I Shall Slay Immortals (ISSTH fanfic)

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Welcome to "I Shall Slay Immortals," a fanfic collaboration between Caladbolg and Deathblade. Caladbolg also has an original story that's worth checking out if you haven't already, Tales of Vjaira.

Background from Deathblade: I had a cool idea for a story to go along with the Western Desert arc that begins around 380-390. Unfortunately, due to my work and translation schedule, I couldn't make time to do it myself. Thankfully, Caladbolg offered to help out. I provide the general ideas, we collaborate on the details, he does the hardest part, the writing, I proofread and edit. I hope everyone enjoys it!

Intro: Wu Bai was born as a privileged member of the Crow Scout Tribe. However, his days of comfort were not meant to last. The world in which his Tribe had existed for generations would soon come to an end in a tragic Apocalypse. Furthermore, a newcomer to the Tribe, a vassal named Meng Hao, would change all the Crow Divinity Tribes forever. On top of all of this, Wu Bai... was different.



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    Chapter 1: Wu Bai
    “Shh, she'll hear us!” the seven year old youth hissed in a low voice, worried that his younger cousin’s muffled laughs would give away their presence. Still, despite saying so, he himself had trouble keeping his chuckling down, especially when looking at his cousin’s laughing face.
    “Ready? On three,” the six year old managed to whisper, smiling from ear to ear.
    “And then we run,” the older of the two added, raising the old pouch he was holding in his hand.
    “One,” said the seven year old quietly, looking up at the open window and preparing to throw the pouch through it.
    “Two,” the six year old raised up his pouch, doing his best to hold back from laughing. Just like his older cousin, he took a swing and aimed the throw…
    “Three!” the two of them shouted at the same time, throwing the two identical pouches into a certain room.
    “Run!” they cried out, fleeing from the scene of crime and laughing their lungs out.
    The very next moment, the earsplitting cry of a young teenage girl rang out from within the room. From afar, the two cousins heard the panicked and disgusted yells of the girl, followed by a few dangerous bangs that managed to shake a good portion of the huge building in its foundations.
    “Get back here you two little bastards! Just wait until I catch you, I’m going to spank your asses so hard that you won’t be sitting for a week!” A beautiful twelve or thirteen year old girl appeared at the window, shouting after the two fleeing boys. “Hiya!” she squeaked suddenly, feeling a cricket wriggling in her hair. She removed the nasty bug with a few quick flicks of her hand, an unpleasant chill running down her spine. “Aaah! Just you wait, I’m going to remember this!” she shouted at the top of her lungs, then stomped a cricket that was still crawling on the floor of her room.
    “Again?” a middle-aged man smiled resignedly, shaking his head. He leisurely took a sip of green tea, wondering what the two scoundrels had done this time.
    “Dear, if you scold them properly at least once, I’m sure they’ll stop playing pranks on our daughter,” commented a beautiful woman with skin like jade. She seemed a bit disheartened. “Just listen to our little Wu Ling yelling ‘I’m going to spank your asses!’… How will she ever find a good husband if she keeps shouting such things out loud? Half the Tribe must have heard her… So embarrassing…” The woman’s complaints came with a helpless smile. In truth, she didn’t mind the youths of her Wu family fooling around a little. However, were she to be as lax as her husband, then there would be no one to stop those three from creating one disaster after another.
    “Doing silly things is part of the youth,” Wu Ai mused aloud, appearing to be perfectly calm. However, he still choked on his tea and started coughing when he heard what his daughter just yelled from afar.
    “’Come back here, or I’ll shove a huge stick up your asses’ was it?” Wu An repeated with a meaningful smile.
    “Ahaha…” Wu Ai laughed bitterly, wiping the tea off his face and clothes. “Maybe she’s going a bit overboard… She’s only twelve, for Heaven’s sake…” he said in a troubled manner.
    “A bit?” Wu An asked with a cute, but scary laugh. “… Maybe a little more than a bit…” Wu Ai corrected himself.
    “I will talk with all three of them when they come back for dinner,” He declared, but his wife only smirked at him and said.
    “We both know how this ‘serious talk’ of yours is going to end. I’m going to do the talking this time,” Wu An stated flat out and gave her husband a questioning look. Wu Ai could only chuckle awkwardly, unable to reply in any sensible way.
    “Think we lost her?” the seven year old youth asked, gasping for breath and cautiously peeking out from behind the stack of barrels.
    “I hope we did,” the six year old said quietly, not daring to take even a step out of their hideout.
    “Hey, Wu Chen, about that stick… do you think she was being serious?” the six year old asked, suddenly beginning to feel pretty nervous about returning home later today.
    “Don’t be stupid, Wu Bai, she wouldn’t do something like that… Probably…” The seven year old, Wu Chen, swallowed hard. Now that he thought about it… his big sister might have actually been serious…
    “Maybe we should eat out today,” Wu Chen said with a weak laugh. “I have some Spirit Stones on me, how about you?” he asked, for some reason still whispering.
    “Mm, I have some,” Wu Bai nodded. Frowning a bit, he gathered his courage and peeked out of their improvised hideout. “Let’s go somewhere else. She might come back here looking for us.” he proposed, to what Wu Chen quickly agreed. The two of them ran deeper into the village and focused on having fun, gradually losing track of time…
    “It’s getting late…” Wu Bai looked at the darkening sky, then gazed at the faraway top of the mountain where the estate of their Wu family stood proudly above the rest of the village. “Hey, Wu Chen. We should go back. Our parents will be angry.” Getting anxious about staying out so late, Wu Bai urged his cousin to get moving, but from the looks of it, Wu Chen didn’t feel like going back yet.
    “Don’t be such a kid,” Wu Chen argued. “One day we will become powerful Cultivators! Why would we need to go back home just because it’s getting dark?” Imitating his father, Wu Chen took a ‘sip’ of his juice in a way that he thought would look dignified and adult-like. He swept his gaze across the people sitting at the tables nearby, then declared pompously, “You’ll see, I’m going to become as strong as father and one day, everyone will be bowing to me!”
    Some nearby people, hearing the loud declaration of a kid, looked over and began chuckling and commenting on Wu Chen’s behavior. The few Cultivators mixed into the crowd recognized Wu Chen, having remembered him as the son of the Greatfather of their Tribe, the son of Wu Ai.
    “What is a descendant of the strongest bloodline of our Crow Scout Tribe doing here so late? If he truly wants to become strong, he should be training,” one of the more brave women commented teasingly, giving Wu Chen a half-serious smile. The seven year old, being reprimanded publicly, actually blushed from shame and lowered his head, prompting a wave of laughter to roll through the tables of the open-air dining house.
    “Uuuhhh…” Wu Chen groaned, regretting that he ever spoke out so arrogantly in front of so many people. “I’m going to become strong and show all of you!” he promised himself silently, pursing his lips and clenching his small hands into fists.
    After a while, when the whole thing calmed down and everyone stopped paying attention to him, Wu Chen gulped down the rest of his juice in and one go and slammed the sturdy cup back onto the table. “Let’s go, we’re gonna train the whole night!” He managed to speak a little louder than he might have wanted to, as the next moment he could hear some muffled laughs and chuckles from the people around. He frowned a little, trying to keep his cool, but nevertheless, felt his ears burn red from embarrassment.
    “Let’s go,” Wu Bai prompted with a smile. He found the current situation pretty amusing, but he was smart enough to not mention that to Wu Chen.
    “Yeah, let’s get out of he… re…” Wu Chen stuttered mid-sentence and out of the blue, looked up and stared at something with wide eyes.
    “Eh?” Wu Bai also raised his head and followed Wu Chen’s line of sight. The next second, he gasped; two men were standing on huge flying swords a  good four or five hundred meters up in the air.
    “Today, we will settle it once and for all, Tong Rong!” shouted a tall, muscular man, his voice echoing throughout the Tribe. “ I’m gonna beat the crap out of you and you will never touch my woman again!”
    Thousands of Tribe members began raising their heads to spectate the event that was about to happen. Even the people who were inside their houses began pouring outside, interested in a duel between two Cultivators.
    “Hmph, Wu Hai, you are simply too arrogant. I didn’t touch ‘your woman’, she threw herself onto me! Perhaps you are too pitiably small, so she started looking for somebody who can satisfy her?” Tong Rong smirked, raising his hands in a helpless gesture. To be honest, he looked quite comical, with his large frame and rough features, but Wu Hai certainly was in no mood to laugh after being provoked so openly.
    Despite his anger, Wu Hai gritted his teeth and hesitated as to whether or not to attack. He had challenged Tong Rong in the spur of the moment, but himself, as a Wood-type totem Cultivator, wasn’t too proficient in head-on clashes. His opponent, however, didn’t belong to the Crow Scout Tribe. Tong Rong was a Rogue Cultivator, a vassal who was essentially employed as a mercenary. He wielded a Fire-type totem which in a head-on clash was vastly superior to any Wood-type totems.
    To make matters worse, he, Wu Hai, was only at the ninth level of Qi Condensation, while Tong Rong was a Cultivator half a step into Foundation Establishment!
    “What, getting scared? If you kneel down and apologize, I might consider forgiving you,” the man called Tong Rong called out sarcastically, letting the whole village hear his words. By this point, willing or not, Wu Hai couldn’t allow himself to back out of this fight. If he turned his tail and ran when the whole Tribe was watching, his dignity would be shamed beyond the point of recovery till the very end of his days!
    “You asked for it!” Wu Hai roared and charged at Tong Rong at his top speed. He flicked his sleeve, releasing a few dozen green petals, directing them to attack Tong Rong from both sides. At the same time, he took out a heavy broadsword from his bag of holding and smashed down with it at Tong Rong’s head with all the strength he could muster.
    Down below, Wu Chen and Wu Bai stared at the charging Wu Hai with their mouths gaping open. To them, this massive man appeared to be unstoppable and the magical technique he employed beforehand seemed to contain endless power. Yet despite that, the next moment...
    The other man, Tong Rong, waved his hands and released a swarm of thin fire serpents which easily devoured the green petals. Leaning backwards and moving away on his flying sword, Tong Rong dodged the crude slash of Wu Hai’s broadsword. He flicked his hand, this time releasing a three meter long fire serpent that crashed against Wu Hai’s body from point-blank range.
    The flames exploded, lifting up into the night sky above the village. Wu Chen, Wu Bai and all the onlookers gasped in astonishment. They all expected to see Wu Hai’s body falling down to the ground, but to their surprise, Wu Hai emerged from the smoke, crouching on his flying sword, wounded, but not defeated.
    Even though Wu Hai managed to not fall after one blow, after this single exchange, the difference in strength between him and Tong Rong was already obvious to anyone watching. Wu Hai himself also could tell that he had no chance to win this duel, yet despite that, perhaps because of his pride, he stubbornly chose to launch another attack.
    “Are you looking to die?!” Tong Rong called out disdainfully, reading himself to grant Wu Hai’s wish. The chance to do so, however, wasn’t given to them.
    “Enough! Stop fighting at once!” the almighty voice of a Nascent Soul stage cultivator shook the whole tribe as a middle-aged man teleported onto the scene, appearing between Wu Hai and Tong Rong who were about to clash for the second time.
    “Greatfather Wu Ai!” Thousands of voices cried out, delighted to see the strongest expert of their Tribe intervene personally.
    “You see him? That’s Wu Ai! He’s the strongest of us all! His Cultivation base is unfathomable, his power legendary!” some Qi Condensation stage Cultivators called out not too far away from where Wu Chen and Wu Bai were.
    “I heard he reached the peak of the Nascent Soul stage not too long ago! Will I ever be able to reach such a level in my lifetime?” another young Foundation Establishment stage Cultivator wondered aloud, his voice filled with boundless respect and worship.
    At this moment, Both Wu Chen and Wu Bai felt chills of excitement running down their spines. They had just witnessed an actual battle between Cultivators, then Wu Ai made a personal appearance and everyone started praising him to no end! They two youths couldn’t be more proud to be related to the Greatfather Wu Ai. Being his son, being his nephew… the two of them could already see a future where they would be standing at Wu Ai’s side and all the people in their Tribe would be looking at them with the same expressions they were looking at Wu Ai with today!
    “The winner of this duel is Tong Rong,” Wu Ai declared in a calm, yet overbearing voice. The haughty Tong Rong immediately clasped hands and bowed. Having no other choice, Wu Hai also joined his hands together, acknowledging his loss.
    “Now then…” Wu Ai murmured quietly, his gaze moving to the two scoundrels who hadn’t returned for dinner and were fooling around so late in the evening.

