    "Have you heard about Daoist Clicker?"
    Blank faces greeted him; emotions had left the building.
    "Fine then, I will tell you about him."
    The man cleared his throat, and took a sip of water, then began,
    "Now all of you hear about the greatness of the F5 Sect; about its power and prestige. But you know, the F5 Sect is quite new as compared to other sects. When it first entered the scene, it was mocked at, and very few disciples chose to join it. In fact, the sect would have collapsed, if not for the efforts of 5 cultivators; the story that I am going to narrate is about one of the 5 cultivators who helped the F5 Sect weather the 'Dark Years', Daoist Clicker.
    His origin is unknown, but his life after entering the F5 Sect had been recorded, and it now serves as a source of inspiration for all the cultivators of the Dao of the Refreshing Webpage.
    When he entered the F5 Sect, no one paid attention to him. The sect was crumbling, and everyone was busy drowning in their own misery. However, he did not care. He was attracted to the Sect's idealogy, and hoped to help the sect in any way possible.
    He didn't start competing for the rankings, for he knew that his skill level was too low. He spent days and days engulfed in his training, which was so strenuous, that at the end of it, the  index finger of his mouse hand had become as far as his his thumb, but with a difference. It was composed solely of muscle and bone. His wrist had become thicker too. Others mocked him, they called him 'abnormal' and an 'anomaly', but he didn't care. For strengthening his arms, he had clicked mice day in and day out, for a total of 20 months. Then after that, he had increased the weight of the mouse, and practiced moving the mouse for another 20 months.
    All the disdain and the mockery that was directed towards him was a way for the other disciples to relieve their tension; in the 40 months that Clicker had spent training, the situation of the sect had continued to worsen. 2 geniuses had appeared, and their hard work had provided traction to the descending sect, but there was only so much that they could do.
    Clicker then started competing for the top comments, but despite his hardwork, he failed. Did he give up? No, he didn't. He then took suggestion from other disciples, and the 2 geniuses, who had acknowledged his effort. But after he followed each and every suggestion of his fellow disciples, he realized that his performance had worsened.
    He spent days thinking about it, but not once did his resolve falter; he had endured 40 months of training, so a few days of thinking could never break him.
    After thinking about it for a long time, he came to a realisation. He went around the sect, and noted down all the suggestions that the other disciples had to offer, and then returned to his room. He then sorted out the suggestions, and singled out the ones which he felt would be compatible with his own way of thinking; he used those suggestions, and with the flames of his determination, fueled by his own ideology, he forged his own Dao of the Refreshing Webpage.
    Although he did not dominate the comments, he was able to give the two geniuses a fight, and was able to compete with the disciples of the other sects and schools.
    And that, my dear fellow, is where you habe gone wrong. Accepting suggestions is good, but following all of the suggestions, and betraying your ideology will not help you progress. Only by choosing the suggestions which you believe will be compatible with your ideals, and by creating your own Dao Path will you progress!
    F5 Moral: To accept suggestions is good, as long as they don't clash with your ideals. Following all suggestions is the same as following none; choose what you wish to follow, and then forge, with your sweat and grime, your own Path!"
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    Chapter 4
    The rooster let loose a cry, signaling the start of a new day; the sun was shining, the birds were singing, the sky was clear, the ping was low, and powers cuts did not impede cultivation. In other words, it was perfect day.
     All cultivators sat quietly, immersed in their cultivation. Only their clicking fingers betrayed the fact that they were alive. The man sat at his usual place on the manager's desk beside Kate. He never performed any of his duties as a manager, but there was no way that Kate would ever complain. A few weeks had passed since the man had started his work in the cafe, and his presence had served to boost the number of satisfied customers; the cafe hadn't been so full for the past 6 months.
    The F5 Sect medallion was hung on a wall, and every day, when a customer would enter, he or she would immediately look at the medal, bow, and only then would he or she begin his or her cultivation. A few cultivators took it one step further; they refused to see the face of any person in the morning; the medallion was the only thing which, they felt, was worthy of being seen at the beginning of a day.
    Although it drew many lustful gazes, no one dared to pollute or smear the pure medallion, and the few who threw off the chains of morals and beliefs were deterred by the zealious looks that were cast towards the medallion; they felt that even touching the medallion would cause the slumbering volcanoes to erupt. And the medallion had a special feature which prevented any people who did not have sufficient clearance from touching it; those people would recieve a electric shock, similar to a taser, when any body part crossed the 0.25m border. Using other objects was impossible, because the electric current would travel through the object, or would end up damaging the onject; no perfect electric insulators exist, and the medallion used mysterious technology to pass electricity through even the most stubborn insulators. The man was the only one who could touch the medallion and not end up on the floor, peeing all over himself.
    Kate was worried, and had no idea as to which course of action she should pursue. She had a suggestion, but was afraid to voice it, and cause the powerful overlord to become angry. However she took and deep breath, clicked the spacebar three times for good luck, gripped her die cast F5 Sect good luck charm, and spoke,
    "Respected senior, this junior has a request. Would you be kind enough to listen to her?"
    The man was surprised. In the past, she had not made even one request, and had only listened to his stories as he narrated them to other. However, today she had a request. The man decided to help her, for it was the first time she had asked him for guidance.
    "Speak, young Kate!"
    "This junior knows that she is a hundred years too young to give suggestions to senior, but could senior possibly tell us stories of a single cultivator, and only then move on to stories of other cultivators?"
    "Hm....But in that case I would be unable to help your customers with their problems."
    Kate had no answer to that, but then the man brightened up on his own and said,
    "Oh well, it wont hurt to have them solve a few of their problems on their own. It might even help with their cultivation if they were forced to ponder over the bottlenecks for longer periods of time."
    He grabbed Kate's mouse in his left hand, and the made a fist with his right hand, before smashing the mouse. "Poor mouse...."
    Kate thought, and observed a moment of silence for the departed soul.
    "Ok then! Its decided! For the next few weeks, I will tell you stories about a cultivator."
    He then took the mouse which Kate had brought out from inside the desk, and smashed it hard on the table top. Bang! A loud sound reverberated through the room. Kate said nothing; she just took the remains and carefully deposited them into a small cardboard box, which was filled with lots of dead bodies of mice and served as a tempory coffin. It seemed like smashing a mouse was the usual way of drawing the attention of the customers.
    All the heads turned, save for one. His neighbour immediately turned the offender's head towards the man; a loud crack broke the silence. The man looked at the customer curiously; he seemed to be foaming at the mouth. He put it down to excitement and spoke,
    "Starting today, I will no longer narrate stories which might help you with your personal cultivation problems and bottlenecks.Instead, I will narrate, to all of you in general, the stories of individual cultivators, their origin, their hardwork to enter the F5 Sect, and their perseverance which allowed them to survive in the F5 Sect. I shall speak about each cultivator for a peroid of 3-10 days. A little vague, I know, but then, do not forget that some cultivators have a huge history and the origin of some cultivators is unknown; the same thing is holds true even regarding cultivation techniques. That is the reason for the variation in the duration of narration of each of their stories. These stories are stories of love, courage, determination, hard work, and ambition! The fates of each of the cultivators who I am going to speak about in the next few months are intertwined, and their stories will greatly benifit your cultivation, and more importantly, will remind you that each F5 Sect disciple is also human like you, and that each disciple too, like you, once wanted to enter the F5 Sect! The only difference is the amount of hard work that you have put in, and talent! Talent is important, but hard work is even more important! Hard workers may rise above the talented, after all, what is the use of talent if you don't cultivate properly! But talented people will never rise above the hard working, for talent is useless without hard work to supplement it."
    "F5 Moral: Hard work is the process that changes a raw ore into a valuable mineral, and talent is like the ore. An ore which is not refined is useless, but a refined mineral, no matter how common or cheap it maybe, will always be more valuable than unprocessed ore!"
    The man then got up, and prepared to leave. A brave disciple spoke up, "Um...senior? You aren't going to tell us a story today?"
    "Look at the time, my child. If I start a story now, I will most probably deprive you all of your sleep by giving you a nasty cliffhanger, so I think it is for the best to start the stories from tomorrow."
     Silence. No one no one knew what to say after the anticlimatic scene that had taken place before. All the cultivators, in that moment, threw away their respect for the man.
    "Damn geezer!"
    All the cultivators though similar things. Then their gazes fell upon the medallion, and they immediately fell down upon their knees and started searching for the 'respect' that they had thrown away.
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    Problems in real life delayed this chapter, sorry! I think its a bit longer than the previous one?
    Chapter 5

