Leveling Up Is Better Than Reality (Chapter 19)

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If you've ever been called a slacker, you know, it's not that you're lazy, it's just that you're not interested. Your values don't allow you to work hard as you wish to live in a heaven-like world where you don't have to do anything. As Gandhi said, "Be the change you wish to see in the world...'' Wise words indeed. This story's about laz- I mean an idealist hero named Zellin living in an RPG-like world.

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    Chapter 1: At Least It’s More Interesting

    On the surface Jo Remy seemed like a reserved introvert, but it would be more fitting to call him a hopeless idealist. After high school, Jo enrolled into college and moved into a dorm payed for by his parents. Little did his parents know that only after a few weeks of school, Jo voluntarily withdrew from all his classes. He didn’t agree with how fast everything was moving as if the world would end if students didn’t get a degree. As he rushed to do his assignments he wondered, Is this stress necessary to learn? Won’t a calm mind better facilitate learning?

    He also didn’t agree with argumentative essays. As he wrote down his opinion he wondered, Is this not just repeating my research in different words? So what if it proves my understanding; does that not only require a mind? Even more so, he didn’t agree with class presentations. As he nervously spoke in front of the class he wondered, What’s the point in presenting knowledge I just learned? Won’t the confidence to speak publicly naturally come with confidence in one’s knowledge?

    As such, Jo dropped his classes unable to shake the feeling that there was something wrong with the system. Though he didn’t give up on learning. His dream was to become a game designer and thus, as he was still technically enrolled in the school, used the resources available to students and took several books from the school library, planning out his own curriculum along the way. He learned when he had the energy and played games to relax his mind, not hindered in any way by time restrictions.

    Unfortunately this leisurely and, according to Jo, the most ideal learning method didn’t last more than a couple weeks as Jo’s parents discovered what their son was doing. They angrily lectured their son on the phone and stopped paying for his expenses. In Jo’s confusion as his parents didn’t instruct him to come home or force him to go back to classes, Jo assumed they had abandoned him.

    In his depression, Jo’s desire to learn receded and he simply continued to play games all day, hoping to forget his situation and escape reality. Eventually he ran out of money to pay for food, but in Jo’s stubbornness he refused to resign to society and get a job, and continued to play games.

    As he played, tormented by hunger and his refusal to sleep, perhaps his mind broke as he eventually forgot everything. Under the stress of his current situation his mind completely forgot everything else and to Jo, all there was, was the game; there was no hunger or sleep deprivation or abandoning parents. He played, and played, and played.

    To a psychiatrist, Jo was undoubtedly ill, but maybe, just maybe, his soul simply didn’t belong on Earth. Maybe the society he belonged to adhered to different norms that allowed him to thrive. Unfortunately that place wasn’t here.

    And so, eventually, Jo died as he played that game. It was a sad and pitiful death, but maybe it was a suitable death, and maybe, a death filled with hope, as unbeknownst to Jo, he would be reborn.

    “Hmm? Why isn’t he crying?” A man dressed in furs asked as he looked at the newborn baby in his hands and its sleeping eyes. “Hey, wake up! What a lazy child.” The man called out, slightly shaking the baby.

    “Hmm…” The baby involuntarily called out as it opened its eyes. Da fuck? Jo thought. What’s going on? He wondered as he looked at the fur-dressed man.

    “Is something wrong?” A woman called out from a bed. “Give him to me. Let me see my son.”

    Son? Have I been reborn? Jo wondered, his eyes widening in shock.

    “Hmm… His stats seem alright and he doesn’t have any disabilities. He should be fine.” The woman said, relieved. “From now on, little one, your name will be Zellin. Zellin Arathea.” She said with a smile.

    Stats? Zellin? Da fuck am I?

    Time passed by. As a baby, Jo, or Zellin, was practically helpless. He was told when to sleep, when to eat, and he couldn’t stop himself from shitting himself. It was horrible.

    Eventually, he got use to the name Zellin. He actually thought it was kind of cool. His name kind of sounded like a mage class name he would play in an RPG.

    The first time he got a chance, Zellin snuck away from his mom and explored the house. He ended up finding a little study with many books and ended up picking one out.

    Hmm? Basic Gameplay? This place has games? Zellin thought as he read the book. Luckily, it seemed to be in English. As he read the book he couldn’t help but think the game seemed pretty cool. But as he read some of the instructions on the book, his playful mind couldn’t help but try some out. So he tapped the book twice and suddenly an item information screen popped up.

    Name: Basic Gameplay
    Type: Book
    An introduction to the basic gameplay of the world.

    Da fuck!? This shit’s actually real!? Zellin thought, his eyes widening as he panted slightly.

    “There you are.” Zellin’s mom, Recca, called out as she came into the room. “Come back to the living room. I still have some sewing to do.” She said as she picked up Zellin.

    Back in the living room Zellin suddenly made a decision. He’s going to talk.

    “Momma.” He said.

    Recca suddenly gasped and tears started to flow from her eyes as she picked up Zellin. “You called me Momma. Oh my, my baby’s a genius! He can speak just after 3 months from being born! Your intelligence stat must be quite high. Maybe in the future you can become a grand mage!” Recca called out excitedly.

    “Momma can you tell me about the world?” Zellin asked with the straight face of a 3 month year-old baby.

    “AHHH!” Recca called out in fear, accidentally dropping Zellin on her lap. “Oh my god! Zellin, you can actually speak? Are you really a demon disguised as my baby?” She asked with shock and fear.

    “No, momma. It’s just that… I’m actually a genius.” The baby said with a slightly shy look on his face. Hopefully she buys it, Zellin thought.

    Recca picked Zellin up again, lifting him in the air. “Really? My baby’s such a genius. Then what’s one plus one?” She asked, playfully taunting her child. Of course it can’t do math, she thought.

    “Of course it’s two.” Zellin replied.

    “Oh my,” Recca couldn’t help but exclaim. Her baby really was a genius. 

    “Mom, can you tell me more about the world?” Zellin asked again.

    So, in this way, Zellin learned about the world, finding out he really was in some sort of live RPG.

    Hey, at least this world is more interesting, he thought.

    From then on, after finding out their son was a genius, Zellin's mom allowed him to read in the study and would sometimes bring her to the library to read.

    And in this way 5 years passed, as Zellin learned various things about the world.

    Today was a special day. Today, on Zellin’s 5th birthday, he would get his first experience points. This was usually an occasion for one’s 6th birthday, but since Zellin was so smart, his parents thought it would be better to get an early start.

    As Zellin watched his father, Zol, approach him in their backyard with a caged rabbit, he didn’t know whether to be excited or horrified. Zellin had never killed an animal before. Though he wanted the experience points, he was really reluctant to kill.

    His father took out the little bunny rabbit and tied it to a rope which he attached to a wooden peg that he pierced into the ground. The harmless bunny rabbit looked around, not knowing what to think, making Zellin’s brows furrow.

    “Isn’t there any other way to get experience points?” Zellin asked, hoping for a way out of the situation.

    “Stop being a baby. Aren’t you a genius? Here, take this.” Zol said, handing a dagger to his son. “You know what to do.” As Zellin was already able to speak to his parents at 3 months old, they had long treated him as an intelligent human being.

    Zellin took the weighty dagger hesitantly, silent for a while before a look of determination appeared on his face. I can’t back down from this. For my dream of being a super mage I must push forward! He thought resolutely. Zellin approached the cute bunny rabbit and ended its life.

    As the bunny died, a confused look filled Zellin’s face. After the bunny collapsed its body shattered into white light which disappeared into the air and a silvery energy entered Zellin’s body. Left behind by the bunny rabbit was a copper and a piece of rabbit leg; already skinned.

    Zellin raised his hand and a book appeared with the words Character Info on it. He opened it up and under where it said Level 0, there was a space that said he had one experience point. Zellin grinned slightly. It’s a start, he thought.

    Zol suddenly laughed out loud. “Quick and decisive. That’s my boy!” Zol said, rubbing Zellin’s head with pride. “Soon, I’ll have to take you out hunting.”

    From that day forward Zellin’s father continued to bring many low-leveled animals for Zellin to kill, and eventually, Zellin gained 300 experience points and became level 1. His Dexterity and Agility stats even rose slightly.

    After Zellin became Level 1, his parents’ decided to buy him a basic skill book. Since Zellin was kind of lazy, he wanted to choose the Summoner class when he reached level 5. In this way, he wouldn’t have to do anything when battling and just send an endless wave of monsters out. That would be best, Zellin thought, nodding his head in approval.

    As such, Zellin asked for the basic Summoner skill, Contract. It would allow a Summoner to set up a contract with a beast. It was a weak Summoner skill and would usually be used with either baby beasts or beasts one had a high compatibility with.

    After getting the skill, Zellin suddenly regretted the decision because he had nothing to contract with. But one day, Zol brought home a Level 1 Wolf Cub and set it in front of Zellin. As he was afraid the wolf would immediately ravage his son, he watched and waited, wondering how his son would conquer this beast.

    Zellin looked at the wolf cub and a big grin grew on his face. He fearlessly went up to the wolf cub and let it smell his hand before scratching it behind the ear. The wolf cub then started to rub his head against Zellin’s hand. It wasn’t long before they were happily playing, rolling on the ground as sounds of laughter resounded out.

    Zellin didn’t contract the cub right away, though. Every day, he would play with the cub, and every day he would be the one to feed it. After building enough of the cub’s trust he finally contracted it, while the cub didn’t resist at all.

    It wasn’t long before this pair went out to hunt level 1 beasts under Zol’s supervision. In this way Zellin was even able to find a spider egg that he managed to contract, resulting in him receiving a Level 0 Poison Spider Hatchling, which Zellin went on to feed some live rabbits and chickens to increase its experience.

    As a Summoner, it naturally takes much longer to level up, as Zellin and his monsters share experience. So it wasn’t until a year later that Zellin and his wolf cub, Bear, reached level 2. As for Leggy, he also rose to Level 2.

    It was also at this time that Zol approached Zellin and told him, “Little Genius, it’s time for you to go to school.”

    “Ah? School? Why do I need to go to school?” Zellin asked with a raised eyebrow.

    “Of course, it’s to learn basic battle and survival skills. Skill books are expensive to make so many basic skills are simply taught. Don’t whine, come along.” Zol said in a no nonsense manner before walking out of the house. Zellin frowned and reluctantly left with his father along with Leggy and Bear.

    Zellin lived in the mid-size town of Florn. In Florn, there was only one school, the Immortal Huntsman Academy. It was mainly a school for hunters, like Zellin’s dad, but they naturally taught other skills too. This was where they were going.

    Zol simply dropped Zellin off at the gate, giving him a badge with a bow and arrow on it before patting his shoulders and saying, “Bye.” With that he left, leaving Zellin feeling confused.

    Nervously, Zellin approached one of the guards at the gate and simply stood there for a while. The guard looked down at him and his beasts and raised an eyebrow. Zellin didn’t know what to say at first, but eventually he spoke up. “I’m here to attend the school.” He said nervously.

    “Are you a new student?” The guard asked.

    “Yes.” Zellin replied.

    “Follow me,” the guard instructed, leading him through the gate and into the school courtyard. The guard lead him into a building and to a door inside before saying, “Go in and wait.”

    Zellin went in and saw that it seemed to be a lecture hall. It could probably fit about a hundred students but at the moment there was only about 40-50 people inside; most of the kids looked to be his age. Zellin sat on an empty seat in front, in the corner, and allowed Leggy and Bear to lay down in front of him.

    Off to the side was a little boy who couldn’t help but be curious about Zellin’s pets and went to sit next to Zellin. Bear eyed him wearily as he approached. “Hey, are you a Summoner?” The boy asked.

    Zellin looked at the boy. Seems friendly enough, Zellin thought. Since he has never really interacted with the people of this world other than his parents, he was curious whether they were any different from Earthlings. “No, not yet. I’m only Level 2, but I have the Contract skill.”

    “Wow! You’re already Level 2 with 2 pets! You must be pretty hard working. My parents are farmers, so after learning the Preserve skill they allowed me to butcher some of our livestock. But still, I’ve only recently turned Level 2.” The boy said.

    The Preserve skill was a skill to keep animals from dissipating after they died so you can harvest their fur and meat, turning them into items that can be stored.

    “I’m Zellin.” Zellin said, lifting his hand towards the boy.

    “I’m Reyal,” the boy replied, shaking Zellin’s hand. “Looks like we’ll be classmates from now on.”

    “What class do you want to be when you turn Level 5?” Zellin asked, curious.

    “Me? I want to be a powerful mage! Then people will respect me.” Reyal replied.

    Zellin nodded his head in approval. “Good choice!” He replied. “I, too, want to be a powerful mage.”

    Reyal laughed. “Good, good. In the future we should adventure together and conquer the land with our powerful magic! Hahaha!”

    Zellin laughed too and agreed. “We’ll be the Emperor Mage Brothers and we’ll rule all that we set our eyes on!” Zellin replied with a laugh.

    “Who’s going to rule?” Came a voice from behind them. “You twerps? Mages are the most cowardly of classes. Only a warrior can truly rule the land!”

    Zellin and Reyal turned their heads. “Who are you?” They asked.

    “I’m Liu and in the future I’m going to be a powerful warrior!” The scrawny kid replied.

    Zellin and Reyal looked to each other before bursting out laughing. “Hahaha! A scrawny kid like you? Fat chance! Your Strength stat is probably zero!” Reyal mocked.

    Liu’s face instantly turned red as he fumed with rage. Indeed, his Strength stat was quite low for someone aspiring to be a warrior, thus he was quite embarrassed. “What do you know!? Your Intelligence stat must be -100! You wouldn’t recognize a powerful warrior even after being beat half to death!” Liu retorted.

    Reyal’s face instantly reddened. Indeed, his Intelligence stat was quite low for someone aspiring to be a mage, thus he was quite embarrassed. As Zellin, this clever kid, saw all this, he instantly burst out into laughter. “You two are quite alike.” He said.

    “Quiet, everyone, quiet.” Called out a middle-aged man as he walked into the classroom. “Everyone, welcome to the Introductory Survival Class of the Immortal Huntsman Academy.”
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    Chapter 2: So Deadly, Yet So Cute

    “You can all call me Principal Lin. Here, you will all learn the basic skills you will need to survive in the world.” The man said as he waved his hands. Suddenly, an information screen popped up in front of everyone’s eyes. “In front of you are the courses you will be attending and their times and locations. You can naturally recheck this information in your Character Info book, under the Quests page. The name of the classes naturally correspond with the names of the skills or sets of skills you will be learning. As for the Battle Experience course; that is naturally for you to get experience points and level up. The beasts you will be fighting will naturally be set to your level.” Said the man, giving some basic information on the class.

    Why is he saying ‘naturally’ so many times? If it’s natural would you need to explain it? Thought Zellin before looking at the courses. The courses were Cooking, Archery, Close Combat, Basic Medicine, and Battle Experience.

    The courses were spread out over six days with different classes on different days, which Zellin assumed would rotate as they went along. There was only one class a day which suited Zellin’s nature quite well. The last day was even a rest day. But of course Zellin wouldn’t spend all this time doing nothing. It’s just that he didn’t like to be restricted, and liked to do things when he felt like it. No one likes to feel as if they weren’t in control of their lives.

    “You’ve naturally been given time to get to know each other so that you can make friends. As for its purpose; it’s naturally so that you can choose your dorm mates. In this world, it’s best to find teammates who you can get along with and whose skills compliment your own. In this way, it will be easier for you to survive.” Principal Lin ‘naturally’ explained.

    “You may choose up to 3 dorm mates, all together making 4 of you. If you’re a girl, be wary to choose any of your boy classmates. Boys are the natural predator of women. Remember girls, all boys are naturally pigs. You’re better off choosing 3 girls to be your dorm mates.” Principal Lin said with a straight face as if what he said was all fact. “If you wish to be alone, you can naturally request to do so. If you wish to live as a group of 3 or 2, that’s also naturally allowed.”

    Zellin looked to Reyal and nodded, then watched as Reyal nodded back. Like this, they already tacitly understood that they would be roommates. Liu nervously watched this from above before speaking out, “Hey, guys, don’t leave me out. I know we started off badly but I’m sure we’ll soon be brothers. Let me in the dorm too.” Liu didn’t know anyone when he came so he sat alone, and he didn’t know that the long time they waited was for choosing roommates. As he heard Principal Lin talk about survival he suddenly got nervous, regretting that he insulted the only people he talked to.

    “Sure, you can be our roommate, but you’ll have to call me Boss from now on.” Reyal replied with a mischievous grin. Liu’s face suddenly looked conflicted. One part of him wanted to beat this guy up for even suggesting it, the other part really wanted to be part of the dorm.

    “Don’t mind him. Of course we can be dorm brothers. In the future our team name the Three Mage Rulers will resound throughout the world.” Zellin responded.

    Liu’s face suddenly turned sour. “Who wants to be a mage!? I’d rather be a chicken.” Liu replied, his natural disposition coming out.

    At this point, a shy looking girl walked towards them. “Hey, do you guys want to be roommates?”

    Reyal, this way too precocious kid, suddenly beamed, a perverted grin on his face. This will be the first step for my future harem, he thought as he nodded his head. “Of course, of course. How could we turn away a helpless girl like you. You don’t know this but I’m actually a prince from a far away land. As such, it’s my duty to save a beautiful princesses like you.”

    Zellin gave Reyal a strange look. Isn’t this kid already way too perverted for his age? He thought, while also wondering if it was a good idea to associate himself with this kid.

    The little girl suddenly let out a happy, innocent smile. “Really? Thanks! But you guys have to remember that I’m already Level 3, and I’m training to be an assassin. So if you look at me funny again I’ll cut you in your sleep.” She said with a smile.

    Reyal suddenly started sweating and his back became drenched; a fear of women growing in his heart. Isn’t this girl’s innocent smile totally different from her nature? I’ll definitely never look at this girl like that again! Reyal thought in fear.

    As Liu saw this he suddenly burst out laughing. “I like this girl. She’s really funny. Hey, what’s your name?” He asked.

    “Coral.” The girl replied with that deadly smile.

    Liu and Zellin also introduced to themselves, after which they looked at Reyal who was still sweating. “Ah… I’m, ugh… Reyal.” He forced out.

    “Nice to meet you all.” She replied with a slight bow.

    “Okay, okay, children. Form a line to get your room keys. Classes will start tomorrow morning.” Principal Lin called out. “If you get lost finding your dorm, ask someone. I’m naturally not your mother.” The group of children then formed a line and went to get their keys.

