Wú dào dú zūn(Martial Arts Reign) Novel To Translate

 In the Tianyuan continent, those with great ability can move mountains and rivers, kick the stars and step on the moon, break the blue sky with one punch, and crush the ground with one kick!
  Ye Ming, who is an ordinary person, is born of a mule, who is constantly striving for revenge.
  Under the circumstances, he obtained the "soul coat of the gods", took the "building base Shendan" and repaired the "Tongtianjingtu".
  With sincerity and ambition, forge ahead bravely, whoever blocks the road to martial arts will have no amnesty to kill!
  The immortal dynasty, the great religion of all ages, the giant monsters of the desolation, the demon god of the sky, in the face of this god of the sky, he has no fear, my life is in my absence!


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