Legends of Gods. Tale of Vjaira. (B3.Ch98 up!) (REWRITE FINISHED, YAY!)



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    Improvement is a lifetime endeavor. That being said I personally believe Our author here is above the curve of the average. With some polishing I personally believe he'll be ready for publication but until then I'm happily enjoying the entertainment he is GIVING to us!

    Oh, and Garduk, how the hell is this story narrow-minded? If anything thing this story is practically ground-breaking for this genre!

    * MC treats partners as real equals not just paying lip service
    * The supporting cast have different mindsets that don't automatically make them bad guys or MC worshipers
    * Characters in the story are more sexually variant (just like in the real world!)  
  • I think people look at wuxiaworld and see all these fantastic stories on the front page and then come to the forum and forget that the "original creations" are self written stories not something translated that was written by a hugely famous author....@caladbolg definitely dont take that crap to heart cus your story is absolutely a great one.  You have good consistency and are working at making a story that follows decent plot without some of the more annoying xianxia tropes.  Keep it up. 
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    Whoa, everyone! So many posts are here when i come back from sleeping, hehe ^.^ Thanks for the kind words of encouragement and defence! I realize very well that I am still lacking as an author - but - that's why I aim to keep improving! :) Regardles whether I get to the main page or not, I will keep writing here and finish this story, so worry not!

    I've already built some kind of resistance (?) to being in a super good mood and then going deeeeep down. So, similar things proooobably won't faze me again in the future xD

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  • Caladbolg if what you said means what I think it means and is referring to what I think it means, I saw so many people be salty because of that reason! xD
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    Whoops, didn't notice the question before. Let me answer now ~~

    @7ieben - I wouldn't compare Aethen leaf to any drugs from our world since I am not that knowledgable about those anyway - but you could call it an LSD but in an extremly addicting version, I guess? ;)
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    Book 2. The outside world.

    Chapter 14. That's not what I wanted to happen!

    “I must say, I didn’t expect you’d tag along with me to see those two.” Teira commented teasingly, holding his hands behind his head. “What is your body made of anyway? Uncle thought you would be bedridden for at least a month.” The thirteen year old youngster sighed, envious of his friend’s endurance. Although his peer had six of his ribs broken just yesterday, he was walking alongside him as if nothing had happened at all. If that couldn’t be called ridiculous, then Teira didn’t know what could.

    “Stop kidding me, it still hurts like hell every time I take a breath. Can’t you be a little more considerate and walk slower?” Lucin replied half-heartedly, ignoring the first part of what Teira mentioned. He have had enough of rubbing it in; that he got completely trashed by a younger kid. If it wasn’t for something else, he would have very likely been frustrated beyond belief… but, there was this ‘something’, which allowed him to feel better about himself.

    “I can’t believe father actually lost to that ‘Laien’ guy. Are you sure you and everyone aren’t making it up just to make fun of me?” Lucin laughed helplessly. It indeed felt better when he was telling himself that he lost to a monster, not to a normal kid around his age. However… he found it hard to fully believe what he had been told about those two, despite seeing his father’s injuries and listening to what everyone were saying about the ‘children of Istrah’.

    Honestly, the story was so ridiculous that it would have been easier for him to see it as some case of a group hallucination than an actual and real event. Two twelve year olds being stronger than a martial master of the first rank? Having battle prowess of the Realm of Heroes at that age? Lucin found it unbelievable to the point of wanting to confirm it himself. That’s why he grit his teeth and got out of the bed, intent on confirming whether the fairy-tale was true or not with his own eyes.

    Teira smiled with a mix of bitter feelings about his own strength, and admiration towards the two boys from yesterday. “Not only did father lose to him, that green-haired one, Yin, was even stronger than Laien. Those two dueled after uncle lost, and dear gods, it was incredible. It was the first time I saw a movement art… and of the lightning element, no less!” The thirteen year old shook his head and sighed. He had calmed down considerably since yesterday night and the fervor he was in lessened. “I always thought we were really talented, that we were geniuses… but looking at those two…” Teira said with a sigh. He looked up to Laien and Yin, but at the same time, couldn’t help but feel jealous.

    “Yeah, it’s like the hundredth time you are telling me that…” Lucin wanted to sigh, too, but the piercing pain in his chest effectively stopped him from doing it. He chuckled resignedly, then frowned with a pained expression. Maybe forcing himself to come here wasn’t that good of an idea after all…

    “Oh, Tares’s and Redrick’s sons. What brings you here?” General Agnes, who walked out of the entrance asked, seeing the two familiar youths. “Hey!” Tan greeted the two of them merrily, happy to see his friends sooner than expected. Teira and Lucin were a little slow to respond, surprised by the sudden appearance of General Agnes, but managed to reply without losing the point.

    “We came to check if the two guests of General’s, Laien and Yin, are still here. We wanted to ask if they will want us to show them around the inner city today.” Teira explained, remaining fairly formal in his words. Although his father was a direct subordinate of General Agnes and he himself had seen and talked with the General a few times, he wouldn’t be so daring as to speak casually with somebody of Agnes’s status.

    Agnes raised his eyebrows and asked. “Just when did you have time to get to know each other? Did those two go roaming around the city during the night…? Haha, I guess that’s to be expected of children with their temper, they just can’t sit in one place.” As usually, Agnes ended up answering his own question, so the two youths were left with no other option but to nod and confirm his guess. Teira, however, inquired further.

    “So you’ve already met those two already, General? Have you also heard of yesterday’s night?” The thirteen year old mentioned, and seeing that Agnes and Tan did not know what had happened, explained eagerly. “Those two came to the training grounds and were dueling with Lucin, then one uncle Tares’s subordinates and with the uncle himself. They were amazingly strong! Uncle Tares lost to the back-haired one, to Laien, and then those two went ahead and started dueling with each other…! Everyone were calling them the children of Istrah, they were really incredible!” Teira blurted out one thing after another, getting a bit too excited to describe everything to General Agnes.

    A second later, Teira suddenly realized in exactly what way he had been speaking and tensed up, his face getting slightly red from shame. He shouldn’t have used such language when talking with the General, but luckily, the man didn’t mind at all. Rather opposite, he was greatly curious about the whole thing. How could a kid beat his lieutenant, who was at the first Realm of Heroes? He wondered what kind of luck of coincidence must have happened for something like that to occur.

    Little did the man know, that no lucky accidents were involved and his subordinate had been defeated in a straight-up duel. However, before he or his son could inquire further… From a few dozen meters away, a loud and dull sound of something clashing against the wall reached them, while many cracks appeared on the thick wall itself. The four of them looked at the spot, and a split second later, they heard a metallic clang as a blade pierced the half-meter thick wall all the way to the other side. From the visible tip of the steel, a droplet of blood fell down to the grass…

    “It’s bad!” The thought crossed Agnes’s mind. He rushed inside, overwhelmed by an ominous feeling. He stomped at the floor, crushing it and turning without losing momentum. He crossed one straight corridor with but three steps and stopped abruptly, grabbing a wall with his hand, Seeing the scene, General Agnes’s eyes opened wide. He trembled, not knowing whether to despair of rejoice.

