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    Book 2. The outside world.

    Chapter 12. A dangerous woman.

    Laien smirked just a little, amused by the unreasonably hysterical reaction of the teenage girl. She was older than him by a few years, but in his eyes, she looked like a little girl throwing a tantrum for no reason. What was the big deal, anyway? It was her own fault for acting the way she did and treating Yin as if he was her belonging. As far as Laien was concerned, she got what she deserved. Normally he would have loved to tease the clueless ‘princess’ a bit more, but he decided to hold his temper back, remembering Yin’s advice.

    Although Laien and Yin knew what the girl was speaking about and what exactly had happened yesterday’s night, everyone else in the dining room had no idea. Especially the girl’s mother reacted furiously, seeing how her daughter reacted after the two boys entered. With stern expression on her face she stood up and hugged her daughter, then said in a cold and angry tone. “What have you done to my little girl? How dare you hurt my precious child?” The woman, not even waiting for them to reply, immediately turned back to her daughter and asked very calmly. “Cecile, tell you mother, what have they done to you? You don’t need to be scared of them, your mother will make sure to punish them heavily!” She assured, stroking the head of her fifteen year old daughter.

    Hearing her mother’s question, Cecile trembled slightly. With her face completely red, she answered. “Those two had been very rude to me, and then, then… They behaved shamelessly in front of me! They actually k-ki-kissed right before my eyes!” Cecile forced the words out of her throat, as if she was saying something incredibly shocking and horrifying. She hid her face in her hands, trying to hide her own ashamed expression.

    Having learned of the incident, Cecile’s mother appeared to be genuinely shocked and disgusted. She looked at Laien and Yin with eyes suggesting that she was seeing some monstrosities standing at the door, and not two twelve year old boys. “That can’t be forgiven! Can’t be forgiven! I will not let anyone taint my precious little girl! Guards! Guards!” The woman started shouting with a horrified expression, her voice shaking from fury and nervousness. She hugged her daughter more tightly, shielding the girl with her own body, as if she was expecting Laien and Yin to assault ‘her little girl’ at any moment.

    Ruan furrowed his eyebrows, trying to understand what the hell was going on. He had been worried whether Laien and Yin hadn’t done something unforgivable, for the General’s daughter to react in such a way, but then, when she explained… He grew confused instead. The following reaction of the mistress only baffled him to the further extent. True, those two probably had not been courteous enough to fool around in front of Cecile, but that definitely was not a reason to go so far! Calling guards without as much as listening to their explanation? That was unreasonable!

    In comparison to Ruan, Laien and Yin were rather calm about the whole thing. Sure, at first, the two of them had gotten worried, but then, they noticed the expressions of everyone else in the room and realized something. Apart from the mistress and her daughter, Cecile, everyone else didn’t appear to be angered or concerned with the accusations made against the two youths. Sweeping everyone with a quick gaze, one could notice quite a few strange things.

    The maybe eight years old boy who was sitting right next to his panicking sister and mother,, was completely ignoring the whole situation. Then, there were the two servants, or perhaps attendants, who appeared to be perturbed. The young man near his twenties was quickly recognized by Laien and Yin as the same person who had been searching for Cecilie yesterday night. He was gazing at the fifteen year old girl with a mix of a really complicated feelings. Amongst those were care, worry, hope, resignation…

    Most importantly, as far as Laien and Yin could tell, the General Agnes himself didn’t appear to be angered. The whole time the man had a greatly pained look on his face; he appeared to be feeling helpless. From the looks of it, the rumors about him not coming home often due to family reasons were true.

    After they had been called, the guards came fairly quickly, but still later than one would expect after had been being called in such a manner. The four men looked at the mistress, then at the General Agnes. With a quiet sigh, General Agnes shook his head and gestured with a wave of his hand for the men to leave. The four martial masters bowed their heads and headed back to their posts without asking any questions, as if they were already used to similar events occurring on a daily routine.

    Seeing the guards being called off, the woman turned to her husband and called out desperately. “Dear, what are you doing?! These boys wanted to taint our little girl, we need to get rid of them, or terrible things will happen!” She pleaded, a clear hint of madness visible in her eyes.