    “Um….Senior, I have a question for you, if you don’t mind.”

    The man was slightly annoyed at being interrupted just as he was about to start his story, but his hid his emotions and asked,

    “Okay then, ask.”

    “You say that many disciples and cultivators retire from the F5 Sect; then why isn’t there more information regarding the F5 Sect available? This question is quite impudent, and I apologize for asking such a rude question, but it my curiosity has been gnawing away at my reason, and I felt that I just needed to ask this question.”
    The man exhaled, and joined his palms in front of his face, before answering.

    “You see, after a life which forces you to perform monotonous actions for a long period of time, the changing life of the outside world seems to be too dynamic. I am not implying that cultivation is boring, it is just that the periods of extreme and intense activity are followed by very long periods of simple clicking. They just don’t adjust, and are reclusive; also, the F5 Sect does have a separate area for retired cultivators, but not many retirees choose to go there.” 

    “Before you ask why, let me ask you something else. If a wine connoisseur were forced to sit and watch others drink wine, knowing full well that he could never drink it again, do you think he would want to live? Retirees of the F5 Sect are not allowed to practice cultivation of the Refreshing Webpage, which is why most of them choose to leave that hallowed land.”

    “ So there you go, the reason why information about the F5 Sect is scarce is due to the introverted nature of the retirees. The F5 Sect allows us to discuss matters about it quite freely; we are only not allowed to mention the location and the inner secrets of the F5 Sect.”

    “Other than that, we are allowed to discuss anything about the Sect. This includes the history and the cultivation techniques practiced by disciples of the Sect. Is your curiosity satisfied now?”

    The last question was directed towards the girl who had asked the question, who nodded her head furiously, and for a moment the man wondered whether or not she had a spine, given the way she was moving her head. He pushed all irrelevant thoughts out of his brain before continuing,

    “Then, I shall continue. The story which I am going to tell you is about a formidable cultivator, Daoist Eldorado one whose exploits have been passed on from one of generation of cultivators to the next. This story starts from when he was a young boy, playing in his house.”

    “His childhood was a happy one, his parents were wonderful people, he had good brains, he could run fast, and he could flick boogers across the class. But, for some reason, the boy found his life to be a bit…boring, or dull. He smiled all day long, laughed and joked, but inside, he felt dead. The only time when his heart would feel alive was when his uncle would come to visit.”

    “His uncle was a vibrant person, and often travelled. After each journey, he would return; not because he felt homesick or because he wanted to visit his relatives, but because he enjoyed narrating his experiences to his young nephew. He frankly thought that all of his relatives (save for Eldorado) were duller than dog lice."

    "The nephew and the uncle would spend hours and hours in the attic, which was the most deserted place in the house. However, for Eldorado, the attic was the most interesting place in the house, because when his uncle started his narration, the scene in the attic would transform, and he would be standing on top of the Tibetian plateau, or would be peering down into the water near the Great Barrier Reef."

    "However, slowly, the visits of his uncle grew less frequent, before sropping completely. His family moved on, but Eldorado could not bring himself to forget his colourful uncle. Years passed, and life moved on. But one day, when he returned home after school, he found a man sitting on the sofa in the living room. His appearance did not seem damiliar, but then the voice that was produced by hos larynx gave the boy a shock, for it belonged to his uncle. Eldorado greeted him with joy, and after a while, the two of them went into the attic, which had served as the location for their countless adventures. The two sat and talked, just like old times. In the years that he had dissappeared, his uncle had travelled far and wide, and his narration was as vivid and exciting as always."

