EvE oF EvoLVe Chapter 13:-Black forest city

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Enhancement beasts:-equip to the summoners likely for the warriors to enhance their abilities like vision,hearing,tough skin.
Fighter beasts :-fight according to the summoners.
Regular beasts:- they also comes with fighter and enhancement beasts but they use for daily needs.
Divine beasts:-they are godly creatures who rules the beasts according to their essence.
Guardian beast:-every grimnoir has a guardian beast who will die when the user dies.

for all the beasts and summoners,warriors has the same stages like
copper stage:-1-9
iron stage:-1-9
bronze stage:-1-9
silver stage:-1-9
gold stage:-1-9
semi divine stage:-1-9
but the beasts with the same cultivation stages are more stronger than the user.and various cultivation like heaventree method which helps user to maintain two grimnoir. grimnoir are divided with stage and the beasts contain in it can summons other beasts.

and combinations of these affinities.

four continents and six seas are there
SEAS are:-
1)red sea.
2)orinal sea.
3)mystic sea.
4)lore sea.
5)clydus sea.
6)nure sea.

The sky is filled with storms and thunders but there are two peoples flying with their divine beasts battle with each other.one wore light green his name is alex with divine grimnoir in his hands and his beasts is a dragon with light affinity whose color is jade white except eyes which are crimson red and his tail is cut of with severe bleeding.the other person in red cape with snake eyes the devil king Zazzer covering his entire body his divine beast is hell hound with darkness affinity.both of them having severe clash with each other there are 1000 duels between them because the bet are two divine grimnoir bet by the and two divine eggs.the devil king is at loss because his hell hound misses one head so he sacrifice his soul and summon the abyssys beast.not knowing what to do alex orders the beast to steal the eggs and grimnoir while he keep his fighting with devil king.they successfully steals them but knowing this the zazzer uses his last trick and summons a dark hole to destroy them alex uses his last resort vesperious a halo light striking the dark hole creating the ripples and space is distorted where the ripples is created and a huge gale is formed sweeping both of them,when alex opened his eyes he is laying in the shades of the tree.he remember playing under this tree when he was 9 years old.he looks around his surroundings and there is his house.


  • chapter1:-HOME

    Alex hopped from the shaded region and run towards the mansion gate he has many things in mind still thinking this is a dream because he don't know what happened how got back in his child age.he reached the manner seeing that their little lord hopping the gate keepers are worried if he created another problem.

    Gasping for the air....he asked the guards what day is today the guards said that it is the third of the crest moon.the calendar is divided in solar crest and crest moon. ha ha this is real!!!!!. what happened my lord nothing you can keep guarding.. he entered into the mansion goes straight to his grandma room if anyone in the family that liked him was is his grandmother.Granny granny like a spoiled child he goes into the embrace of her.what happened she asked with a lolli eyes i missed you.

    His father is the city lord of vaglar city they are three main branches which holds power with them so his father can n't afford to spend time with him.her mother is a powerful mage but during his birth there is enemy attack and protect him she lost conscious.she has a private room where several doctors attends to her but there is nothing they can do?????

    Rubbing his hair granny asked him what stage of cultivation he was checking his meridian growth he was in copper six stage he said in copper sixth.oh oh oh oh my boy reached peak of the copper stage tomorrow we can go to the beast shop and get an egg for you. really!!!..ha my boy did i lied to you any time.his grand mother is the concubine of his grand father though she didn't said he knew when the attack happened on the city grandmother with a seal goes to the lunar sect a major branch in valkyre kingdom the king also don't offend them so they have no money problems and his father earned the city lord position by not using his authority though hard work he earned.

    Its already noon come the maid prepare the lunch.she take his hand and walks to the dinning room.the food are prepared to the liking of their young lord lunch contains twin glaces shrimps and single horn deer meat they are in the copper stage only but shrimps are cultivated in the city and deer are on outskirts of the mystic forest.

    Alex liked the bean soup made by the granny after they ate their lunch he has a time of three hours until the instructor comes to teach him.the instructor is leo a silver star mage and a close friend of his father in the enemy attack during the birth time of his he helped them .leo was the second most important to him.

    Not knowing what to do he went to the armoury to pick the hidden weapons during his vast experience with the help of hidden weapons he assassinate a powerful people the one who teach him how to use hidden weapon was the leader of the assassins guilt when he was in 12 year after the destruction of the city and the rejection of their grand father they travel to number of cities but they are robbed and his grand mother is killed by the theives he was the one who saved him and teach him the methods in the acupunture for blocking meridians the stealth skills and elevation techniques he later found out that his teacher was the leader of the guilt.if he has a chance to repay he will not have a second thought.

    In the armoury he was searching for the neddles but he didn't found any thing besides a knives.he has a vast experience with weapons he traveled to different continents in his time gained experience in them.
    its currently time for the instructor leo waiting for in the training grounds he starts practicing the knives but they are off target because the warrior ki and mage force has not developed the extent he want.the last knives he throws with full power concentring his ki in eyes but who knows that the instructor leo is watching him in shadows.

    when alex was exerted fall on his knees he walks in the field noticing that instructor has come alex stood up i didn't teach you anything like this to cover the matter he says that guards are practicing them so he want to give a try . leo was a mage so he has no idea about the use of weapons but alex has a full idea about them.
    shall we starts practice instructor called his grimnoir and summon a 5 teir copper beasts.since alex is nearing to his ten years he can summons a grimn noir but he have to be in atleast iron stage to use a grimnoir so he wants to gives a brief description about grimnoirs and beasts but if he knew that the present alex capabilities then god only knows what happens to him.But alex didn't want to hurt leo so he listened to the leo words like it is the first time he was hearing anxiety expressions.after the instructions and explanations leo asked alex to show him the basic spell fire parks and water needle.these spells can be used by the copper stage mages with little ki alex showed them and after a brief talk like fire sparks can be extends if you use extra seals and mage force.

    After giving brief description to alex he left because he has something to discuss with the lord and left .

    when leo crossed the gates alex started collecting the knives and he has one thing to do that is to check upon his mother condition.

    so he left for his mother room.......
  • chapter2:-healing the mother

    Alex left for his mother room which is in the north corner of the mansion where.the room is built in the shape where the moon light concentrate. his dad built it like that because is mother is mage of light affinity 
    but since she is unconscious her dantain cannot observe the halos(elements but contains more purity).

    when he was 7 years old they are moving to their province but the lunar sect cannot bear the achievement of his dad and hired assassins to kill them in order to protect her son she sacrifice mage force and made a pact with elemental halos to protect him.

    her meridians are blocked the light magi are rare because making pact with halos are difficult for them and the essence of them is less.halos has a healing properties regards their nature.

    his mother Alanus is third child of snowlight sect patriarch.

    But his mother married a low level noble they cut their ties from her if they want to help her it is an easy task but they didn't .based on his city lord positions his father used several methods but her condition is not improved so they opted for two method one was two use spirit gen but using them cost high amount and city lord cannot afford it.

    the next method is to use twinbright flower petals 3 tier silver stage they are the plant type beast but has leaves which collects the light elements they are cultivates in the garden but 2 are they can afford it they present in large quantity in forests but they dont dare because of magical beast.plant type beast maximum reach is gold stage so the higher stage beasts are low in number

    Head maid nessy daily treats his mother with them so he can take a look.

    The head maid reached the garden where the beasts are there but there is a boy near them she wants to shout at him but on closer look he turns out to be the young lord.she asks is there anything he wants.he opened his hands to show that he pick up today petals.but she shocked how a boy can cut them its not an easy task.

    seeing the look on the maid i just want to look after my mother.no one is allowed to be there when i was saying this he went to the northern part of the mansion

    when he opened the door of his mother there is beautiful lady on the bed its look likes the moon light is reflecting from her he went up to her on closely observing the body state he had a feeling of several thorns i his heart because of his mother spell only the light halo particles he can easy accomodate them.

    remembering the time where his mother played with telling stories about the adventures all it happened because of his father sect he vowed that he will take revenge no matter what she is his mother and he knows the suffering from the mage force tears are formed in his eyes he has a method to help his mother but not in a position to save her there is no guarentee success but he has to risk it 

    he place one petal on her head which contains the meridian seal where the meridians are originates point and on abdomen where there is the dantain. he draw a small seal on her head with his blood and there is a green drop in the middle of the seal concentrating on moonlight he accumulate light particles and slowly condensing them into halos place them on the petals and a bright light is eminented illuminating the entire mansion. if he was in iron stage healing her is not a difficult process his consciousness faded and he fell besides her.

    the light is so bright that it can be viewed from the city outskirts.

    the city lord Drake lunus (lunus is the sur name of his sect) had a face with a worry races towards wife room.

    not only him the guards and maids also runs towards their lady room.when drake reached the room there are maids and guards he opened the room .but the brightness in the room is not ended .

    when his vision is clearing he cannot help but to gasp because his wife alanus open her eyes and hugging her child tears are flowing from them because she knows that her son from now on cannot cultivate 
    in the light techniques as he made a blood pact on halos

    this is a serious amend when a halos made a pact they cannot go back on their words 

    the lord slowly reached alanus what happen he also not knows but his wife consciousness also faded.

    he ordered not to disturb them and report him when they are awake and left the room .
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  • chapter 3:-visiting the city

    The green bay  province citizens are in happy because their lord has decreased in the tax pay.but the occasion kept secret from them.In the mansion lively environment is filled with blizzare  but there is discussion going between drake and doctor surth.

