Master of Untold Daos(万道仙师)



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  • Chapter 453: Yan Mountain’s Third Sect Leader: Uh, I Don't Speak

    Chen Ming was bored, "To be honest, you're quite similar to the once alive Ninth Crown Prince."

    She faltered, "He is alone while we are three."

    An Abyss Flower bloomed next to her and Void's Crown Prince came out, "Chen Ming, turn yourself in and we'll leave your corpse whole."

    From the last carriage, a Star Dragon took to the sky and Yan Shengxiao glared with resentment, "You've humiliated once and now it's time you get your due!"

    Chen Ming pointed his blade at her, "Because of the fiends' kindness I will not kill you if you scram now."

    Jin Xiangyu interjected, "Relax, we won't kill you, just exhaust you until you can't even walk!"

    The Earth Immortals watched Jin Xiangyu, Yan Shengxiao, and Void's Crown Prince with joy. With these three geniuses, the matter would be a foregone conclusion. No matter how strong Chen Ming was, he was all alone.

    A distance away, Zhuo Qingyao watched the sky and felt the chaotic spiritual energy, "Second junior brother started. Can't you move any faster?"

    Zi Yu shrugged helplessly, "Head Sect Leader, I'm a mortal."

    Zhuo Qingyao's eyes were anxious. She grabbed his shoulder and jumped off a treetop, rushing for Sky-crossing Bridge.

    Chen Ming saw that only battle would settle this and didn't want to resort to wasting spiritual power, but the three were forcing his hand.

    Can I slip past them I wonder?

    Hold on, that might actually work.

    Chen Ming laughed, "Since you all wish for death I will acquiesce your requests!"




    Jin Xiangyu and Yan Shengxiao exchanged a glance finding the shock in each other's eyes, "It's the Hegemonic Immortal Sword, the one only that mysterious race can use!"

    Yan Shengxiao braced, "So what! There's three of us!"

    Jin Xiangyu played with a ribbon, "Soaring above the Nine Heavens, thousands of li we travel!"

    They thought Chen Ming was about to strike when they saw an Azure Dragon coming from his feet carrying him beyond their blockade and ten li away.

    Chen Ming laughed, "Everyone, we'll meet again if fate allows it!"

    It was then he looked down to see a blade coming out of his chest. Blood oozed out and soaked his clothes.

    Void's Crown Prince's eerie voice came from behind, "You're naive if you think you can outmatch Void in footwork!"

    Allheaven Stellar Array rose from his back and shook the prince off. He touched his chest and worked his spiritual power to knit the wound.

    That is Void's genius for you. You can't play around with him!

    Chen Ming looked at the ribbon on his leg. It was Jin Xiangyu's who now found the time to wrap it on him.

    He downed three immortal pills, "The only choice is to fight. I can't walk away until you're all dead it seems."

    Crown Prince ignored the women and focused on the prince, This guy's too sinister. If I don't deal with him first, I'll be in deep trouble if the other two join.

    Jin Xiangyu took out a lotus fan and stirred a violent wind.

    Tornadoes wrecked the ground and covered the entire battlefield.

    Lotuses grew around filling the gales with their blossoms. The fierce wind carried them to Chen Ming, and caressed his cheek, leaving a small hole in the smiley mask.

    Yan Shengxiao was on her Star Dragon, wielding a slender sword and dived for him.

    Chen Ming looked to see Void's Crown Prince coming out to hit him. The first time he got him but there wouldn't be a second.

    Crown Prince's dagger clashed with Nine Year Cicada and seeing his attack failed, slipped back into the void. When the gap was close to closing, Chen Ming grabbed it, "You're not the only one who can travel by void!"

    He jumped in and saw the endless violet Abyss Flower. He found Crown Prince wearing purple clothes and shocked him by being here, "You cultivated Void's cultivation method and can enter too?"

    Nine Year Cicada came ever closer. Crown Prince knew he was no match for him in here and the women couldn't enter!

    He made a crack and slipped out.

    Chen Ming was right on his tail. The three watched him with anxiety. Crown Prince didn't dare resort to void anytime soon. He saw his power wasn't normal.

    The fear only increases as they recalled Ninth Crown Prince dying under just three strikes.

    None dared to face him alone.

    At this point, they had the vague feeling they were passing a tribulation and not him, a cruel and deadly one.

    Chen Ming knew they didn't want to go all out, only to tire him, to leave him with nothing when he met the Heavenly Tribulation. With Ninth Crown Prince's death as an example, they knew their limitations, that they were below Chen Ming in power.

    This time was different than with Ninth, he wouldn't get to exploit a gap anytime soon and fell another genius as easy as before.

    Two heavy sabers flew from afar and cut off the ribbon on his leg. They stabbed the ground and Li Suyi jumped through the air right in front of the three; silent as the grave.

    They all knew his intent.

    Li Suyi was known as Ya Mo on Sacred Mountain, determined to not make even a peep when killing ensued.

    The fact he was just as silent as ever showed his resolve in coming here with the intent to kill.

    Jin Xiangyu asked, "Yan Mountain's Second Sect Leader called you third junior brother, then that must make you Chen Ming's third disciple. In other words, you're Yan Mountain's Third Sect Leader, right?"

    Void's Crown Prince added, "One man can't stop us. Can it be you don't know how to die?"

    Yan Shengxiao mocked, "Die? With their master-disciple relationship, even if they did die, he'd come without a doubt. Ha-ha-ha, Chen Ming, are you willing to let your dear disciple fall at our hands?"

    Cries came from the crowd, "It's the quack! She's here!"

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  • Chapter 454: Dance in the Ninth Heaven

    All eyes saw how the mass of Earth Immortals split and the blue masked quack shuffled forward, straight for the battlefield.

    "Even the quack came. She must also want to destroy the offender. It doesn't matter if he has disciples to help him. Quack is here!"

    "Her power is enough to beat Fairy Star Dragon. She's a strong aid!"

    "With her help, Chen Ming's path is sealed!"

    Chen Yu gazed at the sky, "The moon just appeared, what an excellent occasion!"

    As Jin Xiangyu was getting all worked up from joy, she noticed a silver needle on her right hand. The lotus fan slipped from her grip and anger sparked from her eyes, "Quack, you're taking the side of evil?"

    Chen Yu smiled, "Yan Mountain's Fourth Sect Leader, please guide me."

    Clamor exploded. The quack was from Yan Mountain!

    Just what kind of place was this Yan Mountain to give birth to three geniuses? Even more so when they were all taught by that offender, Chen Ming!

    Since the start, everyone here thought so many forces would've been an overkill to deal with the offender. But only now the geniuses were aware they were all from Yan Mountain.

    Where did it come from?

    The good news was that their power was only at the Earth Immortal level.

    However, they could only place their hope in the Crownless Assembly's four Paragons.

    There had been the four sect leaders so far. None knew if there was a sixth, but a Head Sect Leader was sure to exist.

    Each sect's Head Sect Leader, head disciple, was their strongest, bar none.

    Now that four came out of hiding, would the Head Sect Leader reveal herself too?

    Chen Yu chuckled, "Master, hurry to your tribulation. Leave this to me and third senior brother."

    Chen Ming had no time to show compassion. Raising disciples for years just for one moment. Master's efforts weren't in vain rising you. He left the battle.

    Jin Xiangyu smiled, "The two of you aren't enough to beat us! Your Yan Mountain came out with everything, does that mean your Head Sect Leader is here too?"

