Beautiful Day In The London (only going to be one chapter probably)

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Genres: Fantasy, science fiction, romance, action, comedy. xianxia, wuxia


Apocalipse happened and Yale is out of choices, but he is rather happy that it happened.

Chapter one:

It was beautiful afternoon in London, United Kingdom, inside a small university dorm, there was youth laying on the bed and reading a book.

“Ah, only if world would be just as fun as in the books…” Youth sighed, as he took his eyes from the book and looked at the sealing.

This youth has been sighing like this for most of his life expecting something amazing to happen, the reason for this is because his life has been extremely uninteresting.

“Why is that god made us for no purpose…” Youth sighed again continuing to read his book.

People are born; they eat, sleep, work, and repeat this for their whole life until they die with the only purpose of making family.

“I understand the point of making a family, but I don’t understand how that can be enough….” Youth got distracted from reading and sighed again.

We work in order to maintain our daily needs such as food, our daily TV shows, books, and other pointless things.

“Some people choose to travel around the world and see outside places, but what’s the point of that? What’s the point of going there and just sightseeing those places if there is no one there to remember you.”

We go and leave without anyone caring about us. It seems that we are so insignificant and can only make so much in our whole lives.

Actually most people now days all they care about is getting money just enough to get food on their table. Not even talking about getting out seeing the world.

Now day’s people are to pussy to fight so they decide to hide behind their family name or their wealth, when truly it all should depend on your accumulated intelligence and your individual power.

“To me it seems that humanity is on the edge of extinction and if nothing happens we will soon disappear from this planet’s surface as if we have never even been here. And it’s all because of our stupidity and ignorance towards each other, because our morals changed to the bad and not to the good.” Youth said as he got distracted from reading once again.

Humanity has been going down since a while ago; we don’t think much of survival and protecting that which gave us life, that which inspired us that which gave us chance. Right now humanity is missing the chance, and it might even be too late already.
As the youth have been thinking about all this suddenly he heard a phone call, he put his book bed and took his phone.

“Hello?” The youth answered his phone.

“Hey. Brother what you doing? Are you going to come back on holidays?” a loud cheerful young girl voice could be heard from the phone. The youth couldn’t help but put the phone further from his ear.
“I don’t if I am not too lazy; there is not much to do at home anyways.” Youth answered, not thinking about it too much as if he couldn’t care less.

“why!?!? Haven’t you missed your little sister at all, it’s been boring and as cheerful without you at home…” Young girl got sad not wanting to speak anymore.

“Alright, alright I’ll come back we can go to movies together or whatever you want to do and then I’ll go back alright?” Youth sighed as he said it, he wasn’t on bad terms with his sister, and he also loved her a lot and would do anything for her. It’s just that he wasn’t very good at going out and playing doing meaningless stuff as he would better be staying at home and immerge himself in to the books. This is his biggest hobby; he couldn’t live without exciting fantasy stories.

“Alright, alright brother don’t forget to…” As the young girl was speaking, suddenly the connection disappeared and she couldn’t be heard anymore.

“Hello? Hello?” The youth was trying to make sure if everything is alright as the connection just disappeared, he looked at his phone and suddenly saw that there was zero signal shown on the phone, he couldn’t understand why that is.

“Hmm, I wonder if there something wrong with this “Eight” company again…” He sighed as he stood next to the window he then thought of looking at the whether as it might affect the signal, but what he saw was completely out of his expectations.

Suddenly the sky became red and the clouds surrounded whole Earth, just then uncountable amount of golf ball sized meteorites started falling on the ground and crashing on the streets, cars and people.

Suddenly a divine voice could be heard in Yale’s head as he saw this, “Lowly human’s you have perished the earth, now came time for retribution.”

Suddenly whole have been light up by blinding light and in Yale’s hand appeared wooden staff. A window appeared in front of his eye’s but it wasn’t able to be seen others and only him.