    “Stop it, Clementine. These boys did not do anything wrong. They also won’t do anything bad to our daughter, so please, try to calm down.” General Agnes said sternly, looking at his wife with an incredibly saddened expression. Clementine appeared to be confused by his words, but then, in an instant, she relaxed and smiled happily. “If you are saying so, dear. Boys and the gentleman over there, come and enjoy the breakfast with us! We’d all like to get to know you better. Come and sit, don’t be embarrassed!” Clementine spoke amiably, as if her words from before never existed.

    The sudden change in Clementine’s behaviour, to the point of ‘the air’ about her becoming different, managed to throw off Laien, Yin and Ruan. The three of them stood at the door for a few more seconds, unable to comprehend what in the world was going on.

    At the same time, Cecile wanted to say something, but she found herself speechless and ended up only opening and closing her mouth. Ever since she could remember, she was very close with her mother and had been taken care of by her. She felt there was something wrong with how her mother had been treating her and had a hunch that she herself wasn’t brought up in exactly correct way. However, for some reason, she was unable to come to terms with the fact. It was like… as if every time she was trying to think about anything important, she would quickly get distracted and forget what was the matter which had been worrying her.

    Even now, although she was trying to think why everyone seem to be against her and her mother, Cecile found herself unable to comprehend the situation. “Lady Cecile.” She looked at her attendant, who picked up the fallen chair and moved it for her to sit on. She sat down and after having been distracted for a second or two, completely forgot about the uneasiness she was feeling just a moment before.

    Out of the three, it was Laien who regained his ability to think clearly the fastest. After going through everything he have had, even if Laien’s character didn’t mature that much, his mental strength had definitely increased. It was much easier for him to cope with unexpected or strange situations, while not getting pointlessly stressed over unusual events. “Mm, let’s go and sit down.” Laien said in a fairly quiet voice, tapping Yin’s shoulder with his hand and going ahead to take a seat at the large table.

    Laien looked at the short side of the rectangular dining table, where the General Agnes was sitting and where his wife, Clementine, was just returning to. Surprisingly enough, the seats prepared for them were on the right of the General Agnes, not as they would usually be - on the left. Perhaps it was done so Agnes’s wife wouldn’t be sitting right next to them at the corner, or so Laien came to think. Not bothering himself with the little matter for long, he sat right next to General Agnes and in front of the eight year old son of the man.

    The moment all three of them sat on their chairs, the eight year old boy asked immediately, unable to contain himself any longer. “Father said the guests with a golden sigil came and wondered who they were. So it’s about the two of you, right?” The boy inquired, seeing as Laien and Yin took the more important seats and how the man accompanying them didn’t seem to mind that at all. The youth smiled happily when Laien nodded, affirming his guess.

    “I’m Tan, it’s nice to meet you!” The eight year old said energetically. He then asked a question, too impatient to wait for Laien and Yin to introduce themselves to him. “Say, say, big sis said that the two of you kissed. Were you making fun of her, of do you actually like each other? You know, ‘like’ like!” Tan questioned with a playful smile. The matter whether it was appropriate or not to ask something like that in this situation didn’t cross his mind at all.

    “Great Ishtar, Tan, what are you asking our guests about?” General Agnes said with a light reprimand in his voice. He smiled, however, looking at his dear son. The man simply couldn’t be angry with the boy he loved so much. “Forget this question of my son’s. He’s a great boy, but sometimes he speaks too much.” General Agnes apologized, but Laien and Yin simply exchanged a glance and smiled at each other. Then, Laien replied casually, giving the eight year old Tan a playful look.

    “I guess you could say we like each other.” He said with a laugh, surprisingly being a little awkward while stating that. He and Yin met only a few days ago, so the whole thing hadn’t had time to sink in yet. Of course, Laien viewed Yin as somebody very important to him, but if he were to be asked if he ‘loved’ him, he would find it troublesome to find an answer while being fully honest with himself.

