Eat Death and Shit on the Heavens! (Ch2 - Make Little Children Cry!) + Guessing Game

So this is immoralimmortal, and I'm writing this story for kicks while waiting for ISSTH and ATG updates (I swear I'm addicted.), probably sucks. Since this is kinda like my first novel and all, I'm really nervous. ('Cause I always fail on my previous attempts. Why am I so unmotivated...?)

But comments and constructive criticisms are always welcome! Heck, I'm a beginner cultivator of the Dao of Masochism, so don't mince your words! My body is ready!

Oh, and I'm a reeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeally slow writer, so I can't guarantee frequent updates. Probably two chapters once every week at the very least? I'm actually quite concerned because I'll probably write this story on-the-go, with no outlines and just vague plans on what happens next. Isn't it bad if the writer doesn't even have any clue on how the story is going to end?(??!!)

[12/02/15] Edit: Chapters would be released every Thursdays (or Wednesdays) (UTC+08:00), but would be as long as two average (by my standards) chapters.

* * *

Title: Eat Death and Shit on the Heavens
Genre: Xianxia(-ish?), fantasy, adventure, action(?), romance(?)
Heroes are those beloved by destiny.
Masses may drown in a sea of sweat and blood, but only those blessed can soar the skies above the others.
Aided by their heritage, a chance encounter, a magical artifact, or all three, they reach the summit of greatness, and their stories echo throughout the annals of time.
There was a boy who could have been one of them.
He who could have been the best, the brightest, the greatest among heroes, if not for a single coin.
And the boy became a monster instead.

* * *
[11/19/15] Chapter 1 - Steal Mother's Eggs!
[11/25/15] Chapter 2 - Make Little Children Cry!

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  • Well That Is Really... Immoral...

    Looking Forward To The Actual Chapters~! ^_^
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    Chapter 1 - Steal Mother's Eggs!

    In the heart of the continent sat a mountain called the Stairs to the Sky, for the legends said that its peak used to reach the very heavens before a god pushed it back down the earth with a finger to its current height, and as for the reason why, well, the legends couldn't agree on anything. Clouds covered the mountain halfway-up, and for those who climbed to the top, were greeted by more clouds that never ceased to rain on Mother's Tears, a lake that fed water to all of the world's rivers down below.

    Only during the first day of the year would the clouds stop crying, and as they cleared, the surface of the lake would reflect a flying island above. The dawn illuminated countless human figures, a few in groups, most in pairs, and an odd one here and there, that flew upwards and entered the island. The people scattered amongst themselves in the vast expanse of lush plains, rock and lava fields, hills, mountains, valleys, plateaus, canyons, cliffs, loesses, sandhills, marshes, volcanoes, glaciers, geysers, forests, swamps, savannahs, rivers, lakes, caves, deserts, waterfalls, hot springs, everywhere. Many of them who were first-timers got distracted and stared wide-eyed at the colorful swirls of auras that danced and shimmered in the air, while repeaters who had failed to get a single egg from their previous visits snickered or shook their heads at them in derision, remembering their own follies. A pair of a man and a woman, who were among the more experienced ones, flew past the others and arrived at a side of a glacier, where blue auras surrounded eggs the size of an average adult human's head that were partially embedded in the ice wall.

    They swiftly approached the wall, and a hand-sized spider that materialized from the man's smoky-green aura cautiously spun light-like tendrils around an egg. After the web was complete, they left and flew away, leaving behind a smoky-green thread of aura that connected the egg to them.

    As the sun crawled in its heavenly path above them, the man and the woman repeated this seven more times, choosing eggs that were shrouded in yellow, red, violet, green, and white auras. They occasionally crossed paths with other visitors, like a group of ladies flocked by white bird aura spirits, a pair like them who were looking for a red aura egg in the volcanoes, and another pair who chanced upon twin yellow aura eggs in the geysers, but they ignored each other save for an occasional glance or two. Multiple eggs, like twins or triplets, were rare and much more difficult to obtain, but the man and the woman had a rule, so they did not attempt to fight with the other couple over it.

    Finally, they last arrived at a nondescript tree somewhere in the forest, and exchanged glances for a moment. 

    The man knelt at the foot of the tree, and in between two protruding roots, delicately moved his hand around, as if uncovering something in the air. Wisps of smoky-green aura within a meter-wide radius, which seemed to blend naturally with the other colors, slowly condensed and wafted back to the spider on the man's shoulder, and an egg was revealed nestled in the empty spot between the roots.

    The woman bit her trembling lips as she stared at the egg which was surrounded by auras painted in all the colors that could possibly be seen by the mortal eye. From among all the other eggs, hundreds and thousands of them, that they had seen in all the times they visited this island, this egg, this one egg, was different. This egg, that they had kept hidden for five years so that they could prepare and train, and which they were now finally ready to take back home with them.

    The woman's blue-grey aura took the form of a huge jellyfish that enclosed them inside its bell as she stood behind the man and placed her hands on his shoulders. The man clasped his wife's hand and squeezed it tightly as they watched the spider weave a web of their dreams around the egg, much, much more carefully and slowly than before. When it was done, the man touched the egg and stroked it gently for a moment, took a deep breath, then picked it up.

    A baby's loud shriek broke the silence.

    The auras around them instantly exploded in a blinding flash so bright it imprinted into their closed eyelids, and violently smashed against the jellyfish spirit that protected them.

