I am In search of novels to translate

Can anyone suggest me any novel to translate I have been searching alll over mtls for novels to translate but all the good ones are already taken and I couldn't find other novels that are to my liking if some one find any novels to your liking put a link of them I will, check them..... 


  • Life is like a book. Every day is a new page, every month is a new chapter, and every year is a new series.
  • Is this reincarnation novel or Xianxia. I couldn't quite understand the synopsis it was confusing. 
    Thanks for recommending,  if you know any other novels pls link me up. 
  • reincarnation & xianxia. 五行天 http://www.biquge.info/17_17630/. This one is from a famous author Fang Xiang/方想 — the author of "World of Cultivation"/修真世界 and "The Card Apprentice"/卡徒
    Life is like a book. Every day is a new page, every month is a new chapter, and every year is a new series.
  • wudao du zun(Martial Arts Reign) https://www.xbiquge.cc/book/8696/
  • AlexKudo1 said:
    wudao du zun(Martial Arts Reign) https://www.xbiquge.cc/book/8696/
    This would be great. The novel is complete and there's a manga out for it if you want to get a jist of what's happening. It'd be greatly appreciated if you do pick up this novel =)
  • Please translate this 


    it has a good manga
    i read the novel at original site it was good here is the link
    Please translate this
  • I don't have the source but can you take a look at this novel? 
    It's one of  the most funniest novel I've read with a very shameless protag


  • If you like the Er Gen novels, which I highly recommend, you could try and translate his newest work, A World Worth Protecting. It was being translated for a while, but it was randomly dropped (which sucked)
  • Please pick up Eternal Martial Sovereign, starts out kinda repetitive but I heard it gets better. It was dropped on gravity tales around 170 before the site shutdown.

  • If possible u can translate s-classes that i raised i know its already taken but the translation team is just so slow maybe if u can ask them if they can drop and u pick it sorry to annoy u its just that its a great novel but they r so slow at translating it 
  • I'm 6 months late to this discussion but hopefully that you'll see this or anyone will do. Does it have to be Chinese? Please translate a korean light novel "the player who can't level up" the manhwa has currently 36 chapters and the light novel has shitty English translations and I can't find any good sites that translated the light novel well so I hope that you or anyone take up the light novel translations. 
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