The Great Ruler (大主宰/Da Zhu Zai) by Tian Can Tu Dou



  • Chapter 27: Plunder

    In the forest covered with leaves, the ground suddenly trembled. A violent cry spread outwards. When looking in the direction of the cry, a giant yellow bear, which was roughly a few meters tall, was currently swinging its hammer-like palms around. It recklessly smacked at the petite body in front of it in anger.

    Facing against the slap from the giant bear, the petite body retreated backwards. Spiritual Energy wrapped around the short sword in her hand. Like a snake bursting out a hole, a red blood trace appeared across the giant bear’s white fur.

    The pain coming from its chest made the giant bear a little mad. The giant palm was filled with yellow Spiritual Energy. Every time the slap comes down, it would leave deep imprints on the ground. If a single slap were to hit the petite body, it would definitely be enough to cause a severe injury.

    Fortunately, the petite body was extremely agile. It constantly dodged and the dagger would leave bloodstains in front of the bear’s chest whenever the bear slipped up.

    The large and small figures continued to fight with each other. After approximately ten minutes, the giant bear finally could not endure this kind of fight and its enormous body crashed down to the ground like a boulder.

    The beautiful girl finally saw that the bear could not endure it and died. She also let out a sigh of relief and wiped the cold sweat on her forehead with her hand. She turned her head away while panting heavily. Under a nearby tree, a boy with a long body smiled at he looked at this scene.

    “Not bad.”

    Mu Chen walked forward and stared at the Mountain Bear’s body. Then, he pointed at the white mark filled with bloodstains and said: “However, your attacks are still not decisive enough. That is your weakness. As long as you find a flaw, you should completely kill it. The method you used earlier wasted too much effort. If the Mountain Bear was slightly stronger, perhaps it would be able to mentally exhaust you.

    Tang Qian’Er glanced at the location where another Mountain Bear was killed. However, there was only a single bloody hole at the white mark on the Mountain Bear’s chest. The location of the bloody hole was extremely precise. It directly pierced through the Mountain Bear’s heart and it was obvious that the Mountain Bear died in one attack.

    This Mountain Bear was the results of Mu Chen’s battle. Tang Qian’Er previously saw the sharp blow. It was fierce, accurate and without any hesitation…The calmness and horrifying Mu Chen showed when he killed was many times more natural than her.

    “You’re an insane person, how could I compare with you!” Tang Qian’Er pouted her lips. Although she had never really killed any Spiritual Beasts, she could still feel that Mu Chen’s actions weren’t any inferior to the Adventurers, who would always be muddled in between life and death. How could she compare to him?

    However, she still had a bit of admiration in her heart even when she said that. Under Mu Chen’s guidance, she had begun to get rid of the initial fear that she felt along the way. She even had the ability to kill a Low Rank Spiritual Beast at the Spiritual Movement Stage Middle Phase by herself. As for Mu Chen, his handsome face had maintained a quiet and gentle smile. This was enough to frighten her. In his eyes, it was an insignificant act.

    Tang Qian’Er’s gaze wandered around and she stared at the boy, who was retrieving the Mountain Bear’s Soul Essence.  A shattered point of light landed on his body. His profile had a serious expression and possesses an quality that ordinary youths would not possess. This made her blush slightly.

    “Today’s rewards aren’t that bad. Up until now, we have already collected 8 Low Rank Spiritual Beasts’ Soul Essences.” Mu Chen collected the Mountain Bear’s Soul Essence and stood up as he directed a smile towards Tang Qian’Er.

    When she heard this excellent result, Tang Qian’Er’s face was also smiling. She was quite satisfied with the harvest today.

    “Let’s go. We should continue. The result is only a trivial matter, we should take advantage of this opportunity to improve ourselves.” Mu smiled. But just when he was about to venture in deeper, he suddenly frowned and stared off to the right.

    “What is it?” Seeing this, Tang Qian’Er asked.

    “There was a movement over there. Let’s go check it out.” Mu Chen thought for a moment before he beckoned his hand towards Tang Qian’Er. His pace accelerated and he headed in that direction. When Tang Qian’Er noticed this, she hurried and followed.

    In the dense forest, dozens of Northern Spiritual Academy students were grouped up together. At this moment, they were looking in front with a pale expression. At that location, there were a dozen figures leaning lazily at the tree trunk. The gazes that stared at the students had a bit of ridicule within them.

    Although the behavior of the figures seemed quite lazy, they still gave off a highly trained feeling. Their eyes were bright and sharp. A bloody smell even emitted from their body.

    It was actually an Adventurer’s Team.

    “What are you trying to do?!”

    In front of the Northern Spiritual Academy students, there were a few familiar figures there. Mo Ling, Tan Qingshan, Jiang Li and Teng Yong were all there. However, the color of their faces was the same as the other Northern Spiritual Academy students. They furiously stared in fear at the Adventurers in front of them.

    After all, they were still young youths. They would feel fear from the fierce Spiritual Beasts and the Adventurers in front of them are all individuals whose blade would often taste blood. The viciousness that they would occasionally reveal was enough to make them shudder.

    “You are all a group of brats that haven’t grown any hair yet…”

    A young man dressed in leather armor smiled as he stared at the Northern Spiritual Academy students. He said lazily: “Didn’t I say it earlier? Hand over the Soul Essences that you possess.”

    “You want to rob us!” A boy roared out in anger.

    “That’s correct!” The young man laughed. Sounds of laughter appeared from his comrades behind him. It seems that they treated this as some sort of entertainment.

    “We are students from the Northern Spiritual Academy. Our two teachers are here and they possess Spirit Stage strength! A student tried to use Teacher Mo and Teacher Xi and attempted to shock the Adventurer Team in front of them.

    “I know that you are students from the Northern Spiritual Academy, you came here for training right? Then didn’t your teacher tell you that being robbed is also a type of training?” The young man curled his lips and said: “As long as we do not kill you, your teachers won’t care about it.”

    “So…Hand them over. Don’t make me take action since I am quite brutal.” The young man grinned and his white beast-like teeth made others feel a chill.


    Mo Ling could not endure holding back his anger and clenched his hands tightly.

    “You want to take action and test it out? You are also at the level of Spiritual Movement Stage Late Phase. The same as me. Why don’t we see who is more powerful?” The young man glanced at Mo Ling, but his smile was slightly bloodthirsty.

    When Mo Ling noticed the young man’s gaze as if he was staring at a prey, he felt a faint chill in his heart. Although they were both at the Spiritual Movement Stage Late Phase, the latter’s imposing manner wasn’t something that he could compare with. Also, the comrades behind him weren’t any weaker than him.

    Mo Ling’s eyes flashed. In the end, he slowly released his clenched hands. With a painful laugh, he helplessly shook his head towards Tan Qingshan, Jiang Li and the others.

    Tan Qingshan also sighed. They also knew that they weren’t at the same level as the Adventurer Team in front of them. They could only admit that they were unlucky and lose their wealth in order to avert the trouble in front of them.

    “Now, that’s a good child.”

    When the young man noticed that Mo Ling and the others gave up their resistance, he laughed in satisfaction. Yet the corner of his lips was a bit mocking, this is the Northern Spiritual Academy’s students? It really is disappointing.

    “What are you doing?”

    Just when Mo Ling and the others were about to toss over the Spiritual Beast’s Soul Essence that they managed to obtain, a puzzled voice rang out from behind them. They instantly turned their head over and saw Mu Chen and Tang Qian’Er watching them nearby.

    “Mu Chen?”

    When Mo Ling and the others saw Mu Chen, they reflexively became joyful. Then, they immediately thought about something and had a gaze that told him to quickly leave.

    “What is it?” Mu Chen seemed to ignore their gazes and smiled as he brought Tang Qian’Er over.

    “Shhh, so there’s another fat prey.”

    The young man smiled at Mu Chen and then his gaze suddenly landed on Tang Qian’Er beside him. His eyes instantly lit up and he whistled. He said humorously: “And also a beauty!”

    Tang Qian’Er glared angrily at the young man, but the lovely angry expression made the young man fell into a trance slightly.

    When Mo Ling noticed the two of them walking over, he shook his head helplessly. Then, he began to explain the situation.

    “Robbery? You’re quite unlucky.” When Mu Chen heard this, he could not help but smile as he spoke.

    “Aren’t you the same now?” Jiang Li and the others rolled back their eyes. How can this guy still laugh in this kind of situation?

    “Oi, the boy over there. Since you also came, you should hand over some of your Spiritual Beast’s Soul Essences. Then, hand over the beauty. After all, we shouldn’t show favoritism.” The young man beckoned as he laughed.

    “You want mine as well?” Mu Chen frowned as he said.

    “Who told you to be so unlucky and walked over here. You brats sure are stupid. Although you are quite talented, you guys aren’t good enough if we were to fight.” The young man said helplessly.

    “I only have one Spiritual Beast’s Soul Essence, I’ll give you that.”

    Mu Chen rubbed his head and pulled out a Spiritual Beast’s Soul Essence from his arms. Then, he walked towards the young man.

    “Are you deaf? I told you to bring that beauty over as well. You’re quite an annoying boy.” The young man frowned and chattered on endlessly.

    As he was chattering, Mu Chen had already arrived in front of him. He handed the Spiritual Beast’s Soul Essence over.

    The young man stretched out his hand to grab the Spiritual Beast’s Soul Essence. His other hand seemed to slap towards Mu Chen’s head in dissatisfaction. However, before he touched the Spiritual Beast’s Soul Essence, the boy’s black eyes, which originally contained a smile, instantly turned cold.

    He turned his palm up right and a sharp black light flashed.  It created an arc as it fiercely and cunningly slashed across the young man’s palm. Fresh blood suddenly splattered out.

    This scene happened in a split second. Hardly anyone could react to it. A few of the comrades behind the young man stared at the splattering blood in a daze.

    In front of many stunned gazes, the handsome boy suddenly smiled.

    “Sorry, I suddenly don’t feel like giving it to you.”

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  • Chapter 1

    I whether how those people are doing, they should have finished their training already, right?

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    I wonder how those people are doing, they should have finished their training already, right?

  • Chapter 2
    This feeling was absolutely something that a innocent youth would not be able to possess at this age.

    You should change a to an

    This feeling was absolutely something that an innocent youth would not be able to possess at this age.
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    Chapter 2
    This feeling was absolutely something that a innocent youth would not be able to possess at this age.

    You should change a to an

    This feeling was absolutely something that an innocent youth would not be able to possess at this age.

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  • Chapter 28: Cooperation

    In the dense forest, the young man stared in a daze at his hands filled with blood. After a moment, pain surged from his palms and he recovered from the shock. His originally smiling face suddenly turned a bit dark.

    Behind Mu Chen, Mo Ling and the others were dumbfounded as they stared at this scene. They never imagined that Mu Chen would suddenly launch an attack and that he would be so ruthless when he did it.

    “Boy, are you seeking death?”

    The young man’s body trembled. His sullen face was a bit grim.

    Mu Chen glanced at him and said: “As an experienced Adventurer, you don’t understand the principle of “You reap what you sow”? You’ve never seen someone fail miserably at such a easy task?

    “Ohoho, damn brat.”

    After hearing that remark, the young man smiled angrily. His companions behind him wanted to come forward, but were stopped by his signal. He casually tore his clothes in order to wrap his bleeding hand as he stared coldly at Mu Chen and said: “You should know what will happen next right?”

    “We’ll fight?” Mu Chen laughed as he spoke.

    “To be honest, I wasn’t too angry when you suddenly attacked me. Instead, I admire your courage. If a person doesn’t have any guts, he would still be a trash no matter how talented he is. You are different from those kids.”

    The young man stared at Mu Chen and said: “I’m Lin Zhong. Although I admire you, that is a different matter. Right now, I’ll give you a chance. If you are able to defeat me, you and your comrades can leave, I will not care about that slash you fired at me either. However, if you lose, you’ll leave a finger behind as punishment.”

    “Of course, you don’t have to accept. However, you and your companions would probably suffer pain on their flesh. We won’t kill you, but believe me, I have plenty of ways to make you feel so much pain that you’ll rather die.”

    “Are there any other choices?” Mu Chen shrugged and said.

    “What do you think?” Lin Zhong sneered.

    “If that’s the case, then let’s…fight!”

    Just when these words exited Mu Chen’s mouth, his eyes narrowed and he dashed fiercely forward. Two of his fingers remained straight and a dark black Spiritual Energy wrapped around his fingertips. It brought out a extremely fierce wind as it violently stabbed towards Lin Zhong’s throat.

    “You still want more?!” However, Lin Zhong wasn’t like the Northern Spiritual Academy’s students, who had little combat experience. Moreover, he had already suffered earlier, so he remained alert against Mu Chen. Therefore, he did not panic when Mu Chen took action. Although he was slightly shocked, he still raised his arm as the Spiritual Energy surged and protected his throat.

    Mu Chen’s two fingers stabbed into Lin Zhong’s arm. However, it was like hitting steel and his fingers felt slightly numbed. Lin Zhong’s strength wasn’t bad, it was evident that he had reached the limits of the Spiritual Movement Stage. He would be able to reach the Spiritual Rotation Stage if he managed to take one more step.

    This thought flashed through Mu Chen’s mind, but he did not slow down at all. His fingertips immediately retracted and it formed into a fist. The Spiritual Energy wrapped around his fist and he fiercely smashed towards Lin Zhong’s temple.


    Lin Zhong also fire out a fist and it collided against Mu Chen’s fist. The two fists bombarded each other and a wave of Spiritual Energy spread out. It blew the leaves on the ground into the air.

    When the two fists collided, Mu Chen took a few steps backwards due to the impact. However, Lin Zhong also retreated one step. A hint of surprise appeared within his eyes. When they connected with each other, he could feel the overbearing force from the dark black Spiritual Energy. It seems that the boy in front of him trained in a extraordinary Spiritual Art.

    “Damn, brat!”

    Lin Zhong let out a cry and darted forward. His dense Spiritual Energy erupted out and his palms drew an arc through the air as if it was a blade. It relentlessly headed towards Mu Chen’s vital points.

    In the rear, Tang Qian’Er, Mo Ling and the others saw such a brutal offensive coming from Lin Zhong and were covered with cold sweat. These guys were definitely desperate criminals.

    However, Mu Chen did not panic while facing against Lin Zhong’s fierce attack. He moved slightly and his black eyes stared at the offensive from Lin Zhong. He would occasionally change his fists to palms and made contact with Lin Zhong’s fists. But once it touched, he would retreat back and Lin Zhong was not able to do anything to him.

    Behind Lin Zhong, his companions originally had a playful attitude as they watched the entertainment. However, the color of their faces became more and more serious. They exchanged gazes with each other and were quite surprised.

    “That boy is pretty good. Lin Zhong actually can’t do anything to him even when he is only at the Spiritual Movement Stage Middle Phase.”

    In front of the crowd, a burly man watched as the two individuals fight. His originally unfocused gaze became serious. Shortly after, he muttered slowly: “He is quite an amazing boy, he saw through all Lin Zhong’s attacks. Every time he attacks, it is the instant when Lin Zhong became exhausted. It seems like he is retreating step by step, but Lin Zhong would probably be the one that is in trouble.”


    The Adventurers were surprised. This boy could actually see through Lin Zhong’s offensive? What kind of vision is that? Lin Zhong isn’t like those Academy’s kids!

    “Captain, could you have seen wrong?” A person asked in surprise.

    The burly man glanced at them and said: “If that boy was also at the Spiritual Movement Stage Late Phase, none of you will be his opponent. When have the Northern Spiritual Academy students become this amazing?”

    “That can’t be?” A few adventurers said in astonishment.

    “Lin Zhong can’t bear it anymore.” The burly man let out a faint smile and said.

    All of them heard this and quickly looked over. They only noticed Lin Zhong’s face was a little flushed and a silver light was flashing on his fist. A muffled thunder sound rang out.

    “He is actually going to use Thunderstorm Fist? This is Lin Zhong’s trump card! It seems that he was forced back quite ruthlessly.”

    “Boy, try receiving this move of mine!” Lin Zhong’s face reddened and the silver light on his fist became even more dazzling. A violent fluctuation emitted out from it.

    Mu Chen stared at the silver light on Lin Zhong’s fist. His eyes turned slightly cold and he clenched his right hand tightly.


    Lin Zhong’s body darted forward like an arrow. He fired off a punch and an air blast swept over.  A rumbling thunder sound rang out deeply.

    “Thunderstorm Fist!”

    The violent punch carried an alarming amount of power as it directly headed to Mu Chen. The leaves flew up and it wrapped around Lin Zhong’s fist like a tornado. It viciously blasted towards Mu Chen.

    This astonishing punch made Tang Qian’Er and the others nervous.

    Mu Chen took a deep breath and a dark black light erupted from his palm as well. In the next instant, he took a step forward and fired off a punch wrapped in black light.

    Limitless Death Seal!

    The black light condensed at the surface of Mu Chen’s fist and turned into a black light seal. It also carried an domineering Spiritual Energy and it collided head on against Lin Zhong’s fist in front of many surprising eyes.

    A deep sound resounded throughout the sky. Cracks appeared where they stood as the ground shook. That violent wave of air destroyed the surrounding leaves.

    The faces of the two figures instantly turned slightly white.  When the air blast exploded, the two of them staggered backwards due to the impact and nearly fell down on the ground.

    In this head-on collision, they weren’t able to determine the victor!