  • “You see him? That’s Wu Ai! He’s the strongest of us all! His Cultivation base is unfathomable, his power legendary!”
    “I heard he reached the peak of the Nascent Soul stage not too long ago! Will I ever be able to reach such a level in my lifetime?
    Unfathomable? Legendary? well i guess those kids are just some frogs inside a well.

    Deathblade does this story go inside the ISSTH world? or is it in a separate dimension?
  • poor wu chen and wu bai :D :D

  • “You see him? That’s Wu Ai! He’s the strongest of us all! His Cultivation base is unfathomable, his power legendary!”
    “I heard he reached the peak of the Nascent Soul stage not too long ago! Will I ever be able to reach such a level in my lifetime?
    Unfathomable? Legendary? well i guess those kids are just some frogs inside a well.

    Deathblade does this story go inside the ISSTH world? or is it in a separate dimension?
    It's in the ISSTH world and is intended to fit completely within the story 
  • Is Wu Bai a character exist in ISSTH ? i remember Wu chen though but not wu bai
  • Is Wu Bai a character exist in ISSTH ? i remember Wu chen though but not wu bai
    Wu Bai is not an existing character. Wu Chen, Wu Ling and Wu Hai all are real characters in the story
  • if this  ISSI intended to fit the story of  ISSTH can i ask if its current story will continue in present? or in past when Meng Hao is under violet rain sea? just curious thanks...
  • gebet said:
    if this  ISSI intended to fit the story of  ISSTH can i ask if its current story will continue in present? or in past when Meng Hao is under violet rain sea? just curious thanks...
    It will continue past the point where Meng Hao goes through the time skip
  • Tong Rong dodged the crude slash of Wu Bai’s broadsword

    I think you might have meant  Wu Hai's there

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    i will read it someday (when issth is finished maybe) but iam also a little bit disappointed since i thought you would create a story without the connections to issth.
    A nice title and a really good story image but sadly not a new story. :(
    And could it be that the image is copied from somewhere....? 

  • @devilasura I personally recommend reading ISSI as it's being released, it's going to have the best effect this way. ^.^ Trust me on what I am saying, hehe.

    @Heavensealer Thanks! I still wasn't used to Chinese names as I was writing the first chapter, so here we have a silly mistake :D  DB will surely fix it for us when he wakes up ^.^
    If you'd like more chapters of ISSI or Tales send me a note on patreon!
  • i will read it someday (when issth is finished maybe) but iam also a little bit disappointed since i thought you would create a story without the connections to issth.
    A nice title and a really good story image but sadly not a new story. :(
    And could it be that the image is copied from somewhere....? 

    I said from the beginning that it was a fanfic centered around the migration arc.... As for an original fiction from me... maybe one day....

  • Tong Rong dodged the crude slash of Wu Bai’s broadsword

    I think you might have meant  Wu Hai's there

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    Chapter 2. Shattered dreams.
    “Wah!” Wu Chen and Wu Bai cried out, startled by the figure of Wu Ai materializing in front of them literally out of nowhere.
    Wu Ai chuckled, eyeing the two startled scoundrels. “You’ll be coming with me,” he said and added with a laugh: “Back home, there are two women who can’t wait to see you.”
    The two youths trembled, nervous about being scolded and punished only now, when everything had been said and done.
    “Well, don’t worry too much. They aren’t THAT angry, you know…” Wu Ai laughed again, grabbing Wu Chen and Wu Bai by their shoulders and teleporting away the next second.
    The flabbergasted guests of the dinning house stared at the place where the three were standing. Finally, a random Qi Condensation Cultivator spoke up. “So that’s how it feels to see Greatfather Wu Ai from close up… Such an amazing pressure…” 
    “Minor teleportation… so incredible,” commented a Foundation Establishment Cultivator who had caught a glimpse of Wu Ai from the street, his eyes glowing brightly. The desire to grow strong burned more strongly than ever in his heart, having been inflamed by today’s events… now more than ever, he desired to one day reach the pinnacle and restore the glory of the their Crow Scout Tribe! To once again unite the Crow Divinity Tribe! The young man dreamed big, at this very moment, seeing his future path of Cultivation clearer than ever.
    “Oh, you brought them,” Wu An said contentedly, but with a hint of surprise in her voice. “And here I thought you would go and play around with them,” she added teasingly, exchanging a look and a smile with her husband.
    “So,” she followed up, turning her gaze to Wu Chen and Wu Bai. “Do you two happen to have an explanation?” she asked, appearing to be perfectly calm and collected.
    “And to be clear, I mean an explanation both for the prank you pulled on Wu Ling, AND the fact that you haven’t returned home until now.” Wu An raised her eyebrows, eyeing the two youths and waiting for them to say something.
    Wu Chen and Wu Bai fidgeted, avoiding Wu An’s gaze. Neither of them knew what to say, well aware that roundabout excuses would do them no good.
    “Sorry,” Wu Bai murmured, lowering his head. He felt bad for skipping dinner and being late, but he didn’t really regret throwing crickets into Wu Ling’s room. However, he kept these feelings to himself, scared of getting an even bigger punishment from his aunt.
    “I’m sorry…” Wu Chen apologized, but unlike Wu Bai, couldn’t hold himself back from saying what was on his mind. “It’s so stupid… I’m not a kid anymore…” he murmured with sulking expression on his face.
    “Eee?” Wu An smiled dangerously. “So my son isn’t a kid anymore? Very well, since you aren’t a kid, tomorrow morning you will go with uncle Wu Liao and help him feed the neo-demons.” Seeing her son’s face fall, Wu An giggled in her heart. “Maybe some hard work will teach him a lesson,” she thought silently. Closing her eyes for a second, she took a deep breath.
    “Wu Bai, go and clean Wu Ling’s room. Make sure to get rid of any crickets that might be left there…” Wu An smiled a little, imagining what her daughter’s reaction would be had she woken up in the middle of the night with some bugs crawling over her body. Wu An held back a chuckle, keeping a serious expression. She has just remembered all the pranks she and her little sister, Wu Bai’s mother, used to pull on boys, including Wu Ai, when they were younger.
    “What? He gets to clear big sister’s room, when I need to work my ass of with uncle Liao? That’s not fair!” Wu Chen stomped his feet argumentatively. He couldn’t quite see it, but off to the side, Wu Bai was looking at him with pity in his eyes. Even Wu Ai laughed bitterly, albeit very quietly. He couldn’t believe his son still hadn’t learned to not argue with his mother…
    “Three days,” Wu An declared sternly, giving her son a scornful look. 