    Yan Shengxiao added, "Better call your Head Sect Leader over, or only death will welcome you."

    Void's Crown Prince scrutinized his surroundings and kept on his guard. Yan Mountain's four sect leaders were here and their strength spoke volumes of Head Sect Leader's power. She must be stronger than them, stronger than a genius. What kind of concept was that?

    They vetoed scenarios like the Head Sect Leader being weak or the like. With three of them personally participating in this war, fighting off geniuses, if Head Sect Leader didn't have the power to suppress her juniors how could she hold her position?

    Their sudden appearance urged one to be extremely vigilant.

    A man's name was like a tree's shadow. They didn't take Yan Mountain seriously before but now they had to admit, Yan Mountain was strong!

    Very strong... at least among Earth Immortals!

    Chen Yu gave a charming smile, "Head senior sister you say? Take your guess. Who knows, she might even be behind you. Fine, fine, I'll be honest here. Head senior sister won't show, Master didn't let her leave the mountain."

    Though she refrained from telling head senior sister was in seclusion, letting them stew for a bit and force them to be lenient so the two of them would get to keep them here for much longer.

    Chen Yu's first words didn't match the later, and the three refused to believe a single word.

    Li Suyi lifted his sabers and aimed for Yan Shengxiao and Void's Crown Prince. His right slammed with hegemon sword art at the first and his left shot a saber wave for prince.

    Void's Crown Prince cut the void which absorbed the attack. Yan Shengxiao repelled his hack and forced him three steps back.

    Chen Yu smiled at Jin Xiangyu, "I know my third senior brother well, and today you must all die!"

    But of course, since she only had power at night and all, while in daytime, ha-ha.

    If they could kill one before daylight, they could hold the other two!

    With third senior brother keeping two of them busy, I can't disappoint him now can I.

    Six silver needles flickered with death as they left her hands.

    Jin Xiangyu knew she was no pushover. She saw her spar with Yan Shengxiao, saw the danger her every strike held. One slip up and death would embrace her.

    Jin Xiangyu's right hand trembled and the lotus fan floated back. She swished it and sent biting winds.

    Standing in the middle of the storm, a blue Luan Bird came from behind and carried her towards Chen Yu, releasing stronger and stronger gales with each flap of its wings, ripping apart all in their path.

    Chen Yu smiled, "Mere wind. I will show you how I kill it!"

    Her eyes turned red and killing intent took substance around her as red mist.

    Chen Yu took three needles from her waist. Her eyes instantly found the weakness of the storm and released two.

    It slipped by the winds and struck the Luan Bird.

    They pierced its eyes and the winds calmed, returning to a soothing breeze.

    Chen Yu needed no Slaughtering Dragon Art, killing was in her nature. "Everyone dies in this world, you and me included."

    She dashed for Jin Xiangyu with a net made of ten threaded needles. Threads flew around her and she jumped from one to another.

    With her flexible body, she quickly reached Jin Xiangyu. The threaded needles rose and fell all around Jin Xiangyu in the shape of a peach blossom.

    Jin Xiangyu's soft laughter ringed out, "I never liked peach blossoms."

    "Dance in the Ninth Heaven! Dance of the Demons!"

    Jin Xiangyu danced in the pistil of the flower, elegant and refined, and each step bloomed a lotus, each of her frowns stole one's soul.

    Those hapless cultivators caught in her snare found the light of their eyes dimming. They lifted their saber and struck themselves down. Mad laughter echoed around them, "Devils, there are devils in this world! No, I won't let them take me, I am a cultivator!"

    Then he went and waved the saber right on his leg. Blood sprayed out but he didn't seem to feel a thing, his mad laughter never ceasing.

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  • Chapter 455: Dazzling Fireworks

    A black tide had begun to swallow the Galaxy, and news of it came late to the four Domains.

    Crownless Assembly was attacking!

    The Almighty Crownless didn't show himself. This was the Relentless' work.

    When the Wordless Upheaval was unveiling, they did not hesitate to go on the offensive against the Domains.

    On a star, outside the path to immortality, a Heavenly Court's Supreme Gold Immortal saw in a range of a thousand li how star fragments littered the sky and shook in the wind. They moved with great speed and as they passed through the Galaxy, they ignited into big balls of fire and rained down on the star behind him.

    He cursed, "Damn it! They had to attack now. All Earth Immortal guards left for Sacred Mountain. How do we defend now?"

    "So this is how the Crownless Assembly wants to proceed. But who went for the offender?"

    A meteor landed behind him, blowing out a cultivator. It threw him on the ground, his eyes lifeless as he muttered, "My little nine is dead. My little nine is dead..."

    He said the same thing over and over again, but then he heard the Supreme Gold Immortal's disdain, "Since they started, they are certain of the offender's death. Crownless Assembly doesn't decide, it takes!"

    He ignored the cultivator blasted from the meteor, and began barking orders, "Everyone, be it Celestial Immortal or Gold Immortal, are to join the war. We must not lose this star at all costs! If we lose this, beyond this path to immortality the lands will be free for the taking, defenseless!"

    In the end, the Supreme Gold Immortal didn't last long. Each star shined with a resplendent light, but it wasn't the star's power, and instead, the fire swallowing it whole.

    Stars ignited one after the other, spreading across the constellation.

    Black-robed cultivators began taking control of each star and returned them under Crownless Assembly's rule.

    Nr. 0 stepped on the path to immortality as the Inevitables walked towards him to report, "We have captured this crucial star. From here on out, there's no one to oppose our charge!"

    "This time we might control the Galaxy!"

    "Sire Relentless, please give the order."

    Nr. 0's eye landed on the muttering cultivator and waved for silence, "If you don't want to die, retreat from this star."

    One Inevitable asked, "Sire, what happened?"

    Nr. 0 walked before the cultivator, "This must be Heavenly Court's Martyr, Big Dipper's Star Lord, right?"

    The reclined cultivators sat straight, "My sun is dead, and all shall pay for this."

    He stood, eyes shining.

    He looked at the sky, at the stars Nr. 0's Blades captured.

    He then gazed at Nr. 0, "This is your price to pay!"

    His body exploded with killing intent and one by one, the stars ruptured dazzlingly, into a million fireworks.

    They all had Nr. 0's Blades on them.

    Under the shower of fireworks, the Inevitables watched Big Dipper's Star Lord with fear. This unremarkable man was Heavenly Court's Martyr!

    Each Martyr was an Immortal King of unrivaled power. They were the crutch of the four Domains, their strongest backing!

    Only now Nr. 0's words sank in.

    They along with the Faceless scrambled from this star. They didn't dare stay and left the rest in sire Relentless' hands. They had no power in this battle.

    Big Dipper's Star Lord smiled, "Are you that outstanding Nr. 0 Relentless everyone is talking about?"

    Nr. 0 wasn't scared in the least, "And if I am?"

    "I know little ninth's talent. For him to end little ninth in three slashes, his power must have surpassed an Earth Immortal's. I want to know what do you base your confidence on that the four Paragon will kill him."

    "Wu Fu came out."

    The Star Lord recalled something dreadful, "So it's that martial freak's reincarnation. No wonder you think it's enough."

    "You got your answer."

    "You're lucky. You're the first who became Relentless only to fall six years later. You're the most impressive Relentless in history. "

    "Does this mean you have what it takes to kill me?"