    As Zellin’s group approached, Principal Lin raised his eyebrow in suspicion. “Little girl, did these boys offer you candy to be in their group? Do you know how gross boys are? It’s naturally best to stay as far away from them as possible.” Principal Lin warned.

    “Don’t worry Principal Lin. They already understand never to look at me funny, under threat of death.” The girl replied with her natural innocent smile.

    Principal Lin nodded in approval. “That’s a good girl. Since you boys have a girl in your group, you’ll naturally be given a larger living space. Each of you will have your own room and a shared living room and kitchen; with two bathrooms. Here’s your keys.” Said Principal Lin, four keys magically appearing in his hand.

    It took a while to find their room as they had to ask for directions several times. The academy was actually a pretty big place. Their room was actually pretty nice; nicely decorated and spacious. Zellin sat on the couch and let out an approving, “Hmm…,” pleased with the comfort of the couch. The others also sat down, each one on the other couches that formed a square around a wide, short, and circular glass table.

    “So what are your guys’ levels and skills?” Coral asked curiously. “I, myself, am Level 3. My skills would be Silent Steps, Dagger Proficiency, and Dual Wield Proficiency. I’ve been leveling since I was 4 years old. I’m currently six.” Coral said in that dainty voice.

    Zellin raised an eyebrow before speaking. Is it me, or are kids on this world way more mature for their age, than kids from Earth? He wondered. “I’m Level 2.” Zellin began. “My skills are Contract, Sprint, and I also have Dagger Proficiency. I got the Sprint skill from constantly running away from chasing monsters.” Zellin continued, quite proud of himself. “I’m also six this year. Also I have two pets. Leggy the Poisonous Spider Hatchling and Bear the Wolf Cub.”

    “Why’d you name your wolf cub Bear?” Coral asked with a raised eyebrow.

    “Of course, because he’s as ferocious as a Bear!” Zellin called out matter-of-factly causing Coral to roll her eyes. Aren’t wolves also ferocious? Why not simply call him Wolf? Coral thought.

    Next was Reyal. “I’m Level 2. My skills are Preserve, and Cooking. And I’m currently 7 years old.” Reyal introduced, slightly shy about his achievements.

    Everyone then looked to Liu whose face started to turn red before turning his head to the side and snorting. “Hmph! You’re guys’ achievements aren’t much. It’s not like I’m Level 0 with no skills whatsoever. It isn’t like my only achievements were an increase in my Endurance stat from forcing myself to play with my toy sword even when I was tired. Hmph! Hmph! It’s not like I’m not as impressive as you guys!” Liu called out, very shamefully.

    The others simply responded with silence. Zellin even shook his head, thinking, such a sad story…

    After the awkward silence, Coral suddenly had an idea. “Hey, Zellin. Since you’re the only one with fighting capabilities, do you want to have a spar?” She asked with a smile.

    When Zellin saw that smile he instantly became fearful. “Spar with you? No way! A spar to you is probably a death match to others! You’ll probably end up killing all my pets before I can get you to stop! Don’t put on that sad face; I know there’s hidden killing intent behind those sad eyes.” Zellin immediately vehemently rejected, fearful for the lives of his pets and himself.

    “Hmph!” Coral exclaimed with cute pouting face. “Party pooper!” She called out in a spoiled little girl voice.

    Wow, Zellin thought. This kid’s cute with everything she does. But she’s definitely evil. She probably plays tag by stabbing other kids in the back, calling out, ‘You’re it!’

    “Then should we go to the forest and hunt some beasts?” Coral suggested, eagerness in her eyes.

    “Hmm…” Zellin responded, in thought. “Sure! We can even get some experience for this useless guy. Even if Liu doesn’t kill anything, we can still form a party and he’ll also get some experience.”

    Coral suddenly frowned at the thought. “Do we have to? How about we just let whoever killed it get the experience?” Coral suggested.

    ”Be a good girl and don’t be greedy! Come on let’s go; if you behave I’ll give you candy later.” Zellin said firmly causing Coral to frown. What are you, my dad? Coral thought as she got off the couch and followed.

    Zellin actually has the experience of the sum of 24 years, so of course he’ll treat this frightening little girl like any adult treating a spoiled child. He reproved her and gave her a goal with possible rewards; the building blocks of any well-disciplined child. Unfortunately this would be received by Coral in a totally different manner than if it was said by an elder, as Zellin was Coral’s age.

    It took about an hour for the group to reach the forest outskirts where they began to hunt.

    “So how should we do this?” Reyal asked.

    Zellin had thought about this on the way here, so a plan had already begun to form. He talked it over with the others, who nodded in agreement.

    “Okay! Sounds good.” Coral responded.

    “Right, take positions. I’ll be back shortly.” Said Zellin before quietly moving into the forest.

    Zellin quickly found some fresh tracks which led him to the distant Level 3 Tusked Boar. Zellin circled around it from a distance before slowly sneaking up to it, trying to make the least noise possible. When he neared the edge of the clearing he bolted, activating Sprint which increased his max speed by 30%, and struck out at the boar.

    The fat boar was then stabbed in the butt causing it to squeal loudly. It turned around, intent on killing Zellin. But Zellin immediately used his Sprint skill to run as fast as he could, back into the forest.

    Zellin ran for several minutes, sometimes slowing down so that the boar wouldn’t lose hope. Gaining ground caused it to excitedly run even faster, not aware that it was being lured. Suddenly, a sticky glob of white shot out to intercept the boar, spreading out into a wide web and trapping the boar inside. The boar struggled for a while before breaking out of the webs, but at this point Bear was already upon it, attempting to bite at its neck. Coral also appeared at this time sending a fierce flurry of stabs at the Tusked Boar’s back with her dual daggers, instantly becoming drenched in the boar’s blood. It wasn’t long before the boar’s squeals grew quiet and it died before them.

    “Reyal, quickly!” Zellin called out.

    Reyal immediately appeared and used his Preserve skill before continuing to butcher the boar and gather its remains to sell later. It was much more profitable that way.

    Liu also walked out at this point, nodding his approval. “Good job, guys. You did really good work. Good thing it wasn’t too tough for you guys, or else I’d have to come out and embarrass you guys. You wouldn’t want to look weak in front of a girl, right?” Liu asked rhetorically.

    Reyal snorted. “Scrawny, compared to Coral, this blood-drenched girl, you’re lower on the food chain than this boar.” Reyal scolded, as he looked at Coral’s grim appearance and shivered slightly.

    “Yeah, Coral. Since when did you get so fierce. I’m pretty sure I saw you smiling as you were slicing apart the boar. I dread to think of how your childhood was like.” Zellin said, shaking his head.

    “Of course not! Killing is very serious business; of course I wouldn’t smile!” She said as she puffed out her slightly red cheeks.

    Zellin continued to shake his head. So deadly, yet so cute… Zellin thought to himself.

    They continued to hunt for quite a while before stopping to eat lunch, allowing Reyal to cook some Tusked Boar meat for them. They had killed quite a few recently.

    Zellin looked off to the side as he bit into the boar meat and saw Liu pouting. “What’s wrong?” He asked as he chewed.

    “Ah,” Liu began, not quite sure how to say it. “It’s just that I’m kind of bored letting you guys do all the work. Of course, I don’t want to embarrass you guys with my might though.”

    Zellin simply smiled. “Don’t worry about it. I won’t be too embarrassed; just don’t do anything too skillful. How ‘bout you take the lead for a while with Leggy to assist?” Zellin asked. Reyal shook his head at the side. He didn’t support feeding Liu’s ego.

    “Really?” Liu blurted out excitedly before coughing slightly. “I mean, really? Hunting monsters of this level is kind of tedious.” He continued in a calmer and slightly disdaining attitude.

    “Come on.” Zellin urged. “Actually we’re all kind of tired, so if you could help out, that’d be a big help.”

    Liu simply sighed. “Alright, if you say so.”

    “Do you want to borrow my dagger?” Zellin asked. But Liu shook his head as he tapped the air twice, opening his Inventory screen and took out a longsword from thin air.

    The Inventory menu actually works as if you were carrying items without actually carrying them. With more things in your inventory, the heavier your steps will be, but it’s still convenient as you don’t actually have to carry anything. It’s most useful if you had to transport something like a table; you can carry it but it’s actually kind of awkward to walk around with it. With an Inventory, all you’d have to suffer was a slightly heavier weight. Zellin was pretty amazed when he realized this simple function of this world.

    To most others, the longsword was a longsword, but to Liu it was a large two-handed sword. Liu struggled to lift it with an excited look on his face. “Come on, let’s go now!” He called out.

    Zellin let out a grin at Liu’s excitement as he stood up and wiped his hands on his pants. He gave a signal to Leggy before heading out with Liu, leaving the others behind to finish eating.

    Eventually they found a Level 1 Fox and Zellin had Leggy confront it with a sticky white web. Leggy then moved forward as the fox struggled to break free of the web. Before breaking through, Leggy had already bit his fangs into its neck, releasing a paralytic poison. This poison wasn’t very strong, but it was enough to slow it down, causing the fox to feel as if its limbs were 5 times as heavy.

    “AHHH!!!” Liu let out a battle cry as he charged from behind a tree.
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    Chapter 3: At Least 5 Years

    Liu quickly approached the fox who still had Leggy latched on to its neck, and was trying to get it off. “Number 1 Warrior Strike!” Liu called out as he struck out with the trembling sword which cut about an inch into the fox. Liu struck out again and again, instead, deciding to use stabbing motions.

    The fox’s wounds helped to release the poison, but unfortunately the fox bled to death, turning into white light and disappeared into the air, leaving behind a few coppers and a fox pelt.

    “Hah hah,” Liu panted before laughing manically. “HAHAHA! I’m undefeatable!” Liu shouted.

    “Okay, calm down there Scrawny. You’ll attract all the other monsters around.” Zellin said as he approached. “I’ll be contributing this fox pelt to the group funds.” He said, picking up the pelt.

    “Are we going to find more?” Liu asked eagerly, ignoring Zellin taking away his hard earned fox pelt. Of course, without Leggy, Liu would most likely be fox food by now.

    “Easy there, tiger. Rest up first, then we’ll go.” Zellin replied. Zellin allowed Liu to rest as he instructed Leggy through their mental link to find Level 1 monsters for Liu and help him to kill them. As Liu disbanded from the party he would be the one to take the majority of the XP as he was the one actually damaging the monster.

    Zellin then went back to find the others and to continue hunting. They went back to town around dinner time, as stronger monsters tend to come out and wander in the night. They sold most of what they obtained to meat stores and leather workers.

    Some of the items such as the poison glands from a Level 3 Yellow-Striped Cobra were given to more specialized merchants. You’d assume the fight involved in retrieving it was quite a fierce battle, but Coral, that clever girl, used boar meat to lure the cobra into a trap, whereupon she easily slaughtered it. The group got a lethal poison in exchange for the poison gland, which Coral selfishly kept to herself, looking at it as if it was the sweetest candy in the world.

    This time was quite profitable for them as they divided several silver amongst themselves. Liu even managed to get the Two-Handed Sword Proficiency skill as well a strength boost. Though he didn’t level up, Liu was quite pleased.

    “Aren’t you embarrassed?” Liu asked Reyal as the group sat at the table, eating. “A girl has to fight for you and all you do is clean up the remains. Don’t you have any pride?” Liu said arrogantly, as he has finally obtained some battle experience. He even had a few scars, of which he was quite proud.

    “Shut up, Scrawny! Which one of us isn’t even Level 1?” Reyal retorted. “Just wait till I save enough to buy a powerful mage spell, then I’ll blast your ugly face away!”

    “My face is actually a divine gift. If any magic is aimed towards it, the gods would guide it away for fear of harming my beautiful face.” Liu replied with a straight face.

    The night went on in that manner, without anyone realizing a long life-lasting bond begin to form between them.

    The next morning the group ate breakfast and lounged around before going to class.

    Like this their school life began.

    Because, after learning a skill, your mind was allowed access to different knowledge automatically, this introductory class didn’t last long; just like a basic school year on earth.

    Zellin was moderately skilled in the cooking course and managed to get the Cooking skill, allowing his mind access to some basic recipes. As for the archery course, Zellin devoted a lot of energy into learning this skill, as he knew it would be the most useful in his career as a Summoner. For the Close Combat course, Zellin took up the study of the spear, just in case it was needed.

    He also managed to get the Medicine skill after countless long hours of study. This allowed recipes for basic medicine and a basic understanding of anatomy and physiology to enter his mind, which Zellin was happy for. Luckily no one made him do a presentation about it, lest he lose all motivation.

    Through the Battle Experience course and his group’s occasional excursions to the forest, Zellin managed to get to Level 3 during this time.

    Reyal eventually managed to buy a skill book for the spell Fireburst, which was a fireball that exploded as it hit; it was able to send enemies flying. As you can’t be taught magic, skill books are the only way to learn them.

    Reyal also managed to get the Archery skill, though he wasn’t as proficient as he’d like. As for the Close Combat course, he took a great liking to the longsword and was able to easily grew quite proficient in using the five basic stances he was taught, upgrading his skill proficiency to Level 2. Reyal’s level rose up to Level 3.

    Liu didn’t like to cook as he was extremely bad at it, taking 3 times as long as the others to learn the skill. He was also a complete idiot when it came to archery, taking even longer to learn the skill than the Cooking skill.

    For the Close Combat course, he spent a lot of effort to increase his mastery in using two-handed swords, even sacrificing much of his spare time to practice. Through his hard work his Strength stat grew quickly, allowing him to easily wield a two-handed sword, and his proficiency also rose to Level 3.

    Liu even bought the skill Guard Break at the expense of all his money, which has a prerequisite for one to have first reached Level 3 with the Two-Handed Proficiency skill. The skill allows the weight of Liu’s sword to increase by 8 times as he strikes down. If this skill is used against a Level 3 Tusked Boar who couldn’t guard, the sword would be at least enough to cut 3/4ths into its thick neck.

    Liu also became Level 3, becoming much more powerful than when he first entered the school at the expense of endless hours of hunting.

    Coral, this little monster, was already Level 4 with over 100 000 experience points. She had a Level 4 proficiency level with daggers and a Level 3 proficiency with dual wielding. Even her Silent Steps skill was Level 4, causing Reyal much fear as he went to sleep.

    She was very devoted to the cooking course as she really liked to eat and she was able to quickly learn the Archery skill, but she was never in the mood to practice it afterwards. As for the medicine skill, like Liu, she completely neglected to learn it as studying it required long hours of boring memorization. She completely expected that she would never need to use this skill as Zellin would be around.

    During this time Coral’s view of Zellin turned into that of her older big brother as Zellin would always treat her as if he was older. At first she was pretty annoyed with this behaviour but over time she grew to like the idea of having a big brother. Thus, she totally ignored the Medicine skill, relying completely on Zellin.

    One year later…

    Coral walked out of the principal’s office with a piece of paper in her hands, approaching her roommates who were waiting for her.

    “What does your recommendation say?” Zellin asked, curious.

    “Of course it says I’m suited to be an assassin.” Coral said with pride.

    “Hah, more like only suited to become an assassin. You won’t bother to learn anything else.” Zellin said, shaking his head.

    “Hmph!” Coral responded in anger, her face flushing in embarrassment. That was exactly what her recommendation said. “Of course it says I’m also suitable to become a master chef! All my food is super tasty it said.” She shamelessly lied with pride on her face.

    “Okay, okay. I don’t doubt you.” Zellin said comforting this spoiled little girl as he patted her head. “Will you guys go home first?” He asked. This bunch of kids already rented a house to live in for a while as the sum of their savings weren’t little for kids their age. They could continue to learn some other basic skills at the academy, but they were excited to level up to Level 5 and get their class.

    “Yeah, I haven’t seen my parents for a while. It’ll be good to see them again.” Reyal responded.

    “I also have to report my progress to my father.” Coral said.

    “It’s not like I miss my mom or anything. But I guess I’ll see how she’s doing.” Liu replied.

    “Right. Then I’ll meet you guys back at the house. Take your time.” Zellin said as the others nodded.

    The kids said goodbye and went to see their parents.

    “Herro! I’m home!” Zellin called out as he entered his house. He walked to the living room to see his mom sitting on the couch sewing some clothes together.

    “Oh, hello, Zellin. Is school finished?” She asked. Zellin nodded and she continued, “Let me see your recommendation letter.” She said, setting down her work.

    Zellin took the letter from his jacket pocket and handed it to his mom. As she looked it over, she began to nod her head in approval. “Very good,” she said. “Quite impressive. It seems like you have many classes to choose from in the future. Or do you still want to be a Summoner?” She asked.

    “Yes, that would be best. I can’t be bothered to fight on my own; it’s too troublesome.” Zellin replied. Though he said this, when fighting for his life, of course he’d fight as hard as he could.

    Recca smiled at her lazy son and rubbed his mischievous head. “Are you a genius or are you just lazy?”

    At this time Zol walked in from the kitchen towards the sound of conversation. “Oh, what’s this? School’s over already? Come here little genius, and show me your recommendation letter.”

    As Zellin’s father read the letter he also began to nod his head. “Hmm… Good, good. It seems you have some talent in archery. Right, it’s probably best to give up that lousy Summoner class and become a hunter like me. What do you say, little one?” He said as he patted Zellin’s shoulder and looked seriously into his eyes.

    “Dad, stop looking at me like that; it’s creepy.” Zellin responded, giving his dad a funny look. “Of course I’m not going to change my mind. Once you begin to walk the path of the Summoner, you can’t ever get off.” Zellin said in an awe-inspiring manner. “Otherwise you won’t be able to enjoy a leisurely life without fighting.” He finished, nodding his head in approval of this ultimate truth.

    “Tch!” Zol exclaimed. “Are you a genius or are you just a lazy son?” He asked. Zellin widened his eyes in surprise. Why is everyone saying that today? He wondered.

    “Anyways, since your path is already set, I have a surprise for you.” Zol continued as he opened his inventory, and a gift-wrapped box appeared in his hands. “Open it.” Zol said as he handed the box to Zellin. “It’s for finishing school.”

    Zellin felt a warm feeling in his heart as he took the box, and a tear trickled out of his eyes. Is this what it feels like to finish school and obtain the approval of your parents? He wondered, regretting the way he died in his past life. I should have worked harder… “Thank you.” He said simply.

    Zellin lifted the lid and saw a blue-spotted egg sitting on top of a dark blue silk-like material. “This egg is…?” Zellin wondered.

    “I found this egg on a mountain path, just lying there. I don’t know what type of creature is inside, but I hoped it would bring you luck.” Zol replied. “As for what’s underneath, that’s a gift from your mother.”