    The surrounding individuals were all stunned. The Adventurers were stunned because Lin Zhong’s powerful attack was not successful in defeating Mu Chen, while Tang Qian’Er and the others were shocked since Mu Chen actually blocked such a fierce attack.


    Lin Zhong stabilized his body and his face constantly changed as he stared at Mu Chen. It was obvious that he could not accept this result. Behind him, his companions also stepped forward and stared unfriendly at Mu Chen.

    When Mu Chen saw this, he let out a cold laugh. His two fingers clamped and a fiery red bead appeared between his fingers. An extremely violent fluctuation emitted from it.

    “What? You want to outnumber me now?”

    Lin Zhong’s companions also noticed the violent Spiritual Energy fluctuation coming from between Mu Chen’s fingers and their faces changed instantly: “Spirit Destruction Bead?”

    They did not dare to take a step further and stared at Mu Chen in surprise. No wonder that boy was not afraid of them, he actually had this item in his hands. From the Spiritual Energy fluctuations coming from the Spirit Destruction Bead, even a Spiritual Rotation Stage powerhouse would be severely injured by it if they were careless.

    The surrounding atmosphere instantly became tense. Tang Qian’Er, Mo Ling and the others hurried behind Mu Chen and stared at the Adventurers cautiously.


    A cry suddenly came from behind Lin Zhong and the others. The tall burly man slowly walked forward as he frowned: “What are you all doing? You may not be as good as others, but at least you’re not last. Are you planning to disgrace the Thunderstorm Team’s face?”

    A few Adventurers smiled embarrassedly.

    Then, the tall burly man turned towards Mu Chen and said as he smiled: “Little Brother, you are quite amazing. Let’s settle today’s matter like this. If we offended any of your companions, we hope that you would forgive us.”

    “You’re welcome.”

    Mu Chen smiled and his fingers flashed as he pocketed the Spirit Destruction Bead. He could feel that the burly man loosened up when he pocketed the Spirit Destruction Bead. It was obvious that he was somewhat fearful of the Spirit Destruction Bead.

    “Boy, you’re quite capable.” Lin Zhong’s face finally returned back to normal. He stared at Mu Chen and said as he curled his lips.

    Mu Chen also smiled and said: “Since everything is alright now, then we’ll say our goodbyes now.”

    After he said this, he was prepared to bring the crowd to leave. These Adventurers weren’t in the same group as them. It was better for them to leave as soon as possible.

    “Wait a minute!”

    When the burly man saw this, he anxiously took a few steps forward and cried out.

    Mu Chen stared at him vigilantly. His hands slowly entered his sleeves and prepared to pull out the Spirit Destruction Bead again. He said: “Is there something else?”

    The burly man noticed Mu Chen’s vigilant eyes and let out a bitter laugh. He hesitated for a moment and said: “Little Brother, I want to cooperate with you for a bit. I wonder if you are interested?”


    When Mu Chen heard these words, he raised up eyebrow slightly.

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  • Chapter 29: Jaded Essence Tree


    Mu Chen was slightly shocked as he stared at the burly man in front of him. The latter had a upright face with thick eyebrows and looked a bit rugged. However, the thing that surprised Mu Chen the most was the Spiritual Energy fluctuation emitting from his body. It was evident that he had already advanced to the Spiritual Rotation Stage.

    The strength of this Adventurer’s Team was acceptable.

    “Ohoho, Little Brother, I am the Captain of the Thunderstorm Team, Lei Cheng.” The burly man stretched out his hand and said as he smiled.

    “Northern Spiritual Academy’s student, Mu Chen.”

    Mu Chen chuckled as he shook hands with him. Then, he retracted his hand without changing expressions. Lei Cheng’s hands were quite rough and they were many blade callus. It seems that this person specializes in blades.

    “I am only an ordinary student in the Northern Spiritual Academy. I probably won’t be able to help you out. Let’s forget about cooperating.” Mu Chen shook his head. Although he did not know the specifics about the cooperation that Lei Cheng was talking about, he knew that these Adventurer Teams were quite crooked. They had many grudges and it would be troublesome if they suddenly got involved in it.

    Seeing Mu Chen refuse, Lei Cheng stared at the surroundings and whispered: “Little Brother Mu Chen, to be honest, I want to cooperate with you because I saw the Spirit Destruction Bead in your hands.”

    “We, the Thunderstorm Team, were searching in a valley within the Northern Spiritual Field two days ago. At that place, we discovered something good.”

    Mu Chen’s expression did not change. He did not say a word and only smiled slightly.

    Seeing this, Lei Cheng knew that this boy wasn’t someone simple. A boy should normally have a curious and arrogant attitude. However, Mu Chen did not show the slightest interest when he talked about this. It was clear that he controlled his heart well.

    “In that valley, we discovered a mature “Jaded Essence Tree”.” Lei Cheng knew that Mu Chen wasn’t someone who would act without some incentive. He became silent for a moment before he said softly.

    “Jaded Essence Tree?”

    Mu Chen’s eyes finally flashed slightly. He stared at Lei Cheng and said: “It’s matured? Did it bear any Jaded Essence Fruit?”

    Jaded Essence Tree. It is a rare natural treasure. The tree itself did not hold much appeal to humans, but the Jaded Essence Fruit that comes from the Jaded Essence Tree is filled with gentle Spiritual Energy. It is extremely beneficial to practitioners below the Spirit Stage.

    Right now, Mu Chen was trying to form the second Limitless Death Seal. However, his Spiritual Energy was still too weak. If he doesn’t have enough Spiritual Energy, he must borrow the power of a foreign object to do it. And this Jaded Essence Fruit was the solution to his urgent problem.

    “Although we did not approach it closely, we still observed it for a bit. The Jaded Essence Tree is reasonably mature.” Lei Cheng nodded his head as he spoke.

    “Is there a Spiritual Beast protecting it?” Mu Chen asked.

    “It is because of those rascals…” Lei Cheng let out a bitter laugh and said: “Inside that valley, there are at least 100 Conflagration Apes. And the most trouble thing is that there is also a Conflagration Ape King, which reached the Middle Rank Spiritual Beast level. Its strength is approximately at the Spiritual Rotation Stage Middle Phase. It is even slightly stronger than me.”

    “100 Conflagration Ape? 1 Conflagration Ape King?”

    Mu Chen was startled. Although the Conflagration Apes were only Low Rank Spiritual Beasts, a few of the matured ones would reach the level of a Spiritual Movement Stage Late Phase. With such numbers gathered together, it would not be easily to deal with it. And there is even a Conflagration Ape King…

    “The Conflagration Ape King’s strength isn’t the most difficult part to handle, but rather it is the fact that it can command the other Conflagration Apes.” Mu Chen said softly. Although there were a lot of Conflagration Apes, they were still Spiritual Beasts without much wisdom. It would be easy to deal with once they were in a state of disunity. However, if they have the commands from the Conflagration Ape King, it was a different story. The Conflagration Ape King has already started to have a bit of wisdom. It might not be as cunning as humans yet, but the Thunderstorm Team would probably be destroyed if it commanded the hundred Conflagration Apes to assault them together.

    Lei Cheng looked in surprise at Mu Chen. It was obvious that he did not imagine that this seemingly young boy would know as much as them, hunting veterans, about the Spiritual Beasts.

    “Yes. However, you don’t have to worry about this. We have a method that could hypnotize a few of the Conflagration Ape. The one that we have to deal with is the Conflagration Ape King. Thus, we hope to have this Little Brother cooperate with us and you will use the Spirit Destruction Bead to kill the Conflagration Ape King when you have the opportunity to do so.”

    “Although my Spirit Destruction Bead can gravely injure a Middle Rank Spiritual Beast, it would probably be quite difficult to kill it.” Mu Chen pondered for a moment before he spoke.

    “It’s fine. As long as you are able to severely injure the Conflagration Ape King, the chances of us winning will increase significantly.” Lei Cheng let out a confident smile. After all, he was at the Spiritual Rotation Stage Initial Phase. He might not be able to defeat a Conflagration Ape King when it was at its strongest, but if it’s gravely injured, he should be able to do so.

    “Since it’s like this…”

    Mu Chen smiled slightly. His smile was like a cunning fox and he said: “Then, let’s talk about the payment shall we? You should know, I would have to invest at least a Spirit Destruction Bead in order for the matter to work. The Spirit Destruction Bead’s price isn’t cheap. Sometimes, you won’t be able to obtain it even if you have money.”

    Lei Cheng let out a bitter laugh. He did not treat Mu Chen as a boy anymore. Therefore, he did not attempt to deceive him and said: “Little Brother, make your offer. If it is appropriate, I will naturally accept it.”

    Mu Chen thought for a moment before he said: “I want 30% of the Jaded Essence Fruits on the Jaded Essence Tree. This price is quite reasonable. I know that the Thunderstorm Team would be the main force, so that is why I gave the majority of it to you.”

    “You’re quite black-hearted.” Lei Cheng grinned. However, he thought for a moment and still nodded. This price wasn’t unacceptable. After all, they would obtain the bulk of it.

    “Then let’s do it.”

    “I will also need a few companions, is that okay?” Mu Chen smiled as he said. Although they only exchanged talks for a while, Lei Cheng gave him a pretty good feeling. However, he should always stay on his guard. After all, there weren’t much insurance if he went by himself.

    “That’s fine. However, you should know the strength of the Conflagration Ape. If they do not have the ability to protect themselves, it would be troublesome if they went.” Lei Cheng said.

    Mu Chen nodded his head. Then, he turned around. Although Tang Qian’Er Mo Ling and the others did not know what Mu Chen and Lei Cheng was discussing about, it seems that they had a friendly atmosphere between them. It was great that they did not fight.

    “Next up, there will be quite a bit of danger. However, it will also bring quite the benefits. I will team up with the Thunderstorm Team for a task. If you are interested, you can follow me. The payment will definitely be satisfying. Of course, there are two conditions. First, you must listen to my commands and second, you must reach the Spiritual Movement Stage Middle Phase. Is there anyone that wishes to come?” Mu Chen stared at Mo Ling and the others and spoke.

    Mo Ling and the others were stunned. Mu Chen would actually cooperate with these people?

    “I’ll go.” Tang Qian’Er was the first to raise her slender hands and laughed as she spoke.

    “I’ll also come with you.” Mo Ling thought for a moment. In the end, he still nodded. He was at the level of the Spiritual Movement Stage Late Phase and he completely met the conditions. He understood Mu Chen’s vision. If he said that the rewards would be quite satisfying, then it should be quite excellent.

    Tan Qingshan was a bit regretful, but it couldn’t be helped. His strength was only at the Spiritual Movement Stage Initial Phase. He would only be a bother if he headed there.

    Jiang Li and Teng Yong looked at each other. They hesitated for a moment before they gritted their teeth and said: “We’ll come as well.”

    Shortly after, another three boys with Spiritual Movement Stage Middle Phase strength also participated. With this, Mu Chen’s side had 8 people. This lineup was pretty good. If anything were to occur, there will be room for maneuver.

    “Qingshan, you should bring the others back to the camp. Also, please inform Teacher Mo that we followed the Thunderstorm Team to do a task. There is no need for him to worry.” Mu Chen turned over to look at Tan Qingshan again and said with a smile. His voice was quite loud. Therefore, Lei Cheng and his team were able to hear it clearly.

    “This boy is even more experienced than us…When did such a student come out from the Northern Spiritual Academy?”

    Lei Cheng shook his head. Mu Chen’s earlier words were obviously said to them. If they dared to do anything to them, then those Spirit Stage powerhouses wouldn’t give them the chance to escape the Northern Spiritual Field.

    Tan QIngshan nodded. He saw Mu Chen waved and he did not stay at this place any longer. He quickly left together with the other students.

    “We should also leave now.” Mu Chen turned around and stared at Lei Cheng as he spoke.

    “Yes, let’s go.”

    Lei Cheng nodded. He made a gesture towards the Thunderstorm Team and began to lead the way. A group of people quickly dove into the dense forest and vanished swiftly.

    As they were on their way, Mu Chen told the matter about the “Jaded Essence Tree” to Tang Qian’Er, Mo Ling and the others. When they heard the three words “Jaded Essence Fruit”, their eyes clearly shined. It was evident that they knew just how beneficial the Essence Fruit would be to them.

    “Hehe, it’s great that Mu Chen is quite honorable. He did not forget about us for such an excellent matter.” Mo Ling said in excitement.

    Beside him, Jiang Li and Teng Yong’s faces were slightly red. Their attitude towards Mu Chen weren’t exactly good before. Yet, they owe such a favor to him. Therefore, they felt quite unnatural right now.

    “You think that I brought you here to pick some for free? It is important to listen to my commands then. If something happens, we might lose our lives.” Mu Chen gently smiled as he spoke.

    “Relax, we will definitely listen to you!” Mo Ling laughed. Even Jiang Li and Teng Yong nodded their heads.

    When Mu Chen noticed this, he also smiled. Then, he focused on heading there.

    The group of people crossed through a thick forest. Along the way, they met a few Spiritual Beasts blocking them. However, these Low Rank Spiritual Beasts were completely wiped out by the Thunderstorm Team before Mu Chen and the others could attack them. This smooth and clean method of killing made Mo Ling and the others shocked. They were able to feel the difference between the two sides.

    They rapidly moved and after half an hour, the traces of human became exceedingly little. Beast roars would occasionally sounded out. When they got to this place, even the Thunderstorm Team became cautious.

    A group of a dozen or so people darted through the forest again. The view in front of them suddenly widened up. A stream followed through the shattered rocks on the ground. At the opposite of that, there was a little valley. Sharp ape cries could be heard from inside the valley.

    When they saw the valley, Lei Cheng’s pace finally stopped. He turned his head around to Mu Chen and nodded. This let Mu Chen understand that they have reached their destination.

    The Jaded Essence Tree is in this valley.

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  • Chapter 30: Hunting Apes in Valley

    The valley in front of them was quite narrow. At the entrance of the valley, dense tree branches extended from both sides. Even stones were piled up as if it was trying to conceal this valley. The Thunderstorm Team must have wasted a lot of effort in order to discover this location.

    “There is quite the amount of Conflagration Apes inside.”

    Mu Chen stood at a location slightly away from the entrance. He gently sniffed a bit and smelled a thick, foul smell. It was evident that there could only be more Conflagration Apes than what Lei Cheng had said, but not any less.

    “Let’s begin our preparations.”

    Lei Cheng gestured with his hand. Lin Zhong and a few other companions swiftly found some firewood from the surroundings and ignited them as they piled it outside of the valley.

    “All of you should cover your nose and mouth. You should try to hold your breath.”

    Lei Cheng pulled out a couple of grey pills from his arms and a rich fragrance emitted out. It made others feel slightly drowsy when they smelt a bit of it.

    Beside him, Lin Zhong and the others pulled out torn rags and made them wet in the stream. Then, they distributed them to everyone.

    Seeing that everybody was ready, Lei Cheng threw the pills into the fire. A rich fragrance instantly spread out.

    “Everybody should utilize our Spiritual Energy and push this smoke into the valley!”

    Lei Cheng let out a soft cry and was first to take action. His cuffs moved and a powerful Spiritual Energy burst out. It brought forth a fierce wind and swept the smoke into the valley.

    Mu Chen and the others also copied him. Fierce winds were created by the Spiritual Energy and the smoke quickly enshrouded the valley. Sounds of excitement from the apes gradually began to fade.

    Lei Cheng stared at the valley. After a short moment, he tilted his head to the side as he listened to the movements within the valley. Only then did he let out a sigh of relief. He gestured with his hand and said: “Let’s go, be careful everyone!”

    “Let’s go!”

    When they heard these words, everybody nodded their heads in excitement. Then, they directly went through the entrance and charged into the valley.

    When Mu Chen and the others charged into the valley, the valley was already somewhat foggy. When they looked over, they could see many giant red apes lying down on the ground. However, these Conflagration Apes were almost all in a deep sleep. It was evident that Lei Cheng’s hypnotic drug was extremely effective.

    “The Jaded Essence Tree is in the depths of the valley. We should hurry. This drowsiness will not last long.” Lei Cheng urged them as his speed accelerated again. He jumped over the Conflagration Apes and went straight into the depths of the valley.

    Mu Chen also brought the others and followed. However, when they reach the depths of the valley, a low roar sounded out from the top of the cliff. Then, a bloody howl came down. An enormous Conflagration Ape pounced towards Tang Qian’Er, who was behind Mu Chen.

    This sudden attack shocked Tang Qian’Er. She hurriedly swung her hand around and the short sword flew out as it was wrapped in Spiritual Energy. However, this still left a shallow bloodstain on the Conflagration Ape’s body.

    Although it did not cause much damage to the Conflagration Ape, the short sword was able to stop it for a moment. At the same time, Mu Chen’s feet touched the ground and he charged over like a nimble money. His hand gripped onto a sharp dagger that fell down from his sleeves. As the dark black Spiritual Energy wrapped around the dagger, he swiftly slashed across the Conflagration Ape’s eyes.

    Fresh blood spattered out and the Conflagration Ape let out a shrill cry. However, just when the cry came out, the dagger flashed as it stabbed directly into its throat and stopped the cry.

    The Conflagration Ape’s huge body fell down heavily onto the ground. It crushed the rocks into pieces. At the same time, Mu Chen’s body landed on the side. He wiped the blood off his dagger and asked Tang Qian’Er, who was shaken: “Are you alright?”