    The man cradled the egg in his arms and they immediately flew away in a flash, all the auras in their vicinity being alerted into action by the egg's nonstop wailing. The auras that once looked dazzling and beautiful now viciously charged at them, plummeting the jellyfish spirit in waves again and again in increasing desperation as the cries grew louder. The couple accelerated and sped past two men who were also fleeing with an egg like them, a cyan turtle spirit shielding them from above and another sky-blue one below. One of the men suddenly cried out in pain as the sky-blue turtle spirit's shell shattered and his aura dissipated like smoke, and when his partner let go of the egg they were holding, despite his shouts of protest, the cloud of dark brown aura that was about to swallow them enveloped the falling egg instead, and turned away.

    When the couple flew past the volcano crater where the red aura egg they found earlier lay, the strands of aura the spider spun constricted and shot towards them, carrying the egg, and the screams of babies in the air increased yet again. The jellyfish shuddered against a powerful slam of hot red aura, compressed its body, then propelled forward, many, many times faster than the couple's flying speed limit put together. Before an eyelid could move a millimeter to blink, they buzzed by in a blur and traversed the distance that would normally take a month to walk or a day to fly, the other six eggs shooting towards them, and when they reached the edge of the island they blasted through the barrier that was the island's last line of defense to retrieve what has been stolen.

    With the sunset nearing to an end, the rest of the human figures left the island, some with eggs, some with not, and there were those who were left behind, never to come out.

    When the last ray of sunlight faded, the clouds above the lake gathered once more, the flying island vanished from sight, and as the drops of water started to fall again, the haunting cry of Eternal Mother could be heard from the skies, mourning the loss of her children.

    * * *

    Man and woman, husband and wife, reached the summit of another mountain, far, far away from the flying island, with eight eggs in their arms. They both smiled at each other, then their auras swirled and covered them completely, the man now a smoky-green fog, and the woman a blue-gray one.

    They stood there at the mountain's peak for a time, with the moon perched lazily at the sky and the stars chattering and twinkling among themselves, until a red fog approached them. There were no words spoken, and no sound was heard except for an occasional breeze rustling some tree leaves. The red fog lifted a hand, and on its palm lay ten gold-colored spirit coins.

    The man inside the smoky-green fog took the sleeping egg they found in the crater from his wife, and held it out. The red fog briefly examined the egg, and seemingly satisfied, handed the coins and took the egg before flying away.

    Later a blue-colored fog arrived and took two eggs, then a white fog, a yellow fog, a violet fog, and a green fog, until they had sold all seven eggs for a total amount of one hundred gold-colored spirit coins. This much money was more than enough to sustain the two of them even if they stopped working for the rest of their days, as long as they spent it wisely, but having a child was another matter, especially if they were planning to send him to the best spirit academies, raise him to be one of the most powerful spirit practitioners the world has ever seen, and give him a suitable dowry to impress his future in-laws. Most probably, they'd have to visit Eternal Mother again and sell a few more dozen eggs, but their son was special, and they swore he would grow up to be a fine, young man they could call their child with pride.

    They were about to leave and go back to their humble home in a valley village when a lone figure appeared and walked towards them. The man's face was covered by the black cloak he was wearing and no aura came from him, as if he was disabled.

    'What do you think?' the woman asked her husband on the soul-link only the two of them could hear.

    'Let's wait for a moment.'

    The stranger stopped in front of them, and an impossibly deep voice rang out. "I will buy an egg."

    Silence for a heartbeat, then the smoky-green fog replied. "We have no more eggs."

    The stranger paused, then faced the woman in the blue-gray fog. "I will buy the rainbow-aura egg in her arms."

    The husband silently choked.

    'How could he see it?' the wife asked in alarm.

    The stranger was no cripple, the man decided. He was at a level so high they couldn't feel his aura at all. The man clenched his fists, then relaxed them. If it came down to a fight, he knew he stood no chance, but he might be able to trap him and buy a few seconds for his wife to escape with their son.

    'Be ready to flee,' he said to his wife. She didn't reply, but only tightened the egg in her embrace.

    "The egg is not for sale," the man said.

    "You will, for a price. How much?" the stranger asked again.

    "We will not."

    Deep chuckles echoed from the stranger's chest, and he held out his hand, a copper-colored spirit coin in his palm.

    The man would have felt gravely insulted, if he wasn't so scared.

    "The egg is not for sale," he repeated.

    The stranger reached inside his cloak, and then held out a silver-colored spirit coin.

    "The egg is not for sale."

    A gold-colored one this time.

    "Sir, please understand. This egg is our son, and we risked the wrath of Eternal Mother for him."

    But the stranger just reached inside his cloak again, and now a crystal-colored spirit coin laid on his palm. Glistening under the moonlight, the coin made the couple suck in their breaths. A crystal-colored spirit coin, worth a thousand gold ones! This was the first time they had ever seen such a stunning amount of money in their lives. The woman felt dizzy, and held her husband's arm for support with a hand, the egg in the other clutched to her chest. She didn't know what to think. If...if they were that rich...

    With their souls bonded, the fog proved no obstacle and she could clearly see her husband's face. It was so solemn now, and they stared at each other for a moment.

    Finally, the man spoke again. "Sir, our son is not for sale."

    However, the stranger chuckled once more, much louder than before. He reached inside his cloak...

    ...and took out a different coin.

    They forgot how to breathe.

    "This is..." the woman whispered, aloud and not on the soul link, her thoughts in disarray.