Name: Yale Class: None Level: 0
Weapon: Beginner staff Armor: none
Vitality: 10 Strength: 10 Concentration: 10
Agility: 10 Stamina: 10 Spirit:10
Titles: none Reputation: 0 Gold coins: 0

“Wha…wha…what is this!?” Yale shouted looking at it in disbelieve, such things only appear in games why is that such thing appeared in front of him he couldn’t understand.

Suddenly a notice appeared in front of him saying:

Lowly humans, retribution has come now you must all fight to survive for eternity. I will give you a last chance to survive by improving yourself.

When Yale read this, he couldn’t help but start laughing, “hahaha, I knew that it was already to late to change, I never thought he would give us second chance.” Yale laughed while shouting.

Just then suddenly he heard screams outside, when he looked Yale saw people being attacked by other people and being eaten. Yale almost puked when he saw all the gore and and blood everywhere, but he then calmed down, and thought what is happening.

Yale was pondering on it for about five minutes, as he couldn’t completely calm down his heart was beating fast, he wasn’t stupid he understood that something is going on.

Just then he suddenly realized something.

“So it’s like this…” Yale said,

suddenly a man with only half of his mouth, punched a hole in his door and started screaming, “Human…Blood…!”

Yale was scared senseless as he really wasn’t prepared to be attacked so soon.

He quickly pushed a table over the door and then his bed, just then the upper part of his door was almost gone.

Yale looked at his staff, it was pretty light, but not to light just good enough to hit someone. “Although I didn’t know how durable this staff is, but there is pretty good way to find out” he smiled as he said.

Yale hit the zombie with his staff with all his might, and the zombies head suddenly bowed in and blood started gushing out from all seven of his orifices. It didn’t move anymore as the zombie slid down, but then from inside the zombie a box the size of ring holder sprouted out and landed slowly next to Yale.

Yale picked up the box it was extremely light as if it was absolutely empty.

Yale didn’t have time to see what it was, because more zombies started climbing in through the upper part of the door.

“I’ll die for sure if I don’t kill these zombies from the looks zombies can turn other people to zombies, by infecting them through bite or other means.” He didn’t know much about it he only speculated as that what happens usually in games.

Yale didn’t wait for them to climb in and eat him, so he started smashing the zombies on their heads when one started to climb in. Women, kids, seniors he already killed eight zombies and all of them had at least a big scratch on them and their eyes have become white, all of them would shout for blood.

Who would have thought that after killing more than twenty zombies he couldn’t see the end of them. And he also started to get tired; more like exhausted as he needs to hit the zombies with all his might in order to kill them, he knew he was in trouble, but he didn’t give up.

“Shit, I am in trouble for sure…” Yale sighed, but somehow he was happy, he couldn’t understand why, but it seemed like this caused arousement in his heart. No it was excitement, expectation, adrenaline these emotions were very distant to him, its emotions which he didn’t get much before.

Yale then hit one more and then suddenly a pleasant divine voice much different from before could be heard inside his brain, “You have achieved first level and gained two distribution point’s. To distribute them please say where you want to distribute them or say ‘status’ to choose for yourself. ”

“Level up? So you can level up by killing zombies…Also it seems that my energy didn’t recover after levelling up, and only get to choose two distribution point’s, but I can’t distribute them now as I need to find out what each of them exactly gives..” Yale was pondering as he killed another zombie and started breathing hard again.

“Good thing I almost made blockade for myself out of all those zombie corpses.” Yale said as he looked outside zombies trying to get through all the zombie corpses and even falling on each other.

At this time screams could be heard everywhere it has only been about fifteen minutes since Apocalypse.

“Today is Sunday and next week is holidays, almost all students are out of the dormitory, zombies shouldn’t be rushing for long inside this building…” Yale thought as he hit a zombie, but was unable to kill it and so it continued climbing in, Yale hit the zombie again and it finally died.
Unexpectedly zombies didn’t try to climb in anymore and started rushing to upper floor.

“What happened?” Yale was questioning zombies behaviour.

Yale didn’t understand what happened, but he knew this is his only chance to somehow escape.

After half a minute of pondering Yale could only find one way to escape and that is window, but the only problem is that he live on the third floor, jumping out is not a possibility.

