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    Book 2. The outside world.

    Chapter 9. Creating troubles.

    “You don’t believe me? Then how about this?” Laien smirked and turned towards Yin, who pretty much expected what he intended to do and didn’t have anything against it. Going with the flow of events, the two of them kissed each other, making the girl stare at the scene with wide eyes. She couldn’t believe what she was seeing as she watched the two boys do more than a little smooch. Even forgetting that much, the girl’s face grew bright red, as if that was the first time in her life seeing an intimate act of any kind.

    Laien and Yin separated relatively quickly, not exactly in the mood for anything more than fooling around a little. They smiled at each other briefly, then took a look at the ashamed teenage girl. Laien felt that it was enough to get rid of the annoying girl for good and honestly, was satisfied with teasing her to this extent. Without bothering themselves with the clueless ‘princess’ anymore, the two of them walked away and headed to the training grounds.

    Before they left the corridor, though, they saw a young man, maybe eighteen years old, hurrying somewhere with a worried expression. It looked like he was about to call out to them and ask something, but then he noticed the fifteen year old girl. “There you are, lady Cecile. Allow me to escort you back to your room. Mistress forbade you from going out alone. You shouldn’t be running around by yourself, it’s dangerous.” The young main said caringly, walking up to the girl.

    As Laien and Yin were leaving, they managed to hear bits of the nervous discussion which happened afterward. However, instead of listening in, the two of them hurried their steps, leaving the potential troubles behind. At least for now.

    “I try to lecture you about not making enemies, but then I go with your flow and do what you want… You are having a bad influence on me.” Yin commented with a chuckle. Generally, he looked at other people in a positive light and was against creating unnecessary affairs. If he had been alone, he would have probably ignored even people like that girl or the annoying man from yesterday… However, Laien’s self-confident and challenging behavior seemed to be influencing him more than he thought.

    “Ah, come on. She was asking for it. It’s not like we did anything bad or bullied her.” Laien replied lightheartedly, not considering the matter to be of much importance. After all, what was he supposed to do? Suck up to the clueless princess or try to explain to her that she can’t ‘take’ somebody just because she ‘wants’ him? That in itself would be much more annoying to do. Showing off his status to make her shut up… Well, it would be a viable option, but surely not amusing as what he ended up doing with Yin.

    “You aren’t regretting at all…” Yin shook his head, but nevertheless kept smiling. Although Laien’s way of doing things was quite risky and often too rash, it one couldn’t call it not entertaining. It didn’t feel bad to fool around once in a while… Or so Yin ended up thinking.

    A few minutes later, Laien and Yin arrived at the training grounds and entered the spacious campus, divided into many separate areas. Far to the right, were the places reserved for martial masters. In front of them seemed to be a somewhat busy and loud quarters, filled with many people. In comparison, the further to the left, the quieter the training fields seemed to be. “The stronger and more important, the further to the right one trains? The Iron Fort also has its customs, huh.” Laien recognized quickly, used similar sights in the Red Dragon School.

    “All training areas look the same. Let’s just keep going to the left, maybe it will be empty.” Laien spoke again, pulling Yin along and checking one entrance after another. In the end, none of the rooms was empty, so the two of them settled for training in the one furthest to the left with a few people in it. The training ground was fairly spacious, in a shape of rectangle of about four hundred meters long and two hundred meters wide. The area where one could train was actually in the middle of the ‘room’, with no roof above it. One could go to the side and rest or spectate whenever he wanted. It was built smartly, making good use of the limited space inside the citadel.

    “So, do you want to do something specific, or do we spar normally, like before?” Yin asked as the two of them headed to the empty space of the training area, not bothering the group of youths who had been here when they came. “No need. I want to rouse my Qi to make creating the martial art easier. Some physical exercise will be best for it. I will try out a few things meanwhile. This time, let’s go at it more seriously.” Laien replied, concentrating and readying himself for a fight. However, just as he was about to take out his weapon, he noticed the group of youths heading towards him and Yin.

    “I don’t recognize you. Are you two new here? Can it be that you don’t know that’s a place for trash to train in?” An adolescent boy said in an intimidating tone, approaching Laien and Yin with the other six. It wasn’t hard to notice that in the group of seven, one boy did not fit in. He wasn’t standing straight or looking ahead, he looked as if he wanted to shrink and disappear. There was no need for an explanation, the situation was all but obvious.

    Laien frowned slightly, feeling Yin tuck his side with an elbow, reminding him to not go overboard. “Fine, fine…” Laien thought resignedly and spoke somewhat more carefully than he originally intended to. “Don’t you think that those who bully others are the real trash?” He asked, looking the teenage boy in the eye.

    The rough-faced teenager was taken aback, surprised by the confident behavior of the kid in front of him. “Is he a son of somebody important? First time in the Iron Fort?” The adolescent boy hesitated. However, if he backed off now, he would lose face with his friends. And more importantly, if his elder brother and father learned that he cowered away from a brat, they would surely start looking at him with contempt.

    “Anyone not strong enough to become a solder is trash. We are only trying to motivate this idiot to train harder, you have nothing to do with it. You two are getting in the way, so piss off and go train somewhere else.” The rough-faced fifteen year old said with a hint of threat in his voice. He put his hand on the head on the scared ten year old and pressed it down, as if to add strength to his words. The young boy pursed his lips, trying to not make a sound while having his head squeezed painfully.