    On the stranger's palm was a coin that seemed to suck the moonlight in itself, and glowed. They didn't even know how it looked like, knew only its name and rarity, but they never doubted for a second that this was a real light-colored spirit coin, worth a thousand crystal spirit coins. If they had one, they'd be as rich as major clans that existed for thousands of years. If they had one, they could extend their lifespans for a few hundred more years and live to see their grandchildren have their own grandchildren, live in great luxury and comfort, marry ten or so children into great clans, or maybe even start their own clan. They could buy a range of mountains and train with their aura spirits, become much more powerful, and get as many eggs as they wanted from Eternal Mother.

    Their son was very, very special...

    but a light-colored spirit coin...

    The wife unknowingly dug her fingernails hard into her husband's arm, but they both didn't notice. She glanced at the egg in her embrace, then at the coin on the stranger's hand.

    As the moon and the stars watched from above, the breeze blowing by like a sigh, the stranger flew away with an egg, chuckling to himself, while the man and the woman went the other way with a light spirit coin that dazzled so much they forgot about the rainbow aura egg they had just sold.
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    Well That Is Really... Immoral...

    Looking Forward To The Actual Chapters~! ^_^

    What's immoral? My name? My slow writing? My inexperience? The title of the story? I suck at naming characters? (!!!) Tell me!!

    What is more immoral is this spoiler thing. -_______-

    Oh, and please tell me what you think! *hands you knife* Don't hold back! ^^
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  • I love the title of the story. Made me want to check it out. The first chapter is good too. The parents are very immoral selling their son. Lol. I have high hopes for this what with your sense of humour. As long as you keep the chapters coming the speed doesn't matter. The only problem I had with the 1st chapter was explaining all the different features of the landscape, or should I say listing them all continuously. You could of said 'from hot springs to ice pools, from deserts to lush plains, from freezing tundras and their sentinel pine forests to the sweaty moist rainforests swarming with insects from puddles to giant lakes so deep' etc. More engaging. Feel free to use ^^^^ if you like it. But other than that Im like the meat jelly waiting for that damned parrot, for the next chapter.
  • Adderz666 said:

    I love the title of the story. Made me want to check it out. The first chapter is good too. The parents are very immoral selling their son. Lol. I have high hopes for this what with your sense of humour. As long as you keep the chapters coming the speed doesn't matter. The only problem I had with the 1st chapter was explaining all the different features of the landscape, or should I say listing them all continuously. You could of said 'from hot springs to ice pools, from deserts to lush plains, from freezing tundras and their sentinel pine forests to the sweaty moist rainforests swarming with insects from puddles to giant lakes so deep' etc. More engaging. Feel free to use ^^^^ if you like it. But other than that Im like the meat jelly waiting for that damned parrot, for the next chapter.

    Hello there, Adderz666!

    Thanks, that was what I was aiming for when I chose the title. I was initially considering 'Death Eater' (ala Harry Potter) but then I thought that hey, why not do something else to the heavens, everyone's favorite punching bag? Ikr? I want the meat jelly to convert those immoral parents! In fact, those parents and that stranger are THREE bullies! I-I hope I can meet your expectations...I'll do my best! Ahahaha...I got caught...I was just half-arsing and picking whatever landscapes in Wikipedia lol. But I'll keep that in mind when I edit the first chapter, so thank you very much! I like it, but I think I can come up with something myself. You know, writer's pride and all (heh).

    Thank you once again! ^^
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  • Pretty different but I'm tentatively intrigued.  Please continue.  And thanks for the chapter!
  • I adore your personality!

    to the directory!
  • Pretty different but I'm tentatively intrigued.  Please continue.  And thanks for the chapter!

    Oooh~ Thank you! I will! And welcome! >.<
    Tasear said:

    I adore your personality!

    to the directory!

    *bluuuuuush* (⁄ ⁄>⁄ω⁄<⁄ ⁄)⁄ 
    dremaer3 said:

    I like your first chapter even if it was confusing what they were doing it was interesting!

    I see. So I should also make it a bit more less-confusing, huh? XD Thanks! ^^
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    I suck at making up names. I was going to name the MC 'Black Hole' ('cause he's a glutton) or 'Ash Shadow' (since ash relates to death or something and shadow because he's all lurky-ish and suspicious?) then I was going to combine them and realized...yeah, no.

    * * *

    I was planning on finishing this chapter last Sunday, but as I wrote it, it just got longer and longer but I couldn't cut it in half, so I decided that I would update only once a week. In exchange, a chapter would be as long as two normal chapters (I don't measure my chapters by word or character count but rather by scenes; an average chapter has two or three major scenes). This is because I'm not too fond of dividing chapters into parts like 'Chapter x Part x'. I like my chapters whole and self-contained, with an exposition, climax and resolution (welll, at least that's the plan). I'm really sorry for the trouble, but I hope I'll get better and faster at writing so I can update more frequently without throwing away my standards of quality (which I can barely meet) out the window. Sorry again!

    * * *

    Chapter 2 - Make Little Children Cry!


    He opened his eyes to the darkness in a daze.

    His feet, hands and limbs were all intact, so that meant he was awake, but it didn't matter. The horror that tore at his flesh and gnawed on his bones in his dreams was the lesser evil, for reality was the real nightmare no one could ever run away from.

    He was no longer asleep, and the relentless, endless, stabbing in the pit of his stomach was real, not just an echo of thoughts that were imprinted deep into his very consciousness.

    He sniffed around, but there was no food.