    “I’m fine.” Tang Qian’Er shook her head. At the side, Mo Ling and the others were completely stunned. It was evident that they have not recovered from the fact that Mu Chen actually killed a Conflagration Ape this smoothly.

    Of course, it wasn’t only them. Even the people from the Thunderstorm Team were startled. This Mu Chen had a quick reaction and attacked effectively…

    “Amazing, this Conflagration Ape is probably at the level of Spiritual Movement Stage Late Phase.” Lei Cheng gave a thumbs up to Mu Chen and smiled as he said.

    “Its speed has dropped due to the smoke. Otherwise, it wouldn’t be that easy for me to take care of it.” Mu Chen shook his head. Although this Conflagration Ape was able to endure through the drowsiness from the smoke, it was still affected.

    “The effects of the Bewitching Drug are limited. A Conflagration Ape could resist it if it reached the Spiritual Movement Stage Late Phase. Inside this valley, there are probably no more than 20 Conflagration Apes with this strength. However, even if they did not fall asleep, they should still have been weakened. It shouldn’t be hard to deal with them.”

    Lei Cheng nodded. Then, he suddenly lowered his body and stared off into the distance. His expression became serious and said: “Our trouble is that guy over there.”

    Mu Chen’s eyes also narrowed as he looked into the distance. At the end of the valley, the smoke has already faded a lot. A giant fiery red figure that was even bigger than a Conflagration Ape was over there.

    The giant figure’s body was like a fire. Its body glowed as if it was covered by a layer of red armor. Although it was half-sitting on the ground, an ominous aura spread out from there. This violent Spiritual Energy fluctuation far surpasses an ordinary Conflagration Ape.

    This was obvious the boss of the valley, the Conflagration Ape King.

    Mu Chen felt the oppression of Spiritual Energy coming from there. His eyes became a bit more serious. At the side, Mo Ling and the others had a hint of fear in their eyes. That is a Middle Rank Spiritual Beast.

    Mu Chen stared at the Conflagration Ape King for a moment. Then, he turned and stared at the rear of that giant ape. Near the mountain walls, there was a crack that was approximately 20 feet. A tiny tree approximately 10 feet wide extended out from the crack.

    The body of this tiny tree seemed like it was made from jade. On this tree, an emerald color was revealed among the green leaves. It was a round fruit. Even from this distance, you would still be able to smell the fragrance that it emits. It was extremely refreshing.

    “It really is the Jaded Essence Tree!”

    Mu Chen stared at the little tree. A hint of joy flashed through his eyes. From the looks of it, the Jaded Essence Tree was obviously mature. It seems that there would be no less than 30 Jaded Essence Fruits. If this cooperation succeeds, it would be quite moving.

    “Little Brother, I will lead five team members to deal with the Conflagration Ape King. The other five members would deal with the awakened Conflagration Apes nearby with your companions. When that happens, you should wait for an opportunity to use the Spirit Destruction Bead and try to kill the Conflagration Ape King in one attack!” Lei Cheng observed for a moment and said in a low voice.


    Mu Chen nodded. He pondered for a moment and said: “If something unexpected occurs, I suggest that we should immediately retreat. If you are still greedy for the Jaded Essence Fruit, then I will bring my companions and leave. As for the ruined Spirit Destruction Bead, I’ll just consider it my loss. After all, our lives are more important than the Jaded Essence Fruit.

    When Lei Cheng heard these words, he let out a bitter laugh. Then, he nodded. If it really became like that, then it could only be considered as bad luck.

    “Let’s prepare.”

    Lei Cheng waved his hand. Five members of the Thunderstorm Team including Lin Zhong had their Spiritual Energy rising up. Then, each of them carefully approached the Conflagration Ape King in the depths of the valley.

    Although the valley still contained a faint mist, the Conflagration Ape King was not something that a common Conflagration Ape could compare. When Lei Cheng and the others was within 100 feet of it, it was aware of them. The blood red eyes stared at the crowd and viciousness appeared within its eyes. It was clear that it was outraged by the humans that dared to enter its territory.

    An angry roar spread out from its ferocious jaws. The Conflagration Ape King extended its long arm and directly picked up a huge boulder. Then, it fiercely threw it over towards Lei Cheng. The sound of the winds breaking showed that it contained a great amount of power.


    Lei Cheng cried out and his figure dashed out. He gripped the blood red machete in a reverse grip as his Spiritual Energy stormed out. A sharp blade flash came out from the blade and instantly shattered the huge boulder. Lei Cheng’s speed did not slow down at all and he charged straight at the Conflagration Ape King. The rest of the Thunderstorm Team hurriedly followed.


    The instant that the two sides made contact with each other, a fierce battle broke out. Spiritual Energy gushed out and flashes of blades headed swiftly towards the Conflagration Ape King’s body.

    While Lei Cheng and the others were tangled up with the Conflagration Ape King, Mo Ling and the others followed the other five members of the Thunderstorm Team and blocked the remaining awakened Conflagration Apes. They did not let them interfere with the battle inside.

    Mu Chen stood at a place not far away and firmly fixed his eyes at the battle. A fiery red Spirit Destruction Bead was once again held tightly between his fingers and a violent Spiritual Energy emitted out from it constantly.

    This Spirit Destruction Bead possesses the power to gravely injure Spiritual Rotation Stage powerhouses. However, there is only one. Therefore, he must seize the best opportunity or this mission would fail if it was wasted.

    The situation with the Conflagration Ape King was quite tragic. The five members of the Thunderstorm Team used all their strength and attacked. Although they left many wounds on the Conflagration Ape King’s body, their hands were also covered with blood. It was obvious that they were injured in the backlash.

    From the looks of it, if Lei Cheng did not directly block the majority of the attacks from the Conflagration Ape King, they would not be able to approach this big guy’s body.

    “Constricting Lightning Blade!”

    After fighting a while, Lei Cheng also felt that his arms becoming numb and immediately shouted out.


    As his cry appeared, Lin Zhong and the others suddenly stepped forward. A lightning flash appeared on their long blades. They used all their strength and fire off slashes. These five lightning lights flashed and grazed the Conflagration Ape King as it hacked onto the back of it.

    The Conflagration Ape King’s metal-like back actually split open through the combined attacks from them. Fresh blood oozed out from its back.

    The pain coming from its back instantly made the Conflagration Ape King roar out in fury. Its arm fiercely extended out and a violent Spiritual Energy engulfed it. Lin Zhong and the others instantly flew backwards while spitting blood.

    “Asshole, go to hell!”

    Lei Cheng took a single step forward and let out a vicious howl. Spiritual Energy surged out and a ten feet long Spiritual Energy sword light actually appeared from the blade. He slashed angrily towards the Conflagration Ape King.

    The Conflagration Ape King’s speed was extremely fast. It felt the ferocious attack coming from Lei Cheng and crossed his arms together like a shield. It blocked the sharp blade forcibly and the sword light cut into its flesh. However, it did not cut its arms apart.

    “Mu Chen!” At this moment, Lei Cheng cried out.

    The moment he cried out, Mu Chen, who was accumulating power for the side, had already darted out. He nimbly appeared behind the Conflagration Ape King and a dark black Spiritual Energy wrapped around his fingers. It inserted itself into the wound of the Conflagration Ape King like a sharp dagger.

    Fresh blood shot out and Mu Chen instantly retreated. A violent Spiritual Energy suddenly came out from inside the Conflagration Ape King’s wounds.

    When the Spiritual Energy appeared, a gigantic Spiritual Energy shockwave broke out. The back of the Conflagration Ape King exploded like a bomb. Its flesh scattered and the rocks on the ground were shattered due to the impact.

    The Conflagration Ape King let out a maddening howl. However, blood continued to flow out of its back. It seems that a hole was blown out. It struggled for a few steps and finally crashed onto the ground.

    Mu Chen landed on the ground. He was relieved as he stared at the Conflagration Ape King on the ground.

    “We did it!”

    When Lin Zhong and the others witnessed this scene, their eyes were filled with happiness. Even Lei Cheng had a relieved smile on his face.

    “No, something’s wrong!”

    However, the instant that they relaxed, Mu Chen’s face suddenly changed colors. This is because a red light emitted out from the Conflagration Ape King’s body.

    “Be careful!” Lei Cheng also noticed this change and instantly tensed up.

    The red light surrounded the Conflagration Ape King’s body and the fresh blood on its back actually stopped flowing out. Afterwards, Lin Zhong and the others were shocked as they noticed the Conflagration Ape King rising up unsteadily and the fiery red hairs on its body actually grew a tiny bit.

    The Conflagration Ape King roared to the sky. A faint emerald color flashed inside the red lights on its body. This light was the same color as the Jaded Essence Fruit.

    As the Conflagration Ape King roared, its aura suddenly became many times stronger.

    “Damn it, it actually made a break through at this moment!”

    When Lei Cheng felt the growing aura from the Conflagration Ape King, the color on his face changed.

    Mu Chen’s face also became serious. It seems that this beast had eaten many Jaded Essence Fruit. Now, it is really troubling…

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    Chapter 31: Rouse the Tiger to Eat the Wolf

    Note: Title is an idiom. It stands for a strategy that lets the enemies weaken/eliminate each other while preserving your own strength.


    The valley seemed to tremble all of a sudden. The Conflagration Ape King’s enormous body seemed to becoming increasingly fierce. Its ugly face was filled with violence and it was obvious that it was extremely ferocious.

    Mu Chen, Lei Cheng and the others became serious as they stared astonished at the Conflagration Ape King. Who would have thought that the Conflagration Ape King would actually make a breakthrough at this critical moment. From its aura, the Conflagration Ape King had probably reached the peak of the Middle Rank Spiritual Beast. It is equivalent to a powerhouse at the Spiritual Rotation Stage Late Phase!

    Spiritual Rotation Stage Late Phase?

    Mu Chen exchanged gazes with Lei Cheng. They secretly let out a bitter sound. It was extremely rare to meet such a event. Their luck was quite bad.

    “Captain, what should we do?!” Lin Zhong and the others’ faces were pale and they quickly asked.

    Lei Cheng thought for a moment and gritted his teeth as he said: “The Conflagration Ape King is about to make its breakthrough. However, it is also seriously injured. Let’s try once more. If we fail to get rid of it, we will immediately retreat!”

    Lin Zhong and the others heard this and nodded. This was a surprising turn of event. Although they wanted the Jaded Essence Fruit, their lives were more important than that.

    Mu Chen also made a gesture towards Tang Qian’Er and the others, who were far away. He signaled them to retreat if the situation turns out poorly.

    When Mu Chen reminded Tang Qian’Er and the others, the Conflagration Ape King suddenly issued out a furious roar. The violent eyes firmly fixed itself onto Mu Chen’s body. It was obvious that it clearly remembered Mu Chen, who had injured it.

    The Conflagration Ape King has an extremely vengeful heart. It was not his wisdom that made it view Mu Chen as a definite target to rip apart. Therefore, it attacked first and its huge ape arm picked up a massive boulder. It treated the boulder as a weapon as it smashed it towards Mu Chen.

    When Mu Chen noticed this, his toes touched the ground and he jumped back agilely. He completely avoided the Conflagration Ape King’s violent attack. With the Spiritual Rotation Stage Late Phase strength, Mu Chen did not dare to let this big guy touch him at all. He was afraid that he would either be dead or gravely injured if he was touched.

    Seeing that the Conflagration Ape King pounced towards Mu Chen, Lei Cheng hurried to help him. But what surprised them was that the Conflagration Ape King completely ignored their attacks and would only smash towards Mu Chen in berserk. It forced Mu Chen to be in a slightly helpless position.


    The Conflagration Ape King became furious when it noticed that Mu Chen avoided it swiftly. It suddenly let out a sharp howl, which resounded within the valley. Then, Lei Cheng and the others were horrified when they noticed that there were signs of awakening on the Conflagration Apes that they hypnotized.

    This discovery made their faces turn pale. If the hundreds of Conflagration Apes wake up inside the valley, there were no chances of escaping today.

    “Captain, all the Conflagration Apes would definitely wake up if the Conflagration Ape King continues to howl!” Lin Zhong and the others said in shock.

    Mu Chen also noticed this situation. His face became more and more serious. His eyes flashed and he stared at the Jaded Essence Tree inside the crack of the mountain walls. He bit his teeth furiously and said: “Big Brother Lei Cheng, I’ll lure their Conflagration Ape King away, you guys should use your speed to take away the Jaded Essence Fruit!”


    Lei Cheng was surprised when he heard that. The Conflagration Ape King is at the level of Spiritual Rotation Stage Late Phase while Mu Chen was only at the Spiritual Movement Stage Middle Phase. It would be extremely dangerous if he were to lure it away by himself.

    “There’s no time. The Conflagration Ape King is targeting me. You won’t be able to pull it away.”

    As Mu Chen’s voice rang out, a dark black Spiritual Energy has already wrapped around his legs. His speed increased exponentially and he darted to the outside of the valley like an arrow. Behind him, the Conflagration Ape King did not hesitate at all and it chased after him as it howled.

    Lei Cheng and the others were stunned as they watched Mu Chen luring away the Conflagration Ape King. In the end, Lei Cheng gritted his teeth and said: “Hurry, we have no time to lose. Lin Zhong, you should bring a group to stop the Conflagration Apes that are beginning to awaken. I’ll go get the Jaded Essence Fruit!”


    Lin Zhong and the others wiped the blood off their mouth. They quickly nodded and charged towards the Conflagration Apes that stumbled as they stood up.

    Lei Cheng stared once again out of the valley. He could only let out a bitter laugh and pray that Mu Chen would be alright. Otherwise, the people from the Northern Spiritual Academy would come find them and they would suffer.

    Bang Bang!

    Inside the forest, the earth trembled. A giant red shadow with a violent atmosphere charged around in berserk. Many trees on the way were completely destroyed by it. Yet it did not care about it all right now. Its blood red eyes were only focused on the nimble and tiny figure in front of it.

    This commotion naturally attracted the attention of some Spiritual Beasts inside the forest. However, the Conflagration Ape King had already reached the peak of the Middle Rank Spiritual Beast. It is considered the top existence in the outskirts of the Northern Spiritual Field. Therefore, these Spiritual Beasts were shocked by its ominous pressure and did not dare to approach. They only stared as the human and beast headed into the depths.

    “This damn beast, it really is tenacious!”

    They fiercely ran for nearly ten minutes, yet Mu Chen discovered that the Conflagration Ape King showed no traces of giving up. He could not help but curse at it.


    As he cursed, a powerful wind suddenly blew behind him. He noticed that the Conflagration Ape King picked up a large tree and threw it at him fiercely. His body hurriedly jumped forward and he spun a few times on the ground. Only through this way was he able to avoid the giant tree.

    When he was rolling across a cluster of weeds, he suddenly pulled out a batch of black grass and shoved it into his arms before bolting off again.

    While he was running away, Mu Chen’s black eyes continuously flashed. He did not actively request to lure away the Conflagration Ape King because he wanted to show off his strength, rather it is because he had experience in it. In the Spiritual Road, he would often meet with this kind of situation.

    “I should reach the inner part of the Northern Spiritual Field soon. There should be Spiritual Beasts that could fight against this Conflagration Ape King. Since Spiritual Beasts have a powerful concept of territory, it would not let the Conflagration Ape King go that easily when they discovered it. When that happens, it would be a chance for me to escape from this guy.”

    An idea flashed through Mu Chen’s mind. He forced all of his Spiritual Energy out from his body and circulated the Great Pagoda Art. Maybe it was because it was a situation of life and death, the Great Pagoda Art’s circulating speed became faster. Spiritual Energy continued to flow endlessly into his four limbs and energized him.

    No matter how powerful the Great Pagoda Art was, he was still only in the Spiritual Movement Stage Middle Phase. His strength was too different compared to a Middle Rank Spiritual Beast, whose strength had reached Spiritual Rotation Stage Late Phase. Therefore, as the time passes on, Mu Chen gradually felt that he was getting weaker.


    Just when Mu Chen felt that the situation was getting pretty bad, a low howl came from a distant forest. It felt that this howl contained a sense of warning.

    “It finally came!”

    When Mu Chen heard this howl, joy filled his eyes. He accelerated and charged towards that distant forest. The moment he rushed into the forest, he quickly pulled out the black grass from within his arms and squeezed it using his palms. A repulsive black liquid flew out and covered his entire body.

    After Mu Chen finished doing this, a black shadow appeared from in front of him. Its eyes clearly showed that it did not notice the tiny human and it stared menacingly at the Conflagration Ape King, who was approaching.

    “It’s a One-Horned Panther Dragon!”

    Mu Chen looked at the figure and saw that it was like a black panther with a horn on its head. However, it was wearing an extremely hard carapace. It even had a steel thorn-like crocodile’s tail on its back. A surge of violent Spiritual Energy emitted from within its body.

    Mu Chen glanced at this One-Horned Panther Dragon and frowned. This guy is also a Middle Rank Spiritual Beast, but its strength was only in the Spiritual Rotation Stage Initial Phase. The difference between it and the Conflagration Ape King was too great.


    The One-Horned Panther Dragon kept a close eye at the approaching Conflagration Ape King and it attempted to frighten it to retreat by using a threatening roar.

    But by this moment, the Conflagration Ape King’s eyes had already turned completely red. It would shred anything to pieces if they dared to stop it from ripping apart Mu Chen. Because it saw that the One-Horned Panther Dragon daring to stop him, he instantly issued out a fierce roar and his enormous body bounced up. Fiery red Spiritual Energy was formed under its beast palms and it fiercely smashed onto the One-Horned Panther Dragon’s waist like a meteorite.