    He given drake two choice one  is to make her rest for 3 months of deep slummer and her cultivation will be in peaks the other one is to use acupunture but their is no guarantee  that the lady will be recovered

    Drake opted to choice one because at that time alex reach ten year by luck he can have a contract with a grimnoir then she can start teaching him the matter is ended no one question how did the lady got healed but they cannot doubt a nine year child if he cured her then it defy the common sense

    Alex present stage is copper 8 by luckily his dandtain has observed the mage force in the room when the pact with light element halo is going .if he break through iron stage he can start using heavens realm cultivation technique.

    In the afternoon alex waits for instructor leo since it is a joyous occasion he given a description about how one form a contract to a grimnoir and beast type blah balh blah....

    Alex doesn't want to hurt him likley wise maintain the awe expression.At the end when he was about to left instructor i have a request alex asked...

    What is it????

    He extended his showing the three short knives to imbbed them with his bronze warrior ki leo he induce the  warrior ki.it can help him to practice the target well.

    alex next week i am visiting the city do you want to come with me there will be beast core and eggs auctioned there.if you successfully contracted  a grimnoir then i can teach you the remaining methods.he daily practicing the hidden weapons because his body not adjusted to it.

    the next week they left for the city in a carriage.they are several things he want to buy but mainly needs the initial stage cultivation core of a bronze tier beast.

    they stopped before the black smith shop uncle needed an armor and chain mills for  the city guards and chain mails for the mage guards as thery cannot bear more weight than the warriors.black smith take a round them to his inventory.

    armor made from the scales of fluffy bonecat skin it contains glisters when made but it is added to umbra tree trunk it is more durable then the others.the chain mills flamelich scales it is durable to fire  and light weight.

    alex do you want anything????

    sir,do you have any hidden weapons.

    Hidden weapons are meant for assassins my lord.they are difficult to master . and get but we sell all tiers of weapons

    They is no problem with me sir please show me.

    Since he came with leo he not make a word taking them near the shields place he clicked a crystal in the middle of a shield.
    Oh oh oh ...alex was made a gape!!!!!.
    Since green bay has ores they get orders to made various weapons.

    Alex can knows the method to  made hidden weapons so he know which one is better here the smaller the size the greatest stealth it can be used.

    But there is no needdle knives. As he was strolling checking them a weapon set with narrow head like the base o the arrow but it is in small size like 4 cm each and body is made of wood, handle.like a katana(like in naruto the katanas it is made of iron) . Its head and tail is only made.up of ore.

    He take them in his hand the weight is offset, but he can modify them uncle i want this set!!!!

    My lord the total cost take two hundred fifty silvers the cost is more but they can afford since it is the first time they are in the city

    Leo take gold card  the smith took his silver card and placed upon them and the amount display  number in them is reduced.they are called transaction cards which helps storing money. and retrieved the person by inducing the person ki.

    they left the smith and taking carriage back to mansion.

    instructor leo i want to buy an beast core.
    what is the use of a beast core for you????.there are dual talents like mage force and warriors ki. but they found out it in age of ten if one cultivates both of them he considered to be a peer.

    i read in a book that the early stage beasts has no elemental affinity but it have essence it can help to make a break through in cultivation .

    what ever it is lets visit the market there are many shops selling cultivation methods weapons beast cubs.

    they came to a core stop the shop keeper  displays cores in their tiers. 

    alex selected three one tier and two 2 tier cores. taking them left for the mansion.
  • chapter 4:- breaking through iron stage

    Reaching the mansion he thanked leo for his help.

    instructor leo i want to do a clossed door practice i think there may be a break through in my stage.

    i see,now only i observed that you are in copper 8 stage nut breaking through the nine stage is diicicult as it reagarding the matter of forming breaking the dantain and reforming into iron phase.

    do you need my help????

    no need,but any way thank you for this day.

    he left for the room,but leo haas some doubts the lazy lord want to reach iron stage how did he break through from 6 stage to 8th stage any way it is agood indication if he worked hard.they may be achance he can enter the four continental school.

    drake voice resounded from the back.leo,what do you think there is a change in alex behaviour alanus recovered when he was taking care of her could this matter relates to him.

    my lord,no need to worry even medical saints feel helpless towards madam condition there is no need to doubt the alex,there is no need to worry about it as they are discussing the head maid hurriedly come to them and knelt.

    what happened??

    it's dead really dead!!!!

    one of the twinbright flowet beast is dead.


    they went to the garden by observing closely the one of them had its petals withered.it's seems it unable to cultivate the halos,isn't silver stage a beast will be unable to cultivate if there is no core.

    when they extracted the core they cann't help to feel bad omen a silver stage core if it is of light affinity it core in jade pure white but this one seems to be all the essence is vanished from it.

    last night the lady recovered and the beast is dead.leo,i said that it is related to the alex since the last night besides him is any body touched it.

    no lord,she replied.

    well what happened there is no loss for it keep it secret and dispose it.

    saying this drake left with him leo also went.

    in his room alex take out the core and palced it table.he took one teir beast core went near the window where there is a moon light.

    thinking back, he was sorry about the beast the seal he inscribed on mother forehead contains the blood of that beast.i think it will be whitherd now since it cann't able to cultivate light elements.

    whatever he must break in to iron stage.

    he started extracting the essence from the beast and transeffering to his dantain since it is iron stage the copper dantain absorption is slow.

    time passes its been two days he extracting the core essence converging it to his dantain in this process the meridians also absorbing them and growing in size.

    the meridians cannot hold the iron stage if they are in the state

    he take another core merging it essence to the meridians.

    the meridian focal point in his meridians also absorbing it and expands he doing both for focal pont and dantain in simultaneously

    in next two days the entire cores are used.his dantain one can see has grown double and the meridians connecting it has thickened,body is emiting the impurities and there are some copper particles dispelled from his body.

    finally he reached the iron stage.obseving himself the entire body smells bad.he got up from there and went to hot springs.

    he was happy because he can cultivate the HEAVENS REALM.this technique he found out it in temple left by the seven gods.

  • chapter 5:- cultivation

    The next day his father had some business in the kingdom capital Thale with leo they left.

    Although they are happy because alex is now in iron stage they donnot know when he will contract a grimnoir. if they know that alex had a grimnoir of divine type they will puke blood

    Having breakfast with granny alex left to field to train his new weapons he bought.if he successfully mastered the hidden weapons means there is no need to fear any person..he can assassinate them  and fled.

    Early morning he notified the maid to make a marks on the tree trunks and dummies.he take out the katanas and wrap the body with linen thread inorder to adjust the weight

    He practiced shooting them for two hours.his body is in peak condition his eyesight is better.

    He summoned his two grimnoir to check.his grimnoir know in bronze stage so he can access it.but the pages are sealed braking through stages may help him to unlock them. the devil king grimnoir is in siver stage he can open this when he was in bronze stage .so he recalled it.while checking his guardian beast dragon there is the white egg with golden lines this is the divine eggs  he had  steal from devil king.the other divine egg is missing or in the devil king grimnoir. so he touched the white egg . slowly the words are revealing in the grimnoir a divine egg which helps the beast to cultivate when the essence is provided in it.with it reaching the divine stage for any beast is easy.it can save any dying beast by forming a contract with it the beast.the beast after the cultivation  from it  becomes  the guardian beast.he was happy and sad because his dragon is missing which helped him in many journeys.but with divine egg he can have many number of guardian beast.

