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    Ahaha, I wondered how many of you forgot about Master Shire and would be totally surprised by his appearance ^.^ Yaay, keep commenting, feed my motivation to write more! Thanks a bunch! xD
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    wow, what a chapter, thanks for the Cliff --'
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    ’ve head the whole story from the Clan Leader
    ’ve heard the whole story from the Clan Leader
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    whatttttt? How'd he of all people get here? :-/ I kind of forgot about his existence *cough cough* Thanks for the chapter!
    lol, same here. I also didnt expect him to come, and sober at that! I even thought (maybe hope?) that he was the King (sinra's father), who like sinra have a carefree attitude and like to conceal his identity... hahaha
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    and the best is that shire has no connections so he can do whatever he wants.
    great chapter as always waiting for more buttkicking from old master with drinking habit XD
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    ugh, Yeah I know it doesnt make any sense for shire to be the king, what I meant was I thought it was the king who came instead of shire... XD

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    I am halfway through the chapter at the moment. With my tendency to stop writing until i come up with something good enough for each paragraph, it usually takes me a very long time to properly write a chapter, lol. Part III will be up in 4 hours, + - 30 min. :)
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    Book 1. Knowing oneself.

    Chapter 42. The verdict. Part III.

    The man with messy brown hair smiled at Laien and asked, raising his eyebrow. “Yeah, It’s me. Or, are you saying that I don’t look like me after I’ve tidied myself up for once?” He cracked a joke, causing everybody to become thoroughly dumbfounded. Could this man not read the mood at all? He just broke into the Royal Court at the worst possible and most dangerous moment, for goodness sake!

    Laien blinked a few times. His lips began curving upwards and then, he chortled and began laughing. What did his master mean that he ‘tied himself up’? His hair was a complete mess, he wore some lousy clothes which he didn’t bother straightening out on himself. He obviously just got out of his bed and rushed here as fast as possible. Just how was his appearance ‘tidied up’?

    “Compared to before, it sure is!” Laien thought to himself, finding this fact strangely funny.

    “Now that’s a better expression, boy. Watch carefully, I’ll show you what to do when dealing with a group of worthless trash, of which you can see a prime example anywhere around you.” Shire said merrily, taking a look around the audience, confirming briefly how many annoying people were there for him to take care of.

    “Who do you think you are?! Restrain this man immediately!” The Grand Viscar whose name was forgotten by Laien ordered with his face red from anger. The martial masters who were surrounding Rudford and Laien hesitated. They could guess how strong this lousy-looking spear wielder was from how easily he dealt with their companion who had been guarding the door. Additionally, although they were obliged to serve the Royal Family and their country, their true master was the first prince, after all. They wouldn’t just obey an order from an outsider, even if the person was a Grand Viscar.

    However, those few guards present in the Royal Court, who for years were being tasked with guarding various important officials, had less doubts about listening to the order. The four men leaped down from above and attacked Shire. They were blissfully unaware that the man who just got knocked unconscious by one blow of Shire, was at the fifth Realm of Heroes, two or three levels above any of them.

    Shire smirked, seeing the few greenhorns at the early Realm of Heroes swinging their little swords at him. He didn’t hurry, instead letting the four close the distance, waiting for them to be about to strike. At the last moment, he simply stepped to the side, maneuvering between the blades’ paths.

    Right as the four swords slashed through the empty space, Shire ended up being right next to one of the four men. Mid turn, Shire delivered an elbow to the man’s face, grounding the unlucky guard to the floor.

    Continuing the rotating motion, Shire swept with his spear at the back of another of the four men.

    The black spear smashed at the back of the second guard, making the man feel as if it was about to slice him in half. Due to the angle the blow, the man’s body was forced rolling through the floor like a rag doll, bouncing off and rolling around a good deal of times.

    The third guard, who reacted quite quickly, managed to thrust his sword in the direction of Shire. However, his blow was effortlessly dodged. Grabbing the wrist of his third victim before the man could pull his hand back, Shire twisted it in one short motion. The guard, his whole hand bent in a strange way, fell to knees and cried out painfully, feeling as his hand was literally about to be twisted off his forearm.

    “Hmph.” Shire kicked the man’s head, not caring that he was still grabbing his wrist. With a cracking sound, the bones were broken and the flesh was torn. The third of the four men feel unconscious, his hand partially torn from his body.

    The last guard finally realized that him and his friends were like mad dogs, who in their foolishness attacked a tiger. He wanted to retreat, but as he took a step back, Shire waved his hand in his direction.

    Out of nowhere, a powerful gust of wind hit the man frontally and sent him flying at the stone wall around the lower level of the Royal Court.

    Shire put his spear back against his shoulder, taking a look at the two men who were still barely conscious. Since one was already further away, Shire took a step and kicked the man who was closer to him, sending him all the way to the last guard’s side. Shire just didn’t have it in him to bother with some sneak attacks from a dog with a shattered face. It was much simpler to avoid the future complications beforehand, by taking proper precautions.

    “Will you cursed bastards now make me deal with your pets, or can we start talking?” Shire asked disdainfully, looking straight at Fohan Cail.

    The hundreds important people from all over the country in the audience didn’t know how were they supposed to react. Some of them were astonished, others were filled with anger at the man who barged in but didn’t dare to voice their feelings loudly. However, the majority was confused and dumbfounded.

    Those who were old enough, began remembering the certain character who grew to be famous at the times of the great war one hundred years ago. If their memory wasn’t deceiving them, this person was also named ‘Shire’…

    Fohan’s eye began to twitch uncontrollably. He sent Shire a hateful look and turned to look at Sauras. “Call your men back.” Fohan said in a low voice.

    Sauras frowned, not too eager to listen to his old teacher. Was this foulmouthed, peculiar man really that dangerous? Even if he had been powerful in the past, was it still as strong today? Despite his doubts, Sauras gestured his subordinates to return. The dozen martial masters quickly backed off to the upper floor, disappearing from the view.

    Fohan pursed his lips, carefully weighing his words. He felt like raising his head to the Heavens and yelling. “Why did not one tell me that this brat is somehow connected to this madman?! What is their relation, for this crazy bastard to go to such length for him?!” At the moment, Fohan really wanted to go find Luren and all his intelligence agents and relieve their corpses of the apparently useless part of their bodies - their heads.

    “Dealing with normal Great Masters is hard enough at times, when they happen to snap. But this damned madman is unpredictable! His aura is clearly at the sixth Realm of Heroes, but with those unfair Martial Arts he is using… Forget our men, even Rudford might not be his match! Damned handicapped idiots! How could they not have mentioned this?!” Fohan raged in his mind, but after a few seconds, regained his usual calm and spoke in as neutral tone as he could muster.

    “Shire, the verdict has already been-…” He started, but immediately got interrupted. Shire snorted and began speaking over Fohan’s voice, who quickly shut his mouth, trying to contain his irritation.

    “Both you and I know how much those pieces of shit you call politics are worth in the end. Let me make this clear, you senile goat. Whatever has been agreed upon by these trio of shitheads, since it was enough to make Rudford go crazy, will be revoked. So, what’s your answer?” Shire asked straightforwardly, not respecting Fohan or the people gathered in the Royal Court in the slightest.

    Naturally, there were quite a bit of people who were enraged, listening to shameless and disrespectful demands of Shire. Out the many, the certain Grand Viscar voiced his anger loudest.

    “Revoke the verdict of the Royal Court?! That’s impossible! Even if you managed to pressure the Clan Leader, it would change nothing!” The man whose name was forgotten by Laien and probably, many other people, shouted at Shire, filling his voice with Qi.

    “I am not talking to you, shithead. A mere official has nothing to say here, so shut it.” Shire rebuked, shaking his head with disappointment. This country, even after a hundred years, didn’t change at all. It was as stupid place as ever.

    “You…! You… You are goi-…” The ‘nameless’ Grand Viscar didn’t finish his words, and would never have a chance to do it either. A ten centimeters hole has been blow through the middle of his head, killing him not only before he knew, but before many people in the building had a chance to notice. Only when the lifeless body bent over the rail and fell down to the lower floor, did the silence fill the Royal Court.

    Those people in the audience, despite having many martial masters among them, didn’t even know when one of the Grand Viscars was killed. They didn’t notice killing intent, there was no movements, no surge of Qi from Shire’s body that could be sensed. They weren’t even able to see the attack itself. That meant, they could share a similar fate at any moment!

    This was simply too horrifying. No one made a sound anymore, just like at the time when Rudford was about to snap. Heavens, after this trial ended, even if they didn’t die of an heart attack, those nerve-wrecking moments would shorten their lifespans by many years!

    “Madman.” Fohan muttered soundlessly. Apart from Rudford, he was most likely the only one who personally witnesses Shire’s behavior during the great war one hundred years ago. For this very reason, he didn’t dare to anger him. For this crazy bastard, nothing mattered. When he decided to do something, he would use all means possible and not bother with consequences at all. Those who would be stupid enough to oppose him, or to shout at him something along the lines of ‘The Royal Family will sentence you to death for that!’, would only be courting an early death.

    “Won’t you are least give me some face here, Shire? If we come to a consensus, then I will help you cover today’s matter so there will be no people coming to you and creating trouble.” Fohan took the danger of bargaining with the madman. He did it since he knew that Shire hated involving himself with most people and was short tempered in handling annoying things. That tendency of his, after the final months of the great war, only deepened. After the great war ended, for some reason Shire completely cut himself off from the outside world and stopped caring about anything.

