混沌雷修 (Chaotic Lightning Cultivation) by 写字板 (Writing Board/WordPad)

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Title: 混沌雷修 Hun Dun Lei Xiu   

Author: 写字板 Xie Zi Ban

Novel Status: Completed at 954 Chapters

Synopsis provided by athlonkmf:

"His parents were the geniuses of the sect. But they were apparently killed while on a mission when he was barely 6. As he apparently did not excel in any of the 5 elements, in fact, all 5 elements are in balance in his body. Thus, our fatty is deemed to be trash and does not deserve the respect his parents had.
He is allowed to have one task, to collect garbage of the sect until he reaches the initial test-age where he has to proof to be worthy to stay in the sect.
Our fatty has no choice but to cultivate the only heritage his parents gave him. A mysterious black pearl.
Unfortunately for him, this pearl seems to be only useful for... collecting garbage..."

Original Synopsis (gets a little weird here):

A Little Fatty who was constantly bullied in his sect, by relying on the Magical Artifact his parents left behind, cultivated the peerless, primally chaotic Five Elements Lightning technique. Using this, he slowly rose and dominated the continents. 10th Step Water Divine Lighting, 3rd Step Fire Divine Lightning, 5th Step Earth Divine Lighting, 7th Step Metal Divine Lighting, Lesser 5 Element Soul Divine Lighting, Greater 5 Element Destruction Divine Lighting, Dark Purple Divine Lighting, Pure Divine Lighting, Clear Sky Divine Lighting, Righteous Taichi Divine Lightning. (EN: Sounds like a whole bunch of wumbo jumbo there)

~A monk once said, “One who has dissatisfactions should get struck by all 5 bolts of lightning”~

Hi there fellow Daoists!
We're a new team that would like to try our hand on translations, and have decided on this novel for the following reasons:
1) It's short, at only 900+ chapters, so it would not be so taxing for us newbies :)
2) The raws were relatively simple to read
3) It came recommended by athlonkmf on the WW forums for 'Untranslated Gems'.

Expect about 2 chapters a week! (We're slow workers heh ><)

Side note: LittleFattyTranslations would like to thank athlonkmf for generously allowing us to undertake this project since he/she was the one who found the raws and posted it on the discussion forum for people to pick up :smiley: 



  • Chapter 1: The Taoist Fatty

    In the endless vast mountains, there reside hundreds of greater and lesser sects, Mystical Sky Yard is one of the more tyrannic and powerful schools. Although Mystical Sky Yard only has a population of a few thousand, it possesses up to tens of thousands of miles of land in this area, and they are without a doubt, the rulers of these land, any practitioners who would dare make trouble here would be killed without mercy. Mystical Sky Yard’s reputation is built upon the corpses of numerous foreign practitioners.

    At dusk, when majority of the practitioners in Mystical Sky Yard were having dinner or practicing, a little Taoist monk around sixteen or seventeen year old suddenly appeared in all the different side yards. The little Taoist monk appears a little chubby on the outside, dressed in a dirty green Taoist robe. Despite having a naturally delicate look, but with his pair of perverted little eyes has completely undermined his efforts to create the temperament of an immortal, which doesn’t make him look like a Practitioner. Instead, it made him look like an illiterate. In addition, he has an uncomfortable name, Song Zhong, which sounds like ‘Song Zhong’, thus causing everyone to despise him. Anyways, nobody calls him by his real name but instead calls him little fatty.

    Little Fatty has a miserable background, his parents were elite disciples in the branch sect, but ten years ago, they met with an accident, and passed away. The Sect is famous for being cold and heartless, thus without the protection of his parents, his shocking ‘innate talent’ which can be considered as ‘Legendary Trash’ caused his status to take a plunge. From a child who was constantly under the protection and love of his parents, he became a servant who was constantly bullied by everyone.

    A person who has an average affinity with all 5 elements has a title in the martial arts world, a ‘trash of all trades’. Although he can practise the spells of all elements, unfortunately he can never be outstanding in anything, and will never be able to become a true practitioner. Even by using countless elixirs to aid his training, there is still no hope for him to be an expert in any way. Under such circumstances, no school will be willing to waste any of these precious training materials on such a guy.

    If not for the prestige of his parents, little fatty would long ago been chased out of the sect, left to perish on his own. But even so, his circumstances are not good. He cannot even be considered an outer court disciple, he can only be a lowly servant who does odd jobs. He specialises in helping the different side yards clear up their trash during dusk every day.

    Even though little fatty is always silly and blur, but he is actually a very strong willed boy, even though he has seen through all sorts of ugliness and kindness from people over the past 10 years, not only did he not give up on himself, but continued to struggle in the face of difficulties. Even knowing that he has horrible talent, he has never given up on practicing.

    Every day, other than his job of collecting rubbish, he spends the rest of his time on cultivating, for almost 20 hours a day(1 Shichen = 2 Hours). This sort of hard working attitude, even the practitioners who are considered to be martial art fanatics would be scared if they heard about it. After all, not everybody is able to be a statue, sitting down for a whole 16 whole hours without any form of entertainment nor anybody to converse with, just purely focusing on channelling your Qi. That sort of feeling can make any person alive seat til his brains turn to mush!

    But, not only has Little Fatty been able to sustain this for 10 years, he firmly believes that as long as he doesn’t stop practising, he will be able to step upon all those who once bullied him before. As the saying goes, ‘The heavens do not disappoint the hard worker’. Alas, in his practise session yesterday night, little fatty had successfully converted all his Qi from HouTian to XianTian and became a true practitioner.

    When mortals are born, they are all considered to be at the HouTian stage. Only by removing all the stench of HouTian and converting it into XianTian are they able to begin practising martial art techniques. If they manage to do it, they will become a practitioner. Otherwise, they will forever remain as a mortal.

    However, in the face of such results, other than laughing bitterly, Little Fatty had nothing to be happy about. This is because those with talents have been able to cross this hurdle before they are 10. Some genius, supplemented by their family’s resources, are even able to achieve this when they’re merely 5 years old or younger! In other words, as compared to Song Zhong, these people have many more years to cultivate.

    One must know that cultivating is an act which defies the heavens, it is essentially competing with the heavens for time. If one is unable to achieve any progress before his lifespan is over, what awaits him is nothing but death. Time spent cultivating is very precious, and it directly affects the future of the practitioner. For people like Song Zhong who needed 16 years to cross the hurdle towards becoming a cultivator, unless he is able to have any miraculous opportunity, he can basically wait to die.

    In fact, the reason why Little Fatty is taking this gamble is because he really has such an opportunity which comes from an unknown treasure left by his parents. According to his parents, this treasure came from an ancient cave, and looking at the structure of the cave, the cave owner is likely to possess paramount strength. Chances were that his possessions would be extraordinary. Unfortunately, before Song Zhong’s parents were able to figure what it was out, they were sent out on a mission and never returned. This object was the only article which was left to Song Zhong by his parents.

    Little Fatty’s intention was after he had cultivated to the XianTian stage, he would refine this treasure into his Natal Artifact. If he is lucky and it turned out to be a unique treasure, it could be the solution to all his problems. If not, he can only give up the idea of cultivating and slowly await his death.

    People are naturally in a good mood when they have a good day. With this happy event, he became more light-hearted in his job since he had something to look forward to. He first went to the Mystical Sky Yard’s Talisman Hall, where disciples of the Sect practises the usage of the talismans. As such, there are a lot of discarded talismans here every day. The Taoist Children of the hall would clear up all these rubbish once the elite disciples leave. Little Fatty’s job now is to sweep up all these rubbish. Compared to the previous jobs of washing the dishes, cleaning up the place, the work is tougher, because the road to and fro is long.

    There are 2 baskets of discarded talismans, as Song Zhong went to the shed in the backyard, he placed his empty basket down in a trained manner, after which he picked up the 2 full baskets of discarded talismans and briskly walked towards the outside.

    Servants have no rights to walk out via the main door, they can only take the back door, and run along the mountain passages. After all, Little Fatty has been cultivating for 10 years already, even though he is unable to ride on his weapon and fly, he is still able to cover a few feet with every step, his plump figure is not affecting his speed in any way. The distance of many miles was covered very speedily. Along the way, Little Fatty will occasionally see practitioners flying in the sky on their spiritual weapons. They can see him too, but they would never bother about a servant.

    Even as they fly arrogantly across the sky, Little Fatty thought that it was already very good. If he met some of the more childish people, they would even criticize him. Some lowly bastards would even use low-level spells to find some entertainment from Song Zhong. Over the past 10 years, Little Fatty has been splashed with water spells countless of times, there are even people who would set his ass on fire, resulting in him having to run around half naked for half a day, becoming the biggest joke amongst the servants. The most dangerous time was when a disciple who wanted to find some fun, did not control his spell properly, and instead of using a wind blade to shave off Little Fatty’s hair, almost chopped off his head instead. From that day on, Little Fatty changed his appearance, dressed as low profile as possible, worked where there are fewer people, in order to avoid these childish people.

    The place where Little Fatty is going to now is called TianGou, it is a deep abyss behind the mountains of the Mystical Sky Yard, all the waste from the Sect is thrown into this abyss, and even after a few thousand years ever since the founding of the Sect, this abyss which stretches for hundreds of miles have never been filled.

    However, when it is time for Little Fatty to take over the job, the garbage has piled to the point where the highest mountains of rubbish are not more than 10 feet away from the cliff.

    Little Fatty is currently in no mood to appreciate the massive amount of waste. He just casually threw the trash within the 2 large baskets away and rushed straight to the Elixir Hall. There are also two baskets filled with Elixirs which failed in production.

    After the Elixir Hall, Little Fatty also has to go to the Weapons Hall, where there are also 2 baskets of trash which are filled with the failed products of the Weapon Hall, and some ashes.

    After throwing away the rubbish from the 3 halls, his job for the day is finally done. Running for hundreds of miles within 4 hours, even though he is a practitioner, he is also panting hard and soaked with sweat.

    Like a dead dog, Little Fatty returned to his hut, not bothering to wash up, he immediately began meditating.

    An hour later, as the crescent moon silent crept above the willows, after finishing his meditation, Little Fatty opened his eyes, and he is now at the peak of his physical and mental state. Adding to the fact that he stays in a deserted place, there is nobody who comes to disturb him in years, this is the best time to refine his unique treasure.

    Carefully opening a hidden compartment by his bed, Little Fatty retrieved a black pearl of the size of a peach. This pearl is perfectly rounded, it is neither gold nor jade. Made of unknown materials, there isn’t a single design on the pearl, and there aren't any visible benefits to the spirit. If not for the fact that this was discovered in an ancient cave, Little Fatty’s parents would not even have spared it a second glance.

    Actually, even Little Fatty also has doubts as to whether or not this is a unique treasure, and whether or not it could be refined into a Natal Artifact. Everybody can only refine a single Natal Artifact in their life and it is impossible to be changed. It can be said that a person’s Natal Artifact would determine the future path which a practitioner would take. Normally, practitioners would wait until they train to a certain level before choosing a high-grade Artifact to be refined into their Natal Artifact. If they were unable to find any good Artifacts, they would rather not refine anything, instead of refining an Artifact with dubious origins.

    However, for Little Fatty, he has no room for choice in this matter. This is the only Artifact which he can come into contact with. If he doesn’t refine it, he would for sure have no future, only biding his time awaiting death. Thus, even though refining it could be dangerous, he hung on to that sliver of hope for a miracle.

    Little Fatty stroked the black pearl and laughed bitterly telling the black pearl, “Pearl, O pearl, please do not let me down.”

    After saying this, Little Fatty’s face tightened with determination, and resolutely cut his wrist with his nails, dripping his Natal blood essence on the Black Pearl. As the blood essence came into contact with the pearl, it was immediately sucked into the pearl, as though the pearl was a monster with a voracious appetite.

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    Great that you guys are picking this up.
    Maybe you'd want to use my synopsis instead of the "official" one. Because in the end, the author never really used those lightnings.


    Some notes:

    Instead of "average affinity with all 5 elements" it might be good to note that his affinity is [b]balanced[/b]. This is very important for the plot. (everyone has affinity for all 5 elements, but excells at one or two, but fatty is balanced in all 5. So he can't excell in any element, unless...)

    His name's meaning: "Song Zhong" is bad because it's the ritual where people bids farewell to the deceased. Song Zhong therefor can be used as a curse, wishing someone's death.

    Started a spoilerthread here:

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    Chapter 2 is out! Thanks for the wait guys!

    Note: We've currently decided on releasing a chapter every Tuesday and Saturday(GMT+8) starting from next week, so the poor editor (me) has more time to proof read the atrocity that is the draft my translator sends me. (I'm kidding please don't stop translating!)
    Further note: We've decided to use '...' when a person is thinking to himself or to describe things. Basically, only when the people actually talk will we put the "..."

    Without further ado, enjoy!

    Chapter 2: Natal Artifact

    Seeing this situation, Little Fatty is not shocked but instead overjoyed, because he has read up on books regarding this affair. He knows that only Artifacts which are able to readily absorb blood essence are able to become a Natal Artifact, treasures without this ability either are too low in quality, or already have an owner, and are thus unable to be refined. In other words, since the Artifact was able to absorb his blood essence, this proves that it can be refined into his Natal Artifact.

