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    Most novels focus a lot on how the MC is progressing specifically, such as CD. However, the way I want to show his progression is sort of on the side, in the midst of what is going on. For example, I'll drop a hint that Jia Yuan has been training, but I won't go too much into it, and then a little while later I'll be like oh by the way he's reached ___ level by training in ___ manner. I'll definitely drop in hints every so often on his progression, I just don't want it to be like other novels where they basically use 3 chapters every 10 chapters or so to focus on the character's progression.

    I'm just not really comfortable doing that, and it's not something I want to do either. I tried focusing a lot on training during the training arc where he was training in the crater, but I just felt that there were just far more interesting things that I could spend time writing about.

    As for why he sort of halted in his progression for a while after unlocking water, I explained, but I probably didn't do that great of a job, so I'll go back and edit it later. Actually, I sort of want to edit that entire arc later.

    Basically, Guo Huo decided that even though Jia Yuan was progression very fast, he was sacrificing his cultivation's stability and a depth of "absorption" of the Song. As such, he had Jia Yuan spend a long time stabilizing his Song while focusing more on technique than raw strength. 

    As for when the next "progression update" will be, it'll probably be in the next chapter or the one after that, depending on how fast I get to a certain scene I have planned.

    I hope this answers your question as I'm not really sure I did a good job of doing it. If you need more clarification just point out what I need to clarify.

    Thank you so much for reading and commenting!

    Edit: I can confirm that you'll learn about his cultivation level in the following chapter. However as for how well he's trained in water, it'll be a while until I release information on exactly how well he's trained in that regard. For now, it's safe to assume that while he's probably skilled as he's naturally adept at fighting and has fought against users of the water element, it's not good to the point where it's like a master of the element had taught him, like Guo Huo did with the fire element. 

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    Chapter 67: Win-win

    General Lin Zheng stared at Fan Meng, shocked. “What? How?
    We looked at the walls and structure of the city. It is possible to overrun the
    walls, but it’d probably take a few days at least to be able to do so.”

    Fan Meng looked at the General. “That’s true for your army,
    but to a battalion of the Burning Legion, the wall doesn’t really mean much at
    all. As long as they don’t have a battalion of Water Cultivators, we should be

    This is what I am thinking. At nightfall, you’ll send the
    army to attack BlueFire City from the western side of the city. After a few
    minutes of fighting, we’ll send a task group of about 20 people from our 31st
    Battalion, who will use the cover of the night to approach the city walls from
    the northern side. They’ll use the power of their Songs to fly over the walls
    into the city and find their way to the enemy commander. Jia Yuan here knows
    the layout of the city well, shouldn’t be hard for him to find the enemy HQ.
    They’ll kill the commander and open the back gates, where the rest of the Burning
    Legion will be waiting. Then, they’ll slaughter their way toward the western
    gate of the city and meet up with your 2nd Army.”

    “But there are more than 10 thousand troops in that city! I
    get that you guys are supposed to be the elite troops but… that’s a 10:1 ratio!
    Those guys aren’t slouches either, they’re strong front line soldiers!”

    Fan Meng looked at the General with a wry smile. “General,
    what’s your cultivation base?”

    “Ahh… I’m the 7th level of Manipulation.”

    “Right. What about your troops?”

    “Most of the officers have some sort of cultivation level,
    mostly in the Absorption realm… but the vast majority of the foot soldiers are
    just simple fighters.”

    “Exactly. With your surname Lin, you should be related to
    Lin Pei and Lin Xuan. Are you familiar with the strength they had when they
    participated in the Burning Legion Tournament?”

    “Yeah. They’re actually my sons. They were around the middle
    of the Absorption realm with high level Songs. I spent a lot of effort to
    secure those for them.”

    “Right. Now imagine you have a few hundred of them running
    around wreaking havoc in a city, along with some officers who are even
    stronger. Is 10 thousand troops, even if they are seasoned fighters, enough to
    deal with that? Would even 10 thousand of your best soldiers be able to deal
    with that?”

    Lin Zheng gazed at Fan Meng, rather incredulous. “You mean
    that your 31st Battalion is so strong already? It hasn’t even been a
    year since it formed!”

    “We’ve been working hard. Our commander here is even capable
    of defeating those in the middle of the Manipulation realm. Even if you were to
    fight him, maybe it wouldn’t be an easy victory for you.”

    “Oh? Just how strong are you, Commander Jia Yuan?” The
    General was rather surprised.

    “I’m at the 7th level of Absorption. I could
    probably advance to the 8th level of Absorption, but I’ve been
    having trouble stabilizing my cultivation.”

    “Oh? 7th level of Absorption and already able to
    contend with those in the middle of the Manipulation realm? That’s a rather
    impressive Song!”

    “Mm.” Jia Yuan responded simply, not revealing any
    information. After all, he couldn’t very well tell everyone that he had an
    unfathomably special Song, especially with the secrets that came with it.

    Lin Zheng stood and thought for a bit. It was true that it
    would be extremely beneficial to his army and the Fire Kingdom if BlueFire City
    were to be taken so fast. It would likely catch the Water Kingdom off guard,
    giving the Fire Kingdom a distinct advantage in the early stage of the war.

    The enemy’s commander shouldn’t be stronger than the middle
    of the Manipulation realm…

    After all, the commander only had a command of about 10,000
    soldiers. General Lin Zheng could be considered one of the stronger Generals of
    the Fire Kingdom, commanding over 100,000 troops, but even he was only at the 7th
    level of Manipulation.

    10,000 troops… the commander was likely only at the 1st
    or 2nd level of Manipulation. And if the 31st Battalion
    really was as strong as Fan Meng had said… it would likely be a quick battle
    with few losses for the Fire Kingdom.

    A win-win!

    “Alright, we’ll do it your way.” Lin Zheng finally relented
    and decided to trust these youngsters.

    Fan Meng replied quickly. “I boasted that we could take
    BlueFire City in one day, but we should wait until tomorrow night to execute
    the plan. Our soldiers are rather tired right now, and need a day of rest to
    return to peak fighting condition.”

    “That’s no issue.” Lin Zheng had been willing to wait 2
    months! What was another day to him?

    Over the next few hours, Fan Meng and Lin Zheng hammered out
    the details of the attack.

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    Chapter 68: Governor's Manor

    The next night, the Water Kingdom troops in BlueFire City
    were resting with a few guardsmen keeping an eye on the perimeter. They
    expected the Fire Kingdom’s army to continue to wait for a slow siege.

    Overall, they knew that they were in a state of war, but
    they weren’t too worried for the time being.

    All of a sudden, a guard on the western wall shouted. “Attack!
    We’re under attack!” Some troops rushed towards the western wall and saw a
    massive army heading towards them.

    “Man the walls! Inform the commander! Quick!”

    Although they were taken by surprise, the soldiers were
    quick to respond and quickly set themselves up to defend the walls.

    Just a minute after, a hail of arrows began to assault the
    attacking Fire Kingdom soldiers. A proper defense had been set up.

    At the same time, the entire Burning Legion in hiding about
    half a mile away from the eastern wall of BlueFire City.

    At the northern wall, a single figure clad in some
    tight-fitting black clothing crept along the walls.

    After he heard the fighting begin at the western wall, he
    looked toward the top of the walls.

    There were only a few guards who were keeping a lookout in
    case the Fire Kingdom had sent troops to surround the city. The rest of the
    troops were concentrated along the western wall.