“These zombies strength is not humanly, pushing through is not possible either, then only way I can think of is to kill them and go to upper floor…” Yale still pondering over it thinking of all kinds of possibilities, he knew that he needs food and he needs to find a safe place.

Yale then suddenly looked outside his window and saw emergency exit stairs three meters to the side of the window, three meters is not small distance. He was pretty exhausted as well.

Unexpectedly zombies started rushing towards him again, he knew he didn’t have another choice but to try jump to the emergency stairs.

Yale stood on the window with one leg, and then an even more excellent idea came to him it was to test the staffs durability even more, as he was pretty amazed with it in the first place, it’s the strongest staff he have ever seen. Smashing at skeleton heads many times and it didn’t even have a scratch on it, that’s pretty fucking amazing.

Yale jumped to the emergency staircase gripping on the staff edge with one hand straightening it forward sliding it in between the metal supports at the side of the stair case, while trying to grip on the edge of the staircase with other hand.

Just as his right hand with the staff went through the metal supports he quickly lifted the staff sideways so that it would be stuck in between the supports while with other hand catching the edge of staircase. He successfully achieved his plane and at the same time let go of the staff and fell on the edge of the supports floor lover. After successfully landing he went and took his staff, and quietly going down the stairs as to not attract the zombies from nowhere nearby.

Yale suddenly stopped and started pondering, “That’s right this is pretty safe for few minutes I should try and find out what each of those stats gives.” As Yale thought of this he quickly said status in his mind and suddenly in front of him appeared the same table again.

All of the Yales stats were the same besides Gold points which now had 23 written on it. He didn’t know what exactly each one of them gives, so he tried asking, “What is strength ?” suddenly the same pleasant to ear divine voice could be heard in his head again.

“Strength is physical capability with more strength you can lift and use heavier objects. Strength base is 10 which represents your strength the same as before the Apocalypse with every point put in it will increase your strength by 10%.”

“Awesome! So it means if I strengthen my body it will strengthen according to percentage so since now I can lift 60kg and 10% means I will be able to lift 66kg. So if I can improve my strength it will improve 10% from the basis!”

“Those were strong and fast before the Apocalypse really have big advantage! Good thing I am pretty athletic myself not to flabby” Yale said as he touched his six pack.

“What is Vitality?” Yale asked next, the divine voice spoke again, “Vitality is ability to recover also resistance to external forces.”

“Pretty useful, pretty useful, but can’t compared to strength usefulness I’d say” Yale thought.

“What is concentration?” Yale asked.

“Concentration is ability to concentrate mostly useful for magicians which increases their casting speed.”

“Magician ?!?!? So there is magicians as well…I wonder how to get magic…” Yale though and then suddenly said.

“How to use magic?” Yale asked, but no one answered.

“It seems I have to find out myself…” Yale thought and asked about the rest three stats and other questions, but was only answered about the stats. Agility was speed and flexibility, it also increases ones eye sight. Stamina was obviously, regular stamina for example how long can you run for how long can you stay not breathing, and such. And spirit was basically amount of mana or ki your body can hold which is used for magic.

Yale pondered for a while and thought that agility is extremely useful, but strength in modern world seemed even more useful, he couldn’t decide which one to choose so in the end he chose non. He thought of choosing one later on as his physical condition right now was good enough to deal with these zombies. If later on he won’t be able to deal with them he will naturally increase it appropriately to his condition.

“Ah I forgot those small ring boxes!” Yale took his backpack which he was able to grab just before escaping he put the boxes in his backpack after each zombie that dropped it. He collected 12 boxes in total it seems not every zombie drops it. After he opened one of the boxes he was disappointed because there was nothing in there, after several tries finally Yale opened fifth box and somehow gloves appeared from inside the box. Suddenly a window appeared on top of the gloves which said,

“Beginner gloves- Defends against zombie cuts for 5 times adds 1 strength. Rarity-extremely common”
“Wow that’s pretty good!” Yale couldn’t help but feel happy these gloves are extremely good gives such increase in power and even protects from zombie cuts… Yale put the gloves on straight away, and could feel his body strengthen somewhat. After that he tried opening more boxes but they didn’t have anything inside them.