    Little Fatty was excited to the point where he did not bandage his wounds, instead hurriedly taking the pearl and started to circulate the XianTian spiritual energy within his body to refine the pearl. As his spiritual energy entered the pearl, Song Zhong felt a connection being established between the pearl and him.

    4 hours later, Song Zhong opened up his eyes and the pearl on his hand had disappeared. However, he was not worried in the slightest, because he can clearly feel that it has already entered his DanTian, integrating with his body as one.

    With a thought, the black pearl immediately appeared on his palm, slowly spinning. On the surface, there are no visible changes to the pearl, and Little Fatty was very sad to find out that he was still unable to fully grasp the usage of the pearl.

    In desperation, Song Zhong could only channel his spiritual sense into the pearl. But when his spiritual sense came into contact with the pearl, he suddenly felt a burst of dizziness to his mental state, and in the next moment, he was shocked to find out that he had actually entered a strange dimension.   

    The space wasn’t large, only 10 feet in diameter, the surroundings forming a perfect circle. Above, there were a few little starry like lights twinkling weakly, and beneath his feet were several feet of yellow soil, and right in the centre is a plot of black soil which spans up to 2 feet in diameter.

    Standing in this dimension, Little Fatty felt devastated. Forget about unique treasures, there wasn’t even any spiritual energy, making this space completely unsuitable for cultivating too. The only thing which stands out is the black soil, but when Song Zhong picked up a handful, he realised to his disgust that apart from the colour there was nothing different, it too does not even possess a single strand of spiritual energy.

    ‘What a big joke!’ Little fatty laughed bitterly and thought to himself, ‘This must have just been a random dimensional storage item, but because it was too much of a garbage, it got casually disposed of. But it was brought back by my parents thinking that it was a treasure and took the chance to completely fool me as well. I actually refined such a garbage to become my only Natal Artifact! Is my luck really that bad?’

    It is also no wonder that Little Fatty is this dejected. The most common dimensional storage item is also about 10 to 20 feet wide, which, when compared to Song Zhong’s Natal Artifact, had no difference at all. This meant that our Little Fatty had assimilated the simplest, most garbage dimensional storage bag as his Natal Artifact. Of course, he would feel this depressed.

    “Sigh, having a dimensional storage bag is better than having none!” Since things have already progressed to such a stage, Little Fatty can only console himself by saying that. “At least, the most garbage of dimensional storage item is also worth a lot of spiritual rocks that, with my current ability, I will never be able to buy it in my lifetime!”

    Although Little Fatty comforted himself, but a decade of anticipation, painstaking cultivation pf 16 hours a day, only to find himself in such a plight where his road of cultivation had been abruptly and mercilessly cut off still came as a big mental blow to him, making him lose the heart for further cultivation but instead lie on his bed and sleep soundly.

    As Little Fatty woke up the next day, he found out to his surprise that it was already dusk. To think that he actually slept a full day, even to the extent of not waking up for lunch, all just because of the bad hand he was dealt with.

    Even though his road of cultivation was ruthlessly cut off, Little Fatty did not harbour any suicidal tendencies because of that. He must continue living on with determination. If he wanted to continue living on, he must not give up on his job to pick up rubbish. Thus, even though he is starving, he cannot only think of satiating his hunger, he had to first complete his job. If not, his steward who is already biased against him would definitely make use of this opportunity to throw him out of the mountain.

    Thus, even though he is exhausted physically and mentally, Little Fatty can only grit his teeth and hastily head towards the Talisman Hall. After he reached the Talisman Hall, he realised with horror that he forgot about to bring his empty baskets.

    In accordance with the procedures, he had to leave empty baskets before bringing the rubbish away, if not, he would have to return the baskets back after he throws away the rubbish, and that would mean an extra trip was needed. Every trip is over a hundred miles worth of journey. Including the other 2 halls, that would mean 300 miles of extra travelling! In this case, by the time he is done with his job, it would be too late, and there would not even be scraps left in the canteen.

    Little Fatty does not wish to starve even after running for hundred of miles, and as he was panicking, he suddenly remembered the Magical Artifact which he just refined. No matter what, the dimension size within the pearl wasn’t small, and it could easily fit 10 baskets of trash without any problems.

    As he thought of this, Little Fatty’s eyes lit up, and he immediately tried taking a basket full of discarded talismans, with just a thought, the basket of trash disappeared. With the special connection he has with his Natal Artifact, Song Zhong immediately sensed that the trash basket went into that dimension.

    ‘Haha, success!’ Little Fatty excitedly went into his Natal Artifact and then emptied the rubbish onto the floor, following which he brought the empty basket out.

    After transferring the 2 baskets of trash into his Natal Artifact, Little Fatty left the Talisman Hall and sped towards the Elixir Hall. Along the way, he thought to himself, ‘Even though this Natal Artifact is a little lousy, but there is still some use for it. Previously, I had to make 3 trips from the TianGou and the 3 halls respectively. With this, I just need to empty the trash of the 3 halls into my Artifact, then I only need to go once to the TianGou. This would save me a few hundred miles of walking.’

    As Little Fatty immersed in his thoughts, he had unwittingly finished running around the 3 halls, and it was already nighttime. According to his normal procedure, he should be going to the TianGou to empty out the trash. However, if he went there now, there would not be any food left for him once he got back. Since his job was just to clear the trash of the 3 halls, he can be said to have already finished his job and going to TianGou at a later time would not matter. Who would bother about a servant going to throw out the trash?

    Therefore, as Little Fatty left the Weapons Hall, he did not go to the TianGou, but instead hurriedly ran to the canteen, He managed to get the last bit of food which his buddy left for him, and being famished for the whole day, Little Fatty wolfed down all the leftovers. Because he was too hungry, he ate until he was a little stuffed, along with the fact that he ran so much, he was also feeling rather tired. After thinking about it, he did not go to the TianGou in the end. Instead, he bid farewell to his brother and went back to his hut to rest. Since the trash had already been cleared, even if it stayed in his Natal Artifact for a while it wouldn’t matter.

    After returning to his hut, Little Fatty started meditating out of habit. Using an hour, he filled his body up with XianTian spiritual energy and finally felt more refreshed.

    Following his usual habits, he would have already started cultivating, but since he already knows that he has no hope, why would he be willing to engage in boring meditation? But now that he is free, he also does not know how to kill boredom. 10 years of cultivating alone made him a guy who was secluded from the world, he has a small social circle and does not even own a pet. Thus, he cannot even find anything to engage.

    Out of boredom, Little Fatty thought of his Natal Artifact again. ‘Is this thing really trash? Did my parents really get tricked by a piece of trash? Is my future so screwed up, that it’s my fate to get bullied by people my whole life?’ Every time Little Fatty thought about this, Little Fatty felt even more reluctant to submit to his fate.

    ‘No, I must search again, for all I know, there could be a treasure hidden inside which I have not found!’ Thinking about this, Little Fatty appeared inside the dimension again with a thought.

    The moment Little Fatty appeared, he sensed a wave of Spiritual Energy rushing towards him. Although the Spiritual Energy was not dense, it could not even be compared to the density of spiritual energy in his hut, it was indeed a wave of spiritual energy.

    Wait a moment, it’s spiritual energy? Song Zhong was astonished after sensing spiritual energy. After all, the last time he came here, he did not feel any Spiritual Energy, not a single trace of it! Why is it such that after a short period of a day, Spiritual Energy could suddenly appear? Could it be… that this place can generate its own Spiritual Energy?!

    Thinking about this, Little Fatty immediately settled down to meditate, releasing his spiritual sense to scrutinise this strange dimension. Because this was his Natal Artifact, it was linked to Little Fatty consciousness and everything in this dimension was under his control. If he wanted, he could even penetrate his divine sense into the soil to feel the changes within.

    After exploring the dimension, the true form of the dimension gradually began to display itself in front of Little Fatty. This dimension was actually a perfect sphere, with a little more than 10 feet in diameter. A third of it is made up of soil, the black soil in the centre is actually a column 2 feet in diameter and about 3 feet high.

    Spiritual Energy filled the air of the dimension, and as Little Fatty’s spiritual sense swept through the dimension, he quickly located that the Spiritual Energy was permeating from the middle, which was the region with the black soil.

    Having identified the source, Little Fatty opened his eyes and saw that the middle region of black soil was completely covered by the rubbish he collected earlier on. Since he now knew that the black soil was a treasure which could emit Spiritual Energy, how could he allow it to be covered by rubbish?

    Without delay, he swept all the rubbish aside, revealing the black soil underneath. Using his spiritual sense to scan the soil again, he found out this time that there were a few objects which constantly emitted Spiritual Energy. Unable to contain his excitement, he plunged an arm into the soil and immediately felt a soft and slippery item.

    Little Fatty was overjoyed, and he said in his heart, ‘Haha, so there was a treasure here. Let’s see where you can run to this time!’ He hastily began to exert strength and pulled out the item in a single attempt. But after investigating the item, he was dumbstruck as the so-called treasure was just a used talisman.

    Talismans, one of the commonly used equipment for a practitioner, it can be used directly to release a strong spell, eliminating the middle casting process, thus making it convenient to use. Thus, practically all practitioners carry it along with them. When using the talisman, the majority of the latent Spiritual Energy would be released, leaving small residual portion that would dissipate with time.

    The talisman in Little Fatty’s hands was a used talisman, which was collected from the trash baskets of the Talisman Hall. It seemed to have been forced into the soil by the subsequent rubbish which was piled above it. This talisman then became the source for which the Spiritual Energy was being emitted from.

    This scenario made Little Fatty very confused; even though a discarded talisman’s Spiritual Energy would eventually dissipate, but the speed would not be this fast, at least not to this extent within 2 hours. The residual energy within it was almost all gone. Moreover, after observing closely, Little Fatty realised that the talisman in his hands was very tattered, with holes all over. It looked as though it had been buried under the soil for hundred of years, but wasn’t this the rubbish which was just collected today?

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    Chapter 3 is out! Enjoy guys :)
    Btw, we are in the process of making a major overhaul in our terminology, especially for the cultivation rankings, so we would appreciate if you could bear with our weird translations for them a while longer :smiley: 

    Chapter 3: Magical Artifact Usage

    A bewildered Little Fatty decided not to question further and instead continued to dig inside the black soil, pulling out 3 more similar Talismans. After these Talismans have been extricated, Song Zhong used his Spiritual Sense once again to scrutinize the black soil but found out that the soil had stopped emitting any Spiritual Qi, returning to its original state.

    Upon noticing this, Little Fatty immediately buried the tattered talismans into the soil and realized that the black soil began re-emitting Spiritual Qi again.

    ‘Haha! Finally, I understand!’ Little Fatty had a flash of enlightenment, and confidently muttered to himself. “This black soil can actually decompose the talismans, releasing all the contained residual spirit energy! Haha, if this is the case, then once this talisman has been completely decomposed, won’t the density of Spiritual Qi here be even greater than that of the Sacred Training Grounds? Doesn’t that mean that I can start cultivating again?”

    Thinking about this, Little Fatty jumped around excitedly, shedding tears of joy. He was left disconsolate yesterday, and today, he felt hope. The unexpected ups and downs of this event have overwhelmed Little Fatty.

    After being happy for a moment, Song Zhong suddenly has an idea. ‘‘Since the black soil can decompose talismans, perhaps it can also decompose other items?’’

    Thinking about this, Little Fatty then took out a failed elixir product from the pile of trash beside him. To consume such an Elixir directly definitely will not give him any benefits, but it is after all refined from a Spiritual Grass, and thus should contain a lot of Spiritual Qi.

    Once Little Fatty buried the Elixir into the black soil, a fresh wave of Spiritual Qi began dissipating from the black soil, at an even faster rate. It was also denser than the Spiritual Qi emitted from the previously buried talismans.

    “Haha, sure enough, discarded elixirs are still elixirs, the amount of Spiritual Qi it contains is much more as compared to the talismans, naturally the amount of Spiritual Qi being emitted is also more. Oh, maybe I should decompose the flying swords too? Within it is spiritual stones, maybe it could be decomposed too?” As little fatty said this, he took up an abandoned flying sword and stuck it into the black soil. Then, he used his Spiritual Sense to detect any changes.

    Through the connection with his Natal Artifact, Little Fatty is able to clearly sense that the flying sword being decomposed. Only because the sword is more resilient to wear and tear, thus the disassembling speed would naturally be a lot slower, taking twice the time to decompose as compared to both the elixir and talisman. That being said, the Spiritual Qi dispersed from within the flying sword is still amazingly fast as compared to the natural rate of dispersion. Furthermore, the speed and density of Spiritual Qi released were even a grade higher than that of the elixir. After all, the flying sword contains plenty of spirit stones, thus the Spiritual Qi within is naturally much more compared to the elixir.

    With this discovery, Song Zhong was overjoyed, he quickly buried all the trash from the Weapons Hall; flying sword, magical artifacts, even an abandoned dimensional storage item all were buried within the black soil, completely filling up space which the black soil was.