    Seeing this, Jia Yuan continued along the wall until he saw
    a section where there was only a single guard.

    Jia Yuan briefly closed his eyes and began activated his Song
    with his soul.

    He forced a thick and powerful flame to blow out from under
    his feet, and flew toward the top of the wall in this manner.

    The soldier was looking out in the distance, and so didn’t
    see Jia Yuan until Jia Yuan had already reached the top of the wall.

    “IN-“ The guard was about to shout the word ‘intruders’ but
    was rudely cut off by Jia Yuan.

    During the day, Fan Meng and Lin Zheng had told Jia Yuan of
    the finalized plan. They were worried that 20-30 members of the Burning Legion,
    even under the cover of night, would be discovered by the guards patrolling the
    walls of BlueFire City. As such, they had lowered the amount to 10. In their
    eyes, 10 people was enough to find the HQ and assassinate the enemy commander.

    Upon hearing this, Jia Yuan simply refused. He would go

    Which brings us to the present. Jia Yuan stood alone on his
    section of the northern wall. From his vantage point, he could see the hustle
    and bustle occurring in the city.

    He knew the layout of the city quite well. The most
    fortified place in the city was the Governor’s Manor, which sported very
    defensible walls and a single entrance.

    Might as well head
    over there first…

    Jia Yuan jumped down from the wall, shooting bursts of water
    out of his hands instead of fire to slow his descent. He could use fire to get
    the same effect, but now that he was inside the walls, the brightness of the
    fire would undoubtedly bring too much attention. Water would splash to the
    ground, creating noise, but fire was undeniably bright and easy to spot.

    He had only risked using fire to climb the wall because he
    had confirmed there was only a single guard in the area he had made his ascent

    After landing comfortably on the ground, Jia Yuan began to stealthily
    make his way toward the Governor’s Manor.

    After about 20 minutes of making his way through the city by
    jumping from rooftop to rooftop, he had arrived in front of the Governor’s

    Jia Yuan nonchalantly walked up to the guards at the
    entrance to the Manor.

    They saw Jia Yuan and immediately raised their weapons.
    After all, Jia Yuan was wearing a rather suspicious outfit.

    “Hey, brat! Who are you and what are you doing here?”

    Jia Yuan smiled. “My name is Jia Yuan and I’m here to take
    the city.”

    He drew the black sword out of his ring and sliced the two
    guards up before they had time to react.

    Jia Yuan was comfortable using all of his hidden cards in
    BlueFire City. After all, there was nobody from the Fire Kingdom there, and
    these Water Kingdom soldiers didn’t know him.

    After the battle, he could even say that he picked the sword
    up from some random officer or something of the sort, and nobody would be any
    the wiser.

    Jia Yuan walked into the Governor’s Manor and looked around.

    There’s nobody here!
    Why were the guards there then?

    Jia Yuan was rather confused.

    Hmm. I still think
    this was the HQ… but it appears that everyone has left. Did they all leave to
    the western wall? Or did they escape?

    One way or another, my
    first priority now should be to signal my troops to swarm over the eastern wall.

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    Chapter 69: Captured!

    Author note: Fan Meng stands for Annoying Dream

    Jia Yuan ran towards the east side of the city by again
    hopping from roof to roof. After a short time, he made it to the east wall of
    the city.

    He surveyed the surroundings. There were still guards posted
    on this side, but it appeared that there were even fewer guards than there had
    been at the northern wall. The fighting at the western wall had already gone on
    for about 20 minutes at this point, so most of the troops were probably there
    except for the few they could spare to make sure the other walls under siege.

    However, no matter how few guards they were, they would
    surely notice if a signal were to be given from inside the city. Moreover, Jia
    Yuan needed a signal that could be clearly seen from outside the city.

    Well, guess there’s
    nothing for it.

    Jia Yuan reached his hand toward the heavens and began to
    feel the power of his Song.

    From his outreached hand erupted a giant pillar of fire.

    Outside of the city, the 31st Battalion saw this signal.

    “Look, it’s the signal!”

    “Isn’t it too early?”

    Fang Mu looked toward the pillar of fire. He then spoke to
    those around him. “There’s no need to worry if it is early. We carry out the
    plan. CHARGE!”

    With a collective roar, the 31st battalion surged
    toward the eastern wall. When they were about 50 meters away from the wall,
    they activated their Songs and flew towards the top of the eastern wall.

    At the same time, the guards on the eastern one sounded the
    gongs and horns, warning of an attack from the eastern side. At Jia Yuan’s
    location, a swarm of Water Kingdom soldiers approached him with their weapons

    Alas, a cultivator fighting against those without
    cultivation? Simply a slaughter. With a single wave of Jia Yuan’s sword, 50
    soldiers toppled over, smoke still smoldering in the air around them.

    A few seconds later, the entire 31st Battalion of
    the Burning Legion had made it over the walls. Even Fan Meng was carried over
    by one of the officers. Upon landing on the wall, Fan Meng quickly surveyed the
    surroundings. The Water Kingdom commander had clearly learned of the attack occurring
    at the eastern wall; Fan Meng could see about 3 thousand Water Kingdom soldiers
    heading towards the 31st Battalion. It appeared that the rest of the
    Water Kingdom troops were effectively tied up at the west wall.

    Fan Meng began to distribute orders. 1st Company,
    2nd Company, 3rd company! Do a slow sweep along the left
    side of the city. Leave no soldiers behind. If they surrender, assault them
    with your aura so that they wont be able to wake for a few days. We’ll take

    “4th Company, 5th Company, 6th
    Company! You guys do the same on the right!”

    “Everyone else, we’re charging down the center of the city!
    We have to provide the flank for the 2nd Army!”

    With that, the three groups split up, Despite having a
    thousand troops, BlueFire City was quite massive! They could only slowly
    progress through the city while killing any Water Kingdom troops they met.

    Fortunately, working with a group of cultivators simplified
    things. After about two hours of sweeping the city and fighting Water Kingdom
    soldiers, the Burning Legion had effectively secured the city.

    As for the division that had gone with Fan Meng, they had
    reached the western wall about 20 minutes after Fan Meng had issued orders.
    Along the way, they had met up with Jia Yuan, who subsequently led the group.

    Pressed in by the 2nd Fire Kingdom Army from the
    front and the 31st Battalion from the back, the Water Kingdom
    commander was in dire straits, and quickly surrendered.

    In all, the Fire Kingdom had casualties of about 500 2nd
    Army soldiers with 1400 injured, mostly from arrow wounds. The Burning Legion
    had no casualties, but 17 soldiers were injured. The Water Kingdom had 700
    dead, 1 thousand injured, and the rest, including the commander, had
    surrendered and were captured.

    It was a decisive victory!

    However, such an easy was only possible at the beginning of
    a war, where one side was not ready for the opposing side’s strategies.

    As a war goes on, both sides gain experience. Armies become
    rugged, soldiers develop killing intent, and strategies become more and more
    ruthless as strategists adapt their methods to counter previous methods.

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  • Chapter 70: Earth Kingdom

    The day after the battle, Jia Yuan sat in the Governor’s

    “Everyone is gone?” asked Jia Yuan. He had many friends and acquaintances
    from his time in BlueFire City, and was worried about them.

    “Not a single citizen was seen in the city. Since this was a
    city with a large Water Kingdom population despite being in the Fire Kingdom borders,
    it’s possible they all retreated back into Water Kingdom land after the
    takeover.” Lin Zheng replied.