    Zellin looked over at his mother to see her smiling warmly. “Go on,” she said. “It’s for being such a little genius.” She said as she rubbed Zellin’s head.

    Zellin took it out and saw that it was a silk mage robe. Zellin tapped it twice, bringing up the item information screen. It was a Level 8 Enchanted Spider Silk Robe which gave a 5-point boost to my Intelligence and Wisdom stat. Its 12 points of Defense was pretty good too; almost the same as leather armor of the same level.

    As the laws of this world only allowed you to equip items that are five levels above you or lower, this was currently the highest level item he could wear.

    Zellin suddenly imagined himself graduating in his past life and tears streamed down Zellin’s face as he exclaimed through his sobbing, “Thank you mom! Thank you dad! I promise I’ll work hard from now on!”

    Recca immediately pulled Zellin to his embrace, soothing him. “It’s okay, son. We know you’ll work hard. It’s okay.” She comforted.

    Zol was about to embrace him also, but he saw this kid’s face was full of snot so he stayed away and simply patted his head. “It’s okay, son. Although the Summoner class is kind of wimpy, I’m sure you’ll be able to survive for at least 5 years in the real world.” Zol said, his face showing the sincerity and caring of a father.

    After Zellin calmed down, his parents gathered around him to watch him contract the egg. Zellin’s held the egg in one hand and his other hand hovered over it as he activated his Contract skill. A blue glow covered his hand and a strange mark appeared on the egg which hurriedly absorbed the light coming from Zellin’s hand.

    After absorbing enough of his mana, cracks appeared on the surface of the blue-spotted egg. A tiny head popped out as the egg fell apart, a forked tongue flickering out of its mouth. It was a bright blue snake with the end of its tail being a fin-like, flat, round shape. Its whole body was only about one and a half feet long.

    Zellin tapped the air in front of the snake as it looked up curiously at Zellin. The information screen displayed that it was a Level 0 Everaspiring Eelsnake Hatchling. Zellin lightly patted its head and the light blue snake closed its eyes as electricity buzzed around its body, giving Zellin a tingling feeling at the tips of his fingers. It must be saying hello, Zellin thought.

    Zellin stayed with his parents for a couple days telling them about the friends he’s made and his progress. He also allowed his new pet, Sparky, to electrocute some bunnies before swallowing them whole. After swallowing a whole bunny, it would be like a football for half the day, without being able to move. Zellin would simply shake his head, thinking that this guy took gluttony to the next level. But it grew very quickly, and was soon Level 1; growing to three feet long. This made swallowing bunnies much easier.

    Before Zellin left, he told his parents where he would be staying and his future plans. Eventually he left before his mother’s teary eyes. Recca was quite proud of this little genius of hers.

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    Chapter 4: The Gods are Merciful

    Zellin walked into the house to see the lights were off. Guess no one’s home, he thought. As he moved to turn on the lights…

    “BOO!!!” Someone shouted from behind Zellin.

    “AHHH!” Zellin cried as he fell to the floor.

    “Hey, big bro. Why so startled?” The person said as the lights turned on to reveal Coral’s smiling figure.

    Zellin hurriedly stood up to straighten his new robe. “Ahem… I wasn’t scared. I was obviously just playing along with your joke.” He quickly explained, making his voice a little deeper as he tried to sound manlier.

    Coral simply giggled. “Don’t worry, big bro. I know you’d never be scared by anything. Come, the others are in the backyard.”

    In the backyard Reyal was currently sending fireballs toward Liu who roared every time a fireball would explode on his bare chest.

    “What are you guys doing?” Zellin asked with a raised eyebrow.

    “This idiot asked me to help him raise his Fire Resistance by sending fireballs at his chest. And of course I wouldn’t give up the chance to bully Liu.” Reyal replied with grin.

    “Really?” Zellin asked in surprise. “Does it work?”

    “Who knows?” Reyal replied, shrugging his shoulders. “At least it hasn’t worked yet.” He said as he sent another fireball at Liu who roared in pain as he was blown several meters back.

    “Okay.” Zellin responded, totally ignoring this act against humanity. “Do you guys want something to eat? I’m going to make something.”

    Some time later after their meal…

    “Hey do you guys want to go hunt a Level 5 Goblin Boss?” Coral asked at the table.

    “You know where to find one?” Reyal asked as he washed the dishes. As they were still kids, Reyal had to use a small stool to reach the sink.

    “Yeah, my dad gave me a map of a goblin camp in the forest.” Coral replied.

    “Let me see.” Zellin said, reaching out to grab the map. “Hmm… I think we should wait till we’re all at least Level 4. Otherwise I might disappoint my dad and not survive for 5 years.” Zellin continued cautiously before suggesting something else. “How about we go to the Quest Hall instead and get some low level quests?”

    “Okay!” Coral nodded with a smile. As long as she wasn’t bored she’d be happy.

    The Quest Hall was what it sounded like; a place to get quests. After fulfilling a quest, you can go there and receive a reward. They offered a badge to all the new quest seekers which they could level up after gaining enough QP or quest points. Leveling up your quest badge allowed you to earn some XP and also allowed you access to quests with better rewards. Leveling up with a quest badge could be quicker than simply killing monster if you chose your quests right.

    The group all went to sign up for a quest badge except for Coral. Apparently she already had one. No wonder her level is higher than ours, Zellin thought to himself.

    The group accepted a herb gathering quest for a plant called Spice Flower. It was an ingredient used in many popular dishes such as the Flower Curry recipe. It was also useful for making smoke bombs as it emitted a thick, black smoke when burned, which would be extremely irritating to the eyes.

    They received a map of some general areas where they grew. At first the quest seemed quite simple as gathering the herbs was quite easy. They even leisurely hunted monsters as they looked for the herbs. But as they went deeper into the forest Zellin gradually grew worried. What’s this familiarity I’m feeling? He wondered.

    “Ah, there’s another one.” Zellin exclaimed as he rushed ahead to pick the yellow flower which emitted a spicy aroma. He pulled it out with a smile, but that smile quickly turned into a depressing frown. When he lifted his head he saw that ahead of him was a four-foot Level 4 goblin giving him a curious look.

    Zellin gradually got up, and patted his clothes into order. “Good to make your acquaintance.” He said, nodding at the goblin as if it was a gentleman passing by. “I’ll be going now.” With that he turned around and prepared to run.

    The goblin grew annoyed at this and simply struck out with its wooden spear, stabbing Zellin in the back. Zellin was immediately pushed forward a couple meters ahead as he felt an intense pain in his back. If it wasn’t for the fact that his mom made him that robe, he’d most likely be pierced through and bleed to death.

    Zellin winced in pain as he turned around and took out his own bronze spear. “Everyone! Hurry! Goblins ahead! Prepare for battle!” Zellin cried out to his companions as he wasn’t confident in fighting it on his own. Unfortunately this also drew the attention of some other nearby goblins. Zellin didn’t know, but he unknowingly walked towards the goblin camp he cautiously avoided before, in his search for Spice Flowers.

    “Urkgh!” The goblin exclaimed as Coral suddenly slit its throat from behind. On Earth, this would surely have ended its life, but as the rules on this world were different this only counted as a critical hit which inflicted the Bleed effect. You could have multiple holes in several important organs, but if your HP was high enough there was still a chance at life.

    Before the goblin could react Coral sent a flurry of stabs toward its back, which quickly depleted the goblin’s health as a result of the *2 multiplier. Zellin rushed forward and swiftly made a stabbing motion, piercing the goblin’s head with his spear; ending the goblin’s life.

    At this point, Reyal, Liu, Leggy, and Bear, who were all looking for Spice Flowers, approached as Zellin pulled out his spear.

    “Why’d you call all of us over? It’s just one goblin.” Liu asked, unimpressed.

    “Idiot. It’s never just one goblin. Quick, into the trees.” Zellin ordered, hurriedly climbing up a tree to hide under its foliage. They heard a horn sound out in the distance as Coral quickly followed suit, followed by Reyal, Leggy, and Bear who leapt back and forth on different trees to climb higher.

    Liu was a little slow, but hurriedly followed.

    “Human!” Came a scratchy voice off to the side. A pair of goblins were quickly approaching.

    “Crap!” Liu exclaimed halfway up a tree. He was going to climb higher but a thick branch was suddenly thrown at him, causing him to fall to the ground. Liu angrily looked up at his despicable friends to see Zellin mouth the words, “RUN!” He also made a circular motion with his fingers, which Liu furrowed his brows at. What’s he trying to say? Liu wondered.

    Seeing that his friends wouldn’t let him climb the tree in fear of attracting the other goblins, he quickly sped off into the forest.

    The two goblins hurriedly gave chase, after which much more goblins came, following the angry yells of the goblins ahead.

    Zellin and the others waited a while to see if more goblins would come before hopping down from the trees.

    “Quick, follow me.” Zellin instructed before running into the forest.

    Zellin lead them to a clearing off to the north-east of where they immediately went about setting a trap, with the help of the very convenient Leggy. Earlier, Zellin had told Liu to run in a circle, but he didn’t know if Liu’s little mind could comprehend it. At this point I can only hope, Zellin thought with a sigh.

    Zellin scouted the area for Liu, and after hearing the rustling sounds of a mob running, Zellin ran ahead and tied a piece of his purple undershirt on a tree before moving forward and planting more signs. As Zellin had the Sprint skill, he was naturally much quicker than Liu.

    Liu had noticed the purple ribbons on the trees and hoped deep down in his heart that it was a sign. Liu continued running for his life, following the signs, but stopped for some reason. The goblin’s behind him immediately let out excited shrieks as they quickly approached, preparing to end this little human’s life. But as they approached, a black smoke quickly flooded the area, causing them to cough and their eyes to burn. Liu who had been trapped in a thinner version of Leggy’s webs was suddenly pulled up into the trees.

    The black smoke only lasted for a small while before it dissipated, allowing the choking goblins to breath in some fresh air. When they looked up they saw Liu a distance away waving at them.

    “Stinky goblins, you’ll never catch me! Hahaha!” Liu taunted, pulling down his pants and presenting a beautiful white moon to the goblins. Liu then laughed at the angry shrieks of the goblins as he hurriedly ran away again.

    The goblins chased after him in a fury but immediately afterwards a large net-like web was pulled up from under their feet and trapped them all within and leaving them hanging a meter above the ground. Leggy spent quite some time on this web, making it much stronger than usual. Leggy also made sure to leave out the stickiness, allowing the goblins to freely walk on top of it.

    Zellin immediately fell down from a tree and began stabbing at the goblins with his spear. Reyal also joined the stab fest with his longsword. Bear and Coral would team up against the goblins that were able to struggle free and Liu came back and ignored his exhaustion as he slashed furiously at the trapped goblins. Leggy crowd controlled some of the goblins who made it out of the web with more webs.

    Sparky even joined in the fun and electrocuted a goblin before trying to swallow it whole. Sparky’s three-foot long body stretched quite far before swallowing a pitiful goblin whole. The goblin struggled to get out but Sparky sent a continuous stream of electricity to numb its body as it was slowly digested.

    10 minutes later the slaughter was over and the goblins bodies have all dissipated into the air, leaving behind some money and a few items. Strangely enough, they left behind a lot of Spice Flowers, which the group was happy for as Reyal burnt all the Spice Flowers they gathered to create that black smoke. A horn was also left behind, which Zellin assumed was what the goblins used to signal each other.

    Liu let out raucous laughter. “HAHAHA! Stupid goblins! That what’s you get for chasing me for so long!” Liu exclaimed, letting out some pent up anger. He really thought he could die as he couldn’t outrun the goblins. But after figuring out what Zellin was trying to say, he let himself hope and ran all the harder.

    “Easy, Liu. You could have really died this time. Good thing god showed you the way and lead you back to us.” Zellin responded, ignoring Liu’s intelligence.

    “What are you talking about? I figured it out by myself!” Liu cried out, annoyed.

    “The gods are merciful indeed.” Reyal said, nodding his head in agreement.

    “You guys are jerks.” Liu responded helplessly, regretting his decision to befriend these people.

    Coral suddenly let out a mischievous grin. “Do you guys want to find the boss? It won’t have as many goblin minions as before, and since it isn’t here it’s probably sleeping or something.” Coral urged.

    “Yeah! Let’s go. Maybe it’ll drop something cool.” Liu said in approval.

    Zellin simply shrugged his shoulders. “Sure, why not?”

    The group first waited a half an hour for Sparky to digest the goblin; also to recover their energy. Sparky managed to level to Level 2 after quickly digesting the goblin, his body growing to four and a half feet long. Zellin was amazed at this guy’s progress. He wasn’t even a week old.

    Then the group made their way back to where they saw the first goblin and sent Coral out to scout the area. Soon after, she came back to report.

    “They’re in a clearing, about 2 kilometers to the south-west. I saw 5 minions out and about, and also one shaman. There could be more in the tents, and I didn’t see the boss so it could be sleeping.” Coral reported. “It’s basically a camping site. They have no defenses we should worry about.”

    “Right,” Zellin responded. “Come, heroes. Glory awaits us.”

    With that they went off to hunt more goblins.

    It was a peaceful afternoon in the goblin camp. The sun shone through trees and goblin minions were lazily lounging about. If there were children goblins, they’d surely be frolicking through the forest.

    The goblin shaman, the spiritual leader of the goblins, was giving offerings to the spirits and mumbling prayers to the dead. He suddenly stopped when he heard a horn sounding out in the distance.

    The goblin shaman hurriedly gave out some orders to the nearby goblin minions and they woke their sleeping brethren to go see what the trouble was. As the ten or so goblins left, the goblin shaman simply went back to mumbling prayers. As the goblin chief was currently ‘busy’ with other matters, the shaman was in charge of the overseeing the others.

    The shaman didn’t take the horn sound too seriously. Those idiots are probably just having trouble taking down a boar. Those lazy goblins minions will blow that horn for anything. The goblin shaman thought to himself in goblin speak. Also, he sent all their available minions just in case it was serious, so the goblin shaman wasn’t too worried.

    Meanwhile, as the shaman prayed to the dead, the other goblins had split up in the forest to search for the goblins who sounded the horn, not knowing that they have become prey to Zellin and his friends.

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    Chapter 5: The Monster Mash

    One after another, goblins were picked off once they drifted far enough from the others. If they had stayed as a group, Leggy was also prepared to crowd control them if needed, like in their previous slaughter fest.

    Bear and Coral, Liu and Sparky, and Zellin, Reyal and Leggy formed teams to pick off stragglers. Coral’s approach was to first slit the goblin’s throat to prevent it from screaming, then afterwards, Bear and Coral would team up to slaughter it, before hiding its corpse. Team 2’s approach was to slither up through the bushes and have Sparky paralyze the target with continuous electric shocks before Liu hacked it to death.

    Zellin’s team was a little sketchy as they had no quick way to silence their targets, and they didn’t have Coral’s Silent Steps skill to sneak up to their opponents.

    First, Leggy would spit a butt web and Zellin would use Sprint to quickly stab the targets neck. It was fine for their first kill, but during their second attempt the goblin managed to cry out before it was stabbed in the throat, alerting the five or so remaining goblins.

    Zellin’s team immediately climbed some trees to hide. After a while, seeing that only five or so goblins had approached, Zellin let out a sigh of relief. He didn’t mind this outcome too much as having already killed five or so was a better outcome than expected. They were kids after all.

    It wasn’t too hard to kill the rest as the Coral and the others had also regrouped to this area. When Zellin saw Liu and Coral nearing, he blew the goblin horn again, giving his party a five point boost in Strength for 30 seconds, and also signalling the beginning of their all-out assault.

    Coral and Bear still teamed up, with Zellin provided support with his poison-tipped arrows; courtesy of Leggy. Liu and Sparky also teamed up, while Reyal try his best to support using Fireburst on any goblins who tried to help their comrades, sending them flying. Leggy also did the same, except with webs.

    It wasn’t long before the goblins were no more, but before they could breathe a sigh of relief and celebrate their victory, they saw the Level 5 Goblin Shaman approach, fury on his face.

    The goblin shaman sensed something was wrong when he heard the horn sound again, but he didn’t expect that the goblin minions would all be slaughtered. The goblin shaman acted quickly and unnoticed by anyone but him, were the bodies of the dead goblins which didn’t dissipate into the air.

    Liu immediately snorted. “Isn’t this guy a little too stupid. He actually approached us by himself.” He said in disdain. But before his arrogance could go any further, the goblin shaman lifted his hands and his staff head glowed with a red light. 6 wisps of glowing white light suddenly appeared and entered the bodies of the dead goblins.

    Zellin furrowed his brows before his eyes widened in fear. Shit, it’s the Spirit Puppet skill! Zellin thought as he hurriedly shot a poison arrow which pierced the shaman’s shoulder, slowing its actions. “Quick! Coral kill the shaman! Reyal, Liu, hold off the puppet goblins!” Zellin yelled, simultaneously ordering his pets through their mental link.

    Coral hurriedly ran towards the shaman as Zellin moved forward step by step, shooting arrow after arrow at the unmoving shaman. It was determined to finish his spell and was willing sacrifice HP to do so.

    Sparky quickly approached to deliver an electric shock to the goblin shaman, but before paralyzing it, 3 goblin minions had already risen from the ground and were beginning to approach the group. Coral arrived soon after, sending a flurry of stabs at the paralyzed shaman, quickly ending its life.

    The remaining three corpses that didn’t get up again, then shattered into white light which dissipated into the air. But Zellin still felt some dread. The spirits possessing the goblins required weapons that had special qualities to harm them, such as weapons made of silver.

    “No choice!” Zellin yelled. “Go all out to dismember them!”

    Though he said that with a live or die resolution, he simply stood back as the others went forward to fight. Zellin simply shrugged his shoulders thinking, Unfortunately all I have is a spear and bow. Unless I stabbed multiple times in a perfect row along the arm, there’s no chance of dismemberment. Zellin rationalized shamelessly.

    The puppet goblins were extremely fierce as they fought; their strength being much higher than the original goblins. They also fought with no fear of the damage to their body, resulting in an advantage in situations where both sides would usually lose out.

    Unfortunately, if this group avoided this kind of fighting, with their current skill levels, the fight would get drawn out to the point where they would all die of exhaustion. Even more unfortunate was the fact they had already been fighting for quite a while, and were now struggling to push their limits.

    Another point was that dismembering someone wasn’t as easy in this world as it would be on Earth; bodies are much tougher here. Zellin assumed it was because who ever created the laws of this world, wanted to, as much as possible, adhere to the RPGs of Earth. In most games, dismembering your enemies was essentially impossible.