“Uhh this the last box I have I hope something good Is inside it…”he hoped badly as he opened the box suddenly a book appeared, and a window popped up on top of it, “cultivator book, after one masters this book he can increase his strength by ten points. Rarity-rare”

“Ten whole points?! Jesus Christ isn’t that a bit too much??” He questioned, but when he opened the book and started reading he could now see that it will take at least few weeks to learn it… It’s talking about some kind of ancient body strengthening technique…

After this was done Yale put the book inside his backpack and started walking down the stairs hopping that to many zombies won’t attack him or he won’t be able to handle them.

At this type it was already six in the afternoon and it was getting late, Yale understood that he needs to get food as fast as possible and find safe place. Yale then remembered that police station was about two minutes’ walk from here if he is able to get food and run towards the police station; Yale is pretty sure that there will be people who will help him. Yale didn’t have another choice and so started to sneakily walk to the shop, when he was near the door of the shop suddenly three zombies attacked him, which agro more zombies and so whole ten zombies started running his way. Yale desperately not taking any food started running towards police station which attracted whole hundred zombies. Yale run for his life like a chicken who saw fox.

As he neared police station he quickly tried to enter, but the door was actually locked. “Open the door there is whole hundred zombies coming after me! Open the door!” Yale shouted and then from the inside a voice came out, “I am sorry, but you better run somewhere else we don’t want to die” the man said. Yale got extremely angry when he heard this he started kicking the door, just to let them die with him, but after failed attempt he only attracted more zombies, and so he decided to run somewhere else. He was desperately running while catching air, as he had to run his full speed for a whole minute, he then saw a house with the metal plated door which had the door open. Yale was pretty sure that there are zombies inside, but he knew that for sure there weren’t as many zombies as outside. When Yale entered the house and closed the door he could see a man a woman and a little girl who were zombies, he quickly smashed the staff in to the man’s skull killing him and after pushing the mother onto the little girl before smashing her skull as well. Unexpectedly from the corner a old man zombie jumped on him which caused him stumble, but who could have thought that the old man would stumble as well and fell on the woman as well. Yale quickly smashed the elderly person head and ran a bit upstairs, waiting for the zombies to come to him. When they were about meter and a half away from him he smashed the staff into woman’s head splitting her skull in half, after unwillingly killing the little girl as well. “I wonder how’s my sister is doing…” Yale thought as he fell into deep thought, but he knew he won’t be able to meet her any time soon as she lived In America. He was pretty sure there weren’t any planes flying around anymore.

“Help me! Help!” Just then Yale could hear a girls shout coming from the second floor. Yale immediately, went upstairs and saw two zombies scratching the door, unexpectedly not trying to break excessively. He directly smashed one of the zombies’ heads, killing one of the zombies, after second one tried to run after him he flipped, because of the other zombie and Yale instantly killed him.

“Hey are you alright?” Yale asked knocking on the door.

“I am alright, what is going why did my whole family turn into these zombies did?” Girl asked she sounded like a 17-18 year old.

“Open the door, I don’t exactly, but it’s directly connected to the apocalypse for sure.” Yale said honestly.

The girl then opened the door, she was extremely pretty, about eighteen years old had petite body, but her extremely charming face and black hair. From her room you could smell flowers, and it was extremely girlish.

Yale started starring at her and then the girl closed the door saying, “What you looking at!” She said angry.

Yale came back to his senses and said, “Uhh I am sorry I just haven’t seen such pretty girl before…” Yale said embarrassed.

“Right, right you don’t need to flatter me, now you can get out pervert! Why did you come into my house in the first place?” The girl shouted.

Yale got angry and kicked the door smashing it out, and said, “Look I helped, I don’t like ungrateful, stupid people, I came here to hide and train from the zombies, If I were you I’d be grateful, if not I’ll throw you out to the zombies!” Yale said angry, he didn’t tolerate such behaviour, before he wouldn’t have talked like that, but now he knew that it changed, now the power talks.

