混沌雷修 (Chaotic Lightning Cultivation) by 写字板 (Writing Board/WordPad)



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    Chapter 11: Firmament City

    “Nonsense!” Little Fatty was not foolish, he immediately said “Monkey, don’t think that just because you capitulate, those bastards would let you off. Let me tell you, if we go out today, it would be considered a good thing if we could die a quick death! Don’t forget, I destroyed Gan Xing’s little brother! Unless Wang Zhong can find a heavenly elixir, Gan Xing can only be a eunuch in this lifetime of his!”

    “Goodness, Fatty bro, you were really merciless.” Little Monkey exclaimed in shock.

    “Nonsense, if I wasn’t merciless, he would have crippled you!” Little Fatty said with frustration. “If not for the fact that I was afraid of Enforcement Hall finding trouble, I would have wanted to kill him!”

    “Fatty bro, if I’m crippled, I’m just crippled. Now that I’ve pulled you in, how can I bear to~” Little Monkey cried worriedly.

    “Bullshit, what sort of relationship do with have? If not for the fact that you have been looking out for me in the canteen, I would have long starved to death. Just to save some food, you have been beaten by the steward of the canteen so many times!” Little Fatty said solemnly “Now that I have entered the outer court and if you were to be crippled without me seeking vengeance, would I still be considered human?”

    “Fatty bro~” Little Monkey was moved to tears

    “Let’s not talk about this now!” Little Fatty impatiently waved his hands and said “Your bones are fractured badly. Only with the help of elixirs can it be fixed, if not you’ll be crippled!”

    “Elixir?” After hearing it, Little Monkey laughed bitterly and said “That is refined by practitioners, it is said that every pill costs, at least, a few spiritual stones. Where would our money come from? It seems that my arm is crippled for sure!”

    “Don’t be discouraged, I have a way!” Little Fatty comforted “I’ll go out to find some medicine tomorrow. I may be back only in a few days. You stay here yourself, but you must not go out. If you are caught by them, we’re doomed for sure!”

    “Fatty Bro, you cannot go out! That bastard Wang Zhong must be searching for you all over!” Little Fatty worriedly said, “Since my arm is already like that, just ignore it!”

    “Hmph! Wang Zhong my ass! This time, when I head out, it is to take his life!” Little Fatty growled angrily.

    “Ah? Fatty Bro, you~” Little Monkey exclaimed.

    “Alright, don’t bother about this anymore!” as Little Fatty finished, he took out a large amount of food from his dimensional storage item, and began cooking.

    In just a while, the dishes which Little Fatty prepared was ready. Little Monkey did not have much of an appetite, adding the fact that he was seriously injured, he only ate a bit. Instead, Little Fatty blithely ate 10 days’ worth of food in a breath. Little Monkey was stunned and he couldn’t help but ask “Fatty Bro, isn’t it said that when a practitioner cultivates to the later stages, he would eat less? Why does it seem that you’re eating more than in the past?”

    “I don’t know, but since I’m hungry, I’ll just eat more!” Little Fatty did not dare to say the truth and so he found a random excuse, and said “Okay, you should begin meditating! I’ll leave at daybreak tomorrow!”

    “Okay!” Little Monkey stopped talking and closed his eyes to cultivate with Little Fatty.

    The next day, Little Fatty woke up early in the morning and made some breakfast for Little Monkey. After leaving all the food behind, he began to leave on his flying sword.

    Just as Little Fatty flew out of the Sky Ravine, he noticed that something abnormal. Despite the fact that it was still dark, but there were a few torches of light flashing around. It was obviously people searching for someone with a lit torch.

    With just a look, Little Fatty understood what was going on. He hurriedly landed his flying sword, because the flying sword was too big a target, and was easily spotted. Instead, he would be more indiscernible running on the ground. Regarding speed, now was not the time to contemplate about this.

    Luckily, it was at the break of dawn, which is also when it was the darkest. Thus, as Little Fatty walked stealthily within the vegetation, it really wasn’t easy to spot him. Added to the fact that the mountains were very huge, he was not afraid of being spotted at the moment.

    Little Fatty’s destination was the interior of the Mystical Sky Yard, where it was very near to the inner courts. The name of the place was called Shifting Towers (T/N: The original name of the place referred to a tower which is used for transportation). From there, he can be transported out. Shifting Towers was not just a building, but it was a plot of majestic infrastructure. When he was younger, Little Fatty frequently went there to play. But after his parents passed on, he stopped going.

    Little Fatty did not lose his memory and was very familiar with the routes to the place. There were many routes towards that place, he did not dare to take the main road, and could only choose the most concealed path, nearest to the mountain path.

    Despite the fact that the route he took was concealed, Little Fatty could still occasionally see people with lit torches searching for him. He could even hear people shouting “Song Zhong, come out, I can see you!”

    “Fatty, Wang Zhong senior said, as long as you come out and apologize, this matter is over! But if you were to continue hiding, in a fit of rage he would take care of you! Brother, I can’t bear to see you in trouble, that’s why I came to inform you. If you can hear me, hurry up and come forth!”

    After hearing this, Little Fatty almost laughed to his death. ‘They even dare to use such a low-level trick? Gan Xing, who had all his limbs broken, such humiliation can be settled with just an apology? Who are you trying to kid?”

    After adroitly circumventing past all the ignorant idiots, Little Fatty continued his stealth mission. Although Little Fatty tried his best to move as fast as possible, he still did not manage to arrive at the Shifting Towers before the sky was bright. The distance was too far, he could not fly but rely on his 2 legs, and he even had to avoid all the people searching for him.

    According to calculations, if he flew on his sword, he would have reached when they began their operations. Even if he arrived early, he could only wait if they were not opened.

    But, it appears that the plan had been changed quickly. The people who Wang Zhong hired, unknowingly delayed Little Fatty. This resulted in him being found by someone when it was bright. At this moment, he was only a few dozen miles away from the Shifting Towers.

    The person who found Little Fatty was a skinny and tanned servant, who he did not know was from which yard. From afar, he could see Little Fatty’s plump body bouncing around in the mountains, akin to an agile leopard. If not for the fact that he saw it personally, he would not have believed that this chubby Little Fatty possessed such agile movements.

    Of course, how Little Fatty skill was, was not a concern to him. He could only be bothered about the reward. So, after he found Little Fatty, he immediately shouted: “Fatty, I found him, I found the fatty!” As he was shouting, he began walking towards Little Fatty to block his path.

    It didn’t matter if he was just shouting, but his shout garnered the attention of everyone in the surrounding. His voice was so loud, that in a breath, he garnered the attention of more than 10 people. When they saw that it was really Little Fatty, they were overjoyed and began running over one after another. Luckily these guys were all just servants and have not reached the XianTian stage. They could not fly and could only run over. If not, Little Fatty would really be in trouble.

    Seeing the people who happily obstructed him, Little Fatty was enraged! He was angered to the point his head emitted steam. He was also too lazy to say anything, but rushed over and gave the servant a kick. The poor child, who was blinded by the reward, forgot the ability gap between him and Little Fatty. By the time he remembered, he was already sent flying by a kick.

    This kick of Little Fatty, contained all his frustrations and augmented by the momentum which was generated while rushing over, was full of force. The force exceeded Little Fatty’s expectations, and with a kick, he sent this 20 plus year old teen flying. When he landed, there were also loud snapping sounds, evidently many bones were broken. As he flew through the sky, he spat a mouthful of blood and landed in a grass patch 100 feet away. His life and death simply could not be determined.

    An angered Little Fatty did not have the mood to think about this. He only had one thought, and that was to run for his life! After he sent the guy who was in his way flying, Little Fatty, as though he was a stray dog, began to run towards the Shifting Towers with all his life.

    The servants in the surrounding were all intimidated by Little Fatty’s kick. They only shouted, but did not dare to approach him. But, there were a few who did not want to give up, they successively shouted and ran over, and wanted to use their numbers to slow Little Fatty down.

    They know that Little Fatty had just entered the XianTian stage, and did not have the time to cultivate any spells. Thus, even though his battle prowess was stronger than theirs, it was still limited. If Little Fatty had learned even the lowest grade of attack spell, these people would not have dared to come and court their death.

    Even though their battle prowess could not be compared to Little Fatty, having 7 or 8 people pouncing towards him at once was still a troublesome affair. Whether or not he could beat them down was a question. Even if he could, he would still have to spend quite some time. At that time, if an expert of the XianTian stage who knew how to fly on swords and cast spells came, Little Fatty would be finished.

    With this in mind, Little Fatty became anxious. He immediately took out his flying sword and wanted to hack someone first! In the end, as they saw something lethal in Little Fatty’s hands, they were immediately scared and scattered in all directions.

    Little Fatty was stunned for a moment, after which he slapped his forehead and said “Why did I bother with them, it would have been settled if I just flew away. I was angered by these bastards to the point I was not thinking clearly!”

    After saying this, Little Fatty quickly began flying on the sword and flew above the heads of the servants. The servants were all stunned by this sight. The person they were chasing could fly. Even if you beat them to death they could not catch up.

    Although Little Fatty was plump and his flying posture was as ugly as a duck, he was flying 100 feet high. He did not need to bother with the servants once he was in the sky. Just when he thought that he escaped and wanted to catch his breath. There was a woman who shouted at him from behind “The little fatty ahead, stop now. If not don’t blame me if I don’t show mercy!”

    As Little Fatty turned back to look, he was immediately startled. Out of nowhere, a lady who knew how to fly swords started to chase him. Although this young lady was very beautiful and memorizing, but in Little Fatty’s eyes, she was scarier than a venomous snake! This was because Little Fatty not only recognized her but had suffered in her hands before!

    This lady was called Han Ling Feng, she was a dual (fire and ice) elemental cultivator. 7 or 8 years ago, she was already a XianTian expert. She liked to play pranks on people normally, whenever Little Fatty met her while throwing rubbish, he would definitely be played by her. If she was feeling good, she would use a water ball, drenching Little Fatty. If she was feeling mean, she would use a fireball to burn him. Last time, Little Fatty clothes were all burnt away by her, forcing him to run around naked, becoming the biggest joke amongst the servants. This resulted in a shadow in his heart. He once swore, if he had the chance, he would definitely ravage her. He also imagined letting this aloof practitioner being under his crotch, dominating her. But, Little Fatty did not expect that before his abilities could develop, he would be at her mercy again..
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    Chapter 12: Escaping Pitifully

    Little Fatty knew that things weren’t good. The amount of time which she spent cultivating was much longer. She had already reached the 3rd Level of the XianTian stage, which was 2 levels above him. Her flying sword was also of a better grade and was unequivocally faster. If he allowed her to catch up, he would be dead for sure!

    Thus, the moment he saw that it was her, without a second word, he immediately sped up and fled. Thoughts about stopping didn’t even come across his mind.

    Han Ling Feng saw that Little Fatty ignored her and not only continued running but even speeding up. She got pissed off, laughing coldly she said: “Stupid Fatty who does not know what is good for you, do you think that you can escape from the palms of my hand? Look like I have to teach you a lesson!”