    A guardian beasts can be resummoned if it is destroyed because its life force is depended on the user.but based on affinities he can control if he has two type like earth and water his beasts can of their type

    He has an advantage on this stage the heavens realm cultivation will helps the user to control all the affinities this is ancient cultivation technique besides him there is no one who knows this.he was waiting for night time to cultivate under the moonshine.

    In the night he sat near the open pond in the garden the torches are lit up .He concentrated on the cultivation 

    First step is to form six meridians in the form of hexagon near his dantain. It is a painful process.he successfully formed them the dantain is in middle he has to know observe each elemental halo and settle them in each of the six meridians

    The next step is the order of placing them no two anti elements must placed with each other

    He sat in a place where moon shine is more and  concentrated on light halos slowly taking them attaching it to his meridian so now it has both sides can be filled with any affinities besides dark elemental halo.he has to place them diagonally opposite to each other so they can be in neutral.

    Next he went in to the pond submerging upto half length. Starts gathering the water elements slowly condensing halos he place them on light halo side. The wind halos gathering is easy because it is in abundant he cannot place the halo to the light one it can disturb it. So he placed it next to water.

    So he gathered three different halos then move to the shaded region where there are no specs of light particles gathering the dark elementals and placing them opposite to light halos.

    For next halos of earth the tree roots can be useful he burrowed himself in the space absorbing the halos he place them against wing if there is a halos who doesn't oppose part are wind and earth only.

    There is one part which doesn' t filled the fire halos he needed a fire place.

    So he went to hall there is the huge fire pit which can warm entire mansion.

    This step is most crucial because fire halos can burn up a meridians.he started condensing the fire elements to  soothen the meridians using water halo gently condensing it opposite to water.

    The second step is finished.

    The last and finale step the entire  essence must be equally distributed to halos.

    If any  halos receive more essence then other his core can be shattered.this is the backlash of heaven realm cultivation.

    He went to his room retrieved the 2 tier beast cores for the essence and started absorbing it to his dantain. The entire process take him three hours during this his meridians are developed and he broke through the first stage of iron.

    He started distributing the essence to the halos the halos are thickened in their color. until the dantain is empty he distributed it.if he can reach silver stage then the cores are formed for this halos he can use beast cores to fill them.
    He formed the fire sparks in his hand while  In his dantain mixed the wind.and fire. It glows more bright.

    Granny was happy since he reached the iron stage. But she knows that he has to use beasts core she doesnt know what is his affinities so she bought a huge piles of iron beasts cores for him

    He slept plently in the night .the morning he starts gathering the essence when maid interepted him.

    Annoyingly he opened the door but who knows that there piles of core. Granny bought him the cores.

    He started practising spells in the morning then an hour break for lunch
    Then started practice with hidden weapons. In the night he started refining the cores.

    The meridians are rich with essence. After filling dantain he distrributed to the halos.he practised divine vision and wingsteps with them since he perfectly accumulated to hidden weapons.

    Divine vision can help him to see through every thing.wingsteps is agility skill which user movements become graceful.he has more methods due to in iron stage he cannot be helped.

    this become his daily routine for the next three months.

    in these days his dantain grow in size up to five inches this represents he was in iron 5 stage.consuming the beast core may be useful but if you depend on them more then your dantain will be adicted to it and cultivation may ne slowed.

    now the time was for his mother to wake up from slummer and to implement  his plans
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  • Hey FrnDs 

    i had a side story is all about moderan day life style 

    its genres are slice of life,romance in school life and added with angles and devils.I had  name the story as

    The apprentice of three devils.

    suggestions are allowed for story name (^|^)
    chapter 1:- Encountering


    As Harry was strolling around the street corners lazily,he was searching for his favourite albums looking over the displays of albums around the shops thinking what to buy.Harry after realizing that there isn't any thing new,resorted back to going to his school. Slowly climbing the stairs near the park which is a short cut route for his school the stairs are minimum 450 in numbers .though he is a 15 years boy he do regular exercises with his grand father so this is a easy job for him slowly chewing the gum in his mouth making bubbles and exploding them he covers 4 to 5 stairs in a single leap.

    Reaching the last stair he leap for the divider on the road but who thought that there is a girl who was talking on the phone.Not knowing what to do he places his hand on the girl head and leap for the second time the girl lost her balance and falls breaking her new bought i phone display but she only saw a black blur so she immediately send ki to her eyes seeing a boy who is near to her age.

    she wants to charge at him but there is a important call for her and thinks another time i will surly get you pay back.Harry is now charging towards a tree which is next his class window today  first class is maths class and the teacher is famous for his strict nature. the class one of the bully daniel has a huge grin on his face because the seat next to him is empty he managed to lock the window so now he have to wait for the roll calls.there is richie who is the managed to unlocked it.

    But there is a answer for the next roll call number turning around around he sees harry who calmly smiling back at him his face is now red with full of anger so many times he tried to hurt harry but he failed.Harry shows a thumbs up to Richie seeing this Daniel feircly glance at Richie though he fear Harry he has no fear towards Richie but he cannot do any thing because Richie is always with Harry.

    After the roll calls the teacher said that they had a new transfer student saying this he gestures his hand for the girl to welcome in the class .the girl slowly strolls toward the class but her eyes stare fell upon the boy she fiercely glances upon him seeing this there are chills ran towards his back he clearly felt an killing intent coming from her.I am Meghan i am from cairo and from know on in your care after brief introduction the teacher allocates her a set which is behind the Harry.

    Every step she takes harry heart is slowly cursing what the hell he do to that girl.as the girl came near to him she says you are quite good at body agility skills hearing her words.harry become a dead person because these are the martial arts that his grand father trains him.He used it near the stairs and at the divider and a a image of a girl that came across his mind both the girls have same hair band. the next word came from his mouth  is sorry.

    Harry mind is filled with thoughts like has this girl seen his martial arts he is training for 6 years and there are few people besides his grand father knows.The girl takes her seats and lay down her bag then she shows her phone to Harry.Harry face became pale because fixing this phone display means he has to cut his three months pocket money.the classes are changing from maths to physics and english and the bell rang.

    Megan turn her head and  asks Harry how he knows any martial arts and where did he learn from.Harry just smiles at her backing a few steps from her and start running the girl soon follows his pace and match up to him.knowing that the distance is gradually increasing the came to halt throwing the juice bottles that are in the cases next to her. To show his might as an martial arts he stood there my doing slight body motions he dodges them.he march towards the school ground base ball club .

    After running 5 minutes he slow down seeing that the girl is not changing him he came to halt and hides in the seats steps. calmly waiting for his choice to escape but Megan stays at the corridor which is the only entrance she didn't want to search the entire room it slowly turns to evening but the girl didn't changes a little bit of her position.but then a deep voice echos in the club room with a laugh.

    Then a figure emerged from the shadows a man wearing a luxurious suit and is staring toward Megan.Megan heart trembles because the man in front him was underground strongest assassin shadow rouge the name is because his speed is profound.she immediately takes her stance and they exchange the pointers.But Megan is at disadvantage seeing this harry leaps forwards but his speed become double as he removed the weights on him and lashes towards the shadow rouge seeing this the  rouge was amazed at the boy speed because the boy age is half of his but his speed is matches up to his so he takes the step back and the position before is a large hole stuck by the hands of harry.harry slowly supports the Megan who has a cuts on her toes and her shoulders they are precise attacks aiming for the vitals but she manged to avoid them seeing this Harry heart is curse because he regularly spars against his grand father but not any assassins.The rouge raise his voice and says to harry as long as he steps aside then he will not kill him but harry slowly smiles at him and says that he owns to the Megan.harry slowly gathered his every amount of his Ki in his right hand and left leg and leap form the ground towards rouge.seeing the boy recklessness he smiles towards harry and immediately his knife which is hiding in his sleeves throws at him but practicing body manuver(agility) skills for 6 six years he faced this type of battle with his grand father he used his left hand to make a rotations and kick the ground with his right leg and leap towards the sky but rouge observing harry skills cursed his heart because he barley following his path while observing his path but harry suddenly vanishes not knowing where is harry he is on guard when he sees harry punch toward left he was hit from the right and when he think it is right he will be hit from left rouge immediatley know this skills as polaroppose it is a profound skill of the heaven decent of ancient times.