    Jia Yuan pondered this. “What about the Fire Kingdom
    citizens then?”

    Lin Zheng’s face turned grave. “I doubt they Water Kingdom
    would just let them go… if they’re the right age and are healthy, they could be
    turned into soldiers. Why would they let us have more soldiers? Depending on
    how merciful the Water Kingdom is feeling… the Fire Kingdom citizens were
    probably either captured or killed, unless they all escaped before the city was
    taken. In fairness, the nearby cities did see an increase in travelers

    Jia Yuan pondered this. “Do the numbers match?”

    “Not really. But that’s normal in these times.”

    Jia Yuan suddenly turned in Lin Zheng’s direction. “I just
    thought of something. Say that my 31st battalion was to take heavy
    losses. How would I regrow my battalion? There’s no tournaments or anything to
    choose recruits for older units of the Burning Legion.”

    “Hm… this draws into why a war hadn’t been fought for such a
    long time. In times of war, the best Army soldiers are sent to replace those in
    the Burning Legion who can’t fight anymore, whether because they died or were

    “But if all of these prized soldiers are moved to the
    Burning Legion, then the Army itself takes a hit! After all, most soldiers don’t
    even cultivate, and if they do, they are unable to progress past the first half
    of the Absorption level. As such, the Kingdom will begin providing more
    commoners and non-cultivating soldiers with Songs, hoping that some talents
    will quickly develop.”

    “You can imagine how long it takes for a Kingdom to stock up
    on so many Songs… they’ll need hundreds of thousands of Songs, if not more. As
    such, after the last war, the various Kingdoms spent huge efforts on obtaining
    the greatest amount of Songs possible. But there are only so many people who
    are capable of Composing.”

    But now, the Water and Earth Kingdoms clearly feel that they
    have stored enough resources to fight a prolonged war. Jia Yuan knew that with
    so many resources being stocked up, there was no way this war was going to be a
    short one. This was a war that would likely end in the complete and utter
    destruction of yet another Kingdom… just as the Sword Kingdom had been
    destroyed so many years ago.

    The next day, the 2nd Army and the 31st
    Battalion set out. BlueFire City was currently being occupied and run as a
    military base by the 4th Army.

    Lin Zheng grumbled. “Every time we conquer a place, some
    other Army is there to take advantage of it, and my 2nd Army is
    whipped into fighting yet again.”

    Jia Yuan nodded. Even in wartime, certain armies were given
    easier assignments than others. As for being assigned to aid the 2nd
    Army, which was regularly assigned to the most aggressive and dangerous
    assignments, he didn’t care. He wanted to one day stand at the top of the
    world, free to do whatever he wished! If he shirked from a simple war on one of
    the smallest and weakest continents in the world, how would he be able to make
    his dream come true?

    But of course, few of those who lived on the Continent of
    the Five Elements even knew about the outside world.

    After traveling for a bit, Lin Zheng had the entire 2nd
    Army set up camp. In the meantime, a new messenger had arrived from the Fire

    Lin Zheng read it, then spoke to Jia Yuan, Fan Meng, as well
    as his own commanders. “We’ve been congratulated for retaking BlueFire City
    ahead of schedule. We’ll be sent extra equipment and supplies. However, the war
    isn’t going as well in other places. The Air Kingdom has been rather heavily
    invaded by the Earth Kingdom, and the Fire Kingdom is also under siege from
    many places. It can almost be said that our acquisition of a sieging base is
    the sole bright point so far for our side this war.”

    Jia Yuan and Fan Meng glanced at each other. They didn’t
    really feel too much allegiance to the Fire Kingdom. Fan Meng was loyal only to
    the Black Wing Merchant Guild, which had looked over him when others had
    shunned him due to his poor cultivating talent. As for Jia Yuan, he had
    previously been a slave of the Fire Kingdom. It was Guo Huo who had found and
    freed him. Furthermore, the greatest benefit Jia Yuan had earned in his life,
    was from a previous leader of the Sword Kingdom, which he knew had been jointly
    destroyed by the other Kingdoms.

    If any of the Kingdoms sustained large losses, neither of
    them would really care, but…

    The two of them were very competitive! How could they let
    the side they were fighting for lose?

    Lin Zheng continued. “We are to head south to provide aid to
    the Air Kingdom and fight alongside their 1st Army.”

    And so, the 2nd Army and 31st Burning
    Legion Battalion headed south, where they would spend the next few years
    fighting against the forces of the Earth Kingdom.

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    Chapter 71: The Shining Plains

    After a month of travel, the 2nd Army and 31st
    Battalion had finally met up with the Air Kingdom’s 1st Army.

    Lin Zheng, his strategist, Jia Yuan, and Fan Meng met with
    the Air Kingdom’s General Tian Can. Just as Jia Yuan was alongside Lin Zheng,
    the Air Kingdom’s Special Forces, the Spectres of Wind, also had their
    commander, Quan Zen in attendance.

    The two sides chatted about the current state of the war. In
    the month the 2nd Army had used to travel south, the Water and Earth
    Kingdoms had been able to conquer small pockets of land from both the Fire and
    Air Kingdoms. While the situation wasn’t dire for the Fire and Air Kingdoms,
    morale was clearly on the other side.

    All those present agreed. The Fire and Air Kingdoms needed a
    large victory to bring back the strength of morale to their side.

    At this point, Tian Can spoke up. “Tomorrow we will be
    heading toward the border to fight against the combined forces of the Earth and
    Water Kingdoms. They currently have their armies set up at the Shining Plains.
    We will be going there to engage them in battle.”

    A light of determination appeared in each of their eyes. As
    for Jia Yuan, he responded with a wry smile. The retaking of BlueFire City had
    been a small endeavor. Jia Yuan thirsted for a true battle, where thousands
    upon thousands of troops made battle on a battlefield where the situation
    changed as fluidly as a river!

    After some discussions, both armies began their trek towards
    the Shining Plains. A week later, they found themselves at the western side of
    the Shining Plains. On the other side, they saw hundreds of thousands of troops.
    On the left side of this encampment, flew the flags of the Water Kingdom. On
    the right side, flew the flags of the Earth Kingdom. However, there was
    something on the side of the Earth Kingdom’s encampment that caught the eyes of
    all of those who had just arrived.

    The Shining Plains had a slight incline toward the eastern
    side. As such, Jia Yuan and the other could see that the Earth Kingdom’s
    encampment was surrounded by a formation of walls and other earthly defenses.
    The encampment looked like an impregnable fortress!

    Next to Jia Yuan, Lin Zheng whistled. “The Earth Kingdom’s
    defensive capabilities are truly spectacular...”

    Jia Yuan harrumphed. “Our Fire Kingdom’s offensive
    capabilities are nothing to scoff at either. When the time comes, it will be
    strength against strength.”

    Next to Jia Yuan, Fan Meng stared at the Earth Kingdom’s
    formation, his eyes taking in every detail. “Interesting…interesting…” he

    The two armies began to set up their own encampment and
    defenses. After a few hours, the leaders of the combined armies met in a
    special headquarters tent.

    The tent was very big, big enough for a large strategy table
    as well as 50 or so officers. However, there were only 6 people in the tent at
    the moment. On the strategy table was a board with the surrounding geography
    and pieces representing the various friendly and enemy units on it.