    "Besides friends, there are few who I can't kill."

    Big Dipper's Star Lord went with the motions of the Seven Big Dipper Killing Fists. The fist's power blew up the surroundings, smashing the path to immortality to pieces.

    Nr. 0 did the same with his own fist art, his left was a soaring dragon, and his right a flying tiger.

    With dragon and tiger in the mix, his power reached the horizon.

    The Star Lord's eyes glinted with savagery, "You're Heavenly Emperor True Martial's reincarnation? I can't let you live!"

    The seas of power clashed. Space cracked, the laws were thrown in chaos!

    Yet the next moment, all that power, all that destruction, gone. The release of power could only scare, but it was clear neither was intimidated. So they both locked their power within their body.

    Nr. 0 smiled, "So that old fool tending the Heavenly Dao is called Heavenly Emperor True Martial.(1)"

    The too stood among star fragments and charged. Their battle didn't affect anyone, touched nothing else, because all their power was trapped in their tiny bodies.

    Who'd win between an ant holding the power of an elephant and an elephant?

    The ant of course, because its power was focused and struck with precision while the elephant had it scattered inside.

    And these two were that kind of ants.

    The two fought like wuxia heroes of the mortal world and not like the Immortal Kings they were. Not a scrap of power escaped them, no explosion, no fallout.

    They had complete control over themselves, using it fully against their opponent. The cultivators had a saying in this regard, a state of being.


    (1)    The name means the lord of profound heaven, a Daoist deity. A.k.a Black Tortoise or Black Heavenly Emperor.

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  • Chapter 456: Wow, So It's Evening!

    Zhuo Qingyao landed before the Sky-crossing Bridge and threw Zi Yu on the ground. There were five people present of which four wielded a different weapon each, a sword, a saber, a spear, and a halberd.

    The four held large chains in their hands locking the man in their center.

    The chained man was brimming with power from his bulky stature, with sculpted muscles, ripped off sleeves and messy hair. His eyes glinted with madness as each of his limbs was pinned down by a chain.

    Zhuo Qingyao turned to Zi Yu, "I shouldn't have brought you. This place is too dangerous."

    He smiled, "I find it the best place to be, harmless."

    Zi Yu walked pass the five and on the bridge. After ten li he said to Zhuo Qingyao, "A great place. The fight won't reach the bridge, probably."

    Zi Yu sat on the railing, "I'm a bit hungry." He took out a string from his sleeve, tied a hook to it and cast it into the waters below.

    Xu San'er watched Zhuo Qingyao with mild interest, "Young miss, it's going to be dangerous here. It's best if you leave."

    Zhuo Qingyao asked puzzled, "If it's that dangerous, what are you doing here?"

    Xu San'er said, "We're waiting."

    "I'm also waiting."

    Master isn't here yet.

    All was quiet for now.

    Li Suyi didn't cast his eyes on Jin Xiangyu. Even Void's Crown Prince and Yan Shengxiao avoided her. That was one of the then grand immortal arts, Jade Lake's Dance in the Ninth Heaven.

    One look was enough to drive one insane.

    The dance entranced one's soul and threw their mind into confusion.

    The wails of the self-mutilating Earth Immortals behind her were proof enough.

    The deranged Earth Immortals' eyes were filled with conviction, however, as if all they've done was proper, as if cutting off their flesh was all for a greater goal.

    "You slaughtered my family and I will pull your bones and suck your marrow dry. This is the only way to cleanse the hatred in my heart!"

    One even chopped his finger and started sucking it!

    Another kept hacking at his body as he raved, "I'll butcher you! I'll butcher you!"

    The area under Jin Xiangyu's influence was a cesspool of blood and madness.

    They lost control of their bodies and Jin Xiangyu's outstanding beauty coupled with her dance, sunk the place into a living hell, into the Dance of the Demons!

    Jin Xiangyu glanced passed the strings and on Chen Yu. She saw the killing intent on her, "Didn't you want to kill me? Come, I'm right here, kill me."

    Jin Xiangyu saw the struggle in Chen Yu, the hesitation. Since you're in such conflict, you already lost. The stronger the killing intent and the stronger they are, the faster they fall!

    Chen Yu's eyes lost focus, turning into a pair of dead red eyes. Jin Xiangyu was over the moon, Not even women can escape my charm.

    Jin Xiangyu danced in the peach blossom, with smooth and enticing movements, yet filled with devastating attraction. When the last flicker of awareness left Chen Yu's eyes, Jin Xiangyu said, "By thou blade, kill thy self!"

    Take your weapon and end your life.

    But to her amazement, Chen Lingyu didn't move an inch and instead let out an odd sound, she let out a lovely yawn, as if tired, and looked up happy, "Wow, is that the Galaxy? Is this night? This is the first time Ling'er saw the night sky!"

    Chen Yu lost control of her body, handing it over to Chen Ling'er, not Jin Xiangyu.

    Jin Xiangyu watched her strangely. Her eyes were pure and innocent, spotless of killing intent.

    What is this!

    I just had her!

    But why can't I make her respond to my orders?

    Chen Ling'er covered her mouth from exhaustion. This was the first time she woke from her dreams.

    Jin Xiangyu danced among the petals, her white legs stepped forward and lotus bloomed.

    Yet Chen Ling'er was just like a bobbing chicken for grain, "Yawn, so tired!"

    She ignored Jin Xiangyu's entrancing dance and kept muttering nonsense, "Oh... um... sister... your dance... is quite nice... but... Ling'er is too... tired."

    Her eyelids closed at last and then flashed open, red with killing intent.

    Chen Ling'er went to sleep and Chen Yu came back!

    Chen Yu opened her eyes only to close them again. But this time was different. It wasn't because Chen Yu was going to sleep, but because she had to defend against Jin Xiangyu's dance.

    Chen Yu listened to her surroundings. The Earth Immortals' wails, she ignored. Li Suyi's blade attacks, she ignored. Void's Crown Prince breaking in and out of the void, she ignored. Yan Shengxiao's derision, she ignored.

    When all background noise faded, the only sounds reaching her were Jin Xiangyu's feet landing on lotuses, her sleeves brushing the air.

    "Found you!"

    Chen Yu picked six needles from her waist and threw. They carried strings next to Jin Xiangyu, limiting her dancing.

    A sleeve fell off when it touched the string and Jin Xiangyu stopped, "Who are you to affect my Dance in the Ninth Heaven?"

    Chen Yu sneered, "That's not important, now is it?

    "Your death is all that matters!"

    The strings around Jin Xiangyu aimed to cut her to pieces.

    Jin Xiangyu turned into lotus petals, slipped through the strings and drifted closer to Chen Yu.

    Chen Yu peered through, eyes flashing with murder. Lotus Reincarnation? The root may break but the fibers remain?

    Useless regardless. I can still see you!

    Even a lotus, even the fibers had a weakness.

    Chen Yu pierce three petals and they all scattered. Yet the fine fibers between each of them soon gathered them.

    Chen Yu aimed for the strings this time and as countless petals fell, a figure appeared. Jin Xiangyu coughed blood.

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  • Chapter 457: Impulsive and, Uhm, Even More Impulsive

    Chen Yu turned the tables. Void's Crown Prince and Yan Shengxiao had their eyes flashing at this. The first hastened, "Kill Yan Mountain's Third Sect Leader first!"

    Yan Shengxiao nodded going keep Li Suyi busy.

