ISSTH Manga (sort of)

I was just screwing around one day and did this. Only 2 pages so far though. I've never really attempted something like this before, so it's not exactly professional. :D 



  • Wow, I really like it!! I hope you continue in the future! Second panel on the second page is really good, he looks really pensive.
  • Wow, this is really cool!
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    It may not be professional, but it looks much better than professional works. Great stuff!
  • Thanks! Here are another 2 pages. Fatty is so cute~

  • awesome stuff!
  • Yeh.. nice art ‼
    Keep up the good work ;)

  • A little rough but this is awesome. 
    What did you use to make it? The colour looks water based.
  • haha this great work. keep it up!
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  • why i can"t see it.. where the manga????
  • I like. And if there's a crappy official version, you should totally keep posting :smiley:
  • Keep up the good work! Loving it so far :)
  • incredible. You should do more! 

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  • The art reminds me a bit of the manga Ares if anyone read that, personally loved it but i know its not for everyone. You should keep working on it maybe it will turn into something!!
  • Hmmm. I see some major accomplishments on the Dao of Manhua. At least, this not-exactly-professional piece is better then most of the Xianxia adaptations. While it may not be clean and clear, the meaning is there, and it is... well, it is just right. Just need to keep drawing and perfection can be attained (if you survive heavenly tribulation)!
  • The drawings might be a bit rough. but the expressions are spot on! keep it up!
  • Wow.  I want more. I want to see how you try to keep the same expression on Meng hao's face the whole story haha
  • I don't want an official version because they will make it childish as all other manhwa
  • That's cool!  And I like it better than most, if not all, of the real Chinese novel manhua adaptations.  Those ones never stick to the story, make it more frivolous than it should be, and often just aren't good.
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  • moar!!!!
  • This shit is cash. Keep it up.
  • WHOA! thanks everyone! I'll definitely try to make more! I can't believe that Deathblade actually put this into one of his posts! 
    SomeGuy said:
    A little rough but this is awesome. 
    What did you use to make it? The colour looks water based.
    I used Paint tool SAI for this. I just drew the drawings using the sketch tool and then shaded it with the Color tool.
  • Phusro, I love your drawings, they're not amazing, but they're awesome nonetheless. You've reminded me the beginning of the story Xu Qing heartlessly kidnapped mortals for their sect. Meng Hao was literally kidnapped in the beginning haha.
  • Wow that looks really good!
  • first appearance of xu qing! she is so tough to draw T_T

  • Try making a sexy looking Xu Qing based on its appearance on wiki 

  • I like Meng Hao's shocked expression. 
  • This manga... is very cool.
  • oh so nice ^^ , do more !! 
  • We need more.
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