    The black soil did not disappoint him, regardless of the amount that was buried, it unhurriedly decomposed the items in it, emitting waves after waves of dense Spiritual Qi in return, saturating the little dimension. In just a few hours, the density of Spiritual Qi within the place is the same as that in the outside world.

    One must know that the place where Mystical Sky Yard chose to set up the Sect is not randomly chosen. Amongst the vast mountains, this is the most spiritually dense area, perfect for cultivation. Although the place where Little Fatty resides has the lowest density within the Sect, it is still many times more compared to other places.

    For the black soil to be able to make this place into a sacred cultivating place in a few hours, it can thus be considered a rare treasure.

    Needless to say, Little Fatty understands this point, and knows that he picked up a treasure, this time, he was excited to the point that he could not sleep for the whole night.

    A day passed, Little Fatty’s Natal Artifact had undergone heaven and earth revolving changes, the density of Spiritual Qi within had already greatly exceeded that of his hut. Little Fatty thus began cultivating in it, increasing his efficiency by a notch.

    When it was dusk again, Little Fatty reluctantly left his Natal Artifact and began his job. He hurriedly collected the trash from the 3 halls into his Natal Artifact and went straight to the canteen. After he wolfed down his meal, he hurried back to his hut.

    Safe in his hut, Little Fatty went back into his Natal Artifact. The moment he entered, he had 2 shocking discoveries.

    First, the size of the Natal Artifact’s dimension had become larger. Although it only expanded by a foot, but it was obvious at first glance. After analyzing, this first thing that Little Fatty thought of was the failed dimensional storage item which was decomposed. There was an 80% chance that the dimensional storage item contained Meru Stones (T/N: 须弥石 - Xu Mi Shi. Xu Mi refers to Mt. Meru, thus translating it to the Meru Stone), and other special dimensional materials which served as building blocks for his dimension. This phenomenon made Little Fatty, who despised the small size of his dimension, very excited. Because, as long as he could find failed dimensional storage items to decompose, he could make his Natal Artifact increase in size infinitely, this to him was splendid news!

    The second discovery nearly made Song Zhong faint from delight, as the result was simply too unbelievable.

    The reason was that he discovered near the black soil, formed seemingly out of nowhere, was a Black Mountain about half a foot high. Beside it was a fist sized lump of silver metal, and 10 irregularly sized pearls.

    After Little Fatty investigated further, he found out that the black mountain was actually Black Iron, the most common material for the manufacture of flying swords. The other items were Silver, Copper, and certain rare materials, all of which are materials used in the manufacturing of flying swords or magical artifacts.

    Seeing all these, Little Fatty understood immediately. As the black soil decomposes the failed articles, Spiritual Stones sublimates into Spiritual Qi and given out directly, and other materials such as black iron would all be separated and segregated into different piles. This also means, even the trash of other people, in Little Fatty’s hands, can be returned into its original materials.

    ‘I’ve struck gold!’ As Little Fatty discovered the usage of his Natal Artifact, he immediately envisioned how rich he was about to become.

    One has to know that when refining Magical Artifacts or flying swords, all these materials have to be combined together perfectly. Once the refining process fails, all the combined materials are as good as trash since nobody would be able to separate them. Thus, all these failed products can only be thrown away. However, since Little Fatty is able to decompose them back into their original forms as precious materials, thereby reusing them. If one were to think about all the trash in the Sky Ravine (T/N: This used to be called TianGou in the previous chapters, but the team decided to give it an English name, Sky Ravine), it is as though Little Fatty has come into possession of an infinite amount of wealth.

    “Gold mine! This is a gold mine!” Little Fatty excitedly jumped around in his dimension, shedding tears of joy. Ever since his parents passed on, this is the first time Little Fatty has cried. Even when he was drenched by people as a prank, he had always faced it with a smile; even when he was almost beheaded by a wind blade; even when only given leftovers every day; he had always kept his smile. He buried the hatred deeply within his heart and held back his tears. But now, knowing that he has hope for success, he shed the tears which he had been suppressing for 10 years in a sitting.

    Upon coming back to reality, Little Fatty wiped his face full of tears and fiercely said, “Just wait, all you bastards that bullied me, your father I will definitely get back at all of you one day!”

    Little Fatty is now filled with confidence, even though he knows that he is not talented, he was not worried in the least. In the world of cultivating, there is no lack of miracles, there are a lot of experts who did not have any talent but are still able to ascend to the realm of immortals. There is a saying: ‘what Nature does not provide, nurturing will’. The meaning of this is even if the inborn talent for one is lacking, it can be made up for with various spiritual medicine.

    For instance, there is also a trash practitioner in Mystical Sky Yard, his innate talent only being slightly better than Little Fatty but he is well off since his parents and grandfather are all high-level executives within the sect. When the child was born, the moment his innate talent was determined to be weak, he was immediately weaned with spiritual medicine, managing to break through to the XianTian stage at 8 years old, on par with those with considered as outstanding innate talents. On the other hand, even though Song Zhong worked hard, he could only reach XianTian stage at age 16. From this, the immense cultivating gap can be seen. Thus, so long as Little Fatty has sufficient Spiritual Medicine to consume, plus a treasure that will increase his cultivating speed, and a good cultivation method to support him, progressing rapidly is not impossible.

    Despite the good news, after going through a 5-year ordeal, Little Fatty did not allow himself to be carried away by it. Although he looks silly on the surface, he is actually very quick witted, else he would not have survived to this day. Little Fatty also knows that one’s fortune should not be displayed. If it is leaked out, what awaits him would be his quiet disappearance. In Mystical Sky Yard, countless of practitioners die a wrongful death every year. In addition, there will be disciples who disappear for no reason, since killing someone to take his possessions is not an uncommon thing. To break through the bottleneck or to increase one’s lifespan, what they say about brotherhood is nothing but bullshit, he does not want to die a wrongful death.

    Thus, even though Little Fatty has such a treasure, he cannot flaunt it openly. The biggest problem for Song Zhong now is how he can use it without attracting the attention of other people.

    ‘First, I should become a formal disciple of the Sect!’ After some thought, Little Fatty came to such a conclusion.

    At Mystical Sky Yard, there are 3 types of disciples: Janitorial, outer court, and inner court disciples. The current Little Fatty is a Janitorial Disciple, equivalent to being a servant. There is a huge quantity of Janitorial Disciples and they cannot be considered to be the formal disciples of the Sect. They are not even allowed to go out of the mountain, basically a slave.

    But, these slaves have the rights to cultivate primary cultivating methods in accordance with the Sect rules. As long as these servants reach the XianTian stage, regardless of age, they can be immediately granted with the title of an outer court disciple, becoming a formal disciple of the Mystical Sky Sect. Thus, many mortals who want to cultivate the way would fight for the opportunity to become a janitor for the Sect.

    Outer court disciples are formal disciples of the Sect, and they no longer need to do odd jobs. They are even given a supplement of 1 low-grade spiritual stone every month. They are also allowed to cultivate various spells, refine Elixirs, and manufacture weapons. Outer disciples have a certain degree of freedom and are allowed to leave the mountain to do what they like, thus precisely because of this, Song Zhong decided to become an outer court disciple.

    However, although the outer court disciples seem to have a lot of freedom, in reality, life is still extremely bitter. Children with poor backgrounds who become outer disciples do not have any spiritual medicine, and the piece of low-grade spiritual stone given to them every month is definitely insufficient for cultivation. Thus, they are still forced to complete missions assigned by the sect in exchange for spiritual medicines and stones for cultivation.

    Precisely because these outer court disciples can contribute to the production of spiritual goods, even those without hope of advancing in rank are still allowed to become outer court disciples. All the talismans, elixirs, and other products which they produce would be used to supplement the elite inner court disciples. This is because only the elite disciples are considered the cornerstone of the sect.
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    Chapter 4: Outer Court Disciple

    Little Fatty’s parents were elite inner court disciples, and in those days, they were admired by everyone, with thousands of disciples attempting to ingratiate themselves with the duo. Little Fatty reaped some benefits from it as nobody dared to bully him, and instead had to be subservient towards him. But the moment they died, Little Fatty went from hero to zero, immediately being chased out from the inner sanctuary to the peripheral mountains to be a janitor. Whenever Song Zhong recalls this, he would always end up in a mad fit. But now, Song Zhong has decided that he will gain back everything which he lost.

    The next day, Little Fatty got up early in the morning. After washing up, he took off the beggar costume which he intentionally dirtied, and wore a fresh set of robes. Today, he would report to the sect that he has stepped into the XianTian stage, so as to assume the role of an official disciple. Thus, he could no longer afford to be sloppy.

    After dressing up, Little Fatty admired his reflection in his wash basin and realised that he was still considered to be a little handsome. However, his chubby face was as lecherous looking as ever, in addition, he had that tinge of a silly look, this completely did not suit his demeanour as a Taoist monk. Instead, he looked like a retarded fool, which made Little Fatty unable to decide whether he should laugh or cry. This was to be expected; after these few years of pretending that he was silly, this no doubt made him even think that he was an idiot. In such a short time, there was no way to get rid of the silly look on the face. Out of desperation, he can only leave it as it was currently.

    Coming out from his old hut, Little Fatty rushed up the mountain. After sprinting for a good hundred miles or so, he arrived at a big courtyard which occupied a few miles in length. This is the outer courtyard of the Mystical Sky Yard, which handles the chores of the sect. Servants could be seen streaming in and out, periodically.

    Maintaining his trademark smile on his face, Little Fatty went in. Compared to powerful cultivators who can summon the wind and rain to be at their beck and call, Little Fatty is just a beginner brat. Thus, he does not have the guts to be arrogant here. Contrary to what he thinks, he must always remain humble and servile.

    Plenty of servants who come here all recognise Little Fatty. Seeing how he is dressed differently from normal times, their faces revealed a face of shock. One of them called Nan Pi, who likes to pick on Song Zhong daily, blocked his way of passage directly, and laughingly said to him, “Silly little fatty, why are you dressed like a human today? Don’t tell me you’re no longer a retard?”

    “Hehe, I have never been as retarded as you!” Little Fatty replied with a grin.

    “What?!” As Nan Pi heard the reply, his face changed colour immediately. Possessing a big and tall build, plus the fact that he has stayed on the mountain for over a decade, he usually likes to bully people, with Little Fatty being one of his biggest targets. He never thought that the Little Fatty who used to be so afraid of him would one day scold him right in his face. ‘I have actually been criticised by an idiot? How can this be? How can I still show my face around here?’

    Thinking about this, Nan Pi immediately flared up, and raised his fist, fiercely shouting, “Stupid Fatty, you must be itching for a beating, today I shall~”

    Before he even finished talking, a loud snap was heard. This tall and big guy took several steps back, landing on the floor. While on his face, there were five clear finger imprints, and a trail of blood was seen flowing down from his mouth.

    “Ahhh~!” Only after he landed onto the hard ground, did Nan Pi finally realise what happened. He spat out 2 teeth which got knocked out, and while trembling, stared at Song Zhong with a face of shock, saying, “You, you actually dared to hit me?”

    “Hehe, aren’t you asking the obvious?” Little Fatty continued grinning and said, “Even though I know you’re stupid, but I didn’t think you would be stupid to the point that you do not know what happened even after being trashed by someone!”

    “You, I’ll fight you to the death!” Nan Pi shouted as his eyes started to turn red. After shouting, he prepared to rush towards Song Zhong but was held back by his buddies who were around him. They whispered to him “Boss, can’t you tell? He has already entered the XianTian stage!”

    “Ahh~!” As Nan Pi heard it, he got a shock as he hurriedly looked carefully, indeed, Song Zhong’s skin was slightly glowing, which is an obvious indication that he entered the XianTian stage. ‘No wonder he could send me flying with a single palm slap! So this was the reason.’ For a XianTian stage to trash a mortal, it was effortless.

    After understanding this, Nan Pi immediately became similar to a deflated ball, displaying a face of shock as he said “XianTian Stage? This… How could this be possible? His talent is known for being trash. Without a hundred years of cultivation, there should be no way for him to enter the Xian Tian stage!”

    It wasn’t just Nan Pi, even the surrounding audience were shocked. One has to know, for a mortal to even live for a hundred years is a problem. So, under normal circumstances, someone with a low aptitude like Little Fatty would not be able to enter the XianTian stage just by relying on himself. It was just that Little Fatty was blessed with serendipity. After all, times were good when he was young. When he was born, his parents had been stuffing him with spiritual medicine for a good few years. His cultivating method was also one that was deliberately requested for by his parents, and can be considered to be above average. Added to that, the Mystical Sky Yard can be considered to be a precious cultivating location, which greatly increased the process of his cultivation. Otherwise, he would have been a mortal for life. A person with an average talent under such circumstances would have broken through by the age of 10, and not have to wait until such an age.

    Little Fatty also knew that his circumstances were special, seeing that he gave them such a nice surprise, the many years of grievance could be considered vented. He gave an insidious smile, and said, “Nan Pi, you being a little servant dare to block the path of a formal disciple, in addition, throw verbal provocation at him, you must be really bold. Do you want me to call the Sect brothers of the Enforcement Hall to talk to you about life?”