    “N-No! I didn’t…!” Wu Chen cried out, but just barely in time, slapped his mouth with both of his hands and shut up.
    For a few very tense seconds, Wu Chen looked his mother in the eye without moving a muscle. Only when Wu An sighed and shook her head, had Wu Chen breathed with relief and relaxed. Thankfully, he managed to avoid extending the period of his punishment to a week.
    “I take it the two of you have eaten already,” Wu An said resignedly. “Wu Chen, you can’t neglect your training. Go to the great hall and meditate before going to sleep. Wu Bai, you can join him if you want.” Seeing the look in Wu Bai’s eyes grow a bit too happy, Wu An took the liberty of reminding: “But of course, only after you finish cleaning Wu Ling’s room.”
    Instantly, Wu Bai stopped rejoicing. For a moment, he thought his aunt forgot about his punishment and he would get off scot-free, but it was all for naught. “At least it’s not as bad as Wu Chen’s punishment…” he comforted himself.
    “Aaa-aah.” After the two youths left the room, Wu An moaned quietly. She didn’t enjoy being a strict mother, but someone needed to take this role in their family, since the father didn’t feel like it.
    “Uh, what did I do wrong this time?” Wu Ai asked helplessly, seeing his wife’s stare. Although he was a powerful expert, in front of his wife, he would always discard the pretense and overbearing attitude… just like almost every man in the world.
    “No…” Wu An moved over to her husband’s side and placed her hand on his thigh. “But I could use some soothing,” she whispered, leaning forward to whisper in the ear. She pulled back a bit and peeked in the direction of their personal chambers, which didn’t go unnoticed by Wu Ai’s keen eyes.
    “How could I refuse my beautiful wife’s request…?” Wu Ai said alluringly. He slowly drew closer to his wife, then placed a kiss on her soft lips.
    “How did it go with uncle Liao?” Wu Bai asked, unable to hold himself back from smiling a bit too widely.
    “Don’t bring it up…” Wu Chen groaned, sitting down on a pillow next to Wu Bai. “Uncle Liao made me cut up meat for three hours… It was so gross…” Recalling the horrible smell and the accompanying gore, Wu Chen’s felt his face turn white. Had he not already thrown up two times today, he could have very well done so right now.
    “That bad, huh?” Wu Bai smiled bitterly, praising himself for biting his tongue yesterday. Although cleaning Wu Ling’s room had been a hassle, it didn’t take him too long to do it. He wasn’t made to repair the floor and walls cracked by Wu Ling furious punches, either… although, to be honest, he wouldn’t have had any idea how to fix those cracks even if they had asked him to…
    “Ah, never mind that.” Wu Chen shook his head strongly, trying to not think that he would have to do the exact same thing two more times. “You’d better tell me if you know why my father told us to come here and wait for him,” he said, changing the topic to something more pleasant.
    “No idea.” Wu Bai shrugged his shoulders. He had arrived here good few minutes before Wu Chen did, giving him some time to wonder about the purpose of this unexpected meeting with uncle Wu Ai. Regardless of all the thinking he had done, he failed to come up with anything sensible.
    “No?” Wu Ai laughed, entering the room. “It’s related to yesterday’s events. Will that be enough of a hint for you?” he asked and chuckled, seeing the worried expressions of the two youths.
    “Don’t worry, don’t worry. It’s not more scolding.” Wu Ai smiled at the two, taking a seat in front of them. “Yesterday, we went with your mother to speak with Wu Bai’s parents… and we decided that it’s time to give you this.” Flicking his hand, Wu Ai produced two scrolls from his bag of holding. He raised them up in his hand and showed them to Wu Chen and Wu Bai.
    “Qi Condensation manuals!” Wu Chen nearly shouted, his heart throbbing wildly. “For us, really?” he asked, giving his father an expectant look and holding back from snatching one of the scrolls at this very moment.
    “Do you see any other people here?” Wu Ai asked, obviously in a very good mood. “If you don’t want them, I can always take them back…” He began to withdraw his hand, then laughed as the two scrolls were quickly snatched from him by the two youths.
    Wu Bai swallowed heavily, holding the Qi Condensation manual as lightly and carefully as if the slightest touch could turn it into a pile of ashes. “But uncle Wu Ai, didn’t you say that we wouldn't start our cultivation training for at least one more year?” Wu Bai asked a little dubiously.
    “That was the plan, however…” Wu Ai smiled meaningfully. “You two seem to have an excess of energy, so we thought it wouldn’t be a bad idea to start your real training a bit early,” he explained without beating around the bush, but then added: “However, that doesn’t mean you can just slack off because you are ‘one year ahead’ or something like that. Understood? You are both descendants of our bloodline. I expect a lot from you,” he finished, then eyed the two youths with a serious look.
    Wu Ai smiled warmly, seeing how Wu Chen and Wu Bai nodded strongly and even clasped their hands like real Cultivators would. “The two of you aren’t that far apart in age, only a little over two months…” Wu Ai mused aloud, then declared encouragingly. “I’d expect you to reach the first level of Qi Condensation in time for the totem-branding ceremony in six months time… Do you think you can do it?”
    “Half a year?!” Wu Chen exclaimed confidently. “I’ll do it in three months!” he stated, straightening his back and puffing his chest out.
    “We’ll do it for sure!” Wu Bai followed up, nodding lightly. In such moments, he envied that Wu Chen was able to speak without hesitation and, although he wouldn’t admit it, he looked up to Wu Chen just a little.
    “Very well.” Wu Ai nodded to himself. “Be sure to train diligently. Also, remember that while taking medicinal pills to speed up the process is a possibility, it’s pretty much a waste of both resources and your future potential.” As he reminded the two, Wu Ai didn’t hide his disdain for those who relied entirely on medicinal pills to advance through the levels of cultivation.
    They lived in the Western Desert. Here, medicinal pills were scarce and often of low quality. In the end, whether one would become powerful and accomplished, or if he would stumble on his path of cultivation, relied entirely upon that person’s own talent and efforts.
    “Yes, father.” 

    “Yes, uncle.” 

    The two youths replied almost in unison. 

    “We will reach the first level of Qi Condensation without some stupid medicinal pills, right, Wu Bai?” said Wu Chen, as if to re-state his father’s words. Wu Bai nodded silently, agreeing with Wu Chen’s words.
    “Good. I’m sure you can’t wait to start training. You can leave.” Before Wu Ai could even finish the sentence, Wu Chen and Wu Bai ran out from the room. He chuckled and remained in the same place for a while longer, thinking about his son, his nephew and his family’s future.
    Six months passed in the blink of an eye. During this time, Wu Chen and Wu Bai trained dutifully, making full use of the rich spiritual energy in the Wu Family estate.
    It was important to know that practicing cultivation inside the buildings made from the wood of hundred years old Spirit Trees was vastly more effective when compared to the normal environment.

    Had it been an adult training in such a place, he would likely need considerably less time to make a breakthrough. Wu Chen and Wu Bai, however, were simply too young. Even with the aid of their estates, they needed to put in just as much effort as would an adult training outside of these favorable conditions.
    Today, both of them gazed upon the majestic, enormous statue of a tree in the center of their village. Today, the young cultivators who stepped into the first level of Qi Condensation would have their totemic-tattoos bestowed upon them.
    As for Wu Chen and Wu Bai, as descendants of the three great bloodlines, they were eligible to have a special kind of totem to be branded upon their bodies. Of course, those were none other than the Greenwood Wolf totems, Greenwood Bat totems, or Greenwood Snake totems! Out of the many kinds of neo-demons in the Crow Scout Tribe, those three - Greenwood Wolves, Greenwood Bats and Greenwood Snakes - were definitely among the strongest.
    There also existed an option to have all the three special totems merged in the future and in result, obtain a totem of the Ancestor Tree, but for now, the young Cultivators of the three great bloodlines needed to choose one of the three.
    Wu Chen, having entered the first level of Qi Condensation in just three months, had long since picked the Greenwood Wolf totem as his first.
    Wu Bai, on the other hand… was standing in a position far away from his cousin. He also was observing the totem-branding ceremony, except… from afar. Sitting on the grassy slope of the nearby mountain, he felt his throat clench as he did his best to stop the tears from flowing down his face.
    During the last six months, he had been training even harder than Wu Chen, but failed to reach the first level of Qi Condensation. Lately, uncle Wu Ai and his parents had been attempting to comfort him on many occasions, telling him that it didn’t matter if he didn’t make his breakthrough as fast as Wu Chen did... but they didn’t know…
    They didn’t know, that despite all the effort, there still was not even a hint of spiritual energy in his body…