    "After sometime, ---- opened Pandora's box; he asked his uncle the reason for such a long absence. His uncle sat and though for a while, before answering. He claimed that he had been searching for 'Eldorado', the city gold. Hearing his uncle's answer, he felt bewildered. 'Eldorado' was but a fictious place, nothing more than a myth. He found it hard to believe that a person who had experienced so much about the world would believe in something like that."

    "Eldorado grew up, and after a few years, his uncle died. In his will, he left everything to his brother, Eldorado's father, save for a single envelope. He opened it, and within it he found a letter adressed to him. In it, his uncle explained the reason for his search for 'Eldorado'."
    "I remember a part of the letter, which I shall now voice out. "In my travels, I found that there were many mythical places, which supposedly had many treasures hidden within. I laughed at the adventurers who searched for them, I mocked them. Now that I look back, I think I was jealous of their innocent trains of thought."
    "However, one day, I found some evidence, in the forests of South America, that made me reconsider my stand on the 'mythical' places. The evidence was circumstantial, but still, it made me feel alive, more alive than I had ever felt. It turned out to be a false lead, and I was disappointed, disappointed beyond belief. I gave up, and grew weary of travelling. Do you know when you bleach a colourful piece of cloth too many times it becomes dull? The same thing happened to my life."
    "I decided to travel one last time, and departed. That journey filled me with hope, for I found unshakeable proof that a certain mythical place existed. I collected data, and wven managed to locate the place, but I couldn't go there. I was scared, scared that the place would not exist. I knew that the disappointment would break me, and I ran away. That was when I returned and told you that I had been searching for 'Eldorado'."
    The man stopped, sipped some water, and cleared his throat before continuing.
    "The letter contained the location of 'Eldorado', along with a request that --- visit it. Many days later, a young teen, with a huge bag on his back, trekked up a hill. He reached the top, and froze. In front of him was an area filled with mist; a huge fissure seperated the hill and the misty area."
    "Eldorado walked to the edge of the chasm, and squinted, trying to make out what the area in front of him was. He couldn't see anything, and as he turned and was about to return, happy that his uncle had been right, and sad that he could not witness the sight in front of him, a wind blew away some of the mist. --- didn't turn, and as he was about to go down the hill, he turned back for one last look. He could make just two letters. F5."
    "He was the first person ever to discover the F5 Sect without becoming a disciple. He returned home, and collected all the information about the F5 Sect. He knew the location, and could enter the sect if he gathered the necessary equipment, but he didn't. He decided that he would enter the sect in the same way as the others, and would gaze upon his uncle's 'Eldorado' with his own eyes. And he did. But that is a story for another day. He named himself 'Eldorado', as a tribute to his uncle."
    "F5 Moral: The dao of the Refeeshing Webpage is vast, and the number of cultivators is large. How you stumble upon it doesn't matter; what matters is how hard you work, and how determined you are! Mighty cultivators are not born mighty, they make themselves mighty!"
    "Shoo, shoo. The shows over, its time for my nap. Get going you all."
    The silence of the cafe was punctuated by the rhythmic snoring of the man.

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    Chapter 6
    The man sat on his usual place on the desk beside Kate, and the customers were sitting on the floor in front of them. The story of Daoist Eldorado had only served to add fuel to their raging fires of cultivation. Looking at their eager and determined faces, the man smiled to himself. To be told that a legendary cultivator started cultivation after wasting his youth, this served to boost their confidence. After all, they, unlike Daoist Eldorado, had been cultivating for most of their teenage years.
    Their increasing confidence was good, but it was also dangerous. If they grew complacent and stopped their diligent cultivation, the man knew that they would perish, perish on the Path of Top Comment-Cultivation.
    The man decided to bring the drifters back to the correct path with the next story. Although it would burst their overblown balloon of confidence, it would save them. As for the ones who were inspired to work hard by the first story of Daoist Eldorado, the man felt sure that they would feel even more invigorated by the second story.
    "Yesterday I told you how Daoist Eldorado made first contact with the F5 Sect. Today, I will continue the tale, and tell you what he did after returning from his journey."
    "When he was returning, he felt happy, very, very happy. The research that his uncle had done and the knowledge that he had accumulated were accurate; Eldorado couldn't wait to announce it to the world! Joy, Happiness, Ecstacy, and their friends were busy tearing up the dance floor inside Eldorado's head, and he watched their figures perform Ballet, Tango, Foxtrot and Salsa, enraptured. In the corner of the dance floor, however, a hooded figure with Curiosity written on her jacket stared at the dancers, not in admiration, or awe. It was a gaze filled with fighting spirit; her fighting spirit seemed to say,
    "Just watch as I bare my fangs, and you all get crushed underfoot!"
    "After Eldorado returned home, he made preparations to announce the discovery of the aphabet and the letter, 'F' and '5' in the area pinpointed by his uncle. His heart raced, his pulse throbbed. But somewhere in his mind, before announcing the discovery, he felt the need to discover the significance of 'F5'. He opened his browser, and typed the letters 'F5'."
    "The mighty overlord of search engines, Google, displayed 1,986,000 results in 0.87 seconds. Although he wasn't an F5 disciple, he still possessed the reverence towards the omnipresent emperor, the internet, and he cupped his hand in front of his computer, before starting his search for the 'F5'."
    "The first few results were nothing more than companies and organizations named 'F5' or organizations which had 'F5' in their name. Eldorado skipped past them; it was unlikely that a legitimate organization would spend money and time to create a mysterious area in such a(n?) inaccessible land. Pages after pages, websites after websites, he kept searching, searching for the true meaning of 'F5'. Unbeknownst to him, he already been consumed by his ravacious curiosity, and the matter of spreading his uncle's achievement had been pushed back."
    "Joy, Happiness, and Ecstacy could only watch helplessly as Curiosity's amazing break dance stole all their admirers. Funky steps and an unconventional image appealed to the audience, and Salsa and her contemporaries were forgotten."
    "After hours of searching, after hours of using every search engine he knew, Eldorado pressed the print button, and lent back in his chair as the printer regurgitated ink onto the paper, and formed the document which he had compiled after his research. He then viewed it, and sighed. Despite his persistance, he had only collected around 4 pages containing information about the 'F5 Sect'."
    "After the first hour of searching, he had found whispers about a mysterious sect, which went by the name of 'The F5 Sect'. He could have ignored it as a myth, but something inside him, perhaps his heart, which had already shown signs of being the heart of a cultivator, told him that it was the F5 Sect which he had discovered."
    "By the end of the third hour, he was certain that he had accidently stumbled across, or more accurately, his uncle had stumbled across the location of 'The F5 Sect'. He viewed the document in his hand, which also contained the qualifications that a person would need to have in order to apply for the F5 Sect. He could bypass all of that by simply going to the place where he knew the F5 Sect. But he couldn't do that. Not because it would be unfair to the other applicants, nor because the F5 Sect wouldn't accept him, because they would have to, since silencing him by killing him or denying him entry would potentially expose their well hidden location; the reason was that in his heart, he knew that his uncle would never accept that. And since the person who allowed Eldorado to encounter the F5 Sect was his uncle, he felt that there was no way he could go against his probable wishes."
    "So, he cultivated; without anyone to guide him, without anyone to support him, without anyone for him to confide in, he cultivated. He cultivated and cultivated, he cultivated until his hands were full of blisters, and then applied band-aids, and then continued to cultivate."
    "A trip that was the last wish of an uncle; that was how Eldorado entered the world of cultivation."
    "F5: Only those whose heart is pure can truly succeed in the Dao of the Refreshing Webpage. If your heart isn't pure, then you will not succeed. But if your heart is pure, then no matter how, you will be exposed to the world of cultivation, and you will shine and cause even the internet to slow down for others just so you can be faster than the rest!"
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    Good news, the personal problem is solved, but the pace issue.....I will deal with it. Here is chapter 7