    As she said, she pointed with her delicate fingers and softly said, “Fire~”

    The moment she said it, a ball of fire, which was as big as a bowl, smashed towards Little Fatty like a meteor.

    Although Little Fatty was escaping with all his might, it did not slip his mind to observe the danger behind him. The moment he saw that the opponent had attacked, he did not dare to delay, and dodged with all his might, avoiding the fireball by a small margin.

    Seeing that the fireball was avoided, she was enraged and thought to herself: ‘If I cannot even stop a trash like him, wouldn’t I become the joke amongst people in future?’ Thinking about this, Han Ling Feng’s competitive spirit surfaced, both her hands waving and released fireballs consecutively.

    This put Little Fatty in a sorry state as the speed of the fireball was already originally fast, dodging one of it when he was flying on his sword was already not bad, but with the opponent consecutively firing it, it was not something which could be dodged relying on his mastery of the flying sword. Helplessly, Little Fatty could only land and use his legs to avoid the fireballs. He became as agile as a leopard once on the ground, relying on the terrain to dodge every fireball while at the same time sprinting forward.

    In the eyes of the spectators, a comedic scene was happening. Little Fatty was like a stray dog, crazily escaping while Han Ling Feng, who was behind, mercilessly and continuously shooting out fireballs. Along with a chain of explosions when the fireballs landed on the ground, Little Fatty miraculously did not fall and was still crazily running for his life.

    Although Little Fatty could avoid a direct hit by the fireball, he could not avoid the explosive radius of it. Thus, the clothes he was wearing were long ago charred by the sparks of the explosion, resulting in holes all over. Even his face was burnt black by the smoke, not mentioning how pitiful he was.

    Luckily, when Han Ling Feng met Little Fatty, he was not far from the Shifting Towers. So, after Little Fatty persistently sprinted for a while, Han Ling Feng had no choice but to give up the hunt. After all, they were chasing him in private, and this should not be exposed. The Shifting Towers was considered an important place within the Mystical Sky Yard, where there were experts stationed all year round. Han Ling Feng would never dare to kill an outer court disciple in the presence of the sect elders.

    Thus, when Little Fatty could see the Shifting Towers from afar, Han Ling Feng had no choice but to stop. No matter how much she wanted the 10 pieces of spiritual stone, she did not dare to make trouble here openly.

    Although Han Ling Feng stopped, she did not leave. Instead, she controlled her flying sword to hover over Little Fatty and fiercely said “Stupid fatty, don’t think that just because you reached the Shifting Towers you are safe. Come back with me quietly, and I can plead leniency to Wang Zhong senior on your behalf. If not, unless you can stay in there forever, you are doomed for sure!”

    Little Fatty did not answer her directly, instead, he took out his flying sword and continued rushing. Only when he reached the entrance of the Shifting Towers, did he grin towards Han Ling Feng and said “Han Ling Feng right?”

    “That’s right, I am your great aunt!” Han Ling Feng laughed coldly and said: “What do you want!”

    “I just wanted to say,” Little Fatty maintained his grin and said: “Stupid bitch, you’re dead for sure! I, your grandpa, will make sure you wish you were dead one day!”

    The smile on his face was like a flower, but the things from his mouth were as venomous as a snake. The dramatic contrast which was shown on Little Fatty, made him look very lecherous.

    After Han Ling Feng heard it, she almost fell off her sword. Although she was not a top class practitioner, but she was also not too bad amongst the outer court disciples. Being a beautiful lady, she was also well-taken care off by many people, when was she humiliated by people before? She could not imagine that today, she was scolded by such a lewd and weak looking fatty. He even used such vulgar and despicable language to scold her. She could not understand, being a practitioner who was resolved to be an immortal, could be so lecherous. Resulting in her almost dying of anger on the spot.

    “You, you, you~” Han Ling Feng trembled and point at Little Fatty, stunned for words for half a day. At this moment, her face was flushed red, both eyes dizzy, not knowing what to do.

    “You, you your head!” Little Fatty was still smiling and said: “The things that happened today, we are not finished yet, you better wash your ass and prepare to be taken care off by me!”

    You bastard!” Han Ling Feng was angered silly, she could not control the rage within her heart and wanted to attack him on the spot.

    But just as she prepared her spell, a body figure appeared beside her, and coldly said “Are you going to attack in a restricted area?”

    This was an expert who emitted a negative, and cold Qi. He was at least at the 10th level of the XianTian stage. Without using his flying sword, he could appear instantaneously and stood in mid air. One could see how frightful his abilities was. From the black Taoist robe he was wearing, one could tell that he was the guard of the Shifting Towers. The Shifting Towers was an important place within the sect, the surrounding area was an area which did not allow disciples to fight, it was a notable martial restricted area. Anybody who dared to fight in this area would be caught and punished severely.

    Thus, as Han Ling Feng heard this sound, she came back to her senses. She was scared till she quickly dispelled her spell, following which, she forced a smile and said “I do not dare, it is just that this shameless bastard really made me too mad. He actually used such vulgar words to humiliate me, so, out of anger, I~”

    “I do not care about the things between the both of you. People who have nothing to do here are not allowed to stop here, leave if you have nothing!” The guy coldly said.

    “Yes~” as Han Ling Feng heard, she was not shocked, but instead happy. If this was the case, not only did she have to leave, even the stupid fatty would be chased out as well. She could not help but thought to herself ‘Heh heh, as long as we are outside, just see how I’ll take care of you!’

    However, what made Han Ling Feng disappointed was that Little Fatty did not have any intention of leaving. He only smiled slightly and said, “Brother, I want to use the teleportation portal!”

    As the guard heard, he frowned and said: “Where are you going?”

    “Firmament City!” Little Fatty laughed and said

    “To go to Firmament City requires 20 low-grade spiritual stones, are you able to afford it?” The guard immediately asked, “If you can’t, you better leave immediately, don’t stay here to create trouble!”

    “I know!” Little Fatty giggled and said, “I have prepared it already!”

    “If that’s the case, you can go~” The guard pointed towards a tall tower to the side and said, “The teleportation portal to Firmament City is over there!”

    “Thanks a lot!” Little Fatty already knew where it was, but he still politely bowed and gave thanks. He then smiled slyly, glanced at Han Ling Feng and said proudly “Han senior sister, are you still not leaving? Don’t tell me you would like to go with me?”

    “You~” Han Ling Feng did not imagine that this was how it would turn out. She wanted to say something but felt the death stare of the guard. She was horrified to the point she did not dare to stay any longer, and could only stare and Little Fatty and hurriedly departed.

    ‘Strange, I remembered that this stupid fatty was a servant in charge of collecting rubbish. He just became an outer court disciple a few months ago, he should be a poor broke, where did the 20 low-grade stone come from? His monthly supplement was only a piece of low-grade crystal’ As Han Ling Feng left, she ruminated and was puzzled.

    After Han Ling Feng had just left the Shifting Towers, she met Wang Zhong, who rushed here after receiving the news. Wang Zhong and Han Ling Feng originally knew each other and also heard that she went to chase after Little Fatty. So, when they met, he could not be bothered with formalities and immediately asked “Han junior sister, did you catch that servant, Song Zhong?”

    As Han Ling Feng saw that it was him, she immediately laughed bitterly, shook her head and said helplessly “Junior sister was useless and allowed the stupid fatty to escape!”

    “Escape?” As Wang Zhong heard, he immediately asked doubtfully “Junior sister’s flying sword should be able to travel four to five hundred miles per hour right? Song Zhong is still using the flying sword trash which was issued by the sect, which can only fly about 200 miles per hour. You can fly so much faster than him, how could you allow him to escape?”

    “That fatty rushed into the Shifting Towers, I can’t possibly catch someone there right?” Han Ling Feng said with a tinge of anger.

    “Ah~” Wang Zhong noticed that his attitude was not right, and immediately apologised “I’m sorry junior sis, I was worried for a moment, thus I was a little rude!”

    “No worries, I know that senior brother is impatient to take revenge, but I’m afraid you do not have any more chance!” Han Ling Feng suddenly said

    “Eh? What is the meaning of saying this, junior sis?” Wang Zhong was puzzled and asked.

    “I heard the stupid fatty saying that he wanted to take the transportation portal to the Firmament City! That is a martial restricted place, even if we catch up with him, we can do nothing but watch, and cannot do anything!” Han Ling Feng laughed bitterly and said: “This stupid fatty offended so many people here, I’m afraid after he escape this round, he would not return!”

    “Darn fatty! Why is he so cunning!” Wang Zhong was enraged, but he immediately realised something strange and asked “That’s not right, I remember that to go to Firmament City, at least 20 low-grade stones are required. Even we do not bear to use it normally. He was still a servant a few months ago, where did he get so many spiritual stones from?”

    “I also found it strange, don’t tell me he was bluffing us?” Han Ling Feng said suddenly.

    “There’s a chance!” Wang Zhong replied, “Why not, let us go and ask, to see if he really left or not!”

    “This?” Han Ling Feng hesitated for a moment and said “Senior bro, I think it’s best that you go, I’ll wait here for your news! I was just chased out by the guards for hunting down the fatty. If I go again, it would not be very proper!”

    “I see! Alright then, junior sister wait for a moment, I’ll be back very soon!” As Wang Zhong completed his sentence, he bowed to Han Ling Feng and flew away on his sword.

    Not too long later, Wang Zhong returned. He first greeted Han Ling Feng by cupping his hands. Following which, he laughed bitterly and said: “According to the transportation portal guard, the darn fatty had really gone to Firmament City!”

    “What? He really had 20 low-grade spiritual stones?” Han Ling Feng replied in shock.

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    Chapter 13: Purchasing Elixirs

    “He definitely has it, if not the senior brother in charge of the transportation portal would not have allowed him to go!” Wang Zhong said while touching his chin. He suddenly said “It is said that that darn fatty was originally the child of our sect’s inner court disciple. Only after his parents passed away was he chased out. In your opinion, could it have been that he secretly took the treasures which his parents hid?”

    “Ah, that’s a possibility!” Han Ling Feng suddenly realised and said: “If not, it would not have been possible for him to have 20 low-grade spiritual stones!”

    “If that’s the case, then it could be troublesome. Maybe he did not only get spiritual stones, but he also got a high-grade spiritual tool!” Wang Zhong frowned and said, “If that is the case, it would be difficult for us to deal with him!”

    You have to know, when practitioners fight, they mainly compete in 2 aspects. One of which is cultivation, the other is spiritual artifacts. Especially at the initial stages, a good spiritual artifact or spiritual tool would directly affect the situation. A piece of high grade artifact, could easily cause up to 10,000 low grade spiritual stone. Even Wang Zhong and Han Ling Feng could not afford it. Currently, they were still using the low grade spiritual tool which was given out by the sect. If Little Fatty really had a piece of high grade spiritual tool, even if there was a gap in their abilities, he would still be able to kill them both.