    The three youngsters arrived right behind Agnes and after taking a look, froze in place, astonished and speechless. They couldn’t help but look at Laien, who snorted and pulled his spear out of the body of a man who he had skewed along with the wall. The corpse, not bleeding from the huge wound at all, fell to the floor and joined the three other dead men.

    The three youths swallowed with fear. Out of the four dead, one man had his torso sliced in half, the other had his head cut off with one clean swing, while the remaining two were killed by thrusts right through their chests. The only man alive was the strongest of the five, a martial master of the second rank. He, however, was shivering and backing off, disregarding the presence of his mistress and not noticing the appearance of General Agnes of the other three newcomers. The poor man was so overcome with fear that he seemed to be about to faint.

    “Clementine… No…” Agnes muttered, looking at his wife. The woman was staring blankly at Laien and Yin, unable to comprehend what just happened. Regrettably, Agnes realized what was going on better than anyone else. And yet, he still refused to accept the reality. He was so perturbed, that he didn’t even notice the fact that Laien and Yin had just killed four martial masters of the first rank whom were Clementine’s bodyguards. He was thinking only about one thing, and he did not know what to do with himself or with his wife… He just… It was too hard…

    Clementine finally noticed her husband, she gasped and run to him, passing by Laien and Yin without any regard for her own life. “Dear, look who those devils has done to my guards! I knew it, they are too dangerous! Please, help me get rid of them, for our family’s sake!” She cried out, grabbing Agnes’s clothes and clutching her hands on them with all her strength. She was looking her husband in the eye, a true look of madness visible on her face.

    Laien frowned. Thinking that the simple tea could have something similar to him made him realize how scary poisons and drugs could be. At the same time, he began doubting his good impression of General Agnes. Whether it was wise to trust this man or not… “Laien, let’s get out of here.” Yin stepped closer to him and whispered, holding his twin swords up and ready to attack or defend at any time. Laien’s suspicions aside, Yin certainly didn’t trust General Agnes whatsoever.

    Laien nodded and gazed at the last of the five Clementine’s guards. The man nearly jumped when the boy’s attention returned to him. He instantly turned around and ran away, making his rank as a martial master seem like a bad joke. “So weak. How can such people be called martial masters? Compared to the Elders in the Red Dragon School, or even to the man I fought yesterday, they are so much weaker…” Laien thought quietly, getting ready to follow Yin and flee if needed. Since General Agnes was a pretty young man, and so far only reached the third Realm of Heroes, in worst case scenario they would most likely be able to outrun him. But leaving the Iron Fort itself… That would be hard. Yin also realized it well enough, so he didn’t try to escape immediately.

    “Dear, hurry up! Can’t you see that they want to kill us all? They are monsters! They were sent by devils to destroy our family! To corrupt our children! Can’t you see those ugly monsters? Kill them! Punish them, they committed a sin! Yes, they did a bad thing! They must be pushed, they must die!” By the second, Clementine’s words were growing crazier. She couldn’t discern her fears and nightmares from reality anymore, and began mixing the two words into one, really fucked up vision of the world.

    “Mother…” Tan uttered in a scared, breaking voice. “Father, what’s happening to mother?” He asked, worried about his mom rather than the corpses which were laying around. Hearing the voice of his son, and that question of his, Agnes was about to fall down to his knees. He unconsciously started shaking his head and murmuring somewhat loudly. “No… That’s not it… That’s not how it was supposed to be… I only… I only wanted to…” Unbeknownst to himself, he began breaking down mentally. All those events about which he didn’t want to think, which he had been ignoring for years were pushing against his consciousness, pushing him closer and closer to going mad from grief, anger and helplessness.

    “Only want to, what? Drug your wife with a damned ‘herb tea’?” Unable to hold himself back, Yin rebuked angrily. Agnes furrowed his eyebrows and asked. “Drug her? Tea? What are you talking about?” He waited for Yin to explain, keeping his train of thoughts in check, unwilling to realize the meaning of Yin’s words. In truth, he already began understanding everything… but he simply refused to admit it and face the reality…

    After running away from everything for so long, it was too hard to face it again… It was much easier to turn a blind eye and pretend to not notice… To fake it, to act as if everything was all right. However, it was about to end, wasn’t it… He would need to bear the consequences… Of both his past actions, and of running away from the troubles…

    He already knew, he understood that he would have been able to realize it sooner… Had he not kept looking away. Now, when the boy would speak, everything would get confirmed and he would be forced to act, to bear everything and live with it…

    He didn’t want to hear Yin’s answer. He didn’t, but he listened anyway.

    “The tea your wife and daughter were drinking and wanted to give to us was made from a poisonous herb, the Aethern leaf. Don’t pretend you didn’t know, even an idiot would realize that his wife began changing when she started drinking this crap.” Yin clutched the hilts of his twin swords, holding back his anger. Those nobles, be it in his homeland or anywhere else, they were all the same, weren’t they? He chortled sarcastically, behaving so very much unlike his usual self. The contrast between his normal appearance and the way he was acting now was huge enough to shock Laien. That, on top of the painful, chaotic emotions being exchanged through their spiritual bond, made it hard for Laien to pity General Agnes. Just like Yin, he could only feel disdain towards the man…

    “This tea… Those leafs… She started brewing them soon after that… Heavens, no…! Don’t tell me it wasn’t because of that, but because of those herbs?!” Agnes pleaded to Heavens, holding his wife by her shoulders and looking at her face. The woman tilted her head and smiled at him, having forgotten where she is or what was she doing a minute ago.

    Shocking the four watching youths and his son, Agnes raised his head and started yelling. “It’s can’t be it! It can’t! Heavens, tell me it’s not true! All those years… Not because of me… But… those… No!” He called out with all his strength, tears flowing from his eyes. He had been with his wife for so long, he had been refusing to admit that he was in the wrong… He didn’t look at her, he didn’t pay attention to her! He thought she was going crazy because of what he did, and he refused to face it and talk about it!

    But no! It was not that! He did not see the obvious… He didn’t notice some stupid leaf, some stupid drug… How come he did not?! Thinking about it now, wasn’t that extremely obvious and easy to connect?! Why, just why did he not notice it sooner…?!

    “Don’t worry, dear.” Clementine spoke calmly, delicately wiping the tears from her husband’s cheek with her hand. She looked at him with a mix of affection and sadness and said. “It wasn’t your fault, I was in the wrong… I betrayed you… So you killed him… You cut him down in our bed…” She continued saying, madness slowly returning to her eyes. “You killed him! You killed the man I loved! You castrated him as he was dying… You crushed his head with one stomp!” She started shouting, her voice filled with great fury and pain. Then, suddenly, she trembled and sank into herself, covering away and slouching her shoulders.

    “No, no! I’m sorry for shouting at you, dear! It wasn’t your fault, it was me… Yes, I was the bad one. Please forgive me, dear! I won’t do anything like that ever again! I will protect our family! I will make sure our children grow up to be good kids! So please, don’t be angry with me anymore…!” She began saying hysterically, sinking deeper into the madness caused by the Aethern leaf and the emotional instability.

