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  • Book 2. The outside world.

    Chapter 31. On their way to Eulean Union.

    “So, how does it feel?” Laien walked up and asked the moment Yin opened his eyes and the blue-haired youth relaxed and stopped emanating energy. Laien startled a little bit when he saw the scroll in the blue-haired youth’s hand disintegrate into dust, but since neither of the two siblings were surprised by that, he didn’t worry about it too much.


     “Pretty strange?” Yin replied uncertainly, transforming back into his human form.


    “Of course you will be feeling strange. It will take time for you to get accustomed to using a martial realm instead of a martial art. I’d advise you not to try and use any significant amount of Qi until your body gets used to its new power. It’d also be good if you held yourself back from using your strongest green lightning and stuck to the normal one for the time being.” The blue-haired youth explained. He stood up, but staggered and nearly fell. Despite that, he smirked and gave Laien an amused look.


    “Be grateful, damn scoundrel. Just as you wanted, I created a martial realm for your friend using all of my ability. Even without the heavenly emerald lightning, it’s as strong as an ordinary ‘Absolute Lightning Realm’. With the addition of it? It surely tops the ‘Absolute Water Realm’ you are capable of using.” Listening to the bragging blue-haired youth, Laien smiled and asked with a laugh. “Weren’t you supposed to not tell us anything else? What’s up with this ‘heavenly emerald lightning’?”


    The blue-haired youth shrugged his shoulders and replied resignedly. “It’d pain me if you were to call my creation by some stupid name, so I just lent you a hand. Listen well, the martial realm I imprinted upon your friend should be called ‘Heavenly Lightning Realm’! It’s definitely of the highest quality and stands above even the likes of ‘Absolute Realms’, while the normal martial realms aren’t even worth mentioning in the same breath.” The youth smirked again, proud of his creation.


    In his heart, the blue-haired youth went as far as suspecting that even if Yin belonged to ‘that’ clan, the heavenly lightning realm he created for him would topple ‘that’ clan’s ancient manuals. After all, the realm had been perfectly adjusted for a specific person’s use! In result, it would be extremely compatible and would allow for a whole new level of strength to be called forth.


    “Absolute lightning realm… Heavenly lightning realm…” Yin repeated quietly, a chill of excitement going down his spine. He couldn’t stop himself from pulling a bit of his Qi and transforming it into lightning, covering his hand with it. The sparks danced happily, threatening to kill anyone below the realm of heroes upon mere contact with his body.


    “So powerful…” Yin exclaimed, feeling the qualitative change in his Qi. The difference between the top-level martial art he had been using and the martial realm gifted to him by the blue-haired youth was like the distance between heaven and earth. The two were absolutely incomparable.


    Laien and Yin glanced at each other, both of them smiling happily. Compared to three days ago, they became significantly stronger. They were very satisfied with the things they obtained and to top it off, they were taught a little about the elements and the ‘profound mysteries’ connected to them.


    “Big sis, it should be enough, right? Let’s get going.” The blue-haired youth urged, walking up to his big sister. “Mm, you are right. We did everything we needed to.” The red-haired woman agreed, then stepped forward and crouched in front of Laien and Yin.


    “Be sure to survive and come meet us in the higher realms someday. Big sis will be waiting for you.” The red-haired woman said and hugged the two youths at once. After holding them for a while and causing the two to grow more than a bit embarrassed, she stood up and gave her little brother a meaningful look.


    The blue-haired youth sighed, scratching his head. He approached Laien and looked him in the eye, then extended a hand to him.


    Laien held back from appearing too surprised and shook hands with the blue-haired youth. Yin did the same afterwards.


    “Say, before you leave… What are your names?” Laien inquired, having been curious about it since the beginning. Normally, he would have asked the question long ago, but when talking with these two, he felt subconsciously pressured. The siblings were just too strong, well beyond all imagination.


    The red-haired woman and the blue-haired youth exchanged a glance, then with but a smile, joined hands and disappeared in a conflagration of fire and water.


    Suddenly, as the siblings vanished, Laien and Yin fell into the water. The two of them quickly surfaced and exchanged a look. They really managed to forget they’ve been standing and sitting on top of the lake this whole time? The two of them chortled, then began laughing. They might have not learned the names of those two siblings, but they would surely not forget about them anytime soon.


    They swam to the shore, then got out of the lake. Laien concentrated and carefully removed water from his clothes, making them dry in an instant. After he repeated the process on Yin’s clothes, the two of them headed out of the temple.




    “Huuh, everything but one path is covered in a gray mist. What do we do Yin, wait here for a bit until they come to speak with us?” Laien asked in a relaxed tone, looking around while holding his hands crossed behind his head. “Yeah.” Yin replied, looking at the destroyed portion of the village. “This protective formation of theirs was partially broken, huh?” Yin mused, then chuckled seeing that Laien took out a piece of fur and laid down somewhere on the grassy side of the street. That unconcerned behavior really was just like him.


    “What are you two doing here?” A man carrying a black staff in his hand asked, appeared from within the gray fog.


    Laien wanted to throw some sarcastic comment, not too fond of this village’s people, but honestly couldn’t be bothered. He didn’t feel like getting involved in this talk.


    Yin scratched his head, not feeling like telling the whole story either… but as far as short, somewhat rude remarks went, Laien was much better at throwing them around.


    In the end, sensing how troubled Yin was over this stupid matter, Laien sighed and commented straightforwardly. “The Divine Seal is broken, the demons are gone. Your High Priest and the bunch that came with him are all dead. Before we leave, we’d like to have our horses back and Yin wants to speak with that kid, the Holy Priest.” Laien exclaimed in one breath without rising from the ground or looking at the man he was speaking to.


    In turn, the staff-wielding man stared at Laien with wide eyes, unable to comprehend what he was just told. As for Yin, he suppressed a sigh and smiled helplessly. It would have helped if Laien was a little less blunt about the whole thing, but he was the one who asked Laien to speak in his stead so he couldn’t really complain.


    “If you want to confirm what Laien said, send somebody down. It’s safe there. But could you first get us our horses and bring the ‘Holy Priest’ here? I’d like to talk with him.” Although Yin spoke calmly, the man listening to him appeared to be startled by his words. “Y-yes, I will go inform the captain Vanlan and ask him about those two thing. I will b-be back soon.” The man stuttered a bit, for some reason shaken just by looking and speaking with Laien and Yin. He hurriedly retreated into the mist, nearly tripping on the straight road.


    “So now we wait. Think it will take him long?” Laien thought aloud, yawning a little. He only now found out that he was quite sleepy and could definitely use a good night of rest. “I hope not.” Yin said and sat down at Laien’s side, waiting patiently.


    As the minutes passed, Yin also started getting sleepy. Martial practitioners or not, he and Laien were still young and certainly needed to let their bodies rest and recover regularly. Thankfully, before the two of them fell asleep, the six year old arrived.


    “Big brother Yin? Ah, big brother Laien finished his training too! But why are you here?” The familiar childish voice rang out as the six year old ran up to Laien and Yin. The six year old crouched at Yin’s side and smiled, repeating the question with his gaze.


    “There is something we needed to tell you before we leave.” Yin began saying and quickly followed up with his statement. “The curse of your clan is gone. The seal and the demons are gone, too. There is no need for you to be sacrificing yourself for anyone’s sake.” Yin said, maybe a bit too straightforwardly, given that he was speaking with a child.


    The six-year old blinked a few times, looking as if he didn’t quite understand what Yin just told him. - What happened? The demons and the curse was gone? But when, how? -  He was thoroughly confused, but he didn’t think Yin was making anything up.


    “Oh, there are the horses.” Laien’s unconcerned statement threw the six year old off a bit.


    “Big brother Yin, you aren’t lying? What happened? How can it all be gone? Can I really do what I want now?” The six year old barraged Yin with questions, overwhelming him to some extent. Yin could only smile helplessly, seeing as Laien had no intention of helping him with the explanation. “Should I tell him the truth…?” Yin wondered quietly.


    After a few seconds of thinking, Yin decided that it would be for the best if he told the six-year old what really happened. Thus, he took two or three minutes to tell him the story.


    Yin expected that the listening in group of guards would be angered when he mentioned Laien breaking the seal and releasing the ‘demons’, or that they would express their disapprobation or even attack them when he mentioned the death the High Priest and the people who accompanied him, but surprisingly, they took it without making a fuss.


    True, these guards were saddened to lean of their fellow clansmen deaths. They were angry at the two outlander youths who caused their friends and family members to die. However, in their hearts, they were also overjoyed to have finally regained their freedom. To have learned that their children and all the future generation would be able to go into the world and live freely, instead of rotting away in this forsaken by the Heavens place.


    Attacking Laien and Yin to gain some ‘revenge’? Naturally, this thought occurred to them, but everyone pushed it away without hesitation. What they gained was too precious for them to bear a long-lasting grudge against Laien and Yin. They were all grateful to the point that one of them even spoke up, expressing these feelings.


    “Outlander… No, boy. If what you are saying is true, then no matter how it happened, our clan needs to offer the two of you its gratitude.” The man who appeared to be the temporary leader of the village spoke and bowed his head. “If you wait for the men who went to the temple to confirm your words, then our village shall offer you and your friend anything you may desire.” The man stated generously and bowed before Yin and Laien - who by the way was still laying down.


    Hearing the man’s proposition, Yin looked over his shoulder and exchanged a glance with Laien. Neither of them lacked wealth and they didn’t really need anything specific. At first, Laien was interested in the strange concealing technique the people of this village used to hide their strength, but by now, he came to understand that he can achieve the same by strictly controlling the energy in his body. All he needed to do was to concentrate and prevent it from leaking, while forming a protective ‘layer’ of his own aura around himself… Well, it wasn’t like he could actually do that just because he knew what to do, but at the very least, he understood the theory.


    “I don’t think we need anything. Thanks, but we will be going.” Yin answered with a smile, surprising all the guards. They found it hard to believe that there existed somebody who would decline an offer to be rewarded, but having heard the answer in person, they were forced to admit the fact.


    “Eeeh, you are going already?” The six-year old moaned. He really would have liked to spend more time with Yin and to chat some more with Laien.


    “If you want to, you can go with us to the borders of your village. Our escort should be waiting there, it’s been three days, after all.” After saying so, Yin suddenly began to worry whether the seven guards of theirs were fine. The place they were supposed to wait for them should be dangerously close to the path the bandits took to go in and then retreat…


    “They are okay, probably.” Laien said, baffling everyone but Yin as to what did he mean by that. “That masked man wouldn’t bother with them, not with how moody he is… Well, probably.” Laien laughed, making it seem as if he didn’t care. He looked away though, somewhat embarrassed to know that Yin can read his true feelings.


    Yin chuckled and chose to not tease Laien about this particular matter, at least not now. “Want to ride with me?” Yin asked the six year old, moving his gaze to the still unnamed horse of his. “Can I?” The six year old jumped up excitedly. He had never ridden a horse before and surely not one as big and impressive as this one!


    “So we are going?” Laien half-asked half-stated, standing up and collecting the fur into his interspatial ring. He quickly mounted his horse and trotted ahead, followed by Yin who rode out a few seconds later. The men watched the two departing youths, only after a while realizing that it would be a good idea to send somebody to take the Holy Priest back after he would separate from Laien and Yin.




    The road to the borders of the village passed in the blink of an eye. The six year old chatted with Yin, while sometimes exchanging some words with Laien, who in the end suppressed his sleepiness with the aid of Qi. It wasn’t the healthiest thing to do, but he wanted to chat with the six year old, instead of being half-asleep the whole time.


    After saying the last farewells, the six-year old reluctantly jumped down from Yin’s horse, not too happy about parting with his ‘big brothers’. He forced a smile to appear on his face, watching the two riding away.


    “Big brother Yin, brig brother Laien, thank you!” The six year old called out, tearing up a little, but not crying. “Let’s meet again!” He shouted, waving his hands. “Sure!” Yin yelled back, while Laien only looked back over his shoulder and smiled.


    When the two completely disappeared from his eyes, the six year old sat down on a nearby stone. He looked in the distance, a clear dream of adventuring the world forming in his mind. He clutched his little fists, deciding with a strong resolution to make the best use of the life that was gifted back to him.




    “I hope those two are fine…” Ruan said for the hundredth time, nervously fiddling the handle of the broadsword in his hand. It was well over the agreed time, not to mention the wave of bandits that appeared out of nowhere. The seven of them had no trouble fighting them off, but killing a few hundred of small fries certainly didn’t ease their worry about Laien and Yin.


    “They must be. They are monsters who are strong as you while at the age of twelve. Who could possibly harm them?” Liza snickered, checking out the interiors of the interspatial rings she had collected from the bandits’ corpses. “Tch, they are all so poor. Being a mercenary is much more profitable.” She pursed her lips, disappointed. “At least the rings themselves are worth some penny…” She added, smiling bitterly.


    Ruan shook his head and refrained from commenting. It nearly sounded that if being a bandit yielded bigger profits, Liza would have become one. “This woman, really…” Ruan sighed for probably the thousandth time in the last half of the day. If Laien and Yin weren’t fine, then not only would he feel extremely bad about letting them go to this hidden village, but his reputation would be tarnished… However, that wouldn’t be his biggest problem. Given how many influential and powerful figures were behind those two youths backs, he would be very lucky if he would still retain his life after such a major screw-up…


    “Ooooi, get moving!” Laien’s sudden shout startled everyone. “Are they any inns or normal villages nearby, Ruan? I would love to sleep in some inn…” Laien yelled again, shattering the heavy mood among the group of seven escorts in an instant.


    Ruan laughed quietly, shaking his head. Why did he even worry about these brats? They were fine after all… and Laien was still as blunt as ever.


    “There aren’t any villages I’d recommend in the Anarchic Lands, unless you want to be robbed and killed… But I know a good, safe place for a camp two hours of gallop away from here.” Ruan replied, aiding himself with Qi and making his voice louder. It was a more comfortable thing to do compared to shouting, at least in his opinion..


    “Great, then lead us there!” Laien yelled, urging them to get moving. With a few quiet complaints about Laien’s attitude, the seven set out, joining Laien and Yin. With Ruan leading the way, the nine of them rode to the west, getting ever closer to the southern kingdoms of Eulean Union.

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  • Book 2. The outside world.

    Chapter 32. Nightmares, again.


    He was looking, but he didn’t remember opening his eyes. “A dream.” Laien thought subconsciously, walking down the road he didn’t recognize. “Am I ‘him’ again? Is it ‘his’ memory?” Laien wondered, his thoughts wandering aimlessly. After a long while, or maybe just a moment, ‘he’ arrived at grassy plains and stopped briefly, gazing upon the scene which was unfolding before him.