    Han Ling Feng suddenly thought of the arrogant look Little Fatty had when he left. ’It was obvious that he had something to rely on! If not, he would not have dared to be so savage and said that he would take care of me!’

    Thinking about this, Han Ling Feng had a very ugly expression on her countenance. She regretted, for the first time in her lifetime, about what she did. She did not think that she would have unknowingly made such a strong enemy. If it was really as they had expected, then the days ahead would not be good.

    At this moment, Wang Zhong also had the similar worries in his heart. He was also afraid of Little Fatty finding him for revenge. In his heart, he couldn’t help but begin to grumble about his cousin, who created all these trouble, and thought to himself ‘Why couldn’t you be well behaved and just cultivate, instead, you had to go around offending people. Now you have kicked onto an iron plate, I am also implicated by you!’

    While both of them were worrying about the concerns in their heart, they suddenly looked up at each other. At that moment, their eyes lit up, and begin to smile with mutual understanding. An enemy's enemy is my friend. Since Little Fatty may become stronger, they could only work together!

    When Little Fatty arrived at the transportation portal, according to the rules, he took out 20 low grade spiritual stones from his dimensional storage item which he prepared before hand. He pretended that he was reluctant to part with the spiritual stones as he paid, and he was successfully transported to Firmament City.

    As Little Fatty arrived at Firmament City, he was awed by the majesty of the place. Firmament City occupied a total of hundreds of miles, and a Holy Mountain. At the peak, there were countless of temples and pavilions. Those were places used to receive experts, and normal cultivators were not allowed to enter. In the middle layer, there were also many grand and tall infrastructures. Although it was not as gorgeous as those at the peak, but with the height of a few hundred metres, those were still considered a brilliant feat of architecture. In order to enter the infrastructures of the middle level, one had to be at least be of the Foundational stage. When he was younger, Little Fatty had followed his parents there before, and enjoyed the services there. Now, he had only just entered into the XianTian stage, and only had the rights to stay in the lowest layer.

    However, even in the lowest layer of Firmament City, it was lacklustre in any sense. After all, it was a city for practitioners, every yard, shops, are all very well furnished. At the doorstep, there were enormous trees which were hundreds of years old, the streets were paved with bluestone, all the luxurious designs in the mortal world could all be found here.

    The place where Little Fatty appeared was at the lowest level of Firmament City. After he came out from the transportation portal, before he had the time to be happy, he felt the people surrounding him looking at him strangely and in disdain. Even the mortals here snorted at him disdainfully.

    Little Fatty was about to blow, but he quickly realised that the problem lied with himself. In order to escape, the clothes he was wearing now were in tatters, and his skin was all black. He looked no different from a beggar!

    After he recognised this problem, he was immediately embarrassed and angry. He couldn’t help but scold in his heart ‘Han Ling Feng, I am not done with you!’

    But now, it was not the time to find trouble with Han Ling Feng. Little Fatty immediately covered his face and ran into an inn in the vicinity and spent a piece of low grade to rent a room for 3 days. He then quickly took a shower, changed into a fresh robe before mustering courage to leave the house.

    When he was walking on the pavement of Firmament City, he had an unprecedented sense of happiness. A full 10 years where he did not have such a good time, everything he saw was something fresh. After shopping around for a while, Little Fatty suddenly thought of Little Monkey’s broken arm. That injury could not be delayed, the faster it was cured the better.

    Thinking about this, Little Fatty happened to see a medicine shop up ahead. It was a shop selling elixirs for cultivators. So, he hurriedly walked over.

    The salesman of the shop looked like a 20 odd years old teen. He had an average talent, and was in the mid HouTian stage. For him to enter into the XianTian stage, it was still a long way to go!

    As the salesman saw that a customer had arrived, he immediately smiled and said “Senior, would you like to buy some medicine or sell some medicine?   

    A cultivator’s medicine shop, other than selling different kinds of elixirs, they also procured medicine. The loose practitioners who did not have spiritual stones can use the herbs which they obtained to exchange for medicine. He must have seen that Little Fatty was dressed normally, and the dimensional storage item on his waist was very old and tattered, thus thinking that he was here to exchange or sell medicine and could not take out any spiritual stones.

    However, he had obviously underestimated Little Fatty’s heroic spirit. Although he had been a servant for so long, but the experiences which he had when he was young, more or less gave him some experience. Although it was his first time here, he was not taken aback. Instead, he said very calmly “I’m here to buy medicine!”

    “Oh~” The salesman was briefly shocked, but then everybody who came was a customer. He did not dare to be presumptuous so he immediately smiled apologetically and said “What kind of medicine would senior need? We are a shop which have been here for a hundred years, all sort of cultivating, treatment and elixirs are sold here!”

    “I would like some medicine for external injuries, bone fracture, I want a good one!” Little Fatty said.

    “Bone fracture? That’s easy, our shop’s bone fracture medicine is really good, and is made up of herbs more than a hundred years old. They were refined by an expert, as long as the bones are not missing, and have not been injured for more than 5 days, it can be assured to be reconnected in 6 hours!” As he said, he took out a jade bottle from the counter and handed it over to Little Fatty.

    Little Fatty took it over and pretended to smell it. He could only feel a wave of sweet scent, his pores all opened, and he felt an inexplainable sense of comfort. He immediately knew that this was not a normal medicine which can be made by a mortal. It was definitely refined by the use of a practitioner’s Natal Fire and high grade spiritual grass.

    The salesman continued promoting the medicine saying “Senior be at ease, our shop has an outstanding reputation, all the elixirs sold here have always been praised by the public. If not, we could not have survived in Firmament City for over a hundred years, and our shop would have been smashed already!”

    “En!” Little Fatty put on an act and nodded. Following which, he asked “How many spiritual stones does this bottle of medicine costs? How many times can it be used?”

    “It costs 15 low grade spiritual stones, a bottle could be used thrice! This is something that can save a life, you would not lose out if you buy it!” The salesman replied with a smile.

    As Little Fatty heard the price, his heart felt like it was rolling. 15 pieces of low grade stones, that was more than a year worth of supplements from the sect! No wonder all the outer sect disciples were all so poor. A random medicine was at this price, what about the cultivation elixirs used normally, how much would it cost! Cultivation was really a real money burner!

    Thinking about this, Little Fatty asked again “Do you have any elixirs to assist in cultivating?”

    “Of course! How can we not have that?” The salesman hurriedly replied “Senior, what kind of elixir would you want? As long as you say it, we would have it here!”

    “What do you have here?” Little Fatty furrowed his eyebrows and asked.

    “Speeding up the cultivation speed of all 5 elements, changing one’s physique, expanding one’s channels, reducing the risk of going astray, increasing the strength of spiritual sense, increasing the flexibility of one’s spiritual sense, in other words, we have almost everything here!” The salesman said with wit.

    “The 5 Element spiritual pill, does is refer to fire spiritual pill, water element and other elemental pills?” Little Fatty asked.

    “That’s right, whichever cultivating method you practise, you use whichever spiritual pill! I promise that your cultivating speed would increase by at least 3 times as compared to not eating any pills!” The salesman said immediately.

    “How many spiritual spills am I required to take each day?” Little Fatty asked again.

    Little Fatty saw his parents eat them before, they did not consume them every time they were cultivating. This is because, the medicinal effects are not exhausted all at once. So one would only have to take the pills once every few days.

    The salesman immediately replied “Senior, our spiritual pills are of a high grade, because the medicinal effects cannot be unleashed all at once, so normally one would consume a pill once every 4 days. Of course, by eating it this way, it would greatly mitigate the effectiveness of the medicine. If you can eat them daily, although a large amount of medicinal effect would be wasted, but the cultivation speed achieved would be the greatest!”

    “En!” Little Fatty nodded his head and asked “If I was cultivating 2 elements at once, and ate 2 different pills together, will there be a conflict in medicinal effect?”

    “Nope, even if one cultivates all 5 elements at once, and eats 5 different pills, it would not matter. This is because the elixirs will only effuse it’s own spiritual Qi, there would be no crash in medicinal effect!” The salesman hurriedly explained.

    “So this is the case!” Little Fatty then asked “How many pills are there in each bottle? How much does it cost?”

    “Senior, our elixirs are all sold by pieces. Each pill costs a low-grade spiritual stone!” The salesman smiled and said, “How many do you need?”

    Little Fatty rubbed his chin and thought about the spiritual stones in his dimension. In 3 months, almost 10 low-grade spiritual stones were generated each day, and more than a thousand pieces were condensed. Which was enough for him to purchase a decent amount.

    Shortly after Little Fatty left the medicine shop, the salesman behind him smiled brightly and bowed to send him off. Only after seeing Little Fatty walk far, did he come back reluctantly. He mumbled to himself saying “This little fatty looks so normal, but he is really rich. He spent 800 over spiritual stones on elixirs in one shot. This was almost equals to 10 days worth of sales! Haha, with this deal closed, boss would surely reward me!”

    After leaving the medicine shop, Little Fatty began looking around. He thought to himself ‘Now that I have money, in order to speed up my cultivating speed, I must not feel the heartache no matter how much I spend. I bought 100 of each element spiritual pill, in the future I can eat 5 pills each day. Plus whatever building physique, strengthening spiritual sense, I’ll just consume them all! I don’t believe that other people can eat pills to become an expert but I cannot! Isn’t it just spiritual stones? I cannot be bothered!”

    Thinking about this, Little Fatty raised his head and saw a shop which specialises in selling weapons. Without a second thought, he walked in to take a look.

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    Chapter 14: Lightning Wind Flying Sword

    This shop was much more luxurious as compared to the medicine shop. Its four walls were embellished with magical tools, flying swords, all flickering with a cold light. The salesman inside was a well-built man, almost at the peak of the HouTian stage, and was about to advance into the XianTian stage.

    This man was not as eloquent as the salesman in the medicine shop. As he saw Little Fatty walk in, he immediately shouted out, “Brother, what do you want?”

    Little Fatty considered for a moment and said, “I want a fast flying sword!”

    Flying Sword, is what most cultivators use to travel. In a battle, only the sword cultivators would use a flying sword to battle. Other similar cultivators preferred to use magical tools or spells to attack and defend. To Little Fatty, a flying sword is a tool used for escaping, so speed is his main priority, and the other properties could be blithely ignored.

    As the man heard what Little Fatty said, he’s eyebrow furrowed and asked “You only want one with a fast speed? Do you have any other requirements?”

    “Oh, if it is possible, something a bit uglier.” Little Fatty said, “The best would be a flying sword which people look down on!” Little Fatty did not want to use an eye-catching flying sword to go everywhere. Wouldn’t that be equivalent to telling people that he was rich?

    “Ah ah, your request is really strange, other practitioners would all want a gorgeous looking flying sword. Instead, you want an ugly one, this would not be easy to find!” The man then took a lightning shaped blue flying sword from the wall and said “This Lighting Wind Sword, although it is not of a high grade, only that of the 2nd grade, but it also the highest quality of its grade. It is also fast, of at least 800!”