    Laien sighed in his heart. The teenager who was trying to threaten him was barely at the fourth mortal realm. His talent was below average, if not bad. Beating him would be simplicity, but that wouldn’t fix any problems the poor youth was having. “Can’t deny that the kid is pretty much talentless, though. He is still somewhere in the middle of the first mortal realm, being ten years old or so.” Laien took a deep breath, thankful to Yin for making him look at the whole situation once more before doing anything. He now understood what was going on and could react in a better way, instead of trashing the group of bullies without considering what would be for the best.

    “So, if you are weaker than me, I can treat you like a trash?” Laien asked, scratching his head. Although doing a good deed was nice and all, Laien didn’t enjoy it as much. He saw something wrong, so he wanted to fix it. Nothing more, nothing less. He didn’t find any self-righteous pleasure in going around and trying to be a saint by solving everyone’s problems.

    The rough-faced teenager didn’t answer immediately. Despite his imperfect character, he was still the son of a military officer. There were some values imprinted into him deep enough to restrain him in his rebellious period. It was among those reasons why he and his friends were only picking on others, but not going to the extent of bullying them physically. Having thought the question through, he answered resolutely. “I don’t know who you are, but if you are stronger than me, then you can treat me however you wish to. That is, if you really are stronger than me, little one. Do you have balls to back your words with the sword?” The rough-faced fifteen year old stepped forward, drawing a sword from the sheath at his belt.

    Laien and Yin glanced at each other, both equally surprised. Those youths from the military families on the frontlines were quite different compared to the usual teenagers from the mainland. Although it was hard to agree with their harsh outlook on life, there was some truth in what they were saying. As a solder, if you weren’t strong, you were trash. Perhaps it was the ten year old kid who had been in the wrong, trying to be somebody he had no hope of becoming…

    “Hmph, Teria wondered where you disappear to, and here you are, bulling children, eh, ugly trash?” A long-haired youth said disdainfully, leaning against the door. At the same time, another boy his age rushed past him, rushing to the ten year old. “Baen, why did you come here again? And you bastards, how dare you bully my cousin?” Teria barked angrily, causing the whole adolescent group to back away. He then turned to look at Laien and Yin; at the two boys slightly younger than him and his friend. “And who the hell are you two?” He asked, irritated.

    Laien shook his head lightly, feeling less and less inclined to involved himself in this whole annoying matter. “No one important. We only came here to train and those guys started bothering us. Since it’s all solved, then let us excuse ourselves…” Hoping to end the troublesome situation with that, Laien wanted to leave with Yin, but he got stopped by the boy called Teria.

    “You wanted to train Here? Do you know only weaklings use this place to spar and train?” Teria asked confusedly, not recognizing Laien and Yin. His father hadn’t told him some new kids would be coming to the Iron Fort, so he got quite curious about the identity of the two boys who appeared out of nowhere.

    Unexpectedly, the ten years old cousin of his tugged his sleeve and told him quietly. “There two wanted to help me…” The young boy said unclearly, too shy to explain everything properly. Teria, however, seemed to have understood and instantly, his attitude towards Laien and Yin changed. He smiled at the two of them and proposed.

    “No matter. You are new here, right? Come with us, I will introduce you to my uncles and we can train all together. There is no need for you to stick in a place like this.” Saying so, Teria looked at the group of teenagers who were always picking on his cousin. He frowned, not understanding why would Baen keep coming here if he was getting bullied by them. He quickly disregarded the matter, not worrying about it anymore.

    Laien didn’t know what to say. Those people in the Iron Fort, they were all so pushy, it was annoying to deal with them. “Thanks for the invitation, but I’d rather spar with my friend here, then go to sleep. We will be leaving tomorrow anyway.” Laien refused as politely as he could. Perhaps too politely, since Teria took it as declining out of courtesy and paid it no mind. “No need to be shy. You helped my cousin, let me help the two of you a little, too. Come, come!” Teria insisted with a bright smile, set on taking the two of them with him.

    Laien gave up and looked at Yin with an unspoken question in his gaze. Yin shrugged his shoulders; he didn’t care that much either. The two of them thought the same thing; it would be easier to go along with the guy and then leave quietly, than try to explain their reasoning and make the boy feel offended. ‘How dare you refuse my goodwill!’, or something similar would follow.

    Laien sighed inwardly. Why were people so often so annoying to deal with? It was much easier to live peacefully in the Red Dragon School, with Rudford and everyone else… “Lead the way, then.” Laien said resignedly, once again getting interpreted as being tacitly courteous. As they were leaving, the long-haired thirteen year old at the door gave him and Yin a long look, then snorted and went ahead. “Hold yourself back, hold back…” Laien reminded himself, trying to keep his calm. Apparently, there was some value in every person, he just needed to recognize it… Apparently…

    “Hm? Teira, Lucin, you brought two friends with you?” The long-haired man with an appearance extremely similar to Lucin’s - likely his father - spoke loudly, drawing everyone’s attention. It didn’t go unnoticed by Laien and Yin that the man ignored the presence of the ten years old boy ‘Baen’. The military society, as expected, was harsh and ruthless towards those who had no potential towards cultivation of the martial arts.