    When Zellin thought of this god-like creator, and how it had to be a being who was familiar with Earth that created this place, his mind was simply blown. Even the fact that there was a god-like creator out there blew Zellin’s mind as he thought about the limits of this world; all the possibilities.

    “Zellin, you jerk! Come and help!” Liu called out in anger.

    Zellin sighed as he raised his spear. “Fine, I’ll try…” He mumbled.

    Zellin wasn’t like the others, who were getting beat up in the process of fighting back. He kept a certain distance from the goblin zombies. He’d wait for an opening then step in to send a flurry of stabs, trying as hard as he could to keep his stabs aligned in a line. He experimented with the technique as he fought, slowly perfecting it.

    After getting to the point where he could make quick, accurate, shallow stabs in a line, Zellin heard a “DING!” sound and saw a notification appear in the lower part of his vision. It read, “You have gained the skill, Stab Dismemberment!”

    Nice, Zellin thought with a pleased smile. He immediately used the skill on the arm of a goblin the he was trying to dismember. Zellin suddenly moved in an almost automatic way, swiftly stabbing out in a line, much deeper than he had done originally. The puppet goblin was practically dismembered. "Nice!: Zellin called out loud, smiling even wider. Although there was some strings of flesh that still attached to the arm, it was basically not the goblin’s arm anymore.

    Bear hurriedly ripped the arm off, ripping apart the remaining flesh and tendons which were attached to the shoulder. With this new skill, the dismemberment of the remaining puppet goblins went smoothly, leaving behind a couple writhing pieces of goblin. Liu had dismembered an arm and a leg, while Reyal and Coral dismembered a limb each. As for Zellin, he dismembered the remaining six limbs, before they joined together to behead the goblins and cut up the bodies.

    Liu immediately collapsed to the ground after the work was done. “I’m done. No more. I’m going to sleep.” He said in a weak voice as he closed his eyes to rest.

    The others also collapsed into seating positions, breathing heavily.

    “Should we… find… the boss?” Coral asked in pants. Though she was tired, it didn’t dull her eagerness to fight a strong opponent.

    “I can’t…” Reyal responded through his heavy breathing. “My HP is dangerously low, and I basically have no mana or stamina left.”

    Zellin looked down at his beaten companions and said, “What, you guys are tired already?”

    Liu forced his head up to give an angry glare at Zellin. “Shut up, Zellin! You’re laziness almost killed us!”

    Zellin snorted. “What are you talking about? I saved your asses.” He replied arrogantly.

    Liu gave a frustrated grunt, before hitting his head against the ground. If this jerk wasn’t right, I’d beat him within an inch of his life. Liu thought to himself.

    Zellin went over to where the shaman died as something caught his eye. He picked it up and tapped to bring up the information screen. It was a Level 5 Goblin Shaman Staff. It gave a 15% boost to the Magic Attack stat, but lowered the Intelligence attribute by 3 points. Zellin raised an eyebrow at this before deciding to give it to Reyal. Zellin didn’t have any attack spells so it would be useless in his hands.

    Zellin gave the others some medicine that he had made, and the group rested for about an hour. After which, they went off to find the boss.

    “Hmm? Looks like we cleared out everyone but the boss.” Liu observed. “What was that guy doing all this time? He actually let his whole tribe die without him knowing.” He said as he shook his head at the boss’s lack of responsibility.

    “Let’s check the tents.” Reyal suggested.

    As they wanted to be prepared, they all checked each tent as a group.

    After checking several tents, they still hadn’t found anyone. “Check the big one; he’s probably there.” Reyal said.

    The others nodded and went towards the larger tent. From outside Zellin could hear grunting sounds which caused him to raise an eyebrow. He popped his head inside and saw the wide back of the goblin chief grunting and thrusting atop a make-shift bed. Zellin’s face paled and his eyes widened. My god, Zellin thought. They’re doing the monster mash…

    Zellin pulled his head back out. “Yeah,” he said slowly, his voice a little weak. “We should probably avoid this tent.” He said as he tried to stumble away from the site of this horrid event.

    “Why?” Liu asked curiously. Zellin simply put his hand on Liu’s shoulder and shook his head. “I’m going to see.” Liu said as he strode inside.

    Zellin simply shook his head. Today, someone’s innocence will die in the most horrible fashion… Zellin thought solemnly.

    As Liu entered the tent, several emotions flashed across his face. The first was confusion, then came shock, then came the ultimate disgust as his innocence was destroyed. He didn’t even make it out of the tent; he immediately emptied his stomach out right there in the tent.

    Unknown to the group, was that this time was actually the beginning of the goblin breeding season. Because only the highest ranking goblins would be allowed to breed, the goblin chief was quite busy at this time.

    The goblin chief didn’t even notice Liu puking behind him, and continued grunting and thrusting. As the scene continued, Liu weakly left the tent and fell on Zellin’s shoulder. Zellin patted his back, offering comforting words as Liu began to softly cry on his shoulder. “It’s okay, it’s okay. After today, it will just be a bad dream. Time heals all things…” Zellin comforted.

    At this point, Reyal made the connection with Zellin’s and Liu’s reactions with the grunting sounds and his face paled. He gagged as he tried to hold down his stomach.

    Coral raised an eyebrow. “You guys are acting weird. I’m going inside.” She said as she took a step.

    “NO!” Reyal and Zellin instantly yelled. Reyal moved over to grab Coral’s shoulders and hold her in place. “Coral, you can’t.” Reyal urged. “If you go in there, the part of you that’s still a little girl will break down at that moment. Then, you’ll truly be a heartless killer who needs to murder to ease the pain in her heart.” Reyal warned with an intense stare that said that this was a critical life or death choice that would decide her fate.

    “Fine! Geez! Why are you guys so weird?” Coral responded, annoyed.

    The group simply decided to loot the place and leave as quickly as possible, deciding to let the goblin chief’s lust save him from disaster.

    As Zellin went into one of the tents, he heard a horrified scream. As he looked up, he saw the ugliest goblin he’d ever seen run past him and out of the tent. This was actually a female goblin. Female goblins are naturally uglier than male goblins, as ugliness for normal people, is actually beauty to goblins.

    Zellin simply ignored the ugly goblin and went over to where she was standing. Shit, it’s actually a baby goblin. He thought as he looked down at the sleeping, green mini-goblin in the crib. Zellin’s eyes immediately furrowed. He knew that it was a goblin, but when he thought about how its whole tribe died and its mother just abandoned it, he quickly related it to his past experience with his parents, causing his expression to soften.

    At this point, Reyal entered the tent. He raised an eyebrow at Zellin’s expression and approached to see what he was looking at. When he saw the mini-goblin he instantly understood. “Zellin, this…” He began cautiously, seeing that he was entering into a delicate situation. “There’s no reason for this. I’ve never even heard of someone contracting a goblin, and it’s still a baby. Are you, a six year-old, going to raise a baby?” He asked in disapproval.

    Zellin sighed at this. “Reyal… I can’t abandon it.” He said slowly as he looked at the sleeping mini-goblin with empathetic eyes. Would I have succeeded in obtaining my dreams back then if my parents hadn’t abandoned me? He thought solemnly. How far does caring go?

    “Let the goblin chief raise it! What’s the point in you raising it?” He asked, not able to believe that Zellin was actually going this far.

    Zellin snorted in response. “What’s the point in letting the goblin chief raise it? It would simply grow up and become experience points to other humans.” Zellin retorted, with clenched fists, thinking, at least with me, it has a chance. “No, this has to be done.” He continued resolutely.

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    Chapter 6: It’s Actually Not Much

    Reyal sighed and simply stood at the side, not intending to obstruct Zellin. But he shook his head in disapproval. Why even bother with a goblin? He asked himself.

    Zellin lifted his hand above the mini-goblin’s body, and his hand began to glow with a blue light. A contract imprint appeared on the mini-goblin’s chest which absorbed Zellin’s mana ravenously, until Zellin struggled to stand, continuing until all his mana was depleted. After absorbing Zellin’s mana, the little goblin had visibly grown a couple inches.

    Zellin’s intention in contracting this goblin was simply to let it grow faster as he really couldn’t be bothered to raise a goblin all the way to adulthood when he, himself, was only seven years old. As this little goblin would eventually grow to be semi-human, it seemed kind of wrong to contract it. But that was only a preconception he gained as a result of his earlier life and growing up in a society that looked down on slavery.

    Who’s to say if contracting animals was any worse than contracting humans? But of course, if the distinction was made where Zellin realized he was treating his pets unfairly and that they didn’t enjoy being in his care, he wouldn’t hesitate to give them their freedom.

    This decision to let the mini-goblin eventually escape the contract was a little instinctual, but his preconception of intelligent life forms or what is essentially human and what he assumed to be their natural reaction to being ‘contracted,’ was reason enough to stop him from keeping this little goblin as his pet. And of course, what’s the point in overthinking it and imagining a world of happy slaves or where everyone is essentially ‘free?’ That’s just wasting your life, Zellin thought. It’s better to let instincts handle this one.

    The goblin looked up to see Zellin watching it and smiled innocently. It made some baby sounds and lifted its hands towards Zellin.

    Zellin laughed as he picked up the baby goblin. “You know, for a goblin, you’re pretty cute. I hope don’t get too ugly on me in the future, or I just might abandon you.” He joked with a smile. “Yes, a-ban-don.” He continued in that voice you use to speak to babies.

    Reyal continued to shake his head, but with shame instead of disapproval. I can’t believe I’m friends with this guy… Reyal thought to himself.

    After looting everything but the goblin chief’s house, they made their way back to town. As Liu saw the baby, he gave it a funny look, but decided not to say anything. As for Coral, since the baby was still cute, she picked it up and insisted on carrying the little guy while she played with him.

    After turning in their Spice Flower quest, they returned home. For some reason, Zellin was incredibly sleepy, so he asked Coral to take care of the baby while he took a nap. Little did he know, it wouldn’t be until the afternoon of the next day when he would awake again.

    After waking up the next day, Zellin simply shrugged it off, and ignored the abnormal nap he took. I’ve slept for longer, he thought proudly. Several days afterwards, he was finally forced to buy some energy pills to stay awake for longer than 8 hours.

    Every day, his friends would go out to do quests and to hunt, but Zellin was always in a half-tired state, so he would stay behind. He would simply send his pets to go out and hunt, to gather experience for him, while he took care of the mini-goblin, which he named Greenz. He also studied medicine while he was at home, as he couldn’t do anything else too active.

    He tried to see a doctor, but she couldn’t do anything to help. Then he sought out a healer, who told him that something was sucking out all his energy, even his mana, continuously. Zellin asked if it had something to do with having contracted 4 pets, as he had his suspicions, and the healer nodded her head.

    She explained that the mental connection between Zellin and his pets is absorbing all Zellin’s energy to remain intact, and having 4 pets was pretty much Zellin’s limit. Her only suggestion to resolve the situation, was to quickly get his class. “The Summoner’s College should have a way to resolve the problem.” She said.

    Zellin assumed the truth to be as such, and resolutely made the decision to not contract any more beasts.

    About three seasons later…

    Zellin’s friends have all reached Level 5 after constant hunting and quests, and Zellin’s pets were all on the verge of getting Zellin to Level 5 as well. The only thing Zellin had done to contribute to the group recently was make them medicine for their forest excursions.

    Greenz has grown to be about Zellin’s size recently, so Zellin had removed the contract. Greenz had long, pointy ears, a slightly longer face than Zellin’s, and his nose was a little larger, but other than that, and his green skin, Greenz looked pretty normal. Perhaps it was a result of raising him around humans, but he seemed much more similar to a human than the other goblins Zellin has seen, with those huge pointy noses.

    After removing the contract, Zellin had much more energy, but he still stayed home usually, to teach Greenz, he claimed.

    Greenz was also more intelligent than your usual goblins. After learning to speak English, Zellin forced him to study, with a skill book bribe. Thus, his intelligence rose pretty quickly. Eventually, Greenz realized he liked to study as he was pretty good at it, and whenever he was free, he would have a book in his hand.

    One day, as Zellin was eating his meal and a white light suddenly enveloped him. He saw a notification appear before him saying, “Congratulations, you have risen to Level 5!” Zellin simply nodded his head as if this was due for quite a while. Nice, he thought.

    “Congratulations, master.” Greenz said at the end of the table in an oddly clear voice for a goblin.

    “Greenz, what did I say about calling me master? Call me Zellin; you’re a free goblin now, and you don’t have to treat me with that level of respect.” Zellin responded, like a father scolding his son. This feeling of respect was extremely awkward for someone like him, whose base personality was basically that of a loser in life.

    “You’ll always be master to me. Or would you rather I started calling you papa again?” Greenz said with a mischievous grin. Zellin simply shook his head. That might be the weirdest experience I’ve ever had, he thought to himself. Zellin didn’t know if it was because Greenz was a goblin or if it was just the general feeling of being called someone’s dad, but it was truly a weird experience.

    “You know, I really hate you.” Reyal replied off to the side. He had stayed home today, to teach Greenz some cooking, and unfortunately had to witness this scene of Zellin be rewarded despite his lazy nature. “I don’t think I’ve ever seen someone level up while eating and simply nod his head in approval. Don’t you have any shame?” He asked, with a mixed feeling of disappointment and jealousy.

    “You don’t know this, but I’ve actually earned a lot of good karma in my past life.” Zellin lied shamelessly. “It’s just the heavens giving me what I deserve.”

    “At least we can make our trip to the city now.” Reyal said, comforting his agitated mood. “We’ve been waiting for quite a while.”

    “Have you decided on a class?” Zellin asked casually.

    “Hmm… I’m thinking about the Enchanter class, but mainly because of the group. We’re not very good with head on confrontations. As you get more pets, I think it will become really useful.” Reyal replied. “But I fear being too weak to defend myself…”

    “Hmm… Good luck with that.” Zellin responded without thinking, as he ate.

    Reyal frowned at this. He was actually hoping for some advice, but he happened across this extremely insensitive guy. “You know, Liu’s right. You’re a jerk.”

    Zellin simply snorted. “What am I, your girlfriend? Fine, I’ll give you some advice. Choose the Enchanter class. You won’t have to worry about being too weak, because we’ll always have your back. If worse comes to worst, at least you’ll die with your friends.” Zellin said in a slightly disdaining attitude.

    Reyal suddenly laughed at this. “You know, you put up a lazy exterior, but you’re actually quite caring.” He said with a smile.

    The next day, the group went to their respective families’ homes and told their parents that they would be making a trip to the city, which was, oddly named, Ultimate Super Fighter City. It was the capital city of the Super Kingdom. Apparently the king was an extremely eccentric individual…

    In Ultimate Super Fighter City…

    “And so our quest has lead us here, to this city of heroes.” Zellin said as he looked at the city around him. All the buildings were at least 3 stories high, the walls surrounding the city was at least 20 meters high, and apparently its size was over 1000 square kilometers. “I wonder what adventures we’ll have, and the tales we’ll tell of bravery and romance once we’ve conquered the land? Come, brothers, our destiny awaits us!” Zellin said in a theatrical manner, waving his hand forward.

    “Why are you being so melodramatic?” Coral said as she gave Zellin a funny look. “It’s just the city. It’s not that impressive.”

    “Look at all the high-level items some of these people have.” Reyal said in awe. “When will we get that strong?”

    “Hurry up, you guys. Let’s go get my class already. I can’t wait anymore.” Liu called out from ahead of the others.

    After 45 minutes of walking, they made it to the Warrior’s College, and Liu went inside while the others waited outside. Non-warriors weren’t allowed inside.

    Liu came out 20 minutes later with a conflicted look on his face.

    “What’s wrong?” Zellin asked with a confused look.

    “Heh, I got my class, but…” Liu began to explain.

    “What?” They all asked.

    “Ah, I couldn’t buy any of the class skills…” Liu said with a pitiful face.

    “Do you need money?” Coral asked straightforwardly.

    “Ah, no, you guys don’t have to. I’ll find a way to get it eventually.” Liu politely refused.

    “Don’t be modest, I have a lot of money.” Coral replied casually. “How much do you need?”

    Zellin raised an eyebrow. Was she this rich? Zellin wondered to himself.

    “Ah! Really? Thanks Coral. It’s actually not much; only about 300 gold.” Liu replied as casually as possible.

    Zellin and Reyal’s eyes widened. “300 gold!?” They exclaimed.

    Coral opened her inventory and took out a bag of gold. “Here you go,” she responded, handing over the bag of gold.

    Liu bowed repeatedly. “Thank you, thank you. I promise I’ll pay you back soon!” He called out, gratefully, before going back in to the Warrior’s College.

    “Do you guys want money too?” Coral asked nonchalantly.

    “Ugh, no, Coral. I can’t possibly. I’ll just work for the skills I can’t buy. My parents gave me 250 gold, so I should be okay for now.” Zellin responded as he waved his hands.

    “I’m really sorry, Coral, but could I bother you for a loan? My parents only gave me a 100 gold, and from the looks of it that’s pretty much the cost of the class upgrade. Liu also went in with a 100 gold.” Reyal said shyly. He wasn’t like Liu, who could probably be taught enough skills to keep his class relevant to the group; the Enchanter class could only be properly cultivated with skill books.

    “Sure,” Coral replied, also handing over 300 gold.

    Next stop was the Summoner’s College.

    “Huh? Is this really it?” Zellin said in confusion as he looked at the map and then up at the dilapidated, wooden building. It was only one floor high; it was basically a badly taken care of, regular, wooden house. “Wait here,” Zellin instructed the others as he went in to take a look.

    “Hello?” Zellin called out as he reached an empty counter. “HELLO!” He yelled after hearing no response.

    “Ah? A customer?” A voice called out. The sounds of footsteps quickly approached from behind the door beyond the counter. The door opened to reveal the figure of a black-robed middle-aged man.

    “Ah!? Principal Lin!?” Zellin exclaimed. “What are you doing here?”

    “Do I know you?” Principal Lin asked with a raised eyebrow.

    “Do you have a twin brother?” Zellin asked in doubt. “Or are you just trying to trick me?”

    “I have multiple clones, but don’t mention those guys to me. They’re all very irritating to look at.” Principal Lin replied casually as he waved his hand.

    “Ugh, oh kay.” Zellin responded weirdly. He really didn’t know what to think about what this guy just said. “I’m here to upgrade to the Summoner class.” He said, intending to just get on to business.