    “We’ll take to the field 2 days from now. The plains are
    very large, and we will divide the battlefield into three main portions. The
    center of the plain will be taken by our 2nd Army, while the right
    side will be taken by your 1st Army. As for the left side, we will
    hand to the combined special forces of our two Kingdoms.”

    Tian Can nodded. “During the first day, the various armies will
    probably restrain themselves to merely feeling each other out. What are our

    Lin Zheng looked towards his strategist, then responded. “We…
    believe that it would be advantageous for us to take care of the Water Kingdom’s
    troops first. After that, we can tackle that fortress of the Earth Kingdom’s
    Army. As such, we’re going to be spending the day to look for weaknesses in the
    Water Kingdom’s Army.”

    Tian Can looked toward Lin Zheng. “And what if they expect
    this plan? After all, it’s the obvious one.”

    The two generals began to debate the possibilities of what
    would happen on the plain, while the rest listened.

    As for Jia Yuan, he simply stared at the table. He wasn’t as
    dumb as he used to be, but he didn’t really have a mind for strategies, still.
    Once the talk began to grow convoluted, he zoned out and began to think about
    his cultivation.

    He was currently at the 7th level of Absorption,
    and had virtually mastered the basics behind the control of his Song’s fire
    element. As for his adequacy with the water element… it was a little less
    adequate. After all, Jia Yuan’s control over fire was a product of his training
    in the crater. When it came to the water element, not only hadn’t Jia Yuan done
    such specialized training, but he didn’t even have a teacher. While Jia Yuan
    could somewhat perform the basics, his skills when fighting with water were
    only average.

    After a few hours of deliberation, those in the tent finally
    finished their discussions. Just as Jia Yuan was about to leave, Quan Zen
    walked up.

    Quan Zen looked to be about 24 years old, and was at the 2nd
    level of Manipulation. Naturally, he looked down a bit of Jia Yuan and the 31st
    Battalion in general. After all, his own Battalion had already been formed for
    7 years, while Jia Yuan’s Battalion was only a few months old.

    “Hey kid, we’re going to be working together when the
    fighting starts. Thought we might as well talk things out. From what I see,
    most of those in your Battalion are still at the middle of the Absorption
    level. From this, I think that you guys should let my Battalion be the main
    force, while you guys provide support.”

    Hearing this, Fan Meng actually
    stepped up and responded. “Forgive me, but I disagree. I think we can use the
    synergies between our elements to gain a distinct advantage over the enemy that
    we otherwise wouldn’t have…”

    Current Situation-

    Fire Kingdom 2nd Army Troop count: 105,000~

    Fire Kingdom 31st Burning Legion Battalion: 1,000 soldiers

    Air Kingdom 1st Army Troop count: 110,000

    Air Kingdom 17th Spectres of Wind Battalion:
    1,700 soldiers.

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    Chapter 72: Two Armies Meet

    Quan Zen looked at Fan Meng. “What do you mean?”

    “What you said is true. The overall strength of your
    Battalion is far stronger than ours. However, I believe it would still be more
    efficient to have your Battalion be the support. After all, if wind strokes a

    Quan Zen snorted in response. “No matter how well our Songs
    of Air can support your Songs of Fire, if your fire is of lesser quality than
    the ice and water attacks of the Water Kingdom, won’t it be useless?”

    Jia Yuan interjected at this point. “None of this matters
    until we know exactly who we’re fighting against. If we’re fighting against
    fellow cultivators, what Quan Zen says is true. However, if we’re against their
    normal troops, what Fan Meng said should stand. Right?”

    Quan Zen had to relent in the face of reasoning. “Fine. If
    we’re against normal soldiers, my battalion will work as the support. However, If
    we’re against the Iron Guard or the Storm Sentinels, your battalion will work
    as support. Deal?”

    Jia Yuan nodded. This worked out fairly well. Quan Zen clearly
    wanted to show off the strength of his battalion. His clearly aggressive and
    condescending behavior clearly demonstrated that he believed that his battalion
    was far superior to that of Jia Yuan’s. Not only that, but he seemed to view
    himself as superior to Jia Yuan. After all, he’d heard that this Burning Legion
    Commander was only at the 7th level of Absorption. That was pretty
    good for a child that was only 13, but Quan Zen himself was already at the
    Manipulation realm. Wars don’t factor in the ages of the combatants. Why should

    But Jia Yuan simply didn’t care about this.

    2 days after, the two armies mobilized on their respective
    sides of the plain. Over 200 thousand troops stood on each side, divided up in
    rows and columns, looking proud with numerous flags and banners raised
    throughout each army’s ranks.

    The Water and Earth Kingdom troops were divided into two
    sections, while the Air and Fire Kingdom’s troops were split into three, with
    the small 3 thousand or so special force troops on the side.

    The four leaders of the two battalions stood at the front.
    Jia Yuan looked back toward Dou Di. Unfortunately, his brother wasn’t strong
    enough to be up here… but Jia Yuan felt that it was better for Dou Di to be at
    the back. After all, Jia Yuan was much stronger than his brother but he wouldn’t
    be able to protect Dou Di in the midst of battle.

    Take care of yourself,

    Jia Yuan glanced at Quan Zen. “Hey, they seemed to have
    hidden their cultivators in the midst of the normal soldiers. How should we
    approach this?”

    “That’s not ‘hey’ but ‘Commander.’ As for what we’ll do, we’ll
    first wait for orders from headquarters. If they don’t send anything, we’ll
    wrap around the enemy’s left flank and see how they respond. IF they mixed
    their cultivators in with the normal troops, we’ll just have to find out where
    they are and how they were distributed throughout the ranks.”

    Jia Yuan look toward Fan Meng.

    Fan Meng nodded. “The commander is right. We’re not looking
    to do anything crazy today.”

    At this time, the two main armies began to charge toward
    each other. Roars of “charge!!” filled the air.

    About 100 yards before the armies were about to collide, the
    majority of the Fire and Air Kingdom troops abruptly changed their direction of
    attack from charging directly at the enemy forces, to attacking them at a 45
    degree angle.

    At the same time, the troops at the rightmost part of the battlefield
    turned 90 degrees and began charging away from the battle.

    In response, the troops behind the first few lines for the
    combined Earth and Water Kingdoms began to flood toward the right side of the
    plains, effectively causing the entire battle to proceed at a 45 degree angle.

    This made it so that with the Burning Legion and Specters of
    Wind’s positions at the left side of the plains, they had a perfect way to
    carve up the Earth and Water Kingdom’s army starting from one side to the

    Quen Zen nodded at Jia Yuan. “We’re going to be against
    normal troops for the most part. You take command. If we encounter a large
    group of cultivators, I take command.”

    Jia Yuan nodded. He took his black sword and lifted it far
    above it head.

    How wonderful this is…
    Just years ago I was a slave. Now, even the noble children of a different
    Kingdom listen to my command. One day… I will reach the pinnacle of this world!

    “Burning Legion! Specters of the Wind! Charge!”

    The two Battalions, numbering
    2,700 in number, charged toward the main field of battle.

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    Chapter 73: Surprise Attack!

    The two battalions charged at their
    fastest speed toward the main battle by supplementing their running speed with bursts
    of power from their Songs.

    But suddenly, they felt tremors
    coming from the ground. A second later, rocks flew up from underneath them,
    along with giant spouts of water and blades of ice!