    “I knew it! Um, ah. Right. What are your names?” Tan first rejoiced, then realized he didn’t let the two guests introduce themselves. He chuckled, scratching his head and peeking at his father, hoping that he isn’t angry with him for being rude. Luckily for him, General Agnes only raised an eyebrow and didn’t scold him.

    Meanwhile, Cecile snorted quietly, crossing her hands on her chest and looking somewhere else, annoyed by her little brother’s behaviour and questions. At the same time her mother, Clementine, was sipping her tea with an absent gaze. She seemed to be day-dreaming about something with a peaceful, happy expression.

    “I’m Laien and that’s Yin. Does General know who we are, or should I keep going?” Laien asked somewhat haughtily, but with no bad intentions behind it. He simply had enough of speaking about other people every time he was speaking with a new important person. It was nice to see them be amazed, but at the same time, it felt that he was using not his own prestige to introduce himself and the fact wasn’t to his liking.

    “Ho, how could I not know about the disciple of the Great Master Rudford, or the two boys who had an amazing duel during the Grand Tournament a few days ago? As a General, I need to stay informed. Eh, no wonder the two of you came with a golden sigil. With the influence of all the important characters behind the two of you, one could argue that a golden sigil was actually too little.” General Agnes claimed with a look of curiosity written all over his face. Without worrying too much, he asked about the thing which intrigued him.

    “Say, Laien. You lost to your friend, but you took the more important seat. How come?” General Agnes questioned, making it obvious after whom did his son inherit the trait of being overly curious about little things. The two of them, father and son, were both capable of asking some pretty strange questions without hesitation. Least said, the inquired would often make the other party feel at least somewhat uncomfortable.

    Laien didn’t really know what to say to that, he felt comfortable sitting ‘first’ and never considered if Yin wouldn’t have wanted to be there instead. Sensing this worry of Laien’s, Yin couldn’t help but chuckle and say half-seriously half-jokingly. “I don’t care if I sit more to the right or more to the left. I know however, that Laien would have felt awkward sitting as the ‘second’ one.”

    Hearing Yin say that, Laien looked at him and frowned. “I wouldn’t…” He began saying, but then, having realized something, he let down his shoulders and admitted. “Uuuh, well. Maybe I would have.” He shook his head, feeling pretty embarrassed about the whole matter. Surprisingly, something he didn’t consider to be of much importance made him look like a snob.

    Laien looked at Yin, the two of them sensing each other’s feelings through their spiritual bond. Knowing for sure that Yin didn’t hold it against him and truly did not care about where they would end up sitting made Laien feel better.

    Out of the blue, General Agnes laughed and said merrily. “The two of you seem like a childhood friends. Have you known each other before the Great Tournament?” He questioned, causing Laien and Yin to smile at each other while exchanging another glance. Seeing the two youths act so familiarly once again, Agnes laughed loudly, for the time being forgetting about his own troubles and enjoying the moment.

    “Big sis, are you going to keep sulking at them? They are a nice people, why would you be so embarrassed about just a kiss anyway?” Tan poked Cecile at the side of her stomach, as she pretended to not hear him. The fifteen year old girl giggled, being ticked by her little brother. She turned to look at Tan, not sure whether she was supposed to forgive Laien and Yin, or keep away from them. But since her little brother liked the two, maybe they weren’t so bad after all…?

    “Fine, if they apologize, I will forgive them.” She stated, drawing attention of the two who were in the middle of chatting with her father.

    Having heard Cecile’s words, Laien smirked and replied. “If you apologize first, then I might consider doing the same.” As he expected, the girl blushed and appeared to be angered. However, right afterwards, she actually brought herself to say sorry. “Fine, it was my bad to be rude to you and your friend.” … Well, or at least to say something that resembled an apology.

    “Hmph, it was my bad too, to show too much to a little girl. ‘I’m sorry’.” Laien said sarcastically, ticked off by Cecile’s attitude. The girl snorted and looked away, feeling offended. Laien reacted similarly, getting angry with the ‘clueless princess’. The two of them just couldn’t get along, not with their respective characters being so incompatible.