    The earth was blasted apart and left an enormous hole. The surrounding trees were completely swept apart and destroyed.  Then, Mu Chen witnessed in shock as the One-Horned Panther Dragon let out a painful howl. Its entire waist was completely destroyed by the Conflagration Ape King’s brutal blow. Even the carapace was completely shattered.

    “What a vicious beast.”

    Mu Chen could not help but breath in cold air when he noticed that the One-Horned Panther Dragon being killed in one attack from the Conflagration Ape King. This fellow sure can’t take a hit, yet he was hoping that it could stall for some time.

    After the Conflagration Ape King killed the One-Horned Panther Dragon, its blood red eyes turned towards Mu Chen. The latter felt that it was pretty bad and was about to flee. However, an extremely furious roar came out from the depths of the forest.


    An amazing Spiritual Energy fluctuation was wrapped within the roar. Wind appeared where the roar passed by and Mu Chen’s face instantly changed due to this Spiritual Energy pressure.

    A High Rank Spiritual Beast?! The strength of a Spirit Stage!


    A silver shadow stormed out of the depths of the forest in berserk. After a few seconds, it appeared in this open space. Mu Chen hurriedly lowered his body and looked over. He saw that the silver shadow was actually exactly the same as the One-Horned Panther Dragon. Aside from the fact that its body was larger, the horn on its head was a silver color.

    This is the…High Rank Spiritual Beast, Silver-Horned Panther Dragon?

    Mu Chen’s heart jumped. He stared at the dead One-Horned Panther Dragon before looking at the Silver-Horned Panther Dragon, who was staring with hatred at the Conflagration Ape King. He finally understood. The Conflagration Ape King actually killed the Silver-Horned Panther Dragon’s child…

    Mu Chen quietly laid down on the ground. He painted his body with the pungent black liquid in order to cover his smell and held his breath. Then, he stared pitifully at the Conflagration Ape King.

    “Buddy, it’s over for you.”

  • Chapter 32: Spoils of War

    Deep inside the forest, a violent Spiritual Energy swept through like a fierce wind. Under this powerful Spiritual Energy, the entire forest became silent. In the distant, a few Spiritual Beasts desperately fled as they felt the rage from the Silver-Horned Panther Dragon.

    The fury within the Conflagration Ape King’s eyes subsided slightly under the Spiritual Energy’s pressure. The ugly beast’s face revealed a slight hint of fear. Although it had just reached the peak of a Middle Rank Spiritual Beast, the Silver-Horned Panther Dragon in front of it was a genuine High Rank Spiritual Beast!

    Conflagration Ape King’s enormous body curled up slightly. It stared in fear at the Silver-Horned Panther Dragon. The body showed traces of backing off and it was obvious that it planned on escaping.


    But the grieving Silver-Horned Panther Dragon would not let this murderer escape that easily. Rage and ruthlessness filled its cold beast eyes. As its sharp claws slowly rubbed the ground, an extremely violent Spiritual Energy Fluctuation emitted out from it constantly.


    The Conflagration Ape King suddenly turned around and ran. The fierceness it showed earlier as it chased Mu Chen had completely vanished. Under the threat of death, it was obvious that it had forgotten about Mu Chen.

    The Silver-Horned Panther Dragon stared coldly at the escaping Conflagration Ape King, its massive body lowered slightly. In the next instant, Spiritual Energy flooded out like a waterfall and dazzling silver light completely wrapped around the Silver-Horned Panther Dragon. After a muffled sound, the Silver-Horned Panther Dragon turned into a silver streak of light as it darted forward.


    With a speed that the naked eye cannot perceive, the silver light pierced through the air. A sound of tearing rang out before Mu Chen was able to react. He turned his gaze over to that direction and noticed that the Conflagration Ape King had already stopped running. A 1-meter wide hole appeared on its back. The organs within its body had completely vanished as well.

    The Silver-Horned Panther Dragon shook its body lightly in front of the Conflagration Ape King. It flung away all the bloodstains on its body before it slowly walked back.


    The Conflagration Ape King’s body collapsed onto the ground. Fresh blood continued to flow out, but it was obvious that it had died already.

    One hit. An instant kill.

    Mu Chen’s heart jumped. He thought inside his mind. Is this the power of a High Rank Spiritual Beast? How terrifying! However, he remained motionless as he laid on the ground. He even minimized his breathing and the Spiritual Energy, which was circulating within his body, returned back to his aurasea.

    If he was discovered by the Silver-Horned Panther Dragon, he probably wouldn’t be much better off than the Conflagration Ape King.

    Luckily, the Silver-Horned Panther Dragon was not in a mood to search for a human like him. Instead, it walked beside the One-Horned Panther Dragon and pushed the corpse around. It issued out a lament howl and slowly walked back to the depths of the forest with its corpse.

    Mu Chen watched as the Silver-Horned Panther Dragon disappeared. He did not immediately stand up. Instead, he waited patiently for approximately ten minutes before he carefully stood up.

    He stared vigilantly at his surroundings. Then, he hurried quickly to the Conflagration Ape King’s corpse and used a dagger to cut its head apart. All of a sudden, a red light floated out.

    This was the Conflagration Ape King’s Soul Essence. This fiery red light had a miniature-sized Conflagration Ape in it. A powerful Spiritual Energy fluctuation radiated from it.

    Mu Chen used his backhand to collect the Conflagration Ape King’s Soul Essence. Then, he used the dagger and cut the Conflagration Ape King’s head completely off. After this was done, he suddenly paused and pondered for a moment. Then, he walked to the place where the One-Horned Panther Dragon had died. A large puddle of thick red blood was at that spot.

    Mu Chen took out a bottle and carefully loaded the blood inside. Then, he placed it back within his arms and swiftly left this place.

    While Mu Chen got rid of his dilemma, a trouble also appeared within the valley.

    Roar Roar!

    The silence within the valley was completely shattered at this moment. Groups of giant red apes stared furiously at the humans within the depths of the valley. They picked up giant boulders and threw them fiercely at them. With their numbers, they managed to force everyone in the valley into a helpless position.

    “Damn it, all of these beasts regained their consciousness.”

    Lin ZHong and the others dodged the giant boulders helpless. They stared at the group of Conflagration Apes as they showed an exceeding ugly expression. After Mu Chen had lured away the Conflagration Ape King, they picked up the speed. However, they did not imagine that the Conflagration Apes would wake up in succession. Right now, they were stuck at this location due to them.

    “What should we do?” Tang Qian’Er, Mo Ling and the others had a pale expression. After all, their psychological qualities weren’t as good as Lin Zhong and the others. This scene made their legs feel slightly weak.

    “Prepare to charge out.” Lei Cheng said in a deep voice. He was carrying a bag behind him. Emerald lights continued to penetrate outwards from within the bag while a fragrance was released into the air.

    “Lin Zhong, bring some people to take care of them. Don’t let anything happen to them.”

    Lei Cheng said. After all, they were veterans and they had bountiful experience in this. However, Tang Qian’Er and the others were just rookies without any experience. If an accident occurs and they were caught among the group of Conflagration Apes, they would probably be ripped into shreds instantly.


    Lin Zhong and the others nodded. They did not make fun of these students, who had not guts. After all, the courage displayed by Mu Chen earlier when he lured away the Conflagration Ape King by himself was something that they were stunned about. They understood that they would have probably died today if it wasn’t for Mu Chen’s actions.

    “Let’s go!”

    Lei Cheng gripped onto his long blade and his eyes became serious. A powerful Spiritual Energy emitted out and he led the charge towards the Conflagration Apes. His blade flashed and he forcibly teared open a path.

    The Thunderstorm Team followed closely. Tang Qian’Er and the others were in the center and were protected by them. The group of people pushed their Spiritual Energy to the extreme and blade lights formed into a defensive line. It knocked back the Conflagration Apes that tried to lunge over.

    Bang Bang Bang.

    Although there was Lei Cheng, a Spiritual Rotation Stage Initial Phase powerhouse, who was leading the team, there were just too many Conflagration Apes. Therefore, some of the members of the Thunderstorm Team were injured shortly after they charged out. However, they gritted their teeth and endured it as fresh blood constantly flowed down the arms holding the blade.

    “Damn it!”

    Lei Cheng split a Conflagration Ape into half. However, he could only curse as numerous Conflagration Apes lunged over. He gradually started to panic. It seems that they would be buried within this valley today.

    Tang Qian’Er, Mo Ling and the others stared at the vicious Conflagration Apes with a pale expression. However, the Conflagration Apes suddenly created a commotion when they felt despair within their hearts. The Conflagration Apes seemed to have noticed something terrifying and they retreated backwards while letting out fearful cries.

    “What is this all about?”

    Lei Cheng and the others watched in astonishment at this scene.  Not far away, they noticed a thin boy’s figure suddenly jumping out.

    “It’s Mu Chen!”

    Tang Qian’Er and the others instantly became overjoyed when they noticed this familiar figure. They did not understand why, but the confidence that the latter gave far surpassed Lei Cheng even when he wasn’t as strong as Lei Cheng.

    “What is he holding in his hand?” Lin Zhong and the others could see clearly. The thing that Mu Chen was holding on seemed to be the source of fear for the nearby Conflagration Apes.

    “It’s a head…”

    Lei Cheng was stunned. His eyes immediately showed an astounded expression and he cried: “It’s the head of the Conflagration Ape King!”

    “What?!” Lin Zhong and the others were startled. Horror began to fill their eyes. Did Mu Chen really kill the Conflagration Ape King?


    Just as they were horrified, Mu Chen shouted at them. At the same time, he raised the head of the Conflagration Ape King and the nearby Conflagration Apes retreated backwards due to fear. In their eyes, the Conflagration Ape King was an extremely terrifying existence. Then, the one who killed the Conflagration Ape King, just how powerful would he?

    Without a sharp wisdom, they weren’t able to think clearly about this. They could only rely on the fear that they felt from their instincts.

    “Hurry and run!”

    Lei Cheng rejoiced and he quickly gestured with his hand. He led the crowd and accelerated to leave the Conflagration Ape’s siege. Finally, they made it to Mu Chen’s side. As they approached, they were able to see clearly the ugly head that was constantly dripping blood. It was indeed the Conflagration Ape King’s head…

    Lei Cheng and the others exchanged gazes. They could see the shock within their eyes. How in the world did Mu Chen do it?

    Mu Chen did not care about their thoughts and led them out of the valley quickly. Then, he placed the head of the Conflagration Ape King outside of the valley and scared the Conflagration Apes, so that they did not dare to come out.

    The group of people turned around and rushed fiercely away. Only after they were far away from the valley, they fell down exhausted. Even Lei Cheng was panting heavily and his body was covered with sweat.

    Mu Chen also sat down below a tree. It feels that his bones were about to shatter. It was quite frightening this time, he nearly died.

    “Are you alright?” Tang Qian’Er walked beside Mu Chen. Her beautiful eyes stared at the boy. It was obvious that this person had given her many shocks today.

    “I’m fine.”

    Mu Chen smiled and he raised his head. He noticed that Lei Cheng and the others were all dumbfounded as they stared at him. It was evident that they had not recovered from the shock that Mu Chen had saved them using the head of the Conflagration Ape King.

    “Stop staring. I was just lucky. I still don’t have the strength to kill a Conflagration Ape King.”

    Mu Chen shook his head helplessly. Then, he turned and looked at Lei Cheng as he smiled: “However, Big Brother Lei Cheng, the task is finished. We should divide the spoils now, right?”


    When Lei Cheng heard these words, he could not help but laugh. He lowered the bag behind him and spread it open. A dazzling emerald light flowed out instantly along with a thick fragrance, which made everybody’s eyes lit up.

    Mu Chen also stared at the round and juicy Jaded Essence Fruit inside the bag. A satisfied smile appeared on his face. At least he did not lose out after this tiring ordeal.

  • Chapter 33: Returning to Camp

    The bag was spread out on the ground and a dazzling emerald light emitted from it. Every single jaded-colored Jaded Essence Fruit was round and shiny. An irresistible aroma made all of them gulp as they stared feverishly at it.

    “There’s a total of 30 Jaded Essence Fruits. Originally, we should have more of an harvest, but the Conflagration Ape King wasted many Jaded Essence Fruit.” Lei smiled and separated 15 of the Jaded Essence Fruit. He said: “Little Brother Mu Chen. Although you said that you would only take 30%, it was all thanks to you regarding about the matter today. You deserve these 15 Jaded Essence Fruit. We cannot be greedy after all the work that you’ve done.”

    “We should just do 30% like we agreed upon…Fine, then thank you, Big Brother Lei Cheng.”

    Mu Chen shook his head. He was about to refuse, but he noticed the resolute expression that Lei Cheng had. He could only helplessly smile and did not act pretentious as he accepted the 15 Jaded Essence Fruit. Then, he looked at Mo Ling and the others, who were staring at him, and said: “You guys worked hard as well. Let’s have everybody take 1 Jaded Essence Fruit, is that okay?”


    Mo Ling and the others could not help but grin. Even Jiang Li and Teng Yong had emotional faces. As they obtained the Jaded Essence Fruit from Mu Chen, their faces turned red as if they wanted to say something, but they didn’t have the nerve to do so. Thus, they could only keep grinning.

    “Yo, you also have one.” Mu Chen handed a Jaded Essence Fruit to Tang Qian’Er. The girl let off a sweet smile as she held onto the Jaded Essence Fruit.

    When Mu Chen finished distributing the 15 Jaded Essence Fruit, he still had 6 remaining in his hand. Even he could not endure it and grinned as he stared at the cold, jade-like Jaded Essence. With this Jaded Essence Fruit, he should be able to condense the second Limitless Death Seal, right?

    The group of people rested in the forest. Because they came back with fruitful results, every single one of them had a joyous expression. They also got closer with each other. Mo Ling and the others even took the opportunity to ask for guidance from the Thunderstorm regarding about methods of hunting Spiritual Beast. Moreover, Lin Zhong and the others even shared some of the dangerous experiences they had in their adventures. As they were listening, Mo Ling and the others’ eyes lit up as if they were extremely excited.

    Mu Chen watched the harmonious atmosphere and smiled. At this moment, Lei Cheng walked over with a bottle of hard liquor and thrusted it towards Mu Chen. He smiled and said: “How is it? Can you drink?”

    Mu Chen was not good with the item inside the bottle. However, he did not refuse and took a swig from it. The spicy feeling made the handsome boy’s face turned red and he coughed a few times.

    “Don’t drink that much.” Seeing this, Tang Qian’Er hurriedly patted Mu Chen’s back and said reproachfully.

    “Ohoho, I’ve met many youths over all these years, but I’ve never met one as amazing as Little Brother Mu Chen. If you have time in the future, you can come play around with the Thunderstorm Team.” Lei Cheng joked as he said.

    “His father is the Mu Territory’s Lord. Uncle Mu will not forgive you if you drag him in becoming an Adventurer.” Tang Qian’Er batted an eye towards Lei Cheng and said sourly.

    “Mu Territory’s Lord?” Lei Cheng was stunned. He immediately stared at Mu Chen in surprise: “So Little Brother Mu Chen is the Young Master of the Mu Territory. It was an oversight. Ohoho, I’ve had once followed my Big Brother and met the Mu Territory’s Lord before. Truly, a wild goose will never lay a tame egg.”

    Mu Chen glared at Tang Qian’Er as the girl stuck out her tongue. She only mentioned it because she did not think carefully about it.

    “Little Brother Mu Chen, we will stay at the Northern Spiritual Field for a while. If you need any help, feel free to call us. This time, we owe you a favor.” Lei Cheng said.

    “Big Brother Lei, there’s no need to be this polite. Naturally, I would have to give it my all since we were cooperating.” Mu Chen smiled and said.

    “Cooperation is Cooperation. However, it is also true that you’ve saved us, the Thunderstorm Team.” Lei Cheng said seriously.

    Mu Chen could only shake his head helplessly. However, he had a better opinion of this straight-forward and burly man.

    After they chatted for a while, the color of the sky gradually darkened. When Mu Chen noticed this, he said farewells to the Thunderstorm Team together with Tang Qian’Er and the others. Afterwards, they rushed towards the direction of the camp.

    Along the way, Mo Ling and the others were still immersed in excitement. Although they were in a dangerous situation today, the emotional moments after the danger made them extremely excited. They talked constantly about the fierce battle within the valley.

    Mu Chen did not feel anything about the excitement they were talking about. After all, he had experienced this many times within the Spiritual Road. Therefore, he was able to maintain a calm heart when facing this kind of situation.

    As there weren’t many obstacles on the way back, they reached a location close to the camp after half an hour. The youths all let out a sigh of relief when they saw the camp out in the distance.

    Mu Chen stared in the direction of the camp and frowned. This is because a dozen figures were at the entrance of the forest. The leading figure was fairly familiar as it was Liu Yang and Chen Tong. It was clear that the people behind these smiling individuals were all West Branch students.

    “It’s Chen Tong and a few others.” Mo Ling was startled when he noticed Liu Yang and the other students. His face immediately turned disgusted: “Mu Chen, it seems that they are coming for you.”

    Just when Mu Chen and the others discovered Chen Tong’s group, the other group also noticed the group that was returning. A nasty expression appeared instantly in their faces and they intercepted Mu Chen and the others.