    Little Fatty knew what does a speed of 800 means. It meant that it could fly a total of 800 miles in an hour. Most flying sword speeds were all measured by the hour. Little Fatty’s current sword only had a speed of 200. Under normal circumstances, a disciple of the 5th level in the XianTian stage would use 2nd-grade magical tool flying sword. The speed would only be about 600, this sword had a speed of 800, and it was considered very good already. Of course, there were many flying swords that were better than it, but the higher the grade of the flying sword, the more Spiritual Qi required to support it. This was not something which Little Fatty could support, even this sword, he would most likely struggle to use it. He would not be able to travel long distances with it, he could only take it out in critical moments to escape.

    Little Fatty wanted a flying sword to escape. So as he heard the introduction of the sword, he was immediately intrigued. He took it over and realised that the whole body of the sword was blue in colour and had a simple look. The sword had a heavy atmosphere and did not have any decorative design which stood out too much. Holding it in his hands, he could feel the Spiritual Qi permeating, and it was unusually comfortable. A light wave of the sword and many thin lighting bolts streaked across the body of the sword, and it was unusually beautiful.

    At the side, the man was promoting the sword “This sword was made by refining flexible wind copper and the spiritual bones of the thunder beast, following which, a crystal with lighting energy was added in. During an attack, there would be lighting emitted, although it is not lethal, but the numbing effect is really stunning. It is best used to deal with demonic beasts or ghosts!”

    “En, not bad!” Little Fatty nodded and said, “How many spiritual stones?”

    “15 thousand!” The man straightforwardly said. “This is a work which my master is very proud of, it cannot be sold for anything less!”

    “So expensive?” When Little Fatty heard the price, he almost fainted. Who knew a flying sword could cost this much!

    “Little brother, you must recognise the value of this good! A normal 2nd-grade magical tool flying sword would be worth at least more than 5000 spiritual stones. This sword, not only is it 3 times faster, it also comes with a numbing effect, the price of 15000 is not expensive at all. If you think that it is expensive, there are cheaper ones here, this only costs 300!” As the man said, he took out a black iron sword.

    As Little Fatty saw it, he immediately knew that it was the flying sword of the lowest grade, which was of the same quality as the one his sect issued him. Of course, it was still much better than the broken sword which Little Fatty had, at least it was freshly made.

    As Little Fatty glanced once at the black iron sword, he immediately took up the Lighting Wind sword and asked, “Can it be cheaper?”

    “Impossible, the items sold here were never open to negotiations. They all have a fixed price. If you cannot afford it, I can only invite you to leave!” The man said very straightforwardly.

    Little Fatty had no other idea, he could only ask “I do not have any spiritual stone, do you accept materials?”

    “Materials? Of course, but we only accept the bones of spiritual beasts and minerals, we do not accept medicinal materials!” The man replied immediately

    “This, why not you see how much it’s worth!” As Little Fatty said, he took out a head sized wind copper from his dimension. When he was taking things out, be it from his dimensional storage item, or his Natal Artifact, it all appeared out of nowhere, and so others could not tell what Little Fatty was hiding.

    In Little Fatty’s dimension, black iron was the largest in quantity. However, that material was not worth much, so Little Fatty could not be bothered to take it out. Next in line would be the wind copper, this was a common material for 2nd grade flying swords. Little Fatty already possessed a mountain of wind copper about the height of a person. Before coming here, he already cut off a few head sized pieces. This time, he took out a piece.

    “Wind copper?” The man took it over and inspected, following which, he exclaimed: “What a pure piece of wind copper! It does not have a single trace of impurity, how did you refine it?”

    “Cough cough!” Little Fatty coughed twice and said, “I don’t think this has anything got to do with our deal, right?”

    “Ah, I’m sorry, I forgot the rules!” The man immediately said embarrassedly. “The price of wind copper, 100 spiritual stones for a tael of wind copper. This is not a small piece of wind copper, about 14 catties. Originally, it would not be enough, 15 catties would then be worth 15000 spiritual stones. But your wind copper is very pure, it should be worth more. So I would not bother arguing with you, we’ll just exchange it like this, what do you say?”

    “Okay!” Little Fatty could not be bothered with that small amount of wind copper. The moment he saw that the other party agreed, he immediately kept the Lightning Wind Sword into his Natal Artifact.

    Next, Little Fatty wanted a set of protective armour. However, it was a pity that it was all not suitable. He was just too fat, and they did not have one befitting his size. Most of the armour which could be adjusted in size are all high-grade magical tools, with his abilities, he was unable to control them.

    Helplessly, Little Fatty could only leave. After walking around leisurely for a round, Little Fatty walked into a shop named ‘Treasure Collection Building’. This shop was more exquisite compared to the previous shops, and every customer had a private room. Every customer that came would be ushered to a private room for discussion. There was only a single reason why they were so careful, and that was because everything which was sold here were magical artifacts, magical tools and other rare ancient books, which were all valuable treasures. For these sort of transactions, both parties would not want a case where everybody knew what was being transacted, thus, the design of so many private rooms.

    The person who received Little Fatty was an old man who was in the XianTian stage. Of course, his talent was too mediocre, and despite his age, he was only at the 3rd level. If not, he would not have been here receiving customers. Although this old man could not cultivate, he was very knowledgeable. Most ordinary items could not deceive his magical eyes.

    Although Little Fatty was dressed normally, and could even be said to be shabby, but the Treasure Collection Building did not have any delay. They invited him in, served him tea, following which, the old man courteously asked, “This customer, what sort of business do you have for our shop?”

    All the shops for practitioners have entry and exit. The Treasure Collection Building was no different, they did not only sell goods, but they also bought goods. Obviously, this old man misunderstood that Little Fatty was here to sell goods because the lower level practitioners who came here normally came here to sell the rare treasures they found coincidentally.

    Little Fatty first sipped some tea, and reminisced the past, following which, he calmly said: “I want to buy something!”

    “Oh? What would you need?” The old man asked curiously. He did not think that this beggar looking low-level practitioner actually dared to come to the Treasure Collection Building, such a high-class place to buy things. Therefore, he became curious and thought to himself, ‘Did this guy come here to create trouble?’

    “I would like to see your Lightning methods!” Little Fatty suddenly said.

    “En!” As the old man heard, his face instantly changed. He carefully sized Little Fatty up and then he said with doubt, “Customer, are you sure that you want Lighting methods?”

    Lightning methods, it was a method to cultivate different types of lighting arts. Lightning arts were also considered spells, just that it was very strong, and high in level. Normal spells, as long as one said the incarnations, and mobilised the Spiritual Qi within the atmosphere, it could be executed. Such a spell would require consuming one’s own Spiritual Qi, so it is unable to be maintained. Even an expert at the JinDan stage, would not be able to consecutively unleash strong spells. In order to solve this problem, the geniuses of the Ancient Era created many different kinds of talismans. It was just that talismans consume spiritual paper and skin of beasts. They did not have a high success rate and their strength was limited. Thus, only low-level spells could be used, and high-level ones were really rare.

    But, lightning spells were different, it could use different Spiritual Qi to condense into a stable lightning ball. When it needed to be used, it just needed to be thrown. Not only was it destructive, it also does not consume any Spiritual Qi. So, as long as there was enough kept in stock, one could crazily throw it everywhere, making it horrifyingly destructive. Furthermore, one could combine it with the natural surroundings, for example with a cold lake, earthen fire, or anything similar, the special Spiritual Qi which was generated there could also be used. It could be used to make a destructive Ice Cold Divine Lightning, or Earth Fire Divine Lightning, etc.

    However, although the destructive force of lightning spells was large, it was very difficult to cultivate. Especially the technique for cultivation, it was usually a secret. Without a sect, it was impossible to find. Lightning spells were a bit more special when cultivating, if one was just a little bit careless, it would explode. Thus, under normal circumstances, a master would slowly guide the student. It could not be taught like normal spells, where one could just follow according to what was written on the jade bamboo strips, and learn just based on the pictures and incarnations recorded.

    If one wanted to record the cultivating methods of a lightning spell, one could only use high-grade jade bamboo strips. The cultivation process would then be recorded in the form of an illusion into it. Because these sort of precious jade, which could preserve illusions, were very expensive, plus the importance of lightning spells, resulted in such jade bamboo strips which recorded lightning spells to be very rare and expensive. Normal foundational stage disciples had to wait until the later stage in order to come in contact with a lightning spell. An impoverished person may not even learn it at the JinDan stage. Only the heirs of the big families would be able to learn a strong lighting spell at the XianTian stage.

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    Chapter 15: Water Type Lightning Spell

    Little Fatty, considering his special circumstance, did not know what sort of spells to learn. Thus, he decided to jump the gun, saving the time to learn other spells, and learning the strongest spells directly. This was also the path which the direct disciples of the big clans would tread. Since Little Fatty had this qualification, he would have to seize the opportunity.

    So, in reply to the old man’s doubts, Little Fatty gave a firm reply “You did not hear wrongly, I want Lightning Methods, the higher the grade the better! Do not tell me that your Treasure Collecting Building, does not have a single jade strip which contains lightning spells?

    Little Fatty has already mentioned about the reputation of the Treasure Collecting Building, how would the old man take it lying down? He immediately replied “This customer, Treasure Collecting Building has 3 different branches. There is even one at the highest layer, that is to entertain super experts, we can even satisfy them, why would we be unable to take out a small Lightning jade strip?”

    “Since you have, bring it over for me to see!” Little Fatty replied.

    The old man considered for a moment and answered “Customer, according to what I know, our shop does have a lightning strip which records a water type lightning spell, I can bring it at any moment, but~”

    “But what?” Little Fatty immediately asked.

    “But, this item is not ours, it is being placed on sale by someone in our shop. The owner of the lightning strip only wants to exchange it for a psychic fire jade! If you do not have that item, I’m afraid that you cannot take the lightning strip away!” The old man said.

    “Psychic fire jade?” Little Fatty frowned and ask “What is that? Can you tell me about it? I may really have it!”

    When the old man heard it, he almost fainted and thought to himself ‘You do not even know what it is, and you dare to say you have it? That is a material where even JinDan stage experts dream to have it. If a newbie like you who just advanced into the XianTian stage has it, then the sun would rise from the west!’

    Although the old man was a little exasperated, but it was not good to blow up. After all, everyone who comes is a customer. He cannot tarnish the reputation of the Treasure Collecting Building, otherwise, there would no longer be any customers coming to their store. So he could only repress his exasperation. With a tinge of impatience, he explained “Psychic fire jade is the highest grade amongst the fire jades, normally, it only appears around the volcanos, and is really rare. That item, although it is jade, but it is as soft as a paste, fully red. It is a high-grade material used in refining fire type magical artifacts. If you have a piece as big as this, I can make the decision to sell you the lightning strip. If you do not have it, you should go and do what you want to do~”

    Just as the old man said this, he suddenly felt a wave of fire Qi in the room. As he lifted his head, he saw that Little Fatty, who was opposite him, had an egg-sized material in his hands, completely red in colour.