    Despite it being only a dream, Laien could have sworn that he held his breath in amazement. Laien trembled the moment ‘he’ swept the ten thousand men with his aura. “Martial masters! Spiritual masters! All of them are at the realm of heroes!” Laien cried out in his mind.


    The weakest of these men had strength comparable to the early realm of heroes, around three hundred of them were stronger by yet one level, while ten or so were as strong as late-stage practitioners of the realm of heroes! Such an army of ten thousand soldiers was definitely impressive, but ‘he’ felt nothing but contempt and disdain while looking at them.


    The fact was pretty surprising for Laien, considering that ‘he’ didn’t seem to be as invincible yet. In truth, the feeling of ‘his’ cultivation base wasn’t that different from Laien’s own. “Does he intend to take on this ten thousand strong army of experts alone, at his current level?” Laien swallowed at the thought. If it was him, he definitely wouldn’t dare to try doing something bordering so close to impossibility. He had gotten quite a bit stronger recently, true, but against an army of martial masters and spiritual masters? He wouldn’t stand a chance.


    However, ‘he’ wasn’t worried about something like that. ‘He’ was feeling pretty confident and even a bit excited. ‘He’ swirled the glaive in ‘his’ hand and lowered his stance, then unhesitatingly charged at the ten thousand soldiers.


    When the gathered army noticed a person running towards them, they at first thought it might be some kind of a messenger. They never would have thought that a lone youth who appeared to be maybe sixteen year old would actually want to fight them. However, when the better informed officers saw how that youth looked, they instantly began rallying their men. ‘He’ was but one man, but they knew ‘he’ definitely wasn’t to be underestimated!  


    ‘His’ body suddenly flickered, closing in the remaining few hundred meters in the blink of an eye. The first ranks of the soldiers tried to face ‘him’, but proved to not be ‘his’ match at all! ‘He’ swept with his glaive, killing many men with each stroke of his weapon. He kept attacking relentlessly, the blade of his glaive slicing through the enemies’ weapons and armors with ease, taking their lives by the hundreds.


    ‘He’ moved constantly, without stopping for even a smallest amount of time. ‘His’ movements were like flowing water, or perhaps a beautiful dance. He never blocked the blows, somehow aware of everything happening around him. ‘He’ was dodging everything, moving out of the harm’s way, predicting the possible attacks and acting accordingly, making it difficult for anyone to find an opportunity to strike him.


    Most importantly, ‘he’ killed. ‘He’ kept killing and never would ‘he’ exchange blows with any man. When striking with his glaive, he would without doubt kill whoever he targeted. Despite using his energy sparsely, ‘he’ was stunningly effective, always adjusting the strength necessary to deal with the ones he attacked. Be it the early martial masters whom ‘he’ cut down like grass, the middle-level martial masters against whom ‘he’ would engulf his glaive in scorching flames, or the few powerful experts against whom he would instantly burst forth with all his power, he would always kill in one strike.


    The ten thousand strong army soon found out that it was unable to overwhelm the monstrosity that attacked them with numbers alone. In but a few minutes, they achieved nothing except losing two high-ranked officers and nearly thousand regular soldiers. The remaining commanders tried to employ tactics and attack the sole cultivator with arrows or kill him with magic, but they never found a right opportunity. The man would always be in the middle of their ranks, engaging in a slaughter.


    Being an entity far different from a professional army, these solders were incapable of making a quick and ruthless decisions of bearing with friendly fire and using large-scale magic to take their lone opponent down. When some people began bringing this idea up, terrified by the rate at which the young man was slaughtering them, it was already too late. Having lost over three thousand men and with their morale having hit the bottom, the soldiers became too powerless and disorganized to stop ‘him’ from targeting the groups of mages.


    Laien wasn’t thinking at all, instead absorbing the incredible experience. This dream was much clearer than the previous ones, to the point of making Laien feel as if it really was him who was doing the killing. By now, he had no delusions about being stronger than the current ‘him’. Even if their cultivations were comparable, ‘he’ was just too talented of a fighter. Honestly, it was scary how ridiculously suited for battle ‘he’ was. In a time as short as ten minutes, ‘he’ all alone scattered a ten thousand strong army, sending the two or three thousand  soldiers who escaped with their lives fleeing in every direction.


    ‘He’ smiled, hitting the ground with the shaft of his glaive. ‘He’ achieved the goal and now could take care of all other pressing matters…


    The scene suddenly blurred, making Laien think that the vision was about to end. Nothing more false; but the next moment, everything returned. The time itself froze for a few seconds, letting Laien recognize the situation. To his disbelief, Laien found out that he was standing amidst the ten thousand strong army, holding his own spear in his hand. “No… You must be kidding me…” He thought, but actually heard himself saying. He then tightened his grip on the spear, confirming for sure. “There’s feeling in my hands… I can feel everything as if it was real… Please, no…” Laien pleaded quietly, but to no avail.


    Time began flowing and Laien found himself fighting the ten thousand strong army. Of course, he failed miserably and died a painful death… Only to have the dream return to the starting point, forcing him to go through the same hopeless battle over and over again…




    “Laien…! Laien!” Laien gasped a mouthful of air, waking up to the sound of his name. Squinting his eyes to see better, he looked at Yin. He saw Yin’s worried expression and as he tried to sit down, felt his hand on his shoulder.


    The moment he moved, Laien realized that his whole body was covered in cold sweat and that he was trembling like a leaf. Recalling the endless cycle of battle and death from his dream… from his nightmare, made the blood drain from his face. Feeling nauseous, Laien covered his mouth with a hand, trying not to vomit.


    “You finally woke up… What happened, was it another vision of yours?” Yin asked, pouring Laien a cup of hot tea leftover from the dinner and handing it to him.


    Trying to calm his breathing, Laien took a sip of the tea. After a while of silence, he replied to Yin’s question. “A vision? It was a damned nightmare… How long was I… you know?” Laien asked in a roundabout way, looking around and seeing that everyone else in the camp was still sleeping.


    “Not too long… Less than ten minutes. I think I woke up right away when you started groaning and throwing about.” Yin replied quietly and smiled, watching how Laien uses water magic to refresh himself and clean his body in the span of a few seconds, then exchanges his set of clothes for a new one. If he could care for things like these, then he was probably alright. “He is much calmer now. Even though he was dreaming, it was scary to feel his emotions through our spiritual bond…” Yin thought quietly, happy to see that Laien recovered so fast.


    “Ten minutes, eh… How many times was it, a hundred?” Laien shook his head. Just recalling the terrible dream made a chill run down his back. “It was horrible… I was thrown into some ridiculous battle from ‘his’ life and made to fight it myself over and over again… It was way too realistic, all the way to making me feel pain when being cut... I lost count of how many times I was killed and brought back to fight again and again… Probably over a hundred…” Laien pursed his lips, about to throw up. He took a moment to get ahold of himself and added with a weak smile.


    “I tried everything I could to survive, but I couldn’t defeat those ten thousand men like ‘he’ did. At most, I managed to kill a few dozen before I was taken down.” Laien trembled, wondering if the same dream is going to return tomorrow when he goes to sleep. He hid his face in his hand and asked helplessly. “Ten thousand enemies, all with the strength of the realm of heroes, both martial masters and magi… How am I supposed to beat them?” Laien groaned helplessly. He was holding it in, but his emotions were on the verge of exploding. The experience of dying multiple times was too much for him, he really needed to put a lot of effort into not breaking down in tears.


    When he learned what Laien’s nightmare was about, Yin was thoroughly shocked. Battling ten thousand enemies? All of whom were at the realm of heroes? It was hard to imagine how strong one needed to be to actually pull it off and survive. Neither he nor Laien would be able to do that as they were now, but… There was one thing Yin suddenly thought about. “Have you awakened your battle sense yet?” He asked quickly, wondering if that changed or not after Laien’s recent breakthrough.


    Laien raised his head and looked at Yin. He was confused by the question, but quickly caught onto what Yin meant. “I didn’t… The last time I had a vision so strong, it wanted me to push through and comprehend the foundation of the Aspect of Tranquility… You think that this time, the goal isn’t to make me win versus this army, but to force me into awakening a battle sense?” Laien wondered aloud, forgetting about how nervous he had been a moment ago. If there indeed was a purpose in this madness, then he could somehow deal with it. At the very least, awakening his battle sense was a lot more realistic goal than getting strong enough to battle and win against ten thousand experts.


    “Yeah, it might be that. Your spiritual sense is potent and in one-on-one fights can rival battle sense, but in a huge melee? There is no way you can concentrate hard enough to sense all the minute details. Battle sense is more like an instinct, it doesn’t require thinking… You just ‘know’ what to do. The conditions might be a bit extreme, but there probably is no better method to forcefully make someone awaken battle sense than the one from your vision.” Yin commented bitterly, but didn’t mention the question that came to his mind.


    Laien sighed and said, guessing what Yin was thinking about. “I pretty much panicked the whole time… I didn’t do well. I hope that’s why I failed to rouse my battle sense, not because I am incapable of awakening it…” He finished with a nervous chuckle. It really would be horrible if was like that, he would very likely go crazy if he were to experience this nightmare thousands times over without being able to break free from it…


     “You know any other good way of awakening battle sense?” Laien asked, worried about keeping his sanity. He sighed, knowing that he would find it hard to fall asleep the next night. The prospect of this dream repeating itself whether he wanted it or not really was a very scary one.


    After thinking for a good while, Yin shook his head and said. “I don’t know about anything you haven’t tried before. I am not used to my martial realm yet, either, so I can’t go all out when sparring with you to help either… Sorry…” Yin groaned very quietly. He began considering going against what his body was telling him just to help Laien train, but these thoughts were quickly cut off by Laien.


    “Don’t even think about overexerting yourself to spar with me. I don’t want you to damage your cultivation base. I will manage, somehow.” Laien said with a light smile. He was grateful for the feelings, but couldn’t allow Yin to harm himself only to spar with him. After a second or two, Yin nodded, not saying anything else. The two of them could understand each other well enough through their spiritual bond, especially in the situations like these.


    “There’s still some time till down. Want to lay down until then?” Laien suggested, laying back down and stretching himself. “Sure.” Yin replied shortly and rested on the furs. The two of them simply rested liked that for half an hour, relaxing and enjoying the moment of peace.




    “Five days and nothing. Maybe it won’t be coming back anytime soon?” Laien hoped silently, thinking back to his nightmare. He shook his head, reminding himself that there is no point in worrying about something he has no control over. He pulled Bellicose to the right and slowed down a bit, lining up with Ruan and asking.


    “We are close to Eulean Union, right? What kind of place is it? You know, apart from the fanatics General Agnes mentioned.” Laien asked loudly, speaking over the sound of whistling wind. He raised his eyebrows and laughed a little, seeing that Liza led her horse more to the left, making place for Yin to join on Ruan’s left. Recently, his bad impression of this woman began changing for better. He very much appreciated the small things like this one, so naturally, he warmed up to her.


    “Haha, I thought you’ve had enough of my lectures?” Ruan asked with a laugh, aware of his own tendencies to speak in too much detail. Seeing that Laien rolled his eyes and gave him an urging look, he laughed again and started speaking. “The southernmost country of Eulean Union is Faren Republic. Its territory is more or less comparable to that of Sarkcente Kingdom, while its population numbers five times as much. In other words, Faren Republic has three hundred million citizens. It’s capital city is called ‘Palee’ and that’s where we are currently heading to. It’s a huge city with over ten million inhabitants. If you exclude the religious and ethnical problems it has, Palee City is a great place to stay in.” Ruan bit his tongue, holding back the endless current of words escaping his mouth. He looked at Laien, trying to sense whether he should stop here, or if he can continue feeing him information.


    “Don’t worry about me. If I get bored, I will pretend to be listening. Keep going, keep going. Since we will be passing by so many places, it would be a pity if I didn’t learn anything about them.” Laien commented, actually flabbergasting Ruan for a good while. “What’s up with this change of heart?” Ruan couldn’t help but ask. For Yin to be listening to him was one thing, but for Laien to be actively asking for a lecture? Strange, it was definitely strange!


    “Aah, stop nagging me! I just thought it would be good if I learned a bit, okay? You don’t need to be telling me anything if you don’t want to.” Laien replied angrily, annoyed by Ruan’s questions. He frowned, hearing Ruan and Yin burst into laughter. However, instead of getting angry, he sighed and smiled. “Yeah, yeah. Let’s go back to the topic, okay?” He pleaded, feeling a little embarrassed.


    “Then, do you think Faren Republic, with its three hundred million citizens, is stronger or weaker than the sixty million Sarkcente Kingdom?” Ruan began by asking. As time went, he learned that it was easier to keep Laien’s interest going if he included him into the conversation, instead of one-sidedly feeling him everything he knew about the subject.


    “They don’t have any top-level martial arts, do they? They must be weaker. Don’t know if by much, though.” Laien answered quickly. “I haven’t heard of any top-level experts at the late stage of realm of heroes from Eulean Union, either. Even with their numbers superiority, our Sarkcente Kingdom should be stronger.” He mused, curious how it was in reality.


    “You are right about that, they are weaker. However, not by a little. With as much internal problems as Faren Republic has, they wouldn’t stance a chance against Sarkcente Kingdom in a war. To being with, martial schools and magic institutes aren’t that popular in Faren Republic. Unlike in Sarkcente Kingdom, their whole military power is fragmented between hundreds of nobles, who more often than not would rather fight against each other than to stand side by side. If not for the existence of Eulean Union, which as a whole isn’t that strong either, Faren Republic would have crumbled a long time ago.” Ruan spoke in one breath, feeling quite good about praising his homeland and bragging to the young ones how well it does compared to other nations.


    “Does it have something to do with what General Agnes mentioned? You know, those fanati-…” Laien began saying, but was forced to stop as he saw a group of few dozen riders blocking the road five hundred meters ahead. He pulled his reins, slowing down with everyone and just barely stopping in front of the group of foreign riders.


    “You are entering the territory of the New Eastern Republic of Eulene! State your faith in the Great Halla, or pay the tribute for crossing our lands as infidels!” The bearded man shouted really loudly, ignoring the fact that the people he was speaking to were only a few meters away. “Halla the Great!” He called out, raising his fist. “Halla the Great!” The forty men around him shouted in unison, staring threateningly at the newly arrived group of nine.

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  • Book 2. The outside world.

    Chapter 33. Madness. (Part I)

    “So that’s what General Agnes meant by warning us about ‘fanatics’, huh… Didn’t think it would be that bad, though.” Laien commented, not bothering to keep his voice down. He had already swept the group of forty-something people with his aura and discovered that they were all pretty weak, averaging somewhere at the fifth mortal realm. Thus, he saw no need to be courteous, especially when they behaved like a bunch of common thugs.


    “I wonder what do they mean by this ‘New Eastern Republic of Eulene’?” Laien spoke again, throwing the question up in the air, not directing it to anyone specific.


