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  • Any native mandarin speakers here? What does 宁负苍天,不负己 mean?
    Basically putting yourself before the heavens, yourself is priority
  • So after being an idiot, the lessons Yun Che has learnt are 
    1. He must preserve his own life as opposed to throwing himself against super high odds with no chance of winning because.. reasons. A lesson he knew from the very first book, but somehow forgot when Mars needed the plot to advance.

    2. To become ruthless and act like some conqueroror and attack people who didn't do anything to him.

    I guess ruthless YC could make interesting reading. But he obviously didn't learn the lesson to be smarter. At least not yet.
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    So... his base form at DK1 is equivalent to DK 10 or DSov 1. With 5 gates and sword... he's what? DSov 10? DM? At this rate, especially if he gets to opening more gates, DK10 will likely roflstomp DM10
  • the pacing is so slow.... faster train and be strong already useless che.
  • If BB betrays Yun Che it just makes him stupid that he believes such a treacherous woman won't betray him. If she doesn't it makes the plot stupid because she changes her personality so easily. Mars can salvage this if he makes her change more believable, and the same "transfer of gratitude" she transferred from her mother to father, now transfers to Yun Che. Possible, but lets see.
  • So the latest chapter (1554) has this line
    (98,000 words () omitted)

    So how soon until some fan writes their own dual cultivating scene.  ;)
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    (Sucks about the censorship. 98,000 characters)

    Now long bai has a drinking partner to talk about his love/wife being taken away by YC :wink:
  • Re-reading some of the past chapters... realized that demon empress had told him to suppress his cultivation as much as possible. As for him being the ruler of all demons, is it that ability he used on that random princess he saved? Ability to nullify the damaging side effects of cultivating dark energy?
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    After the chap 1555 and all the wechat spoilers, I can say that YC for now lacks 4 things before the end of the story : 
    1/ the wind seed probably in the NGT. 
    2/ a lot of primordial Qi from the GRAB to upgrade his GWOTB and be able to play with Hong’er/You’er properly. 
    3/ the earth seed probably still in BPS. 
    4/ the last part of the world defying manual witch will be get just before the last battle. 
    This can be done in 250 chapters, so I hope Mars returns to a daily schedule soon. 
  • Turns out Mars was just joking about the 98,000 words censored.
    The ninety-eight thousand words you want!
    Mars Gravitational Today
    Hello, honest man!
    Then let’s use ninety-eight thousand words to talk about Yun Che’s new hack.
    Yun Qianyin
    This was definitely not a simple wingman hanging up. Let’s put it this way, if not for Yun Qianyin, the time for Yun Che to take revenge would have been at least fifty-six times longer. It was unknown whether he would still be able to survive until Eastern Divine Region. Who cares about her previous black and white villains, using them well was the way to go!
    He did not destroy Yun Qianyin but rather took her in as a tool. This was one of the most correct decisions that Old Thief Yun had made in his life.
    “Since everyone seems to like the name Qianye Ying’er more and is used to it, the third person would still address you as Qianye Ying’er.”
    The Heaven Robbery Sword in Hong’er’s state carried a Divine Attribute, so hitting the Demon Members’s Beasts was as easy as hitting a grandson. The Heaven Robbery Sword in You’er’s state was of the dark attribute, and the highest one at that. It would be like hitting a grandson to anyone other than the Northern Domain.
    … …. Unfortunately, Yun Che still couldn’t take out the trash.
    Eternal Calamity of Darkness
    profound arts at the same level as the Evil God Arts and the Life Mysteries. The Evil God Arts were the abilities that Yun Che relied on the most, and the Life Mysterious Life Mysteries had recovered Yun Che from being crippled to his peak. On the same level, with the Demon Emperor’s Source Blood as the source of the Eternal Calamity, it was extremely powerful.
    However, during this period of time, he would not be able to directly see that behind him was another of Yun Che’s main abilities.
    The Law of Nothingness
    One of the abilities: Can be understood as a special “Star Sucking Great Art”, currently can only absorb Spirit Stones, with deeper comprehension, it can absorb all of every living thing, there is no power that cannot be fused, and can even steal cultivation from others.
    (The Star God roulette is trembling.)
    Ability 2: The creation of profound skills, the fusion of these two would be as easy as flipping a hand.
    Ability 3: All things return to the void.
    Ability 4: Creation.
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    So I am interested in YC energy drain ability, I mean other MCs like Lin Ming and Meng Hao have one, so its time YC gets one as well.

    Mars describes it like "Star Sucking Great Art," so presumably its a reference to the ability Ren Woxing * has in the wuxia novel Xiao Ao Jiang Hu / smiling proud wanderer. This allowed Ren to drained the energy from other martial artists and he later imparted the skill unto the hero of the story, Linghu Chong. So YC will eventually have the ability to drain other cultivators and also the Star God Roulette. Hope he gets Moonflower's poison skills to supplement the Sky Poison Pearl.

    * Note observant people will notice that the character Ren Woxing is the same as the username of Wuxiaworld's founder, and yes they are the same character, and his avatar is the character from one of the adaptations of smiling proud wanderer.

  • Got my own suspicions of where this arc might be going now. All of the below is simply how I guess how the story will progress and develop.