    Laien shook his head with disbelief. There was too much wrong with this family… He felt sad for the kids of those two. For Tan, who learned everything in this horrible way and for Cecile, who was probably as addicted to Aethern leaf as her mother. However, as for the adults themselves… He had a hard time judging if they deserved what they got, or if they didn’t.

    “This… Aethern leaf. Can it be… cured?” Agnes asked strangely, unable to find a better word for his question. He still had a glimmer of hope for everything to turn out fine… For his wife returning to normal, for his daughter… He didn’t even want to think about it…

    “If they took it two or three times, then yes. But anything above that results in permanent addiction. The withdrawal symptoms… result in a certain death… Taking more of the herb, results in madness…” Yin said in a calm, devoid of emotions voice. Just like Laien, he came to understand the whole situation. The case was different from what he had experienced in the past, so he managed to distance himself from it. It didn’t change the fact, however, that he wasn’t looking at Agnes in a positive light. More than anything, he was once again reminded how weak and thoughtless people can be…

    When Agnes comprehended the meaning of Yin’s response, his expression turned dead and tears again started flowing from his eyes. “It’s already been years… It’s…” He mumbled quietly, feeling strength leave his body. He fell to his knees, then looked at his wife. He began laughing, and the next moment, he gazed up at the ceiling, at the Heavens, and released an extremely agonized cry.

    Laien felt an unpleasant shiver run down his spine. He put his hand on Yin’s shoulder and gestured with a slight movement of his head to get out of here. The two of them simultaneously took a look at Tan, who was staring at his parents with his mouth slightly open, while not blinking at all. The thought of comforting the kid crossed their minds, but in the end, the two of them walked away, letting the family settle its own matters. Had they known them better, they might have tried to help… but this time, it wasn’t something they should be involving themselves with. At least, that was how the two of them felt.

    “He really didn’t realize…?” Laien asked quietly, as he and Yin left the building without being stopped by anyone.

    “You heard him… and you heard people speaking about his family… Issues, eh. He wasn’t even looking at them, he didn’t even try to solve any problems… He could have prevented it all from happening very easily… If only he stopped running away from reality and faced it head on.” Yin took a deep breath, trying to hold his emotions in check. Today’s events reminded him too well of many things he wished to forget. Someday, he would surely tell Laien about them… But not now, not yet. He wasn’t ready to speak about his past.

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    As usually, somewhat late. Well, it's a new year, so hopefully all of you in europe are still awake xD Well. Gonna try get it closer to the scheduled time tomorrow (today?) :D
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  • whoa.... intense chapter
    Thanks for the chapter!
  • Mmm, I intended to show a certain thing which is also true for our real world in this chapter. I wonder how many people know what do I exactly mean? ^.^
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  • Oh ho ho I dunno what to think about the general anymore. Did he kill his wife's lover? Did he hit her, threatened her? Or was it her illusion of guilt? I thought he merely neglected her before... how complicated x-x Though I am more curious about Yin's past now...

    Anyway thanks for the chappie and happy new year! ;)
  • Yeah, thanks, and happy new year everyone, too! Although It was like 9h ago where I live xD

    As for your confusion, some of it will be cleared in the next chapter, as Yin and Laien will be leaving the Iron Fort ;)
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    Ooh.... Cognitive dissonance! Classy! :D 
    That family is like a rain wrapped tornado.
  • Gosh this story is great man, you did a great job again!
    Keep up the good work^^
  • @MnemosLogos81 - They sure are ^.^ And they appeared to be fairly normal in the beggining, huh... ~~

    @Ains - It's been a long time since you last commented! Hehe. Thanks, I will keep giving my best (or at least trying my best to give my best xD)  ^.^
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    Book 2. The outside world.

    Chapter 15. Let's forget about it.

    Laien shook his head, trying to get rid of the unpleasant mood and thoughts. Just by thinking about Agnes’s family and wondering what would happen to them from now on was making him feel nauseous. Especially thinking what Agnes’s son would need to go through, likely losing his mother and sister, made him sympathize with the eight year old.

    As for Laien himself, he didn’t hold it against Clementine that she had unknowingly given him and Yin a brewed Aethern leaf to drink, nor did he want to judge the past of the married couple. Deep inside, he wanted to do something to help them, even if it would be a miniscule, unimportant thing. And yet, maybe because he was constantly feeling Yin’s emotions, he couldn’t help but be repulsed by Agnes and his wife.

    The whole internal conflict of values was causing Laien to feel really bad. Either of the two options available to him - going with Yin, or trying to help the General’s family - had unwanted consequences. It was hard for him to choose, as neither of the two paths seemed to be a good or correct one. He didn’t want to leave, he wanted to help the family in some way… But at the same time, he didn’t want to make Yin return to those people. He knew very well how horrible Yin felt in their presence and couldn’t bear asking Yin to come back to the caste, nor did he want to leave Yin alone and go back there by himself.

    Just what was he supposed to do? No matter how hard he thought about it, he couldn’t find the right answer. “Yin…” Laien stopped just before the main gate and called out in a low voice. He was unsure what exactly was he supposed to say nor did he know how to properly word his thoughts.

    When Yin looked at him, Laien unconsciously held his breath. The happy and energetic look in Yin’s eyes was nowhere to be seen, instead having been replaced with a lifeless gaze. Laien swallowed; he was starting to doubt if it really was a good idea for him to speak his mind in this situation. Despite that, he still asked a question which budged him.

    “Is there… really no way to save that woman and her daughter?” He asked uncertainly, and was met with a cold response. “No. The odds are practically zero.” Yin just stood there, his face expressionless. He seemed to be waiting for him to move, but wasn’t saying anything to urge him to hurry up. Even his emotions, which Laien could feel, appeared to be completely bleached, devoid of any color. It made Laien wonder what must have happened to Yin in the past for him to acting in this way. Nevertheless, he kept inquiring about the current matter.

    “But didn’t Agnes say ‘it’s been years’? Clementine didn’t look that bad, given it’s been so long… Especially that girl, Cecile, was fairly normal. Maybe there is something that can be done after all?” Laien brought up, unwilling to simply forget about today and pretend that nothing had happened. If he could help in some way, he wanted to do it, even if all he could do was going back there to say a word encouragement.

    “I’m telling you it’s useless!” Yin responded in a loud, angry voice. He looked at him, then turned his gaze down and to the side. He said quietly, in a low, pained voice. “It’s useless… As long as they are taking the herb, they will live… Even for many years… But slowly, they will go crazy and in the end, completely lose their minds… After the doses reach a critical point, as they will want more and more of the herb, their health will start deteriorating and after a few months of suffering, they will die. There are no exceptions… Miracles like those don’t happen. They don’t, no matter how hard you wish or pray for them…” Yin clenched his hands so hard, that a strands of blood started flowing from them and dripping onto the ground. Yin himself, however, seemed to not even notice that he had wounded himself. He raised his gaze and looked at Laien, then said in a peculiar tone, which contained a contradictory mix of his care for a friend and disdain towards the General’s family. “Let those people be, there’s no point in grieving over them. This general, he would be better off dead.”