    “Chen Tong, what are you guys doing?” Mo Ling frowned when he noticed this.

    “Oh, nothing. I only want to talk with him for a while. Mo Ling, this is unrelated to you, so you best not intervene, okay? If you offend Brother Liu, you’ll have an unpleasant time as well.” Chen Tong laughed.

    The Brother Liu that Chen Tong was talking about was obviously Liu Mubai. When Mo Ling heard this, his face changed slightly. It was obvious that he was afraid of Liu Mubai.

    “Jiang Li, Teng Yong, the two of you can leave as well. I know that you bear grudges with Mu Chen, we’ll help you vent off your feelings.” Chen Tong stared as he spoke to Jiang Li and Teng Yong.

    He calculated it quite accurately. Aside from Tang Qian’Er, the other people weren’t familiar with Mu Chen. Moreover, Jiang Li and Teng Yong both disliked Mu Chen, so they wouldn’t help him for sure.

    However, just when he believed that he had calculated the situation accurately, Jiang Li and the others only stared at him coldly. They did not show any traces of leaving and instead let out a sneer: “If you want to hurt Brother Mu, you have to ask us first.”

    Although Jiang Li and Teng Yong disliked Mu Chen earlier, the matter today completely changed their opinions on him. Not only did Mu Chen rescue them, his actions in the valley completely made these prideful individuals respect him. The hatred they had against him had vanished already. Therefore, they did not feel the slightest psychological burden when they called him Brother Mu.


    Chen Tong and the others were stunned. Their faces instantly turned grim as they stared malevolently at Mo Ling and the others, who were protecting Mu Chen. They felt incredulously. Why would these old students be that protective of an East Branch Heaven Class newcomer?

    Mu Chen watched the scene undisturbed and did not say anything. He only patted Jiang Li and the other’s shoulders and said: “Let’s leave.”

    He did not say anything towards Chen Tong and Liu Yang. This ignoring attitude made Chen Tong’s face become disgusted. He let out a low cry: “You want to leave? You’re acting too arrogant!”

    His hand stretched straight out towards Mu Chen’s collar as soon as he said those words.


    However, when he took action towards Mu Chen, a cold chill passed through Mu Chen’s eyes. Mu Chen turned his hand around and a black light flashed. Before Chen Tong’s hands touched his collar, a bloody dark dagger already appeared next to Chen Tong’s throat.

    The coldness coming from his throat made Chen Tong’s pupil contract violently. He shuddered and gritted his teeth as he said: “What do you want?”

    “You don’t believe that I’ll kill you?” Mu Chen said softly as he looked at Chen Tong.

    Although Mu Chen’s words were light, Chen Tong and the others all felt a bone-chilling cold. This was a true killing intent…

    The youths behind Chen Tong were stunned by the emotionless black eyes of Mu Chen. They were afraid and did not dare to speak.

    “What are you doing?”

    A deep voice broke the silence and many youths hurriedly looked over. They saw Teacher Mo staring severely at them nearby.

    “Teacher Mo!”

    Mo Ling and the others immediately bowed when they noticed him.

    When Mu Chen saw that Teacher Mo, he withdrew his dagger. A gentle smile reappeared on his handsome face. When you look at him, it seems that he was harmless.

    “Teacher Mo, Mu Chen wanted to kill me!” Chen Tong stared at Mu Chen with a flushed face.

    “You really believe that I didn’t see it at all?” Teacher Mo glanced at Chen Tong as he said faintly.

    Chen Tong was startled and he bitterly touched his nose. Then, he glared fiercely at Mu Chen and brought everyone away with a depressed expression.

    “All of you should return back to the camp as well.” Teacher Mo said this towards Mo Ling, Tang Qian’Er and the others. The latter hesitated for a moment before leaving one after another.

    After seeing them leave, Teacher Mo walked towards Mu Chen. He could not help but shake his head as he stared at the boy’s gentle face. He said: “Boy, you really dare do such a dangerous thing with an Adventurer’s Team.”

    “Teacher Mo, you know what we did?” Mu Chen was slightly stunned as he asked.

    “After Tan Qingshan returned and informed me, I rushed over immediately. However, I did not show up, but I’ve witnessed your actions.” Teacher Mo stared at Mu Chen while he was slightly overwhelmed. He originally planned on saving Mu Chen when he noticed Mu Chen luring away the Conflagration Ape King. However, who would have expected that the boy would actually lure out a Silver-Horned Panther Dragon. This act of rousing the tiger to eat the wolf even made him sigh with amazement.

    “So Teacher Mo was secretly protecting me. If I knew that earlier, I wouldn’t need to be hunted down that helplessly.” Mu Chen said helplessly. If they knew that a Spirit Stage powerhouse was protecting him in secret, just who would be willing to run around the forest while being chased?

    “Boy, you…” Teacher Mo smiled as he shook his head. He knew that Mu Chen was quite cautious even though he was still quite young. He must have cooperated with the Thunderstorm Team because he was convinced that the other side would not dare do anything wicked to them: “Forget it, it’s great that you’re back. Let’s head back to the camp first.”

    Teacher Mo waved his hand and turned around towards the camp. Mu Chen followed him with a smile.

    The two of them passed through the forest and entered the camp. Mu Chen immediately swept a glance around the camp when he entered. He suddenly stared at the dozen burly figures near the camp. The powerful and ominous aura that came from the figures showed that they were any ordinary individuals.

    “This is…”

    Teacher Mo also frowned as he stared at the unfamiliar team. Then, he noticed the badge on these men’s chests and muttered: “It’s the people from the Liu Territory? What are they planning to do by coming here?”

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    Chapter 34: Liu Ming

    A group of strangers appearing within the camp would naturally attract the gazes of many students. However, none of them dared to approach. The ominous aura that emitted from their bodies made the young boys and girls slightly afraid.

    “The people from the Liu Territory?” Mu Chen frowned as he stared at these unfamiliar men. Why did these individuals run over to the Northern Spiritual Field?

    It was obvious that Teacher Mo was also puzzled. He slowly walked towards the group and a middle-aged man stepped forward. He cuffed his hands as he smiled and said: “Surely, this must be the Northern Spiritual Academy’s Teacher Mo? Liu Territory’s Liu Ming. I apologize for coming here uninvited, but I hope you will forgive me.”

    “Oh, so it’s the Third Master of the Liu Territory, Liu Ming.” Teacher Mo let out a faint smile when he heard those words.

    “How could I allow Teacher Mo call me like this, that’s only a rumor caused by outsiders.” The middle-aged man hurriedly shook his head and maintained a low-profile.

    “Liu Ming? The Third Master of the Liu Territory, huh…”

    Behind Teacher Mo, Mu Chen glanced at the middle-aged man again. The latter was slightly skinny, yet he seemed strong. Moreover, he had a pair of claw-like hands. At this moment, the skinny face was filled with smiles.

    Mu Chen wasn’t unfamiliar with the name, Liu Ming. He had often heard it from his father and Uncle Zhou. This person was the younger twin brother of the Liu Territory’s Territory Lord, Liu Qingtian and was also the right-hand man for him. His strength had already reached the Spiritual Rotation Stage Late Phase and was only a step away from reaching the Spirit Stage. Furthermore, he was considered a relatively well-known figure within the Northern Spiritual Realm.

    “You guys are?” Teacher Mo stared at the group led by Liu Ming, which did not fit with the atmosphere around the camp. He had a slightly unhappy expression. After all, this place was a training location for the students. With these ominous people around here, it might disturb the student’s training.

    “Teacher Mo, my Third Uncle is currently on a mission. He noticed that Liu Yang and I were here, so he came over to see us. He did not intend to disturb us.” Behind Liu Ming, Liu Mubai gave a slight smile as he spoke.


    Liu Ming sighed: “We, the Liu Territory, had an important item that was stolen by the “Blood Slaughter Group” while we were transporting it back. Although we, the Liu Territory, managed to encircle them and annihilate them, the captain of the “Blood Slaughter Group” , Xue Tu, still escaped. He fled into the Northern Spiritual Field under our chase, so we came here this time to capture him.”

    “Xue Tu?”

    Hearing this name, Teacher Mo frowned. He was an extremely ruthlessly individual within the Northern Spiritual Realm. It was unknown how many lives died in his hands. If this wicked individual entered the Northern Spiritual Realm, wouldn’t it be a threat to the students training here?

    The other law-abiding Adventurer Teams and Adventurers would fear the Northern Spiritual Academy. Thus, they would not dare do anything overboard to these students. However, this wicked individual would not hesitate at all. As long as they made him unhappy, he would kill without hesitation.

    “Ohoho, yes. This time, we came over here because we wanted to inform Teacher Mo as well. Try and allow the students to be more careful, so that nothing unpleasant would occur. After all, everybody knows how crazy that person is.”

    As Mu Chen was standing beside Teacher Mo, he naturally heard this and was a little surprised. Obviously, he had heard of the name Blood Slaughter Group before. It was an extremely vicious name. However, these individuals weren’t idiots, why would they dare to trouble the Liu Territory?

    It seems that those people stole something amazing from them. Otherwise, why would the Liu Territory be so angry? Not only did they massacre the Blood Slaughter Group, they even cause Xue Tu to flee to this place.

    “Third Master Liu, what item did the Blood Slaughter Group steal from the Liu Territory? You would actually mobilize this many troops for it.” Mu Chen’s eyes flashed. He suddenly asked as if he was naïve.

    This kind of stupid question startled Liu Ming. He let out a dry chuckle and said: “Little Brother, I can’t tell you this.”

    Mu Chen smiled slightly. Within his heart, he understood just how important that the item stolen by Xue Tu is.

    “Mu Chen, this matter is unrelated to your Mu Territory.” Liu Mubai glanced at Mu Chen and said.

    “Mu Chen?” When Liu Ming heard this name, he was stunned. His eyes narrowed as he stared at Mu Chen and said: “So you’re Mu Feng’s son. The only one who obtained the qualifications for the Spiritual Road within the Northern Spiritual Realm?”

    Mu Chen smiled as he nodded. They were many disputes between the Liu Territory and the Mu Territory. It could be said that they were enemies. Therefore, he was not surprised by Liu Ming’s reaction.

    “Ohoho, I have heard of your name a long time ago. Originally, I thought that the spot for the Spiritual Road would belong to Mubai.” Liu Ming let out a faint chuckle and said this out.

    Mu Chen smiled, but he did not respond.

    “Thank you for informing us about the matter of Xue Tu, we will be careful.” Seeing that Liu Ming’s words have a sting in them, Teacher Mo frowned. Liu Ming was ultimately a well-known figure within the Northern Spiritual Realm, how could he speak so rudely to a young boy?

    “Teacher Mo, we wanted to rest in the camp tonight, so we hope that Teacher Mo will accept it. Ohoho, although Teacher Xi had already accepted it, I still feel that it is necessary that Teacher Mo accepts it as well. Of course, we will take care of protecting the camp tonight and guarantee that nothing will happen.” Liu Ming quickly said.

    When Teacher Mo heard this, he pondered for a moment. Since Teacher Xi had already accepted it, then it wouldn’t be quite honorable if he refused. He immediately nodded and brought Liu Ming to arrange a place.

    “I heard from Chen Tong earlier that you wanted to kill him?” Seeing that Mu Chen was planning to leave, Liu Mubai suddenly called out faintly.

    Mu Chen tilted his head and glanced at Liu Mubai for a moment. He smiled and said: “To those individuals that come to trouble me, I don’t know how to be merciful to them. If you enjoy that, you can come at me by yourself. But if you allow those dogs of yours to come over again, I do not mind teaching them a lesson.”

    Liu Mubai stared coldly at Mu Chen as Mu Chen smiled and exchanged gazes with him.

    “If I have the chance, I will personally test out how powerful you, a person who qualified for the Spiritual Road, are. I hope that you would not disappoint me.” Liu Mubai stared deeply at Mu Chen. Then, he left without saying anymore.

    When Mu Chen saw this, he smiled as well. Then, he turned around and headed to the camp for the East Branch students. Seeing him walk over, Tang Qian’Er pouted her lips and said: “Those fellows from the Liu Territory, what is there to be proud of now? They still act this arrogant when their item was stolen.”

    She had always been looking over there. Thus, she was slightly unhappy when she heard the stingy words from Liu Ming and Liu Mubai.

    “Since they are unhappy, they needed somewhere to vent off their feelings.” Mu Chen smiled and beckoned Tan Qingshan to come over. After he walked over, he quietly thrusted a Jaded Essence Fruit into his hands.

    “This is the payment for passing on the message.”

    Mu Chen patted Tan Qingshan’s shoulder while he was in a daze.

    “This…Is this really for me?” Tan Qingshan’s face turned red because he was emotional. When they came back, Mo Ling and the others talked about the events in the valley to him. Naturally, Tan Qingshan became envious when they were all holding a Jaded Essence Fruit. However, he knew that Mo Ling and the others worked hard for it, so that is why they obtained it. He could only blame his own strength as he could not go with them.

    His family environment wasn’t that good. He could not afford a Spirit Fruit like the Jaded Essence Fruit. The Jaded Essence Fruit that Mu Chen gave him would be able to save a lot of time for training.

    “If you did not pass back the message, we would not have the confidence to follow them and do the task with them.” Mu Chen smiled and said.

    “B…Brother Mu, thank you.” Tan Qingshan held onto the Jaded Essence Fruit and said in an appreciative voice.

    “Go train well now.”

    Mu Chen shook his head. Afterwards, he headed towards his own tent. Right now, he was left with 5 Jaded Essence Fruits. With such sufficient preparations, he should be able to condense the second seal of the Limitless Death Seal this time, right?

    When he thought about this, even with his calmness, Mu Chen could not help but be excited about it.

    Night gradually enveloped the Northern Spiritual Field. As the color of the sky darkened, the camp became bright again and was extremely lively.

    However, Mu Chen did not go out. Instead, he sat quietly within his tent with his eyes closed. He circulated the Great Pagoda Art and dark black lights glowed on the surface of his body.

    This quiet training lasted for approximately 30 minutes. Then, Mu Chen opened his eyes suddenly and pulled out a round Jaded Essence Fruit from his arms. Under the faint firelight, the Jaded Essence Fruit’s bright reflection was extremely enchanting.

    Mu Chen licked his mouth. Then, he opened his mouth and directly shoved the Jaded Essence Fruit into this mouth. Next up, it was finally the time to condense the second seal for the Limitless Death Seal.

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  • Chapter 35: The Second Limitless Death Seal


    The Jaded Essence Fruit instantly dissolved when it entered Mu Chen’s mouth and a thick, sweet taste spread out within. Next, pure Spiritual Energy flowed out like water and infused into Mu Chen’s body.

    The Spiritual Energy was extremely powerful. Thus, he pursed his lips as the Spiritual Energy caused Mu Chen’s body to tremble slightly.

    Without the slightest hesitation, Mu Chen overlapped his ten fingers and swiftly changed between complicated seals. As his seals changed, a rich Spiritual Energy began to condense in the center of his palms.

    Mu Chen had always been attempting to form the second Limitless Death Seal for a while now. Although he had never succeeded, it still allowed him to get increasingly skilled in the condensation method.

    Permeated with black lights, the dark black Spiritual Energy nearly wrapped around Mu Chen’s arms completely. The density of the Spiritual Energy was not something that Mu Chen would normally able to achieve.

    Mu Chen’s eyes were fixed on the Spiritual Energy condensing at the center of his palm. The black light seemed to form a whirlpool and it devoured the surrounding Spiritual Energy endlessly.

    He was completely focused on it and did not dare to be distracted at all. After all, when he attempted to condense one normally, he would use the Spiritual Energy that he could control. Even if it failed, it would not cause much damage to him. However, the situation right now was completely different. The Spiritual Energy that came from the Jaded Essence Fruit made the Spiritual Energy within Mu Chen’s body reach a considerably dense level. If he fails, the backlash from the Spiritual Energy would probably be quite troublesome for Mu Chen.


    As Mu Chen concentrated, the black lights condensed more rapidly. It was possible to see a black light to slowly condense into the shape of a black light seal.

    “All of you, go in!”

    Mu Chen let out a cry within his heart and activated the Spiritual Energy within his body with all his strength. It flowed endlessly into the black light seal. The speed of the black light extending increased again. Approximately a minute later, the black light quietly retracted and a black light seal appeared above the center of Mu Chen’s left hand.

    He finally condensed the second Limitless Death Seal!

    Mu Chen stared at the Limitless Death Seal floating above the center of his palm, but he did not relax. Instead, his eyes became increasingly serious because he knew that succeeding in forming the Limitless Death Seal was only the first step…

    Next up, he must absorb this second Limitless Death into his body. But when this Limitless Death Seal enters his body, it would burst out an extremely powerful force. If he was not careful, the meridians within his body would be destroyed.

    Mu Chen had already suffered from the powerful backlash from the Limitless Death Seal when he formed the first one. He understood that the backlash would only be more terrifying when he formed more of them. Even someone like Teacher Mo, who was at the Spirit Stage Level, could not form the third Limitless Death Seal. Although the power of the backlash would increase based on the practitioner’s own strength, he was still able to differentiate just how powerful the backlash would be.


    Mu Chen took a deep breath and the Spiritual Energy within his aurasea began to surge out. It formed a protective membrane around the meridians as it prepared for the violent impact.

    When the inside of his body was fully prepared, Mu Chen did not hesitate and the second Limitless Death Seal imprinted itself onto Mu Chen’s left palm.