    She prepped the Slaughtering Dragon Art inside of her, ready to end him at a moment's notice.

    Li Suyi wielded his heavy saber and intersected with Yan Shengxiao's slender sword again and again.

    Her expression was flat as she made a slight and hidden move with her ready Slaughtering Dragon Art on Li Suyi's left flank. If Li Suyi defended just like before, she'd breach the gap into a full-blown door.

    It all went well, trading blows like a dance, up to when impulsiveness seized his thoughts.

    Wait, something's wrong. It's a killing move!

    Li Suyi didn't want to be tied up and jumped back fifty or so feet!

    Yan Shengxiao's sword hit nothing but air and made small hole three zhang deep into the ground.

    Li Suyi felt a sudden impulse creeping up on him. From behind!

    Li Suyi hacked as he turned at Void's Crown Prince coming out of the void. Before he could even attack, Li Suyi sent him back in.

    They both took this as a coincidence and attacked again. Yan Shengxiao kept Li Suyi occupied and their attacks crisscrossed into a net of saber waves and sword images all over the sky. Yan Shengxiao found her chance when Li Suyi just needed to aim for her arm.

    Yet Li Suyi had another sudden bout of impulsiveness.

    Huh, another devious tactic?

    Li Suyi jumped back once again.

    She looked at him strangely. This guy is a veteran!

    She baited him yet it fell on deaf ears.

    Yan Shengxiao and Crown Prince kept tangling Li Suyi when Crown Prince used Void Palms. Li Suyi responded with Demon Beheading and blew the palm images up to smithereens.

    Yan Shengxiao used this chance to aim for his life, but Li Suyi was already charging Crown Prince.

    Again and again, they failed.

    Fighting for two hours the two found the problem. He was slippery as an eel. They were best at silent killing, yet here was Li Suyi who thwarted their chances every step of the way.

    It was as if he had precog abilities, feeling danger with uncanny accuracy. When they threw him a bone, he just ignored it.

    No Yan Mountain sect leader was an easy target!

    News came of the other fight, "Moon Palace's Crown Prince lost at the hands of Yan Mountain's Second Sect Leader and escaped!"

    "He couldn't win and Yan Mountain's Second Sect Leader is now sealing the entrance to Sacred Mountain!

    "We are losing men."

    Void's Crown Prince spoke, "He might have lost but I won't admit defeat. The four Paragons are up ahead. We just need to keep these two here and cut off Chen Ming's help."

    Yan Shengxiao added, "There's no need to say it, I know that much. Chen Ming's current strength is enough to crush any genius, and if we let him pass the tribulation, he'd be unstoppable. There might be no genius in this world to handle him!"

    Jin Xiangyu said, "If he grows into an Immortal King, he along with his disciples will become the second Crownless Assembly."

    Void's Crown Prince interjected, "The world isn't big enough for another Crownless Assembly. If it rises, it heralds the four Great Immortal Domains' doom."

    Jin Xiangyu said, "The world can't handle any more powers."

    Chen Yu chuckled, "What a pity. You should think about surviving this first!"

    Jin Xiangyu turned to Chen Yu holding glimmering silver needles and wiped the blood from her mouth. She was too much of a threat, but it was too late to back out now. If Chen Yu and Li Suyi walked, Chen Ming would have a clear path to his goal, giving his disciples further help in growing stronger.

    Chen Yu peered into the horizon. Light was on the rise. The night was almost over.

    She was out of time. Chen Yu's killing intent spread like a chilling wind, "Thirteen needles!"

    Jin Xiangyu felt the grim and callous desire for death. She didn't have enough immortal power for another Dance in the Ninth Heaven, while the opponent just started using her killing move.

    Thirteen needles flew, cutting off all her retreats.

    Her lotus fan blew away seven of them yet six struck true, binding her acupoints.

    Sun rose and a ray of light graced the earth. Along with it, Chen Lingyu's red eyes turned pure and innocent.

    Li Suyi watched her in awkwardness, We're done for, it's daylight!

    Li Suyi made his way back to Chen Ling'er as he fought, "Third senior brother, let's leave. Jin Xiangyu won't recover anytime soon."

    He nodded flying away and Chen Ling'er right behind him. She began to heal him with Illustrious Casket.

    Yan Shengxiao and Void's Crown Prince watched skeptically at the escaping pair. Wait, she just gave a severe wound to Jin Xiangyu yet instead of finishing her off, she fled?

    Just what is going on!

    Jin Xiangyu cursed, "They must be out of immortal power. Go chase them already!"

    The two only then reacted. Li Suyi fought with them the whole night and was running low on energy. As for the quack, she left a heavy wound on Jin Xiangyu and had to be nearing her limit too.

    Void's Crown Prince flashed before Li Suyi and drove his dagger for his arm. Blood seeped out and Chen Ling'er waved her green immortal power to heal it the next second.

    Chen Ling'er exclaimed, "Don't be afraid, third senior brother, let's keep running!"

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  • Chapter 458-1: Wu Fu

    Void's Crown Prince was wide-eyed, This quack can snatch a man from death's clutches!

    The fight got so intense I forgot!

    Yan Shengxiao just reached them as Li Suyi and Chen Ling'er fled. The other two were on their tail.

    Chen Ming got to see the boundless river and the hundred-li-long crossing.

    He saw the four Paragons and the chained man among them.

    Yet all faded when a girl carrying a sword case looked up at the sky, a blatant attempt at ignoring him.

    It was a no-brainer who she was, "Zhuo Qingyao, didn't you hear Master's words? Didn't I tell you to stay on the mountain and understand the sword? When did I say you can leave?"

    She fidgeted her leg on the ground, "With the mountain empty, I just jumped on Sacred Mountain. This is climbing, not descending."

    This lass is wilder each day. "We'll settle this when I get back!"

    Xu San'er stood up, "Hurry it up already, we have other stuff to do besides killing you. You can bicker all you want in the afterlife!"

    Xu San'er reached out with a key and unlocked the chain on Wu Fu's arm.

    The others followed him and inserted their keys. Xu San'er said, "On the count of three, we run!"

    They nodded, fearful of this Wu Fu.




    They let go of the keys and bolted.

    Wu Fu tasted freedom as the chains fell and bellowed. Locked up for so long, now was time to let loose. He threw a golden and exploding punch right on the ground.

    Ten li around, the ground sank three feet.

    Wu Fu trembled, his bones crackling with each movement. He was like a caged beast that was now releasing its savagery after a thousand years.

    Big Dipper's Star Lord and Nr. 0 clashed tens of times on the shattered star. The two looked up at Sacred Mountain, "That's Wu Chi!"

    Nr. 0 chuckled, "You ought to remember him. The plain Immortal Emperor, the unrivaled boxer. Martial God Dipper Fist, ruthless since time immemorial!"

    Big Dipper's Star Lord smiled, "A nightmare. Even among Martyrs, few are those who can stand up to him. When Crownless Assembly was fighting a three-way battle, that fool turned seven Martyr bodies to mush. Few can be his equal on the martial path. His fist is invincible. These words were never a lie!"

    "Now you know why Crownless Assembly attacked?"

    Big Dipper's Star Lord watched dubiously. Even the Paragons left, yet here was a lady with a sword case on her back, "That miss is done for!"

    Heavenly Court's court.

    The Emperor's burning rage reached the sky, "What the hell is Crownless Assembly thinking!"

