Man Form Outlander Beast

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Me and my bro decided to enter into competition and see who gets the most votes. This is what I imagine man form of outlander beast looks like. Wanted to draw resurrection Lilly but lot of people have already drawn that, hence I choose to draw which other have not taken up.  If I get time I'll also do gold tribulation. 


  • How the image gets displayed. Other have directly incorporated image in the discussion while I am only able to paste the link 
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    The Outlander is looking good! 
  • Thank you Mojogger. 
  • He looks so good like he is about to smash everyone to a pulp and I don't know if it's just me but your perspective is so awesome I have a feeling coming through- "you mortals are below me", I can picture outtie like this :D
  • Kronos said:
    Why do I remember that giant berserker from fate stay night? haha looks awesome!
    That's what it was! I was trying to place to The similarity somewhere. 
  • Dear God, can you imagine that charging head first at your rear end...
  • @Kronos -  I. Was confused about the colths to put in, robes are girly (obviously can't be nude - although parrot may like it) that's when I remembered simple cloths and hairstyle of berseker. I really liked it though.

  • Jamiro said:
    Dear God, can you imagine that charging head first at your rear end...
    I know, right - suddenly just dealing with just the parrot doesn't seem so
  • It looks really good! 

    K-kinda reminds me of a certain berserker though *cough* 
  • This somehow doesn't feel original at all... 
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