    The moment that it touched Mu Chen’s palm, his body trembled suddenly. Then, the color of his face changed as a violent impact surged forward through his meridians like a raging flood from his left palm.

    The power of the impact was filled with destructiveness. Along the way, the Spiritual Energy membrane was smashed instantly and his meridians could not endure the impact. It became slightly distorted and a terrible pain came from it.

    Cold sweat appeared at Mu Chen’s forehead. However, he did not dare to get distracted. He hurriedly mobilized his Spiritual Energy and contained it again.

    Bang Bang Bang!

    Mu Chen’s body seems to have turned into a battlefield. The backlash from the Limitless Death Seal destroyed the many defenses and wreaked havoc within his body.  The pain made Mu Chen’s body twitch slightly.

    “Damn it!”

    The pain had twisted Mu Chen’s face a bit. He gritted his teeth and cursed loudly as he struggled to resist it. If he fails to withstand it now, then his hard work would be wasted. Moreover, he would suffer a grave injury within his body.

    A terrible pain constantly emitted out from his meridians. Mu Chen was completely drenched in cold sweat and he was slightly dizzy from the pain.

    Only at this moment did he truly understand how difficult it was to form the second Limitless Death Seal.

    The power of the backlash had already breakthrough the outer meridians and it charged straight towards Mu Chen’s aurasea without stopping.  This made Mu Chen’s heart turn cold. If his meridians were injured, he could still restore them. However, if his aurasea was destroyed, it would definitely be so painful that he would want to die.


    When Mu Chen thought about this, even he couldn’t remain calm and he let out an angry roar within his heart.


    When the low cry rumbled within his body, he noticed that a few lights lit up within his body. These lights were distributed throughout Mu Chen’s limbs and seemed quite peculiar.

    As these lights appeared, Mu Chen felt that an energy gushing out from his body and it collided with the raging impact directly.


    A sound of bombardment rang out within his body and buzzed within Mu Chen’s ears. He only managed to recover after a while. When he recovered, the first thing that he did was to sense within his body. However, he was startled.

    Because he discovered that the raging backlash was actually blocked!

    “How could this be…” Mu Chen muttered at a loss. He stared in his mind at the fading lights within his body. Could this really be a Spiritual Pulse? But why couldn’t he control it or even just sense it?

    After thinking for a while, he could not think of any reason why and he could only let out a bitter laugh. It seems that there was some sort of secret within his body.

    Mu Chen suppressed these thoughts within his heart and circulated the Great Pagoda Art. He gathered the Spiritual Energy that was spread throughout his limbs into his aurasea. However, after the Spiritual Energy entered his aurasea, he could feel that the originally quiet Spiritual Energy begin to rumble. A strange fluctuation rumbled within Mu Chen’s heart.

    When he sensed this fluctuation, Mu Chen was stunned. Then, a pleasant surprise could not be concealed as it gushed out from his heart.

    This is…a sign of the Spiritual Energy making a breakthrough!

    Mu Chen opened his eyes in surprised. He immediately pulled out another Jaded Essence Fruit and shoved it into his mouth. Then, he circulated the Great Pagoda Art and refined the warm and cool Spiritual Energy.  It eventually turned into a dark black Spiritual Energy as it endlessly entered his aurasea.

    The two Spiritual Energies quickly converged together and a joyous cry rang out within Mu Chen’s aurasea. As this joyous cry rang out, Mu Chen was able to feel the Spiritual Energy within his body becoming denser rapidly.

    This increase lasted for quite a while before it stopped. The star cluster-like dark black Spiritual Energy within Mu Chen’s body seemed to have doubled compared to before.

    Inside the tent, Mu Chen opened his eyes and his handsome face was filled with joy. He stretched out his hands and a dark seal flickered within both his palms.

    He succeeded in forming the second Limitless Death Seal!

    Mu Chen grinned and clenched his hands tightly. Not only did he condense the second Limitless Death Seal, he even took advantage of this opportunity and broke through again. He advanced to the Spiritual Movement Stage Late Phase!

    Sensing that the Spiritual Energy within his body had become denser, Mu Chen could not help but smile.

    Tonight’s harvest had far surpassed his own expectations.

    Just when Mu Chen was delighted due to his breakthrough, Teacher Mo also opened his eyes in another tent. His eyes stared in surprise in the direction of Mu Chen’s tent and he immediately smiled.

    This little guy is truly impressive.

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  • Chapter 36: Predicament

    The following day. The camp, once again, became lively. Many boys and girls surrounded each other excitedly as they talked about their harvests of yesterday. Sounds of laughter from the girls echoed in the camp. It was filled with youthful vitality.

    The people from the Liu Territory, led by Liu Ming, had temporarily left in the early morning. They probably went to search for traces of Xue Tu. Without the existence of these individuals, the camp’s atmosphere relaxed. After all, these boys and girls had some resistance towards these ominous individuals.

    Teacher Mo and Teacher Xi did not stop the training because of Xue Tu. However, they reminded the students to not venture in too deep and to not be too dispersed.

    “Let’s go, we should also set off.”

    Mu Chen gestured towards Tang Qian’Er and she trotted over. The curvy, slender petite body attracted many boys’ gazes and they stared jealously towards Mu Chen. This guy was really lucky since he was able to form a team with Tang Qian’Er.

    “Brother Mu, are you going out for training again? Haha, don’t lose to us.” Jiang Li and Teng Yong greeted Mu Chen when they noticed him.

    “You want to defeat us as well, dream on.” Tang Qian’Er said in a sweet voice.

    “Haha, if anything happens feel free to call us, Brother Mu. If anyone wants to trouble you, we’re not afraid of them.” Jiang Li and Teng Yong laughed as they talked. Beside them, the East Branch students that had accompanied Mu Chen yesterday to perform the task hurriedly nodded.

    Mu Chen waved at them with a smile. Without saying anything more, he brought Tang Qian’Er away from the camp and headed to the Northern Spiritual Field.

    Within the camp, Liu Mubai stared at the disappearing figure. A hint of coldness that was hard to detect flashed through his eyes.


    Within the forest, Mu Chen’s hand shot off as dark black Spiritual Energy surged out from his palms. He darted passed a Low Rank Spiritual Beast, whose strength was at the Spiritual Movement Stage Middle Phase, and directly knocked it a dozen meters away. The Spiritual Beast could only whine as it landed on the ground.

    Behind him, Tang Qian’Er watched this scene and was startled. Although Mu Chen could kill a Low Rank Spiritual Beast with this level of strength yesterday, he could not kill it using such a brutal method like he showed today.

    “Your strength?” Tang Qian’Er could not help but ask.

    “Thanks to the Jaded Essence Fruit, I managed to break through to the Spiritual Movement Stage Late Phase yesterday night.” Mu Chen crouched down and obtained the Spiritual Beast’s Soul Essence as he explained.


    When Tang Qian’Er heard this, she suddenly muttered this cry. However, she immediately lifted her face and proudly said: “I will also reach the Spiritual Movement Stage Late Phase within five days!”


    Mu Chen smiled and raised his thumb. Then, he continued heading to the depths of the forest: “Let’s go, it’s your turn next. You’re not allowed to be lazy, otherwise it won’t be beneficial to your training.”

    “I know!”

    Tang Qian’Er replied as she quickly followed him while she smiled.

    At the west side of the Northern Spiritual Field, a dozen shadows were searching vigilantly. Liu Mubai was also within this group. With his position and strength, it was obvious that he was capable to lead a team by himself.

    From Liu Ming, he understood just how important the item that Xue Tu had stolen was to the Liu Territory. The Liu Territory had paid a great price in order to obtain it. Therefore, they must capture Xue Tu and obtain the item back regardless of the cost.

    “Little Master, we detected traces of that Xue Tu earlier. However, that guy is extremely cunning, he slipped away from our team again.” An expert from the Liu Territory reported to Liu Mubai.

    “Continue to search.”

    Liu Mubai nodded his head and said a command.

    “Yes!” That team immediately replied and brought its men to increase the search radius.

    This search lasted for half an hour. Just when Liu Mubai frowned, a buzzing sound rang out in front. It was a signal sent out by the Liu Territory’s men.

    “They found him, let’s go!

    Liu Mubai’s eye lit up. He gestured with his hand and his body charged forward. When his body passed through the forest, a man covered with blood rushed towards him awkwardly. From his appearance, it seems that he was a person from the Liu Territory.

    “Where’s Xue Tu?” Liu Mubai hurried and asked as he stared at that person.

    “Little Master, Xue Tu fled towards the north. Should we immediately notify the Third Master?” The expert from the Liu Territory replied.

    “The north?”

    Liu Mubai’s eyes flashed when he heard this. He waved his hands and said: “Wait for a moment.”

    “Big Brother? Why should we wait?” Liu Yang asked as he was puzzled. If they waited, what would they do if Xue Tu escaped?

    “He can’t escape. We already forced Xue Tu into a dead end.” Liu Mubai smiled dainty and said: “Right now, he is only a caged beast. He will die eventually. However, we should let him vent off his frustration on some unlucky fellows before we let him die.”

    “Big Brother, you mean?” Liu Yang was confused.

    “Mu Chen is in that direction.” Liu Mubai laughed softly.

    “Oh?” When Liu Yang heard this, a hint of excitement flashed through his eyes. However, he immediately frowned again and said: “We can’t guarantee that Xue Tu would attack Mu Chen.”

    “Xue Tu is fond of girls. Since a beauty like Tang Qian’Er is beside Mu Chen, he wouldn’t be able to endure it. With Mu Chen’s personality, he would not throw aside Tang Qian’Er and escape by himself, so” Liu Mubai smiled, but this smile was filled with a cold chill.

    “Haha, Big Brother sure is thoughtful. If Mu Chen dies at the hands of Xue Tu, others can’t complain at all and can only consider him as unlucky!” Liu Yang said excitedly. He knew how vicious that Xue Tu is. If Mu Chen fell into his hands, he would definitely die.

    Liu Mubai only smiled and muttered as he stared at the north: “I originally planned on taking care of him by myself, but it seems that he is fortunate enough.”

    “Oi, Mu Chen. Hurry and help, this guy’s strength is at the Spiritual Movement Stage Late Phase, I can’t win!”

    Within the forest, Tang Qian’Er hurriedly avoided a ferocious Spiritual Beast, which lunged towards her. Her black ponytail danced as she let out a cry from time to time.

    Standing on a branch, Mu Chen stared at the figure below who was constantly dodging the Spiritual Movement Stage Late Phase Spiritual Beast. He could not help but smile as he swept down like a wild goose. His right hand formed a fist as a dark black light condensed itself within his palm and formed a black light seal.

    “Stop being so savage, you beast!”

    Mu Chen dashed out while revealing a slight smile. The black light seal carried a tremendous fluctuation as it fiercely bombarded the Spiritual Beast.


    The Spiritual Beast let out an angry roar and its huge claws filled itself with Spiritual Energy. It violently smashed it against Mu Chen’s fist.

    The Spiritual Energy impact exploded and swept the surrounding leaves away. A low growl came out from the Spiritual Beast as it was actually pushed back by Mu Chen forcibly.


    When the Spiritual Beast was still unstable, Mu Chen’s body moved and he darted towards the Spiritual Beast again. His hand flashed and a dagger appeared within it. The Spiritual Energy wrapped around the dagger and brought forth an extremely sharp light as it stabbed fiercely into the Spiritual Beast’s throat.


    Hot blood squirted out from the Spiritual Beast. Even the earth trembled slightly when the Spiritual Beast crashed onto the ground.

    Mu Chen smiled as he wiped the blood away from his dagger. The boy’s tall body was quite attractive as it was bathed by the warm sunlight that penetrated through the forest.

    “What an irritating guy. He doesn’t know how to be kind to woman and let me be chased for so long.” Tang Qian’Er said bitterly before she walked towards the Spiritual Beast. She pulled out a short sword and stabbed it into the beast’s head. While she tried to take out the Spiritual Beast’s Soul Essence, she was still chattering about Mu Chen’s crimes.

    Mu Chen stared at her and could not help but smile. But just when he wanted to say something, his face changed and he darted forward. He wrapped his arms around Tang Qian’Er’s waist as she was about to take out the Spiritual Beast’s Soul Essence. The two of them tumbled away.

    And just when Mu Chen grabbed onto Tang Qian’Er and charged away, a bloody shadow charged out suddenly from the forest. The hands that were originally planning to hold onto Tang Qian’Er missed and it let out a surprised sound.

    Mu Chen held onto Tang Qian’Er as they rolled on the ground. Then, he quickly got up and stared in alert at the figure that appeared. His eyes narrowed slightly.

    Seeing the corpse of the Spiritual Beast in the open space, the figure stood up. He was wearing a blood red robe and his face was extremely vicious. Craftiness flashed within his narrow eyes.

    “Hehe, that boy actually has quite the skill.”

    The blood shadow stared at Mu Chen and let out a strange laugh. Then, his eyes landed on the girl who was behind Mu Chen. The girl had a soft, slender body. Her chest was quite bountiful and she had a waist that could be held within one arm. The youthful and energetic taste of hers made him lick his mouth.

    “I never expected to find such an outstanding item over here.”

    The blood shadow smiled and said. The eyes that stared at Tang Qian’Er made it seem that he wanted to swallow her into his stomach. This made the young girl tremble and she hid her body behind Mu Chen.

    “Boy, hand her over to me and I’ll let you go. Otherwise, I’ll let you experience some of my methods.” The blood shadow smiled and he stared at Mu Chen like a viper.

    Mu Chen kept a close eye at the blood shadow in front of him. Cold sweat appeared on the palm that held onto Tang Qian’Er’s hand. If he did not guess incorrectly, the guy in front of him must be the captain of the Blood Slaughter Group, Xue Tu, whom Liu Ming and the others were chasing.

    He never thought that he would meet with this murderer here. This time, he really was in trouble.

  • Chapter 37: Setting a Trap

    In the open space of the forest, the three figures faced each other. The atmosphere made one feel slightly suffocated. Of course, this was only to Tang Qian’Er, who was behind Mu Chen. Xue Tu’s smile and narrow eyes were filled with craftiness and coldness.

    Mu Chen vigilantly stared at him while the Spiritual Energy within his body rushed out. This Xue Tu seemed to give him a dangerous feeling. The degree of danger seemed to be far beyond the Conflagration Ape King that he met yesterday.

    Whether it is in strength or in wisdom, the Conflagration Ape King cannot compare with Xue Tu. The Conflagration Ape King had only just broke through to the Spiritual Rotation Stage Late Phase, but Xue Tu, on the other hand, had almost stepped into the Spirit Stage.

    “Boy, I don’t have much time to play this game of confrontation with you. You have ten seconds to decide. If you hand her over, I’ll let you live.” Xue Tu said this again as he stared at Mu Chen with a smile.

    “You aren’t afraid of attracting the two Spirit Stage Instructors from the Northern Spiritual Academy if you attack us here?” Mu Chen said slowly.

    “You’re running out of time.”

    Xue Tu grinned and his pure white teeth made the other people shudder.

    Mu Chen took a deep breath and tilted his head to stare at Tang Qian’Er. Then, he grabbed onto her smooth wrist and shoved her over towards Xue Tu.

    “At least you understand, boy.” When Xue Tu noticed this, his smile became more brilliant.

    Mu Chen furiously circulated the Spiritual Energy in his arms and immediately took a step forward. He directly used the back of his hand and smashed towards Tang Qian’Er’s shoulder. This powerful impact blew her away.

    “If you don’t want to hurt me, then leave!”

    After Tang Qian’Er was blown away, Mu Chen’s shout quickly followed.

    When Tang Qian’Er fell into the forest, her beautiful eyes stared at the tall boy’s figure and her eyes became wet by the fog. She suppressed her foolish thought of not casting him aside as she turned and ran.

    “You think you can get away?”

    Xue Tu stared coldly at this scene. These two Spiritual Movement Stage brats actually were so naïve that they thought they could escape him?

    “Boy, I’ll let you taste what is called a living death later on!” Xue Tu smiled and his body darted over. However, he did not charge towards Mu Chen, but rather to Tang Qian’Er, who was escaping to the outside of the forest.

    When Mu Chen noticed this, he also lunged over. However, Xue Tu completely ignored his lunge.

    “Spirit Destruction Bead!”

    Just when he planned on ignoring Mu Chen’s charge, Xue Tu noticed that the boy suddenly grasped something within his hand. A light seemed to appear within his hand and a violent sound rang out.

    “Spirit Destruction Bead?”

    Hearing this name, Xue Tu’s heart trembled. Although Mu Chen, who was in front of him, was pretty weak, it was definitely possible that he could obstruct him, if he had a Spirit Destruction Bead. Moreover, if the Spirit Destruction Bead was to hit him, it would probably cause some degree of injury. This was something that Xue Tu could not afford to suffer while he was surrounded.

    Xue Tu’s eyes flashed and eventually stopped. He stared at the powerful and sudden mass of black light and let out a cry, as vigorous Spiritual Energy erupted out and enveloped his body.


    The instant that the black light was about to touch his body, it suddenly burst open. Unexpectedly, the violent Spiritual Energy did not appear. Instead, a strong stench suddenly presented itself. A sticky item burst out from the black light and covered Xue Tu’s body.

    This sudden turn of events completely stunned Xue Tu. He lowered his head and stared at his body covered with blood. The fresh blood was quite viscous and had a pungent smell. It completely bathed his body and made him look extremely awkward.