    Harry suddenly came halt and glances toward rouge and says that he will use his most powerful skill and ready himself by taking his stance so rouge also uses his skill void null blade he arranged himself in half moon position while harry is demon crest that is one leg is in the ground and while the other is towards the sky a linear line.He concentrated his all ki in right leg  which is facing sky and a bright light envelops his leg.rouge was happy because in his half crest position he can control ten blades and lines them in a curve position from his right hand to left in a curve shape.seeing this Megan was in a shock because rouge half crest position can rival up to ten strong build others she was cursing herself because of her recklessness they end up in this position she thought that no one will found her.she is staring at the two persons suddenly Harry right leg punches the ground and leap forward and rouge releases his blades  the speed of the blades is fast.Harry forms a ki circle which is releasing ki in their body and making an area of circle where he can felt any presence.He doges he doges 6 blades and jump towards the sky and make a rotations and bought his left leg in a arc position straight toward rouge head.Rouge who underestimate harry brought his remaining 4 blades and make them counter Harry legs.there is a huge crash between them and this type of battle one who has large amount of ki can win but both of them has used their full amount of ki while three of blades are crashed down and one wounded the Harry leg but burdening this pain Harry locks the rouge shoulder and knee him in the chin and give him a headbutt at the same time.rouge who is standing like a dead person his eyes shows no sign of life and collapsed to the ground. Harry slowly limps towards Megan as he removed the blade from his leg .But suddenly a person with dark hair pale skin and blood eyes came from the woods as his gaze fell on rouges body slowly turning to Harry he leaps forward at an amazing rate and he pierced harry stomach he raised harry body up to his face him aside and slowly covering in paces towards Megan.Harry eyes are fading he regret his decision of saving this girl and he felt anger because of his weakness but suddenly a voice raise around his mind if you want power you have to bear the consciousness and his body is slowly standing the muscles are expanding and the hole in his stomach is almost healed leaving s brand of smoke and two horns are grown from his head his entire body is red in color.sensing the change in ki both Megan and the person are with an awkward face.because 160 cm harry mow is like 3 meters tall the man leap forward toward harry without a second thought and bought his hands to pierce harry heart but as he was 10cm towards harry he felt a huge pressure and harry hands are both cupped and bought against his whole body the pressure he felt was the air surrounding harry hands and within a second the man was reduced to pulp and harry is slowly licking his hands and his gaze fell towards Megan body was like a statue not unable to move...........

  • chapter 6:- Gift

    The three months has passed like a flow of river. In these three months Alex has refined his divine vision well but his wingsteps grows to third level he can now transports 50 meters in a split seconds. His father had reached the mansion 10 days before. 

    Drake has never seen his son to train this extends the maids has given about brief description about his training. Drake is a warrior because his affinities to elements are less and have a contracted beast as master and slave but he had many cultivation techniques but his son never shown interests in them he had to happen travel to capital two times there he bought some agility techniques but when he seen his son performing its like he is leaving an images behind him.

    A lot of questions are there in his mind and many things to asks like where he learned these skills but as a father he never paid attention to him so he couldn't do it.

    In the night the doctor are arrived as they undo the seal on the lady a glow filled the room the lord and Alex are waiting anxiously. If Alex calculations are correct his mother now in 7 silver stage as the light faded Alanus slowly opened her eyes.Drake and Alex are the only people that stood there the remaining people are went out to give the family sometime.

    Alanus "Are you feeling well ?".Drake cannot help to worry as he missed his wife for more than two years.

    I am fine just don't know how did i got contracted with light halos again but observing my body i have way more of them in the previous stage. Its good i arrange someone to take care about you for the night.

    Father don't worry tonight i will take care about mom. Although Drake had some doubts how he can take care but after his night care only she recovered so he didn't said any thing and left.


    Alanus called and pointing him to sit next to her he went next to her and sat there.

    Alex how did you do it you clearly sacrificed the light essence to made a pact with them. hearing this Alex was slightly started but he expected this from his mother but hiding only raises the doubts.Mother don't worry about anything as long i was here i won't allow any one to hurt our family please don't ask anything as long as you recovered its enough.

    Surprising about her sons attitude she didn't said anything Alex now which stage are you in. mom i am in iron stage.

    oh... its good you can now make a contract with a magical beasts. quickly show me your grimnoir i want to see your guardian beast.

    Alex flipped his hand and a grimnoir appeared.

    The grimnoir color is changed because of Alex heaven realm cultivation technique.the book edges are dark with light finishing at its edges but at the center there is hexagon like structure  with each elemental halos are shared.

    Alanus couldn't help to worry a person atmost have three affinities she want to asks Alex but seeing the confusion look on Alex face she stop herself
    while checking his guardian beasts there is no description about it only an white egg with golden line curved along it.she didn't seen anything particular like this she reminded herself when she had a chance will reasearch about it.

    Alex your guardian beast is specular i didn't know not a thing about it and never seen anything like this.

    Mom you should rest although you are fully recovered but your dantain is not adjusted to your meridians.she only smiles towards Alex.

    Alex you know as a mother what things i want from you.


    Not many things Alex acknowledge about us to the clans make them regret about their decisions i may not be suffered well but your father has from child hood in our school or tournaments he was made to be clown but i had clear idea about his strength.if you starts cultivates from here you may achieve gold stage in six decades.

    Mother rest assured i do every thing in my power to help my family and make our province as a stronger one.

    Alex slept in his mother lap as he missed his mother for over a 1000 years he had a second chance. his eyes become heavy and slept peacefully.

    Alanus backed to the wall she was happy together with her son.she took off her necklace which has a white stone embbeded in it this is her grandfather most cherished treasure and given it to her although she don't know its uses kept it with her.

    In the morning shine Alex had woke up seeing his mother leaning over the wall he bought the pillow placed on  her back and left the room.

    He went to the hot spring as usual the maids kept his cloths there and closed the door Alex who was in deep thinking about his plans.he summoned the grimonoir and pinched his finger draw some seals on the book.it is called fakefate seals these are used to deceive the fate he changed his grimnoir to a light user grimnoir .he retrived the egg and bought its close to the face to observe the pattern so he can use anything out of it.

    When the egg was bought close to this face it touched the white stone small light is emitted from it and a minature beast creature with appearance like an small dwarf with huge head like double its body size.its like the beasts soul and it is transferred to the egg.he was startled but remembering the necklace belongs to his mother he cool of .

    Alex was started as he was searching the pages in the grimnoir there is an egg with pale blue color besides the divine egg. not knowing what to do he send the all affinities towards it the egg like a whirlpool started sucking it until there is a small quantities remained in his dantrain.

    After the bath he went to hall where his mother and father sits opposite side of the table but his father face has smile on his face its genuine like.as they chatted wuth each other.he went and sat next to his mother the cook arranged the food. 

    Alanus started feeding him he loved those days where in the garden his mother feeds him telling the adventure stories he missed those days

    After eating the food both his mother and father left to stroll along the city as his father want to show many things to her.

    Back yard the servants started throwing fruits in the sky.Alex closely observing the path and he throws the katanas when they aligned in the same line it cuts throw them in a single path. leo has nothing to teach and he was happy as Alex become independent.

    But his dantain is empty as every thing is sucked by the egg.he continued training for the next two weeks.his mother feed him and tell stories about various adventure he was over an thousand years sane person but the things his mother says he was never bored.

    The training was vigorous as his essences is sucked by the egg.its like a huge hole with no depths sucking it but its also helpful as he was rich in raw essences and meridians also growing.the size of each halos also increasing.

    At the end of the twentieth day the egg has slight cracks around it....

    Alex was in a very enthusiastic state as he was having his first beast!!!!!!

  • chapter 7:-first beast

    Finally the egg shell is cracked and the beast is crawled from the empty shell. The beast has a body of a small monkey with three tails and head in a oval shape larger than the body ts entire body is in grey yellow color . 

    Alex started observing it in his life experience he come across many types of beasts even divine beasts but didn't seen like this one.on the beast forehead there are a complex symbol.It making sounds like whish.. whish... and jumping in his palms after a brief thought he named it as Whispher. he called whispher if its liked the name its nodded its head in agreement.

    The whispher eyes are crystal white seeing this any one can think it may be blind but its starts moving towards the length of the Alex hand come to his shoulder and sat there.Making a sounds of hunger Alex feed it with fruits but didn't touch them. In his pocket there is a 3 tier iron stage beast core it take out the core from his pocket with his tail and started licking it.

    Alex wondered that all magical beasts eat the cores but it liking it. Several minutes later the whispher  throw out the core Alex went to it and observed.To his surprise the elemental attribute is there but the raw essence which every user avoid when using a core was consumed by this beast.