    Clementine, who until now was keeping quiet, noticed Laien and Yin again. She looked at them strangely, but then smiled and said. “Maybe you want to have some tea? It’s my favorite.” She gestured at the young woman and made her two cups and give them to the two youths. After that, Clementine kept giving the two of them odd looks while not paying any attention to Ruan’s presence, as if the man wasn’t even there.

    Laien sighed in his heart. From the looks of it, the rumours about General Agnes not coming home often because of family reasons were true. His daughter was fairly strange, but his wife… now that was something else. If someone were to ask, Laien would say that the woman was crazy. “Doesn’t smell bad.” Laien said to himself, raising the cup to take a sip of tea.

    He stopped his hand, sensing that suddenly Yin got nervous and confused. The two of them looked at each other, then Yin gazed at the cup of tea in Laien’s hand, then at one in his own. Laien understood what Yin meant and at the same time, the two of them put down their cups without drinking the tea at all.

    “What’s wrong? You don’t like the flavour?” Clementine asked, sipping some tea poured from the same pot.

    Laien stopped himself from appearing confused, seeing the woman drink the tea normally. Cecile also seemed to be drinking it… “Why did Yin want me to not drink it? It can’t be poisoned, can it?” Laien wondered, hoping that Yin will explain everything to him later, when they would be alone. For now, he wouldn’t doubt Yin’s warning and would avoid the drink given to him by Clementine.

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  • Book 2. The outside world.

    Chapter 13. Ordered to kill?

    “It’s not up to my taste. Sorry.” Laien excused himself from drinking the tea, giving his best to look apologetically. “I don’t think I would like it either.” Yin also said right afterwards. The two youths exchanged a glance, worried that Clementine would try and force them to at least try the drink. Sure, they could have always said that they hated the particular flavor, but that would come out as simply weird… Well, not that it would matter than much, at least not at the moment.

    Thinking along those lines, Laien came to wonder about a one particular thing. “Right, if there’s something wrong with this tea, why won’t Yin just bring it up?” He asked himself silently. However, he didn’t’ come to question Yin’s reasons and instead decided to trust his judgment. “Yin’s not stupid, there must be something behind it.” Laien reassured himself. He suddenly laughed in his heart, realizing how before he could even notice, he started thinking so highly of Yin.

    “See, I told you this tea of yours tastes horrible, mother!” Tan called out triumphantly, remembering all those times his mother had been trying to force him to drink her tea. “Father doesn’t like it either, I told you it only tastes good for girls like you and big sis!” He added grumpily.

    Before anyone could have said anything else, General Agnes spoke up .“Let’s leave the matter of everyone’s tastes alone, shall we?” He insisted strongly, feeling that his wife was about to have another outburst of madness. He did not wish to see her acting in this manner, so he quickly changed the topic. “I’ve heard you came here to seek information about the path of your travel. Where exactly are you heading to?” He asked, already recalling the most recent events and considering what to say in each case.

    Laien breathed out with relief, happy to talk about something else. “We’re going to the Divine Forge Union, to the Eclipse Academy, to be specific.” He said straightforwardly, without engulfing into any pointless details. The backstory of why he and Yin were going there really wasn’t something he’d want to explain.

    “Hoo, the Eclipse Academy you say? Looks like you were getting in somebody’s way back in the mainland, so they sent you off for the period of time. If I could ask, for how long will you be staying there?” Laien was slightly surprised, seeing how quickly General Agnes deduced what was going on. Most people didn’t even relate him being sent to the Eclipse Academy with the word ‘punishment’; the very majority only saw it as him being sent away to live somewhere else as to not create any more problems within the Kingdom. Only those few who realized how politics worked and had a feeling that something big was about to happen in Sarkcente Kingdom came to a conclusion similar to that of General Agnes’s.

    “Ten years.” Laien said and shrugged his shoulders indifferently. He was tempted to add some unnecessary comment, like ‘supposedly’ or maybe ‘or so they think’, but he managed to bite his tongue and not say more than was needed.

