A Female's Take on The World of Cultivation (Chapter 10: The Determination of Living!)

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Life, death and food. Those are the three mysteries of the world. How can life be this cruel? How could death be this comforting? And how could food be this delicious?!

A-Ahem, I think I lost myself there for a second. This is nothing but my adventure in this world, filled with immortals, monstrous beasts and worldly treasures. So what if I’m a female? Can it be that heaven discriminates between genders?

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  • Chapter 1: If Only The Old Demon Was Like a Potato...
    Have you ever thought of how ridiculous the world is?
    I mean, how crazy would one be to think that super humans; monsters; immortals, actually exist? To be completely honest, what I find most ridiculous about isn’t that they actually exist but the fact that powerless, normal folks!

    I’m no super hero. I’m not a person with a big heart. However, isn’t it illogical for something so...well, so unfair to happen? They can get killed so easily, with just a flick of a finger, as if it’s all their fault for being too weak. Even though...they were never given the chance to grow strong at all.

    Who knows, perhaps one of these so called ‘mortals’ had a talent that could have rocked the heavens to oblivion...But when they are rooted out without given a chance to progress--No, even if they were still alive, without being rooted out, they still wouldn’t be able to grow...Because, after all, the techniques to turn into a ‘monster’ is withheld from the ‘common folk’--The world gets split apart into two sides. The side of the weak, bug-like mortals, and the god-like immortals, who only put each other within their eyes.

    I am not talking as a representative of the ‘common folk’. Iya, making that assumption cannot be further away from the truth. Oh, and it’s not like I’m a representative of the ‘Immortals’ either, you know. What can I say, I’m someone from neither camp. And because I’m not in either camp, I can see this huge, moronic painting that we call our ‘world’.

    Oh...you’re still wondering about who I am?  “Well, let’s just say that I’m a special little girl with a special little powe--Ouch!”

    Who dares to hit me?!
    I heard a few chuckles from behind...God dammit!
    I turned my neck so hard that I thought it was going to snap--Not that I care at this point, now that my honor has been sullied--and was greeted with a rather ripped pair of legs.

    “Yes, yes, yes. You’re a special little girl who gets thrice the homework as everyone else~”

    “Hey!” I shouted as I slowly raised my head and greeted the bald head of my lovely teacher. This teacher looked more of a bandit rather than a teacher, due to his macho body. The teacher had a scar running through the side of his bald skull, all the way to his right eye, which was covered by an eye patch.

    It was rumored that he fought a bear to a stand-still, and lost an eye doing so. But frankly, I think that he fought an immortal who wielded a giant sword to a stand-still rather than a bear, but it seems that I’m the only one who supports that theory. Sniff sniff.
    At this point, everyone in class held back their breaths. These guys...are they holding back their laughter?

    This teacher of mine glared at me. God, he’s sending out killing intent like crazy. Not that I can sense something like that, but saying it sounds so cool. Oh, wait, this is my thoughts...

    “Hehe, so it looks like thrice the homework is nothing but a joke to our special little miss, isn’t it? Alright, four times the homework!”

    Grr...! Is this because I shouted ‘hey!’ at you?
    So be it! Since you already raised it to four times, I won’t hold back any longer!! (Not that I held back earlier or anything.)

    “H-hehehe, do you think I’m afraid of your p-petty threats? So what if it’s four times the homework?! Dictators are nothing but a subject of hate, didn’t you know that?!”

    The old man--Nay, the old demon, smiled.
    He smiled!

    “A dictator, is it? I wonder how you learned such a hard word...” The old demon rubbed his smooth head. “I guess it’s all from the extra homework I always give you? Oh well, since you benefited this much from them...to the point where you can talk back to me...Seven times the homework! Due tomorrow!!”

    At this point, one of my classmates finally reached their limit. As the first one started to laugh, all twenty students followed suit.
    I stood up from my place--This was but a mountain village’s school, there were no such luxury items such as tables and chairs--And staggered three steps backward.

    “Do you know why I’m special?!” I yelled. “The more damage I take, the harder my retaliation is!”

    The old demon simply laughed in response.

    “In that case, let me give you an extra advantage. Eight times the homework~”

    I took another three steps backward, and then felt something both hard and cold touch my back.
    Ahh, this is the wall.
    He cornered me...
    ...I won’t go down without a fight!!

    “I’ll go tell Daddy!!!” I ended up shouting like a badass, and ran out of the door like a hero.

    As I was running as hard as I could, faint laughter echoed right beside my ears.
    Those guys...I thought they were my friends!
    Not really though...Ugh. Why don’t I have any friends? Is it because I daydream all the time...?
    And that old demon! It’s your fault for having such boring classes! If not for that, you wouldn’t be seeing me daydreaming all the time!!

    “It can’t be...Does he take pleasure in seeing a little girl, such as myself, cry?!”

    I couldn’t help but draw that conclusion.
    I ran through this dirty road, from the small temple--which is also our school--back to the center of the village.
    After running for about twenty seconds, small houses made of wood began appearing. As soon as the houses came to view, the road cleared out. On both sides of the road, fields dotted the ground as farmers tirelessly worked. But it was mostly all potatoes.
    Just thinking about potatoes...ahh, my anger toward the old demon is seeping away from me...

    “Huh? Little Jean!”


    Isn’t that Uncle Jim?! God dammit, got to get rid of the saliva that escaped the corners of my mouth!!
    Potatoes truly are evil...they’re so good though! Unlike the old demon, who’s made up of nothing but evil!

    “Haha! Could it be that Gerard has punished you again~?”

    Uncle Jim walked out of the farmland to the road, and stood right in front of me and patted my hair.

    “If only he could be like Uncle Jim’s potatoes...”

    “Haha! People call that old guy a bear, and yet you want him to be a potato?”

    I stomped Uncle Jim’s foot as hard as I could. “That guy is no bear! He’s a demon! A pure devil who fought an immortal to a stand-still!!”

    Uncle Jim patted my head even more in response to me stomping his foot. “Like father like daughter, I got to say. Both of you have this wild imagination, y’know? Little Jean, want me to go talk to Gerard for ya?”

    “Only if you give me three potatoes!” I shouted back with a large smile.

    “Hey! Three potatoes? Are you trying to rob me?!” Uncle Jim ended up shouting. Why, though? “I was going to go there and talk to him for your sake, and yet you intend to stab me in the back and take my potatoes?!”

    I just pouted in response. “Then don’t go talk to him! Not my problem.”

    Uncle Jim smiled awkwardly when he heard me. He quickly shrugged and said, “One potato.”

    “One? Not worth it.” I smiled back at him.

    “One for both me and you, and we’ll share the third one!” Uncle Jim shouted back at me.

    So be it. “No, one and a half for me! One for you! And the last half goes to Daddy!”

    “Cruel!” Uncle Jim shouted, “Are you really his own flesh and blood?! Only half a potato!”

    I sidestepped and brushed Uncle Jim’s side, “He should feel lucky that he’s even getting something.” I said to Uncle Jim.

    Uncle Jim let out a sigh, “Is she really only twelve...? She was just crying a moment ago, and now she haggled two potatoes out of me...”
  • Chapter 2: I'll Give Up My Potatoes In Order To Be Cool!

    “So in the end, he reduced it to only four times the homework, eh?”

    Grr, what do you mean ‘only four times’ daddy?! And what? He’s munching on the half potato that I got from Uncle Jim nonetheless!

    “Dad! It’s still four times the homework!! And I have to get it to that old demon by tomorrow!!!”

    Daddy took another bite of the half potato, effectively reducing its existence to one more bite.
    Also, I can’t possibly say ‘Daddy’ in front of him, right...? It’s too embarrassing...

    “It was either that or ten times the homework...It’s all because you ran away, Little Jean...”

    Why do you look so disappointed, Uncle Jim?

    “Never mind the homework,” Daddy said as he threw the last bite of potato into his mouth, “How come I only get half a potato?!”

    Ahh, I bet Uncle Jim is about to tattletale on me! I’ve once heard the old demon say that the one who strikes first, is the one who wins the battle!!

    “It was Uncle Jim’s idea!” I shouted before Uncle Jim could even open his mouth, “He told me that he’ll talk to the old demon for three potatoes! One for me, and two for himself!! I somehow convinced him to reverse the trade and give me two potatoes...”

    “What?!” Uncle Jim rose to his feet, “What do you mean it’s all me?! Weren’t you the one who went all ‘He should feel lucky to even get half a potato’?!”

    This...How dare he!
    That exchange was between Uncle Jim and I, not something to be told in front of Daddy!
    More so not in our own house!
    Be it as it may, my Daddy is still a pretty important person in this village as its only doctor!
    Daddy raised his hand with a smile, “Now now, this isn’t something to fret about. After all, both of you need to compromise here...Yes, I’ll be taking half a potato from both of you!”

    “That’s not fair, dad!” I shouted as hard as I could, “My potatoes have nothing to do with this!!”

    Suddenly, both Dad and Uncle Jim started laughing.
    Why are they laughing, I don’t know.
    Can it be that they’re laughing at me...?

    “Now now, enough with the potatoes.” Daddy continued laughing and sat down.

    Uncle Jim also sat down with a ‘thump’ and then said, “Did you hear, Raul. It seems that the Heavenly Sword Sect is going to start recruiting new stude--” Before Uncle Jim continued, he was interrupted by Daddy’s rather rough cough.
    After that, he eyed me with the corner of his eyes, and heaved a sigh.
    I then looked at Uncle Jim, who as if was being caught doing something bad, tried to change the subject as fast as possible.

    “That useless son of mine, when is he going to help me with the farm? Don’t you agree, Raul, that he’s useless?”

    I slowly digested what Uncle Jim said earlier, and my Daddy’s reaction. Can it be...
    ‘Heavenly Sword Sect’...
    Can that it’s a school that teaches the way of the immortals?

    “Dad! No, Daddy! No no, PAPA! I offer you all of my potatoes in exchange for a request!!!”

    I immediately offered the uneaten potato--I already finished the half potato that I had to share with Daddy--and prostrated to Daddy.

    “I want to join the school that teaches the way of the immortal!!!”

    I heard a dry laugh and a sigh leak out at the same time. I think that the dry laugh belonged to Uncle Jim, while the sigh to Daddy’s.
    After Daddy heaved his sigh, he crushed my dreams so decisively that I felt that I had to prostrate to him if I didn’t already. He ruined a child’s dream with but a single phrase, how cool was that?
    He uttered a solid, “I refuse.”

    But it seems Daddy doesn’t know me well enough. He doesn’t know...that the more damage I take, the harder my retaliation is!

    “Please!” I shouted again. “Please!!”

    “No.”  Another calm, solid refusal.

    “PLEASE!” I shouted again, as small tears began to escape my eyes.

    I want to be an immortal!
    I want to be...cool!

    “No.” Another firm refusal.

    “Now now...” Uncle Jim intervened. Oh god, is he going to further crush me...?
    More tears escaped my eyes.

    “I beg you, Daddy!”

    This time around, Uncle Jim spoke before Daddy could refuse me any further.

    “Now now, Raul...The Heavenly Sword Sect accepts students from the ages of ten to fifteen. How about this, since it’s my fault for bringing this up, I’ll also send my good for nothing son as well, maybe he’ll learn discipline there as well...”

    After that, Uncle Jim’s voice went into a whisper that I couldn’t pick up.
    After about two minutes of tense silence--I held the prostate in place throughout the period and perhaps only my sobbing went on in the room, but since that’s uncool let’s just agree that nothing was heard--My dad finally let out a long sigh.

    “The Heavenly Sword Sect does not teach anything about immortals, and is but a sect to learn how to use the sword. Immortals are nothing but a myth, after all.”

    “Please!” I uttered again.

    “Even though it will only teach you how to wield a sword?” Daddy said, in a rather forced tone.


    “Even though you’ll face a lot of hardship, and perhaps even a severe degree of bullying?”


    “Even...” At this point, Daddy went silent. “...Even if there’s the slight chance, that you might die...?” He then continued painfully.

    “Please!” I shouted again.

    I want to be cool!
    I want to be dazzling!

    “...Alright. The recruitment period starts in half a year...I’m expecting you to be on your best behavior in school. Without an O.K. from Gerard, you won’t be going, alright?”

    After I listened to this, I rose to my feet and jumped into my daddy’s embrace.

    “Thank you, Daddy! I’ll make sure to live up to your expectations!!”

    “I hope you really don’t...” Daddy muttered.


    “Nothing.” After that, Daddy patted my head gently as Uncle Jim sighed in the background.

    “Oh well, at least that useless son of mine would be of use...If Little Jean were to ever pass their test, then my useless son would too. And if that’s the case, I can always have him protect Little Jean...Haha, this is a good opportunity to teach him a little bit of diligence as well...”