    Among the forty-something foreign riders, the bearded man in the front frowned, greatly displeased with Laien’s behavior. “You infidels are the ones who entered our country. You will obey the Hashar Law, or you shall turn back and return where you came from!” The man began speaking calmly, but ended up roaring in a spout of religious fervor.


    “Since when did the Faren Republic turn into an Ikarian Republic?” Surprisingly, Liza spoke up, not concealing the apparent anger in her voice.


    “Ikarian Republic?” Laien murmured, exchanging a glance with Yin who shrugged his shoulders. He also didn’t know what Liza meant by saying that.


    “She means the race, majority of the followers of Nasharu are of Ikarian race.” Ruan explained in a low voice, then quickly turned his attention to the already ongoing conversation between Liza and the bearded man.


    “It has long since been land of our people. Hundreds of millions of us live here, it’s only normal to change the old, inadequate name of the country.” The man explained proudly, proud of the achievements of his fellow brothers in faith. “Now do you understand, infidels? If you want to pass through our land, convert to the only true faith, or pay tribute in gold.” He spoke, then once again shouted the words ‘Halla the Great!’


    “Halla the Great!” The forty-something men behind the bearded man cried out, as if in some kind of a religious trance.


    “How much do we need to pay?” Ruan spoke quickly, seeing that Liza is on the verge of exploding and attacking the group of Ikarians. Were they still in the boundless forests of the Anarchic Lands, he wouldn’t mind as much, but in an open field, in the middle of a large road? It wasn’t worth the risk. As much as Ruan hated to pay up for a ridiculous reason like that, he avoid trouble with the followers of Nasharu if possible.


    “Let’s see… One, two… four… six men, two kids and one whore… Ten gold coins should be enough.” The bearded man said so casually, that it took everyone a while to understand what did he exactly just say.


    “Who are you calling a whore, you goatfucker?!” Liza shouted, brimming with killing intent. Only because Ruan managed to hold her by arm in time, she didn’t ride forward to punch the bearded man in his face.


    The bearded man’s face twitched. He rebuked angrily, not picking his words at all. “I tolerated when your infidel whore asked me a question, but she won’t be insulting me! Cover the body of your bitch properly if you want to ride through our country!” The man roared, addressing Ruan and completely ignoring Liza’s presence. He remained blissfully unaware of the fact that the woman he called ‘whore’ and ‘bitch’ could kill him as easily as squashing an ant.


    Laien frowned a bit, confused by this strange development. He glanced at Yin, who similarly had no idea what this argument was even about. Liza’s clothes? Apart from the somewhat revealing cleavage, there wasn’t anything in her brown-leather suit that could be considered indecent. True, she was looking good, but how in the world would that be a reason to call her a whore and tell her to cover up?


    “Fucking bastards…” Liza spewed through her grit teeth, for some reason showing restraint and not attacking the bearded Ikarian. She cursed one more time and made a brown cloak appeared over her body. Her eyes were brimming with fury, but she held it in, albeit just barely.


    “That’s all she has? A woman shouldn’t be showing her face or hair either, unless her goal is to seduce the proper men. Make her wear a Ghjar or something. I can sell you one, if you are willing to pay, infidel.” The bearded man spoke contently, pleased that ‘the woman’ is listening. His attitude changed by one hundred and eighty degrees and now he was smiling and speaking in a calm, amiable tone. “Add one piece of gold and you can have it. Eleven gold coins in all.” He stated the horrendously high price for the right of passage and for the ‘Ghjar’, or whatever the black piece of cloth he took out from interspatial ring was called.


    Laien scratched his head, moving a bit further to the back and stopping his horse at Yin’s side. “Sure are strange people, huh?” He said just loudly enough for Yin to hear him. “I wouldn’t want to be a woman in their company.” Yin commented bitterly. “If all those ‘Ikarians’ are like that, then traveling to the north won’t be too pleasant.” Yin added, still speaking in a low voice.


    “Liza?” Ruan asked carefully, unsure whether she will be able to bear with this farce. A woman of a more submissive character might have not cared, but one of Liza’s character? It was already a miracle that she didn’t beat the crap out of this random bearded man.


    “Just give me that shit and let’s hurry up.” Liza growled, staring hatefully at the group of Ikarians. Ruan nodded and rode forward, then exchanged eleven gold coins for a written permission of passage and a black piece of cloth.


    A moment later, Liza snatched the cloth from Ruan’s hand and tied it over her head in a surprisingly skillful manner. However, from the looks of it, she was quite disgusted to be placing something like that over her head.


    “Good, you may pass, infidels. I will pray to Halla so you can see the mistakes of your ways and convert to the only true faith.” The bearded man said with a smile and commanded his men to make a path. His eyebrows furrowed when Liza rushed ahead of the men in her group, but this time, he didn’t say anything. He couldn’t be bothered to give a chase after he already received the gold.


    “Why are you in such a hurry?” Ruan asked, catching up with Liza who was charging forward at top speed. “I must check if my friend in Palee City is safe. I’m worried about her. There will probably be trouble, so you can feel free to not tag along if you don’t want to.” Liza replied loudly enough for everyone to hear. She rushed her horse, urging him to go ever faster.


    “We’ll all go.” Laien decided instantly. Yin didn’t oppose either, so Ruan could only sigh and agree to do what the two youths wanted. He obviously didn’t know how the last time he let do Laien and Yin do as they pleased ended, so he wasn’t set on making them avoid each and every risky situation. Had he known, he would have argued with them, but since he didn’t… There was nothing he could do about their whims but to go along with them.


    After a moment of silence, Liza spoke up, for once calling the two youths by their names. “Laien, Yin. The two of you need to be careful in the City of Palee. Those damned lunatics who worship Nasharu don’t only treat women like shit, they might also have some ideas about the two of you. It’d be best if you wore your cloaks and put hoods on, especially you, Yin.” She warned seriously, with a stern expression on her face and a cold grudge hiding deep in her eyes.


    “And don’t even compare it to the stupid idiocy Jin was doing… They won’t be playing around, they will straight up go and capture you and make you into their slaves. Trust me, you don’t want to have anything to do with those crazy goatfuckers.” She added, eyeing Jin with reprimanding gaze.


    ”You’d be a little safer if you claimed to be of their faith… but it wouldn’t help much, honestly. It could only make things worse as you don’t know anything about it in case they asked…” Liza mused loudly, then shook her head and stopped speaking.


    Laien and Yin looked at each other. They were a bit surprised, but they complied with Liza’s advice and put on their cloaks, choosing the most regular, brown ones.


    Although Liza was in a hurry, after riding for a hundred kilometers, the main road got crowded, so she and everyone were forced to slow down. They couldn’t charge at the breathtaking speed of two hundred kilometers per hours anymore and needed to reduce their speed by more than half. All in all, it took their group of nine nearly three hours to cross the distance of two hundred kilometers from the southern border to Palee City.


    As they were traveling the last few kilometers and could already see the walls of Palee City from afar, Laien and Yin began chatting with each other.


    “It’s pretty hot, but so many people are wearing those strange black… cloaks? I don’t know how to call that… You can’t even see their faces, only eyes…” Laien said, discontent with what he was seeing. “They are all women, right…? No man is wearing anything so strange.” He stated quietly, knowing that their group of nine riders was attracting quite a bit of attention of the passerby because of their impressive war horses.


    “Women and even girls, too.” Yin added with a quiet sigh. He noticed a fair amount of female children wearing this strange black full-body cloak and honestly, didn’t know what he should think about it. In his heart, he found the fact dislikeable.


    “It’s called Shijar. The thing that covers face is Ghjar.” Liza offered an explanation, then added. “We are nearly at the gates. Ruan, you speak.” She said in a low voice, then gave Laien and Yin a quick look. Obviously, she wanted them to keep their mouths shut and not attract unnecessary attention.


    The number of bored guards at the large city gate livened up, seeing a group of mercenaries riding war horses approach from the road. They wouldn’t stop regular citizens, but a party like this one definitely needed some special attention.


    “You don’t look like you are from here. Travelers, perhaps? What’s your purpose coming to the Palee City?” One of the men asked, gesturing the nine riders to move over to the side of the road. From the look of it, he wasn’t quite at the martial master level, but his cultivation approached the peak of the ninth mortal realm. He was a clear cut above the thug-like Ikarians patrolling the southern border.


    “We are from Sarkcente Kingdom, we are traveling north and we wanted to rest in this city for a few days.” Ruan answered vaguely, careful to not reveal anything that could be treated with suspicion or curiosity by the guards.


    The guard with a neatly cut beard swept the group of nine with a quick gaze. They didn’t appear all that suspicious, it was pretty common to see groups of mercenaries around here, well, maybe not ones as well equipped and dressed as this one, but still. He wanted to say that they can go ahead and enter the city, but finally realized what felt wrong in this image he was seeing and asked disdainfully. “Why is a woman riding such a good horse?” Frowning, he brought the ‘problem’ up.


    Ruan began looking for a good way to answer, but couldn’t quite find anything to say. He was beginning to grow nervous, seeing how the guard’s expression is turning worse, but then Jin cut in with his comment.


    “If she didn’t, she’d slow us down.” Jin declared indifferently, as if the matter was the most obvious thing in the world. “Anything else? We are tired and want to rest already.” He shrugged his shoulders, considering the matter to be over.


    Surprisingly, the guards at the gate acknowledged it to be a sensible explanation. Their captain only mentioned. “Have her get down and lead the horse inside the city. You won’t be able to go any faster on the crowded streets anyway.” He said and gestured them to go ahead and pass through the gate.


    Liza immediately slid down from her horse and grabbed it by reins. Content, the guards made no further inquiries, allowing the group of nine to enter the city.


    “So, where are we going?” Laien asked amidst the noisy and somewhat… no, quite badly stinking outskirts of Palee City. He quickly pulled out two necklaces, handing one over to Yin and wearing the other himself. The golden jewelry on the necklaces lit up with a dim glow, preventing the bad smell from reaching Laien and Yin.


    Liza smiled and shook her head disbelievingly. She knew these two were rich, but to casually pull out high-grade magic equipment worth hundreds of gold coins like it was nothing special? If only she could partake in this wealth of theirs…


    “She runs an inn in the inner district of the city. It’s still quite far.” She answered Laien’s question and would have rather remained silent, but Laien kept inquiring. “Is this Faren Kingdom, or whatever it’s now called, your homeland?” Sighing, Liza answered very briefly. “It’s not my homeland, but I lived here when I was young. Enough, we can speak later.” She concluded coldly, worried that a woman chatting with a male youth will cause some of the followers of Nasharu to grow angry.


    Laien however didn’t understand Liza’s reasons, so he only pouted a bit when she cut him off without any apparent reason.




    After some time, they managed to arrive by the inn mentioned by Liza without any complications. Judging by its appearance, the inn was a middle-class one, able to house around two hundred people while offering fairly good quality of the service. Regrettably, there was no place to leave the horses nearby nor within the inn, so somebody needed to stay behind and look out for them.


    Those who were left behind were the three guards from the Valius family - whose names Laien tended to often forget - and the black-cloaked man from the Cail family, who didn’t appear to want to tag along at the moment.


    “Claire? You here?” Liza called out loudly, startling the Ikarian man at the reception. “You can’t just have a woman yelling if you are looking for somebody, dear customers.” The man reprimanded, of course addressing Ruan and Jin while not sparing even a look at Liza.


    “My friend owns this inn, what’s the damn problem with me calling for her, eh?!” Liza shouted again, finally unable to hold back any longer.


    “Owned, that is.” A well-built and dressed in white clothes Ikarian man spoke calmly, approaching the reception from inside the inn. “That woman refused to convert to Shaari, so now she is working here as slave.” The man explained calmly, with a light smile on his face.


    “Do you need something from her?” He asked, but then yelped as Liza grabbed him by his throat and slammed him into the wall. Having not suspected the woman to possess such strength, the white-clothed man could only struggle helplessly, incapable of forcing Liza’s hand away at all.


    “I swear, I will rip your fucking balls off and force them up your throat if did anything to her!” Liza roared furiously, clenching her hand with more and more strength, leaving the man gasping for air and unable to say anything.


    Soon, the man’s face grew deep red, then began turning purple. He was on the verge of being suffocated, when…


    “Let him go, you dimwit!” A woman covered in black clothes, in the ‘Shijar’, yelled angrily, running into the reception room.


    Liza startled, hearing the familiar voice. “Claire?” She asked, releasing her grip and letting the barely conscious man fall down to the floor.

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  • tsk tsk temper temper! Damn those people are sexist... Anyways thanks for the chapter(s)!
  • It seems like an extreme Muslim community that continues to practice Slavery.
  • It seems like an extreme Muslim community that continues to practice Slavery.
    Was there really a need to put Muslim there? Couldn't you have just said an extremist community or smthing?
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    Book 2. The outside world.

    Chapter 34. Madness. (Part II)

    “Of course it’s me, you little dimwit. You didn’t visit me in ages and choking my friend is the first thing you do after coming here? Ah reckless and rash as ever, as I can see.” The woman called Claire pouted, crouching and massaging the white-clothed man’s back. “I see you’ve brought some friends, how rare of you. Yil, take their horses to the stables.” Claire said with a sigh and gestured the young man at the reception to get moving. She chuckled, then eyed Ruan and Jin.


    “It’s impolite to be probing others with your aura without their permission, don’t you think?” She mentioned, quite amused by the two men’s expressions.


    Laien couldn’t help but smile and exchange a glance with Yin. The two of them of course sensed how Ruan and Jin tried to probe the woman and ended up failing. However, their own auras enhanced by the properties of the Aspect of Awareness went unnoticed and they easily peeked at Claire’s cultivation base. Impressively enough, she was a dual expert, a martial master of the fifth rank and a spiritual master of the second rank!


    That Liza had been worried about somebody so powerful… Could it be that she was unaware of this ‘Claire’s’ strength?


    Laien and Yin startled a bit when Claire turned her gaze towards them at the exact moment they were thinking about her. They could swear she was smiling under this black piece of cloth covering her face. “The young ones you brought with you seem to be amused by something, but what could it be?” Claire teased in a playful voice, but the look of her eyes made Laien and Yin unconsciously put up a guard. This woman was trouble!


    “That’s the ‘little pupil’ of yours, Claire? May Nasharu bless me, she has quite some strength in that beautiful hands of hers.” The white-clothed man laughed helplessly, massaging his neck. “You will be taking them inside, right? Then hurry up, I will take care of explaining this commotion to the guests.” He reassured and stood up, then gave Claire an expectant look.


    “Thanks, Sharu.” Claire said, expressing her honest gratitude. She then turned around and walked inside the dining hall, gesturing Liza and the others to follow her with a nonchalant flick or her hand.