    He then saw the Paragons release someone who went and punched the ground.

    "He's returned. Crownless Assembly found his incarnation?"

    "Curse you, Crownless Assembly! It was never your plan to stop with the death of the offender, you want to kill our geniuses too!"

    The others didn't recognize the fist, but he did. He was Wu Chi's reincarnation, who in Crownless Assembly's time of glory was fighting against the four Domains at a standstill and wrecked seven Martyrs' bodies.

    Wu Chi was only weaker than the Almighty Crownless!

    The Emperor muttered, "I should have picked up the Crownless Assembly's wretched reincarnation search. They surpassed the four Domains in schemes and looked for Wu Chi no matter the cost."

    Zhuo Qingyao was ignored. Since when were the dead worthy of interest?

    Relentless turned to the ongoing scene on Sacred Mountain, "Wu Fu is free."

    "The offender won't be the only one to fall, the other geniuses will follow shortly. I hope Star Dragon will come to a decision and won't end with us killing her."

    "Wu Fu is a future Relentless under Almighty Crownless. It is written black on white in many records."

    "No need to watch any longer. The offender is doomed."

    "Nothing in this world can best the Paragons and Wu Fu. Even the offender, who surpassed the Earth Immortal realm's power limit."

    As for Zhuo Qingyao, she was a nobody to them. They were awaiting Chen Ming's death as if it was predetermined.

    "I must say though, the offender's talent is unequaled, immeasurable. Yet falls short when it comes to wresting Heavenly Dao's authority!"

    Chen Ming didn't mind Zhuo Qingyao. One had to know, even Li Suyi and Ling Xian together were brought to their knees until they screamed for their mommy and daddy.

    Not even Chen Yu was enough.

    If nothing else, the Eight Sacred Powers Aura he gave her sure was outrageous.

    Chen Ming peeked at the two's danger value, 30,000+(3000). This must be the realm's limit?

    As for his value, 30,000+(3000)+(1). Uh, just a point more. Yet this single point proves I surpassed the Earth Immortal realm.

    The system lady's response said it was the extreme value that went beyond the restricted value.

    Chen Ming guessed it wasn't just one, but a whole lot higher. But after surpassing the limit, there was no way to measure it.

    Wu Fu smiled at Zhuo Qingyao, "I don't kill women."

    She let out a charming smile, yet cold to the bone, "As it happens, I kill men."



    P.S.:it's not a two part chapter. This one and the next share the same number so I did it like this to differentiate.
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  • Chapter 458-2: Best Versus Best

    Wu Fu faltered, "I know who I am. I am Wu Fu, with the unrivaled fist. Based of this, I want to know what are you basing those words of yours."

    Zhuo Qingyao replied, "Although I want to say my Master is the offender, there's no need now. But now that I mention it, it sounds pitiful. I am a person who doesn't need things like pity. If your fist is the best, then my sword is the best. What do you think?"

    "Then have a taste of my unrivaled fist!"

    Zhuo Qingyao dropped the sword case before her, smashed it, and revealed Ember.

    Wu Fu said, "Tian Bushou's sword. I see, the Matchless in Eight Feet Art. My last life's only regret was that I never had the chance to fight him. But now I can, thanks to you."

    "Tian Bushou is Tian Bushou, while I am Zhuo Qingyao. Remember it well, the one who killed you is Yan Mountain's Head Sect Leader, Zhuo Qingyao!"

    Chen Ming was too embarrassed to look, even more so at the chūnibyō Zhuo Qingyao. In a fight, you fight. Why the hell do you need to be so chūnibyō about it?(1)

    Wu Fu shook, activating his Immemorial Hegemonic Body and shining golden like a martial god in golden armor. He charged for Zhuo Qingyao, his fist's power exploding around him.

    She swiped and the five-foot-long Ember ignited and hacked at the incoming Wu Fu.

    Eight Sacred Powers Aura activated!

    Dazzling light went off their bodies. Ever since Ember was thrown into the mix, everyone's view changed. This miss trained in Tian Bushou's sword art!

    Matchless in Eight Feet versus unrivaled fist!

    Best versus Best!

    Who'd be the ultimate unrivaled?

    The greatsword met the explosive fist. Wu Fu's Immemorial Hegemonic Body was strong enough to resist a Martyr weapon. Yet, even so, he had to retreat three steps and eyed her with shock. What's with this unreasonable power?

    He saw in their clash eight sacred beasts flitting above the blade, ready to cut him!

    Ember even left a white mark on his fist.

    Wu Fu wasn't the only one in shock. The Paragons were dumbstruck!

    A sword sent Wu Fu reeling!

    She was Yan Mountain's Head Sect Leader. She was the one who held the others below her in line.

    Chen Ming ignored it. This battle, if it could be called that, was a life and death one. In this case, let's avail ourselves of this moment and blindside one!

    No, no, no, how can I call it that! Me, who meets another head-on for battle can only call it tactic!

    I have a sharp eye for exploiting windows, that's right.

    And this one was wide open.

    Nine Year Cicada left the sheath. Hegemonic Immortal Sword and threefold speed!

    The Allheaven Stellar Array flew from his back and shed starlight on the blade.

    The Paragons were struck by a foreboding feeling. If Head Sect Leader was this strong what of her Master? How high did he rose?

    A Master was always stronger than his disciple, and this proved true in this case.

    Xu San'er shouted, "Watch out! Chen Ming is here!"

    The other three took out their weapons and wanted to go to Chen Ming when the Spear Paragon felt a shadow flashed towards him.

    Damn it! He tried to block with his spear.

    A sky-rending saber wave landed on his body, splitting man and spear in two!

    Chen Ming reversed his grip and rushed for the head!

    Nine Year Cicada pierced the forehead and the head was stuck lifeless into the ground. His eyes lost their light. Chen Ming's move was too tyrannical, killing him at a moment's notice. The Hegemonic Immortal Sword swallowed his head and all that was left of it were bits and pieces.

    Even a strong vitality proved useless in the face of the Hegemonic Immortal Sword, nothing more than paper.

    The others were now reminded that this was a grand boss!

    Chen Ming said to them, "So, you can't last more than an instant, huh? In any case, you must be mocking my words, but I will accept them graciously!

    "By all means, sneer, mock, despise me! I ask that all of you join your voices and shower me in contempt!"

    The three looked at each other in dismay, Who the f*ck would? Who the f*ck dared? Zhuo Qingyao's sword pushing Wu Fu back was enough shock as it is!

    Why the f*ck would we mock you? Are we sick of living?

    But then their minds were jolted when realizing he was the offender. For him to draw out the Wordless Upheaval when all others could not, spoke volumes of his power, higher than any genius there!

    Yet here they were getting careless in front of such an almighty genius.

    They assumed Wu Fu's power was but a hair below Chen Ming's since he couldn't draw out the Wordless Upheaval.

    The main plan was to have him duke it out with Chen Ming, keeping him busy, despite weaker, and they'd come to finish the job. Even if almighty, Chen Ming would fall!

    But then Zhuo Qingyao had to show up, so what good would it do now?

    They were only three.

    Chen Ming stood there with a smirk plastered on his face, "What's wrong, the way I see it, you look ready to fight me. That's fine, per the laws of the martial arts society, let's duel!"

    The three froze, No way! How shameless can you get! Why did you go and say it?

    What f*cking duel? We aren't dying fast enough, is that it?