    The question was, why would this ‘Teira’ drag his cousin here, if the boy was obviously unwelcome?

    “Yes, uncle. Do you think they can train with us for today?” Teira asked with a smile, and easily got the man to agree. “Since you brought them here, it would be waste to not have these boys show us what they are made of. Kids, name yourselves and may one of you come forward. Lucin, don’t stand there in the back, come and spar with our guests for a bit.” The change in the long-haired man’s tone was fairly apparent. He spoke amiably to his nephew, but was strict with his son. Perhaps it was normal, since no one seemed to care, but it still managed to turn Lucin’s mood foul.

    As Laien was still sulking about getting dragged here, this time Yin replied for the two of them. “I’m Yin and that’s Laien. We’ll be intruding on you for today.” He said in his usual lighthearted manner, then asked quietly. “Do you want to go first, or should I? I’m fine either way.” Laien sighed and after giving it a brief thought, answered. “I will go first, let’s just get this over with as soon as possible.” He said shortly, biting his tongue as to not make more unnecessary comments. Those people here surely could hear him speaking, even when he did it in a low voice. This one sentence was already more than enough to make a look of dissatisfaction appear on the faces of the many present adults.

    Laien and Lucin headed deeper into the training area and after walking for a hundred meters, stopped and turned at each other. Lucin drew his sword, while Laien made the dark-blue spear appear in his hand. Unexpectedly, before they could start fighting, many cries of ridicule rose from the fifty-sixty people in the audience.

    “A spear? He really wants to use this shitty weapon to fight Lucin? He’s going to get crushed so bad, stupid kid.” One of the man called out.

    “Hah, I bet he wanted to be ‘original’ with his choice of weapon. Heavens, which family’s son is he? Did his father not teach him anything?” Another added to the ridicule.

    “Don’t be too harsh, give him a chance. It’s not like he would be a good match for Lucin, the kid is already in the sixth mortal realm. Maybe we will see something amusing, with him swinging the useless log around.” Yet another cracked a half-assed joke, meeting with a wave of laughter from everyone else.

    Lucin shook his head and looked at Laien with pity and disdain. “Let’s finish this quickly. Dear Istrah, such a waste of time. Teira doing useless things again…” The long-haired thirteen year old mumbled towards the end. He started walking at Laien, not taking him seriously at all.

    Listening to all the crap and being made fun of by all those people, after being dragged here against his will, Laien finally couldn’t take it. He snapped, letting his temper loose. Standing straight, without taking a proper stance at all, he swung his spear horizontally at a speed which caught Lucing totally off-guard.

    The spear, covered by a layer of water, smashed right through Lucin’s guard and landed on his chest, sweeping him to the side with ease, as if he was but an insignificant pebble. The long-haired boy was thrown into the air and crashed onto the ground after flying for good thirty meters. His body rolled powerlessly, to then stop and not move an inch. The thirteen year old was still breathing, but he was clearly hurt and unconscious.

    Laien snorted and hit the ground with the blunt edge of his spear. “Not even a good warm-up. Next!” He shouted, sweeping the astonished group of solders with an angry and challenging gaze.

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    Book 2. The outside world.

    Chapter 10. The scions of Istrah.

    Everyone stared at Laien speechlessly; the training room was filled with the deathly silence. All the soldiers were shocked out of their minds, having witnessed a random boy defeat the genius of their young generation in but one negligent blow. They were stunned to the point of being unable to react to Laien’s haughty words, and only continued to look at him with their mouths gaping open.

    The first one to break away from the stupor was Teira’s father, who leaped forward in one big jump and landed at his son’s side. The long-haired man crouched and put his hand on Teira’s shoulder, inspecting his son’s injuries with the aid of his Qi. The man breathed with relief after confirming that his son’s state wasn’t life-threatening. Apart from a few crushed ribs, there were no internal injuries. From such wounds, Teira would most likely recover in one week’s worth of time.

    The long-haired man eyed Laien with a gaze of the predator. His Qi of the first Realm of Heroes began seeping out from his body along with some killing intent. The man turned to look at the audience, his gaze stopping at one of his subordinates. “Backey. Go and spar with the boy.” He ordered, gently lifting his son form the ground and taking him out of the field.

    “Yes, Lieutenant Tares.” The young man replied. He drew his sword and walked up to Laien, gauging the boy with an excited look in his eyes. “I will be in your care.” He said surprisingly respectfully, taking a defensive stance. Since it was the first time he would be facing an opponent wielding a spear, moreover an unusually strong kid, the young man decided to take a more careful approach. His cultivation was two levels higher than Teira’s and was at the eight mortal realm, but that alone didn’t make him all that confident about winning against Laien.

    Laien’s angered expression remained unchanged as he started walking towards the new opponent in a casual manner. Ten meters, seven meters, five meters, three meters… The moment he entered the effective range, Laien swirled his spear and began releasing a series of incredibly quick attacks, sweeping with his spear at the young man time after time.

