please answer which one better martial world or i shall seal the heavens

Hello please which one  better ( dont say it's depends on genre don't be brain dead because there is always something better like Golf or ferrai ofc it's ferrai I hope u understand my meaning )  anyway which one better and why please I shall seal the heaven or martial world and thx a lot again :)
my favor novels are the Reverend insanity and overgread in case u wondering 


  • ISSTH is funnier, more dramatic, has more interesting side characters, and maintains your interest the entire time. MW is good but is overshadowed by Er Gen's writing style. Renegade Immortal is the prequel to ISSTH and it is phenomenal! 
  • I only read 10 chapters of ISSTH because it's length intimidated me.I read all of MW. So ISSTH is better still.
  • ISSTH can only be considered average in Chinese novels,Many excellent novels are not translated
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