    Jia Yuan instantly realized
    what was going on. The special forces of the Earth and Water Kingdoms hadn’t hidden
    themselves amongst the other soldiers. They had actually hidden themselves in
    the earth!

    Jia Yuan immediately released
    his Song and flew up into the air, and the troops behind him reacted in a
    similar way as well.

    Unfortunately, there were still
    some troops who were caught unawares by the surprise attack and instantly

    Jia Yuan shouted. “Quan Zen,
    your command!”

    Quan relayed his commands to
    the troops behind him. “Keep in the air and they’ll have to show themselves!
    They were probably sensing tremors from the earth to determine our location. If
    they show, we’ll fight! If they don’t show, we’ll massacre their soldiers!”

    The two battalions sounded
    their acknowledgement of this through a variety of shouts. Upon hearing this
    command, Jia Yuan and Fan Meng glanced at each other. Wasn’t this too straightforward?
    If the enemy cared enough to set up such a trap… there should be more waiting!

    Just as they thought this, a
    flurry of arrows came flying in from the back end of the main battlefield! The
    arrows were accurately heading towards the soldiers flying through the air.

    Jia Yuan cursed. It was
    possible to fly and fight at the same time, but how many people have the
    control needed to do that? Even Guo Huo found it hard to concentrate on other
    tasks while flying.

    Jia Yuan quickly flew toward
    the arrows, shouting to Quan Zen along the way. “I’ll take care of the arrows!
    Keep moving!”

    When he reached the front of the
    troops, Jia Yuan briefly diverted his attention away from flying and tapped his
    ring, drawing out the pots he had bought years ago from that shop in RockFire

    Seconds later, Jia Yuan heard
    hundreds of clangs as the arrows flew into the pots that had suddenly appeared
    in the air.

    Clearly, it wasn’t possible for
    such a haphazard technique to block all of the arrows, but given that Jia Yuan
    was able to cover most of the immediate area of sky with pots, the arrows that
    made it past were easily dodged. After all, only a few thousand arrows were shot.
    Most of the focus was still on the main battlefield, which at this point was
    starting to resemble a slightly organized mosh pit.

    All the while, the two
    battalions moved forward. However, after a few more seconds, they abruptly
    stopped, because the ground in front of them began to shake and crack, and
    eventually a hole formed in the ground, from which thousands of soldiers jumped

    Quan Zen raised his voice. “Hmph,
    so you finally show yourselves. What were you doing, hiding like cowards? A man
    should be free, a man should be able to see the sky in all its glory. But it
    appears the Water and Earth Kingdom’s cultivators were too afraid, haha.”

    The Earth and Water Kingdom
    special forces soldiers were rather incensed. “Hmph, haven’t you ever heard of
    tactics? Tactics. Of course, I wouldn’t expect much from a measly Air Kingdom
    Commander.” The seeing that the immediate danger of being assaulted from below
    the ground was over, and that a fight was about to erupt, the Fire and Air
    Kingdom troops descended to the ground and drew their weapons.

    Quan Zen stated his orders. “Air
    Kingdom troops in front. Fire Kingdom soldiers will flank around from the left.
    Jia Yuan, given your unusual aura, they don’t seem to realize you’re a
    commander, so see if you can surprise one of them. You can sense theirs right?
    Those two at the 2nd level of Manipulation should be the commanders.”

    Jia Yuan nodded. “I’ll take
    care of them. Grab their attention for me.”

    The two sides stared at each
    other, waiting for the other side to make a move first.

    After neither side had moved
    for about 20 seconds, Quan Zen whispered to Jia Yuan. “If this continues, just
    lead your troops to attack their main army’s flank. We’ll be able to hold them

    Twenty seconds after, Jia Yuan
    and the Burning Legion soldiers began to sprint towards the main battlefield,
    and the Water Kingdom’s troops attempted to follow, but were cut off by the
    Spectres of Wind.

    Quan Zen had a crazed look of
    determination in his eyes. “Those who want to make it past us will have to kill
    us first!”

    And so, the 1,700 Spectres of
    Wind stood proudly in front of 2,500 combined Earth and Water Kingdom

    Seeing this, Jia Yuan ordered
    his soldiers. “All of you continue toward the main battlefield. Slaughter all!
    But do not dare to perish yourselves, or I’ll find you in hell.”

    Upon saying this, Jia Yuan
    headed back toward the Spectres of Wind. His troops would be more than enough
    to change the course of the main battle. Now it was his chance to change the course
    of this numerically smaller but just as strategically important spat between
    each Kingdom’s special forces.

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    Chapter 74: Assassinations

    As Jia Yuan looped back around to rejoin the Spectres of
    Wind, the fight between the special forces erupted in a giant explosion Songs.
    In just a matter of seconds, over 100 Spectres of Wind had fallen, never to
    stand up again, and a similar number of Storm Sentinels had fallen. However,
    only a few of the Iron Guard had fallen.

    Earth was just simply too strong of a defensive element. One
    can try to batter a rock with wind, but unless sharp wind blades were formed,
    how would one be able to penetrate such a solid defense?

    In terms of raw form, water is clearly less of a defensive
    element than earth, which is why so many of the Storm Sentinels were killed.

    This was just the first exchange, however. Both sides
    collided with each other, and soon the immediate vicinity soon resembled the
    main battlefield. However, this scene was much more lively, albeit much smaller
    in size.

    In the midst of the fighting, Jia Yuan dashed in and out of
    individual battles, casually killing those from the Water and Earth Kingdoms
    easily. For those of the Earth Kingdom, Jia Yuan could blast apart their rocks.
    For those of the Water Kingdom, he subtly used a bit of his own Song of Water
    to cancel out the enemy fighter’s attacks or defenses, and then he would
    swiftly use his Song of Fire to attack.

    This sort of balancing two Songs playing in his soul was
    very hard. If he let the two Songs merge together, his soul would likely
    collapse. If Jia Yuan didn’t concentrate on keeping his Songs released, hje
    could accidentally use the wrong Song while attacking or defending.

    Meanwhile, some of the fighters from each side had handed
    their bodies over to their Songs. In battlefields such as this, this wasn’t an
    uncommon occurrence. If someone was being overpowered or saw their side being
    overpowered, they would sometimes be willing to give their body to their Song
    at the risk of their Soul being lost forever.

    Jia Yuan had done the same before, although by accident.
    However, he understood the process pretty well. Although those few were
    wreaking havoc now, they would be severely drained after a few minutes.

    But Jia Yuan still made his way through the field of battle.
    He was looking for the two commanders he had scoped out earlier. If he could
    kill the commanders, it would be fairly simple for the Spectres of Wind to keep
    the fight even or even to massacre the Earth and Water Kingdom forces.

    There! There he is!

    Jia Yuan spotted the commander of the Iron Guard, who was
    singlehandedly fighting 3 Spectres of Wind.

    Jia Yuan quickly popped a two pills in his mouth and quickly
    felt the pills giving him additional energy. Although the fighting hadn’t gone
    on for too long, Jia Yuan had exhausted a substantial amount of his strength.
    After all, the Song of Swords used a great deal of energy to use.

    Jia Yuan dashed in towards the Earth Kingdom commander.
    However, one of the commander’s officers had noticed Jia Yuan!

    As Jia Yuan neared the commander, this officer stepped in
    Jia Yuan’s way.

    Jia Yuan lifted up his black sword and chopped downward, not
    even bothering to supplement his blade with the power of his Song.