    With just that, the young man, Backey, got quickly reduced to a punching bag. He was unable to retaliate under the barrage of straightforward blows of Laien’s spear. Even though he didn’t feel that Laien was much stronger than him, he couldn’t overcome the difference in their weapons’ range. There was no openings at all between one sweep of the spear and another, the attacks were coming too fast and were too well aimed. He had been trying to knock Laien’s spear away and charge in for a while now, but he failed every time. He couldn’t step close enough to attack no matter what he did. Thus, he was forced to guard against one blow after another, incapable of putting up any real resistance.

    Although Backey couldn’t tell, some of the more experienced people present could. It wasn’t just the case of him being unable to deal with a spear wielder, but the actual skill of the boy, who handed his weapon in a manner worthy of any martial master. The scariest part of it was how the boy, Laien, seemed to be going easy on his opponent. If his raw skill was enough to overpower a soldier at the eight mortal realm, then how strong would he be when giving his all? The perspective alone was frightening to consider.

    After receiving yet another blow of Laien’s spear, the sword wielded by Backey cracked and shattered. Laien snorted for the second time, and hit the ground with his spear. “Do we continue?” He asked loudly, looking at the young man with an indifferent gaze. “I give up.” Backey said helplessly, his hands thoroughly numb from all the blocking. He realized well enough that with his abilities, even if he took out a new weapon, he wouldn’t be able to fight against Laien. Instead of prolonging the miserable experience, he’d rather give up when given a chance.

    Following Backey’s concede, a positively surprised murmur rose from the spectating men. They actually started feeling that it was stupid of them to have made fun of Laien’s weapon, and that they had horribly underestimated him. The boy as young as twelve won against an adult man at the eight mortal realm! That wasn’t something any of them ever expect to witness in their lives.

    Meanwhile, Laien peeked at Yin, worrying a bit about what his friend was thinking about the current ‘incident’. However, Yin only gave him an amused look, as if he was asking ‘Would anything I say at this point change anything anyway? Go and have your fun~’.

    Sensing each other’s emotions, the two boys laughed quietly at the same time. They were fairly relaxed, knowing that in this training room there was no one who could pose any real threat to them. The strongest person was the lieutenant Tares, who was only at the first Realm of Heroes. Even if all the men present joined forces and refused to listen to any explanations, they would certainly lose a fight against the two of them.

    The situation would change, however, if the few experts training in the sections further to the right came and joined the fray. Nevertheless, given how the group of soldiers was behaving, it was unlikely for them to have bad intentions towards them. Rather, it was the very opposite - the group of men was very impressed with Laien’s performance. It was hard to believe that just a moment ago, they had been making fun of him for using a spear as his weapon.

    “A young genius, or so one would say.” Tares commented with a bright smile. “I can’t very well have you embarrass my men any longer, so how about I go and spar with you personally?” The man asked and not even waiting for an answer, headed towards Laien. He drew his sword and used his Qi to set it aflame, showing Laien what to expect beforehand.

    Laien smiled, appreciating the challenge. He slowly began forgetting about being mad, and instead thoroughly concentrated on the fight at hand. “It’s time to try it out…” Laien thought calmly, trying to create a correct way of moving and controlling his Qi. He suppressed the feelings of annoyance, trying to not ask himself why couldn’t controlling Qi be as simple as using Spiritual Energy. The whole thing of creating a martial art to use and manipulate his Qi was stupid, why couldn’t he just use it freely, according to his will, just like his Spiritual Energy?

    The martial art which he wanted to create, was obviously water-based omnipotent art without any restrictions. Something that would allow him a similar degree of freedom as when he was using spells. The goal was of course ridiculously high, as most martial arts, even the top-level ones, focused on one aspect and refined it to the extreme. In result, even though Laien was trying to manipulate his Qi to achieve the certain result, it failed to yield any effects.

    Fairly annoyed, Laien roused his Spiritual Energy, and using water-element and the combination of the three Aspects to enhance the power of his spear. Without hesitation, he took the flaming sword of the long-haired man head on. The two weapons clashed, fighting for dominance for a brief instant. In the end, one triumphed over the other and with a wham; Tares’s sword blew Laien away and struck against the ground heavily. “Haha! Good! Take another one!” The man yelled with a laugh and charged once again.

    Laien smirked. Although he had lost the first exchange, it was only by a small margin. He concentrated, feeling a pleasant, cold chill run through his spine and the whole body. Instantly, the water covering his spear froze into ice and the air around him involuntarily turned into a freezing mist. The strange thing was, the Spiritual Energy which he had released seemed to be affecting the Qi inside his body. Just barely, but enough to let Laien sense it, his skin turned cold and at the same time, it became tougher, just like the ice he liked to use to defend himself.

    Baffled by the change, Laien was slightly late to react and instead of meeting the attack with a swing of his spear, he only raised it over his head to block the blow. He expected to struggle against the slash, given that his body wasn’t nearly as strong compared to its offensive capabilities… but surprisingly, the blade which hit the shaft of his spear didn’t seem to be that heavy… He blocked it, fairly easily, too?