    “Hmm. Fine, let me speak with Laien first. Then we can talk.” Shire agreed easily and walked up to Laien and Rudford, letting Fohan sigh with relief. As long as he could talk Shire into agreeing to something sensible enough, he would be able to go through with his plan. Making sure that people won’t speak of what happened today would be hard, but doable. Additionally, if no one bothered Shire, just like he promised this madman, it was unlikely for him to get involved with him anymore.

    Laien stared at Shire with his mouth slightly open. He always knew that his master was powerful, he even wielded some of the Aspects… But for him to be this incredible? Way back then, when he chose to learn under him, Laien surely did not think of this drunkard as so amazing. As the time passed, he took more of a liking to Shire, getting used to his personality. But, to expect master Shire to suddenly show up and save him from the worse predicament he had been since arriving in Neil City? This thought failed to even cross Laien’s mind.

    Rudford, however, laughed helplessly and relaxed, looking so relieved that one might think he would lay down on the floor at the very next instant. “Ah, damn. I guess I can’t go and be calling you a stupid idiot anymore, eh, Shire? Must say though, I hoped that you would show up. I even wanted to check up on you myself to make sure you’d come, but knowing you, that might have actually backfired…” Rudford shook his head, smiling resignedly.

    “Damn, for once you’d have done something useful and I wouldn’t have overslept…” Smirking, Shire teased Rudford, not confirming whether he was right or wrong thinking about him in this way.

    “Wait a second, when you were arguing outside and said you overslept, you were serious?” Rudford asked disbelievingly.

    “Do you even know how hard it is to wake up, when you usually sleep through the day?... I made it in time, so It’s all good anyway.” Shire shrugged his shoulders, pouting at his old friend. He really wanted to wake up properly, but who would have thought that sleeping after not drinking any alcohol the day before would be so pleasant? It couldn’t be helped, Shire thought.

    “In time my ass!” Rudford groaned, covering his face with the palm of his hand. Had Shire come earlier, everything would have been so much easier. Maybe there would be a commotion or two, but he would have felt much calmer about Laien’s fate. “Well, he came in the end, so I guess I can forgive him…” Rudford thought to himself, sighing resignedly.

    Rudford had long since noticed, that whenever he was dealing with Shire, he would often feel resigned for many different reasons…

    “Yea… Well. Laien, tell me briefly what’s really going on.” Shire changed the topic, ignoring Rudford who was shaking his head hopelessly. The two of them respected each other, in some really strange kind of sense, but never could get to like the other party. Although Rudford could be carefree and behave in a not serious manner… In the long run, he just couldn’t stand Shire, who the epitome of many extremes.

    Laien, after observing his elder brother and master talking in an amusing-to-watch way, explained the current situation to Shire. He mentioned briefly about Siana being abducted and the events of that night, which led him to this very place, the Royal Court. Then, Laien quickly summarized how the case went without going into details. Very quickly, the story arrived at the present.

    It wasn’t that Laien didn’t bother to go into the details… He simply knew Shire for long enough, to know that his master doesn’t have the patience necessary to listen to a long story… And that he would get angry, if someone pointed it out to him…

    “Haaaa. Really, that’s why I never involve myself in those stupid politics. Rudford have gotten what he deserved, but I guess I can forgive you, since it doesn’t look like you had a choice… O~kay. How to dissolve this humongous pile of stinking shit so no one will get dirty~?...” Laien chuckled and exchanged a look with Rudford. The two were thinking the same thing - Shire really loved to describe things and people in a creative way. And usually, he tended to go the more overboard, the more something annoyed or angered him…

    Meanwhile, in the audience, Fohan and Sauras were engaging in an argument, discussing what their next step should be in a low voice.

    “Why do we need to back off to such an extent because of one Great Master? If he dares to hurt me, he will get killed by the Heavenly Flame School. Even if he dares to kill a Grand Viscar, would he raise his hand against someone with true power and influence in our Sarkcente Kingdom? He might be strong, but does it mean that we should stand down in front of him so easily?” After being forced to withdraw his men and watching the newcomer, ‘Shire’, doing as he pleases, Sauras grew quite angry. He trusted his former teacher and listened to ‘an order’ from him, but now, he wanted an explanation!

    Fohan refrained himself from growling angrily at Sauras. He shouldn’t be growing impatient with his old student. After all, the boy didn’t know anything about Shire, or his knowledge about him was limited to some rumors from the old times. How ‘wild’ Shire used to be, was mainly concealed by the military, which prioritized his strength over his insubordination. Since he was too useful, there was no helping it and his actions, that normally would lead to a solider being beheaded, were all overlooked.

    “That man is not your average martial master. He is a madman! Incredibly hard to deal with! If you think he will care who you are and not kill you, then be my guest and go and start shouting at him, waving around the name of your family. Before you notice, you’ll be a corpse.” Fohan stated seriously, his expression as grim as it could be. Even if he wanted to, he could only imagine a few scenarios worse than what was happening right now…

    Sauras found this piece of information hard to believe. If it was anyone else but Fohan, he would have probably been more inclined to consider his ally lying to him on purpose, than the words being true. After all, who in his right mind would casually forsake everything and attack those who don’t agree with him or annoy him, without the slightest regard for consequences? For a person like Sauras, who followed logic and reason, it was hard to imagine that such a person existed.

    In all honesty, when Fohan met Shire for the first time, he also found it hard to accept. At that time, luckily for him, it wasn’t Fohan who pissed Shire off during the mission, but their squad commander. Needless to say, Shire ignored the man thoroughly and wanted to accomplish the quest by his own method. When the squad leader tried to stop him… Ugh. From that time, the nickname ‘The mad war god’ has found its origin, after Shire single-handedly slaughtered the whole enemy camp. Of course, after killing the captain of his own squad, who wanted to stop him from charging in…

    Fohan even now couldn’t help but shake his head helplessly at the memory. Their mission was to infiltrate the enemy camp of one thousand soldiers and if possible, kill the leader leading the reconnaissance unit. However, Shire found sneaking and hiding too bothersome and wanted to engage the superior enemy force head on… Who would agree to that, with the five men squad to stand against one thousand men?

    Sure, they were five martial masters at the early Realms of Heroes at the time, but enemies had over fifty martial masters! It was a suicide! Or, so Fohan and the two other squad members, who watched Shire casually walk into the camp and engage those who came to attack him… It was such a ridiculous sight, one man causing a thousand men strong unit to flee for their lives…

    “So, what are we going to ask for? You said we’re going to look for a ‘consensus’ with them. Or are we supposed to let the boy go free and pretend that nothing ever happened?” Sauras asked resignedly, leaning back in his seat. He had enough, he didn’t care anymore. In his life, he never encountered as many problems and stressful situations as in the last twenty four hours.

    Sinra siding with the Red Dragon School and the Twin Phoenix School. Some brats from those schools becoming the main talk of the tournament, with the duel of Great Masters further rising reputation of the two damned Martial Schools. Then, dealing with those very schools and helping his old teacher… This whole failed trial and hoping that Rudford won’t go crazy and start killing everyone around… And to top it all off, a madman who even his teacher feared appearing. It was too much! What did he do to deserve being put through so many problems?

    “Haaa, if he demands for the boy to be cleared from all charges we made, we will have no choice but to agree. Worst case scenario, we will need to deal with him in the shadows, making sure that no one. No one! Finds out what had happened. The best what we can hope for is convincing this madman to let us exile the boy from the country. It would solve many problems… However, it depends on how strongly Shire wants to keep the boy close to himself. Either way, it will work out, somehow. Only… Argh. I don’t even need to think about the amount of resources we will need to cover this whole catastrophe up.” After summing up their options, Fohan stopped talking. Seeing how Sauras isn’t in the mood to keep this conversation going either, Fohan began waiting for Shire to finish his talk down there.

    The thought about calling out to the man and telling him to hurry up crossed Fohan’s mind and made him smile in an ironic way. Did he finally start having suicidal thoughts, now that he was growing too old?

    “Oy, old goat. Tell me honestly, what results for this play do you consider to be okay?” Suddenly, Shire called out through the clamor in the Royal Court, causing it to quiet down practically in an instant.

    A little started, Fohan decided to answer truthfully. Shire could be called by many epithets, but he surely wasn’t a person who deceived others. He was straightforward in his actions and thoughts, so much that it sometimes… or rather, basically always hurt.

    “I’d have no complaints if he is exiled from the country. However, getting him somewhere far away for ten or so years would be acceptable, too.” Taking his chance, Fohan mentioned the two options, not having too much of a hope for any of those to be accepted by Shire.

    “Ten years? Sure, fine. But let’s make it a bit more interesting, shall we? Tell me, have you ever heard of the Eclipse Academy and the Divine Forge Union?” When the two names were mentioned by Shire, Fohan’s eyes grew bright. Was this madman really suggesting what he thought he was?

    “Looks like you have. How about it, you send the boy there for ten years, but you promise to not take additional actions against him. Knowing a senile goat like you, you would try to assassinate him on the way…” Shire shook his head, smirking disdainfully. He gazed at Fohan and judging from the old goat’s expression, the bastard was overjoyed, hearing a proposition like this one.

    “Be happy while you can, retard. It’s all up to the boy, if he lives up to my expectations, or If he will prove not be talented enough.” Shire laughed in his heart, seeing the confused appearance of Laien in the corner of his eye. He hadn’t yet explained his idea to the boy and Rudford, so naturally, they were just as surprised as the old goat.

