[Complaint] Ads suck

Ads suck... up my CPU cycles.

Open Windows Task Manager. See CPU usage chill at 4%. Open www.wuxiaworld.com and open any chapter with ads. Watch CPU usage spike to 30-40%. Listen to computer exhaust fans go from silent to blasting on full.

It doesn't always happen, so it's not every ad. But please fix it.


  • Sounds like a problem with your computer specifically, since I'd assume if others dealt with the issue we'd have heard more complaints aside from this single one.
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    Or, more likely, people are sick of posting about it and having nothing happening. The ads sucking up the cpu has been happening since they started showing ads. It’s why I use an adblocker. Cause for me, on my old laptop, it can even hit 80% and has caused the tab to crash.

    also still seeing perfect world adverts, months after it was supposed to be over
  • Perfect world advertisement started again. And no people are not sick of it, send an email to [email protected]. or [email protected]. This is a dead forum, posting here won't help.
  • Kinda made my point. If they can’t even monitor their own forums what’s the point?

    sadly this place is fast heading towards becoming another QI, which given their history is ironic
  • I've been lurking in this forum, NUF, discord for more than 2 years, before that I didn't make an account. And yes, I haven't seen people tired of complaining of adds in this period. (not in the past, where the situation was pretty bad). Sure, there have been a few individual cases, but they were taken care of pretty quickly. There is an contact us page on the homepage.
    The forums became redundant with the discord. You may not like it, but the discord fulfills all the things this forum had. The translators got used to discord and Ren got busy. Also, you get faster responses by email and discord, but WW doesn't have any formal support staff other than Jaspaaar afaik, who also is overworked. 
    And, not fast heading I'd say, the advance chapter model is sufficient currently for ongoing models. And you know what QI was, a company who stole translations, threatened other translators, baited with the paywall. At least, I can see many differences.
  • Seeing people complain because they don't want to pay $5 a month for ad free reading is kind of funny. It's like listening to people at the grocery store complain because they had to walk to the back of the store to try the free samples for the day. Why don't you put them all at the front so we can gorge ourselves the moment we walk in the door!?!? We shouldn't have to maneuver past the weekly sale items just to get the free samples! We're *whispers* non-paying *emphasizes* CUSTOMERS, and we have rights!
  • Eh... Complaining is okay, they need it. It helps the site improve. But people should be mindful of their tone. It is perfectly fine to say WW ads suck but saying fuck WW cause their ads suck is just....
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