    “Noo~” Nan Pi was really scared this time since outer court disciples are also considered formal disciples. They are not people who the servants can talk back to. One has to know that for any sect, the hierarchy is something where large importance is placed on. If this was found out by the people of the Enforcement Hall, a light punishment would be 100 whips, a heavy one would be being chased out of the mountain. In order to give him a chance at cultivation, his parents almost went bankrupt, if they found out that he was chased out, wouldn’t that anger them to the point of death?

    Thinking about this, Nan Pi did not dare to be overbearing any longer, he immediately gave in and said, “Song Zhong, I did wrong, is that okay?”

    “You really lack sincerity!” Little Fatty did not even look at him, instead shaking his head and saying, “Although you are a little stupid, but shouldn’t you have the courtesy to kowtow when you apologise?”

    The moment Nan Pi heard that his face turned green, but as the saying goes, the people who live under someone else’s eaves, cannot afford not to lower your head. One would rather be humiliated than suffer the heavy punishment of being chased out. Knowing what was more important, Nan Pi gritted his teeth and eventually knelt on the floor and begged, “Song Zhong, Elder brother Song, Grandpa Song! Please have mercy on me, I was wrong!”

    “Hehe, good grandson! I shall let you off just this once!” Song Zhong smiled, gave Nan Pi’s head a pat and then walked inwards. Even though he really wanted to continue humiliating Nan Pi to get payback for all the past humiliation he suffered, but now was not the right time. Many people had already begun to gather in the surroundings, and he does not want to become a walking target which everybody notices. Staying low profile is what he really needs, thus there is no need to ruin his master plan for a mere childish servant.

    Only after knowing that Song Zhong was too far away to notice him, did Nan Pi dare to stand up. Touching his swollen face, he lamented, “Shit, this must be my unlucky day, the moment I stepped out, I was sent to my death! (EN: MC’s name is Song Zhong which means sending someone to his death) In future, when all of you see him, avoid him. Since we bullied him relentlessly in the past, now he is out for revenge.”

    “Yes, yes~”, all the servants replied while nodding their heads, while praying in their heart that they would not meet Song Zhong in future.

    Little Fatty naturally could not be bothered with these bunch of people. After taking a leisure walk within the yard, he soon reached a quiet place, it was the location of those who were in charge of registering and managing external affairs of the Sect. There was a little boy seated on a chair outside, doing sentry duty.

    Little Fatty walked up, smiled apologetically and said, “This junior brother of mine, I am Song Zhong. I have just entered the XianTian stage and have especially come to report this matter!”

    The little boy was initially listless, his nose facing skywards, not wanting to receive someone looking as lecherous as Little Fatty. But, the moment he heard that the other party had entered the XianTian Stage, he immediately put on a smile and said: “It is actually Sect uncle visiting, please sit here for a moment, I will go and report this matter to the elder!” After saying this, he excitedly ran in.

    Seeing the other party’s instant change in expression, Little Fatty didn’t know whether to cry or laugh. But this was something considered as a common occurrence, and so he did not find it strange. The world of cultivation is cruel, there is nothing that can be done about it. He can only laugh bitterly, seat down and wait patiently.

    At this moment in the yard, under a big peach tree, a white-bearded old man is sitting on a couch, relaxing and enjoying his tea. This person is called Li Ping, one of the 8 great elders of the Mystical Sky Yard. Even though his position seems very high, this is actually not the case. Putting it plainly, he is just a steward that waits upon the inner court. He is already more than 200 years old this year, but only at the 4th level of the XianTian stage. Thus, there is already no more hope for further breakthroughs, and he can only await his death.

    The silver lining amongst the clouds is that he knows that there is no hope for advancement, instead treasuring his remaining days more. With the many years of hard work, he finally managed to achieve this relaxing post, where there isn’t much to do every day. Hence, he spends most of his time drinking tea and living a fulfilling life.

    Today, he had just brewed a pot of tea and was about to enjoy it when suddenly, the little boy barged in and said to him, “Elder, there is a disciple who requests an audience!”

    “Who is it, that has nothing else better to do!” Li Ping replied with impatience.

    “It’s Song Zhong!” The little boy replied.

    “Pu~” Li Ping spat out the tea in his mouth, and angrily scolded, “You little bastard, you want me to serve your head on a bell? You think that I’m dying too slowly?”

    Li Ping, who already does not have many years to live, treats this as a great taboo, and hearing this just as he was in a good mood, definitely irritated him to the extreme. The good mood which he initially had was now lost, small wonder that he was angry.

    The little boy who was scolded for no reason helplessly said: “He really called himself by this name!”

    “Dammit!” Li Ping had naturally heard of Song Zhong before. Initially because he hated this name, he sent him far away, but he still came again. He angrily scolded, “Ask him to get lost, I do not have the spare time to see him, tell him to never come and see me again!”

    “Oh~” After hesitating for a little while, the little boy still boldly asked, “Elder, Song Zhong sect uncle has already entered the XianTian stage, and has come to report this matter today. Are you really going to chase him away?”

    “What nonsense are you spouting, the person I am chasing away is precisely him-” After saying this, Li Ping suddenly realised something and quickly said, “Wait, did you say that he has entered the XianTian stage?”

    “How can this be? That trash, among everybody I’ve seen and heard before, is the biggest form of trash there is. Is even he able to enter the XianTian stage at this age? A female pig can probably climb a tree!” As Li Ping said this, he immediately added, “Go and get him here!”

    “Yes~”, and as the little boy replied, he immediately turned and returned from where he came.    
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    Chapter 5: Elder Making Things Difficult

    After a short while, Song Zhong followed the little boy into the yard. Li Ping waved the boy away, and with a surprised look on his face, sized up Song Zhong.

    Little Fatty felt uncomfortable under his intense gaze, and so he laughed to break the silence and said, “Elder Li, why are you looking at me in this way?”

    “Ah~” at this moment, Li Ping snapped out of his stupor and said, “Song Zhong, oh no, Song Zhong younger brother, that was really rude of me. I really did not expect that you entered the XianTian stage. Did you have any miraculous encounters?”

    “No, I didn’t,” Little Fatty hurriedly shook his head and said, “I am but just a servant who was throwing trash, I cannot even take a half step out of the mountain, how could I have any miraculous encounter?”

    “But~” Li Ping stammered and said, “Then, how did your cultivation improve by so much?”

    “One is that I ate some pretty good things when I was young, coupled together with a good Cultivation Method. The other was because of my hard work. I meditate up to 16 hours a day, every day!” Song Zhong did not dare to mention about the pearl, if not he would stand out too much, thus, he quickly washed off any suspicion on himself.

    “Oh, so this was the reason!” Li Ping slapped his forehead and said, “I say, your parents are still the best!” Obviously, he credited everything to Song Zhong’s parents and completely overlooked his hard work.

    Little Fatty rolled his eyes, and with a slightly annoyed tone said, “Elder Li, I am now in the XianTian stage, you see. In accordance with the sect rules, shouldn’t I be a formal disciple already?”

    “Ah, of course!” Li Ping immediately agreed, “Since the Sect rules were written in this manner, it will not go wrong. Follow me!”

    As much as Li Ping looked down on Song Zhong, he does not dare to break the Sect rules. He brought Song Zhong into a room and took out a jade badge from nowhere and said “Song Zhong right? This name really sounds depressing!”

    As he said, he channeled his energy and carved out ‘Song Zhong’ on the jade badge. Following which, he handed it over to Little Fatty and said: “This is your identity jade badge, with this, you are officially an outer court disciple!”

    “Thank you, Elder!” Song Zhong grinned and replied. After which, he happily looked at his jade badge. Suddenly, he realised that Li Ping was staring at him blankly and did not take any further action. In doubt, Song Zhong asked “Elder Li, don’t the outer court disciples have a flying sword, a magical tool and also a dimensional storage item which should be collected here?

    As Li Ping heard this, he was almost angered to death and thought to himself, ‘How can there be such an idiot in this world? Collecting something from me but do not know how to give me some benefits? If everybody were to be like you, wouldn’t I be cold and hungry?’ Thinking about this, he gritted his teeth and shamelessly said, “Song junior brother, since you know about this, shouldn’t you also know the rules here?”

    Little Fatty was first startled, and immediately understood that this guy was trying to get some bribes! But, Little Fatty had no possessions at all, the house, and possessions of his parents were all taken back by the sect, even the clothes which he was wearing was provided by the sect, how could he have any spare money on him?

    So, he could only act silly and ask, “Rules? What Rules! I really do not know!”

    “You!...” Li Ping trembled in anger, but he could not do anything. He could not possibly beat his junior brother just because of this small matter. If the other party was just a servant, naturally he could beat or scold him. But now he is, after all, an outer court disciple, so he had to spare some face for him. ‘But, Heh! Brat, do not think you can take advantage of me!’

    Thinking about this, Li Ping angrily said, “If you do not know then forget about it, this is your flying sword and dimensional storage item, you may go now!” As he said this, he took out a black flying sword and an old and tattered bag and threw it on the table.

    Little Fatty hurriedly kept it and further asked, “Elder, what about the magical tool? Isn’t it said that the sect would also issue a low-grade magical tool?”

    “According to the rules, there is a magical tool, but there is none in stock currently. You will just have to wait, when there is stock then I’ll pass it to you!” Saying this, Li Ping’s face twisted, shook his sleeves and shouted: “Boy, send the visitor out!”

    “Yes~” The little boy ran back again.

    Behind that veneer of silliness, actually lies a perceptive mind. The moment Song Zhong heard this, he knew that the brat wanted to misappropriate his magical tool. Although he was fuming on the inside, he still giggled outwardly and said, “If that’s the case, I shall take my leave!” The moment he finished saying this, he followed the little boy and left.

    Seeing Song Zhong leave, Li Ping said with disdain, “Trash which is both stupid and talentless, I can’t be bothered with them!” If Little Fatty was very talented, with the hope of advancement, Li Ping would not be like this. But the problem was that Little Fatty’s talent was really too weak. Li Ping determined that he would not have any achievement in this lifetime, and so he had no scruples.

    Little Fatty, who had not gone far, naturally overheard this. He was instantly furious, scolding in his heart ‘Bastard, you just wait. When I, your father, is rich, I will make sure I play you to the point you cry for your parents!”

    As he angrily went back into his hut, Little Fatty entered his Natal Artifact and took out the 2 items. He first looked at the flying sword. The sword was a foot and 3 inches long, entirely black, and is refined entirely from black iron. The surface of the sword is full of pockmarks and scars, the sword does not have a tip, even all the formations carved onto the sword were also damaged, and it had a look where it could be destroyed at any time

    Little Fatty cursed angrily, “What a bastard, Li Ping, can you even find a flying sword worse than this? This is probably a few hundred years old antique, and you even have the cheek to give it to me!”

    After venting off his frustrations, Little Fatty almost felt like throwing it into his black soil and disassembling it, but after thinking, he couldn’t bring himself to do it. After all, this was the first flying sword of this lifetime, and it was better than nothing!

    Thank goodness Little Fatty had countless treasures, and couldn’t be bothered with this small loss. Thinking about this, he felt a little better and casually threw the flying sword aside. Then, Song Zhong took the tattered dimensional storage item. As his spiritual sense scanned it, he realised that there were less than 50 feet of area in the dimension.

    “Fuck! Only so much? Standard storage bags have at least 150 feet of space!” Song Zhong cursed again. “This must have been used for hundreds of years. Damn it! I just didn’t give you some benefits! You actually dared to send me back using such trash, and even discounted me of my magical tool! Damn! Li Ping, you bastard who doesn’t want to die, this is not the end!”

    in anger, Song Zhong threw it directly to the black soil. But the next moment, he immediately picked it up, and muttered to himself, “No, I still cannot let this disappear, if I do not have a dimensional storage item and took something out of nowhere, I would draw people’s suspicion. Never mind, I’ll just use this as a cover-up then!”

    Thinking about this, Little Fatty had no choice but to keep it, and muttered to himself, “Forget it, I do not intend to live on all these trash anyway. The priority now should be to collect all these free items to avoid suspicion. Afterwards, I will enter closed-door training for a period of time to collect some treasures. Only after the news of my advancement dies down, then can I use all these materials to exchange some elixirs and treasures. The only thing left is to focus and train bitterly, thus I must definitely have some decent results in cultivation!”

    After thinking about all these, Song Zhong adjusted his current mood back to it was previously. He left his hut and continue to find the various elders for his rewards.

    In general, all outer court disciples, apart from those 3 items, can also receive a basic cultivation method, and also the technique to refine elixirs, weapons and talismans. This was a rule which set up to make them contribute to the sect.

    Of course, these are the most basic, and trashiest manuals. If you wanted to get something better, you would need to purchase them with spiritual stones. The easiest way to earn spiritual stones is to work for the school. For example, helping the sect refine talismans, elixirs or weapons, one would be able to receive a certain amount of rewards. After which, these rewards can then be used to exchange for higher quality cultivation methods or elixirs, etc. This is the difficulty most of the disciples would definitely have to face. Only after being an inner court disciple, can one receive different cultivation materials without producing anything.

    There are only 2 routes to take in becoming an inner court disciple. One way was to be outstandingly talented since there will be experts of the sect scrambling to take them as inner disciples. With their protection, they would naturally not be lacking in anything, and can focus entirely on cultivation.