    Liza seemed to have forgotten the tongue in her mouth, flabbergasted and thoroughly confused by what just happened. In result, with her mind blank, she simply followed when Laien and Yin nodded to each other and went after Claire. Ruan and Jin hesitated for a second, but also headed inside.




    After leading them to one of the few rooms on the ground floor, Claire shut the door tight and waved her hand, causing a runic formation to lit up on the floor, revealing a ladder leading underground. “Go in and wait for me.” Claire stated very clearly, then swept everyone with her gaze, making sure that they understood.


    “Interested in my runes?” She asked, seeing the two youths who were crouching and looking at the shining, circular runic formation. Habitually, she extended her aura to gauge the talent of the potential students of hers and the very next moment, her eyes went wide with astonishment.


    “Isn’t it impolite to be probing others without their permission?” Laien chuckled, regretting that he isn’t yet nearly enough proficient in concealing his strength to prevent the woman from taking a look at his cultivation base. Now that would have been something fun, seeing an even more surprised expression than the current one of hers.


    Yet, the mere fact that Laien noticed the presence of her aura already gave Claire a little fright. The only explanation was that he possessed a battle sense or a spiritual sense and from the looks of it, the other boy wasn’t oblivious to her aura either. Just how special were these two boys, to be reach such a level at their age?


    “Liza, you will need to tell me who for the love of God are these two kids are as soon as we get down there.” Claire shook her head, smiling wryly. If either of these two boy had any potential towards using runes, she wouldn’t hesitate to make him her successor.


    Claire couldn’t help but chuckle, seeing the challenging and satisfied expression of the black-haired youth. This boy sure had some ‘problems’ with his character, but she didn’t dislike that. After all, the same thing could be said about her.




    “Hmm, pretty nice, but not as impressive as that temple.” Laien commented randomly, intrigued by the shining runes on the walls. He and Yin had tried to take a look at the runic formation back in that village, before they left the temple, but since they couldn’t approach it, they gave up. Now, seeing the engraved runic patterns from close up, Laien felt as if there was something extremely familiar about them… As if he could touch them and…


    Laien jumped up and backed off as the rune he touched suddenly conflagrated, then broke down into pieces along with a portion of the wall. His heart beating wildly, he recalled the sensation accompanying the surge of energy in the rune. “It was drawing energy from the air, from the walls… It was drawing upon the natural energy itself. It can be set up in this way? But now?” He began musing, turning blind eye to the fact that he startled everyone.


    “Tch, impatient brat, aren’t you? I can teach you later if you want, don’t go around destroying my place.” Claire clicked her tongue, seeing one of her runes of light destroyed. “Come, we were in the middle of a meeting when you interrupted us.” She said with a sigh, leading the group to a spacious room hidden deeper inside the cave.




    “You brought so many people in? Are you sure we can trust them, Claire?” One of the six women sitting in the armchairs frowned, seeing a group of unknown outsiders being led in by Claire. Unexpectedly, Claire herself tilted her head and murmured absent-mindedly. “Uh, haven’t thought about it… I just assumed…” She sighed and waved her hand, dismissing the matter. “We can always kill them if they can’t agree to keep everything secret or seem too suspicious.” She commented merrily, but somehow, her words didn’t feel like a joke at all…


    The elderly woman who spoke at first shook her head, saying resignedly. “You always were an air-head… It’s not something time can cure, huh.“ Despite saying so, she smiled and waved her hand, causing the seven armchairs to move further away from each other and create an open space in the circle. “You don’t need me to bring furniture, do you?” The elderly woman asked with a smile, impelling Claire to do something about the seats for their guests.


    “No need for us.” Laien stepped forward and raised his hand, making a nice, high-quality sofa appear from within his interspatial ring. He glanced at Yin, then the two of them sat down, excited to learn what’s up with this secret meeting and what’s going on in the City of Palee.


    Claire smiled disbelievingly. That black-haired youth really was something else, to ignore his companions and prepare a sofa only for himself and his friend. She waved her hand lazily, making three armchairs appear for the remaining three guests of theirs.


    “That’s a black-gold interspatial ring, right? And a high-grade one at that. You sure have some nice things on you…” A childish-looking girl, maybe sixteen year old girl asked energetically. She was sitting in a quite peculiar way, with her legs pulled up to her chest, not quite fitting into the mood of this secret room.


    Laien wasn’t really sure how to follow up on this comment, or whether he should be following up at all. He nodded, deciding to keep quiet. After all, it wasn’t a right place or time to be bragging that he had a top-grade interspatial ring hidden inside this one.


    “Claire, who the hell are you?” Liza asked out of the blue.  It took her a good while to get rid of the shock, but now that she could think more or less clearly again, she realized how little she understood about her friend. For example, now she could tell that Claire was a practitioner, one at the realm of heroes at that, but how in the world had she failed to notice it until now?


    “You were her pupil but you don’t know, big sister?” The childish-looking girl laughed, gazing at Liza and not bothering to conceal the ridicule in her eyes.


    “Stop teasing our guest, Annie.” One of the women reprimanded half-seriously, chuckling more than a little herself.


    The sight of seven woman making fun of her caused anger to sure up within Liza’s heart. It certainly didn’t make things better that she could notice Laien’s and Yin’s amused expressions from the corner of her eye, either. “Yes, I spent three years here and visited Claire a few times and didn’t notice anything. Yeah, so funny. Now, can you answer my question?” Liza groaned loudly. She now remembered just why she disliked Claire so much and why had she not come to visit her in over a decade. That woman was always teasing and making fun of her, as if she was the superior one… The newly acquired awareness that it indeed was true made Liza feel all the more angry about everything.


    “Now, now. Can’t you see that’s the very reason I haven’t taught you anything? When things go your way, you act all cool, but when they don’t, you immediately get mad. That’s not an attitude I’d want a disciple of mine to have.” Claire smiled and held back a laugh, seeing Liza pout and look away in a child-like manner. “She’s nearly fifty, but she’s still such a kid.” Claire thought quietly, sparing Liza from hearing this comment.


    “As you can see, I’m a leader of a knitting circle of housewives. Do you want me to introduce you to everyone?” Claire asked playfully, happy to see the twitching eyebrows and a look of disbelief on Liza’s face. She also quite enjoyed the sight of two youths chuckling at her little joke.


    “Claire, you need to stop that, too. You’re going overboard. I know you want to loosen up the atmosphere, but really, it’s not a right time for that…” The elderly woman reprimanded, despite smirking a little. “Hurry up and explain everything to them, or should I do it myself? Don’t forget we are in the middle of an important meeting… If we don’t find a way before it’s too late, those two will experience true hell…” The grey-haired woman released a long, pained sigh and looked Claire in the eye.


    Being reminded of the current situation of theirs, Claire and the other five women quickly calmed down, serious expressions returning to their faces.


    “Fine, fine… Let’s make it so all of our guests get a gist of situation, shall we…? Liz, you know well what this country had been looking like for the last thirty, forty years, don’t you?” Claire smiled bitterly and seeing that Liza wasn’t going to speak up, wanted proceeded to explain the situation to the other four newcomers, but got interrupted by one of her friends.


    “You should be aware that most of the followers of Nasharu are of the Ikarian, sometimes of the Tennian race.” The elderly woman brought up and recognizing that the two young ones didn’t quite follow the subject, explained. “You young ones look like you are from the far south, you have characteristics of the Liuanni race. In the south, there are much less racial conflicts and people don’t differentiate as much, so it’s no surprise if it’s the first time you are hearing about it. Don’t worry if you can’t keep up with all the nomenclature we will be using, you will learn in time if you stay here for long enough.” Saying so, the elderly woman smiled warmly at Laien and Yin. The two boys very much reminded her of her great grandchildren. Because of that, she couldn’t help but speak up instead of letting Claire finish, despite tasking her with explanation a second before.


    Almost habitually, Laien and Yin exchanged a glance. Yin smiled, understanding what Laien was thinking about. The two of them unbound the strings of their hoods and removed them, then gave the elderly woman one more look.


    “Oh my! Green hair? They don’t seem to be dyed… You have some features of the Liuanni race, but they surely don’t tend to have green hair…” As the elderly woman paid mind to details, the remaining women all fawned, seeing a beautiful young boy right in front of them. It went without speaking that in a few more years, this kid would turn into a spectacularly handsome adult.


    “You don’t seem to be just a Liuannian either? Your features are a bit harder, they are similar to how people from the far north-eastern countries look… A half-breed perhaps?” The elderly woman mused. She hadn’t had many opportunities to meet people from the opposite end of the Starlight continent, so naturally, she couldn’t be sure. “This one might not be bad either…” The grey-haired woman rolled her eyes, hearing an indecent comment of one of her friends. She coughed twice, then said. “Getting back to the topic…” After giving her younger friends a moment to pipe down, she proceeded with the story, her mood quickly turning sad and melancholic.


    “It all began around fifty years ago… Fifty short years. It’s all it took for the once mighty Eulean Union to be no more. For Faren Republic and many other countries to fall one after another…” As she was speaking, her gaze went absent. Recalling all those events filled her with indescribable anger and suffocating feeling of powerlessness. Overcome with emotions she had been bottling up for months, she suddenly raised her voice and cried out. “And all of that, is because of those devil’s spawns of Nasharu!” She yelled, clenching her firsts. A powerful aura of bloodlust emanated from her body, pure hatred glistered in her eyes, while her face was overcome with madness.


    Laien and Yin, also Ruan, Jin and Liza; they all shivered under the powerful killing intent of the grey-haired woman. Her cultivation base of the fifth realm of heroes surged, filling the room with a thick spiritual energy. Only after a good ten seconds passed did the woman regain her senses and lean back in her armchair, closing her eyes and trying to calm down.


    “Forgive her, she lost too many relatives… Just like every one of us here.” One of the women spoke calmly, however with an apparent anger in her voice. In the end, it was Claire who picked up the sad story, as to put a stop to the prolonging, depressing silence.


    “Do you know how many followers of Nasharu are in the Faren Republic?” She asked, not expecting to hear an answer. “More than two hundred million.” She said bitterly, then after a moment, asked again. “Up until early spring this year, five months ago, there was just as much of us, native Caradians. Do you know how many are alive now?” Claire pursed her lips. Even for her, with her naturally strong and cheerful personality, it was hard to suppress the grief and speak about those events.


    “From what we roughly estimated, around half. In other words, one hundred million, mainly men of all ages, be it elderly, children or mere babies… were killed, slaughtered in the purge carried out by the followers of Nasharu. It wasn’t a battle, it was one-sided slaughter.” She uttered in one breath, terrified by her own words. After all, she was there. She saw everything with her own eyes… She saw the massacre in Palee City and could only watch helplessly. With all her strength, she saved but few people… To what did it amount in comparison to the millions who died in Palee City alone? A memory of those days of endless slaughter… It often showed up in her nightmares.


    “Do you realize how this country looked when this madness was at its peak?” She continued, her voice trembling from painful emotions. “The ground was soaked with enough blood to make rivers turn crimson and to pollute the wells. If you were to go to the west, to the coast, you’d probably still see mountains of rotting corpses even today…” Claire closed her eyes, trying to control herself and not crack up completely. The other six women appeared to be even worse off, some of them rubbing their teary eyes while emanating a menacing  aura. Without exception, all of them wished for a bloody revenge. Regrettably, they weren’t anywhere close to strong and numerous enough to face the might of the religion of Shaari and its fanatical followers of Nasharu.


    “O-One hundred million?!” Liza cried out, standing up at once. “You must be wrong, how could something so ridiculous have happened and not been huge news throughout the whole continent?” She argued, smiling with disbelief. Although she had long since began living as a mercenary, the Faren Republic was still a place she considered to be her homeland. For a massacre on this scale to have happened here… It was surreal. Completely unbelievable.


    “Believe not, it’s up to you. You can always go around and confirm whether we are lying or not, little miss.” The elderly woman rebuked, staring at Liza with cold eyes. “You’ll probably be caught by the prosecutors and killed if you start inquiring about the purge, though, but feel free to do whatever you want.” She added disdainfully, dismissing Liza’s words with an impatient wave of her hand.


    “Liz.” Claire shook her head and said, greatly disappointed. “Do you think we’d be lying to you about something like that? It’s not only our Faren Republic… The whole Eulean Union has crumbled. I wouldn’t be surprised if over a billion of our people were murdered… Do you remember Al, the boy who you used to play with when you were younger? Or Aubin, the man who trained you in sword...? They are dead… Just like many, many others…” Claire trembled, then swallowed her salvia and murmured quietly.


    “My younger sister and her husband were killed five months ago, too. Yesterday, my nephew who I’ve been taking care of has been abducted along with Flora’s great grandson… You tell me, do I look like I am making fun of you?” Claire asked in a breaking voice, tears flowing down her cheeks. Usually, she was holding it in, she knew she needed to stay strong or else she would fall into despair, but now… She just couldn’t not become emotional and start weeping helplessly.


    “I… I…” Liza opened and closed her mouth repeatedly, unable to say anything. She fell down onto the armchair and lowered her head, slowly coming to terms with the nightmarish reality.

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    I don't want to argue, but you seem to have the wrong idea of Muslims. It's not the whole community, but a part of it and every race or religion has something along the lines of extremists, and I'm pretty sure 1.7 bn extremists would be quite a large problem for the world. So, it's not really "astray", it's just that the impact of those specific extremists are bigger than other ones and they are more infamous

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  • Caladbolg said:
    No community, race or any other group consist of 'mainly' extremists. If they did, the word 'extremists' would lose all sense. ^.^ While it's wise to keep in mind that not all the germans were 'extremists' either, right? Oh well, let's not get started here ^.^ It's a fiction of mine, after all. It's pretty subjective. ~~

    I don't really want to start a serious argument about religion in the story thread... So If you want to have a chat, we can speak some in the private messages or through some other things like skype etc. : )
    Based on what you have said the solution might be to simply supplant the leaders of the faction and allow for a revolution. Might be easier said than done. Sorry about the mention of Muslims I didn't mean it as an insult its just that the clothing requirements reminded me of it.
    Muslims respect and hold women in high regard and don't consider them as property if they are family.  The same may not be true of slaves in the past but that is the case today.
    Still II would like to know how the bloody civil war stayed hidden and who instigated it. I don't think that the purge was not influenced by outside powers.
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  • Book 2. The outside world.

    Chapter 35. Madness. (Part III)

    “Ugh…” Laien groaned weakly. He was feeling pretty awkward under everyone’s stares as the news about the mass-slaughter didn’t move him to the degree one might expect from a twelve year old. Sure, he was sympathetic to Liza and the other seven women, but a ridiculous number of deaths like a billion was so out of this world that it simply failed to resonate with him. He couldn’t help but distance himself from those events and thus, become dull to them.