    And with that, it was set that I’ll be going over to the Heavenly Sword Sect to be taught the way of the immortal!
    ...Oh wait, the way of the sword!
    And hopefully, after I get cool enough, dazzling enough, I’ll be able to make a few friends!
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    Chapter 3: This isn't my day at all...
    I woke up the very next day, and the first thing I did was thank Uncle Jim in my heart. I.E here.
    Thank you, Uncle Jim! I’m sorry that I doubted you! I’m sorry that I thought that you were going to help Daddy crush my dream!!
    After that, I exited my small room and headed toward the kitchen. To be honest, our house could be considered one of the biggest within this village. All due to my dad’s profession, being this village’s only doctor.

    Hmm? Did I mention that yesterday? Oh well, all the same. The only house that can compare to ours would probably be the village elder’s. Oh well, who cares about that old man, I say. By the way, the village’s elder is also the old demon’s older brother, believe it or not!

    “Hey~ Dad!”

    I shouted as soon as I spotted my Daddy, who was holding a wooden bowl of soup in his hands, heading toward the dining table. The dining table could only house four people, so I’m not sure whether to call it small or big...so let’s just leave that issue aside.

    “Jean.” Daddy kindly smiled, “You woke up just in time. Come now, eat with me before I head to work.”

    I hurriedly walked to Daddy, and received the bow that he held.
    After that, I walked to the table and chose a random seat while Daddy poured for himself another bowl of soup.

    I wonder what kind of soup Daddy made today... If I remember correctly, he made a herb soup yesterday--which tasted just awful, but he kept on saying that it’s very healthy for a growing child--and the day before that was chicken soup. Yum, chicken soup. However, the best kind of soup would undoubtedly be potato soup, so don’t get me wrong. Chicken soup comes in second place. I’m always on team potato.

    Alright, shall I take a blind test? Let’s do it.
    I closed my eyes, and with a wooden spoon--that was already prepared on the table, for all four seats--dipped it in the bowl.
    They say that it’s bad luck to not prepare the tableware even for the empty seats, but I don’t believe in all that superstition. After all, it’s too much work to set it up every day.
    I raised the spoon, and into my mouth.

    “Careful, it might be too hot!” I heard Daddy’s shout, a tad bit too late.

    Indeed, the soup was too hot. However, I did not spit it out. I endured, and endured. I felt my mouth was burning, and the urge to spit it all out was pretty powerful. I preserved, and preserved. I must not spit it out. It’s disrespectful. Nay, it’s wasteful. Nay, it’s simply too humiliating. After all, who would have thought that this soup was had both...chicken and potatoes?! Did Daddy strike gold yesterday? As a potato warrior, how can I spit
    potatoes out just because they are too hot?

    As the urge to spit it out grow more and more, my patience grew to hold it in grew thinner. Just in time, I heard Daddy’s urge, who just sat down right across from me. “Quickly child, spit it out! Burning your mouth is not good! More so if you try to swallow it!!”


    I quickly sent Daddy a thumbs up, in which case he responded with a relieved sigh.
    Good job, Daddy! What a great idea!! If I can’t hold it in my mouth until it cools down, then why don’t I just swallow it? I quickly swallowed the burning hot soup, alongside the square shaped potatoes and the few pieces of chicken.
    As soon as Daddy saw what I did, his eyes darted in alarm.

    “Dammit Jean! You’ll burn your throat!!”

    Oh, Daddy, why are you so worried fo--AHHH IT BUURNS!!!!
    It burns, it burns, it burns, it burns, it burns!!

    “Hooot!!!!” I shouted as hard as I could, as I felt cold tears tumble down my cheeks. Daddy moved pretty quickly, because as soon as I shouted, Daddy extended to me a cup filled with water. “Drink!” He shouted. Without even him telling me anything, I drank that cup like my life depended on it, and the fire that was set ablaze on my throat calmed down a bit.

    “Stupid child, I told you not to swallow!”

    Why do you sound so angry, Daddy...?

    “But it was filled with potatoes! And chicken!!”

    “So what?! Potatoes and chicken can‘t compare to my one and only child!” Daddy harshly retorted.

    “I just burned my throat a little, nothing to be so serious about...”

    “Yes, at first, it’s just ‘slightly burning one’s throat’ but what’s next? Are you going to go ahead and pet a wild dog because it’s simply ‘A homeless pet’!?”

    “You’re overreacting, Dad!” I shouted as hard as I could.

    Daddy, as if he just noticed now, sighed.

    “I’m sorry, Jean...It seems I’m a bit on edge. I’m just worried about you, alright...?”

    I quietly nodded, and then dipped the spoon into the bowl
    I raised the spoon up to my mouth, and then caught a glimpse of Daddy’s worried gaze. I blew on the spoon, to have the soup within cool down. Daddy then brushed his light brown hair, and cast his gaze at the soup.

    “I’m really worried about you...going out there to train...” Daddy started out, “Do you really have to go?”

    With a determined gaze, I swallowed the now cool soup and then looked at Daddy. “Of course! No matter how harsh or how dangerous it may be, I’ll still give it my all!”

    Daddy let out another sigh and rose his brown eyes to meet mine. “You’re a charming little girl, Jean...You can always wait until you’re sixteen, then marry any boy from the village and live an easy life. Did you know, that even the village elder’s eldest son has set his eyes on your hand...?”

    “I don’t want to!” I shouted again, “I don’t want to be forced into something as boring and embarrassing as that!!”

    “Then don’t marry!” Daddy said again.

    How persistent, Daddy! Didn’t you already agree yesterday that you’ll let me join the Heavenly Sword Sect?!

    “Just stay home, and I’ll teach you medicine! You’ll be my successor!”

    “No, no, no, no, no!” I shook my head, “I refuse! I don’t want to!! You already agreed yesterday that you’ll let me, so don’t go back on your word, Daddy! It’s unfair!!”

    I shot up to my feet, and ran out of the room. Of course, I grabbed the bowl of soup before doing so.

    “Daddy, you idiot!” I shouted as hard as I could as I escaped the house while holding the bowl and the spoon.

    Even in midst of agony, As a potato enthusiast, how can I abandon the soup?
    Oh god, that old demon...he truly gave me too much homework, for me to know what ‘enthusiast’ means...
    Our house is stationed near the middle of the village, in order to get my stupid Daddy’s help at a moment’s notice, as he would sway his normal build body with but a word. He’s too kind toward other people, I must say, and that’s something that I am proud of. However right now, he’s but a cruel, double-crossing parent!

    I slowed down a bit as I eyed the small houses from both sides of this road.
    Fun fact, there’s only one road within the village, and it’s the road that takes you from (And this is what I heard from the old demon) Yan city, the closest city to the village and the place that houses the Heavenly Sword Sect up to the village, and onward to the temple that doubles as a school.

    It seems that the temple had some sort of long history, where people of old used to pay a visit to the temple in order to offer a sacrifice every year...but that stopped at some point. At this point, no one other than the old demon, who is the head monk(Or rather the only monk) knows what the heavenly being the temple was for.
    Or should we call him a priest? Who knows, since he’s bald, he’s a monk.

    I nodded in greeting to the grown-ups who were either gathering wood or collecting water. It seems that if I continue down this direction, I’ll am heading toward the temple...Oh well, school starts in a bit anyways.
    I know it’s bad manners to eat while walking, but I just had the shock of my life. Realizing how hypocritical grown-ups could be. So no one can blame me for escaping toward the potatoes. Hmm, really, that old demon really is something with his massive amounts of homework...
    Speaking about homework...


    I...I forgot to do mine!!
    I was so happy yesterday that Daddy agreed to let me join(Or at least give their entrance exam a shot) that I forgot that I was punished with four times the homework!!!

    Daddy’s words echoed in my ears. “Without an O.K. from Gerard, you won’t be going, alright?”

    T-there’s no way I can do them now, right...?
    Ugh, I’ll do my best to work around Daddy’s issue...But, the old demon’s punishment for not handing in the homework...
    It seems that today will not go my way at all...
    Alright, drown your worries in potatoes!
    I took a hold of the spoon that was filled to the brim with soup, two pieces of potato and a little bit of chicken...when something sturdy pushed my shoulder, accomplished by the shout, “Hey you brat! How dare you implant such a stupid idea inside my Father’s head?!!”

    Of course, I didn’t pay attention to the voice at all.
    After all, I lost grip of both the spoon and the bowl. They fell to the ground with a faint ‘Crack’ sound.
    Really, today is not going my way at all...
    I aggressively turned around, “You...shithead!” I shouted as hard as I could.

    As soon as I realized what I said, I used the palm of my hand to cover my mouth. I said something so dirty...Gosh, really, this isn’t my day at all!!
    It seems the person who pushed me was a fourteen years old boy. His build was pretty sturdy for a boy of his age. He looked like a younger version of Uncle Jim, to be honest. With his sturdy body, his black hair and black pupils.

    “You!” The boy yelled as his face flushed red in anger.
    I lowered my hand. I shouldn’t be ashamed of calling someone what they are, right?

    “That was my breakfast, Aran! It was a potato and chicken soup, you...shithead! Dumbass!”

    And like a broken record, Aran, Uncle Jim’s son, yelled again. “You!!!!”

    I looked down and eyed the spilled soup that was splattered across the dirty road, and my wrath reached a whole new level.

    “First you have Father force me to apply for whatever sect...and now you insult me?! Screw you!” Aran continued.

    I gnashed my teeth in anger as my vision grew blurry. “Give me back my soup! My chicken!! My potatoes!!!”

    “Forgot your food! Come back home and tell my Father that he doesn’t need to get me to join anything!” With that, Aran extended his hand toward me.

    “Hell no!” I screamed this time around. “No! No! No! No! No! No! No!!!! Not until you apologize! Not until you give me back my soup! You devil! Demon! Heartless! Stupid!”

    And with that, I cried my eyes out.
    This is too much...First Daddy, now this...
    And then, I heard a haughty laugh behind me.

    “Hahaha! Little brats, it seems that I haven’t taught you well enough, eh?”

    I saw Aran’s angry expression turn pale in an instant, as he turned around, planning to flee.

    “Oi, brat #2! Stay put or I’ll come visit ya at home later!!”

    Before Aran could even take a step forward, He violently trembled. He then turned around; his expression was so ugly, that it was hard for me to even look at it. But for some reason, I had this sense of satisfaction, like justice has been served--kind of satisfaction...but let's not get into that.
    Great. Awesome. It seems that the old demon heard us and came to check things out...
    Well, after that, he forced us to clean up the mess on the road and took us to the temple...
    Then, he forced us to sit on our knees--Seiza style--and gently 'deposited' some stone tiles on top of our thighs.
    Aran had two tiles...while I had to put up with four. That felt super unfair. But he had a really, really bad reason to back it up... It was because I haven’t done my homework!
    Really, this isn’t my day...
    More so when I heard him say this. “From tomorrow  on, you’re both having sword lessons after school!”

    Really, this is not my day at all....

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    Chapter 4: Can This Count as My First Life and Death Battle?

    Want to know what’s worse than attending school?
    Attending school while having weights put on your thighs. My legs hurt so much that I want to cry. Although, seeing Aran’s miserable state beside me was quite a fun sight, like our blood grudges have been washed away or something. But unfortunately, he already graduated from the old demon’s tutoring, since he’s already fourteen.That lucky fellow. So he only had to put up with an hour of leg torture before class started, while I had to comply for at least three. Unfair, I tell you.

    At the moment, I’m walking back home alone. The sun was still high up, almost completing it’s half cycle. The old demon’s teaching schedule is quite weird, if you ask me. Two hours in the morning, and four hours in the afternoon. Although I don’t know why he uses such a troublesome system, but I can’t help but feel grateful for its existence. After all, who can comply with sitting in front of the old demon for six straight hours?!

    I slowly continued down the dirty road. At the moment, about half way through it to the center of our village. So, I’m neither near the temple nor near the farm fields of the village. Both sides of the road were filled with tall grass, at least as tall as I am! And I am--I think Daddy mentioned the other day--three feet tall!
    So yeah, pretty tall grass.


    All of  a sudden, my vision went dark!
    Not only that, my mouth was covered as well!!
    It’s like someone stuffed their palm on top of my eyes from behind, blinding me.
    This... I’ve seen the other kids at school do this to their friends... But I personally haven’t experienced this before. It’s because... Well, they say I’m weird, for believing in immortals and what not.
    But it can’t be...Is someone considering me to be their friend...? Am I finally going to have a first friend...?!

    “Finally! You sure took your time, you crybaby!”

    And then I heard that hot blooded voice. I immediately shot my hands toward my face and shook my neck at the same time, in an attempt to shake away the person behind me.
    This voice did not belong to someone that can identify with me as a ‘friend’... Nor does this voice feel unfamiliar to me either. This voice belonged to my one and only... true nemesis! And no, it’s not the old demon, that demon’s position is further above that of a ‘nemesis’ and right into the area of ‘hell’s ruler’.  After all, he is nicknamed--by me--as a demon!