    “Fine, I agree! Then, allow me to begin my job here.” Fohan said with a dwindling smile, suddenly realizing how much work is ahead of him if he wanted to properly cover today’s events up… “No other choice. The Eclipse Academy. If this kid is sent there, forget returning in ten years. He might get himself killed in the very school. Or, should I say concentration camp? I have no idea what’s going on in this madman’s head, but this result is pleasing in itself.” Fohan allowed himself to smile, before taking a look at the two remaining Grand Viscars. He would need to begin with them. Leaving the remaining guests to his subordinates would probably be enough, as long as they don’t screw up. Again. If they do… He will need to consider replacing a whole lot of his people.

    At the lower floor, Laien inquired his master about the verdict and the Eclipse Academy, of which he never heard of. He didn’t think his master would deliberately cause him harm, but ten years… And Fohan’s satisfied smile after he heard the proposition… It made Laien have a bad feeling.

    “What, did you think all the solutions to your problems would be handed on a silver plate to you? If there are no challenges, how would you ever grow up? You’ve all screwed up majorly this time around. Hmph. I’m not some good uncle who is going to spoil his disciple! You want to know what this place is? The Eclipse Academy lies at the east-northern edge of the continent, about eighty thousand kilometers from here in the straight line. I’ve learned of it already during the great war… But never mind that.” Shire chuckled, and continued with a hard to describe smile on his face.

    “If I were to describe it shortly, it’s a political concentration camp for the outlaws from all over the world, disguised under the pretense of an academy teaching martial arts and magic. Basically, in the north, when someone is in the way but too important to just kill off at the moment, he is being sent to that place. Funnily enough, many countries pay the Divine Forge Union for supporting the existence of the Eclipse Academy, which maintains a regular army of martial masters for its own needs. Of which, the main is making sure that no students go wild in the academy or try to run from it. Quite an amusing thing those people in the north have created, don’t you think?” Shire explained casually, in a merry tone, as if he was sending Laien off on a sightseeing trip.

    Laien opened his mouth, wanting to say something. However, when he remembered the alternative fate which could have awaited him today, it wasn’t too bad of a deal for him. Also, maybe Fohan couldn’t understand the reason behind Shire’s reasoning, but Laien had a hunch.

    Shire smiled at Laien and in an act rare enough for him, tousled his hair in a familiar manner. “Give your best. If you want to compete with those people in four years, when the next King will be elected, you need to get quite a bit stronger than you are now. If you don’t, you will just get stuck in the academy for ten years and miss everything. Give it your best! I will look forward to seeing the Martial Art you will develop, boy.” After encouraging Laien briefly and making fun of him the same time, Shire turned around, about to leave the Royal Court. He looked at Laien one more time and said with a smirk.

    “Mm, why don’t you say your goodbyes to your friends? Knowing this old goat, he will send you off by the evening.” Shire suggested, wondering what will await his disciple on the path he had set him on. Will he achieve greatness, or will he perish in some unknown to the world place? It would all depend on him.

    “Now, back to sleeping… So tired.” Shire yawned, heading back to his house.

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  • Thanks for the chapter! What's Shire doing? That academy seems reallllllly interesting(read: dangerous) :D
  • He's pushing a young hatchling out of its nest, so it can learn how to fly. ^.^ Well, he is a bit (?) crazy character who helps to push our young MC onward to a great adventure ^.^
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  • Well i knewe that shire was badass  and a drunk but batshitcrazy damn thats one hell of a character XD
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    Great chapter though keep it up.
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    Caladbolg said:

    Meanwhile, in the audience, Rudford and Sauras were engaging in an argument, discussing what their next step should be in a low voice.

    You probably meant Fohan instead of Rudford here.
    I'm a new reader of your work and I'm liking it very much so far.
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    Book 2. The outside world.

    Chapter 1. I'm going with you!

    Laien breathed out, looking at a distance, where the figure of his master disappeared a second ago. It still didn’t sink in him properly, that the trial was over. He heard a few words from Shire about this ‘Eclipse Academy’ or something, but only got more confused. As always, his master didn’t explain anything properly… It was the same when he had asked him about the Aspects. Shire said a few words and considered the matter to be explained thoroughly enough…

    From the looks of it, it wasn’t only Laien who remained in one place, without moving or talking. Those events, after Shire’s arrival, had happened too fast and didn’t make enough sense for anyone to understand them. Why did Fohan obediently listen to Shire, how come a Grand Viscar was killed and nothing was done about the ‘criminal’, who just left the Royal Court as if nothing important happened?

    “Laien, come. We should leave before Fohan starts sealing off the Royal Court.” Sinra mentioned, jumping down from the seats to the lower level, followed by Injar and everyone else from their temporary alliance.

    His thoughts released from the stupor, Laien took a proper look around the Royal Court. The people in the audience were beginning to realize that the numerous black-cloaked figures which appeared out of nowhere weren’t there to provide security, but rather to keep them in place. Undoubtedly, the Royal Court would get quite rowdy in a little while.

    “Ah, let’s go. I hope somebody knows what Master Shire and Fohan had been speaking about, since I couldn’t follow them anymore…” Laien sighed, scratching the back of his head. Maybe if it was a normal talk in a normal situation, he would have properly understood what was going on… But after so much stress and his emotions going from one extreme to another, his thinking abilities ended up being considerably limited.

    Laien and the whole group left the Royal Palace through the rear door, unobstructed by the black-cloaked Martial Masters or the guards from the Heavenly Flame School. On the way, the two Great Masters Einrah and Ninrah excused themselves, leaving the group of kids with Rudford and Injar, returning to their own apartments. As for Laien’s inquire about the Eclipse Academy, Injar took the responsibility of explaining.

    However, not wanting to discuss the matter on the move, Injar told Laien and the other five young ones to wait until they at least arrived at the living room. He mentioned however, that they shouldn’t worry too much, since even if the Eclipse Academy is not the best place ever, it certainly couldn’t be called worst, either.

    A while later, Anatis chuckled quietly, commenting in a lighthearted voice. “I remember how we spoke about your master, who had been teaching you martial arts and wielding the spear… But who would have thought, that he would make the Great Clans and Prince Sauras become so obedient. Just who in the world is this master of yours? His name was Shire, right? He is quite… unique.” Anatis smiled meaningfully. Everyone couldn’t help but nod, agreeing with that last statement. Shire was an unique person, that was for sure.

    “I don’t know, he barely mentioned anything about his past; and people in the city… Ugh. They used to make fun of me, when I chose to become his disciple… haha…” Laien laughed awkwardly, remembering the good old times when his biggest problem around was being bullied by Jasi. “Apparently, he was famous one hundred years ago, when our kingdom warred with our eastern neighbor… He is that strong, so it should be true.” Laien concluded, thinking back to how his master dealt with the four guards.

    Although Laien has some thoughts and ideas he wanted to implement into his own fighting style. Regrettably, although Shire was great at fighting, his teaching abilities were subpar. Only after seeing his master attack someone for real, did Laien witness his natural movements and correct habits, of which Shire wasn’t aware himself.

    Simply said, Shire was an instinctual genius, who had never been studying under any master. He could display great abilities when needed, but was horrible at teaching other people…

    “Famous is an understatement. If this stupid idiot had been training properly, instead of wasting away, by now he would have been the strongest person in our Sarkcente Kingdom, or maybe the entire south. Do you know what he was called during the times of the last great war?” Rudford gazed at the young ones, smiling. He paused for a moment and having piqued the curiosity of Laien and everyone, he revealed with a laugh. “The mad war god!” Shaking his head, Rudford reminisced the old times. He exchanged a look with Injar. The two men sighed helplessly, still smiling.

    “One hundred years ago, this crazy bastard was the strongest of our generation.” This time Injar spoke up, letting the sentiment get better of him. “When Rudford and I only had only broken through to the Realm of Heroes, he had already entered its third realm. His skill, techniques, martial arts and battle instincts were all superior to anyone I’ve ever seen in my life. However, his character… Haha… He used to recklessly attack any enemy camps to either end up annihilating them, or fleeing if he encountered too strong or too many foes… Given his wind-type martial arts, he could just fly away much faster than any other martial master… Well, he had quite a bit of luck, too, to not have stumbled upon anyone who could catch up to him, or kill him in one blow before he could escape.” Injar breathed out loudly, his expression becoming saddened.

    Injar looked as if he wanted to say something else, but after looking at Rudford, he decided not to. Rudford always reacted pretty badly, whenever one mentioned that history. Fianne, the younger sister of Rudford’s wife… She was most likely the reason for Shire’s breakdown. “Rudford closed himself off to train for a century, doing nothing else. Shire went crazy with grievance… Even I myself started having my own problems with women… And thirteen years ago, the two of us forgot ourselves…” Rudford suppressed a sigh and couldn’t help but take a look at Sinra, who was chatting with Laien and the kids about what they have just heard.

    Before the topic of Shire could end, their group arrived at the mansion belonging to Sinra. The group of two adult men and six youths proceeded straight to the living room, taking seats and enjoying the calming atmosphere of the room. After a few more minutes, when the young ones finished their talk about Shire, Injar slowly began telling them about the Eclipse Academy.