    Scratching his head, Laien peeked at Yin, who similarly remained pretty calm. It didn’t come as a surprise for Laien to see Yin like that. After all, as far as being concerned about other people… The two of them were pretty similar. They cared more about their friends and acquaintances than the people they knew little about. Because of that, they weren’t frightened when they heard about the huge purge in Eulean Union. Rather, they were only surprised by the news.


    “You said that someone was abducted yesterday?” Yin broke the unpleasant silence, directing the question to the elderly woman. Compared to the news of mass-slaughter and possible reasons behind them, he was more concerned about those two kidnapped youths.


    The grey-haired woman, Flora, looked at Yin and then gazed at Laien. She was surprised to see that the two youths were so calm. However, she could somewhat understand why they weren’t as shocked as your average adults would be, so she didn’t make a huge deal out of it.


    After taking a deep breath, Flora answered Yin’s question. “That’s right. Two of them were captured yesterday. Claire’s nephew, Louis, and my grandson, Nathan. You’ve already heard we were in the middle of an important meeting, didn’t you? Until you bunch made ruckus up there, we were discussing how to rescue them.” Flora sighed quietly, pushing away the dark thoughts about her deceased relatives. What mattered right now was the present and the lives she could still save, not the unchangeable past.


    Meanwhile, as the seven women focused on the current situation, the gloomy atmosphere in the room relaxed a little.


    “Mm, and? You have a plan how to save them or not?” Laien asked casually, happy to talk about something that actually had an actual importance for him. In result, intentionally or not, he managed to tick off some of the women by his carefree attitude. Especially the long-haired woman who looked like she was in her mid-twenties reacted very emotionally. In her eyes, to be acting all happy-go-lucky immediately after they finished speaking about a great homicide was very inappropriate and disrespectful to those who lost their lives. Thus, she cut in and brought up angrily.


    “You know, I’ve been keeping quiet about it since Claire’s little pupil brought you with her, but how about showing some proper attitude? Even if you don’t care about people from a foreign country, behaving like you are is beyond rude.” She commented on the spur of the moment, not thinking whether she is being unreasonable or not.


    Listening to the woman, Laien smirked and was about to say something, but held back after being hit in the side by Yin’s elbow. ‘What, am I supposed to apologize?’ He asked with his eyes, exchanging a glance with Yin. In response, Yin could only smile awkwardly. He also was unsure how to go about talking with that woman. He didn’t feel like apologizing either, however, at the same time he didn’t want to start a fight with her…


    Flora raised her eyebrows, observing the two youths. She couldn’t help but smile, seeing how well the two understood each other. “I’m envious, you two seem like a very good friends. Have you known each other for long?” She asked, straying from the topic completely.


    “Flora…?” The young, long-haired woman frowned a bit, confused by out-of-the-blue question of her friend.


    “Around a month?” Laien answered with a smile. Out of the seven women in this group, this grey-haired old woman gave him the best feeling. She was straightforward with her emotions, appeared to be wise and most importantly, it looked like she was taking their side.


    “Only a month? You aren’t lying to this old woman, are you?” Flora chuckled, raising her hand to hide her broad smile. “You seem to understand each other without words, but if it’s really only been a month… Should I say you are compatible with each other, or should I say I am curious if something happened that made you so close… or perhaps, if there’s something entirely else, some secret of yours…” She spoke calmly, looking Laien in the eye. She chuckled again, seeing a reaction towards the end. “Or maybe it’s all just a delusion in this old head of mine.” She added lightheartedly, trying to smoothen Laien out.


    “Who knows, apparently people tend to go senile with age.” Laien blurted out, a little angry that the old woman read him like a book. Of course, with his behavior, he managed to once again irritate the other women, but Flora laughed his comment off, giving her friends no chance to speak up.


    “You are an interesting one.” Flora said with a warm smile, then asked. “What are your names, little ones? As you already know, I’m Flora. Unfitting name for such an old lady, right?” She unconcernedly continued her conversation with Laien, dismissing the baffled and angered looks of her friends with a carefree flick of her hand.


    The six women, including Claire, all pursed their lips and stayed silent. Although formally, Claire was their leader, in truth Flora held a higher position in the hierarchy due to her age, experience and strength. If she wanted to go about something her way, they really weren’t in a position to oppose her.


    “I’m Laien.” Amused by the direction this conversation was going into, Laien answered quickly. He couldn’t have not noticed that the elderly woman was in fact the one holding the reins, so he also loosened up considerably. She was a bit tricky, but Laien had a feeling he could trust her to act reasonably. “I’m Yin.” Yin said briefly, letting Laien continue his talk with the elderly woman.


    “So, Laien and Yin.” Flora nodded to herself, then asked tactfully. “Would you mind if this old woman took a look at your cultivation bases?”


    Surprised that she would ask, Laien replied straightforwardly. “I don’t mind, but granny, aren’t you a spiritual master? Will you be able to tell how strong Qi inside our bodies is?” He inquired, unintentionally stirring up the whole room with the one word he used to refer to Flora.


    To Laien’s right, Ruan who until this point was trying to keep a low profile, couldn’t help but chuckle helplessly. It was so Laien-like to call a woman he just met - and who by the way was a spiritual master of the fifth rank - a granny. The unfortunate wording, however, was met with a harsh disapproval coming from the women - excluding Claire and the sixteen year old girl, who in turn was holding back from laughing too loudly.


    Flora smiled at Laien, then explained patiently, as if she was talking with one of her own grandchildren. “You are from the south, so it can’t be helped that you are mistaken about how aura works. I bet you are confusing it with spiritual sense and battle sense, aren’t you? Don’t worry, I will be able to tell. Now, if you excuse me…” Flora concluded and extended her aura to Laien and Yin, gauging their strength. The next second, she cried out with praise.


    “Oh my! A dual expert at the peak of the seventh mortal realm at your age?” She declared loudly, shocking everyone but Claire, who was already aware of Laien’s strength. “Your friend is pretty impressive too, being a martial practitioner of the eighth rank… But not quite as much as you, I must say.” Flora mused aloud, taking a look at Yin, then returning her attention to Laien.


    What Flora didn’t quite expect, was that Laien’s expression would suddenly sink and that he would rebuke her with a frown. “Yin is stronger than you think, so don’t go claiming otherwise if you don’t know anything about us.” After saying so, Laien felt like cutting this talk at this very moment. He didn’t care whether he was being childish or not, but seeing Yin smile at him meaningfully, he cooled down and looked at Flora, waiting for her to say something.


    “Oh my, what good friends you are. I admit, that boy might be as strong or even stronger than you are right now… but as a dual practitioner, you will sooner or later surpass him by a large margin. Magic is, after all, full of boundless possibilities…” Flora approached Laien patiently, however, as a Magus, she couldn’t help being biased towards spiritual practice. Additionally, at least as far as common knowledge went, she was right about dual practitioners being vastly superior to normal practitioners.


    As Flora kept talking, Laien’s mood continued to worsen. He was about to get into an argument with her, but just like previously, the spiritual bond he shared with Yin came in handy. He looked at Yin, who gave him a calm, unconcerned smile. As for Yin, he didn’t care about Flora’s opinion at all. She didn’t know anything about them, so whatever she would say wouldn’t mean much to him. Having understood that, although he was still a bit grumpy, Laien sighed and let the matter be.


    Unexpectedly, seeing the two behave in this way, Flora for once began feeling annoyed. She was wise enough to tell a lot from the youths’ expressions and she was quite sure that Laien didn’t calm down because he admitted the truth. Rather, on the contrary, a look of contempt appeared in his eyes. Moreover, something was telling her that Laien didn’t react this way because of ignorance, but because he knew something she wasn’t aware of. This fact proved to be quite a pain for her to accept.


    Using the moment of silence to join the talk, Claire decided to inquire Liza about Laien and Yin. “Liz, just who are these two boys? They are so talented and are traveling with an escort of many martial masters. Won’t you tell us already?” Claire asked openly, causing Liza to be troubled over how to respond.


    Liza was pretty sure that revealing the real identity of these two boys would only bring trouble. Although she trusted Claire, the same couldn’t be said about the other six women, so in the end, she shook her head and said. “Ask them directly if you want to know. I can’t tell you anything.” She stated with a bitter smile. She would have liked to do Claire a favor, however in regards to this one thing, she couldn’t comply.


    “Uu, that’s a pity…” Claire moaned, putting her hand on her cheek and tilting her head. “How about it, will you tell us?” She asked, this time speaking directly to Laien and Yin.


    Laien smiled sarcastically and replied with a question of his own. “You said you will kill us in case we can’t be trusted… and you expect any answers?” He asked, raising his eyebrows questioningly. He didn’t even know all these women’s names, not to speak of trusting them. Why would he need to tell them about his background in this situation?


    Claire became momentarily speechless, mainly due to being taken off guard by Laien’s blunt attitude. He was right in saying what he did, but… She didn’t expect a youth like him to behave in this way, not in a place filled with experts he knew next to nothing about.


    “Maybe we expect any answers for that very reason, has it ever occurred to you?” The young, long-haired woman went out of her way and butted into the conversation. “You decided to come here with Claire, so the fact that we can dispose of you at any time should be something you are aware of.” She continued saying, threatening Laien and adopting a scary expression. She gave the youth a cold stare, expecting him to shrink away in fear and apologize… But of course, she couldn’t have been more wrong with her predictions.


    “You sure you can kill us?” Laien said with a laugh, not intimidated by the woman’s threats in the slightest. Facing a spiritual master would be a first time experience for him, but in a confined space like this one, Laien was quite confident in having an upper hand. He refused to believe that this woman was a monster at the level of that masked man, who was apparently nicknamed ‘Shade’, as he learned later.


    Waiting for the woman’s response, Laien smiled confidently, wondering if this pulsating vein on her forehead is going to burst if he provokes her some more…


    “Aren’t you one arrogant kid, eh?” A dangerous look appeared in the long-haired woman’s eyes. She actually raised her finger and created a fireball, intending to intimidate Laien. “How about big sister toasts you a little, you rude kid?” She asked with a hint of recklessness in her voice, suggesting that she might really attack if Laien’s doesn’t pipe down.


    “Big sister? Aren’t you too old to be called that?” Laien teased, releasing his spiritual energy and forming seven spikes of ice in the air around himself. “She isn’t anything special, I got nervous for nothing.” He thought to himself, not all that impressed by the strength of the woman’s fireball.


    “Ice magic! And with the guardian spell at that! My!” Flora called out merrily, clapping her hands. “But, no fighting, okay?” She asked nicely, eyeing her friend and Laien. To back up her words, she controlled her spiritual energy, instantly creating two powerful runic formations in the air. The mysterious symbols shined in a gold light, pulling in an enormous amounts of wind-type elemental energy and threatening to release a devastating magic.


    Sensing how great the danger was, Laien quickly withdrew his spell, a cold chill running down his spine. If that granny were to release those two spells… He would surely be turned into mincemeat without being able to put up a slightest bit of resistance. This strength definitely wasn’t something an average spiritual master had, not even the one who reached the fifth realm of heroes.


    The long-haired woman backed down just as fast, letting the fireball dissipate naturally. There were few people she truly feared and respected, but a serious Flora definitely counted amongst this group.


    Flora nodded, seeing the two calm down. She waved her hand and dispelled the runes, then said resignedly. “Good God, you weren’t so impulsive in the past, Marcia. Did you really mean to start a fight with a kid because of some argument?” Sighing, Flora added unenthusiastically. “I am quite sure we can trust these young ones and their comrades to not reveal anything about our group. You don’t need to worry about that.”


    Marcia clenched her hands and looked down, staring at the floor. With just one serious rebuke from Flora, she reverted from being a menacing adult, to a timid student. “And how can you tell that, Master?” She asked with a little frown, failing to understand Flora’s reasoning.


    “Oh, hasn’t it been ages since you last called me that?” Flora chuckled, then kindly enough explained her very deep and complicated thought process that led her to believing they could trust the other group by saying… “How can I tell? It’s my woman’s intuition.” The words were like a dropped bomb. They exploded, stunning everyone present; and then there was an utter silence.


    Marcia’s left eye began twitching y as she was spontaneously reminded why dealing with Flora could be so utterly exhausting…  At the moment, she truly didn’t know whether to laugh or cry.


    “My, have I killed the mood?” Flora giggled, totally destroying the remaining bits of her dignified appearance. “I apologize, but what were we talking about before this whole mess started?” She asked openly, but stopped smiling when she remembered.


    “Right, Nathan and Louis…” She said quietly, a look of worry returning to her face. She looked at Laien and Yin, feeling guilty because of the idea that formed in the back of her mind. She hesitated whether she should even bring up the matter of her grandson and Claire’s nephew anymore, but recalling the images of those two kids in her head, she couldn’t stop herself from asking for the impossible.


    “Listen, little ones… I will understand if you will want to not involve yourselves after hearing what I am about to ask you to do.” Flora stated weakly, her voice filled with uneasiness. “Truth to be told, you didn’t interrupt our meeting. We were out of options to begin with. By ourselves, there is no way for us to rescue those two…” Shaking her head and watching the confused and troubled expressions of the two youths, Flora kept speaking quietly.


    “Yesterday, those two were captured by the ‘Nasharu’s Guardians’ at the marketplace. Later, we learned that the temple issued a hunt for young boys in ‘celebration’ of a High Priest coming for a visit from their homeland to the far west, all the way on the other side of the sea of betrayals. From what we know, this High Priest of theirs should be arriving tomorrow.” Flora gave Laien and Yin a heartbroken look and asked. “Do know for what purpose they are abducting young boys?”


    Being asked in this way, Laien and Yin both recalled Liza’s warning and the reason why the two of them concealed their faces when walking into the City of Palee. Suddenly, as they realized the purpose of those abductions, they began feeling really sick. The perspective of being captured and made into a sex slave was enough to fill them with hatred towards anyone who would engage such a hideous activity.


    “From your reaction, I assume you know. As the smart youths you are, you should also be able to guess what this horrible old woman wants to ask you to do.” Flora forced herself to say, then lowered her head and going against her own principles, pleaded.


    “I know it’s risky, dangerous and completely unreasonable of me to be asking you to do that for someone you don’t even know… But please, I beg you, help me save my grandson. He is the only family I have left… I will give you anything you want, just please, try saving my grandson from that hell…!” Flora begged repeatedly, too ashamed of herself to raised her head and look at the children she was speaking to. Despite the grey hair covering her face, one could see tears falling from her eyes and sinking into the white robe she was wearing.


    When Flora finished speaking, Claire stood up and walked up to her side. She gazed at Laien and Yin, then bowed deeply and said. “I’m asking you, too. We will do everything we can to make it as safe for you as possible and will aid you in every way we can. Please, help us save my nephew and Flora’s grandson. We truly have no other hope…” Realizing that indeed, Laien and Yin were the only chance for her nephew to be rescued, Claire trembled. She couldn’t believe she was pleading kids who were of similar age to Louis to save him, but here she was, an expert who trained her whole life, unable to even protect the ones important to her.