    “Ten years? That’s a long time for a youth like you. However, whatever the reason for you ending up there was, don’t waste your time in the Eclipse academy. It’s one of the very best schools incorporating both martial arts and magic. Here, in our Kingdom, magic is not valued highly; or rather it’s not valued at all. It’s easy to underestimate a spiritual practitioner or a Magus just because of how weak he usually is in one on one fight… I’ve seen, however, the terror a spiritual master can lay upon a battlefield…” Only now remembering something about Laien, Agnes suddenly laughed and followed up with a slightly embarrassed smile.

    “But why am I even telling you that, you are a dual practitioner, so you likely know how useful magic can be. Getting back to the matter, the Heavenly Forge Union, huh. If you want to go there, there are three main paths you could follow.” Agnes coughed, clearing his throat. Then, taking on a tone similar to a messenger delivering a piece of information, he began explaining.

    “The first path would be the quickest and easiest. Going straight west, through the lands of our neighbor - Ciene Kingdom - and taking a ship all the way to a port in the Heavenly Forge Union. In just three or four months, you will arrive in the Eclipse Academy. Traveling by the sea is relatively safe, but… Yeah, there is a very big ‘but’ here. The sea to the west is called ‘sea of betrayals’ for a reason. Every few years, a gigantic storm will happen out of nowhere and usually, will sink anyone unlucky enough to be far away from the coast. It’s just not worth the risk.” Agnes’s lips quirked upwards in an ironic smile. To be honest, he didn’t know why did he classify going by the sea as one of valid routes. He should have simply warned the two youths to not go by the sea of betrayals. Well, maybe he just enjoyed rambling about pointless things a little too much…

    “The second route would be to cut through the Anarchic Lands and head straight north, maybe a little bit to the east, too. You’d need to circle around the forbidden lands and put up with additional kilometers. Here, too, I see no reason to choose this path. It’s only slightly safer than the third one, but the distance is more than two times greater, approaching two hundred thousand kilometers.” Agnes started wondering if he shouldn’t have just introduced the best path, instead of wasting his breath on the other two… But it couldn’t hurt to have the youths listen and learn something, could it?

    “And lastly, the third path is to cross the whole Anarchic Lands from east to west, then start heading further to the north-west through the Euleean Union, then through the middle-northern countries in the region. Finally, when you will have travelled about fifty thousand kilometers, you’d enter the northern countries and start heading more to the west than to the north. You will arrive in the Holy Forge Union after thirty thousand more kilometers.” General Agnes outlined briefly. He saw that the two youths were looking as if they understood everything so far, so he continued, this time covering the details.

    “Essentially, since you will be traveling in a small and fairly elite group, there is nothing you will need to fear along the way, unless you meddle with the affairs of some local power. In the Anarchic Lands, it’s very likely that you will be assaulted by bandits, but as long as you don’t let some random arrow kill any of you instantly, they shouldn’t pose much trouble to you. There are essentially no Realm of Heroes experts there, with a few exceptions like the leaders of the biggest local factions. The real problem will be the Euleean Union.” Agnes paused for a few seconds. Just thinking about traveling through those lands made him feel irritated. With all those religious fanatics, if one didn’t know how to behave around them, he could get himself into some very nasty trouble without even realizing.

    “Eh, there is not much point in telling you, since you probably would find it hard to believe me anyway. Just remember to never comment on anything those people do and to not pay too much attention to them. As long as they know you are only travelers, they will leave you alone, at least most of the time. People there really have something wrong with their heads, but if you don’t get yourselves involved with them, you should be fine. Ergh, those damned religious fanatics. Either way, in just a few weeks you will see it yourselves. I guarantee you will be ‘amazed’.” Agnes snorted at the thought, recalling his last visit in the Euleean Union half a year ago. The mere memory made him boil with anger; and yet he couldn’t do anything about it. Provoking those blind believers and causing them to see south as their enemy was the last thing he wished to cause.