    Tares was shocked, seeing the boy use ice magic. He could clearly tell that Laien wasn’t using Qi to defend himself and that his martial cultivation was ‘only’ at the fifth mortal realm. As a military officer, Tares knew how few magi in the world could use ice-based spells and how powerful each and every one of them were. Leaving the amazement for later, he tried to press against Laien’s block with brute, physical strength. He might have succeeded given enough time, however after a short second, the flames on his sword were extinguished and the blade started being covered with frost, threatening to break at any moment. Sensing an imminent danger, Tares jumped back and then retreated a few more steps.

    The moment he tried to use his fire-element Qi to lit the flames on his sword, the blade trembled and shattered into hundreds small pieces. Just like that, his cherished sword had been turned into a pile of rubble! “This boy… How can he…” Tares murmured to himself. He took out a regular sword from his interspatial ring and attacked Laien, unwilling to end the duel so early.

    Laien shook his head, having trouble with concentrating properly. He felt as if he was about to understand something, that he was just one step away from it, but couldn’t quite reach it. Seeing the long-haired man charge at him, he suddenly had a thought. Why not leave it up to his instinct? All he needed to do, was to continue fighting… Until he would finally understand. A light smile appeared on Laien’s lips. Right, it was so simple. He only needed to attack and sooner or later, he would get it. Not bothering with useless thinking anymore, he thrust his spear at the man.

    Tares reflected the blow to the side, and stepped in, sliding the blade of his sword along Laien’s spear. He slashed, missing Laien who had taken half a step back. Before Tares could follow with one more attack, the blue spear had already been pulled back and yet another thrust was sent at him. He blocked the blow aimed at the middle of his upper stomach, but in this position, he failed to deflect it properly. The spear’s blade sliced the side of his chest, leaving a centimeter deep wound which quickly began leaking blood.

    That alone didn’t falter Tares’s courage in the slightest. The man used this chance and the split-second opening in Laien’s defense to counterattack. He slashed again, closing the distance quickly, this time anticipating Laien’s dodge.

    The sword covered with weakened flames touched Laien’s body with its very tip, burning off a clean line of his clothes right across his chest. It left a thin, long wound on Laien’s body. Surprisingly, there was no sign on burns on Laien’s skin. Right afterward, before Tares could take a proper look, in the blink of an eye, the cut disappeared - healed in an instant.

    Laien moved his grip towards the top of his spear and swept it to the left, aiming the blow at the back of Tares’s head. The deadly blade of his ice-covered spear ended up slicing the air, as the man crouched timely. Laien swiftly adjusted the way he was holding the shaft and using the blunt edge of his weapon, thrust at Tares once again. The man, unable to dodge or block in the awkward position he had been forced into, leaned back and leaped off the ground, taking the blow but attempting to reduce its strength.

    Having been blown away, Tares clenched his teeth, withstanding the pain of his ribs creaking and his skin being ‘burned’ away by the frost. On his chest, a huge stain of the dead black skin appeared. Even his muscles had been affected by the cold, making it hard for him to move. To make the matters worse, before he could even regain his balance, Laien caught up to him and attacked ruthlessly.

    From now on, Tares could only defend. Under the combination of thrusts and short swipes, he was getting wounded all over his body. Every time when he had a feeling that he caught onto Laien’s rhythm, the boy’s tempo of attacks would suddenly change. Sometimes Laien would keep him away, attacking one-sidedly from out of sword’s range. Then, he would switch to long-winded, but brutally powerful sweeping attacks, throwing them while skillfully manipulating the spear and often turning his body. In case of him getting close after giving up and receiving an attack, the boy would easily dodge the sword relying on his swift footwork.

    Whatever Tares tried to do, no matter how he attacked, he couldn’t wound the youth. In turn, his body was being steadily skewered and cut. Especially when his sword would be about to shatter, the boy would intensify the pressure and make him pay a price in blood for switching to a new one.

    Soon, Tares’s whole body was covered in tens of bleeding wounds. The lieutenant, the martial master of the first rank, had his clothes tattered and body cut to shreds by a twelve years old kid. With each exchange of blows, he was getting weaker and weaker, while the boy seemed to be getting only stronger.

    Those observing the duel were absolutely speechless. A simple brat, but a sprout, was dominating their captain in a head-on fight. Never in their wildest imaginations would they have expected that a twelve year old can be capable of so much. For this boy to be so ridiculously strong… It only made one thing come to their minds. They didn’t know who was the first who said that, but one of them muttered the words. “The son of Istrah…” One of the men said, his words resounding clearly in the minds of everyone else.

    “The son of the War God…!” “The son of Istrah..!” Many quiet voices rose in the audience. Among the men, the thirteen year old boy, Teira, was looking at Laien’s figure fighting his uncle without blinking his eyes. In his expression, a clear look of adoration could be seen. When the words reached Teira’s ears, as he stared blankly at Tares being wounded over and over, the respect and admiration he had been feeling towards Laien changed into the feelings of worship. Teira’s body trembled from excitement, as he watched the unimaginable happening in front of his eyes.

    Finally, one particularly strong sweep directly shattered Tares’s sword. The blade of Laien’s spear cut across the man’s chest, easily dissecting the muscles and slicking through the bones. Unable to withstand any more, Tares fell to his knees, a huge amount of blood spewing from the fresh wound on his chest.