    With the atmosphere having turned really heavy, the secret room once again filled with silence. Everyone anticipated what Laien and Yin were going to say.

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  • Book 2. The outside world.

    Chapter 36. We'll help.

    “How come anywhere we go, it always ends up like this?” Yin said with a disbelieving smile, knowing very well that Laien isn’t going to refuse this request. “Who knows? But I sure wish they would ask us normally, I hate this depressed mood…” Laien commented lightheartedly. He really was beginning to wonder if these women here weren’t a bit too moody, creating this whole deathly atmosphere every few minutes, while trying to act all strong in-between…


    “I sure hope that you has some real plan for us, not just ‘go and do your best’ kind of thing.” Yin mentioned up in the air, giving Flora an anticipating look. The elderly woman, however, needed a moment to collect herself before she could say anything sensible.


    “You kids…” Claire looked like she didn’t know what to say. She had long since recognized that Laien and Yin weren’t just any average children, so she didn’t expect them to agree to participate in a dangerous plan just like that. Especially Laien… She didn’t think he would be so easygoing about accepting their request without even asking what exactly can he get in return; not after he displayed his fairly domineering character when facing off with Marcia.


    “Ah, my. I’m sorry, it must have been unpleasant to look at a crying old woman.” Flora said with a smile, having wiped the tears off her face. “Talk about a group of emotionally unstable women, huh?” She added, laughing a little.


    “Well…” Laien smiled meaningfully. He would be unable to deny even if he wanted to. During the last ten minutes, these women went from being merry, to serious, easy going, then furious… crying… and being happy again… “They are even worse than Nila was with her ever-changing moods… I wonder how she and Anatis are doing, though…” Laien wondered silently, missing the time when he was fooling around with everyone in Neil City.


    “Geez, look at me, now I am getting into a stupid mood.” Laien reprimanded himself and shook his head. “So, do you have any specific plan for us in mind, or are we going to be planning everything now?” He asked, getting back to the point.


    “Very well, let’s not waste any more time for idle chatter.” Flora nodded, regaining her usual fervor. “Since we will be working together, I will first tell you everything we know about the harem and the Holy District. Then, I will proceed to ask you a few questions. Finally, you will ask about anything you might want to know. By the time we finish, we should have a fairly clear image of what we need to do.” When she finished speaking, Flora gazed at Laien and Yin, asking wordlessly whether they are fine with it. The two appeared to be content, so she went on.


    “Honestly, there’s nothing much to know about the Holy District of Ikarians, so it’s not going to be a long lecture… There are only a few basic facts that you need to remember. The building of harem that interests us is located just east to the middle of the Holy District itself. It should be easy for you to navigate due to the tall tower that is in the center of the Holy District… By all means you should end up in the building of harem, but it won’t hurt to know its location just in case.” Despite assuring that it’s going a short lecture, Flora totally got into a mood of an old academic. Without paying much attention to her surroundings, she continued pouring the information onto the two youths…


    “The temple of Nasharu, where all the priests and experts reside in, would be the complex of buildings in the western part of the Holy District. Currently, as far as we know, around five thousand experts at the realm of heroes reside there. What’s important for you to know is that the usual routine for the warriors and magi who reside there is to train and party throughout the day and wander to the various harems in the evening. The priests are less predictable, but since they need to lead praying ceremonies five time a day in the whole Palee city, they won’t be visiting harems in large numbers during the daytime.” Flora kept speaking slowly, without hurry, just like one would imagine an old magician do when lecturing his pupils. Sometimes, Flora’s expression flicked when she thought about her grandson, but she didn’t let it interrupt her train of thoughts.


    “Since the youths captured for the High Priest are usually treated better, you shouldn’t need to worry about yourselves too much. It’s unlikely that you or those two will be touched before the man arrives in person and has a chance to take a look at you… But it’s not entirely impossible either… It will be up to you how to react if that happens.” Flora stated bitterly, in the back of her mind concerned about the fate of those two boys of hers and Claire’s. Were they fine? Or had they been hurt? Or maybe some priest roughed them up so much that it was decided it’s better to dispose of them than to show them to the High Priest? Or to throw them into the city harem, available to anyone willing to pay?


    Flora trembled a little, pursing her lips tight. She took a deep breath, then proceeded with laying out the details and information about her plan.


    “When the time comes, I would need you two to take our children and fight your way out of the Holy District. I am sure no true experts would stand in your way, after all, those proud masters wouldn’t lower themselves to playing the role of a simple guard. Nevertheless, that’s where the problem comes…” Flora shook her head, then explained hesitatingly. “Can you do that? Fight your way through at least few dozen guards along the way and flee, protecting our two kids at the same time?” She asked straightforwardly, knowing that if Laien and Yin weren’t confident… Then she would probably need to call the rescue off. However, she was ready to bear with it. She wouldn’t force two children into a fight they couldn’t win for the sake of her grandson and Claire’s nephew.


    Laien smiled reassuringly and seeing Flora’s expression, hurried to answer. “As long as we have our weapons, it should be simple… But is there a way for us to carry our interspatial rings inside?” He said and began musing aloud, showing no hint of concern about facing guard who were but at the mortal realm. In truth, both he and Yin appeared so confident that Marcia couldn’t help but speak up her doubts.


    “I appreciate that you are helping us, but you shouldn’t be over-exaggerating your strength. There’s no point in empty bragging. Even if you two are geniuses and young masters of some great clans, how much experience in fighting can you two have? Just so you know, a life-or-death battle is incomparable to any sparring you two might have had with your masters.” Marcia spoke in a typical to her, aggressive manner. She could admit that Laien and Yin were talented, but she couldn’t believe they would be a match for trained adults. She even doubted whether asking them for help was a good idea at all. In her eyes, Flora and Claire were clinging to some unreasonable hope, as these two were pretty much destined to fail.


    “I don’t think you need to worry about that.” Liza suddenly brought up with a laugh, joining the conversation. By now, she managed to collect herself and once again was behaving like she always did. Confidently, brashly…  and somewhat cunningly. “We traveled through the Anarchic Lands to come here, you know? These two did their own fair share of fighting and killing. From what I saw, despite their age, it didn’t look like it was a first-time experience for them either.” Liza stated openly, her words smelling of ridicule from a smile. For her, it was killing two birds with one stone. She could both annoy the woman she never liked and get on Laien and Yin’s good side. There truly was no better way to relieve some stress.


    “Liza, you really mean what you are saying? How old are these two,? Eleven, twelve? How can they be used to fighting and killing people?” Even though she heard it from Liza, Marcia refused to take her at word. She turned her gaze to Laien and Yin, further reassuring her doubts. All she could see were two brats who probably spent majority of their lives playing without a worry.


    “Hmph, it looks like even the ‘billion’ deaths didn’t cure your idiotic beliefs, ‘Miss Marcia’. It’s because your Faren Republic refused to fight for itself when it still could and kept teaching its children to defend themselves with flowers instead of swords that this disaster happened.” Liza blurted out without thinking twice about what exactly she was saying. She might have been pretty much spot on with her argument, but… She certainly didn’t choose the best way or time to deliver it.


    “You…!” Marcia boiled with anger, seemingly on the verge of exploding. However, at the same time, something deep inside her cracked. She knew that Liza was speaking the truth, she also remembered her own words from the past… It was all rooted inside her too deeply to change in the span of a year or two. Feeling disgusted with herself, Marcia suddenly went silent. She lowered her head and didn’t say anything else. Liza’s word proved to be a painful blow, exactly because they were harsh and true at the same time.


    Maybe if there were less people like her in the past, and more people like Liza or Claire, then the Faren Republic wouldn’t have perished so pitiably… Having brought genocide upon itself, having been blind until the very moment when it was already too late…


    “Don’t beat yourself over it, Marica. Nothing will change if you do. You are here with us now, that’s what is important.” Flora spoke soothingly. “We mustn’t forget this painful lesson, but there’s no need to be bringing it up only to hurt one another.” She said, disheartened.


    “Enough. Let’s get back to the point.” She added after a few seconds of seemingly very long silence.


    “These two are strong.” Jin suddenly decided to speak up, feeling like saying a word or two about Laien and Yin. “We all saw these two sparring with each other many times. I exchanged a blow or two with Laien, too, and I don’t think I am his match.” He reminded, massaging his wrist that had nearly been broken by Laien at that time. “It wouldn’t be too much to say that they are as strong as martial masters of the second rank. Some guards who aren’t even at the realm of heroes will be a piece of cake for them to deal with.” He topped it off by saying so, making the seven women dumbstruck, at the very least.


    These two boys who looked eleven or twelve year old were as strong a martial masters of the second rank? With their cultivation bases being around seventh and eighth mortal realms? It was utterly inconvincible. If Liza and Jin didn’t appear to be serious while saying so, they might have thought of it as some ridiculous joke.


    Seeing the shocked expressions of the women, Ruan couldn’t stop himself from adding. “That’s right. These two are monsters. They both possess powerful arts and techniques… Their innate talent is off the charts, too. Any average martial master of the first rank is no match for them.” He assured with certainty. Little did he know, that for current Laien and Yin… perhaps not now, but after a month or two would pass… even ‘average’ martial masters of the fourth rank would be no match anymore. Unless one wielded top-level art, was a highly talented magi, or possessed other, special talents or unique abilities… He would definitely be unable to stand up to those two youths.


    Of course, Laien and Yin were both self-aware of this fact. However, they only listened to all the praising with smiles on their faces. They felt no need to brag - or at least, not that much, in Laien’s case. After all, it would be too troublesome to explain why exactly do they possess  such strength. The existence of the Aspects, of the Principles, of the Profound Mysteries they were only beginning to grasp… Of each of theirs heritages and abilities. There would be no end to it and what’s more, they didn’t feel like revealing it to just anyone.


    “My, such promising youths… How many centuries had it been since our Faren Republic produced geniuses like that, with potential to reach the late stages of the realm of heroes?” Flora said bitterly. In contrast to everyone, she had been alive for far longer and had seen many things. She didn’t find it as unbelievable for the most supreme talents of the young generation to be comparable to some of the weaker experts of the old generation. In truth, she had seen such peerless geniuses before; ones originating from noble families, attending the greatest schools on the continent. However, she wouldn’t have ever dreamed about Laien and Yin actually belonging in the ranks of those peerless individuals.


    “My, I said I’d grant you anything you desire… but does this old lady even have anything worth your attention?” Flora mused aloud, becoming more and more aware of how strong and wealthy the powers hidden behind Laien and Yin must be. For her to offer anything fitting as a reward for them… She doubted whether she truly possessed such a thing.


    “You do have something. I am interested in runes, so you can teach me how to use them.” Laien replied quickly, recalling the impressive runic formation that Flora used to intimidate him and Marcia. The power displayed by this spell really made a huge impression on Laien and made him even more eager to learn how to use runes.


    “Certainly, if that’s what you wish, I will teach you the basics and provide with materials for self-study. If you decide to remain here for longer, I will teach you personally.” Flora promised with a warm smile. However, she groaned silently, turning her eyes towards Yin. “Runes can be used only by magi, so I fear I have no suitable knowledge to offer to you, young one…” She said apologetically, a bit worried how Yin would react. The two might have already agreed to help, but the possibility of them withdrawing was still there.


    “Then, as Laien would say, you will just owe me a favor.” Yin chuckled, exchanging a glance with Laien, then giving Flora a smile. He nodded lightly and reminded. “So… what about our interspatial rings? Will we be able to bring them with us”


    Flora smiled helplessly and like Yin asked her to, clarified some things. “We have a trusted ally who is pretty high in the hierarchy of Ikarians. He will surely lend us a hand. Since you won’t be caught on the streets by some random Guards of Nasharu, but delivered as a gift, they won’t suspect that you are carrying anything dangerous. Adding a few other rings to your hands will be more than enough to disguise your interspatial rings.” Having said so, she gave Laien and Yin a look, waiting to see if they have any questions.


    “Can you really trust that man you mentioned? If he betrays us, we will be screwed.” Laien questioned, not too inclined to get screwed over by a person he knew nothing about.


    “There’s no doubt we can trust him. He helped us greatly during the great purge. I certainly wouldn’t be asking him to aid us if I weren’t  sure of his intentions.” Flora stated outright. “Anything else?” She asked patiently. Laien shook his head, Yin appeared to have no questions either, so after thinking for a second, she returned to telling them about the last few things they needed to know.


    “Lastly, your escape. We will keep watch on the Holy District and the moment you are discovered by the guards, our ‘alliance of the seven mountains’ will launch an attack on the western walls of the Holy District. We can muster at least hundred people, so we will be sure to make raise some big ruckus. The Ikarians won’t be able to stand an open provocation when their High Priest is about to pay them a visit. I wouldn’t be surprised if their whole army rushed to chase after us. Even if somebody happened to tell them about slaves escaping from the harems, at most a few would turn back to chase you, if anyone at all.” Flora allowed herself to release a little sigh. That part of the plan would be most dangerous for her and all her colleagues. She could only hope that they would be able to retreat and flee in time, before any of them would be killed or caught.


    “Mm, I think it makes sense… As long as everything works as you are saying…” Laien murmured, then nodded strongly, deciding that Flora’s plan is good enough. “How are we supposed to find those two? Nathan and Louis, right? How do we recognize them? Also, do you have any information how the building of harem looks from inside, where are we likely to be placed?” He asked about the things that came to his mind and soon enough, he received an answer.


    “Shashri - the man who we are going to ask for help - had been to the harems in the Holy District, so we know pretty much everything. As gifts to the High Priest, you will be placed in the central building, most likely in one big room with the other kidnapped, ‘gifted’ or bought boys… In case you aren’t…” Flora shook her head, pursing her lips. “Then the only option left for you will be to search. However, don’t try to get information out of the guards. They will sooner cry out in alarm than tell you anything, even if you threaten them to kill. If possible, dispose of them before they have a chance to raise an alarm.” Flora looked like she had something else to say, but for a moment, she went silent. Then, with a pained expression on her face, she spoke quietly. “If you can’t find those two and the situation escalates beyond what you can handle…”


    However, before she could finish her sentence, Laien interrupted her. “It’s not going to happen, so don’t worry.” He reassured in a lighthearted tone.


    “I truly do hope so.” Flora forced out a smile and fell silent for a period of time. In her heart, the debt of gratitude she owed Laien and Yin her grew even bigger

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  • Book 2. The outside world.

    Chapter 37. The one who brings Shaari.

    “Nathan, my grandson…” Flora began saying, recalling the looks of her precious child. “He is ten years old. He is about a head shorter than either of you. His eyes are black, he has dark brown hair… He resembled me a bit form his face… His body is fairly thin since he never trained physically... He is a spiritual practitioner of the third rank.” She described the youth in detail, mentioning everything she could think of and considered to be remotely important.


