Conspiracy about Mad Snail



  •  so did we ever actually figure out if he was using the second name to write under or not?
  • I'm still a fan of TDG. It has alot of interesting ideas in my opinion. Opened up my mind to things I never thought of. It also gave me ideas for the story in working on, Fallen Grace. Check it out if you want. I'm trying to post a chapter every week to two weeks as I've been blessed with alot of free time. Check it out if you'd like. It will be on FanFiction dot net under the username MonkeyMan92. Fwi, if any of you do read it, I'm going to say upfront, I'm not the greatest writing as I struggle a lot hahaha.
  • So, he's down to one chapter a month with important details missing and a lot of confusion as well eg no idea what happened to long Tianming, Li Yufeng, even the spring of life (apparently in a chapter, he says he'd be able to provide the lord ancestor with a body and revive Ye Zong; in the next he says he won't be able to revive Ye Zong
  • This has aged like fine wine.
  • I am not sure if it has been stated by any one of the several posts that have been posted but Ye Xinghe is a Star Martial Artist in the Star Martial God Technique Novel. So asking who that person is means you don't pay attention to the other novels the other has written. I am not saying it makes up for anything but if the author is doing a cross-over of Star Martial God Technique and Tales of Demons and Gods then I am curious what will unfold. I am currently reading through Rebirth of the thief who roamed the world. And I have to say it could honestly use some work as it is a fantastic read but lacks in detail.
  • CKtalon said:
    New chapters for this book have been released daily (it's already at Chapter 20), so clearly, Mad Snail isn't greatly motivated to carry on updating TDG, even when he can. Also, he has been putting a bit more effort into TDG's manhua.

    So for those who hope that TDG ends with a proper ending with loose ends tied up, you will probably be disappointed.
    CKtalon said:
    It's like the priority is no longer on TDG, but his new novel.

    There are still Chinese fans who have trust in the author, and I'm sure a lot of international readers feel the same. But this is a heads up to be mentally prepared. Of course, the best outcome is a good ending from the author.

    Well, the manhua's art is really cheap. Dropping the novel to support the manhua is a bit too much.
    TDG is refreshing and enjoyable. If the author will drop it, most probably, one of us will make a fanfiction continue of it.
    If the author gets bored so easily, we just take his ideas, and make something anew by ourselves. Lazy pigs must know their place.
    When tho? It's been too long. 400+ chapters, but nothing new in 2 years. Why don't we spam him to continue? Or at least a petition and send him the link that we still want him to continue. 
  • In 10 chapters (one after another) I saw the word "depression" at least 40 times. He didn't had anything in his head, but yeah, new novels and stuff, hooray. I'm so disappointed in this man that I can't even see more of his stuff. Can someone make a petition, make something similar or continue this novel? It'll be the god himself. Because of TDG I started reading LN ffs. I don't want to regret it, bruh.
  • now here we are, almost a YEAR without chapters
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