To Make Way

“Life is like a tree, slowly it withers away
For those  who has not carved the way, Time is like the most priceless treasure one can have
But for us who are striving to carve the way, Time is merely a coin
Because we will live forever, our will, our memory and our dao shall forever be carved in our soul”
An old man said to a youth, as if a teacher guiding a child, the old man showed a smile so gentle that one will forever be mesmerized by the smile.

“Good sir, how will one stand at the top, looking down on us like ants?” the young boy asked yet resolution can be seen in his eyes.

“ayayay! kids this days do read too much fictions” The old man laughingly said as he slowly caressed the boy’s black hair, “alas the world can only be looked down if all bows before one’s might” the old man released an aura of benevolence as if he was a God himself.

“Oh sun is about to fall, kid do go home and when you have carved the way then meet me at this place, I shall wait and will show you the worlds behind your world, and remember to reach the peak of the way one must be patient.”

This meeting changed the young boy, yet as a young ambitious boy, what change can the truth bring?

To them, time means nothing,
for they will forever live,
they call themselves immortals,
carving their dao towards the heavens,
means they will be unrestrained,
looking down upon the mortal worlds,
as if looking down on a colony of ants.
They are immortals, they carve the way.
Will you reach the end of the way?
Or will you die trying? – The end

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    He cried till his heart’s content, his heart tightly squeezed as he felt pain and regret, blood flows out of his mouth as he bites his lip, shaken by what he saw, shaken by what this despicable people had done.

    But life is harsh, this despicable humans weren’t punished by the heavens nor judged, for the heavens shows no concern to human acts, no matter what happens heavens will never be by our side because we are ants in the eyes of those in power.

    “I have never seen something as despicable as this, fuckers go to hell!” Cannot keep it anymore, a volcano erupted, He cursed as his heart was squeezed dry and his face was soaking wet in tears.

    Hearing this, the three looked annoyed and the man in black clenches his fists, he stood up and a large noise of a bone breaking erupted, Feron’s cheeks were swollen red as the man in black’s fists breaks as he continuously hits Feron’s face.

    “Hey man, stop it the kid’s beaten as fucked” the man in a t-shirt said “But let me punish him for cursing me Hehehe” With a laugh he puts the tip of the cigarette on Feron’s balls “Hahahahahaha!” Three laughed merrily as they watch Feron in pain.

    “Ahhhh!” He shouted in agony as he felt the burning sensation on his balls, “Fuckers!” He continued cursing, never did he surrender.

    Seeing this, the man in a t-shirt grew bored and puts the cigarette down as he brutally kicks Feron’s Groin.

    He was on the ground, as he endured the pain silently, he sighed in regret as he thought that there will never be a day that he will be alive to see a descendant and lost all hope to meet the old man again.

    Ten hours passed and the same cycle happens,  once the three starts their session of raping, he just lay down there calmly watching, as his eyes shows a hint of pity and disgust, then he gets beaten up after their nirvana.

    After an hour, the van stopped by at a gas station, a gas attendant saw Feron and the woman with eyes wide in shock, but turned around as if he did not saw them when the man in white whispered something in his ears, it was a faint clue but Feron knew that someone in power has ordered this three hooligans.

    But this was the right time, his eyes shines in fierce killing intent, and something in him snapped, with his pitiful state he managed to force his hands free, and with his remaining strength he slowly chokes the beautiful woman whom was tarnished, one can say that in death will let her have peace.

    His eyes showed no regret as he lost all his strength due to him forcing his hands breaking free and choking the woman to death.

    A strand of tear flows out of the woman’s lifeless eye and with a smile, she dies.

    To see cruelty makes one ruthless.


    “Holy fuck!” The man exclaimed as he saw the lying lifeless body on the back of the van and his anger erupted as his eyes gazes at the swollen faced of a young man, his eyes weren’t tired but it shows no sign of vitality.

    “Hey brothers, let’s beat this asshole! He just killed our bitch!” He shouted as he forcefully drags Feron’s body out of the van and lay him on the ground, he clenched his fists and punched Feron’s swollen face, *bang* both the fist and cheeks collided but Feron did not shout in pain nor showed it.

    Then the two brothers hurriedly answered his call and with a frantic face the man in white asked “Why the fuck did you drag him out here?!” Hearing this the man in black hurriedly answered “He choked the woman to death!”

    Both the two faces turned ugly while clenching their fists “Fucker!” the man in a t-shirt kicks Feron’s abdomen and continuously hits his face with an angry expression, Feron endured it all for he attained satisfaction, he was satisfied as he felt that he help the woman regained her freedom from this three’s vile acts.


    The van started moving after the three have disposed of the woman’s body, time after time they beat Feron’s face until he was in a comatose state, due to this he cannot feel the pain anymore yet he can only see their abuse as it continuously goes to the wrong path.

    “Fuck bro, I wanna fuck someone!” The man in a t-shirt shouted as he slams his fist on the side, then the man in black looked at the back and with a smile on his face he said “Fuck him then”

    The man in a t-shirt looked at the back and his face turned into a twisted look and with that, he unzips his pants and slowly walks at the back of the van while smiling with a teehee sound.

    Slowly he removes Feron’s pants as he teases the exit with his chicken, *Smurph* in his mind, Feron was cursing, cursing the heavens for its unfairness, cursing this damn devil for destroying his dignity as a man.

    He wanted to cry but long were his tears dry, he wanted to move but long was his body numb, he was thankful for he have not felt the pain of being penetrated through the butt but spiritually feeling it was also painful.

    Then the van stopped as the man in a t-shirt finished his demonic acts, and shouted “Fuck yeah!” with a satisfied face.

    “We’re here”


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