  • Thanks for the read. Nice fanfic, Caladbolg, DeathbladeDeathblade. Future events smells like drama)
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    Thank you Caladbolg very much for writing this and thank you Deathblade for thinking up the idea and editing. It's interesting so far, I mean this kid looks like he's more boned than even Meng Hao was in the beginning. Although I admit I'm having a hard time gauging his talent in comparison to Meng Hao's subpar talent because of the fact Wu Bai is just a kid and Meng Hao was working like 24/7 trying to get some qi. Of course considering the fact that he hasn't got a single strand of qi yet maybe he has something SUPER bad like he can't absorb any qi naturally or something. I have a question, who made the picture? It's awesome. P.S. *whispers, is it photoshop?
  • Not to sound too discouraging, but I suggest more wuxia character development and better pacing. Unfair to compare but Jin Yong and Gu Long masterfully make immediate impact with screen time. Beginning prank showed excellent promise.
  • Chapter 3: Forsaken
    Wu Bai kicked a random stone with all his strength, venting his frustration and anger. Today was one of those days when he felt really crappy, or rather, more crappy than usual. Recently, more than ever, he was feeling empty, without a purpose in his life.
    It had already been more than a year since Wu Bai gave up on trying to become a Cultivator, after thoroughly exhausting every means available to him. There was nothing that he hadn’t tried out, ranging from things like potent medicinal pills, elixirs, extracts from herbs… to extreme means like training with the direct guidance of Wu Ai or forced totem-branding to develop his Cultivation base. However, no matter how hard Wu Bai tried and how much resources were expended on him, he was completely incapable of accumulating any amount of spiritual energy in his body whatsoever.
    “Zero… Nothing… Complete trash… Is that who I am…?” he asked himself. He felt like yelling, like throwing a tantrum and kicking anything around him. At the same time, he was becoming resigned to his fate, depressed. “A mortal… that’s who I am,” he thought bitterly. “I’m going to spend the rest of my life doing pointless work for our Wu family… Just like uncle Liao...” he ridiculed himself, sinking deeper into the oblivion of desperation.
    “I will age and die before my parents… before Wu Chen and Wu Ling…” he kept thinking, as a result becoming more and more depressed.
    As a nine year old, Wu Bai simply didn’t have what it took to accept his lot in life. In truth, even many adults in the Tribe would have had trouble coming to terms with the reality of being unable to practice cultivation. Lately… Wu Bai hadn’t told anyone, even Wu Chen, but he was starting to have suicidal thoughts. ‘What’s good in living a life like this?’ he would often ask himself. On days like this one… he would even think that it would be fine if he stumbled upon some wild neo-demon that would quickly end this pitiful life of his…
    “Well, if it isn’t our dear friend Wu Bai!” A voice with which Wu Bai was all too familiar came from the direction of the village, along with the laughter of a group of boys. “What are you doing here, eh, Wu Bai? A useless piece of trash like you should be working, so he can be at least of some use,” the eleven year old declared disdainfully, approaching Wu Bai with his group of four friends.
    Wu Bai shuddered, hearing Wu Ali insult him in a way that hit him really painfully. “I’d like to see you say the same thing around uncle Wu Ai!” That was what Wu Bai wanted to yell, but didn’t. He just couldn’t bring himself to utter something so shameful.
    The worst thing was that Wu Ali was right. He was useless to the Tribe, and to his Wu family. There was no way anyone could deny this fact; he was a disgrace to the elite bloodline of Wu family. It wasn’t that the Tribe had no mortal members; in fact, there were quite a few. But they were all from ordinary bloodlines. The three great bloodlines were different! He was different!
    Lately, Wu Bai began noticing the coldness and apathy in his parents’ eyes whenever they looked at him. Outwardly, they would smile, encourage him and tell him nice things… but deep inside, they certainly were disappointed with him.
    “Ai, why don’t you say something?” Wu Ali smirked, approaching Wu Bai and letting his four lackeys surround him. “Maybe the reason you’re such a failure is because your so spineless!” Wu Ali continued, getting annoyed since Wu Bai chose to ignore him.
    “I think we should teach this rubbish of the three great bloodlines what respect is, don’t you think, guys?” Wu Ali and the other four began laughing. They formed a circle around Wu Bai and exchanged a few glances, as if deciding who was going to hit him first.
    Wu Bai kept his teeth clenched, his was body stiff all over. It wasn’t his first time getting bullied, but he had never been beaten up by anyone… yet. “No point in trying to run… Might as well let them do what they want…” Wu Bai thought silently with a weak, self-ridiculing smile on his face. He really was starting to believe that he might actually deserve to be hit and bullied, considering how much of a piece of trash he was. Maybe it would even relieve some of his stress if Wu Ali were to beat him up to a pulp…
    “Hey, this freak is smiling… has he gone crazy or something?” one of the four youths who came with Wu Ali noticed with a smirk.
    “Wow, you’re right. Maybe he’s looking forward to getting beaten up?” the other suggested with a laugh. Unknowingly, he wasn’t that far off the truth…
    “Who knows, maybe if a real Cultivator hits him some, it might awaken his ‘hidden talent’?” Wu Ali said and laughed at his own sorry joke. “Why don’t we try it out?” he prompted, rolling up the sleeve of his shirt and clenching his fist.
    “Now, don’t move too much, or I might hit a wrong spot…” Wu Ali said with a shameless smile, gathering a small portion of his Qi in his hand. He actually hesitated for a second, seeing that Wu Bai really was just standing there, not even looking at him. However,  he couldn’t very well back off after going so far, so he threw a punch at Wu Bai’s stomach.
    The blow brought Wu Bai back to reality, as he received it while completely unprepared. He staggered and fell to his knees, unable to take a breath. He held his stomach, choking a little on the breakfast that he nearly vomited it out. He bent forward and started coughing, desperately gasping for air. The place where had been hit pulsed with intense pain, but the experience of suffocating was what terrified Wu Bai the most, causing him to panic.
    When he finally caught his breath, he was shaking all over. He didn’t even notice when, but he had started crying, and saliva had started leaking from his mouth along with some blood. He coughed again, spitting a few crimson drops on the ground. He remained in this humiliating position, on his knees, bending forward and holding his stomach. Even if he wanted to, he wouldn’t have been able to stand up.
    The four youths accompanying Wu Ali laughed, but there was an apparent hint of nervousness in those laughs of theirs.
    “That should be enough, right? Let’s go already,” one of them suggested, getting cold feet. Bullying Wu Bai wouldn’t be a huge deal, but going so far as to do this to him… if Wu Bai told his uncle, Greatfather Wu Ai, about this incident… They wouldn’t escape harsh punishment.
    From the looks of it, Wu Ali had been thinking about the same thing. Getting pretty nervous about possible consequences, he crouched in front of Wu Bai and grabbed him by the hair. Raising his head up, he threateningly said, “If you tell on us, it won’t end with one punch next time. Do you get it, you useless trash?” With that, he pulled Wu Bai’s hair, bending his neck back in a painful way.
    Suddenly, Wu Bai began feeling really annoyed with Wu Ali’s behavior. He didn’t quite know why, nor did he think it over, but he suddenly spit directly into Wu Ali’s face. “Go screw yourself,” he growled as Wu Ali let go of his hair and started wiping the mix of blood and spit from his face while cursing.
    “You damned, arrogant...!” Wu Ali shouted furiously, too enraged to even finish his sentence. Without restraining himself at all, he kicked Wu Bai in the side.
    The nine year old saw everything going dark as his body was lifted up into the air. He was sent flying for a good two meters before falling back onto the ground and rolling over on his back. For a moment, he totally blanked out, and was on the verge of completely losing consciousness.
    “Holy crap, is he going to be okay?” one of the boys asked nervously, seeing how Wu Bai was laying down on the ground, completely motionless.
    “Damn, Wu Ali, let’s get out of here before anyone comes,” another urged, looking around nervously, scared that there would be some witnesses.
    Wu Ali swallowed heavily; he felt a cold chill run down his spine. He suddenly forgot himself and kicked as hard as he could, using all his strength of the second level of Qi Condensation. He could clearly sense Wu Bai’s ribs being broken, and truthfully, it frightened Wu Ali quite a bit.
    “Whatever. If he dies, it’s one less piece of trash. Let’s go,” Wu Ali said, trying to conceal the shaking of his voice. “If anyone speaks a word about today, I’ll kill him,” he said, which was a somewhat over exaggerated warning to his four friends.
    The five of them left hurriedly, leaving Wu Bai to tend for himself. Whether somebody would find him… it was up to Wu Bai’s own luck.
    Wu Bai woke up, accompanied by a strong, dull pain in the left side of his chest. “What…?” He didn’t remember what happened and even though he opened his eyes, he still couldn’t see anything; his vision was dark and blurry.
    “Argh!” He groaned, trying to take a breath. His eyes immediately teared up as excruciating pain radiated throughout his body. “That’s right… I got kicked…” he recalled, his face twitching uncontrollably. “It’s dark… I’ve been here for the whole day?” the brief thought crossed his mind.
    Wu Bai tried to calm down and concentrated on breathing very slowly. He realized that given how badly he was hurting, he wouldn’t be able to move anytime soon. Right now, in the evening, it wasn’t so cold yet… but when night truly fell, this part of the Western Desert would become a freezing hell with the temperatures reaching  as low as minus forty degrees.
    Out of the blue, Wu Bai chuckled, then immediately groaned. He took a few shallow breaths, waiting for the pain to subside while still smiling to himself. “Ironic, I can’t cultivate spiritual energy, so I will freeze to death like some stupid, normal mortal… What a ‘descendant of the Wu family’… such a bad joke…” Wu Chen moaned again, having trouble with keeping his head clear. His consciousness slowly faded, and everything began turning into something akin to a ridiculous dream…
    “Elder brother, you can’t! Think about the consequences to the Tribe!” a woman bewilderingly similar to Wu An in appearance argued nervously, holding Wu Ai by his shoulder and stopping him from leaving.
    “I can’t? I can’t?!” Wu Ai turned around and pushed Wu Guan’s hand away, startling her with his outburst. “Take a good look at your son, little sister!” Wu Ai roared, pointing at deathly pale Wu Bai lying near the fireplace covered in the white sheets from head to toe.
    “Had I not gotten worried and looked for him with Divine Sense, he would have died there!” Wu Ai continued shouting furiously, his powerful great circle Nascent Soul stage surging and emanating from his body. “Do you not care for your own son’s life, little sister?” he asked. This time his voice was rather quiet, but filled with boundless fury nonetheless.
    Wu Guan swallowed heavily. Although Wu Ai was her sister’s husband, he was still the most powerful member of the leadership of their Crow Scout Tribe, the Greatfather. He wasn’t a person she could treat casually, especially in the moments like these.
    “Elder brother, we don’t even know who did it to Wu Bai. What do you want to do, punish people without any evidence?” Wu Guan tried to persuade.
    “Hmph, don’t know who did it? Who else but some brats from the other two great bloodlines would dare to attack him and leave him to death?” Wu Ai replied with an impatient frown. He had been paying a lot of attention to Wu Bai’s well-being and he knew more than might be expected. He already had a few names in his mind, with some of them being more likely suspects than the others. All he needed to do was to gather the little bastards together and ask them in a certain, surefire way. Even if the guilty ones lied to him, he would easily recognize that he was being deceived. Some young sprouts barely at the first levels of Qi Condensation wouldn’t be able to hide anything from him.
    Wu Guan gasped a little, then gave her husband a frustrated look, expecting him to say something. She cursed silently, realizing that her husband didn’t intend to speak up.
    “You could interrogate the kids, but elder brother, do you think the Elders would bear such humiliation silently? We can’t antagonize the other two ancient bloodlines, not even our family has enough power to deal with them at the same time! Please think about the consequences!” she pleaded repeatedly, desperate to avoid an open conflict.
    As he was listening to his little sister, Wu Ai’s expression sank even further. “Do you not care about you son at all?” he asked coldly, gritting his teeth.
    “That’s not…!” Wu Guan shook her head with an ugly expression to her face. She pursed her lips, first looking off to the side, then returning her gaze to look at her elder brother. “Wu Bai is…” she began weakly, then took a deep breath and explained bitterly. “We need to think about the future of our other children… You must understand it, elder brother…” she sighed and lowered her head.
    “It’s not worth it to defy the great families for Wu Bai’s sake,” she finished bleakly, her quiet words resounding loudly in the silent room.
    In the prolonged silence that followed, an unexpected sound of moving blankets caused everyone to either startle or tense up. The four adults turned to look at Wu Bai and saw the youth hiding his face with his hands, his throat trembling as he wept quietly.
    Wu Guan’s expression froze. She wanted to say something, but was unable to force any words to come out of her mouth. She could only stare at her nine year old son, who lay under the sheets, trembling from pain, from helplessness… from despair…
    Wu An walked up to the youth and sat down at his side. She didn’t say anything. She didn’t try to comfort Wu Bai, nor did she rebuke her little sister. She simply put her hand on Wu Bai’s head and caressed it very gently. There was only so much that she could do for him.
    The gesture might have not seemed to be much, but Wu Bai slowly stopped trembling, and his heart regained a bit of its warmth. “Uncle…” He still couldn’t hold back his tears, but he forced himself to mumble just loudly enough to be heard.
    Wu Ai quickly approached Wu Bai, giving Wu Guan an ice cold look along the way. “What is it?” he asked, failing to make his words sound as calm as he wanted.
    “Leave it… alone…” Wu Bai began saying, fighting against the pain which exploded out with every word and any deep breath. He removed his hand from his face and looked Wu Ai in the eye. “It… does.. ’nt… matter,” he mumbled, barely understandably.

