[This is a cultivator!] Meng Hao

ISSTH- This is a cultivator photo ISSTH5_zps4yxmc9n9jpg
Submission(?) Might go back and tweak a couple of things ;;; if that's allowed ;;; Conception Sketch photo issthconception_zpsafppurtgjpg
Conception sketch

In tribute to ISSTH which made me miss 2 days at my co-op workplace since I got so addicted I kept reading until 5 AM .----.

The complicated one's the one I planned on entering in this contest but from this angle and with this pose it's pretty hard to see all the details I had planned out so the simpler one is just there to give you the full picture. I don't think I managed to convey the laugh at the heavens so if anyone has any pointers there, that would be great.(damn inconvenient head angles >.>)

Thanks for your time *bows*


  • This looks great! The conception sketch reminded me of the avatar art style. It's really hard to convey a person laughing when the mask is covering their face. Maybe some comic/manga style sound effect for laughing?
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    The eye holes appear to resemble glasses and overall appearance seems to be a bit on the feminine side.
    Adding in some accessories like the sword, bag , also making the figure look a bit haggard and some sings of blood, would be great.
  • Yeah he looks pretty feminine and does not look scary at all, maybe it's the art syle
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    Kronos said:
    make him a bit more bulky since MH was never portrayed as feminine iirc. also tilt his head a bit higher and the eyes on the mask would be better if its like a bit slimmer like asian eyes. its not racist cause im an asian my self!
    He was never described as bulky either. Idk, I always assumed he was more skinny because of how often they describe him as looking like a scholar. Plus, all other art depictions I seen portray him like that.
  • ASDF sorry for the late reply ;; last week got hectic all of a sudden.

    Axdur Thanks! As for the sfx I don't think that would work with this heavily shaded style. I did add those dramatic manga lines though. Do you think that works?

    IamMax  I changed the eye holes to look more "normal" but kept the mayan influence. I drew a tiny bag of cosmos on his arm ;;; but yeah you can't really see it that clearly. As for other accessories, I don't recall the sword in this scene ?__? As for more blood, done and done >:D

    Kronos & HydroPoop I'm really sorry for my ultra-feminine drawing style ;; I am more used to drawing women than men and it really shows, huh? But yeah sadly I can't do anything about it now because I used wayyyy too many layers for this drawing so making him bigger without distorting it woud be impossible TT.TT

    Brolom Thank ya, I didn't know whether to go for a more scholarly look or not here ;;;

    photo ISSTH6_zpslyixl00pjpg

    Everyone, thank you for your comments!

  • It really looks good :)
  • love it, the blood is a really nice touch a lot of people missed it makes it more of a battle then I'm about to battle
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