Girl started crying, and said, “I am sorry, I am sorry you can stay just don’t throw me to those zombies” Girl started sobbing as she went to the corner of her bed.

“Aish,!” Yale said, and went to see if there is anything to eat, after all there is nothing to be done, about spoiled girls like her.

Yale looked around the house, it was pretty spacious at least ten people can live here, besides the girl room there were two teenagers rooms one elderly room and one her parents room. So he decided to stay at the one of the teenager’s room as it seemed quite comfortable. After he went to make something to eat as he was making the food, he couldn’t help and sigh making two portions. After he took two plates of food and went to the girl room where she was still barely crying at the corner of the room, Yale put one food plate next to her and sat on the bed started eating. Yale then asked the girl, “I am Yale, I am studying or you could say studied engineering at the branch Cambridge University here. I was attacked by zombies, I tried to go to police station, but they didn’t let me in. I saw that your house doors are metal plate so I ran into your house.” Yale briefly explained the situation to the girl, to easy the mood a bit.

The girl looked at Yale while he was eating with the corner of her and felt that she was pretty hungry herself. After getting her courage up she took the plate of food and started eating, after few bites she thought that’s it’s the best food she ever ate. She finished the whole plate and then said, “Ummm, I am Yuki, I am in my third year of high school, I was watching a movie when suddenly the connections went down, I meteorites falling and then that voice in my head, after I went down and say my mother and my sister eating my dad, I was horrified, and locked myself in the room…” She said sadly not wanting to even imagine what happened.

Yale stayed silent for a while and then he said, “Don’t worry people should soon enough come together and make a base somewhere in the city,” Yale said not really sure how to lift the mood, as he wasn’t really sociable, likes to stay quiet and instead do something. “I can pretty much guarantee your safety for now, but remember that world have now changed and only the strong will survive. I suspect that these zombies are not the only thing that we will encounter; after all if we kill all the zombies, the apocalypse will come to end, which is very unlikely.”

“So what are we going to do? Aren’t we going to die from the food shortage?” Yuki asked sadly.
“No we won’t die from food shortage, I’ll get food from the shop in couple days, and we still have enough food to last for about a week.” Yale said as he smiled.

“Ah have you got the novice staff and the status window as well when the apocalypse happened?” Yale asked, as he needs to know if everyone is the same as him, got ability to level up.

“Yes I got it as well, but I couldn’t understand what it was for so I just put the staff there,” She pointed at the corner of the room, there was bunch of books there and a staff next to them.

“Alright, I found out that one can level up by killing zombies, but there might be other ways which I am unsure of, by levelling up you can increase your stats. Different stats gives different things…” Yale started talking about the stats and what he knew about it, soon evening came and so both of them went to sleep.

First day after the apocalypse, London, United Kingdom, next to one of the police stations, inside a big royal looking house. Sleeping inside one of the rooms was eighteen year’s old young man tough physique, green eyes, black short hair.

“Blood…Human” Could be faintly heard coming from outside the house, it was people who have turned into zombies and have started to rot; extremely disgusting smell came from them.

“Ugh…It’s morning already.” Young man said who is exactly Yale, unexpectedly he was smiling and was in extremely good mood. If one would see him smiling at such point, one would definitely think that he is nuts, and missing few screws.

“I can’t wait to see what this Apocalipse will lead to, hahahah” Yale said, laughing.
“I also can’t wait to see what kind of power I can gain from levelling up, but I can imagine to what heights one can go to.” Yale said while smiling, but he didn’t talk no more and went to make breakfast.

Extremely unexpectedly on the house backyard he saw pretty girl, who is exactly Yuki shooting a target with a bow, she was dressed in a kimono.

“I never expected that such a girl would actually know how to use a bow…” Yale thought as he looked at her shooting arrows one after another.

Yale didn’t wait for her to stop and quickly went to make breakfast. Just when he was about to finish he saw Yuki coming in, with a serious expression on her face.

“Good morning, are you hungry?” Yale asked not looking at her and carrying two plates on the table. Yale have cleaned up the house Yesterday while making dinner, and so the house didn’t have the corpses anymore.