    Wu Ai exchanged a glance with his wife, seeking her advice. He then turned to look at Wu Bai and very slowly, nodded.
    “Uncle…” Wu Bai spoke up again, his voice trembling even more than before as tears once again began flowing down his face.
    “I want to… become stronger… No matter what!” Wu Bai forced himself to say as loudly as he could, his head growing dizzy. Despite that, he still gazed at Wu Ai, endless determination brimming within his tear-filled eyes.

  • I like it so far. Great job. Can't wait to see the events from ISSTH from the viewpoint of someone else.
    When can we expect the first appearance of Meng Hao? 
  • Jagp said:
    I like it so far. Great job. Can't wait to see the events from ISSTH from the viewpoint of someone else.
    When can we expect the first appearance of Meng Hao? 
    Soon, but I'll let Caladbolg handle this question!
  • Im loving this keep up the good work guys!
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    Jagp said:
    I like it so far. Great job. Can't wait to see the events from ISSTH from the viewpoint of someone else.
    When can we expect the first appearance of Meng Hao? 
    In around 6 more chapters, plus minus one! :P

    Edit: (A few days later...) I guess it won't be 6-7 chapters, but a little more... xD
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  • Chapter 4: Maybe it’s Not So Bad.  
    After hearing the words of his nephew, Wu Ai was literally speechless. Even under these conditions, Wu Bai hadn’t abandoned hope and displayed an unthinkable degree of determination.
    “If only his latent talent was better… He would become an outstanding Cultivator,” Wu Ai thought bitterly, then sighed, his thoughts reluctantly leaning towards “that thing.”
    “Become stronger, eh…?” Wu Ai murmured. “There might be one way, a path different than cultivation… but I can’t guarantee any results,” he declared openly, taking a good look at Wu Bai’s expression. Had he seen even the slightest hint of hesitation or uncertainty in Wu Bai’s eyes, he would have immediately changed his mind. However, there was no sign of them, not even the slightest hint.
    “Hmm… I only hope that this path won’t lead him to another disaster…” Wu Ai thought to himself, still uncertain whether giving Wu Bai “that thing” was a good idea. After all, it was almost certain that it would prove to be useless to him… despite that, though, he just couldn’t bring himself to deny Wu Bai this one slim glimmer of hope.
    Well aware that Wu Bai was using the last ounces of his strength to stay conscious, Wu Ai decided to explain very briefly. “After you are completely healed, you will start training your body under my directions. Perhaps, the ‘Immortal Slayer’ martial art will live up to its name…” Wu Ai said quietly, unable to prevent doubt from surfacing in his voice. There was a very good reason why he hadn’t suggested Wu Bai to train using this ridiculous ‘Immortal Slayer’ manual…
    The Immortal Slaying manual had been in the possession of the Crow Scout tribe since ancient times, dating all the way back to the era of the Crow Divinity Tribe. In reality, it was a relatively common manual in the region of Western Desert. However, it wasn’t famous or popular at all! Why? Because never, not even once, had it proved to be useful! Despite the countless number of Cultivators who had decided to give the Immortal Slaying manual a try over the millennia - mainly due to its impressively sounding name - not one person rose to prominence with its aid.
    Wu Ai himself had spent some time practicing the pompously named ‘Immortal Slaying’ arts in his youth, due to sheer curiosity. He had to admit that the pure, physical martial arts that were part of the Immortal Slaying manual were impressive, but nevertheless, they weren’t anything extraordinary. As for the three techniques described as the’ Immortal Slaying arts’? They were… worthless. Even when one managed to somehow execute them properly, the results would be weak beyond comparison. Inefficient, laughable; a complete and total waste of time and effort! In due time, the ‘Immortal slaying arts’ were publicly deemed as a bad joke of some bored Cultivator from the ancient times. Considering those facts, one might even want to ask the Heavens themselves why in the world so many copies of the Immortal Slaying manual had survived down to this time and age…
    Knowing all of this, he was essentially offering Wu Bai something that was basically a false hope. He felt bad about it, but after witnessing Wu Bai’s determination, he just couldn’t bring himself to tell the nine year old to abandon the pursuit of strength and move on with his life. As a Cultivator, Wu Ai understood all too well how that desire to become powerful could play such an important role in one’s life, especially considering he had been born as a descendant of a powerful bloodline… Had Wu Bai been born to a family of common mortals, it probably wouldn’t be hard for him to accept his lack of latent talent. However, being part of the greatest of the three great bloodlines of the Crow Scout Tribe… It was simply too humiliating to be weak, let alone ‘useless’…
    Sighing inwardly, Wu Ai couldn’t help but glance at his wife, seeking advice in her eyes. Seeing Wu An smile at him and nod gently, he felt some of the weight being lifted from his heart. Knowing that his wife supported his choice, he didn’t feel as guilty.