    Laien, however, wasn’t thinking at all. He completely immersed himself in the battle, concentrating on the experience, savoring it, comprehending it. Understanding more and more. He turned his body and continuing the previous motion, prepared to take another powerful sweep. The solders present were all too shocked by the ongoing events to even realize what was going on. The blade neared their leader’s neck, coming down from above - vertically - at a great speed.

    Out of nowhere, a blurred gust of lightning passed through the field and arrived between Laien and the lieutenant, moving too fast for those men to see. The spear clashed with the twin swords with a loud ‘bang’, and was successfully blocked by them.

    Yin looked Laien in the eyes, then nodded his head slightly. He put more strength into his sword, knocking the spear up into the air. He delivered a series of unimaginably fast slashes; both of his swords engulfed in the lightning. Laien backed away, blocking them just barely. Laien’s hands twitched, growing numb after coming into contact with Yin’s lightning.

    Laien smiled happily, releasing even more Spiritual Energy and rousing his Qi to its limits. He put effort into actively protecting his hands and engaged Yin, stubbornly seeking the answer to his question.

    Although it seemed to be impossible, Laien’s style of fighting turned even more fierce. He started using actual spells, guarding and attacking with masses of ice or water. Each of his spear blows carried an even greater power than before, enhanced to the limits by his Spiritual Energy. And despite that, the other boy, Yin, clearly had the upper hand. Moving about at an extreme speed and slashing mercilessly time after time, he was overwhelming Laien. Each of Yin’s swords was quick beyond recognition, while thanks to the properties of the boy’s lightning, could easily cut through just about anything, even the thick layers of ice created by Laien.

    A series of extremely loud clashes and explosions of energy resounded in the whole training grounds, as the two young prodigies dueled without holding back. Time after time, they exchanged blows at an unimaginable speed, then used spells and techniques, laying waste to everything around themselves. The bursts of lightning, the bolts of ice; the blue spear clashing against the twin swords. Laien and Yin, the two twelve years old boys continued fighting, creating a spectacle out of the mythical tales.

    The astonishing duel of the two youths left the people present completely and thoroughly stupefied. Shaking their heads in disbelief, some of the solders said in a weak voice. “Children of Istrah… Heavens, they truly must be children of the War God!” The men stated, not doubting what they could see with their own eyes. These two boys were powerful beyond imagination, who else could they be, but children of the War God?

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    Book 2. The outside world.

    Chapter 11. General Agnes.

    As Laien was exchanging blows with Yin, the feeling which he had briefly experienced during his fight with Lieutenant Tares came back with multiplied strength. Right now, with each succeeding slash of Yin’s twin swords, Laien was forced to solidify a protective layer of ice over his hands to protect himself from the bursts of lightning. Then, after the lightning would subdue, in the split second between one attack and another, Laien needed to release the ice, as to not restrict his own movements. This process, being repeated tens of times in each few seconds, resulted in an unusual, pulsating resonance between Laien’s Spiritual Power and the Qi within his body.

    With each passing second, Laien’s Qi was absorbing the essence of the Aspects of Tranquility, Wrath and Awareness. Additionally, at an even greater pace, it was accommodating itself to the presence of the Principle of Energy, causing Laien’s body to grow unnaturally cold for the period of time. In normal circumstances, it would have been absolutely impossible for Laien’s Qi to mix with his insights before he gained control over it. However, that very thing was happening right now.

    Laien wanted to pursue the pleasant experience longer, but regretfully, he didn’t have enough strength to continue fighting with Yin in an all-out manner like he was doing until now. He started slowing down, his attacks and defense became sloppy. Despite that, Laien stubbornly delivered the last few blows, exhausting the last bits of his Spiritual Energy he had and forcing his body to keep moving for a while longer, ignoring how fatigued he was.

    Luckily, Yin was more level-headed than Laien had been when fighting against Tares. Noticing that his friend was already running on last fumes, Yin stopped attacking and simply blocked or dodged the incoming attacks, assisting Laien in his training to the very end. Finally, after missing one particularly large swing and hitting the ground, Laien couldn’t raise his spear anymore. Suddenly, he began feeling dizzy. The world in front of him began spinning and unable to keep his balance, he fell to his knees. Taking deep breaths, he tried to prevent himself from losing consciousness. He leaned to the side and sat on his butt, changing to a more comfortable position.

    Slowly, after good half a minute passed, Laien’s vision returned to normal. Although he was still feeling fairly light-headed, he managed to recover just enough spiritual energy strength to keep his mind clear. Remembering what he was exactly doing for the past minutes, Laien couldn’t help but smile helplessly. If not for Yin, he would have killed Tares. If not for Yin, he wouldn’t have made as much progress as he did. “Thanks.” Laien said in a weak voice, raising his gaze to look at Yin.

    Yin smiled at him and asked. “Did it go well?” Laien smirked, feeling very satisfied with himself. He answered confidently, his voice still shaking a bit. “I can move the Qi in my body now, the first part is done. Now I only need to create a proper Qi manipulating art, so I guess it means a lot of meditating for me for the nearest future, eh… There’s one more thing, but I will tell you about it later.” Laien mentioned with a weak chuckle. He wondered if having his Qi fused with his insights before creating an actual Qi manipulating art would be helpful or advantageous to him in any way. Honestly, he had no idea, but something was telling him that it would. He only needed to find the way to use it to his advantage.