    Before my hands could reach my eyes, the world returned to colors. And by that, I mean the light blinded me for but an instant, making me get into a stunned like state.
    And, for god’s sake, my nemesis did not let go of that opportunity. He grabbed a hold of one of my wrists, who were now up to my neck. “Ow, it hurts!” I shouted as hard as I could. My other palm simply met air, since he already retracted both of his hands.

    “Hehe, waiting here wasn’t in vane after all! We’re really lucky, having only one road, y’know? Now then, Jean, let’s head to Father’s farm and convince him that I don’t need to join anything!”

    And as many of you have guessed, the assailant was none other than the potato murderer...Aran!

    “Leave me alone!”

    “No can do~” Aran chimed, as he adjusted his grip in order for him to walk in front of me.

    I tried my best to struggle, but was only returned with waves of pain.

    “Hehe~ Don’t struggle, you’ll just get hurt needlessly!” Aran sounded exactly like a true villain.

    “Don’t try anything funny and just follow me.” He kept on sounding more and more like a villain from the stories Daddy used to read to me before bed...

    Still, I don’t want to go...
    If I try to struggle free, I’ll only get hurt...
    But even if I shout here, no one is going to hear me...
    Not the old demon, or the grown ups working in their fields...
    Ahh! I know exactly what to do!! I’ll shout as soon as we come across an adult!!!
    Hehe, I’m so smart!


    Aran came to a sudden halt, and I ended up taking a step too close--since Aran refused to let go of my hand--and ended up twisting my wrist.

    “Fuck!” Aran muttered.

    If I didn’t take that one step closer, I probably wouldn’t have been able to pick it up.
    Anyways, did he just curse...?
    Doesn’t he know that cursing is bad?!

    “Oh my god, how can yo--!”

    And then, just like before, he covered my mouth, not letting me utter another word. This time around though, he covered it from the front. That means, I could have seen it coming and dodged. But since I-I was too s-stunned by him cursing, I-I didn’t see it coming, okay!?

    “Quiet down!”

    Aran whispered again, “When I remove my hand...make sure to not make a sound...”

    Like hell I’ll fall for that! Is what I was thinking, right before noticing Aran’s expression.
    His complexion was horrifyingly pale, and I could see that sweat was forming on his forehead. His expression looked quite warped--he seemed to be extremely scared.
    He then let go of his hand, and adjusted his figure to cover me as he turned to face forward.
    I don’t understand what’s happening...but let’s just comply for now. And then let’s take a peek.
    I moved my neck to the side, and took a peek to see what’s in front of the road--what made Aran seem so terrified.
    And then, as if it noticed my gaze, it growled.
    it which seemed to be about half of height.

    “Ho--” I was about to shout, but then bit down my lip as hard as I could. Of course, no blood came out. I didn’t bite that hard. It was just an expression!!

    “H-how can there be a wolf here?!” I then whispered what I was about to shout earlier to Aran’s back, who was slowly being drenched in sweat.

    I, for some reason, wasn’t as terrified as Aran. I did feel fear toward the wolf, but not that much.

    “Like hell if I know!” He whispered back to me without turning, “It probably slowly moved here after taking a whiff of the smell of cooked food!”

    I was about to ask him, how could a wolf smell cooked food all the way to here...?
    I mean, the village was guarded by a few hunters... Heck, they go outside the village once a week in order to hunt! And by doing so, they also get rid of the dangerous animals!!
    And then, it hit me.
    I know this might sound far-fetched, but can it be that it’s my fault...?
    The mere thought of this brought tears to my eyes. But I bit down my lower lip again, and held it back.

    Can it be that, the wolf was hiding in the cover of the grass...?
    And when the soup spilled this morning...some was sprayed on me, even if it was just a small amount.
    Can it be...that it picked up the smell of the smell of potatoes that’s on me!?
    It can always be the chicken too...but c’mon, who doesn’t like potatoes more than chicken?
    Aran’s voice woke me up from being stuck in my head. “Listen! This is of utmost urgency...God dammit! I want you to turn around, and run as hard as you can and call teacher! You hear me? I want you to turn around as soon as I give you the signal, and call for teacher!!”

    I nodded almost immediately.

    “No hesitation at all?!” Aran exclaimed, “Are you really fucking human?!!!”

    “I don’t have any respect for a vile person like you.” I replied in a hushed voice.


    And the wolf, who seemed to have deemed that it gave us enough time to say our prayers, growled yet again.
    Aran, who seemed like he still had some stuff he was to say, let go of my hand and shouted as hard as he could, “Now!”

    I turned around before he even utter the first letter, and ran as hard as I could.

    “Fucking hell! What a screwed up life!! Shit, dammit, who wants to fight a fucking wolf!? Is it too fucking hard to just laze around? Is it too hard to chase after women?!” Ohh right, I forgot to mention that he had a lot of lady-friends, didn’t I? Not that I thought it was important. And then, I heard another growl. And...Aran’s cry.

    “It...fuucking...huuurtss!!!!” He shouted, “It fucking hurts!! Father!!! Paapaaaa!!!!” He continued to scream.

    Is he fine? Is he alright?
    I turned around to look, to find that the wolf pounced at Aran’s right hand, and seemed to be clenching like its life depends on it. As for Aran, he was in utter tears as he wailed and directed punches at the wolf’s skull.
    And then, my plan to simply check out Aran’s situation out of worry, changed.
    I came to a stop. The slight fear that I had slowly washed away, as I suddenly felt my head clear up. My blood boiled, as more and more blood escaped Aran’s bitten arm.
    Some sort of feeling welled up in my chest, as I felt like time slowed down.
    I wonder what type of feeling this is. I wonder, is it perhaps jealousy? Am I jealous of the wolf? Or perhaps Aran? Or might it be that, I was simply jealous that they can have this wonderful life and death battle?

    “Thump, thump...” More and more blood was being directed straight to my head, as a splitting headache spread about my skull, numbing it.
    But I couldn’t care less.
    As the skull-numbing, head-splitting headache grew stronger, time seemed to slow down even more.
    I bit down my lower lip again. This time, however, blood did get out. As I felt this pain, time somehow turned a little bit faster. As I saw all of this, I somehow came to the realization that going back to school, explaining things to the old demon, and then returning...it would all be too late. Aran would perish way before I could return with the old demon. That, I was sure of.

    Aran looked like he was in too much pain--or perhaps too busy punching the wolf’s skull in vain--to notice that I came to a stop.
    I looked down, to the ground, to find some sort of rock.
    I found a few heavy looking rocks, but decided to abandon them since it didn’t seem like I could lift them at all...

    “Ahh!” I exclaimed as I found something pretty suitable.

    I found a sharp edged rock that looked quite light. I quickly picked it up, and ran toward Aran.
    I don’t know what has taken over me, but I quite enjoy this feeling...even the headache felt somewhat comfortable. Ahh, is this why people have battle? Is it because of this feeling? If that is so, then I can kind of understand.

    I reached Aran, who was now sitting on his buttocks. His back was facing me, so he could not have noticed me. He continued to shout for his dad, his mom, and whoever relative he could name for help. I could not help but have some sort of respect for his determination, because in midst of it all, he was still punching the wolf’s skull. Even...if he had his fist bloodied.
    Oh, can it be that he was in so much pain at the moment from his other arm, which was being bitten, that he couldn’t feel the pain on his fist?
    Wait wait, this isn’t the time to think of such stupid things.
    I raised my right arm upwards, as high as I could, and directed the sharp end of the rock towards the skull of the wolf.
    And then, like an arrow that was shot, lowered down my arm as hard as I could.

    “Crack!” A sharp sound echoed out, as the rock’s sharp end snapped. Ahh, could it be that the wolf’s skull was harder than the rock?!
    The wolf, in pain, bit even harder.

    “A-aaahhh!!!” Aran shouted as hard as he could. Seemingly, he didn’t notice me yet at all.

    I, as if in a daze, as if I wasn’t myself at all, as if I didn’t care how Aran felt, calmly looked down and searched for another suitable rock. It seems like I was quite dissatisfied with my previous performance, more than feeling sorry toward Aran.
    I quickly found another sharp ended rock, and broke a smile. More blood went up to my head, that I honestly felt like fainting. Yet, this brought me even more comfort.
    I grabbed the rock, and went for my second try. I walked around a bit, until I found a suitable position. Why? I didn’t plan on attacking the skull like earlier, since it seems that the skull was too hard...So I thought of attacking the belly!

    My hand rose, and was shot downward.

    Success! The rock went inside the wolf’s stomach!! It seemed like the wolf wanted to cry out, but its fangs were simply too deep into Aran’s arm.
    I took out the rock from the wolf’s stomach, and had blood splatter all over me. This made my headache even worse.
    Ahh, I’m really going to faint at this rate. That’s what I was feeling.
    I felt a burning sensation throughout my body, like a fire was lit right beneath my skin.
    But it seems, that Aran threw the white towel way before I did, and fainted just now. Because, his wails came to a stop.
    I raised the rock again, planning to slam it down the wolf’s stomach yet again.
    But, it seems that because Aran fainted, all his muscles relaxed...and thus, the wolf’s only weapons, its fangs, were released.


    The wolf wailed.
    I smiled in response.
    And as if it was intimidated by my smile, the wolf lowered its head and growled yet again. However, it soon turned tail and stumbled its way into the grass.
    I soon came to my senses, and felt that time returned to normal. To be honest, it felt like hours went by...but it seems that only, at maximum, a few dozens of seconds went by. It is truly a wonder, how Aran's muscles held on against the wolf's fangs.
    As soon as the wolf turned tail, I sighed in relief. And along side my body’s relaxation, as if cold water was dumped over a furnace, my senses were extinguished.
    A/N: Wow, it seems that I made our MC turn out to be quite a blood thirsty maniac, huh...
    If I screwed up, let me explain it! It seems that when Our MC looks at blood, she turns into a cruel battle maniac! Yay!  I really hope I didn't screw up.
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    A/N: I don't really like to post author notes on the start, since I feel like it takes away from the experience. Anyways, what I wanted to say was, I couldn't think of anything better to write at the moment, so I ended up going with 'nothing' and just introduced a new character that is going to be key in a later part of the story. Why couldn't I think of anything better? Well, to be honest, I got two reports, one powerpoint and a poster to design that are all due tomorrow. So, I let go of the headache called "Planning" and wrote this instead. Sorry, I just didn't want to skip a day. Now then, enjoy~

    Chapter 5: Such Unfairness!

    “Violet Divine Continent. Does any one have idea of what those three words represent?”

    The old demon shouted in middle of class. I never understood why he shouts in class, though. Is it so he can intimidate us? Even if that isn’t it’s true purpose, even if he simply likes to shout out information, he sure as hell is intimidating.

    I’m shivering just listening to him. Haha, but who cares. Let’s just daydream about magic battles, flying and monsters!

    When I grow up, I’ll make sure to become someone powerful...then, just maybe, I’ll gain some sort of super power...maybe shot projectiles out of my fingers? Maybe control swords with my mind! But of course, flying is my top priority. Since flying is cool. Cool is awesome. Awesome means dazzling. Dazzling means that people will be attracted to me!

    “I see, no one huh...Alright! I’ll choose one for you all. And if that brat can’t answer...All of you are going to get twice the usual homework!”

    Suddenly, my bubble of happiness was pierced.

    Are you kidding me?!

    The old demon directed his gaze at me, and I froze. My back broke in a cold sweat, and I frantically looked left and right. However, both the pig-tailed girl on my right and the frail-looking boy on my left directed their gazes downwards.

    Can it be that they don’t know the answer? Or...are they afraid of the old demon’s punishment for trying to help someone cheat?!

    “Jean!” The old man shouted, “I gave you this same question three times before already. With all that extra homework, of course. So you got to know the answer, right?”

    Ugh, some spit reached my face! Eww!!!

    I quickly wiped that away, and initiated a staring contest with the old demon.

    Sure, I might have gotten that question before...But I let Daddy do most of my homework anyways, so that question probably went to him every single time...

    The old demon mouth’s corners then rose slightly upwards. This guy...he’s smirking!

    “So, do you know, Jean? Or not?!”

    “Straight to the point as always, eh, old teacher!” I yelled back, for no apparent reason other than to even the stage with him.

    As I yelled, I took a slight glace at the back of the class, trying to see if someone, anyone, would like to take my tribute. But of course, I wasn’t lucky enough nor popular enough to have someone take my place!

    “So be it...” I muttered, and then exhaled.

    “How can I not know, you old teacher!” I yelled again, and rose to my feet. “If someone were to not know those three words, how could she dare to call herself your student?”

    Then, the old demon’s smirk turned into a full-on grin. “Great, great. I’m happy that you are so confident. Heard that, brats, it seems that there is no need to double the homework!” The old demon laughed.

    Phew, my plan worked!

    Now then, let’s just sit down and return to dreamland.

    With that being said, I bent my knees, planning to sit down.