Yale didn’t wait for her and started enjoying the breakfast with smile on his. When Yuki saw him in such mood she couldn’t understand if Yale is actually mentally unstable, or he went crazy because of the apocalypse, “How can you be in such a good mood? You know that humanity is pretty much dead?” Yuki suddenly asked as she humped and went upstairs.
Yale didn’t answer, nor could he answer her at this moment. While eating Yale took out the book body strengthening book he got from zombie and started reading it.
“Ancient body strengthening technique increases your strength by ten points and improves your base. To practise this technique you must start by meditating and then imagine yourself surrounded with Spirit’s. Spirits are a natural resource that surrounds us, they are everywhere, but we just can’t see them, when you absorb these spirit’s your strength can increase to up to ten points. In order to absorb these spirits’ you must, put yourself in deep meditation and then start murmur the incantations which consists of nine words…” As Yale started reading the book, he got more and more amazed.

At this point Yuki came and sat on the other side of the table where her plate was put; she was looking at Yale’s ancient looking book surprised, as she couldn’t understand the writing on its cover. It was extremely bizarre to hear, and didn’t look like anything she has seen before. That’s because it looked like it was made up of signs and bizarre letters.

“What kind of book is that?” Yuki asked, as she ate, pretending to not care that much really.

“This is book that I got from zombie, it can increase my strength by ten whole points. Isn’t that amazing eh? Ten whole points…” Yale said this amazement on his face and smile.

Yuki was shocked, because ten points in strength means it can increase your strength by 100% that’s too powerful, not even exaggerating…

“Eh…ten points? How can that be? And how come you can read it that writing?” Yuki asked curious.

“I don’t know there is technique written on it which says how to increase strength, and also it’s in English how can I not read it?” Yale said and looked at her questioningly.

“Don’t bullshit me it obviously not written in English look at those strange symbols on it, how is that English,” she pointed at the cover. But when Yale looked at the cover it obviously said ‘Body strengthening technique’.

‘Could it be that other people can’t read this book?” Yale asked himself.

“Here take this book and try reading it.” Yale said as he gave Yuki the book.

Yuki took the book, went through few pages, but couldn’t read none if all of it were strange signs.
“I really can’t read these… are you making fool out of me?” Yuki asked as she looked at Yale with angry look on her self.

“It seems that it’s really like this…It might be that others can’t use items that you got from zombies…” Yale said to her, but then got an excellent idea.
‘initiate trade with Yuki’ Yale said, and then in front of Yuki appeared a window which said, “Yale has initiated trade with you, do you want to accept?” pleasant to ear divine voice said in her head, she pondered for a second and then accepted. Immediately out of nowhere a blank window appeared in front of her, which said, “please put the things you want to trade inside and or say the amount of gold you want to trade “Same happened to Yale, and he immediately put the book in the window and it unexpectedly entered the blank window, just then the book appeared inside of it.

Yale instantly said accept, and the divine voice said,” Yale has accepted the trade, do you accept?” Yuki accepted, and a book then appeared in her hands, but this time she could see that on the book cover it was written, ‘body strengthening technique.’ But now Yale wasn’t able to read it, which proved his earlier made point.

Yuki then initiated the trade and gave Yale back his book, and continued eating, but suddenly Yale dropped the book and said, “Aish! How could I be so stupid! I was actually so ignorant!” Yale shouted as he put his book on the table and went next to the window.

“What’s wrong?” Yuki said, as she almost got a scare.

“I forgot that in the shop food supply is limited any time other people can go and take the food, if we don’t get the food as soon as possible we won’t be able to get any! We must move as soon as possible!” Yale said as he went to the second floor, and after a minute he came back with two wooden staffs.

“You can either starve or go and get food with me.” Yale said giving Yuki a wooden staff.

Yuki put on serious face, and said, “I am coming with you,” She said as she stood up and went stood next to him near the doors.

“Get ready; there is at least fifty zombies outside.” Yale said and then opened the door, instantly almost fifty zombies turn their head towards them and started running towards them, going over each other. Straightaway Yale and Yuki crushed two zombie heads, without waiting , and then stepped forward swinging at zombie’s heads again.