    Wu Ai looked back at his nephew, who appeared to be about to fall asleep. “This smile of his… how good it would be if it could last forever…” Wu Ai thought silently. “Heavens, if you can hear me, please…! Give this boy a chance, grant him hope! Don’t forsake him!” he called out in his mind, wishing that this one time, the Heavens would respond to a man’s wish…
    “We should let Wu Bai rest peacefully,” Wu Ai stated with a sigh. He looked at his wife, who seemed to intend to stay at Wu Bai’s side. He nodded lightly and turned around, unable to keep himself from giving Wu Guan a scornful look.
    Wu Guan’s lips trembled as she tried to say something. “Wu Bai…” she began. However, when her son gave her an emotionless look and then closed his eyes, she was forced to swallow her words. Wu Guan pursed her lips into a thin line, her body stiffening painfully. However, the next moment, she sighed silently and relaxed. With stern expression, she walked out of the room without sparing so much as a look for her son.
    Wu Bai took a deep breath, then slowly released the air from his lungs. He smiled, feeling only a little bit of pain in his chest. He had managed to make a full recovery in seven short days, of course with considerable aid of many medicinal pills. Although they weren’t as effective when taken by him, a mortal, as they would for a Cultivator… they still helped his body to heal much faster.
    “Feels good to be breathing…” Wu Bai noted to himself and laughed a little. He never would have thought that he would be happy because of something as simple as ‘breathing.’ “I guess it’s true what people say,” the nine year old mused, playing with the thick book in his hand. “You start appreciating the small thing you have only when you lose them.” 
    After three days of lying down, he had asked uncle Wu Ai to bring him the Immortal Slaying manual, so he could start studying it as soon as possible. The three hundred page book he was holding in his hand was exactly that; the Immortal Slaying manual. Uncle Wu Ai repeatedly warned him to not raise his expectations too much, but Wu Bai couldn’t get rid of the strange hunch that he was destined to train in the art of slaying immortals. That was, however, only until the moment when he started reading the manual by himself…
    The most important and yet most vague part of the Immortal Slaying manual, were its three main techniques. Wu Bai smiled bitterly, recalling the awe-inspiring names.
    Sever the immortal!
    Confine the Immortal!
    Slay the Immortal!
    He repeated the names quietly. If the technique’s power were directly related to how good it sounded, then the three Immortal Slaying arts would be incredible beyond belief. Regrettably, there was ‘one’ major problem with the Immortal Slaying manual as a whole that anyone with half a head on his shoulders would notice at first glance.
    One would have thought that the three major techniques would be described in a manner allowing one to easily learn them… However, that wasn’t the case with the Immortal Slaying manual. Instead of explaining how to perform its major techniques, the manual only described their effects in but a few short sentences… Why had the author of the Immortal Slaying manual decided to do something so strange, Wu Bai failed to understand.
    “What’s even more strange is…” Wu Bai murmured to himself, skimming through the pages of the thick book for the nth time.
    In reality, the whole Immortal Slaying manual was one huge piece of poetry. Its actual content with regard to learning the so called ‘martial arts,’ all in all amounted to no more than twenty pages. Considering that the whole manual numbered over three hundred pages… One could only imagine how much pointless rambling it contained.
    “I hoped it would start making some sense if I tried reading it all a few times…” Wu Bai shook his head helplessly. “But there’s not even a point in all the rambling of whoever wrote this. Talking about what is good to eat, then describing a beautiful day he saw, musing about the meaning of life… and also…” Wu Bai coughed, then blushed a little, recalling all the perverted implications in the Immortal Slaying manual. Honestly, what was it, a martial tome, or a perverted novel of a bored old man?
    Now that Wu Bai thought about it, that might have been why these Immortal Slaying manuals were so widespread despite being pretty much useless to normal Cultivators… It was an amusing thought, but one that certainly wasn’t making him feel better about learning the ‘Immortal Slaying’ arts.
    “Anyway, uncle said that he and some other people managed to employ something similar to the three techniques from this Immortal Slaying manual, so I guess it’s still possible to learn them… I wonder if they will work if one doesn’t any spiritual energy, though?” Wu Bai sighed, throwing the Immortal Slaying manual back onto the table. He laid down on his bed and started daydreaming, staring blankly at the ceiling of his room.
    “At best, even if I master these three strange abilities, according to uncle, I will be as strong as a first, maybe second level Qi Condensation Cultivator,” he recalled, sighing a little. “Still, it’s better than nothing. Who knows, maybe a miracle will happen and I will become even more powerful?” he hoped, but even he himself didn’t quite believe that such a miracle would happen.
    A few days later, Wu Bai was in the middle of a long process of honing his body. According to uncle Wu Ai, before he started learning martial arts, he needed to become much stronger physically… and since he couldn’t very well do it as easily as Cultivators, who would become stronger with each breakthrough, he needed to resort to good old physical exercises.
    As time passed, Wu Bai was beginning to doze off, mechanically repeating the simple training schedule, but unexpectedly, somebody entered his private training hall.

    Wu Chen’s simple greeting caused Wu Bai to give a little start.

    “Um, hey. What is it?” he replied awkwardly, pausing in his training for a moment.
    “Uhh… You know…” Wu Chen scratched his head, unable to look Wu Bai in the eye. “I’m sorry. Really,” he said in a low voice.
    Wu Bai stared, confused. He wiped the sweat from his forehead and asked. “What do you mean? Why are you apologizing?”
    Wu Chen groaned quietly. He swallowed, fighting the unpleasant, heavy feeling in his throat and stomach. “Are you okay now?” he ended up asking, straying a bit from the topic he intended to talk about.
    “Yeah. I’m completely healed,” Wu Bai said and smiled at his cousin. He didn’t concern himself with unimportant things, happy as he was to once again chat with his cousin. Wu Chen, however, shook his head and adopted a serious expression.
    “I’m an idiot,” Wu Chen declared out of the blue. Seeming almost nervous, he gushed: “I knew you were being bullied, but instead of helping you, I was more concerned with appearances and I started avoiding you… For that, I’m sorry!” he said loudly and bowed his head.
    For a moment, Wu Bai just stood there, thrown off and at a loss for words. However, soon enough, a wide smile appeared on his face. Seeing how nervous Wu Chen was about the whole thing, he casually said, “Stuuupid.” Then he chuckled and slapped Wu Chen’s shoulder with his hand. 
    “There’s nothing to be sorry about. If I wanted your help, I would have asked,” Wu Bai stated truthfully, shrugging his shoulders.
    “Although I was a bit sad that we stopped playing together as much as we used to…” He originally intended to keep this thought to himself, but unintentionally said it out loud. When he realized he was mumbling aloud, it was too late to recall the words.
    Embarrassed to have said the words aloud, Wu Bai hesitatingly raised his gaze and looked at Wu Chen. The two of them felt pretty awkward, yet for some reason they suddenly started laughing, as if they were amused by both the situation and each other’s expressions. The serious mood was now lightened.
    “Want me to help you train?” Wu Chen asked with a smile, trying to reconcile for good.
    “Won’t that be a waste of time for you? Or do you mean you want to train in martial arts with me?” Wu Bai tilted his head, frowning a bit. “Although, I’m not really spending much time learning the actual martial arts yet…” he murmured to himself, this time more or less aware that Wu Chan can hear him saying that.
    “I mean both.” Wu Chen explained quickly. “It’s boring to train alone, right? It will be more fun if we do it together,” he insisted, having already made his decision. He didn’t care if physical training would be borderline ineffective for him, he just wanted to play with Wu Bai, just like in the past. He didn’t want to lose his best friend.
    “Well… If you really want to…” Wu Bai said quietly, looking off to the side. He was really happy that Wu Chen would be training with him, but it still was a pretty strange feeling to be chatting with him so casually after such a long time.
    “Bravo! Bravo!” 