    “Well, in the eyes of normal people, the Eclipse Academy is an elite school teaching both magic and martial arts. That is mostly true, it operates as every other school does, apart from its ridiculously high admission fees. Enrollment alone costs four hundred crystal coins, with each year of tuition fees adding another one hundred on top of it. Only the wealthiest families can afford to pay so much… To compare, the yearly revenue of Neil City would probably be around one thousand crystal coins, with its million citizens. If we were to add the more or less ten million people living in the whole Neil province, it might amount to three and a half, four thousand crystal coins.” As he was covering the very basic information, Injar took a look at the faces of the youngsters.

    “Not confused, listening properly… Heh, those ‘kids’ sure got over the stress from the Royal Court quickly. I worried for no reason.” Injar nodded to himself, and followed through with the explanation.

    “The Eclipse Academy lies on the other side of our Starlight Continent, far to the east and north, in the Divine Forge Union. From here to there, it’s a travel of about one hundred thousand kilometers. Making great haste, it’s possible to cross the distance in two months. But usually, people go at a more reasonable pace and take from six months to a year. The academic year there, if I remember well, begins in a few weeks… So your travel will be a leisure one. You’ve got over a year to make it there.” Injar smiled at Laien, then proceeded to the most important part, which probably interested the boy the most.

    “The Eclipse Academy, apart from providing education, is famed around the well informed circles for dealing with the ‘problematic’ figures. What I mean is, the one rule created by the Eclipse Academy. When one enrolls for a year, they will make sure he stays there for a year. If somebody’s family sends its member to ‘study’ there, he will be kept in the academy for however long was paid for. Do you understand? The secondary role of the Eclipse Academy is to be a political prison. With its location on a semi-island and hundreds of teachers at the Realm of Heroes, with a regular army guarding the school’s borders, it’s practically impossible for the students to escape it.” Injar looked at Laien, and added in a calm voice.

    “If you obediently stay, they will likely make no trouble for you. However, if you try fleeing… There are two options, which are suggested by those who admit their students to the Eclipse Academy. One will mean that if it’s not too hard, they will only put you back in place after they catch you. The second is, that you will get killed if you try to flee the school. Of course, in some special cases, it’s possible for the request ‘to make someone disappear regardless’ to be made, however I doubt that Fohan would be stupid enough to make use of it…” Having said all he considered to be important, Injar asked if there are any questions and took a sip of the tea delivered by an attendant meanwhile.

    “Yeah. Master Shire said that I have four years until election of the new King, and I would need to aim to return by then. Is that true?” Laien asked casually, causing Injar to choke and start coughing. Taken completely by surprise, Injar asked after catching a breath.

    “How did this guy get to know that? Only a handful of people know about the King intending to step down... This explains why Shire proposed something like that and why Fohan seemed to be so pleased… Eh, Shire really went overboard this time. How does he expect you to improve fast enough to break out of the Eclipse Academy in but a four years? If it were him, he would have surely accepted the challenge head on without caring about the potential danger at all… But how can he expect his disciple to act in the same reckless way?” In a group of youths and with his old acquaintance present, Injar relaxed for once and spoke his mind openly. Usually, when foreign people were involved, he preferred to keep talking to a minimum, but this time it was different. He didn’t need to be careful of each and every word in fear of revealing more than he might have wanted. Speaking in this unconcerned way, honestly, felt pretty good in itself.

    Injar moved his gaze at Laien, facing him with a serious attitude. “The question is, what do you intend to do? I’d like you to answer seriously, since your decision will be important for all of us. Although the chances are slim… You are quite a monster, just like your master and… ‘elder brother’, heh.” Injar chuckled, smiling wryly at Rudford. The long-haired great master smiled back at him and shook his head helplessly, unable to do anything about being made fun of. After this little exchange, which had aroused a muffled laughter from the youths, concluded, Injar returned to the question he was asking Laien.

    “I admit, there is some slim possibility that you can pull off an escape from the Eclipse Academy. With that in mind, I’d like you to state it now. Will you try, or will you not?” Injar questioned without beating around the bush, getting straight to the matter important for considering his, and Sinra’s future actions.

    “Oi, oi, what are you asking him about? You want a kid to tell you if he will risk his life or not? What kind of a question is it?” Rudford frowned, raising a complaint. He didn’t see how Laien, being only twelve, was supposed to make a fully responsible and aware decision about a matter as serious as risking his life. Wasn’t this basically forcing him into giving an unreasonable answer? If asked like that, how would a kid even think about refusing?

    “A reasonable question. A twelve year old might not be an adult yet, but he surely can decide for himself. Also, you know I wouldn’t be asking him if it wasn’t important.” Injar bit his tongue, to not say that Rudford was ‘fathering’ Laien too much. He didn’t intend to turn the discussion into an angry, pointless argument by making inappropriate remarks.

    “He can’t answer a question like that, no matter what you say! He is too young! There is no need for him to risk dying needlessly. He should just spend the ten years in that school and return without taking the stupid risk!” Rudford argued back, refusing to let Laien face unnecessary danger. To Rudford, the political situation in his country was nowhere as important as Laien’s life.

    “If there will be anything for him to return to, that is.” Injar barked angrily, not looking at Rudford anymore, obviously intending to cut their talk right there.

    After a few breaths time of a heavy silence, Laien spoke up in a calm voice, looking Sinra in the eye. “Sin, can you tell me one thing before I answer?” Seeing that Laien was waiting for him to confirm, Sinra nodded slightly. He wasn’t anxious about the question or Laien’s answer. Somehow, from Laien’s appearance, Sinra could tell that Laien had already decided what he wanted to do. There was no shame in Laien’s gaze, neither was there hesitation or fear. Honestly, it was quite an amazing gaze, one rarely seen in the boundaries of the Royal Court.

    “Why do you want to compete for the throne? I don’t believe Injar would let you be killed by your siblings, whoever were to become the next King… So, why?” Sinra smiled, having expected something similar to be asked by Laien. At the same time, Injar raised his eyebrow. It was common knowledge that Guardians of the Royal Children would be revoked from their duty and sent back to the Heavenly Flame School once the new King would be chosen. Was it so obvious that he would protect Sinra nevertheless, or did the two chat about it at some occasion?

    “I would lying if I said it’s for some righteous reason, like ‘making this country a better place’, or because ‘it can’t be allowed for those people to rule our country’. It’s not that I am completely not thinking about those things, it’s just… They don’t matter to me that much. I don’t really feel I am destined to become the King, or any of that crap many of my siblings like to spout…” Sinra smirked self-mockingly, continuing onwards after the little pause.

    “I pretty much just wanted to ‘try’ being a King, to live happily and by my own rules, to make some friends and things like that… I never expected for this dream, which I considered to be unrealistic, to take shape after we met at the bazar of the Two Weeks City. After that, everything happened one after another, and I simply went with the flow of events. To be honest with you, I myself am lost about what to do. Would fighting for the throne be a correct choice, or would fleeing the country be? Both carry their consequences, but which one is better…” Sinra shook his head, looking somewhat troubled and lost. So many people were willing to help him, but he wasn’t even sure of his goals and intentions. If he were to receive their help, but he himself acted half-heartedly towards the common goal, then what kind of a person would he be?

    Laien gave Sinra a meaningful smile, urging him to go on. Just like Sinra had been, Laien was now pretty sure that his friend had already chosen; and that Sinra’s choice was the same as his.

    Out of the whole group, only Yin wasn’t confused, seeing the unusual behavior of the two. They were discussing something of a great importance, but on the contrary, they appeared to be completely leisure. As if the two of them were only putting in words the facts they already knew, guesses about each other. “Those two sure think alike.” Yin thought merrily, listening to the ongoing conversation.

    “What I decided to do, is to put the utmost effort into becoming the King. I will not, however, take too great of a risk. If I manage to triumph over my siblings, then it will be a reason to rejoice. If after trying with all my strength, I were to fail, so be it. There is always the second choice. I don’t want to put mine or anyone else’s life on the line for the sake of royal throne. My friends, people close to me, or power I could wield as a King, what is more important? Heh, that much is obvious.” By now, not only Laien and Yin, but everyone else understood Sinra’s intentions. Without exception, everyone present thought that Sinra’s decision was a very reasonable one. Especially the two adults, Injar and Rudford. They were surprised and pleased by Sinra’s choice to pursue the crown, but not give everything up by blindly chasing after it.

    “That’s my answer. So, what is yours?” Sinra asked, causing Laien to chuckle. “Mm, I will do the same. I will give my best to return in time, but I won’t go to the point of risking my life unnecessarily if the danger proves to be too great.” Laien said, partially influenced by Sinra’s words.

    Originally, Laien had been planning to come back to help Sinra no matter the circumstances or consequences. Only when he had been listening to Sinra, did Laien realize he had been intending to do something pretty stupid. If he clearly saw that there was no opportunity or chance for him to succeed, he shouldn’t just jump into the fire and hope for a miracle to happen. He got away with doing the exact thing yesterday, but how many more times would his luck hold up and keep saving him?

    Laien sighed inwardly. Once again, he learned something from Sinra. For his friend to be the same age as him, while being so much more mature… It made Laien want to change, to become a bit more of an adult. Well, just a little bit, and not regarding every aspect of his personality… But it was a progress nevertheless.