    As for the outer court disciple, they can only rely on themselves to cultivate. Only after cultivating to the 13th level of the XianTian stage, thereby successfully solidifying their foundation, will they then be qualified to become an inner court disciple.

    This foundation is the future goal of Little Fatty. In order to achieve his goal, he reorganised his mood which had gone awry because of Li Ping and sped out to collect his items. Once again, all the elders made things difficult for Song Zhong. After knowing that they would have no benefits, they mercilessly criticised him and casually took out trash manuals which everybody despised to satisfy their obligation and chased him away.

    From the beginning to the end, Song Zhong maintained the same silly smile on his face. After going through such experiences countless times, his mental state had been trained to be extremely patient. At this moment, he would definitely not fight with these idiots, what he has to do now is to remember the looks of all of them, channel this anger into cultivating, and when his foundation has been completed, return for his revenge!

    “10 years is not too late for a gentleman’s revenge!” With a face filled with resentment, without having his dinner, he went back to his hut. Fortunately, after entering the XianTian stage, the demand for food for a cultivator is not very high. Although he is not at the stage where he does not need food, he would not go hungry without food just for a few days.

    After returning, Song Zhong casually threw the trash aside and began meditating. He is no longer a servant anymore and does not have to clear the trash daily. Thus, all his remaining time can be spent on cultivating.

    But, after reaching the XianTian stage, if he wants to continue cultivating, he would need external assistance. Just relying on the dense spiritual qi of the Mystical Sky Yard was not enough. He needs the combination of elixirs, spiritual stone, and a good cultivation method. A pity is that he does not have any of these. However, Song Zhong is not frantic in the least, since, with such a perverted Natal Artifact, anything he wants is just a matter of time.

    After cultivating one night in his Natal Artifact, Little Fatty woke up, and after a quick wash took up the broken flying sword. Today, he was going to start learning how to fly on his sword.

    Flying on a sword is the biggest difference between a cultivator and mortal. Only with this can one be considered a cultivator. If one does not even know how to fly, there would be nobody who would look up to you.

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    Chapter 6: Sword Flying

    Being a popular ability, the incarnations of sword flying thus were heavily simplified and almost ubiquitous. Even without bribery, he was still casually tossed a copy. Yesterday night, Song Zhong had excitedly memorised the incarnations for sword flying. Today, he excitedly prepared for his maiden flight.

    Looking at the chubby figure of Little Fatty, one has to say that it really does not aid him in mastering flying. His flying sword being originally old and broken added the fact that the owner is so fat, it was small wonder that the sword was overloaded. As he stepped on the poor flying sword, the spine of it bent at an angle, and it wobbly flew in the air. It was really as dangerous as it could get, no different from traversing a thin single-log bridge.

    Fortunately, Little Fatty was well trained, the long distances that he was forced to run every day did not go to waste, because of that, he had developed a pretty good sense of balance. After struggling for 4 hours, he could finally barely control the flying sword, flying to and fro in the air. Although he resembled a sow hanging on a tree, and cannot be compared to those who can confidently control the sword, but, at least, he managed to not fall.

    To be fair, this is also thanks to the lousy flying sword. The flying sword of most disciples can fly three to four hundred li in a quarter of an hour. But, this lousy sword of Song Zhong only has half the speed of others. One has to know that the faster the speed of the flying sword, the more difficult it is to control. Thus, it is easier for Song Zhong to control the sword this way, allowing him to learn the basics of flying in such a short period of time.

    The feeling of flying in the air for the first time couldn’t be described with words, Song Zhong never had any similar experience. Out of excitement, Little Fatty flew directly to his most frequented place, the Sky Ravine.

    In less than half an hour, Little Fatty reached the Sky Ravine . He took up his flying sword and looked down at the rubbish below, emotionally saying, “In the past, every trip here took me more than an hour of sprinting, but now I only used less than a third of the time. Furthermore, this is the lousiest of all the flying swords. If I changed to a good one, how much faster would I be! Flying is indeed faster!”

    After a period of reminiscing, Little Fatty took out his flying sword again and flew towards the Sky Ravine . The reason he came here, was not just to reminisce the past, instead, he had ulterior motives in mind.

    Through these 2 days of observation, Song Zhong had a basic understanding of his Natal Artifact. First, the disassembling ability of this treasure is really frightening, be it talismans, elixirs, or magical artifacts, it can all be completely decomposed. The only thing that differed was the speed of the disassembly. The higher the grade, the slower the process. But high-grade items contain many precious materials, thus, if one were to weigh the pros and cons, it would still be more worth it to decompose a high-grade item. It would not only increase the Spiritual Qi in the dimension but also receive high-grade precious materials.

    Furthermore, the black soil in the Natal Artifact only consisted of that fixed amount, and only the items within the black soil would be decomposed. So strictly speaking, the capability of disassembling items were limited, and not many items can be decomposed in one sitting. Under such circumstances, of course, the high-grade items would have priority!

    However, Song Zhong has no high-grade items in his possession. The trash he picked up during work is all low grade. If he wants to obtain high-grade items, with his ability, he can only resort to trying his luck at the Sky Ravine .

    Even though Song Zhong never learnt how to refine weapons, but after spending so many years in the Sect listening to people, some things would definitely rub off him.

    Higher grade items are normally magical artifacts. There were also high-grade elixirs and talismans, but these things are more uncommon. 80% of what is thrown into the Sky Ravine  were mostly trash which has been used, and it is not worth paying any attention to. Thus, he is now focused on finding magical tools and flying swords which were unable to be refined.

    Amongst the flying sword and magical tools, the lowest grade and most common material would be black iron, which is also the flying sword which Song Zhong has. It is only worth a meagre price of 1 low-grade spiritual stone for 100 catties. Song Zhong would not want to sell those. Thus, when he is searching for trash, anything black would be rejected, only the coloured items or magical artifacts would be kept.

    After flying around the Sky Ravine  for a few hours, Little Fatty really managed to find a few coloured treasures, there are flying swords broken into 2, armours broken into pieces, and many different failed magical tool products, and there were even magical artifacts.

    One has to know that magical tools are for the junior disciples, and magical artifacts are only used by experts of the JinDan stage or above, the 2 items cannot even be compared in the same league. The materials required for magical artifacts are really rare, thus, most people cannot bear to throw away magical artifacts even if they were failed products. So for Song Zhong to find a few discarded magical artifacts, it was considered really lucky of him. The moment all these magical artifacts decomposed, how many spiritual stones could they be exchanged for? Song Zhong started drooling as he entertained this thought.

    However, the good moment did not last very long. As Little Fatty was fantasizing, he suddenly felt the Natal Artifact in his DanTian convulsed. That numb and sour feeling was really unbearable, almost as though there was an egg being shoved up his ass. This made Song Zhong’s anus tighten and his legs shake, leading him to fall off from his flying sword.

    Thankfully, Song Zhong was searching for things and was flying at a low altitude. If that was not the case, he would have surely fallen to his death. But even so, Song Zhong still had quite a heavy fall, he could only feel soreness in his whole body and could not stand properly for half a day.

    Although Little Fatty was already in such a bad state, the Natal Artifact in his DanTian did not stop jumping, it vibrated even more vigorously, as though it was rushing Little Fatty.

    “Damn it, is the Natal Artifact spoilt? Vibrating for no reason!” Song Zhong, who was bruised from the fall, couldn’t help but curse.

    The Natal Artifact could not talk, so it could only vibrate more vigorously in protest. Little Fatty was tortured to the point he could not take it, and couldn’t help but beg, “Be good, stop vibrating, if you continue vibrating, my balls will shatter! I am still counting on it to carry on my lineage!”

    The pearl completely ignored Little Fatty’s pleas and continued vibrating. Song Zhong could only helplessly climb up, bitterly laugh and say, “Okay, okay, I surrender. What do you want? Why did you suddenly start vibrating? Is there something you’re looking for?”

    The pearl paused for a moment and started to vibrate even harder, as though it was very excited. Song Zhong instantly understood that this was the way it expressed joy. Assuming that he guessed correctly, he quickly said, “Okay okay, stop vibrating. I know you want to find something, I’ll go and find it immediately, okay? If you continue vibrating like that, I cannot even get up, how do you expect me to find anything?”

    Hearing this, the bead finally quietened down and only vibrated occasionally, as though it was proving its existence.

    Seeing that it quietened down, Little Fatty heaved a sigh of relief and then started walking forward. But, the pearl immediately buzzed vigorously, making Song Zhong shiver, sitting directly on the ground.

    Little Fatty wailed at once, “My little darling, can you vibrate gently? I’m going to die because of your vibrations!”

    Only then did the pearl pipe down, but it was still vibrating. Song Zhong then quickly said, “Was it that I was going in the wrong direction?”

    The beads mercilessly shook several times immediately.

    “Okay, okay, I’ll change a direction!” Little Fatty said while turning left. After taking only a step, the pearl began to jump again.

    This frightened Song Zhong such that he quickly turned again, and finally the pearl stopped shaking and became very obedient.

    Only then did Song Zhong know the direction, and he hurriedly walked forward. But he did not dare to fly on his sword, deeply afraid that the pearl would suddenly start shaking, causing him to fall again. Thus, he could only helplessly walk. In the vast lands of trash, he walked half a day without feeling any message from the pearl. ‘Why is there no more movement? Don’t tell me I was fooled by the pearl?’ Song Zhong thought to himself.

    To prove his suspicions, he immediately tried turning back, but the moment he took the first step, the pearl, as though angered, began shaking incessantly, causing Song Zhong’s stomach to tremble. Scared, he quickly said, “Baby, baby, stop jumping, I only wanted to know how far more we have to walk.”

    The pearl was silent for a moment, then it shook for about 10 times.

    Song Zhong was depressed, bitterly laughed and said, “Baby, how am I supposed to know what you mean? Why not, I will fly on my sword and when we arrive, you can inform me. But you cannot shake too vigorously, if I were to fall again, I would die for sure!”

    The pearl then shook lightly 3 times, as though it was agreeing. Song Zhong then carefully began to fly, and with surprise he asked, “Baby, you can understand what I said?”

    This time, the pearl did not respond, and it sat quietly as though it completely did not understand Song Zhong. Little Fatty was very disappointed, but he immediately muttered, “Even if it doesn’t understand what I say, but from its display previously, it proves that it has a soul! Artifacts with soul, wouldn’t that make it a soul artifact? I’m rich, no wonder my parents treat it with such great importance. It is indeed such that wisdom comes with age. It seems that in the cave of an ancient cultivator, there is really no rubbish.”  

    One has to know, Soul Artifacts are of a much higher grade compared to magical artifacts. Normally, only a super expert on the FenShen stage or higher would only have 1 or 2 of these. Furthermore, there are not many YuanYing experts in existence, and FenShen experts are all legends. Even the Sect master of the Mystical Sky Yard is only a YuanYing stage expert.

    If this pearl was really a soul artifact, then without a doubt, Little Fatty picked up a really good deal. In fact, from the perverted ability of the pearl, it would not be strange even if it was a soul artifact.

    When Little Fatty was immersed in happiness, the pearl which was originally quiet began shaking again. Song Zhong did not dare delay and quickly landed. He looked around and realised that this place was also a mountain of trash. The trash in the surroundings were all very old, and a majority of broken weapons even had spots of rust. One must know that the magical tools of cultivators are all top grade materials. Even the lowest grade of black iron will not rust without the passing of a few millennium. From this, one can tell how ancient the trash was.

    At this moment, the pearl began to jump and affect Song Zhong. Song Zhong did not dare to delay and quickly followed the instructions of the pearl and came to a spot. As he stood on that spot, regardless of which direction he walked towards, the pearl would begin shaking.

    No matter how stupid Song Zhong was, he also knew that the item was just beneath his feet. He quickly squatted down and began clearing the trash beneath him. Only, there was really too much trash here, even after he dug for the whole day til it was dark, he still could not dig to the base, and only managed to dig past 100 feet, almost burying himself inside.

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    Chapter 7: Strange Copper

    As it turned dark, Song Zhong did not dare to continue digging. Although the surroundings of the Mystical Sky Yard appears to be peaceful, it does not mean that it is safe. There are countless low-level demonic beasts here, especially in the Sky Ravine. Although it was relatively safe in the day, but once dusk arrives, these ferocious demonic beasts would come out to hunt for food. Song Zhong is not strong currently and does not wish to die a foolish death here. Plus, he had a hard day, thus, he simply went to hide in his Natal Artifact and began meditating.

    After having dug up to to about 30 feet over the span of 3 days, Little Fatty numbly picked something up. As he was about to throw it away, the pearl unexpectedly started shaking, giving Song Zhong a great shock. He immediately realised that he may have finally found the item. Quickly withdrawing his hand, he began to investigate the item.

    It was a piece of broken copper fragment, about the size of the palm, and 2 fingers thick. By the looks of it, it could be a broken piece from a particular tool. Song Zhong was unable to feel any Spiritual Qi from it, and he could not tell what was so special about it. ‘Did I make a mistake, and this isn’t what my Natal Artifact is looking for?’

    Thinking about it, Song Zhong wanted to throw it away, but the pearl unexpectedly began shaking again. Song Zhong then realised that this was the item he was searching for.