    “Psychic fire jade~” the old man couldn’t help but exclaim. In his many years in the Treasure Collecting Building, he had an extensive knowledge. Naturally, with a single look, he could recognise this material, and he stared at it until his eyeballs almost popped out.

    The old man then asked with a face full of shock “You, you, how did you get this?”

    “Is that important?” Little Fatty looked at the old man, then he stopped talking.

    The old man immediately realised that he had committed a taboo. According to the rules, the origin of people’s goods is not to be questioned. He immediately smiled apologetically and said “Sorry, sorry, I said something wrong. If that’s the case, please wait for a moment. I’ll be back very soon!” After he finished, he stood up and left.

    Little Fatty smiled and nodded his head, as he saw the old man walk away. He was not afraid the other party would destroy him because of his treasure. Just a psychic fire jade, although it is a treasure in the eyes of a mid class cultivator, but to the Treasure Collecting Building, it is not a very precious item. It was not worth spoiling their reputation just for that item.

    As expected, not too long later, the old man came back holding a wooden box. He lightly placed the wooden box, of about 3 inches long, in front of Little Fatty. He smiled and said, “Customer, please take a look!”

    “En!” Little Fatty casually opened the wooden box and retrieved a 1-inch long blue jade strip from the box. The jade strip was cold to the touch, very smooth, and had plenty of engravings. It looked archaic. Little Fatty then used his spiritual sense to investigate the strip. He very quickly found a middle aged lady beside a lake condensing water type lightning spells. At the same time, there were words by the side displaying the incarnations and things to take note of. It was even accompanied by a gentle female voice for an explanation. Apparently, this was the cultivating process for the water type lightning spell.

    Little Fatty did not have the-the luxury of time to scrutinise. After determining that there was nothing wrong with it, he withdrew his spiritual sense and placed the jade strip into the box and said “There’s nothing wrong with the item, but the psychic fire jade which I gave you was the size of an egg. Which is very much larger than the walnut size which you requested!”

    “Ah ah, of course I understand, I would not take advantage of you. If you still have anything you need, I can prepare it for you. If there is nothing else you need, I can compensate you in the form of spiritual stones, or return you the remaining psychic fire jade!”

    “Very good!” Little Fatty nodded in satisfaction. Following which, he said, “I would still want some things~”

    About an hour later, Little Fatty left the Treasure Collecting Building in satisfaction. When he left, it can be said that he returned from a rewarding journey. In his dimensional storage item, there were many more items. There was a wood type cultivating method which wasn’t too bad. That was for Little Monkey. There was also a low-grade magical tool, spider thread inner armour. It was worn beneath the clothes and had a decent defense. Little Fatty liked the fact that it was concealed, and would not attract trouble for himself.

    Other than that, Little Fatty also took about 10 middle-grade talismans and 100 low-grade talismans. Talismans are sealed spells, with it,  even if he does not know any spells Little Fatty could still instantly cast it. Low-grade talismans were drawn by cultivators of the XianTian stage, whereas middle-grade talismans were drawn by cultivators of the foundational stage. A single spiritual stone would be able to buy a few low-grade talismans. But middle-grade talismans would require dozens, if not hundreds of spiritual stones. A normal XianTian stage cultivator would not be able to afford it. With it, Little Fatty would now the rights to challenge Wang Zhong and Han Ling Feng.

    Patting his tattered dimensional storage item, Little Fatty smiled coldly and thought to himself ‘You Father, I, cannot beat you. So I would use spiritual stones to smash you to death! I would like to see, how would all of you newbies deal with a foundational stage cultivator’s spell!’

    After he bought everything he required, Little Fatty was not in a rush to return. Instead, he first found a place to have a meal. He then rested in the inn for a while, recovering from all his fatigue, before going to the return teleportation portal with a stomach full of rage!

    The cultivators in charge of the Mystical Sky Yard’s Shifting Tower’s transportation portal saw that Little Fatty came back. They all display a face filled with shock. You have to know, a return trip would cost 40 spiritual stones. Within the XianTian stage cultivators, this was not a small sum. But this brat, only after half a day, he already returned. Did he think that he had too many spiritual stones with nowhere else to use?

    Without bothering about the sect brothers flummoxed expressions, Little Fatty hurriedly left the Shifting Towers. He immediately took his broken sword and flew towards the Sky Ravine’s concealed cave.

    This time, Little Fatty had a different plan in his heart. He did not hide his presence, but instead, he openly flew and purposely allowed some servants to see him. Because it was noon time, most of the cultivators were cultivating in seclusion. Only the servants working were there, so Little Fatty was not worried that someone would follow him on a flying sword to the cave. But, he could let the servants inform Wang Zhong that he was back, in order to better lure Wang Zhong out.

    After an hour or so, Little Fatty returned to the cave again. He very quickly spotted Little Monkey who was hiding inside. Although it was just half a day, but the both of them had a feeling where they had been separated for a long time. Seeing Little Fatty come in, Little Monkey immediately excitedly shouted: “Fatty bro, you’re back?”

    “En!” Little Fatty replied, then rushed over. He took the elixir which he bought and waved it in front of Little Monkey and said: “Little Monkey, you can be saved, high-grade elixirs, repairing your fractured bone would be child’s play!” As he was talking, he began to apply the medicine for Little Monkey.

    As Little Monkey was enjoying the moistness of the elixir, he was touched and said: “Fatty bro, you really treat me very well!”

    “Between brothers, let’s not talk about these!” Little Fatty said with some dissatisfaction.

    “En!” Little Monkey wiped his tears and asked in curiosity “Fatty bro when you went out, did you meet Wang Zhong?”

    “I did not meet Wang Zhong, but I met Han Ling Feng that bitch. I even ate dozens of her fireballs. If not for the fact that I have good skills, I would have been melted by her!” Little Fatty said fiercely “This debt, I must definitely get it back!”

    “Ah, Han Ling Feng? I heard people saying that she is a rare fire water twin cultivator talent. According to others, the inner court disciples thinks pretty well of her. As long as she can enter the 10th level, there would be inner court disciples who would be allocated to nurture her. Even the supplements she is taking currently, is twice of others!” Little Monkey asked worriedly “Fatty bro, isn’t imprudent to provoke her?”

    “It is not that I provoked her, she was the one who provoked me! That bastard Wang Zhong took out 10 spiritual stone as a reward. She coincidentally saw me, so she started chasing after me just for the 10 spiritual stones, shit!” Little Fatty scolded fiercely “Even if she was very pretty, I cannot let her go this round!”

    “Fatty bro, shouldn't it be her not letting you go? She is a person who has already advanced to the 4th level of the XianTian stage. As for you, you have only just entered the XianTian stage!” Little Monkey sympathetically reminded “Why not, we do not deal with her first, but hide here for a few years first?”

    “Hehe~” Little Fatty suddenly laughed devilishly and said, “Little Monkey, whoever your Fatty Bro wants to take care, shall be taken care of.”

    As Little Monkey heard this statement, he didn’t know whether to laugh or cry. Although Little Fatty appears to be simple and honest, but he was actually quite conniving. When they were younger, they were weak and could not beat other people and were always bullied. But, Little Fatty would always be able to take his revenge in the dark. Whatever laxative, releasing poisonous snake in people’s bed, and ruining people’s errands in the dark, getting people scolded, etc. Little Fatty could play people with perfection. Except for the first few times when he was caught, towards the end, people who were played by him did not even know how they got taken advantage of. Only afterwards, when he became focused on cultivating did he stop doing these. Little Monkey recognised how strong Little Fatty was back then.

    But, the people he was taking care of back then were mortals. Now, Little Fatty was facing strong cultivators. So Little Monkey still asked worriedly “Fatty bro, can you really do it?”

    “Of course, I have a lot of ‘abilities’!” Little Fatty laughed lecherously and then said: “I’ll go and play with them, you go and take a rest first, I’ll be back later!” After saying this, Little Fatty waved and confidently left.

    In a temple with a clean yard, 3 cultivators were seated in a pavilion. The surroundings were filled with lotus, a gentle breeze blew past, the fragrance of flowers all over, as though they were in the celestial realm.  

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    Chapter 16: Scheming Plot

    Wang Zhong picked up the teacup in front of him and took a sip. He was intoxicated by the fragrance, and he nodded with satisfaction. He couldn’t help but compliment “Junior sister is indeed of a royal lineage. Even the tea you drink is so refreshing, I feel so much more rejuvenated!”

    In actual fact, Han Ling Feng was a mortal country’s princess. Only that her identity was more concealed, and not many outer court disciples knew. Little Monkey and the other servants knew nothing about it. Although in the eyes of a strong cultivator, the royal family of the mortals are still mortals and are nothing much. Therefore, she was not looked up upon by the Mystical Sky Yard.

    “Ah ah, senior bro has flattered me, it is only the tea of the mortal realm, It only has a small strand of Spiritual Qi, it isn’t considered much!” Han Ling Weng smiled gently and said.

    “This is already very rare, at least we can’t afford to drink it!” Wang Zhong smiled bitterly and said.

    “If senior bro wanted to drink it, I will let them give some to both of you senior bro later!” Han Ling Feng immediately smiled and said.

    “How could we have the honour to do that!” The other guy beside Wang Zhong, a 30 plus-year-old guy, immediately replied with excitement.

    “Ah ah, no worries, it is only some tea leaves! It isn’t worth a lot!” Han Ling Feng said without any concern. Being a princess, getting some tea leaves was nothing difficult at all. Anyway, 100 catties of these things are not even worth a single spiritual stone. Being able to make friends with some sect brothers who were a little more talented, it was very worth it.

    “Then thanks, junior sister!” Wang Zhong also knew that she had the intention to make friends. If he did not accept, it was not good, so he might as well accept it and remember the favour in his heart. At the same time, Wang Zhong had some thoughts towards Han Ling Feng, this high class and exceptionally good looking lady. You have to know, the Mystical Sky Yard did not forbid marriage, even the patriarch of the sect had his mutual cultivation partner.

    The other guy also hurriedly said thanks.

    “Dispense with the ceremony, senior bro!” Han Ling Feng smiled, her noble temperament immediately exploded, making Wang Zhong and his invited cultivator lose their spirit for a moment.

    Han Ling Feng did not think it was strange also, she only indifferently said: “2 senior bros, we just received news that the servant Song Zhong had returned, what take do both of you have on the matter?”

    “He only went for half a day before coming back, this is really too strange!” Wang Zhong said “You have to know, a return trip would cost 40 spiritual stones! Even for us, we are not willing to spend it easily, but he can splurge in this manner, I’m afraid there is a conspiracy!”

    I heard Song Zhong has a brother who he played with since young called Little Monkey. Yesterday, he was beaten half dead by Wang Zhong’s cousin. If there aren't any elixirs, he would be crippled for life!” The 30-year-old guy said, “Do you guys think that Song Zhong went to buy medicine for him?”

    “This~” Han Ling Feng thought for a while and said, “Senior brother Zhang has a point, maybe that is the case!”  