    “I guess that’s for the best.” Rudford commented, not really speaking to anyone in particular. “It really is.” Injar followed up, leaning back into the soft armchair. After listening to their two pupils, the two great masters felt a heavy weight being taken off their hearts. To initiate an honest and serious talk like this one would be hard for either of them. Fortunately, the two youths settled the important matters between themselves. A little push in the right direction was all they needed. Thanks to that, this conversation had progressed smoothly, without turning into an awkward ‘parent-child’ talk.

    “Then, now we have the next question answered. Siana, what do you intend to do?” Nila asked, reminding all the men and boys about Siana’s possible choice. Would she want to stick to her brother and follow him, or would she choose another path?

    Siana closed her eyes for a few seconds, then opened them and looked straight at Laien with a resolute gaze. “I don’t want to keep falling behind you, big brother. I don’t want to always need you to protect me whenever something dangerous happens… If I keep following you everywhere, I will never become stronger than you! I’ve had this one Academy in my sight… I wanted to go there when you would depart to your own school. That’s why… I will go there, to the Holy Blade Divine Academy.” Siana stated strongly, amazing Laien quite thoroughly. Up until now, his little sister had always been clinging to him and used to rarely leave his side. This kind of act of hers only strengthened after the two of them left the mansion of the Valius Family and began living in the Red Dragon School.

    Being separated from his little sister, in the first time since his oldest memories could reach… Well, Laien surely didn’t wish for her to tag along to the Eclipse Academy. Had she suggested it, he would have most likely opposed the idea. However, the sole fact that Laien was able to realize that much and think Siana’s words through before speaking up, was a proof that the recent events weren’t all meaningless. Because of them, Laien had learned a thing or two, mainly about himself.

    “Yeah, do what you see fit.” Laien said in a gentle voice, which was unavoidably tainted by a hint of loneliness.

    “Don’t start weeping on me here. We’ve still got some time, don’t we? How about throwing a farewell party?” Nila suggested, forcefully pushing the melancholic, sad atmosphere away. As a girl, how could she not have realized how strongly Siana was attached to her big brother? Of course, she didn’t want to see the two siblings to part with tears in their eyes. Wouldn’t it have been much better for everyone if the two left with smiles on their faces?

    “That’s a nice idea. Say, Sin. Can we invite all our friends over?” Laien asked immediately. He was wondering what would he do about saying goodbye to all people he knew and to those he was friends with… To his earliest friends, to Rune, to Dan, to Hana and Lina… To Tin’Long, and many more people he was acquainted with… They were his primary reason for loving the Neil City. It was because of them, that he didn’t want to leave Sarkcente Kingdom. But since he had no choice anymore, he at least wanted to see them all one last time…

    “That’s perfectly doable. Just tell me exactly who to invite, I will have my subordinates gather them in no time.” Sinra proclaimed confidently, and laughed at the same time as Laien. The royal-like attitude didn’t match Sinra’s appearance and character at all. Or, at least it was how Laien and Sinra viewed each other, and themselves at the same time.

    “Not that many, but it will be simpler to invite them by family names, let me write them down quickly.” A light smile appeared on Laien’s face. He wondered if parents of his friends would also come. Laien could bet that Dan’s father would tag along with his son and most likely father of the girls, Lina and Hana, would do the same. On the other hand, Rune’s mother was likely to not show up. For a second, Laien was uncertain if he should invite some more people he knew, but in the end he decided against it. However…

    “Maybe I will invite the old master of the horse, William, since my Bellicose was sent back to his stables…” Laien murmured to himself, to then get startled by Yin’s sudden words.

    “Think he could get me a good horse, too? It would save us some trouble of looking for one.” Yin said with a smile, indirectly implying that he is going with Laien.

    Only after the initial surprise subdued, did Laien realize that he should have expected this development for the very beginning. For a good while, he had been thinking he would be traveling alone, perhaps with some guards designated to protect and safeguard him. How could he have not thought about Yin’s personality, or the special bond which connected the two of them?

    The knowledge that he would not be alone, caused Laien’s mood to quickly surge for the better. Yin, feeling the change, laughed happily and in turn caused Laien to also chuckle.

    The mysterious exchange between the two boys, carried out without any looks or apparent body language, baffled those who were watching. It practically looked as if the two were reacting to each other’s… moods?; simultaneously. But, how could that be right?

    “Are you sure you want to go with him? Hadn’t the two of you met just yesterday?” Rudford asked, just to make sure. Kids those days, were they valuing friendship that much, were they so brave, or were they growing more stupid with each generation?... Looking at the group of youths gathered here, it was indeed hard to say.

    “Yeah, I am. We are partners, after all.” Yin responded without thinking, confusing everyone. The specific wording made Rudford, Sinra and everyone else think rather of something like ‘partners in battle’ or ‘comrades’, however, it happened to have yet different effect on Yin. The twelve year old, remembering his grandfather’s warning to keep his identity and future ‘partnership’ secret and seeing the confused faces of everyone, jumped straight to the next explanation of the word which came to his mind.

    “I didn’t mean anything specific by that, it’s just, in the bath we…” Yin began, with a little blush on his face, but the next words got thoroughly lost in the *Aah!* shout of Laien, who jumped at him and covered his mouth with a hand. Right afterwards, due to Laien’s sudden ‘jump’, the two of them fell over on the sofa, with Laien lying on top of Yin, with his hand over his mouth, in a fairly compromising position.

    At the exact moment, Yin looked slightly surprised, but still rather amused, as if he was about to laugh. While Laien, with his cheeks bright red, didn’t know whether to laugh or cry.

    Rudford and Injar wore a light smiles on their faces, their expressions amused. The two of them wondered just what kind of a secret did the youngsters have, for Laien to get so stressed over it.

    On the other hand, Sinra, Anatis and Nila, who all saw Laien’s and Yin’s behavior after they had returned from their sightseeing trip around the Royal Palace, were intrigued, amused and interested at the same time. They have had their chance to make a wild guess or two, so the three pretty much assumed that something had happened between the two back then.

    As for Siana… Her eyebrow twitched dangerously. She might have gotten over the matter of Laien paying more attention to Yin than to her, but this scene was too much for her. Without a word, Siana stood up and walked up to the two boys, unsheathing her longsword with a fluid motion. With a scary expression on her face, she raised the blade above her head, threatening to swing down.

    “W-wait a second!” Laien pleaded, feeling troubled and embarrassed at once. “Right, why attack us? We did nothing wrong.” Yin added, taking Laien’s hand off his mouth.

    Siana nearly snapped. She was ashamed to the point of her ears turning bright red, she moaned angrily and stomped at the floor, irritated.

    “Can’t you at least get off of each other?” Sinra asked with a chuckle, noticing how Laien and Yin haven’t really moved much since a moment ago. And even though he only stated the truth, by saying so, he provoked Siana’s angry stare to turn at him. Sinra raised his hands in a defensive gesture and quickly shook his head with his lips tightly pursed… into a smile.

    “No, that’s it, I’m going with you!” Siana shouted, turning back to look at her big brother and Yin, whom at least managed to seat themselves relatively normally.

    “Are you serious?” The question escaped Laien’s mouth, before he could bite hit tongue.

    Siana appeared to be even more angered, but she yelled something unexpected, throwing her big brother completely off. “No, I’m not! But at least for today, you should be spoiling me, not flirting with him!” As she finally gave voice to her little bit of selfishness, Siana stepped forward and hugged Laien over his neck. She wouldn’t see him for a long time, so she would not accept not being in the center of attention for the rest of the day!

    Laien was at a slight loss for words. He rarely saw Siana behave in this way; it was a surprising, but really cute change. Instead of saying anything, Laien simply hugged Siana back with one hand and stroked her long, silky black hair with the other. He was trying really hard to ignore all the amused gazes and smiles directed at him, and not get embarrassed too much…

    “Sin, think you could get a few people to come here? It’d like to see them one more time, before I go to this academy.” Laien mentioned, changing the topic.

    “Easily, just say who to call and I’ll send somebody for them.” Sinra replied, with an irritatingly ‘knowing’ smile.

    Laien sighed inwardly, being cuddled to by Siana when all of them were watching was really, really embarrassing… “Well, for now, let’s think who I should invite…” Laien asked himself in his thoughts, recalling all the people he could possibly want to see and say goodbye to.

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    Book 2. The outside world.

    Chapter 2. Setting out.

    “How come you were so poised when you brought Anatis to ‘that’ place, but you are being so shy now?” Nila couldn’t help but ask, seeing Laien behave so unlike himself. He was always so confident and composed, but now he was like a different person. He was letting Siana take the lead while acting all shy and embarrassed about it. For a boy who had made more than just a little move on a girl he had barely known and who had fought in a grand duel in front of hundreds thousands of people…

    “What’s gotten into him? Why is he acting so strange now?” Nila wondered, curious to know the answer.

    Laien laughed quietly, while moving further back on the sofa and pulling Siana, who was resting against his chest, along. After he had changed the position to a more comfortable one, Laien peeked at Nila with a mischievous gaze and said. “It’s one thing when we are fooling around, and the other when it’s serious. Well, you are always too serious, so you will probably have a hard time understanding it…” He answered briefly, smirking a little.