    “Hey, hey, hey, Jean, my special, smart student. My very own pride! Why are you in such a hurry to sit down? Huh, proud student of mine? How about you go ahead and grace the brats on some of your knowledge?”

    “......!” This old demon...He didn’t fall for it at all!!!

    Alright, since you didn’t fall for it at all...I’ll go down with honor! Even if I was the one, evidently, dug my own grave earlier!

    “Eh? Umm, old teacher, I never said that I was your student...right...?”

    “Huh?” The old demon opened his eyes, faking surprise. “Can it be that our little, special girl, doesn’t know what the Violet Divine Continent is?”

    “O-of course I know what the Violet Divine Continent is! It’s that thing, y’know, that thing! Ahh, it’s the legend of two immortals fighting to the death, where even the earth split apart and spewed violet fire!”

    And ever so blankly, the old demon obliterated my sad attempt at guessing with a “Nope. Wrong!”

    “Geh, at least I was close, right...?”


    “Aww, heard that? It seems that, after all, there is going to be double the homework for you all. Too bad!” The old demon then laughed loudly with a “Kehaha!”

    ...The old demon ignored me.

    I quickly sat down in silence, as I felt all the guys in class baring holes into my back.

    If glares could kill, I would have already been killed over ten times already.

    “So! The Violet Divine Continent. It’s the place we are all standing on. Or to be more accurate, it’s the ground we stand on, as well as every living creature or plant walking these grounds. It’s what we build on, and what we depend on for to provide, be it water or food. Be it three million miles to the north, south, east or west. It is our everything. Well, except for the oceans on the north and south, but that doesn’t matter. It’s not like anyone of us is going to go there anyways.”

    I, of course, did not pay any attention to that at all.

    “Now then! Let’s get more local, shall we?”

    Not listening~

    “First, let’s get to name our homes! Does anyone know what our small village is called?”

    Not paying any attention~!

    “I know, I know!” A little cheeky voice rang to my ears from behind, but I’m not going to turn around and see who it is. After all, I can still feel some burning gazes locked on me...

    “Oh, will you mind telling me then?” The old demon replied.

    “Our village is called the gray leaf village!” The energetic, cheeky voice then answered.

    “Correct!” The old demon shouted again, “No homework for you!” He continued.

    “Huh?!” I ended up shouting, “So unfair!”

    Hehe! Now that I’ve caught the old demon doing something so unfair, I bet everyone is going to rally under my flag!



    ....................................................W-why can’t I hear anyone say anything to the old demon’s unfairness!?!?!

    I turned around to look at those guys--those betrayers--I noticed something. Everyone who wasn’t looking at me in either anger or disgust, was looking in adoration towards another girl. The girl looked almost like a doll, to the point where even I was surprised. She wore a blue, frilly dress that matched her long blue hair. Her long hair was probably hitting the floor behind her. Her sapphire colored eyes shone with energy, as she was smiling.

    “Hehehe, thank you, Grandpa!” The girl cheerfully said toward the old demon.

    That voice...

    ...She’s the one who answer...?

    Can it be that...she’s popular?! Can it be...that she has lots of friends?! Can it be...that everyone in class is her buddy?!?!

    Jealous! I’m so jealous!!

    “Now then, Jean, did you just complain about my decision? Huh? Can it be that our special little girl is jealous of Stephanie?”

    You’re right! You’re right, yet you’re wrong! I am jealous of her, but not for her being able to answer correctly!!

    “Ehehe~ J-Jean...? There’s no need to feel jealous!” The girl called Stephanie called, “If you want, I can teach you anytime you want!”

    .......She’s too bright! Too blinding! Too dazzling!

    This...This is exactly how I want to be!!!

    “N-no need! Even I know our village’s name!!”

    “Aha, I believe you.” The old demon interrupted, “I bet you also know the closest town’s name, right?”

    “Of course!” I almost screamed my lungs out in order to answer, “Of course I know it! It’s Yan city, Yan city!!”

    This time around, the old demon truly opened his eyes in surprise. “Huh? Weird...how could you know that...?” He muttered, just loud enough for me to pick up.

    “I’m not that stupid, you old demon!” I let out as hard as I could, “Not at all!!!”

    “Hmm~” The old demon hummed, “I see, not stupid at all huh. Okay, three times the homework for our genius Jean!”

    “E~eeehhh!?!?! Unfair, so unfair!! I answered right, isn’t that correct?! Shouldn’t you take away from my homework?!!!?!!”

    The old demon grin turned into one from ear to ear, and, frankly, he looked extremely terrifying.

    “Okay! Moving on!! Does anyone of you know how money wo---”

    “Huh...? Ouch!”

    A sudden headache invaded my head, way before I could say anything.

    This headache sealed off my hearing, and I wanted to cry. It hurts, it hurts, it hurts! But no tears would come out.

    “It hurts!” I shouted for help, “It hurts, it hurts, it hurts, it hu---”

    Next, my tongue was sealed as well. The headache grew even stronger. I wanted to scream, to shout, to cry, but to no avail.

    And finally, my vision was sealed...and all of my pain came to an end.

    “...! Little Jean, Little Jean!” I heard frantic screaming from somewhere, “Little Jean!”

    However, my eyelids felt a little bit too heavy at the moment. I want to continue sleeping. I had a feeling that I dreamed of something unpleasant, like an embarrassing memory or something, but I can’t remember. Oh well, back to dreamland...

    “Don’t go back to sleep, Little Jean!” The frantic voice sounded again. To be honest, it sounded a bit like Uncle Jim’s. But my vision is too blurry to make up his figure.

    And then, like lightning, bloody memories surfaced into my head.

    My blurry vision cleared up, and my sleepiness went away. I see, so I fought a wolf, huh. No, I guess Aran was the one who truly fought the wolf, and I simply helped?

    As I saw Uncle Jim’s crying figure, tears slowly welled up in my eyes. Is this guilt? I’m sorry.

    “Little Jean!” Uncle Jim grabbed my shoulders, “Can you please tell me what happened to both you and little Aran?!”

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    P.S: I just noticed this, but why haven't anyone pointed it out to me?! I've written cultivation as 'culvation'!! I just took a read at the title today absent minded, and then bam, I saw the typo on the title of this very story! So pathetic XD so! I've changed the story's title from 'A Female's Take on The Culvation World' to 'A Female's Take on The World of Cultivation' not much of a difference, but yeah. So, see ya guys tomorrow!
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    Chapter 6: Am I Worthy of Being Your Friend?

    It seems that I’ve been out for about a day.

    “A day huh...” I couldn’t help but mutter.

    I mean, I pretty much remember everything. How I was supposed to escape to get help, but ended up stopping. Not out of fright, not out of worry for Aran’s safety but rather out of jealousy--excitement.

    “Still, I wasn’t really injured at all...I wonder why I slept for so long...” I muttered again.

    I was still in my bed, the same one I woke up on earlier. If you look around, right across to me, you’ll find the peacefully sleeping Aran. His right arm was wrapped in some sort of liquid that isn’t liquid, almost like jelly, that appeared to be either green or yellow. It looked quite weird, to be honest. As for his left hand, it was put inside a wooden bowl, with some sort of transparent liquid. (I stood up earlier to take a look inside. I was pretty disappointed.)

    “On the bright side, both me and Aran ended up skipping the old demon’s first sword class!”

    But then again...thinking of what he’ll do to us for skipping our first sword class is bad news in all itself...

    “He won’t blame us, right? Right?! He was the one who found us passed out after all...”

    Or at least that’s what Uncle Jim told me.
    It seems that he found both me and Aran passed out in the middle of the road, after picking up Aran’s desperate shouts. How he picked up his shouts is beyond me, because we were not near the temple at all! He truly has the hearing of a demon! Further evidence that he fought an immortal to a stand-still.
    My eyes teared up a bit. “I can’t believe that Daddy hasn’t visited me yet...”

    Uncle Jim did say that he went down the mountains, into the forest at the base of the mountain, to get some herbs for Aran’s arm...
    ...Still, it was my first time hearing that there was such a thing at the end of the mountain. Can it be that the wolf came from there?
    I wanted to ask Uncle Jim that, but ended up refraining in the end. It was not the time to ask such questions. Even I somehow came to realize that...

    “Knock, Knock.”

    A sudden knocking sound came about.
    I stood up from the bed--I was sitting up straight on the bed up until now, too bored to do anything. I’m faking illness so I don’t go to the old demon’s lessons!!--and walked to the door.
    I wonder...can it be Daddy?

    “Then again, why would Dad knock on the door?”

    ...I-It’s not like I am expecting Daddy to be behind the door at all!
    I slid the door open, and to my surprise, I didn’t find anyone outside at all.

    “Huh? I’m pretty sure I heard some knocks though...”

    And, as if to report its true existence, another set of knocks rang again.

    “Knock, knock, knock.”

    “Aha!” I ended up exclaiming, “I knew I wasn’t going crazy!”

    It seems like the knocking was coming for the main door! Y’know, the door that leads outside.
    I quickly walked to the door while shouting, “Coming~!”
    However, I did not receive any response at all, which is quite normal, I think? Well, normally Uncle Jim would shout, “Hurry up~!” or the old man, the village elder, would go like “I’m too old to wither away at your doorstep!” or the few times that the old demon came, “Kehahaha!”
    Truly, each one of them were unique.
    Oh, but weird enough, I haven’t met the old man for quite some time. Oh well, he must be quite busy.
    I pulled on the door(This one works quite different from my room’s, where rather than slide it open, you got to either pull from the inside or push on the outside!) and was met with a smile that was honestly too dazzling.


    I yelled, and immediately closed the door with a ‘Bang’
    I was stunned in my place for about two seconds, before hearing another calm “Knock, knock, knock.”

    As if the knocker did not care that I just closed the door on their face.
    Alright, mental preparations! I’m going to be okay! I’m going to be just as bright someday as well, so getting used to it now is good for me!

    “Hii!” I inhaled as much air as possible, and then opened the door.

    “Fuuuu!!!” I exhaled, made sure to get as much air to reach that dazzling light, just to have it calm down.

    “Hello~!” The voice said, quite cheerfully. “Jee!!”

    “Stephanie!” I answered, averting as much eye contact as possible with her enviable, beautiful eyes. “I wonder, why you came...?”

    “Hehehe~ Steffi already told you to call me Steffi~” Stephanie skimmed over my rude question and walked in as if it’s her own home.

    “H-hey!” I closed the door and turned to face her back.

    “Jee~” Stephanie then cutely titled her head over her shoulders, and said, “Steffi was just worried about Jee!”

    “We aren’t even friends...” I said, but then followed her around. “So, how did you even realize that something happened to me?”

    “Well, Jee didn’t come to school today. Which felt quite weird, since Jee comes to school even when Granpa hands her five times our usual homework! That’s a like, a whole lot of homework, Jee!” Stephanie shouted, turning around and shoving her open palm into my face.

    “Five!” She said, “Jee, it’s five times! That’s like, two plus three! So much!!” And then started to giggle.

    “And what’s up with ‘Jee’ ‘Jee’ huh?” I asked, just wanting to stop her mad giggling. I know this is not pretty, but I really can’t help but feel this way, y’know? Jealousy isn’t a good thing, I know, but I really can’t help it.

    “Ehh~ Jee, is Jee!” She shouted, pointing her fingers at me as her blue hair was swung around, “Jee is so amazing and outgoing, Steffi is almost jealous!”

    “I’m the one who should be jealous of you!” I ended up retorting, “So anyhow, want are you planning now anyways? Here you go, I’m all fine and dandy.” I then swung my fists around to prove it.

    “Oh, and by the way Jee, where is your room?”

    “Over there...why?”

    Why does she want to know where my room is...?
    To start with, she should hurry up and shoo away.

    “Steffi is going to invade Jee’s room!” She shouted, and then ran at a pretty fast speed.

    “Waa--” I yelped.

    What does she mean by that?
    ...Wait. Oh god, Aran is sleeping in my room! And more importantly, his hand...well, it’s a mess!! Even if the green/yellow jelly is covering it, it’s still...well, horrifying to look at! I mean, his arm kinda has a huge chunk of flesh bitten out of it.
    I broke out in a run and chased after the giggling Stephanie. This can’t be good, this can’t be good. This would ruin the brightness of her smile! Although, yes, I am a bit jealous of her; I actually quite admire her as well! She is something that I want to be, popular! Awesome! Have lots of friends! Not like how I am, presently, friendless...
    This is bad, she reached my sliding door!

    “Don’t open the door!” I shouted as hard as I could, but she completely ignored me and entered.

    Ahh! She entered!!!!!
    I kicked up my feet and went even faster, and finally caught up to the room and entered.
    There, I noticed the surprised Stephanie.

    “T-this, I c-can explain it!” I shouted as I entered the room.

    I looked in panic toward the direction she is looking at--Aran’s sleeping body--and...yeah, his right arm is in total view from the door.

    “...” Stephanie remained silent. I then averted my gaze from Aran’s bed, and returned it to Stephanie’s.
    I want to see how she’s reacting. 
    To my surprise--or rather, as expected--I found her crying.

