I've Lost a Couple Wuxia...

I read so many titles that I often can't track of them all, and I might periodically pause a title while I'm reading something else...which means quite often I lose titles, I might have forgotten the title, or they might have moved in the meantime. So there's two I've recently been trying to track down and I could use some help.

The First
The series starts on modern day Earth, a member of a martial arts family is cast out, and his reputation destroyed when his sister is part of a plot to falsely accuse him of raping her. He arranges a vengeance and blows himself and his sister up, but wakes up as a new born baby in a wuxia world. He has full memories of his past life, including the martial arts system he used to cultivate, but realizes his family are in decline and only the fact they seem to be no real threat has kept them from being destroyed. He deliberately sets out to be known as the worst silk pants young lord ever, as a cover for building his own organization with the plan to eventually rule the world. He begins adopting promising street kids to train up, first the girl who becomes his maid, later a kid he adopts as his brother who becomes the head of the most effective assassination organization in the world. His first enemies are the other major families of the kingdom he was born into, and eventually the emperor of that kingdom. But eventually the leader of a rival country becomes his main enemy. There is definitely a harem, his maid, the only daughter of his ultimate enemy's clan, even his reincarnated sister, the daughter of his kingdom's emperor despite her being his cousin, a couple others. I feel almost certain that I was reading this on Gravity Tales.

The Second
The series is set in a science fiction world where cultivation has been created through science, it is not Godly Model Maker. The main character wants to vindicate his grandfather's controversial theory of cultivation, when his grandfather initially failed to prove his claims he was drummed out of the science community and died in disgrace. To this end he runs all the time to train his body, and takes dangerous medications to force his awakening, others see his approach as crazy if not suicidal. He seems to have found a side path to cultivation, which might make him very powerful, I know there's something about gold energy in his abilities and people being shocked at his potential. There might be some kind of monster attacking the world which is why they need cultivators. I remember flying cars. His initial enemy might be someone who he embarrassed during an attack or someone he saw in an embarrassing situation during an attack. He's invited to join some kind of hunter organization. I don't remember where I was reading this, it might have been Volare. 


  • If you get the second one, please send me a PM
  • Okay, so I was able to track down the first one, it is Legend of Ling Tian. I suspect I forgot about it because I finished it and wasn't that impressed with how it ended, so had forgotten it ended. Sadly a lot of wuxia have real problems with sticking the landing, this wasn't the worst novel in regards to how it ended, but it certainly wasn't the best either. 

    I'm still completely unable to recall the name of the second one...
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