    Agnes took a deep breath and to close the topic, gave Laien and Yin some final advices. “To be honest, I don’t know much about the situation in the countries north to the Euleean Union. In the past, it would have been easy to ride through them on horseback without any trouble, but lately… I can’t tell you for sure. Showing them the golden sigil of our Sarkcente Kingdom should be enough for them to let you pass through their borders. As for the many far northern countries, traveling there will look much like in our Kingdom, only the weather will be much colder. Meaning, you shouldn’t encounter any dangers there and the path would be relatively quick and easy one.” Having finished speaking, Agnes gave Laien and Yin a questioning look, asking wordlessly if anything was unclear to them.

    The two exchanged a glance, satisfied with that much information. There was no point in asking for anything too specific, as those things were known by Ruan. From General Agnes, they only wanted to learn of the so called ‘news’. “That should be enough, thanks.” Laien replied casually. “Thank you.” Yin also said and nodded his head, appearing to be somewhat absent-minded.

    At the same time, Ruan, who had been thoroughly ignored by everyone from the very beginning of this breakfast, sighed in his heart. The boys didn’t even ask for his opinion just now, nor did General Agnes seem to care about his presence. He agreed with Laien and Yin that the information provided was sufficient, but… It still made him a little sad, to not be relied upon whatsoever. “Eh, overtaken by kids. It might be worse than needing to babysit them…” Ruan chuckled helplessly at the thought. “At least the food is good…” He comforted himself, not knowing whether to laugh or cry.

    Hearing the two youths thank him in such a serious manner, Agnes couldn’t help but laugh merrily. “Haha, there’s no need to thank me, but you’re welcome. Say, boys, are you in a hurry to the Eclipse Academy, or maybe you would like to stay here for a few days? I will be going to the Anarchic Lands with a squad of my men in less than a week. I could escort you to the borders of the Euleean Union.” He suggested, partially out of courtesy and partially because he took a bit of liking towards the two youths. If anything, it was very likely that these two boys would become supreme experts of their generation; it wouldn’t hurt to have a good relationship with them.

    The moment he heard his father say what he did, Tan’s body jerked and his expression once again turned interested. “You’re going to stay, right? I’m going to introduce you to my friends! I bet all the girls I know will be all over you” Tan chuckled, giving Laien and Yin an amused look. Then, he suddenly through about something and asked. “Ah, that’s right; do you like girls, too, or only boys?” The eight year old asked, tilting his head and scratching his cheek with his finger.

    Laien chortled and replied with a smile. “I do like girls, too. I’m pretty sure it’s the same for Yin, but I’ve never asked before…?” He finished in a questioning tone, gazing at Yin out of the corner of his eye. Yin, however, didn’t appear to be in the mood to joke around. He shook his head and after giving Laien a quick look, he turned and spoke to General Agnes.

    “I’m grateful for an invitation, but I don’t want to stay here.” He said bluntly; and in a cold voice, surprising Laien quite a bit. Yin’s response also confused General Agnes, making the man wonder what he should say. On the contrary, Tan seemed to have misread the situation and started apologizing instead.

    “Have I said something bad? I’m sorry, I wasn’t trying to make fun of you or anything… Sorry, okay?” The eight year old said apologetically. His father had often told him that he speaks too much and doesn’t consider other people’s feelings, or so to say; can’t read the mood. In result, he came to worry that Yin got mad at him for asking something he shouldn’t have asked.

    Yin looked at the boy in a peculiar way. He was about to say something, but he didn’t. Perhaps, he couldn’t find correct words, or the matter was too complicated to bring up. The strong emotions felt by Yin were sensed by Laien, but they only served to confuse him further.

    There surely must have been a reason for Yin to be acting so strange, or so Laien thought to himself. He would have liked to stay here… but… “I’m sorry.” Laien began saying weakly, but then shook his head and sighed inwardly. He felt bad about letting the kid down, true, but what who was more important to him; some random boy he just met or Yin? The answer was as clear as the sky. Instead of acting wishy-washy about the whole thing and being pointlessly apologetic, Laien said confidently and bluntly.