    “U-umm!” I tried to divert her attention, “How about some milk?!”

    “Hiii!?” Stephanie jumped back in fright.

    Me! Stupid! Why did you shout!?

    “T-this isn’t good, this isn’t good! Stephanie, how about we go ahead to the kitchen then we can both drink some milk?!”

    ...And I ended up shouting again.
    Stephanie hurriedly wiped the tears from her eyes with her hands, and then nodded.
    I guided her to the kitchen and got her and myself a cup of milk.

    “You see, this milk is pretty fresh...I heard that Uncle Jim’s neighbor gave him two buckets this morning, so he ended up leaving one over when he came to visit Aran right after breakfast...”

    I tried my best to change the subject...but, ugh, to no avail.
    Since she just nodded in response, as tears were still apparent within her eyes.

    “Alright, alright! Do you want to hear an interesting story, Stephanie?”

    Let’s cheer her up! After that, I’ll kick her out and hopefully never meet again.
    ...And then she shook her head in refusal...

    “Huh? W-why?!”

    Why doesn’t she want me to cheer her up!?
    C-can it be that she guessed that I’ll be kicking her out?!?!?!
    I broke in cold sweat, as I imagined this girl before me blaming every person in the village that I made her cry...
    ...I’ll get bullied! I, will truly, never ever make friends even after I became cool! No!! I don’t want that!!!
    I’m sorry for harboring hidden motives!!!!!!

    “O-only after you call Steffi, S-Steffi...”


    Why does she want me to call her Steffi...

    “Steffi...” I muttered.

    And Stephanie, who heard me, flashed me her bright white teeth.

    “I see, Steffi huh.” I then took a sip out of my cup, “So, do you want to hear my story or not?”

    “Hehe~ If it’s a story from Jee...” She said, as she wiped the leftover tears from her eyes, “Then Steffi thinks that it must be amazing!”

    Hehe, now this is a person who knows her stuff!
    However, as a story teller, I must not let her take control over the conversation!!
    I dramatically shook my head, “It’s not just amazing, It’s cool. It’s awesome! It’s everything that you might associate with being colorful. This is a story that’s so unreal, that you’ll confuse it for being a dream of mine!”

    ...Even though this story of mine started out as a dream. But she doesn’t have to know that, right? I’m allowed to lie, for her to cheer up, right!?

    “So! Do you know what an immortal is?”

    After all, we need to start with the basics of the basics! I can’t tell her a story about immortals, if she doesn’t even know what an immortal is.

    “Steffi!” Steph--Steffi, answered my question.

    “...Steffi. So, S-Steffi, do you know what an immortal is?”

    Steffi, in turn, took a sip out of her milk. She then held her index finger to her forehead, in a very cute way, and muttered. “Mmmmm...Steffi thinks that Steffi knows...”

    “Great!” I yelled, “Great great great!”

    That’s how it should be. Everyone should know about immortals!

    “So! You know the grass plains that are about half way through the road, heading toward the old demon’s temple?”

    “Mnn mnn mnnn! Steffi knows! Steffi passes that place everyday after all!”

    I clapped my hands, “Good! The other day, I was walking there, and all of a sudden, I heard explosions! Like Kaboom! It was very frightening, I tell you!”

    Of course, I could have used any location...however, the first one that came to mind was the place where both me and Aran were hit at.

    “Ehh~!? Jee, are you alright!?” Yelled Steffi, as tears returned to her eyes.

    “W-what’s wrong?”

    Why is she so passionate all of a sudden for?

    “No...You went Kaboom! Right? Steffi is just worried for Jee!”


    Why, in the world, is she worried about me?
    I’m also wondering, why would she cry when she saw Aran’s position? Even though she probably doesn’t even know him. I think. And, to be honest, Steffi is the village elder’s only daughter. She doesn’t really leave home much, aside from going to school. So! I really think they never met before.
    That’s why, I can’t seem to understand why she cried for him. Why she is crying for me now, even though all I’m saying is but a story...a made up story.

    “Why? Steffi can’t understand...Jee is my friend, if Jee gets hurt...Of course Steffi is going to get sad!”

    We are? Are we really friends?
    This...How did all of this start from trying to tell a story?

    “I see. Well, anyhow, Let’s get back to the story!”

    So she’s worried about me? So she thinks that we are friends? How can that be...I’m nothing but jealous of her. I keep on getting jealous of her, right in front of everybody. And yet, she calls me a friend? And yet, she visits me when I didn’t go to the old demon’s lessons?
    Can I really, be friends with such a dazzling person?

    “Un!” Steffi nodded.

    A/N: Another chapter is coming out in a few hours~
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    Chapter 7: The Divine Saint


    After telling Steffi a story, I ended up explaining exactly what happened to her. Just like how I have told Uncle Jim yesterday, I said it to Steffi. Without skipping anything at all, and in much more details than what Uncle Jim received from me. After all, I skipped the part where I felt comfortable with killing right after I saw some blood when I spoke to him. I confessed everything that was within my heart, to Steffi.
    Can it be that I am trusting her too much?
    I guess I can only blame it on myself, for being too weak against the word ‘Friend’.
    And Steffi in turn, shed some tears for both me and Aran.

    “Enough crying!” I comforted, “I wasn’t hurt at all and Aran is going to be just fine under Daddy’s care!”

    “Un.” She said as she nodded.

    I took a glance outside and saw that it was already late. The clear sky was colored orange, with a hint of darkness.

    “Hey Steffi.” I asked.

    “What is it, Jee...?”

    “Isn’t it a bit late?”

    After I said that, Steffi took a look outside the window and exclaimed, “ Eeek! Grandfather is going to be mad!”

    By Grandfather, she of course means the village’s elder. Granpa is her referring to the old demon, not that they have any blood relations as far as I know.

    “Is that so.” I quickly brushed her off, “Then shouldn’t you be heading home in...right about now?”

    She lowered her head in fear.

    “Now now, if you delay any further, won’t your grandfather get even madder?”

    As if she just realized something that she didn’t earlier, she raised her head and shouted. “Jee is right! He’s going to be super mad at this rate!!” Her eyes were of course, filled with sparkling stars as she spoke.

    “Jee! Walk me home!!”

    “Eeehhh? But Daddy doesn’t allow me to...”

    And if I were to think this straight, haven’t we grown awfully close in a really short amount of time...?

    Then again, I never had friends before...

    I guess this is how friends are between each other.

    “I see...That’s too bad, Jee...”

    After she said that, she stood up and I escorted her to the door. I then opened the door, and let her get outside.

    “See you tomorrow, Jee~ And take care of Jelly Jelly~!”

    Jelly Jelly...? Ahh, it must be Aran.

    Is she calling him that because of the thing on his arm...?

    Still, does she only know how to call people by nicknames?

    “Okay, See you tomorr---”

    Wait a second...Why ‘See you tomorrow’?

    Am I planning on seeing her tomorrow?

    Right. We’re friends now, right...So I guess we can see each other without really having a ‘reason’ behind it.

    “--On another thought, Steffi, Let me walk you home!”

    Daddy isn’t home anyways! What’s the problem of walking Steffi back home? Her house is actually pretty near ours, way closer to us than Uncle Jim’s place!

    “Are you sure, Jee? Steffi can walk on her own! Steffi doesn’t want Jee to get into trouble...”

    I waved my hand to deny her, “No need to worry, Steffi. Daddy isn’t home anyways, and Uncle Jim’s house is pretty far away! So no one is going to see me walking you home~”

    Even though Steffi was the one who requested of me to walk her home first, she seemed to have a hard time accepting it now that she realized that I might get into trouble because of it.

    I walked outside alongside her and closed the door behind us before she could reply, and then said, “Let’s go!”

    I felt warmth coming from my palm.

    “Un, Let’s go!” Steffi repeated after me.

    We then exited the courtyard, making it into the ‘road’.

    “Weird...” I couldn’t help but mutter.

    “What’s wrong, Jee?” Steffi cutely titled her head, as she gripped harder on my hand. [A/N: No, this is not homo. They are kids, dammit! Can’t kids act as close as siblings?]

    “No. Umm, Steffi, you said earlier that you don’t usually get outside much, right?”

    “Yes, Steffi can’t stay outside until night!”

    “Well, on the other hand, I sometimes go on walks outside with Uncle Jim or Daddy! And when we usually go on these walks, the sky is pretty much darker than right now. Yet, Daddy stops every few steps to exchange greetings with those who pass by! However, at the moment, there aren’t any people outside at all!”

    Looking around, you won’t find anyone at all. It is as if the village was deserted all of a sudden, and only me and Steffi were left behind.

    There were no late farmers. No early drunkards or mothers who are walking around with their children.

    I had a hint of fear seep through my heart, but I quickly quelled it.

    “Steffi thinks that it’s because its going to rain soon!”


    Rain? I looked up to the sky, and to my surprise, dark clouds seemed to have swarmed it, covering the stars.

    “Even though when I took a look at the sky earlier, there weren’t any clouds at all...”

    It is still somewhat bright outside, but that’s only because the clouds have yet to mask the brilliance of the sun.

    “Jee~ Can it be that you’re afraid of the dark?”

    “Eh? Of course not. Why this all of a sudden?”

    I turned to face Steffi as we continued to walk. And then, I noticed Steffi’s mischievous smile.

    “Now now~ The all mighty Steffi knows everything about Jee! Steffi knows that Jee is secretly afraid of the dark!”

    “Hell no, Stef----”


    A shockingly loud roar sounded about, stunning me and Steffi into a complete stop.

    Steffi’s expression was one filled with confusion as she tightened her grip over my hand even further. “What can this be? What can even roar like this?!” I shouted as hard as I could.

    I then turned around too look at the source of the horrifying roar, and my mouth almost reached the ground.

    Steffi turned around to take a look as well, ever so frightened. She took a few peeks at it, and then shouted, “A golden dragon?!”

    Indeed, the one who roared was a golden dragon that was flying parallel to the road, heading straight for us.

    Although, it was still a quite a far way. That just shows you how loud his roar was. In response, the clouds up above rolled and thunder echoed throughout.

    “No, Steffi...Look again!”

    This time around, Steffi was the one who had to open her mouth in sheer astonishment. Because, the dragon, which flaunted its beautiful golden scales with its haughty glare, transformed into a huge ape. The ape was huge, thrice the height of our house! And our house is pretty tall, at least 3 meters high said Daddy the other day!

    The ape was also golden, but in this case, it was dotted in golden fur that looked extremely warm. It still had an arrogant look within it’s eyes, as if anything and everything was beneath it.

    “This...” I just couldn’t put the feeling I have to words.

    This is abnormal. I can’t help but feel that.

    This thing smells of words ‘Immortal’.



    Lightning suddenly hit the ground in front of us by a few feet, which caused the ground to crack open just slightly.

    Steffi jumped in fright as she heard the sound of the ground cracking, and I myself couldn’t have helped but take a few steps backwards. My back was soaked in cold sweat.

    Although the lightning directed our gazes away from the shape shifting golden ape, in the end it couldn’t have taken up our attention for much longer.

    I directed my eyes back to the direction of the golden ape--And I think that Steffi did the same--and to our surprise, the ape was no longer there.

    What took its place was a golden eagle, about half the size of the ape.

    The golden eagle had sharp, golden suit of armor that it called it’s feathers.

    It never really removed itself from the road, and rather flew a bit too low...

    “...Hey Steffi, Isn’t it flying a bit too low...?”

    Steffi, who was too preoccupied simply nodded to my question and had her eyes glued on to the eagle.

    “However, I got to agree, it looks pretty cool...”

    We completely forgot about the lightning that was about to hit us.

    “Now then Steffi, we really need to step away from the road...or else we’ll get hit by the eagle!”

    Steffi finally removed her gaze from the eagle, and nodded with an “Un.”

    Her gaze seemed to be filled with glee.

    “Why do you look so happy, Steffi...?”

    I said as I directed us off the road.

    “Steffi finds Goldie to be so beautiful! Extremely gorgeous!”

    “And I take Goldie to be that thing...?” I said as I pointed at the now golden tiger.

    The thing, or how Steffi calls it ‘Goldie’, doesn’t seem to have noticed it at all.

    We just made it outside the road, so he probably will bypass us in pretty much a moment. He was getting pretty close to us, after all.

    But if he doesn’t move at all, he won’t be able to touch us at all. Which is good news.

    “Still...hehehe.” This confirms it! Immortals! Legends! Beings that are outside of this world! They all exist!!

    “Jee~ You’re making a weird face...”

    “Don’t mind me!” I then squeezed Steffi’s hand.

    “Ouch~ Steffi is sorry! Please forgive Steffi~!!”

    I then turned around to take a look at the golden tiger, where it seemed to have noticed my gaze...Because it looked right back at me.


    Another roar sounded, a lot louder than the last one.