    The raw power of the blow itself crushed the officer into
    the ground. He wasn’t dead, but he wouldn’t be able to obstruct Jia Yuan

    Rushing past the officer, Jia Yuan gathered up the energy in
    his body and directed it into his sword.

    At this point, the commander felt a twinge of fear in his
    heart, a feeling of death…

    He immediately retreated from the Spectres of Wind he had
    been fighting against and looked back. The only thing he had time to see before
    he died, was a giant flame in the shape of a sword descend upon him with all of
    the pressure of a falling mountain.

    Jia Yuan released a heavy shout as he thrust his sword down
    with all his might. Even if he was a prodigy, if we wanted to kill someone in
    the Manipulation realm in one strike, he would have to fiercely pour his energy
    into the attack without holding anything back.

    The resulting attack completely incinerated the commander’s
    defense and disintegrated the commander’s body. Such was the world of
    cultivation. Even a minute difference of strength could result in one side
    being completely dominated and destroyed.

    Everyone in the area looked at him in shock.

    This…this runt of a soldier had actually instantly killed
    the Iron Guard commander!

    However, at the same time, a shout of pain sounded from the
    side of the Spectres of Wind! Jia Yuan ate two more pills and flew into the

    Quan Zen was lying on the ground, with the Water Kingdom’s
    commander standing in front of his body!

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    Chapter 75: Two Songs?

    Jia Yuan truly protested in his heart. It’s not that he liked
    Quan Zen, but at least Quan Zen was an earnest, if arrogant soldier, who was
    undoubtedly the strongest of his battalion. Without him to lead, the Spectres
    of Wind here… would fall into shambles. The blow to the allied army’s morale
    would be devastating!


    From his vantage point in the air, Jia Yuan shouted. “Avenge
    Quan Zen! Avenge the commander! Death to the enemy!”

    He rushed down towards the Water Kingdom commander, seemingly
    brimming with a desire for revenge.

    In truth, he just wanted to keep the Spectres of Wind
    motivated in the fight. Although Jia Yuan felt drained due to the power he had
    exerted to Earth Kingdom commander, the pills he had consumed afterwards gave
    him enough strength to continue fighting for now.

    The Water Kingdom commander used an unusual set of weapons,
    called Kukri. Jia Yuan hadn’t fought against a Kukri user before, and didn’t
    know the attack patterns and styles associated with the weapon. This, combined
    with Jia Yuan’s superficial level of remaining strength due to the pills, meant
    that he would have to fight on the defensive.

    But that was the entire point! For every second he and the
    Spectres of Wind could delay the special forces of the other Kingdoms, the
    longer his Burning Legion could change the flow of the main battle!

    Jia Yuan exchanged blows with the Water Kingdom commander,
    but he was continually pushed back.

    Seeing this, the Water Kingdom commander began to taunt his

    “Hah. I’ve already killed that weakling of a commander, but
    you’re even weaker! Is this all the Air and Fire Kingdoms have to offer?”

    “Sending such a runt to the battlefield, aren’t they getting
    too desperate this early in the war?”

    “That’s a nice weapon you’ve got there. Maybe after I kill
    you, I’ll give it to my grandma to chop vegetables with!”

    A continuous flurry of insults came from the Water Kingdom
    commander’s mouth, hardly befitting someone with the exalted status of a
    special forces commander.

    However, Jia Yuan didn’t respond and continued to defend.
    However, he was starting to grow irritated.

    Who could blame him? He was only 13 years of age and hadn’t
    been able to fully adopt a steady demeanor. Hell, even those who were 80 years
    old may not be able to adopt so steady of a manner as to be able to stay calm
    under such a torrent of insults.

    After a particularly intense flurry of blows, Jia Yuan
    jumped back and flew into the air at the fastest speed possible. He was running
    out of strength! He chomped down on two pills again. His heart burned at this
    wasteful usage of these precious, unmatched pills, but what choice did he have?

    Pills aren’t useful to the dead.

    After his failing senses and strength had been bolstered by
    the pills, he flew back down toward the ground, borrowing the force of gravity
    to lend aid to his attack.

    Soaring down, he surrounded his blade with flames, but he
    filled his blade with the power of his Song of Water.

    As his sword fell upon one of the commander’s kukri, the
    flames were extinguished by the water from the commander’s Song of Water.
    However, the brute strength that came behind the strike caused the ground
    beneath the enemy commander to crack and crumble.

    It was at this point that Jia Yuan’s blade imbued with the
    power of his Song of Water truly made physical contact with the commander’s

    The kukri began to crack!

    The Water Kingdom’s commander, who had been exhibiting a
    rather arrogant demeanor as if he was the king of the battlefield, instantly
    backed off, his eyes wide.

    His opponent had clearly cultivated in a Song of Fire! He
    had been using fire the entire time! Even during that last clash, his opponent’s
    weapon had been wreathed in flames.

    But the last bit of the attack, when his kukri had taken
    damage, had clearly been performed with a Song of Water!

    The Water Kingdom’s commander began to put the pieces

    Jia Yuan had wreathed his sword in flames. When the flames
    came in contact with the water surrounding his own blade, they had been
    extinguished. However, the power inside Jia Yuan’s blade wasn’t the power of a
    Song of Fire… but instead a Song of Water! The flames surrounding the blade had
    simply been a feint!

    The Water Kingdom’s commander reeled at this seemingly
    impossible information.

    Was it possible one person to cultivate a Song of two
    different elements?

    If that was so, no wonder this brat in the Absorption realm
    could pose such a threat to those in the Manipulation realm!

    This was groundbreaking! Not only would a combination of two
    Songs provide a qualitative increase in strength, but it would provide the user
    with two different elements!

    It has to be known that each element has its strength and

    For example, the fire element is peerless in attacks, but
    when ti comes to defending, fire is clearly one of the weaker elements.

    Earth is a wonderful defensive element, as one is able to
    construct entire walls and shields with a Song of Earth.

    However, Earth is not necessarily a strong attacking
    element. Ranged attacks with a Song of Earth are much slower than those of
    other elements, and while a Song of Earth provided more than enough attacking
    power when dealing with non-cultivators, cultivators bodies were substantially

    If one could supplement one element’s weakness with another
    element’s strength… you would have a uniquely powerful individual!

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    Chapter 76: After the First Day

    While the Water Kingdom’s commander was reeling from this
    possibility, Jai Yuan’s eyes glinted.

    He had fought too many duels to not know when the enemy had
    realized something wrong.

    However, just as he began to worry, the Water Kingdom’s
    commander spoke up.

    “Hmph, so you’ve actually trained in two Songs. Quite an
    interesting fellow.”

    Upon hearing this, Jia Yuan almost laughed out loud. It was
    true that Jia Yuan would one day have access to the four elements and even be
    able to access the sword element, but these were only variations of his one
    original Song, the Song of Swords.

    As for what this Water Kingdom commander was thinking about,
    it was simply impossible!

    As such, Jia Yuan decided to play along.

    Jia Yuan began to ramble and boast. “Hmph, so what if I have
    cultivated two Songs? Some of my older brothers have trained in three! If they
    were here, they’d stomp you into the ground.”

    “Hmph, you’re lucky I only have a Song of Fire and a Song of
    Water. If I was able to cultivate a third, just my physical attacks would be
    able to pound you into the ground, hmph!”

    Jia Yuan boasted these “facts” with all of his heart, trying
    to sound as arrogant and proud as he could.