    Wu Bai started, while Wu Chen jumped up in surprise, having heard Wu Ling’s merry voice appear out of nowhere. The fifteen year old girl entered the training room, smiling at the two youths with an amused look on her face.
    “Big sis! What are you doing here?” Wu Chen cried out, embarrassed to death to have had his sister overhear his talk with Wu Bai.
    “Nothing much, mom told me to make sure everything is going to be fine between the two of you,” Wu Ling explained vaguely, flicking her long, silky hair. She chuckled quietly, noticing how Wu Bai blushed a little and quickly averted his gaze when their eyes met.
    “Mom told you to spy on us…?!” Wu Chen inquired, not really having much faith in his big sister’s words.
    “No, but that was the fastest and easiest way to do it, don’t you think?” Wu Ling giggled a little, finding the resigned expression on her little brother’s face to be quite funny.
    “I was ready to smash your head if you screwed it up, but it looks like it won’t be necessary,” Wu Ling commented lightheartedly and gave Wu Chen a meaningful look, which for some reason, made him worry about what she was about to say next.
    “It looks like it wasn’t a waste of time after all that you went to mom and asked her how to make up with Wu Bai,” she said teasingly and laughed, wondering how her little brother’s cute reaction was going to look; and as expected…
    “Big sis! Why did you tell him?!” Wu Chen shouted, his face burning red from shame. He definitely didn’t want Wu Bai to learn of something so embarrassing! It was even worse than having Wu Ling listen in to their private conversation!
    “Oh, I just felt like it,” Wu Ling said merrily, then leaned forward a bit and gave the two boys a quick look. “Be sure to get along with each other, okay?” she said lightheartedly and without further ado, turned around and left the training room.
    “Back to training, back to training…” she mused aloud as she was walking away, appearing to be in an excellent mood.
    Wu Chen, his face still feeling quite hot, peeked at Wu Bai. Seeing that he didn’t intend to make fun of him, he breathed with relief. “Ai, she really needed to tell you, huh…?” Wu Chen smiled helplessly, grateful that Wu Bai didn’t start teasing him about this little fact.
    Wu Bai shrugged his shoulders a little with a very happy smile on his face. “I’ll have to thank aunty later,” he promised himself quietly, letting Wu Chen off, at least for now. He would surely use this little fact to tease him some in the future, though.
    “Well, I need to get back to training. You’re tagging along, right?” Wu Bai asked straightforwardly, his voice sounding very cheerful.
    “Yup.” Wu Chen nodded, feeling much more at ease. He looked at Wu Bai, thinking that he surely would have regretted it for the rest of his life had he not decided to try and make up with him. Luckily, he did just that and managed to regain his best friend.
  • Soon Chinese people will start translating Chinese novels from English to Chinese. Keep up with good work, really interesting and intriguing how this is going to join with whole story.
  • sakusaro said:
    Soon Chinese people will start translating Chinese novels from English to Chinese. Keep up with good work, really interesting and intriguing how this is going to join with whole story.
    Haha, that would be interesting. Glad you're enjoying the story!
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    Chapter 5: Must Bear Up!
    “Wu Bai…” Wu Ai sighed a little. He looked at the thirteen-year-old boy standing in front of him and couldn’t help but feel some pain in his heart. It was rare to see anyone with so much willpower, who would stubbornly pursue strength despite incredible limitations, but… One also needed to know how to properly balance all the aspects of his life; as far as Wu Bai went, if left alone, he would do nothing but train without ever taking a break.
    “Yes, uncle?” Wu Bai asked sourly. He had the feeling that another one of these serious and annoying lectures of Wu Ai’s was coming.
    “You’ve barely been doing anything else but training for the last four years… don’t you think there are other pleasant things to do in your life, too?” Wu Ai tried to suggest gently, already seeing from Wu Bai’s expression what his answer would be.
    “I’m fine as it is,” Wu Bai said bluntly, shrugging his shoulders. He really was fine with his life as it was currently. Maybe once he became strong, he would consider doing other things… but for now, he had no interest in anything else apart from training.
    “Ai, you only chat with Wu Chen, and sometimes Wu Ling, and that’s only when they come to see you… You can’t be wasting your life this.” Wu Ai was more just speaking to himself than trying to convince Wu Bai to listen to his arguments.
    “I’m not wasting it,” the thirteen year old grumbled, as stubbornly as ever.
    “I admit, you are getting stronger… but even the current you would have trouble defeating a Cultivator at the first level of Qi Condensation. From now on, your progress will be only continue to grow slower… There are limits to a mortal body, after all. Just listen to me for once, I’m not telling you to stop training completely, but how about looking for some additional goals in your life?” Slowly beginning to feel that arguing with Wu Bai is pointless, Wu Ai resorted to some gentler persuasion.
    “For example?” Wu asked, not paying too much attention to his uncle’s words.
    “Well…” Wu Ai mused, actually unsure what was he supposed to propose to Wu Bai at this moment either. “For example… you could start a family and pass on our bloodline,” he ended up saying half-seriously half-jokingly.
    “Wha…” Wu Bai choked a bit, stupefied by his uncle’s suggestion. Flabbergasted and a bit embarrassed, he could only stare at Wu Ai with a stupid expression on his face.
    “It was only a suggestion,” Wu Ai explained quickly, aware of his nephew’s temper. For now, he was surprised, but if he took it too far, the youth would get angry and start sulking. “Never mind that, why don’t you go shopping? I heard that we acquired some fine magical items just recently. I will pay for anything you want.” he proposed openly with the goal of making Wu Bai leave the mansion and go outside, even if only for a few hours.
    “Fine,” Wu Bai answered after giving the matter a quick thought. Since magical items were directly related to his strength, he was unable to resist their temptation and hurriedly left to the village and even thanked his uncle for telling him about the new products.
    “That boy… he truly is a handful,” Wu Ai murmured, uncertain whether the way he was dealing with Wu Bai was truly the correct one.
    “Hey, look! The ‘Immortal Slayer.’” The comment greeted Wu Bai the moment he entered the village, causing his eye to twitch a little.
    “The nephew of Greatfather Wu Ai?” asked somebody who was seeing him for the first time, their voice filled with curiosity.
    “I can’t believe this guy so shameless that he dares to show his face in our Tribe. If I were him, I would have killed myself long ago,” a random teenage Cultivator said disdainfully, purposely speaking loud enough for Wu Bai to hear.
    “Yeah, a piece of trash who can’t even practice cultivation… He thinks h’s going to become an ‘Immortal Slayer,’ haha! What a joke,” yet another youth declared loudly, his words followed up by disdainful laughs and chuckles of the other young Cultivators.
    Some of the relatively older youths ridiculed Wu Bai openly, smirking and laughing among each other.

    “Hey, how are you doing, ‘Immortal Slayer?’”

    “Slay any Immortals lately? Ha ha!”
    Wu Bai was doing his best to ignore them, but he couldn’t help but get angry. “It must have been somebody from the three families who told people that I’m practicing based on the ‘Immortal Slaying manual…’” Wu Bai thought bitterly, not too surprised by the fact that the information had finally leaked out. It wasn’t much of a secret to being with, but he would have rather not been ridiculed as ‘Immortal Slayer’ every time he stepped outside the mansion.
    “That’s why I don’t like going to the village… If not for the magical items, I would have never left the house,” he thought with a frown.
    “Is it really my fault that I want to become strong no matter what?” Wu Bai asked himself angrily. He wasn’t a dull-witted person; he knew how unlikely it was for him to ever reach any considerable level of strength. However, he refused to live a pointless life. He couldn’t accept that after his death, everyone would forget that a person called ‘Wu Bai’ ever existed. He refused to accept such a fate! Realizing that he was getting too agitated, he slowly breathed in, then breathed out, trying to calm himself down.
    “Hmph. At least no one dares to attack me like Wu Ali did four years ago… Uncle must have made a big affair out of the whole thing, but since no one talked about it, that means he probably went to all the Elders in private.” Wu Bai tried to occupy his mind with these thoughts, but couldn’t not hear the words ‘Immortal Slayer’ being mentioned every few seconds. Honestly, he wasn’t even angry about the nickname… instead, he felt incredibly frustrated every time he heard it. After all, he was aware that objectively speaking, all those people were right. He wasn’t an Immortal Slayer; his existence was much closer one big joke, at least in his silent opinion.
    “Heavens, not him again… What is he doing here?” 