    Hungry hungry hungry went the chant as his hands pushed his lying form from the cold, hard floor and his limbs slowly, ever so slowly, creaked while he crawled. Hungry hungry hungry throbbed the pain, pulsed the heart, and breathed the lungs until the first rays of light pierced his eyes, and for a moment he believed he was blind, but he continued dragging his body out the cave even though his eyes burned.

    He knew how to walk, but the sticks that were his legs would snap under the weight of his scrawny body that was not any heavier than a small sack of potatoes. And he stayed close to the ground as his hands and feet clawed into the dirt for more support, as if a mere gust of wind was strong enough to knock him down. He didn't look human. He was a corpse back from the dead, a demon straight out from the stories parents told children to scare them into obedience. 

    Pale as maggots and stretched so tight and taut against the bones was the skin underneath the thick layer of filth, lifeless and sparse were the long black strands of hair like stalks in a hurricane-ravaged field, black was the aura that swarmed around him like insects partaking in a banquet of stench, and so horribly eerie was the sound of every breath he wheezed that no beast dared to claim territory to the nearby woods around his cave, nor take a sip from the spring that bubbled a few miles away his lair even if they were to die from thirst.

    Nobody would ever believe, could not even imagine, that this...creature, was in fact a nine-year old boy.

    A second was forever as he crawled through the forest towards a house five kilometers away, his lungs ablaze and his mind that went hungry hungry hungry just a few breaths away from passing out. Finally reaching the backyard, he was a meter or two away when a woman's sharp voice screeched from inside the house. 

    "Did you forget to feed that again?!"

    The door facing the backyard burst open and a sack shot in his direction, smacking against a tree some feet behind before the door slammed shut again. He sprang towards the sack with a burst of energy his heart pumped from somewhere and ripped it open with his fingernails in a mad frenzy.

    The hunger roared inside his head while he shoved food into his mouuth, saliva mixing with blood when he would accidentally bite his fingers, lips or tongue in his haste.

    When the roaring calmed down for a bit, he could finally hear a young boy's sobbing voice cry out, "But he said it would eat me!"

    "Did not!" another, much older voice shouted back. The two voices screaming 'You did!' and 'I didn't!' back and forth grew louder and louder until the woman shrieked them to a halt. "If any of you forgets to feed that and I smell it slithering near this house again I will feed you both to it myself!"

    The house was finally silent again and as he was about to lick the sack's shredded remains free of bits and pieces of food, a group of children passing by on a road a bit far away saw him and screamed in terror. As they pushed and stumbled over each other, running as far away as their little legs could take them, a single child stood and faced him, trembling with tears streaming down his pudgy cheeks.

    "Coal Hammer!" The boy's friends shouted back at him to run, but instead the faint aura of a six-year old child thumped thumped thumped with his pounding heart and whirled into a fiery red ball the size of his palm and shot towards the demon in front of him as he screamed in fear and fury, "Die! Devil! Give Father back!".

    The monster scampered back into the bushes as the aura ball that was not aimed properly hit and scorched the bark of a nearby tree. Collapsing in a heap of exhausted tears and frustration, Coal Hammer's friends soon gathered around him, blabbering 'How could you do that?' in varying degrees of awe, worry and envy. Morphing a first-grader aura as pale as his into a flying, flaming ball was a feat in itself, but standing up to the demon that even the older kids feared was something only heroes would do, though it didn't pass through their naive minds that recklessness was not the same thing as courage.

    The boy that was a monster crawled back towards his cave, the fastest his frail legs could carry him. His heart was pounding as he remembered the red ball launching towards him, and he wanted to get back as soon as possible to the safety in his cave. It was dark and cold and silent, with no rocks being thrown at him, no auras attacking him, no screams and shouts that hurt his head. He shouldn't have left, but there was no food, so he had no choice.

    He was too slow anyway, so when a boy's voice rang out, "Now!" and eight spears of aura in different colors shot down the ground in a cirle around him, it was too late. Like a desperate animal he tried to slip past the space between two spears but shrank back when the aura-spears connected with each other, forming a cage that trapped him inside. His black aura spun wildly but he would not even dare approach the shining bars of the cage, and he howled in hopeless, helpless despair. Nine boys aged fourteen to sixteen jumped from the tree branches above and surrounded him.

    "Kill it," the oldest among them ordered viciously.

    The ninth boy bit his lips, his eyes darting to the other boys, before his white aura transformed into a sparkling swan that spread its wings then flew in circles around the cage. It flew faster and faster and faster until its body was a blurry white foggy form, brightening and brightening, shining with such intensity the other boys had to turn their heads away and they couldn't tell what was happening if not for the ear-piercing screams from the cage, screams so horible and so awful they could barely stop themselves from breaking down from goosebumps alone.

    He was burning, he was melting, he was crumbling into nothing and he curled up into a ball with his black aura feebly covering him but the white was pain, it hurts, it hurts, he screamed no words, no words would make it go away, no words could ever describe the pain it hurt pain pain pain white white white it hurts it hurts he screamed and screamed and he couldn't feel anything anymore not his legs not his hands not his eyes nothing but his throat exploding a million times go away go away stop stop stop don't kill me don't kill me i don't want to die it hurts stop Master stop it hurts stop stop stop pain pain pain white i'm dying i'm dying don't kill me death death death





    * * *

    "What are you doing?" their oldest of the boys shrieked at the boy who was down to his knees and vomiting, trembling, crying. "Don't stop! We need to kill it!"