    “But, within the sect already has places which sell Elixirs. When our sect disciples buy it, it is a lot cheaper also!” Wang Zhong frowned and said, “Unless this silly fatty already guessed that we wanted to create trouble for him, so he decided to abandon the near to beseech from the far?”

    “I’m afraid that is the case, although Song Zhong seems to be silly, but I think he is actually very sharp. Being silly is all just an act!” As Han Ling Feng mentioned Little Fatty she couldn’t help but grit her teeth.

    “If that is the case, that can explain 2 things. First, that Little Monkey is very important to him. Second, he probably has plenty of spiritual stones!” That senior brother Zhang said, “If the spiritual stones were all left for him by his parents, for all you know, in his hands he may also have magical tools!”

    Wang Zhong knows, what he is trying to discuss is how to split the spoils of wars. If he was not given any benefits, he would not risk killing another outer court disciple. You have to know, if the fact that they killed a fellow disciple is made known, that is a big crime which punishment is the crippling of cultivation! Of course, if there is no evidence, then nobody would bother.

    Wang Zhong and Han Ling Feng glanced at each other for a while and understood each other’s intention. Once they knew that Little Fatty was back, they met immediately. After a round of discussion, they thought that the reason why Little Fatty had so many spiritual stones out of a sudden, and even dared to appear so arrogantly must be because of the fact that he had a backer. To play it safe, they invited a person who Wang Zhong knew, Zhang Qing Song. He was already at the 7th level of the XianTian stage. He had a middle-grade 3rd level magical tool and was much stronger than both Han Ling Feng and Wang Zhong combined.

    “Ah ah, no matter how strong that darn fatty is, he is still at the 1st level of the XianTian stage. In front of the senior brother, he is nothing but fats without substance. As long as senior brother is willing to exterminate him, then the magical tool in his possession would naturally belong to senior brother!” Han Ling Feng immediately was smiling.

    “But what if he was just bluffing, and he does not have any magical tool?” Zhang senior brother asked again.

    “He should still have plenty of spiritual stones on him. If not, he would not have gone to Firmament City once!” Wang Zhong immediately smiled apologetically “Of course, if senior bro has no gains this round, I am willing to come out with 10 spiritual stones for senior brother!”

    “Ah ah, that won’t be necessary!” Zhang senior brother laughed “Within the same sect, it is only natural that we help each other!” He said it very nicely, as though the Little Fatty who he wanted to kill was not part of the sect, and was their enemy.

    Han Ling Feng and Wang Zhong would naturally not reveal his hypocrisy. Instead, they began praising him and bootlicking, making him feel very good.

    Since matters have been set, the three of them began discussing other matters. At this time, the sky was still bright, and it was not easy to kill someone so openly. Thus, they first sent a few servants to keep watch on Little Fatty’s residence. Only after the sky was dark, would they then go to take Little Fatty’s life?

    In this night, a crescent moon was hanging from the sky and the mountains were dark. However, to a XianTian stage cultivator, where they had already reached an enlightened stage, they could still see the ants on the floor shifting house.

    One male and two female, with killing intent in their hearts, at this moment, they stealthily flew on swords to somewhere nearby to Little Fatty’s hut.

    As they dismounted from the flying sword, there was a servant running to them immediately. He happily said to Wang Zhong “Boss, that darn fatty had been back since the afternoon. He had been sleeping all the way until now, I was watching him!”

    “He flew back on a sword?” Wang Zhong asked.

    “Yes!” The disciple hurriedly answered.

    “Then what kind of flying sword was he using?” Wang Zhong hurriedly asked again.

    “What else can it be? It was just that old black iron sword which the sect gave him. This idiot did not even know how to bribe people and offended elder Wang. He did not even receive a magical tool, but only a broken flying sword. It’s flying speed was slower than a snail!” That disciple began to criticise coldly.

    After hearing that Little Fatty was in such a pathetic state, the 3 of them heaved a sigh of relief. After all, they were afraid that Little Fatty had something which his parents left behind. But from the way things appear, there was less probability of that happening.

    Thinking about this, Wang Zhong casually threw a piece of gold. After the servant caught the gold, he happily gave thanks, turned and ran away. To a mortal like him, gold was naturally a good thing. But to a cultivator, that was trash!

    After the servant left, Wang Zhong cupped his hands towards Zhang senior brother and said: “Senior brother, we have to trouble you now!”

    “A piece of cake!” Zhang senior brother said proudly “Look at me!” Saying that, he raised both his hands and instantaneously recited an incarnation. He then lightly tapped at the four corners. Following which, the whole area was covered by a layer of faint green light.

    As Wang Zhong and Han Ling Feng saw the situation, they were elated. Han Ling Feng smiled and said, “Senior brother is talented, with this level of restriction, our plan will now be successful!”

    What Zhang senior brother had just used was a low-grade restriction, enveloping the whole hut. Although the grade of the restriction was not high and it could not prevent people from entering. However, it could prevent the sound and light from inside the restriction from transmitting to the outside. In this case, no matter how much commotion there was, as long as it was still within the restriction, the outside would not realise it. Although this was a pretty deserted place, and it was unlikely that there would be people visiting late into the night. However, killing a fellow sect member within the sect was a serious offence, and people could not be allowed to find out. Thus, they took such precautionary measures. If not for the fact that both Wang Zhong and Han Ling Feng did not know such restriction spells, they would not have invited Zhang senior brother along.

    After setting up the restriction, the 3 of them did not waste any more time and they surrounded the house. Following which, they took out their magical tools and flying swords. Wang Zhong and Han Ling Feng both had their own customised black iron flying sword. They both had their own magical tool each as well. Wang Zhong had a green coloured jade flying sword. Although it was a 1st level magical tool, but because it had a deadly poison on it, cultivators who sustained even a single scratch from it would suffer immense suffering. Thus, the strength was not too bad. Wang Zhong gave elder Wang a lot of commodities in order to get it.

    Han Ling Feng’s magical tool was even better. It was a shadowless flying needle. It was specially designed to penetrate defence spells, and it was without shape and trace. It could be counted as a 2nd level magical tool. Han Ling Feng was after all a princess and had a decent amount of possessions. The things which she gave to elder Wang made him very happy, so he pretended to make a blunder and gave a 2nd level magical tool as a 1st level magical tool to her.

    As for Zhang senior brother’s magical too, it was of an even higher grade. It was a square gold brick and was very shiny. There were countless of carvings on it which were faintly blinking. It was worth at least 20,000 low-grade spiritual stone. This was his total savings, after being an outer court disciple for 20 years.

    After the three of them got ready, as they were about to take action, the door was unexpectedly open. Following which, Little Fatty walked out happily. It was as though he already knew that the three of them were going to plot against him, and there was not a single trace of shock on his face. Instead, he indifferently said, “The three of you, if you have nothing, why did you come in find me so late in the night?”

    “Darn fatty, you don’t need to act already. Do you think that after crippling my cousin you can pretend that nothing had happened?” Wang Zhong saw that Little Fatty still dared to act and was exploding with rage.

    “Ah ah, that trash cousin of yours, so what if he was crippled, it is no big deal at all! Even you, and this other person seeking death, I will also cripple you!” Little Fatty then smiled lecherously at Han Ling Feng and said: “As for you, I can’t bear to cripple you, I will dote on you properly~!” He said it with a tinge of rage, sending a chill down Han Ling Feng’s spine.  

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    Chapter 17: A Great Battle

    As Wang Zhong and Zhang senior brother heard this statement, they were instantly enraged. The could not help but laugh coldly, “You do not know what it means to die, go and die now!” Saying this, the both of them activated their flying swords and flanked Little Fatty both from both sides. With their full power channeled into their sword, the sound of the sword breaking through the air gave out a crackling sound. The trees in the surrounding were all shaken up, rustling all the leaves and branches, causing some of the branches and leaves to fall off. That amount of pressure was enough to scare a timid guy to death.

    However, in the face of such a scary attack, Little Fatty was not afraid in the least. He could only be seen to calmly take out a talisman, and swiftly breaking it. The next moment, the talisman exploded with a bright yellow light, and instantly became a two-metred tall light shield, completely protecting Little Fatty.

    As Wang Zhong and Zhang attacked the light shield, their attacks were rebounded by it, It did not have any effect, and it only managed to cause small ripples on the shield.

    “Ah~” As Wang Zhong saw, he was startled and shouted “Earth type protective spell! This was a middle-grade talisman which could only be drawn by a foundational stage cultivator. A single piece would cause over a hundred spiritual stones!”

    “How did this darn fatty become so rich?” Han Ling Feng also exclaimed in shock. You have to know, 100 spiritual stones was a big sum to them. They would usually scrimp and save, and would not spend it all at once.

    But Zhang senior brother was instead still calm. Seeing Little Fatty use the talisman, not only was he not surprised, he even smiled coldly and said “The richer he is the better. We would not need to be scared that we have little returns! Isn’t it just a protective talisman? The darn fatty thinks that he is invincible just because he has this! That’s really laughable, let us all attack together. I don’t believe that we cannot break the shield!”

    “Sounds good!” Wang Zhong and Han Ling Feng immediately replied. They also knew that there was no retreat now that things have developed to such an extent. So they could only gamble their lives. Luckily, the middle-grade protective talisman could still be destroyed. After all, there were 3 flying swords here. 3 magical tool, if they were to attack at full force, in just a few rounds, the opponent's defense should be destroyed .

    After they achieved a common consensus, without hesitation, with a loud shout they sent their flying sword smashing towards Little Fatty. But the only thing which could be seen was 3 streaks of sword light attacking the shield, but very quickly being rebounded back. Following which was Wang Zhong’s jade flying blade, where the offensive power was from the poison on its surface. It did not have enough offensive power, even less than that of a flying sword, thus, the attack was easily dispelled upon contact with the shield.

    After which, was Han Ling Feng’s shadowless flying needles. This was made to break through defensive spells, which was the Achilles heel of Little Fatty’s defense spell. The only thing which could be seen was a few flashes of light, following which, 13 shadowless flying needles broke through the yellow light and fiercely lodged themselves on Little Fatty’s chest.

    As Han Ling Feng saw this, she happily shouted: “Haha, I’ve pierced him, the darn fatty is finished!”

    However, Han Ling Feng shockingly found out that Little Fatty was completely unharmed. The 13 needles only pierced this clothes but did not enter his body. The reason was because he was wearing a spider thread inner armour. It was a magical tool intricately refined by a foundational stage cultivator using the web of a demonic spider beast and was very tough. It was not effective against heavy attacks, but against sharp weapons, it was very effective. After all, it was a 3rd-grade magical tool inner armour worth over 10,000 spiritual stones. Blocking the shadowless flying needles was still a relatively easy task.

    Although Little Fatty blocked the attack, but he was also shocked. He did not expect that the opponent would have a magical tool which specialises in breaking through defensive shields. This was a rare item, but he coincidentally met with it. Thinking about his bad luck, it made Little Fatty even angrier at Han Ling Feng. He fiercely pulled out the needles and said “Bitch, you dared to poke me. Just you wait, I will definitely poke you back!”

