Meng Hao And The Blood Mastiff

edited March 2016 in Original Creations
M submission:
This is a scene of Meng Hao and the mastiff enters the Fifth Matrix.
The mastiff should be now about three meters, so only the head's fit in this one.
I hope to show the ferociousness of mastiff in this one.

"What they saw was the Mastiff’s Qi growing more and more powerful. Its body suddenly grew another three meters longer. Its appearance was now thoroughly frightening. Such growth would be astonishing enough, but there was more. Multiple blood-red bone spurs suddenly grew out of its legs, and its teeth grew so long that it didn’t even have to open its mouth for them to be seen. One look would cause anyone’s heart to thump."

Hope i managed to brig out that feeling. :smile: 


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