    He wonders what type of this beast it is finally he came to a conclusion that the whispher may be an enhancing type so he merged with the Whispher.Upon merging with whispher he didn't feel any changes in his body but the hereditary memory of the beast is there. so he gasped a few abilities of it from the hereditary memory its like it can control the thinks and these  power is called physcic.

    In the backyard he trows the katanas towards the target but it is not in a straight path he have to deviate it to hit it concentrating on the katanas the innate ability of it helped him to deviate it. so he concluded that the whispher is indeed a sacred beast if he developed it he can may face any number of attacks. by concentrating on changing the katans all the beast essence is utilized.

    For every night he cultivates his essence and transfers its to the whispher he continued it for the next four days. leo visited him he want to take Alex to the opune black forest so that he can make a contract with a beast.the continent they are in is opune it has three kingdoms in total.there are two kingdoms at a side and another one opposite of it Xenus,Zarf and the other one is Donxious it is on the other side of the forest.

    Alex do you to visit opium forests with me we can leave for the next month to make a preparation for obtaining a grand(a beast in late bronze stage) beast for you.but there is problem the lord may be agree with but lady will not so you have to make her agree for it.

    Instructor leo i want some cores for my cultivation.if there are any bronze cored available i want them.

    Hmmm.. Alex you are mainly depending upon beast cores the raw energy may effect your body or hinder your cultivation. I can deliver them yo you by night.

    Alex resummon the beast in to grimnoir but strangely the golden pattens in the egg are connected to it.forgetting 

    about it he started practice the wings steps and stone punches which he practiced after the divine vision skill 

    cultivation is minimized

    He practiced for the evening having dinner with mother. Refreshing from hot spring . He went to his room sat in 

    bed started cultivatiom in these three months his meridians are grown fully he was in fifth stage of iron .

    The maid has delivered the cores to him he took a core summoned the whispher. Whispher started eating the cores 

    who are in iron stage he finished upto 20 cores regarding their teirs. After finishing them slep plentifully on Alex lap.

    Alex started consuming the 20 cores his dantain like a whirlpool sucked their energy transferring them to each of 

    his halo particles after completing them walk up to his bed and place next to him. He want to find more about 

    whispher since it has a hereditary memories it must be a legend beast.

    Whispher is sleeping soundly on the bed but its body is changing the grey color is fading. In the morning when 

    Alex had woken he was startled to seeing the change in him. The body is in lemon yellow color its tails are a bit 

    long it its been yesterday when he woken.

    But whispher cultivation from bottom copper stage to fourth stage its reached he had consumed only iron tier beast 

    cores but he only reached to fourth stage. He wondered where the raw essence is gone .

    He got up from the bed recalled whispher in to the grimnoir his beast core sack is now empty taking the bath he 

    went to dining hall there are his mother and father but there is another its his Granny. she rarely comes outside 

    walks up to the table Alex sat next to her.

    Granny Do you remember your province? Alex asked.

    oh Dear if its not for my grandson do you think i will come outside hawe are going to buy you a beast cub your mom and i decided to go to our kingdom capital thale to get you a cub i had a friend who maintain a beast store Alanus also require spirit gems we are set to journey on third day.Even though our green bay province is in bottom caompares to others but your father name is big in the king's council.

    Alex went for a stroll in the city with guards so he can refresh his mind like wise the market side is filled with excitement  pesants selling their products.merchants lays along the corridor with their trunks.But there is a commotion going on because lots of people are gathered infront of a stall. The owner of the stall place a beast egg of unknown origin for the winning price. 

    Using his divine vision Alex look up for the beast type in the egg.on seeing the beast in the egg  his heart 
    wavered because its the species of his dragon  where he lost in the battle with devil king zazzer his body automatically moved towards the stall his heart is filled with anxiety,despair and pain he and his dragon survived many dangerous situations and faced death many times both of them helped each other to grow.

  • chapter 8:- dirty tricks

    Alex went to the stall.seeing the guards and the young lord the people had payed the way Alex eyes are entirely on the beast egg.

    The mercenary peoples cannot help but chuckle since they can fool this young lord and can benefit from him."oh its the young city lord what do you need from the people like us perhaps do you also want to enter into the challenge in order to obtain this egg.one of the guard spoke,No there is no need for it name your price.

    My lord this is a game we are playing on has to play 15 bronze coins to play. we cannot sell it to you but if you had the capacity then you can win this egg by playing the game.Nonsense what are you talking about our lord is only ten years old and how can he play the games like you people do.Since the guards has no idea about Alex cultivation.Alex used fakefate technique to modify his grimnoir in the while he concealed his cultivation.if they happen to know about it they will vomit blood because the stronger in the guards are in iron 7 stage and all the mercenaries are in iron stage and bronze stage.

    The guards clearly know that these mercenaries contains spies from other provinces.Green bay province has natural protecting grounds and of its mineral capacity and land fertility many province want to occupy it. But the city lord Drake has his position in the king council at strong so they often use these mercenaries to insult them or to steal their goods.If any of the province lord is not good then citizens will gradually attracted to them but thanks to their lord he was graceful to them.

    Finally Alex spoke "what is the challenge about??".

    Its simple my lord you have to discover the bowl which was covering the stone we shuffle the bowls and you have to pick one bowl if that bowl contains the stone then you can get the egg.its so simple my lord give me this chance saying this one of the guard placed the 15 bronze coins on the table.the mercenary started shuffling the bowls 
    there are two persons behind him with a huge grin on their face.Alex cannot help to worry so he concentrated his attention fully on the bowls when he shuffle for one last time he moved the stone in to his sleeves.

    Alex face was red with anger playing this mean trick on him.the guard pick up a bowl but there is no stone.he was dumbfolded that bronze coins are his monthly wage he has to feed his family if he present this egg to the young lord he may curry his favor but was lost.

    My lord do you want to play the mercenary asked smiling towards him Alex want to expose him but not to he went to him the guards place the coins infront of him.

    The Mercenary started shuffling it when the last shuffle he want to move the stone in to his sleeve Alex used his physcic power to recall it into the bowl.
    like a young child "Alex pointed this bowl No No this bowl finally he placed it on the bowl which contains the stone".The owner cannot help but to laugh inside he opened the bowl the next thing is the stone is there he and the two people behind him are dumbfolded.

    Their leader will kill them if he know that they lost their egg but they cannot do anything immediately one of them went to call their boss.Alex signed the guards to take the egg. but when they about to take it a hand had stopped the soldier.

    The person is in middle age but strongly built and had a scar on his fore head.With a smile on his face he retrived a silver core in his hand but unlike every cores this is from the essence pool it doesn't contain any attributes.

    My lord if you are willing to bet that egg with me and won then the egg and the gem will be yours.but if you fear then you can take it and leave.the guard want to rebell but Alex stopped them and signing what is the challenge.

    Its about testing ones luck if you are truly lucky person then you can won it.saying this he retrieved a black bag he take two stones of same type which of them are black and white.

    Lord choose your color if you pick the color you had chosen then you won.

    Hmm... i chose white one.

    The boss place both black stones in the bag removing the white stone.Alex had seen everything using his divine vision he want to kill them but defeating them will may crush their will.

    He went to the sack and retrieved a stone. the boss asked to show the stone to the others he was inwardly smiling but the next move made by the Alex alerted him.

    Alex throws the stone that is in his hand and said to the boss "oh thats my bad i have a habit of throwing things when i was excited" but don't worry we can know what type of stone that i picked if we checked the bag.

    The Boss face went pale he want to deceive him which costs him mostly the egg he stealed from the solar sect when they are transporting it not to cause any problems he escaped to the bay province. The gem is also an important thing to him he want to run with both of them but he cannot.

    Alex went to the boss recovered the bag and flick it then a black stone falls. Since it is black it is clear that i had picked the white one.our lord is a silver hand person he was truly a lucky person my lord there is another game do you want to play.

    Quit your nonsense,"Alex shouted??".i won both of them give me my prices he shouted at them in anger.he was angered because he may lost his precious companion by their deceveing nature.

    The boss quickly places them in Alex hand. receiving them Alex left he walked to ten paces and turning back to them he said thanks for your service but if i saw you and your members next time i will personally execute your group he released his killing intent it was so thick both the guards and the people around them are started suffocating.

    He then left from there with his guards.The boss knees cannot bear the pressure and fell to the floor his body is shivering mind in disray. he stared at the back of the small child and lingering fear is generated in his heart.

    is he was the child of a demon both of their tricks had won many peoples who are in peak bronze stage but they are utterly defeated by a child.