    “You~” Han Ling Feng was flushed with rage listening to what Little Fatty had just said but did not know what to reply.

    At this moment, cultivator Zhang had completely prepared his gold brick. This gold brick had 2 ways of attacking. First was to throw it directly, becoming a 30 feet large brick to smash a person. At that time, it’s weight would be more than 10,000 catties. Any normal cultivator would be crushed by it in just a while. Second, would be to smash after reading the incarnations. The incarnation process can allow the gold brick’s body to even larger, increasing its attacking power.

    When Wang Zhong and Han Ling Feng was attacking, cultivator Zhang started to recite the incarnations, turning the brick into 70 to 80 feet long. A weight of over a 100,000 catties was akin to a small mountain crushing down on someone.

    Everyone was startled by the fearful size of the gold brick. Wang Zhong and Han Ling Feng could not be bothered to bicker with Little Fatty. They just wanted to stare at the brick and admire the scene of Little Fatty being crushed.

    Little Fatty was also very startled by the gold brick. He did not think that the protective shield and spider thread inner armour could block it. Without any choice, he could only take out his Natal Artifact, the big copper bell!

    With just a thought, a 30-foot large giant copper bell appeared above Little Fatty’s head. This bell looked unadorned and had a great atmosphere around it. It was as though it was a mountain which could reach the skies, making everyone in the surrounding unable to breathe in its pressure. The various engravings on the copper bell of space, animals, divine beasts, clouds and etc occasionally appeared, dazzling everyone into a state of shock.

    At this time, the large gold brick fiercely slammed onto the big copper bell. The people around could only hear a ‘Peng’ sound, before seeing the gold brick being sent flying. It also regained its shape of just a few inches, and hairline cracks could be seen appearing on the brick, very apparently it was badly damaged. The large copper bell did not move a single inch and did not even give out a single sound. It was almost as though what slammed into it was not a small hill, but just a feather.

    Wang Zhong and Han Ling Feng were startled by the sight. They could not believe what they just saw in front of them.

    However, although they were stunned, Little Fatty was not. As the large copper bell was smashed, his spiritual sense also received an impact. Although it was not injured, but it let Little Fatty realise something. Although the copper bell was strong, but he who was mentally connected with it was very weak. If he suffered too strong of an impact, the big copper bell may not have a single scratch, but he would have died from the collapse of his mental state.

    Little Fatty did not want that, so he made up his mind, and decided not to play with these guys any further. Thus, he quickly pulled out 3 talismans, and tore them without any hesitation and pointed at the 3 people opposite him.

    As the 3 of them saw that the talismans Little Fatty took out were as thick as copper coins, they could immediately tell that this was a middle-grade talisman. They were only at the XianTian stage and had no confidence to forcefully receive the foundational stage spell. It frightened them to the point where they quickly got into a defensive position. Wang Zhong and Han Ling Feng speedily laid a defensive formation and recalled their flying sword back to protect themselves at the same time. But cultivator Zhang was more unlucky. After his magical tool was smashed by the copper bell, his mental state was injured and was bleeding from all seven orifices. (T/N: The original said that he was bleeding through 7 holes) It was as though someone hammered his brain, and he felt woozy in the head, not even able to focus on the scene before him, let alone have the energy to deal with Little Fatty’s attack.

    But, very soon the three of them realised that whether or not they defended, the results would be the same. As Little Fatty snapped a finger, three streaks of 5 elemental green gas trapped them as though it was a snake.

    “Wind Binding Spell!” The three of them quickly recognised that this spell was not a high level one, but one which was very troublesome to deal with. Against another cultivator at the same level, it could only trap the other party for a short period of time. But when an expert uses it against a weaker opponent, it could even trap the other party for up to a few days. Because the talisman which Little Fatty used was refined by a foundational stage cultivator, the spell stored inside was equivalent to one being used by a foundational stage cultivator. Against the three of them who were in the Xian Tian stage, it was as frightful as a thick iron chain trapping them. Resulting in them being unable to move completely. Even if they struggled with all their might, it would take at least an hour for them to free themselves.

    But, would Little Fatty give them the chance to escape? Thinking about this, as the three of them were trapped, they were immediately scared till their faces turned deathly white. Cultivator Zhang ignored the dizziness and pain in his head and immediately shouted “Junior brother, junior brother, I was wrong. I was blinded by them, please have mercy on me, I’m willing to~”

    “Go and die!” Little Fatty did not give him a chance to say any rubbish. He took out his Lightning Wind sword and deeply pierced it into cultivator Zhang’s DanTian, and forcefully allowed lightning to penetrate into the surroundings. Resulting in the channels of his body to be completely destroyed.

    After receiving such a serious injury, cultivator Zhang was completely crippled and became a mortal. Unless he could obtain a treasure which could go against the heavens, he does not need to think about cultivating for his entire life. However, a treasure of that grade, would not be easily obtained by even a JinDan stage expert. Who would be willing to give it to him?

    After receiving such a serious injury, cultivator Zhang screamed in agony and fainted immediately. Seeing his plight, Wang Zhong was frightened till he turned green and hurriedly said “Song Zhong, Song older brother, have mercy! I know my mistake already!”

    “Even if you know your mistake you have to die!” Little Fatty could not be bothered to hear his rubbish but rushed forward like a cannon and crippled his cultivation. Only after Wang Zhong was struck by a wave of lightning and fainted, did Little Fatty look at Han Ling Feng with a lecherous grin?

    Of course, a princess was also a person and was afraid of death too! Especially a cultivator, who knew that they could have up to a few hundred or thousand years to live. Who could accept dying of shame at only the age of 20?

    Anyway, Han Ling Feng was definitely not resigned to dying. With tears in her eyes, she pitifully pleaded “Song senior brother, don’t kill me, please? I know my mistake!”

    “Babe, I’m very comforted that you know your mistake.” Little Fatty came to Han Ling Feng’s side with a smile on his face. He unrestrainedly covered her mouth and said “Open your mouth! If you do not want to die!”

    Han Ling Feng was startled, and struggled for a bit, but very quickly could not help but give in the Little Fatty’s threat. After she opened her mouth, she felt Little Fatty stuff a pill into her mouth.

    “What did you feed me?” Han Ling Feng asked in shock.

    “Don’t you have any feeling?” Little Fatty smiled lecherously while keeping his sword, and unrestrainedly put his hands on her peaks, continuously groping.  

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  • thanks for the chapter. Lets get the loti*cough**cough* lets get ready for the next chapter XD
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    "I am become death, the destroyer of worlds" - R. Oppenheimer  
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    Chapter 18: A Night of Romance

    Han Ling Feng felt that her spiritual energy all over her body rapidly diminished, and her limbs became limp and weak. In just a few breaths, she did not even have the energy to truss a chicken.

    “Ah, why did this happen? Where did my spiritual energy go? Where is my strength? Why did it all vanish?” Han Ling Feng asked in shock.

    “Enough with the fuss!” Little Fatty laughed and said, “It is temporarily sealed. What I fed you was an Energy Dissolving Pill, it is worth 10 spiritual stones! Bought it specially for you! How is it, are you satisfied with the effects?”

    As Han Ling Feng heard this, her face immediately changed to one with panic, she immediately asked nervously: “You, you, why did you seal my energy for?”

    “Because, I want to calculate all our grievances over the years!” As Little Fatty said this, he carried Han Ling Feng onto his shoulders and walked towards the wooden hut.

    “Ah~” as Han Ling Feng was placed on the bed, she shouted with shock and said as she trembled, “Song senior brother, in the past I was unreasonable. I know my mistakes now, on the account that we’re from the same sect, can you not put me in a spot?”

    “Okay!” Little Fatty immediately said with a grin.

    “Ah, really?” As Han Ling Feng heard she asked in surprise.

    “Of course it’s real. How could I bear to put you in a spot? I don’t even have enough time to dote on you!” Little Fatty then fiercely said “Senior sister, little brother will let you have a taste of my sufferings!”

    “Ah~” as Han Ling Feng heard that she shrieked in shock.

    As Little Fatty saw that, not only was he not shocked, but he said with a lecherous smile “Senior sister, your scream is really nice, but do you really think that you will be able to get people here by screaming?”

    “Why not?” Han Ling Feng said exasperatedly “Don’t force me, my voice is really loud. If I scream at the top of my lungs, everyone in the surrounding mile would be able to hear me. If another senior brother comes and see that you are humiliating your fellow sect mate in such a manner, you would be punished by the Enforcement Hall!”

    “Haha!” Little Fatty immediately laughed till he was rocking back and forth.

    “What are you laughing at? Sect rules strictly forbids sexual crimes. If the Enforcement Hall finds out, you’ll be dead for sure!” Han Ling Feng hurriedly added on “If you let go of me now, I can pretend that nothing has happened!”

    “Haha!” Little Fatty laughed and said “Senior sister, you’re really funny! Even if I admit that your voice is very loud, but my house is surrounded by a restriction spell. Even if you scream till your throat is sore, the sound would not travel out. Besides, I have already crippled two senior brothers, which is already against the sect rules. Would I still be concerned with one more crime?”

    Only now did Han Ling Feng remember about the restriction spell which they set up. Her face immediately turned deathly grey. This is reaping what one has sowed.

    Seeing Han Ling Feng’s shocked expression, Little Fatty definitely couldn’t bear it in his heart. But as he thought about what she did to him, this feeling was immediately flushed away without a trace.

    “Ha, senior sister, you shouldn’t blame me for ruining a flower. It is really that you were too much. I was already very pitiful, to the point where I had to throw rubbish for people. But you had to use water to drench me, fire to burn me. Forcing me to run naked in the winter, becoming the joke amongst the servants. That was only for your joy’s sake.” Little Fatty then said with rage “Today, just for a mere 10 spiritual stones, you wanted to kill me. If not for the fact that I came prepared, I’m afraid I would not be left with even a corpse. Since you are heartless, don’t blame me for being unrighteous. What you owe me, you would have to return me!”

    What happened after, everyone should know without saying. Little Fatty who endured a decade of grievance, never felt so good before. After keeping it in the rage for a decade and letting it out all in one shot, that exhilaration of revenge was mingled with a feeling of dominance. All these feelings rushing towards him, made him feel as though he was going to fly.

    After completing the deed, Little Fatty who was feeling good all over smiled and said: “Senior sister, did you feel good?”

    After being tormented by Little Fatty, Han Ling Feng’s mind completely blanked out. After hearing what Little Fatty despicably said, she actually did not know what to reply at all.

    Seeing Han Ling Feng remain silent, Little Fatty immediately acted angrily and said: “It seems that senior sister did not feel good! Then I would have to continue working harder!”

    Han Ling Feng could not tolerate this anymore and could only plead, “Song junior brother, you have already taken your revenge. Please spare me!”

    “Hehe, I have the heart to let you go, but I cannot!” Little Fatty acted and said “I crippled two senior brothers in a row today. If you reported this when you leave, hehe, according to the sect rules, my spirit would be burnt! So, senior sister, I can only let you down~”

    As Han Ling Feng heard this, she became shocked till she turned completely white. She immediately pleaded and said, “I won’t junior brother, I swear I will not betray you!”