    For a moment, Laien was speechless. Was this the same Yin who had been lecturing him to have positive attitude towards newly met people, or to not get pointlessly angry over little matters? Agnes might have done some bad things, but he didn’t seem to be a bad person… To say that he deserved to die… He never thought he would hear similar world be spoken by the good-natured Yin.

    “Why do you keep feeling sorry for them?” Yin asked angrily, irritated by the emotions he was sharing with Laien. He swung his hand and started shouting, appearing to be greatly pained about today’s events and Laien’s attitude. “Don’t you understand they could have killed both of us?! Sure, it usually takes more than one portion to get addicted, but it’s not a rule! Their fucked up family, accidentally or not - who cares! - could have put both of us to the grave! You don’t realize how dangerous Aethern leaf is!” Yin averted his gaze, then muttered. “You don’t know…! How people dying because of Aethern leaf look…! You’ve never heard their screams when they are denied another portion of the herb…!” Breathing shallowly and unevenly, Yin continued saying in a quiet voice, his words filled with sorrow.

    “It’s so painful to resist the urge, even after one bit or one sip. You know that it’s bad, that it’s wrong. You don’t want to, but your body is hungry for it. You can’t think of anything else, you can’t eat, drink, sleep or think normally… You think only about having more of this forsaken herb… For days, for weeks… It’s painful, so incredibly painful…” Yin shook all over his body. He had been trying to suppress his emotions before, but now, as he was talking with Laien, everything came back to him. He couldn’t remain calm anymore. He whispered, looking down at the ground. “Is it wrong that I care less about those people?... I don’t want my important ones to be hurt or in pain ever again…” He shivered, and said one more thing. “I don’t want to return there… Please, let’s just leave this place…”

    At that moment, being asked in this way, Laien truly felt like giving up and going with Yin, going as far from the Iron Fort as possible… However, he couldn’t help but think about Agnes’s kids, about Tan and Cecile. If it was only about the adults, he might have decided to screw everything and leave them to be, but… “I know how you feel, but I still want to help them, at least Tan and his sister… They didn’t do anything to deserve going through all of that.” Laien said, unsure whether he was trying to convince Yin or himself.

    Hearing Laien say so, Yin frowned and responded skeptically. “You know how I feel?... Maybe you do… But then, why do you insist on taking care of some people we don’t even know? Do you intend to be going around and playing some holy knight, coming to everyone’s rescue?... It’s hard enough to protect those close to you… Trying to save everyone will only bring misfortune.” Yin shook his head and wiped the cold sweat off his face. He gazed at his palm and only then noticed how bloody it was. He laughed weakly, then looked at Laien, pleading silently to hurry up and leave this place.

    “It’s not that I want to be a saint or anything!” Laien replied quickly, trying to justify his reasons. “I don’t want to save everyone, I know it’s impossible… but at least those who I can see, I want to help them if I can! It won’t cost me anything to stay behind and at least talk with Agnes and his family. I really feel that it’s the right thing to do, and I would surely regret it if I turned my back on them. So, can you wait for me a little bit? I will return in a while… So, please?” Laien literally felt how stressed Yin was, so he only asked for Yin to wait for him. He wanted to reach some compromise, to stop arguing, however…

    Yin definitely wasn’t in a state to take his words calmly and rationally. He began shouting, aggravated by his friend’s nativity. “How can you even be sure that they were speaking the truth? That the woman wasn’t just blabbering? What makes you so sure that Agnes won’t kill you along with his family to cover up the whole matter?! You can’t be trusting people so easily! Think about the consequences for once before you try helping random guys left and right! Not everyone needs to be as good of a person as he appears to be!” Yin kept yelling at Laien, throwing one sentence after another at him. There were so many things wrong with what was going on, that Yin completely lost his calm; and it wasn’t only him who did.

    “Says the one who decided to form a pact with me because ‘he had a feeling I was a good person’, heh. Haven’t you said yourself that Agnes could have fixed everything if he had been paying proper attention to his family? You too don’t believe that he is a bad person! Why don’t you want me to help him and his family? I only want to talk with them for a bit, nothing more!” Laien argued, letting his emotions get the better of him. He said some things he normally would never have, and was too caught up in the quarrel to be aware of it.

    “This and that are two different things!” Yin shouted back, escalating the argument. “If you will be trying to get yourself killed on each step, then go ahead and disappear for all I care! I don’t want to be stuck worrying for you every time something like that happens! If you go back there, then don’t speak to me ever again!” In the moment of silence, the two of them exchanged a long glance, truly furious with each other.

    Unable to bear the crap anymore, Laien snorted and turned around. “Fine, I won’t! Farewell.” He blurted angrily, then walked back to the castle. Similarly, Yin headed in the opposite direction, set on leaving the Iron Fort right away.

    Laien kicked the ground, frustrated beyond belief. His thoughts were all over the place and he was feeling pissed off like never before. It was a very different kind of anger compared to the ones he had felt until now, and he didn’t know how to deal with it. He kicked the stone stairs at the entrance, shattering part of a step in an attempt to vent his anger. It didn’t make him feel any better though. He walked inside into the hallway and stopped in place, too disturbed to take any sensible action.

    Suddenly, Laien saw Tan rushing past him and running deeper into the castle. He only managed to catch a glimpse of the eight year old, but he noticed his teary eyes and the terrified expression of his face. The next second, Agnes’s angered roar reached him from within the corridor to the right. “And what are you still doing here?! Screw off, now!” The shout was followed by a second of silence, and then sound of footsteps hurrying outside.

    The two fleeing youths, Teira and Lucin, nearly crashed into him in the hallway. Seeing Laien, the two thirteen year olds immediately slowed down. They appeared to be scared of him; no wonder, after they had a chance to see the four corpses of Clementine’s bodyguards.

    “You two, do you have any idea where Agnes’s son could have ran to?” Laien questioned the two of them, more concerned about Tan than Agnes and Clementine. Teira and Lucin looked at each other, having a similar guess. “Probably to his room? We always play there when we come to see him… It’s towards the end of the private hall, you know where Genera’s quarters are, right? Look for a room with a big ‘T’ inscribed on the door.” Teira answered and explained briefly. Although he and Lucin had just witnessed something ridiculous, he was able to remain somewhat calm. After what he had seen yesterday’s night, he intuitively came to the conclusion that Laien didn’t mean any harm. He was a bit scared of him now, but not to the point of distrusting him or treating him as a dangerous person.

    “Mm, thanks.” Laien mumbled unclearly and ran after Tan. He now had a good idea where the boy’s room most likely was, so he could hurry there without getting lost and wandering pointlessly about the countless corridors. Given how big the castle was, and how much faster Laien could run compared to Tan, he caught up in time to see the door of the boy’s room being shut. He reached the room in a few big leaps and went inside, pushing open the unlocked door.