    Leng Xue raised his saber, "We need to wear him out. He still has the Heavenly Tribulation to pass!"

    The Halberd Paragon admits Chen Ming was stronger than them yet covered it with anger, "What choice do we have? As long as we live, let's do it."

    Xu San'er smiled regardless, "The way things are, it's not Chen Ming who's passing the tribulation, we are. We are facing a death sentence, named Chen Ming!"

    On the Sky-crossing Bridge, Zi Yu didn't spare the fighting a glance as he muttered, "Ganging up? That's the same as loosing before the battle started. Only when you are certain of your defeat must you engage in group tactics. If it's a duel then duel already."

    (1)    Quite the widespread term. It is typically used to describe early teens who have delusions of grandeur, who so desperately want to stand out that they have convinced themselves they have hidden knowledge or secret powers.

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  • Chapter 459: We Challenge You to a Duel

    The Paragons weren't the only ones in shock from Zhuo Qingyao's move. You couldn't blame them.

    Even Big Dipper's Star Lord and Nr. 0 paused, "What place gave birth to such a monster?"

    "Is she human?"

    The other watchers were no different.

    Those in the know as to who Wu Fu was thought something else, "She can match Wu Fu! He is Wu Chi's incarnation, and even Crownless Assembly treated him with importance!"

    "For this girl to still be standing must mean she was Empress eons ago!"

    "She has the demeanor of one."

    While those who didn't know Wu Fu, "Where did she come from?"

    "Look how close she is with the offender. They must've had an affair!"

    "Not just one, but plenty of times."

    "It's a life or death battle. Dozens of times is more accurate!"

    Each side had its own perspective.

    Zhuo Qingyao's hand was numb but didn't show it. Wu Fu's body was strong to the point a Martyr weapon couldn't harm him.

    She readied her sword and waited for Wu Fu's next move.

    He was a great match, one to which the outcome was unknown. And Zhuo Qingyao loved it.

    In the case of fighting Li Suyi and Ling Xian, winning was obvious, even against Chen Lingyu. Against Master, she would lose for sure though.

    Yet in this battle, she had no clue how it'd turn out.

    Knowing the end took all the fun out of a fight. But now she could go all out and show her strongest sword art.

    Wu Fu's punch was as huge as the sun, raising a storm as it passed. His body glittered golden like a god!

    Zhuo Qingyao wielded Ember with exquisite skill, her power focusing on it, enough to blow the mountains asunder!

    Even the immortal metal-like ground had to suffer. Despite its hardness, it proved fruitless against these behemoths.

    Not to mention the average Earth Immortal's fight could barely put a dent in it, yet Wu Fu and Zhuo Qingyao turned it into a deadly playground.

    Sand rose as Ember touched the ground rending it unrecognizable.

    Wu Fu's fist bore a new hole in it!

    Their bodies were overwhelmingly strong, they were matchless on this Sacred Mountain. As the best met the best, only one could prove invincible. Only the first under heaven had the right to be overpowered!

    Chen Ming used the backhanded grip, "Look, there's just three of you. Won't I die like this?"

    Leng Xue was pissed, "Don't reason with him. If he passes the tribulation, a disaster will follow. He'll seize Heavenly Dao's authority!"

    Hmm, I guess Decree of Untold Daos Aura can be said it can do that. I wonder what awaits me after it.

    Chen Ming had no intention to let them go, Once I am undergoing the trial, they'll make sure to strike me where it hurts. Our dear Immortal Master Chen always loved trash-talking.

    "Do we have to kill each other? Look, my trial has hardly anything to do with you. Yeah, let's make a deal. This is the perfect method to satisfy both parties."

    Chen Ming advised and urged like a businessman, yet his words hit solid rock. The tree surrounded him and got in position to avail themselves to any crack, any chink in his defense.

    Chen Ming cursed, "Fine, I don't feel like wasting words anymore. Why use brains when brawn works just as well?"

    Hegemonic Immortal Sword's power didn't consume one's all spiritual power. Chen Ming could unleash it many times before he needed to pop a pill. He ate tree spiritual power recovery immortal pills anyway, Thanks to having immortal pills, at worst I'll just have to take some now and then recover over time.

    Facing these three hardly mattered when they were up against Chen Ming. He had Nine Year Cicada, and if he used a fourfold speed, he'd be a monster through and through.

    He made a sudden flourish with his blade, changed his grip and scared the three in retreating a hundred or so steps.

    He rushed Leng Xue with Eight Dragon-ascending Steps and slammed his sword at him. Chen Ming didn't worry about any counter, knowing the other didn't have the nerve to meet his blow. He would teach him the meaning of death.

    Nine Year Cicada tore the sky before it struck Leng Xue's saber, sending him three steps back. Chen Ming pressed the advantage and readied a sweep.

    Xu San'er and Ming Qidian rushed to block him from flaying Leng Xue. A fire greatsword flew yet Chen Ming just deflected with his saber. Ming Qidian used this chance to strike down with his halberd!

    With Xu San'er's greatsword out of the way, he unleashed another hegemonic sword on Ming Qidian!

    Ming Qidian's hands were numb. Chen Ming's saber touched his halberd and kept pushing him back!

    The blade edged to his body.

    At mere inches from being pierced, Xu San'er and Leng Xue came to help. The ice saber and fire greatsword unleashed a cross-slash!

    Chen Ming kicked the halberd and slashed behind him. Since they were two, they managed to send Chen Ming flying a few steps.

    I say, these blokes aren't half bad.

    This won't end anytime soon.

    A pity Chen Ming was lacking precisely that, time. Ling Xian held the entrance, but not for long. As it was daylight, Chen Lingyu and Li Suyi's situation was bleak. His time was running out.

    At least he had 3,000 Dao Palaces in him to refine the immortal pills' effects and bring him to peak power.

    "The next battle will become interesting, If you're still skeptical, stay tuned."

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  • Chapter 460: Savage Battle

    The Allheaven Stellar Array flew from his back and the three felt it's pressure. There it is, the other's savage assault!

    Leng Xue began, "Don't hold anything back. Any hesitation from us will end with our deaths!"

    Xu San'er said, "Yes, this is the proper way to show respect to a strong opponent!"

    Chen Ming pierced the sky with Nine Year Cicada. Starlight fell on it, adding to it 3,000 Daos over the Hegemonic Immortal Sword.

    This was an overwhelming attack.

    Chen Ming stood there unmoving, yet the three crept back one step at a time.

    Chen Ming killed Ninth in three attacks, and by the looks of it, it might not be one time either.

    Ninth died out of carelessness, while they tried to avoid this at all cost.

    Chen Ming's killing intent grew colder, noticing there wasn't much strength gap between them, "Tell me, who should I kill first? Guess I'll just point. One two three four five, Going uphill to kill the tiger, With the tiger gone from home, The one to die is you."(1)

    Chen Ming's blade was closing in on Xu San'er, when the later shouted, "Lava Sword Art's final attack, Sky-burning and Sea-Boiling!"

    Xu San'er's blade had intense flame rippling on it, as if of rolling lava. Tongues of fire rose from himself and covered him in lava until he grew to thirty feet tall lava giant.

    Hardship cultivators had a flame something or ice something they could use. But that wasn't the point, what mattered was that they could increase their power in this form. This sword art, in particular, focused one's all into one strike and unleash a destructive attack many times over.

    His sword trembled, his sword soul shivered!

