Need a new novel after taking a break (Somethin good like ISSTH)

So I finished ISSTH about 2 years ago and haven´t read any novel since because I haven´t had the time but now with the virus panic I have a lot of free time so I was thinking of picking up a new cultivation novel. Im looking something similar to ISSTH in the MC in the sense that its usually someone serious but can be funny aswell, also would prefer if the harem part was kept to a minimum because im not really interested in reading about the intercourses of the characters.. I tried to read AWE for a few days but the MC-s personality just dosen´t sit with me. So I was wondering If I could get some recomendations.
If the novel is completed then that would be a big plus!


  • Renegade Immortal is the prequel and is incredibly somber but is equally amazing.
  • You can read Desolate Era, The Strongest System, and A will Eternal. 
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