    I had to let go of Steffi’s hand, as I felt my whole body freeze up. The golden tiger turned into a blur, and changed into a golden wolf. Exactly the same shape as the one from yesterday, aside from the fact that the color is completely different. The wolf from yesterday was all gray, while this one was covered in gold.

    It changed directions, and started to run right for me.

    Thunder sounds then started to ring, one after the other.

    “Bang!” “Bang!” “Bang!”

    Three sounds echoed from the ground as it shook with all it’s might. Weird enough though, I was pretty calm. Well, aside from the fact that my back was drenched in sweat of course. No one in the village seemed to have noticed anything, which is also pretty weird.

    I could still somehow hear Steffi’s ragged breathing, as if she’s afraid. I don’t blame her though.

    I somehow was able to open my mouth with a lot of difficulty, “Run...away...” I said.

    I could feel that ‘Goldie’ was aiming for me. After all, I was the only one who was made ‘immobile’ between both me and Steffi. Not only that, I saw ‘Goldie’ stare back at me, right into my eyes, when I looked at it earlier!

    The golden wolf was now pretty close to both me and Steffi. I could walk the distance between me and it with just four steps.

    Three steps.

    Two steps.


    I heard someone hold down their breath, as I felt a force push me away.

    “Jee~! Make sure to not forget about Steffi!”

    I heard from behind.

    As I was pushed aside, I was somehow freed from the binding of ‘Goldie’.

    I turned around to look at Steffi as I fell down, and could not help but think...

    ...Ahh, She’s so bright.

    With that being said, Goldie had a hint of ‘unwillingness’ within its eyes as it rammed straight into Steffi.

    Right, into.

    Steffi, absorbed the golden wolf.

    At this point, I fell on my butt as I worriedly looked over at Steffi, who’s face was bright red...as if she was having a fever.

    “Boom! Boom! Boom! Boom! Boom!..”

    The clouds seemed have been angered, as it spewed lightning after lightning.

    I still can’t understand, how is it possible that no one have heard any of this? Why isn’t anyone coming outside to check? Steffi was hit!

    “Steffi!” I shouted.

    Steffi then directed a painful smile at me, as she collapsed.

    “Huh, to think the the Overlord’s Core would choose a child as its next master...”

    A sudden voice sounded into my ears, as a black blur appeared behind Steffi and caught her before she fell down.

    The figure wore a black robe, covering its entire body. The voice that I heard earlier could belong to either a man or a woman, so I wasn’t really sure who it belonged to.

    “Stop!” I shouted as hard as I could, as I put the palm of my hand onto the floor and used it as support to stand up.

    “Oh? Weird. How is it possible for another mortal to be still alive...?”

    The voice rang again. Yup, this is the voice I heard a few seconds ago!

    The voice brushed the side of its mask, “Oh well, I’m not bored enough to investigate.”

    “Oi child, consider yourself lucky to have been able to stay alive~”

    The masked figure said as It showed off a ‘V’ sign toward me.

    “Now then, I’ll be of--”

    Before the person could finish, I shouted, “Please don’t take Steffi away!”

    I had a bad feeling. This person seemed to be really dangerous. And Steffi seemed to be in pain...Well, at least she’s alive. However, she must stay here until Daddy gets here and get her pain to go away! Just like with Aran!!

    “Please leave Steffi here!” I shouted again.

    After all, it seems like the figure is trying to leave alongside Steffi. Otherwise, it wouldn’t have tried to said ‘I’ll be off’ while holding Steffi within its arms!

    “Oh...and why should I do that?” The figure laughed.

    “B-because she needs help!”

    “Hahaha!” The figured laughed even more after it heard my answer.

    As soon as I heard the figure’s laugh, I was struck with fear.

    This person...is dangerous! Extremely dangerous!

    I can’t calm down. I can’t calm down. I’m too afraid! Too scared! Too worried! This is bad, this is bad, this is bad! My friend, my only friend, is in danger!

    Blood. I had the urge to see blood. To smell blood. To hear blood drip to the ground. I need that calming headache!

    I raised my hand up to my mouth, and took a bite out of my thumb.

    When the figure saw me taking a bite out of my thumb, it said, “Interesting.”

    And it seemed as if it was only standing through this because of the word it just uttered. Because, it was ‘interesting’.

    As I saw the blood coming out of my finger; As I tasted the blood that entered my mouth, the all too comfortable, familiar, headache came to me.

    “Ahh...Better.” I muttered.

    “Done?” The figure said.

    “Yup.” I flashed a smile at the figure, “So, please, Can you leave my only friend here and go away...?”

    I somehow felt all of my fear go away. I felt as if I was talking to a close person to me, like Uncle Jim or Daddy when I spoke to the figure. No sense of danger at all. Even if the figure were to move to attack me, to take my life, I would still not feel anything against it.

    And...it seems that the figure is the very thing that I most look up to, an immortal! I think.

    “Interesting, interesting! You’re interesting, child! Haha, you were just shaking in your shoes--Nay, was about to wet your pants, and yet now...You seem almost like a different person!”

    “Please lower Steffi down...” I said, and then bowed.

    After all, Daddy said that if I were to request something out of someone of a higher position, then I got to bow.

    “No can do~ After all, this child over here has something that belongs to me.”

    I raised my head said, “Please!”

    “C’mon, it’s only one mortal girl. Why are you so fixed up on he--Oh right, I forgot. Hehe, your current demeanor really got me there for a second, you know?”


    What does it mean?

    “Really, I almost thought that you, a mere child, was someone of our side...Yeah, you’re a mortal yourself. Really, your Blood thirstiness is something else, you know? Nothing a mortal is capable at...never mind a child. Oh, and by mortal, I also mean those guys who swing around sticks that they somehow like to call ‘swords’ and whatnot. Those mortals really haven’t seen what a real sword is like at all, eh. Truly, this is interesting.”

    I took three steps forward and then I kowtowed[A/N:Prostate] to the figure. “Please!” I shouted again.

    “She’s my only friend!”

    The figure laughed again. “Interesting, interesting! Haha, all of this for a friend. Child, you’re young, you’ll make countless more friends as well! Well, think of it as a good will from an elder to a junior. After all, I feel like you’ll be joining our side pretty soon. Oh, don’t worry, this child within my hands is going to be under my own personal care...”

    I stood up again, and then threw two rocks at the figure. The rocks were very similar to the ones I used to stab the wolf the other day. The sharp ends were, of course, directed at the figure.

    “Really? You think this would work against me?”

    As the voice said this, A gust of wind brushed me from behind and went onward, toward the figure..and of course, the rocks as well.

    And then, the rocks that were flying in a straight line, turned into dust by the gentle gust of wind...

    “...Amazing.” I couldn’t have helped but say.

    “Hehehehahaha! Really, your bloodthirstiness is something else, I tell you! I can’t help but think that you’ll get to our side sooner or later. I would gladly take you with me if I could...However, one kid is already enough.”

    The figure then continued cryptically, “Your future is bleak with that bloodthirstiness, Child! Really, you’re more of a beast than a mortal! I can’t help but wonder what you’ll become when you gain power, will you destroy everything within your path or perhaps do something even worse? Hehehe! Just thinking about it sends shivers down my spine!”

    “...I have no idea what you’re talking about...”

    “Well, let me put it this way,” The figure then said, “You are so bloodthirsty that you are calm. Your future is so bleak, that it is limitless. Your bloodthirstiness is only obtainable if you have killed thousands; if you have lived on the border of life and death for countless of years. It’s not like something that gives you power at all, nor is it something that gives you an advantage over others. It just shows how ruthless you are, that’s all!”

    “And you’re still only a child that wets her bed!” The figure laughed again, “Really, too interesting to give up! This is the only reason why I have yet to kill you, and have even talked to you this much. I want life to be interesting. Take me to be your enemy, child. If you want to meet your friend, over here,” The figured pointed at Steffi, “Then remember my name! They call me the Divine Saint!”

    “What an ironic name, a saint that kidnaps small children...”

    “Hehe. Oh well, I really hope that you get to the stage real fast...Hehehe, this will be interesting. Just thinking of throwing that place into chaos by an unknown brings me delight! Remember child, unless you make our place interesting, then don’t even think about meeting this child ever again!”

    And then, the figure soared into the sky.


    It...really is an immortal.

    “Oh, and by the way, you got to kill me, alright? I’m already bored enough with this world as it is. Here is a parting gift for taking your friend, and a favor for me...I expect you to return it to me soon, alright? And I won’t accept anything less than a stake through my heart~” The figure chimed into my mind.

    After he said that, A large amount of information were dumped straight into my brain. Of course, this caused my headache to multiply by a lot...

    “Oh, and before that, do you have any last words to your little friend? Think of something poetic, so I can motivate her with it!”

    Something poetic? Steffi...

    “Okay, you corrupt Saint! Deliver these words to her, 'Don’t get anymore dazzling, Steffi! I’ll just get jealous if you get anymore friends!’”

    “That’s it?” The voice sounded a bit disappointed.

    “Also, ‘Have fun with an early start at the road of awesomeness!’ ”

    “Kehaha! Interesting. Well, see ya. The next time we see each other--or you meeting this child--we would be pulling at each others throats. I can’t wait!”

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    Chapter 8: Gone. Forever.

    It’s now been five minutes since the figure has kidnapped the friend that I just made.

    “Really, this isn’t good at all...I just got to be Steffi’s friend, for not even a whole day, and up she went...”

    My heart ached just thinking about it. However, I should think of this as a blessing. Because, not only did she save my life by pushing me away and risked her own, she was also set to get into the world of my dreams with a golden pass.
    I don’t know what level of an immortal the corrupt saint is between other immortals, but I do think that he will take care of Steffi just fine.
    So in short, Steffi will not only enter the immortal world, but will do so with a certain degree of a safe-net for her to fall on.

    “But...Hehehe! That corrupt saint really left me something cool!”

    A flood of information was flowing inside my brain. It foretold of a legend, of a great battle between a dragon and a tiger.

    “And then there’s the extra little bit...”

    The whole legend is cut up into fourteen verses. The words were filled with ancientness. My now headache-free brain was rolled into full gear, and I tried to make things out of the legend.
    The legend went into great detail about their battle, and nothing but their battle. There was nothing about the cause of the battle, nor about its ending.

    “But still, I wonder what can I do with this information? Do I have to search for their battlegrounds, and obtain some sort of treasure?”

    I simply don’t know.
    But still, it got to be something of great importance!

    “Now then...should I return home or go check on someone...?”

    After all, it’s a bit weird that no one reacted either the loud lightning strikes nor Goldie’s roars.

    “And some lightning did set a few houses on fire...”

    Even though I didn’t hear any shouts or cries from the houses who caught the fire...
    Just as I had a hard time deciding on what my next move would be, a familiar voice sounded from somewhere.

    “Little Jean!”

    I turned to look at the voice’s direction, “Uncle Jim!” I shouted as hard as I could.
    Uncle Jim looked to be in a pretty rough state. His black hair was in disarray, his clothes were burnt ever so slightly and his feet and hands were covered with mud.
    Wait...taking a closer look, it seems that the tip of his hair was also burnt. Just a tiny bit.
    It seems that Uncle Jim’s house also caught in fire...
    Uncle Jim broke in a sprint, and opened his arms.


    This form...it seems he wants to hug me...?
    He was about three steps away from me in...right about now.
    His hands were dirty, his smell simply stank and his clothes are just a mess.
    I...I don’t want to be hugged by him!
    I bent my knees in an attempt to jump sideways and dodge. Un, dodging is the correct course of action after seeing him in this state.
    Seeing that Uncle Jim is about two steps away from me, I sprung from my place and jumped to the right--Into the middle of the road.


    Unexpectedly enough, Uncle Jim seemed to have anticipated my move. As his body made a 45 degree change in course, and practically bear hugged me before my feet even touched the ground.

    “You’re fine! I’m glad, I’m glad...”

    Uncle Jim then whispered into my ears. Or rather, did it escape his mouth and I wasn’t supposed to hear it?

    “Thank god. Thank god you’re safe...”

    Uncle Jim continued, as I felt something warm and watery hit my back.
    Is...Uncle Jim crying...?

    “U-uncle Jim, W-what happened...?”

    Why is he crying...?
    Does it have to do with why none of the villagers responded to either the roars or the lightning--Heck, the burning of a few houses?
    Uncle Jim hugged me for a few more minutes, before letting me down.

    “Listen very carefully for what I’m about to say...” Uncle Jim put both of his muddied, big hands on my shoulders. His face was covered in tears. He seemed to have been doing his hardest to hold it in.

    “What I’m about to say is really, really, really,”

    Whatever he was about to say seemed to be extremely important, because he repeated the ‘really’ three times...

    “U-uncle J-Jim...D-did something happen...?”