    Chen Ming attacked with Hegemonic Immortal Sword and fourfold speed.

    When they made contact, Leng Xue and Ming Qidian took advantage of this and were using their own best moves on Chen Ming. When Leng Xue wielded his saber, all around him a snowstorm rose, "Snow Beheading's final attack, Saber Cutting the Snow!"

    The cyan blade glinted with coldness as if it wanted to freeze everything!

    Ming Qidian grew into a hundred zhang giant along with his damaged halberd.

    This was Law Phenomenon(2), and art that could make one big, uh, huge. Of course, doing so in a duel was a death wish. If the enemy poked a hole in you, the damage would be tremendous.

    Though one thing was certain, the halberd art would get a large boost.

    "Cleaving Halberd Art's final move, Crushing Mountains!"

    Nine Year Cicada and the huge lava greatsword clashed!

    The boom left Xu San'er coughing blood and flinging the fire sword way down yonder.

    Thanks to Chen Ming's speed, he unleashed a second strike. As for getting in the zone to do it, he had 3,000 Dao Palaces keeping him in top shape for any eventuality.

    Chen Ming used Hegemonic Immortal Sword on Leng Xue's ice saber with his right, and his right reached for Dao Empyrean Bamboo, Uh, I'm a spiritual cultivator, you know.

    With Dao Empyrean Bamboo out, trails of energy gathered around him, covering every weakness.

    Leng Xue felt his hands bleeding from the hit, his body letting out cracking sound and then got blown away like a punching bag.

    The humongous halberd landed at this point, against the thousand streams of energy.

    The clash spread a cloud of dust that covered Chen Ming. But the three knew he was alive and kicking. Just that his energy was sometimes weaker or strong.

    Chen Ming stepped from the sandstorm, bloodied and wiping his mouth, "Ah, it just won't stop flowing."

    Chen Ming survived thanks to the energy streams.

    His body was filled with wounds. They were in the same realm and used moves that could end even him.

    If not for Dao Empyrean Bamboo, he'd be lying dead in the mud.

    His target wasn't the wounded Xu San'er and Leng Xue. Since they needed time to recover, they wouldn't interfere for a while.

    Chen Ming used Eight Dragon-ascending Steps and rushed at the giant Ming Qidian. The later wanted to release Law Phenomenon, but Chen Ming wasn't about to let him.

    Ming Qidian smashed his weapon on Chen Ming. Its strength was obvious, so was its weakness. His speed was so slow, it almost didn't even register to Chen Ming.

    He wielded his saber, not to kill, but to use its speed to get closer and faster. Slipping past the halberd, he gripped the saber with two hands and hacked Ming Qidian's head!

    The force behind it could split anything.

    The huge saber wave bisected Ming Qidian down the middle.

    The mountain of flesh collapsed and ignited, the two sides of the skeleton knit together. His halberd rusted, aging under the naked eye.

    The huge skeleton swayed as it stood, engulfed in undead fire. His voice was unrecognizable, "You stripped my flesh! What a powerful Hegemonic Immortal Sword!"

    It was so strong it robbed him of his fleshly body, yet he was still alive, "A pity since I cultivate the bones!"

    Chen Ming laughed at the bony Ming Qidian, "Oops, I didn't consider what I was killing just now. Why would I care anyway? If I killed you once, I can kill you twice."

    A flame inside the skull looked quite eye-catching, reflected in Chen Ming's eyes.

    Is that his weak point? Alright then.

    Ming Qidian hammered with his halberd but when Chen Ming was about to strike, he ran!

    You wanna run and come back to bite me when I'm busy?

    How could our dear Immortal Master Chen let anyone escape from him?

    He used Eight Dragon-ascending Steps and relied on Void's stele to reduce the cost of spiritual power.


    (1)    A popular nursery rhyme 30 years ago that was catchy to children and easy to change based on circumstances. In this case, think of it as the eeny, meeny, miny, moe rhyme.

    (2)    Journey to the West reference. Move used by Er-lang Shen.

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  • Chapter 461: Confucius: Not a Word...

    Chen Ming stepped on the azure dragon while the Allheaven Stellar Array pressed down from above. The pressure on the giant was immense. He jumped on the skull and stabbed it.

    But it didn't go through. He was too thick-skulled!

    Chen Ming entered through the eyes and slashed at the blue ghost fire!

    It turned into Ming Qidian and the large halberd shrank and flew to him to defend.

    Chen Ming didn't miss this chance and released Hegemonic Immortal Sword!

    Nine Year Cicada flashed through the ghost fire and split it apart!

    The skeleton kneeled as it lost all power with the destruction of its ghost fire.

    Chen Ming stood on the skull and laughed, "Kill me? Doesn't the entire world want to already? What four Great Immortal Domains? What Crownless Assembly? They're nothing."

    Xu San'er and Leng Xue saw the fear in each other's eyes.

    They left. Wounded as they were, fighting was meaningless. It was more sensible to recoup.

    Three against Chen Ming, yet the later wounded them severely and even fell one!

    They were weaker then he was and the best choice was to flee.

    The four Domains and Crownless Assembly's men watched the events unfold on Sacred Mountain, how domineering he was, how he killed with impunity.

    Heavenly Dao took it upon itself to challenge the whole world's Earth Immortals in his stead, yet he won.

    Zhuo Qingyao and Wu Fu were equals. Wait, uh, yes, totally equal. Crownless Assembly's four Paragons were cut down to two. They lost.

    Wu Fu couldn't deal with Chen Ming and Zhuo Qingyao together.

    It looked like a loss too.

    Zi Yu smiled on the Sky-crossing Bridge, "Come fish, take the bait..."

    Zi Yu had his own pride. Just how he believed in his logic when teaching those children. Just how he helped the widow with the water since he believed in his strength. It was confidence.

    He had no interest in attacking Chen Ming with others. He was confident he could kill him alone. This was also pride.

    The four Domains turned despondent. He triggered the Wordless Upheaval. He had to have uncanny cultivation for that, one that borderlined the divine.

    On a broke star, Big Dipper's Star Lord and Nr. 0 panted, "Not even Wu Fu is enough. Is this all the Crownless Assembly planned?"

    Nr. 0 laughed, "In the Crownless Assembly all are meticulous schemers."

    Big Dipper's Star Lord was puzzled, "You have another contingency?"

    "We only took it as a safety precaution. My junior brother is there."

    The blood on Chen Ming flowed back inside and, fifteen minutes later, all wounds closed. He landed, watching Zhuo Qingyao's fight, Uh, a battle of equals.

    Chen Ming wanted to join and end Wu Fu, but then compelling words came from the Sky-crossing Bridge, "Fellow Daoist, what was it you said just now, that the martial arts society had a rule? Duel?"

    Chen Ming scanned his danger value: 5...

    No way! How did this guy get here?

    Is this the legendary 5 fighting power?(1)

    When Chen Ming gave him a second one-over, he found his complete danger value, 5+(0)+(1).

    The zero was the restricted value while the point was the extreme value.

    What's with him having an extreme value?

    Chen Ming looked at his auras, to find only one.

    'Confucius: Not a Word Aura (Confucius is a prefix)

    Description: Not a word of monsters and gods!(2)

    Effect: unsullied ground.'

    "Zi Yu said, "Leave them to their own devices and we mind ours. Let's duel."

    Chen Ming walked on the Sky-crossing Bridge, "You're not a cultivator?"