    Laien saw Tan laying on top of his huge bed, hugging a pillow and weeping into it. The eight year old didn’t even notice that he had walked in, or maybe he noticed but was too shaken to care. To be honest, Laien himself wasn’t in a much better state. However, he held everything in and approached the boy, then tried to ask as calmly as he could. “What’s wrong, can you tell me what happened?” Laien inquired, not realizing how stupid the question he asked was. Didn’t he already know very well why Tan was crying his eyes out? He did, but still asked unreasonably.

    Unsurprisingly, Tan ignored him, not even listening to what he was saying at all. Thus, Laien just sat there, at his side, hoping that his presence will somehow help to soothe Tan’s pain. Of course, such hopes were completely futile. Laien simply had no idea how to comfort a kid he barely knew anything about, a kid who wasn’t even his friend. When he had been with Siana, it was easy for him to understand her worries. As siblings, they didn’t need words to communicate, and could understand the other through small gestures or slight changes in facial expression. However, the knowledge of dealing with a weeping younger kid was beyond Laien. He didn’t know what he was supposed to do and what he was doing right now was accomplishing absolutely nothing.

    “Stop crying already, it’s not going to solve anything!” He called out quite loudly, shaking Tan’s shoulder. The eight year old quieted down a little, but refused to move an inch, still pressing his face against the white pillow. It was doubtful whether Laien’s awkward reprimand made him cry less; it was much more probable that he got tired of weeping loudly, and also didn’t want to be crying so hard in someone else’s presence.

    On the spur of the moment and in a somewhat rough way, Laien forcefully turned Tan around, making the eight year old face his direction. Luckily for Laien, Tan didn’t revert back into history. He recognized him and gave voice to his fears. “W-will mother and big sister -- r-really die?” He asked miserably, with a snot running down from his nose.

    Laien breathed in, wondering what to say to the eight year old. Yin claimed that addiction to the Aethern leaf was always fatal and would result in death. A miracle… Would it really happen? Was it better to be honest, or to lie?

    “I don’t know… But, if everyone gives up, then there will be no hope anymore.” Laien said, staying true to his feelings while avoiding either of the extreme answers. Tan looked at him with his reddened eyes, and asked, sniffing his nose.

    “... but father said they will die no matter what we do… that I should accept it… He-he also said that I should learn to live alone, because he is going to die, too…” It took Laien a good few seconds to understand what Tan just said and what he meant. Although the eight year old failed to realize his father’s intentions, Laien comprehended the real meaning of Agnes’s words very quickly.

    “Crazy bastard wants to kill himself!” The thought hit Laien like lightning. He instantly thought how long he had been sitting here with Tan, and if it wasn’t already too late. “We need to find your parents and sister, now!” Laien called out hurriedly. As he saw it, Agnes and his wife were together, so very likely they would first try to look for their daughter, or so he assumed. He also didn’t think the two adults would still be in the same corridor they had been in five or six minutes ago.

    “Where did your sister go after the breakfast? Do you know?” Laien held Tan by his shoulder and looked him in the eye, trying to make the eight year old concentrate and answer him properly.

    “I-I don’t know… Ah! She mentioned going to see her friends… She probably went to the city…?” Tan replied unsurely, confused by Laien’s behavior and questions. “A-ah!” He cried out unintentionally, being pulled by his hand. He was really confused and didn’t know what to think anymore. He was running with Laien, they would be looking for his sister… But what was going on? He so baffled, that he forgot about mourning and crying. He only kept following Laien, holding tightly onto his hand.

    As Laien and Tan were rushing out of the main gate, they got stopped by someone Laien didn’t expect to see. Laien stopped, staring at the person with great surprise. “If you are looking for the General, he went to that tower with his wife.” Yin said awkwardly, pointing at the watch tower which was a few hundred meters away.

    Laien and Yin glanced at each other, then smiled simultaneously. They exchanged much more than some empty words in but an instant, sensing each other’s feelings and emotions. Seeing that Yin was about to say something, Laien said quickly. “Leave it for later, let’s hurry up. Come on!” Laien urged and started running towards the watch tower, pulling Tan along. Yin chuckled weakly and followed. The group of three reached the lower entrance in an instant. The door wasn’t locked, so without delay, they started climbing the circular stairs.

    The doors on top of the two hundred meters high tower couldn’t be opened. Not hesitating to break inside by force, Laien threw a fist at the lock and smashed it into little bits, then entered the room.

    Inside, the three of them saw Clementine kneeling on a carpet, with a light smile on her face. At her side stood Agnes, whose sword slashed horizontally at his wife’s neck.. Neither Laien or Yin had any time to react. They could only watch as the blade descended…

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  •  Nothing like the holidays and warm memories of family to help inspire writing! lol

     That last scene was more like thanksgiving at my Uncle's house.

    Hope ya kick the headache! 
  • Great Chapter! Next one should be quite interesting :D
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    Book 2. The outside world.

    Chapter 16. The life I never wanted.

    “Father!” Tan shouted, completely horrified by the scene displaying in front of him. However, it was all but too late. Whoever one was, it was completely impossible to stop or redirect a swing once it had been put in motion. Even somebody like Agnes, who was a martial master of the fifth rank, had no chance to react in time. Agnes’s mind riled as he heard and saw his son, alas, he couldn’t do anything. The sharp blade slashed, separating the smiling head of Clementine’s from her body. In a gruesome scene, the separated head fell to the floor and rolled about for a few dozen centimeters and at the same time, in a few strong gushes, blood spewed from the cut neck of Clementine’s corpse.

    For a moment, the time itself seemed to have frozen. The three youths stared at the General without a word, while the general stood there, motionless; with a blood stained sword in his hands. Then, unexpectedly, Agnes spoke in a fairly tranquil voice. “If I were to follow a setting of a fairytale my grandmother used to tell me when I was a kid, I should probably be crying out in regret or go ahead and take my own life, eh?” The man chuckled, shaking his head. He slashed the air in a short, quick motion, wiping the remaining blood off the blade of his sword.

    “I haven’t expected the two of you to get yourselves involved. Really, why did you return? And you even needed to take my son with you… How troublesome.” Agnes sighed, emanating a timid aura of bloodlust. “Really, how troublesome. I’d very much like to kill you, but.. The risk is not worth it. Come, sit, you probably want an explanation, right?” He asked calmly, storing the corpse of his wife into his interspatial ring and going ahead and sitting at the small table near the window. He looked at his son, who was still frozen in place and sighed once again.

    “Tan, your mother, after having learned of what her favorite ‘tea’ was doing to her, asked me herself to end her life. Dear Heavens, do all of you think I would go and kill her, just like that? I am not a kid who will be shaken for long or swayed by his emotions…” Agnes seated himself more comfortably, and continued saying. “Were you not listening when I was asking Clementine about the herbs she was brewing? Everything matches up with what this youth, Yin, told us… Well, maybe I shouldn’t have agreed so easily since she wasn’t in a quite right state of mind, but I just wanted to get it over with…” He said something incredible, in the wrong sense of it, as if he didn’t care at all.