    Chapter 7

    “So, yesterday, if I remember correctly, I finished the story till where Eldorado began his cultivation. I will skip the time that passed between hi m beginning his cultivation and his application to the F5 Sect being accepted, and then continue narrating his tale.”

    The dogs in front of him woofed, and waited for the first bone. The hungry look in their eyes was only one needed to gauge their enormous appetites.

    “So, after long months of cultivation, Eldorado finally succeeded in entering the F5 Sect. He was ecstatic, and the location to which he was told to travel only served to increase his joy; it was the same location which he had visited on behalf of his uncle.”

    Judging by the way the dogs pounced upon that piece of information, any onlooker would curse his brain for misleading him; they weren’t dogs, they were lions, hungry ravenous lions.

    “After a few days of preparation, Eldorado bid farewell to his family and close friends, who, after he left, started discussing whether the mental illness which plagued him was contagious or inherited. Of course, all of them later regretted their thoughts, actions and words.”

    This morsel of information was devoured at a much faster rate than the previous ones, and the pack of lions turned into a flock of wild crows, fighting and cawing for that tidbit.

    “He travelled all the way to the hill, and then looked at the other side; it was still covered with mist, and there was no way he could see anything inside. He walked to the chasm which separated the hill and the misty area, and stopped. He then looked at his watch; the time was 10:37am. The F5 Sect had instructed him to send an email to the F5 Sect Instructors Association, mentioning the exact time and date when he would arrive. He had mentioned the date, and had set the time as 11:30am. He waited for 45 minutes, and at 11:22am, he could discern slight movement on the other side, and stood up. After a few minutes, a transparent bridge joined the two sides. Eldorado gulped, took a death breath, slapped his cheeks with the palms of his hands, looked skywards, kissed the ground, knocked on a nearby tree, counted till three, then did the most obvious thing. He started crossing the rail less bridge on his belly, with his face scrunched up badly. Maybe his acrophobia had something to do with the waterfall of sweat that had formed, but then again, maybe it didn’t. He kept moving forward, until his head hit a certain object.”

    The image of the crows flickered, and human F5 cultivator wannabes were visible, but just for a second, as the torrent of rare and invaluable information flowing out of the man’s mouth turned them into a variety of creature; vultures, eagles, osprey, cats, and god knows what.

    “Eldorado didn’t care; he still couldn’t see the bottom of the chasm, and wanted to get away from it, as soon as possible. He kept on trying to move forward, but couldn’t. After a few minutes, He looked up, to see a pair of shoes standing in his way. What did he do? Did he panic? Did he pee himself? Did he fall and die? No! He displayed the alertness and calm mindedness which had helped him out so much during his cultivation, and in a dignified and elegant manner, he began kissing the shoe.” 

    "His skillful shoe kissing softened the heart of the shoe owner. Eldorado had bumped into him, and had continued to push against him, but had made up for it with by smothering the shoe with his saliva; the shoe owner had wanted to buy new shoes, and this would serve as the perfect excuse.

    "Stand, child", an ancient voice sounded, and Eldorado looked up, remorse and apology written all over his face. Even the most cold hearted person would have had a reaction when faced with such a face, and since he had kissed the shoes earlier, the shoe owner's heart was already softened, and the tearful face delivered the last blow.
    The shoe owner bent down, and gently lifted Eldorado up. The shoe owner was a man whose age was impossible to gauge; his face was a bright and springy one, but his body, under his hot pink shirt with a black hibiscus on it and his fluoroscent yellow pant and cyan shoes, seemed somewhat frail, and showed signs of old age.

    "Art thou the one who goeth by the name of Eldorado on the BrightNet?"

    "Aye, tis filthy one who is not worthy of licking thy boots goes by the name of Eldorado, but I hath not heard of the BrightNet that the great one speaks of."

    "Oh, so you are unworthy of licking my boots, but are more than willing to kiss them?"
    said the pink shirted senior, a stern look on his face.