    Only after they ran out of immediate things to talk about, did Laien and Yin notice that something was wrong. They weren’t alone in this place, were they? So, why was it so quiet? They looked at the group of soldiers, then exchanged a worried glance between themselves. Have they perhaps overdone it with dueling in front of all those people? Out of the two of them, Laien knew very well how the people who were amazed looked like. He was used to seeing those expressions, having been showing off multiple times in his life. He could tell that there was something very wrong with the way those soldiers were looking at him. Those gazes of theirs, the look in their eyes… They filled him and Yin with a sense of extreme anxiousness.

    Laien had a vague feeling that he had seen similar gazes somewhere before. At that time, it wasn’t him who was gazed upon in this way. At that time, it wasn’t measly fifty or sixty soldiers, but countless amount of eyes staring at ‘him’. Yes, those looks, those expressions, they were filled with something more than respect or even reverence. The emotions those soldiers felt approached fanatical worship.

    Laien didn’t quite understand how seeing someone strong could cause people to react in this way, but he could guess that it had something to do with the War God - Istrah. Or to speak precisely, the faith in the War God those soldiers from the front lines had. Maybe because of their beliefs, it was easier for them to see him and Yin as some god-sent messengers, or some chosen prodigies, instead of two very talented, but apart from that - very normal twelve year olds.

    “I think we should hurry up and leave.” Laien said very quietly, making care to not be heard by the keen ears of the present martial practitioners. He tried to stand up, but staggered and fell instead. Unexpectedly, seeing that scene, the group of soldiers broke out of their stupor and their gazes returned to normal, expressing natural amazement and respect. The atmosphere in the training room changed so quickly, that it made Laien and Yin wonder if the last moments weren’t all just an illusion. It had been a strange event, which they knew not how to explain.

    A brief thought passed through Laien’s mind - At the very least, Tares seemed to have been carried away by his subordinates, as he and Yin had completely forgotten about him. Ironically enough, the men only now began treating their Lieutenant, as previously everybody, including Tares himself, were too absorbed in watching the ongoing duel; not to mention the short period of strangeness they had went through afterwards.

    Out of the group of fifty or so soldiers, those more sociable ones approached Laien and Yin on the training field. They stood in front of the two of them in a line, instead of surrounding them like most people would do. That military habit of theirs allowed Laien and Yin to feel just slightly more comfortable, as they were made to one-sidedly listen to many different words of praise.

    Hearing about how strong they were, being implied to be the god-sent children of Istrah, having their potential praised and ‘their unlimited future’ being talked about… Yin didn’t find much pleasure in making a spectacle of himself and Laien, honestly, wasn’t in the right mood to enjoy this type of situation. He liked to be praised or spoken about, but at the time, he would have rather went to sleep and then kept training to acquire his own martial art. At the moment, training was what he looked forward to the most, especially since the great results were in his sight’s range.

    Laien used the bit of Spiritual Energy he had recovered during the brief while to put his spear back into his black gold interspatial ring. Or at least, that was what he intended to do, as the amount proved insufficient and the only thing he managed to accomplish, was to make his dizziness return. “I really should stop fighting to the last breath every time, it has happened way too many times already…” He thought resignedly. then tried to stand up - this time somewhat more carefully. However, he couldn’t do even that. It was quite worrying, being so powerless. If he was alone and in some other place, anyone, even somebody very weak, would be able to kill him. It was a scary thing to think about…

    Laien quietly promised himself to not go overboard like that outside of safe places. If something horribly unlucky happened during their travel to the Eclipse Academy and he would end up being powerless because of exhaustion… and ended up dying for that very reason… It would be a pitiable way to end his life, to say the very least.

    “I’ll carry it for you.” Yin said unexpectedly, crouching at his side. Laien hesitated briefly, but didn’t refused and let Yin put the dark-blue spear into his interspatial ring. Since the two of them were connected by the spiritual bond, there was no need for him to say that he wanted to leave the place or to know that Yin would like to do the same. Laien understood that Yin wanted to help him, but surely didn’t expect Yin to turn his back to him and look over his shoulder and smile at him meaningfully.

    “Really?” Laien thought quietly, looking around himself. It would feel pretty awkward to be carried on Yin’s back in front of all those people…

    “I can carry you like a princess, if you prefer that option.” Yin commented jokingly, causing some light laughter amongst the group of solders. Laien tilted his head; an ironic smile sneaked onto his lips. He gave up and leaned forward, resting against Yin’s back and putting both of his hands over Yin’s shoulders. Laien sighed a little, then relaxed and allowed himself to close his eyes and enjoy the moment.

    Yin stood up effortlessly, carrying Laien really didn’t require much effort from him. He was about to walk away, but then the certain thirteen year old walked in his way and waved his hands apologetically.

    “You said you will be leaving tomorrow, right?” Teira asked quickly, in a nervous tone. He then suggested unconfidently. “Think there will be… You know, a chance to speak with you guys before you leave? Or maybe you could stay longer? It’s not that bad in here, I could show you around, there are some interesting places…” He continued saying, very stressed over the matter.