    “Right, right. A new summoner. That’s pretty rare. That’ll be 100 gold please.” Principal Lin said with an uplifted hand.

    “Right…” Zellin responded dejectedly as he handed a bag of gold over. 100 gold was quite a lot of money, especially for a jobless kid like him.

    Afterwards, Principal Lin played with some menu options and a screen popped up in front of Zellin, asking him if he wanted to become a summoner. Zellin pressed on the ‘yes’ option and a notification appeared saying, “Congratulations! You have become a Summoner!”

    Several pop-ups also appeared saying that Zellin’s Intelligence, Wisdom, and Mana have all increased, causing Zellin to smile as he thought, nice.

    “Do you want to see what skills are now available to you?” Principal Lin asked.

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    Chapter 7: What Am I, A Baby?

    “Though, be warned. If you ever decide to change classes or copy these skills into a skill book, all Summoner skills that you learned here will be erased from your character.” Principal Lin explained seriously.

    Zellin nodded and an information screen popped up, listing various skills available to Summoners of his level. There were several skills for conjuring different enchanted weapons, and some skills for summoning enchantment spirits. The first skill on the list was Contract, as it was a basic Summoner’s skill.

    Damn, Zellin thought with a grimace. These skills are pretty expensive. I’ll only be able to get 2, at most.

    “I’ll just take the Summon Earth Elemental skill.” Zellin finally said after some thought.

    “You won’t take the Contract skill?” Principal Lin asked in confusion. Zellin responded by telling him he already had it. “Oh?” Principal Lin said, surprised. “I hope you didn’t contract too many beasts as that will have a severe impact your ability to stay awake.” He lectured.

    Zellin could only smile awkwardly in response. “Since you already have the skill, you’ll probably be interested in our Habitat Cards. They’re cards that connect to a separate dimension, with specialized habitats already installed into them. They’re for storing your pets so that your mind won’t become exhausted from the mental connection.” Principal Lin explained, thoroughly answering Zellin’s question about his recent condition.

    “Really?” Zellin said in surprise. “How much?”

    “A set of cards, including the related Summon skill, costs about 70 gold.” Principal Lin replied.

    “Ugh.” Zellin exclaimed. Why do I feel like suddenly giving up my dream of being a super mage? He wondered to himself, before nodding to Principal Lin.

    “Including the Summon Earth Elemental skill, all together will be 150 gold.” Principal Lin said with a smile.

    Zellin slowly handed over what was left of the money his parents gave him, and received two skill books and a set of 10 cards in return. The cards all had pictures of different scenery on them. Some of them were forests, and some were pictures of a lakes. Zellin assumed they were habitats made specifically for beasts of the Super Kingdom.

    Zellin immediately used both skill books as they turned into white light and entered Zellin’s head. Then, Zellin left, waving goodbye as he walked out the door.

    As he was leaving, a 3 meter long, pure white bird suddenly swooped down from the sky and a girl with long white hair, about Zellin’s age, jumped off the bird. She gave Zellin a cold look and raised an eyebrow at his nearby pets before walking into the Summoner’s College.

    Zellin admired the bird for a moment before walking over to his friends, ignoring the girl.

    “How was it?” Reyal asked.

    “The place robbed me, but I got what I needed.” Zellin replied frankly. “Come heroes, our quest has yet to be completed.” Zellin said, continuing onward to the next destination.

    The rest of the trip went as planned as Coral’s apparently super rich and Reyal got his loan. Greenz was only Level 3, so he couldn’t get a class as of yet.

    After the group got their classes, they had planned on buying a small house on the outskirts of the city, but Coral said she already had a place for them to stay. She lead the group to a more centralized area of the city, where the buildings were bigger and the people were more important.

    Zellin’s curiosity of this little girl’s background grew even stronger as she lead them towards a huge mansion which had a large courtyard, gate guards, and several servants. But he didn’t ask. He simply shrugged his shoulders and assumed that Coral would talk about it if she wanted to, otherwise it wasn’t high on his agenda of need-to-knows.

    After settling in, everyone went to do their own thing. As murder was literally forbidden in the city by the laws of this world, unless you were challenged in the Arena, it was pretty much safe, in a sense, to travel alone.

    Liu went to join the Mercenary Association, Coral went to join the Assassin Association, and Reyal went to buy some basic weapons to inscribe enchantments onto, for both money and skill experience. As for Zellin, after allowing his pets to enter his Habitat Cards, he went on a walk, full of new life and vigor.

    Zellin happened upon the Medical Association and decided to join. He didn’t even blink twice when speed writing the entrance test for more than 2 hours, as he was so hyped up on this new-found energy that he was ready to take on the world if need be. If he were in his usual state, he’d walk out simply at the mention of a test.

    The test wasn’t really for the sake of entering the association, but to test his capabilities in the different specialties of medicine. For most people, as long you had the Medicine skill, you would be allowed into the association; albeit, if you had the basic Level 1 in the skill, the jobs they offered you wouldn’t be as glamorous.

    After the test, Zellin was given the very generally-termed, Doctor profession, and was offered the job of extracting certain medical ingredients for a reasonable sum. But Zellin refused and simply asked if he could buy some herbs and other medical supplies, instead. As the association had access to many medical ingredients and paraphernalia, it wasn’t too hard to get what Zellin needed.

    Zellin was only mildly interested in the healing arts; his main interest in the Medicine skill was the art of poison crafting.

    Meanwhile, in another part of the city…

    Liu was walking through the city in awe of the people that he saw. Shit, it’s an elf. She’s really pretty. Damn, a dwarf! It’s as tall as me but can carry that huge war hammer! Liu thought in admiration of all he saw.

    Liu had already joined the Mercenary Association, but the only jobs they had for people of his level, were things like finding lost cats and babysitting babies. As the pay went from several coppers to a couple silvers, he refused, thinking those jobs were beneath him. After nonchalantly spending 300 gold on his class skills, his attitude towards several silver was that it wasn’t much.

    As he walked down the street, a taller and just as skinny youth ran up to Liu. “Hey, Little Brother, wait up.” He called out as he approached. “Little Brother, what’s your level?”

    “Ugh, I’m Level 5.” Liu responded without thinking much.

    “Pretty good, pretty good. Don’t you know that you’re actually qualified to join the only beginner’s guild in the city?” He asked as if it was basic knowledge.

    “What’s a guild?” Liu asked with a raised eyebrow.

    “You don’t know? It’s like a support structure you can use to help you get money and level. If you’re dedicated to the guild, they’ll even provide you with high level items as rewards!” The youth said enticingly.

    “Really?” Liu said, his eyes revealing eagerness. As he now knew how expensive it was to level, he wouldn’t turn away someone’s help to make money. Plus, all his items were too low-leveled, even for his current level; thus, he really craved the high-leveled items that were mentioned. “Can I join?” Liu asked hurriedly as if the opportunity would soon disappear.

    Liu was led by the youth, named Bo, to a nearby, large 3-story building. Bo left Liu in a tavern-like area, instructing him to wait as he went to get the guild leader.

    Liu sat down at an empty table and waited patiently. Soon, an old man with a missing arm came over and asked Liu what he’d have. Liu simply told him to bring their most popular drink, as Liu didn’t know how to read the menu. He was planning to buy a Basic Education skill book as soon as he could.

    The man brought back a neat whiskey, which immediately caused Liu to furrow his brows. “What am I, a baby? At least fill it up to the top!” Liu exclaimed with annoyance. This immediately drew the eyes of the surrounding guild members.

    The man raised an eyebrow before going back to fill Liu’s cup, and then stood off to the side to watch the show.

    As a kid, Liu had never drank before. So after taking a big gulp of whiskey, he immediately began to cough furiously, bending over and attempting to puke out the burning liquid in his stomach. Did that old bastard tried to poison me!? He thought.

    The surrounding guild members immediately burst out into a raucous laughter. “Hahaha! Well, kid, tell us, are you a baby?” Someone mocked loudly. “Ha! What’s wrong, kid? Never had a drink before?” Someone else called out.

    Liu’s face turned bright red as he fumed with rage, realizing that this must have been a joke of some sort, at his expense. He knew it was impossible to beat everyone up so he immediately turned to leave.

    “Hey, wait up little man. Aren’t you going to join the guild?” A youth in his teens, dressed in iron armor, called out as he approached with two of his friends, feigning friendliness.

    “It’s fine. I don’t need this guild; I already have a support structure.” Liu replied in a haughty manner as he turned around. The teens surrounding Liu let out a grin as they heard this. He could secretly be some noble’s child, they though excitedly.

    “Come on, kid. Don’t be like that. I see you’re already Level 5; have you upgraded to a class yet?” The armored youth who first approached Liu asked. They frowned when Liu nodded, before asking, “Then who’s your support network?”

    “I have three friends who I’m really close with.” Liu responded instinctively.

    “What!? Are you serious kid?” The pudgy one, awkwardly dressed in black, assassin’s clothes exclaimed. “So this kid is really as poor as he looks. Too bad we caught up with him after he got his class.” The equally pudgy archer said in disappointment.

    Liu instantly got angry as he heard this. “So what if I’m poor? That doesn’t mean I can’t be a great warrior! Say it again and I’ll beat you within an inch of your life!” Liu foolishly threatened.

    “Kid, are you an idiot? You don’t even have any armor, and you say you want to be a great warrior? On the immortal path, money is the most important!” The armored youth rebuked.

    Liu’s face expressed confusion as he asked, “What’s the immortal path?”

    “Wow, kid, you really are an idiot. You don’t even know this? The immortal path is the path to Level 100! After you reach Level 100, you become all powerful and become immortal!” The pudgy archer explained.

    “Forget this kid. Let’s just beat him up for getting our hopes up.” The armored youth suggested. These kids were really hoping to rob Liu’s class upgrade money. After reaching a high enough level, you become able to see the levels of those of a much lower level than you; the higher your level in comparison to the other person, the more information you can see. As these teenagers were Level 10, they were able to see Liu’s level.

    Before Liu could get his sword out, he already found himself being beaten from all sides until he was on the floor, only able to cover his face. The other guild members didn't want to get involved, so they simply ignored this shameless act of bullying.

    At this point the guild leader walked into the room and sighed. Looks like I have some ass kicking to do, he thought to himself. He walked over to the unknowing bullies who were hunched over and beating Liu on the ground, and started swiftly stomping as he started casually humming a song. It was as if he was a drummer, stomping to the beat of the hum.

    “Hmmm, hmm-mm mm hmm-mm-mm,” the guild leader hummed, imagining that the cries of his victims were the cries of fans, praising him for his talent. The beating went on for a few minutes. “Man, I feel like a woman.” The guild leader sang, signaling the end of the song.

    “Come on, all of you get up.” He ordered.

    Liu weakly got up, feeling pain all over his body, after realizing that he wasn’t being hit anymore. He looked up at the pale, gaunt, white-haired man, then at Bo at the side, coming to the conclusion that the gaunt man was the guild leader and also the person that saved him. Liu bowed slightly, simply saying, “Thank you,” before turning and leaving. Although he slightly respected this guild leader, he wasn’t resigned to feeling beneath anyone.

    The gaunt man sighed. “Bo, go after him. Ask him to join the leveling tomorrow.” He instructed, seeing as he couldn’t stop this kid from leaving. “You three.” He continued, focusing his attention on the badly beaten teenagers.

    “Yes, guild leader!” They hurriedly responded, standing straight and attentive.

    The guild leader rubbed his nose slightly before casually saying, “5 gold penalty,” with an upraised hand.

    The teenagers slowly held out a small bag of gold with looks of deep regret. After taking their money, the guild leader simply left in a merry manner, humming a tune as he walked.

    Seeing that the guild leader had left, those teens immediately let their anger show. “That little bastard. I’ll make sure he regrets getting us in trouble.” One of them said, followed by another, who said, “Yeah. If that kid actually had money, we wouldn’t have beat him up, and instead nicely coerce him into befriending us before robbing him.” They rationalized with an extremely twisted sense of right and wrong.

    “Don’t worry, guys,” the armored youth said calmly. “Soon, we’ll make him pay us twice what we lost today.” He said ominously.

    Outside the guild…

    “Hey, Liu, wait up!” Bo called out, running towards the distant Liu.

    Liu turned around as Bo approached. “What do you want?” Liu said with a frown. He wasn’t in the mood to discuss anything right now; his annoyance has pretty much reached the limit today.

    “Easy, Liu. You know, not everyone in the guild are like those jerks. They’re only arrogant because they’re at the highest level of the first floor, but nobody likes those guys. As long as you stick with me, those guys won’t dare to touch you.” Bo said confidently.

    “I’m not joining the guild anymore. A guild like that doesn’t deserve me.” Liu calmly replied.

    “Come on, don’t say that.” Bo said, trying to ease the situation. “How ‘bout this. Some of us from the first floor of the guild is going to clear a dungeon tomorrow. So, tomorrow, if you’ve calmed down, you can come by and see for yourself if the guild is worth joining. If not… Well, that’s up to you too.”

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    roar roar like a dungeon dragon 

    Chapter 8: What Are You Going To Give Me?

    “Woah, what happened there, buddy? Why do I feel like a girl did this to you?” Zellin asked with a raised eyebrow as he saw Liu’s puffy face. Liu’s hands were bruised, and Zellin assumed there was more underneath his clothes. At least he’s not dead, Zellin thought gratefully.

    “Shut up, Zellin. I’m not in the mood to screw around with you today.” Liu said as he walked past Zellin and headed towards his room.

    “Woah, buddy. Easy there.” Zellin said as he grabbed Liu’s shoulder. “Come on, I’m your brother. Tell me what happened.”

    Liu let out a heavy sigh, and turned around to tell Zellin what happened. Zellin also let out a sigh, thinking, this brother of mine is too simple minded. Zellin could at least have lied his way out of the situation. “Liu, those guys probably just wanted to rob your class upgrade money, because they saw you were Level 5. Let’s go to the guild dungeon clearing tomorrow; I have a plan to get back at those a-holes.” He said comfortingly, patting Liu’s shoulders.

    After being annoyed for so long, Liu finally let out a grin. “Thanks, brother. I’m counting on you.”

    The next day, Liu and Zellin went back to the guild and traveled several hours with the first floor group of the guild to a cave, about 50 km from the outskirts of the city.

    The guild, Noob Village, was divided into three floors, of which levels 1-10 are allowed to stay on the first floor, levels 10-20 for the second, and 20-30 for the last floor. Noob Village has multiple bases in Ultimate Super Fighter City and the first floor of the base Liu went to, the Noob Originals, had about 200 members; 50 of which, were joining the dungeon clearing. As Bo was the first floor’s Noob Leader, he was currently in charge of this group excursion.

    The whole way to the dungeon, Liu noticed the three bullies (Guo, Wally, and Roj) keeping a close eye on him, making sure to stay at least within 10 meters from him. Liu simply smirked at this. Yeah, keep following. Liu thought to himself. You’ll get what you deserve soon enough.

    Bo made sure to keep Zellin and Liu close to his friends, just in case Guo’s gang were intending on making trouble. He also noticed Guo’s gang’s behavior.

    "Alright, everyone we’re almost there.” Bo called out, halting the group. He sent some scouts out before advising the group. “Remember everyone, although spider poison glands are worth a decent amount, hold back your Preserve skill; at least for this first fight. First, focus on eliminating all of the enemies.”

    After the scouts came back, Bo lead the group forward, silently and cautiously spreading out. As they had the numbers for a blitz attack, they wouldn’t pass up this simple tactic. This would also prevent most of them from being blanketed in webs before the fight even began.

    Unfortunately, the plan didn’t go as planned, as the group in the west encountered a stray spider on their way to the clearing and were somewhat slow in killing it, resulting in its shrieks alerting the other spiders.

    But this groups of kids were quite disciplined for their age and have been working in concert for quite a long while. As the other groups heard the shriek, they immediately guessed the situation. The group who attracted the spider aggro pulled back, while the group in the east quickly moved forward, and the center team rushed forward from the south, slightly deviating to the left as they approached the clearing.

    Liu had no idea what was going on, and simply followed Bo. He had heard the spider shrieks and assumed trouble, but he didn’t know what they were doing about it. Zellin saw that these guys weren’t phased at all by the disturbance in their plans, and assumed all was under control. This world’s kids are too abnormal, Zellin thought to himself. If he didn’t have his past lives’ memories, he’d probably still be at home with his parents, being coddled. Or would the circumstances of this world make me more resilient as well? Zellin wondered.

    As Bo saw the clearing ahead, counting about 20 spiders, he gave a hand signal and a third of the group split off, swiftly heading north-west. Their group, naturally had more people, exactly for this type of situation.

    Bo charged, letting out a battle cry as he headed into the clearing, signaling the beginning of the charge. Bo didn’t mind too much if the spiders who went out to deal with the intruders heard this, as it could only force them into a pincer attack even faster if they chased back to the clearing.

    As Bo brandished his two short-swords, a flame enveloped them, making him look quite heroic as charged out at the spiders. Liu couldn’t help but widen his eyes at this and think, Damn, duel-wielding flaming swords? I should have picked that class…

    Liu also charged towards the spiders, but was almost instantly covered in web as he went into the clearing. Liu struggled to break free, but was unable to. These spiders weren’t like Leggy, as most of them were Level 8, causing their webs to be much stronger, especially for the unfortunate Liu.

    Zellin simply stood aside and watched, observing tactics and the different battle skills. He was so absorbed in watching that he didn’t even bother to help Liu free himself from the spider web. Is that the Duskblade class? But it looks like its specialized in fire… Hmmm… Zellin thought as he watched Bo. 

    You wouldn’t expect such heroic characteristics from Bo after first meeting him. Though he was handsome in a way, the fact that he was skinny lead people to believe that he was weak. But at the moment, he looked quite valiant as he slashed apart spider after spider, occasionally sending fireballs shooting out of the tips of his swords.

    The battle was quickly ending as these spiders couldn’t compare to Noob Villages numbers, nor the synergetic capabilities of humans.

    Liu would most likely have treasured the scene of this battle, but unfortunately all he could see was the ground in front of him.

    “Hargh!” Bo exclaimed, stabbing through the head of the last spider. He quickly raised his hand and was just about to give the signal to move out, when he saw a group of people head toward them from the west. “How’d it go?” Bo asked casually, as the other Noob Village members moved to collect the spider remains.

    “Meh,” A roughly 18-year-old youth expressed, rather unimpressed. “They tried to hurry back, but they quickly became trapped. Wasn’t too exciting. You?”

    “Easy enough.” Bo said nonchalantly.