    When Flora finished speaking, Claire didn’t wait long and also told Laien and Yin something about her nephew. “Louis is eleven, he is as tall as either of you are. You will spot him easily, he has long light-brown hair reaching halfway to his back. His eyes are also light brown… He is a martial practitioner of the fourth rank.” She concluded swiftly, speaking at a much quicker pace than Flora did.


    “That should be all from our side…” Flora mused aloud after having Laien and Yin repeat the descriptions of Nahan and Louis to see if they remembered everything. “We need time to do a lot of preparations, so we will begin the plan tomorrow morning. Until then, you can rest in Claire’s inn or if you must, you can go and take a look at the city… Remember to conceal yourselves through, like you did before coming here. Also be sure to go in a company of at least one your male guards. It would be a disaster if Guards of Nasharu captured you by some stroke of bad luck.” She warned wisely, wary to avoid the worst possibility.


    “We won’t be going to the city, right?” Yin said with a light smile, gazing at Laien out of the corner of his eye. “Yeah.” Laien confirmed with a nod. The two of them didn’t find the atmosphere in Palee City to be enjoyable, so they didn’t feel like wandering about it either.


    “If you don’t have any questions… then for now, take that.” Flora threw a golden interspatial ring to Laien and explained briefly. “There’s all knowledge of mine about the runes in this ring. Although it will be harder for you to learn without a teacher, from the looks of it, we won’t have much time to use for teaching. I might as well give you it in advance.” She said with a meaningful smile, reluctantly parting with her precious manuals, scrolls, books and many other things necessary for learning the magic of runes.


    “Ah, right. I nearly forgot… After we escape from the Holy District, what then?” Laien asked, suddenly remembering about this ‘obvious’ matter that they somehow managed to not talk about.


    “You will be received by Claire and one other of our dual experts. If possible, you will disappeared in the city. If not, we will make sure to help you to escape out of it along with your companions.” Flora explained briefly. “If you get out of the Holy District, then the rest will be easy for your side.” She reassured, predicting that the attention of the majority of Ikarian masters would at the time be focused on chasing her seven mountains alliance.


    “I guess…” Laien shrugged his shoulders and turned to look at Claire. “Can you take us up? We will probably just rest in our room until morning.” He asked expectantly.


    Claire gazed at Flora and only when the elderly women nodded lightly, did she say. “Fine, let’s go. I will accommodate your escorts, too. I guess the two of you prefer a two-person room?” She brought up somewhat teasingly, guessing from the way Laien decided to seat himself and Yin; separately from everyone else. “Yeah. That would be nice.” Laien affirmed, not too concerned with Claire’s teasing. He gave the remaining six women one last look, then turned and left the secret room with Yin and the other three.




    “Sure isn’t luxurious, but still better than the one in the Iron Fort.” Laien mused, caressing the blankets on his bed. They were quite soft and they smelled nicely, the room was warm, too. There really wasn’t much he was dissatisfied with, only… There was no a proper washroom, but perhaps that would be expecting too much.  At the very least, there was one in the hallway.


    “So, what do we do? Are you going to study runes?” Yin asked, seating himself cross-legged on top of the second bed. “Nah, it looks too complicated. I would need some peace and quiet to study them. I will just train until evening and then go to sleep.” Laien replied lazily and laid down on the bed. Were he to try and improve his basic cultivation level, or like Yin, would need to carefully make sure that his body gets used to its own newly gained power, he would probably choose to sit down, but since that wasn’t the case, he could as well train while laying down.


    “Well then… Let’s take another look at this Profound Mystery of Inferno…” Laien thought quietly, submerging into the depths of his consciousness. He carefully approached the spot where the Profound Mystery of Inferno had been engraved upon his soul and very slowly, reached out to it.


    With utmost caution, he began merging with the very surface of the powerful mass of insights.


    Instantly, he was forced rely on the Aspect of Tranquility to prevent all the energy in his body from going berserk. He was entering a dangerous territory, going beyond the powers that he could naturally control. However, by straining himself like this… He was making a considerable progress both in comprehension of the Aspect of Tranquility and in understanding the Profound Mystery of Inferno. Although his current progress in the later one felt like pulling a drop of water from a sea, he could tell how great of a power this one drop provided him with.


    “Good… Just like that red-haired big sister said, everything is connected. Aspects, Principles, Profound Mysteries… Now if I only can create a suitable technique or spell to use along with the borderline uncontrollable Profound Mystery of Inferno…” Laien allowed his thoughts to wander freely as he focused his whole attention on comprehending his insights and searching for a way to put them to a practical use. Just like that, time passed by at a quick pace..




    “Great Yimar, we are about to come ashore.” A man with the top of his head wrapped in white cloth reported respectfully, falling down to his knees and putting his forehead against the wooden deck.


    “Leave.” The man wearing white clothes decorated with many golden armaments ordered, not sparing even one look at the servant.


    When he was left alone, the man in white-golden cloth frowned and murmured angrily. “A month on this damned ship, sailing the sea of betrayals… What was the Great Prophet thinking, sending me of all people to the lands of infidels?” The man cracked his fingers, unable to prevent some of his powerful Qi from leaking out in anger. In the luxurious cabin, the air itself stirred, responding to the overbearing wind-element energy of the middle aged man. The power of the seventh realm of heroes filled the room, but was quickly withdrawn just as quickly as it appeared.


    “No choice. I shall see for myself how do our newly gained lands look. If they prove good enough, I shall govern them for a decade or two and then return to our homeland.” The white-golden clothed man decided, coming to terms with the task bestowed upon him by the Great Prophet.


    At the moment, he was in no hurry to leave the ship and wanted to lay back down onto the bed of pillows, but suddenly, he sensed a presence of a person approaching his room.


    “Father! We are in the Eulean Union, right?” A four or five year old youth called out merrily. He ran up to his father and hugged him, sitting down on his lap. “I want to go sightseeing. Can we, can we?” The youth asked energetically, looking up at his father’s face with a wide smile on his face.


    The white-golden clothed man laughed, then patted his dear son’s head. “Fine, we will go. Do you have everything you need with you?” He asked in a gentle voice. “I do!” The boy answered and nodded lightly, without ever taking his eyes off his father.


    “So… Let’s get going!” The man held his son with one hand and stood up, then walked out on the board of the ship with the youth in his arms. He ignored the kowtowing servants and subordinates and walked up to the wooden bridge leading down from the ship to the coast. His son, who he held against his chest, looked around excitedly, eager to see the land of another country.


    At the very moment the white-golden clothed man’s figure appeared, the hundreds of thousands followers of Nasharu fell to the ground and cried out in one, united voice. “Iratzu Shaara! Iratzu Shaara!” Their cry shook the heavens and caused the earth to tremble. As the unending chant continued to grow stronger and stronger, the youth in the man’s arms kept smiling and waving his hand to the huge crowd of people. The boy’s eyes seemed to glister, filled with awe and pride coming from having such an amazing father.


    The white-golden clothed man looked upon the gathered followers of Nasharu with no particularly positive or negative feelings. He wasn’t too excited at the sight, having seen much greater amounts of people back in his homeland. However, seeing that his son was enjoying himself, he took his time and walked down fairly slowly.


    “Great Yimar, your servant greets you in the lands converted to the might of Halla, the only true god!” A man wearing a white robe greeted the the white-golden clothed man. Bowing, he asked courteously. “Does Mustafa the Humble, the right hand of the Great Prophet, the Great Yimar of Manakke, have any wishes to make of this humble servant?” Waiting for an answer, the white-robed man raised his head slightly. He trembled, overwhelmed by the majestic presence of the Great Yimar.


    “You should be the Yimar assigned to this kingdom. What’s your name?” Mustafa asked calmly, paying little to not attention to the overbearing clamor caused by the hundreds of thousands of people. “This humble servant’s name is Sharu, Great Yimar.” The white-robed man answered hurriedly, so nervous that he was about to fall down to his knees and kowtow.


    “I wish to see the most beautiful and bewildering these lands have to offer. You shall be my guide, Sharu.” Mustafa stated his desire, to which the white-clothed man responded in kind.


    “Yes, Great Yimar. It shall happen as you say. A great welcome had been prepared for you in the capital city of Palee. After that, I shall personally take you to see all the best these lands have to offer.” The white-clothed man, Sharu, bowed even more deeply, fearful that the Great Yimar might find his proposition not satisfying enough.


    “Capital? Is it similar to our Holy City? I want to see!” The youth in Mustafa’s arms called out, startling Sharu pretty heavily.


    “Fine, we will go there. But you will lead the procession with me during the whole way. It’s a ride of over one thousand kilometers, can you do it, Arslan?” Mustafa asked his son with a laugh. “We will ride together in the front?! I will!” The five year old didn’t betray Mustafa’s expectations and agreed eagerly. Of course, he was aware how hard it would be for him to keep up with his father’s pace for so long, but he didn’t hesitate to take on the challenge for even a fraction of asecond.


    “That’s my son!” Mustafa laughed loudly, already walking out of the crowd and heading in the direction of the thousands Hisan horses waiting for him and his personal soldiers. The swift light-brown steeds were being led out of the ships en masse, each of them comparable or better in quality to the best of war horses from the central and southern parts of the continent. The sight was truly astonishing to behold.


    Without the need to speak out and ask for it, two servants led two pure-white Hisan horses to Mustafa and Arslan. One of the steeds was full-grown, while the other was obviously still pretty young and a size smaller.


    The five year old Arslan looked at his father, who nodded lightly with a smile on his face. The youth pushed himself away and jumped down from his father’s arms. He then ran up to the one and a half meter high horse and in one leap, seated himself in the saddle. He quickly looked at his father, looking for a praise from him.


    Mustafa chuckled, mounting his own horse. He gave his son an encouraging look, pointing at the road they were going to take with his eyes.


    “Ho!” Arslan called out merrily, kicking his horse’s sides lightly. The white steed obediently trotted forward, reading his master’s intentions fairly well.


    The Great Yimar, Mustafa, also rode forward. He gazed briefly at the thousands of his private troops who without any delay mounted their horses and followed him and his son. Satisfied with what he was seeing, Mustafa relaxed. Maybe the time he would need to spend in those faraway lands wouldn’t be that bad, if he could focus more of his attention on his son; or so he came to think.




    “Lina… Isn’t that a bit… too much?” Laien asked helplessly, his eye twitching from frustration.


    “Come on, stop moving! Do you want start be starting all over again?” The sixteen year old girl from yesterday’s meeting reprimanded in a jokingly angry tone, all the while holding back from giggling.


    Laien groaned silently, promising himself to somehow get back at Lina if a chance ever appeared. He agreed to help Flora and Claire to rescue those two… but this… this was…


    “Don’t be so angry, you look cute~” Yin chuckled, sitting on the side and watching how Lina was putting makeup on Laien’s face.


    Laien was about to start sulking, but then Lina commented in his stead. “Don’t worry, it’s your turn next~” She said with a wide smile and giggled, seeing Yin’s troubled expression.


    “You sure found some interesting children.” The Ikarian man leaning against the room’s wall said with a laugh. “I’m sure they will be a big hit in the harem~” He added jokingly, meaning no harm, but still causing Laien to get angry at him.


    “Mm, finished. Now you can frown all you want.” Lina nodded to herself, taking a long look at Laien’s face. Since Laien’s features weren’t that of a typical ‘beautiful boy’, she refrained from using any powder and only oiled his skin a little bit. For the same reason, instead of making his lips brighter with a crimson lipstick, she chose to intensify their natural color with more toned shade of red… What required most effort from her was making Laien’s eyelashes and eyebrows more distinct while keeping the ‘strong and serious’ feeling to them, but in her own opinion, she did really well with that, too. She had even combed Laien’s neck-long black hair properly, as originally, they were a complete mess…


    As Laien opened his eyes and looked at her, Lina found herself in bit of a daze and began daydreaming a little. “Waa, he sure looks good…” She suddenly caught herself on thinking and shook her head, her cheeks blushing red.


    Seeing that luckily for her, Laien wasn’t paying attention and already walked off to the side, she sighed with relief. “Come, now the other one.” She said eagerly, patting the pillow in front of her and chuckling, watching how the two boys exchange a look. “They sure are cute, squabbling like that.” She mused quietly, already wondering what kind of makeup should she do for the exceptionally good-looking Yin. “Mm, gotta try my best. It’s a rare chance, after all.” She said to herself, making sure to enjoy the carefree moment.


    As Lina started taking care of Yin, Laien turned his eyes to the Ikarian man and asked with some suspicion present in his eyes. “So… You will take us to that harem in the Holy District?”


    “Well, to be exact, not me, but my men.” The man said with a smile. “It would be bad if after your escape the Holy Palace connected me to the two of you, don’t you think? So please mind yourself to not mention my name. I’ve been told Claire explained to you and your friend how to behave, so I hope you won’t screw anything up.” Having said so, the man smirked, getting Laien quite angry. For ‘some’ reason, the two of them just didn’t mix too well with each other…


    “Hmph, I rather worry if we can really trust you. What reason do you have for helping these women and their organization anyway?” Laien questioned, unable to shake off the bad feeling about this man. Although Yin assured him that there’s nothing wrong with this person, he just naturally couldn’t bring himself to like this guy…


    “Just a personal grudge.” The man answered, his expression turning serious. He nearly made Laien’s opinion of him turn for better, but then… “Nothing that should interest a brat like you.” He added, causing Laien to roll his eyes and start ignoring him from this point onwards.

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    Book 2. The outside world.

    Chapter 38. Bestiality.

    “What a nasty feeling…” Laien murmured, keeping his head down and looking at the gold-plated chains on his hands and legs. He realized that they were made of purposely bad quality metal and that he could break them any moment, but they were still giving him creeps. Acting like a slave… it was more sickening than he thought it would be. Yet, by now, he could do nothing but than stand here, at the gate to the Holy District and wait patiently.


    “These two? A gift for the Great Yimar from the Kashii Sharu from the Deren Kingdom?” The arriving chamberlain asked, not too convinced. “What is he thinking, a Kashii sending only two of them… what a disgrace. Does he want to make a fool of himself?” The brown-clothed chamberlain frowned, giving the man who brought Laien and Yin a scornful look. He understood, however, that he was looking at but a servant of the Kashii Sharu, so he couldn’t be bothered to waste any more breath on the man.


    “Ah, whatever. Show me how these two look. If they are good enough, we will accept them.” The chamberlain said and walked up to the closer youth, then unceremoniously removed the hood from his head. He lazily moved his gaze down to look at the boy, who at the same time looked up right into his eyes…


    “Dear Halla!” The chamberlain cried out, causing the nearby guards to turn their heads and look curiously. Even the few nearby serfs wandering around the outskirts of the Holy District stopped to take a look, wondering what could have surprised the chamberlain so much that he would shout.