    Teira was behaving so differently compared to before, that Laien and Yin wondered if the boy in front of them wasn’t his identical twin. The change in Teira’s attitude was so great, that it managed to render the two of them speechless.

    The confident and a bit haughty boy turned into a shy kid, who was looking at them with sparkling eyes. Those people from the Iron Fort… Just how much did they revere the strong?

    Laien and Yin communicated wordlessly, comparing their vague feelings about the matter through their spiritual bond. Well, neither of them seemed to care too much; since Teira was inviting them, they would not refuse to tag along, but they wouldn’t promise anything either. In the end, it was Yin who replied for the two of them, as Laien was too fatigued to bother speaking. “We can meet tomorrow, if there will be enough time. Come looking for us in the guest quarters in the core area.” Yin explained briefly, not bothering to try and describe which room specifically they were staying in. The door to every room looked exactly the same, so there was little to no point in describing where Teira was supposed to look for them.

    The ten or so men and Teira were startled, hearing Yin say that the two of them were staying in the ‘castle’ behind the core walls of the Iron Fort. Very rarely would any guests be received there, and surely enough, only the most important ones would be allowed to wander freely around the Iron Fort itself - especially if the guests were two young boys. The two twelve year olds… What kind of background did they have, for the superior of the Iron Fort to welcome them so courteously?

    Had any of those solders been paying more attention to the mainland of Sarkcente Kingdom, they would have most likely connected Laien’s name with the relatively known disciple of the Great Master Rudford, the founder of the Red Dragon School. Those people, however, had little interest in the mainland. It could be even said that they kept the mainland and its people in contempt, looking down on the soft practitioners raised in the safe environment. All the ‘great geniuses’ of the younger generation, which were famous in the mainland, were looked down upon throughout the frontier, be it on the northern or the western borders of Sarkcente Kingdom.

    Naturally, the news about the ‘Royal tournament’ had already reached the Iron Fort. However, the matter wasn’t talked about too often, as majority of the residents simply held no interest in such news. Thus, yet again, Laien and Yin connection with the Royal Family remained unknown.

    No one stopped the two youths from leaving anymore. One after another, the solders said few words of farewell, some biding Laien and Yin best luck or mentioning their strength once again. As he was being carried on Yin’s back, Laien looked at Tares and then at the man’s son - Lucin, who was laying on the ground, still unconscious.

    The Lieutenant smirked self-mockingly and nodded at Laien. He had lost to a kid in front of his subordinates, but wasn’t the least bit resentful about the results of the duel. Laien fought him fair and square; and as for the little incident in the end, Tares didn’t hold a grudge over it. He knew very well that amidst a heated fight, it was easy to lose oneself to the excitement or fear, or to any extreme emotion. He didn’t feel that Laien wanted to take his life purposely, so he did not hold it against him.

    A few seconds later, Laien and Yin left the room and then the training grounds. Soon, they have returned to the guest quarters.

    Walking through the dark corridors, Yin suddenly brought up a question. “Want to go and take a bath before we sleep? I feel all sticky after half a day of riding and then sparring with you.” Laien chuckled, amused to see Yin acting so not straightforwardly. With the spiritual bond connecting the two of them, how could he not know what Yin really had in mind?

    “Sure, but you will need to help me wash, I’m too tired~” Laien said and chuckled, looking forward to the prospect.


    “How long are you going to sleep? Get out of your bed and hurry up, we’ve got an invitation from General Agnes and his family to the breakfast.” Ruan said loudly, hitting at the door to the youths’ room for the second time. “Yes, yes, coming. Stop shouting so loudly…” He heard Laien’s reply to him in a sleepy voice, with no sense of urgency whatsoever. Ruan sighed, happy that at the very least the two are in their room and he doesn’t need to search for them everywhere.

    Laien opened the door, taking his spear back from Yin and putting it back into his own interspatial ring. The scene made Ruan suspect that the two boys did not stay put for the whole night, but right now was not the time to question what were they doing. “Hurry up, General, his wife and two children will be there. I know you might be used to being the biggest fish in the pond, but please, try to be respectful to Agnes and his family, okay?” Ruan reprimanded, not even surprised anymore to see Laien look away and pretend that he heard nothing.

    “And here I thought he was getting better… Is he in a bad mood after being woken up?” Ruan wondered, gesturing the two youths to follow him. After five minutes of walking, the three of them arrived in the private sectors of the castle and were led further in by one of the guards, waiting for them at the entrance.

    They entered a huge hall-like room, decorated in typical military fashion characteristic to the Iron Fort. A few sets of armor stood at the walls, while on the walls themselves hanged various weapons and paintings of the famous battles. In the middle of the room was a big table, where over one hundred people could easily fit.

    At the shorter side, at the corner of the rectangular table, four people were sitting . Behind the four, another two people were standing, one young man, and one young woman. The moment Laien and Yin entered, accompanied by Ruan, the six pairs of eyes turned to look at them. Right afterward, the certain girl Laien and Yin met this night stood up, toppling over the chair she had been sitting in.

    “You! It’s you! What are you doing here?!” The girl cried out angrily, her face burning red from embarrassment at the very memory of the yesterday night’s incident.

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