    At this point, someone freed Liu from the webs and he stood up with an embarrassed face. I hope no one saw that… He thought to himself before turning his head and seeing Zellin looking at him with a smirk.

    "Jerk…” Liu couldn’t help mutter. “A-hole, why didn’t you help me?” Liu asked, rather irritated.

    “What, were you hurt? I was keeping you safe by not helping you.” Zellin replied, feigning a responsible attitude. Liu just shook his head, choosing to ignore this. He was almost used to this behaviour by now.

    Bo discussed the situation of the spiders being on the defensive for some reason, with the other team leaders, before heading into the cave. This type of spider was usually much more aggressive and would have sent out at least half their number to meet the intruders, but instead most of them stayed behind to defend the entrance.

    After coming to the conclusion that it was possible that there were more spiders than usual inside the cave, they went inside, as prepared as they could be. Zellin also followed, admiring Bo’s leadership qualities and instincts.

    "Stay close, guys. This dungeon is likely out of your level range." Bo said to Liu and Zellin. Liu simply nodded, hoping to not embarrass himself any further.

    Inside, they found that that there were indeed more spiders than expected. Although this slowed them down somewhat, they still progressed steadily.

    There were two paths inside the cave, which each led to a seperate boss spider. The two paths eventually lead to each other at the entrance of a large room and an even stronger boss.

    As they trudged onwards, the Guo gang couldn't be bothered with Liu, with all the fighting going on, and put him aside in their mind for the moment. Liu also fought, albeit as safely as possible. These spiders were leveled higher than Liu, and although the difference couldn't be said to be much, their skill levels were also of a higher level, making them quite dangerous to Liu.

    Zellin would occasionally send arrows flying out, trying to imitate the other archers. They timed their shots to moments before the spiders shot their webs and as they lunged in for a bite, obstructing all that they do. Some were also extremely precise in their skill; Zellin saw one of the archers continuously pierce a spider eye after each shot, until a fourth eye was pierced and the spider died.

    Back on Earth, Zellin never played any sports, so he never truly understood the importance teamwork, but now that he was in a world where fighting was everything, he was willing to learn anything in order to survive. Also, fighting was kind of fun.

    The first time Zellin had that thought, he instantly related himself to the serial killers of Earth, but eventually shrugged it off. Fuck it, he thought. When in Rome…

    Liu didn't participate in the boss fights, as he feared the unexpected. From what Liu understood, anything could happen in a boss fight, thus he didn't want to tempt fate. But Zellin couldn’t hold back his curiosity as he had never seen a boss fight before. He intently watched from the side, repeatedly questioning his own instincts and comparing them to Bo’s leadership.

    After clearing out the two bosses on both paths, they went to the large room's entrantce, and Bo called out all the Level 10s, instructing the lower leveled characters to stay put, as there was a good possibility of dying for them. A boss status Level 10 fight, for these kids, wasn’t something they could casually walk into.

    When Bo saw that the Guo gang didn't intend on fighting the boss, his brows furrowed, and he seriously warned Liu to be careful and to stay with the group, before leaving with the other Level 10s. If he could bring Liu with him, he would, but it was much too dangerous for a level 5.

    Seeing that Bo and his friends have left, the Guo gang made their move.

    “Hey, little man.” Guo, the armored teenager, said as he approached with his gang with fake smiles. “We just wanted to say sorry for beating you the other day. When you threatened us, we seriously thought you wanted to hurt us, so we defended ourselves. You understand, right?”

    Wow, Zellin thought. These guys are seriously shameless. “Ugh, you guys should have some talking to do, so I won’t bother you.” Zellin said, giving one last look at Liu and nodded his head, before moving away.

    After Zellin left, Liu turned to the Guo’s gang and replied. “Yeah, it’s fine, guys. Let’s just forget it.” Liu said as he rubbed the back of his head, as if the whole matter was kind of embarrassing to him.

    “No, no, we couldn’t do that. Let us give you something to express how sorry we are first. Then we can forget it.” Guo said in a courteous manner.

    Liu tried to politely refuse, but eventually had to accept as Guo and his friends wouldn’t let the matter go.

    “But let’s go somewhere private first.” Guo suggested casually. “If other people saw what we were giving you, they might get jealous, and perhaps their greed would overcome them. We wouldn’t want you to get hurt, right?”

    “Sure,” Liu replied, following their lead, and getting further and further away from the group. Eventually they went into a side room that Noob Village had already cleared.

    The gang turned to face Liu, their smiles even wider, and much more honest, as they looked at Liu as if he was a fly that flew into their web.

    “What are you going to give me?” Liu asked innocently.

    Guo snickered at Liu’s dense mentality. He almost had the urge to put him out of his misery, to save him from suffering in the real world. “We’re not actually going to give you anything.” Guo said with an amused smile. Liu raised an eyebrow, seemingly confused. “You’re going to give us something.” Guo said, his smile turning sinister.

    “Give you what? You need something? I actually don’t have much, but if I can help, I’d gladly do it in exchange for a favour.” Liu responded nonchalantly.

    “Idiot!” Wally, the pudgy assassin, exclaimed. “We’re robbing you! Give us everything you have or we’ll beat you to death and simply take it!”

    Liu reacted quickly, attempting to take his sword out, but Wally was quicker, sent a swift punch to Liu’s face, knocking him down from the force. Wally then continued to beat Liu fiercely as Liu covered his face and went into fetal position. “Don’t make me beat you to death!” Wally warned menacingly.

    “All I have of value is some medicine pills!” Liu yelled loudly, attempting to stop the beating. Wally momentarily stopped beating and looked up at Guo.

    “Get up.” Guo ordered with his arms crossed, his face grim. Wally got off Liu and Liu struggled to get up, wincing at the pain in his stomach. “Hand it over.” Guo said with an upraised hand,

    Liu opened up his inventory and took out a large pill bottle full of thumb-sized, pink pills, then threw them at Guo.

    Guo looked them over and opened the information screen. The pills were named ‘HP Pills Version 2,’ and it was simply described with, ‘Heals 60 HP.’ As they looked like HP pills, and were described as such, Guo took them to be as such.

    “Those should be worth a couple gold.” Roj, the pudgy archer, said with a smile.

    “Good, good. Get more pills like these and we’ll consider your debt even.” Guo said to Liu, as he handed some pills to Wally and Roj. They all swallowed several pill as they were somewhat injured from the previous fighting. “And you better not report this to anyone, lest you get bea-”

    Guo suddenly stopped talking and his body become still, his mouth still open, as if he was still going to continue talking.

    “You-” Was all Wally could get out before his stiff body collapsed to the ground, followed by Guo and Roj.

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    Chapter 9: Earning My Balls


    Those pills were actually pills made of Leggy’s paralytic poison and a few other ingredients that further intensified its effect, making it useful, even when used against someone on the tenth level. Although the paralysis wouldn’t usually take effect this quickly, after each one of Guo’s gang took several pills at once, the paralysis would naturally take effect much faster.


    As Zellin created the pills himself, he was able to both name it and set a description of it as he’d like. People of Guo’s level wouldn’t be able to see through it unless he had the Appraise skill, which gave an automatic description of an item. For a faked item like these pills, the skill would be able to see through it, revealing its true function. These pills were conveniently named ‘Version 2’ just in case Liu mistook them for the actual HP Pills Zellin gave him.


    Liu snorted in disdain at Guo and his gang’s unmoving bodies. “Serves you right.” Liu said. He turned over their bodies before beginning to beat their faces with all his strength. “Who’s, a, ba-by?” Liu called out, throwing a punch after every syllable, letting out all his frustration from the previous day. “Who’s, the, id-iot, now?”


    He thoroughly beat each one, completely letting out his frustration and draining his stamina.


    As this happened, Zellin went to check out the boss fight. He sneakily went into the entrance and hid behind a large rock, watching the Level 10’s approach deeper into the cave with their conjured light balls revealing the interior of the room.


    A large web was revealed as they went forward and eventually, a huge, 4 meter-long lump of a spider. It seemed to be sleeping. Damn, Zellin exclaimed within his mind. Spider Queen...


    Bo gave a signal, and the group began to prepare all their long-range skills, which they released with a wave of Bo’s hand. Lightning bolts, ice spears, and flaming arrows all flew forward at the huge lump of sleeping spider.


    As the spider was bombarded with spells and arrows, it let out an ear-piercing shriek, expressing its extreme displeasure at these intruders. As the shriek sounded, the spider queen jumped to the ground with a heavy thud, and little spider hatchlings began to crawl out the cracks in the cave walls, flooding out; hundreds of them. Though they were all either level 0, the only ten or so people in there couldn’t be bothered to deal with them and the Level 10 Spider Queen at the same time.


    Actually, the only reason this group of spiders had been so defensive, was because of these recently hatched spider hatchlings.


    This is bad, Zellin thought to himself, quickly rushing back toward the entrance. “Quick, everyone! Bo and his group got swarmed by hundreds of spider hatchlings! They won’t be able to beat the boss unless we help!” Zellin announced loudly as he reached the entrance.


    The Noob Village players immediately looked to each other, seeing the determination in each other’s eyes. “FOR NOOB VILLAGE!!!” Someone cried out. “Forward, Noob Originals!” Someone else yelled, leading the group into the large cave room.


    Zellin could only sigh in admiration. I’ve never seen such proud noobs before. He thought to himself.


    With the appearance of the spider hatchling swarm, Bo’s group were quite disordered. Bo could only yell at them to avoid the spider queen at all costs. Thus they spread out, running around as they stepped on spider hatchlings, trying to take out as many as they could.


    Unfortunately, no one had any good AoE skills to use; the most useful were the higher level fireballs, which could affect about a meter radius with its flames, but the size of its AoE effect wasn’t much considering how many spiders there were.


    During this time, one of the level 10 players was already picked out by the spider queen and became covered in its thick web. He was left to struggle on the ground, suffering endless spider bites, and slowly losing his ability to move.


    At this point, the reinforcements arrived, somewhat relieving the current situation.


    For 10 minutes, they ran around with their senses heightened to the max, slashing and stomping on spider hatchlings as they avoided the spider queen. 4 of the unlucky, lower leveled characters were devoured in front of everyone, and even more were helplessly tied up in webs or paralyzed with poison. But after those grueling ten minutes, only about 50 spiders were left, who hurriedly retreated back in the cracks of the walls, seeing only death if they continued.


    “All under Level 7 retreat!” Bo called out urgently. The true battle was beginning and Bo knew the lower leveled players wouldn’t be up to this fight. Bo didn’t mind too much that the level 9’s and 8’s were joining the fight, but he was somewhat worried about the level 7’s.


    Unfortunately he needed them, considering how much level 10’s they had lost to poison. Without those level 10’s, the group’s overall capability was shot, thus requiring the other players from levels 9-7 to fill the gap.


    There were currently 12 Noob Villagers that were incapacitated with either webs or poison. After they were dragged out from the spider queen’s range of attack, the true fight had begun. There were about 25 Noob Villagers prepared to fight to the death; most of them with injuries.


    Zellin’s natural mentality in this situation would be to say, ‘Fuck it, I don’t want to die. Who needs to kill this spider queen anyway?’ But on this world the people on this world, people held the words, ‘what doesn’t kill you makes you stronger,’ to heart, and if you hadn’t guessed it yet, the greatest desire in this world was to become truly strong. Thus, people sought out situations like this, in the hopes of nothing more than to get stronger.


                    The spider queen had jumped up on its web, intent on fighting from above. It immediately targeted the archers and spit a glob of white out its bum which spread to a 20 meter web. About 4 archers and two warriors were either too slow or were too far in the center of where the web was aimed and were caught in the thick web.


                    The web weighed down on them, and they struggled to escape. Many of them escaped quite easily, but unfortunately the web was coated in poison, and as the archers and warriors struggled to escape, it had seeped into their wounds, quickly infecting their body with a paralytic. Thus, the group, in a flash, had been incapacitated and could only hope on their fellow guild members to save them.


                    “I’m tired of fucking around with this bitch.” Said the flame elementalist. He lifted his hand and a fireball with a foot long diameter shot out of his right hand and flew at the spider queen.


                    As the fireball couldn’t be considered fast, the spider queen easily dodged it, but the fireball hit the web instead, and traveled along its entirety, quickly burning it into nothing. The spider queen had no choice but to land in front of the group with a thud and let out a loud, threatening hiss. It wasn’t looking good for the lumpy spider queen.


                    There was a small hesitation from the group, coming from the fact that they knew they were now facing up against a cornered animal. But with the sound of rattling armor as a warrior took a step forward, the other warriors instinctively charged out. Bo also charged out, along with a shapeshifter who turned into a werewolf.


                    The archers, enchanters, and the flame elementalist also began to assist from a distance. The spider queen was in a frenzy, receiving damage from all ends, and frantically lashing out with its spear like legs.


                    As all of this went on, Zellin watched from the behind the rock as he had been since the beginning. Not too far from Zellin was a white-haired girl, simply watching the battle with bored eyes. Is that the same girl from the Summoner’s College? Zellin wondered. No, she seems a bit older.


                    The spider queen’s HP was quickly depleting, and unfortunately, taking down a couple Noob Villagers along with her didn’t seem possible. Though it was able to deal a lot of damage, after becoming too injured, the warriors would simply stood back and popped a pill to heal their wounds. In a helpless situation, with its HP nearing its end, it chose to flee, and jumped with its powerful legs toward the exit.


                    Shit, it’s coming this way! Zellin thought in fear. All he could do though, was stay behind the rock and hope it wasn’t seen. Shit! Zellin suddenly thought. That little girl’s in trouble!


                    Zellin watched as the spider queen jumped, calculating it’s landing to be a small distance away from the girl. As a man, Zellin naturally wanted to save her, but as a natural coward, he wanted to hide behind the rock. After a moment of hesitation, determination arose onto Zellin’s face. Screw cowardice. I’m earning my balls today! Zellin thought boldly as he charged out from behind the rock, spear in hand.


                    Unfortunately, in the time for Zellin to think this out, the spider queen had already landed, and was currently charging at the little white-haired girl. The girl simply snorted as she waved a card in her hand. A white light shot out of the card, transforming into a 4 meter tall polar bear that swiped its powerful claws at the spider queen as it appeared.


                    The claw swipe savagely ripped into the spider queen’s eyes and dragged along until all its eyes were beyond repair. The spider queen shrieked and attempted to skewer the bear with its legs, in the hopes of dying with this bear. The bear grabbed one leg and allowed the other leg to stab shallowly into its shoulder. This only increased the bear’s savagery as the blood-stained, white-furred polar bear pulled with all its might and ripped out the spider’s leg.


                    The bear didn’t stop there and pulled out the other leg that was stabbed into its shoulder, before relentlessly beating down on the spider queen’s head for several minutes, until the spider queen stopped moving altogether. The bear licked its ooze-stained paws before disappearing into the summoner girl’s habitat card.


                    In this time, the other Noob Villagers and Zellin had all gathered round and watched this savage beating. Zellin was slightly embarrassed, holding onto his manhood by reminding himself that at least, he had charged out from behind the rock. I’ll earn my balls tomorrow… he thought in defeat.


                    After a moment of silence, Bo snapped out of his trance, and gave the order to butcher the corpse.


                    After the dirty business was done, Zellin and the others met up with the rest of the Noob Villagers and also Liu, then headed back home.


                    During the trip home, Bo asked Liu if he knew where Guo’s gang was, and Liu simply told him after making up and giving Liu a gift, Liu separated from them and he hadn’t seen them since.


    In reality, Liu left Guo and his friends paralyzed on the ground of the cave. He didn’t mind too much about the repercussions of thoroughly beating them, as Ultimate Super Fighter City was pretty big, and it wouldn’t be too difficult to stay hidden unless Guo’s gang paid for the information.


                    Liu had decided to not join the guild, as he really couldn’t stand Guo and his friends, and had only come today for revenge.


                    Back at the Noob Originals headquarters…


                    “So, have fun?” Bo asked Liu and Zellin as they sat at a round table having drinks. With Zellin’s help, Liu was able to order some apple juice.


                    “Yeah, it was kind of eye-opening. I’ve never seen fights with groups that big before. Everyone was pretty disciplined, and very organized.” Zellin commented.


                    “Yeah, we’re still learning.” Bo replied modestly. “Anyways, that’s what you guys can expect from joining the guild. Dungeon clearing can only really be done in a big guild like ours, unless you were multiple levels higher than the general level of the cave. So what d’you guys say? Ready to join the guild?”


                    “Hmm…” Zellin replied, as if in thought. “We’d really be better persuaded if we had an incentive of some sort.” Zellin said shamelessly, knowing full well that they weren’t going to join the guild.


                    Bo let out a light laugh. “Okay then. I can offer Liu a Level 8 claymore, and for you, I have something a bit more special.” Bo said mysteriously as he opened his inventory and pulled out a brown sack. Something seemed to be squirming inside.


                    Bo let it out onto the ground, revealing that it was Level 3 Poison Spider Prince Hatchling.


                    “Hmm…” Zellin responded in thought. “I don’t know, I already have a spider, and I also only have one cave Habitat Card.” Zellin said, his thumb and index finger on his chin. “How about you give me the spider queen’s energy core instead?” Zellin said with a mischievous grin.


                    Bo could only smile wryly at Zellin’s greediness. This kid really knows how to take incentives to the limit. He thought to himself. Energy cores only appeared in monsters Level 10 or above, and for Level 10 monsters, the only real chance to get one is in a boss-class creature.


                    Bo hesitated, but eventually forced himself to say, “Fine! But only after you join the guild.” He said firmly.


                    Zellin sighed in disappointment, and just as he was about to tell the truth about their intentions, Bo exclaimed, “Shit,” as he saw a notification appear before him.

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  • I just wanted to say that although there are only nine chapters I really liked what I have read and that I hope you keep up the good work cause I have high hopes for this story.
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  • Well there is one thing that has been bothering me, although I don't know if this can be considered a plot hole I think it can lead to a plot hole, is killing the only way for everyone (humans,semi-humans, beasts, etc.) to level up in this world? Cause if you think about it killing to level up is so inefficient no one would be able to reach very high levels, Zellin needed  300 exp to get to level 1 but that rabbit that he killed only gave him 1 exp that means he needed to kill at least 300 beast at the same level as the rabbit to level up. Just think about how quickly that world's population would diminish if everyone was trying to level up.
  • i will solve all your questions with the magic of writing fiction, in time. I have actually thought about all that, and when the time comes it will naturally make sense eventually. thanks for bringing it up though. I'll try get in the background sooner rather than later.
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    Chapter 10: Is He Really That Bad?