  • Chapter 9:-longing 

    Alex was strolling the streets to find anythings that catch his eyes. He was happy to find ignix species they are extinct,The numbers of them can be counted in hands. The guards don't know why their little lord was happy but they felt warm in their hearts if they can be useful to the lord family. 

     The sun was setting but he didn't find any thing interesting so he went to home.

    On reaching the home Alex order the guards not to disturb him. Reaching his room Alex placed the egg on bed and observing it by passing the light essence to it the changes are there in the egg but not up to the mark because he was in iron stage the essence is not sufficient for it.

     The newly hatched one will be in bronze middle stage so he has no choice to reach the bronze peak stage. Given his cultivation speed he can reach in one year to peak bronze stage. But Alex heart was in disorder he cannot wait to meet his companion for one year.

    He recalled the grimnoir called whispher. 

    Whispher size was close to one meter his tails are more brighter than the body. He went near to Alex leap on his head and settled there. this guy cultivation speed is abnormal previously his cultivation was in copper 4th stage now its in copper 7th stage. He extracted the raw essence stone that got from the mercenary.

    Seeing the stone whispher grabbed it through its tail and swallowed it in one gulp. The changes in his body is abnormal without recalling it goes in his grimnoir.

     Alex was startled and checked his grimnoir there it is in the page but the number besides it shows 45 this means it didn't wake up from the slummer until 45 days. He has to wait for his companions which is very longing for him.

    His body was not tired but his mental state was in disorder if he was in previous self he may loss the egg. Thinking again what happened his heart was in tantrum but what can he do only wait for his time. He place the egg in the grimnoir but what happened was the divine egg golden lines are connected to it and the line color is changed to white. Alex hasn't solved any mysteries regarding the divine egg if solving this egg mysteries then what about the black egg in the devils king zazzer grimnoir. The thoughts are in random and he went to sleep. When the morning son dew hit on his face he opened the eyes

     Alex  got up from the bed went to hot springs fresh up the clothes are provided by the maid are with a fragnance which ease the state of mind. Alex went to hall for his daily life he can join a school at the age of 12 the minimum standards for any school is iron stage but for the four continental school was peak iron stage that is more than 5 stage 

    Alex can be a qualify person now but the body physics cannot support it .

    Alex went to the kitchen where the head cook was there he want to change in food manual. The head cook had seen the Alex was coming he was one of the person who has raised the Alex fro his child age he knows his likings also.

     Stoyan i want to change my food for next two months. I want the meat of peak stage copper beast and the milk provided by the middle iron stage beast.

    On hearing this Stoyan was startled because based on the body growth only one has to take it accordingly.Whatever it is he has to follow the lord whises .

    He requested the lady since Alex has changed his food plans. The lady didn't showed any concerns in this since Alex has a grimnoir no matter what any side effects can be absorbed by it.

    After having breakfast with his mother he started his daily practice but he changed the module.

    Presently his practice is all about body endurance and movement skills. He pick up three cultivation techniques on was three cut sword technique since he was a child he was allowed only to use wooden sword. But with this wood sword only Alex had cleanly cut the tree bark.

    "The first cut is about the strength and handling the sword". By practicing this he can change the direction of his attacks swiftly.

    "The second cut is stealth techniques". These are attacks based on concealing and sword sheath techniques.

    "The third cut is the illusion". The sword become two to more under the user ki.

    The second cultivation is planar steps these are used to leap from one place to another by gathering the ki in legs the stronger the ki the larger the leaps.

    The third cultivation is about arcs which is related to hidden weapons throwing skills. These are his daily practice in the night he cultivate in heavens realm technique the amount of halos and density are gradually improving.

    Alex is practicing these techniques for days to days until his granny visited the practice grounds.

    Seeing the practice grounds the Granny was startled because the tress has marked are ripped the tree barks used for soldiers practice are cleanly cut. Granny called the guard and slapped him saying"who dares to give a child a real sword for practice and these metal weapons".

    The guard replied "Elder we only provide him the wooden sword and these hidden weapons are not edged".He replied

    Once again Granny was bewildered if what the guards are saying the truth then he can be considered as C class warrior. 

    Granny.. Alex leap into the granny embrace since he has a body of ten years child she didn't failed any difficult.

    Oh Oh my boy "Working so hard" .she replied  to him stroking his hair.

    Granny i want to become more powerful then any one and want to acknowledge my presence to grand father. Listening to his words granny face was pale his Grand father didn't care about any thing what he want is power.There is no love in him.

    My little boy isn't it time for me to buy you a pet......we are visiting my friend in the capital within two days saying this she lift him and take him to her chamber.. yay yay Alex was maintaining the spoil child expression with his Granny ..

    Alex do you interested in become a warrior or mage she said.

    "Both "Alex replied..

  • Chapter10:- Tusker

    In the Green bay province city lords mansion two peoples are seated on the table.

    "Ahem what is the thing that is disturbing the elder" said the middle aged person who seated opposite to the person.

    Its the thing about my grandson he want to become a mage and warrior,Yesterday i had seen his practice his sword Qi is at levelC. Hearing these words the middle age man responded Elder Rosie "I myself practiced in warrior methods and my sword ki is at levelB" If what you had said is correct then isn't we have a better warrior than a mage??

    Tusker i am planning to leave for the capital city thale to buy my grandson a beast and to check his elemental affinitites. But the real reason is to check about the conditions in lunar sect though my husband maintained neutral towards his wife but the attack happened on 2 years before was pre planed so i have to make some assessments there If its not for you and leo Alanus may lost her life and you may not lost your leg But one cannot grevie about the past. I think he now had made a contract with a  grimnoir for mage training his mother can take care but for warrior ki you have to train him.

    No need to worry about it but the instructor leo is training him what about it?

    Hmm... About it he said to him he had nothing to teach about.Alanus said that Alex had  now a guardian beast but she didn't reveal about it. I want to send Alex to four continental school but their preferences are bit more so you have to train him to iron peak stage for next two years. If these two peoples know that Alex has indeed reached to iron fifth stage and faking his level using fakefate they will loss their mind because in the previous 100 years only two persons had reached to iron stage at the age of 12 and 14.

    Elder if you need i want to secretly check on his training because no matter what he must have someone to teach about the sword ki and cultivation steps of a warrior.

    Do as you want I am thinking to leave to the city day after tommorow.

    In the noon Alex was practicing the arcs of his hidden weapons he is using Whispher psychic power to change their path. The complex symbol presents on his fore head was shining brightly it was know in lemon yellow color. The marks that are place on the targets are perfectly scored but he had hint of disapointment in his eyes only two marks are hit well and the remaing are some offside.

    Tusker happens to see the scene when he wants to check on Alex training but only two words are came from his mouth  Monster he himself trained well for 15 years but not at the level of this young man when comes to throwing weapons but he assure himself that he was more talented in sword ki than this individual.

    Alex,Your hidden weapon skill are more accurate but what is the use these are more useful to the assassins.

    Uncle Tusker its not that i want to become an assassin its like my interest is at peak when i am using them. He recalled whispher into the grimnoir.

    Hmm.. Whatever i heard from Granny Rosie that you want to become both a warrior and mage but its a difficult path to travel you have to choose the 

    cultivation methods very carefully once your dantain has accustomed to the method you cannot practice another.

    Do you need any help in choosing cultivation methods? Tusker asked.

    No need, i am presently cultivating a secret method. he said.

    What do you say?. Its not a child play Alex.

    No need to worry about it uncle i want to practice by myself "can you help me in this matter?" Alex asked

    Alex if you take head on my three moves then i may consider it. Saying this he took the stick present on the stone and induce his siver stage sword ki. After inducing it it had a silver lines across its edges and a unvisible ki take a form of sword around it.
    Uncle can you keep a secret between us!!!!

    I have reached to iron stage but supressing it Alex openly shared his secret to Tusker Because he is from his grand mother clan and a person who swear loyalty towards only Alex when he was born.

    Heavens Tusker made a huge gap revealing both happy and confused look on his face.
    Alex what type of cultivation methods are you using.
    Uncle Its a secret that has to be buried with me only please don't ask anything about it i want to train myself only but don't want to raise the suspicious of granny and mom so i want you to act as you are training me.whatever unless you take my attacks head on. i reconsider about it.

    But he didn't expect that Alex to charge forward straightly. Tusker used his strength and aimed a forward slash directly on Alex he want to test his strength. In contrast to this Alex moved slightly and dragged his stick in a cross arc deflecting the slash in a slight angle. It touched the ground and made a small ripples of cracks on the ground.