    After Laien spoke the words, Nila stated at him for a long second. Then, her face flushed red from anger and shame. Just what did he mean, that ‘she was being too serious’? That was just the kind of personality she had. She was serious and stubborn, always giving her best to pursue the goals she set for herself… However, what if Laien was right and her behavior perhaps annoyed her friends and more importantly, annoyed Anatis? True, she didn’t really let loose too often, but was that really a bad thing? She didn’t think so. But yet, after Laien’s comment, she started worrying about it…

    Nila’s usual strong presence shrunk down as she turned to look at Anatis. Worry was written all over her face, while uncertainty could be seen deep within her blue eyes. It wasn’t hard for Anatis to understand what she was thinking. “It’s okay to be more serious, too. Not everyone needs to be as crazy as those two siblings…” He tried to console her in a somewhat troubled manner, not used to expressing himself publicly, even if it was only among a small circle of friends and acquaintances.

    Anatis looked at Laien and Siana, who were still hugging each other. He smiled, thinking how all those ridiculous things began happening when he met those two. “Being around Laien sure is quite handful, but it’s not all that bad.” The thought crossed Anatis’s mind. He enjoyed the time he had spent with Laien until now, despite all the troubles which liked to appear wherever Laien went; either with him creating them actively or being swept away by their flow. “But always letting myself be dragged by Laien into his own pace is something I really should work on… hahaha…” Anatis chuckled, remembering how especially once, during that night, he allowed Laien to do whatever he wanted and got dragged straight to the crimson district…

    All in all, Anatis felt that occasionally, it was fine to play around with a person like Laien; he’d enjoy it and be able to have fun, no matter what crazy things would occur. However, in a long term and on a daily routine, he preferred to spend time in a more peaceful way, with a person similar to him. With somebody who had a similar - and more level-headed - interests and tastes… For example, with somebody like Nila.

    “You aren’t only saying so to make me feel better, are you?” Appearing to be no less concerned than before being reassured by Anatis, Nila pursued the matter. If she could, she would have rather peeked inside Anatis’s head and knew for sure what he was thinking about her. Regrettably, such a thing was impossible. Thus, at the very least, she wanted to head Anatis say it aloud.

    Anatis looked to the side, scratching his cheek with his finger. The unusual mood in the room seemed to have started affecting him. “I wouldn’t have agreed to be your boyfriend if I didn’t like you as you are.” Anatis said quietly, chucking in his heart at the memory of a girl he had never seen before chasing after him all the way to the Twin Phoenix School, and after some time, making him fall for her…

    “We’re back to ‘liking’?” Nila asked, letting her lips curve into a cute, but mischievous smile. Having relaxed a bit, she started playing with her long golden hair, curling them around her finger. Seeing Nila like that, Anatis froze momentarily. He wondered if siblings’ behavior was also influencing her… In the past, she never teased Anatis in this way…

    Recalling the previous day and the scene which Nila surely was referring to, made Anatis want to hide his face with a pillow. “So that’s why Laien was so embarrassed…” He thought, feeling his face burn with intense heat. Gathering his courage to respond properly, Anatis was silently admiring Laien for being able to maintain his calm in a similar situation. As for himself, he really was in shambles…

    “I love you.” He managed to say quite loudly, having raised his head to look straight at Nila. After the words left his mouth, Anatis felt as if he was about to die from embarrassment. He wasn’t used to saying such things publicly, even if it was only among a small circle of friends…

    “I love you, too.” Nila said happily, hugging Anatis’s arm and leaning against him. She looked at Laien with a satisfied, victorious expression and actually stuck her tongue out at him. Laien chortled and quickly to returned the favor, also showing her his tongue. He was smiling widely, obviously having enjoyed watching the little scene. It should have made her mad, however…

    Now that she had calmed down, she could tell from Laien’s appearance that he had no bad intentions, either now or a moment ago. She laughed helplessly, shaking her head a little. The two of them exchanged a challenging, but humorous gaze. Without the need to continue their argument, they managed to come to a consensus; a truce, or so to say.

    “Nn, do you love me?” Siana scooted away a bit and asked, looking up at Laien’s face. “Of course I do.” Laien answered unhesitatingly, having recovered from the little shock Siana gave him a minute ago. Happy with the answer she got, Siana turned around and again leaned against Laien, sitting in-between his legs. Laien, abiding to Siana’s ‘request’ to spoil her for today, hugged her lightly.

    The two pairs exchanged looks, wondering a little how did they end up in this situation. Well, in the end, did it really matter? It was all good anyway.

    “Oh come on, all of you! Stop rubbing it in! Ah, I want a girlfriend, too…” Sinra sighed heavily, having more than enough of watching this soap opera. He then smiled bitterly, hearing everyone chuckle or laugh. Silently, Sinra decided that he absolutely needs to find a girl he would like before Laien returns. If he didn’t, the amount of teasing would become unbearable, even if no one said anything… Their actions would be enough to remind him of his misery…

    “That’s surely one of the strangest groups of kids in the world… I wonder if it’s in a ‘positive sense’ or not, though…” Rudford commented with a laugh. He glanced at Injar, wondering what did his old acquaintance have to say. “I wonder? It’s probably our fault, too. At least partially…” Injar noticed with a hint of irony in his voice. The two men sighed at the same time. Should they be happy about their youngsters being so unique, or rather worried? It was a hard question to find an answer to…

    The rest of the day passed more or less in a similar manner. The few people Laien asked to be invited all came and spent the remaining hours with him and everyone. The evening arrived quickly, and soon it was the time to part. The whole group gathered in front of Sinra’s mansion, biding their last farewells to Laien.

    By an unspoken rule, those who were less important and farther related to Laien went first, letting those closest to the boy talk with him as the last.

    “Bah, I was never good with those partings and everything…” Duaran - Dan’s father and the best smith in Sakrcente Kingdom - spoke awkwardly, scratching his head. He really only came because of an impulse, and felt quite out of place in the company of many youngsters and the two powerful martial masters. “Here, take this with you. Maybe you will decide to use it at some time.” Duaran tossed an interspatial ring to Laien, waiting for the boy to check what’s inside.

    After sending a bit of Spiritual Energy inside the interspatial ring and claiming its ownership, Laien chortled and shook his head. “Uncle, you still didn’t give up on making me a smith?” After inspecting the contents of the interspatial ring, Laien found a full set of various tools and complete medium-sized smithy to be stuffed inside it. Along with many ores, bars and ingots of precious minerals, They filled the high-grade interspatial ring all the way to the its boundaries, making thorough use of its sphere-shaped inner space with a diameter of about two hundred meters.

    Among high-grade interspatial rings, this one was certainly among those of the best quality. Adding the value of its content, the amount of money it was worth would easily reach into thousands of crystal coins.

    “Surprised? I’ve been preparing to give it to you when you would be leaving in a few months. Well, don’t worry even if you don’t make use of it… There will always be a chance to try, if you happen to want to.” The bulky Duaran winked at Laien and moved to the back, leaving the boy on the verge of bursting out with laughter. For a mass of muscles to behave like that, it was unfair! It was too funny!

    “You seem to be doing well, as always, boy.” William, master of the horse working for the Valius Family, stepped closer, leading two excellent war horses by reins. One of the two was Bellicose, the brown-furred, over two meters high magical beast popularly called ‘war horse’. The other, no less impressive stallion had similar brown fur, which was only somewhat lighter compared to Bellicose.

    Yin, who was standing two or three steps away from Laien, immediately took interest in that light-brown war horse brought by the man.

    “Ho, so that should be the boy’s friend who will be going with him? He seems satisfied. Hrmm, he’d better be. This little one is one of my own breeds. The most excellent one, if opinion of this old man still means anything. I planned to keep him for myself… But since I am so old already and probably won’t make a good use of him anyway, might as well give him to someone younger.” William smiled amiably, and added right after. “But that’s only if you can make him accept you, boy.” He said, looking at the green-haired youngster in front of him.

    Yin and Laien smiled at each other meaningfully. It was still a new experience for them; getting used to the spiritual bond. However, it was quite pleasant, being able to sense each other’s emotions, particularly when both of them were in a good mood.

    Yin walked up to the two war horses with a smile. He simply looked at the yet unnamed light-brown stallion, in result making the magical beast aware of his presence. Thoroughly horrified, the light-brown warhorse shivered in fear and instinctively wanted to back away and run as far as possible. The war horse realized that in front of him, stood a magical beast of a much superior quality and strength. The stallion also sensed that this human-shaped magical beast wanted him to submit.

    Stomping at the ground nervously, the light-brown war horse quickly lowered his head, still trembling all over his body. Even if he was hundred times more courageous, he wouldn’t dream of resisting. He submitted instantly, and would obey all of his new master’s orders without hesitation.

    It wasn’t only the light-brown stallion who was affected by Yin’s presence. Despite Yin’s attention nt being focused on him, Bellicose felt an enormous fear rising inside of him. He already had a master he submitted to, but… Clearly, this boy’s aura was much more powerful compared to his original master’s. Just as Bellicose was about to subconsciously lower his head before Yin, Laien stepped in with a laugh.

    “Oi, you are mine, forgot already?” Laien asked with a smile, standing right next to Yin. When Bellicose and the other war horse felt Laien’s presence, their hearts sank. As magicalbeasts, their instincts were acute to begin with. Even without a Battle Sense or a Spiritual Sense of the Realm of Heroes, they were sensitive to inner strength of other beings. And right now, those two in front of them… These boys were the scariest thing they ever encountered in their lives.

    For Bellicose, the change in his master’s aura was even more of a fright. How could it have become so incomparably mighty in just one short week? It was well enough to make him submit two year ago… But now, it was simply too powerful, too scary!