    "I beg thee to forgive me for that offense." said Eldorado, his face contorting with pain and remorse for having dared to spoil the purity of the man's shoe's.
    The man continued staring at him harshly, and Eldorado withered under his gaze, and years of his life were being shaved off. Then, suddenly, the man laughed.
    "Hahahaha, I got you good, didn't I? Oh my ping, your Shakespearean English is hilarious. Drop it, and forget the matter about the shoes. I wanted to buy new shoes anyway. Anyway, welcome, Eldorado, or should I say Daoist Eldorado. My name is Daoist Trendy, and I am the gatekeeper of the F5 Sect. I am also an instructor, so calling me senior would be inappropriate, call me either teacher or instructor Trendy. You are now a member of the F5 Sect. Follow me, or you will end up getting lost in the mist; the last person who was lost ended up falling to his death in the chasm. And incase you were windering as to why I am called Trendy, just look at my wonderful attire!"

    Eldorado swallowed, looked at his companion's clothes, bit his naughty and uncontrollable and subdued his urge to look into the chasm in an attempt to locate the dead body. He followed Trendy closely, and the mist cleared. The sight that greeted him left Eldorado speechless.

    A black wall stood in front of them, with " The F5 Sect" written in white. The wall was massive, nearly 50m tall, and gave off an aura of independence and strength. Looking back at his reaction, Trendy then said,"Go on, feel the wall, and tell me what you think."

    Eldorado gingerly felt the wall, and felt that it was made of tiny bricks, each one about the size of a fourth of his thumb. He wondered as to what the could be, and then the answer struck him, and the feeling of reverence towards that massive structure only increased.

    "Keys....oh my ping, they are keyboard keys! This entire made of keyboard keys!"

    "You have got good perception kid. Yeah, its made of keyboard keys, and was constructed by the founder of the F5 Sect, using the keys from the keyboards that he had broken on the path of cultivation. Thats that, now, lets enter it, the F5 Sect."
    Trendy took out a medallion and stuck it against the wall; and no, it wasn't the same as mine, it was a bronze medallion, which didn't have the internet boosting feature, nor did it have the wifi feature. Moving on, he stuck his medallion into the wall, and the area under the words "The F5 Sect" started to slowly open."

    "F5 Moral: Always, always remain alert. His alertness, along with some insane luck, allowed Eldorado to enter the good books of Gatekeeper Trendy, and more importantly, prevented Trendy from attempting a finesse shot on his head, or maybe a bicycle kick; his head was in the perfect position for him to play football, but his quick kissing saved his life! Always remain alert, and always have your wits around you, you never know when you will need to use them!"

    The man left, and groans of "cliffhanger-lover" and "sadistic old man" rang out in the cyber cafe.
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    Chapter 8

    The rooster crowed, and a huge group of people who had gathered outside the cyber café groggily woke up, and crawled out of their sleeping bags. The cyber café was limited in size, and good seats were taken early. For the first few days after the man had begun narrating his stories, although many people listened to him, they didn’t argue over where they sat. But ever since the tales of Daoist Eldorado had started circulating on the “Forum for F5 Wannabes”, and legends about the mysterious former F5 Sect Cultivators had begun spreading, even getting enough place inside the cyber café had become difficult. In the end, all the customers would pay for the systems, but no one would use them; atleast while the man was narrating his story. The loyal customers would then proceed cultivate, fired up after hearing stories of legendary beings, while the others who had visited the café solely for the purpose of listening to the man, or the ‘legendary senior’, would leave for their homes.

    Business was booming, and Kate was happy as happy could be. Her cultivation and her revenue, the two most important things in her life were doing wonderfully; some customers were willing to pay her even if there weren’t any free systems, and Kate was happy to oblige.  The people waiting outside woke up at dawn, and waited patiently for Kate to open the café. When she arrived, the crowd split into two, like Moses parting the Red Sea. She walked through the passage, and opened the door; for a moment, everything was peaceful, but everyone knew, that it was only the calm before the storm.

    All the waiting customers stared at each other, no one was willing to make the first move. A girl standing close to the door suddenly fell, and all hell broke loose. Her Kevlar combined with her riot shield would keep her from getting crushed, but she was forced to retreat and lost her chance at getting a seat inside the café.The customers fought to enter the café, pushed, jostled each other. A sudden flashbang made many of them dizzy, but a few who had predicted it thanked their earplugs and their sunglasses for the little protection they offered.
    Kate waited calmly near the inner entrance to the café; she had come fully prepared, and nothing could hurt her. She was equipped like a juggernaut.  A smoke grenade blocked the vision of the warriors, but Kate just pulled out the multipurpose weapon which most women (and quite a few men) use on a daily basis; the hairdryer. She used it to keep her line of sight from getting clouded.

    A half dead male (or female) who was wearing a medieval knight’s suit of armor was the first one to enter the café, and as he walked towards his seat in his creaking armor, he felt the exhilaration and the thrill that a knight feels when he crushes the enemy.

    Kate wondered as to how he had managed to fit a gas mask under the helmet, but was forced to stop her mental train when a female wearing army fatigues entered, with her left hand swinging a handbag, which seemed like a terrifying wrecking ball. A face appeared, and as a third member prepared to enter the cafe, the wrecking ball struck, and forced the victim back into the rabble.

    Slowly, more and more people trickled in, and by the time the man entered, the cafe was full. The man entered, sat in his seat, and began.

    "The scene that Eldorado saw upon passing through the gateway reminded him of airport terminals, but that was just for a second. Many people were walking about in a hurry, looking at either their tablets or their mobiles, while others were sitting and staring at their laptop screens. Numerous pillars with 'F5 Wifi' inscribed on them were scattered across the square. These pillars were white, with the inscription in black, and were surrounded by many recliner chairs, which were occupied by the laptop maniacs. Optical fibres also poked out from the pillar, and were connected to the laptops of those sitting closer to the pillars.

    The edge of the square was filled with shops; donuts, coffee, pizzas, shawarmas, burgers, croissants, meatbuns, kebabs, caffinated drinks for the coffee haters, green tea, snack bars, momos; grilled, fried and roast chicken, beef, bacon, lamb and venision; khabsa laham, bentos for the lazy ones and noodles; each and every food item that any F5 Sect Cultivator could ever hope to eat was there. Just looking at the scene made Eldorado salivate.