    Alex you are improved well i consider it,But train well Alex i know the difficulties facied by the Elder Rosie and your mother and father.

    Your father is the who suffered miserly in the main family.

    Regain their respects as your uncle my wish is that you have to obtain a seat in the four continental school.

    Last question Alex "In what stage of level are you in???" 

    I was in 5 stage of iron level

    Heavens You are a freaking monster Alex.

    If the main branch no about you then they vomit blood they will regret their actions that are done by them.

    Alex since you are interested in hidden weapons i will give you the address of my friend in the thale city. He took a paper from his belt pouch and gave it to Alex.

    Uncle if i selected for Four continental school there is a wish for me.

    What it is?? Tusker asked .

    I want you to have a family of yours. Not giving a chance for tusker to reply Alex went to his chamber...

  • Chapter 11:-Mutuation

    In his chamber Alex recalled his grimnoir and summoned grimnoir. But strangley the time Whispher slummer state is reduced. He wondered how he can cultivated that abundant raw essence. He thought it will take 45 days but in two days only it cultivated the entire essence.

    Although he cultivated hard unlike him this guy Whispher has reached to peak copper stage using the raw essence only"If Whispher has breakthrough into bronze stage then he can Access to the hereditary memories" 

    Young lord the Elder Rosie wants to see you. One of the maid said. but she saw the whispher who was seated on the Alex head. I will visit Granny after taking care of my Guardian beast. The maid noded her head and left.

    So he left the Whispher in his chamber with the egg Went to his granny room.

    Alex went to his granny chamber. His granny checking some papers when Alex opened the door.

    Granny!!! Alex called.

    Haa Alex you are here th thing i called you is that we are visiting the thale city tommorow.

    For how many days we are staying in the capital city. Alex asked.

    Hmm... About for a week maybe.

    Granny i want some weapons and uncle tusker has given me address of his friend shop we have to visit it.

    What type of a weapons are you needed Alex isn't our weapons inventory enough.

    I want hidden weapons and have some thoughts about it. Granny where are we staying in the city.

    About it you can choose a inn or your grandfather place that is the head sect.

    Grand father can allow us in the sect if there is a chance i want to see the younger generation and their powers. Alex i know that you resent them in your heart but you cannot act blindly. There will be a competiton for younger generation to assess who are stronger from various sect  i think it will held in the end of the month if you want you can participate in it.

    Tomorrow we are visiting the thale city you can have your arrangements. By the way your father has returned and he want to see you at night.

    Alex left the room he went to his favourite place that is the tree meadows sat there started cultivating he want to attain minimum 7 stage of iron then he can match again up to middle stage bronze cultivation.

    In Heavens ream cultivation he had many benefits like one can become a Sage. Being a sage means he can have enormous benefits the sage cultivation is lost before the dark periods he had found this in Nine gods temple where he found this Heavens cultivations.

    Alex want two things mainly one is to found a strong foundation for his Sage cultivation so he decided to practice it when he acheived silver stage but for know he have to find a way to woke up his companion the Ignix.

    Although the beast in the egg belongs to the Ignix species he want to transfer the memories of his to him.

    He started cultivating the dantain which is surrounded by the halos emiting a warm glow but this is because they are neutral he have to use them careful the Anti halo particles side must not be empty.

    If fire and water halos fire is used more then it will dominates the water halos. So he has to empty both of them for not facing any problems. After every reuse they grow more brightly his meridians are now double of its previous size. he practiced for dark elements in the shadows if any luck is there he may get the mutuated halos since the region is tree meadows he can have a halos who are condensed by both water and dark.

    He started searching for them but nowhere they found but the dark halos shape is modified and the bridge that Established the connection to his dantain color are now more darkend.

    It turned to night he started gathering the Light halos they are rich under the moon finally the bridge between dantain and the halo become more brightend and it turned to lime white color.

    Similarly he practiced in the lack near the fire and gathered wind and earth halos also.

    After accumulating them for several hours his dantain showing a change the region of the dantain that established a bridge connection to the halos is slowly turning to their color of halos.

    Alex cannot felt more happy because his dantain is starting mutuating He didn't expect that it start when he was in iron stage. 

    Taking a bath he went to his chamber there in the bed the little Whispher but his three tails are covering the egg its like a Yellow cloth has covered the entire egg.

    When Alex entered due to the link Whispher opened its Eyes. A  contracted exists beast and grimnoir if it didnot enter grimnoir it may lose its vitality and 

    burn to ashes but not the guardian beasts. The Divine egg which is his Guardian beast present in the grimnoir he wondered what type of existence is it.

    Whispher leap to the Alex head it gently Placed the egg in Alex hand. The beast in the egg is transformed its raw essence is increased if this happen he can have ignix for the pair of months. Whispher is it your doing he asked.

    To his question whispher only replied Whis.. whissshhhh.. scratching his head.

    Alex made a gape but didn't do anything. He called the grimnoir and whispher jumped in to it.HE place the egg in the grimnoir then a golden link of white pattren if formed between the ignix egg and the divine egg. He has no time to solve the misteries so he went to is bed for sleep.

    His dantain shown a change of mutuation he was now in his iron 5 stage but with his mutuated dantain he can face any one under the Bronze stage.

    Alanus chamber in the bed Drake hugged Alanus. My Dear the difficulties we faced may come to an end Alex can become a strong mage his mage force is more than the present child age its like double or may be triple

    Dear you may not know but you shown changes when Alex taken care of you Although i had know idea what he used but in the end you got treated.

    Alanus mother want to visit lunar sect in the capital city. You dont have to worry now my position under the king is firm so the people in the sect cannot act blindly.

    But Alanus recalled the words Alex said and felt relived. They are the not the words said randomly by the child.Both of them slept peacefully under each other embrace

  • Chapter 12:-Grey Lake City

    Alex woke when the sun shine fell on his face. This is the day they visit the capital city he want suppress his anxiety,bitterness, but he cannot do anything about it. He never had mother in the previous life he had given a chance to avenge the lunar sect.

    Determination filled in his eyes. His body was in peak stage the sword techniques,Wing steps,Planar steps he practices them bitterly.

    "Lunar sect wait for the king to return!!",Alex thought in his mind his worthy opponent is the devil king Zazzer besides him no one. He left for the bath.

    After having the bath every one is gathered in the hall.

    Alex... His mother cannot stop worry about him Although instructor leo is going with him isn't it better for uncle tusker to go.

    Tusker has some matters in the city Dear. Drake said.

    Mom remember my words you cannot forgot about them. Alex said.

    Remembering the Alex words Alanus felt relived but a mothers heart cannot stop worry about her child. Her condition is bad so she cannot visit the city Even though she wants.

    They left for the city the carriage is being carried by the "Wind Slasher" a pet beast who can covers miles days. Nobles and the city lord can only afford this type of beast. While traveling through Forests the wild beast afraid of them so the way will be easy for ridding. They are in early bronze stage.

    Alex cannot help to wonder about the design of the carriage they made up of hundred years old oak tree they are resistant towards fire they are hard to penetrate through sword and other weapons.

    Granny was some what nervous because they are afraid of bandits Although they find some difficult to catch them because on land wind slasher are one of the fastest beasts.

    It takes two days to reach capital city Alex,Granny said.

    They are two cities we have to stay there the thing is wind slasher can go nonstop for but they have to take a rest for 2 days. In cities we can feel safe than the forests.

    Hmm.. isn't forests are better there only beasts that hunt for food only "There are beasts in the cities that hunt other for their pleasure" Alex said

    The voice was over bearing like on must experienced various grievance.

    Alex who said these words to you  there are some people who are good at heart.

    Okay if granny say so.

    As they are nearing the Grey lake city this is next to Green bay province.

    The Guards are stationed at the gates with huge lanterns lighting the entire path. They don't want to take any risk but they had an idea about the nobles and lord carriages. Seeing the carriage is being drawn by the Wind Slasher they immediately payed the way.

    As the carriage was strolling in the city since leo has idea about the city he want to take him to the "Imperial inn". 

    Imperial inn is located in the center of the city and it is one of the heavily guarded place. Only nobles and others can access it but presently there is a commotion growing there 

    Four lackeys are bullying an young girl whose ages is between 15 to 18 the carriage was stopped besides her.

    In order for Alex not to have any bad impression of the people Granny has stepped down the carriage to resolve the matter. As soon as Granny exited Alex and Leo also stand beside her. 

    Young people Only know how to create problems saying these granny supported the lady who was in tartered shape. She was trembling in fear Granny cover her with blanket.