    The two magical beasts panicked, trying to break away from William’s hold. How were they supposed to choose between these two monsters? They were too horrified to even think what would happen if they made one of the two angry. With their uncomplicated minds, the war horses could only think of trying to flee, unable to understand the situation properly.

    Laien and Yin reacted at the same time, without as much as taking a look at each other. They walked up to their respective war horses and caught them by the strained reins. The stallions stopped struggling, slowly coming back to their senses. When they realized that those two wanted one of them each and there was no need for them to choose in the first place, they became even more at ease. Nevertheless, their masters were scary… Too scary, compared to any human they have seen up until this day.

    “Just when an old man thinks he already saw everything…” William shook his head, stretching his fingers. He definitely was getting too old to restrain two war horses trying to break free with all their strength… “The matter of them accepting you is concluded, I guess, eh? Damn you boys, for those little ones to react like that… Just what exactly is hiding inside the two of you?” The old master of the horse commented without giving the matter much thought.

    Laien and Yin chuckled lightly, exchanging another glance. This one question was surprisingly accurate… But luckily, no one expected them to answer it.

    “I’ve also got something I can give you.” Cran decided to come forward sooner rather than later, unsure whether it was fine for him to talk with Laien after the group of youngsters, or not. He brought out a middle-grade interspatial link and handed it over. “I’ve gotten hold of some middle and high grade elemental stones in the Royal Capital. There is about hundred middle-grade and a dozen of high-grade water-type elemental stones inside. They should be useful…” Cran said in a somewhat stiff tone, having troubles with speaking to Laien normally.

    “Thanks.” Laien placed the gift inside his own interspatial ring, and spoke right after. “Are you still worried about that time when you ‘attacked’ me?” He asked straightforwardly and followed up right away. “Don’t mind it. It’s not like I am traumatized over it or anything.” Laien reassured Cran with a smile and a carefree laugh. He really didn’t think too much about that little accident that had happened when Cran drunk himself. Rather, what had resulted from it was quite amusing in itself. Some fooling around, why would anyone ever be worried or bothered by it? For Laien, it really wasn’t that big of a deal.

    As for keeping his voice down during this little conversation, Laien didn’t care to do it. Amongst this group, where everybody was a martial practitioner of high quality, he’d probably need to whisper directly into Cran’s ear if he wanted to prevent everybody from listening in. But since it was too annoying to do, Laien chose to not bother and spoke openly, but without giving much details. His words of course peeked curiosity of everyone, but no one was untactful enough to ask in public what was it all about.

    Cran startled at first, hearing Laien mention the exact thing he was beating himself about many times during his two year absence. Especially right in front of everyone… However, seeing how leisure Laien was about the matter, Cran felt most of the lingering guilt being removed from his shoulders. For all this time, he had felt quite bad about the stupidity he did back then… Even now, he felt that he had went overboard, despite Laien’s claims that it was fine. No matter what, at that time, Laien was just too young…

    “Ah, damn. Screw it. I’ve been worrying over it for long enough already. Since he say it’s alright, it should be fine to let it be.” Cran thought with a mix of anger and resignation. He breathed out, letting go of the negative emotions. He smiled, having returned to his old, cheerful appearance. “I will do as you say. Thanks, see you again in four years.” Saying so, Cran tousled Laien’s hair. Once again he could feel a bit like an older brother, having gotten rid of his worries. He was seventeen already, after all. Five years older than Laien…

    It really should have been him, not a twelve year old brat, who did the reassuring. But now that Laien already took the first step before he even found the resolve to speak about it with him, it was too late. The only choice for Cran was to swallow this little bit of a pride of ‘an older brother’ he had and be happy with the result. And indeed, that was exactly what he did.

    “You sure got some amazing friends now, huh? Don’t you forget about us, though~” The younger of two sisters, Lina, reprimanded Laien cheerfully as she approached with the bunch of his childhood friends. As always, be it in actions or words, she was definitely the most mischievous one out of their little group. After two years had passed, she was now nine years old, but somehow she still managed to stir as much troubles as any rebellious teenage girl. She really was quite a headache for her older sister and parents.

    Laien smirked, perfectly used to Lina’s remarks. He knew that she never meant any harm by her words, she was just painfully honest with her thoughts and didn’t hesitate to speak them clearly. “How could I? We’ve been hanging around together for so long.” Laien smiled at Rune, who stopped a step away from him, looking as if he couldn’t decide what to do. Recently, they’ve been meeting less so perhaps it was also because of that; or so Laien tried to guess.

    When Laien was wondering what to say, the remaining two of his childhood friends came to the rescue. “What are you two doing, you want to part in this weird mood? Stop sulking and start talking.” Hana advised them and Dan followed up with a few more words. “You will regret it if you won’t be honest and waste so much time without understanding what the problem is.” Even before Dan finished speaking, Hana pulled the sleeve of his shirt angrily, expecting very well what was the next thing to come. Despite her efforts, she failed to stop Dan from finishing what he had to say. And of course, a second after…

    “Yeah, you will waste time, just like big sis and Dan~~” Lina started commenting with a smile of a little devil. “Did you know, big brother? They started going out when the whole Grand Gathering thing started, but for some reason, they are keeping it a secret~ And they want to give advices to other people about being honest with themselves, eeeh?~” Lina laughed cutely, quickly hiding behind Laien, out of reach of her big sister’s hands. She giggled, enjoying the slightly angered expression of her older sister.

    “Just don’t say anything, okay?” Hana asked resignedly, seeing the light grin on Laien’s face. She didn’t want to tell them for this exact reason, unsure whether she would be able to stand Lina’s and Laien’s teasing… She sent Dan an angered gaze, which quickly turned helpless. He was smiling widely, perfectly happy to let everyone know… “Maybe it wasn’t because he is dense, but he did it on purpose?...” Suspicious, Hana decided to take her new boyfriend for a long, shopping trip tomorrow. With that, she suddenly started feeling much better.

    After the little interlude about Hana and Dan was over, Rune somehow managed to suppress his anxiety. He gathered his resolution and began speaking. “It’s just that, you are going to leave for good, won’t you, big brother?... I don’t mean those years, but… You are just getting so far away with each passing month. You are getting stronger and stronger, meeting new people and new friends… I… I am not strong, neither am I a noble or even someone from a wealthy family… It feels like we belong to different worlds and won’t be seeing each other anymore…” The last sentence, was something that Rune heard from his mother a few days ago.

    Recently, Rune had been getting more and more depressed, so his mother got him to talk with her… And after learning of the problem, she told him that he most likely won’t be spending time together with Laien in the future. That he needs to accept being a commoner, that the difference in status and the worlds he and Laien live in is too great. That he should give up on being close friends with Laien and live his own life, in the world destined for him.

    Naturally, after his mother had told him something like that, Rune only grew more dispirited and unhappy. All the more, since he couldn’t find any way to solve the situation at hand. His cultivation, at nine years old of age, was only at the second mortal realm, despite a good deal of physical training. His marital talent was below average, and spiritual one was nonexistent. He wasn’t stupid, but he wouldn’t call himself a genius either. There was no lynchpin that could connect him and Laien, no matter how hard he looked for it. Just like his mother said, he would probably be seeing Laien very rarely.

    If it was some time ago, Laien would have instantly told Rune to not worry about pointless things. He would have reassured him that they would always be friends, no matter what. But… Laien wasn’t a child anymore. He knew there was no way for him to spend a lot of time with Rune if he continued walking the path he wanted to. He desired to be strong and powerful, enough to create his own destiny… So he wouldn’t need to endure being oppressed, so people close to him wouldn’t be getting hurt as he watches helplessly…

    But, how many years would it take, for him to get strong enough? At the very least, by that time, Rune would have become an old man. A martial master could easily live for hundreds of years. Someone close to being a martial master, could enjoy a lifespan of around two hundred years. In turn, a martial practitioner below the sixth mortal realm usually wouldn’t live much longer than a century. Finally, a completely ordinary person would perhaps die just after fifty or sixty years of living.

    Time… There was not enough time. “If I got strong fast enough… I could use more time to spend with Rune and my old friends, but…” Laien felt that it wasn’t a right path to take. He would basically be forcing himself to step down. Not only would he feel awkward, but even those around him would feel as if he is taking pity on them. Something like that… He didn’t want to do it. Wasn’t there some other, better choice? He really wanted it to be there…

    “Rune, right?” Rudford came forward, startling Rune and the other childhood friends of Laien. They understood that Laien was Rudford’s disciple, but for a Great Master to personally speak to them was nevertheless quite scary. Rudford’s aura alone, although tranquil, made them more than a little nervous.

    “Second mortal realm. At your age, it means that you aren’t likely to ever reach the Realm of Heroes. I’m not saying that it alone disqualifies the two of you from maintaining your friendship, but being as close as brothers… Will be pretty much impossible. Speaking bluntly, you will become an old man before Laien’s life stabilizes. With his talent, Laien will sooner or later become a dual expert and his lifespan will be extended to at least three thousand years, perhaps more.” Rudford didn’t waver, despite Rune’s saddened expression and tears gathering in his eyes. He didn’t mind Laien’s frustration either. There were some things which should be told.

    “The question you need to ask yourself, is if you want to keep clinging to Laien through the most important period in his life; the period when the two of you will still be young. I have no doubt this boy wouldn’t abandon his old friends and would spend as much time with them as he can… However, that leads to nowhere. Just like the King who doesn’t go around the city speaking to commoners, each time the two of you would meet would be more of a torture than a pleasant experience. With nothing in common, you can still be friends and acquaintances. There is no way, however, for two of you to continue as you were until now.” Rudford finished strongly, putting enough pressure into his words to make Laien refrain from interrupting him. Only after he said everything, did Rudford sigh inwardly and bear Laien’s gaze, filled with many painful emotions.