    “What can I say? Recently, Clementine was only a source of grief for me. It must sound horrible, but I was glad to be finally over with it.” The man smiled bitterly, then gazed at his son. “I intended to go to you right afterwards and take my time to explain everything slowly and properly… Of the family I never wanted, you, my son, are the only one who I ever truly cared about. It ended like this, however. Really, talk about an unnecessary interference…” He turned to look at Laien and Yin and smirked, snorting quietly.

    The two twelve year old youths exchanged a glance. At the moment, Laien was feeling… betrayed, would be the most fitting word. How could Agnes be saying something like that, something so heartless? Didn’t he cry out in pain when he learned his wife and daughter would die? Was that all acting, or did he decide to throw away his emotions? He didn’t understand…

    “Let’s listen to him and then leave.” Yin said quietly, putting a hand on Laien’s shoulder. He refrained from saying anything else, but the emotions of his could be felt by Laien, too, so there was no need to speak them loudly. Yin agreed that helping Tan was something he also wanted to do… but unlike Laien, he didn’t view Agnes and his wife as of any importance. Well, right now, neither of them thought of Agnes as a good, respectable person anymore.

    Meanwhile, Tan still failed to respond to what happened or to his father’s words. He kept staring at the blood on the carpet and on the floor; his mind was as blank as a sheet of paper. “No.” He said suddenly. “No! No! I don’t believe you! Mother wouldn’t have wanted to die! She wouldn’t have asked to be killed! Mother loved us a lot! You are lying!” Tan trembled,. He wanted to run away, but at the same time, wanted to listen to his father’s explanation. He couldn’t believe him, but loved him and really wanted to trust him… He wanted to take out a sword and attack his father, but also wanted to give in, run to him and hug him, to take his words for granted.

    “Clementine regained the clarity of her thoughts only for a brief moment. She knew there was something very wrong going on with her. Just like I had, she used to think she was going mad because of a mental illness. Whether she truly asked me to end her suffering before she would completely lose herself and forget who she is, or if I am making it up, hmph. Decide it for yourselves if you believe me or not.” Agnes said indifferently, appearing to not care about the matter anymore. “You want to listen, or not? Sit or leave, I am not exactly in the mood to be convincing you with all my strength.” He looked at his son and at the two twelve year olds. By now, he was way too tired of dealing with those annoying family matters. He only wanted to get it over with and return to the field with his soldiers and officers.

    “Let’s listen to what your father has to say.” Laien urged the eight year old and putting a hand on his back, lightly pushed him forward. Tan didn’t resist and allowed himself to be led to a chair. The three youngsters sat at one side of the table, while Agnes was sitting at the other. The General took a deep breath and with a resigned expression, began telling the story.

    “As of last spring, I am eighty three years old. I’ve entered the Realm of Heroes at the age of twenty one and became a General in my early forties. In my fifties, I my father died and I was selected as the next leader of the Iron family and the supreme commander of the Iron Fort… Keeping it short, I was never interested in marriage or having a family. I somewhat looked forward to having a son, but everything else connected with children and a wife was extremely unappealing to me. Regrettably, elders coaxed me into a marriage with Clementine. Least said, the two of us quickly grew to hate each other. We argued each time we talked; I viewed the marriage as a political one, while she desired to create a ‘true, loving family’.” Agnes laughed at the thought, but then frowned, seeing the looks on the faces of the three youths. He coughed awkwardly and continued saying.

    “In time, we began tolerating each other and even came to like spending some time together. Our arguments weren’t filled with shouts and yells anymore, but rather turned into ironic or sarcastic exchanges. At the time, I thought that Clementine finally accepted the way I wanted to live my life and was content with taking care of our daughter. I was really glad… It was around that time, nine years ago, when we had you, our son. Naturally, a year later, you were born.” Agnes smiled at the happy memory. He added with an absent gaze. “I made sure to come back to see you being born. It was the most beautiful day of my life. I finally had a son, my own blood and flesh, my descendant!” He said, appearing to be truly happy, remembering the past event. The next moment, however, he again began smiling bitterly.

    “However, it soon became too much for me. I returned to the field, tired of acting like a babysitter. I was looking forward to having you grow up, to training you and taking you with me to the battles, to war, to showing you a military world! Yet, I failed to realize that to begin with, you need to be brought up and during the first years, you would only be crying and pooping yourself.” Agnes rested his arms against the table and kept speaking. “Long story short, I had been returning regularly, until one day around four years ago. The task I was going to take resolved itself and I happened to return after only four days, instead of over two months. Of course, as I should have expected, I found Clementine in our bed with another man…” Agnes sighed again. When he was looking at it from the perspective of time, he found himself to be quite clueless. He really should have predicted long ago that Clementine’s change of heart was triggered by something else than a simple acceptance of her lot in life. Nevertheless, he kept speaking.

    “As you can guess from the bits you have heard previously, I got mad and killed Clementine’s lover. She was furious with me and even attacked me with the intent to kill… We ended up in a huge dispute, promising to hate each other until the end of our days. The rest… You can probably imagine. We distanced ourselves from each other, I kept feeling regretful, while she kept hating me. It all was steadily growing worse as her mental state declined for no obvious reason. Who would have thought the stupid tea she started brewing was an actual source of her illness? Maybe if I researched it properly, I would have noticed… But I couldn’t have been bothered. I just wanted to forget about all of those annoying things. I felt bad about neglecting my family, but I couldn’t help it! Staying home and doing nothing for long periods of time was and still is, a torture for me.” Agnes kept speaking his heart, without hiding his true feeling about any matter. He confronted his own self and deduced the reasons for his behavior, which unexpectedly, was not an easy thing to do.

    Skipping the part which he considered to be unimportant blabbering, he got right to the current day. He started explaining, not ashamed of himself at all. “During those years, a lot of stress pent up in me. Thus, when I learned of the source of my troubles today, I cried out… But it wasn’t in pain as you could have thought. I was angry at myself; for not solving what I easily could have. For making myself go through all those painful things when I could have taken care of them and made everyone’s lives better. When my life could have been so much more comfortable.” He laughed, aware of own shortcomings. Unsurprisingly, however, his son, Laien and Yin were looking at him as if he was some monster or a madman.

    Agnes smiled mockingly and asked. “Why are you so surprised? The three of you are still young, too young. You’ve never seen the horrifying face of the war. You’ve never seen how vicious people can be when their lives are endangered. You are still delusional that everyone needs to be a good, proper person deep inside. Yes, true, the majority will be acting like a proper and good human being in every situation. However, only when they are cornered or in a tight spot, will people show their true colors. I am doing you a favor and being honest with you, even if lying about my reasons would have made it easier for me. Deceiving brats like you would have been a simplicity in itself… Would you perhaps have preferred me to make up a teary story about love, misunderstandings and the tragic, unfortunate end; ‘and everyone lived happily ever after’?” The man snorted, and disregarding the expressions of the three, kept talking.