    Oi child, consider yourself lucky to have been able to stay alive~

    I suddenly remember what the corrupted saint said when he first saw me, alongside his disgusting ‘V’ sign.
    It can’t be, right...?
    The villagers...No one reacting...Can it be that no one was able to react, that no one was even there to react in the first place...?
    Oh right! Right, right, right! Uncle Jim is all fine, right? And his house is still within the village! That means that whatever the corrupt saint said earlier, is all a lie to confuse me!

    “Really important, okay?”

    I nodded. My eyes slightly teared up, in reaction to Uncle Jim’s tears.
    Daddy should be fine. Even if everyone here died, Steffi was taken away by the corrupt saint and Daddy shouldn’t even be here...
    Uncle Jim seemed like he was really struggling to say his following words, as more and more streams of tears continued to tumble down.
    He seemed to finally let go of something, and said, “From now on, we’re going to go live in Yan city, okay?”

    I trembled when I heard that.

    “W-why, Uncle Jim...?”

    I struggled my hardest to keep the tears from escaping.
    Can it be, D-Daddy was...?

    “This village is no more. All those who are still alive, are me...you and Little Aran.”


    “W-what about Old demon...?”

    I mean, he fought an immortal to a standstill, and only lost an eye doing so! He got to have stayed alive, right?
    H-hey Uncle Jim, why are your eyes reddening even more...?
    C-can it be...?
    Uncle Jim shook his head. “Gerard is already gone...”

    Thump, Thump.

    “Daddy! T-then what about Daddy!?”

    My vision finally turned blurry, but I couldn’t even give a damn about them. Daddy! I-is Daddy fine?! He’s my one and only family, aside from Uncle Jim of course.
    Uncle Jim seemed to have been struck even harder, as his eyes went complete scarlet. Snot came out of his tanned, handsome face that was twisted to an utter mess. Without a doubt, my own expression was the same as Uncle Jim’s.

    “The calamity came from bellow the mountain and killed everything...I think, Raul is no more...”

    Thump. Thump. Thump.
    Memories flashed by.

    Daddy’s playful expression. “How come I only get half a potato?!”

    Daddy’s kind smile from the day before.“You woke up just in time. Come now, eat with me before I head to work.”

    Daddy’s worried expression.“Yes, at first, it’s just ‘slightly burning one’s throat’ but what’s next? Are you going to go ahead and pet a wild dog because it’s simply ‘A homeless pet’!?”

    Daddy’s desperate expression."You’re a charming little girl, Jean...You can always wait until you’re sixteen, then marry any boy from the village and live an easy life. Did you know, that even the village elder’s eldest son has set his eyes on your hand...?”

    I fell to my knees.



    My heart. It hurts, it hurts, it hurts! make it stop, make it stop, make it stop!!!!
    Dig into it. Make it stop by digging into it! Stop stop stop stop stop stop stop! It hurts, it hurts, it hurts, it hurts!!!
    I used both of my hands to scratch my heart. Make it stop, make it stop, it hurts! It burns!


    My nails started to dig into my skin and a little bit of blood came out. It painted my dirtied hands with a tint of crimson. Digging into my chest hurt a little...but it could not compare to the pain of my heart’s heavy beating.

    “Little Jean! No! Stop thinking about it!!”

    Uncle Jim hugged me as hard as he could, making sure that my chest and his stomach were glued to each other.
    But...this way, how can I dig into my heart and stop its beating?

    “I-it hurts, it hurts!! Uncle Jim, my heart hurts a lot!!!!!”

    “Shhh...It’s going to be alright, Little Jean. It’s going to be fine...”

    I can feel everything inside my body. Everything hurts. Everything I feel at the moment, just makes me want to scream!!
    Blood, blood, Yes, If I see blood, won’t I calm down? Won’t all this pain be replaced by a headache? Just like earlier, when I faced the corrupt saint?
    I bit my lip as hard as I could, and blood spurted pretty much all over Uncle Jim’s already brown shirt.
    W-why, why won’t the headache come? W-why, does my heart hurt even more?

    “U-uncle Jim...M-make it stop...! Make my heart stop!! It hurts!!! I don’t want this, I don’t want this, I don’t want to be in a place without Daddy!!!!”

    “It’s all going to be fine, it’s all going to be fine...You must not give up, Little Jean...You must stay strong...” Uncle Jim continued to whisper.

    “Just stay home, and I’ll teach you medicine! You’ll be my successor!”


    Is it because I wanted to go and learn how to use a sword?
    Is the world punishing me because I refused to become Daddy’s student?
    If Daddy will return after I agree to becoming a wife, then I’ll agree! No, please let me become a house wife!!

    “Let it all out, Little Jean...”

    I-I didn’t even get to apologize for yesterday...Ahhh! It hurts, it burns, it’s killing me! No, perhaps killing me is much better! That way, I’ll be able to return to Daddy and Mommy’s arms!!!


    I felt my whole body become light, so maybe Uncle Jim lifted me. But I couldn’t have cared any less about that. Daddy’s gone. He’s gone. Daddy will never return. I’ll never be able to see Daddy again.

    “We need to hurry up and get as far from here as possible...Due to that damned calamity, this whole mountain would turn into the demon beasts’ territory!”
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    Chapter 9: Corrupted Qi?

    Painful...Breathing is simply too painful for me...

    I can’t talk. Daddy, Ahh how I miss Daddy...

    How can this be? How can Daddy be gone?

    My eyes feel so heavy...Ahh, my eyelids are begging me to lower them.

    I must focus. I must not close my eyes, or else Daddy’s images will form within the darkness of my heart.

    Let’s take a look...It seems that the old man is carrying me over his shoulder, as my vision is quite far reaching.

    I looked down, only to find a crying Aran.

    His hand was still coated with that jelly thingy.


    Ahh, it seems that we both share the same pain, eh?

    ...No, I guess he’s a bit better off than me. His father was still alive, after all.

    “Don’t cry, Little Aran. Men aren’t supposed to show tears at all.”

    I took a look to the side, at Uncle Jim’s expression, to find it filled with tears.

    What ‘men aren’t supposed to cry’...

    I then looked forward. At the moment, we’re going down the mountain through the road. Alone, in the dark. Just the three of us.

    Ahh...this moving scenery, of the swaying grass, is somehow soothing...

    To begin with, why the hell did Daddy need to go outside?

    No no, to start with, how come everyone suddenly died...?

    Why, then, are we three the only ones alive?

    How come Daddy couldn’t still be alive?

    “Hey Uncle Jim...How come everybody is all dead...?”

    Can it be that the lightning killed them all...?

    But that doesn’t make any sense. Why weren’t anyone outside when that happened? Why weren’t there any human sounds, when the first roar was made?

    Uncle Jim came to a stop.


    It seems like he has a hard time explaining this to me...

    “...How come, only the three of us are still alive...?”

    I continued to look at the swaying grass, not minding Uncle Jim at all.

    “Y-yeah...” Aran’s voice sounded. “How come Mommy had to die...? W-why, am I still alive...?”

    Uncle Jim continued his silence. It seems...he doesn’t have an answer. Or, perhaps, he isn’t willing to answer me.

    Can it be, that with his silence, confirms that there might be a probability that Daddy is still alive? Even if it was denied by none other than Uncle Jim...?

    “H-hey, Uncle Jim...why do we need to run to Yan city...?”

    My imagination kicked into motion. The more I thought about it, the more ridiculous it sounded. This whole situation, that is!

    How come everybody is obediently staying at home? How come I couldn’t see any late farmers, or those who are out to drink with their buddies? How come I couldn’t see any kids from my class, staying out late? How come the old demon, who fought an immortal to a standstill, be dead...and Uncle Jim turn out to be fine? And more importantly...how come Daddy was never here, when all of this happened? And still, die? Uncle Jim said that he had to have been killed, because he was at the bottom of the mountain. But, why is that?

    Without a doubt, when I turned around to look at the grass earlier...My gaze could be said to have been absent; empty. But when I turned to look away back at Uncle Jim, without a doubt, my gaze was filled with hope! Bright! Filled with life!!

    “Can it be, Uncle Jim...That this is nothing, but a play, in order to make tough up emotionally when we enter the Heavenly Sword Sect?”

    Daddy told me stories of immortals before...And each hero, rose to their status from a dark past.

    Can it be that, this is all set up to give us a dark past? A motivation?

    I know this doesn’t explain why Steffi was kidnapped, nor about Goldie’s existence...But! It’s still a theory that is filled with hope, filled with expectations...A theory that I wish to be true from the deepest part of my being!!

    Uncle Jim’s eyes further exiled tears, which absolutely did not look fake at all. I never expected it, but could Uncle Jim be a really, really great actor?

    And then, as if he just noticed something, his eyes turned extremely sharp. His tears came to a halt, and his lips slowly trembled.

    He slowly parted his lips, and then sighed.

    “Your answer...is coming right at you...”

    And then turned to look at Aran’s side--more like, he was looking past Aran.

    “W-woaah!” Uncle Jim pulled Aran away.

    In Aran’s place, as if it materialized from nothingness, a ball of fur came to be.

    Can it have came out of the grass? But that shouldn’t be possible... If it walked out from the grass, then I should have been able to see it. Yet, how come it just sprung out of thin air?


    The ball of fur emitted an ear piercing cry.

    “Hnnnghhh!!” Both me and Aran cried almost simultaneously.

    I had a hard time keeping my eyes open, as I felt like my whole body was losing balance. But even with my eyes half open, I could still see the faint, red string like objects flouting in the air.

    What are those things?

    As the ball of fur continued to howl louder and louder, my eyes kept on getting heavier and heavier. For some reason though, I did not seem like I would fall down from Uncle Jim’s shoulder at all.

    If I keep my focus on something, perhaps I would be able to reduce the pain...

    I began to look at the red threads of light, and followed them with my eyes. My hardly opened eyes darted pretty much everywhere before landing on a specific location...the ball of fur.

    It seems like all of the threads are coming from the ball of fur’s own body!

    “See.” Uncle Jim calmly said, “Every single person here...No, every single living thing within this mountain, turned into that!”

    He then pointed with his free hand at the ball of fur. He then flung his finger, and the ball of fur erupted into a mess of blood and flesh; not caring at all about our reactions to his brutality.

    His eyes looked at the passed out Aran, who passed out on the ground while having his hand still being held by Uncle Jim.

    “Good thing that he passed out...he won’t be able to take it otherwise...” Uncle Jim whispered.

    “W-what d-do you mean...U-uncle Jim...?”

    Before Uncle Jim answered my question, he let me down.

    “First, let’s start with how Aran woke up. I’ve already told you before, that he won’t be able to wake up without the medicine, right?”

    I nodded in silence.

    Of course, otherwise...Daddy wouldn’t have been out of the house today, or yesterday.

    “So, how did Aran wake up?” I asked.

    “Pretty simple. I woke him up.” Uncle Jim answered me with a smile, as if it’s the most normal thing to do.

    “E-eh...? How...? You know medicine too, Uncle Jim...?”

    Uncle Jim shook his head in denial.

    “I gave him some of my own life.” He laughed.

    And Uncle Jim, noticing my worried expression, continued, “You won’t understand any of this anyways. Well, I’ll explain it all later when you’re a bit older...hopefully...”

    “Now!” Uncle Jim hollowly laughed, “ ‘How could all of this have happened?’ ‘Why us?’ I bet that’s what you’re wondering, right?”

    I nodded again.

    “Good child.” Uncle Jim rubbed my head, “Listen very carefully for what I’m about to say and make sure to remember every single word. No, you should also remember what I said earlier, about giving some of my life to Little Aran. You’ll come to understand all of this in the near future...and if you don’t, then that’s all for the best.”

    “For both me and your father, I really hope that you don’t understand what I’m about to say when you grow just a bit older...But, when the time comes and you understand, the things I’m about to say really are quite important, y’know? So don’t blame me for being so cryptic, okay?”

    “O-okay...” I nodded. However, I couldn’t have helped but get a bit distracted by the red threads that are coming out from the blood splattered on the ground. But for some reason, none of them are coming near us at all.

    I quickly snapped out of it. This is important, I must listen. I might...find hope that Daddy is still alive. I also need to know, why did that ball of fur have anything to do with this entire situation at all? How come it’s the answer, to why all of the villagers, Daddy, had to die? To be completely honest, it’s my first time even seeing something remotely similar to the ball of fur...

    “This world is exactly how you thought it would be!” Uncle Jim shouted, unlike the usual him.

    “Yet, it’s the very opposite of how you would have imagined it to be!”

    “Eh...? I-I don’t understand, Uncle Jim!!”

    Uncle Jim smiled in response, “This isn’t the time for you to understand at all. Just make to sure to remember these words of mine, for the day where they might have a meaning.”

    “Now let me continue. That ball of fur used to be a wolf, y’know? It used to be!”

    “...? How is that possible, Uncle Jim! There’s no way that ball of fur is anything like a wolf!! I saw one just the other day, and it was nothing like this at all!!!”

    Uncle Jim bitterly smiled, as he threw a side glance at the passed out Aran.