    This information sent the Water Kingdom commander’s mind
    into a daze. Could this be true? Could this brat’s words be true? How come they
    hadn’t seen any other fighters with two or more Songs at their disposal?

    Was… was the Fire Kingdom keeping them as a secret weapon???

    The more the Water Kingdom commander thought, the more
    panicked he became. He had never heard of something like this before!

    At this time, a horn sounded from the Water Kingdom and Earth
    Kingdom’s camp.

    The Water Kingdom commander cursed. It was the signal to
    retreat for the day!

    “Alright guys, we’re getting out of here!”

    The cultivators of the Water Kingdom turned tail and quickly
    dashed away.

    Jia Yuan shouted. “Spectres of the Wind, don’t chase!”

    He knew that the Spectres of Wind were still thirsting for
    blood to avenge Quan Zen, but if they chased, it would just result in more

    The armies fighting in the main battlefield were backing off
    as well.

    The first day of fighting had ended!

    As the sun set, Jia Yuan, Fan Meng, Lin Zheng, and some
    other officers sat in the tent that served as their headquarters.

    One of the officers was currently reporting the casualties
    their side had sustained.

    “Of the Air Kingdom’s 1st Army, we sustained an estimated
    18 thousand casualties and another 2 thousand injured. Of the Fire Kingdom’s 2nd
    Army, they sustained 16 thousand casualties and another 3 thousand injured.”

    “Of the Spectres of Wind, we lost our commander Quan Zen,
    and another 700 were killed, while 100 were injured. Of the Burning Legion,
    they sustained an estimated 60 casualties, with 5 injured.”

    Lin Zheng and the Air Kingdom’s General glanced at each

    The Air Kingdom’s General Tian Can looked at Jia Yuan. “How
    come our Spectres of Wind sustained so many casualties, yet your Burning Legion
    came away mostly unscathed?”

    Jia Yuan nodded toward Tian Can. “This can be attributed to
    what each battalion did during the battle. Quan Zen saw that we had a favorable
    position to join the main battle, so he volunteered his Spectres of Wind to
    delay the combined Earth and Water forces while my battalion focused on
    wreaking havoc on the main battlefield.”

    Tian Can sighed. “So it was this way… it’s just like Quan
    Zen to do such a thing. Ugh, how am I supposed to report this to my superiors?
    Our own special forces took so many casualties on the first day… we even lost a

    Jia Yuan shrugged. “That’s your problem, not mine. Didn’t we
    do well overall on the day? They were even forced to retreat.”

    Tian Can looked towards another officer. “You, do you have
    the estimates for the enemy’s casualties?”

    The officer stepped forward and announced with a strict,
    staccato voice. “We estimate that the Earth Kingdom’s army sustained about 25
    thousand casualties, while the Water Kingdom should have sustained about 23
    thousand casualties. From reports from our Spectres of Wind, the Earth Kingdom’s
    Iron Guard lost their commander, along with 200 of their Iron Guard soldiers.
    As for the Storm Sentinels, they sustained casualties of about 600.”

    Tian Can and Lin Zheng looked at Jia Yuan. “Oh? The Iron
    Guard’s commander died? How did this happen?”

    Jia Yuan shrugged. “I snuck up on him as he was fighting
    some Spectres of Wind and got lucky.”

    Tian Can laughed, although there was a hint of bitterness in
    it. “Alright, alright. It looks like I won’t have to hang my head in front of
    my peers after all. All in all, the first day can be said to have been a

    “What pieces of information did we pick up from the battle?”

    And so the talk turned to strategies for the second day.

    Meanwhile, across the Shining Plains, some officers were arguing
    inside a formation of rocks.

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    Chapter 77: A Bad Feeling

    “I’m telling you, that brat I fought against was using two
    Songs! Even if he was lying about others being able to use multiple Songs, I
    know for a fact he was using more than one Song!”

    “And I’m telling you you’ve simply gone crazy! In all of the
    history of his continent, there’s never been someone who’s been able to
    cultivate multiple Songs! It’s simply an impossibility!”

    “Then you go and fight him tomorrow! See for yourself you

    Another voice came from the entrance to the formation of
    rocks. “Calm down, you two. It doesn’t matter if he’s cultivated in multiple
    Songs or not. Nothing stands in the way of true strength.”

    Upon seeing the person enter, all of those in the formation

    “General.” All of those in the formation who were from the
    Water Kingdom knelt, even the General who had directed the Army earlier in the

    This General’s name was Huang Ying, also the person who had
    killed Jia Yuan’s previous master’s sons. A True Disciple of Water!

    Those in the rock formation made way for him. After all, as
    a True Disciple, he was by far the strongest person in the room. Even on the
    entire Continent of the Five Elements, he could be said top 30 in terms of

    For the Water Kingdom to have sent him here, meant that they
    truly wished to make a statement in the early stages of the war.

    At the same time, it would be a signal to the Fire Kingdom
    and Earth Kingdom. If they wanted to win the war, they would have to call upon
    their strongest fighters as well!

    It has to be known that while each Kingdom has a few people
    who have trained to become a True Disciple, most of these powerful individuals didn’t
    associate with the main Kingdom much, preferring to be recluses, or in some
    cases like Guo Huo, they would accept high ranking jobs where they could let
    others do most of the work and relax.

    To be able to motivate them to participate in a war,
    definitely would not be easy. Money? These people had massive fortunes. Honors?
    Respect? These people were already the strongest on the entire continent. What
    honors or respect did they still need?

    The only reason Huang Ying stayed in the Water Kingdom’s
    Army was because he simply lived to see the battlefield. He had grown up in the
    military, had spent his life in the military… and he simply didn’t know what to
    do with himself beyond being a military man.

    One of the Earth Kingdom’s officers spoke up. “We all know
    that you’re strong, but won’t this just escalate the war? How much of an
    advantage will you be able to gain for us before the enemy retaliates with
    their own True Disciples?”

    “Do you really think it’s so easy to rouse someone of my caliber?
    Rest assured, even if we haven’t conquered either the Fire or Air Kingdom
    before they retaliate, we’ll still have secured a sizeable amount of land.”

    Huang Ying continued. “Tomorrow, just let the battle run
    along like it did today. It will lure them into a false sense of security. I’ll
    then give them a nice surprise the day after.”

    Upon saying this, those in the rock formation began to
    smile. A single True Disciple was capable of overpowering entire armies. With Huang
    Ying on their side, their victory on the Shining Plains was virtually guaranteed.

    The second day of fighting on the Shining Plains came around
    as the two sides clashed together in the center of the plains.

    Both sides fought as if they had come to a gentleman’s
    agreement. Both of the main armies simply grouped together in the center of the
    plains, while each side’s special forces simply darted around the map, picking
    off some unsuspecting groups of soldiers.

    In this way, the second day came to an end.

    Inside the Fire Kingdom and Air Kingdom’s HQ, the various
    Generals and commanders were discussing the happenings of the day.

    “I’m telling, you they’re up to something. I know their
    strategists, I know their leaders. The only way they would play so nicely the
    last few days is so that they can come out with a surprise later on!” shouted Tian

    Lin Zheng shouted back. “Well then what the hell do you
    think they’re going to do?”

    Nobody had an answer, but they all had an ominous feeling in
    the back of their mind.

    As for Jia Yuan, he simply sat at the edge of the tent.
    After the meeting ended, he walked back to his brother’s tent.

