BTTH Ranks are Confusing

I'm the only one who find extremely confusing the ranking system in BTTH? i think the problem is that the names of the various ranks are not translated. Luckily there is a wiki page that can be easily find on the net that can help a bit. Still i don't understand why the translator don't just go Dou Master instead of Dou Shi or Dou Disciple in the place of Dou Zhi. I find the english version of the ranks less confusing/ more easy to remember.  What do you think?


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    It's the same reason a lot of novels leave cultivation levels the translations even when put in English don't really mean much, if you asked me to rank Master King and Emperor Saint and Venerate I don't think I would get them right either way cause Master almost means Venerate and King and Emperor are the same thing in English, the only one I would get right is saint most likely and put both master and and venerate under king and emperor. Making the name English you can do yourself just get a widget and make it replace the words with the correct one if it annoys you. This thread is also in the wrong category to boot. 

    This thread also already exists.
  • Really? I find them quite easy to understand. And also i think they are better left untranslated.
    Dou Zhe (Dou Apprentice)
    Dou Shi (Dou Master)
    Da Dou Shi (Dou Grandmaster)
    Dou Ling (Dou Spirit)
    Dou Wang (Dou King)
    Dou Huang (Dou Emperor)
    Dou Zhong (Dou Ancestor)
    Dou Sheng (Dou Saint)
    Dou Di (Dou God)

    Note that "dou" can be translated as "Battle" or "Martial", as in "Battle King" or "Martial Saint".

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