    “We won’t be staying after all. There’s no point if Yin doesn’t want to.” Having said so, Laien shrugged his shoulders. He preferred to be honest with his feelings and to choose one person or one thing over the other, and not to try to ‘win over’ both parties. After all, wouldn’t being amiable to everyone in the end result in making both sides feel pretty bad about the whole thing? At least, that was how he felt about it.

    Laien smiled innocently, seeing Yin’s surprised expression. “And now he thinks I was too rude? Heavens, so hard to please…” Laien chuckled in his heart, sensing a change in Yin’s emotional state. Just before, he had been so anxious and strange, but now he seemed to have gotten a bit better.

    Laien and Yin glanced at each other, then stood up at the same time. The two of them, knowing that the current situation was quite an awkward one, simply nodded at everyone as a form of farewell and means of saying ‘thanks’. They felt the same about trying clarify the whole matter - it was completely pointless. Without saying anything, the two of them left, just like that.

    It took Ruan a good few seconds to realize that Laien and Yin had already walked out of the room. What was left behind, was only a dense atmosphere and an awkward silence. The heavy mood, however, got unexpectedly swept away by a loud laugh of General Agnes. The man laughed merrily, his eyes filled with amusement. “My, my, what a precious youngsters! Admirable, truly admirable.” Agnes smiled to himself, praising the two in his heart.

    From his experience with his many subordinates, especially the higher ranked officers, Agnes understood that dealing with people like those two youngsters sometimes wasn’t the most pleasant experience one could have. However, in the long run, those stupidly honest ones usually proved to be best to rely on. There was no need to wonder if such a person really meant what he said, or if he was faking his reaction. Although it didn’t mean that a person like that could be trusted unconditionally, it certainly increased the chance of not being betrayed or deceived by him or her.

    “Too bad those two are already in the hands of the Red Dragon School and the Royal Family… They’d make great commanders, and surely - if given enough time - they’d become top-class generals...” Agnes thought regretfully. He finished his cup of water and stood up, then patted his son’s head. “I’ve got nothing to do today, so how about we go and play in the inner city, hm? What do you say?” He suggested casually, trying to cheer his son up; quite effectively, if the bright smile which appeared on Tan’s face was any indication.

    Not even a minute after Laien and Yin left, everyone else followed in their footsteps and went to deal with their own businesses. As for the two twelve year olds themselves, they were heading out of the castle and to the stables located in the inner city. They didn’t really intend to leave without their escort, but as they didn’t feel like going back to their room and had no real idea where else to go… They simply headed to the first place they thought about without giving the matter much thought.

    “Yin.” Laien called out, but failed to get any response from his friend. “Yin.” He repeated in a louder voice, getting slightly impatient. However, the result ended up being the same; no reaction at all. “Oi, Yin!” Laien raised his voice and shook Yin by his shoulder, and only then managed to get his friend’s attention. “… Sorry I wasn’t listening. What were you saying?” Yin asked, still lost in his thoughts and strongly perturbed by something. “I was asking what this whole tea was about. Was it poisoned?” Laien repeated the question, holding himself back from asking about many things at once.

    “Not exactly, but I guess you could call it a poison…” Yin replied vaguely, then explained in a little more detail. “It was brewed from a rare herb called ‘Aethern leaf’. Grandfather had once shown me it when I was younger and warned me to never eat it. He then made a brew from it and made me smell it. This characteristic, sweet nectar-like aroma of Aethern leaf isn’t something I would mistake for something else.” Yin shook his head, as if trying to get rid of some unnecessary thoughts. He turned to look at Laien with a very serious expression and explained sternly.

    “Aethern leaf is not a ‘poison’ that will kill you, but an antidote for it doesn’t exist. If consumed in any form, it causes an extremely strong hallucinatory reaction and what’s even worse, makes you addicted to it. The effects might vary from person to person, with some being more resistant and some more vulnerable to them, but generally… It will result in what you have seen in that woman and her daughter. It doesn’t make people become violent or obviously crazy, but rather, deteriorates their mind and eats away at one’s reason… It makes you go crazy in a strange, roundabout way. You lose your ability to discern between what’s important and what’s not, the small daily matters suddenly become huge events that make you overreact… It’s terrible. ” Yin’s voice, his expressions and emotions as he was talking caused Laien to feel an unexplainable anger. An anger without a clear source, without a specified target to vent it on. However, Laien understood… he wanted to ask, but had a feeling that Yin wouldn’t answer. That Yin didn’t want to talk about it yet.