    Immediately, Song Zhong took the copper fragment and came into his Natal Artifact. Waving the copper in his hands, he asked, “Baby, this is the crap you’re looking for? What is the use of this?”

    Nobody answered him, and there was not an iota of change in the dimensional space. Song Zhong was greatly disappointed, thinking about how he dug waste for 3 days here for this insignificant thing. In a fit of anger, he directly buried the copper fragment into the black soil and fiercely said, “Since I can’t tell your use, I shall disassemble you first!”

    After doing all these, Little Fatty went out of the dimension and flew back to his hut on his sword. After going back to his hut, a weary Little Fatty collapsed on his bed and fell asleep.

    In the following days, Song Zhong never left the house, but remained in his dimension, meditating. Although he was mostly picking waste in the 3 days he was out, but the collected waste was not in vain. Under the pile of waste, there were many good items. In other words, these 3 days were not in vain. He found countless of magical tools and artifacts, which filled the pearl’s dimensional space to the brim. If not for this, he would not even consider coming back! It was just that the amount of high grade items are not many, and the majority of the items were low grade magical tools.

    Regardless, even the lowest grade magical tool is still a magical tool! There would still be some good materials mixed within. The magical black soil did not disappoint Song Zhong too. Regardless of the grade of the treasure, as long as it was buried, it would be decomposed. Following which, many mountains of various precious materials were formed.

    The speed of decomposition for the black soil was not fast, but it definitely could not be considered slow. A common magical tool would be decomposed within a day, magical artifacts would take 3 days at most. At any one time, 10 items could be buried. Thus, in about a fortnight, the hundreds of items which Song Zhong collected had mostly been disassembled.

    This time, Little Fatty’s Natal Artifact had completely changed. It was no longer had that rundown look. First, the size was multiplied by a hundred times, up to 500 feet in diameter. All this can be attributed to the dimensional storage items.

    In addition, as the size of the dimension increased, the magical black soil also increased in size. It was already 5 square feet wide, and more than 10 feet in depth. The increase in size seems to be due to the assimilation of bones, horns and other organic products. This was because Little Fatty realised that out of the many products resulting from the decomposition, there were plenty of metal and jade but no bones. Of the treasures that were decomposed, many were made from animal horn and bones.

    Furthermore, the amount of yellow soil in the dimension also increased greatly. Also, puddles filled with dense spiritual energy appeared. Up until now, Little Fatty does not know how these puddles appeared.

    But, these did not affect Song Zhong’s harvest. The hundreds of treasures were decomposed to form over a thousand materials. The one with the largest quantity was still the low grade black iron, of close to 10 feet in height, shaped like a mountain’s peak. Apart from that was wind copper, refined silver, purple gold and other rare low grade materials, a fist-sized at its smallest and a watermelon-sized at its biggest. The ones which really made Song Zhong happy was the high grade materials, such as fire essence jade, steel essence and cold iron. There were also many more items which he did not recognise, although they were mostly as big as peas, the smallest being a grain of rice, and the largest being an egg. However, just based on the value, it was all worth many times more than black iron.

    According to Song Zhong’s understanding, black iron is the lowest grade and most commonly-seen material. A hundred catties was only worth a low grade spiritual stone. Purple gold and other more uncommon materials, a single tael (T/N: 1 catty=500g. 1 tael=1/10 catty) was worth at least a few hundred, up to ten thousand low-grade spiritual stone, which are all needed by foundational cultivators. As for precious materials like fire jade essence, they are materials being pursued by those of the JinDan stage or higher. As for its worth, it is not something which can be measured by a peasant like Song Zhong. Besides, because of the lack of knowledge, Song Zhong can only recognise at most 1% of the materials here. There were still many materials which he could not recognise, and those might be materials of an even higher grade. If there was something which a YuanYing expert wanted, even if it was only a grain, it could still be exchanged for a relatively good magical artifact.

    A boy who was stricken with poverty a few days ago became rich overnight. This made Song Zhong feel as though he was living in a dream. However Song Zhong quickly calmed down, because he realised a fundamental problem. He would not be able to continue obtaining such a steady supply of these abandoned treasures. These high grade treasures were scarce to begin with, therefore those discarded would be even rarer. It took a few days of digging in the Sky Ravine in order to find all these, in just a few years, this gold mine would definitely be depleted. At least it is still early now, and there was no need to worry. Just thinking about the things he possessed now, he had more than enough to splurge for a few hundred years.

    The next problem, was how he was going to spend it. At this moment, Little Fatty remembered that when he was young, he went to a place called Firmament City. It was a city established by cultivators, about 10 000 miles away from the Mystical Sky Yard. It was managed by the various large sects of the regions, and was specially for trading with cultivators. There were plenty of shops with great reputations, some of which were even passed on for thousands of years. If he could fly there on his own, he would definitely be able to spend all these spiritual stones.

    There are 2 ways to go to Firmament City, one of which was to fly there by oneself. With Little Fatty’s ability, he would have to fly for a few months. Along the way, he may even meet powerful demonic beasts, or even robbers. As such, with Little Fatty’s abysmal battle prowess, to tread such a path is simply seeking death.

    The other way would be to use the specialised teleportation portal. The merits were that one can directly reach the city, no risk at all, and extremely fast. Back then, Song Zhong went with his parents via this method. But, the teleportation portal collects a fee of 20 low-grade spiritual stone per person. This posed a trouble to Little Fatty.

    Although the value of items he has is enormous, he does not dare to flaunt it. He does not even dare to sell the lowest grade black iron, because he had a low status and was impecunious in Mystical Sky Yard in the past. If he suddenly took something good out to sell, it would arouse suspicion for sure, and he would be courting his death.

    After much thought, since he could not come out with a solution, he could only temporarily give up. Out of boredom, Little Fatty suddenly realise that the items in the black soil were almost completely decomposed. In order to fully utilise the black soil, Song Zhong grabbed a red sword by the side and stabbed it into the black soil, intending to continue the decomposition process. Concurrently, he felt the hand that was grabbing the sword shake violently, as if he stabbed into something foreign.

    Little Fatty was startled, ‘How can there be anything hard inside? All the things from before should have been disassembled already.’ Song Zhong used his spiritual sense to scan the black soil out of curiosity. Very quickly, he found the piece of hard object, and it was actually the copper fragment which he buried in the black soil.

    Little Fatty was shocked. He hurriedly channeled his Qi, and sucked the copper fragment into his palm and investigated it. After which, he got further shocked! The copper fragment which seemed so ordinary, had not decomposed in the slightest! One has to know that this was buried half a month ago! With the ability of the black soil, even the fragments of magical artifacts would be disassembled completely in 3 days. But the copper fragment was not affected at all, this made Song Zhong very startled.

    Subconsciously, Little Fatty determined that this must be an extraordinary treasure. If not, his Natal Artifact would not have forced him to search for it,

    However, Little Fatty became depressed and thought to himself, ‘This is but a single fragment without any practical usage. Even if it was a treasure, it is useless in my hands. Unless I can complete the entire set, it may even be~’

    Thinking of this, Little Fatty’s eyes lit up. He couldn’t help but mutter, “This fragment was found in the Sky Ravine, there might still be other fragments in it. With my Natal Artifact’s sense, as long as I am near it, I would be able to find it. If I really manage to complete it, I may unleash its potential!”

    With this thought, how could Song Zhong still sit still. He flew out of the house, and sped towards Sky Ravine on his flying sword.

    Three months later, Little Chubby, who was weary all over, returned back into his hut. Although he lost a lot of weight, was much more tanned, and had a weathered face, he was still smiling, as though he picked up a good deal.

    In this three months, Little Fatty only returned once to take food. As a outer court disciple, even if he took some food, nobody would say anything about it. As for the rest of his time, he was completely focused on searching and digging. After having searched hundreds of miles of Sky Ravine for a whole 3 months, he finally assembled 36 copper fragments.

    These copper fragments really did not come easy. Some of it was picked up, some dug, and some of it was stolen from the nests of demonic beasts. Thankfully it was only a low level demonic pig, which did not know how to fly. After Song Zhong lured the tiger out of the mountain (T/N: This is a chinese idiom. Of the famous 36 stratagems, one of it is to lure the tiger away from the mountain.), he easily got the fragment. It was only that he was chased for a few hundred miles by the pig afterwards, and almost died.

    After spending so much effort to collect all the fragments, Little Fatty did not want to stay there any longer. He hurriedly returned and took a good sleep on his bed first.

    As Little Fatty slept, he slept for an entire day. He only awoke the next day’s evening. He was also lazy to go to the canteen, so he took out his spare rations and ate some of it. After which, he took out the last fragment and went straight into his own dimensional space.

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    Chapter 8: Miraculous Copper Bell

    At this point in time, the size of Little Fatty’s dimension has expanded to 600 feet. There is a large quantity increase in the various materials, especially the mountain of black iron, which showed an increase to around 20 or 30 feet in height. In addition, there was still a pile of waste by the side. They consisted of flying swords and magical tools. It was just that the grade wasn’t considered high, mostly ordinary goods. This was inevitable as high-grade goods are sparse in nature. Furthermore, Song Zhong was mainly focused on finding the copper fragments, so he did not spend much time searching for goods. He could only use these rubbish to make up the numbers, which beats letting the black soil stay idle.

    Song Zhong was already accustomed to his surroundings. When he entered, he went straight to the centre, where there was a copper bell of 2 feet in height. This was pieced together by the copper fragments, and now there was only a little fragment missing. He had a premonition that when the copper bell was completely pieced together, something surprising will happen, that was why he refrained from piecing it together in the Sky Ravine, instead coming back to rest. Only after he felt prepared did he carry out this last step.

    With an uneasy heart, Little Fatty inserted the copper fragment in his hands lightly on the copper bell. When the copper fragment fit perfectly in the hole, the whole copper bell immediately jerked. It then abruptly burst into a resplendent brilliance.

    Little Fatty was forced afar by a soft and flexible force and then fell on the floor in a sitting posture.

    Once Little Fatty, who was in a frightened state regained his vision, he was stunned speechless by the sight in front of him.

    He could see that the broken copper bell had a complete change in look. First was the size, which increased to over 30 feet high, and 10 feet wide. Next was the engravings on the bell. The uppermost layer had the sun, moon and stars. Below that were the clouds, amidst it was a Heavenly Temple, barely discernable yet magnificent. There were also countless Celestial Troops as well as Fairies flying through the sky.

    Going down the layer was the Divine Dragon, Black Turtle, White Tiger, Vermillion Bird and a multitude of other divine beasts, flying freely in the sky, and seemingly phantasmagoric. Another layer down were the beautiful mountains and rivers, where there resides all sort of winged and land-dwelling creatures, flowers, birds, worms and fishes, it was filled with countless beautiful sceneries.

    At the lowest layer was the Asura Blood Field, river of hell, and a huge spectrum of demons were wailing and causing mischief. Anyone who laid eyes on it would feel fear.

    By glancing through, they looked like engravings on the bell. But in reality, they were all alive, appearing intermittently based on the contrast of the given light and shade.

    The massive bell gave out a majestic atmosphere. Although it was only 30 feet high, but anyone who stood before the bell, they would unknowingly have a feeling of insignificance, as though the bell represented the heavens and earth.

    Such a beautiful, solemn and atmospheric treasure. Don’t mention seeing, Little Fatty had not even heard of it before, causing him to stand there stock still. Only after half a day did he come to his senses, and immediately shouted excitedly, “Wow! I’m rich! This, this is definitely not an ordinary magical artifact. No no, what magical artifact, this is definitely a soul artifact! I’m definitely right!”

    Thinking about this, Little Fatty got excited beyond words, and jumped, climbing up to the top of the bell as he shouted, “Mine, you are mine. I’m going to make you recognise me as your owner. Yes yes, recognition of owner, blood, let me give it to you~”

    As he said this, Little Fatty who was already speaking incoherently slid his wrist and dripped a few drops of blood onto the big bell. What happened next left him in misery. His blood was completely unable to be absorbed on the bell. It was as though a formless energy had rejected the blood, as though it thought his blood was dirty.

    As Little Fatty saw this, he angrily said, “Hey hey, can you not be so heartless? It took me a lot of effort just to restore you, and now you do not want to recognise me as your owner? You cannot fall out with me like that!”

    “Buzz~”, The big copper bell rumbled slightly. Song Zhong, who was at the top of the bell, felt his mind turn fuzzy, and was sent flying.

    Just as Little Fatty thought he would fall, the big copper bell suddenly shot out a ray of golden light directly in between Song Zhong’s eyebrows, following which, Song Zhong began to float in the air.

    Little Fatty then felt an overwhelming presence channelling countless amounts of information into his head. At the same time, a wave of majestic and boundless energy flowed into his body along with the golden ray of light. This form of energy was really strong, even when the XianTian Qi in Song Zhong’s body met with it, it would be melted away as though it was a flake of snow falling into the river, without a single ripple being formed.

    Song Zhong thought that he was going to be finished. But, he did not expect that not only did the energy not harm him, it even followed a special route, within the channels of his body. Every cycle it made, it would grow even stronger, and also greatly strengthened Song Zhong’s channels.