                    “Guo just died…” Bo said, not sure what to make of it. “Shit. And Wally. Now Roj. Damn.” Bo exclaimed.
                    Zellin’s face paled as he looked at Liu’s shocked face. Is this what a xianxia MC is like? He wondered. Killing for the slightest annoyance? Is he really shocked or is he simply so ruthless and cold that faking shock for his victim’s deaths doesn’t faze him at all? Zellin was now looking at Liu like he was a completely different person, not aware whether this was an elaborate plot by Liu or a simple accident.
                    Also, Zellin wasn’t quite sure how effective his paralysis pills were, nor was he aware of how many Guo and his friends took at once. Zellin assumed that the effects of the pill would be to a paralyze a Level 10 for anywhere from 40 minutes to an hour, but in reality, the potency and the amount that was taken by Guo’s gang would make the time paralyzed be anywhere from 6-8 hours.
                    Plus, the facts that about 50 poison spider hatchlings weren’t killed in the dungeon clearing, and the fact that the poison spider hatchlings ended up in the room that Guo and his friends were paralyzed in could only amount to their incredibly bad luck.
                    “Ha-how did they die?” Liu asked with a slight stutter and an immense feeling of guilt. Liu didn’t intend on killing Guo and his friends for simply beating him and trying to rob him as he wasn’t that hateful, but the fact that they could of died as a result of him made him feel extremely guilty. This could basically be the first time he caused the death of another person, and as Liu was only a child, it would be an extreme blow.
                    “The notification says that they were devoured by spider hatchlings.” Bo replied with confusion in his eyes. “I wonder how that happened?” He said as he gave Liu a suspicious look. He had noticed the guilt in Liu’s eyes.
                    “I don’t know! How would I know!? Why are you asking me?” Liu responded speedily, making it obvious to anyone with eyes that he had something to do with Guo and his friends’ deaths.
                    “Relax, Liu. It’s not like I’m accusing you.” Bo responded consolingly. “Since the guild record says that they died from poison spider hatchlings, there’s naturally nothing we can do but accept it. People die every day, and it’s not our job to look into every death that happens. Right, Zellin?”
                    Zellin immediately got Bo’s meaning and was very grateful for it. Though his friend might be a ruthless killer, he was still Zellin’s friend. He couldn’t abandon him. “Right.” He replied. “Looking into every single death would be pointless.” Zellin said as he patted Liu on the shoulder, signaling him to calm down.
                    “Right…” Liu agreed slowly.
                    “Anyways, Bo, how ‘bout we get onto joining the guild already?” Zellin continued. He was very grateful to Bo, and assumed he would have a better time repaying his kindness if they were in the guild.
                    Liu’s eyes widened. I don’t want to join the guild! What if they find out I accidentally killed some of their members!? Liu thought to himself, not aware that the situation was pretty much resolved with Bo’s silence.
                    “We can do it now, if you’d like, since the guild leader is here. Would both of you be joining?” Bo asked, aware of the current predicament going on within Liu’s mind.
                    Liu looked to Zellin and watched him nod resolutely, before he calmed himself and also nodded his head. Liu’s been with Zellin long enough to trust that he thought this through. He had much more foresight that Liu was currently capable of.
                    Bo put the spider prince back in his inventory, and led Liu and Zellin up to the fourth floor.
                    Knock, knock. “Guild leader, I have some people here who want to join the guild.” Bo called out, interrupting the sounds of metal clashing against metal on the other side of the door.
                    “Come in.” A voice called out.
                    Bo opened the door and walked in with Liu and Zellin. The guild leader was standing in a wide room with another fully armored person, and seemed to be sweating. They must have been sparring… Zellin observed. Raising skill levels in this way was quite effective, and didn’t require you to risk your life.
                    “You’ve met Liu, and this is Zellin.” Bo introduced. “They wish to join the guild.”
                    “Hmm.” The guild leader expressed, seemingly not that interested. He raised his hand and played with some menu options, causing an invitation to appear before Liu and Zellin.
                    Liu and Zellin both accepted the invitation and received a notification saying that they have joined the guild.
                    “You’re a summoner?” The gaunt and pale guild leader suddenly asked.
                    “Yes.” Zellin replied with a nod.
                    “Are you interested in monster breeding? Our guild has some connections to the World Moderators, and it’s possible to make some money by selling them monsters. Spider monsters are the easiest to make money off of, since a single spider egg sac can carry hundreds of spiders.” The guild leader said nonchalantly.
                    Zellin’s eyes widened in surprise. “Indeed, indeed. I do have a pet spider.” Zellin replied with repeated nods.
                    “Bring it out.” The guild leader responded. Zellin took out a habitat card and used his Summon skill to let Leggy out. Leggy’s body was currently about a meter long. “Hmm… Good, it’s a girl spider. Now all you need is a male.”
                    Zellin smiled mischievously. “Actually, guild leader. I believe Bo happened upon a spider prince of the same species.” Zellin informed the guild leader.
                    Bo again, let out a wry smile. This kid’s definitely going to end up taking both the spider prince and the spider queen’s energy core… Bo thought to himself.
                    “Let it out.” The guild leader ordered.
                    Bo opened his inventory and let out the spider prince. It was much smaller than Leggy; about a quarter of Leggy’s size.
                    The spider prince immediately noticed Leggy and drew near to her, before beginning to dance around in a circle around Leggy.
                    Zellin raised an eyebrow, but the guild leader gave them a signal to stay quiet.
                    The dancing seemed to continue on endlessly, and Liu and Zellin couldn’t help but let out sighs of boredom. About an hour later, the dancing stopped, and the spider prince climbed up Leggy’s legs from underneath. It rested underneath Leggy’s abdomen, upside down, and began touching Leggy’s abdomen.
                    This went on for quite some time until the spider prince collapsed onto the ground. Leggy backed up and looked at the spider prince for a moment before suddenly lunging towards the spider prince and biting her fangs into the spider prince’s head. It wasn’t long before the spider prince’s whole head became devoured.
                    Zellin’s eyes widened in shock and confusion. The guild leader simply shook his head. “What an arrogant spider prince. The mating dance ritual only lasted about an hour. If it was truly sincere it would have lasted at least several more hours.” The guild leader said in disdain. “When the spider eggs hatch, let me know. I should be able to get you several hundred gold. Of course the guild will take a small percentage.”
                    “Guild leader.” Liu suddenly called out. “What are World Moderators?” He asked, after holding in this question for a whole hour.
                    The guild leader looked at Liu for a moment, questioning whether he should even bother answering before sighing and responding. “They are responsible for the cultivation of all the people in the world. They manage the guilds and colleges, and they provide monsters for us to kill; and sometimes, the higher level World Moderators can even cause disasters to control the human population. They basically make sure that the Grand Game runs smoothly. That’s all I’ll say about the World Moderators.” The guild leader explained. “Now get out. You’ve wasted enough of my time by causing spiders to copulate in front of me.”
                    After that Bo, Liu, Zellin, and Leggy hurriedly left. Outside the door, Zellin turned to Bo and smiled, extending his hand. “The energy core, please.” He said smugly.
                    “What, you still want the energy core after killing my spider prince?” Bo replied. “If you want, you can give me 50% of what you earn from selling the spider hatchlings, and I’ll give you the energy core.” Bo negotiated with crossed arms.
                    “What? 10 percent.” Zellin responded, also crossing his arms, unwilling to lose out on the exchange.
                    “25. Any lower, and it’s not worth it.” Bo responded with frustration. This little kid is really ruthless. If there wasn’t a possibility of these two leaving the guild, I wouldn’t even bother. Bo thought.
                    “Fine. Hand it over.” Zellin replied, once again raising his hand.
                    Bo let out a sigh, before opening his inventory, and retrieving a small, pink, gem-like object and handing it over. Zellin immediately fed it to Leggy, who, after eating it, lied on the ground and began to glow with a white light.
                    Several minutes later, the glow faded and some pink was added to the colors on Leggy’s abdomen. Zellin checked Leggy’s information screen and saw that she turned into a Level 5 Poison Spider Elite.
                    “Thanks, Bo.” Zellin called out with a triumphant smile.
                    In another part of the city…
                    “Hmm… Your friend is quite stingy. I like him. Keep close to that one.” A hulking, bearded man, dressed in silk said with an amused smile. He was seated comfortably in a recliner chair, with an image of Zellin hovering above his hand. “I’m pretty sure this kid set up the murders of those three child thieves as well. That scrawny kid couldn’t possibly have done it by himself. He’s pretty ruthless and calculating for such a young kid. You can learn quite a lot from him, little one.”
                    A look of doubt appeared on Coral’s face. “Dad, I don’t really think he’s like that. His character is much more like a lazy person who doesn’t take anything seriously. Though, deep down he’s very sensitive. Unfortunately, this makes him try less, lest the pain from failure is too much.” Coral responded with an unusual amount of insight. If Zellin knew how much Coral saw through him, he’d likely never be able to look her in the face again.
                    “No, Coral. You’re much too naïve. This kid is clearly a wolf in sheep’s clothing; an expert killer. Luckily for you, he’s the sort who’s loyal to his friends, and he’s a descendant of the Kui Demons of the east.” The hulking man reproached Coral, before nodding his head and saying, “I’ve decided. You are to be betrothed to this child.”
                    Coral’s eyes instantly widened in shock. “Father! Don’t speak without thinking! Zellin’s like an older brother to me! How could I have feelings for him?” Coral urgently spoke out. Though she didn’t necessarily reject the idea, she was very hesitant.
    One part of her wouldn’t mind being with someone who she liked as much as Zellin, but she truly had no romantic feelings for Zellin at all. Also, she was much too young to really have those feelings for anyone.
    “Of course we must test his character first.” The man said, ignoring Coral.
    Coral could only shake her head at her father’s eccentricity. He most likely decided this on a whim.
    Later that night…
    Zellin and Liu walked into the large living room of their huge mansion. The instant they entered, soft sobbing sounds could be heard. Zellin looked to see Coral on the couch with her head in between her knees, crying softly.
    “Yeah, Zellin, you should handle this. You’re her only-slightly older Big Bro. Go on.” Liu said, patting Zellin on shoulder before leaving the room.
    Zellin let out a sigh. He had never seen Coral like this before, so it must be something serious. Though he would never say it, seeing Coral like this stirred up a painful feeling in Zellin’s heart.
    Zellin approached Coral and placed his hand on her head. “Come on, little one, tell me what’s wrong.” Zellin said as if he was doing this begrudgingly.
    Zellin took away his hand as Coral lifted her head, revealing her tear-stained eyes. “It’s nothing, Zellin. It’s just that my father wants to ruin my life.” Coral replied in a badly feigned casualness, revealing her annoyance with her father.
    “Go on.” Zellin said, crossing his arms and preparing himself for the possibility of a long whine session.
    “My father wants to marry me off to some spoiled noble’s son, without even considering what I want.” Coral continued with a pout.
    “Is he really that bad?” Zellin asked with a raised eyebrow.
    “He is! He’s the worst! He’s lazy and inconsiderate, and his only ambition is to become a super mage without even trying!” Coral spoke out in an exasperated manner.
    “What an a-hole!” Zellin exclaimed. “Why would your father marry you off to such a bastard?” He asked in an oblivious manner.
    “I, don’t, know.” Coral said slowly, helpless. “Apparently, he’s a descendant of a great immortal clan in the far east.”
    “That’s no excuse to be a douche.” Zellin replied without thinking.
    “What’s a douche?” Coral asked, confused.
    “Ugh, nothing really. It’s a cleaning utensil of sorts...” Zellin explained awkwardly.
    Coral raised an eyebrow in confusion, before letting it go and lowering her head slightly; looking up at Zellin with her wide, sparkling eyes, to say, “But there is a way you could help…”

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    Chapter 11: 1000 Throwing Needles

                    “Ugh… Coral, I don’t know. Isn’t that a little excessive? Do we need to go that far?” Zellin asked cautiously. Coral had just proposed that Zellin fight for her hand in marriage. She said that if his father found out that she was already in love with someone, he might change his mind. “I mean, Coral, you’re only seven years old this year. This relationship is getting too intense too fast.” Zellin said with his hands raised, as if to push Coral away.
                    Coral’s face scrunched up into her angry face. “Dummy! This is only a stall! If my father agrees to this marriage, we’ll have until I turn 14 to run away before we’re forced to commit. And this way I won’t have to leave behind a shirked husband.” Coral explained, seemingly annoyed.
                    Zellin’s face paled and he began sweating. “Yu-you want to run away with me?” He asked with a stutter.
                    “Idiot!” Coral exclaimed, seriously annoyed. “Run away to escape, not to be together! Although… we will be together.” Coral explained, slightly blushing at the end of it.
                    “Hah, hah.” Zellin suddenly let out, breathing loudly, unable to catch his breath. Shit! Since when did my life turn into a forbidden love romance? Zellin couldn’t help but think to himself in the midst of a mini panic attack.
                    Coral whipped her hand out, slapping Zellin on the face. “Hey! Get a hold of yourself! We’re doing this!” Coral said decisively. “Now go to sleep. We’ll be going to see my father in the morning.” Coral said firmly, patting Zellin’s shoulder as if to comfort him after ending his life. With that, she left, leaving Zellin in the room, struggling to catch his breath.
                    Zellin took in a deep breath and held it in for a moment to slow his breathing, before exhaling. Zellin wasn’t quite sure how to feel about the situation. Though he wanted Coral to be happy, he definitely didn’t want to get married. No! This is for Coral! It’s time to man up! Zellin thought as he slapped himself in the face.
                    Next morning…
                    When Reyal saw Coral dragging the hesitant Zellin out of the door, he asked what was happening. When he heard the situation he immediately burst out laughing and insisted that he and Liu come along.
                    Eventually, Coral had brought the others to the walled off part of the city, in the center, where the royal palace was located. Zellin’s face immediately paled. “Ugh, Coral. Are you by any chance, a princess?” Zellin asked, seriously hoping for a ‘no.’
                    “Yeah, what of it?” Coral replied without expression.
                    Fuck! Zellin exclaimed in his head. She wants me to ask the king for his approval in marrying the princess!?
                    Reyal let out an amused laugh. “Woah, Zellin. I never knew you could be so courageous as to ask the king for her daughter’s hand in marriage. So bold, so bold. It’s really admirable.” Reyal said, with a bit of schadenfreude. Though he would be slightly jealous if Zellin really was able to marry a princess.
                    “So does this mean you could be the future king?” Liu asked frankly.
                    “Easy, guys. No one’s really going to get married.” Zellin said nervously.
                    Reyal and Liu looked to each other to see the amusement in the other’s eyes, before both bursting out into laughter. “Hahaha, ha ha ha! Zellin, you don’t seriously think you can escape the king do you?” Reyal asked, shattering all of Zellin’s remaining hope. Zellin secretly hoped that the king would reject his proposal.
                    “Yeah, Zellin. Aren’t you overestimating your abilities a bit much?” Liu asked, shaking his head.
                    “Don’t mind them, Zellin. Let’s go.” Coral interrupted, grabbing Zellin’s arm and pulling him forward.
                    Eventually Coral led the others into the castle, all the way into a very large, domed room, where a large man was seated in the center, meditating. Occasional ripples of energy would undulate outwards, forming circles of energy around the man which disappeared into the air.
                    “Father.” Coral called out in a loud voice from afar. If kids at Coral’s level were to touch those energy ripples, they’d surely die pointlessly.
                    “Hmm, little one?” The man dressed in silk, said, becoming aware of the kids in his presence. He stood up slowly in one second, and in the next he was standing over Zellin, releasing a terrifying aura that made it so Zellin couldn’t breathe; couldn’t move. “Why are you holding my daughter’s hand?” The king suddenly said, causing Zellin’s suffocating body to break out into a cold sweat out of fear.
                    “Dad, stop it!” Coral called out angrily, releasing Zellin’s arm to beat helplessly against his father’s steel-like body. “He’s come to say something! Let him talk!” She demanded.
                    “Oh.” The king said, stroking his bushy beard as he retracted his aura. “Come, now. What is it?” He asked. Though his aura was retracted, his body hovering over Zellin’s and his piercing gaze still caused Zellin to be unable to speak.
                    “I- I- I,” Zellin tried to say through his fearful stutter.
                    “He’s come to ask for my hand in marriage!” Coral suddenly burst out loudly.
                    “Oh? Can’t he say it himself? I’d really like to see how this kid is going to make me give up my precious daughter. What?” He said, holding his hand out around his ear. “I can’t hear you! Do you need me to turn around before you get over your fear?” The king said, turning his body around to mock Zellin.
                    “Th-thanks, that’s actually better.” Zellin forced out.
                    This immediately caused the king to burst out into a laughter. “Haha! A little shy, aren’t you, kid? Well, get on with it. If it makes you comfortable you can talk to my back if you want.” He said with amusement.
                    “Y-yes, I’d appreciate it.” Zellin immediately agreed, before getting on to business. “I’m here to make Coral my wife!” Zellin said with a deep, loud voice, attempting to sound manly. Though the effect was rightly taken away, as the king had to turn around for him to say it.
                    Reyal had the burning urge to burst out laughing but held it in for fear of receiving the king’s attention.
                    The king let out a yawn, before asking, “And why would I allow that, shy one?” The king seemed to be quite bored.
                    “Be-because I love her!” Zellin called out passionately, causing Liu and Reyal to turn their heads. “Th-that’s right, I said it! And I mean it! I love her!” Zellin said loudly, attempting to look serious.
                    “Yeah?” The king asked in boredom. “Prove it.” He said, plainly.
                    Okay, Zellin. All those years you spent writing romances in your room will finally be of use this day! Zellin said, motivating himself. “To prove my love, I’m willing to be pierced with 1000 throwing needles!” Zellin said, causing everyone’s eyebrow’s to rise as they thought, really? Throwing needles were weapons used by the ninja and assassin classes. They could range from half a foot to a foot, and were very thick for something termed as a ‘needle.’
    Zellin paused for a moment before mustering up his courage and continuing. For Coral’s happiness!... God I hope they don’t make me do it, he thought before speaking. “With the first needle to pierce my body, you may simply ignore my boast for love. With the hundredth needle, you may acknowledge it, but not approve. With the fifth hundredth, you may take my words seriously. But with the 1000th needle, if you still do not allow us to be together, you might as well pierce my heart and end me, as the pain of not being together with Coral would be 1000 times worse!” Zellin spoke intensely, taking heavy breaths by the end of his speech.
    Reyal and Liu’s mouths dropped open, and Coral had to cover her mouth. Isn’t that a little much? I mean, I’m only seven this year. She thought to herself.
    The king slowly turned around with crossed arms. He stared intensely at Zellin for a moment before saying, “Seriously?”
    Zellin threw away his hesitance, returning the king’s intense stare and saying, “Seriously.”
    The king suddenly broke out into a smile. “Hahaha! That’s a good kid! I knew I picked the right one for my daughter! You said you’re serious, okay? So no backsies. Remember, if you go back on your word, I’ll be coming for you! You’re betrothed now, so get out before you change your mind.” The king said with a wide grin.
    Zellin’s face suddenly became expressionless. Picked the right one? Zellin said to himself, wondering what this all was. Zellin felt a force pick him up, as the scenery instantly changed. Zellin suddenly found himself back in a wide hall. The king seemed to have disappeared.
    Zellin turned to face Coral’s blushing face, asking, “Coral, what did the king mean when he said he picked the right one?”
    “Oh, that? That’s nothing.” Coral said, waving her hand as if to brush off the situation. “My dad actually chose you in the beginning to be my husband, but he wanted to see if you’d fight for me first.”
    “Whhaaat!?” Zellin exclaimed loudly, unable to believe what he heard. Liu and Reyal started laughing, louder than ever at the increasingly amusing scene before them. “Coral! I only said those things because I thought you were being married off to some a-hole!” Zellin yelled, exasperated.
    As Zellin said these words, Coral didn't hear 'I didn't mean anything I said,' instead she heard, 'this situation forced to me to say my true feelings.' Coral, looked down slightly and blushed. Then she brushed away her pink hair and looked up at Zellin. “I know. I never knew you felt that way about me.” She said shyly.
    Zellin felt as if the world had suddenly gone crazy, like nothing made sense anymore. He was so confused, it felt like his mind was spinning.
    Reyal struggled to stop laughing, wiping a tear from his eye. “Hey, don’t worry Zellin. If it makes you feel any better, she’s still marrying a huge a-hole.” Reyal said with a giggle, patting Zellin on the shoulder.
    “Fuck my life.” Was all Zellin could say.
    After Zellin’s unfortunate engagement, they all went back home.
    Zellin sat in his room, trying to ignore the king and Coral’s devious plot to trap him into an engagement, and instead thought about why the king wanted to marry off his daughter to Zellin. Could my parents have some extraordinary background that I’m not aware of? I’ll have to ask them next time I’m home.
    Zellin spent the rest of the day thinking (sleeping) in his room. Coral attempted to speak to him about their engagement, but Zellin left the door locked and the lights off. He didn’t want to deal with that at the moment. I might grow to love her in that way… Zellin thought to himself. I hope she’s super hot in the future…
    The next morning…
    The sun shone through the large glass windows, onto to Zellin’s king-sized bed, caressing Zellin’s sleeping face. Usually the bright light would have annoyed Zellin, but the warmth felt quite comfortable, allowing him to drift even further into his sleep. Zellin didn’t know why, but he was at peace at this moment…
    Thud! A large boot had suddenly stomped on Zellin’s sleeping fac, abruptly waking him from his peaceful sleep. “WTF, man!? Can’t a kid sleep in peace around here!?” Zellin yelled out, rubbing his sore and dirty face.
    “How lazy are you? It’s almost noon. Get up!” Called out a deep voice.
    Zellin looked up to see a tall, golden-armored man staring down at him. “Who the hell are you?” Zellin asked, his voice filled with annoyance.
    “I’m your new teacher. The king has assigned you and all your friends someone to teach them, for the sake of the princess. The way it is now, you’ll likely not survive 5 years in the real world. Now, come on, up! Follow me to the courtyard.” The man said before striding out of the room.
    FML, Zellin thought to himself, before getting dressed and following suit.
    Out in the large courtyard, Zellin held is hand up against the bright sun before looking into the courtyard. He saw that in the very spacious courtyard, Liu, Reyal and Coral were already in the middle of sparring with their teachers. Even Greenz was being taught to use a short sword.
    Zellin slowly walked to his new teacher, as if dragging himself. When he got there, he lazily asked, “Can’t I get a meal first?”
    The tall man simply threw a pill at him, which Zellin caught and looked at. “It’s a meal pill. Everything you need in a meal, in a pill. Eat up.” The man said without expression. It seemed as if the man wasn’t too pleased with this new assignment.
    Zellin grudgingly put the pill in his mouth. “Why do I need a teacher? Can’t the king just buy a bunch of skill books for us?” Zellin asked, his eyes squinting against the light.
    “I’m also here to teach you discipline. As the princess’s future husband, you must learn to be responsible and work hard, lest the king end your life in disappointment.” The man said frankly. “I hear you’ve taken up the Pole Arm skill.” He said, changing the subject.
    “Yeah, but it’s kind of like a side skill. I’m actually a Summoner.” Zellin replied.
    “Well, now it’s a main skill. The king isn’t willing to let his daughter marry someone who can’t fight. From now on, you will begin to learn everything about the pole arms skill.” The man said firmly. “You will learn to fight at all lengths, from short staff, to long staff, to pike-length pole arms. You will also learn to use the halberd and fight with a shield. In addition, in preparation for the very likely occurrence where you’ll be disarmed, you will learn hand-to-hand combat.”
    Zellin could only smile wryly. “Who knew getting engaged would be so troublesome?”

