How to Teach

This manual has been written, in an attempt to create a foundation for education across the lands. 

WARNING! The lessons within will challenge your very being. Once each lesson has been mastered, a new dawn awaits you, young educator.

Lesson One: Teach Dares

He who dares wins. The superior educator dares.

Lesson Two: Quiet Down When Teach is Talking

Once the lessons have begun, the superior educator demands attention from their pupils.

Lesson Three: Teach May Choose You To Be His Stepping Stone. You Cannot Decline This Assignment.

When education gets physical, an example is needed. Superior educators set firm examples

Lesson Four: When Teach Wants To Give You A Caning, He'll Take Up Arms to See It Carried Out.

Punishment is always a dilemma for the educator. Superior educators make certain to see punishments carried out.

Lesson Five: Teach Is Just Happy To Be Here

An important lesson for one who wields the power to change. The superior educator enjoys their work.

Lesson Six: Teach Will Take Both

The modern educator will be faced with myriad choices. The superior educator eliminates much of this.

Lesson Seven: Teach Decides When The Lessons Begin

As a model educator, the lesson plan is yours to dictate. Superior educators have full mastery over this.

Lesson Eight: Teach Steps On The Ladder To Heaven

Here, lesson three is embellished. Superior educators can make an example of the heavens.

Lesson Nine: Teach Cares

Despite the struggles you will face, superior educators never forget the caring heart that started this path.

Lesson Nine And A Half: When The Teach Engine Roars, It Roars For At Least Half A Day

The modern educator also needs their downtime. Superior educators can enjoy themselves for hours on end.

Lesson Ten: Once The Tears Of Blood Cease, Hell Awaits

Every educator faces turmoil. Superior educators channel that energy to clear future obstacles.


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    Enjoy, this cheerful guide. A step into the mind of an educator.
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    Hmm, this is different. idea. It looks good. Thanks for sharing.

    Added to directory

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