    No matter how foolish Song Zhong was, he could also tell that this was a powerful cultivating method. Shocked beyond belief, he could not be bothered with other things. As he was receiving the information from the golden light, he was simultaneously also memorising this cultivation method.

    Very quickly, Little Fatty understood that the information which the golden ray was transmitting to him was the incantation to this cultivation method. The incantation began with “鸿蒙初始,混沌初开,无分阴阳,不见五行,盘古开天,清气上升乃为阳,浊气下降是为阴,阴阳交替,乃出五行。故曰,五行之祖,混沌也!《混沌诀》由此而生!五行俱全,且属性平衡者,可修习之!” *(T/N: I will explain this below at the end of the chapter, it looks better when kept in its original Chinese form)

    From the introduction, this cultivation method called the 《Primal Chaos Formula》, seems to be of great origin. It is fundamentally different from the popular cultivation methods of the 5 elements. It actually needs someone with all 5 elements in order to cultivate it. Furthermore, the effects would be best manifested in someone with an average affinity. In order words, Song Zhong, who others perceived as thrash, became the best candidate for such a cultivation method.

    Understanding this, Song Zhong had a feeling of ecstasy in his heart. One have to know that with his talent, it would be tough for him to even find a suitable cultivation method. He can only pick out a cultivation method from a single element, and he would never be able to compare to those with better talent. Now, serendipitously obtaining such a suitable cultivation method, how would he not be happy?

    After an unknown period of time, Little Fatty came to his senses. After getting up, he was then shocked by his body’s condition.

    In the past, his XianTian Qi was considered messy. Although it contained the Qi of all 5 elements, it was all haphazardly mixed together. This resulted in him being unable to display the strength of Qi which he had. But now, Song Zhong found out that strangely, there was no longer any evidence of the spiritual qi of each of the 5 elements in him. All the spiritual qi in his body was transformed into a special misty grey-like Qi.

    However in the past, although the XianTian Qi was messy, the amount was still impressive. Now, although the Qi which circulates around in his body is very comfortable, the Qi which had been transformed into the grey Qi is much lower in quantity. The spiritual Qi was so thinly spread that it was negligible, which made Song Zhong feel depressed. But, he did not feel his ability regressed in any way, especially his body. His body had an unexplainable sense of comfort, and he felt as though he was filled with energy.

    Feeling this, Little Fatty could not care about how much spiritual Qi he had. He raised his head, looked towards the big bell, and couldn’t help but say with regret, “What a pity, you only gave me a cultivation method, but you still do not recognise me as your owner!”

    While speaking, Little Fatty tried to extend his spiritual sense towards the big bell, wanting to investigate its secrets. But, he found out that his spiritual sense managed to penetrate the huge bell easily. He could also sense countless of strange inscriptions within the bell. These inscriptions seemed to be full of a mysterious energy. Just by looking at it a while, Song Zhong felt dizzy and confused, he could not take it any longer and quickly exited.

    He couldn’t help but exclaim, “Strange, what was those inscriptions? Also, I’m not its owner, but why can my spiritual sense penetrate in so easily? Isn’t it said that only the owner of the magical artifact can allow his divine sense to penetrate through it, and control it through spiritual sense? If anyone’s spiritual sense can also enter into this spiritual artifact, then who would this spiritual artifact listen to? Eh? You mean to say, I am already its owner?”

    An anxious and doubtful Song Zhong tried using his spiritual sense to command the big copper bell to float towards himself. In the end, the big copper bell really began floating slowly towards him!

    Little Fatty was completely stunned ‘This, this, what is the meaning of this? I did not refine it at all, how can I control it? In all my life, didn’t I only refine one Natal Artifact?’

    Thinking about this, Little Fatty’s eyes lit up, and he couldn’t help but delightedly saying, “Ah, that’s it, this copper bell was discovered by my Natal Artifact. It seems like there is a close relationship between them. If not that black pearl would not have forced me to search for this bell. Don’t tell me that they are actually a set, no, that they are actually a single magical artifact which was split into 2 segments?”

    Other than this conjecture, Little Fatty could not think of any other reason why he could use this big copper bell. These sort of high grade magical artifacts, even for an expert to refine it would take great effort. Thus, unless he had refined it beforehand, it would definitely not allow him to use it so easily.

    Little Fatty naturally had doubts about this conjecture of his. But, it did not stop him from being elated for obtaining this high grade magical artifact. He excitedly commanded the big copper bell to fly a few rounds, then tried changing its size. After a short while, Song Zhong familiarised himself with the speciality of this bell.

    First, the size of the bell can be changed freely. When it was small, it could be placed in the palm. When it was big, it is a few hundred feet tall, almost breaking the roof of this dimension. This is most certainly not it’s limit, it was just that Song Zhong was unable to support the amount of qi consumed to allow to it to grow further.

    However, commanding the bell consumes a lot of spiritual Qi. After just playing for a while, Little Fatty was completely exhausted. This left him with no choice but to meditate and adjust his breath.

    The spiritual qi density within the dimension was now colossally dense, but the spiritual qi in this place cannot increase infinitely. A few days ago, when the spiritual Qi reached the point of saturation, it brought another surprise to Song Zhong. The excess spiritual Qi could automatically condense and form pieces of spiritual stones. Although it was the lowest grade of spiritual stone, with only about 10 in quantity, but Song Zhong was elated.

    With this, Little Fatty could have an almost unlimited supply of spiritual stones. As long as it contained spiritual Qi, even the lowest grade trash could be used since it would also give out large amounts of spiritual Qi after being disassembled. The excess can always be condensed to form spiritual stones. It was just that the disassembly ability of the black soil is limited, because the area of black soil is not large, so it could not disassemble too many items at once. The amount of spiritual stones which Song Zhong would receive daily would hence be limited.

    No matter what, this was an unexpected windfall. With this source of income, at least Song Zhong would not have to worry any more about the 20 low grade spiritual stone for tax to go to Firmament City.

    *In the great beginning, beginning of primal chaos, there was no differentiation between Yin and Yang, the five elements were non-existent, as Pan Gu (The Chinese myths believe that he created the world) created the heavens, the clear Qi which rose was Yang, impure Qi which sunk was Yin, as Yin-Yang alternate, the 5 elements were born. In order words, the progenitor of the 5 elements, is the primal chaos. 《Primal Chaos Formula》 is born from this! Those who possess all 5 elements, and have an average affinity with all, are able to cultivate this!

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    Without further ado, let's welcome Little Fatty back with his adventures!

    Chapter 9: Initial Display of Power

    In his euphoria, Little Fatty’s nose detected a foul stench. Looking around, he realised that the stench emanated from him and that he was sticky all over. It was as though he had taken a dip in the mud. Since Song Zhong was a practitioner, he would naturally know that this was the dirt excreted from his internal organs when he had undergone a bodily transformation. It seemed that he received several benefits just from circulating his energy. That made him feel euphoric.

    However, Little Fatty felt really uncomfortable being dirty all over. With a thought, he exited the dimension and sped to a nearby lake for a bath. While bathing, he realised that his skin had become rougher, in addition to a faint copper hue, much like the colour of the copper bell.

    This filled him with dejection as he recalled that when a practitioner advances in their cultivation, their skin colour would become fairer, and the skin would also permeate a faint glow, making the males more suave and ladies more elegant. However, when it came to him, his skin became rougher, and there seemed to be indications of him growing horizontally.

    He was already originally fat, if he carries on like this, wouldn’t there be no difference between him and a pig? Seeing his barrel-like chest and waist, Song Zhong felt devastated.

    But, he has already started on this cultivation, and it would seem impossible to abandon it. He could only force himself to continue walking down this path. At least, the cultivation method seemed to be not bad, more importantly, it was suitable for him. This would save him the precious time and effort required to search for other cultivation methods.

    After his bath, Little Fatty put on some random clothes and was hit by hunger pangs, as though he had not eaten for dozens of days. This left Song Zhong confounded since he recalled that he had just eaten yesterday, and should not be so hungry today. After all, he was in the XianTian stage, where his demand for food had already greatly decreased. He can even survive without food for a few days.

    Although it was weird, he still had to solve the fact that he was hungry. Raising his head to look at the sky, Little Fatty realised that it was now dusk, or in his language, dinner time. He summoned his tattered flying sword and flew straight to the canteen.

    Under normal circumstances, being an outer court disciple, Song Zhong should have gone to the canteen for outer court disciples. But the last he went there, everyone stared at him with disgusted faces. It was not surprising that they all looked down on a complete trash like Song Zhong, regardless of how hard he worked. Everybody had already determined that Little Fatty’s progress had reached the end of the road, and he could no longer progress any further unless he stuffed himself with expensive elixirs every day. But for an orphan like him, this was clearly impossible.

    Since Little Fatty had just entered into the outer court disciple community, without any backing, plus the fact that he was weak, he was not audacious enough to casually start a fight. Thus, he could only bear with it and leave. In future, unless he becomes stronger, he would not dare to go there again.

    Since he did not go to the outer court canteen, he could only continue going to the servants canteen. Although the food here could not be compared to that of the outer court canteen, but Song Zhong had already eaten this for over 10 years and was already used to it. In addition, since he was the only outer court disciple here, nobody would dare to bully him. Thus, he was more willing to go there.

    With a flying sword, Little Fatty’s speed was a lot faster. In less than half an hour, he arrived at the entrance of a large yard, which consisted of dozens of temples. This is where the many thousands of servants ate and slept. In the past, Song Zhong also stayed here, but because he could not bear with the steward bullying him, he went out on his own to stay.

    The moment Song Zhong landed at the doorstep, before even walking in, he heard a din coming from the inside. There was even a child’s miserable shriek mixed within.

    Once he heard this voice, Little Fatty felt incensed. Because he recognised this voice, and it was his best friend, Little Monkey’s voice. Little Monkey’s surname was ‘Hou’ (T/N: It means monkey in Chinese), and did not have a name. He was an orphan who was brought back by an outer court disciple. His body frame was small and skinny, earning him the nickname Little Monkey.

    Here, even though everybody were lowly servants, there was still a hierarchy within. Most of the people who from the outside came in through bribery. Thus, almost every one of them had a backing or faction. Only a very small amount of people did not have any external support, and those people naturally become the target for bullying. In the past, Song Zhong was like the current Little Monkey and belonged to the lowest class of people.

    When Little Fatty just arrived, the both of them were always forced to do chores for the rest. In the first few years, they worked together very often, thus they came into contact more often than not. Suffering under the same circumstances made them the best of friends. Only later, when Song Zhong entirely focused on cultivating, added the fact that he was not willing to be bullied here, did he move out to stay. Because Little Monkey was afraid of affecting his cultivation, he did not follow suit with Song Zhong but continued to suffer in silence.

    Although the time which they met became few and far between, but every time Little Fatty came here to eat, Little Monkey would accompany him to gossip. This was also the few times that Little Fatty was filled with contentment. In fact, if not for Little Monkey taking care of him under the counter, whether or not he could even have a full meal would be a problem!

    So, Little Fatty really treasured Little Monkey. Thus, when he became an outer court disciple, he also made use of meal times, to specially come here to warn everyone that they are not to bully Little Monkey anymore. But, he didn’t think that the moment he came here he met such a thing.

    An infuriated Little Fatty rushed directly in. Looking in, he saw that there were many people in his surroundings, watching Little Monkey being beaten up by 4 to 5 servants. Although they had not learnt any martial techniques, they were still cultivators of the way. Thus, there is still a large increase in strength when compared to any ordinary man. The 4 or 5 servants were very arrogantly punching and kicking Little Monkey, and from the heavy sounds the fists were giving out, one could tell that they were not showing mercy.

    Little Monkey’s skinny figure could be seen and his clothes were torn long ago, revealing plenty of bruises. He could only cuddle into a ball, bereft of energy to even wail, and blood spewed from his mouth, landing at quite a distance.

    “Beat him to death! Your father I do not believe that I cannot take care of this stupid monkey! Don’t think that you have that stinky fatty as an outer court disciple I am afraid of him. In my eyes, he is nothing but a pig! A dead pig!” A fierce looking guy was incessantly shouting.

    This man was called Gan Xing, who was the boss of this area. Relying on the fact that his cousin was an outer court disciple with a bit more of a future, he resorts to all sort of malicious acts here. Nobody ever dares to do anything to him. Even those old bastard elders do not dare to easily offend him because nobody could predict when his cousin would enter the inner court. Once a person becomes an inner court disciple, taking care of an outer court elder would be child’s play. You have to know, in the sect, even a dog inside the inner court is considered more valuable than an outer court disciple!

    Over time, this fostered Gan Xing’s arrogance. In the past, he bullied Little Fatty and Little Monkey. Now, even when Song Zhong became an outer court disciple, he was not the least bit afraid and continued to bully Little Monkey, as though he does not place Song Zhong in his sights.

    From Gan Xing’s perspective, even if Little Fatty became an outer court disciple, his status was still far from that of his cousin’s. So, even if he bullied Little Monkey, he thought Little Fatty would not dare to stand up for him, resulting in his arrogance.