    “Aren’t you being too harsh on those kids? It’s not like they need to cut their ties completely, but you are making it out to be a catastrophe. They’re going to be meeting less and they need to accept it. Why make it sound so dramatic?” Injar commented disapprovingly from further in the back. Yet, despite using gentler words, he also didn’t leave any delusions. The two would separate, and they should come to accept it. There was no other choice.

    “Four years!” A sudden loud shout surprised everyone, as they turned to look at Rune. The boy’s gaze changed, and although there were still tears in his eyes, one could see strong determination within them. Clenching his fists, Rune proclaimed, fearlessly looking Rudford in the eye. “If I won’t find a way to stand on equal footing with big brother, then I will give up!” Rune declared strongly, using some ambitious words he heard once or twice. The meaning, however, was unaffected. He really meant what he said, giving himself a deadline. If it didn’t look like he could live in the same world as Laien, then he would give up!

    The look in Rudford’s eyes grew warmer. With a smile, he said calmly. “Good, at least you have determination. Four years, you said it yourself. If there will be anything you need, of course within reasonable limits, come look for me in the Red Dragon School.” Rudford chuckled quietly, seeing the surprised and pleased expressions on the faces of the two boys. “I really didn’t want to spoil Laien too much, but it looks like I just can’t help it…” Rudford thought to himself, shaking his head and smiling resignedly.

    “I- um…! Thank you, Master Rudford!” Rune first straightened, then bowed deeply. shocked by the instant change in Rudford’s attitude. With help of a Great Master, maybe, just maybe there really was a way from him to realize his dreams! Finding it hard to believe his own luck, Rune trembled slightly all over his body from excitement. He would certainly do everything in his strength to become an outstanding, respected person! He was girted with a perfect opportunity, and he wouldn’t waste it!

    Rudford laughed and nodded at Rune; at the moment paying more attention to Laien. He swiftly produced a black gold high-grade interspatial ring and threw it into Laien’s hands. “There’s not much more I can give you, but having a lot of money and treasures on you can’t hurt. Don’t be bragging about it too much though, or people will come chasing after it. Unless necessary, you should also be using this high-grade interspatial ring as your main one. Although in our Kingdom, not many people can distinguish the grade of an interspatial ring at glance, the same can’t be said about the whole world. It would be better if you were cautious.” After handing over his gift, Rudford just stood there, waiting for Laien to check what was inside the present that had been given to him.

    Laien’s mouth opened when he realized exactly what he just received. If he remembered correctly, wasn’t Neil City yearly earnings ‘only’ one thousand crystal coins? The whole Sarkcente Kingdom would likely produce ‘just’ twenty thousand crystal coins or so… And here, not even counting the items, he had fifty thousand of them. Fifty thousand crystal coins! What kind of enormous wealth was that?! Just how rich was the Red Dragon School?...

    Taking off the top-grade interspatial ring from his finger, Laien absorbed it into the newly acquired high-grade one and put the ring back on his finger. “I will try to make good use of it. Thanks, elder brother.” Laien said briefly, knowing that he is going to miss Rudford a lot during these four years. At the same time, Laien was conflicted about how he should act when saying farewell to Rudford... Simply saying a goodbye… Rather than that, he would have liked to…

    Rudford noticed Laien’s fidgeting, but just like him, was quite reluctant to be honest with himself. He patted Laien’s head, not really knowing how he should be behaving with the boy. The guilt originating from the past caused Rudford to wonder if he hadn’t been treating Laien as a replacement for his own son… He felt it was wrong for him to be soothing the old loss by caring for another boy, for Laien. He wanted to be something more than just ‘master’ for Laien, but despite that he still couldn’t come to terms with his contradictory feelings.

    “Ah, come on. The two dense dumbasses. Here you go, I will lend you a hand!” Sinra said decisively. He approached Laien and put a hand on his back. Then, without any warning, he pushed him forward…

    From Sinra’s point of view, it wasn’t hard to realize what was going on between Laien and Rudford. Laien’s fundamental character was similar to his to begin with. Thus for Sinra, looking at the whole matter objectively proved to be quite easy. Watching the two hesitate about stupid things, he had chosen the simplest method to solve the problem on hand.

    Laien staggered forward and in the end, leaned against Rudford in an awkward manner. He stiffened at first, intending to back away. But… He threw away all caution and doubts and hugged Rudford. Being twelve, Laien wasn’t exceptionally tall, so he only reached up to Rudford’s chest. Fretting over Rudford’s reaction, he stuffed his face into Rudford’s shirt in a really child-like act.

    As one could imagine, Rudford was surprised and startled. Being hugged in this manner, something inside Rudford finally cracked. The barrier he had created around his heart, as he distanced himself from the world through sealing away a part of his emotions, cracked and broke into countless pieces. “It’s fine, isn’t it? The two of you will not be mad at me?” Rudford asked wordlessly, gazing into the slowly darkening, evening sky.

    Rudfod crouched and grabbed Laien under his arms, then he straightened up, raising and hugging the somewhat panicked boy. “What are you fretting over now, aren’t you the one who started?” Rudford chuckled, seeing that Laien didn’t know what to do with himself, being held up and hugged in this manner. Even without seeing Laien’s face, Rudford could imagine his embarrassed expression.

    Laien cursed lightly, without making a sound. Seeing how all his friends were looking at him right now caused him to feel ashamed. Inside, however, he was incredibly happy. He returned the hug, joining his hands on Rudford’s back, while trying to look rather at the long crimson hair in front of his eyes, than the faces of everyone around. He was happy, but it was also so embarrassing…

    After a moment, Rudford put him down, patting his head once again. Laien couldn’t help but look down at first, aware of the strangely shy look on his face. “Be sure to return safely, okay?” Rudford said warmly; and to that Laien quickly nodded. He looked Rudford in the eye and smiled, prompted by the strange warmth that was filling his chest.

    A few more seconds of silence passed before Sinra spoke up jokingly. “Aaah, I should have went earlier, it’s heartbreaking to add anything more to our farewells, after what we have seen…” Sinra shrugged his shoulders with a smile, then simply handed over a gold-green ring to Laien. On the round surface of the ring, a crossed scepter and sword were imbued. “It’s not much, but it means that you are my highest representative. Maybe it will help you save your skin sometime.” Sinra explained leisurely, causing Injar to sigh heavily.

    “Not much? Didn’t you just appoint him your chancellor? In the future, if you become the King, he will become the highest ranked military representative of Sakrcente Kingdom… Eh, do whatever you want. I give up on trying to persuade you to do, or not do anything…” Injar shook his head helplessly. With a pained expression, he produced an interspatial ring and threw it to Laien. “I can’t believe I agreed to that other thing, too… Ah, damn it. Just take it, but don’t you dare to speak half a word to anyone about it! You understand, kid?” Injar frowned at himself. He might have seen Rudford as someone who spoils his pupil too much, but wasn’t he letting Sinra do the same with him?... He just didn’t know how to refuse, when Sinra stubbornly asked for something…

    Laien’s eyes widened. He was surprised to receive an important, political tool from Sinra, but the content of the interspatial ring he just got from Injar astonished him. Completely, thoroughly flabbergasted him. “The three scrolls, the three primary Heavenly Flame Arts! All the way to the seventh level?!” Laien stared at Injar, unable to find any words. Right now, in his possession were two top-level martial arts! The Red Dragon and the Heavenly Flame arts, both all the way up to the seventh out of their nine cultivation levels! Forget money or treasures, those scrolls were priceless and would never, ever be handed to outsiders!

    “Maybe it will help you gain some insights, when you will be creating that thing you got from Master Shire.” Sinra said cheerfully, giving Laien a self-pleased look. “Worst case scenario, just choose the one better suited to you and learn it. You probably have both on you anyway.” He added, sending Rudford a brief gaze.

    Laien breathed out, trying to calm himself. He was beginning to wonder if the cause of his death won’t be some random danger, but the mountain of treasure he was carrying… The possibility certainly was there, given how much he just received…

    “I’d love to keep this going, but your escort seems to be here. You might want to pay some attention to your little miss, who had been enduring this whole time.” Sinra pointed out, taking notice of these two important things. The less urgent one, meaning the group of armed people on horseback who came to take Laien and Yin away, stopped in the distance, waiting for the boys to get moving themselves. From the looks of it, they weren’t in much of a hurry.

    Siana herself, unable to hold back any longer, jumped at Laien and hugged him. In result, making the two of them nearly fall down on the ground. Neither Siana nor Laien said anything, as they’ve already spoken about everything they wanted to. After a long time, Siana separated from Laien and remaining strong, without a hint of tears in her eyes, said shortly.

    “See you, big brother.” She smiled the best she could, keeping her hands joined tightly behind her back. “Yeah, see you.” Laien replied, preparing to leave. He exchanged some more words with everyone and said goodbye one last time. He used as much time as he could before the faraway group grew impatient and sent one of the servants telling him to hurry up. Reluctantly, Laien mounted his horse and with Yin, rode in the direction of the seven escorts. He looked back and waved his hand to everyone, painting this precious image into the depths of his heart.

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