    In the middle of the square, there was 4 huge screens, one facing each side, which read 'The Hall of Fame'. On the screens were names, and even without explanation, Eldorado knew that each and ever single person whose name was mentioned in the Hall of Fame was a net-lagging genius. Suddenly, all the people who were present in the square stopped all their activites and started operating their devices, with a crazy look in their eyes.

    Then, all heads turned towards the screens. A loud boom echoed, and ten names replaced the names in the Hall of Fame, and the text on the screens changed from 'The Hall of Fame' to 'The Top Ten - DarkNet 1', and a voice announced,

    "Congrrattulationsss to the Top Ten [DarkNet 1] on the latest chapter release! Each person will be awarded F5 Points depending on their rank! The message for the rest, work hard for the next release!"

    And this was just the square. Trendy watched Eldorado's reaction from the sidelines, clearly amused. He then took the hand of the dazed Eldorado, and led him away from the square.

    "The F5 Sect is shaped like a rectangle; there are four squares, one on each corner of the sect. Each square had a different server, and there are a total of 4 servers. Oh, right. I forgot to tell you about the DarkNet. The internet you knew about in the outside world is not the same as the internet inside the sect. The sect has many, many cultivators, and if all of them were to compete for the top comments, then the non-cultivators' comments would be pushed down, atleast to the thousands, if not to the ten thousands."

    "To prevent such a problem from occuring, the F5 Sect, along with a few other cultivation sects, set up the DarkNet. The chapters which are released on the BrightNet, or the usual internet, are simultaneously released on the DarkNet as well. All the disciples of the F5 Sect and the other sects can compete for the top comments on the DarkNet. The top rankers on the DarkNet are allowed to compete for the top positions on the BrightNet. Sorry, for complicating things on your first day, but do try and keep all that I say in mind. "

    "Anyway, the squares' servers are nothing more than domestic F5 servers, where cultivators can polish their skills and gain F5 Points by placing within the Top Ten. Ehat are F5 Points? They are the currency used in the F5 Sect. You want a new monitor, or a new mouse, you need to purchase it using F5 Points. You want food? Buy it using F5 Points. The F5 Points are stored within your F5 medallion, which I will give you later. The Sect gives each cultivator 1000 F5 Points per month. Each cultivator is equal, and recieves the exact same number of F5 Points; even I, despite being an Instructor, recieve only 1000 F5 Points every month. Additional F5 Poijts can be obtained, aside from ranking in the Top Ten on a server or the DarkNet, by performing services or undertaking missions for the sect."

    "The corners of the rectangle are the locations of the squares, and along the two longer sides of the rectangle are the residences of the F5 Sect Cultivators. The outer most residences are free, but as you move closer to the center of the rectangle, the residences become more and more luxurious, and you are required to pay a rent for living their their usage. Shops and Associations, along with the Instructor's shops and the Auction House are located along one of the shorter sides of the rectangle. The other short side has the arena, the Mission Hall and the hospital. The food which we consume is grown just outside the F5 Sect, and is grown using the latest techniques, aeroponics, selective breeding etc."

    "In the center of the F5 Sect is the main headquarters of the F5 Sect, where retirees and senior cultivators of the Sect live. It also has the entrance to the underground, which is where the F5 Factory is located. Did you wonder as to how the F5 Sect gets money? By making computer hardware. Each and every single computer hardware company out there buys our hardware, tinkers with it a bit, changes the label and the appearance, then sells it under its own name. Of course, the larger companies buy our expensive hardware while the smaller ones buy the cheaper hardware. The hardware is then sent to the companies, our clients, by air. Our fleet of Chinooks skillfully take off from inside the chasm, and deliver the goods to our clients. This information of no use to you, but I thought that I might as well tell you, since you will end up hearing about it from some person or the other."

    "Here you go, this is your F5 Sect medallion. Keep it safe; it is an identity card, a debit card, and your house key all rolled into one. If you lose it, you can apply for a new one at the headquarters, but you will have to pay a fine and will have to sleep out in the open for the few days it will take for preparing the new medallion. Good luck, from here on out you are on your own."

    Daoist Trendy handed a tin medallion to Eldorado, before bidding farewell. The medallion was simple, with the words, "The F5 Sect" written in the center. He found a magnetic strip and a number, #5207, when he turned the medallion over. He then moved towards the dwellings. He found that they were all numbered, and started searching for his own dwelling."

    "I have done it! I have made it to the F5 Sect! I am an F5 Sect Cultivator!"
    Those thoughts kept whizzing and zooming through his brain, and he felt a feeling of satisfaction, and along with it, a desire to excel."

    The man stopped, and stared at the audience. He took a sip of water, and then took another, and then another, and enjoyed the impatient looks on their faces, and being the sadist that he was, he decided to torture them by subjecting them to another sleepless night.

    "F5 Moral: The most important thing for a cultivator aside from his inner qualities, the computer hardware and the ping is the atmosphere he spends his time with. A competitive atmosphere will promote his growth, while a casual and laid back atmosphere will cause his growth to stagnate! So compete! Compete with others! If there are no people for you to compete with, then compete with yourself! Surpass others, surpass yourself!"

    After the man, left, the seated audience, in unision, chanted, "Sadistic old man!"

    Cliffhangers had become routine, and had turned most of the customers into insomniacs; therapy had become useless, and they had chosen stories over sleep.
  • Thanks to you, for your hard work.
    What you're doing is wonderful. So keep going, and in behalf of all the F5's sect cultivators out there, I would like to thank you again.
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    @Axelsox smiley  Thanks for your encouragement . It means alot to know that people read my story, and actually like it! I can guarantee that I will continue to pump out the chapters as long as I know that there is even one person who is enjoying them.(even if that one person is me lol )
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    Sorry for the delay, things popped up. Will post another chap soon

    Chapter 9

    Another day, another story. The customers gathered in the cyber café as usual. Upon inspecting their attire, an outsider would conclude that they were soldiers who had just finished a battle, and were listening to their commander’s story.

    The man began,

    “Eldorado walked towards along the longer side of the rectangle, his eyes scanning the top of the houses that ran along the longer sides of the rectangle. There were numbers on top of the houses, with the number on top of the house corresponding to the number on ones F5 Sect medallion.