“Damn this girl is brave…” Yale said, he actually didn’t expect her to help him, but he just wanted to see how she will react. Also the reason why he didn’t take her bow instead is because, yesterday they found out that, you can only get experience by killing zombies with apocalypse system weapons.

After both of them killed about twenty zombies Yuki got level and instantly, put them in strength, and then Yale realised that he haven’t used his two point’s either and so put them on strength as well, he felt his body strengthening, and swinging the staff became much easier.

One after another zombies being killed falling, and flipping after each other, after both of them killed thirty zombies, there finally wasn’t any more zombies to kill, and so they started resting.

“You are ferocious one ehh, I never imagined you to be so agile.” Yale said as he laughed.

“You are not bad our self, fatty” She said as she laughed as well.

“Hahah, fatty you say? Who is fatty here, look at yourself.” Yale said mockingly while joking.

Yuki got humped and didn’t say anymore, trying to hit Yale with the staff.

After five minutes of resting, they started walking towards shop on the other side of the street, actually in London there thousands on mini stores, on every single corner.

When they entered the shop, Yale started putting in supplies, when a zombie suddenly jumped from shadows in the corner of the shop. Thankfully Yuki was next to him holding staff safeguarding, and so the zombie didn’t get any chance to retaliate, after his neck got smashed and the actually fell down.

Yale looked at her for a moment and said, “Thanks, hehe” he laughed. ‘Although being lone wolf is good, having someone besides you looking after you, is not bad either.’ Yale thought as he really feeling excited to see how strong he could get in this new earth, ‘feeling of being strong is incredibly good and almost addictive.’

After Yale filled one of the bag with food and water supplies, he took another one and started filling one more bag, just then Yuki took out small bag and started putting candies and such inside, opening one and eating.

Yale laughed as he looked at her, “Candy monster” He said as he laughed again.

“Shut up.” Yuki said as she got angry.

“Hi, hi” Yale said awkwardly, he is really bad with girls; he never had a girlfriend, but would really like to have one. He thought that Yuki is pretty good candidate, although a bit cold, but cute nonetheless.

After pretty much emptying the water and food from the shop, Yale and Yuki was dead tired, and it was time for lunch.

While eating Yuki suddenly asked Yale, “So, um what’s your plan, what are you going to do from now on?”

Yale thought for a moment and then honestly answered, “Well my plan is to get stronger while exploring, and will see what all this will lead, too. My sister and mother are in the America that’s my goal for now, since I don’t have no one else close to me besides them.” Yale said, took small pause and said, “How about you?” Yale said, and started eating again.
Yuki thought for a while, before starting to speak, “My family is already dead, and I don’t have any especially close friends either, I’d say I have nowhere to go.” She said and continued eating.

‘So it’s like that huh…You could say she is pretty similar to me…’ Yale thought, pondering over something while eating.

“Well you know, I probably won’t be able get to America by myself, so I thought you could join me…, on this crazy journey, or you could join government base, which should soon enough appear, and live there boring and meaningless life again.” As Yale said it, he took out the white ring sized boxes which he got yesterday, sixteen in total and started opening them.

“one…Aish…two…Aish…Three..aish” Yale was opening boxes one after another.

*plump* suddenly an axe appeared on the table, and window appeared on top of it, “Wooden beginner axe, can chop skulls like wood. Increase strength by one point when used. Rarity-common”
“Woot! Ahhahah” Yale laughed this was huge find, will be extremely useful, but the drawback is that it’s pretty short, compared to staff which is two meters long, it’s much more safer to fight with staff.

Instantly when twelfth box opened a chest peace of armor popped out and then a window popped up on top of it, “Tier one beginner chest armor; can protect from approximately twenty level one zombie punches, +2 to all stats.”

“Wowow, look at this Yuki, hehehe” Yale immediately, put on the chest armor, which seamed weightless, and he could instantly feel his body strengthening which felt amazing.