    “You dare trick me?!”

    The corner of Xue Tu’s mouth twitched slightly. A chill exploded out from his eyes as he stared at Mu Chen.

    However, Mu Chen ignored him and instantly retreated.

    “Boy, since you want to let her get away this much, then I won’t let that wish of yours happen!” Although Xue Tu was extremely angry due to Mu Chen’s act, he was still a sinister and ruthless individual. He immediately let out an eerie laugh.

    “Trash, do you want this thing?” When Mu Chen noticed that he actually refrained his anger and wanted to capture Tang Qian’Er, he smiled instead. Then, he pulled out an emerald, round fruit that emitted a rich Spiritual Energy from his arm.

    “Jaded Essence Fruit?!”

    When Xue Tu noticed this Jaded Essence Fruit, his eyes narrowed. Greediness appeared within his eyes. He was currently at the peak of the Spiritual Rotation Stage and was only a step away from advancing to the Spirit Stage. If he was able to obtain the Jaded Essence Fruit, he would be able to take a risk. Furthermore, if he really succeeded in his breakthrough, he would be able to successfully get rid of Liu Ming and escape!

    He would be able to break out of this dilemma!

    “You’re a really surprising boy, now I have some interest in you.”

    Xue Tu grinned. His eyes instantly turned cold and turned his body over. He darted furiously towards Mu Chen. Compared to letting go of a beauty temporarily, it was worth it if he manages to breakthrough to the Spirit Stage.

    Mu Chen seemed to have expected this reaction from him. Within his body, the Spiritual Energy gushed out and wrapped around his legs. He seemed to have pushed his speed to the limits as he fled in madness towards the depth of the forest.

    With Tang Qian’Er’s speed, it would probably take some time before she would manage to notify Teacher Mo. During this time period, he must ensure that he survives against Xue Tu, who is at the peak of the Spiritual Rotation Stage Late Phase.

    With Xue Tu’s strength, it was extremely easy to kill him.

    “Boy, you really believe that you can escape? You would actually use your own life to lure me over for just a little girl. Ohoho, to be honest, I respect you quite a bit. How about this? If you were to hand the Jaded Essence Fruit over, I would only break your limbs and let you survive. What do you think?”

    Xue Tu chased after the desperately escaping figure. A strange cackle sound rang out constantly.

    “Plaything of a homeless cur, you should take care of yourself instead.” Mu Chen did not look back and instead sneered at him.

    “You really don’t know how to appreciate other people’s favors!”

    Xue Tu’s eyes turned cold. His Spiritual Energy stormed out and his speed suddenly accelerated. The distance between Mu Chen’s figure and him was quickly shortening.

    Mu Chen could feel the chill coming closer and closer behind him. His heart sank slightly. In the end, he still underestimated Xue Tu’s strength.

    However, if he were to relax even the slightest bit, he would probably die at the hands of this guy.

    Mu Chen gritted his teeth and a low roar seemed to erupt within his heart. His Spiritual Energy circulated at a high speed through his meridians. Perhaps they were aware that Mu Chen was in a situation of life and death, the hidden lights within the depths of his body slowly lit up again.

    The lights emerged one after another. If Mu Chen were to observe the inside of his body with his mind right now, he would discover that the lights were connecting and forming something similar to a mysterious tower.


    Unfortunately, Mu Chen did not have the time to split up his mind right now. He could only feel the Spiritual Energy suddenly become a lot violent and his speed also accelerated. He was actually able to pull a little bit of distance away from Xue Tu.

    “What? This boy’s speed is actually this fast!”

    When Xue Tu noticed this, he was stunned. Then, he frowned again and immediately circulated his Spiritual Energy as he hurriedly chased after Mu Chen. After all, he had extraordinary eyesight that surpassed others. Mu Chen’s sudden explosiveness should only be temporarily and could not compare to his endurance.

    Within the forest, one of them was chasing while the other was fleeing. As they passed through, the leaves on the ground were swept clean as if a tornado had passed.

    Under this extreme speed, Mu Chen and Xue Tu quickly reached the depths of the Northern Spiritual Field. Xue Tu looked in this direction and was slightly impatient. After all, there were quite a bit of tricky Spiritual Beasts at this place and it was easy for the situation to change.

    “Boy, I had enough of you!”

    Xue Tu fiercely gritted his teeth. He did not care if he had to expend a lot of Spiritual Energy. His feet violently stomped the ground and his body suddenly laid down like a cheetah. His palms smashed onto the ground and the Spiritual Energy that wrapped his body seemed to have turned into the shape of a cheetah. His body instantly turned into a light figure and he stormed towards Mu Chen at an extremely surprising speed.

    “Go to hell!”

    This sudden burst of speed made Xue Tu appear behind Mu Chen in around ten breathes of time. A violent Spiritual Energy fluctuation was on Xue Tu’s fist as it was fired out.

    This attack was enough to instantly kill a person at the Spiritual Movement Stage.

    At the same time, Mu Chen felt the surprising attack behind him. He would probably suffer grave injuries if he were to take it head on.

    Mu Chen’s eyes flashed crazily. He stared at the depths of the forest as if he was calculating his position. Then, he turned his body violently around and opened his palm. A black light emerged and he noticed a mysterious black paper suddenly appear from within it.


    After that mysterious black paper appeared in Mu Chen’s palm, Xue Tu’s fierce fist smashed heavily onto the black paper.


    A violent Spiritual Energy exploded outwards. Mu Chen’s body seemed to be struck by lightning and fresh blood sprayed out from his mouth. That page of black paper returned back to his body and his body flew backwards. In the end, he fell into the depths of the forest.

    Xue Tu was surprised when he noticed that this fist didn’t kill Mu Chen. However, his speed wasn’t slow. He charged straight into the forest and stared at Mu Chen coldly as Mu Chen lay underneath a large tree.

    “Are you going to continue to run?”

    Xue Tu stared cruelly at Mu Chen as he was collapsed on the ground and laughed.

    “There’s no need…”

    However, Mu Chen wiped off the blood from the corner of his lips when facing Xue Tu’s merciless smile. Instead, a mocking smile appeared on the boy’s handsome face.

    “Now it’s your turn to escape, trash.”

    When Xue Tu heard this, his pupil retracted. As he was about to speak, a furious howl burst out from the depths of the forest. A silver light charged out like lightning. This extremely violent Spiritual Energy seemed to directly cause a storm within the forest.

    “A Silver-Horned Panther Dragon?!”

    When Xue Tu saw this majestic Spiritual Beast, his face instantly changed. He stared ferociously at Mu Chen and said: “What a ruthless boy, you plan on dying together with me? However, you’re still too inexperienced. As long as I escape from his territory, this Spiritual Beast will not chase after me. Instead, you will be the one that becomes is food.”

    After Mu Chen heard his words, the mocking smile became even more intense.

    “Your body is covered with the blood of his cub. You think that it would let you escape this easily?”

    When he heard this remark, Xue Tu hurriedly looked down at the sticky and fresh blood covering his body. His face changed dramatically. He finally understood that this seemingly innocent boy was actually setting up a trap for him since the very beginning!

    Pretending to throw out a Spirit Destruction Bead, yet hiding a bottle of fresh blood instead. He was escaping while planning along the way…

    As Xue Tu stared at the boy’s mocking look, his heart shuddered. Was this really something that a reckless young boy would do?

    Mu Chen stared at Xue Tu, whose face was changing color. He gently smiled and stared at the Silver-Horned Panther Dragon, who was letting out an immense killing intent. He let out a sigh of relief.

    Boss Panther Dragon, I’m relying on you again this time. Please block this for me…

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  • Chapter 38: Revenge Kill


    A violent Spiritual Energy pervaded the inside of the forest. The Silver-Horned Panther Dragon stared at Xue Tu, who was nearby and covered in blood, with its red eyes. A low roar filled with hatred and killing intent emitted constantly out from his mouth.

    From this human’s body, it smelled the fresh blood of its cub. Could this abominable human hurt its cub before?

    Although a High Rank Spiritual Beast were many times more intelligent than a Low Rank Spiritual Beasts, it was still incomparable to a humans. While it was angry, it only wanted to tear apart any human or Spiritual Beast that was tainted with its cub’s smell.


    Xue Tu stared at the Silver-Horned Panther Dragon as his body emitted a cold chill. He glanced venomously at Mu Chen. Who would have imagined that this boy, who he could have captured easily, would be this cunning.

    He knew that this was a terrible situation for him, but he had a lustful nature. This is why he wanted to vent out fiercely before trouble arrived. Then, he found a beauty that was as beauty as a flower and it instantly made his heart twitch. But how would we have known that this tiny twitch would bring forth such a large trouble to him.

    “I will never forgive you!”

    Xue Tu shouted out maliciously. As he stomped on the ground, a powerful Spiritual Energy suddenly erupted from his body. The man instantly retreated violently and passed through the thick woods. It was evident that he was planning on running.


    However, the Silver-Horned Panther Dragon did not intend to let him go this easily. In an instant, his powerful body lowered and it turned into a silver streak of light as it charged out.

    The Silver-Horned Panther Dragon possesses the strength of a Spirit Stage powerhouse. Its speed naturally surpassed Xue Tu and it appeared behind him after a short moment. This violent Spiritual Energy fluctuation made Xue Tu’s face change.

    “Spirit Leopard Slaughter!”

    Nevertheless, Xue Tu wasn’t an ordinary person. He forcibly twisted his body in midair and Spiritual Energy gushed out as he let out a cry. The Spiritual Energy on the surface of his body actually turned into the shape of a Spirit Leopard and he fired off a punch. It was as if the leopard and human had fused when he smashed his fist over angrily at the Silver-Horned Panther Dragon.

    The Spirit Leopard wrapped around Xue Tu’s body as it collided fiercely with the silver light. A cry instantly rang out and violent Spiritual Energy shock waves expanded out, smashing the surrounding trees.


    As the Spiritual Energy impact expanded out, Xue Tu’s body flew back helplessly. He let out a painful scream, as his body fell heavily onto the ground and his right arm covered with blood. The center of his palm even had a bloody hole and fresh blood was pouring out.

    When Mu Chen noticed this, he lifted an eyebrow slightly. After all, he saw it clearly yesterday. The Conflagration Ape King was instantly killed by the Silver-Horned Panther Dragon. Yet, Xue Tu only lost an arm today to it. This guy was definitely powerful.


    The Silver-Horned Panther Dragon fell down on the ground and its beastly eyes stared coldly at Xue Tu. Without any delay, its muscular body darted forward again and the silver light was filled with the scent of death.

    When Xue Tu noticed, he hurriedly rolled back awkwardly a few rounds. Although he managed to avoid the Silver-Horned Panther Dragon’s rush, he was still hit by the Silver-Horned Panther Dragon’s steel-like tail.


    The Silver-Horned Panther Dragon’s tail swept and hit Xue Tu’s chest. He instantly spat out blood from his mouth and his fierce eyes slowed down. After enduring these two attacks from the Silver-Horned Panther Dragon, he was already gravely injured. The injuries were much more severe than when he was fighting against Liu Ming and the others.

    “If this continues, I’ll be killed by the Silver-Horned Panther Dragon!”

    Xue Tu gritted his teeth and he stared maliciously towards the direction of Mu Chen. However, he was stunned. This is because the boy, who was lying on the ground earlier, had suddenly disappeared without him knowing.

    “That little asshole! Just wait until I catch you, I will definitely make it so that you can neither live nor die!” Xue Tu was so anger that his face turned blue as he let out a howl within his heart.

    Just when he was distracted, the Silver-Horned Panther Dragon charged over like lightning again. It’s sharp claws left a deep blood trail on his body and the terrible pain made him see stars.

    “This damn beast!”

    Xue Tu cursed loudly and a strange red light flashed through his face suddenly. Fierceness surfaced within his eyes and his body hurriedly retreated backwards. Afterwards, his hands began to quickly form seals and a rampaging Spiritual Energy surged out from his body. As the Spiritual Energy poured out, a thunderstorm sound rang out.


    The sounds of thunder suddenly intensified and Xue Tu spat out fresh blood. His sluggish aura rapidly increased all of a sudden and his speed also accelerated. He turned into a vague shadow as he turned to the other way and desperately tried to escape.


    The Silver-Horned Panther Dragon also let out a roar when it noticed the desperately escaping Xue Tu. Its body turned into a silver light and it chased after him as if it was not planning to spare him.

    A human and a beast crazily darted through the forest . Xue Tu was secretly resentful as he noticed the Silver-Horned Panther Dragon in hot pursuit of him. The method of stimulating his Spiritual Energy would hurt himself gravely. The aftereffects were not small either. But in this current situation, did he have any other options? If he fails to escape from the Silver-Horned Panther Dragon, he would definitely die today!

    While he was being chased, Xue Tu spat out five mouthfuls of blood. His originally dark face was pale like a sheet of paper. The sense of frailness that came from his body made his head dizzy.

    However, he was finally able to relax. After chasing Xue Tu for approximately ten minutes, the Silver-Horned Panther Dragon gradually slowed down. In the end, it let out a roar and turned away leisurely.

    He watched as the Silver-Horned Panther Dragon gave up, but he did not dare stop. He held a breath as it fled for another few minutes before rolling awkwardly to a cluster of bush.

    Xue Tu’s body became limp when he rolled into the bushes. His Spiritual Energy was almost completely exhausted. He constantly panted heavily before he looked down at the injuries on his body. He wanted to weep, yet there were no tears. Who would expect that he would suffer such a helpless fate because he wanted to hunt down a Spiritual Movement Stage brat.

    This was something that even Liu Ming and the others couldn’t do!

    “Little trash, I’ll never forgive you!” Xue Tu gritted his teeth as he said out maliciously.


    Just when these words were blurted out, the hairs on his body trembled. His many memories of life and death lingered in his head and emptied his mind.


    A cold chill erupted out from the forest behind him. Then, a sharp coldness flashed by his head and a deep bloodstain appeared on his face.

    This sudden attack made Xue Tu’s face change instantly. He shouted out: “ Who?!”

    “The person you wanted to see the most!”

    A cheerful laughter rang out from the forest. Afterwards, a figure slowly came out. It was Mu Chen, with a tall height and brilliant smile seen on his handsome face.

    “Little trash, you dare come over here!” Xue Tu suddenly cried out when he saw Mu Chen coming out from the forest.

    Mu Chen stared at him with a half-smile and Spiritual Energy surged out from his body. However, the black eyes did not have any hint of smiling intent and was instead filled with a chill.

    “Boy, what are you planning to do? Although my condition isn’t great right now, you would probably still lose your life if I do a desperate counterattack!” Xue Tu quickly shouted when he saw Mu Chen’s appearance.

    “After all, we should mind our own businesses. Why don’t we just cancel everything that happened today?”

    Mu Chen suddenly stopped moving and frowned. He said: “You really won’t search for me to look for trouble?”

    Xue Tu quickly said: “I can hardly protect myself now. I can swear. After all, why would I dare trouble you after you returned to the Northern Spiritual Academy?”

    “What you said was true…” Mu Chen seemed to hesitate as he nodded slightly.

    Xue Tu’s heart jumped with joy, but before he revealed his happiness. The corner of Mu Chen’s mouth revealed a mocking smile: “But I still want to kill you!”


    Mu Chen’s body darted over violently and the Spiritual Energy within his body surged rapidly. A black light emitted out from his fists and two black light seals emerged faintly.

    “Little trash, you just ruined your chance of saving yourself from the disgrace. You have a death wish!”

    Xue Tu’s eyes turned dark when he saw Mu Chen charging over. He pushed out the remaining Spiritual Energy within his body and filled his arms with it. He let out a cry within his heart and his arms stabbed out like spears.

    “Limitless Death Seal!”

    Mu Chen clenched his fists tightly and let out a cry in his heart. The two black light seals erupted out a powerful black light. An overbearing and violent fluctuation emitted from the black light.


    The four fists collided against each other fiercely. The grass at their locations were forcibly destroyed due to the shock wave. As the Spiritual Energy impact burst out, the two figures flew backwards as fresh blood came out from their mouths.

    When Mu Chen landed on the ground, he did not stop at all. His body darted forward like a cheetah and a powerful suction-like power appeared in his hand. He recovered the dagger that he threw earlier back into his hands.


    At this moment, Xue Tu’s body was already extremely sluggish. A cold chill flashed through his black eyes when Mu Chen approached instantly and a black light flashed across his eyes.

    Fresh blood scattered everywhere.

    Painful screams resounded through the sky from Xue Tu. His arms danced wildly as if it was attempting to kill Mu Chen.

    However, Mu Chen’s body faded and reappeared behind Xue Tu. The dagger within his hand was like a venomous snake and he stabbed fiercely into Xue Tu’s vital points. The entire dagger entered the man’s body.

    Fresh blood flowed through the dagger endlessly dripped out. Xue Tu, who was frantically swinging his body around, suddenly froze and collapsed down to the ground. His pale face still had an incredulous expression.

    He was a Spiritual Rotation Stage Late Phase powerhouse, yet he would actually plummet to his death against a Spiritual Movement Stage boy?

    When Xue Tu fell onto the ground, Mu Chen’s legs also grew weak and he sat down on his butt. A sweet taste emerged within his throat and he spat out fresh blood again.