    Agnes gazed at his eight year old son. Surprisingly, a warm look appeared in his eyes. “I am not a good father or husband and I will never be. You however, my son, I love from the bottom of my heart. I would be pained to lose you. From the very beginning, I wanted to be with you, to raise you, to teach you about the world I love.” He spoke calmly, causing Tan to grow wide-eyed. “It’s up to you to decide, whether you are fine with a father like me, or if you hate me. I am who I am, nothing more and nothing less. Nothing I said was false, those are my true feelings. I disregard the family life, but I love you and care for you, in my own way. I killed your mother because she wished for it. If you can accept that, then great. If you can’t, it’s also fine. You can leave this place when you wish, I will provide you with everything necessary to lead a good life.” Agnes mentioned, seemingly not carrying about his son’s answer whatsoever.

    In the brief silence, everyone waited for Tan to answer to his father’s words. Finally, the eight year old replied and asked. “I… I don’t know. Father, did mother really ask you to ki-kill her? Would she really have died no matter what was to be done?” Agnes frowned, finding it bothersome to be saying the same thing many times over. Still, he repeated himself.

    “I told you, I didn’t lie. She did ask me to end her life and made me promise to do everything in my power to save your sister’s life… Eh, I am sure Clementine became aware of what those herbs were doing to her long ago. She wasn’t a stupid woman. Yet, she refused to bring it up. She probably tried to get rid of the addiction, but failed anyway… Now we will never now.” Agnes breathed out and turned his gaze in Yin’s direction, then asked. “Yin, right? Are you certain that this herb from her tea is called ‘Aethern leaf’ and its effects are what you claimed to be?”

    “I am.” Yin replied, not bothering to care his aversion towards Agnes. As much as the General’s words might have somehow convinced Tan, and maybe even Laien, Yin refused to trust him. He didn’t say anything, however. Why? Because there was no point. He wouldn’t be able to prove anything, it would be his word against Agnes’s word. Since the man was much stronger than him and wielded the absolute power in the place they were at… It was more reasonable for him to choose to remain quiet.

    Tan looked at Yin, then at Laien and finally at his father. He pursed his lips, weighing everything in his heart. In the end, he said in a low voice. “I… I believe you, father. I don’t want to be separated from you. But, you must help big sis! If she dies, I won’t forgive you!” He gave his father a serious, confident look, gazing straight into his eyes. Honestly, even Agnes himself had been taken off-guard. Surprised, he smiled and nodded. “I promise, whatever happens, I will not let your sister die.” Agnes said strongly. At the same time, Laien became aware of the clear emotions of Yin’s, which were along the lines of ‘as if it was possible, you hypocrite’.

    Agnes suppressed a sigh, looking at the two twelve year olds. “Fine, that’s enough. Go gather your companions and leave the Iron Fort. Do me a favor and don’t speak too much about today during your travels.” He said, staring at them with a hint of coldness in his eyes. Although he had been honest today, he didn’t want his subordinates to hear similar rumors. Some things were better off hidden and not showed to just anyone.

    Laien and Yin listened to the advice and quickly left the watchtower, right after giving the eight year old Tan one last look. The boy managed to smile at them and nod his head, grateful for their help and mere presence during the talk with his father.

    Although he was young, Tan wasn’t dull-witted enough to not realize that if it wasn’t for Laien and Yin, he might have never learned what had truly happened to his mother. He suspected that his father wouldn’t have been so honest with him, if not for the presence of Laien and Yin. He couldn’t be sure if his father truly didn’t lie to him today, but… After all, Agnes was still his father and he wanted to trust him.


    As the two twelve year olds were walking to the guest quarters, Laien spoke awkwardly, apologizing to Yin. “I’m sorry, it was stupid of me… I shouldn’t have tried to get involved with Agnes. It was pointless and dangerous, you were right about everything. I won’t do anything stupid like that anymore.” Laien said regretfully. Luckily, they were still in Sarkcente Kingdom and his position as Rudford’s disciple and Sinra’s friend was protecting him and Yin. However, what if they were somewhere else? Would other powerful martial masters or spiritual masters also hesitate to kill them? Thinking about it, Laien really doubted they would care about his little life…

    “No, it was the right choice.” Yin said compromisingly. “Forget that bastard, his children deserved to be helped. If only we were stronger and more capable, then there might have been able to do something… Instead of only getting in the way and stirring up a very dangerous situation.” He comforted Laien, despite everything he had said during their previous argument. Changing one’s mind… It certainly was easier for the young ones, to reconsider their stance; especially if the other side was your friend who you care about.

    “… Thanks.” Laien said gratefully, happy to hear Yin say something like that after they nearly severed their friendship over some stupid matter.

    “No, it’s me who should be thanking you.” Yin smiled and seeing his surprise, explained. “I got too caught up in my past, to the point of forgetting what kind of person I wanted to be.” He said simply, and gesturing with his hand, quickly added. “Think about it, what do we need to do if we want to stay true to our beliefs?” He asked with a bright smile.

    Laien, who was surprised at first, immediately understood what Yin meant. He chuckled light-heartedly and answered. “Get strong, right? It’s quite simple, unexpectedly.” Yin nodded, but then reprimanded playfully. “Right. But until then, let’s try to not get ourselves killed, okay?” Laien blinked a few times, then moaned and said. “Uuuh, my bad. I promise, I promise.” The two of them looked at each other, at first trying to be serious, but both of them quickly began laughing merrily. In that short while as they were talking, they got over today’s events.

    It wasn’t that surprising, though. The two of them had already gone through a lot in their lives. Even if they were prompt to getting emotional, they knew how to deal with it. Compared to many adults, they were much more mature just at the age of twelve.


    “Oh, you’re back. Took you a while. Just where have you been?” Ruan asked, standing alongside his three subordinates and the three people hired by the Cail family. The only woman in the group, Liza, frowned and was about to say something about the two youths being late, but swallowed her words in the memory of the events from the inn. She no longer considered the two as simple kids who she could look down at, so the only obvious choice for her was to refrain from making unnecessary remarks.

    “Nowhere important. We’re going through the western path aren’t we? So first we will head through the Anarchic Lands, all the way to their western edge. Do we have everything we need, or should we buy something before we leave?”Laien quickly changed the subject, not eager at all to try and explain everything that had happened, nor feeling obliged to do so to his ‘escorts’, ‘bodyguards’ or however one wanted to call them.

    Ruan raised his eyebrows. He was a little curious, but didn’t inquire. Never would he have imagined what the truth was, so he naturally dismissed the two being late as something of no importance. “We have everything we need, so don’t worry. However, if you want to buy some additional long-lasting food, then the shops in the inner city are the best place to be looking for it.” He advised, knowing that variety of food will be hard to come in the following weeks. For him, it wasn’t much of a problem, but for the young masters it could as well be a major disaster.

    “Hmm, why not? Let’s see what they have and then we can head out. We’ve got a long road ahead of us, after all. It would be nice to have something good to eat.” Laien decided with Yin’s consent. The whole group, numbering nine people, went for a quick shopping and soon afterward, left the Iron Fort on horseback, led outside by the familiar sergeant.

    This chapter was proofread by Yong!

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    Caladbolg said:

    AN: Duh, again a chapter I have had a hard time writing. I ended up deleting it whole and doing it from the beggining, heh.