Yuki was mind blown by this magic, she couldn’t understand how could these things contain anything. But then she took out her own boxes and started opening, unexpectedly she got the same gloves, as Yale before, another axe, nothing else besides that. She felt like Yale is extremely lucky.

In a blink of an eye two days passed.

“ahahahahha! I mastered it, I mastered it!” Yale started shouting on the whole house, he then opened Yuki’s door and saw her changing, Yuki immediately blushed and then kicked Yale, sending him flying.

“Hehehe” Yale laughed as he forgot to knock.

“You have no manners, do you! Stupid pig” Yuki said, as she closed her room door.

“I think I am changing my mind, about travelling with you!” Yuki shouted.

“heheh, I am sorry, I am sorry I forgot ehh, don’t be angry now.heheh” Yale laughed.

“alright, alright what is it now,” Yuki finished changing and opened the door.

When the door opened, sun shined behind her, wind blowing her hair, she was standing there in why dress, a pouting cute face. A fragrant flower smell came from the room, as if angel descended to overlook over lowly humans.
Yale was standing there, lost in the scenery, and didn’t know what was going on.
*ba-dump* *ba-dump* ‘ah what is this? This feeling that I have never felt before…’ Yale thought uncertain.

Yuki, put her hair behind the air, and said serious tone, “What is it already?” As she said it she looked away, as she couldn’t bare Yale’s stare…
*cough**cough* Yale coughed few times before speaking, “ah…um…ah yeah sorry I forgot what I wanted to say for a moment…This I have mastered the technique, we are ready to go.” Yale said, feeling embarrassed.

“Finally, you learned it…I only need one day to master it while it took you two whole days…so useless hahah” Yuki said and started laughing, taking her staff ready to head out.

During these two days they have benefited a lot, they have mastered the strengthening technique and increased their strength by ten whole points, at the same time, planning their journey. Although only two days passed for them it was really long two days, especially for Yuki who was still stressed about everything and was thinking of what to do. In the end she decided to travel with Yale, or what Yale calls the road to the peak. Money does not have any meaning anymore and so, they pretty much can go wherever they want, also considering the zombies. If they will be killing zombies on the way they will constantly be strengthening their bodies, which is actually Yale’s goal to see what’s the maximum strength he can reach with these powers. While for Yuki it’s only because she has nowhere else to go and traveling doesn’t sound so bad, as she usually stayed at home, she actually really wanted to go see the world. But her father wouldn’t let her as he was overly protective.

“We will be travelling on bicycles, don’t forget I have modified it to be a lot sturdier and so it is at least three times heavier than normal bicycle.” Yale said, not explaining it anymore, he was engineer after all, it’s not something hard for him to do, a bicycle with four tires is really something.

“We will be travelling next to the bicycle, for the mean time as, to kill the zombies and level up, that’s what we need to do while we are in city.” Yale said calmly, with passion in his eyes, can’t wait to get even stronger.
“Okay, Okay let’s go already” Yuki said pushing Yale through the front door, tens of zombies walking everywhere, it’s as if zombies amount only increased instead of decreasing, and also the unbearable stench of rotting zombies.

“hehe, get ready for the slaughter!” Yale said, as he ran out smashing, two zombie heads in one swing.
“Show off…” Yuki said as she pouted, and started killing the zombies herself.

Unexpectedly, Yale got level up just after he killed ten more zombies, but after calculating, he thought that it makes sense, as he killed 20 zombies to level up first time and 60 to level up second time. But that’s not all, divine voice said, in Yale’s head, “You have achieved level two, from now on you can identify zombie level, and get basic information about them.” Yale thought for a while then looked at a zombie, he asked to himself “identify” and soon a window appeared in front of him , and he could see written, “Level one regular zombie, infected through bite; infection level one” and no more information could be seen.

‘This can only mean one thing, that there are stronger zombies’ Yale thought as he continued smashing zombie heads, one after another, putting his two stat points on to strength.

“Yuki, there might be change in plan’s later on, we will talk about it later.” As Yale said it, he continued killing zombies and moving forward.


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    Zombies can talk! You know this may be a first. It was good story, thanks for sharing.
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