    As Laien remained silent, Yin continued speaking. By now, he wasn’t even answering the question anymore, but rather simply releasing what was swirling in his mind. “To resist the urge to have more of it after consuming an Aethern leaf is… not something you’d want to go through... You end up wanting to get more, and more, and more… and if you don’t get to eat it, the urge will eat away on your mind and make you go mad. The withdrawal symptoms are much worse compared to the normal drugged state… Those two women… I don’t know how long they have been talking the Aethern leaf, but it shouldn’t have been once or twice… By now, it’s too late for them… They are going to go completely mad. With each passing day, they will need to consume more and more of the Aethern leaf. In case they try to free themselves from the addiction… then the withdrawal symptoms… will…” Yin’s voice started breaking down, while Yin himself looked as if he was about to start crying. Then, for a brief second, a very dangerous glow shone in his eyes and a strong killing intent emanated from his body.

    Suddenly, a relieved voice of a woman reached Laien and Yin from behind. “Oh, there you are. I was worried you might have already left…” Clementine said with a smile, putting a palm of her hand to her cheek. “I know you mean no harm and I apologize… but I can’t risk you returning here.” She continued saying; her expression turning cold, the smile disappearing from her lips. “I just can’t have you killing my little girl. She can’t end up like me, you know?” The woman said in a worrisome manner, then ordered in a hysterical, impatient voice.

    “What are you waiting for? Kill them before they can hurt my family!” She nearly yelled at her five personal bodyguards, making the five men at the early Realms of Heroes step forward toward Laien and Yin…

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    Thanks for the words of motivation to everyone who commented :P You all know by now (probably?) that I am a strange person. Well, I can also get emotional about some miniscule, unimportant things and they can make my mood plump really low. Hm, I won't tell you exactly what was the main cause, but I will give you a hint. For those who read the 'news' regularly, it will be obvious what made me go from 'weee!' mood to 'Ehhh...' mood. The partial quote is...! "the final 2015 addition'.

    Duh. Guess how it made me feel after i had my hopes up right before christmas and everyting. Sigh. I am too emotional about stupid things, right? Well, not like I can do anything to change it, even if i am aware of that... Sigh. Well, I played some games and watched Hunter x Hunter anime (really liked it, apart from the ending) and got over my 'depression'. Am back and feeling good, so tomorrow you will be getting another chapter from me :)
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    Caladbolg said:


    Thanks for the words of motivation to everyone who commented :P You all know by now (probably?) that I am a strange person. Well, I can also get emotional about some miniscule, unimportant things and they can make my mood plump really low. Hm, I won't tell you exactly what was the main cause, but I will give you a hint. For those who read the 'news' regularly, it will be obvious what made me go from 'weee!' mood to 'Ehhh...' mood. The partial quote is...! "the final 2015 addition'.

    Duh. Guess how it made me feel after i had my hopes up right before christmas and everyting. Sigh. I am too emotional about stupid things, right? Well, not like I can do anything to change it, even if i am aware of that... Sigh. Well, I played some games and watched Hunter x Hunter anime (really liked it, apart from the ending) and got over my 'depression'. Am back and feeling good, so tomorrow you will be getting another chapter from me :)

    Why do you keep writing 'sigh'? You sound really immature and childish. Honestly your book is really horrible and your just a bit better than everybody here because you write a lot of chapters.

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    Oh and another thing "[...] and your just a bit [...]" it is YOU ARE. I am always quite bothered with this mistake.

    Anyway @Caladbolg Glad you're back and motivated!! I love your story though I still need to adjust to how casually same-sex relationships are treated lol. Looking forward to the next chapter!
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