    @Alec Not yet! When I manage to get my ass to clearing the basic language level of the first 40-50 pages and then getting them PR'ed, then I will also start posting a few chapters on RR. The main site where the chapters will be appearing, however, will surely still be here :)


    If you do end up posting on RR, beware of the hate reviews with 0 substance. I can say with 100% certainty that the community there is tens of times worse than the community here, so brace yourself. :p

        As for your story, I admit it's pretty good, but just because it's good it doesn't mean everyone will like it. The reason is quite simple--different people have different taste. I myself am not into stories that have homosexuality (same reason as my last post here. Not against homosexuals, just not fond of it in a story especially if it's the mc), tragedy (deaths happening to developed characters I rooted for :" Your Lie In April. I'm looking at you. Grrrr. Anyway, this hasn't happened in this story as far as I read. This is just one of my dislikes in general ), NTR ( Sorry, not a fan of MC getting cuckold. I don't mind MC doing the cuckold though. hahahah. ), etc. Anyway, bottom line is just because some people don't like to read your story, doesn't mean it's bad, so you should never get discouraged by this. An example from the wuxia novels I've read that I never finished is 'A Step into The Past'. People say it's really good to the extent that they call it a wonderful piece of literature that tells the tale of an alternate history of china, but I myself didn't like it. Why? Simple. NTR ( his women getting raped or f**cked by other men), Tragedy ( his women getting killed after getting raped ) and I found out MC is barren in the end--sorry, I'm not into MCs that can't give offspring to continue his great bloodline. lol.

       To those who are curious why I hate tragedy. The reason is because for me reading novels, watching anime, playing games, etc. is a means to entertain myself, not get depressed and tragedy makes me depressed. I was only a few episodes in, watching Your Lie In April, when the female lead collapsed on stage and her reason to MC and Co. was she had anemia. I call 100% bull at this point. I already had an inkling that she will die at the end, so I looked it up online after the episode, and my suspicion was right. Even though I didn't get to see the actual episode she died, I still got sad for a few hours and it totally ruined my mood to read novels / play games. Anyway, that's the reason why I don't like tragedy. Also, as you see I never said Your Lie in April was bad, just that it's not my cup of tea.

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    And yeah, as I said in my rant some pages ago - I know very well that my novel is very specific, that it's different and that not everyone will like it. However, I simply write what I want to and what I like writing about. I could have copied the popular genre and created the 'Bleach' of novels, in comparison to the anime world of japan ~~ But as you know, I decided to stay true to myself and aim to write how I want to, not how 'the majority' might want me to write. :)

    I won't deny the fact that I have been thinking, just a little bit, that aiming at 'something different' won't be too bad, as I won't be directly competing with the ongoing greatest translations, but instead providing something new. Similar, but different :)

    As to say a few words directly to you, @ND I can only say, that I hope you will keep skimming through my chapters, as I can assure you - there will be major parts of the story which will be to your liking (from what you said about your tastes). Currently, we are perhaps 1% into the story... So there is a lot left ^.^

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  • Caladbolg said:

    Thanks for the warning, I had been lurking around the RR so I am aware of that. Nevertheless, thanks to you I can steel my resolve in due time xD

    And yeah, as I said in my rant some pages ago - I know very well that my novel is very specific, that it's different and that not everyone will like it. However, I simply write what I want to and what I like writing about. I could have copied the popular genre and created the 'Bleach' of novels, in comparison to the anime world of japan ~~ But as you know, I decided to stay true to myself and aim to write how I want to, not how 'the majority' might want me to write. :)

    I won't deny the fact that I have been thinking, just a little bit, that aiming at 'something different' won't be too bad, as I won't be directly competing with the ongoing greatest translations, but instead providing something new. Similar, but different :)

    As to say a few words directly to you, @ND I can only say, that I hope you will keep skimming through my chapters, as I can assure you - there will be major parts of the story which will be to your liking (from what you said about your tastes). Currently, we are perhaps 1% into the story... So there is a lot left ^.^

    Afternote: Yaay, we just hit the 60k views mark ^.^ Yahoo! ^.^

    Sure, man. Will check it out from time to time. Who knows, I might get myself to read this again in the future and will actually like it then. As for how you write your story, as you said, just write it however the way you feel like writing it. I mean, writing something you don't enjoy won't turn out good anyway, so you might as well write it the way you want even if other people won't like it.

    Anyway, good luck in finishing this story and never ever forget that you're not doing this to please people (this is just a bonus and should not be your primary reason to write), but you're doing this because you love to do it.  More power to you!
  • Mm, thanks! Good luck for you, too :)
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  • Caladbolg said:

    Mm, thanks! Good luck for you, too :)

    About the RR review comments thing.

    I haven't had one hate review or comment in the month or two that I've been posting my story there. I have over 400 followers and I have not gotten one hateful/trolling comment or review. 

    Maybe I just haven't encountered it yet, I dunno. But from my experience, I actually haven't seen any hateful comments or reviews. I do see some users that harshly review a story, but they logically explain WHY they rated the story so badly. 

    Also, thanks for the chapter! :)
  • edited January 2016
    Hmmm, interesting. Maybe they changed for the better? ^.^

    On the side note, I should probably update the PR's you gave me... The lazy me, sigh! Also gotta start writing today's chapter -.- Soo tired!
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  • Caladbolg said:

    Hmmm, interesting. Maybe they changed for the better? ^.^

    On the side note, I should probably update the PR's you gave me... The lazy me, sigh! Also gotta start writing today's chapter -.- Soo tired!

    Lol, not probably, you should xD

    I'll PR the beginning chapters if you want me to. I'm actually quite curious as to how your story would be taken over there. Of course, the beginning is really slow but hopefully there's people that pull through (like the many readers here) and decide to continue reading. If they do, they're in for a treat (In more than one way xD )

    Personally, I think your novel is very well done. It's definitely different, but sometimes something different is refreshing, especially in a very fleshed-out genre like Xianxia/Wuxia (Though, I'm a sucker for these novels. They're too good to pass up.). 

    Just keep 'er goin! If you do get hate comments/reviews, just ignore it. It happens to everyone. Though, again, from my experience, I haven't seen any hate/troll reviews or comments in RR as of yet. Oh well, I guess.
  • Ahaha... Yeah, sorry, I will get my ass to work as soon as I drink some cofee and snatch some chocolate ^.^

    Mmmm, since I will be busy this weekend again, I will try getting to work on my early chapters on monday :) When i finish, I will contact you and surely, others too, to not make one person do everything by himself~ Geez, how good it is to have PR'ers, hehe :D
    If you'd like more chapters of ISSI or Tales send me a note on patreon!
  • Caladbolg said:

    Ahaha... Yeah, sorry, I will get my ass to work as soon as I drink some cofee and snatch some chocolate ^.^

    Mmmm, since I will be busy this weekend again, I will try getting to work on my early chapters on monday :) When i finish, I will contact you and surely, others too, to not make one person do everything by himself~ Geez, how good it is to have PR'ers, hehe :D

    I dunno, maybe I want the fame ;) 

    My name in all those chapters....MWAHAHAHA. 

    I need to go to sleep. Freakin' 3 in the morning. I get weird this late. 

    Good luck writing :D
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