    "No, I do not cultivate. I am a mortal. Master said it is not my time to cultivate yet."

    His aura is innate and never left the mountain to get others. Auras are only gained through specific tasks that need a lot of effort. Just how mine came from particular events.

    Chen Ming asked, "I want to know. What makes you so confident you can fight me?"

    Chen Ming didn't believe an aura with a prefix would give enough power for a mortal to surpass the Earth Immortal realm's power limit. His aura's description was more than confusing, baffling.

    Zi Yu replied, "I never thought of fighting anyone. I only follow Heavenly Dao's will and came to kill you."

    Chen Ming chuckled, "Is this how it wants to kill me?"

    "This is our choice. Cultivation means defying Heaven, which means all cultivators are against it. This, in turn, makes the road ahead arduous. At least, they walk on one, while you have taken a shaky bridge. Not only do you walk this path but you also want to steal what you come across. For instance, the item in the cauldron up ahead. It is called Untold Daos if I'm not mistaken."

    Chen Ming dismissed his words, "You won't believe even if I say it, but here I go. I was conned into walking along this bridge."

    "Can you please return then, and not pass the tribulation?"

    "I'm already on the bridge and the way back is shut. On a bridge, your path is set. If I turn around, would it be called a bridge any longer?"

    Chen Ming was struck by a ridiculous idea, "You can't be thinking of cultivating here and become immortal in one step, right?"

    "That's for later. If I am to cultivate, I shall only do it when I'm the strongest. Now is not the time, however. "

    "I've seen crazy, but you are the first who is even more so than me!

    "You're beginning to pique my curiosity!"

    Zi Yu watched Chen Ming from ten zhang away, "What stirred your interest?"

    "If a smooth-skinned, elegant and charming young Daoist like you can handle my attacks."

    Zi Yu lifted the fish string. It broke the water and the red carp in the river flew out for six feet in the air trying to catch it, only to splash back into the river.

    (1)    Its complete form is 'trash with 5 fighting power'. It is a reference to Dragon Ball Z when Raditz got to Earth and killed a villager. It means you're weak to the point of idiocy.

    (2)    From Analects of Confucius. It means one should choose the human path and not worship supernatural beings.

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  • Chapter 462: Unsullied Ground

    What gives him the nerve to face me?

    Chen Ming strode with his hand on Nine Year Cicada, I needn't fret. It'll all be clear once I attack. I've come too far to fail at the end!

    Zi Yu smiled and took a book from his sleeve, reading from it, "Not a word of monsters and gods!"

    Unsullied ground activated!

    A faint ripple spread, with his body as the source.

    Chen Ming felt that everything was getting further and further away from him.

    Those words could be taken as: the world had no ghosts, fiends, demons, or gods.

    Chen Ming felt himself changing, as his surroundings.

    In a hundred zhangs around Zi Yu, everything fell from the immortal world and became mortal, ordinary.

    Chen Ming didn't adjust in time and fell to the ground.

    He felt his spiritual power vanished, as well as his stars' power.

    I'm no different than a mortal!

    The Sky-crossing Bridge itself became nothing more than a zhang wide stone bridge.

    The world was unchanged outside of Zi Yu's range, while inside all were doomed to be mortal, ordinary.

    These were words of law!

    A prefix aura had such strength?

    Was this unsullied ground.

    He wants to pull me into the mortal world and fight me here?

    Chen Ming watched him with caution. He looked arrogant standing there, as if it was a game, but still perfectly clear in the severity of things.

    He forced me into mortality and must have the means to kill me.

    Chen Ming now understood the power of prefix. Words of law, this description fit it best.

    He crawled back up and rubbed his red cheek, It's a mortal fight now?

    Soaring for so long only to be thrown back to being mortal... I can't get used to it.

    Chen Ming searched around his mind, The only things I can use seem to come from what I've unlocked when I learned traveling that time...

    He sheathed Nine Year Cicada and pulled it out an inch, "Yep, fourfold speed is gone too."

    A place devoid of magic and spiritual energy. No magical art worked here, no cultivation could be used.

    But at least he was a mortal too. It was as if he pulled him in his home ground, to fight him on his own terms.

    Zi Yu entered a firm stance and stretched his hand for Chen Ming, "Please advise!"

    Wu Fu and Zhuo Qingyao watched the two. Wu Fu even cooled his temper. These two filled him with fear.

    "They have the chance to go further than even reincarnated immortals."

    Zhuo Qingyao asked, "What does it mean?"

    "I don't know either."

    "Then stop talking rubbish. Let's continue our first under heaven battle."

    "First under heaven? Perhaps. When did those two ever belong to the human world? They don't, they are a sky above the sky. While we are still beneath it."

    Zhuo Qingyao lost her patience, "Stop overthinking things. Master is far above us."

    Wu Fu though it through, That's also right. Chen Ming had another standing, above them. His power proved it.

    Chen Ming drew his weapon, his caution stretched to the maximum. To be honest, he had no mortal arts, only for use with cultivation. Who'd ever practice martial arts?

    But his eyes landed on the book in Zi Yu. The words on the cover read, True Martial Dipper Fist.

    Hoping system lady didn't fail him, Chen Ming spoke in his heart, "Comprehend the art in his hand."

    "You need to look at its contents. I can read it as long as it's even a fragment, in the cultivation world. But not in the mortal world. You need to read it before you train it."

    Chen Ming recalled how she could even read the lines on a rotten book and thought this wasn't much different. Yet she failed in this mortal space.

    Chen Ming wanted to use the system lady and learn it. But all attempts failed in this plain and mortal world.

    I'll need to think of other means.

    Chen Ming slashed at Zi Yu, who's hand began to dance like a snake, and avoid the attack, "True Dipper Fist's Single Arm Dance in the Blue Sky."

    Zi Yu's right hand flashed and the back of Chen Ming's right hand exploded with pain. His Nine Year Cicada flew from his hand and stabbed the ground a zhang away.

    Zi Yu went passed him as the wind and spoke with one hand holding the book and the other outstretched at Chen Ming, "Come!"

    Zi Yu didn't notice how Chen Ming took a peek at his book when all of this happened. Chen Ming was happy his high retention was still there. Is this my talent?

    Quite possible. The system lady used to let him instantly comprehend everything and had nothing to do with memorizing. But that mattered not as now his memory was the most important thing at the moment.

    Moreover, each page I learn robs me of a hundred thousand merits. What a powerful art.

    But Chen Ming felt a deja vu coming. I've learned countless magical arts, and this True Dipper Fist is strikingly similar to Conquering Immortals Art.

    I wonder if I can use it in this mortal world.

    The back of his hand hurt but mattered not. With how many wounds he got along the way, he got used to the pain a long time ago.

    Chen Ming made a full circle with his fist, the Conquering Immortals Art.

    Chen Ming's fist attacked Zi Yu, who didn't much care, "Conquering Immortals Art, not bad. True Martial Dipper Fist is the magnificent Orthodox Dipper Fist while the Conquering Immortals Art is demonic, known as cruel and vicious. But your Conquering Immortals Art is far from perfect. You’re not adept enough to use it in the mortal world."

    In Chen Ming's heart, You're f*cking right, damn it. We're all cultivating immortality, and killed many along the way. Why the hell would one study the mortal world's arts?

    Zi Yu dodged him with but a step, while the book in his hand turned, "True Martial Dipper Fist, Suppressing Dragon and Tiger!"

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