    Unfortunately, Gan Xing made a big mistake. Just as he finished speaking, he felt a wave of killing intent coming from behind him. He was also a practitioner, although he had not entered into the XianTian stage, but he was still a big figure in the HouTian stage. Knowing that someone was ambushing him from behind, he immediately wanted to dodge to the side.

    However, he was an instant too late. He felt his back being slapped by something very heavy, and directly face-planted the ground. His whole face slammed on the floor, at that instant, that sharp nose of his was flattened. Blood spewed out like a fountain, and he was blinded; his eyes were filled with stars and his brain felt woozy, as though he did not know where he was.

    The people who beating Little Monkey up heard the noise and turned to look. ‘Eh? Why is boss lying flat on the floor?’ Before they could comprehend anything, they saw a black shadow streak by each of them, followed by a solid bench rushing towards them.

    “Damn it, it’s Song Zhong, quick, run~!” one of them shouted and tried to escape.

    A pity, it was all too late. The angered Little Fatty was like an enraged black bear. As though his fat body was filled with energy, the spectators only saw a black streak followed by a strong wind blow, after which, ‘Pa! Pa! Pa! Pa!’ four loud sounds were heard, punctuated by miserable screams in between. In only a blink of an eye, the whole battle was over. This could be called efficient.

    5 big men, under Song Zhong’s ambush, without even a glimpse of his face, they were all beaten down by a bench which he casually picked up.

    The benches in the canteen could each sit up to 4 people, thus they were really sturdy. They were all made of solid hardwood and weighed dozens of catties. Together with Song Zhong’s body which was tempered by the XianTian stage, even an elephant would be beaten down by that strength. Even though all these people had all cultivated before, they could not withstand this bench. They were all directly beaten down to the ground, the bones in their back akin to being broken. The pain made them roll on the ground continuously, moaning without end.

    The bench, which was an inch thick, was broken into pieces. One could tell how much strength he exerted.

    Seeing such a horrifying scene, the spectators in the surroundings were all scared. They all hurriedly moved to a far away place, afraid they may be pulled into the mess as well.

    After beating them down, Song Zhong hurriedly checked Little Monkey’s injuries. Upon seeing his injuries, Little Fatty was enraged to the point his eyeballs turned red. Little Monkey had already fainted, his chest indented, wrist twisted, he was obviously beaten to the point of multiple bone fractures. If he came one step late, Little Monkey would have died here without question!

    “Song Zhong you stupid fatty, dare to hit me?” This time, Gan Xing who was beaten down by Song Zhong finally slowly came to his senses. He withstood the intense pain in his back, face filled with blood, shouting, “Just you wait, I’ll get my brother to take care of you!” After saying this, he prepared to climb up and walk outside.

    When Little Fatty who was quietly simmering heard this, his anger rose anew in his heart. He thought, ‘Since the grudge has already been formed, it doesn’t matter if I go to the extreme. Rather than let this brat bully others in the future, I should cripple him directly!’

    Thinking about this, Little Fatty roared, and like a gust of wind rushed over. The bench in his hand, spun like a windmill, facing Gan Xing, who was suddenly overwhelmed with a wave of fear.

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    Chapter 10: Hunted

    Gan Xing was scared silly by the aura in which Little Fatty was radiating. Only when the bench hit him did he think about screaming and begging for mercy. A pity that Song Zhong, who was filled with rage, ignored him completely. Song Zhong unleashed all his energy, and in just a few moments, all of Gan Xing’s limbs were fractured. The end has yet to come. Since things had already progressed to such a stage, crippling a person or two did not make a difference, Song Zhong decided to exterminate the roots completely and spun the bench towards the other 4 servants who were still on the floor.

    Of course, he could not murder a person, that would reflect badly on himself. But if he were to only cripple them, with his status as an outer court disciple, he would face seclusion at the most. Thus, Song Zhong decided to go all out and risk it big!

    The surroundings spectators only heard ‘Pa! Pa! Pa!’, wave after wave of snapping sounds. Only after beating them for an hour, until the bench in his hands was completely destroyed, did Little Fatty stop.

    “Bah, you dogs! I just did not bother showing off my strength, and all of you think that I am a sick cat!” Little Fatty shouted. After venting his anger, he casually threw away the splintered bench in his hands. Completely ignoring the wails of the 5 people, he picked up Little Monkey and walked out. By crippling Gan Xing, it was as good as offending his cousin. Thus, he did not dare stay for long!

    Just as Song Zhong walked pass Gan Xing, the rascal actually scolded in an unyielding tone: “Stupid Fatty, kill me if you have the balls to. If not, this matter will not end here! My cousin will avenge me!”

    “Fuck your grandfather!” Out of frustration, Little Fatty raised his leg and sent a brutal kick at Gan Xing’s crotch, sending him flying. To receive such a strong ‘stimulus’ on such an important place, it would naturally be heavily damaged. Gan Xing barely managed to release a scream before passing out in pain.

    Little Fatty naturally did not put this in his mind. He carried Little Monkey and when he was just about to go out, he thought about the problem of food in the future. Thus, he made a beeline to the kitchen, took some rice, noodles, and preserved meat, sufficient for consumption for a month, and threw it all into his dimensional storage item. Although the bag was considered small, but the 50 feet of space was left empty all along and had more than enough space for all these items.

    After raiding the kitchen, Song Zhong did not even dare to walk out by the front door, he sneaked out of the back door into the mountains. He also did not dare to go back to his hut. As long as his cousin was not an idiot, he would definitely search for him there. So, he went directly into the mountains, in search of a concealed area to escape detection.

    At this moment, whatever that happened in the yard had already been spread all over. The servants were all shocked by the bloody scenes. Although they liked to fight, but the most common injury would be bruising, and a fracture would be considered to be a serious injury. But what happened here today was really too severe, 5 living person, beaten until all 4 limbs were broken. This meant that they were completely crippled. If an outer court disciple sustained such an injury, the Mystical Sky Yard may still be willing to spend elixirs to help them reconnect the broken bones. But they were just a bunch of servants. Even if they were crippled, nobody would bother for sure. What lies ahead of them would be to be sent back to their hometown.

    These servants, who had their limbs all broken, even if they were to return to their hometown, what were they supposed to do? Their life can be said to be completely destroyed.

    “I really didn’t expect, the usually smiling, silly and honest looking Song Zhong would have a day where he was so violent!”

    “You didn’t hear? The more honest a man is, the scarier he is when he is angry!”

    “That’s right, a dog who bites doesn’t bark!”

    “But Little Fatty would most likely be finished this round. Gan Xing’s cousin is considered one of the more outstanding disciples amongst the outer court, and he even has a strong boss. How can someone like Little Fatty, without any form of support, provoke him? Today he crippled Gan Xing, maybe tomorrow he would be crippled by someone else!”

    “Yes, Yes, Little Fatty is doomed this round!” The servants in the surrounding began discussing.

    Just as Little Fatty left, not too long later, a bulky young man hastily flew here on a sword. His name was called Wang Zhong, who is Gan Xing’s cousin. He heard someone tell him that his cousin was in jeopardy, so he hurriedly rushed over. A pity, even if the speed which he flew here was enough, the informant did not know how to fly on the sword and could only run over. This resulted in a delay, and by the time he arrived, he only saw the 5 crippled people on the floor. The culprit, Song Zhong, had long ago escaped.

    Wang Zhong came into the yard, looking at the pile of meat, who had his limbs twisted. He did not believe that this was his cousin, who grew up together with him. They had been together the moment they started wearing pants and share a really close relationship. Even after they came to the Mystical Sky Yard, this was the case. It is just that Wang Zhong had a slightly better talent, so he entered the outer court first. Gan Xing was only a little lousier, he would have been able to advance into the Xian Tian stage in 2 years time, Initially, Wang Zhong was excitedly preparing an advancement gift, but he did not expect something like this to happen!”

    “Cousin!” Wang Zhong shouted in grief. He went forward and supported Gan Xing up, with a tear filled face, asked, “What exactly happened?”

    A pity, Gan Xing fell unconscious long ago and had no way to answer him. Without a choice, Wang Zhong could only take out his medicine to treat Gan Xing. After an arduous process of treating him, it was already dark. While Wang Zhong was treating Gan Xing, Gan Xing told his cousin what happened today.

    It turns out that the cause of the problem was just because of a bun! In the canteen, Little Monkey was in charge of steaming the buns. He had a habit, every time the buns were cooked, he would hide one first. This was to leave it for Song Zhong, if Song Zhong didn’t come, then he would sneakily eat it himself.

    Today, Gan Xing came to the canteen a little late, and there was no longer any buns. So he demanded one from Little Monkey. Of course, he was unwilling to take out the one he had hidden, so he lied and said that there wasn’t any left. But, who would have thought that a little boy knew about Little Monkey hiding the bun. On the spot, he found the bun which Little Monkey hid.

    This caused Gan Xing to be enraged. How would Gan Xing, who was so used to tyrannizing people, allow someone to deceive him? So, he taught Little Monkey a lesson. When Little Monkey could not take the beating, he could only use Song Zhong as a shield. He thought that since Song Zhong was an outer court disciple, and Gan Xing was after all still a servant, he would still show some face no matter what.

    But he did not expect to bring himself more trouble. It turned out that Gan Xing thought that he had a stunning talent and that he was at the edge of advancement. He thought that he would be the first to be a formal disciple, so he already leaked information about it. But who would have thought that Song Zhong came out of nowhere, and stole all this glory, making him lose his face amongst all his friends. Of all people, Little Monkey used Little Fatty to oppress him, he was naturally enraged, and so he did not have any mercy. At this very moment, Little Fatty suddenly appeared. As a result, Gan Xing and his 4 followers became tragedy!

    After hearing the whole story, Wang Zhong almost died of anger on the spot. Just because of a bun, all 5 of them became crippled. Gan Xing’s little brother was also broken. He was already about to enter the outer court, the chance to change his destiny was now ruined. What is this called? If not for the fact that Gan Xing was still unconscious, he would definitely catch him and trash him.

    In anger, Wang Zhong smashed a table, and declared “Song Zhong, both of us are enemies from this day on!” After saying this, he immediately rushed into the darkness, to find trouble with Song Zhong.

    But what a pity, Little Fatty was not stupid, why would he wait for Wang Zhong to come and catch him? Thus, when Wang Zhong brought his followers to his hut, he could only see an empty hut. He could not find a single person!

    Wang Zhong would naturally not let this matter rest. He immediately got people to split up and search. At the same time, he released word saying ‘Whoever found that stupid fatty, he would be awarded 10 low-grade stones!”

    What were 10 low-grade stones? That was a year worth of supplements for an outer court disciple! To a servant, it was an incomparable treasure. Some of the poorer outer court disciples were also attracted. Thus, when the news was out, over a thousand people was alarmed. They lit up their fire torches and pervaded the mountains to search for Little Fatty and Little Monkey.

    However, the mountains were really too vast. Just the territory of the Mystical Sky Yard contained thousands of miles of land. Hiding someone within was too easy. Even with more than a thousand people searching, it was still akin to searching for a needle in the ocean.

    At this moment, Little Fatty had already sequestered in a concealed cave in the Sky Ravine. This was also a place which he discovered when he was busy here for the past 3 months.

    The entrance of the cave was not big, it was only large enough to fit a single person at most. It was also blocked by waste, if not for the fact that a fragment was in the cave, Little Fatty would not have found this place too. Although the cave doesn’t seem big, but it is actually very deep, and also very spacious. The last time, even after walking for a few miles, Little Fatty still did not reach the end. He was a little afraid, so he did not go in deeper. This time, he needed to find a place to hide with Little Monkey. Since he did not have a choice, he could only come to this concealed place.

    In a place a mile deep, Little Fatty found a place which was more comfortable to stay. He placed Little Monkey down and then he could finally inspect his injuries. Left hand fractured, at least, 3 bones were fractured. Little Monkey was really heavily injured.

    But at least he was not a frail mortal, more than 10 years of cultivation, he almost arrived at the border of the Hou Tian stage. With his talent, even without elixirs, in about 10 years or so, he should be able to enter the Xian Tian stage. At this moment, Little Monkey’s tendons and bones are much stronger than normal people. So, even with such serious injuries, he could still maintain consciousness, and witness the whole event.

    “Fatty Bro, in order to save me this time, you caused a big disaster!” Little Monkey cried guiltily as he said “Actually there was no need for you to be so merciless, as long as you beat them up to vent my anger is enough. Now, Gan Xing’s cousin Wang Zhong would not let you off!”

    “Hmph!” Little Fatty snorted, and angrily said “I, your father, will not let them go!”

    As Little Fatty said this, he was treating Little Monkey’s wounds carefully. When they were younger, their bones were frequently broken by people. He was long ago very skillful in reconnecting bones. Little Fatty carefully reconnected Little Monkey’s bones, then he applied some self-made medicine. At the same time, he frowned and said: “This time, your injuries are too serious, I’m afraid our medicine would not have any effect, I need to get you some better quality goods!”

    “Fatty bro, this pathetic life of mine, is unworthy of any good medicine? You do not need to worry about me, instead, you should start thinking about what we should do in future.” Little Monkey bore with his pain and said “You can’t possible hide here all the way. Why not, let us go out, give in, and allow them to vent some anger by beating us up?”

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