    "I can't. I can't. Please. I can't," the boy blabbered through snot, tears and puke.

    "You have to!" exploded their leader. "It was your family who brought it here! Kill it!"

    "I'll do it," said another boy who hesitantly stepped forward before their leader snarled at him. "You think your monkey can do anything to it? You think I wouldn't do it myself if I only had the white aura to excorcise evil?!"

    "I-I'll beg Father to send it away, so please, I can't do it," the boy on the ground sobbed desperately.

    "It was your Father who let it in for money," the leader sneered in disgust. "My sister will never walk again, will die strapped to her bed, will never get married or have a happy life, all because of your Father's greed! If you don't kill this demon, I will break your brother's legs and have him suffer like my sister did!"

    "Father did it because he had to!" the boy screamed back. "If he didn't, everyone would have starved to death!"

    "The drought was his fault in the first place!"

    "It wasn't! He only took the blame but it wasn't him!"

    "You dare lie, you traitor?!"

    "I'm not lying! It wasn't Father!"

    "Then who?!" the leader shouted. "Whose fault was it?!"

    "It doesn't matter whose fault it was!" screamed another boy. "We just need to get rid of the demon!"

    The other boys began to argue among themselves. "But Rice Bowl wouldn't do it!"  "It's not that he wouldn't---he can't! Look at him!" "He's just covering up for his father!" "He's not, you moron!" "He's too weak." "Why can't he do it?" "Traitor." "Shut up. You almost peed just now yourself." "Oh, yeah? And you weren't?" "Stop it, you guys." "Let's just make the adults do it." "Just how stupid are you? If the adults wanted to, they would've done it already! That means they won't!" "Yeah, we can't wait for the adults! We have to do it ourselves." "Like I said, how? Or are you going to do it yourself, huh?" "My uncle would do it!" "When will that uncle of yours come back ?" "Forget it, all of the adults are scared of the Village Leader." "My uncle isn't!"  "Mother farting in the sky,  would you stop bragging about your uncle?! I'm so sick of your 'my uncle this, my uncle that' crap!" "Slap your Mother! Did you just say my Uncle is crap?!" "I didn't even say that, you Mother-slapper!" "Hey, cut it out!"

    The leader glared at Rice Bowl, then suddenly grabbed him by the collar and growled at his face, making him flinch. "Will you do it, or will I have to force you?"

    Rice Bowl shivered. "I can't," he mumbled.

    "So you don't care what happens to your brother?" he snapped.

    "You wouldn't dare," the boy whispered back.

    The leader let go of him and he crumpled back to the ground in a heap, and barked, "Let's go!" The other boys stood rooted at their places in confusion. "Huh?" "Where to?" "We're not killing it?" "Of course we are!" "Then...why?" "What?"

    "We're going find another way," the leader last threw a dirty look at Rice Bowl and spat on him before he stalked away. The other guys followed him like little chicks trailing after their mother chicken, some with hesitant stares, some with angry scowls, and some with pitying glances at Rice Bowl. One of them blasted the unconscious corpse-like body a few feet away on the ground with a ball of furious green light, and soon when all the others had left, Rice Bowl wobbled to his feet and staggered back home, swaying and stumbling.

    The body was left.

    As time passed slowly, the body's skin withered up more, shrinking to a state that it seemed like only the thin layer of skin was holding the bones together, and black aura, not blood, oozed out from the cracks that appeared. The black aura that had been near depleted to oblivion by the white aura attack slowly creeped out from the crevices, while the body deflated like a balloon, until it grew to a tenth of its former density and enveloped the body in a protective dome of black that even the sunlight couldn't penetrate.

    * * *

    Three mountains formed a triangle, the bowl at their center a basin of trees where the village of a hundred families lay. At the foot of the northern mountain that dwarfed the other two, was a clearing some kilometers wide and where fifteen children ran around with energy only kids could spend in such a manner, though they were about to be ten in a day's time

    Their teacher sat at a distance and watched them play with an amused smile she would only show at these times, and when they had finally exhausted themselves in an hour she stood up and drew all of their attention.  "Continue where we left off yesterday."

    The noisy clamor soon quited down to periodic whispers and giggles that were met by exaggerated shhs, but most of the children were silent as they sat on the ground and closed their eyes, the auras around them shimmering, twirling in circles, darkening, brightening, swaying with the wind and twisting into peculiar, curious shapes.

    A boy surrounded by blue aura was the first one to morph his aura into a thin snake the length of his forearm in minutes, grinning at the teacher who only said, "Good, but you need to maintain it for more than an hour this time." He clicked his tongue but closed his eyes again, smiling.

    Another boy with furrowed brows took deep, rythmic breaths, as the faint outline of a brown pup flickered in and out of existence. He managed to keep the image visible for ten seconds, his face a nasty shade of red, until he couldn't keep his breath in anymore and as he exhaled, the aura fizzled out like a candle blown out by the wind, and his shoulders slumped. But after taking a few breaths, he straightened his back and concentrated again, and the teacher smiled down at him from where she stood behind.

    A girl opened her eyes and stared blankly at the sky, not noticing the yellow bee buzzing silently around her.

    A surprised squeal, followed by cries of 'Teacher, Teacher!' came from a plump girl who jumped up and down as a green little frog in front of her copied her movements. "Good job," said the teacher, and the girl beamed in pride. "What did you think about?" the teacher asked, which she replied with "My father's smelly socks!" in a proud, defiant voice despite her friends'  sour frowns and exclamations of "That's disgusting!" and "Ew!". The teacher made the children go back to concentrating on their own auras, tapping the girl on the head when she stuck her tongue at a jeering boy.

