Help me find this novel pls =)

Hey guys!

I forgot the name of a novel i read, that i am almost certain that it`s completed, and even though i searched, i can`t find it.  Please help me. 

What i remember of the plot is that the mc has several past lives stored and locked inside his body and the first one he unlocks, when still a kid, is the life of a beast (werewolf?). The awakening of this life causes him to be more savage and bloodthirsty. 

He also had a past life that was from a race that had the appearance of humas but had wings. (they were pretty strong  too)

In total there was like 5 or 6 different past lives that granted him power and memories. He unlocked them all throughout the novel

I am sure he had a different color of hair when young, maybe white.

Thank you for you time and help =)


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