    Wu Bai groaned quietly, noticing a seventeen year old youth that had hoped to never see again in his life.
    “Now, now. Look who’s here! The infamous ‘Immortal Slayer,’ the great master of martial arts, Wu Bai!” the seventeen year old called out sarcastically the moment he saw him. Unlike other people, he approached Wu Bai directly and blocked his way.
    “Sheng Ren, don’t you have somewhere else to be?” Wu Bai barked, still holding a grudge over what happened year ago between the two of them.
    “Yeah, thanks to you being such a sissy and crying to your uncle, I was confined to secluded training for two years. But as you can see, I got out early for good behavior,” Sheng Ren said with a dangerous smile. For some incomprehensible reason, he still held a grudge against Wu Bai and thought of himself as the victim.
    “Good for you,” Wu Bai said bleakly. He then turned the other way and started walking. There was simply no way that he would just stand there like an idiot and listen to Sheng Ren’s babbling. He knew that no good would come from dealing with somebody like him.
    “Huhhhh? Leaving so quickly? Gonna run to your mommy?” Sheng Ren called out after him, but Wu Bai ignored his infantile provocation. Undismayed, Tong Ren shouted one more time: “Oh, right. Sorry, you’re not. She threw you away because you’re a piece of useless trash. Don’t you agree, ‘Immortal Slayer?’” he asked, bursting out with loud laughter. Even many of the the random onlookers felt that he was going too far.
    This one sentence actually caused Wu Bai to stop and tremble in rage. He clenched his fists, barely able to keep himself from attacking Sheng Ren.
    “Again the same thing from year ago… How does this bastard even know what happened?” Wu Bai cursed in a low voice, but in truth, he knew the answer to the question very well. As far as he was concerned, there were only two possibilities. Either his mother talked about the matter with somebody… or someone of the three great bloodlines spread the information about him.
    If he could choose which was the true and which was false, he really would have want the latter possibility to be true… He had more or less gotten over his mother treating him coldly and barely ever interacting with him, but he didn’t want to believe that she had come to hate him.
    In the end, Wu Bai calmed down, overwhelmed with sad thoughts about his mother. “Ignore him, ignore him…” he told himself and left the place.
    “Hmph, what a spineless coward. No wonder somebody like him can’t become a Cultivator,” Sheng Ren said loudly, making sure that everyone around could hear his opinion. “Somebody really needs to teach him a good lesson,” he murmured, unsatisfied with the peaceful outcome of the encounter.
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    Chapter 6: The Brush of a Shoulder
    “Finally some peace and quiet.” Wu Bai breathed with relief as he entered the large shop that sold various magical weapons. “Now, let’s see if they’ve really got something good like uncle was saying. He probably already knows that I’ve been looking for a pair of short twin swords for some time now. I wonder if he told me because he knows they have them?” Wu Bai thought silently and smiled to himself. He began to wander unhurriedly about the weapon shop, checking out anything that caught his eye.
    “Nothing…?” he wondered, frowning a little. He searched through all the displays, but found nothing worth looking at. True, there were some twin swords available for purchase, but all of them were magical items that required Spiritual Energy to activate their special properties. To him, weapons of that kind were useless. What he needed were really sharp, sturdy and innately powerful blades! Ones that would be capable of cutting through the muscles and bones of a powerful Cultivator!
    “Strange. Uncle wouldn’t have sent me here for no reason.” Wu Bai couldn’t help but wonder if Wu Ai had lied to him just to make him leave the mansion. Had it been the case… perhaps he wouldn’t be angry with his uncle, who was always doing so much for him, but he wouldn’t be too pleased about it either.
    “Oh.” The surprised voice of a girl made Wu Bai look over his shoulder, towards the entrance of the weapon shop. Seeing the familiar face of the fourteen year old girl who worked as an assistant in the shop, Wu Bai smiled just a little.
    “Wu Bai, you came again? Are you looking still looking for those twin swords?” Liang Nuan asked, speaking as merrily as always.
    “Yeah. Uncle Wu Ai told me that some new items were delivered and said I should come check them out,” Wu Bai replied without getting into the details.
    “And?” Liang Nuan followed up. She was used to pulling Wu Bai around by his tongue.
    “Nothing,” he said resignedly, feeling strangely suspicious about this wry smile on Liang Nuan’s face.
    “Of course there’s nothing out here,” the fourteen year old girl said with a laugh. “Come with me.” She smiled mysteriously, gesturing for Wu Bai to follow her into the storage room.

    He gaped momentarily, but then followed her.
    “I knew you would be interested in twin swords, so I picked three of the best sets and kept them back here for you.” She pointed at the three pairs of swords. “How do they look?” she inquired expectantly the moment Wu Bai laid his eyes on the three sets of magical items.
    “They’re all great!” Wu Bai declared with disbelief. He wasn’t an expert with regards to swords, but he could still see just how physically powerful they all were. With weapons like that, even if he lacked strength, he would be able to cut down any careless Cultivators who allowed him to approach too close!
    “Thanks! Really, thank you!” he blurted excitedly, too focused on the swords to notice the sweet smile on Liang Nuan’s face. “Give me a while to decide, okay?” he added without taking his eyes of the three pairs of twin swords.
    “Sure. Personally, I’d recommend these ones with the brown hilts. They’re better in quality than the other two, but…” Liang Nuan explained, approaching the metal shelve. “They contain a powerful ability which makes them cost a small fortune.” As she finished speaking, she happened to position herself right next to Wu Bai. Her shoulder brushed gently against his as she reached out to pick up the twin swords. The movement was obviously intentional.
    She handed the swords over to him for him to examine. They were sheathed in worked leather scabbards that depicted auspicious beasts and Celestial creatures, and were attached to a matching belt.

    “Ha! No need to worry about the price,” Wu Bai declared happily, remaining totally oblivious to Liang Nuan’s advances. He unsheathed one of the swords briefly to examine the blade. “Uncle Wu Ai said he’d pay for anything I buy today, so put it on his tab,” he said with a wide smile and, after resheathing the sword, buckled the belt around his waist.
    “When he sees the bill, he’s going to start pulling the hair out of his head,” Liang Nuan commented merrily, unfazed by Wu Bai’s cluelessness.
    “I bet so,” Wu Bai laughed, his bad mood from before thoroughly gone.
    “So, you’re taking them?” Liang Nuan asked just to make sure. 

    “Yeah.” Wu Bai nodded, confident about his purchase.
    “Then, hmmm…” Liang Nuan licked her lips, blushing a little. “Why don’t we go somewhere? I mean, together, you and me.” This suggestion came completely out of the blue, taking Wu Bai totally off-guard. His tongue felt like it was stuck at the bottom of his mouth, and his mind went completely blank for a moment. Unintentionally, he recalled uncle Wu Ai’s words from a few hours ago about passing on the bloodline. He swallowed, his ears burning red as he suddenly became conscious that Liang Nuan was a girl.
    What made matters worse was that, now that he thought about it, Liang Nuan was exactly the kind of girl he liked. During the few times he had spoken with her, he actually enjoyed himself… he honestly considered her character to be very likeable…
    The next moment, he even caught himself thinking that he wouldn’t mind having Liang Nuan as a wife. He shook his head strongly and looked off to the side, trying to hide the reddness of his face.
    “What is it?” Liang Nuan asked curiously, watching Wu Bai’s reaction and smiling in a very meaningful way.
    “Uh, nothing. It’s nothing,” Wu Bai replied, failing to conceal the nervousness in his voice.
    Liang Nuan chuckled, then asked with a smile, “So, are you going with me or not? Decide quickly, or I might change my mind,” she teased, incredibly satisfied to have finally gotten some reaction out of Wu Bai.
    “I’ll go,” Wu Bai blurted out, so stressed that he could scarcely think straight.
    “Good! Then come, I’ll show you something nice,” Liang Nuan said charmingly. She hesitated for a split second, then grabbed Wu Bai by hand and pulled him along.
    “Don’t forget to bring the money back with you…” the shopkeeper called out lazily after the two of them. “Ah, youth,” he mused, recalling his own past shenanigans.
    “Uh, where are we going?” Wu Bai asked awkwardly, a bit too conscious that his hand was clasped in Liang Nuan’s.
    “You’ll see,” Liang Nuan said happily, not intending to reveal anything too soon. She peeked at Wu Bai’s face, enjoying his embarrassed look quite a bit. “Took you long enough, you doofus,” she mused, looking forward to the rest of this day.
    “Well, we met again!” The two were forced to stop as a seventeen year old youth blocked their way. At the sight of Sheng Ren, Wu Bai’s face sank. Why did he have to pick this moment to bully him!
    “You’ve got nothing better to do than to follow me?” Wu Bai growled, his hand unconsciously tightening around Liang Nuan’s.
    “Ai, come on, don’t be like that. If I don’t pay attention to you, who will?” Sheng Ren raised his hands helplessly, his attitude brimming with ill intentions. “Or maybe you’re already satisfied with that girl? Tell your big bro, how much did you pay this little whore to keep you company, huh?”
    Hearing Sheng Ren’s words, Wu Bai trembled from anger and reached down to one of the twin sword with his free hand. He was about to lose control and attack Sheng Rong, but Liang Nuan pulled him back, refusing to let go of his hand.
    “Wu Bai, just drop it!” she urged in a low voice. She knew that Sheng Ren had beaten up Wu Bai in the past and that time had already reached the fourth level of Qi Condensation. After a year? He very likely made at least one breakthrough and reached the fifth level. Against someone like that… Wu Bai stood no chance!
    “That’s right, Wu Bai. Drop it. For someone like you, even a little slut like her is too good,” Sheng Ren declared arrogantly, getting excited due how huge of a scene their argument was causing. Today, he would finally be able to humiliate Wu Bai in front of a crowd, and this time, no one would stop him before was satisfied!
    “You know, I might even consider forgiving you. Why don’t you give her to me?” By this point, Sheng Ren was starting to get ahead of himself. He was paying little attention to Wu Bai, who he saw as no threat at all. “I’ll make sure to take good care of her…” he murmured, reaching his hand out to grab Liang Nuan…
    It was at this moment that Wu Bai finally snapped. He pulled Liang Nuan away with his right hand and at the same time, drew the sword with the other. For some reason, a picture from the Immortal Slaying manual suddenly appeared clearly in his mind. Without thinking about the consequences, he slashed at Sheng Ren’s forearm. The sharp blade sank into the flesh of the unwary seventeen year old, easily cutting the bone and cleanly slicing his hand off…

  • This is wrong.... this is immoral! The cliffhanger.... it's just way too immoral.
  • Yooooo, I'm really digging this story so far! Pacing is fantastic and the characters are very well written and believable. I hope this continues for quite some time! Just goes to show how much reading a lot does to your writing skills :)

  • Hey i know we are basing this off issth but adapting Er Gen's killer cliff techniques are too immoral xD
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