    After walking around and watching them for a while, she approached a boy at the back, a bit more far away from the other children, as if the distance between them could not be more apparent. He wore a blindfold while sitting on a patch of mud, his hands trying to mold the clay into various shapes. The teacher gazed at this boy, who had been stuck in the 2nd grade class for three years now while his peers of the same age had already graduated towards the 4th grade, with eyes that spoke volumes of love and worry. 

    The village only taught children up to the fourth grade, starting from age six to age seventeen. Grades were divided into three-year clusters, meaning, 1st grade were six to eight year olds, 2nd grade nine to eleven, 3rd grade twelve to fourteen and the last grade fifteen to seventeen. There were only two teachers, her and a gruff middle-aged man, and the village had a small population, so she knew all of the children's names, their parents', and their siblings'. She always assumed a stern face in front of her students, and she equally loved them like they were her own children, but this boy held a special place in her heart not just because his orange aura reminded her of the egg that had been snatched out of her arms by Eternal Mother years and years ago, but also because she couldn't help but feel her motherly instincts try to help him regain the bright smile that slowly disappeared whenever another child had succesfuly created an aura spirit again. 

    She knew the other children couldn't help but see him as an outsider because he was older and larger, a fact that pressured every child not to get left behind in fear of being isolated, but she couldn't also keep herself from resenting how people awfully treated those that they deemed different from them. She had never been bullied when she was younger, but being a teacher opened her eyes to the other side of children the adults usually never saw, or dismissed as childish matters.

    The other children were doing things to him, but he wouldn't tell her what when she asked. He must have thought that she couldn't help him even if she knew, and it pained her to admit that she was indeed powerless. Her authority as a teacher meant nothing to the power structure ruled by children. She could scold them, she could nag at them, but at the end of the day they believed what they wanted to, and would just get better at hiding their actions somewhere her eyes or ears could never reach. Teachers could only influence a student up to a certain point.

    And so she tried her best to help him in the way she only could, which was to explain to him how she created her canary cat aura spirit, but each person thought about their aura in different ways, so her attempts had only served to remind him that he was different, and not in a good way.

    It was so hard to describe something that felt as natural as breathing and teach someone how to do it if she didn't know exactly how different their experiences were. 'How does your aura feel like to you?' she'd ask, but the boy could not find the words to describe it. 'Does it feel like a memory of a person, or a thing? Does it feel cold, hot, soft, or hard?' but the boy would just give her a blank look, and shake his head. She knew she had no right to feel frustrated when the boy was already suffering, but she felt like someone born blind explaining music to a prelingual deaf.

    She sighed. It was really a pity, because even if he had the thickest aura she had ever seen from a child, it didn't matter if he could only use it to the level of a first grader.

    It was too early to give up, she told his parents, but they only shook their heads at her, already resigned to the fact that their son would only be able to create basic shapes with his aura. They didn't understand. They never would.

    And she had been like them.

    She used to take for granted having her aura spirit, never expecting that there would be people who would find it difficult to create them. From shaping your aura into simple balls and lines then to more complex objects like swords or walls and finally into animals was a natural, straightforward progress like climbing a staircase one step at a time. Before she met this child, she wasn't aware that there were steps that other people found too high to ascend.

    So she looked for other methods, and their latest experiment was clay-molding. She hoped that practicing forming shapes with his fingers would somehow inspire him into breaking through the wall that separated him from his peers and his friends.

    Tree leaves rustled, and she glanced anxiously at the clump of trees in the distance, but there was nothing lurking there. When she heard about the boys, her heart nearly stopped beating, but they had not been harmed, thankfully, though they were severely scolded and punished. The Village Leader had assured her many, many times that the boy, she still couldn't believe that it was a boy, was harmless, and managed to talk his way into her agreeing to let it watch their lessons, but who knew when a beast would suddenly bare its fangs? He told her that she didn't need to have it participate, just let it hear and see them, and it really didn't do anything, not yet, and just peered at them from afar while eating from the sack of food she regularly placed near the cluster of trees. The children and their parents had been a lot more difficult to placate, and how the village leader did it she would never know. Still, she secretly supported what those boys did, though she strongly opposed the manner on how they did it. The village had never been the same after the string of tragedies that befell them, and the fear in their hearts would never cease, their wounds would never heal, if a horror continued to exist in their midst.

    A week had already passed since the attack, but it never appeared even once in their lessons.

    She should've been relieved like the children without those awful eyes watching them. Her husband had always said that she worried too much, but how could she stop? She felt what she felt, and not thinking about things would only agitate her more. No matter how distressing, at least when it was there, wheezing and reeking, she could see its every movement from the corner of her eyes.

    Perhaps the Village Leader had wanted someone to guard it whenever it went outside its cave? Sometimes she really wished she could read minds.

    Why did the Village Leader even wanted it to watch their lessons? Did it even understand words? Could it understand what they were doing? Did it even watch the lessons? It had that awful black aura she had never seen before, there were lots of aura that she knew nothing about, and if it could utilize it...she shuddered.

    She only realized that she shivered not just because of what she had been imagining but also because she felt something when she smelled the odor of decay. It was there, as if conjured by her thoughts.