    Seeing this one of the lackey " Who the hell are you old women if you leave now we may not trouble you see all the people hear don't want to cause commotion we are merely entertaining ourselves that all". I suggests its better for you to leave. Other next you will be in this position he said.

    You people Granny raised her hand to slap him. He caught her hand and pushed her Alex went to support her. Leo stepped in you don't know who are you messing with. she is the mother of Drake lunar.

    So what,my brother is this city lord I mike don't fear any one.

    listening to their word Alex cannot able to suppress his anger. His killing intent is growing more and more.

    The change in the environment sensed by them because Alex intend to sent it to them. Its like the four people breath is stuck they sensed danger.

    Hm.. I take care of your people wait until i report it to my brother. Elder Rosie are you ok Leo supported her These younger people make thinks so difficult
    for the people.

    Alex forgot what happen here,Leo send the young lady she said.

    They reached the imperial inn. The rooms are provided since the  Day travel made the Granny tired so she slept early.

    "Knock Knock" Alex are you there Leo called. he opened the door but Alex was not there.


    Grey lake city lord mansion

    The city lord was happy since his brother had insulted the Elder Rosie he cannot stand Drake presence in the king's chamber. He discussed various things with his generals and left for dinner.

    Having his dinner suddenly his entire chamber was silent there is no sound of guards strolling. Hmm he was suspicious so he went for his office. 

    He don't know why there is a  water in the corridor there is "slap slap sound there wherever he steps " Only two to three lanterns are working so he doesnot got any clear view.

    When he opened the office door the next scene had taken his breath. 

    The entire office is filled with death bodies of soldiers his entire squad which is full of bronze and silver stage officer dead body also there.

    On the piles of these death body was a child who age is roughly !2 years. His body was in dye in blood its like he was a death god

    you"!!!" who ar ar are you, No matter what he do was unable to speak. He was about to open the door but a sword was thrown towards the door handle knocking it off.

    I want to talk to you only Thats all I want to ask you one question "How are you feeling since your brother had insulted my Granny" 
    This This i Dont't know what are you talking about.

    Hm.. there are certain things
     that are precious to me if they hurted i will go on rampage. No matter who he is even he is king or the entire country i will massacre them he said these words with his killing intent. The city lord cannot felt his senses in his legs no matter what he do he cannot stop them from shivering.

    I think my words you can understand my words tomorrow morning you and your brother have to apologize for my Granny and asks for her forgiveness.

    Since it is your brother that made mistake you have to pay. Alex flashed in front of him sliced his right arm.

    Ah..Ah....The lord who was in peak Bronze stage cannot understand it. He only suppressed his agony no to anger this demon kid.

    Remember i sneaked in to your territory and killed your people if not for my granny i can kill you like a pest. If you dare to take any action your family may suffer.....I can protect my family who can protect only a peak stage bronze or silver stage may give me some difficult time.

    But i dont think that the king will show you that gratitude for you.

    Alex left the room through window.

    After Alex left the room he can once again breath freely but he cannot stop shivering . No matter what he cannot anger this child Absolutley cannot.....
  • Chapter 13:-Black forest city

    Alex slowly crawls to
    the inn windows but as he was about to opened the window. A tic sound and Leo
    has opened the window. Hmmm I think you have to give me some explanation, Leo

    Instructor Leo I only
    went out to get some fresh air here, I bought you some Apples saying this he
    took out an Apple and give it to Leo. Though Leo didn’t understand what Alex is
    doing outside he never asks as he has no interests in it.

    Whom can suspect a 10
    years kid they had some chit chat there after Leo left Alex. The dantain of
    Alex is completely emptied but he has no worry since his dantain is stating to
    mutuate he no longer worried since it is a full moon it will be rich of light
    halos .

    Alex went to the bed
    recalled his grimnoir placed the ignix egg besides him but with out a call
    whispher has appeared.

    The whispher body is
    alike but the symbol on his fore head is much denser it sat towards the window
    enjoying the moon light. But whatever reason Alex is bewildered to know the
    action of whispher. Since they are guardian beasts Alex had no need to worry.

    Fatigue has overtaken
    Alex body he drifted to dreams. Whispher who sat besides windows his three
    tails envelop the egg besides the Alex and a white elemental  halos are gathering towards it if any one
    observed it one  can see that they are
    rich in content.

    Currently in the city
    lord mansion is entirely in chaos the soldiers are missing and the lord office
    room is locked outside one can see that Mike and other guards are trying to
    smash the door .


    The door fell but the
    view that they seen was piles of soldiers body it can say that an assassination
    has taken but it cannot be considered like wise also. Because an killing of
    entire lord people has happen.

    Mike sprinted towards
    his brother his condition is worse left hand is sliced cleanly.

    Brother “Mike cried “,
    He is weeping who did this to him. Only loud cries are coming from the room.
    The doctor had attained the lord treatment but they cannot help to gasp on
    seeing the edge cut made by the assassin its made with entire precision.

    Mike “I think the
    Assassin is highly skilled the lord may be recovers from his injuries but the
    trauma he experienced cannot be treated he may woke up in the morning.” Saying
    this they left the room .

    The news spread through
    the city like a wild fire and it reached the inn where Alex group are resting.
    Leo happened to listen it he had a tough flashed to his mind but abandoned it
    because what can Alex do to the city lord but he seen Alex releasing  his killing intent towards the city lord
    brother. But he cannot understand how could a small child release that much
    killing intent like he has his own domain.

    He abandoned the
    unnecessary thoughts and went to his room to sleep. The morning shine has woken
    up the Alex usually whispher had slept embracing the ignix egg he wondered what
    type of stage would he be in. Because two factors are playing an important role
    the divine egg and whispher had helped to cultivate him. The egg is emitting
    more radiance he went to ground floor where he saw granny Rosie and Leo are
    talking seriously. He gradually know the reason about it.

    Alex “Granny Rosie  called” Do you know last night the city lord
    mansion has been attacked and he was injured and the soldiers are massacred.

    He sat next to the
    granny and was served a plate.


    Green bay city in the
    city lord mansion

    Mike was slept next to
    his brother he was worried about his brother condition because the entire night
    he was kept saying I will apologize please spare me.

    He kept murmuring these
    words the entire night.


    Mike was startled by
    this sudden action of the city lord whatever may be since he woke up that is
    enough for Mike.

    Mike.. Mike..,, are you
    alright he checking his brother condition.

    I am alright no need to
    worry about it but brother your injury!!!!.

    City lord once again the
    incidents happened are recalled the eyes of the child are like devil his
    killing intent can choke the one.

    Mike this time we may
    not mess up with Drake family.

    Brother is this his
    doing but I how can he travel the entire distance in one night.

    This massacre was done
    by his child he was like a death god i cannot imagine a child releasing that
    killing intent. Come with me to asks the forgivenss of elder Rosie.

    Brother are you afraid
    of that child we can kill him easily. Impudence the lord roared enough of this
    you are coming with me.


    Alex was in his room
    cultivating he can hear the foot steps of the troops and they halted a foot
    steps towards the imperial inn.

    The city lord and his
    brother has visted the people in the inn are emptied only granny,Alex and leo
    are there.

    City lord and mike has
    got on knees and bent their heads toward granny said.

    We foolish people not
    only hurt the dignity of  the elder but hurt you
    also can you be a magnanimous person and forgive us.

    Not giving any chance
    they left the inn. In the night they rested and morning they left for the black
    forest city.

    The name is because the
    city left side is a deep dark forest with many mysteries. It said that the
    decandents of stone medusa are living there.

    The horse carriage also
    changed with some guards they left to the black forest city. While they are
    travelling they hadn’t encountered any beasts or bandits.  But the bandits in the black forest are way more
    vicious than the normal ones.

    The black forest city is
    build in trees as they are large in size each tree can hold four shops they are
    burrowed through the tree. If people doesn’t know about this place then they
    think that elves are living here.

    The mechanism of
    shifting the goods from lower part to higher part and the way of constructing
    is marvellous the transporting system connects all the trees in the black
    forest. Its gives one of the natural best protection for the city.

    Alex carriage is
    approaching for the city lord Saith. He is their family friend and often visits
    them. As the carriage is strolling though the streets there is sounds of clashing
    of swords can be heard. 

     Two peoples are
    clashing together As granny step do from the carriage and asked the people what
    is this commotion about. One is the city lord saith but the other one is who
    granny asked.

    The vanguard said that
    the person is the bandit leader of scorpion gang. The outcome determines the
    fate of the city.

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