Looking for old Novel from here


I am looking for a Novel which I read here quite a while ago.
I've already looked through all available novels right now, but I did not find it.

As far as I remember it's about a male, which goes into dungeons after his father informed him about the dungeon. They are the only ones who know about it, but they are stuck at the 5th floor, because they do not know how to handle mana.

After beating the boss on the 5th floor a lot of time (and eventually solo), he is able to progress further. That's pretty much all I remeber about it.

Does anyone have an Idea what the name is or where I can read it?


  • I found it. Just in case someone was also looking for it:
    Infinite Competitive Dungeon Society
  • never heard of that one, gonna have to check it out
  • Damn that was a good one from what I remember, but like quite a few good novels on here, it was nerfed.
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