    She heard the boys managed to nearly kill it, but it looked just like it always did, though she couldn't tell for sure because the black aura obscured her vision.

    Some of the sensitive ones felt their auras waver, and opened their eyes in fear.

    "Focus," she said, and they reluctantly closed their eyes again, though their auras were as restless as them.

    The air was tense with silence, until finally a child couldn't help himself anymore and spoke up. "Teacher, why did my brother get punished? He-he told me that all the adults were corrupted by evil. He's lying, right?"

    All the other children broke into nervous chatter, tension blowing the shapes of their auras away into dark clouds of dread over their heads. Even the boy's hands that let go of a semi-formed clump of clay trembled.

    "Those boys got punished because they acted on their own without consulting their parents, or any of the adults. What if they got hurt? They broke the rules and attacked the creature when it did them no harm. Listen, if you meet a beast while walking and it doesn't bother you, you do not aggravate them and force them to fight. You only attack in self-defense. Do you know why?"

    The boy with the blue aura answered. "Because you don't know how strong the beast could be."

    "But they almost killed it! The creature was so weak, so how is that breaking the rules?!"

    The teacher patiently repeated the line she had already said so many times before, but the children never understood. "The rule is that no one attacks the creature."

    "Why not?!" "The creature is dangerous!" "My brother was protecting us!" "Sister said that rule was Mother's shit!"

    The teacher glowered at the boy who said the last line, before he meekly apologized. 

    She sighed. "That," she pointed at the creature at the trees, "is not dangerous. It will not fight back when attacked, but as I've said before, you should not do anything to it because you might hurt yourself. No matter what your parents or your older siblings tell you, it is not the reason for accidents or diseases, and it is not cursing us. It does not eat or atack people, and it doesn't have corpses inside its cave. Its cave is not an entrance to hell. It is not death. It is..." she trailed off, not knowing what to say next.

    The children's expressions clearly told her what they thought, and despite the heartache in thinking that they believed she was one of the evil adults now, she had the duty to say the words she doubted herself.

    But it was okay.

    She was alright with being the villain, as long as she could keep these children from harming themselves. Those boys had also been her students, and she had to protect every one of them.

    Even weak creatures are dangerous when cornered, her teacher used to say when she was scolded after playing with a frightened kitten.

    "But...but..." some of the children wanted to ask, but she didn't have the answers, so she stopped them. "Now focus," she said, and that ended it.

    * * *

    When the children all went back home and the sack had been torn into scraps, he slowly crawled back to his cave, wary and suspicious of every leaf that moved. He did not want to leave his cave, and there was always food when he woke up, but Master would hurt him if he skipped even one lesson. Watch. Listen. Learn.

    But he didn't understand, no matter how much he watched or listened.

    Though he was far away, he could hear every word they said and see their faces clearly, but none of what they said made any sense to him. Aura was image. Aura was memory. Aura was energy. Aura was life. Aura was a song. Aura was...

    What he knew was that aura was light with color.

    Image was white. Memory was pain. Energy was food. Life was black. Hunger was the song.

    He chewed on grass and weeds, still glancing around and sniffing in the air. When his mind wasn't chanting hungry and the pain in his stomach didn't hurt so much, he could hear himself think.

    Animals were those that ran away when he neared. They flew, they climbed up trees, they crawled in the ground, they jumped, they swam. Aura were lights of color. Blue, green, yellow, red, orange, brown. Black. White. Those children and those boys that hurt him had auras that looked like animals. Aura spirits.

    Unlike animals, aura spirits did not run away and attacked him. People who did not run away and hurt him had aura spirits. When people did not run away, he should run away. But those boys trapped him in those auras and he couldn't escape. So what would he do when they come again?

    He reached his cave but did not enter, chewing on the plants and leaves nearby. After the attack, the roaring in his mind drowned out everything, and he ate anything around him, thick or tough or hard or soft or rought or strong, he bit and muched and crunched and chewed and swallowed and after forever, the roaring grew quiet and he saw that no more shrubs or grass remained around him. His stomach rumbled and twisted and turned, and he nearly hurled everything that he ate, but after a while the pain subsided after he slept. He realized then that he could eat food not in sacks, that plants were also food, but he needed to eat lots of them and they tasted really weird and his tongue would suddenly freeze after he ate certain plants and his stomach would make those rumbling sounds after eating.

    What would he do when those boys come after him again?

    He didn't know. All he knew was to crawl away.

    They were fast while he was slow. They could run and they had aura spirits, while he was weak and he had nothing.

    Hide. He should hide. But they would hear him or smell him, like the woman in the house. Then they would find him.

    He didn't know what to do.

    Abandoning hope, he went back inside his cave and laid before he dreamt of white again, screaming in his sleep.

    * * *

    He opened his eyes to the darkness, and felt Master.

    "Master," he croaked in a voice not used for many years, then immediately sat up, breathing heavily as his heart pounded so hard he could feel it slamming against its bony cage.

    "Talk," a deep, deep voice echoed inside the cave.

    "I was sold by my parents for a coin," he recited automatically in a raspy voice. "The people say I'm a devil. They say I'm a demon. They say I cursed the village. They say I'm death. They say I eat people. They say..." The lines were so familiar they were etched into his very bones. "...They say I should die."

    His lungs ached for air as he spoke the last line. He was old enough to understand. When he was younger, he repeated what he heard without knowing what they meant. Now, he was aware, but as long as they didn't attack him, their hate was nothing compared to the pain of hunger. As long as he could eat and live, whatever they said didn't mean anything to him.