    “That’s why I said that it used to be a wolf...Well, no matter. What happened to give it such a transformation--”

    Uncle Jim paused for a moment, “--You might not understand some of the big words that I’ll be saying now, but just make sure to remember them as hard as you can”

    He then took a deep breath. “--Living beings, for example this wolf, needs to consume both water and food in order to live. However, there is something else that living beings need in order to live...and that is Qi. Every single person has Qi. Some have more than others, while some might have less. That’s just how life is.”

    Eh? Qi? W-what’s Qi...?

    “Just like how you pee out your water, and poop out your food...Qi also needs to be filtered through, and get rid of every now and then. Thankfully though, that all happens to us, humans, during our sleep. Other living beings might have it the same as us, but I’m not really knowledgeable in that area at all.”

    “Are you memorizing everything I’m telling you, Little Jean...?”

    I hastily nodded, “Yes, Uncle Jim! Qi is something very important!”

    Uncle Jim laughed in response.

    “Little Jean, that’s great. You need to make sure that you memorize all of this...because, there still might be a way to help your father.”

    “Eh? So Daddy is still alive!?”

    Haha! I knew it, he was still alive!

    “Uncle Jim, if he was alive, then why didn’t you tell me earlier? Who cares about that! Let’s go see him now!!”

    “We can’t...” Uncle Jim shook his head, “We can’t see him right now...”

    Why? Why can’t we go see Daddy?

    I grabbed a hold of Uncle Jim’s hand, “Please tell me why, Uncle Jim? Why, can’t I see my Daddy?”

    “Because he’s in a lot of pain...” Was Uncle Jim’s response.

    “In that case, then all the more reason for going to him! Doesn’t Daddy need help? Let’s go and help him! Ease Daddy’s pain!”

    Uncle Jim shook his head again. “We can’t do that at all. We don’t have time to do that... I don’t have enough time to do that. Even If we did have enough time, I still won’t be able to anything to ease his pain...other than killing him, of course.”

    “Why? How come Daddy can only be either in pain or killed?!”

    “That’s what I’m about to explain. That’s why, you need to make sure to memorize my words. So when the time comes, you’ll be able to help Raul--your father to the best of your abilities...”

    “You see, the reason why I told you that Raul died earlier was for the sake of Little Aran. After all, I had...to end his mother, with these very own hands...”

    “H-huh...? Aunty...why did you, to Aun--”

    “I know!” Uncle Jim shouted, “I know what you’re going to ask! But what choice did I have, other than to do it? What else could I have done, other than to end her life? She was in so much pain! I was simply, simply too late!!”

    “U-uncle Jim!” I shouted as hard as I could, “It’s alright!” I continued.

    I don’t know what Uncle Jim did. However, Aunty was no longer here, just like Daddy, right? Uncle Jim must be in as much pain as I am, right?

    “But...why, Uncle Jim, did you have to k-kill Aunty with your own, two hands...?”

    I had to know. I know it might be painful to accept, just like how I am toward Daddy...

    Yet, I need to know. He might give me some sort of clue, to help Daddy! He said that there was a possible way to help Daddy...I must know the cause, to know the cure...So, I must ask Uncle Jim!

    “Her Qi was corrupted!” Uncle Jim bit as hard as he could on his teeth, “I was too late! I somehow managed to protect Little Aran, purely on coincidence! If I haven’t visited him while you just went outside, then I could’ve been too late! Little Aran, might have already began his transformation!”

    “Qi...what exactly is Qi, Uncle Jim? How can it be so evil? How can it kill everyone...?”

    “Hoowwwlll!!” “Hoowwwl!!!” “Hooowwwwl!!!”

    “Shit! Fuck! God dammit! We’ve been talking for far too long, Little Jean!!”

    As Uncle Jim said this, he grabbed my hand and lifted Aran over his shoulder with the other.

    Ahh...so Aran picked up his foul tongue from Uncle Jim...?

    “Let’s run as fast as possible!!”

    Just as we took the first step, countless other balls of fur appeared out of nowhere. They dotted the whole road, from the front and behind, seemingly endless.

    I bet that they were, at the very least, more than thirty balls of fur.


    Uncle Jim faintly cursed.

    “Listen very carefully, Little Jean...”

    “You must make sure to research Qi corruption, alright? If you were to ever know what Qi is, anyways. If you want to save your father...you must find a way to cure Qi corruption, alright? Cure it!”

    After he said that, he let go of my hand.

    “You must go to Yan city alongside Little Aran, okay? I want you to go there, and search for a guard named ‘Elian’ and tell him ‘You stinking good for nothing bastard, get a real job!’ Then explain the situation to him...He’ll help you two, for sure!”

    “W-what about you, Uncle Jim...?”

    I have a really bad feeling about this...This feeling, I really don’t like it...

    He then made some hand gestures, and then tapped Aran who was on his shoulder.

    Greenish threads extended from Aran’s body. And then, Uncle Jim pointed at me. No, his finger was moving. Moving toward the space between my eyebrows. Before I could respond, his finger already touched my skin. The green threads, who were floating aimlessly, quickly shot toward my body.

    “Mmm!!” Pain rang throughout my body.

    I closed my eyes, as I tried my best to hold back my tears. It’s really painful. It hurts...


    More and more howls came to be. I opened my eyes, and saw the scene before me. More fur balls appeared, and they seemed to have even doubled in numbers.

    I then turned to look at Uncle Jim...

    “Eh...where is Aran...?”

    Aran, who was on top of Uncle Jim’s shoulder, disappeared.

    And Uncle Jim just stood in his place, as pale as a sheet of paper.

    “I’ve sealed Aran inside your body...” Uncle Jim’s voice was like sand paper. As if, he was trying to talk after many years of silence.

    “He should be getting out of your body in two days...You must make sure, that you are at Elian’s place...before then...”


    “I’ll create a way for you to run away in. Just follow the road, and don’t stop! You’ll reach Yan city in half a day’s time, if you continue walking without sleep!”


    “No buts!” Uncle Jim interrupted me again. He then raised both of his hands, made some hand gestures, and then swept his hands across the road, toward the ball of fur at the front.

    The balls of fur in the very front exploded. Their blood went everywhere, including the balls of fur behind them. Those who were touched by the blood, then in turn, exploded with a “Boom!”

    “Now quickly, run into the grass! And keep on running forward, following the road! Make sure to remember what I told you about the corrupted Qi, and finding Elian at Yan city!!”

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    Chapter 10: The Determination of Living!

    “Throwing Thy Palm at the Abyss,”

    I left, alongside Aran and Uncle Jim, to Yan city just as the sun set down.
    Then, we encountered the balls of fur, who were shrieking and howling, at the prime of the night.
    From then, I ran. And ran. Ran. And ran yet again. Continued running, and running and running. I ran nonstop.
    I heard the screams of the balls of fur--and then the screams of Uncle Jim.
    Who would have thought that the balls of fur, who were just shrieking and howling earlier, can actually attack? I simply thought that they just make sounds to confuse someone...to make them pass out.
    However, I couldn’t have been more wrong.

    Their shouts weren’t in order to confuse the enemy. Nay, it was to alert their companions. Their kinsmen. After countless hordes of balls of fur came to be, they all...simultaneously pounced at Uncle Jim.
    Uncle Jim, in an effort to destroy as many as possible, shouted. Screamed. His voice echoed out, causing some of the balls of fur to fall down, having their fur dyed red in their own blood.
    My mind simply went blank, and I ran and ran and ran and ran.
    And then, I took a look at the sky; at the sun’s raising.

    How can the sun, who laid witness to my birth, who laid witness to the birth of Uncle Jim, who laid witness the birth of our village, who laid witness to the start of our history, who laid witness to our everything...even our deaths, still have the ability to rise?
    I don’t understand. I can’t understand.
    How is it possible, for it to not simply give up and rest forever, giving us everlasting darkness; immortal night?

    “How beautiful...”

    This, is true beauty.
    The beauty of the sun. Forget the moon. Forget the stars. The determination shown by the sun is unprecedented, truly beautiful beyond anything else.
    The ability to exhale this sort of heat, this sort of power, even after laying witness to the birth and death of countless people. Without a doubt, there are many who worship the sun. I can understand their feelings, even if it’s only a tiny bit. Seeing it’s children rise and fall, seeing the heroes of legend as they are made, and as they get destroyed. Yet, it still rises. Yet, it still showers us with warmth.
    A single sentence came to mind as I saw this.

    “Throwing Thy Palm at the Abyss,”

    The very first verse of the legend that the corrupt saint, the person who is likely the culprit of what has happened, forcibly implanted into my mind. My conscience.

    “The sun is at war with the darkness; with the night; with the unknown; with the future!”

    Simply facing the Abyss, head on!
    No matter how many blows the sun receives, no matter how many people it saw die, it’ll continue to rise! Until the day that it could no longer exert anymore heat!!!

    “Throwing Thy Palm at the Abyss!!!”

    At this moment, I have gained my very first enlightenment in the way of the immortal. Or at least, that’s how my future self would take this experience to be.
    Witnessing every single loved one you have, disappear in the very same night...
    ...And having the determination to move on! To fight! To change their fates!!
    I stared at the burning sun with all my strength. At the moment, the sun’s strength has yet to reach the point of burning my eyes if I looked at it straight.
    In return, golden, almost invisible threads flouted in the air.

    “The first time I saw these threads, they were red.”

    I slowly inhaled.

    “They were coming out of the ball of fur.”

    “The second time I saw these threads, they were green.”

    I exhaled.

    “Uncle Jim was the one who forced them outside.”

    “The third time, they were golden.”

    A lot of knowledge was being dumped into my mind, as I understood the very first verse of the ancient legend.
    There are still, thirteen verses left...Yet, just by understanding the meaning of the first, I came to understand many things.
    I now understand what Qi is. I now have a basic gist of Qi, which is pronounced as Chi.
    I felt as if all this information was already in my head, locked behind a door.
    The first verse was simply the key, that unlocked the door of knowledge.
    I think, that corrupt saint was the one who stored all of this inside my head, alongside the legend. If I were to understand the very first verse, then I would gain the basic understanding of the world. The world of immortals, that is.

    “Qi. Who would have thought Qi was something as stupid as this...how can something as stupid as this, possibly lead to the death of everyone?”

    Truly nonsense. Truly, a masterpiece.

    “The body is nothing but a cup, while Qi is the water that fills the cup! However, the water within the cup needs to be filtered out of impurities. The same goes to Qi, you must purify it to the greatest extent! Due to not being able to do that, the human body, which is the cup, regularly kicks out the impure Qi, and absorbs new Qi. Simply put, replace the old with the new!”

    However, that is the maximum extent of the knowledge that I’ve unlocked.
    Simply put, I only gained a simple understanding of Qi, the basis of all the living. More and more golden threads entered my body.

    “What’s the point of feeling sorry. What’s the point of feeling sad. If what Uncle Jim said is right, then Daddy should be alive. Corrupted Qi...what exactly is that? What could that mean? If I were to understand the second verse, would I understand?”

    “Uncle Jim. I really, really hope you're alive. No, I know that you are alive...You’re an immortal! You can wield Qi!! You must still be alive. I’ll be waiting for you, alongside Aran, at Yan city...So you better come back fast!”

    I raised my hand to touch the golden threads that are pouring into my body, through every pore in my body. I pointed my finger at them, and the threads joyful danced in response.
    I couldn’t have helped but break a smile.

    “So what if every body is gone? Steffi was kidnapped by the corrupt saint. Daddy is somewhere at the base of the mountain, awaiting my help. While Uncle Jim is fighting against beasts. Uncle Jim, isn’t he just a superb Immortal? Fighting beasts! To the death, nonetheless! I don’t know why, but I just know that he’s still alive.”

    Even if he screamed in pain. Even if he was surrounded by beasts in all directions...He has to be alive!

    “However...I think that I’ll miss the old demon. Oh well, he got to be alive as well, right? He has to!”

    More and more threads entered my body, filling the vessel that my conscience calls home.


     I felt my body becoming powerful. Sturdier. Faster. Full of life and vigor!

    “Crap...I stayed in this place for too long! Can it be that it picked up on the golden threads, and came here?!”

    I turned around to face a ball of fur.
    From what I saw earlier...it seems that this beast howls as hard as it could, to call reinforcements. If I don’t kill it fast enough, countless more balls of fur will appear...and then they’ll eat me alive!!!
    But even in this situation, I could not help but have my smile deepen a step further.
    Look, Uncle Jim, I’m in the same situation as you! I’ll show you that even the powerless me can overcome this, so make sure that you get to Yan city safe and alive!!

    A/N: I know, nothing much happened in this chapter. I'll be posting another chapter tonight~
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  • Wow, I didn't realize how backhanded of a compliment that made but I should have. I apologize! *kowtows violently*

    Besides you have added to my hall of fame for character qoutes: “I’ll go tell Daddy!!!” I ended up shouting like a badass, and ran out of the door like a hero. 
  • When are you coming back? We miss you!
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