    “5200, 5201, 5202, 5203, 5204, 5205, 5206 and there we go; 5207.”

    Eldorado, after a long walk, reached the dwelling that was assigned to him. The house was white, and had an oak door. The houses were joined at the sides, and had small lawns in front of them, which were separated by grass hedges. Eldorado walked up to the door, and in the area where a keyhole should have been present was a circular depression. The depressed area was not made of oak wood, but was made of glass. Eldorado took his medallion, and placed it in the depression. The door opened with a quiet whoosh. Eldorado furtively nudged the door open, and surreptitiously stepped inside. He ran his fingers along the wall of the house, in an attempt to find the light switch. A woman’s voice rang out, and Eldorado jumped.

    “Welcome, Daoist. I am Rel and I am the one who takes care of all the dwellings in the F5 Sect. My CPU is very powerful and can take care of the demands of all the inhabitants of the F5 Sect simultaneously, so do not hesitate to state any request that you may have.”

    It took Eldorado a few seconds to locate his tongue, and a few more seconds to free it from the knot that it had managed to tie itself into due to sudden shock; truly, the human body contains many mysteries. After disentangling it he spoke,

    “Um..Rel, can you turn on the lights?”

    No sooner had he spoken that the lights turned on, and illuminated the house.


    The house had a single floor, and consisted of a single bedroom, a kitchenette, and a living room. Each of the rooms had a central touchscreen control panel, which controlled the various functions that could be performed in the particular room, and Rel used the control panel and its speaker to interact with the user.

    Eldorado spent a long time exploring the house; and the time that he spent was disprapotionate to the area of the room, but he wanted to be thorough. He had very few things that actually interested him, and very few activities which he undertook, but if he ever undertook a task or developed a particular interest, he would follow it through to the very end! That was his determination, his way of living! That was his Dao Path! And he would remain true to it, and would apply it, even in his day to day life.

    Eldorado finished scanning the house, and sat down on the three seat white leather sofa which along with a 1m x 1m LCD television, a recliner cream-coloured single seat sofa and a 2 meter lamp with a teak neck completed the furniture of the living room.

    His Sherlock-like inspection had wrung him out, and he was on the verge of dozing off when the bell rang, and Rel spoke.

    "Daoist Eldorado, Daoist Rino is at the door and wishes to meet you."

    Eldorado started, and shook his head to clear his brain.

    "Let him in."

    Eldorado had just reached the door when it swung open, and revealed the person who was standing on the other side. Eldorado stopped breathing, and stared. For some reason, upon hearing the name of the other party, 'Rino', he had mentally conjured an image of a half-man half-rhino, or a rhinotaur if you will, but the subject in question was different from his mental image that Eldorado's brain decided to cease functioning. Add to that the fact that the Daoist Rino was a beautiful girl with skin like ebony and fine black hair, finer than the cluster of fibres that make up optical fibres, and you will find that it was a miracle that Eldorado did not lose conciousness at that moment. Perhaps his alert mind actually increased the shock. Anyway, as Eldorado stood gaping, Daoist Rino started giggling.

    "What, did you expect a man? Perhaps a large, bulky man? You really shoudn't judge a book by its cover."

    Her voice, which possessed the charm which only the fairer sex can wield, broke the spell, and Eldorado's mind rebooted.

    "I am sorry for my rude behavior. My name is Daoist Eldorado, and this is my first day in the sect. Please come in, Elder sister Rino."

    Rino seemed somewhat surprised that Eldorado had recovered after such a short time, and raised her eyebrows, before walking into the house and sitting on the large sofa. Eldorado sat on the recliner sofa; after all, he did not want to offend his senior by sitting on the same sofa as her, and making what might seem like advances.

    Looking at him, and noting his decision to sit away from her, she smiled.

    "You seem like a sharp one."

     Eldorado didn't reply. He couldn't reply. He did not know what to say, and he did not want to risk offending a senior on his first day, so he said nothing. To talk is human, to remain silent divine....You all have heard of that, haven't you? Moving back to the story…

    "Wow, I am impressed. Someone who not only recovers quickly after having his initial image of Daoist 'Rhino' shattered, but also takes the correct decisions, and moreover, takes them quickly, all to avoid offending his senior. Eldorado, was it? I will remember that name. See you later, younger brother Eldorado."

    Saying this, she got up, and walked up to the door, before producing a medallion, and opening the door. She walked away, without sparing as much as a glance back at him.

    After she left, Eldorado asked Rel to close the door before crash diving onto the recliner.

    "So it seems like one can use the medallion to open the door from inside any house. She covered her medallion with her hand, and I could not see the colour of the medallion; what a pity. Oh well, atleast I know her name. Rino, huh. Seems like there are all kinds of people here, and she did give me one good piece of advice. I can't afford to judge a person by their appearance or name, especially in the F5 Sect."

    F5 Moral: Never judge a person by his or her appearance or name. Doing so is tantamount to commiting suicide, for many people with ordinary or unappealing appearances or weird names might turn out to be monsters, while those with 'cool' names and 'beautiful' and 'handsome' appearances might turn out to be lice of the first grade."

    "That is all for today, goodbye and goodnight folks!"

    Blank stares greeted him, and a faint tinge of red emerged on the man's face as he said,

    "I just wanted to try saying that once to a group of people. Don't mind me."

    No comments, no laughter. Only looks of pity were directed towards the man with the shiny bald head.

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    Whew, got another chapter out to make up for the huuugee gap between chapter 8 and 9. I may try pushing another one out, if my brain permits. And btw, sorry for the slow plot.

    Chapter 10

    Rapid paintball-fire and blasting grenades. A boy with a multitude of colours splattered over his breastplate lay down behind a tree, a weeping girl beside him.

    “Don’t cry Ria. Your tears malign your beauty. Its alright, go on ahead. We knew that for both of us to get a seat inside the cyber café was impossible. I planned on doing everything I could to secure a place inside the café for you, but your pathetic boyfriend has reached his limit.”

