Latest chapter discusion

i dont understand why he wants to retake the 8th exam region again, he
is in digiuse, he never went back to normal, how would they know who he
is, this doesnt make sense. Also how does this benifit him, if he went
to trial of fire he would be nurtured more and more resources making him
stronger faster, now he gonna be grouped with the normal ppl who arent
gonna get attention, someone please explain this logic to me HE IS IN


  • edited January 2016
    But he would get unwanted attention by being a "genius among geniuses" due to having 24 stones which I assume is pretty much the top or close up there which could potentially bust him. Imagine unknown nobody suddenly becomes known as genius, people would start being suspicious.
  • he could have easily tossed the extra away or given it back to the other kid, which he did but all of it. He could have also just used 1, so he was normal among the super geniuses, better than being an unwanted hinderance.
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