    The brown-clothed chamberlain took a deep breath, staring at the black-haired youth in front of him. “Rakcha Bazi…” He said with a smile and commented aloud. ”He truly has a disobedient, strong look to him. Great, great. I never thought that we would receive a top-quality Rakcha Bazi today. Kashii Sharu really found something nice.” As he was praising, the chamberlain moved over to the second youth. “Let’s see what we have here…” He mused expectantly, removing the hood from Yin’s head.


    “Sari Sasra Bazi!” A few surprised voices cried out at the same time as the chamberlain gasped in astonishment. In his life, he had seen more beautiful boys than he could hope to count, but he had never seen a boy as marvelous as the one that was standing before him right now. For a second, a desire to take this youth for himself appeared in the chamberlain’s heart, but as soon as he remembered about the imminent arrival of the Great Yimar, he threw that idea away.


    “Praise the Halla, I’ve never seen anyone deserving to be called ‘Sari Sasra Bazi’ more than this youth. The Great Yimar will surely be extremely satisfied with him. You can go back and tell your master to expect to be rewarded greatly.” The chamberlain spoke without taking his eyes off Yin. But then… He suddenly felt a cold chill and started looking around. Confused, the chamberlain could have sworn that he felt a powerful bloodthirst from somewhere nearby, but no matter how hard he searched for the source of this killing intent, he couldn’t quite tell who might have been its owner. “I must be seeing things.” He deemed in the end, letting the matter be.


    “Escort these two to the main harem. If anyone touches as much as a strand of hair on their heads before the Great Yimar sees them, he will be beheaded. Understood?” The chamberlain warned very seriously, giving the few nearby guards a stern look.


    The three men who the chamberlain spoke to, seeing their superior act like this, threw away all the lewd thoughts they might have had about playing with the two boys or feeling them up before leaving them at the harem. They fell to their knees and lowered their heads, displaying their obedience; only then did the chamberlain’s expression smoothen out and did he allow them to take the two precious boys away.




    “You two will be staying here.” One of the three gate guards said bleakly, an obvious note of frustration present in his voice.


    “Hoo…” The guard at the door raised his eyebrows, pretty impressed with the looks of their new acquisitions. “Don’t go making a ruckus. You will be punished if you do.” He reprimanded very simply, opening the door to the large chambers and gesturing the two youths to go inside.


    As Laien and Yin walked into to the dark room, lit with but a few olive lamps here and there, the heavy door was shut behind them.


    The moment Laien’s eyes got used to the dark, he saw around half a hundred boys between the age of six and fourteen. The boys were all wearing pure white robes and were sitting or lying down on large white pillows. The floor itself was covered with countless furs of exotic animals, while the air reeked of some nauseously sweet smell. The boys weren’t talking or doing anything else; the atmosphere in the room was filled with the silent despair which many of the youths had already accepted as inventible reality.


    “Their bodies are…” Yin said in a low, somewhat trembling voice. He could see much better in the dark than Laien, so he quickly spotted the minute details. Around half of the youths in the chambers, perhaps those who had the misfortune to be here for longer, were in a horrible state.


    However… Were it only for the wounds, neither Yin nor Laien would be shaken by the sight alone. It was the awareness of how these wounds must have been inflicted that caused rage to boil in both of their hearts. All these kids weren’t hurt while fighting, but were tormented for the fun of it… Restrained, unable to fight back, experiencing despair and hopelessness over and over again… Then thrown back into this room without being treated at all, left to die in excruciating pain.


    After a few seconds, Laien spotted Louis - the boy with long brown hair - and when he did, all the blood drained from his face. Countless bruises and blood stains were visible on Louis’s body, it was hard to tell from a few dozen meters away, but he truly was in a dire state. Seeing the especially large crimson stain on the white robe below the eleven year old’s back made Laien imagine how this heavily bleeding wound must have been created…


    Unable to stand it anymore, Laien leaned forward and threw up, both horrified and infuriated by the grotesque perspective.


    The four men standing silently in the four corners of the large chambers glanced at Laien very briefly, then returned to staring blankly into the space. A sight like that wasn’t all that uncommon here, so they paid it no mind. Later, a servant would come and clear the mess, so it wasn’t their business…


    Laien spit out the remaining vomit from his mouth and smiled weakly, feeling Yin patting him on his back. He didn’t need to look to know that Yin was just as, if not even more furious than him. Without wasting any time, Laien spread his aura throughout the room and confirmed the cultivation bases of the present guards. As expected, they were mediocre, if not to say - low. The four men were all at the sixth mortal realm as martial practitioners, so they weren’t anything special.


    Although the furthest two guards were more than a hundred meters away from Laien, it didn’t change anything. They were just too weak and too relaxed. Virtually at the same time, the four of them slid down along the walls they were resting against and fell to the floor, dead. Were one to look closely, he would notice a few centimeters long spikes of ice sticking out of their respective foreheads. In dark room, not being vigilant in the slightest, about to fall asleep form boredom… There never was a possibility of them surviving a sudden assault.


    Having gotten rid of the four pests, Laien quickly approached Louis and kneeled down at his side. He put his hand at the youth’s back, all the while listening to his weak and ragged breathing. “Both arms and wrists dislocated… he is bleeding inside his stomach… his ribs are shattered… and he is torn down there, too…” Laien said aloud, already using his water-element magic to heal Louis’s injuries. A colorless layer of water engulfed Louis’s body, causing the many bruises to disappear in the span of few seconds. The remaining wounds, however, took longer and required more effort take care of.


    As far as healing a simple sword wound wasn’t that hard, getting rid of heavy internal injuries was something on an entirely another level of difficulty. The magic called forth couldn’t simply regenerate the wounds, it needed to remove the excess blood, dissolve the dangerous remains of shattered bones and only then return the internals to their original state. Were it not for the purity of Laien’s spiritual energy, he would have needed to use up all his energy just to heal Louis. In the end, Laien expended around a third of spiritual energy - still a very considerable amount.


    “It sure is harder to heal someone else, especially when he is in such a state…” Laien murmured, wondering if a ‘real’ and not self-created healing spell would have had a better effect and been more efficient. He really could use getting a teacher… but it wasn’t the right time to be thinking about that.


    “Healing all of them will be…” Laien groaned, exchanging a look with Yin. It really couldn’t be helped. Even if they wanted to cure only those who were in as bad of a condition as Louis had been in, it would be impossible. Using up all his spiritual energy to mend everyone a little, so they wouldn’t die… Was out of the question, too. No matter how vexing it was, Laien felt that he couldn’t afford to expend all his spiritual strength for them, not when he needed it to safely escape this place.


    “Do you think there is a way to get them all out of here?” Yin asked quietly, thinking about the same thing Laien came to consider doing. “Not one that I can think of.” Laien replied with a sigh. It would be risky enough to run with two kids, but to lead out a whole bunch of them, while half can’t even walk by themselves? Impossible. Maybe if he was at the spiritual master level and could easily stabilize enough water to lift them all high into the air… But something like that would make them an easy target for the practitioners gathered in the Holy District… While some kids fleeing by the ground during a commotion might be overlooked, something like using magic to float with a large number of people would attract way too much attention.


    “That being said… I don’t see the other one anywhere. Nathan, was it? Are we going to need to search the building after all?” Laien mused aloud, giving up the thoughts of rescuing everyone. Before Yin could say something, the two of them heard a groan coming from the awakening Louis and turned their eyes to look at him.


    The long-haired eleven year old tried to raise himself up, but started coughing out the blood leftover in his throat. Feeling weak, Louis rolled over on his side. “Don’t try to stand up yet. I healed you, but your fatigue is still there.” Laien explained patiently, holding back from flooding the half-conscious Louis with questions.


    The eleven year old squinted his eyes, then rubbed them, all the while trying to calm down his shallow breathing. He didn’t quite understand what was going on, but everything slowly stated coming back to him. Involuntarily recalling the hell he went though, Louis began shaking all over his body. He was so scared that he peed himself, but despite that, he still kept his mouth shut tightly, too terrified of what this man would do to him if he were to cry out.


    At this moment, the disgust Laien and Yin felt towards the majority of Ikarians had already reach the level of hatred. Seeing a kid their age in this state moved them much more than being told about a purge that happened in Eulean Union a few months ago. At first, it all felt distant, even unrealistic. However now, all the events they heard about became painfully real in their hearts. Just imagining the horrifying things that the hundreds, or perhaps thousands of slaves in the harems, both children and women alike, must be going through every day was making Laien’s and Yin’s blood boil.


    Laien took a deep breath, trying to regain his composure. “We’re here to save you. We will get you out of here, but first, we need to find your friend, Nathan.” He tried to reassure Louis, but to no visible effect. Yet, when he mentioned Nathan’s name, Louis’s eyes suddenly regained focus. Although he didn’t stop trembling and the tears kept flowing from his eyes, the eleven old managed to utter. “He-e’s .. still with… h-him… H-he’s g-going to d-die…” Having forced the words out of his mouth, Louis gave Laien and Yin a desperate, pleading look. If nothing was done… then Nathan would surely be tortured and raped to death…


    Laien cursed quietly. He exchanged a glance with Yin; the two of them nodded at each other. Immediately, Laien released his aura and stretched it as far as it could go.


    To Laien’s surprise, his aura didn’t stop expanding when it reached the distance of one hundred meters. It kept stretching out even further with each second and didn’t seem like it would stop anytime soon. Two hundred meters, three hundred, five hundred… Finally, it engulfed the whole building, creating a sphere with a radius of over eight hundred meters!


    It took Laien a good moment to discern all the various presences and find the person he was looking for. He managed to pick out a young, weak life force of a spiritual practitioner and the presence of a some grown-up man the same room. “Four guards in my way. The man is a martial master of the second rank…” Laien thought to himself, then glanced at Yin. The two of them didn’t need to speak, they understood each other well enough without words and if that wasn’t enough, their spiritual bond made it fairly easy to tell each other’s intentions.


    Laien ran up to the door, trying to be careful to not make his footsteps too loud. He made use of his aura and by focusing on one specific place, he made out the exact location of the guard at the door. He controlled his spiritual energy, creating a spike of ice and sending it toward the man’s neck. He killed him at the spot… or rather, should have killed him on the spot, but failed, because the man actually noticed the forming magic out of the corner of his eye.


    Being in such a rush, Laien screwed up and allowed his target to retaliate. He was too hasty, too careless… However, the guard also made a mistake. Startled as his was, he never would have expected to be attacked all of the sudden in such a bizarre manner. He instinctively dodged by stepping back, but in result, slammed right into the sturdy door. Before he could yell out, the spike of ice sliced his throat and made him unable to utter anything apart from some bulging sounds.


    The next second, a good dozen more spikes of ice, this time much bigger, appeared in front of the man and impaled him onto the door, killing him for good.


    “Damn it, damn it. If I do as bad with this martial master of the second rank, I will have the whole army chasing after me in the next instant.” Laien cursed in his mind, all the while using his magic to quietly shatter the lock and open the door. He slipped away, wondering why was it that no boys in the room made any ruckus after seeing the corpse nailed down to the door… But perhaps it was too late to hassle about something like this.




    Around the same time, on the main avenue of the City of Palee, a great crowd of many million people gathered to greet the arriving Great Yimar.


    “You did well to last so long, stop sulking.” Mustafa said with a smile, finding it pretty amusing that his five year old son was grumpy because he managed to last ‘only’ for one thousand kilometers of the ride before taking a break for few hours and completing it right afterwards anyway. For a five year old this was already amazing enough, but despite that, that son of his still wanted more? “Really, what a handful kid.” Mustafa mused quietly and laughed to himself.


    “Uuu, I wanted to get it all done at once… and then ask for a present…” Arslan pouted quietly, not expecting that his father would hear him through the deafening clamor.


    “You did well enough to ask for something.” Mustafa declared, completely satisfied with his son’s performance. “Is there anything you want?” He asked encouragingly, ready to grant any wish that his dear son might have.


    “Then, I want to keep spending time with you, father! In our homeland, you were always too busy… Can we?” Arslan asked a little nervously, appearing somewhat shy about this request of his.


    Hearing his son’s words, Mustafa couldn’t help but start laugh loudly. “Of course we can!” He said merrily, coming to see more and more benefits from making this trip to the lands of infidels. “Want to race to the gate? We can see it already.” Mustafa suggested, being in a truly wonderful mood.


    After he managed to contain his happiness, Arslan smiled mischievously and kicked his horse’s sides, rushing ahead first in a bit of a false start. “I’m going to be first!” He shouted to his father, smiling from ear to ear. Mustafa chortled and followed in suit, chasing after his son. “What a handful boy” He said to himself once more, watching his young son’s back with a smile on his lips.




    “Great Yimar! We greet you!” The brown-clothed chamberlain shouted loudly and kneeled down. “We greet you, Iratzu Shaara!” The five thousand experts of Palee City cried out in one voice, each of them falling to his knees and lowering his head.


    Mustafa, however, did only as much as nod briefly, paying the men no attention at all. At the moment, he was busy chatting with his son and teasing him about losing the race even after he cheated. He simply couldn’t be bothered to pay any mind to his subjects.


    Seeing that the Great Yimar was absorbed in talking with his son, Sharu approached his chamberlain with the question. “Has everything been prepared?” He asked in a strict tone.

    “Yes, Yimar Sharu. Everything is ready. Also, I have an interesting piece of news for the Great Yimar, if he wishes to hear it.” The chamberlain declared and purposely raised his voice so Mustafa could hear him say so. He care little about making his current master anger and the scornful look he was giving him. If he could get on the good side of the Great Yimar, his status would immediately rise by many levels. Although he might not necessarily be comparable to Yimars, but he would no longer be in a position to be ordered around by them either.


    “Something interesting?” Arslan picked up, confusing the chamberlain. Only when the man realized that the boy must by Great Yimar’s son, did he quickly lower his head and answer respectfully.


    “Yes, just now, a few moments ago, we got ahold of two very unique youths. The lowly me dares to say that both boys have exquisite looks, truly comparable ‘Rakcha Bazi’ and ‘Sari Sasra Bazi’. They are quite a sight to behold.” Chamberlain spoke quickly, a bit nervous that Yimar Sharu is going to cut in and take the credit for himself when he realizes what is going on.


    “A cool boy and a beautiful boy form these lands? I want to see them! Can we go take a look, father?” To the chamberlain’s joy, Arslan’s curiosity was easily piqued and Yimar Sharu had no time to talk at all as the Great Yimar immediately agreed to his son’s request.


    “What are you waiting for? Lead us to these youths.” Mustafa urged the chamberlain, seeing that the man had fallen into some kind of a daze.


    “Ah, yes, yes! Please follow this humble servant. I shall show you the way, Great Yimar.” The chamberlain said hurriedly, rejoicing in his heart. Without any further delays, he led the Great Yimar and his son to the harems.

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