    Silence, except for his panting.

    "Indeed," his master said. "I heard about what those boys did. They almost killed you, didn't they?"

    He cringed, hearing danger in Master's deep, deep voice.

    "Nine boys attacked you, and what did you do?"

    Fear fear fear, his mind beated with his heart.

    "You did nothing. You couldn't escape, so you let them do anything, and they would have killed you if they weren't stupid enough to think that only white aura could kill black. You, who could devour this entire village in an instant!"


    He was suddenly slammed against the wall of the cave, a hand wrapped tightly against his neck. "You would have died. Did you not listen to what I've told you for many, many times?"

    His legs dangled uselessly in the air, and his hands clawed at the clamp around his neck but only grazed fingers as hard as stone. 

    "Didn't I tell you to watch? To listen? What did you learn? Nothing. So you just run away, and if you can't then you do nothing and die. Die."

    He couldn't breath, and it hurts it hurts it hurts

    "Do you want to die?"

    The grip grew tighter pain pain pain DEATH he was going to die he opened his mouth in a silent scream

    "DO YOU WANT TO DIE?!" Master's voice boomed and he was going to die it hurts so much no stop no Master pain air he couldn't breath pound pound the heart he needed air Master was going to kill him white no black black hand throat lungs heart aura spirit run away escape hide smell attack crawl run live don't die hurt fight


    His mind screamed


    And he coughed and hacked and gasped, air filling his burning lungs and he was alive and snot was blocking his nose and he was crying and he was shaking but he was alive.

    Faint gray light lit the inside of the cave, Master's cloak was in front of him, and when he looked up he saw a small, black creature hovering, wobbling in the air, as if blocking him from Master.

    Master chuckled. "Took you nine years to learn."

    The aura spirit, it was an aura spirit, drifted towards his side and spun in wild circles, as the roars of hungry hungry hungry banged in his head, muffling the whys and hows and whats.

    He was about to get up and crawl outside to find food when Master spoke. "Eat this."

    A tiny round fruit flew towards him and he grabbed it then gobbled it in a breath, the juice bursting into the most horrible taste he never knew existed. Spitting out something he had already placed inside his mouth was something that had never crossed his mind before, but Master gave it to him so he swallowed it while tears streamed down his eyes.

    "Out of all the auras, those with white aura have the lifespan of a hundred to five hundred years. Yellow and green have two hundred to four hundred. Blue, red and orange only live up to their three hundredth year, no less, no more. As for the rest, the ranges vary, but in average the longest they can reach is five hundred years. These are the limits of a body relying on aura alone. But for those with black aura, most don't live to see their fiftieth year."

    He kept quiet, and Master continued.

    "It is because after every decade we have lived, our aura tries to eat us alive."

    He stared in horror at the aura spirit next to him.

    "The only way to prevent that is to eat that fruit I had given you on the eve before the new year. The fruit is called the Hundred-Year Seed, and as its name suggests, eating it will extend a person's lifespan by a hundred years. However, it will only give us ten years, and with another decade you live, you need to add another Hundred-Year Seed to the previous amount you have eaten before. So on your twentieth birthday, you will have to eat two Hundred-Year Seeds.

    "The reason why so many of us die so young is that this fruit is difficult to obtain. There are other life-prolonging pills and food that are much more valuable, but the Hundred-Year's rarity is due to its origin. While pills can be made and food can be cooked, all of these are made by man, while the Hundred-Year Seed is the only fruit born by nature itself that increases years to one's life."

    He lowered his head, wondering how much trouble he had caused Master just so that he won't die.

    "You are the door of the abyss. Be the horror of nightmares, and eat the hearts of those that tremble as they scream."

    As Master said these words, the air inside the cave dropped to such a degree that his teeth began to chatter.

    "Say it."

    "I-I am the door of the abyss. I will be the horror of nightmares, and I will eat the hearts of those that tremble as they scream."

    "Remember that. Run if you cannot hide. Fight if you cannot run. You will live, no matter what you have to do. You will not let others kill you as they please. You will not let fear freeze you into inaction, because you will be fear itself. Do you understand?"

    "I understand."

    "Then it is done. I will no longer come back to this cave anymore. When you reach a hundred years of age, come and find me."

    Before he could react, Master vanished, and the gray light turned into darkness once more.

    Master was gone.

    Master would never come back.

    He cried, but he did not know why.

    * * *

    As Mother's Tears reflected the island that was Eternal Mother, up above the Stairs to the Sky, and every child awoke from slumber to greet the dawn of the new year, a lone boy was sleeping inside a cave.

    It was dark, and cold, and silent, except for soft, gentle breaths from a little chest.

    Everyone in the Village Within Three Peaks were in a festive mood, for the Birth Day was a special occasion for all, and their raucous noise did not reach the distant, underground region of the cave.

    No one would even dream of going down the cave on this significant day, but if someone did, and lightened up the pitch-black chamber, they would see the sleeping form of a little boy surrounded by the lights with the colors of a rainbow.

    He had a height that was a little above-average than the normal nine-year old, slim limbs and supple skin, disheveled long, black hair, and a dirty rag covering his private organs.

    This little boy slept through the whole day, a smile in his face, in the darkness.

    And when the sun had finally set, and the last ray of sunlight had faded, the unseen illusion disappeared like a dream, and the boy that was worth a light-colored coin returned back to reality without him knowing.  

    * * *

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