    • GRK daughter meet YC. YC to Kill/beat Uncle for showing no respect
    • Changes GRK daughter's body to Darkness body like Hanwei and told her to return to father so he can see benefit of what YC can do; YC doing so to gain leverage or time to power up. Possible bargaining chip / trap? YC controls devils...
    • She/uncle learns he is from 'Yun family' having Profound Handle / notice mark on forearm
    • He learns he is from Yun Family of NGR from her or GRK after and their predicament
    • Saving Yun Family at last second again on the cards ... or leave them to their doom? Family after all...
    • Possible princess of Yun Family to be new wife if I had to guess; so his family 'rules' north...
    • Yun Family has the EG seeds they took them from BPS when his delivered ancestors there. 
    • Would not be surprised if there was a prophecy of his coming and proof being the seeds being absorbed. BPS had a heavenly fate clan, EGR has one why not NGR?
    • YC learns more of Lighting Element which family practices and possible inheritance?
    • Learning how broken the Devil/Profound Handle is beyond what he knows now.
    • YQY learns how of how even more terrifying he is. That she really has no chance as his enemy. 
    • YQY however facing enemy here of the Yun Family she protects him; facing enemy who is too powerful to handle alone. Plays it off after as he still has to help her with her revenge.
    • She begins to see benefit in YC being her partner and not just her tool, wished to snare him as her own. Wants to get pregnant as means to keep him on her side.
    • Making King Realms submit to Yun Family once more.
    • End of North Arc as it is time for war. 

    So possibly 50 chapters left I guess if Mars keeps NGR short as he claimed. End with time-skip to permit power up?
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  • Any chance of there being a demonic god I wonder? or remnant of some god/spirit that has converted to the dark side...
  • So YC finally levels up a bit more. Looks like Mars has set up a standard young master confrontation for YC to beat. Since his three foes are only at divine king like YC, and YC can fight at least one level higher.... at least this type of filler is entertaining.
  • Ok, so Mars had YC beat up the young master at the tournament, rather than when he first encountered him, and convinced the young master and his stupid sister to expel him. So he could find a better employer. And we get to see the fallout for both the young master Dong Xueyan and his sister. That's more like it and what I want to read.
  • Wow this thread has slow updates now
  • TBH, this arc is boring. personally I just wait for the wind seed and its effect on YC veins and whether there is any new improvement for the PH or not. Beside that, there is no intersting things. As for the Nihility power, I think it will have the same developpement as the Heavenly lightening art, where Mars introduced a lot of moves/skills, but they have never been used (or just a bit) until now (a very old wechat). What is happening now is just Mars lacking of good enemies for YC before the two years delay. So I think we will have a long time-skip after the end of this quasi-tournament. Also, this NC girl should be a reincarnation of a primordial phoenix beast (not a god level one but below the fire and ice phoenixes), or something related to that but a new kind of women/beast that would give him probably the black fire source/arts ........

    PS :Mars has got a new writing skill recently ----> a lot of unnecessary bla bla bla bla bla of side characters (the bee way ;/ )
  • Hmmm I think Mars had to make change due to the chinese fans wanting more 'BB' action and having her become a harem member. So he had to make changes to the plot and how he gets to Yun family etc in NGT which is why we have the Blah Blah you referring to. However I am under the impression things will speed up again soon, though I don't think much fighting initially it will have some for sure with the Yun Family situation as it escalates and YC becomes dictator of the north.
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  • 2 year delay?  And im not reading again till the XQ situation is sorted out completely
  • Hopefully it doesn't take too long for Yun Che to become the King of the North  ;) so we can get the revenge arc started. The problem is he is currently in the middle star realm, and he needs to also dominate the higher star realm, which means more chapters before he starts revenge. Hopefully Mars builds up the revenge part when he starts, like have his enemies worry about the prophecy about YC.
  • 1. So Lu Bubai wants to get the Hidden Heavenly Sword back and can sense it via some connection. Well Hong Er will fix that.

    2. BB seems to be the smart one of the relationship, counselling YC not to bite off more than he can chew, which was a problem for him in the ROG where he did this repeatedly. I am a little concern that he might do the same next chapter with the appearance of this mysterious girl. Hopefully not because I had enough of stupid YC.

    3. Well I liked to see Dongxue Yan regret how stupid she was, didn't an earlier chapter say that she didn't even have the chance to regret it (her actions?). It could mean she was simply unconscious after her dad struck her, but I thought he struck her so hard she died based on that translation.
  • Ooh... more about the Yun clan and its profound handle. It was long overdue.
  • How much experience points did YC get for killing 10 million people. LOL.
  • Southern Phoenix people sure are going to thank Nanhuang Chanyi. Were it not for her, they would have been eradicated too.
  • Southern Phoenix might end up being the dominant power in the middle realm after this. It might be difficult to swallow all the other 3 kingdoms up, but maybe get concessions from all of them, since their strength is largely preserved.
  • Why did he pull out You'er? Why not Hong'er as that is considerably more effective against dark users? Since he himself was using darkness then does that make him incapable of using Hong'er?
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    Now... who is that master of Nanhuang Chanyi? Yet another super powerful being with divination power? Shen-xi?
  • And what the hell is the sacred relic? The Mirror of Samsara?
  • without a doubt. Have you noticed that YC is still the stupid YC from before.

  • And finally the beginning of a new arc. Previously mars had spoiled the YC will be divine king lvl10 can't believe it took so long for that to happen. The revelation about YC family was quite a surprise previously many were speculating about the profound handle's origins
  • What new thing about the profound handle has been told?
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