    “What use it is to swear?” Little Fatty asked in disdain.

    “I will swear the Devil’s Oath. If I go against it, I will never ascend in my life!” Han Ling Feng hurriedly replied.

    “That won’t do, I don’t believe in these kind of mystics!” Little Fatty said calmly.

    “Then what do you want in order to let me go?” Han Ling Feng could only ask.

    “It is actually very simple, I only need you to hand me a thread of your spirit!” Little Fatty replied calmly.

    “What? You want my spirit thread? Then won’t my life and death be in your hands?” Han Ling Feng became shocked and asked.

    The spirit was the essence of a person and could not be harmed in the slightest. So, being in possession of one’s spiritual thread was as good as being able to control one’s life and death. If Han Ling Feng were to hand over her spiritual thread, she would completely become Little Fatty’s slave in future. If he wanted her to live, she would live; likewise, if he wanted her to die, she could not do anything but die. It was no wonder then, why she was so shocked when she heard his request.

    A pity, no matter how much of a shock Han Ling Feng was in, Little Fatty would not let her go easily. This is because this concerned something grave. If the news was leaked out, Little Fatty would have to die without a place to be buried. So, he could only harden his heart and say, “Senior sister, it is not that I am ruthless, but it is because this matter cannot be revealed. If you do not take your life as assurance, I would not let you go no matter what!”

    “You, you already took away my chastity, why do you still want~” Han Ling Feng asked pitifully.

    “These are separate matters!” said Little Fatty. “If not for the fact that we have this layer of relationship, I could not be bothered to even talk to you. You would have been like the two half dead people outside. Although my methods are a bit ruthless, but I also do not have a choice. You only have yourself to blame. After all, it was all of you who came to find me and I was only retaliating! That’s enough, time is now tight, and I still have to take care of the corpse. I do not have the energy to talk to you. I’ll only ask you one thing, do you want to live or die!”

    To live or to die. There exists a saying, ‘Throughout the ages, the most challenging problem was death’. At the face of life and death, even as the princess of a royal family, she did not have the courage to take that step. Facing the resolute expression on Little Fatty’s face, she knew that no matter how she pleaded, it was useless. If she did not hand over her spirit thread, this person, who had already crippled two of her senior brothers, would not let her go. Without a choice, she could only comply.

    Although her spiritual Qi was completely diminished, but Han Ling Feng who still had her spiritual sense could still control it. She took out a thread of her spirit, and it transformed into a unique ball of light and floated gently towards Little Fatty.

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  • Thanks for the release! I was kinda expecting the author to go a bit more in depth on the situation though lol.
  • Thanks for the release! I was kinda expecting the author to go a bit more in depth on the situation though lol.

    Go and read some hentai

  • Thanks for the release! I was kinda expecting the author to go a bit more in depth on the situation though lol.

    Go and read some hentai
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  • Thanks for the release! I was kinda expecting the author to go a bit more in depth on the situation though lol.

    Go and read some hentai
    I already do. I just wanted to read a xianxia with some 18+ content. I know this stuff is going to be more frequent as I looked at the spoiler thread earlier, so I was just expecting a bit more.

    Why don't you read "Against the Gods", and if you are not afraid of getting blue b*lls, "A step into the past" XD
  • Why don't you read "Against the Gods", and if you are not afraid of getting blue b*lls, "A step into the past" XD
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    Chapter 19: Best Target to Bully

    Little Fatty absorbed the spirit thread into his stomach, then used his spiritual sense to ensure that there was nothing wrong. Only then was he relieved. After excitedly rubbing his crotch for a while, did he reluctantly climb up. “Senior sister, now that we have close ties, you can rest assured, I will not threaten you to do anything. In front of others, you can pretend that you do not know me, or even despise me. All in all, just be yourself.”

    The reason why Little Fatty did this was because he was afraid of forcing her to the edge. Where she would report this matter, risking the fact that she may die together with him.

    “Really? Why would you do this?” Han Ling Feng couldn’t help but ask.

    “Because I do not want to reveal my abilities. Senior sister, please help me keep the fact that I have a magical tool in my hands a secret!” Little Fatty replied.

    “Don’t worry, I will not spread it!” Han Ling Feng nodded her head as she began to get dressed, bearing the pain.

    “That’s good!” Little Fatty then smiled slightly and said “Senior sister offered your body today, making junior brother really touched. In order to commemorate the meaningful first time between us, I am intending to give the items of those two outside to you. I hope senior sister will accept it!”

    “What? You’re going to give their stuff to me?” Hearing this, she immediately exclaimed in shock.

    “Yes, is there any problem?” Little Fatty replied with a giggle.

    “Don’t tell me you’re joking?” She replied in disbelief. “Although Wang Zhong and Zhang senior brother are not considered very rich, but they still have their own respective savings. Especially Zhang senior brother, after being an outer court disciple for over 20 years, he has garnered many valuable items. Just that 3rd-grade magical tool is worth over 10,000 spiritual stones. You’re willing to give it to me?”

    “Ah ah, of course. In my eyes, all those are just trash!” Little Fatty curled his lips and said.

    “Ah~” Han Ling Feng couldn’t help but took in a breath of cold air and said “No wonder you can casually take out that many talismans worth about a hundred spiritual stones. It seems that the inheritance your parents left for you must be a lot?”

    As Little Fatty heard this, he was first slightly stunned. He then quickly understood that Han Ling Feng misunderstood the source of his wealth. To him, this is definitely a beautiful misunderstanding. So, Little Fatty did not bother explaining, but he only smiled slightly and then acted unfathomable and said: “Senior sister, there are some things that shouldn’t be said!”

    As Han Ling Feng heard this, she took it that Little Fatty acknowledged what she said and replied, “Okay, I understand! Since this is the case, then can I really accept all these things?”

    “Of course, giving it to you is for you to keep it!” Little Fatty then continued: “Of course, if you would settle the two trouble over there while you’re at it, that would be the best!”

    Han Ling Feng was first stunned, then she began to understand. This was Little Fatty giving her a crime to her name! Thinking about the unlucky plight she was in currently, it was all because of the 10 spiritual stones of reward from Wang Zhong. An unknown flame of rage ignited in her heart. But since her life and death could be arbitrarily decided by Little Fatty, she did not dare to say anything but instead straightforwardly replied, “Leave it all to me, but what about my spiritual Qi?”

    “Ah ah, senior sister, this is the antidote!” Little Fatty calmly took out a pill and gave it to her.

    Han Ling Feng did not know if Little Fatty would have a hidden agenda. But after all, her life and death were in his hands, he did not have a need to use such a method to fool her. Thus, Han Ling Feng ate the pill with relieve. Very quickly, she felt the missing spiritual Qi beginning to return. In just a while, she regained her battle prowess.

    After recovering, Han Ling Feng did not say anything else but walked out of the wooden hut directly. She stretched her hands towards her flying sword, and it flew into her hands, she then began walking towards Wang Zhong.

    Wang Zhong had already begun regaining consciousness. The current him had been roasted in and out by the lighting on the lightning wind sword, resulting in the aroma of barbequed meat in the air. As he opened his eyes, he saw Han Ling Feng. He bore the pain and began pleading, “Junior sister, save me!”

    However, Han Ling Feng, overcome with sorrow and anger replied: “You were the one who caused me to be so miserable, and you still have the cheek to ask me to save you? If not for you, I as a princess, was by a lecherous fatty…~”

    The words towards the end, she naturally did not dare to say it out loud. But saying up to here, Han Ling Feng was already shedding tears of anger. She couldn’t contain her rage any longer and raised her flying sword and fiercely pierced downwards.

    “Junior sister~” Wang Zhong only had the chance to shout that before dying on the spot.

    After killing Wang Zhong, she began walking towards cultivator Zhang. Since he had also regained consciousness and witnessed the end of Wang Zhong, he quickly said: “Junior sister, junior sister, I was not the cause of your misery. I’m the same as you, also a victim?”

    “Maybe, but that does not matter anymore. For my future, senior brother, little sister can only disappoint you!” With a swing of the sword, she chopped off cultivator Zhang’s head in a swift motion.

    After destroying the bodies, Han Ling Feng turned and looked towards Little Fatty who was watching from the door and said, “Junior brother, if there is nothing else, I will be leaving!”

    “Senior sister take care!” Little Fatty said while waving his hands and laughing.

    Han Ling Feng originally thought that he would have taken back some items or state an unreasonable request to take advantage of her. But she did not expect that he would let her go so easily. She could only leave on her flying sword with a heart full of doubts.

    “Ah~” As Little Fatty sent Han Ling Feng off, he stretched his body and began circulating the Primal Spiritual Qi. He immediately felt the spiritual Qi within his body rumbling, and the density of it was very much denser than it was yesterday. He probably ascended to the 2nd level of the XianTian stage. Little Fatty who realised this was shocked. He couldn’t help but furrow his eyebrows “Strange, I did not cultivate the whole night. Why did my cultivation increase by so much? Don’t tell me doing it with Senior Sister can help improve my cultivation?”

    Needless to say, as Han Ling Feng left on her flying sword, they feeling of grievance and frustration was in her heart. Her chastity which had been kept for over ten years was actually taken by a lecherous fatty. No matter who it was, the person would feel indignant. The worst part was that he still forced her to hand over her spirit thread, which was equivalent to controlling her own life and death. In future, she would have to become his slave. What could she do about this?

    Just when Han Ling Feng was feeling worried, she suddenly saw a suspicious figure below. Looking carefully, she recognised that this was the outer court disciple who Wang Zhong hired to keep watch. For whatever reason, after receiving the gold, he did not go back and rest, but instead he remained hidden here.

    Seeing this person, Han Ling Feng was immediately startled. She immediately realised that she almost made a grave mistake. If she allowed him to leave, then there would be endless troubles in future. After all, he personally saw the three of them coming to ambush Little Fatty. At this moment, she was the only one who left while Little Fatty was still unharmed. If this person were to spread what happened today out, people would be able to deduce that Wang Zhong and cultivator Zhang died in Little Fatty’s and her hands.

    Thinking about the hidden dangers of this affair, Han Ling Feng could not help but break out in a cold sweat. After all, it is the life of two outer court disciples. If the matter was found out, there was an 80% chance that her cultivation would be crippled. This was not what Han Ling Feng wanted.

    Thinking about the great dangers of this matter, Han Ling Feng quickly pointed her sword downwards and landed beside him.

    The outer court disciple did not know that trouble had arrived. As he saw Han Ling Feng, he immediately smiled apologetically and said: “I pay my respects to Han senior aunt~”

    “En!” Han Ling Feng nodded then frowned and asked, “It’s so late already, what are you doing here instead of resting?”

    “Hehe, senior aunt, actually, I would like to help you settle the remains of that fatty. Some things which aren’t convenient for you to do so, are actually my speciality.” That guy replied with an obsequious smile.

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