Has anyone watch WDQK drama adaptation Martial Universe?

Anyone who watch the drama adaptation, what do you think about the story?

Personally I'm a bit disappointed because the storyline and characters is so different than the novel.
The existence of Yimo is well known to everyone even to commoners.
Lin Langtian already join Yuan Gate and he is not arrogant like in the novel.


  • I just watched a few episodes today... Horrible adaption.

    There is absolutely nothing from the original material except names.

    The moment Lin langtuan showed up the series started to make me nauseous.

    This is a series clealy using Wu Dong Qian Kun to get views/sales...
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    Never read the novel, but I know from reviews its quite different from the novel. Its alright, but I find how Lin Dong is portrayed is irritating. Not sure how close that is to the novel, but I just find Lin Dong unsympathetic. In the sense he makes stupid decisions which just happens to work out because plot dictates. For example he attacks an enemy in a stupid way and gets his core shattered. However several episodes later he teams up with a person to defeat a demon, and that person got so injured he was going to die, so he gave Lin Dong his core. Several decisions work like this due to the person's selfishness.

    What other thing that irritates me is that he goes so self righteous about people being harsh on their defeated enemies who betrayed and tried to kill you. Even in the non Xianxia modern world, the crime for treason in several countries is execution.

    At this stage, I am more interested in the plot and seeing how the battle iwth the Yi demons (yimo) ends rather than because I feel sympathy for the characters.

    Now the author has also has another adaptation, for Battle through the heavens or fight breaks sphereis another translation of it. Not sure how faithful it is to the novel, but at least I find this engrossing and the lead character is actually sympathetic.

  • Within the Empire, 4 clans stood above the rest. However, things didn’t go as planned by Lin Xiao (Wu Dong Qian Kun Manhua) of the Lin clan and an unfortunate incident got him banished from his clan. Lin Xiao started his own family, far from the clan but still hoped that he would one day be welcomed back into the clan.
    At this stage, I am more interested in the plot and seeing how the battle iwth the Yi demons (yimo) ends rather than because I feel sympathy for the characters.
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  • This is a good movie
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    For me, after reading the novel (I read it 1st) and now I just finish the drama,  overall... Yes,  I prefer the drama better~ sorry for the Novel fans~
    It may not 100% follow the novel but I like how they didnt put unnecessary part from novel into this drama.  Especially QZ/LD moment.  Yeah,  even in the novel,  I skipped them a lot.  So boring. They also changed several plot from the novel but actually its not a big deal.  In the novel,  the author focus too much on improved and fighting  lot of clan/bosses (like rpg)  but the drama more focus toward LD/Brothers conflict along with Yimo.  Also,  the love triangle in drama worthy to watch.  (lol,  I never like polygamy,  maybe that's another reason why I prefer MU drama). Certain moment between LD/HH was true to the novel.  Love that! (No offense) 
    For cgi,  no complaint.  i'd watch lot more worsen cgi from the same genre than MU.  And I dont mind at all.  

    Character development
    Lin Dong. 
    Not much different between the LN n Drama in aspect of demeanor.  as for me,  The LD drama is written for the DRAMA not the LN.  And it suitable for YHH, Female Lead and the plot story. I also satisfied with LD Drama cuz he is not into 2 girls.  His heart prefer one woman,  not 2. his rejection toward QZ after he realized his true feeling was sooo good.  I thought they're gonna make him married both of'em but,  Heck!  Thank God!  No! In sensing (Zenith)  Taisheng,  he rather choose a dangerous path than make out w/ QZ just to not tarnish his love to YHH.   Yes,  I am prefer the drama Version.  Yang Yang is the best. 

    Ying Huan Huan.  
    There's a lot different between the LN YHH n Drama especially her weapon. no Zither or spear in Drama. ZhangTianai is the best for HuanHuan.  

    the only part I am so disappointed was they didnt make any of her fighting scene.  In LN,  she is powerful and terrifying. 

    Ling Qing Zhu
    Whe I first read the LN, I find her rather typycal.  Common type you can find a lot in drama and animanga.  So,  not interesting at all.  ML chased,  She refused bla bla bla. between the LN and Drama, I prefer LQZ in drama.  I dont know why but something is "human"  in her characrer in drama than the novel.  And she even choose to be his protector/friend forever.  

    So,  overall,  Yes,  After watching the drama,  I had no idea why you guys so dislike it.  Its has its own plot and the author also approved it. Just because id didnt resemble the Original Novel,  Doesnt mean its not good.  Typically,  Viewers not really into whole RPG like and polygamy thing. #MartiaUniverse is a good drama adaptation.  

    All cast are awesome~
  • wabethuan said:
    This is a good movie
    Yup.  Agree.  Glad they didnt follow 100% LN.  
  • I thik the animation of Wu Dong Qian Kun(Martial Universe) much better than the movie, it's story are same with the novel, the movie doesn't. You can watch it here https://bit.ly/2XXbwSf.
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