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    And yes, if you were wondering, I am Canadian.


    Chapter 12: The Friend Card


                    “Do you have any spear-related skills?” The tall armored man asked.


                    “Yeah, it’s super awesome. It’s called Stab Dismemberment.” Zellin announced proudly.


                    “Show it to me.”


                    Zellin took out his bronze spear and held his rear hand near his head, with his left hand, slightly lower, in front of his chest, holding onto the middle of the spear, angling the spear downwards. His grip with both hands, encased the spear with his palms facing the bottom of the spear, and his fingers wrapped around the top.


                    “Are you an idiot?” The man asked. “The way you’re holding spear basically cuts your maneuverability in half. How are you going to defend?”


                    “Relax, big guy. As I said, I’m a Summoner. This stance is purely attack-based; meant to attack openings while my pets ravage my enemies. I call it the ‘Pole-Vaulter Stance.’” Zellin said with a smug grin, before rapidly stabbing out with the spear and displaying his skill.


                    “Right…” The man said, not knowing whether he should be impressed. “Unfortunately, that skill is almost useless when facing the enemy yourself. It’s only redeeming quality is its speed. Now put away your spear. I’ve prepared several other pole arms for your use. First, we’ll start with the short staff. Staves will teach you the basics necessary in wielding all pole arms.” The man instructed, beginning Zellin’s lesson.


                    Later that day…


                    Zellin and his friends have each received 1500 gold to buy their preferred skills at their respective colleges, and also to buy any manuals or learning-purposed books they may have. It was the most profitable day Zellin’s ever had, and as such, he was quite happy.


                    “Man, what a work out eh?” Zellin said as he leisurely walked forward with his hands behind his head. “I hope we don’t have to work that hard every day.”


                    Liu looked down and pinched his eyes near the bridge of his nose; sighing before responding. “Zellin… You only trained for an hour before we had lunch and left. You can’t keep saying stuff like that. You’re making us all worry about you and ourselves for even associating with you.” Liu said as if he was speaking to a troubled student with unused potential.


                    “Hey, now…” Zellin said, drawing closer to Liu to put his arm around his shoulder. “Are you worrying about me, big guy? Don’t worry man. When it’s needed, I always pull through. Life is like riding a river to your dreams; all you need to do is go with the flow, man.” Zellin preached in a hippy-like manner.


                    Liu forcefully closed his eyes, blocking out the rest of the world. I really, really want to beat him to death right now, Liu thought to himself.


                    The group approached the dilapidated, wooden Summoner’s College and waited outside while Zellin went in.


                    As Zellin walked in the building he saw two white-haired girls standing at the counter, talking to Principal Lin. One was several inches taller, and the other was about Zellin’s height.


                    “Well, if it isn’t our most recent Summoner.” Principal Lin called out, interrupting his conversation with the white-haired girls.


                    The two girls turned around, revealing their very similar and equally pretty faces to Zellin. Damn, he thought. They’re like different sized twins. Very odd.


                    “Oh, it’s the boy who hid behind a rock during the dungeon clearing.” The taller girl said, recalling where she saw him.


                    Zellin could only smile wryly. “Zellin. Nice to meet you.” He said with a slight bow.


                    “Sènah, and my sister, Sasha.” She said, nodding her head. “Are you part of the guild?” She asked, slightly curious.


                    “Ah, yes. I joined a couple days ago.” Zellin replied casually.


                    “Have you heard of the upcoming Noob Village tournament?” Sènah asked.


                    “Ah… No, I can’t say I have.” Zellin replied, after which Sènah went on to explain the Noob Village Tournament.


    The tournament happened every 5 years, and was divided into three separate tournaments for the three separate Noob Village floors from the various bases throughout the city. Teams of 5 people would all fight for the glory of first place. The prizes were usually class specific items, so receiving the equivalent of the items in gold was also an option. But the true prize was the fame received after winning; it was very useful to have on your resume if you wanted to join a top-tier guild, as Noob Village was only for people under Level 30.


    The next tournament would start at the beginning of the new year, about half a year away.


                    “Anyways, my little sister is emotionally dead inside and doesn’t know how to make friends, so would you be a dear and form a team with my little sister for me and join the tournament.” Sènah said, leaning down to Zellin’s eye level and patting his head. “With two Summoners, you’ll surely make it quite far in the tournament for your level.”


                    Zellin raised an eyebrow. Are you seriously hitting on me? You’re seriously like 12 years old. What’s wrong with little girls these days? Plotting to trap guys into marriage, hitting on me for favors… This world is effin crazy. Zellin thought to himself, secretly shaking his head.


                    “Ugh… Yeah, sure.” Zellin agreed, slowly removing Sènah’s hand from his head. “Just make sure she doesn’t try to trap me into a marriage.”


                    Sènah raised her eyebrow in confusion. “Oh kay…” She said slowly. “Well, then. Hear that Sasha, I’ve made you a new friend. Be sure to follow him everywhere he goes. Okay, well I’m off.” She said, before swiftly leaving the two behind in the College and exiting the building.


                    Zellin turned to look at Sasha who was staring at him expressionlessly. After a moment of awkward silence, Zellin decided to completely ignore her and stepped up to talk with Principal Lin.


                    Zellin eagerly bought several spells with a wide grin. After which he asked for some instruction manuals and textbooks, but all Principal Lin had was an incomplete textbook on the Primordial Tongue. Zellin didn’t bother asking what it was and simply bought it.


                    As Zellin gave Principal Lin the money for the incomplete textbook, he looked over at Sasha, who still had that same blank look, but she also had her hand raised to Zellin, as if she was expecting something.


                    “What?” Zellin asked with a suspicious look.


                    “Buy me skills too.” She said frankly, like it was totally normal.


                    Zellin simply smirked. “Are you serious? I just met you a couple minutes ago; why would I spend money on you?” He asked in amusement.


                    “We’re friends.” She said simply.


                    Zellin’s brow raised as he thought, Is she really pulling the friend card after knowing me for a couple minutes? Isn’t this girl a little too weird for her own good? Zellin thought about it for a moment before sighing and agreeing. It isn’t my money anyways… “I’ll buy you one.” Zellin said, expecting gratefulness.


                    But all he got was the expressionless response of, “Five.”


                    Zellin couldn’t help but laugh out loud. “Are you serious? No, forget it.” He responded. Sasha didn’t say anything more, she simply pouted and closed her eyes. What’s she doing? Zellin wondered. After a moment, tears started to stream out of Sasha’s closed eyes and she started to sob softly. Are you effin serious? Zellin thought to himself. “Fine, I’ll buy you two skill books.” Zellin said grudgingly.


                    Sasha’s face quickly turned expressionless again. “Four,” She said with her blank, tear-stained face.


                    Zellin’s brows furrowed. He was seriously annoyed. This girl is like a little succubus. But instead of stealing my soul, she’s stealing my money. And instead of seducing me with sex, she’s doing it with a pitiful little girl act.  “Three, and that’s my final offer. If you say anything more, we’re not friends anymore.” Zellin said, turning his head and crossing his arms to express his seriousness. Though he was annoyed, he was quite weak to little girls.


                    “Okay.” Sasha said with a smile, but she was secretly thinking, what an idiot.


                    Zellin bought her a Summon Water Elemental spell, along with both the Ice and Agility enchantment spirit spells. Enchantment spirits were similar to normal enchantment spells used by Enchanters, but they were only usable on the Summoner and his or her summons or those who he’s formed a contract with.


                    “Hey, little summoner. Interested in a quest?” Principal Lin asked Zellin as he was about to turn away.


                    “Hmm, sure. What is it?” Zellin asked.


                    Principal Lin played with some menu options. “See for yourself.” He said as a quest information screen appeared before Zellin, which Zellin began to read.


                    The question of whether the Ethereal Mouse’s existence is unknown to almost all. Whether this rodent is extinct, simply non-existent or superbly hidden is for you to find out. Seek out an Ethereal Mouse and return your findings to Principal Lin. Do you accept this quest?


                    Zellin nonchalantly hit yes, not caring too much whether he could complete this quest.


                    “It is said that Ethereal Mice like to live in graveyards, but are rarely seen by others. Here.” Principal Lin said, handing a piece of paper to Zellin. “This is a recipe for Ghost Crackers. This can only be made by Enchanters with the cooking skill. You’ll need to slay some ghosts for their ectoplasm to make it.” Principal Lin explained, causing a simple nod from Zellin.


                    After that, Zellin left, hoping to never see the little succubus again, but unfortunately she followed close to Zellin’s side, and approached Zellin’s friends with him.


                    “Who’s this?” Liu asked.


                    “Everyone this is Sasha. She’s a little succubus who will steal your soul so everyone just ignore her.” Zellin announced.


                    “She can steal my soul any day. In fact she’s already stolen my heart.” Reyal said with a wicked grin. “Hey, Zellin, is she single?”


                    “Are you serious Reyal? She’s like 7 years old.” Zellin exclaimed. How did I forget that this guy was such a pervert? Zellin asked himself.


                    “I’m 8.” Sasha said blankly. “And yes, I’m single.” She continued, giving Reyal a coquettish wink. “I’ll go out with you if you buy me skill books.”


                    Zellin simply shook his head. “Seriously, hit puberty first.”


                   Sasha followed the group as they went to everyone’s respective Colleges, and she also followed them all the way to their home. Despite anything Zellin said or yelled, she continued to follow silently, ignoring his protests. When Zellin looked to Coral for help, she simply shrugged her shoulders. Zellin could only let her follow, helplessly. Can't this girl take a hint? Zellin asked himself. She's taking the friend thing way too far for someone I just met.


                    When they got home Zellin asked his nameless teacher to find a teacher for Sasha also, so she wouldn’t follow him around all day. The teacher sent a servant out to find a teacher for Sasha, after which he forced Zellin to train for the rest of the day.


                    As he trained Zellin asked his teacher if he knew of any low level graveyards for him to visit. His teacher placed a marker on Zellin’s map of Ultimate Super Fighter City and its surroundings. The graveyard was a place called the Unfortunate Child Church. World Moderators placed the bodies of unlucky noobs there. Depending on the noob’s death, his or her spirit might be too angry or disheartened to re-enter the cycle of life, and instead manifest their spirits into vengeful ghosts.


                    Later that night, Zellin collapsed onto his bed, as tired as he ever was. His muscles were sore from too much exercise and from being beat with a quarterstaff repeatedly. But he didn’t go to sleep just yet. Instead he opened his inventory and took out the incomplete textbook on the Primordial Tongue.


                    Zellin began to read as he knew he wouldn’t have enough time otherwise with his new training regimen. The book introduced the Primordial Tongue as being the language that created the universe, and as such, this language also had the power to destroy it. The written version of the language were somewhat used when inscribing enchantments or when creating Runic Formations.


                    It read, This language cannot be seen as an actual language that associates itself to the world. It must purely be used as a tool to produce a desired effect. If one was to begin to truly understand the Primordial Tongue as a language, it could produce disastrous if one’s mental discipline was insufficient.


                    As Zellin began to ponder on the subject... he suddenly realized that he had just forgotten everything that he had read. WTF? Zellin thought in shock. Could it be that my Wisdom stat is too low? He wondered.


                    Zellin continued to read, repeatedly reading a single sentence multiple times before moving on, so as to memorize the subject easier. Zellin didn’t appreciate being slighted by a book, so he was determined to memorize the whole thing. Before long, Zellin was mindlessly repeating sentence after sentence, until he simply passed out.


                    The next morning…


                    The sun had barely risen over the horizon when Zellin’s nameless teacher’s foot found itself on Zellin’s face. “Come on, up. It’s time for your morning exercise.” He said, after which Zellin got up with a groan and dressed himself.


                    Zellin and his friends trained for several hours until lunch, and by that time Zellin was completely exhausted. So he used the excuse of visiting the graveyard for a quest to escape from the torturous training his teacher forced him to do.


                    As Zellin and his friends left to find the graveyard, the teachers silently shadowed them. They had been given orders to keep the princess and her friends safe, but they wouldn’t necessarily help these kids out for every little thing. They should be able to fight their own battles, but if things were too excessive, these teachers would naturally show up. These teachers had been repeatedly warned of the consequences of the event in which these kids found out that they were being watched. The king didn’t want these kids to get too comfortable.


                    “Shouldn’t we wait till next morning to go do this quest?” Reyal asked, slightly worried. “Player Killers become much more confident in the night, and it will be dark by the time we have to come back.”


                    “Easy, Reyal.” Zellin responded, brimming with confidence. “Do you seriously think the king would let the princess go out without someone to watch her? Our teachers are probably guarding us right now.” Zellin said without fear.


                    As Zellin’s nameless teacher heard this from a distance, he exclaimed, “What a dick.”

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  • .... hello - hello - are you out there - out there

    .... talking to myself. by the way, i regret not ever writing any relationship building in the beginning there with their school starting... i was afraid it would move too slowly... *sigh*
  • Well it is still not to late to develop their relationship even further you are only twelve chapters in. Also you don't have to pump out chapters everyday like those Chinese authors do so you can afford to think your story through, you know so you don't have similar regrets to the one you just voiced.
  • Anyway I like the basic story so far but..

    ....they're so young... and we're already talking about marriage ...seems way too early to me (can't we slowly easy into this over time?)... which parent in their right mind would agree to that without any knowledge of who that person is or what family backing (ie political ) they may gain..  i mean the guy is basically a no body story wise at this point..
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