    Walking in, Jia Yuan half-heartedly saluted his brother.

    Dou Di commented on this. “Hey bro, why are you so down? The
    battle went pretty well today.”

    Jia Yuan sat down with a rather stern look on his face. “Dou
    Di big brother… I want you to make sure that you’re in a safe location during
    the battle tomorrow, no matter what.”

    Dou Di’s face was one of curiosity. “Why? Is something big
    going to happen tomorrow?”

    Jia Yuan looked solemn. “I can’t really explain it, but for
    some reason I just have this… feeling that the enemy has something up their
    sleeve. Call it instinct, if you will. I just want to be able to fight without
    worrying for you.”

    Dou Di laughed and patted Jia Yuan on the shoulder. “Little
    bro, think about me before you say such things eh? It should be the big brother
    worrying about the little brother. Fine, fine. If it’ll help you fight better
    tomorrow, I’ll do my best to keep safe. You better do the same, okay?”

    The two brothers chatted for a while, and then Jia Yuan
    walked back to his own tent.

    Jia Yuan had trained his mind and soul during his time in
    the crater with Guo Huo. While the Jia Yuan from that time could only sense
    energy sources from tens of meters away, the current Jia Yuan could sense large
    fluctuations in energy from hundreds of meters away. While he couldn’t exactly
    pinpoint the source of the fluctuations… he could clearly feel through his
    Song, that there was some large source of energy on the Shining Plains, and it
    seemed to come from the general direction of the enemy camp.

    It was a similar feeling to what he had felt from Guo Huo
    after he had trained in the crater. However, while Guo Huo’s energy
    fluctuations filled with him warmth and trust, what he currently felt, filled
    him with dread.

    Could it be, that the enemy had called upon the help of a
    True Disciple?

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    Chapter 78: Terrifying True Disciple

    The third day of fighting came around, but both sides seemed
    to be much more conservative than before. The fighting during the last two
    days, if simple, had resulted in tens of thousands of deaths. Each side only
    had about 2/3rds of the soldiers they had started out with.

    Today, the fighting intensified. The Fire and Air Kingdoms
    sent a miniscule force of 10 thousand troops to delay the Earth Kingdom’s
    forces, and then sent their combined forces towards the Water Kingdom’s camp.

    The Fire Kingdom finally revealed their artillery squads.
    Catapults were used to haul flaming masses of rock towards the Water Kingdom’s
    camp, causing a scene of wanton destruction, which threw the Water Kingdom’s
    army into disarray.

    Although the Water and Earth Kingdoms tried put up makeshift
    defenses along the way to combat this artillery, they was only so much they
    were able to do on the fly.

    Everything was going great For the Fire and Air Kingdoms!

    Jia Yuan was fighting at the front lines, heading towards
    the Water Kingdom’s camp. All the while, he had a bad feeling in his stomach.
    The energy fluctuations he sensed were getting stronger the closer he got to
    the Water Kingdom’s camp…

    But what could he do? Retreat because of a bad feeling? This
    was an army of over a hundred thousand rushing and slaughtering their way
    towards the Water Kingdom’s camp. Thousands upon thousands of Water Kingdom
    troops fell by the minute, as they were simply overwhelmed in number. Jia Yuan
    himself had slain hundreds of soldiers at this point, his blades of fire
    cutting through everything in his path.

    Just as the combined army was about to break into the main
    camp, suddenly those in the front, including Jia Yuan, found themselves unable
    to move.

    Many of them began to fret. Jia Yuan broke out a cold sweat.
    He knew was this was. This was the power of a True Disciple! A True Disciple
    was capable of locking down large numbers of inferior fighters simply by using
    their aura.

    As such, a few thousand of the foremost soldiers found
    themselves unable to move, which in turn halted the advance of those behind
    them, as some troops even collided with those in front of them. However, the
    foremost soldiers still stood still, unable to move no matter what. Their very
    bodies, their very souls, were being pressured by the aura of a True Disciple.

    With the sudden lack of movement, everyone was able to see a
    lone figure walk out of the mass of Water Kingdom soldiers.

    Step. Step. Step.

    This person nonchalantly walked toward the combined armies
    of the Fire and Air Kingdoms. At this point, only Jia Yuan was able to keep his
    cool and give commands.

    “If you can still move, retreat and don’t return! Let the HQ
    know that the Water Kingdom has the services of a True Disciple! Retreat!”

    Upon hearing this, the lone person, who was Huang Ying,
    scowled. He had wanted to play with his prey. It was one of the main pleasures
    of the battlefield he enjoyed. However, he obviously wasn’t going to have time
    to do that now. However, as he watched as the army of over a hundred soldiers
    run away from him, he couldn’t help but smirk, and his mood improved a little.

    He then redirected his gaze toward the few thousand soldiers
    that were held in place by his aura. He snorted, then clasped his hand.
    Instantly, morbidly, all of the soldiers bodies exploded as their bodies
    quickly overflowed with water. However, one person remained, a young boy
    wielding a black sword.

    Huang Ying looked at this young boy, intrigued. “Oh? So
    you’re actually able to resist the aura of my Song of Water. How interesting.
    You wouldn’t happen to be the one who said they trained two Songs, would you?
    There’s no way someone who cultivated a Song of Fire would be able to counter the
    dominance of Song of Water’s aura. Even those who cultivate a Song of Water
    wouldn’t be able to. Did something happen when you cultivated both?”

    At this point, Jia Yuan trembled with fear and his mind was
    full of regret. He’d known! He’d felt that something was wrong! He had even
    guessed that the enemy had acquired the services of a True Disciple! Why didn’t
    he listen to his own gut??

    Even with all of this panic clouding his mind, he felt his
    sword begin to vibrate. The vibrating grew stronger and stronger, until his own
    mind began to shake.

    Huang Ying watched this, intrigued, but didn’t move. After
    all, he didn’t know what was going on. All of a sudden, the young boy in front
    of him disappeared.

    Huang Ying, a True Disciple, took a few seconds to process
    this. Once he did, his jaw dropped.



    He’d never seen an act of teleportation before. He’d heard
    of devices in the past that allowed for one to teleport when their life was in
    danger… but he’d never seen one or even heard of one appearing during recent

    But he had clearly seen the young man in front of him
    suddenly disappear. Teleportation! It had to be!

    At the same time, near Waning Shell Village, a young boy
    holding a black sword suddenly appeared in the air and fell on the ground,

    After a few hours, some children who were playing around in
    the area caught sight of the body, and quickly ran back to the village to call
    upon the village elders, who came back to see the young man.

    After scrutinizing the body, the village head spoke. “His
    clothes are bloody, his weapon is bloody, but the boy is young. What do you all

    One of the adults standing near him spoke up. “The Kingdom
    is in a state of war. Youngsters like this one are running around, trying to
    find wild beasts to train their skills on so that they will be accepted into
    the Storm Sentinels. Perhaps he met a wild beast that was too strong for him,
    and exerted too much of his strength to deal with it. I think it’ll be fine to
    bring him into the village. We adults can keep an eye on him. If he causes any
    trouble, we’ll kick him out. Otherwise, it’s rather crude to leave a child
    lying on the ground.”

    The village head looked around to see if anyone else had
    opinion, but nobody else spoke up.

    “Alright then. Bring him into the village and care for him.
    I want a watch on him at all times. Oh, and confiscate his sword.”

    In this manner, Jia Yuan was introduced to the Water

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