    “No, no, no! Shaw! You promised. You promised that both of us would sit and listen to the elder’s teachings together. We can still do it.”

    “Well, promises are meant to be broken. I will distract them, you take the opportunity to make a run for the café entrance.”

    The girl wiped away her tears before asking,

    “What about your promise that you would always like me? Will you break that as well?”

    The boy laughed, and then coughed.

    “Oh that promise. I have already broken it. You see, I no longer like you. I love you. So go!”

    Tears filled the eyes of the girl, before a look of determination replaced the sorrowful look that had previously occupied her eyes.

    “I love you too, you pig headed nincompoop! Next time, you’re the one who gets in!”

    The boy stood up, guns in both hands. The girl held a riot shield in one hand, and a handgun in the other. The boy ran out from behind the tree, only to be greeted by a barrage of coloured bullets, which hit his body, his face, his limbs. The boy shook, the forced pushed him back, but he balanced himself, and started firing bullets from his paintball gun. Few found their mark, but he didn’t care. They achieved the purpose he had in mind. He was but a distraction, and as all the fire was directed towards him, a slender figure dashed forward, towards the cyber café which was around 100m away, reaching the door in just under 10 seconds. Wonderful and terrifying is the strength that love can give you.

    She ran through the door, and sat down in the midst of soldiers whose uniforms were painted bright yellow, blue, red, green, indigo, violet, orange, aquamarine, navy blue, olive green, sunset crimson, baby blue, and purple.

    Eldorado was about to doze off, when Rel interrupted his journey to Dreamlandia; again.

    "Daoist Eldorado, Daoist Button wishes to meet you."

    Eldorado took a bit longer to recover as compared to last time. After recovering, he composed himself, and cleared all the mental images he had created after hearing the name 'Button'. He reprimanded his brain, which kept throwing images of shirts with faces instead of buttons, and for some reason, a head being served instead of mutton. That, ladies and gentlemen boys and girls, is the human brain. Go figure.

    Anyway, after clearing his brain of all the images, Eldorado asked Rel to open the door, and stood on the other side of the door, ready to welcome his senior brother or sister.

    The door opened, and revealed a orange haired boy, with fair skin and orange eyes, who was wearing a orange shirt, which a dark orange blazer, and an even darker orange jeans. Although everything was orange, they was all different shades of orange. which somehow suited him really well, and made him seem quite handsome.

    "Senior brother Or-I mean senior brother Button, this one named Eldorado greets you."

    The boy who was facing him looked at him closely, before smiling.

    "Wondering as to why there is so much orange on me? Its my favourite colour, nothing more. Althought if I wore the same outfit anywhere else in the world I would be laughed at, or stared at, out here in the F5 Sect, no one cares about your clothing or appearance, so I can do whatever I want to."

    "Am I supposed to reply?? Oh god, so many weirdos!"

    Eldorado could help but moan in the sanctuary of his mental space.

    "So, did that %#*! visit you?"

    "Umm....Excuse me?"

    " Did that &@+~# named Rino visit you?"

    Eldorado scratched the back of his head, before replying

    "Yes, senior sister did visit me a few minutes back."

    "Wow.. this citrus fruit's vocabulary is impressive. To think that those two words could be used together, and moreover, would create such an amazing sound!"

    Eldorado's thoughts caused him to blush, but luckily for him, Button saw the redness as something else; he saw it as the mark of a fellow sufferer, another one who had been subjected to the same test as himself.

    "Don't you worry, junior brother Eldorado! One day, I swear, I shall get my revenge!"

    Button did clasp Eldorado to his bosom, but the look in his eye left no doubt that if Eldorado wanted it, then he would do it, and moreover, do it with zero hesitation. Eldorado slowly edged backwards. His elder brother's...ah...taste...seemed a bit..queer, and he had no intention of being involved in a relationship with him, or any other male for that matter. Luckily, Button's next words mended the rift which had formed, and would have destroyed their relationship in the future.

    "Worry not, I too have, just like the rest of the newer disciples, been humiliated, thanks to that $)&@#%£ Rino!"

    Eldorado mentally berated himself. How could someone who could combine simple words to create such wonders ever stray in that direction?

    "Thanks you elder brother Button, thank you!"

    "Can I call you Eldorado? You can call me Mutton. I joined only a couple of months back, and we both seem to be of the same age."

    "Of course Mutton. Can I ask a question though?"

    "Why Mutton and not Button, right?"


    "Well, you see, I chose the name Button, but some smart #@! changed it to butt ton. So, please call me Mutton. Cause it rhymes with button, and, well, I don’t dislike mutton. I live in the house beside yours, which is why I came to visit you, but that /:;#><~€^. beat me to it. See you later Eldorado."

    "Another great mystery of the world is solved. Butt ton. That is amazing. Need to meet the guy who thought of that."

    Eldorado made a mental note as he watched his neighbour enter his own house.

    As he stood at the door, he felt an overpowering urge, an urge to go out and explore the F5 Sect. But he was tired, and he had discovered after his inspection that Rel would deliver a basic meal to each inhabitant of the sect, so he wasn’t worried about food. Sleep first, explore later. With that thought in mind, Eldorado headed up to the bedroom, while ordering Rel to inform any other sleep haters who visited that he was sleeping. He fell onto the bed, and finally, finally was able to fall asleep.

    F5 Moral: A calm, alert and well rested mind is of greater importance in the life of an F5 Sect cultivator than in the life of any other human. A sleepy mind will not only slow down your reaction time, it will also cause your brain to fart; simple and silly errors which will make you want to dig a hole and hide! So, sleep, sleep well and continue cultivating!”

    The man left, and a person from the crowd muttered loudly,

    “Sleep, he says. What sleep, with all the damn cliffhangers you throw at us! Why doesn’t he come and sing me a lullaby?!  I listened to 3 recorded lectures on organic chemistry, but was still unable to sleep. Sleep? That’s a thing of the past!”

    The audience members consoled each other by sharing ideas of torture methods which they could try out on the man; Kate and Drake, two of the man’s earliest acquaintances, spearheaded this discussion.


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