    After Mu Chen rested on the ground for a while, he gritted his teeth and approached Xue Tu’s corpse. His hands probed around Xue Tu’s body. He had nearly lost his life, so he should definitely obtain some spoils of war. He wondered if the item that Xue Tu stole from the Liu Territory people was on his body or not.

  • Chapter 39: Mustard Seed Bracelet

    Mu Chen’s hand probed around Xue Tu’s corpse. He was not that interested in Xue Tu, but he was extremely interested on the item that Xue Tu stole away from the Liu Territory.

    The Blood Slaughter Group was considered a relatively well-known force within the Northern Spiritual Realm. Although it cannot compare with the nine territories, it was still quite capable. They were quite bossy with their actions daily, but they would take note not to cause trouble for the nine territories. This is because they knew that the Blood Slaughter Group was no match for the nine territories. Therefore, Mu Chen was curious. Just what item would make the Blood Slaughter Group take such a high risk and attack the Liu Territory?

    Moreover, the reaction that the Liu Territory gave made Mu Chen somewhat surprised. They actually massacred the Blood Slaughter Group and were unwilling to give up as they chased Xue Tu into the Northern Spiritual Field.

    It was obvious that the item that Xue Tu stole was something that they cared deeply about.

    Would an item that even the Liu Territory was greatly concerned about be ordinary?

    Within the Northern Spiritual Realm, the Liu Territory was the strongest amongst the Nine Territories. Moreover, the Liu Territory had always wanted to become the true boss of the Northern Spiritual Realm. These used various means such as bribing and threatening to increase their strength among the Northern Spiritual Realm.  Furthermore, they would often reveal a position as if they were the strongest force within the Northern Spiritual Realm. Towards the Liu Territory, who is displaying their strength like this, the other Territory Lords aren’t acknowledging it. Especially Mu Chen’s father, Mu Feng.

    Mu Feng had bashed against the Liu Territory’s Territory Lord, Liu Qingtian, a long time ago. There was a lot of friction between the two territories and both sides disliked each other. Although they would smile on the surface towards each other, they would be ruthless towards the other when they had the chance.

    Because of this relationship and the how the two Liu brothers were always against him, Mu Chen naturally disliked the Liu Territory. He was quite happy to do something that would harm the Liu Territory.

    While these thoughts floated within Mu Chen’s heart, his hand did not slow down. However, he did not discover anything strange on Xue Tu’s body even after searching for a long time. He immediately frowned. Did this guy really hide the item?

    Mu Chen did not give up and directly removed Xue Tu’s clothes. Just when Mu Chen took off the last piece, an item finally fell down from the clothes.

    Mu Chen’s eyes immediately looked over. He only saw a silver-grey circle like a bracelet and it flashed a faint silver light as it dropped down to the ground.

    Mu Chen quickly bent down to pick up the silver-grey circle. He turned it back and forth and did not see anything special to it. He pondered for a moment before his eyes lit up: “This…Could this be a Mustard Seed Bracelet?”

    The so-called Mustard Seed Bracelet is a rather special Spiritual Artifact.  It’s how a Sacred Mountain can conceal a mustard seed, yet a mustard seed could store a Sacred Mountain 1. This Spiritual Artifact has the power of constructing space and was an extremely valuable storage device. However, this item was rather expensive. Mu Chen had only saw it in his father’s hand before. He did not expect that Xue Tu would also have it.

    Mu Chen fiddled with the grey Mustard Seed Bracelet. It was said that this item could be imprinted by the owner’s Spiritual Energy. If others were to touch it, the owner would immediately be aware of it. However, Xue Tu was dead now, the Spiritual Energy imprint must have disappeared by now.

    Mu Chen’s hand grabbed onto the Mustard Seed Bracelet and allowed his Spiritual Energy to flow into the Mustard Seed bracelet. A sudden space appeared within Mu Chen’s perception. This was the Mustard Seed Bracelet’s storage space

    Inside the Mustard Seed Bracelet, Mu Chen definitely found many items. However, there was all kind of items. He fumbled around roughly, yet he was not able to discover anything special.

    “How could this guy have so much trash? He is still the Blood Slaughter Group’s Captain.” Mu Chen let out a sigh and began to carefully search.

    After searching for a while, Mu Chen’s mind suddenly moved. A light appeared within his hand and an ancient copper piece appeared. When Mu Chen’s Spiritual Energy swept through the Mustard Seed Bracelet, the other items would react to the Spiritual Energy. However, only this item did not move at all…

    For being this ordinary, it attracted Mu Chen’s attention.

    Mu Chen stared at the ancient copper piece and noticed that an obscure copper engraving covered the copper piece. These engravings were so complicated that it made him slightly dizzy when he looked at it.

    At the back of the copper engravings, the engraving lines were slightly clearer. He could roughly see a giant black bird flying with its wings. Underneath the giant bird was a mountain stream. However, the mountain stream seemed to be embraced by the giant bird.

    The wings covered the mountain.

    “Just what Spiritual Beast is this?”

    Mu Chen was somewhat surprised. Although the copper piece was quite vague, he was still able to feel a sense of awe from the engravings. This was what made him astonished. Just what Spiritual Beast was able to make him feel a sense of awe just through an engraving?

    Could it be a Heaven Ranking Beast?

    Mu Chen frowned and turned the copper piece around. However, he did not find anything else and could only shake his head. His instincts told him that it was highly possible that this item was the item that Xue Tu stole from the Liu Territory.

    But as to what use this thing had, he would probably know only after letting his father check.

    Mu Chen shrugged. Just when he was about to look around in the Mustard Seed Bracelet, his mind suddenly moved. He heard the sound of winds breaking. Based on the direction, it was obvious that they were coming towards him.

    Mu Chen quickly placed the copper piece within the Mustard Seed Bracelet. Afterwards, he quickly wore the Mustard Seed Bracelet and used his sleeves to cover it up. Then, he swiftly made Xue Tu wear back his clothes.

    Just when he finished with all this, a few figures emerged nearby. In a short moment, these figures appeared in this open space. Mu Chen glanced over and let out a sigh of relief. It was Teacher Mo and the others.

    “Mu Chen!”

    When Teacher Mo appeared, he saw Mu Chen standing nearby. His tensed face became delighted. His body moved and appeared next to Mu Chen and asked: “Are you alright?”

    Mu Chen smiled as he shook his head. Although he was slightly pale, his condition was still fine.

    “I heard from Qian’Er that you two met Xue Tu. Thus, I immediately chased all the way over. I finally met you here.” It was evident that Teacher Mo was relieved when he saw Mu Chen safe and sound. However, he immediately frowned and looked at the surroundings: “That’s right, where’s Xue Tu? That guy really has guts, he actually dare attack our Northern Spiritual Academy’s students!”

    Mu Chen let out a hollow laugh and pointed to the bush in front of him. He said: “That guy’s dead.”

    Teacher Mo’s expression showed that he was clearly stunned. At the same time, Teacher Xi, who was behind him, was also startled. Afterwards, he waved his sleeves and a powerful Spiritual Energy directly blew away the bush. The cold corpse was exposed from it.


    Teacher Mo and Teacher Xi stared at the cold corpse. Their expressions changed and they stared incredulously at Mu Chen: “What exactly happened?”

    Just when Mu Chen was about to speak, the sound of wind breaking could be heard from another direction. He saw Liu Ming bring a group of men as they approached quickly. Behind him was Liu Mubai and Liu Yang, they showed a surprised expression when they noticed that Mu Chen was actually safe and sound.

    “Xue Tu?”

    Liu Ming instantly noticed the corpse on the ground. His expression immediately changed and he urgently said: “What happened?”

    As he spoke, his sharp eyes stared at Mu Chen. This gaze made Mu Chen feel quite uncomfortable.

    “Did you do it?”

    Mu Chen faced his glare and shook his head. He said: “I was getting chased by him earlier and nearly lost my life. Luckily, I met an old man who killed Xue Tu.”

    “An old man?”

    Liu Ming eyes narrowed slightly and he stared suspiciously at Mu Chen. He waved his hand and two of his men approached Xue Tu’s corpse. After searching for a while, they shook their heads towards Liu Ming.

    When Liu Ming noticed this, his eyes twitched. He stared at Mu Chen again and a gentle smile emerged on his face: “Mu Chen, did you see the item that Xue Tu was holding?”

    “What item?” Mu Chen blinked and asked with a smile: “The old man searched around after taking care of him. However, I was hiding far away and did not dare approach. I don’t know what he took.”

    Liu Ming’s expression instantly turned cold.

    “Mu Chen, enough with your nonsense. You must have taken the item on Xue Tu’s body. As for that old man, you probably just made it up!” Liu Yang yelled out.

    “You’re saying…” Mu Chen looked at him strangely and said: “I was the one who killed this Xue Tu?”

    Liu Yang dawdled and was speechless. Xue Tu was at the Spiritual Rotation Stage Late Phase and was only a step away from reaching Spirit Stage. It was basically like a fantasy for Mu Chen to kill him.

    Liu Mubai stared coldly at Mu Chen. A dark and cold flame surged in the depths of his eyes.

    “Ohoho, Mu Chen. There’s no need to joke with me. If you really took his item, I would definitely be grateful if you hand it over to me. Moreover, I will personally head to the Mu Territory and talk to your father about this matter.” Liu Ming tried his best to make his expression look gentler as he spoke.

    “Third Master Liu, I really didn’t see anything on his body. I was already quite afraid when I was being chased by him. Why would I dare take the initiative and approach him?” Mu Chen shook his head. His face looked quite honest and genuine.

    The corner of Liu Ming’s eyes jumped. He finally could not suppress the rage within his heart. Although he did not believe that Mu Chen was able to kill Xue Tu, he was still the prime suspect. He immediately took a step forward and grasp at Mu Chen. He coldly said: “Since you refuse to tell the truth, then let me personally search your body!”

    When Mu Chen noticed Liu Ming stretching his hand over, he gripped his hand for a moment and a black dagger appeared within his hand.

    However, just when Liu Ming’s hand was about to grasp onto Mu Chen, another hand suddenly extended out and blocked it. Teacher Mo glanced at Liu Ming and a faint voice made Liu Ming’s body tremble.

    “Liu Ming, you’re going too far.”

  • Teacher Mo glanced at Liu Ming and a faint voice made Liu Ming’s body tremble.
    “Liu Ming, you’re going too far.”
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  • Chapter 40: Results

    “Liu Ming, you’re going too far.”

    When Liu Ming heard the hint of anger within Teacher Mo’s voice, his face instantly stiffened. Teacher Mo was a genuine Spirit Stage powerhouse. Moreover, he had the identity of a Head Instructor in the Northern Spiritual Academy. Even the Liu Territory wouldn’t dare to carelessly offend him.

    “Ohoho, Teacher Mo, please don’t be angry. I was just a bit impatient. However, Teacher Mo should understand that we, the Liu Territory, have suffered a terrible loss. We naturally want to obtain the item that was lost now that Xue Tu was killed.” Liu Ming cuffed his hands towards Teacher Mo and said politely.

    Teacher Mo said faintly: “I understand your feelings, but this isn’t a reason for you to search my student’s body freely in front of me. If it wasn’t because you forced Xue Tu into the Northern Spiritual Field, Mu Chen wouldn’t have met a situation where he nearly lost his life. Now that he managed to escape, you had to act like this. Thus, I’m afraid I won’t agree to it.”

    Liu Ming noticed that Teacher Mo was insistent on protecting Mu Chen. The smile on his face became a bit more forced and he said: “This matter was indeed caused by us. Speaking of which, if he is willing to hand it over to us, we will give him a satisfactory compensation. We only hope that we can get our item back.”

    Mu Chen placed away the dagger within his hand and faced Liu Ming, who had dark and cold eyes, as he shook his head. He said: “Third Master Liu, I really didn’t take your item.”

    That’s because that’s my spoils of war. This phrase flashed through Mu Chen’s heart. He was nearly killed by Xue Tu today. How could it be possible for him to hand the item over?


    Liu Ming gritted his teeth and his expression became darker. However, he did not dare do anything to Mu Chen since Teacher Mo was beside him.

    “If you want it then just keep the item. However, be careful since some items would kill you!” Liu Ming glanced at Mu Chen somberly and could not endure the flames of rage within his heart. He gestured with his hand and turned around as he brought Liu Mubai and the others away.

    Mu Chen stared at Liu Ming and the others as they stormed away angrily. He acted as if he didn’t even hear the threats towards him.

    “Thank you, Teacher Mo.” Mu Chen turned around to look at Teacher Mo and expressed his gratitude.

    “You are the Northern Spiritual Academy’s students. Right now, we are participating in a training organized by the Northern Spiritual Academy. Naturally, I would have to protect you.” Teacher Mo gave a faint smile and smiled as if there was some sort of profound meaning to it.

    “Okay, let’s head back to the camp.”

    Mu Chen gave a hollow laugh as he was being stared at by Teacher Mo. Then, he did not say anything and turned around as he quickly walked towards the outskirts of the Northern Spiritual Field.

    Teacher Mo and Teacher Xi stared at each other behind him. Afterwards, they stared once again at the cold corpse of Xue Tu. Teacher Xi frowned and said: “How could this boy be so lucky? To actually meet an expert and be rescued by him?”

    This possibility was indeed quite low. However, wasn’t the possibility of Mu Chen killing Xue Tu, who was at the Spiritual Rotation Stage Late Phase, with his own strength even lower?

    Teacher Mo let out a laugh as if he didn’t want to comment on it. He stared at the boy’s figure in front of him. After all, he had witnessed Mu Chen tricking a Conflagration Ape King to death. Thus, he understood that if anyone dares to view him as ordinary, they would probably pay a large price for it.

    Others might believe that it was an incredulous situation if Mu Chen was able to personally kill an expert like Xue Tu. However, he, himself, didn’t think that it was impossible.

    The seemingly gentle sunshine boy had a heart that was calmer and sharper than ones that Adventurers hone in life and death situations. His means of dealing with things weren’t something that an ordinary person could compare.

    He really is an interesting little guy. No wonder he became the only one who qualified for the Spiritual Road within the Northern Spiritual Realm.

    When Mu Chen returned to the camp, a large commotion rang out. Mo Ling, Tan Qingshan and the others immediately surrounded him. It was obvious that they knew the news about Mu Chen meeting with Xue Tu.

    Mu Chen smiled towards them and indicated that he was fine. He tilted his head and looked at the pretty girl who had red eyes.

    “Sorry, it was all my fault.”

    Tang Qian’Er said while she had red eyes. If it wasn’t because of her, Mu Chen would not have met with Xue Tu and be forced into a dangerous situation.

    “We are teammates and I formed a team with such a beautiful girl. If no trouble were to occur, wouldn’t it fail to live up to good fortune of mine?” Mu Chen teased her as he spoke.

    When the girl heard this, her face instantly turned red. She playfully hit Mu Chen and the sad expression faded slightly.

    Teacher Mo and the others also returned quickly. Then, news of Xue Tu being killed spread out. At this moment, many students were stunned and they stared in surprise at Mu Chen, who had an innocent face on him.

    “Could it be that you were the one that did this?” Tang Qian’Er approached Mu Chen and secretly asked.

    “Do you think that it’s possible?” Mu Chen smiled. He knew how unbelievable this situation sounds, yet the truth was just that. If Xue Tu wasn’t gravely injured by the Silver-Horned Panther Dragon and consumed his Spiritual Energy desperately in order to escape, it was basically impossible for Mu Chen to kill him.

    “If it’s the others, it might be impossible. However, you are so cunning…Who knows.” Tang Qian’Er playfully smiled. She had a strange confidence towards Mu Chen. Others might believe that it was impossible, but she felt that it might be possible for the boy in front of her.

    Mu Chen smiled and stretched. Yet, he was thinking about the ancient copper piece within the Mustard Seed Bracelet. It seems that he must find a time to return back to the Mu Territory. Since this item was valued greatly by the Liu Territory, it must not be a simple item. Therefore, he must let his father personally take a look at it…

    Since Xue Tu was killed, Teacher Mo and the others were less alert during the following days. Therefore, they did not end the training earlier and instead let the students hone themselves in the outskirts of the Northern Spiritual Field.

    Liu Ming brought his men away on the day after Xue Tu was killed. However, the cold gaze that stared at Mu Chen before he left allowed Mu Chen to know that this matter wasn’t over so easily.

    Because of this warning, Mu Chen became much more careful during the next few days. Although he did not believe that Liu Ming would dare to attack him while Teacher Mo was guarding him, it was still best if he was a little bit more cautious.

    While he remained vigilant, the half a month training gradually reached the end.

    In the camp, the atmosphere today was even livelier. All the students had faces filled with expectations and excitement. This is because today was the day for grading the results of this training.

    Mu Chen stood in front of the East Branch students. Beside him was Tang Qian’Er. The girl had also broken through to the Spiritual Movement Stage Late Phase a week ago due to the Jaded Essence Fruit. Right now, her beautiful eyes were filled with light. She wanted to know what kind of results she would get together with Mu Chen after all this time.

    In front of everybody, Teacher Mo and Teacher Xi looked around at the many students as they nodded in satisfaction. Compared to half a month ago, the students seemed to have become more capable. It was evident that the training had quite the effect on them.

    “As of today, the Northern Spiritual Field Training is officially over. Next up, it is time to grade the results. Each team should bring the Spiritual Beast’s Soul Essences that they collected over to us during this period. We will record it and grade the results.”

    Teacher Mo nodded towards the recording staff member beside him and said: “Let’s begin.”

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